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Hoba Hoba Spirit - Dark Bendir Army
Hoba Hoba Spirit - Hyati?
Hoba Hoba Spirit - Wakel Chareb Na3ess (Featuring Stati)
Hoba Hoba Spirit - Arnaque Mondiale
Gwyneth Herbert - The Very Thought of You
Gwyneth Herbert - Almost Like Being in Love
Gwyneth Herbert - Some Days I Forget
Ronnie Hilton - A Windmill in Old Amsterdam
Ronnie Hilton - A Blossom Fell
Ronnie Hilton - Don't Let the Rain Come Down
Hela - Horns of God
Honky Tonk Jukebox Band - Itty Bitty Titties
HOG - Get a Job
HOG - Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)
The Honkers - Something's Wrong With My Girl
The Honkers - Where Do I Go
The Honkers - Pretty Punk Girl
The Honkers - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
The Hope of Change - 3501
The Honkers - People Love Hate
The Hope of Change - Knuckle Puck (Drop It Like It's Hot)
The Honkers - This Is an Old World
Heyrocco - Loser Denial
Heyrocco - Melt
Heyrocco - Virgin
Heyrocco - Elsewhere
Heyrocco - Mom Jeans
Heyrocco - Alison
Heyrocco - Jake Miller's House Party
Heyrocco - Happy
Lama Gyurmé & Jean-Philippe Rykiel - Medicine Buddha Mantra
Lama Gyurmé & Jean-Philippe Rykiel - Chenrezi Pure Land Prayer
Hartz & Kaczmarek - Katamaran
Billie Holiday & Lester Young - I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me
Billie Holiday & Lester Young - Me, Myself And I
Don Hồ - Tình đã phai
Don Hồ - Ru anh
Mark Hollis - Watershed
Mark Hollis - The Gift
Mark Hollis - A Life (1895 - 1915)
Mark Hollis - Westward Bound
Hope for the Dying - Vacillation
Hope for the Dying - Orison
Hope for the Dying - Transcend
Hope for the Dying - Imminent War
Hope for the Dying - Perpetual Ruin
Hope for the Dying - The Awakening
Hope for the Dying - The Awakening: Dissimulation
Hope for the Dying - The Awakening: The Veil, Lifted
Hope for the Dying - Vile Reflections
Hope for the Dying - Derision
Hope for the Dying - Acceptance
Hope for the Dying - Reformation
Hope for the Dying - Iniquitous
Hope for the Dying - In Isolation
Hope for the Dying - The Lost
Hope for the Dying - Visions
Hope for the Dying - Serenity
Hope for the Dying - Open Up the Sky
Hope for the Dying - Setting Sun
Hope for the Dying - Trenches
Hope for the Dying - Into Darkness We Ride
Hope for the Dying - Our Fallen Comrades
Hope for the Dying - Would the Angels Say
Hope for the Dying - A Beautiful Day for Vengeance
Hope for the Dying - City of Corpses
Hope for the Dying - In Loving Memory
Hope for the Dying - Where We Are Going We Don't Need Roads
Herbst in Peking - Bakschischrepublik
Jakob Hellman - Tårarna
Jakob Hellman - Du är allt jag vill ha
Jakob Hellman - Vara vänner
Jakob Hellman - Vackert väder
Jakob Hellman - Vintern dör
Jakob Hellman - Visa mej
Jakob Hellman - Hon har ett sätt
Jakob Hellman - Sköra värld
Jakob Hellman - Tåg
Jakob Hellman - Stora havet
Jakob Hellman - Glada dagar
Jakob Hellman - Avundsjuk på dej
Jakob Hellman - Som jag vill
Jakob Hellman - Vägar hem
Jakob Hellman - Hon väntar på mej
Jakob Hellman - Tältet
Jakob Hellman - Fritiof och Carmencita
Jakob Hellman - Tango i Nizza
Perssons Pack - Tusen dagar härifrån
Holy Molar - Pissing in the Rolex of Your Dreams
Holy Molar - You’re in Love, Holy Molar
Holy Molar - Sunburnt Tongue
Holy Molar - Flouride the Lightning
Holy Molar - Deep C Odyssey (Holy Molar - The Song)
Holy Molar - Deep Thought Eject Button
Holy Molar - Drip! Drip! Drip!
Holy Molar - Dungeons and Drag Queens, Part I
Holy Molar - Der Werewolf Breath
Holy Molar - Cavity Search
Holy Molar - My Saturday Night Fever Turned Into a Sunday Morning Rash
Holy Molar - You've Had More Kids Pulled Out of That Thing Than a Burning Orphanage
Holy Molar - That Old Rugged Cross - Dresser
Holy Molar - Pissing Off In The Rolex Of Your Dreams
Holy Molar - Hindsight ´Tween The Hind Legs
The Holy Guile - Uber Douche
The Holy Guile - Fap Fap
The Holy Guile - Cool Story
The Holy Guile - Kthxbye
The Holy Guile - Atf
The Holy Guile - Ak-47
The Holy Guile - Ugly Biddie
The Holy Guile - Hey Zeus
The Holy Guile - California Gold
The Holy Guile - Soñar Azul I : Visionary (ft. Levi Benton)
The Holy Guile - Stoke Stokely (ft. Kody Hale from Hail to the King)
The Holy Guile - Deathstar
The Holy Guile - Cindarella 99
The Holy Guile - Sour D
The Holy Guile - Og
The Holy Guile - White Widow (ft. Kody Hale)
The Holy Guile - Idahoe
The Holy Guile - Soñar Azul II : Emissary
The Holy Guile - The Celebration
The Holy Guile - Item Nine
The Holy Guile - Pac'alypse
Honeyroot - Nobody Loves You (The Way I Do)
Honeyroot - Where I Belong
Honeyroot - Drifter
The Honorary Title - Frame by Frame
The Honorary Title - Bridge and Tunnel
The Honorary Title - Everything I Once Had
The Honorary Title - Cut Short
The Honorary Title - Points Underneath
The Honorary Title - Anything Else but the Truth
The Honorary Title - Revealing Too Much
The Honorary Title - Snow Day
The Honorary Title - Disengage
The Honorary Title - The Smoking Pose
The Honorary Title - Petals
The Honorary Title - Cats in Heat
The Honorary Title - Never Said
The Honorary Title - Reason to Celebrate
The Honorary Title - Thin Layer
The Honorary Title - Stay Away
The Honorary Title - Untouched and Intact
The Honorary Title - Stuck at Sea
The Honorary Title - Far More
The Honorary Title - Radiate
The Honorary Title - Along the Way
The Honorary Title - Apologize
The Honorary Title - The City's Summer
The Honorary Title - Only One Week
The Honorary Title - Wait Until I'm Gone
The Honorary Title - Even If
The Honorary Title - 7 Blocks
The Honorary Title - Finally Understand
The Honorary Title - Properly Balanced
The Honorary Title - Reassemble
The Honorary Title - The Faint and Precious Sound
The Honorary Title - Dilute
James Hill - Promenade
James Hill - The Brightest Lights
Hitman Sammy Sam - Step Daddy's Home
Hitman Sammy Sam - Uh Huh
Hitman Sammy Sam - Step Daddy
Hitman Sammy Sam - Mr. Unknown
Stevie Holland - I Will Remember You
Stevie Holland - One Touch
Stevie Holland - Jeg Elsker Dig
Hollenthon - Y Draig Goch
Hollenthon - Woe to the Defeated
Hollenthon - Lords of Bedlam
Hollenthon - To Kingdom Come
Hollenthon - The Calm Before the Storm
Hollenthon - Fire Upon the Blade
Hollenthon - Conquest Demise
Hollenthon - Conspirator
Hollenthon - On the Wings of a Dove
Hollenthon - To Fabled Lands
Hollenthon - Son of Perdition
Hollenthon - Ars Moriendi
Hollenthon - Once We Were Kings
Hollenthon - Of Splendid Worlds
Hollenthon - Dying Embers
Hollenthon - Misterium Babel
Hollenthon - Enrapture - Hinc Illae Lacrimae
Hollenthon - Homage - Magni Nominis Umbra
Hollenthon - Vestige - Non Omnis Moriar
Hollenthon - Lure - Pallida Mors
Hollenthon - Reprisal - Malis Avibus
Hollenthon - Premonition - Lex Talionis
Hollenthon - Eclipse - Vita Nova
Hollenthon - The Bazaar
Hollenthon - Deathly Dirges
Hollenthon - Innocent Sin
Hollenthon - Of Hollow Men
Hollenthon - Tyrants and Wraiths
DJ Hixxy & Bananaman - Together Forever
Tasha Holiday - Just the Way You Like It
Holdaar - Man of Iron (Bathory cover)
Hot Fiction - All My Love in Vain
Hot Fiction - You're Not Alone
HiFi Banda - Siemano Polska
HiFi Banda - Dobra droga
HiFi Banda - Między prawdą a betonem
HiFi Banda - Zarażeni
HiFi Banda - Za późno by nawracać
HiFi Banda - Kontrawersja kontrowersji
HiFi Banda - A my
HiFi Banda - Ptaki
HiFi Banda - Puszer
HiFi Banda - Mali Ludzie
HiFi Banda - Tacy Sami
HiFi Banda - Robie Swoje
HiFi Banda - Noc Nie Daje Snu
HiFi Banda - Niewiedza
HiFi Banda - Prognoza Na Jutro
HiFi Banda - Każdy dzień feat. Frenchman
HiFi Banda - Noc nie daje snu 2 feat. Chada
HiFi Banda - Nie śpię feat. Sokół
HiFi Banda - Daj mi czas feat. Tede
Nisse Hellberg - Blomma av glas
Nisse Hellberg - Nu smet katten in till grannen igen
Nisse Hellberg - Tufft jobb
Nisse Hellberg - Lyckliga gatan
Nisse Hellberg - En man för varje öppet hak
Nisse Hellberg - Trettifyran
Nisse Hellberg - Håller min dörr på glänt
Nisse Hellberg - En doft av läder
Holy Fuck - Stay Lit
Hate - Anaclasis
Hate - Necropolis
Hate - Hex
Hate - Malediction
Hate - Euphoria of the New Breed
Hate - Razorblade
Hate - Immortality
Hate - Fountains of Blood to Reach Heavens
Hate - Immolate the Pope
Hate - The Shroud (A Hellish Value)
Hate - Awakening of the Liar
Hate - Death Liberator
Hate - Leviathan
Hate - Valley of Darkness
Hate - Crusade:Zero
Hate - Rise Omega the Consequence!
Hate - Dawn of War
Hate - Erebos
Hate - Quintessence of Higher Suffering
Hate - Trinity Moons
Hate - Hero Cults
Hate - Transsubstance
Hate - Hexagony
Hate - Wrists
Hate - Luminous Horizon
Nisse Hellberg - Stjärnan i mitt liv
Nisse Hellberg - Leva ett vildare liv
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - A Night on the Town
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Carry the Water
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Fire on the Cross
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Barren Ground
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Across the River
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Stranded on Easy Street
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Stander on the Mountain
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Lost Soul
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Another Day
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Special Night
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Every Little Kiss
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is (Intro)
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Mandolin Rain
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Look Out Any Window
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Valley Road
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - I Will Walk With You
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Road Not Taken
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Show Goes On
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Old Playground
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Jacob's Ladder
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Till the Dreaming's Done
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Set Me in Motion (LP
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - These Arms of Mine - Live Version
Hate - Eternal Might
Hate - Alchemy Ov Blood
Hate - Timeless Kingdom
Hate - Festival Ov Slaves
Hate - Sadness Will Last Forever
Hate - Solarflesh
Hate - Endless Purity
Hate - Mesmerized
Hate - Hatehammer
Hate - ...And the Sin Becomes
Hate - Sectarian Murder
Hate - Through Hate to Eternity
Hate - Shame of the Creator
Hate - Resurrected but Failed
Hate - Cain's Way
Hate - Holy Dead Trinity
Hate - Future Is Mayhem
Hate - Share Your Blood With Daemon
Hate - World Has to Die
Hate - Convocation
Hate - Lord Is Avenger
Hate - Paradise as Lost
Hate - Satan's Horde
Hate - Demigod
Hate - Abhorrence
Hate - No Life After Death
Hate - Victims
Hate - God Overslept
Hate - Dead and Mystifield
Hate - Threnody
Hate - Immum Coeli (Everlasting World)
Hate - Catharsis
Hate - Resurrection Machine
Hate - The Evangelistic Pain
Hate - Omega
Hate - Erased
Hate - The Shroud
Hate - The Kill
Hit the Deck - Heads, You Lose
Hit the Deck - Stay Away
Hit the Deck - The Horse You Rode in On
Hit the Deck - Nowhere Fast
Hit the Deck - Unlikely Hero
Hit the Deck - My Main Fight
Hit the Deck - Lockdown
Hit the Deck - Another Game
Hit the Deck - Late!
Hit the Deck - Xxsex
Hot Club of Cowtown - I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me
Hot Club of Cowtown - Reunion
Hot Club of Cowtown - If You Leave Me
Hot Club of Cowtown - Cabiria
Hot Club of Cowtown - What You Meant to Me
Hot Club of Cowtown - Carry Me Close
Hot Club of Cowtown - One Step Closer
Hot Club of Cowtown - When Day is Done
Hot Club of Cowtown - I'd Understand Why
Hot Club of Cowtown - Emily
Hot Club of Cowtown - Forget-Me-Nots
Hot Club of Cowtown - It Stops With Me
Hot Club of Cowtown - Secret Of Mine
Hot Club of Cowtown - Paradise With You
Hot Club of Cowtown - Chip Away The Stone
Hot Club of Cowtown - The Devil Ain't Lazy
Hot Club of Cowtown - I Had Someone Else
Holy Moly & The Crackers - Comfort in Lies
Hijos Bastardos - Chulería bastarda
Hilastherion - Taken From Darkness
Hilastherion - See the Pain in His Face
Hilastherion - Jesus Rules
Hilastherion - Why (Song of Despair)
Hilastherion - A Sinner's Song of Desperation
Hilastherion - Battle of the Flesh
Hilastherion - The End Is Not the End
Hilastherion - Save My Soul
Hilastherion - Sick and Rotten World
Hilastherion - Judgement Day
Hilastherion - A Fallen One
Hilastherion - Story of John
HollySiz - Better Than Yesterday
HollySiz - Come Back to Me
HollySiz - OK
HollySiz - What a Man Hides
HollySiz - Tricky Game
HollySiz - The Fall
HollySiz - Hangover
HollySiz - The Light
HollySiz - A Shot
HollySiz - Daisy Duke
Dave Hollister - Came in the Door Pimpin'
Dave Hollister - My Favorite Girl
Dave Hollister - Round and Round
Dave Hollister - Baby Mama Drama / It's Alright
Dave Hollister - Cheaterlude (Interlude)
Dave Hollister - Can't Stay
Dave Hollister - Call on Me
Dave Hollister - Missin' You
Dave Hollister - Keep Forgettin'
Dave Hollister - Come Inside My Room (Interlude)
Dave Hollister - Respect 2 Him (Outro)
Dave Hollister - I'm Sorry
Dave Hollister - The Big Payback
Dave Hollister - Bad When U Broke
Dave Hollister - Never Gonna Change
Dave Hollister - Good Ole Ghetto
Dave Hollister - Reason With Your Body
Dave Hollister - Winning With You
Dave Hollister - Karma
Dave Hollister - Case Is Closed
Dave Hollister - I Lied
Dave Hollister - Standing
Dave Hollister - Champion
Dave Hollister - Interlude (I'm Not Complete)
Dave Hollister - Keep on Lovin'
Dave Hollister - One Woman Man
Dave Hollister - You Can't Say
Dave Hollister - Don't Take My Girl Away
Dave Hollister - Doin' Wrong
Dave Hollister - On the Side
Dave Hollister - A Woman Will
Dave Hollister - I Don't Want to Be a Hustler
Dave Hollister - I'm Not Complete
HopPo! - Apariciones
Dave Hollister - Before I Let You Go
Dave Hollister - Falling In Love Again
Dave Hollister - Baby Mama Drama
Dave Hollister - Keep Lovin' You [Original Version]
Dave Hollister - I'm Wrong
Dave Hollister - Baby Do Those Things
Dave Hollister - Wish You Well
Dave Hollister - Chicago Winds
Dave Hollister - Pray (Till I Get an Answer)
Dave Hollister - It's Alright
Dave Hollister - My Feelins'
Dave Hollister - We Gon' Make It (Mama E's Song)
Dave Hollister - Things In The Game Done Changed
Dave Hollister - No Ordinary Love (Interlude)
Dave Hollister - My Everything
Dave Hollister - Keep Lovin' You
Dave Hollister - What's A Man To Do
Honey Cocaine - Dear Luv
Honey Cocaine - T.O. Gold (Freestyle)
Honey Cocaine - Hey Boo
Honey Cocaine - No Scrubs
Honey Cocaine - Rock the Boat
Honey Cocaine - Making Me High
Honey Cocaine - Bring It All to Me
Honey Cocaine - Love You Down
Honey Cocaine - Who Shot Me
Honey Cocaine - Yo Own Thang
Honey Cocaine - Bitch Please
Honey Cocaine - Waiting Outside
Honey Cocaine - Heisman
Honey Cocaine - Bullshit
Honey Cocaine - Too Pussy To
Honey Cocaine - Iunno You
Honey Cocaine - All My Bitches
Honey Cocaine - Asshole
Honey Cocaine - ’Bout It
Honey Cocaine - Feel Shit
Honey Cocaine - In the Cut
Honey Cocaine - Yellow Bitch
Honey Cocaine - Can’t Sit With Us
Honey Cocaine - Hella Illy
Honey Cocaine - Tha Six
Honey Cocaine - Dead Azz
Honey Cocaine - Curveball
Honey Cocaine - Shady Wit Me
Honey Cocaine - Jumpman
Honey Cocaine - Gwola
Honey Cocaine - Side Chick
Honey Cocaine - None of My Business
Honey Cocaine - Babysitta Freestyle
Honey Cocaine - Sound Right
Honey Cocaine - BTCHSM
Honey Cocaine - Money Murderer
Honey Cocaine - Brooklyn to Compton
Honey Cocaine - Middle Finger
Honey Cocaine - Chichi Get the Yayo
Honey Cocaine - Really Really
Honey Cocaine - Bullet 4 U
Honey Cocaine - Until It Hurt
Honey Cocaine - A Little Ham
Honey Cocaine - Bad Gal
Honey Cocaine - Runaway Bride
Honey Cocaine - All White Choppa
Honey Cocaine - Fake as Fuck (skit)
Honey Cocaine - Hold Some Nuts
Honey Cocaine - That Wonton
Honey Cocaine - Dont Push Me
Honey Cocaine - Asians on the Map
Honey Cocaine - No Grind No Pain
Honey Cocaine - Bitch
Honey Cocaine - Don't Get Along
Honey Cocaine - Honeydick
Honey Cocaine - 1 Time
Honey Cocaine - Done Done
Honey Cocaine - Sundae
Honey Cocaine - Heisman, Part 2
Anne Heaton - Take Your Desire
Anne Heaton - Your Heart Is for Breaking
Anne Heaton - Black Notebook
Anne Heaton - Too High
Anne Heaton - Spinning
Anne Heaton - Megan & Kevin
Anne Heaton - Bellyside
Anne Heaton - Mary
Anne Heaton - I Want to Fly
Anne Heaton - Melancholy
Anne Heaton - Give In to You
Anne Heaton - Make You Sad
Anne Heaton - The Line
Anne Heaton - Your Heart
Anne Heaton - Underdog
Anne Heaton - Counting
Anne Heaton - Breathing My Breath
Anne Heaton - Maybe Its Peace
Anne Heaton - Hey New York
Anne Heaton - Hover (Perfectly Lovely)
The Honeyrods - Into You
The Honeyrods - Float
The Honeyrods - Love Bee
The Honeyrods - By Myself
The Honeyrods - I'd Rather
The Honeyrods - Child
The Honeyrods - Pictures
The Honeyrods - Wishing
The Honeyrods - Her Majesty's Secret Service
The Honeyrods - Ray Gun
The Honeyrods - 9 Hands
Holsaae - Gennemsnitsdansker
Horse Stories - Radio
Thomas Holm - Byens Bitreste Mand
Thomas Holm - Nitten
Thomas Holm - Selvmord på Dansegulvet
Thomas Holm - Lidt For Lidt
Linda Hesse - Ich bin ja kein Mann
Linda Hesse - Irgendwie gut
Linda Hesse - Komm bitte nicht
Linda Hesse - Single Mom
Linda Hesse - Punktgenaue Landung
Linda Hesse - D + B + E + A
Linda Hesse - Bloede
Linda Hesse - Lass es sein
Linda Hesse - Meetingpoint
Linda Hesse - Noch immer so wie immer
Linda Hesse - Nein
Linda Hesse - Nach dem Regen
Linda Hesse - Knutschen… ich kann nichts dafür
Linda Hesse - Verbotene Liebe
Linda Hesse - Hoer auf dein Herz
Linda Hesse - Freundin + Freund
Linda Hesse - Kleine Seen
Linda Hesse - Wenn ich an dich denke
Hali Hicks - Last Night of Spring
Hali Hicks - Love Me Good
Leonard Hokanson - Lyric Pieces (6) For Piano, Book 3, Op. 43: Butterfly
The Hit Crew - Audio Atrocity
The Hit Crew - The Black Crow Knows
The Hit Crew - Crazy
The Hit Crew - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Robin Holcomb - Electrical Storm
Robin Holcomb - Widowmaker
Robin Holcomb - When I Stop Crying
Holland & Holland - Bolletjes in mijn hol
Chris Holmes - Rosa
Chris Holmes - I Don't Care What My Friends Say
Chris Holmes - (Walking on) Landmines
Chris Holmes - China
The Hit Crew - Love Will Keep Us Together
Hibou - Dissolve
Hibou - Valium
Hibou - When The Season Ends
Hibou - Above Us
Hibou - Sunder
Hibou - Eleanor
Hibou - Glow
Hibou - In The Sun
Hibou - Shutter Song
The Hit Crew - Gone Fishing
The Hit Crew - Billie Jean
The Hit Crew - Brick House
Heathen Beast - Blind Faith
Heathen Beast - Ayodhya Burns
Heathen Beast - Drowning of the Elephant God
Heathen Beast - Contaminating the Ganges
Heathen Beast - Bakras to the Slaughter
The Honey Dewdrops - Same Old
The Honey Dewdrops - Remington
The Honey Dewdrops - Nobody in This World
The Honey Dewdrops - How We Used to Be
The Honey Dewdrops - When Was the War
The Hit Crew - Lollipop
The Hit Crew - Tutti Frutti
The Hit Crew - Barbie Girl
The Hit Crew - My next Thirty Years
The Hit Crew - Behind These Hazel Eyes
Head East - Never Been Any Reason
Head East - Love Me Tonight
Head East - Fly by Night Lady
Head East - Lovin' Me Along
Head East - Ticket Back to Georgia
Head East - Specialty
Head East - Feelin' Is Right
Head East - Lonelier Now
Head East - If You Knew Me Better
Head East - Too Late
Head East - Hard Drivin' Days
Head East - Every Little Bit of My Heart
Head East - Get Up and Enjoy Yourself
Head East - Since You Been Gone
Head East - Take a Hand
Head East - Wrong Time
Heretoir - Fatigue
Heretoir - Weltschmerz
Heretoir - Graue Bauten
Heretoir - To Follow the Sun
Heretoir - Heretoir
Heretoir - Ausgeburt
Heretoir - Nihil
Heretoir - Ein Schrey in die Nacht
Head East - Love Me Now
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich hab mich tausendmal verliebt
Hansi Hinterseer - Sieben rote Rosen
Hansi Hinterseer - Die Sommernächte und Du
Head East - Out of the Blue
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich muß Dir was sagen
Hansi Hinterseer - Die Brücke von Avignon
Hansi Hinterseer - Que sera, que sera
Head East - Since You've Been Gone
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist ein Schatz, mein Schatz
Hansi Hinterseer - Meine Liebe geht durchs Feuer
Head East - Susan
Hansi Hinterseer - Du hast wunderschöne Augen
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist meine große Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich könnt' die Berge umarmen
Head East - When I Get Ready
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn Du bei mir bist
Hansi Hinterseer - Das Kufsteiner Lied
Head East - I'm Feelin' Fine
Hansi Hinterseer - Was kann ich denn dafür
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn die Berge mich rufen
Head East - It's for You
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm' her zu mir
Hansi Hinterseer - Muss I denn, muss I denn zum Städtele hinaus
Hansi Hinterseer - Engel der Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist für mich die große Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Schön wie Mona Lisa
Hansi Hinterseer - Aber Du
Hansi Hinterseer - Meine Berge, meine Heimat
Hansi Hinterseer - Du
Hansi Hinterseer - Ti amo
Hansi Hinterseer - Goodbye kleine Marylin
Hansi Hinterseer - Dann macht es Bumm
Hansi Hinterseer - Jeden Tag ein kleines Glück
Hansi Hinterseer - Das gibt's nur einmal
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich lieb' Dich immer und immer mehr
Hansi Hinterseer - Mein Liebesbrief an Dich
Hansi Hinterseer - Viele Grüße aus Tirol
Head East - Elijah
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm näher
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich möcht' so gerne bei Dir sein
Hansi Hinterseer - Schokolade im Sonnenschein
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist mein Leben
Head East - I'm Feeling Fine
Hansi Hinterseer - Nur ein Kuss von Dir
Hansi Hinterseer - Die Tiroler Polonaise
Hansi Hinterseer - Das Lied von den Bergen der Heimat
Hansi Hinterseer - Geh'n oder bleiben
Hansi Hinterseer - Boarisch tanz i nur mit Dir
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich hab Dich lieb
Hansi Hinterseer - Flieg mit dem Wind
Hansi Hinterseer - Fesche Dirndl'n
Head East - Raise a Little Hell
Hansi Hinterseer - Manchmal
Hansi Hinterseer - Jingle Bells
Hansi Hinterseer - Schäfersbuam
Hansi Hinterseer - Winterwunderland
Hansi Hinterseer - Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi
Hansi Hinterseer - Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling
Hansi Hinterseer - Es wird scho glei dumpa
Hansi Hinterseer - Grüß Euch Gott
Hansi Hinterseer - Still, still, still
Hansi Hinterseer - Hudschei Hei
Hansi Hinterseer - Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht
The Hit Crew - Monster Mash
The Hit Crew - Ghostbusters
The Hit Crew - Bad Boys (From Cops)
Head East - Nothing to Lose
Head East - Pictures
Head East - Dance Away Lover
Head East - Back in My Own Hands
Head East - Show Me I'm Alive
Head East - Take It on Home
Head East - Dancer Road
Head East - Don't Let Me Sleep in the Morning
Head East - Sands of Time
Head East - Call to Arms and Legs
Head East - Time Has a Way
Head East - This Woman's in Love
Head East - I Don't Want the Chance
Head East - Sailor
Head East - Jailer
Head East - Love My Blues Away
Head East - The Victim
Head East - Trouble
Head East - Babie Ruth
Head East - Sister Sister
Head East - Look to the Sky
The Hit Crew - Addams Family Theme
The Hit Crew - Bewitched
Hansi Hinterseer - Gute Unterhaltung
Hansi Hinterseer - Zwischen schwindelnden Höh'n
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn hell die Sonne lacht
Hansi Hinterseer - Bin a Tiroler Bua
Hansi Hinterseer - Hansei heit muasst friah aufsteh
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn i von der Alm obageh
Hansi Hinterseer - I hab mein Drindl a Briaferl gschriebn
Hansi Hinterseer - Servus schöne Wirtin
Hansi Hinterseer - Und a Waldbua bin i
Hansi Hinterseer - Hiartabua
Hansi Hinterseer - Allweil lustig
Hansi Hinterseer - Kitzbüheler-Lied
Hansi Hinterseer - Lieb mich nochmal
Hansi Hinterseer - Heut ist ein Tag zum glücklich sein
Hansi Hinterseer - Mei Heimat
Hansi Hinterseer - Bitte komm zurück
Hansi Hinterseer - Denk ich an Zuhaus
Hansi Hinterseer - Tirol gibt's nur oamal
Hansi Hinterseer - In meinem Herzen brennt ein Licht
Hansi Hinterseer - Tanz mit mir
Hansi Hinterseer - Heut' ist Dein Tag
Hansi Hinterseer - Schatzilein
Hansi Hinterseer - Schöne Mädchen sind zum Küssen da
Hansi Hinterseer - Hast Du heut' Nacht Zeit für mich
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm und sei wieder gut
Hansi Hinterseer - Mei, geht's mir gut
Hansi Hinterseer - Bleib doch bei mir und verzeih mir
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich hör' so gerne Radio
Hansi Hinterseer - In den schönen Tiroler Bergen
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist mein Ein und Alles
Hansi Hinterseer - Der letzte Tanz ist nur für Dich
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich warte auf Dich
Hansi Hinterseer - Der Mann Deiner Träume
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm nach Hause
John Hiatt - Memphis in the Meantime
John Hiatt - Alone in the Dark
John Hiatt - Thing Called Love
John Hiatt - Thank You Girl
John Hiatt - Your Dad Did
John Hiatt - Damn This Town
John Hiatt - 'Til I Get My Lovin' Back
John Hiatt - I Love That Girl
John Hiatt - All the Way Under
John Hiatt - Don't Wanna Leave You Now
John Hiatt - Detroit Made
John Hiatt - Hold on for Your Love
John Hiatt - Train to Birmingham
John Hiatt - Down Around My Place
John Hiatt - Adios to California
John Hiatt - When New York Had Her Heart Broke
John Hiatt - Love You Again
John Hiatt - Hurt My Baby
John Hiatt - What Love Can Do
John Hiatt - Ride My Pony
John Hiatt - Cherry Red
John Hiatt - Our Time
John Hiatt - Two Hearts
John Hiatt - Same Old Man
John Hiatt - Let's Give This Love a Try
John Hiatt - We're Alright Now
John Hiatt - It All Comes Back Someday
John Hiatt - Wood Chipper
John Hiatt - My Business
John Hiatt - I Just Don't Know What to Say
John Hiatt - I Know How to Lose You
John Hiatt - You're All the Reason I Need
John Hiatt - One of Them Damn Days
John Hiatt - No Wicked Grin
John Hiatt - Give It Up
John Hiatt - Blues Can't Even Find Me
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
The Trammps - Disco Inferno
The Searchers - Love Potion #9
The Hit Crew - Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
Hora - Inner Universe
Hora - Frozen Past
Hansi Hinterseer - Hände zum Himmel
Hansi Hinterseer - Männer aus den Bergen
Hansi Hinterseer - Tiroler Berge
Hansi Hinterseer - Und wenn der Morgen kommt
Hansi Hinterseer - Hab di so lang scho nimmer gseh'n
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist und bleibst die Eine
Hansi Hinterseer - Bärig
Hansi Hinterseer - Stella Maria
Hansi Hinterseer - Denn wenn die Rosen blühen
Hansi Hinterseer - Du, weißt Du was
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist mein Engel
Hansi Hinterseer - Hoch auf dem Wilden Kaiser
Hansi Hinterseer - Dass wir uns lieben
Hansi Hinterseer - Für jedes Herz, das einsam ist
Hansi Hinterseer - Mich küsst ein Sonnenstrahl
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn ich träume
Hansi Hinterseer - Verlier die Hoffnung nie
Hansi Hinterseer - Amore Mio
Hansi Hinterseer - Was wär mein Leben ohne deine Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Ski-Twist
Hansi Hinterseer - Lebewohl Maria
Hansi Hinterseer - Heut geht es rund
Hansi Hinterseer - Eine Nacht in deinen Armen
Hansi Hinterseer - Trau dich doch
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich will dich für immer
Hansi Hinterseer - Weil ich dich brauch zum Leben
Hansi Hinterseer - Du Bist die Schönste
Hansi Hinterseer - Willkommen, wir sind Musikanten
Hansi Hinterseer - Danke Für Die Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Denn du bist mein Engel
Hansi Hinterseer - Schöne Mädchen muß man lieben
Hansi Hinterseer - Küss mich
Hansi Hinterseer - Lass es zu
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich lieb dich mehr als je zuvor
Hansi Hinterseer - Willkommen in meinem Leben
Hansi Hinterseer - Liebes Glück komm zu mir
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm nach Haus bevor es dunkel wird
Hansi Hinterseer - Jedes Herz braucht Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Zwei Paar Ski und Du und I
Hansi Hinterseer - Weisst Du, was Du für mich bist
John Hiatt - Rock of Your Love
John Hiatt - I'll Never Get Over You
John Hiatt - Come Home to You
John Hiatt - The Open Road
John Hiatt - Haulin’
John Hiatt - Go Down Swingin’
John Hiatt - Like a Freight Train
John Hiatt - Wonder of Love
John Hiatt - What Kind of Man
John Hiatt - Fireball Roberts
John Hiatt - Carry You Back Home
John Hiatt - I Don't Even Try
John Hiatt - Death by Misadventure
John Hiatt - Girl on a String
John Hiatt - Say It With Flowers
John Hiatt - You May Already Be a Winner
John Hiatt - The Love That Harms
John Hiatt - Pirate Radio
John Hiatt - Sure Pinocchio
Hora - Modulate God -Deep Mix-
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist alles
Hansi Hinterseer - Elisabeth
Hansi Hinterseer - Schön war die Zeit mit Dir
Hansi Hinterseer - Man sagt nicht Goodbye
Hansi Hinterseer - Julie
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich lass Dich nie mehr allein
Hansi Hinterseer - Da wo die Blauen Berge sind
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich such die Sterne in Deinen Augen
Hansi Hinterseer - Rück' a bisserl zu mir rüber
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich möcht' so gern das Glück spazieren trag'n
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn alle Kinderherzen höher schlagen
Hansi Hinterseer - Diesmal ist's für immer
Hansi Hinterseer - Pulverschnee & Sonnenschein
Hansi Hinterseer - Du hast mich heut noch nicht geküsst
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist das schönste Mädchen
Hansi Hinterseer - Dann nehm ich Dich in meine Arme
Hansi Hinterseer - Ein schneeweißes Brautkleid
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm auf ein Bier zu mir
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn man sich lieb hat
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich lieb die Schönheit meiner Berge
John Hiatt - Maybe Baby, Say You Do
John Hiatt - Whistles in My Ears
John Hiatt - Sure as I'm Sittin' Here
John Hiatt - Rose
John Hiatt - Hangin' Around the Observatory
John Hiatt - Full Moon
John Hiatt - Wild-Eyed Gypsies
John Hiatt - Ocean
John Hiatt - Tennessee Plates
John Hiatt - Slow Turning
John Hiatt - Real Fine Love
John Hiatt - Perfectly Good Guitar
John Hiatt - Feels Like Rain
John Hiatt - Down Home
John Hiatt - Washable Ink
John Hiatt - Slug Line
John Hiatt - Radio Girl
John Hiatt - Pink Bedroom
John Hiatt - It Hasn't Happened Yet
John Hiatt - Spy Boy
John Hiatt - My Edge of the Razor
John Hiatt - The Way We Make a Broken Heart
John Hiatt - Child of the Wild Blue Yonder
John Hiatt - Angel Eyes
John Hiatt - Cry Love
John Hiatt - Crossing Muddy Waters
John Hiatt - Take It Down
John Hiatt - Sure as I'm Sitting Here
John Hiatt - I Want Your Love Inside of Me
John Hiatt - Living a Little, Laughing a Little
John Hiatt - Interview with John Hiatt
Hansi Hinterseer - Weit weit im Süden
Hansi Hinterseer - Mein Herz braucht a Heimat
Hansi Hinterseer - Du ich mag Dich wahnsinnig gern
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich will Dich ganz für mich allein
Hansi Hinterseer - Und dann am Abend
Hansi Hinterseer - Ein Leben mit dir
Hansi Hinterseer - Du gehst heut' nacht nicht allein nach Haus
Hansi Hinterseer - Dieses Herz schenk ich Dir
Hansi Hinterseer - Fiesta de la Luna
Hansi Hinterseer - Die Ballade von der Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Der letzte Tanz mit Dir
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich schenk Dir den Himmel heut Nacht
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich bin so gern zuhaus
Hansi Hinterseer - La dolce vita und amore
Hansi Hinterseer - Wir feiern heut das Leben
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn Du glücklich bist
Hansi Hinterseer - Hey Baby tanz mit mir
Hansi Hinterseer - 24 Stunden
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich hab dich schon immer gern gehabt
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist mein Augenstern
Hansi Hinterseer - Aber alles kam anders (Neuaufnahme 2008)
Askil Holm - Where the Angels Sleep
Askil Holm - Thinking of You
Askil Holm - Where Do You Go From Here
Askil Holm - How Long Will I Love You?
Askil Holm - Ain't No Cure Loving You (bonus, live at Oslo Spektrum, October 2006)
Askil Holm - Where the Angels Sleep (bonus, live at Oslo Spektrum, October 2006)
John Hiatt - Cross My Fingers
John Hiatt - Old Habits
John Hiatt - When You Hold Me Tight
John Hiatt - Loving a Hurricane
John Hiatt - Warming Up to the Ice Age
John Hiatt - Number One Honest Game
John Hiatt - I Got a Gun
John Hiatt - I Look for Love
John Hiatt - Georgia Rae
John Hiatt - Ride Along
John Hiatt - Is Anybody There?
John Hiatt - Take Off Your Uniform
John Hiatt - Lincoln Town
John Hiatt - Before I Go
John Hiatt - Good as She Could Be
John Hiatt - The River Knows Your Name
John Hiatt - Dust Down a Country Road
John Hiatt - Back of My Mind
John Hiatt - Bring Back Your Love to Me
John Hiatt - Rock Back Billy
John Hiatt - Through Your Hands
Hansi Hinterseer - Jeder Tag ist pure Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Und ich will Deinen Herzschlag spüren
Hansi Hinterseer - Rosarot - Himmelblau
Hansi Hinterseer - Nicht so schnell Annabell
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich hab ein Geschenk für Dich
Hansi Hinterseer - Verzeih mein Schatz verzeih
Hansi Hinterseer - A bärige Weihnacht
Hansi Hinterseer - Alle Jahre wieder
Hansi Hinterseer - Ihr Kinderlein kommet
Hansi Hinterseer - Weihnachten in Tirol
Hansi Hinterseer - Lasst uns froh und munter sein
Hansi Hinterseer - Kommet ihr Hirten
Hansi Hinterseer - Als Maria übers Gebirge ging
Hansi Hinterseer - Halt a bisserl still
Hansi Hinterseer - Doch ich mach Dich glücklich
Hansi Hinterseer - Eine Nacht in Monte Carlo
Hansi Hinterseer - Der alte Silbermond
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn ich an meine Heimat denke
Hansi Hinterseer - Das Paradies auf Erden
Hansi Hinterseer - Es ist alles nur geliehen
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich hab Dich zum Küssen gern
Hansi Hinterseer - Hab doch Vertrauen
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich will nur Dich
DJ Ötzi - Anton aus Tirol
Claudia Jung - Ich werd' bei dir sein
Kastelruther Spatzen - Und führe mich nicht in Versuchung
Die Paldauer - Pures Glück
Die Klostertaler - Die längste Nacht der Welt
Die Paldauer - Mit Tränen in den Augen
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn die Resi singt
Hansi Hinterseer - Das Mädchen von den Bergen
Hansi Hinterseer - Dich gibt's nur einmal
Hansi Hinterseer - Wo die weißen Birken stehen
Hansi Hinterseer - Hast Du ein bisserl Zeit
The Hit Crew - Margaritaville
The Hit Crew - Escape
The Hit Crew - Sea Cruise
The Hit Crew - Baby Love
The Hit Crew - Aquarius
John Hiatt - Master of Disaster
John Hiatt - Howlin' Down the Cumberland
John Hiatt - Wintertime Blues
John Hiatt - When My Love Crosses Over
John Hiatt - Love's Not Where We Thought We Left It
John Hiatt - Ain't Ever Goin' Back
John Hiatt - Cold River
John Hiatt - Find You at Last
John Hiatt - Old School
John Hiatt - Back on the Corner
John Hiatt - Long Time Comin'
John Hiatt - Face of God
John Hiatt - Marlene
John Hiatt - Wind Don't Have to Hurry
John Hiatt - Nobody Knew His Name
John Hiatt - Baby's Gonna Kick
John Hiatt - Nothin' I Love
John Hiatt - Terms of My Surrender
John Hiatt - Here to Stay
John Hiatt - Old People
John Hiatt - Come Back Home
John Hiatt - This Secret Life
John Hiatt - Overnight Story
John Hiatt - Forever Yours
John Hiatt - Some Fun Now
John Hiatt - The Walking Dead
John Hiatt - I Could Use an Angel
John Hiatt - Getting Excited
John Hiatt - Marianne
John Hiatt - I'm Tired of Your Stuff
John Hiatt - Sharon's Got a Drugstore
Hansi Hinterseer - Alle meine Entchen
Hansi Hinterseer - Backe, backe Kuchen
Hansi Hinterseer - Es klappert die Mühle
Hansi Hinterseer - Alle Vögel sind schon da
Hansi Hinterseer - Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen
Hansi Hinterseer - Kommt ein Vogel geflogen
Hansi Hinterseer - Grün, grün, grün
Hansi Hinterseer - Laterne, Laterne
Hansi Hinterseer - La Le Lu
Hansi Hinterseer - Der Mond ist aufgegangen
Hansi Hinterseer - Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf
Hansi Hinterseer - Weißt du wieviel Sternlein stehen
Hansi Hinterseer - Guten Abend, gute Nacht
Hansi Hinterseer - Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein
Hansi Hinterseer - Mann sagt nicht Goodbye
Hansi Hinterseer - Eine Träne, die Sehnsucht heißt
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm nach Tirol, Señorita
Hansi Hinterseer - Was kann ich denn dafür (Something Stupid)
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm doch mit mir nach Tahiti
The Hit Crew - Rock You Like a Hurricane-Klaus Meine / Rudolf Schenker
The Hit Crew - Love Is a Battlefield
The Hit Crew - 867-5309 (Jenny)
The Hit Crew - No Scrubs
The Hit Crew - Livin' La Vida Loca
The Hit Crew - Beautiful in My Eyes
Hansi Hinterseer - So ein schöner Tag
Hansi Hinterseer - Da lacht das Leben
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist zum Weinen viel zu schön
Hansi Hinterseer - Hast Du mich immer noch lieb?
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist die Frau für immer
Hansi Hinterseer - Lass mich bei Dir sein
Hansi Hinterseer - Und es war kalt im Paradies
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn Du nur immer bei mir bleibst
Hansi Hinterseer - Du musst ein Kind des Himmels sein
Hansi Hinterseer - Schifahrn Schifahrn
Hansi Hinterseer - Rote Sonne von Bali
Hansi Hinterseer - Mein Herz schlägt immer für Dich
Hansi Hinterseer - Die Monika
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich Hab ein Herz für die Berge
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich werd' Dir immer treu sein
Hansi Hinterseer - Mein Engel Baby Blue
Hansi Hinterseer - Mein Boot fährt heut' um Mitternacht
Hansi Hinterseer - Vater und Tochter
Hansi Hinterseer - Ein Kind der Berge
Hansi Hinterseer - Es grüßt der Wilde Kaiser
Hansi Hinterseer - Jeder Tag ist wie ein neues Leben
Hansi Hinterseer - Bei uns zu Hause in den Bergen
Hansi Hinterseer - Bist du noch a bisserl verliebt
Hansi Hinterseer - Giovana träumt
Hansi Hinterseer - A bisserl Gottvertraun
The Hit Crew - Sweet Dream Are Made of This
The Hit Crew - Down With the Sickness
Redbone - The Witch Queen of New Orleans
John Hiatt - Smiling in the Rain
John Hiatt - Distance
John Hiatt - Overcoats
John Hiatt - Motorboat to Heaven
John Hiatt - The Lady of the Night
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm mit mir
Hansi Hinterseer - Beim Alpenglühn und Edelweis
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich lieb' Dich über alles auf der Welt
The Hit Crew - Last Kiss
The Hit Crew - Jump in the line
The Hit Crew - Sweat (A la la la long)
The Hit Crew - At the Hop
The Hit Crew - The Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah
The Hit Crew - See You Again
The Hit Crew - Fashionably Late
The Hit Crew - Supermodel (You Better Work)
The Hit Crew - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
The Hit Crew - Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of)
The Hit Crew - Tip Toe Thru The Tulips With Me
The Hit Crew - Kung Fu Fighting
The Hit Crew - Love Shack
The Hit Crew - Freshman
The Hit Crew - Set U Free
The Hit Crew - Good Times
The Hit Crew - School's Out
Richard “Groove” Holmes - Groovin' for Mr. G
Emma Hewitt - Foolish Boy
Emma Hewitt - Still Remember You (Stay Forever)
Emma Hewitt - Crucify
Emma Hewitt - This Picture
Emma Hewitt - Adeline
Emma Hewitt - Carry Me Away
Emma Hewitt - It All Began With You
Emma Hewitt - Colours (Armin van Buuren remix dub)
The Havoc - Death Comes Fast
The Havoc - Nothing to Prove
The Havoc - Live or Die
The Havoc - We're All to Blame
The Havoc - Worthless Words
The Havoc - Selective Service
The Havoc - More Than This
The Havoc - No Escape
The Havoc - Never Say Never
The Havoc - Cause for Rebellion
The Havoc - Another Cause
The Havoc - We Want the Truth
The Havoc - Time Is Up
Homeboy Sandman - Rain
Homeboy Sandman - Watchu’ Want From Me?
Homeboy Sandman - Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby, Boo)
Homeboy Sandman - Sputnik
Homeboy Sandman - Illuminati
Homeboy Sandman - 4 Corners
Homeboy Sandman - For the Kids
Homeboy Sandman - Mine All Mine
Homeboy Sandman - Not Really
Homeboy Sandman - The Ancient
Homeboy Sandman - Eclipsed
Homeboy Sandman - First of a Living Breed
Homeboy Sandman - 1, 2, 3
Homeboy Sandman - Loads
Homeboy Sandman - Refugee
Homeboy Sandman - Problems
Homeboy Sandman - Grand Pupa
Homeboy Sandman - Personal Ad
Homeboy Sandman - Enough
Homeboy Sandman - Food Glorious Food
Homeboy Sandman - I-Tunes Song
Homeboy Sandman - Wise Up
Homeboy Sandman - Lightning Bolt. Lightning Rod.
Homeboy Sandman - Opium
John Hiatt - You Used to Kiss the Girls
John Hiatt - The Negroes Were Dancing
John Hiatt - Madonna Road
John Hiatt - (No More) Dancin' In the Street
John Hiatt - Long Night
John Hiatt - The Night That Kenny Died
John Hiatt - You're My Love Interest
John Hiatt - Back to Normal
John Hiatt - Down in Front
John Hiatt - I Spy
John Hiatt - Good Girl, Bad World
John Hiatt - Face the Nation
John Hiatt - Back to the War
John Hiatt - String Pull Job
John Hiatt - New Numbers
John Hiatt - I Spy (For the F.B.I)
Barbro Hörberg - Gamla älskade barn
Barbro Hörberg - Med ögon känsliga för grönt
Barbro Hörberg - Ja, hej ...
Barbro Hörberg - Örat
Barbro Hörberg - Långe Bengt
John Hiatt - Don't Think About Her When You're Trying to Drive
John Hiatt - Movin' On
John Hiatt - I Killed an Ant
Homeboy Sandman - Yeah but I Can Rhyme Though
Homeboy Sandman feat. Fresh Daily - Table Cloth
Homeboy Sandman - Low Co.
Homeboy Sandman - Mean Mug
Homeboy Sandman - The Essence
Homeboy Sandman - Strange Planet
Homeboy Sandman - Being Haved
Homeboy Sandman - Calm Tornado
Homeboy Sandman - Listen
Homeboy Sandman - Angels With Dirty Faces
Homeboy Sandman - The Carpenter
Homeboy Sandman - The Miracle
Homeboy Sandman - Soap
Homeboy Sandman - Canned Goods
Homeboy Sandman - Hold Your Head
Homeboy Sandman - I Do Whatever I Want
Homeboy Sandman - Look Out
Homeboy Sandman - Watchu Want From Me
Homeboy Sandman - Chimera OUT NOW
Homeboy Sandman - Lonely People
Homeboy Sandman - My Brothers
Homeboy Sandman - Moon
Homeboy Sandman - Peace & Love
Homeboy Sandman - I
Homeboy Sandman - Men Are Mortal
Homeboy Sandman - Dag, Philly Too
Homeboy Sandman - King Kong Got Nothing on Me
Homeboy Sandman - Relapse
Homeboy Sandman - Musician
Homeboy Sandman - Sureshots
Homeboy Sandman - In a Daze
Homeboy Sandman - Wade in the Water
Homeboy Sandman - Echoes
Homeboy Sandman - I Saw a World
Homeboy Sandman - They Can’t Hang (Word to the Mother)
Chiemi Hori - Deadend Street GIRL
Holocaust - No Nonsense
Holocaust - Smokin' Valves
Holocaust - The Small Hours
Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania
Holocaust - Iron Will
Holocaust - Black Box
Holocaust - Hell on Earth
Holocaust - Transcendence
Holocaust - Fools (Bring on the Light)
Holocaust - Made Righteous
Holocaust - It's Your Dream
Holocaust - Colossus
Holocaust - Lost Horizons
Richard “Groove” Holmes - Ain't That Peculiar
Holocaust - Only as Young as You Feel
Holocaust - It Don't Matter to Me
Holocaust - Love's Power
Hollydays - Les insatisfaits
Hollydays - Manueta
Hollydays - Le naufrage
Hollydays - Mouzaïa
Houndmouth - Sedona
Houndmouth - Otis
Houndmouth - 15 Years
Houndmouth - For No One
Houndmouth - Black Gold
Houndmouth - Honey Slider
Houndmouth - My Cousin Greg
Houndmouth - Gasoline
Houndmouth - By God
Houndmouth - Say It
Houndmouth - Darlin'
Houndmouth - On the Road
Houndmouth - Come On, Illinois
Houndmouth - Penitentiary
Houndmouth - Casino (Bad Things)
Houndmouth - Ludlow
Houndmouth - Hey Rose
Houndmouth - Krampus
Houndmouth - Long as You're at Home
Houndmouth - Houston Train
Houndmouth - Comin' Around Again
Houndmouth - Halfway to Hardinsburg
Houndmouth - The Big Oil Spill
Hellsonics - Cheap Beer and Nicotine
Earl Hooker - You Shook Me
Earl Hooker - Swear to Tell the Truth
Horace Pinker - Second Best
Horace Pinker - Supposed To
Horace Pinker - Closed
Horace Pinker - Motor One
Horace Pinker - Seven Hours
Horace Pinker - Refined
Horace Pinker - Chances Are
Horace Pinker - Extra Step
Horace Pinker - Doorway
Earl Hooker - This Little Voice
Lalah Hathaway - Let Go
Lalah Hathaway - Breathe
Lalah Hathaway - On Your Own
Lalah Hathaway - For Always
Lalah Hathaway - That Was Then
Lalah Hathaway - Learning to Swim
Lalah Hathaway - 1 Mile
Lalah Hathaway - Little Girl
Lalah Hathaway - What Goes Around
Lalah Hathaway - Naked Truth
Lalah Hathaway - UDO
Lalah Hathaway - Tragic Inevitability
Lalah Hathaway - How Many Times
Lalah Hathaway - Forever, for Always, for Love
Lalah Hathaway - Admit It
Lalah Hathaway - Stronger
Lalah Hathaway - We Were 2
Lalah Hathaway - More
Lalah Hathaway - Boston
Lalah Hathaway - Strong Woman
Lalah Hathaway - Where It All Begins
Lalah Hathaway - My Everything
Lalah Hathaway - Small of My Back
Lalah Hathaway - If You Want To
Lalah Hathaway - Lie to Me
Lalah Hathaway - This Could Be Love
Lalah Hathaway - Wrong Way
Lalah Hathaway - You Were Meant for Me
Lalah Hathaway - I'm Coming Back
Lalah Hathaway - Dreamland
Lalah Hathaway - Somethin'
Lalah Hathaway - Baby Don't Cry
Lalah Hathaway - Separate Ways
Lalah Hathaway - So They Say
Lalah Hathaway - Little Ghetto Boy
Lalah Hathaway - Angel
Lalah Hathaway - These Are the Things
Lalah Hathaway - When Your Life Was Low
Lalah Hathaway - Mirror
Lalah Hathaway - Brand New
Lalah Hathaway - Whatever
Lalah Hathaway - Outrun the Sun
Tomas Heredia - Oculus
Bruce Hornsby - The Valley Road
Bruce Hornsby - Jacob's Ladder
Bruce Hornsby - The End of the Innocence
Bruce Hornsby - Across the River
Bruce Hornsby - Lost Soul
Bruce Hornsby - Set Me in Motion
Bruce Hornsby - Walk in the Sun
Bruce Hornsby - See the Same Way
Bruce Hornsby - The Good Life
Bruce Hornsby - Go Back to Your Woods
Bruce Hornsby - Gonna Be Some Changes Made
Bruce Hornsby - Candy Mountain Run
Bruce Hornsby - Dreamland
Bruce Hornsby - Circus on the Moon
Bruce Hornsby - Halcyon Days
Bruce Hornsby - What the Hell Happened
Bruce Hornsby - Hooray for Tom
Bruce Hornsby - Heir Gordon
Bruce Hornsby - Mirror on the Wall
Bruce Hornsby - Lost in the Snow
Bruce Hornsby - Piano Intro / Great Divide
Bruce Hornsby - The Red Plains
Bruce Hornsby - The Road Not Taken
Bruce Hornsby - Lady With a Fan
Bruce Hornsby - Stander on the Mountain