Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 788:

Tony Hadley - Shake Up Christmas
Tony Hadley - I Believe in Father Christmas
Tony Hadley - Somewhere Only We Know
Tony Hadley - Stay Another Day
Tony Hadley - Lost in Your Love
Tony Hadley - You Keep Me Coming Back for More
Tony Hadley - For Your Blue Eyes Only
Tony Hadley - Riverside
Tony Hadley - Never Give Up on Love
Tony Hadley - One Good Reason
Tony Hadley - Somebody Up There
Tony Hadley - Women in Chains
Tony Hadley - Will You Take Me
Tony Hadley - Gold
Tiemo Hauer - Warum?
Tiemo Hauer - Alles vergeht
Tiemo Hauer - Großartig
Tiemo Hauer - Angestrahlt
Tiemo Hauer - Sag's mir
Tiemo Hauer - Letzter Akkord
Tiemo Hauer - Gar nichts
Tiemo Hauer - Eigentlich
Tiemo Hauer - Mixtape
Tiemo Hauer - Nachtgedanken
Tiemo Hauer - Die Kapelle
Tiemo Hauer - Leben heißt ...
Tiemo Hauer - Losgelassen
Tiemo Hauer - Verführen
Tiemo Hauer - Verzeihen kostet Zeit
Tiemo Hauer - Kopf & Seele
Tiemo Hauer - Unwiderstehlich
Tiemo Hauer - Mädchen aus Berlin
Tiemo Hauer - Auf Abstand
Tiemo Hauer - Zum Abschied
Tiemo Hauer - Was reicht
Tiemo Hauer - Nein
Tiemo Hauer - Schläfst du schon
Tiemo Hauer - Immer weiter
Tiemo Hauer - Ehrlich glücklich
Tiemo Hauer - Wie eine Fee
Tiemo Hauer - Für dich
Tiemo Hauer - Ehrlich Sein
Tiemo Hauer - Nacht am Strand (akustik)
Tiemo Hauer - Ganz oder gar nicht
Tiemo Hauer - Bleib bei mir
Tiemo Hauer - Viel erlebt
Tiemo Hauer - Wenn Du gehst
Tiemo Hauer - Ich seh Dich nicht
Tiemo Hauer - Sigur Rós im Regen
Tiemo Hauer - Vielleicht muss ich gehen
Tiemo Hauer - Herz/ Kopf
Tiemo Hauer - Wegen mir
Tiemo Hauer - Was Dich nicht umbringt...
Tiemo Hauer - Statt Land Mehr
Tiemo Hauer - Rotebühlplatz 4
Tiemo Hauer - Gottverdammter Laden
Tiemo Hauer - Nur Luft
Tiemo Hauer - Adler
Tiemo Hauer - Ich drehe um
Tiemo Hauer - Benzin
Tiemo Hauer - Uns Hat Keiner Gefragt
Tiemo Hauer - Der Kleine Tod
Tiemo Hauer - Funktionieren
Tiemo Hauer - Nostalgie
Tiemo Hauer - Kaputt & Munter
Tiemo Hauer - Kopfsteinpflaster
Tiemo Hauer - Glaub An Mich
Tiemo Hauer - In Melodien
Tiemo Hauer - Die Letzte Seite
Tiemo Hauer - Auf Dem Weg Verloren
Heart - Magic Man (demo)
Heart - Crazy on You (demo)
Heart - Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) / Dreamboat Annie
Heart - Heartless (demo)
Heart - Unconditional Love (demo)
Lovemongers - Sand
Heart - I'm Down / Long Tall Sally
Heart - You Ain't So Tough
Heart - I'm Fine
Heart - Te Quedaras En La Mañana
Heart - Risin' Suspicion
Heart - Hit Single
Heart - Zingara
Heart - Two Silver Rings
Heart - Mary
Heart - William and Rose
Heart - Here Is Christmas
Heart - All I Wanna Do
Heart - Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) + Dreamboat Annie Reprise (2012 Remaster)
Heart - Going to California
Heart - Any Woman's Blues (demo)
Hard Evidence vs. Wideboys & Majestic - Black Widow
Dick Haymes - Little White Lies
Dick Haymes - Our Love Is Here to Stay
Dick Haymes - The More I See You
Dick Haymes - Come Rain or Come Shine
Dick Haymes - It Might as Well Be Spring
Dick Haymes - You'll Never Know
Dick Haymes - Mam'selle
Dick Haymes - How Are Things in Glocca Mora?
Dick Haymes - You've Changed
Dick Haymes - Love Letters
Hatchets - Chinese New Year's Love
Hatchets - My Posh Slum
Hatchets - Crocodile Ring
Hatchets - Last Saturday
Hatchets - Living in the City
Hatchets - Stay 'Till the Morning
Tiemo Hauer - Nacht Am Strand
Tiemo Hauer - Zwei Gefährten
DJ Harry - All My Life
DJ Harry - Aquarium Man
DJ Harry - Wake Up
Hardwell & Nicky Romero - Beta
Chris Hart - Still loving you
Chris Hart - home
Chris Hart - ever white
Chris Hart - WE are FAMILY!
Chris Hart - Dear me
Chris Hart - Butterfly
Chris Hart - Goodbye today
Chris Hart - I LOVE YOU (Studio Live ver.)
Chris Hart - memento
Dick Haymes - It's Magic
Dick Haymes - It Had to Be You
Dick Haymes - It Can’t Be Wrong
Dick Haymes - Together
Dick Haymes - That’s for Me
Dick Haymes - A Sinner Kissed an Angel
Dick Haymes - Cheek to Cheek
Dick Haymes - So Far
Dick Haymes - If I Should Lose You
Dick Haymes - When I Fall in Love
Hajji Alejandro - Nakapagtataka
Hajji Alejandro - Panakip-butas
Hajji Alejandro - Tag-araw, Tag-ulan
Hajji Alejandro - Ang Lahat Nito'y Para sa Iyo
Hajji Alejandro - May Minamahal
Hajji Alejandro - Ikaw at ang Gabi
Francesco Guccini - Canzone per Silvia
Francesco Guccini - Il vecchio e il bambino
Francesco Guccini - Quattro stracci
Francesco Guccini - Cyrano
Francesco Guccini - Venezia
Francesco Guccini - Bologna
Francesco Guccini - Canzone quasi d'amore
Francesco Guccini - Via Paolo Fabbri 43
Francesco Guccini - Autogrill
Francesco Guccini - L'isola non trovata
Francesco Guccini - Asia
Francesco Guccini - Un altro giorno è andato
Francesco Guccini - Eskimo
Francesco Guccini - Auschwitz
Francesco Guccini - Canzone delle osterie di fuori porta
Francesco Guccini - Farewell
Francesco Guccini - Due anni dopo
Francesco Guccini - Primavera di Praga
Francesco Guccini - Scirocco
Francesco Guccini - L'avvelenata
Francesco Guccini - Dio è morto
Francesco Guccini - La locomotiva
Francesco Guccini - Statale 17
Francesco Guccini - Noi non ci saremo
Francesco Guccini - Addio (intro)
Francesco Guccini - Stagioni
Francesco Guccini - Autunno
Francesco Guccini - E un giorno...
Francesco Guccini - Ho ancora la forza
Francesco Guccini - Inverno '60
Francesco Guccini - Don Chisciotte
Francesco Guccini - Primavera '59
Francesco Guccini - Addio
Francesco Guccini - Radici
Francesco Guccini - Canzone dei dodici mesi
Francesco Guccini - Canzone della bambina portoghese
Francesco Guccini - Lettera
Francesco Guccini - Vorrei
Francesco Guccini - Stelle
Francesco Guccini - Canzone delle colombe e del fiore
Francesco Guccini - Il caduto
Francesco Guccini - Il matto
Francesco Guccini - I fichi
Andy Harlow - Cambia El Paso
Francesco Guccini - Acque
Francesco Guccini - Samantha
Francesco Guccini - Nostra signora dell'ipocrisia
Francesco Guccini - Dovevo fare del cinema
Francesco Guccini - Non bisognerebbe
Francesco Guccini - Luna fortuna
Francesco Guccini - Parole
Francesco Guccini - Bisanzio
Francesco Guccini - Antenòr
Francesco Guccini - Lager
Francesco Guccini - Una canzone
Francesco Guccini - Odysseus
Francesco Guccini - Cristoforo Colombo
Francesco Guccini - La ziatta
Francesco Guccini - Certo non sai
Francesco Guccini - Canzone per il Che
Francesco Guccini - Piazza Alimonda
Francesco Guccini - Il bello
Francesco Guccini - Di mamme ce n'è una sola
Francesco Guccini - La Genesi
Francesco Guccini - Fantoni Cesira
Francesco Guccini - Talkin' sul sesso
Francesco Guccini - La fiera di San Lazzaro
Dick Haymes - I Wish I Know
Francesco Guccini - Quello che non...
Francesco Guccini - Canzone delle domande consuete
Francesco Guccini - Canzone per Anna
Francesco Guccini - Ballando con una sconosciuta
Francesco Guccini - Le ragazze della notte
Francesco Guccini - Tango per due
Francesco Guccini - Cencio
Francesco Guccini - Æmilia
Francesco Guccini - In morte di S. F.
Francesco Guccini - Venerdì Santo
Francesco Guccini - L'atomica cinese
Francesco Guccini - Talkin' Milano
Francesco Guccini - Il 3 dicembre del '39
Francesco Guccini - La ballata degli annegati
Francesco Guccini - Il sociale e l'antisociale
Francesco Guccini - Il pensionato
Francesco Guccini - Il frate
Francesco Guccini - Vedi cara
Francesco Guccini - Canzone di notte n. 4
Francesco Guccini - L'ultima volta
Francesco Guccini - Su in collina
Francesco Guccini - Quel giorno d'aprile
Francesco Guccini - Il testamento di un pagliaccio
Francesco Guccini - Notti
Francesco Guccini - Gli artisti
Francesco Guccini - L'ultima Thule
Emmylou Harris feat. Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt - To Know Him Is to Love Him
Emmylou Harris feat. Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt - My Dear Companion
Kristen Hall - Cry Tomorrow
Kristen Hall - Heaven Knows
Kristen Hall - Open Arms
Kristen Hall - Proud Man
Kristen Hall - Nothing
Kristen Hall - Following My Compass
Kristen Hall - Moment in a Day
Kristen Hall - Seeds of a Lifetime
Kristen Hall - Let It Rain
Kristen Hall - Don't Tell Me
Kristen Hall - Empty Promises
Kristen Hall - Too Long Running
Kristen Hall - I Gave Everything
Kristen Hall - I Should Know
Kristen Hall - Colder
Kristen Hall - Out in the Country
Kristen Hall - I Have My Reasons
Kristen Hall - Safe and Warm
Kristen Hall - Bed We Made
Kristen Hall - Peaches
Kristen Hall - Trouble Times
Kristen Hall - Stranger in My Bed
Francesco Guccini - Nella giungla (Dans la jungle)
Francesco Guccini - Canzone per Piero
Francesco Guccini - Ophelia
Francesco Guccini - Inutile
Francesco Guccini - Canzone di notte n. 2
Francesco Guccini - Amerigo
Francesco Guccini - Libera nos Domine
Francesco Guccini - Le cinque anatre
Francesco Guccini - Gli amici
Francesco Guccini - Signora Bovary
Francesco Guccini - Van Loon
Francesco Guccini - Le belle domeniche
Francesco Guccini - Piccola storia ignobile
Francesco Guccini - Giorno d'estate
Francesco Guccini - La verità
Francesco Guccini - Per quando è tardi
Francesco Guccini - L'ubriaco
El Haragán y Cía. - No estoy muerto
El Haragán y Cía. - Yo pensaba que…
El Haragán y Cía. - Antes me gustabas
El Haragán y Cía. - ¿Qué va a ser de él, Dios?
El Haragán y Cía. - Y es por eso que me voy
El Haragán y Cía. - El no lo mató
El Haragán y Cía. - Morir de noche
El Haragán y Cía. - En el corazón no hay nada
El Haragán y Cía. - Aburrida la vida
El Haragán y Cía. - Purgante de amor
El Haragán y Cía. - Tuve un sueño
El Haragán y Cía. - A esa gran velocidad
El Haragán y Cía. - La última canción
El Haragán y Cía. - Alejandro
El Haragán y Cía. - A la basura se va
El Haragán y Cía. - La violencia
El Haragán y Cía. - Tiempo de lluvia
El Haragán y Cía. - La vida
El Haragán y Cía. - Sé mujer
El Haragán y Cía. - El camino del corazón
El Haragán y Cía. - Nena
El Haragán y Cía. - En los años 30
El Haragán y Cía. - En algún lugar en el cielo
Francesco Guccini - L'orizzonte di K.D.
Francesco Guccini - Canzone di notte
Francesco Guccini - Il tema
Francesco Guccini - L'uomo
Francesco Guccini - Vite
Francesco Guccini - La Ziatta (La Tieta)
Francesco Guccini - La tua libertà
Francesco Guccini - 100, Pensylvania ave.
Francesco Guccini - Mondo nuovo
Francesco Guccini - Culodritto
Francesco Guccini - Keaton
Francesco Guccini - Le piogge d'aprile
Phil Hayes & The Trees - Truth Is All I Need
Francesco Guccini - Argentina
Francesco Guccini - Shomèr ma mi-llailah?
Francesco Guccini - Canzone della triste rinuncia
Francesco Guccini - Canzone della vita quotidiana
Francesco Guccini - Canzone delle ragazze che se ne vanno
Francesco Guccini - Canzone delle situazioni differenti
Francesco Guccini - Ti ricordi quei giorni
Francesco Guccini - L'albero e io
Francesco Guccini - Al trést
Francesco Guccini - Canzone di notte Nº 2
Mark Heard - The Dry Bones Dance
Mark Heard - Strong Hand of Love
Mark Heard - Nod Over Coffee
Mark Heard - Love Is Not the Only Thing
El Haragán y Cía. - Otro día
El Haragán y Cía. - Mujer de hotel
El Haragán y Cía. - Injerto
El Haragán y Cía. - Sueños de la ciudad
El Haragán y Cía. - Aguja en la ciudad
El Haragán y Cía. - Amor por nada
El Haragán y Cía. - Buscando amor en la calle
El Haragán y Cía. - Juan el descuartizador
El Haragán y Cía. - La perra brava
El Haragán y Cía. - Mi muñequita sintética
El Haragán y Cía. - El chamuco
El Haragán y Cía. - Basuras
The Juliana Hatfield Three - Supermodel
The Juliana Hatfield Three - My Sister
The Juliana Hatfield Three - This Is the Sound
El Haragán y Cía. - Amor de cada día
The Juliana Hatfield Three - For the Birds
The Juliana Hatfield Three - Mabel
The Juliana Hatfield Three - President Garfield
The Juliana Hatfield Three - Little Pieces
The Juliana Hatfield Three - I Got No Idols
The Juliana Hatfield Three - Everybody Loves Me but You
The Juliana Hatfield Three - Feelin Massachusetts
The Juliana Hatfield Three - Dumb Fun
The Juliana Hatfield Three - Fleur de Lys
Mark Heard - Gimme Mine
Mark Heard - Brown-Eyed Sue
Haywyre - I Am Me
Haywyre - I Am You
Haywyre - Restraint
Haywyre - Endlessly
Haywyre - Pendulum
Haywyre - Sculpted
Haywyre - Time
Haywyre - Voice of Reason
Glen Hansard - You Will Become
Glen Hansard - Maybe Not Tonight
Glen Hansard - Talking With the Wolves
Glen Hansard - High Hope
Glen Hansard - Bird of Sorrow
Glen Hansard - The Storm, It's Coming
Glen Hansard - Love Don't Leave Me Waiting
Glen Hansard - What Are We Gonna Do
Glen Hansard - Races
Glen Hansard - Philander
Glen Hansard - The Song of Good Hope
Glen Hansard - Grace Beneath the Pines
Glen Hansard - Wedding Ring
Glen Hansard - Winning Streak
Glen Hansard - Her Mercy
Glen Hansard - McCormack's Wall
Glen Hansard - Lowly Deserter
Glen Hansard - Paying My Way
Glen Hansard - My Little Ruin
Glen Hansard - Just to Be the One
Glen Hansard - Stay the Road
Glen Hansard - And the Healing Has Begun
Glen Hansard - Falling Slowly
Glen Hansard - Step out of the Shadows
Glen Hansard - Pennies in the Fountain
Glen Hansard - Renata
Glen Hansard - Drive All Night
Glen Hansard - Farewell Transmission
Glen Hansard - Vanquisher
Glen Hansard - Being In Love
Glen Hansard - White Sulfur
Glen Hansard - Hold On Magnolia
Glen Hansard - Return
Glen Hansard - Didn't He Ramble
Glen Hansard - Let Me In
Glen Hansard - Way Back in the Way Back When
Glen Hansard - This Gift
Glen Hansard - Come Away to the Water
Mark Heard - Mercy of the Flame (demo)
Haywyre - Do You Don't You
Tina Harrod - Coffee Coloured Rose
Keith Hampton - Praise His Holy Name
Gunnarolla - Party-Time YouTuber
Gunnarolla - Sense No Make English (extended)
Gunnarolla - The Chicken Told Me I Was Gay
Gunnarolla - What If I Was a Llama?
Gunnarolla feat. Songs to Wear Pants To - The Comic Sans Song
Gunnarolla - Silent Letters
Gunnarolla - My D*ck
Gunnarolla - What Would Hank Green Do?
Heaven Below - When Daylight Dies
Heaven Below - Major Tom
Heaven Below - Brutal as the Truth
Heaven Below - Dodging a Bullet
Heaven Below - King of Nothing
Heaven Below - Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar Cover)
Eddie Hazel - Frantic Moment
Eddie Hazel - I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Eddie Hazel - We Three
HaKU - defiance
HaKU - everything but the love
HaKU - tou-gen-kyo
HaKU - asayake
HaKU - Karman Line
HaKU - sleep
HaKU - wait
HaKU - listen listen
HaKU - Yeah Right!
HaKU - the day
HaKU - dye it white
HaKU - Life is beautiful
HaKU - novel
HaKU - Mr.Scary
HaKU - masquerade
HaKU - think about you
H₂O - Role Model
H₂O - Memory Lane
H₂O - Guilty by Association
H₂O - 5 Year Plan
H₂O - This Time
H₂O - Use Your Voice
Francesco Guccini - 100, Pennsylvania Ave.
Roberto Vecchioni - Gli amici
Francesco Guccini - Il volo interrotto
Francesco Guccini - Sulla strada
Francesco Guccini - Atomica
Francesco Guccini - Per fare un uomo
Francesco Guccini - Canzone del bambino nel vento (Auschwitz)
Francesco Guccini - Noi
Francesco Guccini - Canzone dei 12 mesi
Steven Halpern - Eternally
Steven Halpern - Waterfall
Steven Halpern - Inner Spectrum
Steven Halpern - Comfort Zone
Steven Halpern - Legacy
Thee Headcoats Sect - A Certain Girl
H₂O - Attitude
H₂O - Satyagraha
H₂O - Pride (Times Are Changing)
H₂O - Get the Time
H₂O - Said Gun
H₂O - I Wanna Live
H₂O - Cats and Dogs
H₂O - Someday I Suppose
H₂O - Safe
H₂O - Sick Boys
H₂O - Self Reliable
H₂O - Well Behaved
H₂O - Out of Debt
H₂O - Ripe or Rotting?
H₂O - I Want I Want
H₂O - Songs Remain
H₂O - Forest King
H₂O - Shine the Light
H₂O - Repair
H₂O - Underneath the Flames
H₂O - 1995
H₂O - Nothing to Prove
H₂O - Sunday
H₂O - A Thin Line
H₂O - Unconditional
H₂O - Still Here
H₂O - Fairweather Friend
H₂O - Heart On My Sleeve
H₂O - Mitts
H₂O - What Happened
H₂O - All We Want
H₂O - GO!
H₂O - Like A Prayer (Ghost Track)
H₂O - Wrong
H₂O - Don't Forget the Struggle, Don't Forget the Streets
H₂O - Static
H₂O - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
HBK Gang - Go Crazy
HBK Gang - Down for the Click
HBK Gang - She Ready
HBK Gang - Quit Cattin
HBK Gang - Gettin' It
HBK Gang - They Don't
HBK Gang - Right Here
HBK Gang - Bossed Up
HBK Gang - Little Bit
HBK Gang - Never Goin' Broke
Steven Halpern - Touch With Your Heart
Steven Halpern - Hush
The Heartburns - I Wanna O.D.
The Heartburns - Without You Life Is Hell
The Heartburns - Something More Than This
The Heartburns - Fucked Up & Down
The Heartburns - Thinkin' 'Bout You
The Heartburns - I Hate Everything
The Heartburns - Got Nothing to Prove
The Heartburns - Ain't Got a Thing
The Heartburns - Outta Here
The Heartburns - Take Me to the Hospital
The Heartburns - Retard on the Run
The Heartburns - Punk Rock CIA
The Heartburns - Monday Morning Fever
The Heartburns - Degenerated
The Heartburns - Antisocial Little Me
The Heartburns - Too Much Drugs, Too Much TV
The Heartburns - I Want Cunt
The Heartburns - Set Your House on Fire
The Heartburns - Havana Affair
The Heartburns - I Love Cops
The Heartburns - Bomb the USA
The Heartburns - You're a Disease
The Heartburns - Help Me Make It Through the Night
The Heartburns - Can't Understand
The Heartburns - Stay Away
The Heartburns - Toilet Boy
The Heartburns - Bad Guys Won Again
The Heartburns - Who Told Ya So?
Steven Halpern - Alpha Zone
Heaven Rain - Beauty of You
Heaven Rain - Go Away
Heaven Rain - Can't Stay
Heaven Rain - Far and Forever
Heaven Rain - Vejte Snegovi
Hard Kaur - Sexy Boy
Hard Kaur - Look 4 Me
Hard Kaur - Peeney Do (The Alcohol Song)
Tim Hart and Maddy Prior - Sorry the Day I Was Married
Hector, Kirka, Pepe Willberg ja Pave Maijanen - Rööperiin
Francois Hayes - Osbraai Op Kromdraai
Francois Hayes - Hoela-Hoelahoep
Harbours - Nothing Stays The Same
Harbours - Take Me Under
Harbours - Pulling Teeth
Harbours - Is This What You Wanted?
Harbours - Your Eyes
Guitarria - Bom sujeito
Guitarria - Velho amigo
Hawk - Tell the Truth
Hawk - The Dream
Hawk - Perfect Day
Steven Halpern - Chakra Suite: 1st Chakra: Keynote C
The Hazzards - Gay Boyfriend
Halo - Angel
Guys Next Door - I've Been Waiting For You
Guys Next Door - (We're The) Guys Next Door
Halifax Pier - Lightly Noise
Grupo Pegasso - Lindo Amor
Grupo Pegasso - Ando Navegando
Grupo Pegasso - La Despedida
Grupo Pegasso - Chapoteando
Grupo Pegasso - Linda Maria
Grupo Pegasso - Castigame
Grupo Pegasso - Para Olvidarme De Ti
Grupo Pegasso - El No Te Quiere
Grupo Pegasso - Al Partir
Grupo Pegasso - Nuestra Decicion
Grupo Pegasso - Yo Comence La Broma
Grupo Pegasso - Llamada Para Ti
Grupo Pegasso - Anna
Grupo Pegasso - Amor No Me Ignores
Grupo Pegasso - Reflexiona
Grupo Pegasso - Y tu como si nada
Grupo Pegasso - Demasiado romántica
Ginny Hawker - My Warfare Will Soon Be Over
Hector - Tuulisina öinä
Hector - Kadonneet lapset
Hector - Palellaan yhdessä
Hector - Ei mittään (Työttömän arkiviisu)
Hector - Tuntematon sotilas
Hector - Käenpoika (Laulu fasismista)
Hector - Nainen yksin on
Hector - Kissojen yö
Hector - Kerro vaan!
Hector - Kuningatar
Hector - Heinäpellolla
Hector - Olen hautausmaa
Hector - Yksinäinen tinasotamies
Hector - Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen
Hector - Olet lehdetön puu
Hector - Perjantai on mielessäin
Hector - Herra Mirandos
Hector - Jatkuvuus
Hector - Asfalttiprinssi
Hector - Takataan roos
Hector - Jäävalssi
Hector - Ake, Make, Pera ja mä
Hector - Mandoliinimies
Hector - Suzanne
Hector - Jokamiehen fjonga
Hector - Lola
Hector - Juodaan viinaa
Hector - Ota yhteyttä apinaan
Hector - Missä on Lady Jane?
Hector - Jos sä tahdot niin
Hector - Yhtenä iltana
Hector - Olen nielaissut kuun
Hector - Suurenmoinen tyttö
Hector - Sota on kaunis
Hector - Älä tee sitä
Hector - Niin sua rakastan
Hector - Kesäyö
Hector - Omassa kotona
Hector - Kaikki tahtoo rakastaa
Hector - Nostalgia, osa 1
Hector - Takaisin Narniaan
Thee Headcoats - You Make Me Die
Thee Headcoats - A-Z of Your Heart
André Hazes jr. - Mijn Beste Vriend
André Hazes jr. - Daar Sta Ik Dan
André Hazes jr. - Een Laatste Kans
André Hazes jr. - Zeg Maar Niets Meer
André Hazes jr. - De Laatste Keer
André Hazes jr. - Weet Dat Je Welkom Bent
André Hazes jr. - In Het Holst Van de Nacht
André Hazes jr. - Als Jij Dat Wilt
André Hazes jr. - Voor Altijd in Mijn Hart
André Hazes jr. - Ik Leef Mij Eigen Leven
André Hazes jr. - Wat Is de Waarheid
André Hazes jr. - Niet Voor Lief
André Hazes jr. - Dit Is Voor Altijd
André Hazes jr. - Leef
Thee Headcoats - I've Been Fucking Your Daughters and Pissing on Your Lawn
Hector - Kaipaava haavanlehtinen
Hector - Hannikaisen baari
Hector - Koko hela maailma
Hector - Eurooppa
Hector - Piironkinjalka
Hector - Jäävalssin jälkeen
Hector - Nuku idiootti
Hector - Ensilumi tulee kuudelta
Hector - Viimeinen unelma
Hector - Yö tanssittaa
Hector - Neitoperho
Hector - Monofilharmoonikko
Hector - Snadi kundi Stadista
Hector - Uushiljaisuus
Hector - Olishan se hienoo
Hector - Kuunnellaan vaan taivasta
Hector - Lähes onnellinen mies
Hector - Kun rakkaus saapuu kaupunkiin
Hamza - Lever du soleil
Hamza - Zombie Life
Hamza - Tu me donnes des idées
Hamza - Rari
Hamza - Mes entrailles
Hamza - Mercedes
Hamza - Pardonne-moi
Hamza - Rendez-vous
Hamza - Slowdown
Hamza - House
Hamza - Cuba
Hamza - Zeus
Hamza - Jamais trop jeune
Hamza - Hennessy
Hamza - Slow
Hamza - Au top
Hamza - Marley
Hamza - Rolling Stone
Hamza - Nuit de folie
Hamza - Bibi Boy Swag
Hamza - Minimum
Hamza - La Sauce
Hamza - Danse Pour Moi
Hamza - Enemis
Hamza - Mula
Hamza - Police Ass Nigga
Hamza - JOB
Hamza - Love
Hamza - Non Stop
Hamza - Gang
Hamza - Molly Molly
Hamza - Design
Hamza - C'est Pas Cher
Hamza - 45
Hamza - Respect
Hamza - By The Way
Hamza - Feu
Hamza - Cette Maille
Hamza - Mi Amor
Hamza - Yeah Shit
Hamza - Nuages
Hamza - Riche
Hamza - One One
Hamza - Un Bonheur Pour Un Malheur
Hamza - Whine
Hamza - Ghetto
Thee Headcoats - Loathsome and Wild
Thee Headcoats - Wily Coyote
Hear'Say - One Step Closer
Hear'Say - One
Hear'Say - Not the Kind
Hear'Say - Make It Happen
Hear'Say - Breathe
Hear'Say - Carried Away
Hear'Say - Sweet Alibi
Hear'Say - I Didn't Want You Anyway
Hear'Say - Colour Blind
Hear'Say - Love Will Never End
Hear'Say - Monday Monday
Hear'Say - Everybody
Hear'Say - Suddenly
Hear'Say - We Go On
Hear'Say - Back Down to Zero
Hear'Say - Play to Win
Hear'Say - Angel in My Heart
Hear'Say - You're All I Need to Get By
Hear'Say - Not the End of the World
Hear'Say - Don't Go Believing
Hear'Say - Home Again
Hear'Say - A Good Thing
Hear'Say - Straight From the Heart
Hear'Say - Lovin' Is Easy
Hear'Say - Can't Stop Thinkin' About It
Hedi Jouini - Lamouni Ligharou Meni
Thee Headcoats - Give it to Me
Victoria Hart - Sunny Afternoon
Victoria Hart - Port in a Storm
Victoria Hart - Chocolates and Strawberries
Hector - Nukkuva stadi
Hector - Et kai aio lopettaa
Hector - Videorodeo
Hector - Sydänten kaatopaikka
Hector - Hauras
Hector - Kesytetty
Hector - Onnen sirpaleet
Hector - Jos lehmät osais lentää
Thee Headcoats - Come Into My Mind
Hector - Sadepäivälaulu
Hector - Kuinka voit väittää (että yksinäinen oot)
Hector - Tuu takaisin
Hector - Vaunu vailla kuljettajaa
Hector - Kuivaa sympatiaa
Hector - Mennään pois
Hector - Päästä minut pahasta
Hector - Mulla ei oo rahaa
Hector - Pianomies
Hector - Illat pitenee
Hector - Väärät naamat
Hector - Velisurmaaja
Hector - Magdaleena
Hector - Yksi pieni ihme
Hector - Muistinko kertoa
Hector - Hän on mun nainen
Heartist - What Kind of World
Heartist - Black Cloud
Heartist - Skeletons
Heartist - Pressure Point
Heartist - Ignite
Heartist - Unbreakable
Heartist - Legacy
Heartist - Manipulate
Heartist - Ready to Change
Heartist - Set Me Free
Heartist - Demons
Heartist - Where Did I Go Wrong?
Heartist - Nothing You Didn't Deserve
Heartist - The Answer
Heartist - Heart of Gold
Heartist - Disconnected
Heartist - Rhinestone
Hector - Sarjakuva-rock
Hector - Varpunen jouluaamuna
Hangmás - Funeral Party Budapest
Hangmás - Veronika Meg Akar Halni
Hector - Mystalgia
Hector - Coctail-sukupolven Satyricon
Hector - Elämän ja kuoleman tanssi
Hector - Hei leidi hei
Hazmat Modine - Yesterday Morning
Hazmat Modine - It Calls Me
Hazmat Modine - Bahamut
Hazmat Modine - Broke My Baby's Heart
Hazmat Modine - Steady Roll
Hazmat Modine - Everybody Loves You
Hazmat Modine - Dry Spell
Hazmat Modine - Who Walks in When I Walk Out?
Hazmat Modine - Man Trouble
Hazmat Modine - So Glad
Guido Hatzis - Queen
Guido Hatzis - Tow Truck Driver 1
Hector - Seinästä seinään
Michael von der Heide - Jeudi amour
Michael von der Heide - Chauffeur, suivez cette voiture
Hector - Liisa pien
Hector - Terapiaa
Hector - Soudan pois
Hector - Ei mittään
Hector - Karnevaalit
Hector - Aamukahvit
Hector - Poissaoloa
Hector - Nostalgia, osa 2
Heffron Drive - Happy Mistakes
Heffron Drive - Parallel
Heffron Drive - Division of the Heart
Heffron Drive - Had to Be Panama
Heffron Drive - Nicotine
Heffron Drive - Art of Moving On
Heffron Drive - Passing Time
Heffron Drive - Could You Be Home
Heffron Drive - That's What Makes You Mine
Heffron Drive - Everything Has Changed
Heffron Drive - Love Letter
Heffron Drive - Stand Forever
Heffron Drive - Quiet Please
Hector - Muisto
Haunted By Waters - Camille
Carl-Einar Häckner - Tumnagelsvärld
Hector - The Prettiest Star
Hard Knocks - Dirty Cop Named Harry
Hard Knocks - Nigga for Hire
Hard Knocks - Ghetto Love
Hard Knocks - Thoughts of a Negro
Hard Knocks - Blow to the Head
Hard Knocks - Young Black Male
Hanine y son Cubano - Baladi
Head of the Herd - By This Time Tomorrow
Hegemon - Hatred From the Core: Tempus Incognito
Hegemon - Interpreting Signs for War: Aruspicine
Hegemon - Rays of Lie: There Will Be a Time You Will Give Anything for a Piece of Salvation
Hegemon - Credo quia absurdum
Hegemon - Warfare Unleashed
Hegemon - The Rise of the Empire of Mine
Hegemon - My Breath as a Blade
Hegemon - Stigmata
Hegemon - Immisericors
Hegemon - No Glory for Traitors
Hegemon - I Never Felt a Pain That Was Not Pleasure
Hegemon - By This, I Conquer
The Haven Quartet - Grateful Hearts
The Haven Quartet - All the Way My Savior Leads Me
Hedley - She's So Sorry
Hedley - Hand Grenade
Hedley - Dying to Live Again
Hedley - Narcissist
Hedley - Bones Shatter (Never Say Never)
Hedley - Old School
Hedley - Been There Done That
Hedley - For the Nights I Can't Remember
Hedley - Brave New World
Hedley - Dear Blank
Hedley - Can't Go Back
Hedley - Never Too Late
Hedley - Cha-Ching
Hedley - Don't Talk to Strangers
Hedley - Scream
Hedley - Hands Up
Hedley - Amazing
Hedley - Young & Stupid
Hedley - Perfect
Hedley - Sweater Song
Hedley - 9 Shades of Red
Hedley - Friends
Hedley - Villain
Hedley - On My Own
Hedley - Trip
Hedley - Street Fight
Hedley - 321
Hedley - Gunnin'
Hedley - Sink or Swim
Hedley - Johnny Falls
Hedley - Saturday
Hedley - Sugar Free
Hedley - I Don't Believe It
Hedley - Daddy-O
Hedley - Anything
Hedley - Crazy for You
Hedley - Headphones
Hedley - I'll Be With You
Hedley - Pocket Full of Dreams
Hedley - Mexico
Hedley - Heaven in Our Headlights
Hedley - Dreaming's for Sleeping
Hedley - Wild Life
Hedley - Got Love
Hedley - All the Way
Hedley - One Life
Hedley - Invincible
Hedley - Heaven’s Gonna Wait
Hedley - We Are Unbreakable
Hedley - Young
Hedley - Beautiful
Hedley - Bullet for Your Dreams
Hedley - Hot Mess
Hedley - Stormy
Hedley - Last Call
Hedley - Hiding Place
Hedley - Carry On
Hedley - Lost in Translation
Hedley - Hello
Hedley - Quit
Hedley - Can't Slow Down
Hedley - Very First Time
Hedley - I Will
Hedley - Man Killer
Hedley - Lose Control
Hedley - Alive
Hedley - Back to Basics
Hedley - The Knife
Hedley - Sympathy
Hedley - Kids
Hedley - Fighting Chance
Hedley - I Won't Let You Go (Darling)
Hedley - Kiss You Inside Out
Hedley - Parade Rain
Hedley - Almost Over
Hedley - Beautiful Girl
Hedley - Top of the World
Die Haut - I Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition Was In)
Adam Harvey - Stuck in the Middle With You
Adam Harvey - Move It on Over
Adam Harvey - Both Sides Now
Adam Harvey - It's All Over Now
Adam Harvey - Seven Spanish Angels
Adam Harvey - In the Jailhouse Now
Adam Harvey - Family Life
Adam Harvey - She Don't Know She's Beautiful
Adam Harvey - Count on Me
Adam Harvey - Daddy What If
Adam Harvey - I'm Doin' Alright
Adam Harvey - Genie In The Bottle
Adam Harvey - Call It Love
Lee Hazlewood - Sacrifice
Lee Hazlewood - Fred Freud
Lee Hazlewood - The First Song of the Day
Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning
Lee Hazlewood - The Girls in Paris
Lee Hazlewood - The Nights
Lee Hazlewood - I Am a Part
Lee Hazlewood - Dark in My Heart
Heavy-Current - House of Shame
Heavy-Current - DBN
Heavy-Current - Das L-ich-t
Adam Harvey - The House That Jack Built
Adam Harvey - Workin' Overtime
Adam Harvey - Beauty's in the Eye (Of the Beerholder)
Adam Harvey - I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight
Adam Harvey - I've Been Loved by the Best
Adam Harvey - That's Just How She Gets
Adam Harvey - I Want My Rib Back
Adam Harvey - The Biggest Fool
Adam Harvey - Lady Lay Down
Adam Harvey - God Made Beer
Adam Harvey - That's What You Call a Friend
Adam Harvey - Cadillac Tears
Adam Harvey - Doghouse
Adam Harvey - Missing Heroes
Adam Harvey - Once Upon a Long Gone Time
Adam Harvey - Life Don't Have to Mean Nothin' at All
Adam Harvey - Falling Into Place
Adam Harvey - Gypsy Queen
Adam Harvey - I Blame You
Adam Harvey - I Can Tell by the Way You Dance
Gun Outfit - Flyin' Low, Maria
Gun Outfit - Lau Blues
The Hanna Barbarians - Hair of the Dog
The Hanna Barbarians - Basement Shooter
The Hanna Barbarians - All We Export
The Hanna Barbarians - You | Devil | Me
Lee Hazlewood - Hands
Lee Hazlewood - Your Sweet Love
Lee Hazlewood - My Baby Cried All Night Long
Lee Hazlewood - The Night Before
Lee Hazlewood - No Regrets
Lee Hazlewood - My Autumn's Done Come
Annie Haslam - Tit Willow
Annie Haslam - Introlise / If I Were Made of Music
Annie Haslam - Hunioco
Annie Haslam - Inside My Life
Heatwave - Always and Forever
Heatwave - The Groove Line
Heatwave - Gangsters of the Groove
Heatwave - Boogie Nights
Heatwave - Happiness Togetherness
Heatwave - Dreamin' You
Heatwave - Mind Blowing Decisions
Heatwave - The Star of a Story
Heatwave - Party Poops
Heatwave - Leavin' for a Dream
Heatwave - Look After Love
Heavy Young Heathens - Beux Jean Blues
Heavy Young Heathens - Sha La La La La
Heavy Young Heathens - Drawn From Memory
Heavy Young Heathens - Jackie Come Lately
Heavy Young Heathens - Gone Stamos
Heavy Young Heathens - Daylight Breaks
Heavy Young Heathens - Shine
Heavy Young Heathens - Like a Serenade
Lee Hazlewood - Long Black Train
Lee Hazlewood - Son of a Gun
Lee Hazlewood - We All Make the Flowers Grow
Lee Hazlewood - Run Boy Run
Lee Hazlewood - Six Feet of Chain
Lee Hazlewood - Summerwine
Lee Hazlewood - Since You're Gone
Lee Hazlewood - I'm Blue
Annie Haslam - Moonlight Shadow
Annie Haslam - The Angels Cry
Annie Haslam - When a Heart Finds Another
Annie Haslam - Let It Be Me
Annie Haslam - Celestine
Annie Haslam - Further From Fantasy
Annie Haslam - Wishin’ on a Star
Annie Haslam - Wildest Dreams
Annie Haslam - One More Arrow
Annie Haslam - One Love
Annie Haslam - Carpet of the Sun
Annie Haslam - The Captive Heart
Annie Haslam - Blessing in Disguise
Annie Haslam - Seashell Eyes
Annie Haslam - Summon the Angel
Annie Haslam - After the Oceans Are Gone
Annie Haslam - The Young Prince and Princess
Annie Haslam - Let It Grow
Annie Haslam - Brazilian Skies
Annie Haslam - Turn of the Century
Annie Haslam - Northern Lights
Annie Haslam - Spare Some Love
Annie Haslam - Silent Night
Annie Haslam - The Snowman
Annie Haslam - It Snows in Heaven Too
Annie Haslam - We Three Kings
Annie Haslam - The Little Drummer Boy
Annie Haslam - Christmas Time Is Here
Annie Haslam - O Come, O Come, Immanuel
Annie Haslam - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Annie Haslam - She's the Light
Annie Haslam - Forever Bound
Annie Haslam - Still Life
Annie Haslam - Shine
Annie Haslam - Careless Love
Annie Haslam - Glitter and Dust
Annie Haslam - The Day You Strayed
Annie Haslam - Save Us All
Annie Haslam - Skaila
Annie Haslam - Bitter Sweet
Annie Haslam - Chains and Threads
Annie Haslam - Seasons
Heatwave - Razzle Dazzle
Heatwave - This Night We Feel
Heatwave - First Day Of Snow
Heatwave - That's The Way We'll Always Say Goodnight
Head Control System - Baby Blue
Head Control System - Skin Flick
Head Control System - Masterpiece (Of Art)
Head Control System - It Hurts
Head Control System - Watergate
Head Control System - Seven
Head Control System - Wonderworld
Head Control System - Rapid Eye Movement
Lee Hazlewood - Long Haired Country Boy
Lee Hazlewood - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Lee Hazlewood - That's How I Got to Memphis
Lee Hazlewood - In a Young Girl's Mind
Lee Hazlewood - An Old Lullaby
Lee Hazlewood - Crazy Mama
Lee Hazlewood - A House Safe for Tigers
Heatwave - All You Do Is Dial
Heatwave - Sho 'Nuff Must Be Luv
Heatwave - Always & Forever
Heatwave - Posin Till Closin
Haley - This Is How It Goes
Haley - Physical
Haley - Falling in Love
Haley - Letting You In
Haley - Illuminating
Haley - What Do You Say
Haley - I’m Someone Else
Haley - The Chance
Haley - Midnight Light
Haley - I Remember
Haley - Rush
Hawaiian6 - Light and Shadow
Hawaiian6 - An Apple of Dischord
Hawaiian6 - Eternal Wish Twinkle Star
Hawaiian6 - Flower
Hawaiian6 - My Universe
Hawaiian6 - Tiny Soul
Hawaiian6 - Your Song
Hawaiian6 - Church
Hawaiian6 - Autumn Leaves
Hawaiian6 - Promise
Hawaiian6 - Heartbeat Symphony
Hawaiian6 - Distance
Hawaiian6 - A Love Song
Hawaiian6 - Everybody Has the Devil on the Inside
Hawaiian6 - Magic
Hawaiian6 - Fantasy
Hawaiian6 - In Your Hand
Hawaiian6 - Even The Little Birds Sings The Killer's Songs
Hawaiian6 - Evergreen
Thee Headcoatees - You're Right, I'm Wrong
Lee Hazlewood - Lone Ranger Ain't My Friend Anymore
Lee Hazlewood - Jackson
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine
Lee Hazlewood - Greenwich Village Folksong Salesman
Niykee Heaton - I'm Ready
Niykee Heaton - Infinity
Niykee Heaton - King
Niykee Heaton - Nbk
Niykee Heaton - Lullaby
Niykee Heaton - Mask
Niykee Heaton - Devil
Niykee Heaton - One Time
Niykee Heaton - Nexus
Niykee Heaton - Dream Team
Niykee Heaton - Villa
Niykee Heaton - Skin Tight
Niykee Heaton - Champagne For the Pain
Niykee Heaton - Bad Intentions
Niykee Heaton - Sober
Niykee Heaton - Rolling Stone
Niykee Heaton - Champagne
Lee Hazlewood - Sally Was a Good Old Girl
Lee Hazlewood - I Am, You Are
Thee Headcoatees - Run for Your Life
Thee Headcoatees - Cum Into My Mouth
Lee Hazlewood - The Ballad Og Lucy Jordan
Lee Hazlewood - The Girl on Death Row
Headstrong - Tears (ft.Stine Grove)
Horacio Guaraní - Del chucaro
Horacio Guaraní - Puerto de santa cruz
Horacio Guaraní - Piel morena
Horacio Guaraní - Pescador y guitarrero
Horacio Guaraní - Caballo que no galopa
Horacio Guaraní - Volver en vino
Horacio Guaraní - Amar amando
Horacio Guaraní - Zambita del musiquero
Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks - Susie Q
Heart Attack Alley - Trouble
Heavy Load - Heavy Metal Angels (in Metal and Leather)
Heavy Load - Something New
Heavy Load - Bleeding Streets
Heavy Load - The Guitar Is My Sword
Heavy Load - Still There Is Time
Heavy Load - Traveller
Heavy Load - Little Lies
Heavy Load - Daybreak Ecstasy
Heavy Load - Run With the Devil
Heavy Load - The King
Heavy Load - Dreaming
Heavy Load - Stronger Than Evil
Heavy Load - Saturday Night
Heavy Load - Roar of the North
Heavy Load - Full Speed at High Level
Heavy Load - Midnight Crawler
Heavy Load - Moonlight Spell
Heavy Load - Storm
Heavy Load - In Two Minds
Heavy Load - Rock 'n' Roll Freak
Heavy Load - Son of the Northern Light
Heavy Load - Heavy Metal Angels
Heavy Load - Take Me Away
Heavy Load - Heavy Metal Heaven
Heavy Load - You've Got the Power
Ghoulunatics - King of the Undead
Hanni Kohl - Abschied
Hanni Kohl - Goresong
Hanni Kohl - Untitled Unfinished
Hanni Kohl - Niemand Zerstört Unser Leben
Hanni Kohl - Edner
Hanni Kohl - EX
Hanni Kohl - Goreshit
Hanni Kohl - Horsmann
Hanni Kohl - Give Me Some Mo
Hanni Kohl - Chuck Norris
Hanni Kohl - Hexe
Lisa Haley - Trouble
The Guthries - Better Part of an Hour
The Guthries - Deep Blue
The Guthries - Season to Leave
The Guthries - Left on Pages
The Guthries - Rhubarb Pie
Heavy Vegetable - P.O.E.
Heavy Vegetable - On Purpose
Heavy Vegetable - Spatula
Heavy Vegetable - Jackie Chan is a Punk Rocker
Heavy Vegetable - Thingy
Heavy Vegetable - Saloon
Heavy Vegetable - Eggy in a Bready II
Heavy Vegetable - Perfect Love
Heavy Vegetable - Excesses
Heavenly - Starshy
Heavenly - Tool
Heavenly - Orange Corduroy Dress
Heavenly - Different Day
Heavenly - C Is the Heavenly Option
Heavenly - And the Birds Aren't Singing
Heavenly - Sort of Mine
Heavenly - Cool Guitar Boy
Heavenly - Boyfriend Stays the Same
Heavenly - Lemonhead Boy
Heavenly - Shallow
Heavenly - Wish Me Gone
Heavenly - Don't Be Fooled
Heavenly - It's You
Heavenly - Me and My Madness
Heavenly - Modestic
Heavenly - Skipjack
Heavenly - Itchy Chin
Heavenly - Three Star Compartment
Heavenly - Sperm Meets Egg, So What?
Heavenly - She and Me
Heavenly - Atta Girl
Heavenly - Dig Your Own Grave
Heavenly - P.U.N.K. Girl
Heavenly - Hearts & Crosses
Heavenly - So?
Heavenly - Trophy Girlfriend
Heavenly - K-Klass Kisschase
Heavenly - Space Manatee
Heavenly - Ben Sherman
Heavenly - By the Way
Heavenly - Cut Off
Heavenly - Mark Angel
Heavenly - Fat Lenny
Heavenly - Snail Trail
Heavenly - Pet Monkey
Heavenly - Our Love Is Heavenly
Heavenly - Wrap My Arms Around Him
Heavenly - Hearts and Crosses
Heavenly - I’m Not Scared of You
The Happy Problem - Matador
The Happy Problem - Head Case
Patrick Thomas Hawes - Tres Amores
Randi Hansen - Hvis jeg fikk være sola di
Headset - Pleasant Beach
Headset - Californium
Headset - Can't Say No
Headset - Crystal Hayes
Headset - Suspension
Headset - Chroma-Key
Headset - Suicide Van
Headset - Reversing Fields
Headset - Bilestoad
Headset - Disconnexion
Headset - Twisted Steel, Leather Donut
Headset - Asteroyd Lloyd
Tim Heidecker - Work from Home
Jimmy Hamilton - Satin Doll
Harlej - Čtyři z punku a pes
Harlej - Balada o tom, jak si chlapec pod vlivem měkké drogy našel děvče s nízkým IQ
Harlej - Královna noci
Harlej - Tak vypadni
Harlej - Svařák
Harlej - Julka
Harlej - Pověste ho vejš
Harlej - Zrzi, zrzi
Harlej - Hele bejby
Harlej - Zfetovanej
Harlej - Jůlie
Harlej - San Remo
Dori Hartley - Nobody Loves Me but You
Mickey Harte - Here at the Right Time
Mickey Harte - Sometimes Right, Sometimes Wrong
Mickey Harte - Never Wanna Let U Down
Mickey Harte - There Must Be Love
Mickey Harte - The Island
Mickey Harte - I Need You
Mickey Harte - Total Love
Mickey Harte - A Chance for You and Me
Mickey Harte - We've Got the World
Hazard - Marie, ne piši pesmi več
Hazard - Vsak je sam
Hazard - Nena
Hazard - Zabloda moja v modrih kavbojkah
Hazard - Najlepše pesmi
Hazard - Kopalnico ima
Anthony Stewart Head - Behind Blue Eyes
Anthony Stewart Head - Staring at the Sun
Anthony Stewart Head - Don't Mess With Magic
Devin Hayes - Brand New
Jane Hawley - Rhona-Lee
Hand of Doom - Black Sabbath
The Hazey Janes - In Shadows Under Trees
Harlej - Kapitán Morgan
Harlej - Možná jednou...
Harlej - Dětský hřiště
Harlej - Cesta do ráje
Harlej - Přirození
Harlej - Zemětřesení
Harlej - Proměna
Harlej - Z Cuby kiwi