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The Lonely Island - Turtleneck & Chain
The Lonely Island - We're Back!
The Lonely Island - Falcor vs. Atreyu - Classy Skit #1
The Lonely Island - Jack Sparrow
The Lonely Island - The Creep
The Lonely Island - Motherlover
The Lonely Island - Reba (Two Worlds Collide)
The Lonely Island - We'll Kill You
The Lonely Island - Ka-Blamo!
The Lonely Island - Ardy Party
The Lonely Island - Yolo
The Lonely Island - 100th Digital Short
The Lonely Island - Bing Bong Brothers
The Lonely Island - Incredible Thoughts
The Lonely Island - I’m on a Boat
Lisa - Drôle de creepie
John Lithgow - Everybody Eats When They Come to My House
John Lithgow - At the Codfish Ball
John Lithgow - Singin' in the Bathtub
John Lithgow - A - You're Adorable
John Lithgow - Triplets
John Lithgow - No One Loves You Any Better Than Your M-O-Double-M-Y
John Lithgow - I Had a Rooster
John Lithgow - From the Indes to the Andes in his Undes
John Lithgow - Big Kids
John Lithgow - The Hippopotamus Song
John Lithgow - The Inchworm
John Lithgow - Baby!
John Lithgow - Be Human
Little Richard - Freedom Blues
Little Richard - Lovesick Blues
Little Richard - Bama-Lama Bama-Loo
Little Richard - Shake a Hand (SPS 2136 master)
Little Richard - Hey-Hey-Hey
Little Richard - The Girl Can't Help It (takes 10 and 12)
Little Richard - Rip It Up (tk 14)
Little Richard - Annie Is Back (tks 1 & 2)
Little Richard - Rip It Up (tk 13)
Little Richard - Tuttie Frutti
Little Richard - All Night Long (tk 10)
Little Richard - Jenny Jenny Jenny
Little Richard - Miss Ann (tk 1)
Little Richard - Ready, Teddy
Little Richard - (Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay
Lighter Shade of Brown - Latin Active
Lighter Shade of Brown - Dip Into My Ride
Lighter Shade of Brown - Hey D.J.
Lighter Shade of Brown - Hip Hop Locos
Little Richard - Well Alright (announcement & take 4)
Lighter Shade of Brown - Homies
Little Richard - Keep a Knockin' (modified Specialty master)
Little Richard - Good Golly, Miss Molly (master - take 9)
Little Richard - Why Dont You Love Me (Like You Used to Do)
Little Tony - Cuore matto
Little Tony - Lacrime
Little Tony - Riderà
Little Tony - La spada nel cuore
Little Tony - Daddy's Home
Little Tony - Un uomo piange solo per amore
Little Tony - La donna di picche
Little Tony - Love Boat
Little Tony - Azzurra
Little Tony - Lei
Little Tony - Vento corri la notte è bianca
Lorene Drive - God Knows I Love You Kid
Lorene Drive - So Easy
Lorene Drive - A Kiss Won't Make This Better
Lorene Drive - A Song in the Key of Sex
Lorene Drive - Kill Your Lover
Lorene Drive - Lip Service
Lorene Drive - Change of Occupancy
Lorene Drive - Some Kind of Love
Lorene Drive - For the Rest of Us
Lorene Drive - Stonewashed
Lorene Drive - Too Her Taste
Lorene Drive - Something Different
Lorene Drive - Second Nature
Lorene Drive - Showing Bones
Lorene Drive - 12 Watts of a Lesson Well Learned
Lorene Drive - Out Alive
Lorene Drive - Shhh...
Lorene Drive - I'm the Most Terrific Liar You Ever Saw in Your Life (It's Awful)
Lighter Shade of Brown - Whatever U Want
DTTX - Jump in My Ride
DTTX - Sunday Morning
DTTX - It's Gonna Be On
Lighter Shade of Brown - Sunny Day
Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl (with Nassun)
Lee Hyori - Gwaenchanhajilkkayo? (with Bigtone)
Lee Hyori - Sexy Boy (with Wheesung)
Lee Hyori - Ppalgan Jadongcha (with Kim Gun Mo)
Lee Hyori - Hey Mr. BiG
Lee Hyori - P.P.P (Punky Punky Party) (with Nassun)
Lee Hyori - My Life
Lee Hyori - Unusual (with Seo Jung Hwan)
Lee Hyori - I’m Back
Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Lee Hyori - Feel The Same
Lee Hyori - Bring It Back
Lee Hyori - Highlight
Lee Hyori - Geune
Lee Hyori - Scandal
Lee Hyori - 100 Percent
Lee Hyori - Want Me Back
Lee Hyori - How Did We Get (Duet with Daesung of BIGBANG)
Lee Hyori - So Cold
Lee Hyori - Memory
Lee Hyori - Get Ya
Lee Hyori - Gipi
Lee Hyori - Straight Up
Lee Hyori - Dark Angel
Lee Hyori - Dear Boy
Lee Hyori - Shall We Dance?
Lee Hyori - Noye
Lee Hyori - E.M.M.M
Lee Hyori - 2 Faces
Lee Hyori - Majimak Insa
Lee Hyori - Love Radar
Lee Hyori - 10 MINUTES
Lee Hyori - Do Me
Lee Hyori - Better Together
Lee Hyori - Full Moon
Lee Hyori - Bad Girls
Lee Hyori - One two three N' four
Lee Hyori - Remember Me
Lee Hyori - Hey Girl
Lee Hyori - Anystar
Lee Hyori - Don't Love Her
Lee Hyori - Toc Toc Toc
Lee Hyori - Amor Mio
Loren - Riflettimi
Little Tony - 24.000 baci
Little Tony - Mulino a vento
Little Tony - Io che non vivo senza te
Little Tony - Stasera mi pento
Little Tony - Non finisce qui
Little Tony - Figli di Pitagora
Little Tony - Happy Days
Little Tony - Black Is Black
Little Tony - Don't Pull Your Love
Little Tony - Profumo di mare (The Love Boat)
Little Tony - La voglia di te
Donna Loren - It Only Hurts When I Cry
Logar's Diary - Earthdawn
Logar's Diary - Lonely on the Serpent River
Logar's Diary - Travelling to the Blood Woods
Logar's Diary - Ti'an - a Troubadour's Ballad
Logar's Diary - Demon in the Kaer
Logar's Diary - Travar - the Golden City
Logar's Diary - King's Hall
Logar's Diary - Iostros
Logar's Diary - My Love Still Exists
Logar's Diary - Parlainth
Logar's Diary - The Restless Troll
Logar's Diary - Hirob's Words
Logar's Diary - The Spells
Logar's Diary - Casket of the Last Resident
Logar's Diary - Dark Destiny of Parlainth
Logar's Diary - Seance - Rebirth
Logar's Diary - Cursed Soul
Logar's Diary - Torgak's Speech
Logar's Diary - Circle's Last Link
Logar's Diary - Parlainth's Discovery
Logar's Diary - Under One Sky
Librium - Going Down
Librium - Get By
Librium - Three Ring Circle
Librium - Shut Up
Librium - You Don't Know
Librium - Stalker
Librium - Tyler
Antonella Lo Coco - Un mondo nuovo
Antonella Lo Coco - Ti amavo per sempre
Antonella Lo Coco - Nuda pura vera
Antonella Lo Coco - Via
Antonella Lo Coco - Non avrò paura
Antonella Lo Coco - Alberi
Antonella Lo Coco - Come si fa
Antonella Lo Coco - Cuore scoppiato
Antonella Lo Coco - Geisha
Antonella Lo Coco - Disincanto
Antonella Lo Coco - Morirò d'amore
Antonella Lo Coco - What Else Is There
Antonella Lo Coco - Eppur mi son scordato di te
Livin’ Joy - Don't Stop Movin'
Livin’ Joy - Follows The Rules
Ewert Ljusberg - 25 minuter kvar
Loits - Soomepoiss
Loits - Eesti auks
Loits - Vanade leegionäride laul
Loits - Eluruun
Loits - Nimeta haud
Loits - Kolmjalg
Leisure - Got It Bad
Leisure - Hot Love
Leisure - Know You Better
Leisure - All Over You
Leisure - Nobody
Leisure - Moonbeam
Life of Dillon - Overload
Life of Dillon - Dreams
Life of Dillon - Little Bit O'Soul
Life of Dillon - Toys
Life of Dillon - Bluebirds
Loreta - Trouble With Boys
Los Lobotomys - Lobotomy Stew
Los Lobotomys - Hero With a 1,000 Eyes
Los Lobotomys - Extinction Blues
Loptimist - Amnesia
The Los Angeles Leakers feat. Kid Ink - Keep It 100
Eddie Levert, Sr. & Gerald Levert - S.O.S.
Eddie Levert, Sr. & Gerald Levert - That's What I Do
Eddie Levert, Sr. & Gerald Levert - Bad Habit
Eddie Levert, Sr. & Gerald Levert - Slip Away
Eddie Levert, Sr. & Gerald Levert - Make It With You
Eddie Levert, Sr. & Gerald Levert - Tapped
Eddie Levert, Sr. & Gerald Levert - Get to Know Me
Eddie Levert, Sr. & Gerald Levert - The Simple Life
Richard Lloyd - Should Have Known Better
Richard Lloyd - The Knockdown
Richard Lloyd - Ain't It Time
Richard Lloyd - She Loves to Fly
Richard Lloyd - I Thought
Richard Lloyd - Strangestrange
Richard Lloyd - Torn Shirt
Richard Lloyd - Downline
Richard Lloyd - Raising the Serpent
Richard Lloyd - Cortege
The League of Gentlemen - Close Your Eyes, Edward
Lords of the Underground - Here Come the Lords
Lords of the Underground - From da Bricks
Lords of the Underground - Funky Child
Lords of the Underground - Keep It Underground
Lords of the Underground - Grave Digga
Lords of the Underground - Madd Skillz
Lords of the Underground - Psycho
Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka
Lords of the Underground - Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky)
Lords of the Underground - Keepers of the Funk
Lords of the Underground - Steam From da Knot
Lords of the Underground - Neva Faded
Lords of the Underground - No Pain
Lords of the Underground - Take Dat
Lords of the Underground - One Day
Los Ramones de Nuevo León - México americano
Los Ramones de Nuevo León - El aretito
Los Ramones de Nuevo León - Ay Camelia
Los Ramones de Nuevo León - Luz de mi alborada
Los Ramones de Nuevo León - Rendida a mis pies
Los Ramones de Nuevo León - Gracias mi viejo
LiL PEEP - Skyscrapers (love now, cry later)
LiL PEEP - Falling 4 me
LiL PEEP - Hellboy
LiL PEEP - Fucked Up
LiL PEEP - Girls
LiL PEEP - We Think Too Much
LiL PEEP - the way i see things
LOLAWOLF - Calm Down
LOLAWOLF - Jimmy Franco
LOLAWOLF - Dirty Feeling
LOLAWOLF - Skipping Days
LOLAWOLF - What Love Is
LOLAWOLF - What's Up
LOLAWOLF - Stay With Me
LOLAWOLF - Start Now Stop
LOLAWOLF - Take a Hint
LOLAWOLF - House Key
Level - Home
Mary Lou Lord - The Wind Blew All Around Me
Mary Lou Lord - 43
Mary Lou Lord - Because He's Leaving
Mary Lou Lord - Turn Me Round
Mary Lou Lord - Old Tin Tray
Mary Lou Lord - She Had You
Mary Lou Lord - Sayonara
Mary Lou Lord - Metal Firecracker
Mary Lou Lord - Western Union Desperate
Mary Lou Lord - Throng of Blowtown
Mary Lou Lord - The Lucky One
Mary Lou Lord - Shake Sugaree
Mary Lou Lord - Two Boats
Mary Lou Lord - Supergun
Mary Lou Lord - Down Along the Lea
Mary Lou Lord - Subway
Los Play Backs - Flaca
Los Play Backs - Por el Boulevard de los sueños rotos
Los Play Backs - Noviembre sin tí
Los Play Backs - Abrázame
Los Play Backs - Por tí
Mary Lou Lord - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Mary Lou Lord - That Kind of Girl
Mary Lou Lord - Salem '76
Mary Lou Lord - Helsinki
Mary Lou Lord - The Bridge
Mary Lou Lord - Aim Low
Mary Lou Lord - On the Avenue
Mary Lou Lord - Sunspot Stopwatch
Mary Lou Lord - His Indie World
Mary Lou Lord - I'm Talking to You
Mary Lou Lord - Bang Bang
Mary Lou Lord - He'd Be a Diamond
Mary Lou Lord - Cinderella Backstreet
Mary Lou Lord - Some Jingle Jangle Morning (When I’m Straight)
Little Viking - OYASUMI
Little Viking - FUTURE
Liquits - Pachanguero
Liquits - Tu sonrisa
Liquits - Jardin
Liquits - Pasto
Liquits - Viko
Liquits - Chido
Liquits - Desde que
Liquits - Sola
Liquits - Fancy Blue
Liquits - Para el mar
Liquits - Un segundo
Liquits - Cuando apagues la luz
Liquits - Piropo
Liquits - Te comes lo que dices
Liquits - ¿Como sería?
Liquits - Asi despierto
Liquits - Lunes
Liquits - Transexy
Liquits - Pequeño Rey
Liquits - La vida es corta
Liquits - Baila baila
Liquits - Ven ven
Liquits - Has ido
Liquits - Celebrar llorando
Liquits - Tus tetas
Liquits - Extrañar
Liquits - Vino tu sangre
Liquits - ¿Quién eres?
Liquits - Todas son flores
Liquits - Mejor descanso
Liquits - Llórale wey
Liquits - Cabeza de limón
Liquits - Joven
Liquits - Oso carpintero
Liquits - Vaqueros
Liquits - Kurasaibo
Liquits - Freaky Nasty Boy
Liquits - Fujiyumi Gohan
Liquits - La carrera de los 6 ponys
Liquits - Chícharos mágicos
Liquits - Astronauta
Liquits - K-Man
Liquits - Eiva
Liquits - Enano
Liquits - Naves de corto alcance
Liquits - Patito de hule [remix]
Los Play Backs - Ay amor
Los Iniciados - La Marca de Anubis
Los Iniciados - Mantis religiosa
Los Iniciados - Peter Pan
Looptroop - Looking for Love
Looptroop - Get Ready
Looptroop - Fruits of Babylon
Los Sebosos Postizos - Frases
Los Sebosos Postizos - Rosa, Menina Rosa
Los Sebosos Postizos - O Telefone Tocou Novamente
Los Sebosos Postizos - Quero Esquecer Voce
Los Sebosos Postizos - Minha Teimosia, Uma Arma pra Te Conquistar
Los Sebosos Postizos - Lalari-Olalá
Los Sebosos Postizos - Domingaz
Los Sebosos Postizos - Cinco Minutos
Los Sebosos Postizos - Gimbo
Looptroop - Fly Away
Looptroop - Don't Hate the Player (street)
The Lost Boys - Stonehenge
The Little Stevies - I Hold My Breath
The Little Stevies - Loving Man
The Little Stevies - Sunshower
The Little Stevies - Come to Miss You
The Little Stevies - The Two Loves of His Life (Tram Song)
The Little Stevies - Dink You
The Little Stevies - Grandma
The Little Stevies - People Need People
The Little Stevies - Rock N Roll
The Little Stevies - Making My Sweetheart Smile
The Little Stevies - Somewhere We've Just Been
The Little Stevies - Peggy Suicide
The Little Stevies - Ticket to Where You Are
The Little Stevies - Sauso's N Tinnies
The Little Stevies - Almighty Friend
The Little Stevies - Feel It
The Little Stevies - Little Stevie
The Little Stevies - Dear Daniel
The Little Stevies - Postcard for a Bookmark
The Little Stevies - Want You to Feel
Larusso - Il suffira
Larusso - Tu m'oublieras
Larusso - Rien ne peut séparer
Larusso - On ne s'aimera plus jamais
Larusso - Bouge de ma vie
Larusso - Je survivrai (I Will Survive)
Larusso - Si le ciel...
Larusso - Come Back to Me
Larusso - Entre nous
Larusso - Tous unis (Give Me Love)
Larusso - Quoi qu'ils pensent
Larusso - Il faut se le dire
Larusso - Come Back to Me (version radio)
Larusso - Je survivrai (version club)
Larusso - On ne s'aimera plus jamais (version longue)
Larusso - Tu m’oublieras
Lojique - Rockashow
Lojique - Fellowship of the Unashamed
Lojique - Global Epidemic
Lojique - Methodical
Lojique - Eastern Sky
Lojique - I Live It
Lojique - Case Logic
Logan Whitehurst & the Junior Science Club - The Robot Cat
Logan Whitehurst & the Junior Science Club - The Ice Cream Man
Johnny Lloyd - Pilgrims
Lo-Tel - Complacent Yet Anxious
Lo-Tel - Good Advice
Lo-Tel - Angel
Lo-Tel - 2am
Lo-Tel - Telescope
Lo-Tel - A Pop Song Saved My Life
Lo-Tel - Hudson N.Y.
Lo-Tel - Teenager of the Year
Lo-Tel - Same...
Lo-Tel - Sweet Janelle
Lo-Tel - Fashion
Lo-Tel - Genre Casting
Lo-Tel - Disconnected
Lo-Tel - An Open Letter
Lo-Tel - Game Show Host
Lolita KompleX - Moi Lolita (original: Alizée)
Lolita KompleX - your misery
Lolita KompleX - baKteria
Lolita KompleX - Lausbub
Lolita KompleX - inside
Lolita KompleX - Dollhouse
Los Primos MX - Amar con sol
Los Primos MX - Bésame
Los Primos MX - Embustera
Los Primos MX - La elegida
Los Primos MX - Mi bello Ángel
Los Primos MX - Nadie
Los Puntos - Tierra cristiana
Los Puntos - Good bye
Los Puntos - Cuando salga la Luna
Los Puntos - El sur
Los Puntos - Feria
Los Puntos - Esa niña que me mira
Los Puntos - Llorando por Granada
Lindsey Pool - Angel Pumping Gas
Lindsey Pool - Flag
Locomondo - Frangosyriani
Locomondo - Ghetto tourist
Locomondo - Karapiperim
Locomondo - Den kanei kryo
Locomondo - O glaros
Locomondo - Locomondo Theme
Locomondo - Pro
Locomondo - Brain Control
Israel “Cachao” López - Cuba Linda
Israel “Cachao” López - Lindo Yambú
Israel “Cachao” López - Mambo Cambió De Swing (Intro)
Israel “Cachao” López - Si Me Pudieras Querer
Littl'ans - Their Way
Littl'ans - Did You Hide From Saturday Night?
Loretta Lynch - Whispering Sea Introduction
Loretta Lynch - Whispering Sea
Loretta Lynch - Secret Love
Loretta Lynch - Who's Gonna Miss Me?
Loretta Lynch - Black Jack David
Loretta Lynch - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
Loretta Lynch - Always on My Mind
Loretta Lynch - Wine Into Water
Loretta Lynch - Fist City
Loretta Lynch - I Never Will Marry
London - Everyone's a Winner
Lost - Due ore all'alba
Lost - L'applauso del cielo
Lost - Per te
Lost - Il cantante
Lost - Allora sia buon viaggio
Lost - Un segreto
Lost - Blu
Lost - Pugni al vento e calci alle nuvole
Lost - Sopra il mondo
Lost - Sulla mia pelle
Lost - Immagini
Lost - Vieni con me
Lost - Sospeso
Lost - SexyBack
Lost - Dentro i tuoi occhi
Lost - Standby
Lost - Oggi
Lost - Nel silenzio
Lost - Tra pioggia e nuvole
Lost - Di fronte a te
Lost - Ascolta
Lost - Troppe volte
Lost - In cerca di una scusa
Lost - Una nuova scena
Lost - Sul tuo viso
Lost - My (?)
The Jeff Lorber Fusion - Chinese Medicinal Herbs
Bobby Long - A Winter Tale
Bobby Long - Who Have You Been Loving
Bobby Long - The Bounty of Mary Jane
Bobby Long - In the Frost
Bobby Long - Sick Man Blues
Bobby Long - Penance Fire Blues
Bobby Long - A Passing Tale
Bobby Long - Dead and Done
Bobby Long - Being a Mockingbird
Bobby Long - Two Years Old
Bobby Long - A Stranger Song
Bobby Long - Devil Moon
Bobby Long - She Won't Leave
Bobby Long - Blood In the Orchard
Bobby Long - Help You Mend
Bobby Long - Making You Talk
Bobby Long - All My Brothers
Bobby Long - Yesterday Yesterday
Bobby Long - Waiting for Dawn
Bobby Long - Not Tonight, Not Today
Bobby Long - To the Light
The Jeff Lorber Fusion - Rain Dance/Wanna Fly
The Jeff Lorber Fusion - Water Sign
The Jeff Lorber Fusion - Rain Dance
Jennifer Lopez feat. P. Diddy & G. Dep - Feelin' So Good
Little Starsky - Gangster Rock
Jimmy London - A Little Love
Jimmy London - Moving On
Jimmy London - It's Now or Never
Jimmy London - Cathy's Clown
Robert Lloyd - Requiem in D minor, K.626: 3. Sequentia: Tuba mirum
Lindemann - Skills in Pills
Lindemann - Ladyboy
Lindemann - Fat
Lindemann - Fish On
Lindemann - Children of the Sun
Lindemann - Cowboy
Lindemann - Golden Shower
Lindemann - Yukon
Lindemann - Praise Abort
Lindemann - That's My Heart
Lindemann - G-Spot Michael
Lorena B - The Queen's Speech
Lorena B - Waste (Chopped & Screwed)
Lorena B - Golden Crown
Lorena B - Jelly Pen For Jelly Words
Los Bressackos - Dosawoiza
Loren - Manos en el aire
Loren - Por todo
Loren - Cuando se siente vacía
Loren - Qué importa
Loren - Aplico
Loren - La Celestina
Loren - Bienestar
Loren - Vuelve
Loren - El planeta de los simios
Loren - El mono
Olle Ljungström - Överallt
Olle Ljungström - Nåt för dom som väntar
Olle Ljungström - En apa som liknar dig
Olle Ljungström - Jag och min far
Olle Ljungström - Kaffe och en cigarett
Olle Ljungström - Balladen om all kärleks lön
Olle Ljungström - Som du
Olle Ljungström - Det betyder ingenting
Olle Ljungström - Jag Ljuger
Olle Ljungström - Psalm
Olle Ljungström - Du ska bli min
Olle Ljungström - Sthlm, Sthlm
Olle Ljungström - Jag och Sverige
Olle Ljungström - Med eller utan
Olle Ljungström - Nu är det jag som är kung
Olle Ljungström - Sju
Olle Ljungström - Blända livet
Olle Ljungström - En förgiftad man
Olle Ljungström - Svenskt stål
Olle Ljungström - Jag äger något du inte har
Olle Ljungström - Uppröra
Olle Ljungström - MC 7
Olle Ljungström - Hjältar
Olle Ljungström - Försökskanin
Olle Ljungström - Kastrull
Olle Ljungström - Morotsman
Olle Ljungström - Nitroglycerin
Olle Ljungström - Kvinnor och män
Olle Ljungström - Solens strålar
Olle Ljungström - När tiden har fått fnatt
Olle Ljungström - Sånt som bara händer mig
Olle Ljungström - Somnar om
Loose Fur - Hey Chicken
Loose Fur - The Ruling Class
Loose Fur - Answers to Your Questions
Loose Fur - Stupid as the Sun
Loose Fur - Thou Shalt Wilt
Loose Fur - Wreckroom
Loose Fur - Wanted
Loose Fur - Laminated Cat
Loose Fur - Elegant Transaction
Loose Fur - You Were Wrong
Loose Fur - Chinese Apple
Los Razos - Entre pericos y gallos
Los Razos - El jodón
Los Razos - El huevudo
Los Razos - El paniquiado
Los Razos - El hijo de perra
Los Razos - La loquera
Los Razos - Pa' que chinguen a la suya
Los Razos - El fondo de la botella
Los Razos - Tierra de puros torones
Los Razos - Corazón de perico
Los Razos - Perdóname madrecita
Los Razos - Mi amargura
Los Razos - El capado
Los Razos - Amorcito norteño
Los Razos - Me voy a poner bien pedo
Los Razos - Mis dos compañeros
Los Razos - Bola de perros
Los Razos - El guerrerense
Kwamie Liv - Comin Thru
Kwamie Liv - Coming Down
Kwamie Liv - Magic
Kwamie Liv - Higher
Kwamie Liv - Follow You
Kwamie Liv - 5 AM
Olle Ljungström - En galen hund
Olle Ljungström - Robert Mitchum
Olle Ljungström - Gå aldrig din väg
Olle Ljungström - Skjut dom som älskar
Olle Ljungström - Världen är så mycket bättre nu
Olle Ljungström - Nitroglycerin 2
Olle Ljungström - Sötnos
Lost in Kiev - A Mere Shift of Origin
Lost in Kiev - I'm Stuck
Lost in Kiev - Hope, Fights & Disillusions
Lost in Kiev - Under Close Surveillance
Lost in Kiev - The Day I Ruined My Life
Olle Ljungström - Norrländska präriens gudinna
Olle Ljungström - Bara på lek
Olle Ljungström - Du borde vant dig nu
Olle Ljungström - Vem kan man lita på?
Olle Ljungström - Vad händer med oss
Olle Ljungström - Vatten sol och ängar
Olle Ljungström - Hur Långt Kan Det Gå
The Lodger - A Free Period
The Lodger - My Advice Is on Loan
The Lodger - The Back of My Mind
The Lodger - Have a Little Faith in People
The Lodger - The End of the Affair
The Lodger - Flashbacks
The Lodger - Lost
The Lodger - Stand Up!
The Lodger - My Finest Hour
The Lodger - Falling Down
The Lodger - The Conversation
The Lodger - A Hero’s Welcome
The Lodger - A Year Since Last Summer
The Lodger - An Unwelcome Guest
The Lodger - Running Low
The Lodger - Nothing Left (To Say)
The Lodger - Famous Last Words
Los Razos - El acelerado
Los Razos - Cuando anduve como perro
Los Razos - Resbalosa
Los Razos - El hijo de la huesuda
Los Razos - Soy cocodrilo
Lars Lilholt - I en gade gik jeg engang
Lars Lilholt - Så ånder vi ind
Lars Lilholt - Tomgang
Lars Lilholt - Hjem tl Silkeborg
Lars Lilholt - Måneulv
Lars Lilholt - Tines sang
Lars Lilholt - Høstfesten
Lars Lilholt - Den blå fugls æg
Lars Lilholt - Alt hvad jeg er
Lars Lilholt - For at tænde lys
Lars Lilholt - Mirakler & magi
Lars Lilholt - I en sommernat
Lil Wayne feat. Drake - I'm Single
Loo & Placido - Black Beatles
Lars Lilholt - Kald det kærlighed
Lars Lilholt - Fandens fiol
Lars Lilholt - Ofelia
Lars Lilholt - Jens Langkniv
Lars Lilholt - Held og lykke
Lars Lilholt - Kun een jord
Lars Lilholt - Aldrig skilles må
Lars Lilholt - Var Det Mon Dét
Lars Lilholt - Nefertiti
Lars Lilholt - Mester Jakeldreng
Lars Lilholt - Det Var I En Park
Los Razos - Un clavo saca otro clavo
Los Razos - El cartel de las calles
Los Razos - Chingón de chingones
Los Razos - Entre perico y perico
Los Razos - Con el polvo hasta la muerte
Los Razos - El oaxaco
Los Razos - Los tres amigos
Lars Lilholt - Jeg vil være stjerne
Lars Lilholt - Hvidsten kro
Lars Lilholt - Cafe Måneskin
Lars Lilholt - Da kærligheden kom til byen
Lars Lilholt - To skud i Stockholm
The Lions feat. Malik Moore - Bird on a Wire
The Lions feat. Malik Moore & Black Shakespeare - This Generation
The Lions feat. Leroy Sibbles - Picture on the Wall
The Lions feat. Black Shakespeare - Revelations
The Lions feat. Alex Désert - Pieces of a Man
The Lions feat. Alex Désert - Jamie's Cryin'
The Lions feat. Alex Désert - Be Easy
The Lions feat. Black Shakespeare - Let's Go Out Tonight
The Lions - Padre Ichiro
The Lions - More Higher Ways
Los Razos - Un alacran y un gallo
Los Razos - Hasta la miel amarga
Lory Money - Hago Santa Claus
Lory Money - 100 Montaditos
Lory Money - Ola k ase
Bobby Lord - Beautiful Baby
Litoral - El nostre meridià de greenwich privat
Los Furios - Running In Circles
Los Furios - Together As One
Los Furios - Gringo
Los Furios - Something's Wrong
Tim Lothar - Papa Told Me
Tim Lothar - King's Harbor
Tim Lothar - 25 Places
Tim Lothar - Ride Train Ride
Tim Lothar - Traveler
Amaro Lima - AM
Amaro Lima - Na Jornada
Amaro Lima - Encontrei
Little Barrie - Bailing Out
Little Barrie - Love You
Little Barrie - Pin That Badge
Little Barrie - Yeah We Know You
Little Barrie - Green Eyed Fool
Little Barrie - Pretty Pictures
Little Barrie - Cash In
Little Barrie - Just Wanna Play
Little Barrie - Why Don't You Do It
Little Barrie - Pay to Join
Little Barrie - Surf Hell
Little Barrie - I Can't Wait
Little Barrie - Eyes Were Young
Little Barrie - Did't Mean a Thing
Little Barrie - Long Hair
Little Barrie - If I Don't Have to Answer
Little Barrie - Greener Pastures
Lng/SHT - El punk rock arruinó mi vida
Lng/SHT - Wachadafunk
Lng/SHT - Bestia (WLF/MN)
Lng/SHT - Here Comes The Kraken
Lng/SHT - Fe ciega para sordos
Lng/SHT - Chollywood, Puebla
Lng/SHT - Adolescentes de Marte
Lng/SHT - bad religion
Lng/SHT - Francesca Carpinelli
Lng/SHT - La música te odia
Lng/SHT - Paranoico VOX
Lng/SHT - Fresa
Lost In A Name - Buried In The Static
Little Angels - She's a Little Angel
Little Angels - Too Much Too Young
Little Angels - Womankind
Little Angels - Boneyard
Little Angels - Kickin' Up Dust
Little Angels - I Ain't Gonna Cry
Little Angels - Sail Away
Little Angels - Young Gods
Little Angels - Soapbox
Little Angels - Ten Miles High
Little Angels - Don't Pray for Me
Little Angels - The Way That I Live
Little Angels - Splendid Isolation
Little Angels - Don't Confuse Sex With Love
Little Angels - Eyes Wide Open
Little Angels - The Colour of Love
Little Angels - I Was Not Wrong
Little Angels - Broken Wings of an Angel
Little Angels - No Solution
Little Angels - All Roads Lead to You
Little Angels - The First Cut Is the Deepest
Lange feat. Skye - Drifting Away (Lange Sunset dub)
Lojzo - Každý deň budú vraj Vianoce
Lojzo - Strácam
Los Carniceros del Norte - La noche de los Walpurgis
Los Carniceros del Norte - Gritos en la noche
Los Carniceros del Norte - Las tres caras del miedo
Los Carniceros del Norte - Rojo profundo
Los Carniceros del Norte - La maldición de la llorona
Los Carniceros del Norte - Veneno para las hadas
Los Carniceros del Norte - El ataúd de los vampiros
Los Carniceros del Norte - Miss muerte
Los Carniceros del Norte - Alucarda
Los Carniceros del Norte - Amantes de ultratumba
Los Carniceros del Norte - Los muertos vivientes
Los Carniceros del Norte - Doctor Caligari
Los Carniceros del Norte - Ladrones de cadáveres
Los Carniceros del Norte - Posesión infernal
Los Carniceros del Norte - Llamando a las puertas del infierno
Los Carniceros del Norte - Al otro lado del cementerio
Los Carniceros del Norte - La invasión de los ultracuerpos
Los Carniceros del Norte - Un día en Texas
Los Carniceros del Norte - El 8º Pasajero
Los Carniceros del Norte - Poltergeist
Los Carniceros del Norte - El carnaval de Las Almas
Los Carniceros del Norte - Tu madre se ha comido a mi perro
Los Carniceros del Norte - La semilla del Diablo
Los Carniceros del Norte - El baile de los vampiros
Los Carniceros del Norte - El ansia
Los Carniceros del Norte - It
Los Carniceros del Norte - El que recibe el bofetón
Los Carniceros del Norte - Payaso a medianoche
Los Carniceros del Norte - Balada triste de trompeta
Los Carniceros del Norte - Drive Thru
Uno Loop - Mis värvi on armastus
The Lot Six - My Baby's Gone
Los Carniceros del Norte - Nosferatu vive en barakaldo
Los Carniceros del Norte - El hombre de los rayos X
Los Carniceros del Norte - La momia
Los Carniceros del Norte - Capitán Howdy
Los Carniceros del Norte - Bang Bang Paranoia!
Los Carniceros del Norte - El fantasma de la ópera
Los Carniceros del Norte - La novia de Frankenstein
Los Carniceros del Norte - El cuervo
Los Carniceros del Norte - La máscara de la muerte roja
Los Carniceros del Norte - El gato negro
Los Carniceros del Norte - Nekromántikos
Lingua Mortis Orchestra - Straight to Hell
Little Village - Solar Sex Panel
Little Village - The Action
Little Village - Big Love
Little Village - Take Another Look
Little Village - Do You Want My Job
Little Village - Don't Go Away Mad
Little Village - Don't Think About Her When You're Trying to Drive
Little Village - Don't Bug Me When I'm Working
Lorna - Noxibac Roddtta
Lorna - Red Rose
Lorna - Bebdo
Lorna - Calangute
Loss - Weathering the Blight
Loss - Open Veins to a Curtain Closed
Loss - Cut Up, Depressed and Alone
Loss - Deprived of the Void
Loss - An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Sight
Loss - Shallow Pulse
Loss - Conceptual Funeralism Unto the Final Act (Of Being)
Loss - Silent and Completely Overcome
Loss - The Irreparable Act
Robert Long - Kalverliefde
Robert Long - Het leven was lijden
Robert Long - Jezus redt
Robert Long - Thorbeckeplein
Robert Long - Beschaafde tango
Robert Long - Moederziel alleen
Robert Long - ... Zei m'n moeder altijd
Robert Long - Heeft een kind een toekomst
Robert Long - Omspres
Robert Long - Gek hé
Robert Long - Nooit meer warm of koud
Robert Long - Ailofjoeso
Robert Long - Vanmorgen vloog ze nog
Robert Long - Strepen
Robert Long - Kijk
Robert Long - Pa
Robert Long - Levenslang
Robert Long - Flink zijn
Robert Long - Waar wou je heen gaan (met Nelleke Burg)
Robert Long - Kind van vandaag
Robert Long - Jacob
Robert Long - Dromen
Robert Long - Soms zou ik best
Robert Long - Jos
Robert Long - Voort gaat ie weer
Robert Long - Jou ramen
Robert Long - Hoop, geloof en liefde
Robert Long - Country Music
Robert Long - Wie het weet mag het zeggen
Robert Long - Oerwoud
Robert Long - Ik haat die straat
Robert Long - Midlife Crisis
Robert Long - Brief uit Benidorm
Robert Long - Papa
Robert Long - Hartstocht
Robert Long - Liefste, M'n Liefste
Robert Long - Zeven over twaalf
Robert Long - Met een perfect gevoel
Robert Long - Afscheid
Robert Long - Je bent pas zeventien
Robert Long - Waarom huil je nou
Robert Long - Jij en ik
Robert Long - De heftige jaren
Robert Long - Op is op
Robert Long - Voor mijn vrienden
Robert Long - Er komt een tijd
Robert Long - We willen ze niet
Robert Long - Ik ken de foto's
Robert Long - Die van mij
Robert Long - Haagse kringen
Robert Long - 't Dal
Robert Long - Ik zag op de TV
Robert Long - Weer
Robert Long - Dank u, Majesteit
Robert Long - Liefste, mijn liefste
Robert Long - Mien
Robert Long - Allemaal angst
Robert Long - Toe maar jongens
Robert Long - Vieze Lieze
Robert Long - Dankbaar
Robert Long - Homo Sapiens
Robert Long - Dooie mus
Robert Long - Moeders
Robert Long - Geef ons vrede
Robert Long - Iedereen doet 't
Lorelei de Lux - Blick
Lorelei de Lux - Pirater
Lorelei de Lux - Badrum
Lorelei de Lux - Motljusbarn
Brian T. Littrell - My Answer Is You
Brian T. Littrell - Wish
Brian T. Littrell - Welcome Home (You)
Brian T. Littrell - You Keep Givin' Me
Brian T. Littrell - Gone Without Goodbye
Brian T. Littrell - We Lift You Up
Brian T. Littrell - Grace of My Life
Brian T. Littrell - Angels and Heroes
Brian T. Littrell - Jesus Loves You
Brian T. Littrell - In Christ Alone
Logic the DA - This Aint a Game
Logic the DA - My Gift Pisses You Off (Rockwell remix by Kristi Krisis)
Robert Long - De laatste hooiberg
Robert Long - Stank voor dank
Robert Long - Als de zon schijnt
Robert Long - Het heet hier Holland
Layment - Another Road
Layment - To the Ravens
Layment - The Seafarer
Layment - This Covenant
Layment - Beauty Beast
Layment - Rejected Son
Robert Long - Het leger
Robert Long - Aan 't eind van de liefde
Robert Long - Vader op een fiets
Robert Long - He...
Robert Long - Jouw armen
Robert Long - Nooit verteld
Robert Long - Als Ik De Wolken Zie....
Robert Long - De elfde februari
Robert Long - Wat Zeg Ik Nou?
Robert Long - Vrede En Geluk
Robert Long - Duizend eeuwen
Robert Long - Draaiorgellied
Robert Long - Z'n Glimlach
Robert Long - Een Lied Uit Vroeger Tijden
Robert Long - Het Is Al Haast Geen Zondag Meer
Robert Long - De letter 'K'
Robert Long - Kersemis
Robert Long - Kerstwereld
Robert Long - Melancholie
Robert Long - Want het is niet goed
Robert Long - Het spijt me, John Lennon
Robert Long - In die dagen
Robert Long - Jij bent er niet bij
Robert Long - Huil maar
Robert Long - Hoe lang is de lont
Robert Long - Een ster
Robert Long - Lang genoeg jong
Robert Long - Wie
Robert Long - Alles te gelde
Robert Long - Gefeliciteerd
Robert Long - Nog een keer
Robert Long - Bullshit
Robert Long - De grote polonaise
Robert Long - De zeis
Robert Long - Waarom Daarom
Robert Long - Ach
Robert Long - Vlinders
Robert Long - Mooi waar
Robert Long - Woembadie
Robert Long - Sylvia
Robert Long - Meer dan ooit
Loco Locass - Résistance
Loco Locass - W roi
Loco Locass - Antiaméricanisme primaire
Loco Locass - Groove grave
Loco Locass - Bonzaïon
Loco Locass - Spleen et Montréal
Loco Locass - Maison et Idéal
Loco Locass - La Survenante
Loco Locass - Antigone
Loco Locass - Libérez-nous des libéraux
Loco Locass - Engouement
Loco Locass - Le Mémoire de Loco Locass
Loco Locass - Secondaire
Loco Locass - Du joufflu
Loco Locass - Kevin et Gaétan
Loco Locass - Tous les jours
Loco Locass - Occupation double
Loco Locass - La Perle
Loco Locass - Les Géants
Loco Locass - Wendigo
Loco Locass - L’Empire du pire en pire
Loco Locass - Malamalangue
Loco Locass - Manifestif
Loco Locass - Priapée la p’tite vite
Loco Locass - Médiatribes
Loco Locass - Art poétik
Loco Locass - ROC Rap
Loco Locass - Super Mario
Loco Locass - Le Grand Rio
Loco Locass - La bataille des murailles
Loco Locass - La Censure pour l'échafaud
Loco Locass - M’accrocher ? (version tourmentée)
Loco Locass - [wi] (extrait radio)
Loco Locass - Hymne à Québec
Loco Locass - Le But (Allez Montréal)
Robert Long - Feste Jungs
Robert Long - In der Sonne
Robert Long - Krullentijd
Robert Long - Omdat We Bang Zijn
Robert Long - Als je overmorgen oud bent
Robert Long - Een Schitterende Jongen
Robert Long - Ho Eens Even
Robert Long - Settela
Robert Long - Alleen In Amstelveen
Robert Long - Sprookjes
Robert Long - Doe Het Nu
Robert Long - Nooit Goed Geweest In Afscheid
Jack Logan and Liquor Cabinet - Unscathed
Jack Logan and Liquor Cabinet - Estranged
Robert Long - De poesjkinprijs
Robert Long - Ik ben een schrijver
Robert Long - Tsjechov is een heilige
Robert Long - Schrappen
Robert Long - En daar sta je dan
Robert Long - Steppe
Robert Long - Als het maar kort is
Robert Long - 't is niets
Robert Long - Mijn nieuwe stuk
Robert Long - De voetstap van het geluk
Robert Long - En toch
Robert Long - Lentekind
Robert Long - De Winter Was Lang
Robert Long - Nul zes
Robert Long - Het paradijs moet toch ergens zijn
Robert Long - Leuk werk, als je geluk hebt
Robert Long - Er sagte:"Schatz..."
Lokua Kanza - Mbiffé
Lokua Kanza - Na mileli
Lokua Kanza - Mboka
Lokua Kanza - Baselombo
Lokua Kanza - Je N'ai Pas Choisi
Lokua Kanza - Mungu
Lokua Kanza - Yoka
Lokua Kanza - Shadow Dancer
Lokua Kanza - Wapi Yo
Lokua Kanza - Just To Say I Love You
Lokua Kanza - Liteya
Lokua Kanza - C'est ma terre
Lokua Kanza - Anata O
Lokua Kanza - Molili
Lokua Kanza - Kumba Ngaï
Lokua Kanza - Oh Shadow Dancer (version française)
Lokua Kanza - Famille
Lokua Kanza - Vou Ver
Lokua Kanza - Voir le jour
Lokua Kanza - Caméra dans le cœur
Lokua Kanza - Tu es l'infini
Lokua Kanza - Laisse-moi le temps
Lokua Kanza - Si tu pars
Lokua Kanza - À tes côtés
Lokua Kanza - Mal à dire
Lokua Kanza - Plus vivant (solo)
Lokua Kanza - Mutoto
Lokua Kanza - Zonga
Lokua Kanza - Never Lose Your Soul
Lokua Kanza - Don't Tell Me
Lokua Kanza - I Believe in You
Lokua Kanza - Zamba
Lokua Kanza - More Than Just Sex
Lokua Kanza - Olimbisa Ngai
Lokua Kanza - You'll Never Know
Lokua Kanza - Meu Amor
Lokua Kanza - Be Yourself
Lokua Kanza - Kuetu Mbali
Lokua Kanza - Moninga
Lokua Kanza - Milelo
Lotus Thief - Miseras
Lom C - Alegre viajero
Lom C - Donde acaba el infinito
LFO - Girl on TV
LFO - Cross My Heart
LFO - I Don’t Wanna Kiss You Goodnight
LFO - West Side Story
LFO - Think About You
LFO - I Will Show You Mine
LFO - All I Need to Know
LFO - Baby Be Mine
LFO - My Block
LFO - The Reason Why
LFO - Me (Boom, Shalak, Lak, Boom)
LFO - Every Other Time
LFO - 28 Days
LFO - 6 Minutes
LFO - Alayna
LFO - Erase Her
LFO - Dandelion
LFO - Life Is Good
LFO - Where You Are
LFO - What If
LFO - If I Had a Dollar
LFO - Gravity
LFO - That’s the Way It Is
LFO - The Sun Still Shines
Lord - Footsteps in the Sand
Lord - The Richest Man
Lord - The Traveller
Lord - One World
LFO - I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight
Lord - Behind the Mask
LFO - That's the Way It Is
Lord - Last Rites
LFO - If I Can't Have You (no talk intro)
Lord - Betrayal Blind
Lord - Digital Lies
Lord - Point of View
Lord - Walk Away
Lord - 2D Person in a 3D World
Lord - Final Seconds
Lord - The Last Encore
Lord - The Chalkboard Prophet
Lord - Battle Of Venarium
Lord - Redemption
Lord - 100 Reasons
Lord - Eternal Storm
Lord - Set in Stone
Lord - Someone Else's Dream
Lord - Forever
Lord - Beyond the Light
Lord - The End of Days
Lord - New Horizons
Lord - On a Night Like This
Lord - Reborn
Lord - Going Down
Lord - Same Old Lines
Lord - Rain
Lord - My Own Way
Lord - Through the Fire
Lord - Limb From Limb
Lord - Legacy
Lord - (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight (Cutting Crew Cover)
Los Impostors - Affliction
Los Impostors - Creyendo Historias
Loren Battle - Remember the Archer
Longital - A to je všetko?
The Lost Generation - The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
The Lost Generation - Wait a Minute
Loca People - Barbra Streisand
Loca People - Lambada
Loca People - I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummybear Song)
Loca People - The Ketchup Song
Lisabö - Aurreiritziak
Lisabö - Gezur erraza
Lisabö - Ur gainean
Lisabö - Murgilduta
Lisabö - Ideiak itotzen dira
Lisabö - Eraikitzen
Lisabö - Ardoa eta odola I (Zubipean)
Lisabö - Iparorratza
Lisabö - Desioaren ordua
Lisabö - De quoi tenir jusqu'à demain matin
Lisabö - El adiós que se queda
Lisabö - Deliberazioa
Lisabö - Ahora canción rota
Lisabö - Ezarian
Lisabö - Egunaren begietan
Lifelines - Who I Am
Lillasyster - Kräkas
Lillasyster - Hårdrock
Lillasyster - Barn utan ben
Lillasyster - Rad efter rad
Lillasyster - Andreas
Lillasyster - My & Johannes
Lillasyster - Tid för en idiot
Lillasyster - Umbrella
Lillasyster - Berätta det för Lina
Lillasyster - Nu har jag fått nog (akustisk)
Lillasyster - Total panik
Lillasyster - Vad skulle mamma säga
Lillasyster - Så jävla bra
Lillasyster - Dra åt helvete
Lillasyster - Lovisa II
Lillasyster - Kilo eterna
Lillasyster - På lokal
Lillasyster - Åttanoll
Lillasyster - Orangemörk norsk sommarkväll
Lillasyster - Motley Crew
Lillasyster - Kometen
Lillasyster - Spänn hjälmen
Lillasyster - Stukaplan
Lillasyster - Roar
Lillasyster - Traktor
Lillasyster - Nu har jag fått nog av dig
Lillasyster - Jag är här nu [höstedit]
Carl Loewe - Kleiner Haushalt, Op. 71
Carl Loewe - Der Nöck, Op. 129/2
Los del Garrote - La Cumbia del Garrote
Los del Garrote - Mentiras
Los del Garrote - El Garrote
Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
Looking Glass - Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne
Looking Glass - Sweet Somethin'
Looking Glass - From Stanton Station
LiveWire - Lies
LiveWire - Gone
LiveWire - Tater Fed
Gustav Lorentzen - Amadeus turner i trusa
Gustav Lorentzen - Bli blid
Gustav Lorentzen - Det er sommeren som teller
Gustav Lorentzen - Forrest i køen
Gustav Lorentzen - Kua
Loggins & Messina - Your Mama Don’t Dance