Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 797:

Hero Dishonest - Killed in Inaction
Hero Dishonest - Never Solutions
Hero Dishonest - If The Price Is Right
Hero Dishonest - Obey Your Thirst
Hero Dishonest - I've Got a Reason to Live
Hero Dishonest - Crusade for Power
Hero Dishonest - Not Enough Bodybags
Hero Dishonest - Part III: Let Go
Hero Dishonest - Proud to Be Blue-Eyed
Hero Dishonest - Don't Blame Me
Hero Dishonest - Let's Positive
Hero Dishonest - Sometimes I'm Just a Big Cock
Hero Dishonest - Enemmän
Hero Dishonest - Rust
Hero Dishonest - Too Easy
Hero Dishonest - Unity '99
Hamburger Jungz - Auswärtzsieg
Hero Dishonest - If I Settle for The Rats and Not for the Race
Hero Dishonest - Destroy Everething, Please
Hard in Tango - This Is My DJ
Hester Prynne - Cold Blooded Comfort
Hester Prynne - Black Heart Market
Hester Prynne - Grimy
Hester Prynne - Dying Five Miles from Where You Were Born
Hester Prynne - Heat
Hester Prynne - Dancing with the Devil in Pale Moonlight
Hester Prynne - Sunday Rain
Hester Prynne - Red in the Water
Hester Prynne - That Night a Forest Grew
Hester Prynne - Casketing
Hester Prynne - All Roads Lead to Hell
Hester Prynne - Leeann Legore
Hester Prynne - Seventeen Is My Favorite Number
Hester Prynne - An Ambulance in Traffic
Hester Prynne - Let's Give the Boy a Hand
Hester Prynne - The Courtship of Wolves and Sharks
Henry's Funeral Shoe - Don't Lose the Rhythm
Henrique Cerqueira - Estética
Henrique Cerqueira - Fã-clube
Henrique Cerqueira - Butucar
Henrique Cerqueira - Ontem
Henrique Cerqueira - Ato falho
Henrique Cerqueira - Eu protesto
Henrique Cerqueira - Não fuja de mim
Henrique Cerqueira - Olhar azul
Henrique Cerqueira - Éden
Henrique Cerqueira - Mar e ilha
Henrique Cerqueira - Pensando em você (ao vivo)
C.J. Harris - If It Hadn't Been for Love
Hesta Prynn - Turn It Gold
Hesta Prynn - Recall
Kine Hellebust - Det hainnle om å leve
Kine Hellebust - Du må berre telgje
Herbstrock - Um dein Leben
Herbstrock - Wenn ich nur wüsste wie
Herbstrock - Klar
Herbstrock - Viel zu echt um schön zu sein
Herbstrock - Auf, ab und dann
Herbstrock - Wie lange noch
Herbstrock - 1-2-3
Lloyd "Tiny" Grimes - That Old Black Magic
Lloyd "Tiny" Grimes - Annie Laurie
Helvete - No More Peace
Helvete - Nighttime Seeds
Heligoland - Wedding Feast
Manooghi Hi - My Friends
Manooghi Hi - Kismet
Manooghi Hi - Om Baba
David Hernandez - I Fell in Love
David Hernandez - El profe
David Hernandez - El chapo de Tijuana
David Hernandez - Empecherado y camuflajeado
David Hernandez - La muerte del chapito barrial
David Hernandez - The Climb
Hesus Attor - Chasm
Hesus Attor - Pardonian Clouds
HAYAINO DAISUKI - Into the Throat of Berserk
HAYAINO DAISUKI - Ghosts of Purgatory
Harlem River Drive - Harlem River Drive (Theme Song)
Harlem River Drive - Idle Hands
Henok Achido - High On Life (When the Drugs Don't Work)
Heulend Horn - Part I: The Raise of the Unresting One
Heulend Horn - Part IV: The Raid of the Drakkar-Wolf
Hank Wangford & The Lost Cowboys - Moping to Mopping
Hands Like Glass - Mariposa
Hands Like Glass - New Chapter
Hands Like Glass - She Said
Hands Like Glass - Quarter Shy
Hands Like Glass - Believing In Words
Hands Like Glass - Verdict In 88
Helena - Can't Get You Out of My Head
Helena - Les mots de rien
Helena - Adieu ma vie
Helena - La vie de cocagne
Helena - J'ai la mémoire qui flanche
Helena - Notre folle jeunesse
Helena - Minuit Orly
Helena - Les mensonges
Helena - Nous vivions deux
Helion Prime - Into the Alien Terrain
Helion Prime - The Drake Equation
Helion Prime - Life Finds a Way
Helion Prime - Into the Black Hole
Helion Prime - A Place I Thought I Knew
Helion Prime - Keep What You Kill
Helion Prime - Ocean of Time
Helion Prime - Moon-Watcher
Helion Prime - Apollo (The Eagle Has Landed)
Helion Prime - Live and Die On This Day
Heel - Heel
Heel - Blood Sacrifice
Heel - Evil Days
Heel - Paradise
Heel - Turn Your Back On Me
Heel - No Longer In Darkness
Heel - Stay
Heel - Take Your Way
Heel - Northern Light
Heel - Can't Love Everyone
Heartbreak - Akin to Dancing
Matt Harlan - Burgundy & Blue
Hidell - World That Came Undone
Hidell - Venus Butterfly
Hidell - She Is Gone
Hidell - Magazine
Hidell - Who I Am
Hidell - Living It Up
Hidell - How Do You Feel
Hidell - Thank Me Please
Hidell - I Wanna Know
Hidell - I Don't Owe You Nothing
Hidell - Going Down In Flames
Hidden in Plain View - Bleed for You
Hidden in Plain View - Ashes Ashes
Hidden in Plain View - A Minor Detail
Hidden in Plain View - The Point
Hidden in Plain View - Twenty Below
Hidden in Plain View - Garden Statement
Hidden in Plain View - The Innocent Ones
Hidden in Plain View - American Classic
Hidden in Plain View - In Memory
Hidden in Plain View - Top 5 Addictions
Hidden in Plain View - Halcyon Daze
Hidden in Plain View - Bendy
Hidden in Plain View - I Don't Wanna Hear It
Hidden in Plain View - Like an Ocean
Hidden in Plain View - Heavy Breathing
Hidden in Plain View - Walk Harbor City
Hidden in Plain View - Circles
Hidden in Plain View - Our Time
Hidden in Plain View - Off My Shoulders
Hidden in Plain View - Something Needs to Change
Hidden in Plain View - The Lake House
Hidden in Plain View - Hear Me Out
Hidden in Plain View - Hot 'N' Sexy
Hidden in Plain View - Jerzey Nonsense
Hidden in Plain View - Traffic Jams and Train Cars
Hidden in Plain View - Belly Full of Kerosene
Hidden in Plain View - An American Classic
Hidden in Plain View - 20 Below
Hidden in Plain View - Sagamore
Hidden in Plain View - Shamans Witches Magic
Hidden in Plain View - The Chaser
Hidden in Plain View - Milligrams for Migraines
Hidden in Plain View - Eighty West
Hidden in Plain View - Same to You
Hidden in Plain View - Burned
Hidden in Plain View - Where the Highways End
Hidden in Plain View - Find
Hidden in Plain View - Eyes Like a Target
Hidden in Plain View - Full Count
hide with Spread Beaver - ROCKET DIVE
hide - DICE
hide - Genkai Haretsu
hide - FLAME
hide with Spread Beaver - Pink Spider
hide - LEMONed I Scream
hide - GOOD BYE
hide with Spread Beaver - ever free
hide - TELL ME
hide - MISERY
hide - SCANNER
hide - FROZEN BUG ’93
hide - Blue Sky Complex
hide - OBLAAT
hide - ERASE
hide - DAMAGE
hide - LASSIE
hide - ERASE -Valk MIX-
hide - BACTERIA -Bacteria MIX-
hide - LASSIE -Jazz Trance Spiritual Ecstasyboys MIX-
hide - POSE -The Rubber Hose MIX-
hide - MISCAST
hide - TELL ME (hide with Spread Beaver)
hide - Junk Story
hide - HONEY BLADE (unplugged)
hide - D.O.D.(DRINK OR DIE)
hide - Hi - Ho
hide - DOUBT '97
hide - Beauty & Stupid TOKYO SKA VERSION
hide - Hi-Ho (1997.2.8 OA)
hide - Beauty & Stupid (1996.9.7 OA)
Marek Hemmann - Left
Marek Hemmann - Right
Hi-STANDARD - Standing Still
Hi-STANDARD - Teenagers Are All Assholes
Hi-STANDARD - Just Rock
Hi-STANDARD - Please Please Please
Hi-STANDARD - Green Acres
Hi-STANDARD - Lift Me Up Don't Bring Me Down
Hi-STANDARD - Pentax
Hi-STANDARD - Nothing
Hi-STANDARD - Mosh Under the Rainbow
Hi-STANDARD - Starry Night
Hi-STANDARD - Brand New Sunset
Hi-STANDARD - Lonely
Hi-STANDARD - Saturday Night
Hi-STANDARD - I'm Walkin'
Hi-STANDARD - New Life
Hi-STANDARD - Since You Been Gone
Hi-STANDARD - Kiss Me Again
Hi-STANDARD - Sunny Day
Hi-STANDARD - Who'll Be the Next
Hi-STANDARD - Digging Up the Ground
Hi-STANDARD - Head Over Heels
Hi-STANDARD - Fighting Fists, Angry Soul
Hi-STANDARD - Stop the Time
Hi-STANDARD - Endless Trip
Hi-STANDARD - My Sweet Dog
Hi-STANDARD - My Heart Feels So Free
Hi-STANDARD - Gotta Pull Myself Together
Hi-STANDARD - Start Today
Hi-STANDARD - The Sound of Secret Minds
Hi-STANDARD - Spread Your Sail
Hi-STANDARD - Pathetic Man's Song
Hi-STANDARD - California Dreamin'
Hi-STANDARD - Sunshine Boys
Hi-STANDARD - Can't Help Falling in Love
Hi-STANDARD - Catch a Wave
Hi-STANDARD - Sexy Girlfriend
Hi-STANDARD - Dear My Friends
Håkan Hemlin - Fri
Håkan Hemlin - Det brinner ett ljus
Hevein - Break Out the Hammers
Hevein - Worth Fighting For
Hevein - iOta
Hevein - As Far as the Eye Can See
Hevein - Only Human
Hevein - Bleed the Day
Hevein - Beg to Differ
Hevein - Hold Fast
Hevein - Last Drop of Innocence
Hevein - Walk
Hevein - NOR
Hevein - V
Hell Within - Godspeed to Your Deathbed
Hell Within - Bleeding Me Black
Hell Within - Redemption... Is a Cold Body
Hell Within - Merchants of the Blood Trade
Hell Within - A World to Murder
Hell Within - Self-Inflected Silence
Hell Within - Asylum of the Human Predator
Hell Within - Soul Revulsion
Hell Within - Swallow the Stitches
Hell Within - Open Your Eyes to Open Wounds
Hell Within - Shadows of Vanity
Hell Within - My Exit in Red
Hell Within - Lay Down Your Arms
Hell Within - The Spiral
Hell Within - In the Absence of Fire
Hell Within - Between the Dead and the Deceived
Hell Within - For the Taking
Hell Within - Merciless
Hell Within - A Silent Prayer for the Haunted
Hell Within - Condemning the Bloodline
Hell Within - Lament for the Fallen
Hell Within - God Grant Me Vengeance
Hell Within - The Rebirth
Hell Within - Assembly of the Locusts
Hell Within - Scars in Oblivion
Hell Within - Deliverance
Hell Within - Eternal Uprising
Hell Within - Remnants of a Failed Creation
Hell Within - Hours of Decay
Herbert - You're Unknown to Me
Herbert - Foreign Bodies
Herbert - I Know
Herbert - Leave Me Now
Herbert - The Last Beat
Herbert - You Saw It All
Herbert - On Reflection
Herbert - Addiction
Herbert - I Miss You
Herbert - It's Only a Reprise
Herbert - The Audience
Herbert - Something Isn't Right
Herbert - The Movers and the Shakers
Herbert - Moving Like a Train
Herbert - Harmonise
Herbert - Birds of a Feather
Herbert - Those Feelings
Herbert - Down
Herbert - Movie Star
Herbert - Just Once
Herbert - Wrong
Herbert - The Audience (Matmos Shifted My Tongue)
Happy Clover - PUNCH☆MIND☆HAPPINESS (Music Video)
Phil Hendrie - Cool Hand Luke
Hex - Diviner
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester - Rapture
Moloko - The Flipside
Herbert - It's Only A
HARUHI - The Lion is Calling Me
HARUHI - Empty Motion
El Guapo - Glass House
El Guapo - Ocean and Sky
El Guapo - Space Tourist
El Guapo - Fake French
El Guapo - I Don't Care
El Guapo - Hawks
El Guapo - The Time: Night
El Guapo - Pick It Up
El Guapo - Faith-Based Music
El Guapo - Jacob P. Silverstein
Hesian - Ez ziren hitzak
Hesian - Harri bat, doinu bat
Hesian - Zure itzala
Hesian - Begi Beltz
Hesian - Herriaren oihua
Hesian - Beste egun bat
Hesian - Esaidazu
Hesian - Inoiz ez
Hesian - Izan genuen ametsa
Hesian - Itzalpeko garraxiak
Hesian - Galduta
Hesian - Hau dena aldatzera doa
Hesian - Helmugarik gabe
Hesian - Guregatik
Hesian - Noiz itzuliko zara
Hesian - Noraezean
Hesian - Sua ta bihotza
Hesian - Argi iluna
Hesian - Zure bidean
Hesian - Irribarre batekin
Hesian - Geroa eroa
Hesian - Bihotzetik mundura
Hesian - Olatu berdea
Hesian - Itsas Bazterrean
Hesian - Maite Dugu
Hesian - Erantzuteko Beharra
Hesian - Behar Zaitut
Hesian - Errealitatea
Hesian - Begira Nazazu
Hesian - Pauso Mugatuak
Hesian - Itxaropenaren izenean
Hesian - Agortu dira hitzak
Hesian - Milaka argi
Hesian - Ezin ahaztu
Hesian - Isiltasunaren muga
Hesian - Eguna helduko da
Hesian - Beranduegi da
Hesian - Ikusi dezaket
Hesian - Itxuraren aroa
Hesian - Emen gaude
hi-posi - Boys Be Ambitious
Linnea Henriksson - Alice
Linnea Henriksson - Lyckligare nu
Linnea Henriksson - Väldigt kär / Obegripligt ensam
Linnea Henriksson - Mitt rum i ditt hjärta
Linnea Henriksson - Aldrig blekna
Linnea Henriksson - Jag vet nåt som inte du vet
Linnea Henriksson - Sista gången
Linnea Henriksson - När jag var liten
Linnea Henriksson - Din tomma lägenhet
Linnea Henriksson - Dansa med mig
Linnea Henriksson - Enastående
Linnea Henriksson - Min stad
Linnea Henriksson - Du söker bråk, jag kräver dans
Linnea Henriksson - Cecilia
Linnea Henriksson - Ensamheten
Linnea Henriksson - Mina händer
Linnea Henriksson - Jag ger dig allt jag har
Linnea Henriksson - Halmstad
Linnea Henriksson - Du vet allt
Linnea Henriksson - Timmen är slagen
Linnea Henriksson - Håll så käft og kyss mig
Linnea Henriksson - Klassfotot
Linnea Henriksson - Jag är inte kär
Linnea Henriksson - Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam
Halo in Reverse - I Machine
Halo in Reverse - Modesty's Failure
Halo in Reverse - Sweetest Honey
Halo in Reverse - Whittled to an Edge
Halo in Reverse - Something This Real
Halo in Reverse - You
Halo in Reverse - Pop Icon Puppets
Halo in Reverse - Where Were You
The Heartbreaks - Liar, My Dear
The Heartbreaks - Delay, Delay
The Heartbreaks - Jealous, Don’t You Know
The Heartbreaks - I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt to Think of You
Harvest - No Return
Helios - The Obeisant Vine
Helios - Signed I Wish You Well
Helios - In Heaven
Hierophant - Masochismo
Hierophant - Nostalgia
Hierophant - Sadismo
Hierophant - Apatia
Hierophant - Paranoia
Hierophant - Sottomissione
Hierophant - Alienazione
Hierophant - Egoismo
Hierophant - Inferno
Helios - Stasis
Claire Hamill - The Moon Is a Powerful Lover
Hellnation - Economic Survival
Hellnation - Dynamite Up Your Ass
Hellnation - Game of Death
Hellnation - Um Bando de Filhos da Puta
Hellnation - I Love Punk I Love Thrash
Hellnation - Cold Sweat
Hellnation - Dengve's Mosquito
Hellnation - Punk for Dummies
Hellnation - Easy Sell
Hellnation - Ride With Me
Hellnation - This Is Progress
Hellnation - Glory Days
Hellnation - Martyr
Hellnation - No More Favors
Hellnation - Not Smooth Jazz
Hellnation - Drinking With Friends
Hellnation - Army of God
Hellnation - Sign Up
Hellnation - When in Rome
Hellnation - Best Behavior
Hellnation - Again and Again
Hemina - This Hour of Ours
Hemina - To Conceive a Plan
Hemina - The Boy is Dead
Hemina - For All Wrong Reasons
Hemina - And Now To Find a Friend
Hemina - With What I See
Hemina - Hunting is For Women
Hemina - Even In Heaven
Hemina - Conduit To the Sky
Hemina - Haunting Me!
Hemina - Divine
Hemina - Nightlives
Hatef - Taryaak
Hatef - Mojarrad
Claire Hamill - Man Who Cannot See Tomorrow's Sunshine
Claire Hamill - Consummation
Claire Hamill - River Song
Claire Hamill - Where Are Your Smiles At
Claire Hamill - When I Was a Child
Claire Hamill - Flowers for Grandma
Claire Hamill - Phoenix
Claire Hamill - Smile Your Blues Away
Claire Hamill - Only Love Remains
Heartwell - Milpool
Heartwell - Who Monitors the Monitor
The Hellboys - Besoin de rien
Benjamin Herman - Lamento
Benjamin Herman - A Slow Hot Wind
Brandyn Hazelton - Only Time
Brandyn Hazelton - Point of View
Brandyn Hazelton - See Again
Brandyn Hazelton - Only One
Brandyn Hazelton - No More
Brandyn Hazelton - Rock and Roll Man
Brandyn Hazelton - Beautiful
Brandyn Hazelton - Hold Me Higher
The Hidden Cameras - Death of a Tune
The Hidden Cameras - Awoo
The Hidden Cameras - She's Gone
The Hidden Cameras - Fee Fie
The Hidden Cameras - Learning the Lie
The Hidden Cameras - Follow These Eyes
The Hidden Cameras - Hump From Bending
The Hidden Cameras - Doot Doot Plot
The Hidden Cameras - Builds the Bone
The Hidden Cameras - Fear Is On
The Hidden Cameras - I Believe in the Good of Life
The Hidden Cameras - We Oh We
The Hidden Cameras - I Want Another Enema
The Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam
The Hidden Cameras - Ratify the New
The Hidden Cameras - In the NA
The Hidden Cameras - He Falls to Me
The Hidden Cameras - Colour of a Man
The Hidden Cameras - Walk On
The Hidden Cameras - Underage
The Hidden Cameras - The Little Bit
The Hidden Cameras - Silence Can Be a Headline
The Hidden Cameras - A Miracle
The Hidden Cameras - The International MMA: The Mild Mannered Army
The Hidden Cameras - He Is the Boss of Me
The Hidden Cameras - High Upon the Church Grounds
Hidden Hospitals - Pulp
Hidden Hospitals - Rose Hips
Hidden Hospitals - Modern Saints
Hidden Hospitals - Wounded Sirens
Hidden Hospitals - Bone Scraper
Hidden Hospitals - Trilogy
Hidden Hospitals - Synesthesia
Hidden Hospitals - Animals
Hidden Hospitals - From Toxin
Hidden Hospitals - Surface Tension
Hidden Hospitals - Picture Perfect
Hidden Hospitals - The Absence of Emotion
Hidden Hospitals - Featherweight
Hidden Hospitals - Monsters
Hidden Hospitals - Poet & Liar
Hidden Hospitals - Atonement
The Hidden Cameras - Day I Left Home
The Hidden Cameras - Don't Make Promises
The Hidden Cameras - Golden Streams
The Hidden Cameras - The Animals of Prey
The Hidden Cameras - Smells Like Happiness
The Hidden Cameras - Day Is Dawning
The Hidden Cameras - Boys of Melody
The Hidden Cameras - Shame
The Hidden Cameras - Breathe on It
The Hidden Cameras - The Man That I Am With My Man
The Hidden Cameras - Bread for Brat
The Hidden Cameras - Doom
The Hidden Cameras - Gay Goth Scene
The Hidden Cameras - Year of the Spawn
The Hidden Cameras - Ode to Self Publishing: Fear of 'Zine Failure
The Hidden Cameras - B-Boy
Hammer Bros. - Legion
Hammer Bros. - Boston AM
Hammer Bros. - A New Beginning
Hammer Bros. - Thus Consumption
Hammer Bros. - Negatives
Hammer Bros. - Out of Style
Hammer Bros. - The Vitality
Hammer Bros. - It Hurts...
Hammer Bros. - My Playground
Henry Cow - Ottawa Song
Henry Cow - Deluge
Henry Cow - Nirvana for Mice
Henry Cow - Nine Funerals of the Citizen King
Henry Cow - Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road
Henry Cow - Lovers of Gold
Henry Cow - Teenbeat 3
Henry Cow - Viva Pa Ubu
Henry Cow - Living in the Heart of the Beast
Henry Cow - Bad Alchemy
Henry Cow - Beautiful as the Moon, Terrible as an Army With Banners
Herrasmiesliiga - Happamia, sanoi kettu
Herrasmiesliiga - 112
Herrasmiesliiga - Enemmän
Herrasmiesliiga - Karma
Herrasmiesliiga - Miehen mitta
Herrasmiesliiga - Ne kyselee
Herrasmiesliiga - Se en ollu minä
Herrasmiesliiga - Kestä
Herrasmiesliiga - Viimeinen pisara
Herrasmiesliiga - Haluisin et tiedät
Herrasmiesliiga - Pitkää sylkee
Herrasmiesliiga - Jess
Herrasmiesliiga - Lahest
Helen - Maa
Helen - Khooneye Eshgh
Helen - Ooje Parvaz
Helen - Negahe To
Helen - Ormack
Helen - Mosafer
Helen - Yek Booseh
Helen - Bordi Az Yadam
Helen - Hesse Taazeh
Helen - Dobareh Tou
Helen - Eshgh Aasooneh
Helen - Tardid
Helen - Bidaari
Helen - Vaghti Tou Nabaashi
Helen - Marde E Royaie
Helen - Zendegi
Joe Higgs - There's A Reward
Joe Higgs - My Baby Still Loves Me
Joe Higgs - Upside Down
Joe Higgs - Sun Is Shining
Los hermanos Dalton - Ya Lo Sabes
Los hermanos Dalton - Sin dirección
Los hermanos Dalton - Desde la Pared
Los hermanos Dalton - Pink Panther
Los hermanos Dalton - El cielo puede esperar
Los hermanos Dalton - Una Segunda Oportunidad
hide with Spread Beaver - LEATHER FACE
hide with Spread Beaver - DOUBT(MIXED LEMONed JELLY MIX)
hide with Spread Beaver - Backteria
hide with Spread Beaver - Genkai Haretsu
hide with Spread Beaver - Pose
hide with Spread Beaver - Bacteria
Corey Hart - Peruvian Lady
Corey Hart - Lamp at Midnite
Corey Hart - She Got the Radio
Corey Hart - Does She Love You
Corey Hart - Cheatin' in School
Corey Hart - The World Is Fire
Corey Hart - At the Dance
Corey Hart - Jenny Fey
Corey Hart - Komrade Kiev
Corey Hart - Never Surrender
Corey Hart - Sunny Place, Shady People
Corey Hart - Eurasian Eyes
Corey Hart - Everything in My Heart
Corey Hart - Silent Talking
Corey Hart - Waiting for You
Corey Hart - Water From the Moon
Corey Hart - Dancin' With My Mirror
Corey Hart - A Little Love
Corey Hart - I Am by Your Side
Corey Hart - Black Cloud Rain
Corey Hart - Someone
Corey Hart - Love Hurts
Corey Hart - Third of June
Corey Hart - Simplicity
Corey Hart - Angel of My Soul
Corey Hart - Sunflowers
Corey Hart - Kiss the Sky
Corey Hart - On Your Own
Corey Hart - India
Heights - The best years
Heights - Eleven eyes
Heights - March 1964
Heights - The noble lie
Heights - In transit
Heights - Wake up, fall asleep
Heights - Forth/Here
Corey Hart - Take My Heart
Corey Hart - Angry Young Man
Corey Hart - Goin' Home
Corey Hart - Broken Arrow
Corey Hart - Political Cry
Corey Hart - Is It Too Late?
Corey Hart - Jimmy Rae
Corey Hart - Blind Faith
Corey Hart - Don't Take Me to the Racetrack
Corey Hart - Bang! (Starting Over)
Corey Hart - Spot You in a Coalmine
Corey Hart - Without You
Corey Hart - Break the Chain
Corey Hart - Là-Bas
Corey Hart - So Visible (Easy to Miss)
Corey Hart - Jade
Corey Hart - Above the Trees
Corey Hart - Back in the Hand
Corey Hart - Love and Money
Corey Hart - Baby When I Call Your Name
Corey Hart - She's Everywhere
Corey Hart - I Want (Cool Cool Love)
Corey Hart - Always
Corey Hart - Poster
Corey Hart - 92 Days of Rain
Corey Hart - Without Your Love
Corey Hart - Sonnets From the Portuguese
Corey Hart - Lone Wolf
Corey Hart - Rain on Me
Corey Hart - Chippin' Away
Corey Hart - Truth Will Set You Free
Corey Hart - So It Goes
Corey Hart - Still in Love
Corey Hart - No Love Lost
Corey Hart - Crossroad Caravan
Corey Hart - Diamond Cowboy
Corey Hart - Can't Stand Losin' You
Corey Hart - Art of Color
Corey Hart - Slowburn
Corey Hart - Ballade for Nien Cheng
Sara Hickman - Mad World
Sara Hickman - Shortstop
Sara Hickman - If We Sent Our Hearts Over Now
Sara Hickman - The Very Thing
Sara Hickman - Salvador
Sara Hickman - Don't Give Up
Sara Hickman - Too Fast
Sara Hickman - Claim on My Heart
Sara Hickman - Standing Ground
Sara Hickman - Life
Sara Hickman - Kerosene
Sara Hickman - Edward
Sara Hickman - Woman Waiting To Happen
Sara Hickman - I Wish I Could Run
Sara Hickman - Everything's Red
Sara Hickman - Dear Tracey
Sara Hickman - Moment of Grace
Sara Hickman - Bowl Full of Stars
Sara Hickman - Come Around
Sara Hickman - We Are Each Other's Angels
Sara Hickman - I'm Not Going Anywhere
Gypsy Kyss - What I feel
Gypsy Kyss - Fair is fair
Gypsy Kyss - Confused (As one is by the other)
Gypsy Kyss - Peccavi
Gypsy Kyss - Hung by a thread
Gypsy Kyss - Walk on the water
Gypsy Kyss - Where do you go
Gypsy Kyss - From here
Gypsy Kyss - One way out
Gypsy Kyss - Sunset
Gypsy Kyss - Welcome to My World
Gypsy Kyss - What's Mine
Gypsy Kyss - Mary's Mountain
Gypsy Kyss - I Am a Man
Gypsy Kyss - Holy
Gypsy Kyss - Needle in a Haystack
Gypsy Kyss - Tin Soldier (Tin Man)
Gypsy Kyss - Somewhere With Somebody Else
Gypsy Kyss - Make It Work
Gypsy Kyss - Black and White
The High Fidelics - Theme From Kismet
Corey Hart - In Your Soul (extended version 2)
Sara Hickman - I Think I Love You
Hero's Fate - Apathy
Hero's Fate - Blood Will Never Run Dry
Hero's Fate - Drowning in Sorrow
Hero's Fate - Dawn of the Black Light
Hero's Fate - Surrogate of a New World
Hero's Fate - Tranquillity
Hero's Fate - Faceless
Hero's Fate - The Absence of Light
Hero's Fate - Masks
Hero's Fate - I Am King
Sara Hickman - You Are My Sunshine
The High Kings - Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
The High Kings - Will Ye Go Lassie, Go?
The High Kings - Galway To Graceland
The High Kings - The Black Velvet Band
The High Kings - Marie's Wedding
The High Kings - Fields Of Glory
The High Kings - Ar Éireann Ní Neosainn Cé hÍ
The High Kings - The Little Beggarman
The High Kings - The Parting Glass
The High Kings - The Wild Rover
The High Kings - Step It Out Mary
The High Kings - As I Roved Out
The High Kings - On the One Road
The High Kings - Raglan Road
The High Kings - Whiskey in the Jar
The High Kings - Leaving of Liverpool
The High Kings - Red Is the Rose
The High Kings - Star of the County Down
The High Kings - Boolavogue
The High Kings - Cavan Girl
The High Kings - The Rising of the Moon
The High Kings - The Irish Rover
The High Kings - All Around the World
The High Kings - Gucci
The High Kings - High
The High Kings - Peggy Gordon
The High Kings - Johnny Leave Her
The High Kings - Oh Maggie
The High Kings - Friends for Life
The High Kings - Health to the Company
The High Kings - Come with Me Now
Sara Hickman - Simply
Helma & Selma - 'k Heb mooie tulpen
Helma & Selma - Kom over de brug
Helma & Selma - In de bus van Bussum naar Naarden
Helma & Selma - Bergen van Tirol
Helma & Selma - Om kwart voor acht
Helma & Selma - Tabe, ik kies weer zee
Helma & Selma - In 'n cafetaria van Milano
Helma & Selma - Edelweiss wals
The High & Mighty - Nowhere to Hide At
The High & Mighty - You Don't Wanna F*ck Wit
The High & Mighty - And Then (Skit)
The High & Mighty - More in Outs
The High & Mighty - Dirty Decibels
The High & Mighty - Top Prospects
The High & Mighty - Dick Starbuck 'Porno Detective'
The High & Mighty feat. Mos Def & Mad Skillz - B-Boy Document '99
The High & Mighty - The Last Hit
The High & Mighty - Hot Spittable
The High & Mighty - The Meaning
The High & Mighty - In-Outs
The High & Mighty - The Half
The High & Mighty - Hands on Experience, Part 2
The High & Mighty - Weed
The High & Mighty - Open Mic Night
The High & Mighty - Friendly Game of Football
The High & Mighty - B-Boy Document '99 (Mad Skillz & Mos Def)
the HIATUS - The Ivy
the HIATUS - Talking Reptiles
the HIATUS - Insomnia
the HIATUS - Horse Riding
the HIATUS - Don't Follow The Crowd
the HIATUS - Souls feat. Jamie Blake
the HIATUS - Broccoli
the HIATUS - On Your Way Home
the HIATUS - Centipede
the HIATUS - Silver Birch
the HIATUS - The Flare
the HIATUS - Twisted Maple Tree
the HIATUS - The Brainwasher
Hellfighter - Tower of Sin
Hellfighter - A Lesser God
Hellfighter - Descent
Natalie Hemby - Cairo, IL
Natalie Hemby - Return
Hi Remedy - Sugar High
Hi Remedy - Would You, Could You
Alex Hepburn - Miss Misery
Alex Hepburn - Bad Girl
Alex Hepburn - Broken Record
Alex Hepburn - Pain Is
Alex Hepburn - Get Heavy
Alex Hepburn - Love to Love You
Alex Hepburn - Reckless
Alex Hepburn - Angelina
Alex Hepburn - Under
Alex Hepburn - Hold Me
Alex Hepburn - Two Point Four
Alex Hepburn - Woman
Alex Hepburn - Stop F*****g Around
High Class Ghosts - This
The Helio Sequence - Can't Say No
The Helio Sequence - The Captive Mind
The Helio Sequence - You Can Come to Me
The Helio Sequence - Shed Your Love
The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead
The Helio Sequence - Back to This
The Helio Sequence - Hallelujah
The Helio Sequence - Broken Afternoon
The Helio Sequence - No Regrets
The Helio Sequence - Harmonica Song
The Helio Sequence - Repeater
The Helio Sequence - Don't Look Away
The Helio Sequence - Let It Fall Apart
The Helio Sequence - Everyone Knows Everyone
The Helio Sequence - People of the Secret
The Helio Sequence - Blood Bleeds
The Helio Sequence - S.O.S.
The Helio Sequence - So Stop
The Helio Sequence - One More Time
The Helio Sequence - October
The Helio Sequence - Downward Spiral
The Helio Sequence - The Measure
The Helio Sequence - Hall of Mirrors
The Helio Sequence - Harvester of Souls
The Helio Sequence - Open Letter
The Helio Sequence - When the Shadow Falls
The Helio Sequence - Silence on Silence
The Helio Sequence - December
The Helio Sequence - Negotiations
The Helio Sequence - Battle Lines
The Helio Sequence - Stoic Resemblance
The Helio Sequence - Red Shifting
The Helio Sequence - Upward Mobility
The Helio Sequence - Leave or Be Yours
The Helio Sequence - Deuces
The Helio Sequence - Never Going Back
The Hex Dispensers - Gates of Steel
The Helio Sequence - Give, Give, Give
The Helio Sequence - Knots
The Helio Sequence - Nothing's OK: Everything's Fine
The Helio Sequence - Cut the Camera
The Helio Sequence - Kablerium Vs. Obliviosity
The Helio Sequence - (Square) Bubbles
The Helio Sequence - Echo Blomp
Bobby Hackett - Afrikaan Beat
Bobby Hackett - Only Those in Love
Hey Violet - Smash Into You
Hey Violet - I Can Feel It
Hey Violet - Sparks Fly
Hey Violet - Guys My Age
Hey Violet - Can’t Take Back the Bullet
Hey Violet - Brand New Moves
Hey Violet - Fuqboi
Hey Violet - Brand New Moves (Stripped)
Hey Violet - You Don’t Love Me Like You Should
Hey Violet - Pure
Heaven Street Seven - Szív
Heaven Street Seven - Dunabeat
Heaven Street Seven - Nem Baj
Heaven Street Seven - Atombomba
Heaven Street Seven - 99%
Heaven Street Seven - Idegen agy
Heaven Street Seven - Marta
Heaven Street Seven - Mikor Utoljara Lattalak
Heaven Street Seven - Szornyu Gyerek
Heaven Street Seven - Most vagy mindörökké
Heaven Street Seven - Tudom, Hogy Szeretsz Titokban
Heaven Street Seven - Menni kell tovább
Heaven Street Seven - Klassz
Heaven Street Seven - Sajnálom
Heaven Street Seven - Lábnyom a Holdon
Heaven Street Seven - Egyszeri Ernő
Heaven Street Seven - Azért nincs tovább
Heaven Street Seven - Játszótér
Heaven Street Seven - Hirdetés
Heaven Street Seven - Jazz
Heaven Street Seven - szia
Heaven Street Seven - Kereplő
Heaven Street Seven - Magyar világsztár
Heaven Street Seven - hullik a zapor
Heaven Street Seven - Ne menj vissza
Heaven Street Seven - Paradicsom
Heaven Street Seven - Fél lábbal a zsírban
Heaven Street Seven - Távolság
Heaven Street Seven - Egoista
Heaven Street Seven - Jól van
Heaven Street Seven - Veled Is Megtortenhet
Heaven Street Seven - Ez a fiú
Heaven Street Seven - Dél-Amerika
Heaven Street Seven - A régi nóta
Heaven Street Seven - Tukor a Tukorben
Heaven Street Seven - A mélység titka
Heaven Street Seven - Ijesz'getni engemet
Heaven Street Seven - Ezután
Heaven Street Seven - Éjszaka
Heaven Street Seven - Az én szerepem
Heaven Street Seven - Ez a szerelem
Heaven Street Seven - Titanic
Heaven Street Seven - Nagyítás
Heaven Street Seven - Hangero
Heaven Street Seven - Astoria
Heaven Street Seven - Valami
Heaven Street Seven - Diskomesser
Heaven Street Seven - Reading Out
Heaven Street Seven - Ne nézzen úgy rám
Heaven Street Seven - A mi lányaink -
Heaven Street Seven - Nem elég -
Heaven Street Seven - Gesztenyefák alatt -
Heaven Street Seven - A réten -
Heaven Street Seven - Rengeteg bor -
Heaven Street Seven - Zselé -
Heaven Street Seven - Utazás a kegyetlenbe
Heaven Street Seven - Hol van az a krézi srac
Heaven Street Seven - Mindig Jot Akarok (Uj Valtozat)
Joni Harms - More Than Your Eyes Can See
Joni Harms - Every Cowgirl's Dream
Joni Harms - After All
Joni Harms - Keep on Dreamin'
Joni Harms - West Texas Waltz
Joni Harms - Ay Yi Yi Yi
Joni Harms - Millie
Joni Harms - A Cowboy Wedding
Joni Harms - It'll Happen When It's Time
Joni Harms - Cowboy Coffee
Joni Harms - Sunday Go to Meeting Clothes
Joni Harms - I Want to Sing for You
Joni Harms - Love Never Hurt Nobody
Bobby Hackett - Basin Street Blues
High Dependency Unit - Joyd
Heaven Street Seven - The Greek Radio
Heaven Street Seven - Goal
Heaven Street Seven - The Alcove Song
Heaven Street Seven - The Flow
Heaven Street Seven - Frances
Bobby Hackett - Rain
The Hi-Marks - Only You
The Hi-Marks - Quando
The Hi-Marks - I Believe
The Hi-Marks - E Hine Me Hoki Mai Anoa (Island in the Sun)
The Hi-Marks - Till
The Hi-Marks - The Great Pretender
The Hi-Marks - Hoki Mai & Pa Mai Medley
The Hi-Marks - Wonderland By Night
The Hi-Marks - That Lucky Ol' Sun
Hazte Lapón - Hushpuppy
Hazte Lapón - Odiar
Hazte Lapón - Procrastinar
Hazte Lapón - El Rey de la Lluvia
Hazte Lapón - Mudanzas
Hazte Lapón - Amor bomba
Hazte Lapón - Durmiendo con el enemigo (Nana del amor ambivalente)
Hazte Lapón - Tanatorios
Hazte Lapón - Arte y ensayo
Hazte Lapón - Bartleby enamorado
Hazte Lapón - Cómo funciona un corazón
Hazte Lapón - El cielo protestó
Samuel Harfst - Change Will Come
Samuel Harfst - Das Privileg zu sein
Samuel Harfst - Stick with you
Samuel Harfst - Vom Sein
Samuel Harfst - Näher zu dir
Samuel Harfst - Ausbruch aus der Mittelmäßigkeit
Samuel Harfst - Always
Samuel Harfst - Adore Him
Samuel Harfst - Still Standing
Samuel Harfst - Wahre Helden
Samuel Harfst - Mach uns eins
Samuel Harfst - Alles Gute zum Alltag
Samuel Harfst - Noch ein Liebeslied
Samuel Harfst - Alles halb so wild
Samuel Harfst - Schön bei Dir zu sein
Samuel Harfst - Du bedeutest mir Alles
Samuel Harfst - Ewigkeit
Samuel Harfst - Seiltänzer
Samuel Harfst - Dir nach
Samuel Harfst - Ganz egal
Samuel Harfst - Ohne Dich fehlt das Gefühl
Samuel Harfst - Leben sehen
Samuel Harfst - Wenn Berge untergehen
Samuel Harfst - Das Leben ist schön
Samuel Harfst - Längst noch nicht am Ziel
Samuel Harfst - Glorious
Samuel Harfst - In Your Presence
Samuel Harfst - Mit dir kommt der Sommer
Samuel Harfst - Schritt zurück
Samuel Harfst - Auf dein Wort hin
Samuel Harfst - Morgenrot um Mitternacht
Samuel Harfst - Komm wir stehlen uns davon
Samuel Harfst - Wenn du es auch so siehst
Samuel Harfst - Anders als du denkst
Samuel Harfst - Deutschland
Samuel Harfst - Lass mich raten
Samuel Harfst - Abschied
Samuel Harfst - Sehenswürdigkeit
Samuel Harfst - Ehrengast
Samuel Harfst - Heim
Samuel Harfst - Liebe macht blind
Samuel Harfst - Schlag Dir selber ins Gesicht
Samuel Harfst - Nur nicht weg von Dir
Samuel Harfst - Hilde
Samuel Harfst - Lasst die Musik erklingen
Samuel Harfst - Fürchte Dich nicht
Samuel Harfst - Wasser
Herrschaft - Human Soul
Herrschaft - I Am the One
Herrschaft - Chaostructure
Herrschaft - Apocalypse Child
Herrschaft - Rat in Cage
Herrschaft - Self Bondage
Hi-Tek feat. Talib Kweli - Theme from Hi-Tek
Fred Hersch - Evanessence
Heavy Stereo - Chinese Burn
Heavy Stereo - Cartoon Moon
Heavy Stereo - Déjà Voodoo
Heavy Stereo - Tell Yer Ma
Heavy Stereo - Crown of Thoughts
Heavy Stereo - Mouse in a Hole
Heavy Stereo - Bangers and Mash
Heavy Stereo - Deep Fried Heart
Heavy Stereo - Reaching for Heaven
Heavy Stereo - Keep Up
Heavy Stereo - Planet Empty
Heavy Stereo - Shooting Star
Handsome Boy Modeling School - If It Wasn't for You
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Are You Down With It
Handsome Boy Modeling School - The World's Gone Mad
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Breakdown
Handsome Boy Modeling School - It's Like That
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Class System
Handsome Boy Modeling School - First... and Then
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Greatest Mistake
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock n' Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)
Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Del the Funky Homosapien - Magnetizing
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Look at This Face (Oh My God They're Gorgeous)
Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Encore - Waterworld
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Calling the Biz
Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Sean Lennon, Money Mark, Father Guido Sarducci, Josh Hayden & Pau - Sunshine
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Modeling Sucks
Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Sensational - Torch Song Trilogy
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Father Speaks
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Metaphysical
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Waterworld
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Once Again (Here to Kick One for You)
Handsome Boy Modeling School - The Truth
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Sunshine
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Torch Song Trilogy
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Intro
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Dating Game
Handsome Boy Modeling School - It's Like That (feat. Casual) / I Am Complete
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 (feat. Lord Finesse, Mike Shinoda, Chester Benn
Handsome Boy Modeling School - A Day in the Life (feat. RZA, The Mars Volta & AG) / Good Hygiene
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Outro
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 / Knockers
Handsome Boy Modeling School - It's Like That / I Am Complete
Handsome Boy Modeling School - A Day in the Life / Good Hygiene
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock N' Roll
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Holy Calamity
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Once Again
Hank The Knife & The Jets - Stan the Gunman
Hank The Knife & The Jets - Yesterday Star
Hank The Knife & The Jets - Guitar King
Helrunar - Birke im Moor
Helrunar - Frostnacht
Helrunar - Unten und im Norden
Helrunar - ...bis die Seele gefriert
Helrunar - NachtFrost
Helrunar - Der Trank des Gehängten
Helrunar - Neun Nächte
Helrunar - Älter als das Kreuz
Helrunar - Dreifach Dorn
Helrunar - Mimis Brunnr (Grátr Önnor)
Helrunar - Loka Lögsaga
Helrunar - Schwarzer Frost
Helrunar - Winter
Helrunar - Glámr
Helrunar - Hunta and Boga
Helrunar - Til Jarðar
Helrunar - Der Fährtensucher
Helrunar - Raune mit der Tiefe
Helrunar - Ich bin die Leere
Helrunar - Seelenwinter
Helrunar - Grátr
Helrunar - Mørket under verden
Helrunar - Europa nach dem Eis
Helrunar - Die Mühle
Helrunar - Moorgänger
Helrunar - Lichtmess
Helrunar - Sól
Theo Hakola - Ilmarinen's Lament
Theo Hakola - Quicksilver
Theo Hakola - Liberate Me for New Year's Eve
Helrunar - Niederkunfft
Helrunar - Der Endchrist
Helrunar - Devils Devils Everywhere!
Helrunar - Hauch wird Sturm
Neil Halstead - Digging Shelters
Neil Halstead - Bad Drugs and Minor Chords
Neil Halstead - Spin the Bottle
Neil Halstead - Tied to You
Neil Halstead - Love Is a Beast
Neil Halstead - Palindrome Hunches
Neil Halstead - Full Moon Rising
Neil Halstead - Hey Daydreamer
Neil Halstead - Witless or Wise
Neil Halstead - Always the Good
Neil Halstead - No Mercy For the Muse
Neil Halstead - Sometimes the Wheels
Neil Halstead - Spinning for Spoonie
Neil Halstead - Baby, I Grew You a Beard
Neil Halstead - Two Stones in My Pocket
Neil Halstead - Driving With Bert
Neil Halstead - Hi-Lo and Inbetween
Neil Halstead - Martha's Mantra (For the Pain)
Neil Halstead - Dreamed I Saw Soldiers
Neil Halstead - Wittgenstein's Arm
Hekla Stålstrenga - Er det sant
Hekla Stålstrenga - Vise ved vintersolkverv
Hekla Stålstrenga - Erter og sverter
Hekla Stålstrenga - Folketonen
Hekla Stålstrenga - Har du fyr
Hawaiian Gremlins - Forever
Hawaiian Gremlins - Outro
Hawaiian Gremlins - Beyond
Hawaiian Gremlins - Intro
Hawaiian Gremlins - Give It Up
Hawaiian Gremlins - AA AA
Hawaiian Gremlins - Bright Lights
Hellfire Society - The Angry Army
Hellfire Society - Angel
Hellfire Society - Hell-O
Hellfire Society - Just a Rockstar
Hellfire Society - Rise
Hellfire Society - Die
Hellfire Society - Seed of Discord
Hellfire Society - Clothes, Boots and Tortured Souls
Hellfire Society - Face Down
Hellfire Society - I Love You
Hellfire Society - Black-Op
Hellfire Society - Once Upon a Time
Hellfire Society - The Next Best Thing
Hellfire Society - Burn It Away
Hellfire Society - Too Loud
Hellfire Society - Bad News
Harrison Ford Fiesta - Role Play
Heavy D - Long Distance Girl
Heavy D - Queen Majesty
Heavy D - No Matter What
Heavy D - Love Me Like This
Heavy D - Hugs and Kisses
Heavy D - Private Dancer
Heavy D - Keep It Comin
Heavy D - You Can Get It
Heavy D - Shake It
Heavy D - Don't Be Afraid
Heavy D - Justa' (interlude)
Heavy D - Can You Handle It
Heavy D - Wanna Be a Player
Heavy D - Imagine That
Heavy D - Don't Stop
Heavy D - Dancin' in the Night
Heavy D - Spanish Fly
HIGH4 20 - Weekend
Hästpojken - Gitarrer & bas, trummor & hat
Hästpojken - Jag ser solen i dig (men den ser inte mig)
Hästpojken - Jag e jag
Hästpojken - Cancerkropp
Hästpojken - Shane MacGowan
Hästpojken - Här har du ditt liv
Hästpojken - Cyklar och knark
Hästpojken - Lena 60
Hästpojken - Utan personlig insats
Hästpojken - Cruisers
Hästpojken - Samma himlar
Hästpojken - Något stort för dig
Hästpojken - Imperial
Hästpojken - Noll igen
MC Guimê - Plaquê de 100
MC Guimê - Isso que é vida
MC Guimê - País do futebol
MC Guimê - Brazil we Flexing
MC Guimê - Na pista eu arraso
MC Guimê - Olha ela de novo
MC Guimê - Tá patrão
MC Guimê - Lar, doce lar (favela)
MC Guimê - Eu vim pra ficar
Hell n' Diesel - Sexual Suicide
The Hermit - Forecast
The Heavenly States - Lost in the Light
The Heavenly States - Pretty Life
The Heavenly States - Monster
The Heavenly States - Berlin Wall
The Heavenly States - Hold My Little Baby
The Heavenly States - Oui Camera Oui
The Heavenly States - Monarchia
The Heavenly States - Model Son
Josh Herbert - Grind on me
Maridalia Hernández - Para quererte
Maridalia Hernández - La noche
The Heavils - Get Behind Me
The Heavils - Space Heater
The Heavils - Just Got Back
Wynonie Harris - Good Rockin' Tonight
Wynonie Harris - Bloodshot Eyes
Wynonie Harris - Lovin’ Machine
Wynonie Harris - Quiet Whiskey
Wynonie Harris - Don't Take My Whiskey Away From Me
Wynonie Harris - Oh Babe
Hatsune Miku - blue ray
Hatsune Miku - Palette world breakdown
Headman - Keep on Keeping On
Joel Hallikainen - Kuurankukka
Joel Hallikainen - Sininen on kesäyö
Joel Hallikainen - Mihin kaarnalaivat katoaa
Joel Hallikainen - Tämä yö
Joel Hallikainen - Joulurauhaa
High in Mist - Your Choice
High in Mist - Turning Point
High in Mist - Collide
Wynonie Harris - Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well
Highway Robbery - Mystery Rider
Highway Robbery - Fifteen
Highway Robbery - All I Need (To Have Is You)
Henry Ate - Hey Mister
Henry Ate - Mother Superior
Henry Ate - Pandora's Child
Henry Ate - Henry
Henry Ate - Just
Henry Ate - Once
Hetroertzen - Blood Royale
Hetroertzen - Nocturnal
Stefan Gwildis - Heut ist der Tag
Stefan Gwildis - Amelie
Stefan Gwildis - Irgendwas geht immer
Stefan Gwildis - Großer Mond (Yellow Moon)
Stefan Gwildis - Ich bin da (Lean on Me)
Stefan Gwildis - Schöner
Stefan Gwildis - Anker werfen - Segel setzen
Stefan Gwildis - Warum liebst Du mich nicht (I Can't Make You Love Me)
Stefan Gwildis - Das kann doch nicht dein Ernst sein
Stefan Gwildis - Bleib so wie du bist
Stefan Gwildis - Wunderschönes Grau
Stefan Gwildis - Neues Spiel
Stefan Gwildis - Grosse Freiheit
Stefan Gwildis - Wir haben doch jeden Berg geschafft
Stefan Gwildis - Es kommt eine Zeit
Stefan Gwildis - Dein Herz ist ein einsamer Jäger
Stefan Gwildis - Tu doch was
Stefan Gwildis - Das war so doch nicht geplant
Stefan Gwildis - Mama mag ihn
Stefan Gwildis - Du bist so wundervoll
Stefan Gwildis - Allem Anschein nach bist du's (Ain't No Sunshine)
Stefan Gwildis - Immer weiter (Soul Shadows)
Stefan Gwildis - Sie ist so süß (wenn sie da liegt und schläft) (How Sweet It Is - to Be Loved by You)
Stefan Gwildis - Mitten vorm Dock Nr. 10 (Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay)
Stefan Gwildis - Sie lässt mich nicht mehr los (Me and Mrs. Jones)
Stefan Gwildis - Wem bringt das was (What's Going On)
Stefan Gwildis - Schön, schön, schön (Chain of Fools)
Stefan Gwildis - Wirklich nicht fair (Family Affair)
Stefan Gwildis - Laß ma' ruhig den Hut auf (You Can Leave Your Hat On)
Stefan Gwildis - Que Será, Será
Stefan Gwildis - Wünscht du wärst hier
Stefan Gwildis - Gestern war gestern
Stefan Gwildis - Wo bist du grad
Stefan Gwildis - Wundervolles Wunder
Stefan Gwildis - Spiel Das Lied In Dir
Stefan Gwildis - Wer Los Lässt, Hat Die Hände Frei
Stefan Gwildis - Hallelujah
Stefan Gwildis - Halt mich
Stefan Gwildis - Lydia
Stefan Gwildis - Komms zu nix
Stefan Gwildis - Ohne mich
Stefan Gwildis - Schlaf ein
Stefan Gwildis - Mein Meer
Stefan Gwildis - Handvoll Liebe
Stefan Gwildis - Doppelhaushälftenherz
Stefan Gwildis - Zu Dir
Stefan Gwildis - Alis Bude
Stefan Gwildis - Wajakla
Stefan Gwildis - Geh doch
Stefan Gwildis - Regenlied
Hi Tek 3 - Spin That Wheel
Hi Tek 3 - Spin That Wheel (Turtles Get Real)
Stefan Gwildis - Wie ein richtiger Mensch
Stefan Gwildis - Das war so doch nicht geplant (Mama Told Me Not to Come)
Stefan Gwildis - Du bist so wundervoll (You Are So Beautiful)
Stefan Gwildis - Nur wegen dir (Brown Eyed Girl)
Stefan Gwildis - Papa will da nicht mehr wohn’ (Papa Was a Rolling Stone)
Stefan Gwildis - Tanzen übern Kiez