Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 722:

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Paramour (Die Leidenschaft bringt Leiden)
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Gravity
Fleshgod Apocalypse - A Million Deaths
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Syphilis
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Abyssal
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Conspiracy of Silence
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Thru Our Scars
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Blinded by Fear
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Minotaur (Wrath of Poseidon)
FullSet - Boys of Bedlam
fu:el - Please, Please
Fighting Gravity - Bend the Light
Fighting Gravity - Mission Bells
Fighting Gravity - Lost in the Rain
Fighting Gravity - My World
Fighting Gravity - Honestly
Fighting Gravity - Shattered and Torn
Fighting Gravity - It Comes Off
Fighting Gravity - Forgotten (9:30 Club)
Fighting Gravity - Bend the Light (9:30 Club)
Fighting Gravity - Lost in the Rain (9:30 Club)
Fighting Gravity - Wait for You (9:30 Club)
Fighting Gravity - Mash It Up (9:30 Club)
Fighting Gravity - Flying
Fighting Gravity - Lost Our Way
Fighting Gravity - I Disagree
Fighting Gravity - Ted's River Song
First Serve - Opening Credits
First Serve - We Made It
First Serve - Must B the Music
First Serve - Pushin' Aside, Pushin' Along
Fighting Gravity - One Day
Fighting Gravity - Sparrow
Fighting Gravity - Fools and Kings
Fighting Gravity - Quiet Angel
Fighting Gravity - Spinning
Fighting Gravity - Julula
Feromona - Vodka
Feromona - Mustang
Feromona - Bisturi
Feromona - Psicologia
Freeman - Osuuskaupan Jane
Freeman - Kaksi lensi yli käenpesän
Freeman - Ajetaan tandemilla
Freeman - Olet mun kaikuluotain
Freeman - Mitä sinulle kuuluu?
Freeman - Mattolaituri
Freeman - Tuhatjalkainen
Uusi Fantasia feat. Freeman - Liian myöhään
Freedom Satellite - Soul Samba
Susan Fassbender - Twilight Café
Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter
Nina Simone - Who Knows Where the Time Goes
From Atlantis - Visions
From Atlantis - The Lost Ones
From Atlantis - Pedestals
From Atlantis - Where It All Went Wrong
From Atlantis - This Ones for You
From Atlantis - Stay Strong
From Atlantis - Sink Fast
From Atlantis - Limitless
From Atlantis - Diseased
From Atlantis - Echoes and Answers
From Atlantis - Oblivious
From Atlantis - Dean the Machine
From Atlantis - Changes
From Atlantis - Between the Heart and the Home
From Atlantis - You're Going Down Featherboy
From Atlantis - Growing, Caving, Searching, Sinking
From Atlantis - Arrival of a Rival
From Atlantis - Johnny I Tried to Tell Em'
Stefano Fucili - Peter Pan
Stefano Fucili - Splendido capitolo
Stefano Fucili - Lullaby
Stefano Fucili - Baciami
Stefano Fucili - Il pittore
Stefano Fucili - Il bisogno d'amare
Stefano Fucili - Single
Stefano Fucili - Anni luce
Stefano Fucili - Bonsai
Stefano Fucili - Chiara
Famous Dex - Link
Famous Dex - With Me
Famous Dex - Pulled Up In Ghost
Famous Dex - Pressure
Famous Dex - Speed Way
Famous Dex - SammyDexMaxo
Famous Dex - What They Want
Famous Dex - Living My Life
Famous Dex - Switch It Up
Famous Dex - Check N Flex
Famous Dex - Goin For Ten
Famous Dex - Your Fault (Intro)
Famous Dex - For The Low
Famous Dex - No Hook
Famous Dex - Duh Dummy
Famous Dex - Jealousy
Famous Dex - Stuck in the Sky
Famous Dex - Drippy (intro)
Famous Dex - I Get the Drip From My Walk
Los Folkloristas - El relámpago
Los Folkloristas - Rosa de Castilla
Los Folkloristas - El cascabel
Los Folkloristas - Male Severiana
Frost - Pharmacy
Frost - Alphabet
Frost - Half-Whole
Frost - Sink
Frost - Clouds Across the Moon
Frost - Close To You
Kaya Fraser - Another Heartache Song
Foundation - Better Days
Foundation - Falling Victim
Foundation - Engines of Alienation
Foundation - The Skies Won't Fall
Foundation - Lost Along the Way (Our Hemingway)
Fraunhofer Diffraction - Kali Yuga
Fraunhofer Diffraction - Stray
Fraunhofer Diffraction - Perfection
The Friends of Distinction - I Really Hope You Do
The Friends of Distinction - Going in Circles
The Friends of Distinction - And I Love Him
The Friends of Distinction - Lonesome Mood
The Friends of Distinction - Love or Let Me Be Lonely
The Friends of Distinction - Time Waits for No One
The Friends of Distinction - Crazy Mary
The Friends of Distinction - Love Me or Let Me Be Lonely
The Friends of Distinction - Great Day
The Friends of Distinction - Why Did I Lose You
Fenomeno Fuzz - Siempre
Fenomeno Fuzz - La Viuda Negra
Fenomeno Fuzz - Zombie
Fenomeno Fuzz - El beachboy
Fenomeno Fuzz - 28
Fenomeno Fuzz - Paraiso
Fughu - The Human Way
Fughu - Inertia
Katerina Fotinaki - Ta tzitzikia
Katerina Fotinaki - Le trèfle marin
Katerina Fotinaki - Marianthi
Katerina Fotinaki - Doukou doukou mihanaki
Los Folkloristas - El coco
Eleanor Friedberger - My Mistakes
Eleanor Friedberger - Inn of the Seventh Ray
Eleanor Friedberger - Heaven
Eleanor Friedberger - Scenes From Bensonhurst
Eleanor Friedberger - Roosevelt Island
Eleanor Friedberger - One-Month Marathon
Eleanor Friedberger - I Won't Fall Apart on You Tonight
Eleanor Friedberger - Early Earthquake
Eleanor Friedberger - I Don’t Want to Bother You
Eleanor Friedberger - When I Knew
Eleanor Friedberger - Stare at the Sun
Eleanor Friedberger - Echo or Encore
Eleanor Friedberger - I Am the Past
Eleanor Friedberger - She’s a Mirror
Eleanor Friedberger - Other Boys
Eleanor Friedberger - He Didn't Mention His Mother
Eleanor Friedberger - Open Season
Eleanor Friedberger - Sweetest Girl
Eleanor Friedberger - Your Word
Eleanor Friedberger - Because I Asked You
Eleanor Friedberger - Never Is A Long Time
Eleanor Friedberger - Cathy With The Curly Hair
Eleanor Friedberger - All Known Things
Eleanor Friedberger - Does Turquoise Work?
Eleanor Friedberger - A Long Walk
Funbox - No Directions for Use
Los Folkloristas - La maldición de Malinche
Los Folkloristas - Flor de metal
Los Folkloristas - La carta
Frostlit - Small Winds
Frostlit - Shadow of a Dream
Fireal - Ariel
Fireal - The Crying
Fireal - Syren
Fireal - Violet
Fireal - God
Fireal - Joy
Fireal - The Imperia [Call Me Now]
Fireal - The Nibiru
Fireal - Breathe
Fireal - Pyromania
Forgotten Woods - One Day
Forgotten Woods - Here, in the Obsession
Forgotten Woods - The Principle and the Whip
Forgotten Woods - Overmotets pris
Forgotten Woods - My Scars Hold Your Dreams
Forgotten Woods - Den ansiktsløse
Forgotten Woods - The Velvet Room
Forgotten Woods - En natt med storm og ravners skrik
Forgotten Woods - Hvor vinteren rår
Forgotten Woods - The Starlit Waters / I, the Mountain
Front Country - Sake of the Sound
Front Country - Undertaker
Flowers for Breakfast - You Wish
Flowers for Breakfast - Ugly
Flowers for Breakfast - Drift
Flowers for Breakfast - 007 Oh!
Flowers for Breakfast - Mandarine
Flowers for Breakfast - Ego
Flowers for Breakfast - Video
Flowers for Breakfast - Homebound
Flowers for Breakfast - A Shiny Future
Flowers for Breakfast - Sneak Song
Flowers for Breakfast - Jona
Flowers for Breakfast - June
Flowers for Breakfast - Julius Ceasar
Flowers for Breakfast - Tukepooh
Flowers for Breakfast - Shout
Flowers for Breakfast - One Man Show
Flowers for Breakfast - Cannonball Theory
Flowers for Breakfast - Cloack
Flowers for Breakfast - The Knight
Flowers for Breakfast - Game Over
Flowers for Breakfast - Vieux Dieux
Flowers for Breakfast - Rude
Funeral Oration - Still in a Punk Band
Funeral Oration - Never Die
Funeral Oration - Warrior
Funeral Oration - One More Time
Jesse Fortune - Too Many Cooks
Five Blank Pages - Five Blank Pages
Frente! - Girl
Frente! - Accidently Kelly Street
Frente! - Most Beautiful
Frente! - Cuscatlan
Frente! - Pretty Friend
Frente! - 1.9.0
Frente! - Reflect
Frente! - See/Believe
Frente! - Labour of Love
Frente! - Ordinary Angels
Frente! - Lonely
Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle
Frente! - Oh Brilliance
Frente! - Risk
Frente! - Testimony
Frente! - Book Song
Frente! - Paper, Bullets, Walls
Frente! - Somethin' Stupid (Stoopid)
Frente! - Not Given Lightly
Frente! - I Miss You
Frente! - Burning Girl
Frente! - Clue
Frente! - Harm
Frente! - Air
Frente! - Jungle
Frente! - So Mad
Frente! - Safe From You
Frente! - Calmly
Frente! - What's Come Over Me
Frente! - Cuscutlan
Frente! - Paper, Bullets and Walls
Frente! - Something Stupid
Frente! - Accidentally Kelly Street
Frente! - Get Real
Frente! - Many Wings / Here You Come Again
Flip a Coin - Jasmyn
frostbitt - Frozen
frostbitt - Glacier
frostbitt - Icicle
frostbitt - Zastruga
Flow - Le pont
Flow - Les anges
Flow - Rouge
Flow - Les sens en usure
Flow - Citoyen
Flow - Les petites figures
Flow - Passé
Flow - Slam Media
Flow - Le sourire d’un môme
Flow - Les arbres
Flow - Déjà
Flow - Dégénère / Merde
Flow - Alexandre
Flow - Nous
Flow - Sa place
Flow - Les seaux
Flow - Je veille
Flow - Meme pas mal
Flow - Chtt
Flow - Contre Nature
Flow - Debout
Flow - Gris beton
Flow - Mama
Flow - Faut pas rêver
Flow - Yalla !
Flow - Zara
Flow - Louise
Flow - Pouffiasse
Flow - Salem
Flow - Je sais
Flow - Avignon
Flow - Coca
Flow - Fouille
Flow - Shalom
The Frontline - The Rich
The Frontline - Bang It!
The Frontline - Now U Know
The Frontline - What Is It
Giorgia Fumanti - Cinema Paradiso - Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso
Giorgia Fumanti - Aranjuez mon amour
Giorgia Fumanti - Caruso
Giorgia Fumanti - Magnificat
Giorgia Fumanti - Psalmus ode
Giorgia Fumanti - Ave Maria (Bach, Gounod)
Funeral Circle - Corpus of Dark Sorcery
Fotomaker - Where Have You Been All My Life
French Affair - I Want Your Love
French Affair - Desire
French Affair - Poison
French Affair - I Can't Say Goodbye
French Affair - Do What You Like
French Affair - My Boots Are Made for Walking
French Affair - If You Give Me Credit
French Affair - Je ne sais pas pourquoi
French Affair - Take My Love Mon Amour
French Affair - Sexy
French Affair - Comme ci comme ça
French Affair - I Like That
French Affair - My Heart Goes Boom La Di Da Da
French Affair - You Are So Sexy
Focus - Focus (Vocal)
Focus - Black Beauty
Focus - Moving Waves
Focus - Round Goes the Gossip...
Focus - Brother
Focus - Amok in Kindergarten
Focus - Happy Nightmare (Mescaline)
Marcus Foster - I Was Broken
Marcus Foster - I Belong Here
Marcus Foster - I Don’t Mind
Marcus Foster - 8. Rushes & Reeds
Marcus Foster - 2. Shadows of the City
Marcus Foster - 7. I Don't Need to Lose You To Know
Marcus Foster - 11. Movement
Marcus Foster - 1. Old Birch Tree
Marcus Foster - 4. You My Love
Marcus Foster - Tumble Down
Marcus Foster - Demons
Fukkk Offf - More Than Friends
Fukkk Offf - Rave Is King
Fukkk Offf - I Give You Bass
Fukkk Offf - I'm a Freak
Fukkk Offf - Sex
The Fun & Games - The Grooviest Girl in the World
Frosttide - Awakening
Frosttide - Quest for Glory
Frosttide - No Turning Back
Frosttide - Ruins of Defeat
Frosttide - Blood Oath
Frosttide - Gates of the Asylum
Frosttide - Fate Redefined
Frosttide - Traitor Within
Frosttide - New Reign
Frosttide - Winds of Winter's Call
Frosttide - Unwritten (Engraved in the Stars)
Focus - Wingless
Freshlyground - I Am the Man
Freshlyground - Nomvula
Freshlyground - Manyana
Freshlyground - Vanish
Freshlyground - Zithande
Freshlyground - I'd Like
Freshlyground - Things Have Changed
Freshlyground - Buttercup
Freshlyground - Human Angels
Freshlyground - Father Please
Freshlyground - Touch in the Night
Freshlyground - Ma'Cheri
Freshlyground - Desire
Freshlyground - Ask Me
Freshlyground - Baby Tonight
Freshlyground - Pink Confetti
Freshlyground - Fire Is Low
Freshlyground - Would You Mind
Freshlyground - Train Love
Freshlyground - Ocean Floor
Freshlyground - Castles in the Sky
Freshlyground - Feels Like Sunday
Freshlyground - Zipho phezulu
Freshlyground - Mali
Fuat - Üç Dil
Fuat - Entürkteynment 2
Fuat - İllegal (Rap Emrimde 2)
Fuat - Her Ayın Elemanı
Fuat - Köpek
Fuat - Okyanuslar
Fuat - İllegal
Fuat - Cihana Hitabe II
Freshlyground - Take Me to the Dance
Freshlyground - Potbelly
Freshlyground - Nomvula (After the Rain)
Freshlyground - Mbira # 2
Freshlyground - Boo Be Doo
Freshlyground - Don't Leave Me
Focus - I Need a Bathroom
Focus - Eddy
Focus - Hocus Pocus U.S. Version
Focus - Why dream ?
Focus - Tokyo Rose
Focus - How Long
FRND - Sticks and Stones
FRND - Friends
Anders Fugelstad - Ingenting är längre som förut
Flak - Tune In (Round Window)
Freeway & Jake One - Stimulus Intro
Freeway & Jake One - Throw Your Hands Up
Freeway & Jake One - One Foot In
Freeway & Jake One - She Makes Me Feel Alright
Freeway & Jake One - Never Gonna Change
Freeway & Jake One - One Thing
Freeway & Jake One - Know What I Mean
Freeway & Jake One - The Product
Freeway & Jake One - Microphone Killa
Freeway & Jake One - Follow My Moves
Freeway & Jake One - Sho' Nuff
Freeway & Jake One - Freekin' the Beat
Freeway & Jake One - Money
Freeway & Jake One - Free People
Freeway & Jake One - Stimulus Outro
Freeway & Jake One - African Drums
Freeway & Jake One - Always-N-Forever
Edith Frost - Emergency
Edith Frost - It's a Game
Edith Frost - What's the Use
Edith Frost - A Mirage
Edith Frost - Playmate
Edith Frost - My Lover Won't Call
Edith Frost - Lucky Charm
Edith Frost - Larger Than Life
Edith Frost - Just a Friend
Edith Frost - If It Weren't for the Words
Edith Frost - Stars Fading
Edith Frost - Good to Know
Edith Frost - Lovin' You Goodbye
Edith Frost - Cars and Parties
Edith Frost - Wonder Wonder
Edith Frost - Hear My Heart
Edith Frost - Dreamers
Edith Frost - Further
Edith Frost - Merry Go Round
Edith Frost - Easy to Love
Edith Frost - Honey Please
Edith Frost - You're Decided
Edith Frost - Temporary Loan
Edith Frost - Follow
Edith Frost - Calling Over Time
Edith Frost - Denied
Edith Frost - Pony Song
Edith Frost - Too Happy
Edith Frost - Wash of Water
Edith Frost - Shadows
Edith Frost - Thine Eyes
Edith Frost - Give Up Your Love
Edith Frost - Albany Blues
Edith Frost - Walk on the Fire
Edith Frost - On Hold
Edith Frost - Light
Edith Frost - The Very Earth
Edith Frost - You Belong to No One
Edith Frost - Telescopic
Edith Frost - Bluish Bells
Edith Frost - Through the Trees
Edith Frost - My Capture
Edith Frost - Tender Kiss
Edith Frost - Are You Sure?
The Frightnrs - Nothing More to Say
The Frightnrs - Never Answer
Edith Frost - One-Chord Complaint
Edith Frost - My God Insane
Edith Frost - The Last One
Edith Frost - Waiting Room
Edith Frost - Between Us
Edith Frost - Love Is Real
Edith Frost - Evangeline
Edith Frost - Blame You
Frog - All Dogs Go to Heaven
Frog - Fucking
Frog - Wish Upon a Bar
Frog - Photograph
Frog - Everything 2002
Frog - Catchyalater
Frog - Irish Goodbye
Frog - Judy Garland
Frog - Bad Boy (Kind of Blah)
Funeris Nocturnum - Reformation
Funeris Nocturnum - Burying the Last Breathe of Christianity
Funeris Nocturnum - Damnation of Inri
Funeris Nocturnum - Withering Life
Funeris Nocturnum - Slay and Burn
Funeris Nocturnum - Pure Satanic Blasphemy
Funeris Nocturnum - Kuolontoive
Funeris Nocturnum - Seitsemäs Portti
Funeris Nocturnum - Three Steps Closer to the Truth
Funeris Nocturnum - The August Hammer of Satan
Funeris Nocturnum - Last Day in Heaven
Funeris Nocturnum - Wheels of Fire
Freestone - Bummer Bitch
Robbie Fulks - Caroline
Robbie Fulks - Pretty Little Poison
Robbie Fulks - She Must Think I Like Poetry
Robbie Fulks - Bethelridge
Robbie Fulks - Take Me to the Paradise
Robbie Fulks - Little King
Robbie Fulks - You Shouldn't Have
Robbie Fulks - God Isn't Real
Robbie Fulks - Down in Her Arms
Robbie Fulks - Can't Win for Losing You
Robbie Fulks - Georgia Hard
Robbie Fulks - I'll Trade You Money for Wine
Robbie Fulks - Where I Fell
Robbie Fulks - That's Where I'm From
Robbie Fulks - Every Kind of Music but Country
Robbie Fulks - Rock Bottom, Pop. 1
Robbie Fulks - The Buck Starts Here
Robbie Fulks - She Took a Lot of Pills (And Died)
Robbie Fulks - We'll Burn Together
Robbie Fulks - Let's Live Together
Robbie Fulks - Papa Was a Steel-Headed Man
Forndom - För världarna nio
Forndom - Flykt
Forndom - När alvkungens rike faller samman
Robbie Fulks - Busy Not Crying
Robbie Fulks - Fuck This Town
Robbie Fulks - Mad at a Girl
Robbie Fulks - I Like Being Left Alone
Robbie Fulks - Baby Rocked Her Dolly
Robbie Fulks - Never Come Home
Robbie Fulks - Aunt Peg's New Old Man
Robbie Fulks - Needed
Robbie Fulks - South Bend Soldiers On
Robbie Fulks - America Is a Hard Religion
Robbie Fulks - A Miracle
Max Frost - Nice and Slow
Max Frost - Suspended Animation
Max Frost - White Lies
Max Frost - Glow Long
Max Frost - Be Who You Want to Be
Max Frost - Paranoia
Max Frost - $Dreams
Max Frost - Withdrawal
Max Frost - Let Me Down Easy
Max Frost - Blind Fool
Max Frost - Die Young
Funeral Party - New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A.
Funeral Party - Finale
Funeral Party - Where Did It Go Wrong
Funeral Party - Just Because
Funeral Party - Postcards of Persuasion
Funeral Party - Giant
Funeral Party - City in Silhouettes
Funeral Party - Youth & Poverty
Funeral Party - Relics to Ruins
Funeral Party - Giant Song
Funeral Party - Golden Age of Knowhere
Funeral Party - NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA
Funeral Party - Carwars
Robbie Fulks - Cocktails
Robbie Fulks - Goin' Back to Goin' Back to Indiana
FlyKKiller - FlyKKiller
FlyKKiller - Peroxide
Formless - Prism
Iva Frühlingová - Ou Tu Veux Quand Tu Veux
Iva Frühlingová - La Muerte
Laura Welsh - Break the Fall
Joni Payne - Hold Ya
Chinah - Away from Me
Autograf - Metaphysical
Connor Franta - Common Culture, Vol. V (Album Commentary)
Iva Frühlingová - Věřím
Four Visions - Sparked Fire
Four Visions - Tell Me Something
Four Visions - To Emily
Four Visions - Collected Things
Four Visions - About Us
For Against - Sabres
For Against - Stranded in Greenland
For Against - They Said
For Against - December
For Against - Get on With It
For Against - It's a Lie
For Against - Autocrat
For Against - Forget Who You Are
For Against - Glamour
For Against - Aftertaste
Freemasons feat. Sophie Ellis‐Bextor - Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) (Steve Mac dub)
For Against - So Long
For Against - Fuel
For Against - Outside a Heart
For Against - Amnesia
For Against - Amen Yves
For Against - Fate
Fruit Tree - Confusion by Statue Fall
Phil Fuldner - The Final (original extended)
Dave Frishberg - Van Lingle Mungo
Dave Frishberg - Walkin’ on Wall Street
Frodus - Red Bull of Juarez
Frodus - The Earth Isn't Humming
Frodus - There Will Be No More Scum
Frodus - Out-Circuit the Ending
Frodus - The Awesome Machine
Frodus - 6/99
Frodus - Year of the Hex
Frodus - Intention: Removal
Frodus - Drone Academy Fight Song
Frodus - Psaurcacneosisa
Dave Frishberg - Quality Time
Dave Frishberg - Nasty Nasty Habit
Fractal feat. Syrin - Amor
Fractal feat. Danyka Nadeau - Collide
Fractal feat. Danyka Nadeau - Fire Away
Joeri Fransen - High and Alive
Joeri Fransen - We Came This Far
Osvaldo Fresedo - A todo trapo
Osvaldo Fresedo - Para lucirse
Frigidaire Tango - Milioni di parole
Frigidaire Tango - Normalmente triste
Frigidaire Tango feat. Margherita Orlandi - L'acqua pensa
Frigidaire Tango - Natural mente
Frigidaire Tango - Soffia
Frigidaire Tango - Distogli lo sguardo
Frigidaire Tango - Le cose capite
Frigidaire Tango - Poesia di luce
Frigidaire Tango - Paura del tempo
Frigidaire Tango feat. Aldo Tagliapietra & Ibrahim Baseado - Preghiera
Frigidaire Tango - Tutto niente qualcosa
Frigidaire Tango feat. Miss Xox, Federico Fiumani & Giorgio Canali - New Wave Anthem
Frigidaire Tango - Dangerous Echo
Frigidaire Tango - Anytime You Dress So Fine
Frigidaire Tango - Frigidaire Tango
Frigidaire Tango - Tell Me Sometimes
Frigidaire Tango - Brain Rock
Frigidaire Tango - A Citizen Came
Frigidaire Tango - Shout Yourself to Death
Frigidaire Tango - Russian Dolls
Frigidaire Tango - Recall
Frigidaire Tango - Take Over From Me
Frigidaire Tango - Vanity Fair
Frigidaire Tango - When Your Head Drop
Freak of Nature - Turn the Other Way
Freak of Nature - What Am I
Freak of Nature - Rescue Me
Freak of Nature - Possessed
Freak of Nature - Where Can I Go
Freak of Nature - If I Leave
Freak of Nature - Love Was Here
Freak of Nature - Enemy
Freak of Nature - Big Black Hole
Freak of Nature - The Tree
Freak of Nature - Candle
Freak of Nature - Need
Freak of Nature - Powerless
Freak of Nature - The Parting
Freak of Nature - '92
Freak of Nature - World Doesn't Mind
Bryn Fôn - Llythyrau Tyddyn-y-Gaseg
Bryn Fôn - Coedwig ar Dân
Bryn Fôn - Un Funud Fach
Bryn Fôn - Strydoedd Aberstalwm
Frigidaire Tango - Dreamcity
Frigidaire Tango - Mescola le razze
Foxylane - Command
Yukari Fukui - Rain Of Love
Yukari Fukui - Days Of Kisses
Yukari Fukui - Sweet Latte Walk
Froggy Mix - Razzmatazz
Froggy Mix - So Hot
Froggy Mix - No Nagging
Froggy Mix - Precious Things
Froggy Mix - Wake Up
Osvaldo Fresedo - Buscándote
Front End Loader - Pulse
Front End Loader - The Original
From First to Last - Mothersound
From First to Last - The Latest Plague
From First to Last - …And We All Have a Hell
From First to Last - Afterbirth
From First to Last - World War Me
From First to Last - Shame Shame
From First to Last - The Crows Are Coming for Us
From First to Last - The Levy
From First to Last - Waves Goodbye
From First to Last - Waltz Moore
From First to Last - Heroine
From First to Last - Two as One
From First to Last - We All Turn Back to Dust
From First to Last - Medicinal Reality
From First to Last - A Perfect Mess
From First to Last - Tick Tick Tomorrow
From First to Last - Deliverance!
From First to Last - I Once Was Lost but Now Am Profound
From First to Last - In Memoriam In Advance
From First to Last - Cashing Out
From First to Last - Chyeaaaaa!
From First to Last - Elvis Said Ambition Is a Dream With a V8 Engine
From First to Last - G.R.I.T.S.
From First to Last - You, Me, and the Significant Other
From First to Last - The He Man Woman Haters Club
From First to Last - M.O.
From First to Last - A Soft War
From First to Last - Now That You’re Gone
From First to Last - Straight to the Face
From First to Last - H8 Meh
From First to Last - Dead Trees
From First to Last - I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good
From First to Last - Black & White
From First to Last - Back to Hannalei
From First to Last - Never in Reverie
From First to Last - 2 11
From First to Last - Electrified
From First to Last - I Don't Wanna Live in the Real World
From First to Last - Ride the Wings of Pestilence
From First to Last - Soliloquy
From First to Last - The One Armed Boxer vs. The Flying Guillotine
From First to Last - I Liked You Better Before You Were Naked on the Internet
From First to Last - Emily
From First to Last - Secrets Don't Make Friends
From First to Last - Populace in Two
From First to Last - [untitled]
From First to Last - Tick Tock Tomorrow
From First to Last - Be-Headed (Marathon Man)
From First to Last - Kiss Me, I'm Contagious
From First to Last - Everything's Perfect
From First to Last - I'll Inoculate the World With the Virus of My Disillusionment
From First to Last - …
From First to Last - Regrets and Romance
From First to Last - My Heart Your Hands
From First to Last - When Flying Feels Like Falling
fripSide NAO project! - Wireless Cosmic
fripSide NAO project! - Rabbit Syndrome
Funky Dory - Elevate
fumika - Feel It
fumika - Moment
fumika - Calendar Girl
fumika - Little Happiness
Osvaldo Fresedo - Media vida
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Loveburns
Evil Nine - Crooked
M.A.N.D.Y. - Words Don't Come Easy
Adam Freeland - Mind Killer
Interpol - [untitled]
TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun
Elliott Smith - Needle in the Hay
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
Pressure Drop - Warrior Sound
Radioactive Man - Uranium
Michel Fugain - Les Acadiens
Michel Fugain - Ring a ding
Michel Fugain - La Fête
Michel Fugain - Le Chiffon rouge
Michel Fugain - Les Gentils, les Méchants
Michel Fugain - On laisse tous un jour…
Michel Fugain - Balade en Bugatti
Michel Fugain - La Vérité
Michel Fugain - Leda Leda
Michel Fugain - On s'envole
Michel Fugain - Forteresse
Michel Fugain - Chaque jour de plus
Michel Fugain - Bravo Monsieur Le Monde
Michel Fugain - Le printemps
Michel Fugain - Une belle histoire
Michel Fugain - Fais comme l'oiseau
Michel Fugain - Comme une histoire d'amour
Michel Fugain - Version latine
Michel Fugain - La Liberté, demandez-là
Michel Fugain - Les Soirs d'été
Michel Fugain - Ne m'oublie pas
Freeloaders - So Much Love to Give
Michel Fugain - Je parlerai de toi
Michel Fugain - Amours grigri
Michel Fugain - La Vie
Michel Fugain - La terre est servie
Michel Fugain - J'ai chanté
Michel Fugain - La Rue du babouin
Michel Fugain - Alleluia
Michel Fugain - Ça dure un jour
Michel Fugain - Les Imbéciles heureux
Michel Fugain - Le Président
Michel Fugain - Derrière une chanson
Michel Fugain - Bravo et merci
Michel Fugain - Chante comme si tu devais mourir demain
Michel Fugain - Plus ça va...
Michel Fugain - Les ronciers
Michel Fugain - Je laisse
Michel Fugain - Encore
Michel Fugain - C'est tout comme
Michel Fugain - Partir repartir
Michel Fugain - Chanson pour les demoiselles
Michel Fugain - Terra amata
Michel Fugain - Bon temps rouler
Michel Fugain - Les alizés
Michel Fugain - Bleu marine et blues marin
Michel Fugain - Mon jean et moi
Michel Fugain - Bwana dort
Michel Fugain - Les Très-Hauts
Michel Fugain - Laissez danser
Michel Fugain - Le beau zoo
Michel Fugain - Philo-Sophie
Michel Fugain - 2000 ans et un jour
Fulanito - La Novela
Fulanito - Chillando Goma
Fulanito - Quien Es Fulanito
Fulanito - Guallando
Fulanito - Fulanito Mix
Fulanito - Merecumbiaso - Cumbia Del Caribe
Fulanito - Mano Fria
Fulanito - Pecho a Pechuga
Fulanito - Atrevidas
Fulanito - Cállate
Fulanito - Asi Es Que Vivo Yo
Fulanito - Suave
Tipper - Twister
Freeland feat. Brody Dalle - Borderline
Adam Freeland - Rock On
120 Days - Come Out, Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone
Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye
Funkstörung - Test
Michel Fugain & Le Big Bazar - Les Cerises de Monsieur Clément
Michel Fugain - Soleil
Michel Fugain - C'est pas ma faute si j'ai pas fait Verdun
Michel Fugain - Va vers le soleil
Fulanito - No Hay Otro Como Yo
Michel Fugain - C'est toi que j'ai chantée
Michel Fugain - L'eau qu'on boit
Michel Fugain - Madame
Michel Fugain - Les pages people
Michel Fugain - Tout va bien
Michel Fugain - Et plus si affinités (ouverture)
Fulanito - Serenata Negra
Fulanito - Mother's Day
Fulanito - Merencumbiaso
Fulanito - Take It Off
Tocotronic - Morgen wird wie heute sein (Funkstörung's K.O.K.O.N.U.T.S. miks)
Adam Freeland - Only a Fool [Can Die]
Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Acapella & Lock Grooves)
Fun Fun - Baila Bolero
Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love
Fun Fun - Living in Japan
Fun Fun - Fun Fun Mega Hit Mix
Fun Fun - I'm Needing You
Fun Fun - I'm Needin' You
Fun Fun - I'm Needin' You (progressive)
Fun Fun - Hit Mix
Freja Kirk - Colored Lights
Freja Kirk - Go
Freja Kirk - You
Freja Kirk - Out of Sight
Freja Kirk - Stop Hurting Me
Funkstörung - Chopping Heads
Funkstörung - C'est la vie (Reordered by Funkstörung)
Funkstörung - Mr Important
Funkstörung - Captured in Tones
Funkstörung - Fall Into You
Funkstörung - Killers
Michel Fugain - Chante comme si tu devais
Michel Fugain - Le grain de sable
Michel Fugain - Jamais je ne t'oublierai
Michel Fugain - Funambule
Michel Fugain - Rendez-vous
Michel Fugain - Dans mes poches
Shelly West - Flight 309 To Tennessee
Shelly West - Jose Cuervo
David Frizzell & Shelly West - You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma
David Frizzell & Shelly West - Lost My Baby Blues
Freda Francis - Let's Keep It That Way
Freda Francis - Lonesome Me
Freda Francis - Hier Is Ek
Michel Fugain - Dépêche toi
Michel Fugain - Mec
Michel Fugain - Le Bal démasqué
Michel Fugain - Je et moi
Funky Nashville - Hitch a Ride
Forest Fire - I Make Windows
Forest Fire - Sunshine City
Forest Fire - Through My Gloves
Forest Fire - Promise
Forest Fire - Echoes Coming
Forest Fire - Steer Me
Forest Fire - Survival
Forest Fire - Slow Motion
Forest Fire - Waiting in the Night
Forest Fire - The News
Full Blown Chaos - Apocalypse
Full Blown Chaos - Unlearn
Full Blown Chaos - Red Tide
Full Blown Chaos - Fore Warned
Full Blown Chaos - Wake the Demons
Full Blown Chaos - Burned Alive
Full Blown Chaos - So Cold
Full Blown Chaos - Judged
Full Blown Chaos - Strength Within
Full Blown Chaos - Never Again
Full Blown Chaos - This Fight
Full Blown Chaos - Chains of Bloodshed
Full Blown Chaos - Sentenced
Full Blown Chaos - Over the End
Full Blown Chaos - Trials of Triumph
Full Blown Chaos - Chopping Block
Full Blown Chaos - Burning Age
Full Blown Chaos - Solemn Promise
Full Blown Chaos - Rise & Fight
Full Blown Chaos - Anchored Heart
Full Blown Chaos - Suffer in Silence
Full Blown Chaos - Life of Sorrow
Full Blown Chaos - Hollowed
Full Blown Chaos - Vendetta
Full Blown Chaos - Against the Grain
Full Blown Chaos - Kingdom Undone
Full Blown Chaos - The Voorhees Complex
Full Blown Chaos - No Others
Full Blown Chaos - Bloodflow
Full Blown Chaos - My Suffering
Full Blown Chaos - Means to an End
Full Blown Chaos - At My Side
Fossil Collective - Let It Go
Fossil Collective - Under My Arrest
Fossil Collective - Boy with Blackbird Kite
Fossil Collective - Wolves
Fossil Collective - Brother
Fossil Collective - Monument
Fossil Collective - On and On
Fossil Collective - When Frank Became an Orb
Fossil Collective - The Magpie
Fossil Collective - How Was I to Know
Fossil Collective - In a Northern Sky
Fossil Collective - Satellite
Fossil Collective - Guaratuba
Fossil Collective - Rivers Edge
Fossil Collective - Fog
Fossil Collective - Silent Alarm
Fossil Collective - Without a Fight
Fossil Collective - Everything but You Was Facing North
Fossil Collective - Half Light
Fossil Collective - And If You Go
Fossil Collective - I Remember It Now
Fossil Collective - Disarm
Fossil Collective - Think Again
Fossil Collective - The Water
FREEASY BEATS - Positive Vibration
Vanessa Forero - Raven
Vanessa Forero - Heaven Knows
Vanessa Forero - Same Boat
Vanessa Forero - Anhela (Bonus track)
Teamgeist - Auld Lang Syne
Ingo Frenzel - The Desert - Trapped
Michel Fugain - Tu peux compter sur moi
Michel Fugain - Prends ta guiare, chante avec moi
Michel Fugain - Si je reviens la belle
Michel Fugain - Si tu vas là-bas
Michel Fugain - Les Fleurs de mandarine
Michel Fugain - Quand l'oiseau chante
Michel Fugain - Le Petit Nicolas
Michel Fugain - On a la mer
Michel Fugain - À qui crois-tu donc que je pense ?
Michel Fugain - O femme
Michel Fugain - L'Île
Michel Fugain - Le Petit Vieux du square St.Lambert
Michel Fugain - La Casquette du facteur cheval
Michel Fugain - Je nous aime
Michel Fugain - Liberté demandez-la
Michel Fugain - Bluesy
Michel Fugain - Soirs d'été
Michel Fugain - Parlez-moi
Michel Fugain - Ce soleil-là
Free Fall - Free Fall
Free Fall - Attila
Free Fall - Damnation
Free Fall - Meriola Blues
Franck Band - wer nur den lieben langen Tag
Michel Fugain - ...un café et l'addition
Michel Fugain - Où s'en vont...
Michel Fugain - Bluesy (Paris sous la pluie)
Michel Fugain - Monsieur Bip Bip
Michel Fugain - Quand j'ai vu pleurer mon père
Michel Fugain - Daisy
Michel Fugain - Monsieur Schmitt
Michel Fugain - Un homme un enfant
Frenchy and the Punk - House of Cards
Frenchy and the Punk - Steampunk Pixie
Funeral - The Will to Die
Funeral - Those Fated to Fall
Funeral - The Strength to End It
Funeral - The Elusive Light
Funeral - In the Fathoms of Wit and Reason
Funeral - Towards the End
Funeral - Let Us Die Alone
Funeral - The Absence of Heaven
Funeral - Hunger
Funeral - Fallen One
Funeral - Burning With Regret
Funeral - Hate
Funeral - Break Me
Funeral - Song of the Knell
Funeral - From the Orchestral Grave
Funeral - Making the World My Tomb
Funeral - Will You Have Me?
Funeral - Heartache
Funeral - Moment in Black
Funeral - When Nightfall Clasps
Funeral - Forlorn
Funeral - Dying (Together as One)
Funeral - This Barren Skin
Funeral - From These Wounds
Funeral - The Architecture of Loss
Funeral - Red Moon
Funeral - Vagrant God
Funeral - Pendulum
Funeral - Saturn
Michel Fugain - Rita, Rita
Michel Fugain - Drôle de truc
Michel Fugain - Je suis bien
Michel Fugain - Ici-bas (avec Kent)
Michel Fugain - Jusqu'à demain peut-être (avec Didier Sustrac)
Michel Fugain - Ou s'en vont (avec Maurane)
Michel Fugain - Post-scriptum
Michel Fugain - C'est de la musique (version de jour)
Michel Fugain - La Fille de Rockefeller
Michel Fugain - Faut tout lui dire
Michel Fugain - Beau de là-haut
Michel Fugain - Je n'ai pas changé
Michel Fugain - Ceux qui s'aiment
Michel Fugain - Le Faiseur de tendresse
Michel Fugain - À nous deux Paris (Je pars)
Michel Fugain - Joe, emmène-moi
Michel Fugain - Le Sergent
Michel Fugain - Les Poissons argentés
Funeral - Yield to Me
Funeral - Truly a Suffering
Funeral - The Repentant
Funeral - The Stings I Carry
Funeral - When Light Will Dawn
Funeral - Facing Failure
Funeral - What Could Have Been
Funeral - Vile Are the Pains
Funeral - Your Pain Is Mine
Funeral - Dancing in a Liquid Veil
Funeral - How Death May Linger
Funeral - Father
Funeral - Wrapped All in Woe
Funeral - Under Ebony Shades
Funeral - Demise
Funeral - Thoughts of Tranquillity
Funeral - A Poem for the Dead
Funeral - Yearning for Heaven
Funeral - The Swansong of My Heart
Funeral - Snowcrowned
Funeral - To Mourn Is a Virtue
Diana Fox - Where Are You Now
Diana Fox - Sail Away
Diana Fox - Lucky Star
Diana Fox - Rhythm of My Heart
Fratsen - Donor
Fratsen - Drinkebroer
Fratsen - In ons dorp
Fratsen - Hardrocker
Fratsen - Pand van Janna
Fratsen - Kaboutertjes
Fratsen - Jij
Fratsen - Pimpelmees
Fratsen - De ballen
Fratsen - Hond
Fratsen - Te laat
Fratsen - Gnoe
Fratsen - Indianen
Fratsen - Knien
Fratsen - Blij
Fratsen - G v/d K
Fratsen - Dikkop
Fratsen - Allemaal in je hoofd
Fratsen - Lente
Fellsilent - Double Negative
Fellsilent - Oblique
Fellsilent - Mindless Self
Fellsilent - Immerse
Fellsilent - Silence Is the Loudest Cry for Help
Fellsilent - Age of Deception
Fellsilent - Erase/Begin
Dana Fuchs - Lonely for a Lifetime
Dana Fuchs - Baby Loves the Life
Dana Fuchs - Bleed More
Dana Fuchs - Bible Baby
Dana Fuchs - Strung Out
Dana Fuchs - Helter Skelter
Dana Fuchs - Love to Beg
Dana Fuchs - Nothing's What I Cry For
Dana Fuchs - Set It on Fire
Dana Fuchs - Faster Than We Can
Dana Fuchs - Keep on Rollin'
Dana Fuchs - Drive
Dana Fuchs - I've Been Loving You Too Long
Dana Fuchs - What You See
Dana Fuchs - Bliss Avenue
Dana Fuchs - How Did Things Get This Way
Dana Fuchs - So Hard to Move
Dana Fuchs - Daddy's Little Girl
Dana Fuchs - Rodents in the Attic
Dana Fuchs - Vagabond Wind
Dana Fuchs - Tell Me I'm Not Drinking
Dana Fuchs - Fading Away
Dana Fuchs - I Know You Know
Full Frontal - You Think You're a Man
Fratsen - De aller 1ste x
Fratsen - Beatrix
Fratsen - Hacked Of Creecked
Fratsen - Cheriel
The Frantics - Not With a Bang
The Frantics - What's Up With Your Homey?
The Frantics - Top 40
The Frantics - Everybody
The Frantics - Another Day
The Frantics - Little Bit Good
The Frantics - Kids of Summer
The Frantics - Into the Sun
The Frantics - Class of Whenever
The Frantics - All the Same
The Frantics - Let It Go
The Frantics - Be There
Dana Fuchs - Sad Salvation Dana Fuchs & Jon Diamond
Dana Fuchs - Don't Let Me Down
Finbar and Eddie Furey - Cock of the North
Finbar and Eddie Furey - Come by the Hills
Finbar and Eddie Furey - The Flowers in the Valley
Full Blooded - Same Ole Nigga
Full Blooded - Gangsta Shit
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Veiller tard
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Ne lui dis pas
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Il part
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Confidentiel
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Un, deux, trois
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Pas toi
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Des vôtres
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Que disent les chansons du monde ?
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Être le premier
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Je commence demain
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Des vies
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Frères
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Juste après
Fredericks Goldman Jones - À nos actes manqués
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Fermer les yeux
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Rouge
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Puisque tu pars
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Serre-moi (Fin)
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Nuit
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Né en 17 à Leidenstadt
Fredericks Goldman Jones - C’est pas d’l’amour
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Tu manques
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Peurs
Fredericks Goldman Jones - On n’a pas changé
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Elle avait 17 ans
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Vivre cent vies
Fraternity - Seasons of Change
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Je l'aime aussi
Fredericks Goldman Jones - Là-bas
Fjokra - Infinite Loops
Fjokra - Get Amongst It
The Fureys - When You Were Sweet Sixteen
The Fureys - Steal Away
The Fureys - I Will Love You
The Fureys - I Will Love You Every Time
Funky Blues Messiahs - Cajun Casanova
Bob Forrest - Sammy Hagar Weekend
Fur - Pretty Thoughts
Full Force - Float On With Us
Full Force - The Good, The Bad, The Thugly (Full Force Ain't Nothin' To Fuck With)
Full Force - Ain't My Type of Hype
Full Force - I Wonder If I Take You Home - Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Full Force - All I Have To Give - The Backstreet Boys
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - All Cried Out
Full Force - All In My Mind
Full Force - Your Love Is So Def
Luis Fonsi - Llueve Por Dentro
Luis Fonsi - Aunque estés con él
Luis Fonsi - Persiguiendo el paraíso
Luis Fonsi - Aqui Estoy Yo
Luis Fonsi - No me doy por vencido (versión urbana)
Luis Fonsi - Nada es para siempre
Luis Fonsi - Arrópame
Luis Fonsi - Escondido
Luis Fonsi - Estoy perdido
Luis Fonsi - Por una Mujer
Luis Fonsi - Vivo muriendo
Luis Fonsi - Me matas
Luis Fonsi - Me lo dice el alma
Luis Fonsi - Para mí
Luis Fonsi - Todo sigue igual
Luis Fonsi - Paso a paso
Luis Fonsi - ¿Quién te dijo eso?
Luis Fonsi - Yo te propongo
Luis Fonsi - Extraño sentimento
Luis Fonsi - Por ti podría morir
Luis Fonsi - Yo
Luis Fonsi - Eso que llaman amor
Luis Fonsi - La fuerza de mi corazón
Luis Fonsi - Elígeme
Luis Fonsi - Explícame
Luis Fonsi - Respira
Luis Fonsi - Dime que no
Luis Fonsi - Gritar
Luis Fonsi - Nunca digas siempre
Luis Fonsi - Me gustas tú
Luis Fonsi - Vuelve a mi lado
Luis Fonsi - A un paso de tenerte
Luis Fonsi - Víctima
Luis Fonsi - Renacer
Luis Fonsi - Gritar [versión regional mexicano]
Red Foley - Salty Dog Rag
Red Foley - Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
Red Foley - Hearts of Stone
Red Foley - As Far As I'm Concerned
Red Foley - As Long as I Live
Red Foley - A Satisfied Mind
Red Foley - Make Believe ('Til We Can Make It Come True)
Red Foley - Frosty the Snowman
Red Foley - Tennessee Saturday Night
Red Foley - Tennessee Border
Red Foley - Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Red Foley - Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy
Red Foley - When God Dips His Love in My Heart
Red Foley - Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age
Red Foley - Midnight
Red Foley - OneBy One
Red Foley - Sugarfoot Rag
Full Force - Take Care of Homework
Red Foley - (There'll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me)
Eternity's Children - Mrs. Bluebird
Fuck Her, or the Terrorists Win - Up the Ante
Fuck Her, or the Terrorists Win - Hipsters
Fuck Her, or the Terrorists Win - Happenstance
Luis Fonsi - Anónimos
Luis Fonsi - No Te Pertenece
Luis Fonsi - Corazón en la Maleta
Luis Fonsi - Que Quieres de Mi
Luis Fonsi - Somos Uno
Luis Fonsi - Regálame un Minuto Más
Luis Fonsi - Cansada
Luis Fonsi - Llegaste Tú
Luis Fonsi - Aprendí
Luis Fonsi - Cuando Me Dejes de Amar
Luis Fonsi - Corazón Multicolor
Luis Fonsi - Imagíname sin ti
Luis Fonsi - Eterno
Luis Fonsi - No te cambio por ninguna
Luis Fonsi - Imagine Me Without You
Luis Fonsi - Si tú quisieras
Luis Fonsi - Amor secreto
Luis Fonsi - Díselo ya
Red Foley - Smoke on the Water
Red Foley - Foggy River
Markus Füreder - Ash
Fresh Familee - Ahmet Gündüz II
Luis Fonsi - You Got Nothing on Me
Luis Fonsi - If Only
Luis Fonsi - Keep My Cool
Luis Fonsi - Tell Her Tonight
Luis Fonsi - Twisted
Luis Fonsi - One Night Thing
Luis Fonsi - I Wish
Luis Fonsi - Comenzare
Luis Fonsi - Dime Como
Luis Fonsi - Me iré
Luis Fonsi - Ya No Se Querer
Luis Fonsi - The Power Of A Broken Heart
Luis Fonsi - Aquí Estoy Yo (Con la participación de Aleks Syntek, Noel Schajris y David Bisbal)
Luis Fonsi - Todo Vuelve A Empezar (A dúo con Laura Pausini)
Luis Fonsi - Extraño sentimiento
Luis Fonsi - Vives en Mi
Luis Fonsi - Te hecho de menos
Luis Fonsi - Duele Perderte
Luis Fonsi - Aunque Estes Con El (Urban Remix) [feat. Joan y O'Neill]
Luis Fonsi - Solo Tu ( Cristina Aguilera Y Luis Fonsi )
Luis Fonsi - No Se Amar A Nadie
Luis Fonsi - Tu Amor (Reggaeton)
Luis Fonsi - Amor Eterno
Luis Fonsi - Quién te dijo eso
Luis Fonsi - Llena de Amor
Luis Fonsi - Despacito