Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 720:

Flunk - Lost Causes
Flunk - Subway (J'aime la pluie d'été)
Flunk - Primer
Flunk - Bummed
Flunk - Bus Ride
Flunk - As If You Didn't Already Know
Flunk - I Love Music
Flunk - Miss World
Flunk - Honey's in Love
Flunk - See Through You
Flunk - Distortion
Folknery - Karchata
Franklin - [untitled]
Flunk - Your Coolest Smile
Flunk - Blue Monday (Jori Hulkkonen remix #2)
Flunk - Sunday People
Frank Zappa / The Mothers of Invention - WPLJ
Frank Zappa / The Mothers of Invention - Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Frank Zappa / The Mothers of Invention - The Little House I Used To Live In
Foetus - Downfall
Foetus - Cosmetics
Foetus - Paper Slippers
Foetus - Stood Up
Foetus - Here Comes the Rain
Foetus - The Ballad of Sisyphus T. Jones
Foetus - You're Trying to Break Me
Foetus - Sick Man
Foetus - White Knuckles
Foetus - Water Torture
Foetus - Cold Day in Hell
Foetus - Mon agonie douce
Foetus - Time Marches On
Foetus - Free James Brown
Foetus - Anything (Viva!)
Foetus - The Throne of Agony
Foetus - ! / Pigswill
Foetus - Enter the Exterminator
Foetus - DI-1-9026
Foetus - Hammer Falls (??????????)
Foetus - Take It Outside Godboy (??????????????,??????)
Foetus - Slung (????)
Foetus - See Ya Later (?????????)
Foetus - Custom Built For Capitalism
fripSide - before dawn daybreak
fripSide - split tears
fripSide - magicaride
fripSide - fictional moon
fripSide - snow blind
fripSide - snow blind -after-
fripSide - tomorrow
fripSide - liberation crisis
fripSide - never no astray
fripSide - transient wind -version 2007-
fripSide - feeling trust
fripSide - Sky
fripSide - Save Me Again
fripSide - Belief
fripSide - Crying Moon
fripSide - Storm of Sollow
fripSide - Your Ocian -azure reproduct mix-
fripSide - bright days
fripSide - in the future -side02-
fripSide - end game
Frail - Brother
fripSide - an evening calm
fripSide - nostalgia
fripSide - transient wind
fripSide - vanity destroyer -fripSide edition-
fripSide - velocity -fripSide+vin-PRAD-
fripSide - sword of virgin
fripSide - fortuna on the Sixteenth night
fripSide - Blaze of Reunion
fripSide - Luminize
fripSide - 1983-schwarzesmarken-
fripSide - Two souls -toward the truth-
fripSide - unlimited destiny
fripSide - crescendo
fripSide - LEVEL5-judgelight-
fripSide - late in autumn
fripSide - late in autumn -instrumental-
fripSide - flower of bravery
fripSide - only my railgun PV
fripSide - fortissimo -the ultimate crisis-
fripSide - miracle luminous
fripSide - only my railgun [sat vs shiny RMX]
fripSide - Alice in Rosso
fripSide - whisper of winter
fripSide - prismatic fate
fripSide - meditations
fripSide - eternal pain
fripSide - Heaven is a Place on Earth (PV)
fripSide - prism
fripSide - LEVEL5 -judgelight- [sat vs shiny RMX]
fripSide - way to answer PV
fripSide - lost answer
fripSide - The end of summer
fripSide - Red -reduction division-
fripSide - stay with you
fripSide - piece of azure
fripSide - escape -version 2008-
fripSide - grace of summer
fripSide - praying over -album version-
fripSide - grand blue
fripSide - Detour -fripSide edition-
fripSide - message (version2)
fripSide - a silent voice
fripSide - re:ceptivity
fripSide - Decade
fripSide - whitebird
fripSide - sister’s noise
fripSide - I'm believing you
fripSide - sister's noise PV
fripSide - waiting for the moment
fripSide - eternal reality –TV size–
fripSide - scorching heart
fripSide - black bullet
fripSide - black bullet PV
fripSide - always be with you
fripSide - rain of tears
fripSide - infinite synthesis
fripSide - true resonance
fripSide - lost dimension
fripSide - sister’s noise PV
fripSide - white forces (PV)
fripSide - Two souls -toward the truth-
The Firm - Arthur Daley (E’s Alright)
The Firm - Superheroes
The Firm - Arthur Daley (E's Alright)
Jacqueline François - Mademoiselle de Paris
Jacqueline François - La Seine
Jacqueline François - Est-ce ma Faute
Foreign Allegiance - Ain't No Place
The Fresh & Onlys - Bells of Paonia
The Fresh & Onlys - Summer of Love
The Fresh & Onlys - Waterfall
The Fresh & Onlys - 20 Days and 20 Nights
The Fresh & Onlys - Yes or No
The Fresh & Onlys - Presence of Mind
The Fresh & Onlys - Dream Girls
The Fresh & Onlys - Fire Alarm
Free Deejays! - Mi ritmo
Free Deejays! - Around the World
Fractal - Elements
Fair Weather Friends - Fake Love
Fair Weather Friends - Fill This Up
For Squirrels - 8:02 PM
For Squirrels - Orangeworker
For Squirrels - Mighty K.C.
For Squirrels - Under Smithville
For Squirrels - Long Live the King
For Squirrels - The Immortal Dog and Pony Show
For Squirrels - Stark Pretty
For Squirrels - Disenchanted
For Squirrels - Eskimo Sandune
For Squirrels - Kill the Birds
For Squirrels - Nathaniel's Song
For Squirrels - Unicycle
For Squirrels - 3
For Squirrels - Van Gogh
Frisco Kid - Sergeant Wallace
Frisco Kid - Calico
Frisco Kid - Living in Style
Frisco Kid - Tink We Nice
Frisco Kid - Big Speech
Frisco Kid - Rubbers
Frisco Kid - Gal Pon Di Side
Frisco Kid - Forgotten
Freya - Negative Infinity
Freya - Down in Flames
Freya - Glasseating Smile
Freya - As the Last Light Drains (Valkyrie)
Freya - Dead in Her Eyes
Freya - April Witch
Freya - Ressuscitate
Freya - Throwing Rocks at a Drowning Man
Freya - Doomsday Device
Freya - Tortured
Freya - Seize the Day
Freya - Daisy Cutter
Freya - Threads of Life
Freya - Suffer Not One
Freya - Down to the Last
Freya - Through the Eyes of the Angel of Death
Freya - Alleviate
Freya - Lilith
Freya - Hallelujah
Força Macabra - Apanhado
Força Macabra - A queda
Força Macabra - Morte dos inocentes
Força Macabra - Vida morta
Força Macabra - Em nome da liberdade
Força Macabra - Destruição, morte e dor
Força Macabra - Chorando a guerra
Força Macabra - Outra guerra outra vítima
Força Macabra - Cansado
Força Macabra - Tu pagas
Força Macabra - Este mundo
Força Macabra - Desolação interna
Força Macabra - Massacre
Força Macabra - Agressão
Força Macabra - Guerra civil
Força Macabra - O silêncio dos cadáveres
Força Macabra - Sobreviventes
Força Macabra - Alien
Força Macabra - Sanidade perdida
Forgenheim - Nur im Traum
Flipsyde - Someday
Flipsyde - Spun
Flipsyde - Flipsyde
Flipsyde - Revolutionary Beat
Flipsyde - Time
Flipsyde - No More
Flipsyde - Train
Flipsyde - Angel
Flipsyde - Skippin' Stones
Flipsyde - Trumpets
Flipsyde feat. Piper - Happy Birthday
Flipsyde - Just Cause You're Gone
Flipsyde - When It Was Good
Flipsyde - Spinnin'
Flipsyde - A Change
Flipsyde - This Is the Life
Flipsyde - High on Life
Flipsyde - Toss It Up
Flipsyde - One Love
Flipsyde - Champion
Flipsyde - Friends
Flipsyde - State of Survival
Flipsyde - Green Light
Flipsyde - Happy Birthday
Flipsyde - Tower of Hollywood
Flipsyde - One More Trip
Flipsyde - Oh God
Flipsyde - My People
Flipsyde - Tomorrow
Flipsyde - Livin' It Up
Flipsyde - Power
Flipsyde - Act Like a Cop Did It
Flipsyde - I'm Tired
Flipsyde - Laserbeam
Foxxi misQ - Tha F.Q's Style
Foxxi misQ - Ultimate Girls
Foxxi misQ - I like it
Foxxi misQ - Higher (feat.B-BANDJ (FUTEN))
Foxxi misQ - Crush on you
Foxxi misQ - Delicious Circus
Foxxi misQ - A-L-I-V-E
Foxxi misQ - Golden Palace
Foxxi misQ - A Taste Of Honey
Foxxi misQ - Luxury ride
Foxxi misQ - Party Booty Shake
Friedel Hensch & Die Cyprys - Tango-Max
Frio - Alive
Frio - Himig
Frio - Nasa'n Ka Na?
Frio - Let Him Go
Frio - Parapa
François & the Atlas Mountains - Les plus beaux
François & the Atlas Mountains - Muddy Heart
François & the Atlas Mountains - Edge of Town
François & the Atlas Mountains - City Kiss
François & the Atlas Mountains - Azrou Tune
François & the Atlas Mountains - Slow Love
François & the Atlas Mountains - Piscine
François & the Atlas Mountains - Bois
François & the Atlas Mountains - Réveil inconnu
François & the Atlas Mountains - Piano ombre
François & the Atlas Mountains - Bien sûr
François & the Atlas Mountains - Be Water (Je suis de l'eau)
François & the Atlas Mountains - The Bird Song
From Dawn to Fall - Rising
From Dawn to Fall - Broken Heart
From Dawn to Fall - New Start
From Dawn to Fall - Revolution
From Zero - Smack
From Zero - Check Ya
From Zero - Erase
From Zero - The Other Side
From Zero - Circumstances
From Zero - Jeer
From Zero - Horrors
From Zero - Tomorrow's Light
From Zero - Suffering
From Zero - Undeniable
From Zero - Myself
From Zero - Fleeting Glimpse
From Zero - Lines
From Zero - Sorry
From Zero - Sold Out
From Zero - I Don't Care Anymore
From Zero - Time of Day
From Zero - Drama Queen
From Zero - Flee Without a Struggle
Roberto Firpo - Loco lindo
Ana Free - Electrical Storm
Ana Free - Rewind
Ana Free - No Other Way
Ana Free - Self Inflicted
Ana Free - Keep On Walking
Ana Free - In My Place
Ana Free - Questions In My Mind
Ana Free - Chained
Ana Free - Try
Chris Franklin - Bloke
Fridge - Angel
FloFilz - Gitdown
From Monument to Masses - Sharpshooter
From Monument to Masses - From the Mountains to the Prairies
From Monument to Masses - The Quiet Before
From Monument to Masses - The Spice Must Flow
From Monument to Masses - To Z (Repeat)
From Monument to Masses - Deafening
From Monument to Masses - Checksum
From Monument to Masses - Let Them Know It's Christmastime
Frances - Coming Up for Air
Frances - When It Comes to Us
Frances - Grow
Frances - A Million Lines
Frances - Red Thunder
Frances - Don't Worry About Me
Frances - Say It Again
Frances - What Is Love?
Francine - Daysucker
Francine - Penn Station
Francine - Set of Dune
Francine - Trampoline
Francine - Want Ad King
Francine - East Hampton
Francine - Jet to Norway
Sonny Fodera feat. Yasmin - Feeling U
Freedom Hawk - Thunderfoot
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Inca Roads
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Sofa No. 1
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Po-Jama People
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Florentine Pogen
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Evelyn, a Modified Dog
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - San Ber'Dino
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Andy
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Sofa No. 2
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Big Leg Emma
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Status Back Baby
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Valarie
Flavio y la Mandinga - Placita Cazón
Flavio y la Mandinga - Malito
Foxtrax - Underwater
Foxtrax - I'll Be Back for You
Jenny Frankhauser - Die Zeit steht still
FRIDAY - Biarkan Kumenanti
Jenny Jordan Frogley - This Day
Frisky & Hujib - The One (Re-Con Rmx)
Frisky & Hujib - The One
Fickle - Hey Ho, Let's Go !
Fred De Palma - Dov'eri tu
Fred De Palma - Serenata trap
Fred De Palma - Stanza 365
Fred De Palma - Non scordare mai
Fred De Palma - Canterai
Fred De Palma - Buenos días
Fred De Palma - Slogan
Fred De Palma - Tutto qui
Fred De Palma - Due cuori e una caparra
Fred De Palma - Fenomeno
Fred De Palma - Noi due
Fred De Palma - Chiudo gli occhi
Fred De Palma - Intro
Fred De Palma - Non ero io
Fred De Palma - Rodeo
Fred De Palma - Fai cisti
Fred De Palma - Lettera al successo
Fred De Palma - Muovi il mondo
Fred De Palma - Carillon
Fred De Palma - Notte da cafoni
Fred De Palma - Usain Bolt
Fred De Palma - Conto i passi
Fred De Palma - Non mi batte neanche il cuore
The Flames - Everytime (original)
The Flames - Everytime
Marco Frisina - Totus tuus
Marco Frisina - Chi ci separerà
Marco Frisina - Madre fiducia nostra
Marco Frisina - O Ostia Santa
Marco Frisina - Magnificat anima mea
Marco Frisina - Il canto del mare
Marco Frisina - Pane di vita nuova
Marco Frisina - Signore, vero corpo
Marco Frisina - Gloria /2
Marco Frisina - Alleluia, Io sono il Pane vivo
Marco Frisina - Gustate e vedete
Marco Frisina - La vera vite
Marco Frisina - Anima Christi
Marco Frisina - Rallegriamoci ed esultiamo
Marco Frisina - I cieli narrano
Marco Frisina - Ti seguirò
Marco Frisina - Alleluia, un giorno santo
Marco Frisina - Agnello di Dio
Marco Frisina - Saldo è il mio cuore
Marco Frisina - Iubilate Deo
Marco Frisina - Nostra gloria è la Croce
Marco Frisina - Dove la carità è vera
Marco Frisina - Canta o lingua il glorioso mistero
Marco Frisina - Cuore di Cristo
Marco Frisina - Ecco il legno
Marco Frisina - Cantico dell'Agnello
Marco Frisina - Vidi l'acqua
Marco Frisina - Signore pietà
Marco Frisina - Preghiera semplice
Marco Frisina - Jesus Christ You Are My Life
Marco Frisina - Magnificat
Freedom Call - Metal Invasion
Freedom Call - Flying High
Freedom Call - Ages of Power
Freedom Call - Bleeding Heart
Freedom Call - Warriors
Freedom Call - The Eyes of the World
Freedom Call - Flame in the Night
Freedom Call - Land of Light
Freedom Call - Island of Dreams
Freedom Call - Turn Back Time
Freedom Call - Mother Earth
Freedom Call - Carry On
Freedom Call - The Rhythm of Life
Freedom Call - Hunting High and Low
Freedom Call - Starlight
Freedom Call - Kings & Queens
Freedom Call - Hero Nation
Freedom Call - High Enough
Freedom Call - Starchild
Freedom Call - The Eternal Flame
Freedom Call - The Circle of Life
Freedom Call - The King of the Crystal Empire
Freedom Call - Rise Up
Freedom Call - Pharao
Freedom Call - Call of Fame
Freedom Call - Heart of the Rainbow
Freedom Call - Ocean
Freedom Call - Palace of Fantasy
Freedom Call - The Wanderer
Freedom Call - Demon's Dance
Freedom Call - Innocent World
Freedom Call - United Alliance
Freedom Call - Mr. Evil
Freedom Call - Light Up the Sky
Freedom Call - Words of Endeavour
Freedom Call - Blackened Sun
Freedom Call - Dimensions
Freedom Call - My Dying Paradise
Freedom Call - Magic Moments
Freedom Call - Far Away
Alex Fox - C'est La Vie
Alex Fox - Never Ending Waves
Alex Fox - Te amo y te amare
Marco Frisina - Come la cerva
Marco Frisina - Non di solo pane
Marco Frisina - Eccomi
Marco Frisina - Credo in Te
Marco Frisina - Ascolta Creatore pietoso
Folder 5 - Still reminds me of you
Folder 5 - Precious Love
Folder 5 - FAKE
Folder 5 - Parachuter
Folder 5 - STAY...(T-2 HARD CUSTOM MIX)
Frans Huxie - Avaritia
Frans Huxie - Ira
Frans Huxie - Superbia
Marco Frisina - Aprite le porte a Cristo
Marco Frisina - Padre di misericordia
Marco Frisina - Benedetto sei Tu Signore
Marco Frisina - Dio mio perché mi hai abbandonato
Marco Frisina - Stillate cieli dall'alto
Marco Frisina - Celebra il Signore terra tutta
Freedom Call - Out of the Ruins
Freedom Call - Thunder God
Freedom Call - Tears of Babylon
Freedom Call - Merlin - Legend of the Past
Freedom Call - Resurrection Day
Freedom Call - Under the Spell of the Moon
Freedom Call - Dark Obsession
Freedom Call - The Darkness
Freedom Call - Remember!
Freedom Call - Ludwig II. - Prologue
Freedom Call - The Shadowking
Freedom Call - Merlin - Requiem
Freedom Call - Kingdom of Madness
Freedom Call - A Perfect Day
Freedom Call - Over the Rainbow
Freedom Call - Tears Falling
Freedom Call - Fairyland
Freedom Call - Shine On
Freedom Call - We Are One
Freedom Call - Tears of Taragon
Freedom Call - Graceland
Freedom Call - Holy Knight
Freedom Call - Another Day
Freedom Call - Kingdom Come
Freedom Call - Age of the Phoenix
Freedom Call - Crimson Dawn
Freedom Call - 66 Warriors
Freedom Call - Back Into the Land of Light
Freedom Call - Sun in the Dark
Freedom Call - Hero on Video
Freedom Call - Valley of Kingdom
Freedom Call - Killer Gear
Freedom Call - Rockin' Radio
Freedom Call - Terra Liberty
Freedom Call - Eternity
Freedom Call - Space Legends
Freedom Call - Union of the Strong
Freedom Call - Knights of Taragon
Freedom Call - Heart of a Warrior
Freedom Call - Come on Home
Freedom Call - Beyond
Freedom Call - Among the Shadows
Freedom Call - Edge of the Ocean
Freedom Call - Journey into Wonderland
Freedom Call - Rhythm of Light
Freedom Call - Dance Off the Devil
Freedom Call - Follow Your Heart
Freedom Call - Colours of Freedom
Freedom Call - Beyond Eternity
Marco Frisina - Lo Spirito del Signore
Marco Frisina - Tu che abiti al riparo dell'Altissimo
Marco Frisina - Dolce casa di Nazaret
Freedom Call - Metal Is For Everyone
Freedom Call - Hammer of the Gods
Freedom Call - A World Beyond
Freedom Call - Masters of Light
Freedom Call - Cradle of Angels
Freedom Call - Emerald Skies
Freedom Call - Rock the Nation
Freedom Call - High Up
Freedom Call - Paladin (Grand Piano Version) [Bonus Track]
Freedom Call - Queen of My World
Freedom Call - Age of Phoenix (Power Swing)
Freedom Call - Dr. Stein
Freedom Call - Hearth Of The Brave
Freedom Call - Hiroshima
Freedom Call - Warriors of Light
Freedom Call - Heart of the Brave
Freedom Call - Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
Freedom Call - Zauber der Nacht
Freedom Call - Power & Glory - (unplugged)
Freedom Call - Rockstars - Live
Freedom Call - Farewell - (unplugged)
Freedom Call - Rockin'Radio - Killerbilly - Live
Freedom Call - The Quest - (unplugged)
Freedom Call - Freedom Call - (unplugged)
Marco Frisina - Vergine Madre
Marco Frisina - Ave mundi spes
Marco Frisina - Stabat Mater
The Five Stairsteps & Cubie - Don't Change Your Love
Foster the People - Helena Beat
Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks
Foster the People - Call It What You Want
Foster the People - Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)
Foster the People - Waste
Foster the People - I Would Do Anything for You
Foster the People - Houdini
Foster the People - Life on the Nickel
Foster the People - Miss You
Foster the People - Warrant
Foster the People - Love
Foster the People - Chin Music for the Unsuspecting Hero
Foster the People - Are You What You Want to Be?
Foster the People - Ask Yourself
Foster the People - Coming of Age
Foster the People - Nevermind
Foster the People - Pseudologia Fantastica
Foster the People - Best Friend
Foster the People - A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon
Foster the People - Goats in Trees
Foster the People - The Truth
Foster the People - Fire Escape
Foster the People - Color on the Walls (Don't Stop)
Foster the People - Broken Jaw
Foster the People - Dont Stop
Foster the People - Tabloid Super Junky
Foster the People - A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon
Foster the People - Psuedologia Fantastica
Foster the People - Cassius Clay's Pearly Whites
Foster the People - Don't Stop
Foster the People - Ruby
Foster the People - The Unforeseeable Fate of Mr. Jones
Robert Franz - Im Herbst, Op. 17 No. 6 (piano: Edwin McArthur)
Jane Froman - Wish You Were Here
Jane Froman - Get Happy
Jane Froman - It's a Good Day
Jane Froman - Tea for Two
Jane Froman - Home (When Shadows Fall)
Jane Froman - Deep Purple
Jane Froman - When Day Is Done
Jane Froman - I'm Thru With Love
Jane Froman - With a Song in My Heart
Fox Amoore - Immortality
Freedom Dub - Somebody That I Used to Know
Frédéric Fromet - Quand la terre sera mourrrue
Frédéric Fromet - J'ai tout plein d:amis au Medef
Frauenarzt - KKF
Frauenarzt - Zieh Dein Shirt aus
Frauenarzt - Alles Gute
Frauenarzt - 666
Frauenarzt - Fickfinger (RMX)
Frauenarzt - Westberlin (RMX)
Frauenarzt - Nachbarviertelterrorist (Zerhackt & Runtergeschraubt)
Frauenarzt - Blaulicht (Zerhackt & Runtergeschraubt)
Frauenarzt - Buuuh (Zerhackt & Runtergeschraubt)
Frauenarzt - Ketten raus Kragen hoch (Zerhackt & Runtergeschraubt)
Frauenarzt - Mein Bae (Zerhackt & Runtergeschraubt)
Frauenarzt - Eine Kugel (Zerhackt & Runtergeschraubt)
Frauenarzt - Wir geben keinen Fick (Zerhackt & Runtergeschraubt)
Frauenarzt - Brennt den Club ab
Frauenarzt - Punk Rock Muschi
Frauenarzt - Ich will dich
Frauenarzt - Bumm bumm bumm
Frauenarzt - Diese Fotzen
Frauenarzt - T-Shirt und Jeans
Frauenarzt - Für die Atzen
Frauenarzt - Es geht um Kohle
Frauenarzt - Hunnies im Club
Frauenarzt - Diese Welt
Frauenarzt - Feuchte Träume
Fox Amoore - My World
Fox Amoore - My Starry Destination
Fox Amoore - Keepers of the Light - Opening Theme
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - The Game of Love
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - A Groovy Kind of Love
Frauenarzt - Aufstand
Frauenarzt - Jungs im Viertel
Frauenarzt - Harte Kämpfer
Frauenarzt - Oh mein Schatz
Frauenarzt - Tanga Tanga II
Frauenarzt - Berlin Crime
Frauenarzt - Shake die Titten
Frauenarzt - Ein Fick ist ein Fick (mit Fler & Manny Marc)
Front Porch Step - Angels and Demons
Front Porch Step - Aware
Front Porch Step - Private Fears in Public Places
Front Porch Step - Drown
Front Porch Step - If I Tremble
Front Porch Step - Poison
Front Porch Step - Run Away
Front Porch Step - Lullaby
Front Porch Step - The Day You Took the Good Away
Front Porch Step - Island of the Misfit Boy
Front Porch Step - I Won't Say That I'm Okay
Front Porch Step - I'll Be Home for Christmas
Front Porch Step - A Lovely Mess
Front Porch Step - Whole Again
Front Porch Step - Heaven Sent
Franky Boy - Oh, mia bella, bella Margarita
Franky Boy - 'n Ezel die stoot zich geen twee maal
Franky Boy - Ay. Ay, Ay mucho amore
Franky Boy - Palomita
Franky Boy - Alle zegen komt van boven
Franky Boy - Ik ben vrijgezel
Franky Boy - Soepe di mamma
Franky Boy - Viva la Mexico
Franky Boy - Zo'n bink als stallone
Franky Boy - Ik zie ze vliegen
Franky Boy - Rennen voor m'n leven
Franky Boy - Het beste van 't wilde westen
Franky Boy - Woei, woei woei
Franky Boy - Wat ruist er door het struikgewas
Franky Boy - Gel d'r over
Franky Boy - Pronto Francesco
Franky Boy - Doet ie 't of doet ie 't niet
Franky Boy - Franky a la classique
Franky Boy - Herzilein
Franky Boy - Huisman is mijn naam
Franky Boy - De kretenkraker
Franky Boy - Blijf zitten waar je zit
Franky Boy - Wie nu nog niet gek is
Franky Boy - Mag het ietje meer zijn
Franky Boy - Allemaal naar de opera
Franky Boy - Daar zakt me de moed van in m'n schoenen
Franky Boy - Kom en dans met mij
Franky Boy - Hannelore
Franky Boy - Margot
Franky Boy - Geklutste liedjes
Franky Boy - In de alpenwei
Franky Boy - Kontebonke
Franky Boy - Met sint juttemis
Tom Freund - Copper Moon
Tom Freund - Collapsible Plans (Sugar)
Tom Freund - Angel Eyes
Fortu - Sin ti
Freedom for King Kong - Marchand de fables
Freedom for King Kong - Enfance Sold Out
Freedom for King Kong - Aliéné (j'accuse)
Freedom for King Kong - Marche ou rêve
Freedom for King Kong - Phénomène
Freedom for King Kong - Amour propre
Freedom for King Kong - Babylone
Freedom for King Kong - Les Étiquettes
Freedom for King Kong - Comme un fou
Freedom for King Kong - Phénix
François and the Atlas moutains - Royan
Rachelle Ferrell - You Send Me
Rachelle Ferrell - Bye Bye Blackbird
Rachelle Ferrell - Prayer Dance
Rachelle Ferrell - With Every Breath I Take
Rachelle Ferrell - What Is This Thing Called Love?
Rachelle Ferrell - Don't Waste Your Time
Rachelle Ferrell - Extensions
Rachelle Ferrell - Individuality (Can I Be Me?)
Rachelle Ferrell - Sista
Rachelle Ferrell - Will You Remember Me?
Rachelle Ferrell - I Forgive You
Rachelle Ferrell - I Gotta Go
Rachelle Ferrell - Why You Wanna Mess It All Up?
Rachelle Ferrell - Gaia
Rachelle Ferrell - Run to Me
Rachelle Ferrell - Reflections of My Heart
Rachelle Ferrell - Satisfied
Rachelle Ferrell - I Can Explain
Rachelle Ferrell - I'm Special
Rachelle Ferrell - Welcome to My Love
Rachelle Ferrell - Waiting
Rachelle Ferrell - With Open Arms
Rachelle Ferrell - 'Til You Come Back to Me
Rachelle Ferrell - You Can't Get (Until You Learn to Start Giving)
Rachelle Ferrell - I Know You Love Me
Rachelle Ferrell - Sentimental
Rachelle Ferrell - Could've Fooled Me
Frantic Bleep - A Survey
Frantic Bleep - The Expulsion
Frantic Bleep - Sins of Omission
Frantic Bleep - ... but a Memory
Frantic Bleep - Mausolos
Frantic Bleep - Curtainraiser
Frantic Bleep - Mandaughter
Frantic Bleep - Neboulous Termini
Frantic Bleep - Cone
Franky Perez - Two Lost Angels
Franky Perez - Cecilia
Franky Perez - Something Crazy
Franky Perez - Again
Franky Perez - Southwest Side
Franky Perez - Cry Freedom
Franky Perez - Cold Hard Rain
Franky Perez - Leave Me Alone
Franky Perez - Bella Maria
Franky Perez - Angel Park
William Ryan Fritch - In Denial
William Ryan Fritch feat. Esmé Patterson - Still
Frits - Sarawak
Frits - Het wijnglas
Jenette Fox - Turning Tables
Jenette Fox - I'll Be Waiting
Jenette Fox - Rumour Has It
Jenette Fox - Don't You Remember
Jenette Fox - Hiding My Heart
Jenette Fox - If I Die Young
Kirk Franklin presents One Nation Crew - Interlude
Kirk Franklin presents One Nation Crew - Unconditional
Kirk Franklin presents One Nation Crew - Nobody
Kirk Franklin presents One Nation Crew - Free
Kirk Franklin presents One Nation Crew - Could've Been Me
Kirk Franklin presents One Nation Crew - In Your Grace
Fresno - Revanche
Fresno - Deixa o Tempo
Fresno - Esteja Aqui
Fresno - Die Lüge
Fresno - Nesse Lugar
Fresno - Eu Sei
Fresno - Relato de um homem de bom coração
Fresno - Quando Crescer
Fresno - Se Você Voltar
Fresno - A Minha História Não Acaba Aqui
Fresno - Não Leve a Mal
Fresno - Porto Alegre
Fresno - Canção da Noite (Todo Mundo Precisa de Alguém)
Fresno - Sobre Todas as Coisas Que Eu
Fresno - Nao Quero Lembrar
Fresno - Uma Musica
Fresno - Conta Vencidas
Fresno - Desde Que Voce Se Foi
Fresno - Alguém Que Te Faz Sorrir
Fresno - Passado
Fresno - Goodbye
Fresno - Europa
Fresno - Você Perdeu de Novo
Fresno - Polo
Fresno - Milonga
Fresno - A Resposta
Fresno - Logo Você
Fresno - Enferrujou
Fresno - Infância
Fresno - Teu Semblante
Fresno - Stonehenge
Fresno - Homem ao mar
Fresno - Infinito
Fresno - Maior que as muralhas
Fresno - O resto é nada mais (O sonho de um visconde)
Fresno - Diga, Part 2
Fresno - Seis
Fresno - Cativeiro (Ana Cruse)
Fresno - Sobreviver e acreditar
Fresno - Sutjeska
Fresno - Farol
Fresno - Vida (Biografia em ré menor)
The Fresh Beat Band - Fresh Beat Band Theme Song
The Fresh Beat Band - Here We Go
The Fresh Beat Band - Just Like a Rockstar
The Fresh Beat Band - I Can Do Anything
The Fresh Beat Band - Bananas
The Fresh Beat Band - Good Times
The Fresh Beat Band - Loco Legs
The Fresh Beat Band - Another Perfect Day
The Fresh Beat Band - Shine
The Fresh Beat Band - Stomp the House
The Fresh Beat Band - Surprise Yourself
The Fresh Beat Band - Great Day
The Fresh Beat Band - Sun Beautiful Sun
The Fresh Beat Band - DJ Get The Party Started
The Fresh Beat Band - We Got The Beat
The Fresh Beat Band - Here For You
The Fresh Beat Band & Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
The Fresh Beat Band - Home
The Fresh Beat Band - Nobody Does You (Better Than You)
The Fresh Beat Band - Dance With Me
The Fresh Beat Band - Tap It Out
Fresno - Orgulho
Fresno - Onde Está
Fresno - Verdades Que Tanto Guardei
Fresno - Duas Lágrimas
Fresno - Planos e Promessas
Fresno - Evaporar
Fresno - Outra Vez
Fresno - Desde Já
The Fresh Beat Band - Music (Keeps Me Movin’)
Fresno - Carta
Fresno - O Gelo
Fresno - Se Algum Dia Eu Não Acordar
Fresno - Mais Um Soldado
Fresno - 1 Eu Sem 1 Você
Fresno - A 7 Palmos do Chão
Fresno - Mundo Injusto
Fresno - Seu Namorado É Um Idiota.
Fresno - (se ao menos você voltasse)
Fresno - Não vou mais
Fresno - A gente morre sozinho
Fresno - Crocodilia
Fresno - À Prova de Balas
Fresno - Eu Sou A Maré Viva
Fresno - Manifesto
Fresno - O Único a Perder
Fresno - Icarus
Fronzilla - Turn It Up
Fronzilla - In Too Deep
Fronzilla - They Still Talk
Fronzilla - Trapped
Fronzilla - Creeper
Fronzilla - Party People’s Anthem
Fronzilla - Get Buck
Fronzilla - Zilla
fra-foa - Mahiru no Himitsu
fra-foa - Plastic Room to Ame no Niwa
fra-foa - Yoru to Asa no Sukima Ni
fra-foa - Higurashi
fra-foa - Sumiwataru Sora, Sono Mukou ni Boku ga Mita Mono
fra-foa - Kimi wa Warau, Soshite Shizaku ni Nemuru
fra-foa - Aojiroi Tsuki
fra-foa - Tsuki to Sabaku
fra-foa - Chuu no Fuchi
fra-foa - Edge Of Life
fra-foa - Light Of Sorrow
fra-foa - Blind Star
fra-foa - Perfect Life
fra-foa - Green Day
fra-foa - Lily
fra-foa - Crystal Life
fra-foa - Afterglow
fra-foa - Chiisana Hikari.
fra-foa - Dasanai Tegami
fra-foa - Kienai Yoru Ni
fra-foa - cradle moon
fra-foa - secret garden
fra-foa - Kirameyuku Mono
fra-foa - daisy-chainsaw
The Flavour - Rock Your Baby
The Frumpies - Intertube Tomorrow
The Frumpies - Be Good
EXO-CBX - Crush U
EXO-CBX - Rhythm After Summer
EXO-CBX - The One
EXO-CBX - Cherish
EXO-CBX - Juliet
EXO-CBX - Hey Mama!
Five Minute Ride - Desperate Times Call for Desperate Levers
Five Minute Ride - Bathroom Walls... Lipstick Secrets
Five Minute Ride - Vampires Show No Compassion
Five Minute Ride - Sunday Night Service
Five Minute Ride - Don't Look Back to Minnesota
Five Minute Ride - November in my Soul
Five Minute Ride - Remembering the I in Team
Freddie Colloca - Savior My Savior
Frank Foster - Flyin' Down the Highway
Frank Foster - Southern Man
Frank Foster - Cut Off Jeans
Frank Foster - The Gospel
Frank Foster - Good Ol' Girl
Josephine Foster - By the Shape of Your Pearls
Josephine Foster - Stones Throw From Heaven
Josephine Foster - Where There Are Trees
Josephine Foster - There Are Eyes Above
Josephine Foster - Celebrant's Song
Josephine Foster - Trees Lay By
Josephine Foster - The Pruner's Pair
Josephine Foster - The Way Is Sweetly Mown
Follow the Water - Mountains
Follow the Water - Black Painted Walls
From Indian Lakes - Come in This Light
From Indian Lakes - Label This Love
From Indian Lakes - Breathe, Desperately
From Indian Lakes - Sleeping Limbs
From Indian Lakes - Am I Alive
From Indian Lakes - Ghost
From Indian Lakes - Awful Things
From Indian Lakes - Runner
From Indian Lakes - Search for More
From Indian Lakes - Fog
From Indian Lakes - Happy Machines
From Indian Lakes - The Monster
From Indian Lakes - Blank Tapes
From Indian Lakes - Hello
From Indian Lakes - Feel Love
From Indian Lakes - American Dreams
From Indian Lakes - Sunlight
From Indian Lakes - Come Back
From Indian Lakes - Rid of It
From Indian Lakes - Anything
From Indian Lakes - We Are Sick
From Indian Lakes - Paintings
From Indian Lakes - Breaking My Bones
From Indian Lakes - I Don't Know You
From Indian Lakes - Stay Outside
From Indian Lakes - Below
From Indian Lakes - My Mouth, My Lips
From Indian Lakes - Your Son
From Indian Lakes - We Follow
From Indian Lakes - 'Till I Can Walk
From Indian Lakes - Bare It (Tapes)
From Indian Lakes - Lose Myself (Tapes)
From Indian Lakes - Nome (Tapes)
From Indian Lakes - I Have No Answers
From Indian Lakes - I Am Aware
From Indian Lakes - Repent!
From Indian Lakes - Away!
From Indian Lakes - We Thought Your Hearts Were Beating
From Indian Lakes - We Never Dream
From Indian Lakes - We Are Invincible
From Indian Lakes - The Man With Wooden Legs
From Indian Lakes - Our Father Is Missing
From Indian Lakes - Full of Wonder
From Indian Lakes - The Bad Parts
From Indian Lakes - Wanderer
From Indian Lakes - When You're Around
Josephine Foster - Lullaby to All
Josephine Foster - I Love You and the Springtime Blues
Josephine Foster - All I Wanted Was the Moon
Josephine Foster - Waltz of Green
Josephine Foster - A Thimble Full of Milk
Josephine Foster - Wehmut
Josephine Foster - My Dove, My Beautiful One
Josephine Foster - Charles in the Park
Josephine Foster - Francie's Song
Josephine Foster - Run Maroona
Josephine Foster - Three Day Days
Josephine Foster - Hells Bells Are Ringing
Die Frauenärzte - Leila Macht Geiler
To All My Friends - Heartbroken People
Freak Kitchen - Propaganda Pie
Freak Kitchen - Nobody's Laughing
Freak Kitchen - Snap
Freak Kitchen - Humiliation Song
Freak Kitchen - Razor Flowers
Freak Kitchen - Heroin Breakfast
Freak Kitchen - Porno Daddy
Freak Kitchen - Seven Days in June
Freak Kitchen - Maggots of Corruption
Freak Kitchen - Hateful Little People
Freak Kitchen - Logo
Freak Kitchen - The Wrong Year
Freak Kitchen - Speak When Spoken To
Freak Kitchen - The Rights to You
Freak Kitchen - Look Bored
Freak Kitchen - Chest Pain Waltz
Freak Kitchen - Mussolini Mind
Freak Kitchen - Becky
Freak Kitchen - Independent Way of Life
Freak Kitchen - Heal Me
Freak Kitchen - Infidelity Ghost
Freak Kitchen - Sob Story
Freak Kitchen - Breathe
Freak Kitchen - Silence!
Freak Kitchen - Gun God
Freak Kitchen - Ugly Side of Me
Freak Kitchen - Everything Is Under Control
Freak Kitchen - Get a Life
Freak Kitchen - Dead Soul Men
Freak Kitchen - I Refuse
Freak Kitchen - Black Spider Flag
Freak Kitchen - Supermodel Baby
Freak Kitchen - Slap Me in the Face
Freak Kitchen - Shithead
Freak Kitchen - Walls of Stupidity
Freak Kitchen - Haw, Haw, Haw
Freak Kitchen - Jerk
Freak Kitchen - Taste My Fist
Freak Kitchen - Burning Bridges
Freak Kitchen - Inner Revolution
Freak Kitchen - Lisa
Freak Kitchen - Spanking Hour
Freak Kitchen - Proud to Be Plastic
Freak Kitchen - Dystopia
Freak Kitchen - The Bitter Season
Wolfgang Frühwirth - Viel zu spät
Freak Kitchen - Blind
Freak Kitchen - Appetizer
Freak Kitchen - Lie Freedom
Freak Kitchen - Hollow
Freak Kitchen - See You in Pittsburgh
Freak Kitchen - Raw
Freak Kitchen - Some Kind of Love Song
Freak Kitchen - Are You for Real?
Freak Kitchen - The Healthy Man
Freak Kitchen - What's the Problem?
Freak Kitchen - God Save the Spleen
Freak Kitchen - Hip Hip Hoorah
Freak Kitchen - Teargas Jazz
Freak Kitchen - Sick? Death by Hypochondria
Freak Kitchen - OK
Freak Kitchen - Honey, You're a Nazi
Freak Kitchen - The Only Way
Freak Kitchen - Murder Groupie
Freak Kitchen - The Smell of Time
Freak Kitchen - One Last Dance
Freak Kitchen - Do Not Disturb
Freak Kitchen - Clean It Up
Freak Kitchen - We've Heard It All Before
Freak Kitchen - Michael and the Syndrome
Freak Kitchen - Entertain Me
Freak Kitchen - My new haircut
Freak Kitchen - Broken Food
Freak Kitchen - Bull
Freak Kitchen - Mr. Kashchei and the 13 Prostitutes
Freak Kitchen - Scattered
Freak Kitchen - Pathetic Aesthetic
Freak Kitchen - A Regular Guy
Freak Kitchen - Professional Help
Freak Kitchen - Freak of the Week
Freak Kitchen - Sloppy
Freak Kitchen - Goody Goody
Freak Kitchen - (Saving up for an) Anal Bleach
Freak Kitchen - Private Property
Freak Kitchen - Mathematics of Defeat
Freak Kitchen - I don’t want to Golf
Freak Kitchen - Come back to Comeback
Freak Kitchen - Ranks of the terrified
Freak Kitchen - Once upon a time in Scandinavistan
Freak Kitchen - The Special Profession
Freak Kitchen - Damage ('95)
Freak Kitchen - – Hide
FIESTAR - We Don't Stop
FIESTAR - Sweet Love
FIESTAR - One More
FIESTAR - Wicked
FIESTAR - Whoo! (with Eric Benét)
FIESTAR - Mr. Black
FIESTAR - Mirror
FIESTAR - Come and Go
FIESTAR - Thirst
FIESTAR - A Sip of Lips
Früchte des Zorns - Brennen
Früchte des Zorns - Dicke unbeseelte Vögel
Früchte des Zorns - Nimm mich mit
Früchte des Zorns - Tief in eurem Nacken
Früchte des Zorns - Die Welt dreht in ihren Fugen
Früchte des Zorns - In meinem Kopf ist eine Bombe
Früchte des Zorns - Das macht ihr nicht kaputt
Früchte des Zorns - Scheiben splittern
Früchte des Zorns - Die Kriegerin
Früchte des Zorns - Feindesland
Früchte des Zorns - Kinderlied
Früchte des Zorns - Schwarze Raben
Früchte des Zorns - Wenn er stirbt
Früchte des Zorns - Wundstreuer
Früchte des Zorns - Nirgendwo besser als hier
Früchte des Zorns - Geradeaus oder nach vorn
Früchte des Zorns - Nadelregen
Früchte des Zorns - Mein schönstes Kleid
Früchte des Zorns - Schlag zurück
Früchte des Zorns - Das Kunststück
Früchte des Zorns - Scheren in der Jackentasche
Früchte des Zorns - Dein Haus ohne Türen
Früchte des Zorns - Passt aufeinander auf
Früchte des Zorns - Kompass
Früchte des Zorns - Es wird geschehen
Früchte des Zorns - Ein Koffer voller Fragen
Früchte des Zorns - Das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust
Früchte des Zorns - Warum drehst du nicht durch?
Früchte des Zorns - Unter unserer Haut
Früchte des Zorns - Sehnsucht nach den großen Gefühlen
Früchte des Zorns - Kriegerin
Früchte des Zorns - Täterlied
Friends for Hire - Hurricane (Over My Dead Body)
Friends for Hire - Abandon Ship
Friends for Hire - There's Hope in Your I.V.
Friends for Hire - Forever Second Chances
Friends for Hire - I'll Be Ross. You Can Be Rachel.
Friends for Hire - Fools Rush In
Friends for Hire - Under Our Skin
Friends for Hire - Sweet Virginia
Friends for Hire - Some Call It Revenge. We Call It a Heartache.
Friends for Hire - Supermodel
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Philharmonia Orchestra, Wilhelm Furtwängler - Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen: IV. Die zwei blauen Augen von meinem Schatz
Freeshine - To Kill a Child
Freeshine - The Song of Wings
Freeshine - Black Diamond Expresstrain to Hell
Freeshine - Soothe Us
Freeshine - Elevensixtyfour
Freeshine - End of Sister Ray
Freeshine - Morning Border
Frightmare - Angela
Frightmare - Barbecutioner
Frightmare - They Were Warned
Frightmare - By Sword, by Pick, by Axe, Bye Bye
Frightmare - Terry Hawkins Arise
Frightmare - Slayride
Frightmare - The Island of Humongous
Frightmare - The Blood Runs in Rivers
Frightmare - Bringing Back the Bloodshed
Frightmare - Leatherface
Janina Frostell - What Goes Around Comes Around
Janina Frostell - Honey Love
Thomas & Richard Frost - Intro / She's Got Love
From Aphony - Love by Way of Hollywood
From Aphony - She Runs on Alcohol
From Aphony - A Subtle Disconnection
Fluxious - Point of View
Fluxious - Reaching Nowhere
Fluxious - Inside
Fluxious - Voodoo Mood
Fluxious - Huging
Fluxious - Unfair to You
Fluxious - True
Dudu Fisher - All I Ask of You (Phantom of the Opera)
Frostfang - The Line
Frostfang - Earth's Bane
Alan Frew - Hold On
Alan Frew - I Am With You Tonight
Alan Frew - Learning to Fly
Alan Frew - So Blind
Alan Frew - Once Upon a Time
Alan Frew - If Only I Could Dream
Alan Frew - Falling at Your Feet
Glass Tiger - Someday
Herman Frank - Welcome to Hell
Herman Frank - Right in Your Guts
Herman Frank - Running Back
Five Days and Farewell - Tonight
Five Days and Farewell - Not My Mistake
Five Days and Farewell - New Man
Five Days and Farewell - Come On! Come On!
Five Days and Farewell - Dance With Me
Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow
Michael Frank - Dites-lui que je l'aime
Michael Frank - Mama
Michael Frank - Blues de toi
Tobias Fröberg - When the Night Turns Cold
Tobias Fröberg - Somewhere in the City
Tobias Fröberg - When We Got to War
Friend for a Foe - The Sky and the Fall
Friend for a Foe - Idle Hands
Friend for a Foe - Vultaggio
Friend for a Foe - As Luck Would Have It
Friend for a Foe - Niacin
Franco "El Gorila" feat. Yandel - Mi música buena
Los Fronterizos - Gloria
Los Fronterizos - Credo
Los Fronterizos - Sanctus
Los Fronterizos - La Anunciacion
Los Fronterizos - El Nacimiento
Los Fronterizos - Los Reyes Magos
Los Fronterizos - Santa Cruz
Los Fronterizos - La felipe varela
Los Fronterizos - Tonada del viejo amor
Los Fronterizos - Zamba del pañuelo
Los Fronterizos - La telesita
Frisco vs. Ice MC - Think About The Way
Doug E. Fresh - The Original Old School
Doug E. Fresh - Freak It Out!
Doug E. Fresh - Doug E. Got It Goin' On
Doug E. Fresh - Keep It Going
Doug E. Fresh - Breath of Fresh Air
Doug E. Fresh - The Show
Doug E. Fresh - Risin to the Top
Fréro Delavega - Il y a
Fréro Delavega - Sweet Darling
Fréro Delavega - Le chant des sirènes
Fréro Delavega - Même si c'est très loin
Fréro Delavega - Mon héroïne
Fréro Delavega - Mon petit pays
Fréro Delavega - Que toi
Fréro Delavega - Reviens
Fréro Delavega - Tour de chance
Fréro Delavega - Queenstone
Fréro Delavega - De l'autre côté
Fréro Delavega - Un petit peu de toi
Fréro Delavega - Autour de moi
Fréro Delavega - Ton visage
Fréro Delavega - Le cœur éléphant
Fréro Delavega - Entre ciel et terre
Fréro Delavega - Quand je serais un grand
Fréro Delavega - À l'équilibre
Fréro Delavega - Mes autres
Fréro Delavega - Le chant des sirènes 2
Fréro Delavega - Sous les étoiles
Fréro Delavega - Lorena
Fréro Delavega - La valse
Fréro Delavega - Le chant des sirènes 2 (Version acoustique)
Fréro Delavega - Quand je serais un grand (Version acoustique)
Fréro Delavega - Mes autres (Version acoustique)
Fréro Delavega - Save Tonight
Fréro Delavega - Soulstorm
Fréro Delavega - Onde sensuelle
Fréro Delavega - Sexy Bitch
Fréro Delavega - Price Tag
Fréro Delavega - Caroline
Frankfurt Rock Orchestra - Nights in White Satin
Frankfurt Rock Orchestra - New Horizons(feat. Michael Sadler)
Frankfurt Rock Orchestra - The Voice
Frankfurt Rock Orchestra - Voices in the Sky
Frankfurt Rock Orchestra - Your Wildest Dream
Flume feat. Moon Holiday - Insane
For the Day - Girl Upstairs
For the Day - Mine's Left Burning
For the Day - Description
For the Day - Lifetime Long Long Time Gone
For the Day - Postscript
For the Day - This Song
For the Day - Mean
For the Day - Friends and Girls and You
For the Day - Waiting for the Day
For the Day - Dreamhouse
For the Day - Insight
For the Day - Pay Cheque (Heritage II)
For the Day - In Your Dreams
For the Day - Insurance
For the Day - Patrick the Mole
For the Day - 28th
For the Day - Fairy Tale
For the Day - Coming Down
For the Day - Heartbreak Champ
For the Day - No Home
For the Day - Town With No River
Bobby Freeman - Do You Wanna Dance
Bobby Freeman - Ebb Tide
Bobby Freeman - Need Your Love
Bobby Freeman - Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes
Bobby Freeman - The Mess Around
Fre - Jag finns kvar
Fre - Sanning eller lögn
Fre - Stanna här hos mig
Fre - Hon e' gift
Fre - Drömmar
Four Walls Falling - Happy Face
From Good Homes - Radio On