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Floorpunch - Gaining Ground
Floorpunch - From the Outside
Floorpunch - Turn Away
Floorpunch - Point of View
Floorpunch - Let It Ride
Floorpunch - Stick Together
Floorpunch - Persevere
Floorpunch - Clear
Floorpunch - My Path
Floorpunch - Tolerate
Floorpunch - Gonna Get Yours
Alberto Fortis - L’uomo grande
Alberto Fortis - T’innamori
Alberto Fortis - Qui La Luna [Live]
Alberto Fortis - Milano E Vincenzo [Live]
Alberto Fortis - La Neña del Salvador [Live]
Alberto Fortis - Fragole Infinite [Live]
Alberto Fortis - Settembre [Live]
Alberto Fortis - La Grande Grotta [Live]
The Fauns - 4 AM
Fort - The Destroyer
The Four Seasons - Can’t Get Enough of You Baby
The Four Seasons - Save If for Me
The Four Seasons - The Book of Love
The Four Seasons - Let's Hang On!
The Four Seasons - Let's Hang On (To What We've Got)
The Four Seasons - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
The Four Seasons - Ain't That a Shame!
The Four Seasons - Girl I'll Never Know
The Four Seasons - Opus 17 (Don't Worry 'Bout Me)
Frágil - Av. Larco
Frágil - El abuelo
Frágil - Cuento real
Frágil - La del brazo
Frágil - Alunado
Frágil - Serranio
Frágil - Se perdieron los niños
Frágil - Esto es iluminacion
The Four Seasons - December '63 (Oh What a Night)
Frágil - Oda al tulipan
Frágil - Tiempo de resurreccion
Frágil - Avenida Larco
Frágil - Mundo raro
Frágil - Pastas, pepas y otros postres
Frágil - Floral
The Four Seasons - Opus 17
Frágil - Le dicen rock
Frágil - La noche
Frágil - Caras
Frágil - Basta ya!
Frágil - Hecha de rayos de sol
Frágil - Inquietudes
Frágil - No nos pueden parar
Frágil - La guerra del quien soy yo
The Four Seasons - Bye, Bye, Baby
Frágil - Fotograma
The Four Seasons - Opus 17 (Don't You Worry About Me)
Frágil - Animales
Frágil - Aquella niña
Frágil - Cuanto hay
Connie Francis - I'm Nobody's Baby Now
Connie Francis - It's the Talk of the Town
Connie Francis - I Cried for You
Connie Francis - If I Had You
Connie Francis - Love Is Strange
Connie Francis - Early in the Morning
Connie Francis - Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart
Connie Francis - Ev'rybody's Somebody's Fool
Connie Francis - Mamma
The Fountainhead - Someone Like You
Joseph Fonseca - Que Levante La Mano
Joseph Fonseca - Escuchame
Joseph Fonseca - Buscando Tus Besos
Joseph Fonseca - Me Muero Por Ella
Joseph Fonseca - Dame Una Razon
Joseph Fonseca - Por Que Tu
Joseph Fonseca - Sueno Su Boca
Joseph Fonseca - Te Pareces Tanto a Mi
Joseph Fonseca - Tan Solo Somos Amigos
Joseph Fonseca - Dame Una Oprtunidad
Joseph Fonseca - No Cabe Duda
Joseph Fonseca - Bomba
Joseph Fonseca - Jardin Prohibido
Joseph Fonseca - Noches de Fantasia (Rock)
Joseph Fonseca - Noches de Fantasia
Connie Francis - Heartbreak Hotel
Connie Francis - Tweedle Dee
Connie Francis - I Hear You Knockin'
Connie Francis - Don't Be Cruel
Connie Francis - Sincerely
Connie Francis - Ain't That A Shame
Connie Francis - Silhouettes
Connie Francis - I'm Walkin'
Connie Francis - Ciao Ciao Bambino
Connie Francis - Breakin' in a Brand New Broken
Connie Francis - Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
Connie Francis - I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time
Connie Francis - My Foolish Heart
Connie Francis - You'll Never Know
Connie Francis - White Cliffs of Dover
Connie Francis - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Connie Francis - Lullaby of Broadway
Connie Francis - High Hopes
Connie Francis - The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Flaming Tsunamis - The Ritalin Conspiracy
The Flaming Tsunamis - Bird-Watching and Vice Versa
The Flaming Tsunamis - Corpse Disposal for Dummies
The Flaming Tsunamis - Fear Everything
The Flaming Tsunamis - The Great Red Cross Robbery
The Flaming Tsunamis - If You Really Love Me
The Flaming Tsunamis - The First Rule
The Flaming Tsunamis - Satan vs. The United States of America
The Flaming Tsunamis - World of Chaos
The Flaming Tsunamis - Bennett Brauer
The Flaming Tsunamis - Weaug, Teaug, Peaug (The Powder of Life)
The Flaming Tsunamis - Shit Piss Die
The Flaming Tsunamis - Zombies vs. Robots!
The Flaming Tsunamis - Pre-Packaged Childhood
The Flaming Tsunamis - Dead Girlfriends Can't Break Up With You
The Flaming Tsunamis - Opus
The Flaming Tsunamis - Cancer Swing
The Flaming Tsunamis - By Force
The Flaming Tsunamis - Refuse to Die
Kristy Frank - Quicksand
Charles Fox - Ready to Take a Chance Again
Isabelle Flachsmann - Wir Sind Keine Engel
FORK - Sleeping Sun
Connie Francis - Du musst bleiben Angelino
Connie Francis - Tennessee Waltz
Connie Francis - My Special Angel
Connie Francis - Wolverton Mountain
Connie Francis - Please Help Me, I'm Falling
Connie Francis - Singing the Blues
Connie Francis - Mule Skinner Blues
Connie Francis - Making Believe
Connie Francis - Blue, Blue Day
Connie Francis - Wabash Cannonball
Connie Francis - I Really Don't Want to Know
Connie Francis - I Fall to Pieces
Connie Francis - I Can't Stop Loving You
Connie Francis - Oh Suzanna
Connie Francis - True Love, True Love
Connie Francis - Clementine
Connie Francis - Aura Lee
Connie Francis - She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain
Connie Francis - Beautiful Brown Eyes
Connie Francis - On Top of Old Smokey
Kyle Fosburgh - A Soul in Flight
Kyle Fosburgh - On My Way
Kyle Fosburgh - A New Dawn Was Breaking (In 1909)
Kyle Fosburgh - Morning Diamond
Karel Fialka - Hey Matthew
Kyle Fosburgh - Snow Is Gently Falling
Forro in the Dark - Oile le la
Forro in the Dark - Perro Loco
Forro in the Dark - Silence Is Golden
Forro in the Dark - Asa branca
Connie Francis - I Hear You Knocking
Connie Francis - Mister Twister
Connie Francis - Oh Lonesome Me
Connie Francis - I Walk the Line
Connie Francis - Cold Cold Heart
Connie Francis - Room Full of Roses
Connie Francis - Peace in the Valley
Connie Francis - Siboney
Connie Francis - Solamente Una Vez
Connie Francis - Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
Connie Francis - Beso De Fuego
Connie Francis - Granada
Connie Francis - Besame Mucho
Connie Francis - Nosotros
Connie Francis - Vaya Con Dios
Connie Francis - Gracias
Connie Francis - La Paloma (Portuguese)
Four Jacks - Det var på Capri
Four Jacks - Mandalay
Four Jacks - Slentre gennem regn
Four Jacks - Old McDonald Had a Farm
Four Jacks - O marie jeg vil hjem
Connie Francis - Tiny Bubbles
Connie Francis - Red Sails in the Sunset
Connie Francis - Harbor Lights
Connie Francis - Hava Nagilah
Connie Francis - Don't Breack the Heart That Loves You
Connie Francis - Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing
Nate Fowler - Alive
Franck Alamo - Da Dou Ron Ron
Connie Francis - La paloma (Your Love)
Ben Folds - Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)
Ben Folds - Dr. Yang
Ben Folds - The Frown Song
Ben Folds - Cologne
Ben Folds - Bitch Went Nuts
Ben Folds - Brainwascht
Ben Folds - Kylie From Connecticut
Ben Folds - One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
Ben Folds - Zak and Sara
Ben Folds - Silver Street
Ben Folds - Best Imitation of Myself
Ben Folds - Not the Same
Ben Folds - One Down
Ben Folds - Fred Jones, Part 2
Ben Folds - Narcolepsy
Ben Folds - The Last Polka
Ben Folds - Rock This Bitch
Ben Folds - Emaline
Ben Folds - In Between Days
Ben Folds - Learn to Live With What You Are
Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit
Ben Folds - Adelaide
Ben Folds - Rent a Cop
Ben Folds - Dog
Ben Folds - Still / Bitches Ain't Shit
Ben Folds - Landed
Ben Folds - Rockin' the Suburbs
Ben Folds - Gracie
Ben Folds - Still Fighting It
Ben Folds - Still
Ben Folds - From Above
Ben Folds - House
Ben Folds - Mess
Ben Folds - Magic
Ben Folds - Girl
Ben Folds and WASO - Fred Jones, Part 2
Ben Folds feat. Rufus Wainwright - Careless Whisper
Ben Folds - Long Tall Texan
Ben Folds - Battle of Who Could Care Less
Ben Folds - Unrelated
Ben Folds - Rocky
Ben Folds - Boxing
Ben Folds Five - Amelia Bright
Ben Folds - Rock Star
Ben Folds - Losing Lisa
Ben Folds - Hiro's Song
Ben Folds - Wandering
Ben Folds - Time
Ben Folds - Sleazy
8in8 - Because the Origami
Ben Folds - Steven's Last Night in Town (demo 1996)
Ben Folds - Song for the Dumped (demo 1996)
Ben Folds - Capable of Anything
Ben Folds - Not a Fan
Ben Folds - So There
Ben Folds - Long Way to Go
Ben Folds - Phone in a Pool
Ben Folds - Yes Man
Ben Folds - F10-D-A
The Loreleis - Jesusland
The University of Georgia's With Someone Else's Money - You Don't Know Me
Mosaic Whispers - Still Fighting It
California State University Sacramento Jazz Singers - Selfless, Cold and Composed
Ben Folds - Gone
Ben Folds - The Ascent of Stan
Ben Folds - Carrying Cathy
Ben Folds - Fired
Ben Folds - Bastard
Ben Folds - You to Thank
Ben Folds - Jesusland
Ben Folds - Trusted
Ben Folds - Give Judy My Notice
Ben Folds - Late
Ben Folds - Prison Food
Jay Foreman - Stealing Food
Jay Foreman - Angry Birds
Noosha Fox - Georgina Bailey
Connie Francis - How Did He Look?
Connie Francis - Hallelujah, I Love Him So
Connie Francis - My Thanks to You
Connie Francis - The Bells of St Mary's
Connie Francis - A Tree in the Meadow
Connie Francis - Oh, Frankie
Connie Francis - He's Just a Scientist
Connie Francis - Happy New Year Baby
Connie Francis - My Best Friend Barbara
Ben Folds - Weather Channel Music
Ben Folds - Evaporated
Ben Folds Five - All Shook Up
Ben Folds Five - Birds
Ben Folds - Bitch Went Nutz
Ben Folds - Bizarre Christmas Incident
Ben Folds - Evaporated (demo 1992)
Ben Folds - Family of Me
Ben Folds Five - For All the Pretty People
Ben Folds - Golden Slumbers
Ben Folds - Heist
Ben Folds - In Love (demo 1998)
Ben Folds - Make Me Mommy
Ben Folds Five - Mitchell Lane
Ben Folds - Say Yes
Ben Folds - Lovesick Diagnostician
Ben Folds - Free Coffee Town
Ben Folds - Way to Normal
Gwyn Fowler - White Wine White Noise
Gwyn Fowler - Venn Diagram
Ben Folds - Still Fighting
Ben Folds - My Baby Cares for Me
Ben Folds - Rockin’ the Suburbs
Ben Folds - Amelia Bright
Ben Folds - Song for the Dumped
Ben Folds - Frowne Song
Ben Folds - Hiroshima
Ben Folds - Brainwashed
Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me (f. Regina Spektor)
Ben Folds - Claire's Ninth
Ben Folds - Saskia Hamilton
Ben Folds - Belinda
Ben Folds - Password
Ben Folds - Doc Pomus
Ben Folds - A Working Day
Ben Folds - I Paid My Money
Ben Folds - Sports and Wine
Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me (Conan O'Brien rehearsal)
Ben Folds - Your Redneck Past
Ben Folds - The Bitch Went Nuts
Ben Folds - Anne Waits
Ben Folds - Protection
Ben Folds - Lonely Christmas Eve
Ben Folds - Selfless, Cold, and Composed
Ben Folds - Alice Childress
Ben Folds - Lullabye
Ben Folds - Ascent of Stan
Ben Folds - Jackson Cannery
Ben Folds - Philosophy
Ben Folds - Careless Whisper
Ben Folds - Video
Ben Folds - Uncle Walter
Ben Folds - In Love
Ben Folds - All You Can Eat
Ben Folds - Champagne Supernova
Ben Folds - Half Asleep
Ben Folds - Kalamazoo
Ben Folds - Song for the Dumped (Minor)
Ben Folds - Luckiest
Ben Folds - There's Always Someone Cooler Than You (with introduction)
Ben Folds - Army (live) (with introduction)
Ben Folds - House (with introduction)
Ben Folds - Landed (String version) (with introduction)
Ben Folds - Picture Window (Pop Version) [Bonus Track]
Connie Francis - Tango italiano
Connie Francis - Come sinfonia
Connie Francis - Romantica
Connie Francis - Quiereme Mucho (Yours)
Connie Francis - Solamente Una Vez (You Belong To My Heart)
Connie Francis - Besame Mucho (Kiss Me)
Connie Francis - Jalousie (Jealousy)
Moacyr Franco - Pequeno Mundo Que Acabou
Moacyr Franco - Eu Nunca Mais Vou Te Esquecer
Moacyr Franco - Doce Amargura
Moacyr Franco - Balada N°7 (Mané Garrincha)
Moacyr Franco - Balada Para Um Louco
Moacyr Franco - A Sombra Do Teu Sorriso
Moacyr Franco - Tema de Bárbara
Moacyr Franco - Memória de Uma Velha Canção
Moacyr Franco - Distante dos Olhos
Moacyr Franco - Eesse Meu Coração Sem Juízo
Moacyr Franco - Cartas Na Mesa
Moacyr Franco - Querida (Honey)
Moacyr Franco - Hoje
Moacyr Franco - Eu Amo Tanto Tanto (Ti Voglio Tanto Bene)
Moacyr Franco - Suave é a Noite
Moacyr Franco - Eu Te Darei Bem Mais
Moacyr Franco - Mau, Mau
Moacyr Franco - Contigo Aprendi
The Foamers - Take It Back
The Foamers - My TV Sucks
Frank - I'm Not Shy
Frank - Complicated
Frank - Closer to Me
Frank - Turn It Up
Frank - Silence
Connie Francis - Que Será, Será
Kenza Farah - Je me bats
Kenza Farah - Où va le monde
Kenza Farah feat. Sefyu - Lettre du front
Kenza Farah - Dans les rues de ma ville
Kenza Farah - Trop d'flow
Kenza Farah - Mi amor
Kenza Farah - Sur tous les chemins
Kenza Farah - Sous le ciel de Marseille
Kenza Farah - Toi et moi
Kenza Farah - Cris de Bosnie
Kenza Farah - Mi Corazon
Kenza Farah - Peuple du monde entier
Kenza Farah - Je représente
Kenza Farah - Désillusion du ghetto
Kenza Farah - On tient le coup
Kenza Farah - Let Me Be With You
Kenza Farah - La Nuit
Kenza Farah - Ne nous jugez pas
Kenza Farah - Commandement du ciment
Kenza Farah - Tout ça ne compte pas
Kenza Farah - Celle qu'il te faut
Kenza Farah - Pardonnez-moi
Kenza Farah - 4 Love
Kenza Farah - Là haut
Kenza Farah - Quelque part
Kenza Farah - Indélébile
Kenza Farah - Avec toi
Kenza Farah - Accordez-moi
Kenza Farah - Croire en nos rêves
Kenza Farah - Je regrette
Kenza Farah - Changer d'air
Kenza Farah - Mohamed
Kenza Farah - Trésor
Kenza Farah - On vient de là
Kenza Farah - Je serai prête (interlude)
Kenza Farah - Me reconstruire
Kenza Farah - J'ai pas le choix
Kenza Farah - Crack musik
Kenza Farah - Cœur prisonnier
Kenza Farah - Ainsi va la vie
Kenza Farah - Karismastyle
Kenza Farah - Vagabonde
Kenza Farah - Trop de mots
Kenza Farah - Sans jamais se plaindre
Kenza Farah - Là où tu vas
Kenza Farah - 25.01.07
Kenza Farah - Briser les chaînes
Kenza Farah - Être heureux
Kenza Farah - Tour du monde
Kenza Farah - Chute libre
Kenza Farah - MDF
Kenza Farah - Yätayö
Kenza Farah feat. Jul - Problèmes
Kenza Farah - Il est
Kenza Farah - Mi amore
Kenza Farah - Marseille je t'aime
Kenza Farah - Entre deux rives
Kenza Farah - Pink Star
Kenza Farah - Appelez moi Kenza
Kenza Farah - Coup de cœur
Kevin Fowler - That Girl
Kevin Fowler - Hell Yeah, I Like Beer
Kevin Fowler - Here's to Me and You
Kevin Fowler - Daddies and Daughters
Kevin Fowler - Girl in a Truck
Kevin Fowler - Big River
Kevin Fowler - Do That With You Gone
Kevin Fowler - Chippin' Away
Kevin Fowler - Knocked Up
Kevin Fowler - There's a Fool Born Everyday
Kevin Fowler - Senorita Mas Fina
Kevin Fowler - Not Lovin' Anymore
Kevin Fowler - The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man
Kevin Fowler - Our Love is a Prison
Kevin Fowler - She Ain't Bad but She Ain't You
Kevin Fowler - All the Tequila in Tijuana
Kevin Fowler - Ol' What's Her Name
Kevin Fowler - Fat Bottom Girls
Kevin Fowler - 100% Texan
Kevin Fowler - Butterbean
Kevin Fowler - If These Old Walls Could Talk
Kevin Fowler - Speak of the Devil
Kevin Fowler - J. O. B.
Kevin Fowler - Penny for Your Thoughts
Kevin Fowler - Read Between the Lines
Kevin Fowler - Beer, Bait and Ammo
Kevin Fowler - Loose Loud & Crazy
Kevin Fowler - Get Along
Kevin Fowler - Hard Man to Love
Kevin Fowler - Ain't Drinkin' Anymore
Kevin Fowler - Political Incorrectness
Kevin Fowler - Long Neckin'
Kevin Fowler - Half
Kevin Fowler - I'll Try Anything Twice
Kevin Fowler - Lord Loves a Drinkin' Man
Kevin Fowler - Don't Touch My Willie
The Foreshadowing - Cold Waste
The Foreshadowing - The Wandering
The Foreshadowing - Death Is Our Freedom
The Foreshadowing - Departure
The Foreshadowing - Eschaton
The Foreshadowing - Last Minute Train
The Foreshadowing - Ladykiller
The Foreshadowing - The Fall
The Foreshadowing - Days of Nothing
The Foreshadowing - Into the Lips of the Earth
The Foreshadowing - The Dawning
The Foreshadowing - Outsiders
The Foreshadowing - Oionos
The Foreshadowing - Fallen Reign
The Foreshadowing - Lost Humanity
The Foreshadowing - Survivors Sleep
The Foreshadowing - Chant of Widows
The Foreshadowing - Hope. She's in the Water
The Foreshadowing - Russians
The Foreshadowing - Revelation 3:11
The Foreshadowing - Havoc
The Foreshadowing - Outcast
The Foreshadowing - The Forsaken Son
The Foreshadowing - Second World
The Foreshadowing - Aftermaths
The Foreshadowing - Ground Zero
The Foreshadowing - Reverie Is a Tyrant
The Foreshadowing - Colonies
The Foreshadowing - Noli Timere
The Foreshadowing - Friends of Pain
The Foreshadowing - Fall of Heroes
The Foreshadowing - Two Horizons
The Foreshadowing - Lost Soldiers
The Foreshadowing - 17
The Foreshadowing - Until We Fail
The Foreshadowing - Martyrdom
The Foreshadowing - Nimrod (I - The Eerie Tower, II - Omelia, III - Collapse, V - Inno al Dolore)
FooN - Salamanderen Niels
Connie Francis - Three Coins in the Fountain
Connie Francis - Like Someone in Love
Connie Francis - Where Is Your Heart
Connie Francis - A Lifetime of Love
Connie Francis - Quando Quando Quando
Connie Francis - I Cant Stop Lovin You
Connie Francis - For Mama
Connie Francis - My Heard Has a Mind of Its Own
Connie Francis - I'm Going to Be Warm This Winter
Connie Francis - You Made Me Love You
Connie Francis - Because of You
Connie Francis - You're My Everything
Connie Francis - Earth Angel
Connie Francis - Let Me Go Lover
Connie Francis - Looking for Love - Rock Version
Connie Francis - El Novio de Otra (Someone Else's Boy)
Connie Francis - Did Your Mother Come From Ireland?
Connie Francis - Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral
Connie Francis - It's a Great Day for the Irish
Connie Francis - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Connie Francis - Auld Lang Syne
Connie Francis - High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darlin)
Connie Francis - Buttons and Bows
Connie Francis - Anna
Connie Francis - Your Love
Connie Francis - Second Hand Love (double vocal)
Connie Francis - Home on the Range
Connie Francis - A Little Bit of Heaven
Connie Francis - Ain't That Better Baby?
Connie Francis - Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)
Connie Francis - And the Band Played On
Connie Francis - Mommy Your Daughter's Fallin' in Love
Connie Francis - Never on Sunday
Connie Francis - Anniversary Waltz
Connie Francis - Till We Meet Again
Connie Francis - Beautiful Ohio
Kevin Fowler - Long Line Of Losers
Kevin Fowler - Feels Good Don’t It
Kevin Fowler - Ain’t Dead Yet
Kevin Fowler - Me and the Boys
Kevin Fowler - Bring It On
Kevin Fowler - Cheaper to Keep Her
Kevin Fowler - Slow Down
Kevin Fowler - Best Mistake I Ever Made
Kevin Fowler - Let’s Start Living
Kevin Fowler - Honky Tonk Junkie
Kevin Fowler - How Country Are Ya?
Kevin Fowler - Guitars and Guns
Kevin Fowler - Before Somebody Gets Hurt
Kevin Fowler - The Weekend
Kevin Fowler - Panhandle Poorboy
Kevin Fowler - Borracho Grande
Kevin Fowler - Love Song
Kevin Fowler - Habit I Can't Break
Kevin Fowler - The Girls I Go With
Kevin Fowler - Beer Me
Kevin Fowler - Whiskey and I
Kevin Fowler - Chicken Wing
Kevin Fowler - Hellbent for a Heartache
Kevin Fowler - Beer, Bait & Ammo
Kevin Fowler - You Could've Had It All
Kevin Fowler - Beer Season
Foster & Allen - When You Say Nothing at All
Foster & Allen - Edelweiss
Foster & Allen - After the Ball
Foster & Allen - Let the Rest of the World Go By
Foster & Allen - A Mother's Way
Foster & Allen - Silver Threads Among the Gold
Foster & Allen - The Ring Your Mother Wore
Foster & Allen - A Bunch of Thyme
Foster & Allen - Mona Lisa
Foster & Allen - True Love
Foster & Allen - Bunch of Thyme
Foster & Allen - Tennessee Waltz
Kevin Fowler - Lost My Heart in Oklahoma
Kevin Fowler - What's Your Point
Kevin Fowler - Now You're Talkin'
Colton Ford - Tug of War
Colton Ford - Rock the Boat (interlude)
Colton Ford - Dreams (interlude)
Colton Ford - It's No Crime
Colton Ford - Trouble
Colton Ford - It Seems Like You're Ready (interlude)
Colton Ford - Follow Me
Colton Ford - By Your Side
Colton Ford - Music Sounds Better With You
Colton Ford - It's Like That (interlude)
Colton Ford - No One
Colton Ford - Lithium
Colton Ford - What About Us (interlude)
Colton Ford - You Gonna Want Me
Colton Ford - Show Me Love
Colton Ford - Out of Time (interlude)
Colton Ford - Ashes to Ashes
Foster & Allen - Working Man
Foster & Allen - Any Dream Will Do
Foster & Allen - Michael Row the Boat Ashore
Four Unusual Suspects - 1999
Frazey Ford - You’re Not Free
Frazey Ford - Done
Frazey Ford - Season After Season
Frazey Ford - Natural Law
Frazey Ford - Indian Ocean
Frazey Ford - Firecracker
Frazey Ford - Lay Down With You
Frazey Ford - Bird of Paradise
Frazey Ford - If You Gonna Go
Frazey Ford - Blue Streak Mama
Frazey Ford - Lost Together
Frazey Ford - I Like You Better
Frazey Ford - Hey Little Mama
Frazey Ford - The Gospel Song
Frazey Ford - Goin’ Over
Frazey Ford - Half In
Frazey Ford - One More Cup of Coffee
Frazey Ford - Mimi Song
Frazey Ford - Runnin'
Foster & Allen - I Will Love You All of My Life
Forgotten Generation - Intro (Halo Halo Bandung)
Forgotten Generation - Bergerak
Forgotten Generation - Continue The Fight
Forgotten Generation - Nyanyian Hati
Forgotten Generation - This Time
Forgotten Generation - Ingkar
Forgotten Generation - The Sound Of Revolution
Flying Blind - Pony
Flying Blind - Chocolate Covered Secrets
Flying Blind - Smokescreen
Flying Blind - Leave
Flying Blind - Somebody Else
Flying Blind - Western September Sky
Flying Blind - Paralyzed
Flying Blind - Let Me In
Flying Blind - The Pain Of It
Flying Blind - Walk Of Shame
Flying Blind - Work So Hard
Flying Blind - Love Konnection
Foster & Allen - The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill
Foster & Allen - If Those Lips Could Only Speak
Foster & Allen - Mary of Argyll
Foster & Allen - The Old Boreen
Foster & Allen - My Lovely Rose of Clare
Foster & Allen - Softly Softly
Troy Fernandez - Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World
Foster & Allen - Sweethearts in the Spring
Foster & Allen - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Foster & Allen - Part of Me Will Always Be in Love With You
Foster & Allen - The Rose of Tralee
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Heads & Tails
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Harder Than You Think
The Floor Is Made of Lava - All Outta Love
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Leave Me Now (Leave Me Tomorrow)
The Floor Is Made of Lava - House of Cards
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Some People
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Over the Top/Valley of Darkness
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Ain't Half Bad
The Floor Is Made of Lava - The Bigger Picture
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Howl at the Moon (Wolf Cried Peter)
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Sailors, Cowboys & Indians
The Floor Is Made of Lava - The Floor Is Made of Lava
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Pick Up a Shovel
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Do Your Sister
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Ho
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Happy Monday
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Sucker Love
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Tango in My Tummy
The Floor Is Made of Lava - 5-VICE
The Floor Is Made of Lava - You Ain't a Bitch (Bitch)
The Floor Is Made of Lava - IKEA Did a Job on You
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Traditional 84
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Lost in the Woods
The Floor Is Made of Lava - On the Ropes (Out of Line)
The Floor Is Made of Lava - God Save Henri
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Around Here
Fool’s Garden - Closer
Fool’s Garden - Dreaming
Fool’s Garden - Material World
Fool’s Garden - Reason
Fool’s Garden - Glory
Fool’s Garden - 25 Miles to Kissimmee
Fool’s Garden - Silence
Fool’s Garden - Ismael
Fool’s Garden - Ordinary Man
Fool’s Garden - Meanwhile
Fool’s Garden - Pieces
Fool’s Garden - Take Me
Fool’s Garden - Wild Days
Fool’s Garden - The Seal
Fool’s Garden - Finally
Fool’s Garden - One Fine Day
Fool’s Garden - Who Are You
Fool’s Garden - Suzy
Fool’s Garden - She's So Happy to Be
Fool’s Garden - It Can Happen
Fool’s Garden - In the Name
Fool’s Garden - Still
Fool’s Garden - Monday Morning Girl
Fool’s Garden - Happy
Fool’s Garden - Probably
Fool’s Garden - Rainy Day
Fool’s Garden - Welcome Sun
Fool’s Garden - Count on Me
Fool’s Garden - Comedy Song
Fool’s Garden - Life
Fool’s Garden - I Got a Ticket
Fool’s Garden - Home
Fool’s Garden - Million Dollar Baby
Fool’s Garden - High Time
Fool’s Garden - Daihaminkay
Fool’s Garden - Man of Devotion
Fool’s Garden - Peter Is Riding His Horse
Foster & Allen - Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Foster & Allen - Who's Sorry Now?
Foster & Allen - Coward of the County
Foster & Allen - Softly, Softly
Foster & Allen - Green Willow
Flangers - Director
Flangers - Weapon
Flangers - Fragile
Flangers - Lay Down
Flangers - Sleeping Head Underwater
Flangers - Neptune's Air
Flangers - Tear Me
Flangers - Bloodein
Flangers - Unleash Me To Myself
Flangers - Black Toy
Fool’s Garden - Awakenings
Fool’s Garden - Man in a Cage
Fool’s Garden - Scared
Fool’s Garden - Careless Games
Fool’s Garden - Sandy
Fool’s Garden - One Way Out
Fool’s Garden - Fall for Her
Fool’s Garden - Cry Baby Cry
Fool’s Garden - Lena
Fool’s Garden - Tell Me Who I Am
Fool’s Garden - The Part of the Fool
Fool’s Garden - You're Not Forgotten
Fool’s Garden - Spirit '91
Fool’s Garden - Once in a Blue Moon
Fool’s Garden - Does Anybody Know?
Fool’s Garden - Jeannie Is Dancing With the Sun
Fool’s Garden - Streets of Philadelphia
Fool’s Garden - Wild (studio version 2009)
Fool’s Garden - Innocence
Fool’s Garden - Maybe
Fool’s Garden - Why Did She Go?
Fool’s Garden - Why Am I Sad Today
Fool’s Garden - Martha My Dear
Fool’s Garden - And You Say
Fool’s Garden - Nothing
Fool’s Garden - When The Moon Kisses Town
China Forbes - Gone
China Forbes - I'm Still Talking to You
China Forbes - Ordinary Girl
Fool’s Garden - Someday
Fool’s Garden - How Do You Feel?
Fool’s Garden - Song 4
Fool’s Garden - Shut
Fool’s Garden - Reason 3.0
Fool’s Garden - Here I Am
Fool’s Garden - Annie the Jay
Fool’s Garden - Lemon Dance
Fool’s Garden - Lemon Rave
Fool’s Garden - Lemon Tree Club Mix
Fool’s Garden - What About You
Fool’s Garden - Lemon Tree 2009
Forever Gentlemen - Intro
Dany Brillant, Damien Sargue & Roch Voisine - La belle vie
Mike Francis - Room in Your Heart
Mike Francis - Don't You Know
Mike Francis - Let Me In
Mike Francis - Late Summer Night
Mike Francis - Fall in Love
Mike Francis - Lovely Day
Mike Francis - You Can't Get Out of My Heart
Mike Francis - I'm Not in Love
Mike Francis - Noi
Mike Francis - Almeno con te
Mike Francis - Ahi amor
Mike Francis - Ci credo ancora
Mike Francis - City Lights
Mike Francis - Someone Like You
Mike Francis - Roots- Nothing Can Come Between Us
Mike Francis - Don't Let Me Be Lonely To-Night
Mike Francis - Dormo con te
Mike Francis - Bellissimi occhi chiusi
Mike Francis - Tu che non mi senti
Mike Francis - Features of Love / Prelude
Mike Francis - Landslide (Unreleased)
Forró Chama Chuva - Cativeiro Do Coração
Forró Chama Chuva - Samarina
Forró Chama Chuva - A Novidade
Forró Chama Chuva - Esse Bicho Mata
Forró Chama Chuva - Forró de Itaúnas
Forró Chama Chuva - Toque de Fole
Forró Chama Chuva - Pra Te Conhecer Melhor
Forró Chama Chuva - Convite a Itaúna
Forró Chama Chuva - Mania de Brincar
Forró Chama Chuva - Feliz com Você
Fracus & Darwin - Come Home
Five Fingers of Funk - The Mindstraits
Five Fingers of Funk - Whatchyassworth?
Five Fingers of Funk - Rise
Five Fingers of Funk - Pass the Vibe
Five Fingers of Funk - Look at Where You At
Five Fingers of Funk - Posters
Five Fingers of Funk - Comin' Out the Cellar
Five Fingers of Funk - Funky 97
Five Fingers of Funk - Autumn Blue
The Frank & Joe Show - Paper Moon
Franco - A Mass for the End of Time
Franco - For My Dearly Departed
Franco - Renewal
Franco - A Beautiful Diversion
Franco - Razor
Franco - Follow That Light
Franco - A Prayer
Ade Fenton - The Leather Sea
Ade Fenton - Truth
Ade Fenton - Healing
Ade Fenton - Everything Changes
Ade Fenton - One Day
Ade Fenton - Recall
Ade Fenton - Slide Away
Ade Fenton - Burn
Ade Fenton - Machine
Flash Bang Grenada - Good Cop, Bad Cop
Flash Bang Grenada - Beat My Bitch
Flash Bang Grenada - I Can Teleport
Flash Bang Grenada - Aphrodite
Flash Bang Grenada - Bernie
Float - Perlahan
Float - Ke Sana
Float - Songs Of Seasons
Float - I.H.I [Live]
Float - Sementara [Live]
Float - 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya
Float - Pulang
Float - Stupido Ritmo
Float - Surrender
Float - The Prophecy
Float - No-Dream Land
Float - Tiap Senja
Float - Sementara
Float - Too Much This Way
Float - Time
Float - You'll Have Your Band's Name On The Wall
A Flock of Seagulls - Modern Love Is Automatic
A Flock of Seagulls - Messages
A Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song
A Flock of Seagulls - Standing in the Doorway
A Flock of Seagulls - Tokyo
A Flock of Seagulls - Man Made
A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)
A Flock of Seagulls - Nightmares
A Flock of Seagulls - Never Again (The Dancer)
A Flock of Seagulls - Transfer Affection
A Flock of Seagulls - Windows
A Flock of Seagulls - Who's That Girl (She's Got It)
A Flock of Seagulls - Committed
A Flock of Seagulls - Living in Heaven
A Flock of Seagulls - The Story of a Young Heart
Four Bitchin' Babes - Little Stars
Four Bitchin' Babes - Lovely Mistake
A Flock of Seagulls - Over My Head
A Flock of Seagulls - Love on Your Knees
Four Bitchin' Babes - Toe to Toe With the HMO
Four Bitchin' Babes - My Kinda Man
Four Bitchin' Babes - This Town's All Right
A Flock of Seagulls - How Could You Ever Leave Me
Four Bitchin' Babes - Viagra in the Waters
A Flock of Seagulls - Electrics
Four Bitchin' Babes - Italy and France
A Flock of Seagulls - Remember David
Four Bitchin' Babes - I Don't Wanna Know
Four Bitchin' Babes - Hold on to My Love
A Flock of Seagulls - The Traveller
A Flock of Seagulls - Better & Better
A Flock of Seagulls - European (I Wish I Was)
A Flock of Seagulls - Say So Much
A Flock of Seagulls - The End
Forgotten - Hajar Jalanan
Forgotten - Dirajam Luka
Forgotten - Laras Perlaya
Forgotten - Trias Demonica
Forgotten - Surga Metafora
Forgotten - Bantai Patronasi
Forgotten - Tuhan Profane
Forgotten - Resital Apokalips
Forgotten - Pusara Beku
Forgotten - Tiga Angka Enam
Forgotten - Aku Jatuh Cinta
Forgotten - Future Syndrome
Forgotten - Hidup Adalah Kutukan
Forgotten - Kegelapan Itu Bernyawa
Forgotten - Perang Demi Setan
Forgotten - Teologi Penyesatan
Forgotten - Selangkangan Agama
Forgotten - Rock Your Hate Roll Your Pain
Forgotten - Republik Bintang Tengkorak
A Flock of Seagulls - (It's Not Me) Talking
FJØRT - In Balance
FJØRT - Anthrazit
FJØRT - Prestige
FJØRT - Kontakt
FJØRT - Lichterloh
FJØRT - Paroli
FJØRT - Abgesang
FJØRT - Revue
FJØRT - Belvedere
FJØRT - Mantra
FJØRT - Lebewohl
FJØRT - Demontage
FJØRT - Widerpart
FJØRT - Glasgesicht
FJØRT - Fenris
FJØRT - Ruthschreiter
FJØRT - Kleinaufklein
FJØRT - Schnaiserkitt
FJØRT - Valhalla
FJØRT - Von Welt
FJØRT - Hallo Zukunft
FJØRT - Für Elise
FJØRT - Gescholten
FJØRT - Fauxpas
FJØRT - Atoll
FJØRT - Passepartout
FJØRT - D'accord
A Flock of Seagulls - Over the Border
A Flock of Seagulls - Quicksand
Joan Franka - You and Me
A Flock of Seagulls - Burnin' Up
A Flock of Seagulls - Hearts on Fire
A Flock of Seagulls - Life Is Easy
Franke & The Knockouts - Sweetheart
Franke & The Knockouts - Time of My Life
A Flock of Seagulls - Talking
A Flock of Seagulls - Cry Like a Baby
For All Those Sleeping - Outbreak of Heartache
For All Those Sleeping - Never Leave Northfield
For All Those Sleeping - I'm Not Dead Yet
For All Those Sleeping - Janice, It Ain't Funny
For All Those Sleeping - I Hate to See You Go
For All Those Sleeping - Run Away
For All Those Sleeping - The Midnight Society
For All Those Sleeping - He's Dead Because Mommy Killed Him
For All Those Sleeping - Favorite Liar
For All Those Sleeping - If I Wanted Your Two Cents I'd Rob You
For All Those Sleeping - Outspoken
For All Those Sleeping - Once a Liar (Always a Fake)
For All Those Sleeping - Mark My Words
For All Those Sleeping - Tell Me the Truth
For All Those Sleeping - Follow My Voice
For All Those Sleeping - Life on Fire
For All Those Sleeping - Love Isn't Real
For All Those Sleeping - Never Trust a Dead Man
For All Those Sleeping - Shaken Not Stirred
For All Those Sleeping - One Kiss
For All Those Sleeping - Crosses
For All Those Sleeping - Demons
For All Those Sleeping - Incomplete Me
For All Those Sleeping - Home
For All Those Sleeping - Red
For All Those Sleeping - My Funeral
For All Those Sleeping - Sex, Drugs and Empty Souls
For All Those Sleeping - Tomorrow (Casey's Song)
For All Those Sleeping - We're All Going to Die
For All Those Sleeping - It's Not Love (If It Doesn't Hurt)
For All Those Sleeping - Hands So Red on a Face So Pale
For All Those Sleeping - 2182
For All Those Sleeping - Mark My Worlds
For All Those Sleeping - Hell or Heaven
Foyone - Poder mental
Foyone - Malos dias
Foyone - Loco
Foyone - Gnosis
Foyone - La brújula interna
Foyone - Mundo roto
Foyone - Lost Kid
Foyone - Robo al banco
Foyone - Luz interior
Foyone - El ciclo del agua
Foyone - Sueños del barrio
Foyone - DNC'$
Foyone - Sermón del dolar
Foyone - Siempre ganas
Foyone - Cripta Boyz
Foyone - La paradoja del enjaulado
Foyone - Parte cuello
Foyone - La maquinaria de las personas
Foyone - Conversación con Dios
Foyone - Sagrada inspiración
Foyone - Negro luto
Foyone - Sufrir es vivir
Foyone - Presidente
Foyone - La oscuridad
Foyone - Llave interna
Foyone - La ciudad del vicio
Foyone - Copla contemporánea
Foyone - 3' [> (0º)]
Foyone - Niños ciegos
Foyone - Cero competencia
Foyone - Arroz blanco y diamantes
Foyone - Multiplica
Foyone - Caballo blanco
Foyone - Compartiendo celda
Foyone - Preguntas
Foyone - Lo mantengo (Versión Manu Beats)
Foyone - Intro
Foyone - Magia
Foyone - Lo mantengo (Versión Sceno)
Foyone - Las putas del (rap)
Francisco Teran - Tu Lugar
Francisco Teran - La Dama Y El Caballero
Francisco Teran - Negra
Emma Forman - The Problem
Emma Forman - Feel That Way
A Flock of Seagulls - Don't Ask Me
A Flock of Seagulls - Electric
A Flock of Seagulls - Run So Far Away
A Flock of Seagulls - Transfer Affections
A Flock of Seagulls - The More You Live the More You Love
A Flock of Seagulls - Lost Control (Totally)
A Flock of Seagulls - Never Again
A Flock of Seagulls - Magic (dance instrumental)
A Flock of Seagulls - Talking (It's Not Me Talking)
A Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Songs
Emma Forman - Always Missing You
For Our Hero - Don't You Dare
The Frank Popp Ensemble - Love Is on Our Side
The Frank Popp Ensemble - Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans
The Frank Popp Ensemble - Hip Teens (Don't Wear Blue Jeans)
Toby Fox - Fallen Down
Toby Fox - Ruins
Toby Fox - Heartache
Toby Fox - sans.
Toby Fox - Undertale
Toby Fox - You Idiot
Toby Fox - Last Goodbye
Pascal Obispo - Lucie
Ensemble - Sa raison d'être
Johnny Hallyday - Vivre pour le meilleur
Pablo Villafranca - La Peine maximum
Pascal Obispo - Soledad
Patricia Kaas - Une femme comme une autre
Florent Pagny - Et un jour, une femme
Daniel Lévi - L'envie d'aimer
David Hallyday - Tu ne m'as pas laissé le temps
Lionel Florence - Avec ma baby-sitter
Folkeskolens Musiklærerforening - Det bedste jeg ved
Celso Fonseca e Ronaldo Bastos - La Più Bella del Mondo
Celso Fonseca e Ronaldo Bastos - Denise Bandeira
The Four Lads - No, Not Much!
The Four Lads - There's Only One of You
The Four Lads - Somebody Loves Me
The Four Lads - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
The Four Lads - Moments to Remember
The Four Lads - Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
The Four Lads - My Little Angel
The Four Lads - A House With Love in It
The Four Lads - The Bus Stop Song (A Paper of Pins)
The Four Lads - Put a Light in the Window
The Four Lads - The Girl on Page 44
The Four Lads - Enchanged Island
Franco & OK Jazz - Aya La'Mode
The Four Lads - Swanee River
The Four Lads - Honeysuckle Rose
The Four Lads - Anything Goes
The Four Lads - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You)
The Four Lads - I Wish I Didn't Love You So
The Four Lads - You Were Meant for Me
The Four Lads - Hit the Road to Dreamland
The Four Lads - Someone to Watch Over Me
The Four Lads - Makin' Whoopee
The Four Lads - Side by Side
The Four Lads - Gilly Gilly by the Sea
The Four Lads - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
The Four Lads - Why Can't You Behave
The Four Lads - I Should Have Told You Long Ago
Fourth Grade Nothing - Adirectional
Marie Franklin - Bad, Bad Woman
Kim Fowley - Bubble Gum
Figli di madre ignota - Spaghetti Balkan
Figli di madre ignota - Sadoman
Figli di madre ignota - Nema Problema Tourist
Figli di madre ignota - Olè olè
Figli di madre ignota - La Cannibal Family
Figli di madre ignota - Amarena
Figli di madre ignota - L'altro lato del paradiso
Figli di madre ignota - Milano Manaus (MM)
Figli di madre ignota - Ohi Marie!
Figli di madre ignota - Tamboo
Figli di madre ignota - Incantesimi
Figli di madre ignota - Il gitano elettrico
Figli di madre ignota - Fiori blu
Figli di madre ignota - Diabolikapone
Figli di madre ignota - Grimaud
Figli di madre ignota - Baci da Taormina
Figli di madre ignota - Benzina e nicotina
Figli di madre ignota - L'ultima notte a Brooklyn
Figli di madre ignota - Voodoo Snake
Figli di madre ignota - Mingus
Figli di madre ignota - Rumba del Capitano
Figli di madre ignota - Barabba Superstar
Kim Fowley - One Man Band
Flerte Fatal - Sara
Ira! - Rubro Zorro
Titãs - Medo
Raimundos - Palhas Do Coqueiro
Os Paralamas do Sucesso - Teerã
Samantha Fox - Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)
Samantha Fox - I Only Wanna Be With You
Samantha Fox - I Surrender (To the Spirit of the Night)
Samantha Fox - Hold on Tight
Samantha Fox - Just One Night
Samantha Fox - (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Samantha Fox - Love House
Samantha Fox - Spirit of America
Samantha Fox - Hot Lovin’
Samantha Fox - Even In The Darkest Hours
Samantha Fox - I'm All You Need
Samantha Fox - Baby I'm Lost for Words
Samantha Fox - It's Only Love
Samantha Fox - He's Got Sex
Samantha Fox - Drop Me a Line
Samantha Fox - If Music Be the Food of Love
Samantha Fox - That Sensation
Samantha Fox - Dream City
Samantha Fox - The Best Is Yet to Come
Samantha Fox - Next to Me
Samantha Fox - You Started Something
Samantha Fox - One in a Million
Samantha Fox - Walking on Air
Samantha Fox - Hot for You
Samantha Fox - Out of Your Hands
Samantha Fox - Don't Cheat on Me
Samantha Fox - Lovin Don't Grow on Trees
Samantha Fox - All I Wanna Do
Samantha Fox - Too Late to Say Goodbye
Samantha Fox - Just a Dream
Samantha Fox - The Reason Is You (One on One)
Samantha Fox - I Dream in Colours
Samantha Fox - Deeper
Samantha Fox - Where Is the Love?
Samantha Fox - Love Makes You
Samantha Fox - Let Me Be Free
Samantha Fox - Wasted N.R.G.
Samantha Fox - Say What You Want
Samantha Fox - Do You Want Me?
Samantha Fox - Boundaries of Love
Samantha Fox - Watching You
Samantha Fox - Perhaps
Samantha Fox - Pleasure Zone
Samantha Fox - Don't Cry Wolf
Samantha Fox - What You See Is What You Get
Samantha Fox - More More More / Love to Love You Baby
Frankmusik - In Step
Frankmusik - Better Off as 2
Frankmusik - Gotta Boyfriend?
Frankmusik - Confusion Girl
Frankmusik - Your Boy
Frankmusik - When You're Around
Frankmusik - Wonder Woman
Frankmusik - Complete Me
Frankmusik - Vacant Heart
Frankmusik - Done Done
Frankmusik - Run Away From Trouble
Frankmusik - We Collide
Frankmusik feat. Far East Movement - Do It in the AM
Frankmusik - No Champagne
Frankmusik - Footsteps
Frankmusik - The Fear Inside
Frankmusik - Wrecking Ball
Frankmusik - Running
Frankmusik - Brake Lights
Frankmusik - Struck by Lightning
Frankmusik - Ludicrous
Frankmusik - Blame It on Me
Frankmusik - Cut Me Down
Frankmusik - Fire
Frankmusik - Misdemeanor
Frankmusik - Go
Frankmusik - Uh Oh
Frankmusik - Crash and Burn
Frankmusik - Stabilizher
Frankmusik - Call to Arms
Frankmusik - Fled
Frankmusik - Teacups
Frankmusik - Conclusions
Frankmusik - We End
Frankmusik - Dear Nicole
Frankmusik - These Streets
Frankmusik - Chasing Shadows
Frankmusik - Cake
Frankmusik - Captain
Frankmusik - Fast as I Can
Frankmusik - How Do We Know?
Frankmusik - Stronger
Frankmusik - Did Love
Frankmusik - Thank You
Samantha Fox - Santa Maria
Samantha Fox - Soundaries of Love
Samantha Fox - Go for the Heart
Samantha Fox - Wasted NRG
Samantha Fox - Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) Special
FOLKS - Everything is Alone
FOLKS - Two Young
FOLKS - Good-bye, friends
FOLKS - River
FOLKS - You're right
FOLKS - Replica
FOLKS - Frenemy
Samantha Fox - Angel With an Attitude
Samantha Fox - To Be Heard
Samantha Fox - Breathe
Samantha Fox - Nice and Slow
Samantha Fox - Dreams Unfold
Samantha Fox - Want You to Want Me
Samantha Fox - Never Gonna Fall in Love in Again
Samantha Fox - Do Ya Do Ya
Frankmusik - Awake
Frankmusik - I Remember
Frankmusik - Love Again
Frankmusik - Lexus
Frankmusik - Cosmic Rendezvous
Frankmusik - Never Left
Frankmusik - Majestic
Frankmusik - Turnin'
Frankmusik - This
Frankmusik - Better Off as Two (Fan Death rework)
Frankmusik - Made Her Smile
Frankmusik - Hurt You Again
Frankmusik - The Line
Frankmusik - Heartbeat
Frankmusik - High On You
Frankmusik - Secret Weapon
Frankmusik - Vacation
Frankmusik - Overdrive
Samantha Fox - Touch Me (I Want to Feel Your Body)
Samantha Fox - The Reason Is You
Samantha Fox - Another Woman
Samantha Fox - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (extended)
Samantha Fox - More, More, More / Love to Love You Baby (medley)
Samantha Fox - Don’t Wait Up
Samantha Fox - Rockin’ in the City
Renato Ranucci - Arrivederci, Roma
Francesco Paolo Tosti - Marechiare
Cesare Andrea Bixio - Parlami d'amore, Mariù
Fragments of Unbecoming - Deadlight
Fragments of Unbecoming - Diabolical Monologue
Fragments of Unbecoming - The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway
Fragments of Unbecoming - Skywards: A Sylphe's Ascension
Fragments of Unbecoming - Entangled Whispers in the Depth
Fragments of Unbecoming - Scattered to the Four Winds
Fragments of Unbecoming - On a Scar's Edge to Infinity
Fragments of Unbecoming - Fear My Hatred
Fragments of Unbecoming - Insane Chaosphere
Fragments of Unbecoming - Sterling Black Icon
Fragments of Unbecoming - Weave Their Barren Path
Fragments of Unbecoming - Dear Floating Water
Fragments of Unbecoming - Breathe in the Black to See
Fragments of Unbecoming - A Faint Illumination
Fragments of Unbecoming - Live for This Moment, Stay 'til the End
Fragments of Unbecoming - Scythe of Scarecrow
Fragments of Unbecoming - Stand the Tempest
Fragments of Unbecoming - The Art of Coming Apart
Fragments of Unbecoming - A Silence Dressed in Black
Fragments of Unbecoming - Trapping the Unseen
Fragments of Unbecoming - Fragments of Unbecoming