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Fats Domino - Domino Twist
Fats Domino - Did You Ever Seen a Dream Walking
Fats Domino - Yes My Darling
Paul Di’Anno - Purgatory
Paul Di’Anno - Women in Uniform
Paul Di’Anno - Mad Man in the Attic
Paul Di’Anno - Nomad
Paul Di’Anno - S.A.T.A.N.
Paul Di’Anno - Cold World
Paul Di’Anno - Do or Die
Paul Di’Anno - Dog Dead
Paul Di’Anno - Symphony of Destruction
Fats Domino - I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Some Day
Fats Domino - My Heart Is Bleeding
Fats Domino - Did You Ever See a Dream Walking
Fats Domino - True Confession
Fats Domino - I Can't Give You Anything but Love
Fats Domino - Teenage Love (LP 9208)
Fats Domino - (I Met) The Girl I'm Gonna Marry
Fats Domino - Packin' Up
Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill (1990)
Fats Domino - Ain’t It a Shame
Docent Död - Lisa
Docent Död - Hand i hand
Docent Död - 1000 heta kyssar
Fats Domino - Heart Break Hill
Fats Domino - Lady Madonna
Fats Domino - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Fats Domino - Make Me Belong to You
Fats Domino - Mary Oh Mary
Fats Domino - One for the Highway
Doo Rag - Hogtied
Fats Domino - Jambalaya on the Bayou
Anita Doth - Lifting Up My Life
Anita Doth - Open Up My Eyes
Anita Doth - Only You
Anita Doth - Lovin' Every Day
Anita Doth - Say What You Mean
Anita Doth - Universe (Believe in Yourself)
Anita Doth - Virtual Love
Anita Doth - I'm Not Your Fool
Anita Doth - Now Is the Time
Anita Doth - I've Given You Everything
Anita Doth - Why Should I Lie
Anita Doth - Every Little Step
Alfred Dorfer - Sind wir nicht alle Piraten
Fats Domino - Are You Going My Way
Fats Domino - My Heart Is in Your Hands
Fats Domino - New Baby (Brand New Baby)
Fats Domino - I'll Be Glad When You're Dead
Fats Domino - 44
Fats Domino - I Can't Go on Rosalie
Fats Domino - Ain't It Good
Fats Domino - Howdy Podner
Fats Domino - Stack a Billy
Fats Domino - Magic Isles
Fats Domino - Walkin' to New Orleans
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Transparent
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Ohrsteckermädchen
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Erschlossenes Land
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Zu nah am Boden
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Im Glashaus
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Das Leben
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Inflationär
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - In meinen Träumen
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Zuhause
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Containerhafen
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Bis auf den Grund
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Alles Du
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Sinceramente
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Immer die Andern
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Selten aber manchmal
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Gut genug
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Menschenklone
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Riecht nach Dir
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Öffentlicher Nahverkehr
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Ö.N.
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Weit, weit, weit
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Vergiftet
Fats Domino - Love You Till the Day I Die
Fats Domino - Home USA
Fats Domino - It Makes No Difference Now
Fats Domino - My Toot Toot
Fats Domino - C.C. Rider
Fats Domino - Another Mule
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Kein Morgen
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Mantel
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Zwischen Angel und Tür
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Zeitgeist
Dota und die Stadtpiraten - Zwei Falter
Fats Domino - Jingle Bells
Fats Domino - Silver Bells
Fats Domino - Frosty the Snowman
Fats Domino - White Christmas
Fats Domino - Please Come Home For Christmas
Fats Domino - Whole Lot of Loving
Fats Domino - Oh, What a Price
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are the Dead
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - John Hurt
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Pull Out My Insides
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - The Monkeys Are Coming
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Wrong Time Wrong Planet
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Wrestler
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Wondering
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - The Knife
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Broken Arms
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Doomed Now
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Dawn of the Dead
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Let’s Make Out
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Being Bad Feels Pretty Good
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Epic Last Song
Fats Domino - Fat Man
Fats Domino - I'm Walkin' (Remix for Aral Commercial)
Fats Domino - Honest Papas Love Their Mamas Better
Fats Domino - Lovely Rita
Fats Domino - One More Song for You
Fats Domino - Land of 1,000 Dances
Plácido Domingo, London Symphony Orchestra, Nello Santi - L’elisir d’amore: Una furtiva lagrima
Din Brad - Amar
Din Brad - Îmbrățișat de dor
Din Brad - Poarce'n suflet greu păcatu
Din Brad - Doină
Din Brad - Dor
Din Brad - Of, of, viață
Din Brad - Durere
Din Brad - Foaie verde, odolean
Din Brad - Cine iubește și lasă
Din Brad - Bradule, brăduțule
Dominique Dimey - Touche pas ma planète
Fats Domino - I'm Alone Because I Love You
William DeVaughn - Give the Little Man a Great Big Hand
William DeVaughn - Blood Is Thicker Than Water
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful for What You’ve Got
Fats Domino - Be My Quest
Double S 301 - Bad Dimension
Double S 301 - PAIN (Inst.)
Double S 301 - MY YOU
Double S 301 - REMOVE
Double S 301 - SAXOPHONE
Double S 301 - Ah-Ha
Double S 301 - LUV WITH U
Double S 301 - Let me know
Double S 301 - 21GRAM
Double S 301 - SORRY I'M BUSY
Double S 301 - DIRTY LOVE
Double S 301 - Fraction
Double S 301 - Never Ending Dream
Double S 301 - From dusk to dawn
Double S 301 - LA LA LA
Fats Domino - It Keep's Rainin'
Dead to This World - I, the Facilitator
Dead to This World - Goatpower
Dead to This World - 1942
Dead to This World - Into the Light (Baphomet Rising)
Dead to This World - Unholy Inquisition
Dead to This World - To Free Death Upon Them
Dead to This World - Hammer of the Gods
Dead to This World - Sacrifice
Dead to This World - The Malefice (Pentagram Chile cover)
Dead to This World - Death Courageous
Fats Domino - Big Beat
Fats Domino - Little Mama
Fats Domino - The Lady in Black
Dianogah - Eucalyptus
Dim Stars - You Gotta Lose
Fats Domino - Young Schoolgirl
Rob Dougan - There’s Only Me
Rob Dougan - Born Yesterday
Rob Dougan - I'm Not Driving Anymore
Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death
Fats Domino - Red Sails in the Suns
Fats Domino - Birds and Bees
Fats Domino - What's the Reason (That I'm Not Pleasing You)
Fats Domino - If You Need Me (version 2)
Fats Domino - Don't Deceive Me
Fats Domino - Sailor Boy
Fats Domino - Jambalaya (On the Bayo)
Fats Domino - Sweet Sue
Fats Domino - How Can I Be Happy
Fats Domino - Lazy Woman
Fats Domino - Once in a While
Fats Domino - Rudolph, he Red-Nosed Reindeer
Fats Domino - Rooster Song
Fats Domino - South of the Border
Fats Domino - So Long (Medley With C.C. Rider)
Fats Domino - You Left Me (master)
Fats Domino - The Sheik of Araby (version 2 - master)
Fats Domino - Let the Four Wind Blows
Fats Domino - Jambalaya (On the Road)
Fats Domino - Whishing Ring
Fats Domino - Do You Know What I Means to Miss New Orleans
Fats Domino - Walking to New Orleans (undubbed)
Fats Domino - You Can Pack Your Siutcase
Fats Domino - The Twist Set Me Free
Fats Domino - Darktown Strutters Ball
Fats Domino - Li'l Liza Jane
Fats Domino - Let the Four Winds Blow (version 2, master)
Fats Domino - Ain't Gonna Do It (undubbed)
Fats Domino - Reelin’ and Rockin’
Fats Domino - Rose Mary (Version #2)
Divided Heaven - Keystone
Florent Dorin - Finally
Florent Dorin - Inside My Heart
Florent Dorin - Fuel to Fire
Florent Dorin - The Bad Luck Man
Florent Dorin - My Way to Go
Florent Dorin - Otessa
Florent Dorin - A Little Bit Longer
Florent Dorin - Rest My Head
Florent Dorin - How to Live With It
Doof - Try
Divine - I Never Thought
Divine - Good 'n Plenty
Divine - One More Try
Divine - It's About Time
Divine - All You Need
Divine - Missing U
Divine - My Love
Divine - Tell Me
Divine - I Wish
Divine - Sweet Essence (Your Love Is Something)
Djerv - Madmen
Djerv - The Bowling Pin
Djerv - Gruesome Twosome
Djerv - Only I Exist
Djerv - Ladder to the Moon
Djerv - Abmuse
Djerv - Immortal
Djerv - Get Jinxed
Djerv - Headstone [Radio Edit]
Disciple - Radical
Disciple - Attack
Disciple - Dead Militia
Disciple - Scarlet
Disciple - Unbroken
Disciple - The Name
Disciple - Angels and Demons
Disciple - Lion
Disciple - Yesterday Is Over
Disciple - Kamikaze
Disciple - Crazy
Disciple - The Right Time
Disciple - Back Again
Disciple - Fear
Disciple - 103
Disciple - Touch
Disciple - Face
Disciple - Wait
Disciple - Hardened
Disciple - Why Don't You Shut Up
Disciple - Before You
Disciple - Remembering
Disciple - Not the Same
Disciple - Next Time
Disciple - One More Time
Disciple - By God
Disciple - Not Rock Stars
Disciple - God of Elijah
Disciple - Knocked Down
Disciple - Blow the House Down
Disciple - Coal
Disciple - Can't Breathe
Disciple - Salt Lamp
Disciple - You Are Here
Disciple - Thousand Things
Disciple - 99
Disciple - Whiny Britches
Disciple - You Rock My Socks Off
Disciple - Trouble
Disciple - Hate Your Guts
Disciple - Whether They Like It or Not
Disciple - Not Since Breakfast
Disciple - Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
Disciple - But Wait There's More
Disciple - Rich Man
Disciple - Sermon
Disciple - The Wait Is Over
Disciple - Into Black
Disciple - Only You
Disciple - Rise Up
Disciple - Shine Down
Disciple - Falling Over
Disciple - Dear X (You Don't Own Me)
Disciple - Watch It Burn
Disciple - Invisible
Disciple - The Ballad of St. Augustine
Disciple - Shot Heard 'Round The World
Disciple - Collision
Disciple - Battle Lines
Disciple - Remedy
Disciple - Eternity
Disciple - Revolution: Now
Disciple - Deafening
Disciple - Worth The Pain
Disciple - First Love
Disciple - Long Live the Rebels
Disciple - Secret Weapon
Disciple - Erase
Disciple - Come My Way
Disciple - Underdog Fight Song
Disciple - God Is with Us
Disciple - Spirit Fire
Disciple - Forever Starts Today
Disciple - Black Hole
Disciple - Spinning
Disciple - Empty Grave
Disciple - My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy
Disciple - Pharisee
Disciple - Fill My Shoes
Disciple - Fall on Me
Disciple - Easter Bunny
Disciple - Outlaws
Disciple - O God Save Us All
Disciple - Once and for All
Disciple - Someday
Disciple - Draw the Line
Disciple - Kings
Disciple - Unstoppable
Disciple - The One
Disciple - Beautiful Scars
Disciple - Regime Change
Disciple - My Hell
Disciple - Scars Remain
Disciple - Game On
Disciple - Someone
Disciple - Dive
Disciple - Romance Me
Disciple - 321
Disciple - Phoenix Rising
Disciple - Liar
Disciple - Right There
Disciple - On My Way Down
Disciple - Savior
Disciple - I Just Know
Disciple - Golden Calf
Disciple - Big Bad Wolf
Disciple - 1, 2, Conductor
Disciple - Mud Puddle
Disciple - Worship Conspiracy
Disciple - 10 Minute Oil Change
Disciple - Turmoil
Disciple - Hello
Disciple - Bring the Heat
Disciple - Bernie's Situation
Disciple - Underneath
Disciple - Furthermore
Disciple - Alone
Disciple - Mothman
Disciple - Crawl Away
Disciple - One Drop
Disciple - Stronghold
Disciple - Praze You Lord
Disciple - Presence
Disciple - Take Me
Disciple - Why
Disciple - Jeckyl and Hyde
Disciple - Amazing Grace Blues
Disciple - Going Home
Disciple - Mercy
Disciple - Things Left Unsaid
Disciple - After the World Acoustic
Disciple - My Hell Acoustic
Disciple - Angels & Demons
Disciple - I Feel You
Disciple - Pain
Disciple - Suicide
Disciple - More
Disciple - Bring The Dead To Life
Disciple - Awakening
Disciple - Breaking Down
Disciple - Sayonara
Disciple - Snooze
Jason Downs - White Boy With a Feather
Jason Downs - 4 Chords
Jason Downs - Revenue
Jason Downs - Better Luck Next Time
DJ Hifi Brown - Nur geträumt / Lose Yourself (Nena vs. Eminem)
Dirty Shirt - Moneyocracy
Dirty Shirt - Mental Csárdás
Dirty Shirt - Maramu'
Dirty Shirt - Balkanique
Dirty Shirt - Dulce-i vinu'
Dirty Shirt - Cobzar
Dirty Shirt - Hoţii
Dirty Shirt - Dirtylicious
Dirty Shirt - My Art
Dirty Shirt - Ride
Dirty Shirt - Bad Apples
Dirty Shirt - Freak Show
Dirty Shirt - Trust Me
Dirty Shirt - Away
Dirty Shirt - The Business of Life
Dirty Shirt - Never Say Never
Dirty Shirt - This Is the Day
Dirty Shirt - Saraca Inima Me
Dirty Shirt - Rocks Off
Dirty Shirt - Tell Me Why
Dirty Shirt - Pitbull
Dirty Shirt - Feel It
Dirty Shirt - East West
Dirty Shirt - Manifest
Dirty Shirt - Luna
Dirty Shirt - Gone
Dirty Shirt - Sandu Porcu
Dirty Shirt - Burning
Dirty Shirt - Ub
Dirty Shirt - Bolnav
Diviacchi - Waiting For The Heaven
Downfall of Gaia - Drowning by Wing Beats
Downfall of Gaia - In the Rivers Bleak
Downfall of Gaia - I Fade Away
Downfall of Gaia - Beneath the Crown of Cranes
Downfall of Gaia - Giving Their Heir to the Masses
Downfall of Gaia - Carved Into Shadows
Downfall of Gaia - Odium
Downfall of Gaia - Silere
Downfall of Gaia - Luftschloss
Downfall of Gaia - Ephemerol
Dolores - Cortafuegos
Dolores - Cocodrilos de marfil
Dolores - Nicho / Loft
Down by Law - Punk Won
Down by Law - Hit or Miss
Down by Law - Flower Tattoo
Down by Law - Sympathy for the World
Down by Law - 500 Miles
Down by Law - Bright Green Globe
Down by Law - Minusame
Down by Law - Drummin’ Dave, Hunter Up
Down by Law - 1944
Down by Law - The King & I
Down by Law - Haircut
Down by Law - Chocolate Jerk
Down by Law - Soldier Boy
Down by Law - Goodnight Song
Down by Law - Next to Go
Down by Law - Convoluted
Down by Law - (I Wanna Be in) AC/DC
Down by Law - 8th and Main
Down by Law - Everlasting Girl
Down by Law - Accelerator
Down by Law - American Dream
Down by Law - Too Much Grey
Down by Law - Fly the Flag
Down by Law - Promises
Down by Law - Nothing Good on the Radio
Down by Law - Automatic
Down by Law - Breakout!
Down by Law - Greenwhich Mean Time
Down by Law - Steel & Concrete
Down by Law - Revolution Compromised
Down by Law - Firey Shade of Blue
Down by Law - Sorry Sometimes
Down by Law - Find It
Down by Law - Man on the Street
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - I'll Play the Fool
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - Hard Times
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - Cherchez la femme / Se si bon
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - Sunshower
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - Sour and Sweet/Lemon in the Honey
Down by Law - USA Today
Down by Law - No Equalizer
Down by Law - Call to Arms
Down by Law - Guns of '96
Down by Law - Get Out
Down by Law - Burning Heart
Down by Law - Question Marks & Periods
Down by Law - Urban Napalm
Down by Law - D.J.G.
Down by Law - Concrete Times
Down by Law - No One Gets Away
Down by Law - Last Goodbye
Down by Law - Factory Day
Down by Law - The Cool Crowd
Down by Law - The Last Brigade
Down by Law - Looking for Something
Down by Law - Break the Walls
Down by Law - At Home in the Wasteland
Down by Law - Turn Away
Down by Law - Air Conditioner
Down by Law - The Greenest Field
Down by Law - Straw
Down by Law - Finally Here
Down by Law - Our Own Way
Down by Law - Cheap Thrill
Down by Law - All American
Down by Law - Hell Song
Down by Law - Giving It All Away
Down by Law - Gruesome Gary
Down by Law - Radio Ragga
Down by Law - Superman
Down by Law - Post Office Lament
Down by Law - Ivory Girl
Down by Law - No Has Beens
Down by Law - Kevin's Song
Down by Law - True Music
Down by Law - Far and Away
Down by Law - Punks and Drunks
Down by Law - Bullets
Down by Law - Nothing
Down by Law - New Song
Down by Law - Popcorn & Coke
Down by Law - Knock This Town
Down by Law - Tiny Answers
Down by Law - Face Forward
Down by Law - Punk Rock United (Step I)
Down by Law - Homicide
Down by Law - Misfits United (Step II)
Down by Law - Warriors United (Step III)
Down by Law - Crystals
Down by Law - Perpetual Sorrow
Down by Law - Rebels & Angels
Down by Law - Champions at Heart
Down by Law - All In
Down by Law - Can't See It Still
Dracul - Seelen Sex
Dracul - So lange her
Dracul - Follow Me
Dracul - Gothic Blues
Dracul - Sommerlied
Doomraiser - In Winter
Dirt Bike Annie - Whats Happening Hot Stuff
Dirt Bike Annie - The Sends
Dirt Bike Annie - Barely Alive
Dirt Bike Annie - The Tango Tangle
Dirt Bike Annie - Are You Ready to Dance?
Dirt Bike Annie - Capable of Anything
Dirt Bike Annie - 50th and Bay
Dirt Bike Annie - All Systems Go
Dirt Bike Annie - Grape Crush
Dirt Bike Annie - Rat Fink
Dirt Bike Annie - Chapped and Cracked
Dirt Bike Annie - 88 Christopher Street
Dirt Bike Annie - Come On! Come On!
Dirt Bike Annie - Smoke and Then Some
Dirt Bike Annie - Powerglide
División Minúscula - Hot rod
División Minúscula - Veneno es antídoto (S.O.S.)
División Minúscula - Soundtrack
División Minúscula - Sismo
División Minúscula - Un beso al aire y un tiro al pecho
División Minúscula - Cada martes
División Minúscula - Revienta
División Minúscula - Sognare
División Minúscula - N-amigo
División Minúscula - Mi "escena" empieza y termina conmigo
División Minúscula - Tinta y papel
División Minúscula - Me tomé una pastilla...
División Minúscula - Control
División Minúscula - Negligencia (El último linaje de hombres lobo)
División Minúscula - Tan fuerte, tan frágil...
División Minúscula - Las luces de esta ciudad
División Minúscula - Muriendo en un simulacro
División Minúscula - Préstame tu piel
División Minúscula - Maquillaje (De la forma más romantica)
División Minúscula - Nuestro crimen
División Minúscula - Millón
División Minúscula - Año nuevo
División Minúscula - La última y me voy...
División Minúscula - Televidente
División Minúscula - Betty Boop
División Minúscula - Hombre nuevo
División Minúscula - Radical
División Minúscula - Ideales blancos
División Minúscula - Voces
División Minúscula - Diamantina
División Minúscula - Juego
División Minúscula - Cazador de sueños
División Minúscula - Humanos como tú
División Minúscula - Señales
División Minúscula - S.E.D.
División Minúscula - Altamar
División Minúscula - Casa de cristal
División Minúscula - Cosas que nunca entenderé
División Minúscula - Si este mundo acaba hoy
División Minúscula - Sognare (Acustico)
División Minúscula - S.E.D
Dina - Fortapte drømmer
Dina - Bli hos meg
Dina - For evig min
Dina - Fri meg nå
Dina - Hater å elske deg
Dina - Aldri igjen
Dina - Savner deg
Dina - Nattens skapelser
Dina - Løgner
Dina - Ingen grenser
Dina - Hvis
Diva Destruction - The Broken Ones
Diva Destruction - In Dreaming
Diva Destruction - Enslaved
Diva Destruction - Glare
Diva Destruction - Snake
Diva Destruction - Hate You to Love You
Diva Destruction - Cruelty Games
Diva Destruction - Prey
Diva Destruction - You're the Psycho
Diva Destruction - My Turn
Diva Destruction - Bed of Lies
Diva Destruction - Lover's Chamber
Diva Destruction - Knight's Disguise
Diva Destruction - Run Cold
Diva Destruction - Rewriting History
Diva Destruction - Screaming Inside
Diva Destruction - Illusions End
Diva Destruction - Kiss the Stars
Diva Destruction - Playing the Liar
Diva Destruction - Black Heart
Diva Destruction - You're My Sickness
Diva Destruction - Hypocrite
Diva Destruction - The Abuser
Diva Destruction - Tempter
Diva Destruction - Forgotten
Diva Destruction - When Trees Would Dance
Diva Destruction - Stolen Bliss
Diva Destruction - Valley Of Scars
Doris Days - To Ulrike M
Eric Dodge - Since I Let You Go
Pino Donaggio - I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me
Dirtwire - The Well
Diversia - Rain Song
Pino Donaggio - Come sinfonia
Pino Donaggio - Giovane giovane
Pino Donaggio - Una casa in cima al mondo
Djakout Mizik - Abandone
Djakout Mizik - Amour Éternel
Donald Lawrence - Healed
Donald Lawrence & Co. - You Cover Me
Donald Lawrence & Co. - Miracles
Donald Lawrence & Co. - The Word of the Lord
Donald Lawrence & Co. - Spiritual
Donald Lawrence & Co. - Restoring the Years
Donald Lawrence & Co. - The "I Am" Factor
Dr Octagon - Blue Flowers
Jamie Donnelly - Science Fiction/Double Feature
Drahdiwaberl - Dodlhuat
Jack Douglass - Dubstep Solves Everything 3
Dolores Haze - Reaching Placebo
Dolores Haze - Crazy About Me
Dolores Haze - I Got My Gun
Dolores Haze - The Haze
Dolores Haze - Fuck the Pain Away
Dracma - Perfect Creation
Dracma - Riders
Dracma - Clouds in the Desert
Dracma - Mountain
Dracma - Waiting
Dracma - This Generation
Dracma - Suffering Violence
Charlie Dore - Pilot of the Airwaves
Charlie Dore - Looking for My Own Lone Ranger
Charlie Dore - Time Goes By
Charlie Dore - Refuse to Dance
Dorothée - Rox et Rouky
Dorothée - La Valise
Dorothée - Les Schtroumpfs
Dorothée - Pour faire une chanson
Dorothée - Les Petits Ewoks
Dorothée - Allo allo Mr l'ordinateur
Dorothée - Vive les vacances
Dorothée - Maman
Dorothée - Attention danger
Dorothée - La Machine avalé
Dorothée - Chagrin d'amour
Dorothée - Tremblement de terre
Dorothée - Nicolas et Marjolaine
Dorothée - Les neiges de l'Himalaya
Dorothée - Le collège des cœurs brisés
Dorothée - Toutes les guitares du rock'n roll
Dorothée - 2394
Dorothée - Des millions de copains
Dorothée - Bonheur City
Dorothée - Chanson pour un garçon
Dorothée - D'un ange
Dorothée - Pas peur des coups
Dorothée - Si j'ai menti
Dorothée - La Planète bleue
Dorothée - Une chanson
Dorothée - Ho Doulou (Chanson bête)
Dorothée - Bom Bom Bom
Dorothée - Tout tout tout le monde
Dorothée - L'Étranger
Dorothée - Où s'en vont les cœurs brisés
Dr.Living Dead! - Kill Me!
Dr.Living Dead! - Dead End Life
Dr.Living Dead! - My Brain Is for Sale
Dr.Living Dead! - Dr. Living Dead
Dr.Living Dead! - Hard Target
Dr.Living Dead! - Gremlins Night
Dr.Living Dead! - UFO Attack
Dr.Living Dead! - Signs From the Other Side
Dr.Living Dead! - Suffering
Dr.Living Dead! - Mental Warzone
Dorothée - Bonjour, bonjour
Dorothée - Appuie sur ton piano
Dorothée - Hou ! La menteuse
Dorothée - Tchou, tchou le petit train
Dol Ammad - Thalassa Dominion I
Dol Ammad - Thalassa Dominion II
Dol Ammad - Thalassa Dominion III
Dol Ammad - Thalassa Dominion IV
Dol Ammad - Solarwinds
Dol Ammad - Lava
Dol Ammad - Aquatic Majesty
Dol Ammad - Liquid Desert
Dol Ammad - Eclipse (Corona of the Sun)
Dol Ammad - Weaver's Dance
Dol Ammad - Master of All
Dol Ammad - The Hill of Hope
Dol Ammad - Vortex 3003
Dol Ammad - Mission Butterfly
Dol Ammad - Magus Invicta
Dol Ammad - Noctis Labyrinthus
Dol Ammad - Titan Warriors
Dol Ammad - Xenocide
Dol Ammad - Stargate Pyramid
Dol Ammad - Hyperspeed
Dol Ammad - Supernova
Dol Ammad - Caravan of Mars
Dol Ammad - Seeds of Life
Dol Ammad - Boxed Daylight (part 2)
Dol Ammad - The Veil (Seven Face Danger)
Dol Ammad - Winds of the Sun
Dorothée - Où se cache l'amour
Dorothée - C'est dur de travailler
Dorothée - Allô, allô monsieur l'ordinateur
Dorothée - Hou! la menteuse
Dorothée - La Chanson de Candy
Dorothée - Qu'il est bête
Dorothée - C'est un poète
Dorothée - Daramdam
Dorothée - Bing Bong
Dorothée - Dès que l'on rend quelqu'un heureux
Dorothée - Faire marcher les garçons
Dorothée - Sur mon piano
Dorothée - Radio Wowo
Dorothée - T'es pas cap
Dorothée - Bien fait pour toi
Dorothée - Trouve moi une chanson
Dorothée - On travaille pour la gloire
Dorothée - Allo Dorothée
Dorothée - Ma valise
Dorothée - Expédition Terre
Dorothée - Hello, hello
Dorothée - Y'a d'la bagarre au saloon
Dorothée - Un petit cadeau pour ta maman
Dorothée - En Amérique
Dorothée - Le Bon Dieu
Dorothée - Valise 93
Dorothée - Allo, allo, monsieur l'ordinateur (version acoustique)
Djurgårdshjälpen - Vi Ska Tillbaks
Djavan - Tanta Saudade
Djavan - Sina
Djavan - Tanta Saudade (Versão 2)
Djavan - Passou
Djavan - Atitude
Djavan - A carta
Djavan - Pássaro
Djavan - Be Fair
Djavan - Tão raro
Djavan - O Tal do Amor
Djavan - Enguiçado
The Doll - Passion for Fashion
Djavan - Lambada de serpente
Djavan - Triste Baía De Guanabara
Djavan - Cara de índio
Djavan - Serrado
Djavan - Água
Djavan - Nereci
Djavan - Sílaba
Djavan - Dou-não-dou
Djavan - Carnaval No Rio
Djavan - Real
Djavan - Jogral
Djavan - Sabes mentir
Djavan - Oração ao tempo
Djavan - Disfarça e chora
Djavan - La noche
Djavan - Flor de lis
Djavan - Linha do Equador
Djavan - Being cool
Djavan - Amazon farewell
Dječaci - Maci
Dječaci - Cigan
Dječaci - Lovrinac
Dječaci - Dalmacija
Dječaci - Med
Dječaci - Siromašan
Dječaci - Leteće sranje
Dječaci - Za Bebu
Dječaci - Deblo
Dječaci - After u zatvoru
Dječaci - Kraljevi
Dječaci - Krek kuća
Dječaci - Liu Kang
Dječaci - Narodna
Dječaci - Punjene paprike
Dječaci - Truba
Dječaci - Ubij se
Dječaci - The Govno
Dječaci - Bile starke
Dječaci - Struja
Djavan - A rota do indivíduo (ferrugem)
Djavan - Andaluz
Djavan - Outono
Djavan - Alívio
Djavan - Baile
Djavan - Apoteose ao samba
Djavan - Luz e mistério
Djavan - Treze de Dezembro
Djavan - Valsa brasileira
Djavan - Nada a nos separar
Djavan - Irmã de neon
Djavan - Maria das Mercedes
Djavan - Embola bola
Djavan - Farinhada
Djavan - Alegre Menina
Djavan - Mais um dia
Doomsday Virus - It's You
Doomsday Virus - Stupid Pill
Doomsday Virus - Transmissions of the Damned
Doomsday Virus - Sickness
Doomsday Virus - Pieces of Me
Doomsday Virus - The Losing Game
Doomsday Virus - Save Me
Doomsday Virus - Malignant
Doomsday Virus - Not Dead Yet
Doomsday Virus - Pitch Black
Doomsday Virus - Swan Song
Doomsday Virus - Empire Falls
Doomsday Virus - Evil Has No Meaning
Doomsday Virus - New Red Scare
Doomsday Virus - Terrorist $ell
Doomsday Virus - Fire in the Sky
Djavan - Bird of Paradise
Djavan - Miss Susanna
Djavan - Um amor puro
Donatella - Fooled Again
Donatella - Magic
Donatella - Thunder
Donatella - Unpredictable
Donatella - The Reflection of Feelings
Donatella - Fade to Black
Djavan - Petalo
Djavan - Liberdade
Djavan - Nkosi Sikele' I-Afrika
Djavan - So Bashiya Ba Hlala Ekhaya
Doyle - Abominator
Doyle - Learn to Bleed
Doyle - Dreamingdeadgirls
Doyle - Headhunter
Doyle - Valley of Shadows
Doyle - Land of the Dead
Doyle - Cemeterysexxx
Doyle - Love Like Murder
Doyle - Mark of the Beast
Doyle - Bloodstains
Doyle - Hope Hell Is Warm
Doomed - Your Highness the Chaos
Doomed - Anna
Doomed - As the Thoughts Began to Be Tarnish
Doomed - The Weeping Trees
Doomed - Withering Leaves
Doomed - In My Own Abyss
Doomed - My Hand in Yours
Doomed - She's Calling Me
Doomed - Paradoxon
Doomed - The Ancient Path
Doomed - A Wall of Your Thrones
Doomed - Downward
Djavan - A Rota do Indivíduo
Djavan - Sorri (Smile)
Djavan - É Hora
Djavan - Rei Do Mar
Djavan - Qual É?
Djavan - Nas ruas
Djavan - Aliás
Djavan - Sem saber
Djavan - Quero-quero
Djavan - Renunciação
Djavan - Lobisomem
Djavan - Avô
Djavan - Retrato De Vida
Djavan - Calmarias E Vendavais
Caetano Veloso - Linha do equador
Os Paralamas do Sucesso - Açaí
Paulinho Moska - Topázio
Lenine - Maça do Rosto
Daniela Mercury - Serrado
Elis Regina - Samba dobrado
Djavan - Anjo de vitrô
Djavan - Triste é o cara
Djavan - Bangalô
Djavan - Pecado
Djavan - Ares sutis
Djavan - Quinze anos
Djavan - Pode esquecer
Djavan - Quase perdida
Djavan - Ruas dos amores
Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra - Apa Kabar?
Nana Caymmi - Nuvem Negra
João Bosco - Meu Bem-Querer
Dominguinhos - História De Cantador
Jane Duboc - Asa
Cláudio Zoli - Linha do equador
Maria Bethânia - Morena de Endoidecer
Beth Carvalho - Flor de Lis
Eduardo Dusek - Esfinge
Djavan - Uma Brasileira
Djavan - Somos Todos Iguais Essa Noite
Djavan - Vamos Fugir
Djavan - Na boca de beco
Djavan - Embola a Bola
Djustin - 1 Tryst
Djustin - Headless
Djustin - Concrete
Djustin - Stars
Céline Dion & Bee Gees - Immortality
El Desván del Duende - A volar
El Desván del Duende - La niña buena
El Desván del Duende - Sin vértigo
El Desván del Duende - Macetas de colores
El Desván del Duende - A tu lado
El Desván del Duende - Mineápolis (con El Lichis)
El Desván del Duende - Manos abiertas (bonus track)
El Desván del Duende - Nudo marinero
The Dolly Rocker Movement - Enjoy a Paranoia
The Dolly Rocker Movement - The Ecstacy Once Told
Dr. Feelgood - Boom, Boom
Dr. Feelgood - The More I Give
Dr. Feelgood - One Weekend
Dr. Feelgood - I Don't Mind
Dr. Feelgood - Twenty Yards Behind
Dr. Feelgood - Keep It Out Of Sight
Dr. Feelgood - Cheque Book
Dr. Feelgood - Bonie Moronie / Tequila
Dr. Feelgood - Another Man
Dr. Feelgood - Rolling and Tumbling
Dr. Feelgood - Don't Let Your Daddy Know
Dr. Feelgood - Watch Your Step
Dr. Feelgood - Don't You Just Know It
Dr. Feelgood - Because You're Mine
Dr. Feelgood - You Shouldn't Call the Doctor (If You Can't Afford the Bills)
Dr. Feelgood - Stupidity
Dr. Feelgood - Paradise
Dr. Feelgood - Nothin' Shakin' (but the Leaves on the Trees)
Dr. Feelgood - Time and the Devil
Dr. Feelgood - Lights Out
Dr. Feelgood - Lucky Seven
Dr. Feelgood - Walking on the Edge
Dr. Feelgood - Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Dr. Feelgood - Sneakin' Suspicion (demo)
Dr. Feelgood - Boom Boom (live/The Geordie Scene - Tyne Tees February 1975)
Dr. Feelgood - She Does It Right (live/Old Grey Whistle Test - BBC March 1975)
Dr. Feelgood - Back in the Night (45 with Kid Jensen - Granada July 1975)
Dr. Feelgood - Roxette (live/Kuusrock Festival July 1975 - Finland)
Dr. Feelgood - Baby Jane
Dr. Feelgood - Put Him Out Of Your Mind
Dr. Feelgood - Trying to Live My Life Without You
Dr. Feelgood - Crazy About Girls
Dr. Feelgood - My Way
Dr. Feelgood - Mad Man Blues
Dr. Feelgood - See You Later Alligator
Dikers - Las noches que me inventé
Dikers - Qué más da
Dikers - Ronco invierno
Dikers - De ataúdes
Dikers - Nada a mi alrededor
Dikers - Soy
Dikers - Mi comodín
Dikers - Con mi propia ley
Dikers - Tentación
Dikers - Rompecabezas
Dikers - Absurda realidad
Dikers - Corazón de trapo
Dikers - Casi nunca llueve
Dikers - Como un circo ambulante
Dikers - Lo que queda atrás
Dikers - Nada
Dikers - El temporal
Dikers - Que desastre
Dikers - Una última vez
Dikers - Mil bocas sin nombre
Dikers - Dale gas
Dikers - Si tú te vas
Dikers - Para mí
Dikers - Mi sucio corazón
Dikers - En una canción
Dikers - Apagón 125
Dikers - Sin voz
Dikers - El camino largo
Dikers - Soy lastre
Dikers - Dando saltos
Dikers - Tengo un plan
Dikers - Al azar
Dikers - El cepo
Dikers - Angel
Dikers - Lo que me pidas
Dikers - Carrusel
Dikers - Sentirme bien
Dikers - 100 corazones o más
Dikers - A contrapelo
Dikers - Miedo
Dikers - El arte de desaparecer
Dikers - Sin trampas
Dr. Feelgood - Riot In Cell Block No 9
Dr. Feelgood - Night Time
Dr. Feelgood - Milk & Alcohol
Dr. Feelgood - Crazy 'bout Girls
Dr. Feelgood - Sugar Turns to Alcohol
Dr. Feelgood - Down by the Jetty Blues
Dr. Feelgood - Double Crossed
Dr. Feelgood - Wolfman Callin'
Dr. Feelgood - One Step Forward
Dr. Feelgood - Roadrunner
Dr. Feelgood - World Keeps Turning
Dr. Feelgood - Going Out West
Dr. Feelgood - You Got Me
Dr. Feelgood - Talk to Me Baby
Dr. Feelgood - Route 66
Dr. Feelgood - Ninety-Nine and a Half
Dr. Feelgood - Take a Tip
Dr. Feelgood - Nadine
Dr. Feelgood - Date Bait
Dr. Feelgood - You Gotta Help Me
Dr. Feelgood - Talkin' About You
Dr. Feelgood - The Walk
Dr. Feelgood - 29 Ways
Dr. Feelgood - Who Do You Love
Dr. Feelgood - If Walls Could Talk
Dr. Feelgood - Killing Floor
Dr. Feelgood - Suzie Q
Dr. Feelgood - Don't Start Me Talking
Dr. Feelgood - Hoochie Coochie Man
Dikers - Todo va bien
Dikers - Obsesión
Dikers - Vamos a rodar
Dikers - Otra vez no
Dikers - Ven
Dikers - Sabotaje
Dikers - Avísame al amanecer
Dikers - Salto mortal (Cuidadín)
Dikers - Mil excusas
Dikers - Sigo en pie
Dikers - Lo que yo quiero
Dikers - Te olvidé
Dikers - Skapao
Dikers - Y soñaré
Dikers - Aprender a desconfiar
Dikers - Versión oficial
Dikers - Carretera sin señales
Dikers - Me parece
Dikers - Le llaman soledad
Dikers - Por detrás del telón
Dikers - Perro callejero
Dikers - Cohete
Dr. Feelgood - I'm a Real Man
Dr. Feelgood - Down at the Doctor's
Dr. Feelgood - Something Good
Dr. Feelgood - Rockin' With Somebody New
Dr. Feelgood - Hunting, Shooting, Fishing
Dr. Feelgood - Break These Chains
Dr. Feelgood - Heartbeat
Dr. Feelgood - (I Wanna) Make Love to You
Dr. Feelgood - Hurricane
Dr. Feelgood - Spy vs. Spy
Dr. Feelgood - Crack Me Up
Dr. Feelgood - A Touch of Class
Dr. Feelgood - Java Blue
Dr. Feelgood - Feels Good
Dr. Feelgood - Pretty Face
Dr. Feelgood - Riding on the L. & N.
Dr. Feelgood - Drop Everything and Run
Dr. Feelgood - Love Hound
Dr. Feelgood - Case of the Shakes
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin' All Over
The Paramounts - Poison Ivy
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
Dr. Feelgood - Milk and Alcohol (New Recipe)
Dr. Feelgood - Every Kind of Vice
Dr. Feelgood - Great Balls of Fire
Dr. Feelgood - I'm a Hog for You
Dr. Feelgood - Johnny B. Goode
Dragon - I Spit in Your Face
Dragon - Tears of Satan
Dragon - Deceived
Dragon - Simon Peter
Dragon - Into the Dark
Dr. Feelgood - Tanqueray
Dr. Feelgood - Tell Me No Lies
Dr. Feelgood - Lying About the Blues
Dr. Feelgood - Fool for You
Dr. Feelgood - Talking About You
Dr. Feelgood - Things Get Better
Dr. Feelgood - It Wasn't Me
Dr. Feelgood - Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
Dr. Feelgood - I Thought I Had It Made
Dr. Feelgood - I Don't Wanna Know
Dr. Feelgood - My Buddy Buddy Friends
Dragon - Memory
Dragon - Gallery of Void
Dragon - Forgotten by Death
Dragon - Scream of Death
Dragon - Prisoner
Dragon - Song of Darkness
Dragon - Ashes of Generation
Dragon - Demon of War
Dragon - Destructor/Sewer of Graves
Dr. Feelgood - Going Some Place Else
Cadlliac Don & J-Money - Peanut Butter & Jelly
Cadlliac Don & J-Money - Ice
Cadlliac Don & J-Money - Fuck Dat Bitch
DragPipe - Puller
DragPipe - Glide Burroughs
DragPipe - The Cruise
DragPipe - Seeds of Change
DragPipe - Simple Minded
DragPipe - Tuesday
DragPipe - Carnivals and Festivals
DragPipe - Diabolo Handshake
DragPipe - Glyde Burroughs
DragPipe - Diablo Handshake
Dr. Feelgood - So Long
Dr. Feelgood - You Don't Love Me
Dr. Feelgood - Neighbour Neighbour
Dr. Feelgood - Talk of the Devil
Dr. Feelgood - Hit Git and Split
Dr. Feelgood - I Can't Be Satisfied
Dr. Feelgood - Drivin' Wheel
Dr. Feelgood - It Ain't Right
Dr. Feelgood - I Don't Worry About a Thing
Dr. Feelgood - If My Baby Quits Me
Dr. Feelgood - Mojo Workin'
Digital Orchestra - On va s'aimer
Digital Orchestra - Les démons de minuit
Digital Orchestra - T'as le look coco
Dr. Feelgood - Bums Rush
Dr. Feelgood - Bonie Moronie
Dr. Feelgood - You Upset Me
Dr. Feelgood - Sneakin Suspicion
Dr. Feelgood - Standing at the Crossroads Again
Dr. Feelgood - No Time
Dr. Feelgood - My Sugar Turns to Alcohol
Dr. Feelgood - Going Down
Dr. Feelgood - If My Baby Quit Me
Dr. Feelgood - Been Down So Long
Geoff Downes - Brain Damage
Dr. Feelgood - 20 Yards Behind
Dr. Feelgood - She's A Wind Up.
Dr. Feelgood - I Thought I Had It Made.
Dr. Feelgood - As Long As The Price Is Right.
Dr. Feelgood - My Buddy Buddy Friends.
Dr. Feelgood - 60 Minutes Of Your Love.
Dr. Feelgood - Living on the Highway
Dr. Feelgood - Sweeet Sweet Lovin'
Dr. Feelgood - I'm a Hog for You Baby [live]
Dr. Feelgood - Get Your Kicks on Route 66 [live/The Geordie Scene - Tyne Tees February 1975]
Dr. Feelgood - You Shouldn't Call the Doctor (If You Can't Afford the Bills) [live]
Dr. Feelgood - All Through the City [live]
Dr. Feelgood - All Through the City [live/The Geordie Scene - Tyne Tees February 1975]
Dr. Feelgood - Keep It Out of Sight [live]
Dr. Feelgood - Going Back Home [live]
Downscape - Flesh Parade
Downscape - Quarter Past Life
Downscape - Frost
Downscape - My Inner
Downscape - Demise
Downscape - Coffin of Steel
Downscape - Calm Waters
Downscape - When I'm Dead
Downscape - Lyrical Death Trip
Downscape - The Art
Dragon y Caballero - Pasatiempo
Dragon y Caballero - Hey Bonita
Dragon y Caballero - No lo Superé (Se Siente Bien Parte II)
Dragon y Caballero - Hola Linda
Dragon y Caballero - El Toque Del Amor
Dragon y Caballero - Dime Si Volveras
Dragon y Caballero - Mar De Leva
Dragon y Caballero - Un Fin De Semana Muy Largo (Featuring La Iguana)
Dragon y Caballero - Tengo Prisa
Dragon y Caballero - Fruta Prohibida
Dragon y Caballero - Se Siente Bien (No lo Superé Parte I)
Dragon y Caballero - Dulce y Sensual
Dragon y Caballero - El Reloj
Jahmene Douglas - In The Arms Of The Angel
Jahmene Douglas - Titanium
Jahmene Douglas - The Greatest Love
Jahmene Douglas - Give Us This Day
Jahmene Douglas - His Eye On The Sparrow
Jahmene Douglas - Next To Me
Jahmene Douglas - Halo
Devil Inside - Ich war, ich bin, ich werde sein
Digital Orgasm - Time to Believe
Digital Orgasm - Keep on Flying
Digital Orgasm - Running Out of Time (Warwick)
Dornik - Strong
Dornik - Blush
Dornik - Stand in Your Line
Dornik - Second Thoughts
Dornik - Mountain
Dornik - Chain Smoke
Dornik - Drive
Dornik - On My Mind
The Divine Comedy - Down in the Street Below
The Divine Comedy - The Complete Banker
The Divine Comedy - Neapolitan Girl
The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes the Knighthood
The Divine Comedy - Have You Ever Been in Love
The Divine Comedy - Assume the Perpendicular
The Divine Comedy - Island Life
The Divine Comedy - When a Man Cries
The Divine Comedy - Can You Stand Upon One Leg
The Divine Comedy - I Like
The Divine Comedy - To Die a Virgin
The Divine Comedy - Mother Dear
The Divine Comedy - Diva Lady
The Divine Comedy - A Lady of a Certain Age
The Divine Comedy - The Light of Day
The Divine Comedy - Count Grassi's Passage Over Piedmont
The Divine Comedy - Snowball in Negative
The Divine Comedy - Bernice Bobs Her Hair
The Divine Comedy - Your Daddy's Car
The Divine Comedy - Lucy
The Divine Comedy - In Pursuit of Happiness
The Divine Comedy - Everybody Knows (Except You)
The Divine Comedy - If I Were You (I'd Be Through With Me)
The Divine Comedy - I'm All You Need
DELS - Trumpalump
DELS - Shapeshift
DELS - Capsize
DELS - Gob
DELS - Fall Apart
DELS feat. Rosie Lowe - Burning Beaches
DELS - Bird Milk
DELS - You Live in My Head
DELS - Burning Beaches
The Divine Comedy - National Express
The Divine Comedy - Something for the Weekend
The Divine Comedy - Generation Sex
The Divine Comedy - Becoming More Like Alfie
The Divine Comedy - The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count
The Divine Comedy - The Frog Princess
The Divine Comedy - Gin Soaked Boy