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Lust for Youth - Epoetin Alfa
Lust for Youth - Illume
Lust for Youth - New Boys
Lust for Youth - Lungomare
Lust for Youth - Running
Lust for Youth - Neon Lights Appear
Lust for Youth - Breaking Silence
Lust for Youth - Stardom
Lust for Youth - Sudden Ambitions
Lust for Youth - Better Looking Brother
The Lyndsay Diaries - Fading the Kisses
The Lyndsay Diaries - Where the Sidewalk Ends
The Lyndsay Diaries - Whispers of a Long Goodnight
The Lyndsay Diaries - A Farewell to Autumn
The Lyndsay Diaries - Dear Lyndsay, No Regrets
The Lyndsay Diaries - You Were Right
The Lyndsay Diaries - The Magic in the Number Nineteen
The Lyndsay Diaries - Josephine
The Lyndsay Diaries - Wishing Well
The Lyndsay Diaries - A Self Portrait
The Lyndsay Diaries - The Consequences of Learning How to Fly
Julie London - Cry Me a River
Julie London - You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
Julie London - Two Sleepy People
Julie London - The More I See You
Julie London - Moments Like This
Julie London - Fly Me to the Moon
Julie London - I Love You
Julie London - Let There Be Love
Julie London - Sentimental Journey
Julie London - Vaya con dios
Julie London - I’m in the Mood for Love
Julie London - Black Coffee
Julie London - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Julie London - I Left My Heart in San Franscisco
Julie London - Must Be Catchin'
Julie London - It Could Happen to You
Julie London - If I'm Lucky
Julie London - In the Middle of a Kiss
Julie London - 'Round Midnight
Julie London - Go Slow
Julie London - Daddy
Julie London - Sway
Julie London - Misty
Julie London - Desafinado
Julie London - Girl Talk
Julie London - You and the Night and the Music
Julie London - Blues in the Night
Julie London - Can’t Get Used to Losing You
Julie London - Goody Goody
Julie London - Nice Girls Don't Stay for Breakfast
Julie London - It Never Entered My Mind
Julie London - I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City
Lost Dogs - Dust on the Bible
Lost Dogs - No Ship Coming In
Lost Dogs - Imagine That
Lost Dogs - You Satisfy
Lost Dogs - Bad Indigestion
Lost Dogs - Dunce Cap
Lost Dogs - Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson
Lost Dogs - Precious Memories
Lost Dogs - Rocky Mountain Mines
Lost Dogs - Jimmy
Lost Dogs - Eleanor, It's Raining Now
Lost Dogs - Free at Last
Lost Dogs - Red, White and Blue
Lost Dogs - I'm a Loser
Lost Dogs - No Room for Us
Lost Dogs - Pray Where You Are
Lost Dogs - On the Good Ship Lollipop
Lost Dogs - Ghost Train to Nowhere
Lost Dogs - A Vegas Story
Lost Dogs - If You Loved Here You'd Be Home by Now
Lost Dogs - A Blessing in Disguise
Lost Dogs - Loved and Forgiven
Lost Dogs - Rebecca Go Home
Lost Dogs - Honeysuckle Breeze
Lost Dogs - Ditto
Lost Dogs - The Wall of Heaven
Lost Dogs - Farther Along
Lost Dogs - Moses in the Desert
Lost Dogs - There You Are
Lost Dogs - Deeper in the Heart
Lost Dogs - Come Down Here
Lost Dogs - Be My Hiding Place
Lost Dogs - Jesus on the Shore
Lost Dogs - Cry Out Loud
Lost Dogs - The Yearning
Lost Dogs - Darkest Night
Luminaire - Flower Duet '99 (J.P.'s Bonus Beats)
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Brutalidad
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - S I N
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Demoledor
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Perros de presa
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Tiempos oscuros
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - El predicador
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - En el infierno
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Reaccionando
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Prevalecer
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Conciencia magra
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Hambre x Dios
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Sentencia
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - En pie de guerra
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Despertar
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Eternidad
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - El hechicero
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Cuando pisa la tierra
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - La ciudad
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Rosa y espina
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Hasta el final
M.A.S.A.C.R.E - Fuego en el alma
Julie London - I Want to Find Out for Myself
Julie London - Guilty Heart
Julie London - The Blues Is All I Ever Had
Julie London - Cloudy Morning
Lost Dogs - Love Takes Over the World
Lost Dogs - Close but No Cigar
Lost Dogs - Sweet Work of Love
Lost Dogs - If It Be Your Will
Lost Dogs - Mexico
Lost Dogs - Hey, You Little Devil
Lost Dogs - I Don't Love You
Lost Dogs - Reasonable Service
Lost Dogs - Waiting for You to Come Around
Lost Dogs - Breathe Deep (The Breath of God)
Lost Dogs - Scenic Routes
Lost Dogs - You Gotta Move
Lost Dogs - Built for Glory, Made to Last
Lost Dogs - Bullet Train
Lost Dogs - The Fortunate Sons
Lost Dogs - The New Physics
Lost Dogs - I Am a Pilgrim
Lost Dogs - Lord, Protect My Child
Lost Dogs - Amber Waves Goodbye
Lost Dogs - Bush League
Lost Dogs - I Can't Say Goodbye
Lost Dogs - Why Is the Devil Red?
Lost Dogs - Smokescreen
Lost Dogs - The Last Testament of Angus Shane
Lost Dogs - Breathe Deep
Lost Dogs - Israelites and Okies
Lost Dogs - Dancin' on the Devil's Elbow
Lost Dogs - Turn It Around
Lost Dogs - The Glory Road
Lost Dogs - Traveling Mercies
Lost Dogs - Dust in My Bowl
Lost Dogs - Pearl Moon (Hooverville Camp, 1932)
Lost Dogs - The World Is Against Us
Lost Dogs - Wicked Guns
Lost Dogs - Goodbye Winslow
Lost Dogs - Desert Flowers
Lost Dogs - Dead End Diner
Lost Dogs - Carry Me
Lost Dogs - Old Angel
Lost Dogs - Broken Like Brooklyn
Lost Dogs - Devil's Elbow
Lost Dogs - The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees
Lost Dogs - Whispering Memories
Lost Dogs - One More Day
Lost Dogs - This Business Is Goin' Down
Lost Dogs - Hardening My Heart
Lost Dogs - Only One Bum in Corona del Mar
Lost Dogs - Get Me Ready
Lost Dogs - Burn It Up
Lost Dogs - That's Where Jesus Is
Lưu Bích - Con tim tan vỡ
Lunikar - Furie
The Lost Brothers - U Don't Know Me
Lost Dogs - If You Want To
Lost Dogs - The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes & the Pride of Life
Lost Dogs - Like a Cloud
Lost Dogs - Grace Is the Smell of Rain
Lost Dogs - Sunshine Down
Lost Dogs - To Cover You
Lost Dogs - It's So Sad
Lost Dogs - Ain't Gonna Fight It
Lost Dogs - I'm Setting You Free (But I'm Not Letting You Go)
LX - Wieso?!
LX - N.T.M.
LX - Geschäfte
LX - Intro
LX - Jeden Tag
LX - Haifischnikez
LX - Salz & Pfeffer
LX - Gangstarap
LX - Das Paket
LX - Krank!
Julie London - Midnight Sun
Julie London - Warm December
Julie London - Bye Bye Blackbird
Julie London - (Back Home) In Indiana
Julie London - Summertime
Manila Luzon - Best XXXcessory
Lost Dogs - White Christmas
Manila Luzon - Glamasaurus
Manila Luzon - This Body
Manila Luzon - Princess Sahara (interlude)
Manila Luzon - Eternal Queen
Manila Luzon - Stuck on You
Manila Luzon - Manila Radio (interlude)
Manila Luzon - Buy My T-Shirt
Manila Luzon - Hot Couture
Peter Lovšin - Sam en majhen poljub
Stephen Lynch - Vanilla Ice Cream
Stephen Lynch - Baby
Stephen Lynch - Love Song
Stephen Lynch - Craig
Stephen Lynch - Beelz
Stephen Lynch - Albino
Stephen Lynch - Mixer at Delta Chi
Stephen Lynch - Little Tiny Moustache
Stephen Lynch - Pierre
Stephen Lynch - Whittlin' Man
Stephen Lynch - Classic Rock Song
Stephen Lynch - Not Home
Stephen Lynch - Voices in My Head
Stephen Lynch - D&D
Stephen Lynch - Talk to Me
Stephen Lynch - Dr. Stephen
Stephen Lynch - Priest
Stephen Lynch - Country Love Song
Stephen Lynch - Superhero
Stephen Lynch - What If That Guy From Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?
Stephen Lynch - Taxi Driver
Stephen Lynch - For the Ladies
Stephen Lynch - Grandfather
Stephen Lynch - Bowling Song (Almighty Malachi, Professional Bowling God)
Stephen Lynch - She Gotta Smile
Stephen Lynch - Best Friends Song
Stephen Lynch - Down to the Old Pub Instead
Stephen Lynch - Lullaby
Stephen Lynch - Lullaby (The Divorce Song)
Stephen Lynch - Half a Man
Stephen Lynch - Bitch
Stephen Lynch - Intro (Gortengar Trail)
Stephen Lynch - Special
Stephen Lynch - A Month Dead
Stephen Lynch - Hair
Stephen Lynch - Intro (Super Karate Monkey Death Car)
Stephen Lynch - Gerbil
Stephen Lynch - Walken I
Stephen Lynch - R.d.c. (Opie's Lament)
Stephen Lynch - Mother's Day Song
Stephen Lynch - Tall Glass o' Water
Stephen Lynch - Walken II
Stephen Lynch - In Defense of a Peepshow Girl
Stephen Lynch - Jim Henson's Dead
Stephen Lynch - Intro (A Tribute to Multigrain Bun)
Stephen Lynch - Gay
Stephen Lynch - Fishin' Hole
Stephen Lynch - Dear Diary 1
Stephen Lynch - Crazy Peanuts
Stephen Lynch - 3 Balloons
Stephen Lynch - Dear Diary 2
Stephen Lynch - Medieval Bush
Stephen Lynch - A History Lesson
Stephen Lynch - Dear Diary 3
Stephen Lynch - You (Prettier Than)
Stephen Lynch - The Ballad of Scarface
Stephen Lynch - Dear Diary 4
Stephen Lynch - Hallelujah
Julie London - Lonely Girl
Julie London - You're My Thrill
Julie London - Broken-Hearted Melody
Julie London - Always True to You in My Fashion
Los Canarios de Michoacán - Besos en Pastillas
Los Canarios de Michoacán - Linda Hermosa
Los Canarios de Michoacán - Amor Limosnero
Los Canarios de Michoacán - Siempre Hace Frío
Stephen Lynch - Tattoo
Stephen Lynch - No Meat
Stephen Lynch - So This Is Outer Space?
Stephen Lynch - Lorelei
Stephen Lynch - Lion
Stephen Lynch - Let Me Inside
Stephen Lynch - The Night I Laid You Down
Stephen Lynch - Too Jesusy
Stephen Lynch - The Gathering
Stephen Lynch - You'll Do
Stephen Lynch - Whiskey Dick
Stephen Lynch - Hey Love
Stephen Lynch - Drink You Pretty
Stephen Lynch - Lullaby (Divorce Song)
Stephen Lynch - Intro (Curry Mcdimple)
Stephen Lynch - A Kitten
Stephen Lynch - Kill a Kitten
Stephen Lynch - Lullaby & Special Olympics
Stephen Lynch - Then She Farted
Stephen Lynch - Bowling Song
Luna Parker - Fric Frac (version 45t)
Luna Parker - La Dérive des continents
Luna Parker - Tic-taquatique
Luna Parker - La Tour de Londres
Luna Parker - Tes États D'âme...eric
Luna Parker - Tes états d'âme... Éric
Julie London - The End of the World
Julie London - I Wanna Be Around
Julie London - I'm Coming Back to You
Lunatics On Pogosticks - 15 Months
Peter Lovšin - Čist nor
Peter Lovšin - Tole je zate
Julie London - Lonely Night in Paris
Julie London - Hushabye Mountain
Julie London - Without Him
Julie London - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
Julie London - Saddle the Wind
Julie London - Love Must Be Catchin' On
Julie London - When Snowflakes Fall in the Summer
Lyrics of Two - Mysteries
Lyrics of Two - California Loving
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Nomás a la mitad
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Me rompieron tu retrato
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Morena morenita
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - No se debe
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Me refiero a ti
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Necesito verte
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Como tu imagen
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Hoy no te vayas
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - No intentes
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - No lo supiste hacer
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Nací para quererla
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Amor desechable
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Tus errores
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Juego del amor
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - La que sea
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Mátame
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Nuestros herederos
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - No puedo detenerte
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Sin alas
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Que te quede claro
Los Herederos de Nuevo León - Eclipse de amor
Julie London - This Can't Be Love
Julie London - Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year
Julie London - The Man I Love
Julie London - The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)
Julie London - She's Just a Quiet Girl
Larry Lovestein - Life Can Wait
Larry Lovestein - Love Affair
Larry Lovestein - Suspicions
Larry Lovestein - You
M-Kids - Swingen
M-Kids - Het regent
M-Kids - Alle meiden
M-Kids - Iedereen is mooi
M-Kids - Eerste keer
M-Kids - Vakantie
M-Kids - Telkens als ik jou zie
M-Kids - Een mooie droom
M-Kids - Magniedit, magniedat
M-Kids - Keep Out
M-Kids - Niet geslapen
M-Kids - Halloween
M-Kids - Blauwe bol
M-Kids - The Jungle Song
M-Kids - Ik kan niet zonder radio
M-Kids - Waarom
M-Kids - Jongens, jongens, jongens
M-Kids - Het gaat om de zon
M-Kids - Vrijdag
M-Kids - Aloha
M-Kids - Bang boem
M-Kids - Happy Birthday
M-Kids - 1-2-3
M-Kids - Yo, yo, yo (Lang leve de muziek)
M-Kids - Over en out
M-Kids - Alles kan
M-Kids - Op de dansvloer
M-Kids - Disco!
M-Kids - Poppa Joe
M-Kids - Kicken
M-Kids - Tsjakke boem
M-Kids - Boys & Girls
M-Kids - Kussen
M-Kids - M-Kids Time
M-Kids - SMS
M-Kids - Indianendans
The Lovely Eggs - Fuck It
The Lovely Eggs - I Just Want Someone to Fall in Love With
The Lovely Eggs - Please Let Me Come Mooch Round Your House
David Lynch & Alan R. Splet - In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)
Ludus - Mirror Mirror
Love Connection - The Bomb (original extended)
Julie London - Sway (Quien sera)
Julie London - You Stepped Out of a Dream
Julie London - Frenesi
Julie London - Be Mine Tonight (Noche de ronda)
Julie London - Adios
Julie London - Perfidia
Steve Lukather - Darkness in My World
Steve Lukather - On My Way Home
Steve Lukather - Can't Look Back
Steve Lukather - Don't Say It's Over
Steve Lukather - Flash in the Pan
Steve Lukather - Watching the World
Steve Lukather - Brody's
Steve Lukather - Extinction Blues
Steve Lukather - Born Yesterday
Steve Lukather - Never Walk Alone
Steve Lukather - Borrowed Time
Steve Lukather - Never Let Them See You Cry
Steve Lukather - Judgement Day
Steve Lukather - Creep Motel
Steve Lukather - Once Again
Steve Lukather - Right the Wrong
Steve Lukather - Do I Stand Alone
Steve Lukather - Rest of the World
Steve Lukather - The Real Truth
Steve Lukather - Broken Machine
Steve Lukather - Tears of My Own Shame
Steve Lukather - Love the Things You Hate
Steve Lukather - Hate Everything About U
Steve Lukather - Don't Hang Me On
Steve Lukather - Always Be There for Me
Steve Lukather - Open Your Heart
Steve Lukather - Bag o' Tales
Steve Lukather - Bluebird
LUNKHEAD - loop (unplugged)
Steve Lukather - Twist the Knife
Steve Lukather - Swear Your Love
Steve Lukather - Fall Into Velvet
Steve Lukather - Drive a Crooked Road
Steve Lukather - Got My Way
Steve Lukather - Darkest Night of the Year
Steve Lukather - Lonely Beat of My Heart
Steve Lukather - With a Second Chance
Steve Lukather - Turns to Stone
Steve Lukather - It Looks Like Rain
Steve Lukather - Steppin' on Top of Your World
Steve Lukather - Broken Heart for Christmas
Steve Lukather - Look Out for Angels
Steve Lukather - Ever Changing Times
Steve Lukather - The Letting Go
Steve Lukather - New World
Steve Lukather - Tell Me What You Want From Me
Steve Lukather - I Am
Steve Lukather - Jammin With Jesus
Steve Lukather - Stab in the Back
Steve Lukather - Never Ending Nights
Steve Lukather - Icebound
Steve Lukather - How Many Zeros
Steve Lukather - Hero With a 1000 Eyes
Steve Lukather - Reservations to Live
Steve Lukather - Hate Everything About You
Tami Lynn - I'm Gonna Run Away From You
Lùnapop - Un giorno migliore
Lùnapop - 50 Special
Lùnapop - La fiera dei sogni
Lùnapop - Un giorno migliore (quiet)
Lùnapop - Un día mejor (Un giorno migliore)
Lùnapop - 50 Special (original)
Lùnapop - Algo grande (Qualcosa di grande)
Lùnapop - Vespa Special (50 Special)
LUNO - Here to Be Not There
LT United - We Are the Winners
Luxx - Play With Me
Luxx - Understand
Luxx - Don't Let Me Down
Luxx - F.F.
Luxx - Over For You
Luxx - Nao Fas Mal
Luxx - Inside Your Head
Luxx - Invade Me
Luxx - Kiss the Star
Luxx - Flying Too Near the Sun
Luxx - Soul of Me
Luxx - Will I Burn
Luxx - Secret Garden
Luxx - Fool
Luxx - It's My Party
Luxx - Genius
Luxx - Eulogy
Luxx - My Indian
L.U.Z.A. - Ja mám hudbu
Young M.A - Get This Money
Young M.A - Hood Love feat. Mr. Mann
Young M.A - Through The Day
Young M.A - Regular
Young M.A - Karma Krys
Young M.A - HennyNHoes feat. Christon Dior
Young M.A - OOOUUU
Luz Verde - Cenando Con El Diablo
Luz Verde - El Fin De La Alegría
Luz Verde - En Llamas
Luz Verde - Solo Solo
Luz Verde - La Canción Que Desnuda
Luz Verde - Historia Personal
Luz Verde - La Ventana
Luz Verde - No Es Bueno Verla
Luz Verde - Ases Del Aire
Luz Verde - Barcelona
Luz Verde - No podrás
Luz Verde - Luna de papel
Julie London - Everything I Have Is Yours
Julie London - You Go to My Head
Los Llayras - He creido
Los Llayras - Una lágrima
Los Llayras - Por que nos dijimos adiós
Los Llayras - Buscándote
Los Llayras - Me enamoré
Los Llayras - El negro José
Los Llayras - Corazon adolorido
Los Llayras - Sal y agua
Los Llayras - Tu forma de bailar
Los Llayras - Corazón mío
Julie London - Make It Another Old-Fashioned Please
Julie London - When She Makes Music
Julie London - Am I Blue?
Julie London - When the Sun Comes Out
The Love Me Nots - Let's Get Wrecked
Lostboy! AKA - Lostboy
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Sons of the Century
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Sweep Horizons Clean
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - The Crake in the Morning
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - The Guilts
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Alibi Child
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Son of the Indian Lass
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Workhouse
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Aloysius
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Dry Season Land
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Bait Up
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Tenterhooks
Erja Lyytinen - Everything's Fine
Erja Lyytinen - Voracious Love
Erja Lyytinen - Bed of Roses
Erja Lyytinen - Oil and Water
Erja Lyytinen - Soul of a Man
M.O.R.O.N. - '84
M.I.A. - Steppin Up
M.I.A. - Teqkilla
M.I.A. - Lovalot
M.I.A. - Story to Be Told
M.I.A. - It Takes a Muscle
M.I.A. - It Iz What It Iz
M.I.A. - Born Free
M.I.A. - Meds and Feds
M.I.A. - Tell Me Why
M.I.A. - Space
M.I.A. - Bamboo Banga
M.I.A. - Birdflu
M.I.A. feat. Wilcannia Mob - Mango Pickle Down River
M.I.A. - 20 Dollar
M.I.A. - World Town
M.I.A. - The Turn
M.I.A. - Paper Planes
M.I.A. feat. Timbaland - Come Around
M.I.A. - Borders
M.I.A. - Go Off
M.I.A. - Bird Song
M.I.A. - Jump In
M.I.A. feat. ZAYN - Freedun
M.I.A. feat. Dexta Daps - Foreign Friend
M.I.A. - Finally
M.I.A. - A.M.P. (All My People)
M.I.A. - Ali R U OK?
M.I.A. - Visa
M.I.A. - Fly Pirate
M.I.A. - Survivor
M.I.A. feat. GENER8ION - The New International Sound, Pt. 2
M.I.A. - Swords
M.I.A. - Talk
M.I.A. - Platforms
M.I.A. - Banana Skit
M.I.A. - Pull Up the People
M.I.A. - Fire Fire
M.I.A. - Freedom Skit
M.I.A. - Amazon
M.I.A. - Bingo
M.I.A. - Hombre
M.I.A. - One for the Head Skit
M.I.A. - 10 Dollar
M.I.A. - Sunshowers
M.I.A. - Galang / M.I.A.
Julie London - I Left My Heart In San Franciso
Julie London - Making Whoopee
Julie London - Yours
Julie London - Come Closer to Me
Julie London - Magic Is the Moonlight
Julie London - You Belong to My Heart
Julie London - I'm in the Mood for Love (Every Night at Eight)
Julie London - I Gotta a Right to Sing the Blues
Julie London - Louie, Louie
Lunice - Hip Pop
M.I.A. - Karmageddon
M.I.A. - Only 1 U
M.I.A. - Warriors
M.I.A. - Come Walk With Me
M.I.A. - aTENTion
M.I.A. feat. The Weeknd - Exodus
M.I.A. - Bad Girls
M.I.A. - Boom Skit
M.I.A. - Double Bubble Trouble
M.I.A. - Y.A.L.A.
M.I.A. - Bring the Noize
M.I.A. - Lights
M.I.A. - Know It Ain’t Right
M.I.A. - Illy Girl
M.I.A. - Super Tight
M.I.A. - Let Me Hump You
M.I.A. - WWW/Meds/Feds
M.I.A. - Go At It
M.I.A. - Vicki Intermission
M.I.A. - Gen -N-E-Y
M.I.A. - Dutch Dutch
M.I.A. - Marsha/Britney
M.I.A. - Tamil Beat Munchi
M.I.A. - Listen Up
M.I.A. - Mudersounds Munchi
M.I.A. - You My Love
M.I.A. - Get Around
M.I.A. - Hussel
M.I.A. - Come Around
M.I.A. - Far Far
M.I.A. - Big Branch
M.I.A. - What I Got
M.I.A. - Galang '05
M.I.A. - U.R.A.Q.T.
M.I.A. - Paper Planes (a cappella)
M.I.A. - Fire, Fire
M.I.A. - Dash the Curry Skit
M.I.A. - Do Ya?
M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun (a cappella)
M.I.A. - Caps Lock
M.I.A. - Believer
M.I.A. - XXXO (Fulton Yard/Waltboogie remix) (clean)
M.I.A. - One for the Head Skit (vs. Missy Elliott)
M.I.A. - Lady Killer
M.I.A. - Shells
M.I.A. - Haters
M.I.A. - M.I.A.
M.I.A. - You're Good
M.I.A. - Vicki Leekx
M.I.A. - Jimmy (a cappella)
M.I.A. - Sexodus
M.I.A. - Exodus
M.I.A. - Like This
M.I.A. - Trouble Again
M.I.A. - 27
M.I.A. - Galang (accapella)
M.I.A. - Rewear It
M.I.A. - M.I.A. - Borders
M.I.A. - Foreign Friend
M.I.A. - Freedun
Lune de Miel - Paradise mi amor (version originale)
Lune de Miel - Paradise mi amor
Luminize - Done With You
Luminize - Get It Back
Luminize - All or Nothing
Luminize - Guess Who's Wrong
Luminize - Love Takes No Prisoners
Luminize - Kill It With Love
Luminize - Goo Goo
Luminize - Fuck You
Luminize - Damn It
Luminize - Chemical Love
Luminize - The Other Side
Luminize - Zašto još volim te
Luminize - Manje više
Lunar Aurora - Im Gartn
Lunar Aurora - Nachteule
Lunar Aurora - Sterna
Lunar Aurora - Beagliachda
Lunar Aurora - Håbergoaß
Lunar Aurora - Wedaleichtn
Lunar Aurora - Geisterwoid
Lunar Aurora - Reng
Lunar Aurora - Glück
Lunar Aurora - Geisterschiff
Lunar Aurora - Dunkler Mann
Lunar Aurora - Findling
Lunar Aurora - Der Pakt
Lunar Aurora - Das Ende
Lunar Aurora - Zorn aus Äonen
Lunar Aurora - Augenblick
Lunar Aurora - Kerkerseele
Lunar Aurora - Hier und jetzt
Lunar Aurora - The Unknown Dead
Lunar Aurora - Aufgewacht
Lunar Aurora - Rastlos
Lunar Aurora - Schwarze Winde
Lunar Aurora - Heimkehr
Lunar Aurora - Welk
Lunar Aurora - Grimm
Gilles Luka feat. Nyusha - Plus près (We Can Make It Right)
Ludicra - Stagnant Pond
Ludicra - A Larger Silence
Ludicra - In Stable
Ludicra - The Undercaste
Ludicra - Clean White Void
Ludicra - The Tenant
Ludicra - The Only Cure, the Only Remedy
Ludicra - Let Thirst the Soil
Ludicra - One Thousand Wolves
Ludicra - Why Conquer?
Ludicra - In the Greenest Maze
Ludicra - Time Wounds All Heels
Ludicra - Aging Ghost
Ludicra - Dead City
Ludicra - In Fever
Ludicra - Veils
Ludicra - Only a Moment
Ludicra - Collapse
Ludicra - Tomorrow Held in Scorn
Ludicra - Hollow Promise
Ludicra - The Final Lamentation
Ludicra - Userpent
Ludicra - Heaped Upon Impassive Floors
Ludicra - Damn the Night
Ludicra - Awake to Grey
Ludicra - Truth Won't Set You Free
Ludicra - Walk the Path of Ash
Lunar Aurora - Dämonentreiber
Lunar Aurora - Kältetod
Lunar Aurora - Black Aureole
Lunar Aurora - Beholder in Sorrow
Lunar Aurora - Flammen der Sehnsucht
Lunar Aurora - Aasfresser
Lunar Aurora - Geist der Nebelsphären
Lunar Aurora - Schwarzer Engel
Lunar Aurora - Die Quelle im Wald
Lunar Aurora - Blutbaum
Lunar Aurora - Drachenfeuer
Lunar Aurora - Gebirgsmystizismus
Lunar Aurora - Verwesung
Lunar Aurora - Weltengänger
Lunar Aurora - Child of the Apocalypse
Lunar Aurora - Der Leidensweg
Lunar Aurora - Sternenblut
Lunar Aurora - Seelenfeuer
Lunar Aurora - Mein Schattenbruder
Lunar Aurora - Augen aus Nichts
Lunar Aurora - Schwarzer Seelenspiegel
Lunar Aurora - Kerker aus Zeit
Lunar Aurora - Der Geist des Grausamen
Lunar Aurora - Der Morgen
Lunar Aurora - Der Tag
Lunar Aurora - Der Abend
Lunar Aurora - Die Nacht
Love Via Dance Machine - All Is Fair
Lunar Aurora - Grabgesänge
Lunar Aurora - Rebirth of an Ancient Empire
Lunar Aurora - Flammende Male
Lunar Aurora - Into the Secrets of the Moon
Lunar Aurora - Schwarze Rosen
Lunar Aurora - Conqueror of the Ember Moon
Lunar Aurora - Auf einer Wanderung
Love Me Electric - Arson Is Not a Crime...Until You Get Caught
Love Me Electric - Cardiology
Love Me Electric - Avolition
Love Me Electric - The Truth About Liars
Love Me Electric - The 30 Rack Anthem (Write Me Off)
Love Me Electric - You're Not Getting It From Me
Love Me Electric - The Fast Track
Love Me Electric - Irrational, but Fashionable
Love Me Electric - Pink Slips
Love Me Electric - I'll Count to Four
LUKO - Good or Bad
Lil Yachty - Intro (Just Keep Swimming)
Lil Yachty - Wanna Be Us
Lil Yachty feat. Quavo, Skippa Da Flippa & Young Thug - Minnesota Remix
Lil Yachty - Not My Bro
Lil Yachty - Interlude
Lil Yachty - Up Next 2
Lil Yachty - Run/Running
Lil Yachty - Never Switch Up
Lil Yachty - Out Late
Lil Yachty - Fucked Over
Lil Yachty - Im Sorry
Lil Yachty - We Did It (Outro) *Positivity Song*
Lil Yachty - Intro (First Day of Summer)
Lil Yachty - For Hot 97
Lil Yachty - IDK
Lil Yachty - King of Teens
Lil Yachty - Shoot Out the Roof
Lil Yachty - DipSet
Lil Yachty - Life Goes On
Lil Yachty - Yeah Yeah
Lil Yachty - Pretty
Lil Yachty - Such Ease
Lil Yachty - So Many People
Lil Yachty - Good Day
M - Girl Friend
M - Intro
M - Option
M - Battle (Jump! Jump!)
M - For you(to my lovely fans...)
M - Sweet Girl
M - To Y...
M - Overdoze
M - Sometimes
M - Sweet Sound
M - Let me Love you
M - Bump!!!
M - Punch
M - Un-Touch-Able
M - Just One Night
M - One in a Million (1/1000000)
M - Last First Kiss
M - Believe In Love (M's Sentimental Ver.)
M - Sad song
M - L.O.V.E
M - Pretty Woman
M - Love me Ice Cream
M - If You...
M - No Limit
M - La noche bonita
M - Stomp
M - Boy Friend
M - Last, First Kiss
M - Taxi
M - Minnovation
M - AM 07:05
M - Thriller
M - Kiss It Away
M - Love Supreme
M - L.U.V
Ljungblut - The Emblem
Ljungblut - Bipolar Kid
Ljungblut - Facades
Ljungblut - Touching a Flame
Ljungblut - Still Can't Say I Love You
Ljungblut - Is There Another Way Out
Ljungblut - Tinnitus Doll
Ljungblut - Iodine
Ljungblut - Ride (It Out Again)
Ljungblut - En vakker idé
Ljungblut - Salme 101
Ljungblut - Migraine Sky
Ljungblut - Red Ribbons
Ljungblut - Rituals
Ljungblut - Sympathy on My Soul
Ljungblut - Leitmotif
Ljungblut - Twirl
Ljungblut - Goodbye for Real
Ljungblut - Glow
Ljungblut - Jesuva
Ljungblut - White Satellite
Ljungblut - Sweep
Ljungblut - A Mess Without You
Ljungblut - Song for Liz
Ljungblut - Albino
Ljungblut - Sound of Angels
Ljungblut - Nothing Shall Keep Us Apart
Lumen - Sid & Nancy
Lumen - Sid & Nansy
Lumen - TV No More
Lumen - C4
Lumen - F... off!
Lumen - 0010000000010010
Lumen - F..k Off!!!
M‐1 - 5 Elements
M‐1 - Till We Get There
Longpigs - All Hype
Longpigs - Dozen Wicked Words
Longpigs - Baby Blue
Longpigs - I Lied I Love You
Longpigs - Sweetness
Longpigs - Vagina Song
Longpigs - New York
Longpigs - Take It All
Longpigs - Amateur Dramatics
Lux Occulta - Most Arrogant Life Form
Lux Occulta - Gambit
Lux Occulta - Midnight Crisis
Lux Occulta - Pied Piper
Lux Occulta - Missa Solemnis
Lux Occulta - Breathe Out
Lux Occulta - Homodeus: Throne of Fire
Lux Occulta - Sweetest Stench of the Dead: The Battlefield
Lux Occulta - The Heresiarch
Lux Occulta - Kiss my Sword
Lux Occulta - Nude Sophia
Lux Occulta - Library on Fire
Lux Occulta - Mane-Tekel-Fares
Lux Occulta - The Birth of the Race
Lux Occulta - Blessed Be the Rain
Lux Occulta - Chalice of Lunar Blood
Lux Occulta - Nocturnal Dithyramb
Lux Occulta - Ecstasy and Terror
Lux Occulta - Upwards to Conquer Heaven
Lux Occulta - Love (Garden of Aphrodite)
Lux Occulta - Heart of the Devil
Lux Occulta - Creation
Lux Occulta - Love
Lingua - Kau Tak Di Sini
Lingua - Mampu Bertahan
Lingua - Takkan Habis Cintaku (Remastered)
Lingua - Bila Kuingat (Remastered)
Lingua - Bintang (Remastered)
Lingua - Jangan Kau Henti (Remastered)
Look See Proof - Casualty
Look See Proof - High Horse
Look See Proof - Local Hero
Look See Proof - Start Again
Os Lunáticos - Estou Na Lua
Lollipop - Batte forte
Lollipop - Down Down Down
Lollipop - Don't Leave Me Now
Lollipop - When the Rain
Lollipop - Turn Me Around
Lollipop - This Is the Reason
Lollipop - I Want You
Lollipop - Love Me for One Night
Lollipop - Weekend Lover
Lollipop - Maniac
Lollipop - I'm Ready This Time
Lollipop - Everybody Come On (Wanna Be a Popstar)
Love De Vice - With You Now
Luê - A fim de onda
Luê - Nós dois
LPB Club - Steven Gerrard
LPB Club - Du sang sur ma chemise
LPB Club - J'aime que la mer
LPB Club - J'en sais rien
M.E. - Inikah Cinta
Last Years Youth - Last Years Youth (Know What We Wanna Be)
Last Years Youth - Yah Boo Bollocks
Last Years Youth - Don't Take No Shit
Last Years Youth - Life in the Dark
Last Years Youth - Suicide Direction
Last Years Youth - 3 Chord Gangsters
Last Years Youth - Gobbin on the World
Last Years Youth - Punk Rocker in the UK
lyrical school - FRESH!!!
lyrical school - OMG
Lootpack - Long Awaited
Lootpack - B-Boy Theme
Lootpack - The Anthem
Lootpack - Level Zero
Lootpack - Laws of Physics
Lootpack - Speaker Smashin
Lootpack - Answers
Lootpack - Likwit Fusion
Lootpack - Hityawitdat
Lootpack - Verbal Experiments
Lootpack - Stylewild
Lootpack - Weededed
Lootpack - 20 Questions
Lootpack - Wanna Test
Lootpack - Episodes
Lootpack - Miss Deja Vu
Lootpack - Female Request Line
Lootpack - Law of Physics
Lootpack - New Years Resolution
Lootpack - Break That Party
Lootpack - Crate Diggin'
Lootpack - Frenz vs Endz
Ludacris feat. DJ Quik - Spur of the Moment
Luttenberger*Klug - Gefangen im Jetzt
Luttenberger*Klug - Mach dich bereit
Luttenberger*Klug - Heut Nacht
Luttenberger*Klug - Weil es mich nur 1 x gibt
Luttenberger*Klug - Wolke
Luttenberger*Klug - Mohnblumenfeld
Luttenberger*Klug - 1000 x
Luttenberger*Klug - Sommertag
Luttenberger*Klug - Karma
Luttenberger*Klug - Ich bin noch hier
Luttenberger*Klug - Du kommst nicht mehr los
Luttenberger*Klug - Erzähl mir von Shakespeare
Luttenberger*Klug - Super Sommer
Luttenberger*Klug - Bevor ich erfrier
Luttenberger*Klug - Kinder des Sturms
Luttenberger*Klug - Sternenlichter
Luttenberger*Klug - Atemlos
Luttenberger*Klug - Mädchen im Regen
Luttenberger*Klug - Flieg mit mir
Luttenberger*Klug - 100 Flieger
Luttenberger*Klug - Stop
Luttenberger*Klug - Frei sein
Luttenberger*Klug - Willkommen im Leben
Luttenberger*Klug - Da ist ein Licht
Luttenberger*Klug - Wie es sein kann
Luttenberger*Klug - Stärker als du glaubst
Luttenberger*Klug - Fenster
Luttenberger*Klug - Kinder
Luttenberger*Klug - Bleib stehen
Luttenberger*Klug - Nie wieder
Luttenberger*Klug - Vergiss mich (Bonus Video)
Luttenberger*Klug - Weil es mich nur einmal gibt
Luttenberger*Klug - Fliegen
Luttenberger*Klug - Unendlichkeit
Luttenberger*Klug - Mehr oder weniger
Luttenberger*Klug - Sag doch einfach
M★TWO - Kiss
M★TWO - Because I Love You
M★TWO - Little Sky Walker
M★TWO - Rhythmic Youth
Francis M - !-800-Ninety-Six
Francis M - Girl Be Mine
Francis M - Unstrung Heroes
Francis M - Baliktad Ang Mundo
Francis M - Rainy
Francis M - Lab Song
Francis M - Mga Praning
Francis M - Ito Ang Gusto Ko!
Francis M - Meron Akong Ano!
Francis M - Cold Summer Nights
Francis M - Tayo'y Mga Pinoy
Francis M - Ubos Biyaya
Francis M - Man from Manila
Francis M - Bahay Yugyugan
Francis M - Ayoko Sa Dilim
Francis M - Halalan
Francis M - Nilamon Ng Sistema
Francis M - Funky Monkey
Francis M - Puso Ng Siga
Francis M - Mahiwagang Kamote
Francis M - Three Stars and A Sun
Francis M - Pen and Ink
Francis M - Pektus
Francis M - Rasputin Lives
Francis M - Suckin on Helium/Kaleidoscope World
Francis M - Old Man
Francis M - Pikon
Francis M - Baw Waw Waw
Francis M - Hangga't Yakap
Francis M - Bahala Na
Francis M - Kabataan Para Sa Kinabukasan
Francis M - Ito Ang Gusto Ko
Vera Lynn - Harbour Lights
Vera Lynn - That Lovely Week-end
Vera Lynn - (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover
Vera Lynn - From the Time You Say Goodbye
Vera Lynn - Yours
Vera Lynn - Anniversary Waltz
Vera Lynn - Lili Marlene
Vera Lynn - It Hurts to Say Goodbye
Vera Lynn - White Cliffs of Dover
Vera Lynn - I Shall Be Waiting
Vera Lynn - Wishing
Vera Lynn - There'll Come Another Day
Vera Lynn - I'll Pray for You
Vera Lynn - Memory of a Rose
Vera Lynn - Wishing (Will Make It So)
Vera Lynn - Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye
Vera Lynn - Room 504
Vera Lynn - The Bells of St. Mary's
Vera Lynn - Do You Ever Dream of Tomorrow?
Demi Lovato feat. Dev - Who's That Boy
M.I.B - Complicated
M.I.B - My Way
M.I.B - Hands Up
M.I.B - Say My Name
M.I.B - G.D.M.
M.I.B - Beautiful Day
M.I.B - Who's Next
M.I.B - Men Comin'
M.I.B - Do U Like Me
M.I.B - Celebrate
M.I.B - Hello Goodbye
M.I.B - Money In the Building
M.I.B - Dirty Sexy Money
Vera Lynn - It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
Vera Lynn - Cinderella, Stay in My Arms
Vera Lynn - Smilin' Through
Vera Lynn - I Had the Craziest Dream
Vera Lynn - Who's Taking You Home Tonight?
Vera Lynn - Heart and Soul
Lyres - Help You Ann
Lyres - The Way I Feel About You
Lyres - Never Met a Girl Like You
Lyres - Busy Body
Louie Louie - I Wanna Get With You
Louie Louie - Sittin' in the Lap of Luxury
Vera Lynn - When I Grow Too Old to Dream
Vera Lynn - Again
Vera Lynn - Goodnight, Wherever You Are
Vera Lynn - Be Like the Kettle and Sing / There's a New World Over the Skyline
Vera Lynn - There'll Always Be an England
Vera Lynn - London Pride
Vera Lynn - Who's Taking You Home Tonight / Wishing / Wish Me Luck
Vera Lynn - Somewhere in France With You
Vera Lynn - Room Five-Hundred-And-Four
Vera Lynn - Land of Hope and Glory
Lyrico - Heart of Mine
Lyrico - enclose
Lyrico - Goodbye for Love
Lyrico - You're The Reason
Lyrico - Holiday Kitchen xxx
Lyrico - Voice of Grace
Lyrico - Flowers
Lyrico - True Romance
Lyrico - I Say I'm Sorry
Lyrico - Tender Rain
Lyrico - Game
Lyrico - Immortality
Lyrico - Lies
Lyrico - Kiss Me Again
Lyrico - You'll Be Alright
Lyrico - Tears in Christmas
Jesper Lundgaard - Hang On (extended)
Louis - Et si l'amour
Louis - Leylie Brown
Louis - Mon bel assassin
Louis - Joue contre joue
Louis - Toum toum toum
Louis - La vie ne vaut rien
Louis - La nuit m'attend
Louis - Opium, fumée de rêve
Louis - Comment ça s'arrête
Louis - Mademoiselle joue avec son revolver
Louis - L'avoir ce soir
Louis - Comme je t'aime, je te déteste
Louis - Lady Lolita
Phil Lynott - Fatalistic Attitude
Phil Lynott - The Man’s a Fool
Phil Lynott - Old Town
Phil Lynott - Ode To Liberty (The Protest Song)
Phil Lynott - A Night in the Life of a Blues Singer
Phil Lynott - Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
Phil Lynott - Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)
Phil Lynott - Ode To A Black Man
Phil Lynott - Somebody Else's Dream
Phil Lynott - Nineteen
Phil Lynott - King’s Call
Phil Lynott - A Child’s Lullaby
Jireh Lim - Buko
Vera Lynn - Caravan Song
Vera Lynn - That Old Feeling
Vera Lynn - Drifting and Dreaming
Vera Lynn - Someone’s Rocking My Dreamboat
Vera Lynn - Good Night Children Everywhere
Vera Lynn - Little Donkey
Vera Lynn - The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot
Vera Lynn - When the Lights Go on Again (All Over the World) / I'll Pray for You / We'll Meet Again
Vera Lynn - Rose of England
Liel - Spente Le Stelle
Liel - Send Me an Angel
Liel - Keep the World Safe
Vera Lynn - I'll Always be in Love With You
Vera Lynn - Far Away Places
Vera Lynn - Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
Lucky Boys Confusion - Champions Dub
Lucky Boys Confusion - Hey Driver
Lucky Boys Confusion - Broken
Lucky Boys Confusion - Mr. Wilmington
Lucky Boys Confusion - Atari
Lucky Boys Confusion - Sunday Afternoon
Lucky Boys Confusion - Closer to Our Graves
Lucky Boys Confusion - Something to Believe
Lucky Boys Confusion - You Weren't There
Lucky Boys Confusion - Blame
Lucky Boys Confusion - South Union
Lucky Boys Confusion - Ordinary
Lucky Boys Confusion - Medicine and Gasoline
Lucky Boys Confusion - Champions
Lucky Boys Confusion - Breaking Rules
Lucky Boys Confusion - Fred Astaire
Lucky Boys Confusion - Bossman
Lucky Boys Confusion - Do You Miss Me (Killians)
Lucky Boys Confusion - Dumb Pop Song
Lucky Boys Confusion - Saturday Night
Lucky Boys Confusion - Never Like This
Lucky Boys Confusion - 3 to 10 / CB's Caddy Part III
Lucky Boys Confusion - City Lights
Lucky Boys Confusion - One to the Right
Lucky Boys Confusion - Slip
Lucky Boys Confusion - LBC
Lucky Boys Confusion - Masala
Lucky Boys Confusion - King of Apathy
Lucky Boys Confusion - Slow Down
Lucky Boys Confusion - Arizona Stand
Lucky Boys Confusion - What Gets Me High
Lucky Boys Confusion - Gwendolyn B. Sings Sin
Lucky Boys Confusion - Of Course
Lucky Boys Confusion - Back Then...
Lucky Boys Confusion - Keep Talking
Lucky Boys Confusion - Deja Vous
Lucky Boys Confusion - This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
Lucky Boys Confusion - 18 Years
Lucky Boys Confusion - Sidewalk Graves
Lucky Boys Confusion - Blood Drops
Lucky Boys Confusion - 748
Lucky Boys Confusion - Leave On The Light
Lucky Boys Confusion - When Bad News Gets Worse
Lucky Boys Confusion - Straight From the Top
Lucky Boys Confusion - Love You From the Top
Lucky Boys Confusion - Drugs (We're Alright)
Lucky Boys Confusion - Rolling Rock
Lucky Boys Confusion - Evidence
Lucky Boys Confusion - Hardest Part
Lucky Boys Confusion - City to City
Lucky Boys Confusion - One More Chance
Lucky Boys Confusion - Hey
Lucky Boys Confusion - Needle in My Arm
Lucky Boys Confusion - Le Chanson du Soldat
Lucky Boys Confusion - CB's Caddy Part II
Lucky Boys Confusion - Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)
Lucky Boys Confusion - Cigarettes
Lucky Boys Confusion - Soldier Song
Lucky Boys Confusion - 40 - 80
Lucky Boys Confusion - Like Rats From a Sinking Ship
Lucky Boys Confusion - Envy
Lucky Boys Confusion - 3 to 10
Lucky Boys Confusion - Mr Wilmington
Lucky Boys Confusion - The Struggle (How to Get Out Alive)
Lucky Boys Confusion - 23 (God Only Knows)
Vera Lynn - Don't Cry My Love
Bobby Lyle - here we go again
Vera Lynn - A House is A Home
Bobby Lyle - Poinciana
Vera Lynn - Cinderella Sweetheart
Locksley - Don't Make Me Wait
Locksley - Let Me Know
Locksley - All Over Again
Locksley - All Of The Time
Locksley - She Does
Locksley - Why Not Me
Locksley - My Kind Of Lover
Locksley - Up The Stairs
Locksley - It Won't Be For Long
Locksley - For You (Part I)
Locksley - For You (Part II)
Locksley - The Whip
Locksley - Oh, Wisconsin!
Locksley - Darling, It's True
Locksley - Days Of Youth
Locksley - The Way That We Go
Locksley - Love You Too
Locksley - Away From Here
Locksley - 21st Century
Locksley - One More Minute
Locksley - Down For Too Long
Locksley - On Fire
Locksley - It Isn't Love
Locksley - The World Isn't Waiting
Locksley - Only a Girl
Locksley - For the Summer
Locksley - You and You and You
Locksley - You Were Right About the High
Locksley - T.I.B.
Locksley - In Love/In Time
Locksley - Safely From the City
Locksley - Homecoming Queen
Locksley - The Grey Suit
Lucifer's Child - Hors de combat
Lucifer's Child - A True Mayhem
Lucifer's Child - Doom
M.Y.M.P. - I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me
M.Y.M.P. - Sa Kanya
M.Y.M.P. - If You Asked Me To
M.Y.M.P. - Inseparable
M.Y.M.P. - Nakapagtataka
M.Y.M.P. - A Little Bit
M.Y.M.P. - True Colors
M.Y.M.P. - Especially for You
M.Y.M.P. - Constantly
M.Y.M.P. - The Closer I Get to You
M.Y.M.P. - Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
M.Y.M.P. - For All of My Life
M.Y.M.P. - Eternal Flame
M.Y.M.P. - Say You Love Me
M.Y.M.P. - Beauty and Madness
M.Y.M.P. - Love Moves (In Mysterious Ways)
M.Y.M.P. - At Your Best (You Are Love)
M.Y.M.P. - Get Me
M.Y.M.P. - Kailan
M.Y.M.P. - Magical Feeling
M.Y.M.P. - Jam (Set Your Spirits Free)
M.Y.M.P. - Would You Be My Girlfriend
M.Y.M.P. - Talaga Naman
M.Y.M.P. - Rush
M.Y.M.P. - Fast Car
M.Y.M.P. - Ginoo, Walay Sukod (Praise Song)
M.Y.M.P. - With You
M.Y.M.P. - Only Reminds Me of You
M.Y.M.P. - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
M.Y.M.P. - Love Stood Still
M.Y.M.P. - Sa 'Yo Lamang
M.Y.M.P. - Every Breath You Take
M.Y.M.P. - Last Chance
M.Y.M.P. - Forever and a Day
M.Y.M.P. - Ang Pag-Ibig Mo
M.Y.M.P. - So Perfect
M.Y.M.P. - Back Home
Luluc - Small Window
Luluc - Without a Face
Luluc - Passerby
Luluc - Winter Is Passing
Luluc - Tangled Heart
Luluc - Reverie on Norfolk Street
Luluc - Early Night
Luluc - Gold on the Leaves
Luluc - Star
Luluc - I Found You
Luluc - Little Suitcase
Luluc - The Wealthiest Queen
Luluc - Black Umbrella
Luluc - Body on the Water
Luluc - Warm One
Luluc - Gillian
Luluc - One Day Soon