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Lumsk - Nidvisa
Lumsk - Svend Herlufsens Ord, del III Jeg har det
Ludes - Green Eyes
Mimmo Locasciulli - Svegliami domattina
Mimmo Locasciulli - Due ore
Mimmo Locasciulli - Gli occhi
Mimmo Locasciulli - Buoni propositi
Mimmo Locasciulli - Intorno a trent'anni
Mimmo Locasciulli - Cala la luna
Mimmo Locasciulli - Lo zingaro
Mimmo Locasciulli - Natalina
LUNA SEA feat. DJ KRUSH - Sweetest Coma Again
Luminus - Intro-Active
Luminus - One Step to the Moon
LUNA SEA - THE ONE-crash to create-
LUNA SEA - Millenium
LUNA SEA - Lost World
Luiz Carlos da Vila - Universo
Luiz Carlos da Vila - Chorando de Saudade
Luiz Carlos da Vila - A Cigarra e o Samba
Luiz Carlos da Vila - Vem Pra Roda Sambar
Luiz Carlos da Vila - Pra Conquistar Teu Coração
Luiz Carlos da Vila - Ao Nosso Amor Maior
Lovestoned - I Know Nothing
Lorellei - Mystery
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Strictly for the Ladies
Fay Lovsky - Automatic Pilot
Fay Lovsky - Fairy Tales
Fay Lovsky - Bury the Hatchet
Fay Lovsky - Vijandelijk terrein
Fay Lovsky - Never You Mind the Neighbours
Fay Lovsky - Yawn Blues
Fay Lovsky - Oh Beebie
Fay Lovsky - George Is My Horse
Fay Lovsky - Ramon
Fay Lovsky - Disney Dust
Fay Lovsky - Columbus Avenue
Fay Lovsky - California Daze
Fay Lovsky - Don't Feed the Animals
Fay Lovsky - One More Time
Fay Lovsky - Christmas Was a Friend of Mine
Limbeck - Honk + Wave
Limbeck - Silver Things
Limbeck - I Wrote This Down
Limbeck - The Sun Woke the Whole State
Limbeck - Gamblin' Man
Limbeck - People Don’t Change
Limbeck - Long Way to Go
Limbeck - Making the Rounds
Limbeck - I Saw You Laughing
Limbeck - Trouble
Limbeck - Big Drag
Limbeck - Let Me Come Home
Limbeck - Bird Problems
Limbeck - Keeping Busy
Limbeck - Reading the Street Signs
Limbeck - Wake Up
Limbeck - Let's Get Crazy
Limbeck - Friends
Limbeck - Honk and Wave
Limbeck - Tan & Blue
Limbeck - Racine
Limbeck - Drive On Highways
Limbeck - Blurry (In a Day Now)
Limbeck - Save Us
Limbeck - Images
Limbeck - Stop Internet Romance
Limbeck - Make This Move
Limbeck - The State
Limbeck - Don't Turn Around, She's Not Worth It
Limbeck - Albatross & Ivy
Limbeck - Keepin' Busy
Fay Lovsky - Easy Come, Easy Go
Fay Lovsky - Cold as Ice
Fay Lovsky - Fikkie is geen hondennaam
Fay Lovsky - Weggegooid
Fay Lovsky - Mr. Clean
Fay Lovsky - A Little Dab'll do Ya
Fay Lovsky - Arirang
Low Volts - I Cried My Guts Out
Fay Lovsky - Here's Looking at You Kid
Fay Lovsky - Four Krazy Kats
Fay Lovsky - Never Seem Able to Say Goodbye
Fay Lovsky - Difficult
Fay Lovsky - Prairie
Fay Lovsky - Food Is the Enemy
LFT Church Choir - Let Go, Let God
Lowkey - Mother Said
Lowkey - Fuck You
Lowkey - Bars for My Brother
Lowkey - Who Really Cares?
Lowkey - Just Shine
Lowkey - Read Between the Lines
Lowkey - Let Me Live
Lowkey - Story to Tell 3
Lil B - Tiny Pants
Lil B - Look Like Jesus
Lil B - Tucan Sam
Lil B - Bitch Doing 30
Lil B - You Swim
Lil B - Fake Family
Lil B - Get It While It's Good
Lil B - Beat the Cancer
Lil B - Merry Xmas
Lil B - Stuck Up Bitch
Lil B - Coffee Shop
Lil B - So Based
Lil B - My Face (intro)
Lil B - Mr Glassface
Lil B - Rags to Riches
Lil B - Love Problems
Lil B - Gudda
Lil B - James Bond Robber
Lil B - Double Cup Fuck Em
Lil B - Decan
Lil B - Keep Rising
Lil B - I Love Hip Hop
Lil B - Dancing at Night
Lil B - Fuck the World
Lil B - Win Loose or Struggle
Lil B - BasedWorld Motivation
Little River Band - It's a Long Way There
Little River Band - Curiosity Killed the Cat
Little River Band - Emma
Little River Band - Help Is on Its Way
Little River Band - Home on Monday
Little River Band - Happy Anniversary
Little River Band - Shut Down, Turn Off
Little River Band - Lady
Little River Band - Lonesome Loser
Little River Band - Cool Change
Little River Band - The Night Owls
Little River Band - Take It Easy on Me
Little River Band - Man on Your Mind
Little River Band - We Two
Little River Band - Days on the Road
Little River Band - Another Runway
Little River Band - Every Day of My Life
Little River Band - The Inner Light
Little River Band - Broke Again
Little River Band - Take Me Home
Little River Band - Mary's Christmas
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Bud Mutha
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Baby, You Nasty (vocal)
Espen Lind - Messing With Me
Espen Lind - Baby You're So Cool
Espen Lind - When Susannah Cries
Espen Lind - Lucky For You
Espen Lind - Missing Her Then
Espen Lind - American Love
Espen Lind - Niki's Theme
Espen Lind - All I Want Is an Angel
Espen Lind - It's a Damn Shame About You
Espen Lind - The Buffalo Tapes (My So-Called Friends)
Espen Lind - Sea of Love
Espen Lind - Clearly You Are Falling in Love
Espen Lind - Sweet Love
Espen Lind - Childhood Fields of Clover
Espen Lind - Scared Of Heights
Espen Lind - Army of One
Espen Lind - Hopelessly Happy
Espen Lind - The Music Takes You There
Espen Lind - Nightrider
Espen Lind - Million Miles Away
Espen Lind - Unloved
Espen Lind - Look Like Her
Espen Lind - Driving Your Car
Espen Lind - Life Will Turn Around
Espen Lind - Pride
Espen Lind - Stay Away Tonight
Espen Lind - Happy
Espen Lind - Truth Hurts
Espen Lind - Movie Star
Espen Lind - Joni Mitchell On The Radio
Espen Lind - Coming Home
Espen Lind - Everything's Falling Apart
Espen Lind - Everybody Says
Espen Lind - The Dolphin Club
Espen Lind - I Want You
Espen Lind - This Is The Time! This Is The Place!
Espen Lind - Life Is Good
Espen Lind - Pop From Hell
Espen Lind - Driven by the Devil
Espen Lind - Yum Yum Gimme Some
Espen Lind - Leather
Espen Lind - Sweat
Espen Lind - Bisexual Teens
Espen Lind - The Last Day of My Life
Espen Lind - Blast Yer Brain
Espen Lind - By The Time I Get To Heaven
Espen Lind - Where the Lost Ones Go
Espen Lind - The Buffalo Tapes
Espen Lind - Where Heroes Go To Die
Leon of Athens - Pilot
Lil B - Green Card
Lil B - Basedgod Strugglin
Lil B - Talking That Based
Lil B - Pass the Ball
Lil B - At the Freethrow
Lil B - Off da Bench
Lil B - Material Mindstate
Lil B - Call Me Coach
Lil B - Hoop Life
Lil B - Payton on Broncos Jordan on Wizards
Lil B - Marbel Floors and Pain
Lil B - Lockdown
Lil B - Don't Go Outside
Lil B - Living My Life
Lil B - Ski Ski Basedgod
Lil B - Pretty Boy Anthem
Lil B - NBA Live
Lil B - Scouts Report
Lil B - Gotta Make the NBA
Lil B - Real Based
Lil B - Fuck KD (Kevin Durant diss)
Lil B - NBA Stole My Swag
Lil B - I Got Bitches 2014
Lil B - Katy Perry
Lil B - Mack Maine
Lil B - I Choose Her
Lil B - Tonight
Lil B - I'm in the Streetz
Lil B - Durty Pop
Lil B - Heard Her Cry
Lil B - I'm 2 Real
Little River Band - Meanwhile...
Little River Band - My Lady and Me
Little River Band - I'll Always Call Your Name
Little River Band - The Man in Black
Little River Band - Statue of Liberty
Little River Band - Sweet Old Fashioned Man
Little River Band - It's Not a Wonder
Little River Band - Long Jumping Jeweller
Little River Band - You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind
Little River Band - Time for Us
Little River Band - It's Cold Out Tonight
Little River Band - Son of a Famous Man
Little River Band - Soul Searching
Little River Band - I Dream Alone
Little River Band - Forever Blue
LSD on CIA - Dive Into the Dark
Little River Band - Where We Started From
Little River Band - This Place
Little River Band - Magazine Girl
Little River Band - Just You and I
Little River Band - I Think I Left My Heart With You
Little River Band - Who Made the Moon
Little River Band - Look in Your Eyes
Little River Band - American Way
Little River Band - Lead Me to Water
Little River Band - Light of Day
Little River Band - Fall From Paradise
Lil B - Trapped in Prison
Lil B - Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
Lil B - Unchain Me
Lil B - Gon Be Okay
Lil B - The Wilderness
Lil B - I Hate Myself
Lil B - I Seen That Light
Lil B - My Last Chance
Lil B - Alota Bitches
Lil B - Choppin Paper Up
Lil B - Cing Angels
Lil B - Cold Case
Lil B - Foolin Around
Lil B - Free My Life
Lil B - F*ck the Ops
Lil B - Go to Work
Lil B - Keep Saggin
Lil B - Keep Strippin
Lil B - Marry Me
Lil B - Real Person Music
Lil B - Roc
Lil B - Slangin Packs (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - We Solid
Lil B - Who Gangsta
Lil B - Bashido Blade
Lil B - Reggie Miller
Lil B - Think I'm Basedgod
Lil B - I Love Video Games
Lil B - Goon Turned God
Lil B - Hipster Girls
Lil B - Whoopie
The London Apartments - Circuit
The London Apartments - Streetlights Are Soldiers
Little River Band - The Rumor
Little River Band - By My Side
Little River Band - Hard Life (Prelude)
Little River Band - Hard Life
Little River Band - Middle, Man
Little River Band - Man on the Run
Little River Band - Mistress of Mine
Little River Band - Love Will Survive
Little River Band - Full Circle
Little River Band - Just Say That You Love Me
Little River Band - Suicide Boulevard
Little River Band - Orbit Zero
Little River Band - Don't Let the Needle Win
Little River Band - Guiding Light
Little River Band - Seine City
Little River Band - Bourbon Street
Little River Band - Country Girls
Little River Band - L.A. in the Sunshine
Little River Band - Witchery
Little River Band - Raelene, Raelene
Little River Band - Changed & Different
Lil B - Task Force
Lil B - Dig Deep
Lil B - Task Force Platoon 6
Lil B - I Got Beef
Lil B - Reporting for Duty
Lil B - Ryan Seacrest
Lil B - Where the Game Began
Lil B - December 1989
Die Lollipops - Meine Oma fährt im Hühnerstall Motorrad
Die Lollipops - Freunde fürs Leben
Love/Hate - Blackout in the Red Room
Die Lollipops - L.O.P.O.
Love/Hate - Rock Queen
Love/Hate - Tumbleweed
Love/Hate - Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?
Love/Hate - Fuel to Run
Love/Hate - One More Round
Love/Hate - She's an Angel
Die Lollipops - Frosch Im Karpfenteich
Love/Hate - Straightjacket
Die Lollipops - Schwupp di Wupp (Flohwalzer)
Love/Hate - Slutsy Tipsy
Love/Hate - Slave Girl
Die Lollipops - Ein Eis muss dabei sein
Love/Hate - Hell, CA, Pop. 4
Die Lollipops - Sommer der Lollipops
Love/Hate - Wasted in America
Love/Hate - Spit
Love/Hate - Miss America
Die Lollipops - Dankeschön
Love/Hate - Cream
Die Lollipops - Hei, Pippi Langstrumpf
Love/Hate - Yucca Man
Love/Hate - Happy Hour
Love/Hate - Tranquilizer
Love/Hate - Time's Up
Die Lollipops - Bruder Jakob
Love/Hate - Don't Fuck With Me
Die Lollipops - Die Affen rasen durch den Wald
Love/Hate - Social Sidewinder
Die Lollipops - Pizza, Pommes und Spaghetti
Love/Hate - Evil Twin
Die Lollipops - Pack die Badehose ein
Die Lollipops - La - Le - Lu
Love/Hate - Let's Rumble
Love/Hate - Spinning Wheel
Love/Hate - The Boozer
Love/Hate - Wrong Side of the Grape
Love/Hate - Devil's Squaw
Love/Hate - Black Iguana
Love/Hate - Beer Money
Die Lollipops - Känguruh-Jam (Australien)
Love/Hate - Here's to You
Love/Hate - Sexical
Love/Hate - If You Believe in Miracles
Love/Hate - Superfragilistic
Love/Hate - Hey Man
Die Lollipops - Ein Mann der sich Kolumbus nannt'
Love/Hate - I'm Not Happy
Die Lollipops - Morgen haben wir Ferien
Love/Hate - Ola Mola
Love/Hate - Die
Love/Hate - Cutting Chain
Love/Hate - Searchers
Love/Hate - We Do What We Do
Love/Hate - Night Crawler
Love/Hate - Love Me Down
Die Lollipops - Wir stehn im Kreis
Love/Hate - Lady Jane
Love/Hate - I Am the Walrus
Love/Hate - Driver
Love/Hate - Wish I Had More Time
Love/Hate - Wire
Love/Hate - Low Branches
Love/Hate - Rubberina
Love/Hate - Explode
Love/Hate - Boom Boom Room
Love/Hate - Thousand Faces
Love/Hate - It Shines
Love/Hate - Sweet Child O' Mine
Die Lollipops - Von den blauen Bergen kommen wir
Die Lollipops - Sieben Stunden große Pause
Die Lollipops - Eisgekühlte Coca-Cola
Die Lollipops - Hier kommt die Maus
Die Lollipops - Lollipopstarhit (Original: Schneewalzer)
Die Lollipops - Reiterferien sind der Hit
Die Lollipops - Hüh - Das sture Pony
Die Lollipops - Ich will ein Pferd
Die Lollipops - Das Glück dieser Erde
Demi Lovato feat. Iyaz - You're My Only Shorty
Ludger - Promillemillionaer
Little River Band - I Don't Worry No More
Little River Band - Let's Dance
Little River Band - The Lost and the Lonely
Little River Band - Forever You Forever Me
Little River Band - You Dream I'll Drive
Little River Band - I'm an Island
Little River Band - What If You're Wrong
Little River Band - Where Do I Run
Little River Band - Who Speaks for Me
Little River Band - Love Is
Little River Band - If I Get Lucky
Little River Band - There's Not Another You
Little River Band - Second Wind
Little River Band - Every Time I Turn Around
Little River Band - As Long as I'm Alive
Little River Band - The One That Got Away
Little River Band - Listen to Your Heart
Lil B - No Black Person Is Ugly
Lil B - Rent Due
Lil B - Pay 4 Pussy Remix
Lil B - Battery Acid
Lil B - Rules Of The Game
Lil B - The Game On Lock
Lil B - Rep The West
Lil B - Bitch Mob Gangsta
Lil B - Illusions Of G
Lil B - Don't Forget About Me
Lil B - Money Over Suckas
Lil B - Still In The Hood
Lil B - Connected In Jail
Lil B - Bad Bitch Hunna BASED FREESTYLE
Lil B - Fake Love
Lil B - Young Bull
Lil B - Broken Levee
Lil B - Talking That Based Remix
Lil B - Can't See B
Lil B - Halloween Bitches BASED FREESTYLE
Lil B - Hood Played Out
Lil B - Halloween H20
Lil B - Beez In Da Hood
Lil B - Captin Savea
Lil B - Layday
Lil B - Pay Attention
Lil B - The Truth
Lil B - Bitch Don't Lie
Lil B - Low
Lil B - Rawest Rapper Alive 2013
Lil B - Trapped in BasedWorld (Intro)
Lil B - Obama BasedGod
Lil B - The Working Man
Lil B - Problems In The Streets
Lil B - Just Trust Us
Lil B - Goldhouse
Lil B - My Arms Are The Brooklyn Bridge
Lil B - Bitch F*ck With Me
Lil B - Deez Bitches (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Whodie Whodie
Lil B - Old Sku Mobbin
Lil B - Stay Frozen (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Ima Catch A Murder (Bonus)
Lil B - Bitch Mob (Intro)
Lil B - Robbin' And Shoppin'
Lil B - I Got A Lot Of Bitches
Lil B - Cant See B
Lil B - Junes Confessions
Lil B - Ms Woman
Lil B - Where Ya From Gurl
Lil B - I Got Mo (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Stay With The Mack
Lil B - Can't F*ck My Bitch
Lil B - Thugs Jurnal
Lil B - Gon Hit That 50
Lil B - Suck My Dick Ho
Lil B - Crime Fetish
Lil B - Notty BasedGod (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Lead Work
Lil B - Gimme Mo Bitches
Lil B - Back To Based (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Deals Whoodie
Lil B - Bitch I'm Bussin'
Lil B - I Go Dumb
Lil B - F*ck Ya Money
Lil B - Real 100
Lil B - Bout Dat Wo
Lil B - Stress
Lil B - Hit Da 4lo
Lil B - Pussy On My Face (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Laundry Mat Music
Lil B - 3rd World Hustla
Lil B - Gone In 60 Seconds
Lil B - Wake Up Mr Flowers 3Mix
Lil B - Thugged Out Bitch
Lil B - Life
Lil B - Respect Me
Lil B - Beat My Ho
Lil B - I Tot Iann
Lil B - F*Ckin' With Me
Lil B - Lurk N Twerk
Lil B - Ima Eat Her Ass (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Earthquake
Lil B - Dusty Bitches Part 1
Lil B - I Flex Bitches (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - F*ck Me
Lil B - Licking The P
Lil B - Cumin' From Da Unda
Lil B - Mona Lisa
Lil B - Who Got My Back
Lil B - Black Flame
Lil B - Ho Suck My Dick (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Retaliation
Lil B - Girl Talk (Interlude)
Lil B - Mac Pressed Over
Lil B - Ski Mask Thuggin'
Lil B - I Go The Hardest
Lil B - F*ckin' Wit Da Fiends
Lil B - 4 Da Bitch Mob
Lil B - Ho Stop Playin'
Lil B - Back Home
Lil B - Shoot Them Gunz
Lil B - I'm Golden (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Twerk Like Miley
Lil B - 4 Me
Lil B - Still Flexin Membership
Lil B - 100% Gudda
Lil B - 100% Bitch
Lil B - Facin' 35 (based freestyle)
Lil B - Cumin' Up
Lil B - Celebrate for Lil B
Lil B - Hold My Dope
Lil B - Based Hero
Lil B - Mr. Dopeman
Lil B - Live Thru Me
Lil B - Pink Bandana Party
Lil B - Do It
Lil B - Break the Scale
Lil B - Life's Hard
Lil B - Gimme My Swag Back
Lil B - The Age of Information
Lucifer's Heritage - Majesty
Lucifer's Heritage - Symphonies of Doom
Little River Band - Baby Come Back
Little River Band - My Own Way Home (Studio)
Little River Band - Parrallel Lines
Little River Band - Shadow in the Rain
Little River Band - A Cruel Madness
Little River Band - Inside Story
Little River Band - Great Unknown
Little River Band - Face in the Crowd
Little River Band - It's Just a Matter of Time
Little River Band - No Reins on Me
Little River Band - How Many Nights
Little River Band - Paper Paradise
Little River Band - It Was the Night
The Loved Ones - Sad Dark Eyes
Die Lollipops - Erwin, der Dicke Schneemann
Die Lollipops - Hab 'Ne Tante in Marokko
Die Lollipops - Fashion Teens
Die Lollipops - Heute kochen wir
Die Lollipops - Alle meine Tierchen
Die Lollipops - Ganz weit vorn
Die Lollipops - Tanzen, Lachen, Party Machen
Die Lollipops - Wir feiern wieder Feste
Die Lollipops - Gib mir bitte einen Kuss
Die Lollipops - Schwupp Di Wupp
Die Lollipops - Ein Hut ,Ein Stock, Ein Regenschirm
Little Free Rock - Tiego
Little River Band - Reappear
Little River Band - Blind Eyes
Little River Band - Don't Blame Me
Lost Frequencies - What Is Love 2016
Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy - Reality
Lost Frequencies - Dance with Me
Lost Frequencies - In Too Deep
Lost Frequencies feat. Joakim Wilow - Dying Bird
Lost Frequencies - Send Her My Love
Lost Frequencies feat. Nick Schilder - Lift Me Up
Lost Frequencies - Are You with Me
Lost Frequencies - St. Peter
Lost Frequencies - Footsteps in the Night
Lost Frequencies - Reality
Lost Frequencies - Dying Bird
Lost Frequencies - All or Nothing
Lost Frequencies - Sky Is the Limit
Lucifer - Scarlet Lady
Lucifer - Selfpity
Little River Band - Home on a Monday
Little River Band - Falling
Little River Band - Sleepless Nights
Little River Band - The Net
Letters From Silence - Sleeve
Letters From Silence - Longest Journey Back Home
Letters From Silence - Far In The North
Letters From Silence - Pockets Full Of Sand
Letters From Silence - Kite
Lukraaketaar - Om te kan
Lukraaketaar - Dis Joune
Lukraaketaar - The Sun
Lukraaketaar - Vergifnis
Lowell - Words Were the Wars
Lowell - Cloud 69
Lowell - Summertime
Lowell - The Bells
Lowell - 88
Lowell - Palm Trees
Lowell - I Killed Sara V.
Lowell - I Love You Money
Lowell - Lgbt
Tony Lucca - Stay With Me Tonight
Tony Lucca - Song to a Martyr
Tony Lucca - Long Love Letter
Tony Lucca - Some Other Time
Tony Lucca - Always
Tony Lucca - Nobody but You
Tony Lucca - Catch Me
Tony Lucca - Someone To Love You
Tony Lucca - Bad Guy
Tony Lucca - She's True
Tony Lucca - Roller Coaster
Tony Lucca - Happily Ever After
Tony Lucca - Lost Angeleno
Tony Lucca - By A Thread
Tony Lucca - Welcome To The Bay, Put Your Seat Back
Tony Lucca - Close Enough
Tony Lucca - Givin' It All Away
Tony Lucca - Pretty Things
Tony Lucca - Maybe We
Tony Lucca - New York City
Tony Lucca - Darlin' I
Tony Lucca - Fight Song
Tony Lucca - Take Me Home
Tony Lucca - So Long
Tony Lucca - Death of Me
Tony Lucca - A Thousand Daydreams
Tony Lucca - Satisfied
Tony Lucca - Too Late
Tony Lucca - Seen Some Better Days
Tony Lucca - Shame
Tony Lucca - After All
Tony Lucca - Hold You Tonight
Tony Lucca - All Aboard
Tony Lucca - So Tierd
Tony Lucca - Understand
Tony Lucca - Melancholy Collar
Tony Lucca - It's You
Tony Lucca - 99 Problems (The Voice Performance)
Tony Lucca - Beautiful Day
Tony Lucca - How You Like Me Now
Tony Lucca - Hear Ya Say
Tony Lucca - Never Gonna Let You Go
Los - But You Playin
Los - OG Bobby Johnson Freestyle
Los - Control Freestyle
Lucky Chops - Problem
Lucy - Rolling Lucy
Loreen - In My Head
Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me
Loreen - Everytime
Loreen - Euphoria
Loreen - Crying Out Your Name
Loreen - Do We Even Matter
Loreen - Sidewalk
Loreen - Sober
Loreen - If She's the One
Loreen - Breaking Robot
Loreen - See You Again
Loreen - Heal
Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me - Encore
Loreen - In My Head (Promise Land extended)
Loreen - We Got the Power
Loreen - Paper Light (Higher)
Little River Band - When Will I Be Loved
Little River Band - Please Don't Ask Me
Little River Band - One Day
Little River Band - Parallel Lines
Little River Band - D
Little River Band - Jutt Circle
Little River Band - Through Her Eyes
Little River Band - Lonesome Looser
Little River Band - Help Is on the Way
Little River Band - Long Way Home
Lu - Grita
Lu - Sé
Lu - Duele
Lu - Entre Mis Brazos
Lu - Por Besarte
Lu - Todas Las Mañanas
Lu - Sera
Lu - Despierta Soledad
Lu - Una Confusion
Lu - Enamorarme de ti
Lu - La vida después de ti
Lu - Si tú me quisieras
Lu - Piénsalo bien
Lu - Te voy a extrañar
Lu - Voy a llorar
Lu - Sin un adiós
Lu - María
Lu - Maldita estupidez
Lu - Vida hay que vivir
Lu - Viviendo deprisa
The LOX - Can I Live
The LOX - Breathe Easy
The LOX - Felony Niggas
The LOX - Wild Out
The LOX - Blood Pressure
The LOX - Recognize
The LOX - Y'all Fucked Up Now
The LOX - Scream L.O.X.
The LOX - U Told Me
The LOX - Ryde or Die, Bitch
The LOX - If You Know
The LOX - We are the Streets
The LOX - Yonkers Tale (intro)
The LOX - Livin' The Life
The LOX - If You Think I'm Jiggy
The LOX feat. DMX & Lil’ Kim - Money, Power & Respect
The LOX - Get This $
The LOX - I Wanna Thank You
The LOX - Goin' Be Some Shit
The LOX - The Heist, Part I
The LOX - Bitches From Eastwick
The LOX - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
The LOX - All For The Love
The LOX - So Right
The LOX - The Snitch (interlude)
The LOX - Everybody Wanna Rat
The LOX - The Interview, Part II (interlude)
The LOX - Omen
The LOX - Money, Power & Respect
The LOX - Let's Start Rap Over
The LOX - Talk About It
The LOX - Love Me or Leave Me Alone
Love Jones - Paid for Loving
Loveninjas - I Wanna Be Like Johnny C
Loveninjas - Do Me
Loveninjas - She Broke His Penis in Two
Loveninjas - Earl Grey With Honey
Loveninjas - The End of a Dream
Loveninjas - Once There Was A Girl And A Boy
Loveninjas - Meet Me Here
Loveninjas - Keep Your Love
Lemonade - Infinite Style
Lemonade - Neptune
Lemonade - Ice Water
Lemonade - Eye Drops
Lemonade - Whitecaps
Lemonade - Vivid
Lemonade - Sinead
Lemonade - Sister
Lemonade - Big Changes
Lemonade - Softkiss
Lemonade - Minus Tide
Lemonade - Lifted
Lemonade - Dancer On The Shore
The Lucky Nine - The Light From Passing Cars
Lovely Luna - Yo ya te conozco
Lukestar - White Shade
Lukestar - The Shade You Hide
Lukestar - Cold Numbers
Lukestar - In a Hologram
Luna - Moon Palace
Luna - Anesthesia
Luna - Friendly Advice
Luna - California (All the Way)
Luna - Slide
Luna - Tiger Lily
Luna - Into the Fold
Luna - Superfreaky Memories
Luna - Dear Diary
Luna - Lovedust
Luna - Black Postcards
Luna - Bonnie and Clyde
Luna - Indian Summer
Luna - Ride Into The Sun
Luna - Season of the Witch
Luna - Sweet Child o’ Mine
Luna - That's What You Always Say
Luna - Everybody’s Talkin’
Luna - Outdoor Miner
Luna - No Regrets
Luna - La poupée qui fait non
Luna - Dream Baby Dream
Luna - Thank You For Sending Me an Angel
Luna - Bewitched
Luna - This Time Around
Luna - Great Jones Street
Luna - Going Home
Luna - I Know You Tried
Luna - Sleeping Pill
Luna - 4000 Days
Luna - 4th of July
Luna - Slash Your Tires
Luna - Crazy People
Luna - Time
Luna - Smile
Luna - I Can't Wait
Luna - Hey Sister
Luna - Time to Quit
Luna - Goodbye
Luna - We're Both Confused
Loquillo - Balmoral
Loquillo - Memoria De Jovenes Airados
Loquillo - Linea Clara
Loquillo - Cruzando El Paraiso con Johnny Hallyday
Loquillo - Soy una camara
Loquillo - Cancion Del valor
Loquillo - Hermanos de Sangre
Loquillo - El mundo necesita hombres objeto
Loquillo - Contento
Loquillo - Muñecas rusas
Loquillo - Paseo solo
Loquillo - De vez en cuando y para siempre
Loquillo - Planeta Rock
Loquillo - Luna sobre Montjuïc
Loquillo - Canción de despedida
Loquillo - Political Incorrectness
Loquillo - La noche blanca
Loquillo - Cuando vivias en la Castellana
Loquillo - Farai un vers de dreyt nien
Loquillo - La malcasada
Loquillo - La tempestad
Loquillo - La rubia de 'Hitch'
Loquillo - Mis problemas con las mujeres
Loquillo - El día de San Martín
Loquillo - Billy la Rocca
Loquillo - En Dino's a las diez
LP - Lost on You
LP - Muddy Waters
LP - No Witness
LP - Up Against Me
LP - Tightrope
LP - Other People
LP - Strange
LP - Death Valley
LP - You Want It All
LP - Levitator
LP - Tokyo Sunrise
LP - Wasted Love
LP - Someday
LP - Wasted
LP - The Darkside
LP - Get Over Yourself
LP - Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol
LP - Little Death
LP - Change of Scenery
LP - Nowhere
LP - Never Was
LP - Heartless
LP - Cadillac Life
LP - Heavenly Light
LP - Night Like This
LP - One Last Mistake
LP - Salvation
LP - Your Town
LP - Free to Love
LP - Savannah
LP - Forever for Now
Adrian Lulgjuraj - Identitet
Luna - Double Feature
Luna - Rhythm King
Luna - Kalamazoo
Luna - Freakin' and Peakin'
Luna - Malibu Love Nest
Luna - Cindy Tastes of Barbecue
Luna - Speedbumps
Luna - The Owl & the Pussycat
Luna - Astronaut
Luna - Broken Chair
Luna - Star-Spangled Man
Luna - Motel Bambi
Luna - Buffalo Boots
Luna - Swedish Fish
Luna - Mermaid Eyes
Luna - Dizzy
LP - Perfect
LP - Love Somebody
LP - Coming Home
LP - Long Time
LP - Kiss It All Goodbye
LP - Shut You Out
LP - Follow Me Down
LP - Insane
LP - When I'm Not With You
LP - Greenbriar
LP - Good With You
Luna - The Old Fashioned Way
Luna - Seven Steps to Satan
Luna - Math Wiz
Luna - The Rustler
Luna - U.S. Out of My Pants!
Luna - The Slow Song
Luna - Roll in the Sand
Luna - Sucking Ice Cubes
Luna - Eyes in My Smoke
Luna - Fuzzy Wuzzy (demo)
Luna - The Moviegoer
Luna - Waiting on a Friend
Luna - Rollercoaster
Luna - Still at Home (studio demo)
Luna - It's Bringing You Down
Lucky Jim - You Stole My Heart Away
Lucky Jim - You're Lovely To Me
Lucky Jim - Our Troubles End Tonight
Lucky Jim - Lesbia
Lucky Jim - Almeria
Lucky Jim - The Honeymooners
Lucky Jim - Westward We're Headed
Lucky Jim - My Soul Is On Fire
Lucky Jim - Endless Night
Loquillo - Cuando pienso en los viejos amigos
Loquillo - La aurora de Nueva York
Loquillo - Con elegancia
Loquillo - Inútil escrutar tan alto cielo
Loquillo - Del barrio
Loquillo - Quin fred al cor, camarada !
Loquillo - Central Park
Loquillo - Debes saberlo
Loquillo - Rock and Roll Star
Loquillo - Esto no es Hawaii
Loquillo - El ritmo del garaje
Loquillo - Cadillac solitario
Loquillo - Maria
Loquillo - Quiero un camión
Loquillo - Carne para Linda
Loquillo - La mataré
Loquillo - El rompeolas
Loquillo - La mala reputación
Loquillo - Simpatia por los Stones
Loquillo - Brillar y brillar
Loquillo - John Milner
Loquillo - Chanel, cocaína y Dom Perignon
Loquillo - Feo, fuerte y formal
Loquillo - El año que mataron a Salvador
Loquillo - La edad de oro
Loquillo - Todo el mundo ama a Isabel
Loquillo - Rock suave
Loquillo - Cruzando el Paraiso
Loquillo - El hombre de negro
Loquillo - Dispararé
Loquillo - Maldigo mi destino
Loquillo - Estrella errante
Loquillo - Me and Bobby McGee
Loquillo - Un hombre puede llorar
Loquillo - Antes de la lluvia
Loquillo - Armando el amor
Loquillo - De tripas corazón
Loquillo - Vientos del pueblo
Loquillo - Un fogonazo
Loquillo - Que tinguem sort
Loquillo - Barrios viejos
Loquillo - Alias 'El chino'
Loquillo - Tatuados
Loquillo - El creyente
Loquillo - Cadillac solitario (Rockdelux experience 23_11_04)
Low - Lullaby (demo)
Low - I Started a Joke
Low - Tomorrow One
Low - Bright
Low - Walk You Out
Low - Standby
Low - Venus
Low - Boyfriends & Girlfriends
Low - Be There
Low - Joan of Arc
Low - Last Breath
Low - Old Man Song
Low - Words
Low - Turn
Low - I Remember
Low - Kindly Blessed
Low - Back Home Again
Low - …I Love
Low - Don’t Carry It All
Low - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Low - Little Drummer Boy
Low - If You Were Born Today
Low - Taking Down the Tree
Low - One Special Gift
Low - Something’s Turning Over
Low - Pretty People
Low - Belarus
Low - Your Poison
Low - Take Your Time
Low - Murderer
Low - Violent Past
Loquillo - Cuando Fuimos Los Mejores
Loquillo - Sol (versión CD Balmoral)
Loquillo - Apuesta por el Rock n' Roll
Low - Fear
Low - Cut
Low - Slide
Low - Lazy
Low - Sea
Low - Drag
Low - Rope
Low - Below & Above
Low - Throw Out the Line
Low - Swingin'
Low - See-Through
Low - Alone
Low - Streetlight
Low - Stay
Low - Condescend
Low - Anon
Lizzie - Dans med mig
Lizzie - Ramt i natten
Lizzie - Tænker på dig
Low - No Need
Low - Weight of Water
Low - Immune
Low - Two-Step
Low - Hey Chicago
Low - Will the Night
Low - Missouri
Low - Don’t Understand
Low - Days Of…
Low - Coattails
Loko - Loko
Loko - Médaille d'or
LTJ X-Perience - And I Love Him
LTJ X-Perience - Keep on Groovin'
Low - Closer
Low - The Lamb
Low - La La La Song
Low - No Comprende
Low - No End
Low - Into You
Low - What Part of Me
Low - The Innocents
Low - Kid in the Corner
Low - DJ
Low - Plastic Cup
Low - Amethyst
Low - So Blue
Low - Just Make It Stop
Low - To Our Knees
Low - (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace
Low - Breaker (Dub Plate)
Low - Hands
Low - Shots and Ladders
Lupercalia - Tribe
Lupercalia - Personent Hodie
Lupercalia - Sub Specie Aeternitatis
Lupercalia - Axe
Lupercalia - Formis Melara Sanctus Filix
Lupercalia - Pilgrim's Chant
Linkin Park feat. Evidence, Pharoahe Monch & DJ Babu - H! Vltg3
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - Wise Eyes
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - Strange Love
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - Bula Bula
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - With You
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - Postcard
Linda Antonia - What is Love?
Kiko Loureiro - Recuerdos
Kiko Loureiro - Dilemma
Lowkey feat. M-1, Black the Ripper - Obama Nation Part 2
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - The Avenue Q Theme
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - What Do You Do With a B.A. in English? / It Sucks to Be Me
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - If You Were Gay
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - Purpose
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - The Internet Is for Porn
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - Mix Tape
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - Special
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You’re Makin’ Love)
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - Fantasies Come True
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - There Is Life Outside Your Apartment
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - The More You Ruv Someone
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - Schadenfreude
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - I Wish I Could Go Back to College
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - The Money Song
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - School for Monsters / The Money Song
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - For Now
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - Everyone's a Little Bit Racist
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - There's a Fine, Fine Line
Lunetia - Ecila
Lunetia - Maerd
Lunetia - Traeh
Lunetia - Dne Eht
Lunetia - Timeline
Corb Lund - Weight of the Gun
Corb Lund - Run This Town
Corb Lund - Alice Eyes
Corb Lund - Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues
Corb Lund - S Lazy H
Corb Lund - Good Copenhagen
Corb Lund - Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle
Corb Lund - Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer
Corb Lund - Little Foothills Heaven
Corb Lund - Five Dollar Bill
Corb Lund - Buckin' Horse Rider
Corb Lund - Hurtin' Albertan
Corb Lund - (Gonna) Shine Up My Boots
Corb Lund - Truck Got Stuck
Corb Lund - Roughest Neck Around
Corb Lund - Truth Comes Out
Corb Lund - Gettin’ Down on the Mountain
Corb Lund - Dig Gravedigger Dig
Corb Lund - Bible on the Dash
Corb Lund - September
Corb Lund - Cows Around
Corb Lund - Drink It Like You Mean It
Corb Lund - Priceless Antique Pistol Shoots Startled Owner
Corb Lund - The Gothest Girl I Can
Corb Lund - One Left in the Chamber
Corb Lund - Pour ’em Kinda Strong
Corb Lund - Wine Soaked Preacher
LGT - Kék asszony
LGT - Gyere, gyere ki a hegyoldalba
LGT - Ő még csak most tizennégy
LGT - Szabadíts meg
LGT - Vallomás
LGT - Miénk itt a tér
LGT - Ha eljönnek az angyalok
LGT - Sziszifuszi blues
LGT - Embertelen dal
LGT - Primadonna
LGT - A dal a miénk
LGT - Nagyon kell, hogy szeress
LGT - Áldd meg a dalt
LGT - Ha eljönnek az ördögök
LGT - Nem adom fel
LGT - Mindenki másképp csinálja
Amoree Lovell - The Alphabet Serial Song
G. Love - Astronaut
G. Love - Booty Call
G. Love feat. Jack Johnson - Give It to You
G. Love - The Hustle
G. Love - Front Porch Lounger
G. Love - Loving Me
G. Love - Waiting
G. Love - Fishing Song
G. Love - Two Birds
G. Love - Stone Me
G. Love - Ma Mere
G. Love - Ain't That Right
G. Love - Hot Cookin'
G. Love - Missing My Baby
G. Love - Holla!
G. Love - Free
G. Love feat. Tristan Prettyman - Beautiful
G. Love feat. Jack Johnson - Rainbow
G. Love - The Road
G. Love - Milk and Sugar
G. Love - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
G. Love - You've Got to Die
G. Love - Just Fine
G. Love - Get Goin'
G. Love - Banger
G. Love - Thanks and Praise
G. Love - Beautiful
G. Love - Breakin' Up
Lucette - Bobby Reid
Lucette - Black Is the Color
Lucette - Able May
Lucette - Muddy Water
Lucette - Poor Sweet Me
Lucette - River Rising
Lucette - Dream With Me Dream
Lucette - Darkness
Lucette - Fly On
Lucette - Fields of Plenty
Lucette - Utah
LGT - A kötéltáncos álma
LGT - Ezüst nyár
LGT - Rajongás
LGT - Ahogy mindenki
LGT - Fiú
LGT - Ha a csend beszélni tudna
LGT - Senki gyermekei
LGT - Arra mennék én
LGT - És jött a doktor
LGT - Ülök a járdán
LGT - Álomarcú lány
LGT - Neked írom a dalt
LGT - Egy elfelejtett szó
Love Child - Love Child
LGT - A szívbajt hozod rám
LGT - Éjszakai vonatozás
LGT - Ha volna szíved
LGT - Boldog vagyok
LGT - Érints meg
LGT - Csavargók angyala
LGT - Annyi mindent nem szerettem még
The Lounge-O-Leers - The Winner Takes It All / I Hear a Symphony
LGT - A kicsi, a Nagy, az Artúr és az Indián
LGT - Zenevonat
LGT - Volt egyszer egy zenekar
LGT - Ő még csak 14
The Lounge-O-Leers - Flagpole Sitta
Luna - Alone In Kyoto
Lucius Banda and the Zembani Band - Mzimu wa Soldier
Valentina Lupi - Il giorno del samurai
Valentina Lupi - Non voglio restare Cappuccetto Rosso
Valentina Lupi - Casa di bambola
Valentina Lupi - Solo 21 anni
Valentina Lupi - È questo il vero?
Valentina Lupi - Fiore del male
Valentina Lupi - Come scriveva Benni
Valentina Lupi - Satura
Valentina Lupi - Qualcosa di agrodolce
Valentina Lupi - In modo naturale
Valentina Lupi - 28 gennaio '96
Valentina Lupi - Voglio essere felice
Ludovico Technique - Dead Inside
Ludovico Technique - Deeper Into You
Ludovico Technique - Shutting Down
Ludovico Technique - Beyond Therapy
Ludovico Technique - Memory
Ludovico Technique - Wasting
Ludovico Technique - Wired for Destruction (God Module)
Ludovico Technique - This Life (r-i)
Ludovico Technique - Heal My Scars (r-i)
Ludovico Technique - Devotion (r-i)
Lovely Quinces - Mr Lonely Boy
Lovely Quinces - No Room for Us
Lula - Johnnie Walker
Janna Long - Greater Is He
Janna Long - Think About That
Janna Long - More
Janna Long - Nothing Is Impossible
Janna Long - Call
Janna Long - Superman
Lujuria - Mozart y Salieri
Lujuria - Dejad que los niños se acerquen a mi
Lujuria - Impotencia criminal
Lujuria - Levántate y anda
Lujuria - Las orgías de Ramsés el Grande
Lujuria - Joda a quien joda
Lujuria - Traidor
Lujuria - El poder del deseo
Lujuria - Sin parar de pecar
Lujuria - Vull Cardar
Lujuria - Corazón de heavy metal
Lujuria - Sperman
Lujuria - Milagro
Lujuria - Un poquito de rock & roll
Lujuria - Esa tribu
Lujuria - Amor por dinero
Lujuria - La gorda
Lujuria - Lujuria
Lujuria - La costilla de Adán
Lujuria - Grítalo
Lujuria - Cuento para mayores
Lujuria - Todo su cuerpo
Lord Vampyr - De vampyrica philosophia
Lord Vampyr - Carmilla... Whispers From the Grave
Lord Vampyr - A Sad Litany of Vampires
Lord Vampyr - Nocturnal Vampire's Orgy
Lord Vampyr - Blood Lovers
Lord Vampyr - The Ophelia's Ghost
Lord Vampyr - Die Herrschaft des Bluts
Lord Vampyr - Land Of The Dacians
Lord Vampyr - Lamia
Lujuria - Se acabó tu juego
Lujuria - República Popular del Coito
Lujuria - No molesten, por favor
Lujuria - Sigue luchando
Lujuria - Escuadrón 69
Lujuria - Gatillazo
Lujuria - Zoofilia
Lujuria - Por la boca muere el pez
Lujuria - Con la misma moneda
Lujuria - Marisoka
Lujuria - Esta es una noche de rock and roll
Lujuria - El heavy no es violencia
Lujuria - La fuerza del rock
Lujuria - No hay piedad para los condenados
Lujuria - Necesito un trago
Lujuria - Tu frialdad
Lujuria - Estrella del rock
Lujuria - Lección de sexo
Lujuria - Lilith
Lujuria - Cinturón de castidad
Lujuria - María Martillo (una Santa)
Lujuria - Beso negro
Lujuria - Mr. Condom
Lujuria - Larga vida al Rock'n'Roll