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Elysian Fields - Only for Tonight
Farrah - Terry
Fat Trel - Make It Clap
Ella Eyre - Worry About Me
Eurythmics - Miracle of Love
The Everybodyfields - Lonely Anywhere
The Everybodyfields - Leaving Today
Evil Superstars - Gimme Animal Rights
The Fairlanes - Never Looking Back
Farruko feat. Sean Paul - Passion Whine
La famiglia Rossi - Per la moto non si dà
Fallulah - Bob Dylan
Fates Prophecy - To The Father, Son...
Fanisk - Departure Rose Golden
Eurythmics - When Tomorrow Comes
Exilia - My Own Army
Face First - The Dukes
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Eurythmics - Precious
Far East Movement - Down to Ride
The Fat Lady Sings - Be Still
Geoff Farina - Eventually
Far East Movement feat. Pitbull - Candy
Far East Movement - Don't Speak
Endo - Listen
Fall of the Idols - The Walk
Exilia - Can't Break Me Down
Famous Monsters - Monster Girls Are Go!!!
Eurythmics - This City Never Sleeps
Far East Movement - Grimey Thirsty
Endo - Penicillin
Agnetha Fältskog - When You Really Loved Someone
Elitist - Gone
Farruko - El único
The Fakes - Fake Country Song
Eurythmics - Again
Evil Superstars - B.A.B.Y.
Farruko - Ulala
Farruko - Prófugo
Fangclub - Bullet Head
Farewell Flight - Clear
Far East Movement - Bang It to the Curb
Endo - Enemy
Exilia - In the Air Tonight
Elysian Fields - Flatline
Eylem - Masum Masum
Eylem - Allah Allah
El Far3i - Tab
Far East Movement - Fighting for Air
Eurythmics - You Have Place a Chill in My Heart
The Everybodyfields - Hobarts
Endo - Circles
Agnetha Fältskog - I Keep Them on the Floor Beside My Bed
Agnetha Fältskog - To Love
Far from Alaska - Dino vs. Dino
Elysian Fields - Live for the Touch
La famiglia Rossi - Solamente sole
Farrah - Don't Let Them Get You Down
Eurythmics - Was It Just Another Love Affair?
Eurythmics - Who's That Girl
Eurythmics - How Long
Far East Movement - Boomshake
The Fat Lady Sings - Broken Into
Eurythmics - Seventeen Again
The Everybodyfields - Wasted Time
Far East Movement - Like a G6
Evil Superstars - No More Bad People
Evil Superstars - Power of Haha
Evil Superstars - 1,000,000 Demons Can't Be Wrong
Eurythmics - When Tommorow Comes
Farewell Continental - The Greatest of All Time (How You Feelin' Now?)
Elitist - End Game
Farruko - Feel the Rhythm
Face First - His Own World
Eylem - Yalnızım
Father - Fake AF
Eurythmics - Beautiful Child
Eurythmics - I’ve Tried Everything
Far East Movement - All Night
The Fantastikids - Happy, Happy New Year
Far East Movement - Basshead
Evil Superstars - Oh Funlump
Agnetha Fältskog - Försonade
Ezio - 30 and Confused
Eye Empire - Head High
Face First - Under Tennessee Rain
Face First - Queer
Ella Eyre - Together
Ella Eyre - Going On
Father - Nokia
Kyler England - Take Me With You
Far East Movement - I Party
Bernard Fanning - Believe
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) '91
Eye Empire - More Than Fate
Eye Empire - Last One Home
La famiglia Rossi - Balabiòtt
La famiglia Rossi - La musica
Eurythmics - Caveman Head
Far East Movement - Eyes Never Lie
Far East Movement - Freal Luv
Farruko - Salgo
INOJ - My Boo
Evil Superstars - It's a Sad Sad Planet
Eurythmics - Sweat Dreams (Are Made of This)
Clarice Falcão - Eu esqueci você
Clarice Falcão - Eu sou problema meu
La famiglia Rossi - Il barista
Face First - Sampling Salvation, Baby
Agnetha Fältskog - Litet solskensbarn
Fat Trel - Niggaz Dying
The Everybodyfields - Tuesday
Far East Movement - Fighter
Clarice Falcão - Qualquer negócio
Clarice Falcão - O que eu bebi
Fair to Midland - Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes
Ezio - Perfect
Eye Empire - The War Isn't Over Yet
Farewell Flight - First Encounters (Violet)
Ezio - Bruce Springsteen
Farrah - Stereotypes
Fat Trel - Going Crazy
Fanny Lú - Me equivoqué
Eurythmics - I Could Give You (a Mirror)
The Everybodyfields - His Pontiac
Evil Superstars - Parasol
Evil Superstars - Rocking All Over
Endo - Burn
Bernard Fanning - Not Finished Just Yet
Clarice Falcão - Um só
Clarice Falcão - I'm Nobody
Fair to Midland - A Wolf Descends Upon the Spanish Sahara
Exotype - For Those Afraid to Speak
The Extra Lens - Only Existing Footage
Face First - Surrender to the Clique
Ella Eyre - Home
Fanny Lú - Te amo, te amo
Eurythmics - Jennifer
Eurythmics - ABC (Freeform)
Fast Life Yungstaz - Swag Surfin'
Far East Movement - Double Dip
Endo - Clean Sheets (And a Dirty Mind)
Eurythmics - (My, My) Baby's Gonna Cry
Clarice Falcão - Vagabunda
Fair to Midland - A Loophole in Limbo
Eye Empire - Bull In A China Shop
Eye Empire - Hopeless
Fallulah - Escapism
Fat Trel - SB Ohhh
Eurythmics - Who’s That Girl?
Eurythmics - Sylvia
Far East Movement - Make Ya Self
The Everybodyfields - I Can't Sleep
Evil Superstars - Pantomiming With Her Parents
Endo - Simple Lies
Bernard Fanning - Reckless
Embodyment - Ballad
Fatal Smile - S.O.B.
Eurythmics - Sexcrime
Fair to Midland - Upgrade^Brigade
Exotype - Breathe Me In
Exotype - Relentless
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Clean the House
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Flashback
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Dark Days
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Wandering Eye
Fallulah - Mares
Fallulah - Slow Love
Fat Trel - Shoot
Eurythmics - Aqua
Elitist - Creatures of Habit
Far East Movement feat. Travis Garland - Lovetron
The Fat Lady Sings - Stealing a Plane
Bernard Fanning - Wash Me Clean
Clarice Falcão - A gente voltou
Fair to Midland - Beto II
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Silver and Gold
Fat Freddy’s Drop - 10 Feet Tall
Brenda Fassie - Higher and Higher
FARBA - Hej mały
Fallulah - He’ll Break Up With You When Summer Comes
Fat Joe feat. Ashanti - What's Luv?
Farrah - Only Happy When She's Sad
Fat Trel - My Bruvas
Eurythmics - There Must Be an Angel
Eurythmics - Somebody Told Me
Far East Movement - Smile
The Fat Lady Sings - Gravy Train
Far East Movement - Love Me (AC Slater & ETC ETC! remix feat. Far East Movement)
Far East Movement - Dirty Bass
Far East Movement - Monsuno (Animated Series Theme Song)
Clarice Falcão - Irônico
Clarice Falcão - L'Amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You)
Exotype - Stand Up
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Cay's Crays
Far From Finished - A New Tune
The Farmer's Boys - Sport for All
The Farmer's Boys - Wailing Wall
Farruko - Si no te tengo
Faruk K - Bir Nefeste
Elysian Fields - Fountains on Fire
Elysian Fields - I Cover the Waterfront
La famiglia Rossi - Come mi spendo
Fallulah - Deserted Homes
Eurythmics - You Take Some Lentils and You Take Some Rice
Far East Movement - All About Me
Bernard Fanning - Watch Over Me
Clarice Falcão - Deve ter sido eu
Clarice Falcão - A Garota Que Não Gosta de Meninos
Fair to Midland - The Walls of Jericho
Fair to Midland - When the Bough Breaks
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Wheels
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Razor
Far From Finished - One Lifetime
Far From Finished - Lost in the Rain
Agnetha Fältskog - Sången föder dig tillbaka
Fatal - The World Is Changing
Fates Prophecy - Dream Maker
Eurythmics - Revenge
OutKast feat. Sleepy Brown - The Way You Move
Bernard Fanning - Tell Me How It Ends
Clarice Falcão - Essa É Pra Você
Exotype - Wide Awake
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Shiverman
Eight Legs - Blood Sweat Tears
Eight Legs - Can't Slow Down
Far From Finished - Wanna Be a Catastrophe?
Far From Finished - A Destination Nowhere
Far From Finished - Those Never Forgotten
Far From Finished - Castaway
The Everybodyfields - Silver Garden
Bernard Fanning - Yesterday's Gone
Clarice Falcão - Como é que eu vou dizer que acabou?
Fair to Midland - Quince
Mala Fama - El soguero
La famiglia Rossi - La ballata del motociclante
Farrah - Living for the Weekend
The Fat Lady Sings - Drunkard Logic
The Everybodyfields - Arletta
The Everybodyfields - Baby Please
Far East Movement - Inglewood (Off the Murder Was the Bass' EP)
Bernard Fanning - The Strangest Thing
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Boondigga
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Fish in the Sea
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Midnight Marauders
Exilia - Nowhere
Farahy - Wake Up
Fallulah - Perfect Tense
Fatal Smile - Butterflies
Skylar Grey vs. Dirty South - Invisible (TONIC Bootleg)
INOJ - Let Me Love You Down
Far East Movement - SXWME
Fair to Midland - An Occurance During The Restoration Process
Ella Eyre - Everyone Goes Your Way
The Elders - Fire In the Hole
Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again
Eurythmics - A Little of You
Far East Movement - White Flag
The Everybodyfields - Aeroplane
Big Sean - Dance
Fat Freddy’s Drop - The Camel
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Ray Ray (music video)
Elysian Fields - Lie Low
Eurythmics - Better to Have Lost in Love (Then Never to Have Loved at All)
The Fat Lady Sings - Deborah
Endo - Remember Us
Clarice Falcão - Vinheta
Fair to Midland - Gaining One
Fair to Midland - See, Saw
Fair to Midland - Walls of Jericho
John Farnham - I Can Do Anything
John Farnham - The Time Has Come
FARBA - To jest ta chwila
Ella Eyre - All About You
Endo - The Program
Clarice Falcão - Fred Astaire (versão inglês)
Clarice Falcão - Marta
Fair to Midland - Abigail
Fair to Midland - Stiffback
Eight Legs - Tell Me What Went Wrong
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Wairunga Blues
Mala Fama - Soy mala fama
Mala Fama - Made in Argentina
John Farnham - That’s Freedom
John Farnham - When the War Is Over
Ella Eyre - Typical Me
Father - Comin’ Back
Eurythmics - Right by Your Side
Eurythmics - Angel
Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs & Dev - Like a G6
Far East Movement - No One's Home for the Holidays
Evil Superstars - It's a Sad, Sad Planet
Clarice Falcão - Monomania
Fair to Midland - Coppertank Island
Fair to Midland - Pen-_-
Eight Legs - Nothing Between the Lines
Father MC - All I Want
Ewig - Kraftwerk
Fanny Lú - Prueba de amor
Ewig - Indianerehrenwort
Farruko feat. Nicky Jam - No soy
Fatal Smile - No Love
Far East Movement - For the City
Far East Movement - Dirty Bass (intro)
Endo - Save Us
Eylem - Çok Geç - To Little To Late
The Fat Lady Sings - Man Scared
Far East Movement - If I Die
Evil Superstars - Satan Is in My Ass
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Midnight Marauders (Live At Algarve Summer Festival, Portugal) (Hidden Gem)
Far From Finished - Fanfare
Father MC - I'll Do 4 U
John Farnham - Talk of the Town
Ewig - Wahre Helden
Fauna - La Colorada
Faith and the Muse - Boudiccea
Faith and the Muse - The Dream of Macsen
Faith and the Muse - Through the Pale Door
Elysian Fields - Star
Ella Eyre - Two
Ella Eyre - Waiting All Night
Far East Movement - Folk Music
Far East Movement - The Illest
Far East Movement - There Will Be No Rain (From Far East Movement's New album, Coming Soon!)
Far East Movement - Melody
Eurythmics - I've Got a Life (It's the Only Thing That's Mine)
Fair to Midland - A Seafarer’s Knot
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Novak
Far From Finished - Roses & Razor Blades
John Farnham - Burn for You
Faith and the Muse - Whispered in Your Ear
Fatback - King Tim III (Personality Jock)
faith - Love is Special
La famiglia Rossi - Je suis français
Fat Trel - Rest In Peace
Eurythmics - Shame
Eurythmics - It's Alright
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Makkan
Far From Finished - 1849
John Farnham - Some Do, Some Don’t
Faith and the Muse - The Burning Season
FARBA - Do ciebie
La famiglia Rossi - Una guerra tra cosche
Fatal Smile - For the Last in Line
Fanny Lú - Celos
Far East Movement - She Owns the Night
Fatoni - Geh jetzt weg du redest Dreck
Endo - For You
The Fat Lady Sings - Contact
Mala Fama - La marca de la gorra
John Farnham - Angels
Kyler England - Safe With Me
Eurythmics - Beethoven (Razormaid)
Far From Finished - Heroes and Ghosts
Elysian Fields - Cities Will Fall
Eylem - Get Down
Father - Look at Wrist
Father - Why Can’t I Cry $$$
Eurythmics - No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)
Far East Movement - For All
Far East Movement - Round Round
Endo - Understand
Bernard Fanning - Wasting Time
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Russia
Far From Finished - 9 Lives
Faith and the Muse - Failure to Thrive
Elitist - Deadweight
The Everybodyfields - Magazines
Far East Movement - Jello
Fake the Envy - Once Upon a Time
Clarice Falcão - Eu me lembro
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Ernie
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Del Fuego
Brenda Fassie - Weekend Special
Elysian Fields - Salome
Eye Empire - Don't Look Back
Ella Eyre - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (2015 Remaster)
Fanisk - Enantiodromia
Fanny Lú - La mala
John Farnham & Human Nature - Every Time You Cry
John Farnham - Eternally
Kyler England - Leave a Light On
Far East Movement - Get Up
DJ Errik - Wonderland
John Farnham - Please Don't Ask Me
Father - 180
Faith and the Muse - Heal
Fallulah - Hurricane (Cover)
Kyler England - Eye of Your Storm
Evil Superstars - Miss Your Disease
Endo - In Time We'll Fall
Exotype - Illuminate
Mala Fama - Mi alegría
Faith and the Muse - Sparks
Endo - Bluegenes
Faith and the Muse - Sovereign
John Farnham - Lonely Man
FATO - No Es Por Ti
FATO - Lloraré, Esperaré
Elysian Fields - Shooting Stars
Eye Empire - Beyond the Stars
Fates Prophecy - Walking Alone
Fanisk - III
Eurythmics - Love Is a Stranger
Exit International - Glory Horn
Farruko - Va a ser abuela
The Everybodyfields - By Your Side
Fake the Envy - Into the Night
Clarice Falcão - Fred Astaire
Eight Legs - These Grey Days
John Farnham - You’re the Voice
John Farnham - We’re No Angels
Faith and the Muse - Rise and Forget
Faith and the Muse - In Dreams of Mine
Agnetha Fältskog - That's Me
The Elders - LuckotheIrish
The Elders - Men of Erin
Endo - Leave Us Alone
Elysian Fields - She Gets Down
La famiglia Rossi - Sentimenthal
Face First - 1984
Face First - A Future like Ours
Geoff Farina - Car
John Farnham - Two Strong Hearts
Exilia - Your Rain
Farrah - The One That Got Away
Ella Eyre - Fall Down
Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin - Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves
Far East Movement feat. Elijah Blake - Church
Far East Movement - Live My Life
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Cortina Motors
Far From Finished - Twenty-One Guns
Far From Finished - Seasonal Patriot
Fancy - Touch Me
Fancy - Fancy
FATO - La Posible Manera
Evil Superstars - We Need Your Head
Endo - G.A.D.
Endo - Slowly Turning
Bernard Fanning - Which Way Home?
Mala Fama - Pocos quedan
John Farnham - Have a Little Faith (In Us)
Clarice Falcão - Duet
Clarice Falcão - Clarice
Fair to Midland - Stale Penny (Miracle Grow)
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Blackbird
John Farnham - When I Can't Have You
FATO - Por que me dejas solo
FATO - Lo Amo
Clara Engel - Opium Song
Far From Finished - Just Us Kids (November)
Faith and the Muse - Gone to Ground
FATO - El Alma Me Pedía Más
Fancy - Colder Than Ice
Falling You - Bring Down the Stars
Eurythmics - Why
La famiglia Rossi - Lasciarsi andare
Face First - Fourth Floor
Evil Superstars - Have Been Wrong Before
Clarice Falcão - Talvez
Clarice Falcão - Eu escolhi você
Far East Movement feat. Sidney Samson - Change Your Life
John Farnham - Justice for One
John Farnham & Chiu - Don't Let It End
Faith and the Muse - All Lovers Lost
FATO - Y Veme Aquí
Brenda Fassie - Thola amadlozi
Far East Movement - Forever Survivor
Clarice Falcão - Pra Ter o Que Fazer
John Farnham - A Simple Life
John Farnham - Hearts on Fire
John Farnham - Everything Is Gonna Be All Right
Falloch - Where We Believe
Jorge Falcón - La ultima copa
Eurythmics - Doubleplusgood
Far East Movement - Change Your Life
John Farnham - No Ordinary World
Fancy - Like You
Elitist - Vision Red
The Fat Lady Sings - Love Turned Upside Down
The Everybodyfields - Everything Is Okay
Mala Fama - Guampa chata
John Farnham - Let Me Out
John Farnham - Playing to Win
Faith and the Muse - The Sea Angler
John Farnham - Even After All This Time
Fancy - Love Never Dies
Fancy - Saint Marie de la Mer (Stop It Right Now)
Fates Prophecy - Sands Of Time
Eurythmics - Do You Want to Break Up?
Far East Movement - Western
Clarice Falcão - A volta do mecenas
Fair to Midland - Rikki Tikki Tavi
John Farnham - Burn Down the Night
John Farnham - Romeo's Heart
Faith and the Muse - Dead Leaf Echo
Eurythmics - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Faith and the Muse - In the Amber Room
Faith and the Muse - The Woman of the Snow
Far From Breaking - Same Mistake
John Farnham - Friday Kind of Monday
Falloch - Brahan
Elysian Fields - Stop the Sun
Farrah - Lois Lane
Ella Eyre - We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off (2015 remaster)
Clarice Falcão - Capitão Gancho
Fair to Midland - Short-Haired Tornado
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Mother Mother
John Farnham - In Your Hands
John Farnham - You'll Never Walk Alone
Fancy - C'est la vie
Fahrenheit - Two Souls One Heart
Geoff Farina - The Left-Handed Way
Clarice Falcão - Macaé
John Farnham - You're the Only One
Fancy - Bodyguard
John Farnham - You're the One That I Want
Bernard Fanning - Songbird
Eurythmics - It’s Alright (Baby's Coming Back)
John Farnham - Pressure Down
Fantcha - Sol ja camba
La famiglia Rossi - L'ombra delle nuvole che passano
Far East Movement - The Good Stuff
Endo - Suffer
Exilia - Not Me
Fatoni - Ich habe keine Vorurteile
Far East Movement - Shake Ya Rump
Endo - I Won't Die
John Farnham - All Kinds of People
Far From Breaking - Made My Choice
Fancy - Lady of Ice '98
John Farnham - Let Me Be There
Exilia - Speed Of Light
Mala Fama - Te volviste ...uto
Faith and the Muse - Patience Worth
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Willow Tree
Faith and the Muse - The Breath of a Kiss (demo)
Fancy - Running Man
FAKE TYPE. - Dandelion
John Farnham - Have a Little Faith (In Us) (acoustic version) - Written-By
Faith and the Muse - Plague Dance
John Farnham - Keep Talking
FATO - Me hice una promesa
La Fanfare en Pétard - Curieux
Joe Falcon - Joe's Breakdown
Fallulah - Ghostfriend
Eylem - Yan Cebe
Fanisk - IV
Far From Finished - Watch Your Back
Faith and the Muse - Frater ave atque vale
Faith and the Muse - Drown
FATO - Y Tu, Y Tu
Fancy - Fools Cry
Fancy - Chinese Eyes '98
Jah Farmer - Fearless
John Farnham - The Reasons Why
John Farnham - It's a Long Way to the Top
John Farnham - Every Time You Cry
Exotype - Break the Silence
John Farnham - Pleae Don’t Ask Me
Brenda Fassie - Higher & Higher
Far East Movement - Dance Like Michael Jackson
Clarice Falcão - Oitavo andar (Uma canção sobre o amor)
Fair to Midland - Granny Niblo
Fair to Midland - Pour the Coal to 'Er
Ewig - Sommer in Berlin
Faith and the Muse - A Winter Wassail
FATO - Pasará (con Emmanuel)
John Farnham - The First Noel
Fancy - Ways of Love
The 2 Live Crew - Too Much Booty in the Pants
Exotype - Prism
The Eye - My Life
John Farnham - Seemed Like a Good Idea (at the Time)
John Farnham - Soul Reason
John Farnham - Looking Through a Tear
Fancy - Chinese Eyes
John Farnham - So Long in Love
Fancy - When Guardian Angels....Rap
Farruko - Fantasy
Evil Superstars - Your Dump or Mine
Eurythmics - Sex Crime (1984)
Clarice Falcão - Se esse bar fechar
Faith and the Muse - Fade and Remain
Faith and the Muse - Scars Flown Proud
Falloch - For Life
Fancy - After Midnight
FAKE TYPE. - Devil's Wedding
Elixir - Snapshot
Eye Empire - Moment
Far East Movement & Pitbull - Candy
Far East Movement feat. Alvaro - Show Me Love
John Farnham - Beyond the Call
John Farnham - Man of the Hour
La Fanfare en Pétard - Mister Schpeck
Fancy - Flames of Love '98
Embodyment - Segue Station
Far East Movement - 3D
Eye Empire - Ignite
Eight Legs - Vicious
John Farnham - A Touch of Paradise
Faith and the Muse - Kodama
Chris Farren - I'm Not You
Farewell Flight - There Is Beauty In Permanence (or All Rise)
Fat Trel - Fresh
Elysian Fields - Bayonne
Eurythmics - Savage
John Farnham - The Fire
Fatback - Backstrokin'
Fancy - Lady of Ice
Fancy - Latin Fire
Father - 2 Dead, 6 Wounded
Eurythmics - I Remember You
Evil Superstars - Go Home for Lunch
Clarice Falcão - Coração Radiante
Far From Finished - The Imposter
Faith and the Muse - The Trauma Coil
Elysian Fields - Rope of Weeds
Chris Farren - Human Being
Elysian Fields - Dream Within a Dream
Eurythmics - Regrets
Exotype - Familiar
Fancy - In the Rain Again
Elixir - Nocturne
Elysian Fields - When
The Elders - Raging Sea
Eurythmics - Home Is Where the Heart Is
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Stick That Thang Out
Far From Finished - Living in the Fallout
John Farnham - Litle Piece of My Heart
Far Corporation - Stairway to Heaven
Chris Farren - Can't Die
Chris Farren - Don't Be Cruel
Falsifier - Malevolent
Face First - Anywhere
Far East Movement - Girls on the Dance Floor
The Fat Lady Sings - Johnny Sunrise
Faith and the Muse - Cernunnos
FATO - Cuando No Estas Te Invento
Fastbreak - Photo Finish
Fancy - I Can Give You Love
Eyes Set to Kill - Behind These Eyes
Elysian Fields - Chance
Far East Movement - Get Up (Rattle)
Fair to Midland - As I Was Travelling...
Fancy - Slice Me Nice '98
Eyes Set to Kill - Reach
Eyes Set to Kill - Darling
Eyes Set to Kill - The Forbidden Line
Faith and the Muse - The Hand of Man
Elysian Fields - Love Me Darling
Fair to Midland - -The Beltway-
Faith and the Muse - Mercyground
FATO - No puedo olvidarte
Fancy - Bride in Black
Fancy - Lost in Love
John Farnham - Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done
Chris Farren - Still Beating
Eyes Set to Kill - All You Ever Knew
Eyes Set to Kill - Two Letter Sins
Fat Trel - SDMG
Faith and the Muse - Shattered in Aspect
FATO - Marcapasos de pasion
Fancy - Come Back And Break My Heart
Fake Laugh - Kinda Girl
Eyes Set to Kill - Where I Want to Be
Bernard Fanning - Down to the River
John Farnham - Underneath the Arches
Fancy - Wait by the Radio
Eyes Set to Kill - The New Plague
Eyes Set to Kill - Stuck Underneath
John Farnham - See the Banners Fall
Little River Band - Down on the Border
Falloch - Beyond Embers and the Earth
Frank Farian - Rocky
Eyes Set to Kill - Ticking Bombs
EXO-M - Black Pearl (Chinese Ver.)
Eye Empire - Reason
Ella Eyre - Don't Follow Me
The Fat Lady Sings - Dronning Maud Land
The Fat Lady Sings - But
Fair to Midland - My Mentor
Faith and the Muse - Hob Y Derri Dando
FAKE TYPE. - Penny Farthing
FAKE TYPE. - Grimoire
Elixir - A Circle of Moonlight
Fancy - We Can Move a Mountain
Eyes Set to Kill - Bitter Pill
The Fat Lady Sings - Arclight
Bernard Fanning - Wish You Well
Jah Farmer - Gangsta Town
Eyes Set to Kill - True Colors
Eyes Set to Kill - Erasing Everything
The Fat Lady Sings - Twist
Fallulah - Vandalain
Fair to Midland - Timbuktu
FATO - Que Será De Ti (con Pepe Aguilar)
Fallulah - New York, You're My Concrete Lover
The Elders - Red Headed Man
Far East Movement - Go Ape
Mala Fama - Estoy de nuevo
Faith and the Muse - Blessed
John Farnham - One More Try
FAKE TYPE. - Urban Caravan
Eyes Set to Kill - Give You My All
Fallulah - Swimming Pool
Far East Movement - Umbrella
John Farnham - Break the Ice
La Fanfare en Pétard - Petit martien
Frank Farian - Ich Bin Allein - So Wie Sonst
Ella Eyre - Even If
Eurythmics - You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart
Clarice Falcão - Monomania (Demo)
Far From Finished - Disaster
John Farnham - Listen to the Wind
John Farnham - Help
Faith and the Muse - Vervain
John Farnham - A Day in the Life of a Fool
Far From Breaking - You'll Never Change
Fancy - Stand Up for Love
John Farnham - Treated This Way
Eyes Set to Kill - Haze
Eyes Set to Kill - This Love You Breathe
Far From Breaking - Left Standing
Fancy - Flames of Love
FAKE TYPE. - Volstead Bar feat.MAXBET
John Farnham - What You Don't Know
Milli Vanilli - Baby Don’t Forget My Number
Eyes Set to Kill - Escape
Eyes Set to Kill - Secrets Between
Eyes Set to Kill - Untitled
Fates Prophecy - Pay For Your Sins
Fatal Smile - Welcome to the Freakshow
Fair to Midland - Kyla Cries Cologne (demo)
John Farnham - Over My Head
Faith and the Muse - Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
Falloch - For Ùir
John Farnham - Diamonds
Elixir - Hemispheres
EXO-M - Angel
Farewell Flight - Sailor’S Mouth
Father MC - Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated
F-Timmi - See You Around
Falloch - Sanctuary
Eyes Set to Kill - Play The Part
Eyes Set to Kill - Nothing Left to Say
Farewell Flight - Endure
Fair to Midland - Uh-Oh
Fancy - Moscow Is Calling
Fancy - Sail Away
Fancy - All We Need Is to Believe
Jah Farmer - Ganja Parade
John Farnham - Jolene
Elixir - My Skin is a Glove
Rasmus Faber feat. Linus Norda - We Laugh, We Dance, We Cry
The Everybodyfields - Medicine Girl
Faith and the Muse - Iago's Demise
Milli Vanilli - Blame It on the Rain
Family Four - Det ska va' gamla låtar
Far East Movement feat. Bill Kaulitz - If I Die Tomorrow
Fancy - Second Hand Paradise
Chris Farren - I’m Not Ready for Christmas
Falsifier - Burial Grounds
Faultline - Greenfields
The Fat Lady Sings - Colourblind
Faith and the Muse - Relic Song
Far East Movement feat. YG - Basshead
John Farnham - Rolling Home
Milli Vanilli - Keep on Running
Everything Goes Cold - Abort
Fast Animals and Slow Kids - Collina
The Elders - Hard Line
Far East Movement feat. Crystal Kay - Where the Wild Things Are
Fair to Midland - Preambles in 3rd Person
Far From Breaking - What's It Worth
Fancy - China Blue
Chris Farren - Flowers
Eyes Set to Kill - Where We Started
Eyes Set to Kill - Only Holding On
Eyes Set to Kill - Broken Frames
EXO-M - Moonlight
Majek Fashek - Send Down the Rain
Fast Animals and Slow Kids - Mangio
Evil Army - Conquer Human Life
Fancy - A Voice in the Dark
Eyes Set to Kill - Infected
Fauxliage - Draw My Life
Fat Trel - Datz Kool
El Far3i - Madineh Haditheh
The Fat Lady Sings - This Guitar
Fancy - I Can't Live Without You (Lonely Nights)
Mozzart - Money
Meat Loaf - Rock 'n' Roll Mercenaries
Elixir - First Seed Ripening
Eyes Set to Kill - Her Eyes Hold the Apocalypse
Majek Fashek - Our Father
Faultline - Where Is My Boy
Fadhalius - Lentera Jiwa
Everything at Once - See You Later
Everything at Once - Led Into This Life
Endo - Beat Around the Bush
Eurythmics - I've Got a Life (David Guetta and Joachim Garraud dub)
Fair to Midland - Bright Bulbs & Sharp Tools
John Farnham - Don't You Know It's Magic
Faith and the Muse - The Silver Circle
The Fathoms - Race Against Time
Evil Army - Satan Made Me Do It
Eisblume - Liebe heißt Schmerz
Fanisk - II
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Hope
Faith and the Muse - She Waits by the Well
Elixir - Pierrot
Everything Goes Cold - The Iron Fist of Just Destruction
Everything at Once - Social Inmate
Eisblume - Unter dem Eis
Fair to Midland - Whiskey & Ritalin
Everything Goes Cold - Retry
Majek Fashek - Spirit of Love
Evan Olson - Where Ya Going?
Everything at Once - Medicate and Bleed
The Elders - Moore St. Girls
John Farnham - Hit the Road Jack/Fever
Eyes Set to Kill - Harsh
Everything at Once - Shut Your Face
Eisblume - Hoffnung (interlude)
Faith and the Muse - Sredni Vashtar
John Farnham - Talent for Fame
Eyes Set to Kill - Wake Me Up
Evan Olson - Shelly
Eisblume - Sieben mal
Eisblume - Zweites Gesicht
Exhumation - Withered Sky
Fanny Lú - Un minuto más
Far East Movement - Make It Bump
Fair to Midland - Vice/Versa
Falloch - We Are Gathering Dust
Fanny Fink - Snowdrop
Eurythmics - Adrian
John Farnham - Second Skin
Faith and the Muse - The Red Crown
John Farnham - Overture
Elixir - Last Night's Comfort
Fancy - Deep in My Heart
Fanny Lú - No te pido flores
Eyes Set to Kill - Liar In The Glass
Evil Army - Sgt. Says Kill
Exhumation - Sin
Fair to Midland - An Honest Con Man
Exotype - The Fall
Fancy - Reach Out for the Stars
Eurythmics - Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)
John Farnham - Comic Conversation
Family Four - Kör långsamt
Fancy - Blue Eyed Lady
Faultline - Your Love Means Everything
Faultline - Bitter Kiss
Eisblume - Interlude
Andrea Faustini - I Have Nothing
Eurythmics - I Saved the World Today
Exotype - Red Pulse
John Farnham - The First Step
FAKE TYPE. - Nightmare Parade
FAKE TYPE. - Bacchus
Majek Fashek - So Long
Exhumation - Guilts of Innocence
Meat Loaf - One More Kiss
Fauxliage - Rafe
Eisblume - Ich kann Dich sehen
Eurythmics - 4/4 in Leather
Family Four - Vita vidder
Eyes Set to Kill - Sketch in Black & White
Eyes Set to Kill - Let Me In
Faultline - Your Love Means Everything, Part 2
Little River Band - Playing to Win
Milli Vanilli - Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
Eyes Set to Kill - Doll Parts
Fast Animals and Slow Kids - Nervi
Everything at Once - Boys on the Hill
Far East Movement - Up To No Good
Evan Olson - A to Z
Farscape - Demon's Massacre
Far East Movement feat. Macy Gray - Forever Survivor
Fatback - I Found Lovin'
Jah Farmer - Toys
Fast Animals and Slow Kids - Organi
Evil Army - Watch Me Fall
Exhumation - My Depression
Les Fatals Picards - On se demandait (où sont les pistes introuvables ?)
Faith and the Muse - When We Go Dark
Les Fatals Picards - Oublie
John Farnham - Always the Same
Eyes Set to Kill - Killing in Your Name
EXO-M - Overdose
Les Fatals Picards - Je viens d'ici
Les Fatals Picards - Sauvons Vivendi
The Everybodyfields - Savior
Fancy - In Shock
Elixir - Before You Sleep
Exhumation - Regrettable Remains
FAKE? - Butterfly (Don't Let My Sun Go Down)
Faith and the Muse - Reine la belle
John Farnham - Acapulco Sun
Eyes Set to Kill - Intro
Everything Goes Cold - Fail (Bruise & disco mix by Hate Dept)
Majek Fashek - Hotel California
Les Fatals Picards - Sans contrefaçon
FATO - Cuando Te Pienso
FAKE TYPE. - Steve&John
Chris Farren - Until I Can See the Light
Eyes Set to Kill - Risen
Fab 5 - If Jah Is Standing By My Side
Faultline - Your Love Means Everything Part 2
Evil Army - Relentless Assault
Everything Goes Cold - Ignore
Everything Goes Cold - King of the Impossible
Fauxliage - Let It Go
Everything at Once - Carnivore
Fauna - The Harpy
Les Fatals Picards - Goldorak est mort
Eurythmics - Heaven
Eyes Set to Kill - Pure White Lace
EXO-M - Heart Attack (Chinese Ver.)
Everything Goes Cold - I've Sold Your Organs on the Black Market to Finance the Purchas
FAUL - Something New
Exhumation - Seas of Eternal Silence
Les Fatals Picards - Chasse, pêche et biture
Fato "El Negro" - El Alma Me Pedia Mas
Les Fatals Picards - Gros con
dZihan & Kamien - Smile
Meat Loaf - Execution Day
Die Firma feat. Curse, Future Rock, Luxus Chris, Te, Aphroe, Rotzlöffel, Schivv, Gianni, Scope, Fast - Aktionäre
Les Fatals Picards - Française des jeux
Les Fatals Picards - Raoul et Rosita
Les Fatals Picards - Moi je vis chez Amélie Poulain
Faith and the Muse - Caesura
Eyes Set to Kill - Come Home
Evil Army - Evil Army
Eisblume - Stern
Exhumation - Forgotten Days
Fauna - Soaring Into Earth
Andrea Faustini - Evaporate
Les Fatals Picards - Bernard Lavilliers
Les Fatals Picards - Mon père était tellement de gauche
Les Fatals Picards - Parkinson le glas
Les Fatals Picards - Coming Out
Les Fatals Picards - Ernestine
Les Fatals Picards - 30 millions de punks
Les Fatals Picards - Fils de P.
Faded Paper Figures - Speeches
Far East Movement - ACID (Dirty Bass Reflip)
Faith and the Muse - The Chorus of the Furies
FAKE? - 3X3
Les Fatals Picards - Crache ta rage
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Bones
John Farnham - We Will Rock You
EXO-M - 3.6.5 (Chinese Ver.)
Eisblume - Bis zum letzten Atemzug
Les Fatals Picards - Dors mon fils
Les Fatals Picards - Noir (S)
Les Fatals Picards - I Live in Picardie
Les Fatals Picards - Et c'est comme
Les Fatals Picards - Robert
Faded Paper Figures - Changed
Endo - Malice
Fair to Midland - Informative Timeline
Far From Breaking - Look Ahead
Fancy - Bolero
Everything Goes Cold - The Droids You're Looking For
Fred Falke - Back to Stay
FAKE? - All My Reasons
Les Fatals Picards - Djembé man
Fair to Midland - The Wife, the Kids, and the White Picket Fence
Far From Finished - The Bastard's Way
FATO - Si no regresas morire
Andrea Faustini - Kelly
FAKE? - Hedfuc
Faded Paper Figures - Wake Up Dead
Les Fatals Picards - Chinese Democracy (valse de Chine)
Les Fatals Picards - Le Jardin
Everything at Once - Find My Own Place
Eyes Set to Kill - March of the Dead
Fast Animals and Slow Kids - Guerra
Les Fatals Picards - La Sécurité de l'emploi
Les Fatals Picards - P.P.D.E.
Les Fatals Picards - Boum
Les Fatals Picards - Lady Diana
Les Fatals Picards - Piste mal cachée 1
Les Fatals Picards - C'est pas bien
Far East Movement - Level (Palm Trees) [feat. La'Reda & Sha Sha Jones]
Eisblume - Nimm sie mit
Andrea Faustini - Lascia tutto così
Les Fatals Picards - Environne-mental
Les Fatals Picards - Le Dimanche au soleil
Faded Paper Figures - Questions
Les Fatals Picards - Punks au Lichtenstein
John Farnham - May You Never
Fancy - When Clowns Cry
Chris Farren - Everything's My Fault
Evan Olson - Way To Love
Eisblume - Unzerstörbar
Les Fatals Picards - La tchiotchiotte
Les Fatals Picards - Gisèle et Raymond
Fancy - Pure Love
Faultline - Clocks
Eisblume - Überleben
FAKE? - Clean
Les Fatals Picards - Le reich des Licornes
Faded Paper Figures - Rewind
Faded Paper Figures - Logos (Altmodisch Cover)
Eure Mütter - Billige Reize
Eurythmics - This Is the House
Eisblume - Louise
Les Fatals Picards - Le Mariage de Kevin et ma sœur
Les Fatals Picards - A la vie, à l'Armor
Faded Paper Figures - Avida Dollars
Faded Paper Figures - Breathing (Mideau cover)
Eure Mütter - Hakle Feucht
Eure Mütter - Eure Mütter sagen „Gute Nacht“
Far East Movement feat. Rye Rye - Jello
Elixir - Sleep Soundly, Peacefully
Faultline - Wild Horses
Everything at Once - Bail on You
Les Fatals Picards - Partenaire particulier
Les Fatals Picards - Schizophrène (tu vas dans le mur)
Les Fatals Picards - Dans mon verre
Les Fatals Picards - Moonboots
Les Fatals Picards - Hasta fuégo
Eure Mütter - Gefühle, wo man schwer beschreiben kann
Eurythmics - Wide Eyed Girl
Clarice Falcão - Oitavo andar
Far From Finished - Dusty Shelves
Fancy - My Emotional Way
John Farnham - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
Fat Belly - Hannover
Eyes Set to Kill - Beauty Through Broken Glass
Faded Paper Figures - Not the End of the World (Even as We Know It)
Les Fatals Picards - Piste mal cachée 5
Eure Mütter - Brokkuli extrem
Eure Mütter - Der Masochist
Eurythmics - I Need You
John Farnham - All Our Sons and Daughters
Andrea Faustini - Chandelier
Faded Paper Figures - Fellaheen
Faded Paper Figures - San Narciso
Faded Paper Figures - Relatively
Eure Mütter - Nackt im Internet
Eurythmics - You Hurt Me (And I Hate You)
Ewig - Ein Geschenk
John Farnham - Only Women Bleed
Eyes Set to Kill - Forget
Fast Animals and Slow Kids - Cioccolatino
Altamush Faridi - Jeena Marna
Andrea Faustini - What Would Dusty Do
Les Fatals Picards - Picardia Independenza
Eyes Set to Kill - Ryan
Les Fatals Picards - Public
Faded Paper Figures - Piledrive
Les Fatals Picards - Non rien ne pourra
Entertainment for the Braindead - A Trace
John Farnham - Sometimes
Fancy - Angel Eyes
Andrea Faustini - You Pulled Me Through
Fato "El Negro" - Ese No Era El Plan
Les Fatals Picards - Les Bougeois
Fair to Midland - April Fools and Eggmen
Evil Army - Severe Mental Disorder
Farscape - Carrasco Do Metal
Eisblume - Zeit zu gehen
Les Fatals Picards - Avec un H
Les Fatals Picards - Poupée gonflée
Les Fatals Picards - Va t'en puisque t'es partie / La Piste cachée secrète
Eure Mütter - Deine Liebe ist...
Entertainment for the Braindead - Born Today
Estereotypo - ... (puntos suspensivos)
The Fancy - Breadwinners
Far East Movement - Hollahey
Fatoni - Findet mich das Glück?
FATO - Alba (con Domenica)
Fauxliage - All the World
Eisblume - Ein Liebeslied
Eisblume - Soweit War Ich Noch Nie
Les Fatals Picards - Punks au Liechtenstein
Les Fatals Picards - Les Manouches
Les Fatals Picards - C'est l'histoire d'une meuf
Empty Trash - I Need
FATO - La ciudad del olvido
EXO-M - Thunder
Evil Army - Driven to Violence
Eisblume - Zeit bleibt nicht stehen
Faded Paper Figures - B Film
Eure Mütter - Tu's mischen
Faded Paper Figures - The Persuaded
Family Four - Härliga sommardag
Les Fatals Picards - Est-ce que tu veux avec moi ?
Eure Mütter - Die Schlange vor dem Damenklo
Les Fatals Picards - La France du Petit Nicolas
Les Fatals Picards - Les Princes du parc
Far From Finished - Forgive Me Father
Fatboy - Bad news from pretty red lips
Everyone - Everyone
The Everybodyfields - Over and Done
Fair to Midland - Inter.Mission
Faith and the Muse - When to Her Lute Corinna Sings
Eyes Set to Kill - Heights
Eyes Set to Kill - Surface
Faultline - The Colossal Gray Sunshine
Farscape - Thrash Until You Drop
Faded Paper Figures - Pantechnê Driver
Les Fatals Picards - J'fais du bruit
John Farnham - Time and Money
Empty Trash - I.M.B.T.I.W.R.T.P.
Fair to Midland - Say When
Evan Olson - Not What I Wanted
Eisblume - Leben ist schön
Exhumation - The Slender Light
Exhumation - Ceaseless Sorrow
Andrea Faustini - I Didn't Know My Own Strength
FAKE? - Disco
Les Fatals Picards - Comme un océan
Les Fatals Picards - La caisse à Dédé
Entertainment for the Braindead - Compost
FAKE? - $500
Empty Trash - Limited
Evil Superstars - If You Cry (I'll Go to Hell)
Endo - The Getaway
Fancy - Fancy
FAKE? - Utopia
John Farnham - Everytime You Cry
Eyes Set to Kill - Little Liar
Les Fatals Picards - Tonton
Les Fatals Picards - Le Combat ordinaire
Les Fatals Picards - Pogo d'amour
Les Fatals Picards - Je ne suis pas cherché à vous
Eure Mütter - Ich prüf beim TÜV
Endo - Ruckus
EXO-M - XOXO (Chinese Ver.)
Les Fatals Picards - Hasta XXL
Les Fatals Picards - 1983
Faded Paper Figures - Invent It All Again
Faded Paper Figures - First Son
Eure Mütter - Macht Ihr den Scheißdreck, weil Ihr blöd seid?
Fanny - L'homme à la moto
Entertainment for the Braindead - Babylon
Fallbrawl - Mayhem
Fallbrawl - On Fire
Faith and the Muse - Branwen Slayne
Les Fatals Picards - Commandante
Faded Paper Figures - Information Runs On
Empty Trash - Last Man in the Bar
Fallbrawl - Intro
Bernard Fanning - Sleeping Rough
Eurythmics - It's All Right
John Farnham - It All Comes Back to You
Elixir - Traditional Song
Chris Farren - Eagle Eyes
Fauxliage - All Alone
Les Fatals Picards - Et puis merde, je vote à droite !
Faded Paper Figures - Spare Me
Les Fatals Picards - Piste mal cachée 17
The Fancy - Honey, Baby
Empty Trash - Dirty Habits
Bernard Fanning - Further Down the Road
Fair to Midland - ..(i)..
Eisblume - Land in Sicht
Eisblume - Wunderkind
Andrea Faustini - One Moment in Time
Les Fatals Picards - Le putois
Les Fatals Picards - De l’amour à revendre
Les Fatals Picards - On est des oufs
Les Fatals Picards - C'est la vie, cuicui
Eure Mütter - Ich dachte, das hätt ich
Empty Trash - Tell My Story
Falloch - The Carrying Light
FAKE TYPE. - Carry Lucky
Faded Paper Figures - My Magellan
Fairfield Parlour - In My Box
Fallbrawl - Burden of Disease
Fallbrawl - One Ton Deadlift
Eight Legs - Pass the Bucket
Faith and the Muse - Romeo's Distress
Eyes Set to Kill - The World Outside
Faded Paper Figures - What You See
Eure Mütter - Schön ist das nicht
Eure Mütter - Das machen wir zusammen
Eure Mütter - Verschwendung
Fábio Jr. - Seu Melhor Amigo
Evelyn Evelyn - Tragic Events, Part II
Fancy - Get Your Kicks
EXO-M - Run
EXO-M - Lucky (Chinese Ver.)
FAKE? - Everglow
Les Fatals Picards - Militants
Eure Mütter - Hallo zusammen
Eure Mütter - Winterreifen
Fábio Jr. - Deu no Que Deu
Fábio Jr. - Em Cada Amanhecer
Faded Paper Figures - Forked Paths
Fábio Jr. - Felicidade
Fábio Jr. - Quero Colo
Faith and the Muse - Prodigal
Fancy - Seven Sins
Eyes Set to Kill - Masks
EXO-M - My Lady (Chinese Ver.)
Entertainment for the Braindead - Run!
Entertainment for the Braindead - Symbiosis
Estereotypo - The Big Fake
Fábio Jr. - Minha Namorada
FATO - Cuestión De Esperar
Les Fatals Picards - Mets du gras
Les Fatals Picards - Seul et célibataire
Faded Paper Figures - Better
Faded Paper Figures - So Far Out
Les Fatals Picards - J'te raconte mon rêve
Evolett - Only Time
Fábio Jr. - Quando Gira o Mundo (Que No Se Acabe El Mundo) (Part. Esp.: Joanna)
Faded Paper Figures - Being There
Faded Paper Figures - Limelight
Les Fatals Picards - Quoi encore ?
Fábio Jr. - Choro
Fábio Jr. - Fêmea
Fancy - Bolero (Hold Me in Your Arms Again)
Meat Loaf - Blind Before I Stop
Everything, Now! - Cursed Be the Everything, Now! And All Who Sail With It
Eisblume - Schlaflied
Andrea Faustini - The River
Les Fatals Picards - Cure toujours
Les Fatals Picards - Marabout
Faded Paper Figures - Small Talk
Fallbrawl - Born to Win
Estados Alterados - Seres de la noche
Andrea Faustini - Earth Song
Les Fatals Picards - J'aimerais pas être déjà mort
Les Fatals Picards - Dis-moi
Estereotypo - Supervivir
Fatal - Baby
Fallbrawl - Hard to Forget
Fábio Jr. - Ilumina
Fábio Jr. - Caça e Caçador (Part. Esp.: Sandra de Sá)
Evelyn Evelyn - You Only Want Me 'Cause You Want My Sister
Fábio Jr. - Meu lado sonhador
Fábio Jr. - Tudo Bem
Estados Alterados - Infecto
Evil Army - Scum of the Earth
Les Fatals Picards - Le Retour à la terre
Faded Paper Figures - I Fell Off My Name
Les Fatals Picards - À l'enterrement de Derrick
Entertainment for the Braindead - That Darkness of Yours (Mountain session)
Fatal - Intro
Fábio Jr. - Eu Me Rendo (Part. Esp.: Zélia Duncan)
Fábio Jr. - Paixão
Luiza Possi - Tudo Certo
Faith and the Muse - Muted Land
Fancy - It's Only Loneliness