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Dizraeli & The Small Gods - Never Mind
Dizraeli & The Small Gods - Million Miles
Dirty Elegance - Eternal Infamy
Dirty Elegance - Style Rider
Dog Faced Hermans - How Much Vegetation Have You Got?
dj jack E - Do It to Me Again / Soulsearcher
dj jack E - Agua y amor / La Vania
dj jack E - Sexual (Li Da Di) / Amber
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies - Farewell to Stromness
Les Dièses - Mise en bière
Defiance, Ohio - Petty Problems
Defiance, Ohio - Enough
Defiance, Ohio - Oh, Susquehanna!
Defiance, Ohio - Calling Old Friends
Defiance, Ohio - Trip and Stumble
Defiance, Ohio - This Feels Better
Defiance, Ohio - The Year
Defiance, Ohio - Grandma Song
Defiance, Ohio - Letter Home
Defiance, Ohio - The Temperature Is Dropping
Defiance, Ohio - Lambs at the Slaughter
Defiance, Ohio - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Defiance, Ohio - The List
Defiance, Ohio - The Things We Won't Let Settle But Let Set
Defiance, Ohio - The Condition
Defiance, Ohio - Eureka!
Defiance, Ohio - Now, Now, Now
Defiance, Ohio - Anxious and Worrying
Defiance, Ohio - The Years, the Fears, the Sleep
Defiance, Ohio - Oh, Cheri
Defiance, Ohio - Expect the Worst
Defiance, Ohio - Chad's Favorite Song
Defiance, Ohio - I Don't Want Solidarity If It Means Holding Hands With You
Defiance, Ohio - Drinking Song
Defiance, Ohio - Bikes and Bridges
Defiance, Ohio - Sweet Dudes and Sweet Ladies
Defiance, Ohio - Lullabies
Defiance, Ohio - Response to Griot
Defiance, Ohio - Flood Waters
Defiance, Ohio - The White Shore
Defiance, Ohio - A Lot to Do
Defiance, Ohio - Cigarettes
Defiance, Ohio - Hairpool
Defiance, Ohio - Dissimilarity Index
Defiance, Ohio - The Reason
Defiance, Ohio - Her Majesty's Midwestern Islands
Defiance, Ohio - Diamonds Theme Song
Defiance, Ohio - You Are Loved
Defiance, Ohio - Everyone Else on the Other Side
Defiance, Ohio - The Idea of North
Defiance, Ohio - Road Signs Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder
Defiance, Ohio - Hey Kathleen Are You Hungry
Defiance, Ohio - Sometimes Motion
Defiance, Ohio - I'm Just Going to Leave
Defiance, Ohio - This Time This Year
Defiance, Ohio - Bad Ideas
Defiance, Ohio - I'm Against the Government
DOMINO - U can do it!
Doble Pletina - Hacer algo
Doble Pletina - Error de cálculo
Doble Pletina - Rendez-vous
Doble Pletina - Cruzo los dedos
The Dominoes - Three Coins in the Fountain
Toumani Diabaté & Sidiki Diabaté - Rachid Ouiguini
Chano Domínguez - Solo con verte
Desiderii Marginis - The Bitter Potion
Desiderii Marginis - Night Pretenders
Chano Domínguez - Tu enciendes las estrellas-Turn off the stars
Dehydrated - Alive Underground
Dehydrated - Die Angst
Dom Zilla - Cold
Don't Wake Aislin - But, Oh for wings like a dove
Don't Wake Aislin - to escape the tempest and storm
Don't Wake Aislin - Then the sun will rise and the flower withers
Don't Wake Aislin - Through the Oppression by the wicked
Don't Wake Aislin - Clear Skies Are Hard To Find
Don't Wake Aislin - the moon keeps track of the seasons
Don't Wake Aislin - Mighty To Save
DMS - Takin Ends
Dina Hayek - Darb El Hawa
Dispatch - Here We Go
Dispatch - Bats in the Belfry
Dispatch - The General
Dispatch - Bang Bang
Dispatch - Mission
Dispatch - Two Coins
Dispatch - Railway
Dispatch - The Way It Goes
Dispatch - Steeples
Dispatch - Past the Falls
Dispatch - Water Stop
Dispatch - Flying Horses
Dispatch - Questioned Apocalypse
Dispatch - Mayday
Dispatch - Born Normal
Dispatch - Bridges
Dispatch - Walk With You
Dispatch - Elias
Dispatch - Other Side
Dispatch - Craze
Dispatch - Open Up
Dispatch - Just Like Larry
Dispatch - Time Served
Dispatch - Even
Dispatch - Passerby
Dispatch - Carry You
Dispatch - Lightning
Dispatch - Prince of Spades
Dispatch - Parade Speed
Dispatch - Headlights
Dispatch - Cover This
Dispatch - Riddle
Dispatch - Ride a Tear
Dispatch - Bulletholes
Dispatch - Fallin'
Dispatch - Outloud
Don Salsa - [untitled]
Dominia - Judgement
Dominia - Behind the Universe
Dominia - Harvester
Dominia - Angels' Suicide
Dominia - Inside of Me
Dominia - Exodus
Dominia - Rosemary's Child
Dominia - The Beginning
Dominia - The Prophecy
Dominia - With Pain Into Eternity
Dominia - Burial of Reasons
Dominia - The Darkness of Bright Life
Dominia - God Is a Brand
Dominia - Beautiful Innocence
Dominia - Save Yourself
Dominia - The Punishment
Dominia - Everyone Else
Dominia - Death Only
Dominia - The Shadow of the Lost Prophet
Dominia - Mother Plague
Dominia - Unseen Artist Realm
Dominia - Your Senseless Hope
Dominia - The Final Trip
Dominia - A Murderer
Dominia - In Solitude
Dominia - Mountains of God's Depression (demo 2004)
Dominia - Poison (demo 2003)
Dominia - Cellar Door
Dominia - Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Dominia - Runaway
Dominia - Simple Thing
Dominia - The Beginning / In Black
Dispatch - Circles Around the Sun
Dispatch - Not Messin'
Dispatch - Get Ready Boy
Dispatch - Sign of the Times
Dispatch - Josaphine
Dispatch - Flag
Dispatch - Come to Me
Dispatch - Never or Now
Dispatch - We Hold a Gun
Dispatch - Feels So Good
Dispatch - What Do You Wanna Be
Dispatch - Hubs
Dispatch - Cut It Ya Match It
Dispatch - 5/4 Here We Go
Dispatch - Beto
Dispatch - Broken American
Dispatch - Con Man
Dispatch - Melon Bend
Dispatch - Valentine
Dispatch - General
Dispatch - Hey...Hey...
Dispatch - Bridges (Strength in Numbers)
Dispatch - Turn This Ship Around
Dispatch - War
Dispatch - Bats
Dispatch - Railway Station
Dispatch - Gone
The Dingoes - Way Out West
Doctor Döblingers geschmackvolles Kasperltheater - Der Umgang (gesungen vom Kasperl und Seppl)
Doctor Döblingers geschmackvolles Kasperltheater - Alle Miteinand
Doctor Döblingers geschmackvolles Kasperltheater - "Das Kriminelle" gesungen von Wänzerödl
The Dismasters - Small Time Hustler (a cappella)
Dolores Duran - Quem Foi?
Dolores Duran - Que Murmurem
Dolores Duran - Coisas De Mulher
Dolores Duran - Conceição
Dolores Duran - Se Papai Fosse Eleito
Dolores Duran - Mi Último Fracasso
Dolores Duran - Estatuto De Boite
Dolores Duran - Onde Estará Meu Amor?
Dolores Duran - Sabra Dios
Dolores Duran - Não Me Culpes
Dolores Duran - Conversa De Botequim
Dolores Duran - Estranho Amor
Dolores Duran - Esquecimento
Dolores Duran - Escurinho
Dolores Duran - Solidão
Dolores Duran - Viva Meu Samba
Dolores Duran - A noite do meu bem
Dolores Duran - A fia de Chico Brito
Dolores Duran - Canção da volta
Diesel - Man Alive
Diesel - Tip of My Tongue
Diesel - Too Much of a Good Thing
Diesel - One More Time
Diesel - Faith and Gasoline
Diesel - Cryin' Shame
Diesel - Never Miss Your Water
Diesel - 15 Feet of Snow
Diesel - Please Send Me Someone to Love
Diesel - Getta Kick
Diesel - It Hurts Me Too
Dodgy - In a Room
Dodgy - One of Those Rivers
Dodgy - Long Life
Dodgy - Staying Out for the Summer
Dodgy - Melodies Haunt You
Dodgy - What Have I Done Wrong?
Dodgy - Grassman
Dodgy - (Get Off Your) High Horse
Dodgy - Grand Old English Oak Tree
Dodgy - Making the Most of..
Dodgy - Stand By Yourself
Dodgy - We're Not Going To Take This Anymore
Disconvenience - I Blame You
Disconvenience - Rotterdam
Doe Maar - Watje
Doe Maar - Een droom
Doe Maar - Oorlog
Doe Maar - Hetzelfde meisje
Doe Maar - Overspel
Doe Maar - Leven met een zeven
Doe Maar - Het verschikkelijke jaar
Doe Maar - Het beste
Doe Maar - De kater
Doe Maar - Bij elkaar
Doe Maar - Niet nodig
Doe Maar - Dansmuziek
Doe Maar - Silhouet
Doe Maar - Klaar
Doe Maar - Sinds 1 dag of 2 (32 jaar)
Doe Maar - Smoorverliefd
Doe Maar - Tijd genoeg
Doe Maar - Belle Hélène
Doe Maar - Doris Day
Doe Maar - Ruma Saja
Doe Maar - Nederwiet
Doe Maar - Heroïne
Doe Maar - Doe maar net alsof
Doe Maar - De bom
Doe Maar - Macho
Doe Maar - Nooit meer slapen
Doe Maar - 1 nacht alleen
Doe Maar - Alles gaat voorbij
Doe Maar - Anita
Doe Maar - Radeloos
Doe Maar - De eerste X
Doe Maar - Bang
Doe Maar - Regen
Doe Maar - Okee
Doe Maar - He, he
Doe Maar - Wegwerpaansteker
Doe Maar - Grote broer
Doe Maar - Dansen met Alice
Doe Maar - Ik zou het willen doen
Doe Maar - Nachtmerrie (Op hol)
Doe Maar - Als de morgen komt
Doe Maar - Politiek man
Doe Maar - Je loopt je lul achterna
Doe Maar - De laatste X
Doe Maar - Wat ze doet
Doe Maar - Mis
Doe Maar - Whisky Coke
Doe Maar - Karneval
Doe Maar - Zoek het zelf maar uit
Doe Maar - Lajeninaja
Doe Maar - Je liet me staan
Doe Maar - Dans met mij
Doe Maar - Winnetoe
Doe Maar - Nix voor jou
Doe Maar - Vergeet me
Doe Maar - Te laat
Doe Maar - Het leven gaat door, er verandert niks
Doe Maar - Wees niet bang voor mijn lul
Doe Maar - Situatie
Doe Maar - O.K.
Doe Maar - All E.S. (Is dit alles)
Doeman - Andele
Doe Maar - OK
Doe Maar - Is dit alles?
Doe Maar - KAA (Nachtmerrie)
Doe Maar - Blozen
Doe Maar - Man o man
Doe Maar - Skunk
The Dixie Aces - Hati Jang Luka
The Dixie Aces - Stupid Cupid
Doe Maar - Sinds een dag of twee (32 jaar)
Doe Maar - Sinds 1 dag of 2
Doe Maar - Rumah saya
Doe Maar - 1+1=3
Doe Maar - Aan de bewoners van dit pand
Doe Maar - Als niet als
Doe Maar - Nachtmerrie
Doe Maar - Niks voor jou
Doe Maar - Het leven gaat door, er verandert niets
Doe Maar - Doe maar net alsof je neus bloed
Doe Maar - Verdomme, ik doe het niet alleen
Paul Dolden - Physics of Seduction. Invocation #2
The Dissociatives - We're Much Preferred Customers
The Dissociatives - Somewhere Down the Barrel
The Dissociatives - Horror With Eyeballs
The Dissociatives - Forever and a Day
The Dissociatives - Aaängry Megaphone Man
The Dissociatives - Sleep Well Tonight
The Dissociatives - Young Man, Old Man, (You Ain't Better Than the Rest)
DJ Melodie - How Can I Forget You
DJ Melodie - Crazy Baby
DJ Melodie - Missing You
DJ Melodie - Tell Me Why
Doctor P feat. Ce'Cile - Galaxies & Stars
Julia Donaldson - The snail and the whale song
Julia Donaldson - The snail and the whale story with sound effects and music
Julia Donaldson - Room on the Broom Song
Doktor Kosmos - Blåvita flingor
Doktor Kosmos - Rymdemannen
Doktor Kosmos - Halva inne
Doktor Kosmos - Dom glada rymdemännen
Doktor Kosmos - Kom igen
Doktor Kosmos - Dagen
Doktor Kosmos - Stålis
Doktor Kosmos - Mayday
Doktor Kosmos - Doornas sång
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Knark
Doktor Kosmos - Seriöst är värdelöst
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos är kung
Doktor Kosmos - Det sociala arvet
Doktor Kosmos - Göra nåt eget
Doktor Kosmos - Böghockeyns dag
Doktor Kosmos - Rymdeman Rymdeman
Doktor Kosmos - Rymdefärden
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos spelar på Pepsifestivalen
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos lägger upp en mediestrategi
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos släpper en skiva
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos gör en låt
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos spelar på Ung Vänsters sommarläger
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos spelar på Tensta torg
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos skriver ett öppet brev till sina fans
Doktor Kosmos - Ouvertyr
Doktor Kosmos - Hoten
Doktor Kosmos - Cash Is King
Doktor Kosmos - Tjejerna
Doktor Kosmos - Hjälp
Doktor Kosmos - Mobbaren
Doktor Kosmos - Rockenrollen
Doktor Kosmos - Rymdefixet
Doktor Kosmos - Dåliga stället
Doktor Kosmos - Slåss
Doktor Kosmos - Rymdetrippen
Doktor Kosmos - Le Punkrocker
Doktor Kosmos - Borgarsvin
Doktor Kosmos - Länderna
Doktor Kosmos - På låtsas och på riktigt
Doktor Kosmos - Högstadiepersonerna
Doktor Kosmos - Push-Up
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Knark Is Back in the Town
Doktor Kosmos - Utbildningen
Doktor Kosmos - Söndag 26 oktober 1997
Doktor Kosmos - Alkoholen
Doktor Kosmos - Stoppa valfriheten
Doktor Kosmos - Fight in the Night
Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Vänster
The Ditty Bops - Moon Over the Freeway
The Ditty Bops - Angel With an Attitude
The Ditty Bops - Fall Awake
The Ditty Bops - Aluminum Can
The Ditty Bops - Fish to Fry
The Ditty Bops - In the Meantime
The Ditty Bops - It's a Shame
The Ditty Bops - Growing Upside Down
The Ditty Bops - Nosy Neighbor
The Ditty Bops - Your Head's Too Big
The Ditty Bops - Love Letters
The Ditty Bops - Charlotte
The Ditty Bops - Walk or Ride
The Ditty Bops - Ooh La La
The Ditty Bops - Breeze Black Night
The Ditty Bops - Gentle Sheep
The Ditty Bops - Pale Yellow
The Ditty Bops - There's a Girl
The Ditty Bops - Unfortunate Few
The Ditty Bops - Short Stacks
The Ditty Bops - Wake Up
The Ditty Bops - Summer Rains
The Ditty Bops - What Happened to the Radio
The Ditty Bops - The Next Best Thing
The Ditty Bops - Because We Do
The Ditty Bops - I Stole Your Wishes
The Ditty Bops - All Over You
The Ditty Bops - The Weeds Are Winning
The Ditty Bops - Orange Sun
The Ditty Bops - Dancing in the Moon
The Ditty Bops - Wake Up / In the Life You Wrote
Doktor Kosmos - Min enda religion
Doktor Kosmos - En pappa
Doktor Kosmos - Arbetslös i Borås
Doktor Kosmos - Ett enkelt svar
Doktor Kosmos - Känsloklubben
Doktor Kosmos - Dom ljuger!
Doktor Kosmos - Jan Myrdals syn på döden
Doktor Kosmos - Hjärndöd
Doktor Kosmos - Haschtomte
Doktor Kosmos - Jag älskar dig
Doktor Kosmos - Å vem fan e du?
Doktor Kosmos - Imorron
Doktor Kosmos - Lesbian Wannabe
Doktor Kosmos - Katinka Taikon
Doktor Kosmos - Dum i huvet
Doktor Kosmos - Kontaktannons
Doktor Kosmos - En kärlekshistoria
Doktor Kosmos - Krig är mord
Doktor Kosmos - När min pojke går på stan
Doktor Kosmos - Vill ni ha det som i Sovjet eller vaddå?
Doktor Kosmos - Jag låg med henne i Tjeckoslovakien
Doktor Kosmos - Bredäng centrum
Doktor Kosmos - Eurovision Socialist Contest 2001
Doktor Kosmos - Kapitalist! Nu ska du dö!
Doktor Kosmos - Jimi Tenor och Kennet Johnsson
Doktor Kosmos - Ante
Doktor Kosmos - Familjefrågan
Doktor Kosmos - Känslorna
Doktor Kosmos - Ang. hat
Doktor Kosmos - Kaj och jag
Doktor Kosmos - En grej som hände för elva år sen
Doktor Kosmos - Ett meddelande från Doktor Kosmos
Doktor Kosmos - Do You Remember?
Doktor Kosmos - Don't Look at Photographs
Doktor Kosmos - Holiday
Doktor Kosmos - Krazy Negroes Eating Magic Mushrooms Watching TV Clapping Their Hands When Harold Lloyd Appears at t
Doktor Kosmos - Elevator Bossa
Doktor Kosmos - Yes It Is Many Times You Doubt on the Human
Doktor Kosmos - Streets of Bronx
Doktor Kosmos - Dance Dance Dance
Doktor Kosmos - Noone at Home
Doktor Kosmos - Familjefrågan (elektroversionen)
Doktor Kosmos - Porno-Person
Doktor Kosmos - Le Petit Communiste
Kris De Bruyne - Castelli di Cannero
Kris De Bruyne - 's Nachts als het donker is
Kris De Bruyne - De Ebbenhout Blues
Kris De Bruyne - Amsterdam
Kris De Bruyne - Lydia d'Ile d'Yeu
Kris De Bruyne - Waesland
Kris De Bruyne - Nul Komma Nul
Kris De Bruyne - Prachtig nieuw lief
Kris De Bruyne - Vilvoorde City
Kris De Bruyne - Als ik ooit voor de keuze stond
Kris De Bruyne - Ballerina's
Kris De Bruyne - Je suis gaga
Julie Delpy - My Dear Friend
Julie Delpy - Mr Unhappy
Julie Delpy - Lame Love
Julie Delpy - Ready to Go
Julie Delpy - Je t'aime tant
Julie Delpy - Something a Bit Vague
Julie Delpy - Black and Gray
Julie Delpy - A Waltz for a Night
Julie Delpy - She Don't Care
Julie Delpy - And Together
Julie Delpy - An Ocean Apart
Julie Delpy - Time to Wake Up
Dirty on Purpose - No Radio
Dirty on Purpose - Lake Effect
Dirty on Purpose - Light Pollution
Dirty on Purpose - Spider Eyes
Dirty on Purpose - Like Bees
Dirty on Purpose - Audience in the Room (band demo)
Dirty on Purpose - Mind Blindness
Dirty on Purpose - Send Me an Angel
Dominguinhos, Sivuca & Oswaldinho - Eu Só Quero Um Xodó
Natali Dizdar - Ne daj
Natali Dizdar - Zamijenit ću te gorim
Natali Dizdar - Neki drugi dan
Divine Sounds - What People Do for Money
Dommin - My Heart, Your Hands
Dommin - New
Dommin - Tonight
Dommin - Love Is Gone
Dommin - Dark Holiday
Dommin - Without End
Dommin - Closure
Dommin - Making the Most
Dommin - One Feeling
Dommin - I Still Lost
Dommin - Honestly
Dommin - These New Demons
Dommin - The Quiet Man
Dommin - Falling Into Ashes
Dommin - My Reality
Dommin - Next Day Apologies
Dommin - Damsel In Distress
Dommin - Dyin' On the Radio
Dommin - Awake
Dommin - You can't Love
Dommin - Drama Days
Dommin - The Scene
Dommin - Remember
Dommin - (I Just) Died in Your Arms
Dommin - Heaven's Sake
Dem Franchize Boyz - My Music
Dem Franchize Boyz feat. Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat & Bow Wow - I Think They Like Me
Dem Franchize Boyz - Ridin' Rims
Dem Franchize Boyz - The High
Dem Franchize Boyz - You Know What It Is
Dem Franchize Boyz feat. Peanut & Charlay - Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It
Dem Franchize Boyz - Freaky as She Wanna Be
Dem Franchize Boyz - Give Props
Dem Franchize Boyz - Suckas Come and Try Me
Dem Franchize Boyz - Don't Play With Me
Dem Franchize Boyz - Mr. Feel Good
Dem Franchize Boyz - Come Come
Dem Franchize Boyz - Talkin' Out Da Side of Ya Neck!
Dem Franchize Boyz - Roll Ya Arms
Dem Franchize Boyz - #1 Girl
Dem Franchize Boyz - They Don't Like That
Dem Franchize Boyz - Fight
Dem Franchize Boyz - Bitch Nigga
Dem Franchize Boyz - Do Ya Dance Girl
Dem Franchize Boyz - Slap Ya Witta Bank
Dem Franchize Boyz - White Tee
Dem Franchize Boyz - Where I'm From
Dem Franchize Boyz - When Can We Date
Dem Franchize Boyz - Oh I Think Dey Like Me
Dem Franchize Boyz - Stop Callin' Me (Explicit)
Dem Franchize Boyz - White Tees
Dem Franchize Boyz - Dat's Da Way Dey Roll
Dem Franchize Boyz - 45's, Choppaz & 9's
Dem Franchize Boyz - Hit Da Dirt
Dolores Delirio - ¿No ves el sol?
Dolores Delirio - Paisaje azul
Dolores Delirio - Carmen (El dolor)
Dolores Delirio - Viento satélite
Dolores Delirio - Depresión
Dolores Delirio - Dame
Dolores Delirio - Pastilla
Dolores Delirio - Escenas de adiós
Dolores Delirio - Espiral
Dolores Delirio - Doble moral
Dolores Delirio - Orilla
Dolores Delirio - Silencio
Dolores Delirio - Péndulo
Dolores Delirio - Al acecho
Dolores Delirio - Carmen
Dolores Delirio - Juramento
Dolores Delirio - Timidez
Dolores Delirio - Uña y carne
Dolores Delirio - Locura
Dolores Delirio - Lágrima
Dolores Delirio - A solas
Dolores Delirio - Volar
Dolores Delirio - Valor
Dolores Delirio - Obsesión pagana
Dirt Devils - Music Is Life (original 12")
Dolores Delirio - Histeria
Dewald Dippenaar - Vier Seisoene in 'n Dag
Alejandro Dolina - Esclavo
Alejandro Dolina - Tarjeta postal
Division S - March of Hatred
Division S - Light of Lights
Division S - Hypocrisy
Don Joe & Shablo - Le leggende non muoiono mai (Thori & Rocce Anthem)
Don Joe & Shablo - La guerra dei poveri
Don Joe & Shablo - Dai dai dai
Don Joe & Shablo - L'ultimo giorno che ho
Don Joe & Shablo - Perchè posso
Don Joe & Shablo - Primo carnera
Don Joe & Shablo - Sono ancora qui
Don Joe & Shablo - Grand Prix
Don Joe & Shablo - Senza un domani
Don Joe & Shablo - Vinci o perdi
Don Joe & Shablo - Guarda bene
Don Joe & Shablo - Fuori luogo
Don Joe & Shablo - Non mi fido di questo sistema
Don Joe & Shablo - Sopranos
Destiny’s Child feat. Static - Say My Name
Dolhai Attila - Gyere már
Dolhai Attila - Keresem, kutatom
Doctorella - Bring mich nach Paris
Doctorella - Liebe Stadt
Doctorella - Ich hol dich aus dem Irrenhaus
Doctorella - Zwei Engel, ein Verbot
Doctorella - Mädchen auf der Schaukel (Only you)
Doctorella - Lass uns Märchenwesen sein!
Doctorella - Sheena loves the singer
Doctorella - Drogen und Psychologen, Ihr habt mich nur belogen!
Doctorella - Wandern durch die Nacht
Doctorella - Die Reichen tragen schwarz
Doctorella - Like a black butterfly
Doctorella - Träum den übernächsten Traum
DJKFX - K Project
Dieudonné - Code de la route
Gaetano Donizetti - Don Pasquale: Act 1 - Bella Siccome Un Angelo
Gaetano Donizetti - Don Pasquale: Act 1 - Quel Gaurdo Il Cavaliere
Gaetano Donizetti - Don Pasquale: Act 3 - Tornami A Dir Che M'Ami
Gaetano Donizetti - L'Elisir d'Amore: Act II, Scene 7. "Una furtiva lagrima"
Detect - THE DENTISTS “I had an excellent dream”
Gaetano Donizetti - Maria Stuarda: Act 2. Nella pace del mesto riposo
Gaetano Donizetti - La lontananza
Denzil - Useless
Dolcenera - Mai più noi due
Dolcenera - Qualche volta
Dolcenera - Sei bellissima
Dolcenera - Tutto è niente
Dolcenera - Un mondo perfetto
Dolcenera - Lulù & Marlene
Dolcenera - Passo dopo passo
Dolcenera - Com'eri tu
Dolcenera - Pensiero stupendo
Dolcenera - Continua
Dolcenera - Portami via
Dolcenera - Giusta o sbagliata
Dolcenera - Resta come sei
Dolcenera - Il popolo dei sogni
Dolcenera - E la luna sale su
Dolcenera - Emozioni
Dolcenera - La più bella canzone d'amore che c'è
Dolcenera - Il mio amore unico
Dolcenera - Un dolce incantesimo
Dolcenera - Dolcemente come niente
Dolcenera - Chi decide...
Dolcenera - Date a Cesare
Dolcenera - Come un sole splendido
Dolcenera - Oltre le stelle
Dolcenera - Giorni d'estate
Dolcenera - Fino a domani
Dolcenera - Il sole di domenica
Dolcenera - La preghiera di Virginia
Dolcenera - Niente al mondo
Dolcenera - Immenso
Dolcenera - Un peccato
Dolcenera - Figli del caos
Dolcenera - Accendi lo spirito
Dolcenera - Ora o mai più (Le cose cambiano)
Dolcenera - Credo
Dolcenera - 2vite
Dolcenera - Il viaggio
Dolcenera - 100 mila watt
Dolcenera - Fantastica
Dolcenera - L'anima in una lacrima
Dolcenera - Universale
Dolcenera - Ora o mai più (Le cose cambiano) [Unplugged]
Dolcenera - Devo andare al mare
Dolcenera - Dolcissimo
Dolcenera - Siamo tutti là fuori
Dolcenera - Ansia metafisica
Dolcenera - Sorriso nucleare
Dolcenera - Io mi piaccio
Dolcenera - Piccola stella senza cielo
Dolcenera - Emozioni (dal vivo)
Dolcenera - Come un sole splendente
Dolcenera - Un giorno strano
Dolcenera - Un sogno di libertà
Dolcenera - Piove
Dolcenera - Come è straordinaria la vita
Dolcenera - Come un'aquila
Dolcenera - Ci vediamo a casa
Dolcenera - Com'è straordinaria la vita (pianovocecolori)
DJ Raff - Latino & Proud
DJ Raff - I Need A Beat
DJ Raff - Desde EI Cuarto De Maquinas feat. Chico Claudio
Gaetano Donizetti - La fille du régiment, Act I: Ah! mes amis, quel jour de fête!
Gaetano Donizetti - Soffriva Nel Pianto (Lucia)
Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor, Act One: Per te d'immenso giubilo
Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor, Act One: Edgardo!
Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor, Act One: Chi mi frena in tal momento
Gaetano Donizetti - L'elisir d'amore: Act II. Una furtiva lagrima
Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor: Oh giusto cielo!
Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor: Mad Scene - Ohimè! Sorge il tremendo fantasma...
Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor: Act I. "Ah! Veranna a te sull'aure"
Disparaged - Serpent's Tongue
Disparaged - Souvenir
Disparaged - Bloodstained Hands
Disparaged - Salvation
Disparaged - Confide In Me
The Disables - Reason for the Treason
The Disables - Goodna
The Disables - The Girls Don’t Like Us Cause We Don’t Play Football
DJ W!LD - Love Every Day
Deke Dickerson - Hot Rodder's Lament
Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby
Eric Donaldson - Got to Get You Off My Mind
Eric Donaldson - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Eric Donaldson - Love of the Common People
Eric Donaldson - Blue Boots
Eric Donaldson - Norma Jean
Eric Donaldson - Rock Me Gently
Eric Donaldson - Land of My Birth
Eric Donaldson - Come Home
Eric Donaldson - Cinderella
Eric Donaldson - Happy Man
Eric Donaldson - More Love
Eric Donaldson - Second Time
Eric Donaldson - Sweet Jamaica
Eric Donaldson - The Price
Eric Donaldson - What You’re Doing to Me
Eric Donaldson - Jah Love
Eric Donaldson - Wonderful World
Eric Donaldson - If I Were Loving You
Eric Donaldson - Stand Up
Eric Donaldson - I Think I Love You
Eric Donaldson - Follow Me
Eric Donaldson - Look What You Have Done
Eric Donaldson - Back Hitters
Eric Donaldson - Dangerous
Eric Donaldson - 100% Love
Dominus - Tears in Black
Dominus - Bring Down the Roars
Dominus - Spiritual Mountain
Dominus - View to the Dim
Dominus - Lost Behind Scars
Dominus - A Sign From the Cryptic Winter
Dominus - The Blaze of Valhalla
Dominus - Sideral Path of Colours
Dominus - Dancing With Magic
Dominus - Soul Damnation
Dominus - Final Journey
Dominus - The Burning Maid
Dominus - Ancient Emperor
Dominus - Next Living Obliging
Dominus - Confront the 9
Dominus - Second Palace
Dominus - The Crystal Demon
Dominus - Final Journey, Part II
Dominus - No Matter What
Dominus - Swine for a While, Pigs for a Week
Dominus - The Path
Dominus - Give Me the Reason
Dominus - Beat, Booze, the Hooker's Lose
Dominus - Action Please
Dominus - How Sweet They Kill
Dominus - From the Cradle Goes the Bell
Dominus - The Call
Dominus - Symphony of the Goddess (intro)
Dominus - Thine
Dominus - The Act of Organic Plastic
Dominus - Seed From Beast
Dominus - Manipulated Destiny
Dominus - Call #3
Dominus - Hypercane
Dominus - The Face That Wouldn't Show
Dominus - Antichrist
Dominus - Cabbage
Dominus - To Seek Her Scent
Dominus - Angelsitter
Eric Donaldson - You Got to Let Me Go
Eric Donaldson - Traffic Jam
Eric Donaldson - Look What You've Done
Eric Donaldson - Ball O'twine
Dom - Bochicha
Dom - Rude as Jude
Dom - Living in America
Dom - Jesus
Dom - Happy Birthday Party
Dom - Hunny
Dom - Burn Bridges
Dom - Some Boys
Dom - I Wonder
The Destro - Rivers Bottom
The Destro - Beast Burden
The Destro - The Offering
The Destro - Knife in Hand
The Destro - As the Coil Unwinds
The Destro - Bridges Will Burn
The Destro - Structures Collapse
The Destro - Sever the Ties
Dislaw - Anjing Perang
Dislaw - Anak Tuhan Asuhan Setan
Deryl Dodd - She'll Have You Back
Deryl Dodd - That's How I Got To Memphis
Deryl Dodd - One Ride In Vegas
Deryl Dodd - Honky Tonk Champagne
Deryl Dodd - Back To The Honky Tonks
Deryl Dodd - Friends Don't Drive Friends...
Deryl Dodd - Movin' Out To The Country
Deryl Dodd - Stayin' Is the Only Way To Go
Deryl Dodd - 13 MWZ
Deryl Dodd - Stronger Proof
Deryl Dodd - I'm Not Home Right Now
Deryl Dodd - Feels Like Home To Me
Deryl Dodd - It's Only 'Cause You're Lonely
Deryl Dodd - Who Am I
Deryl Dodd - Bad For Good
Deryl Dodd - Things Are Fixin' To Get Real Good
Deryl Dodd - John Rowland Wood
Deryl Dodd - New Tony Lamas
Dislike - Way of Slavery
Dislike - Hypocrisy
Dislike - Dislike
Dislike - Silent World
Dislike - Digital God
Dislike - Lifeless
Dislike - Nema boga
Dislike - Church
Dislike - Ti si mrtav
Dislike - Get Drunk
Dolly Mixture - Shonay Shonay
Dolly Mixture - Angel-Treads
Dolly Mixture - Everything and More (demo)
Nego do Borel - É Ele Mesmo
Nego do Borel - Cheguei no Pistão
Nego do Borel - Ah! Não, o Brinquedo Não!
Nego do Borel - Eu Duvido, Você Aguentar Uma Dessas
Nego do Borel - Olha pro DJ
Nego do Borel - Desce, Desce
Nego do Borel - Quero Usufruir
Nego do Borel - Diamante da Lama
Nego do Borel - Bonde dos Brabos
Nego do Borel - Os Caras do Momento
Nego do Borel - Paralisa e Depois Tu Quica
Nego do Borel - Redes Sociais
Nego do Borel - Brincadeira das Maravilhas (Eu Adoro, Eu Me Amarro)
Nego do Borel - Diamante de Lama
DJ Fresh feat. Dizzee Rascal - The Power [Andy C Remix]
Destra - Lost Bullet
Destra - Family Album (part one and two)
Destra - Darkness Land
Destra - Julie
Destra - Goodbye Blue Sky
Don Quishocking - Dingen die je niet meer ziet
Don Quishocking - Japie
Don Quishocking - Ik weet het nog precies
Don Quishocking - Collecte
Don Quishocking - Lieve jongen
Don Quishocking - Gewetensbezwaren
Don Quishocking - De K.
Don Quishocking - Boeken lenen
Don Quishocking - Oude school
Don Quishocking - Zonnig Mexico
Don Quishocking - De mooiste meid
DJ Doll - Jaane Do Na
DJ Doll - Dhal Gaya Din
DJ Doll - Neele Neele Ambar Par
DJ Doll - Hum Tum Gum Sum
DJ Doll - Tere Kaaran Mere Saajan
DJ Doll - Poochho Na Yaar Kya Hua
DJ Doll - Kaanta Laga Haye Laga
DJ Doll - Nahin Nahin Abhi Nahin
DJ Doll - Kaliyon Ka Chaman
DJ Doll - Roz Shaam Aati Thi
DJ Doll - Tere Mere Honthon Pe
DJ Doll - Do Ghoont Mujhe Bhi Pila
Deviates - My Life
Deviates - One Day
Deviates - Should...
Deviates - This Town
Deviates - Classes
Deviates - Midline
Deviates - Land of Opportunities
Deviates - Who's Johnny?
Deviates - Playing to Lose
Deviates - We Grew Up
Deviates - Maybe Tomorrow
Deviates - What I've Heard
Deviates - There For Me
Deviates - I Hate (Teen Angst)
Deviates - Turn It Down
Deviates - Twice as Nice
Deviates - One in Ten
Deviates - So I Become
Deviates - Time Is the Distance
Deviates - No Mistake
Deviates - Disclaimer
Deviates - Grounded
Deviates - Start Again
Deviates - Profile
Deviates - My Crime
DJ Cruzfader - Xeg
Dirty Fonzy - Playing Punk Songs
Don & Juan - Magic Wand
Donna Summer - Whatever Your Heart Desires
Don & Dewey - Farmer John
Don & Dewey - Just a Little Lovin'
Don & Dewey - Big Boy Pete
Plácido Domingo - Sous le ciel de Paris
Plácido Domingo - Time After Time
Plácido Domingo - Un uomo tra la folla
Plácido Domingo - La Chanson des vieux amants
Plácido Domingo - Come What May (from Moulin Rouge)
Plácido Domingo - Besame Mucho
Plácido Domingo - Il mio cuore va (My Heart Will Go On)
Plácido Domingo - Paloma querida
Plácido Domingo - La malagueña
Plácido Domingo - La rondalla
Plácido Domingo - Ella
Plácido Domingo - ¡Ay, Jalisco no te rajes!
Plácido Domingo - Turandot: "Nessun Dorma"
Ruggero Leoncavallo - I Pagliacci: "Vesti la giubba"
Plácido Domingo - Aquellos ojos verdes
Plácido Domingo - La flor de la canela / Que nadie sepa mi sufrir / Amarraditos
Plácido Domingo - Manhâ de carnaval / Aquarela do Brasil
Plácido Domingo - Sabrás que te quiero
Plácido Domingo - Adiós
Doismileoito - A Ponte Findling
Doismileoito - Acordes Com Arroz
Doismileoito - Bem Melhor 12200074
Doismileoito - Engate Ao Espelho
Plácido Domingo - Aranjuez
Plácido Domingo - Torna a surriento
Plácido Domingo - To yasemi
Plácido Domingo - Reginella
Dlux - Encadenadas
Dlux - Atracción
Dlux - Nada sale bien
Dlux - De rumbas
Dlux - Intro
Dlux - Alguien
Dlux - Si me esperas
Dlux - Este error
Dlux - Payasos
Dlux - Nada personal
Dlux - Mi cuerpo
Dlux - Que te vaya bien
Dlux - Mis días
Plácido Domingo - Rigoletto: "La donna è mobile"
Roberto Firpo - Alma de bohemio
Claude‐Joseph Rouget de l’Isle - La Marseillaise
Plácido Domingo - Marta
Plácido Domingo - Caminito
Plácido Domingo - Nostalgias
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Inwazja porywaczy ciał
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Idziemy po swoje
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Jak DJ rządzi woskiem
DonGURALesko & Matheo - My robimy te manewry tu 2 feat. Tede
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Świat jest nasz
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Yszty
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Teraz Ja Powiem Wam feat. Matheo
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Skit #1[WSZ]
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Dobrze o tym Wiesz feat. Qlop, Sheller
DonGURALesko & Matheo - Manewry (Screw And Chopped RMX) - Killaz Group feat. Ramona 23
Plácido Domingo - Love Story
Plácido Domingo - El Condor Pasa
Plácido Domingo - Somewhere, My Love
Plácido Domingo - Spanish Eyes
Plácido Domingo - Granada
Plácido Domingo - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Plácido Domingo - Amor, Vida de Mi Vida
Plácido Domingo - Dein ist mein ganzes Herz!
Plácido Domingo - Canto a Murcia / La Parranda / Alonso
Dirtmusic - Erica Moody
Dirtmusic - The Other Side
DIA - Lean On Me
DIA - Mr. Potter
Dominica - Gotta Let You Go (Rub-A-dub)
Céline Dion - It’s All Coming Back to Me Now
Céline Dion - Because You Loved Me
Céline Dion - Falling Into You
Céline Dion - Make You Happy
Céline Dion - Seduces Me
Céline Dion - All by Myself
Céline Dion - Declaration of Love
Céline Dion - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Céline Dion - Dreamin’ of You
Céline Dion - I Love You
Céline Dion - If That’s What It Takes
Céline Dion - I Don’t Know
Céline Dion - River Deep, Mountain High
Céline Dion - Your Light
Céline Dion - Call the Man
Céline Dion - Fly
Céline Dion - Taking Chances
Céline Dion - Alone
Céline Dion - My Love
Céline Dion - Shadow of Love
Céline Dion - Surprise Surprise
Céline Dion - This Time
Céline Dion - New Dawn
Céline Dion - A Song for You
Céline Dion - I Got Nothin’ Left
Céline Dion - Right Next to the Right One
Céline Dion - Fade Away
Céline Dion - Skies of L.A.
Céline Dion - Map to My Heart
Céline Dion - The Reason I Go On
Céline Dion - O Holy Night
Céline Dion - Blue Christmas
Céline Dion - Another Year Has Gone By
Céline Dion - Ave Maria
Céline Dion - Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)
Céline Dion - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
Céline Dion - Christmas Eve
Céline Dion - These Are Special Times
Céline Dion - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Céline Dion with R. Kelly - I’m Your Angel
Céline Dion - Feliz Navidad
Céline Dion - Les Cloches du hameau
Céline Dion - Misled
Céline Dion - Think Twice
Céline Dion - Everybody’s Talkin’ My Baby Down
Céline Dion - Next Plane Out
Céline Dion - Real Emotion
Céline Dion & Clive Griffin - When I Fall in Love
Céline Dion - Love Doesn’t Ask Why
Céline Dion - Refuse to Dance
Céline Dion - I Remember L.A.
Céline Dion - No Living Without Loving You
Céline Dion - Lovin’ Proof
Céline Dion - The Colour of My Love
Plácido Domingo - "Recitar!"-"Vesti la giubba"
Plácido Domingo - "Quando le sere al placido"
Plácido Domingo - "Dammi i colori!"-"Recondita armonia"
Plácido Domingo - La coscienza
Plácido Domingo - Aida: "Se quel guerrier io fossi! ... Celeste Aida"
Plácido Domingo - He Couldn't Love You More
Plácido Domingo - Sometime A Day Goes By
Plácido Domingo, John Denver - Perhaps Love
Plácido Domingo - An American Hymn
Plácido Domingo - Adoro
Plácido Domingo - Malaguena
Plácido Domingo - Dulcinea from Man of La Mancha
Plácido Domingo - The Impossible Dream (The Quest) from Man of La Mancha
Plácido Domingo - Perhaps Love
Céline Dion - Loved Me Back to Life
Céline Dion - Somebody Loves Somebody
Céline Dion - Breakaway
Céline Dion - Save Your Soul
Céline Dion - Didn’t Know Love
Céline Dion - Thank You
Céline Dion - Thankful
Céline Dion - At Seventeen
Céline Dion - Always Be Your Girl
Céline Dion - Unfinished Songs
Céline Dion - Love Is All We Need
Céline Dion - Faith
Céline Dion - In His Touch
Céline Dion - One Heart
Céline Dion - Naked
Céline Dion - Sorry for Love
Céline Dion - Have You Ever Been in Love
Céline Dion - Reveal
Céline Dion - Coulda Woulda Shoulda
Céline Dion - Forget Me Not
Céline Dion - I Know What Love Is
Céline Dion - Je ne vous oublie pas
Céline Dion - Tous les secrets
Céline Dion - Pour que tu m’aimes encore
Céline Dion - S’il suffisait d’aimer
Céline Dion feat. Garou - Sous le vent
Céline Dion - Tout l’or des hommes
Céline Dion - Je sais pas
Céline Dion - On ne change pas
Céline Dion - Destin
Céline Dion - Je lui dirai
Céline Dion - Les derniers seront les premiers
Céline Dion - Vole
Céline Dion - Ziggy (Un garçon pas comme les autres)
Céline Dion - L’amour existe encore
Céline Dion - I Believe in You
Céline Dion - Je danse dans ma tête
Céline Dion - On traverse un miroir
Céline Dion - Partout je te vois
Céline Dion - Le Blues du businessman
Céline Dion - Incognito
Céline Dion - Lolita (Trop jeune pour aimer)
Céline Dion - Mélanie
Céline Dion - Une colombe
Céline Dion - Ma chambre
Céline Dion - Fais ce que tu voudras
Céline Dion - Ce n’était qu’un rêve
Céline Dion - Introduction
Céline Dion - Show Some Emotion
Céline Dion - If You Asked Me To
Céline Dion - If You Could See Me Now
Céline Dion - Halfway to Heaven
Céline Dion - Did You Give Enough Love
Céline Dion - If I Were You
Céline Dion - Little Bit of Love
Céline Dion - With This Tear
Céline Dion - Where Does My Heart Beat Now
Ernesto Lecuona - Siboney
Carlos Gardel - Volver
Juan Carlos - Nostalgias
Osvaldo Fresedo - Vida mía
Carlos Gardel - Mi Buenos Aires querido
Plácido Domingo, Maureen McGovern - A Love Until the End of Time
Plácido Domingo - Annie's Song
Céline Dion - At Last
Céline Dion - I've Got the World on a String
Céline Dion - You and I (studio recording)
Céline Dion - Ain't Gonna Look the Other Way (studio recording)
Céline Dion - Le vol d’un ange
Céline Dion - Ne bouge pas
Céline Dion - Tu nages
Céline Dion - Retiens‐moi
Céline Dion - Mon homme
Céline Dion - Rien n’est vraiment fini
Céline Dion - Contre nature
Céline Dion - Des milliers de baisers
Céline Dion - Valse adieu
Céline Dion - Let's Talk About Love
Céline Dion - Dans un autre monde
Céline Dion - Je crois toi
Céline Dion - Terre
Céline Dion - J'irai où tu iras
Céline Dion - Pour que tu m'aimes encore
Céline Dion - La religieuse
Céline Dion - Avec toi
Céline Dion - Mon rêve de toujours
Céline Dion - Du soleil au cœur
Céline Dion - Un amour pour moi
Céline Dion - Hymne à l’amitié
Céline Dion - Je ne veux pas
Céline Dion - Ne me plaignez pas
Céline Dion - Trop jeune à dix sept ans
Plácido Domingo - Damisela encantadora
Plácido Domingo - Madre
Plácido Domingo - La tua semplicità
Plácido Domingo - Amore glorificato
Plácido Domingo - Adeste fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)
Plácido Domingo - Madrid
Plácido Domingo - Sevilla
Plácido Domingo - Silverio
Plácido Domingo - Ay, ay, ay (Spanish)
Céline Dion - Jours de fièvre
Céline Dion - Délivre-moi
Céline Dion - Comme un cœur froid
Céline Dion - Be the Man (On This Night)
Céline Dion - The Power of the Dream
Céline Dion - A New Day Has Come
Céline Dion - Calling You
Céline Dion - Elle
Plácido Domingo - Mamma
Plácido Domingo - Quiéreme Mucho (Roig/Bonnat)
Plácido Domingo - De México a Buenos Aires (Gregory/Domingo Ornelas)
Plácido Domingo - Granada (Lara)
Plácido Domingo - Tosca: E lucevan le stelle
Plácido Domingo - Il coraggio di dire ti amo (Have I the Courage to Say I Love You)
Céline Dion - Le monde est stone
Céline Dion - J'ai besoin d'un chum
Céline Dion - Quelqu'un que j'aime, quelqu'un qui m'aime
Céline Dion - Les Uns contre les autres
Céline Dion - Oxygène
Céline Dion - Immensité
Céline Dion - À cause
Céline Dion - Les Paradis
Céline Dion - Femme comme chacune
Céline Dion - Le Temps qui compte
Céline Dion - On s’est aimé à cause
Céline Dion - Berceuse
Céline Dion - Le Ballet
Céline Dion - Regarde‐moi
Céline Dion - Cherche encore
Céline Dion - J’attendais
Céline Dion - Prière païenne
Céline Dion - J’irai où tu iras
Céline Dion - Pour que tu m’aimes encore (clip)
Céline Dion - Je sais pas (clip)
Dionne Warwick - Once A Time (I Loved You)
Richie Havens - Dog In The Quicksand
Plácido Domingo - Tosca: Act III. "E lucevan le stelle" (Cavaradossi)
Plácido Domingo - Follow Me
Céline Dion - The Reason
Céline Dion - Immortality
Céline Dion - Treat Her Like a Lady
Céline Dion - Why Oh Why
Céline Dion - Love Is on the Way
Barbra Streisand & Céline Dion - Tell Him
Céline Dion - Amar haciendo el amor
Céline Dion - When I Need You
Céline Dion - Miles to Go (Before I Sleep)
Céline Dion - Us
Céline Dion - Just a Little Bit of Love
Céline Dion - Where Is the Love
Céline Dion - Let’s Talk About Love
Céline Dion - En amour pour moi
Céline Dion - Le Miracle
Céline Dion - Attendre
Céline Dion - Une chance qu'on s'a
Céline Dion - La Mer et l'Enfant
Céline Dion - Moi quand je pleure
Céline Dion - Celle qui m'a tout appris
Céline Dion - Je n'ai pas besoin d'amour
Céline Dion - Si je n'ai rien de toi
Céline Dion & Henri Salvador - Tant de temps
Céline Dion - Les Petits Pieds de Léa
Céline Dion - Ne me quitte pas
Céline Dion - Les Jours comme ça
Plácido Domingo - Just a Dream Away
Plácido Domingo - Yo seré tu primer hombre
Céline Dion - Zora sourit
Céline Dion - Je chanterai
Céline Dion - En attendant ses pas
Céline Dion - Papillon
Céline Dion - L’Abandon
Céline Dion - Sur le même bateau
Céline Dion - Tous les blues sont ecrits pour toi
Céline Dion - Because You Loved Me (theme from “Up Close & Personal”)
Céline Dion feat. The Bee Gees - Immortality
Céline Dion - There Comes a Time
Céline Dion - You and I
Céline Dion - Dance With My Father
Céline Dion & Andrea Bocelli - The Prayer
Céline Dion - I'm Your Angel
Céline Dion - I Knew I Loved You
Céline Dion - I Surrender
Plácido Domingo - In Fernam Land
Plácido Domingo - Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss
Plácido Domingo - Se me olvido otra vez
Plácido Domingo - Momma, quel vino è generoso
Plácido Domingo - Un di all'azzuro spazio
Plácido Domingo - Dammi i colori / Recondita armonia
Plácido Domingo - Vesti la giubba (Der Bajazzo)
Plácido Domingo - La tua semplicità (con Josh Groban)
Plácido Domingo - A Mother's Wonderment (con Katherine Jenkins)
Plácido Domingo - Ayudame Dios Mio
Plácido Domingo - Yo Sin Ti
Plácido Domingo - Verdi / La Traviata - Libiamo, ne' lieti calici
Plácido Domingo - Parla più piano
Plácido Domingo - Mémoires de Danton
Plácido Domingo - La boheme: Atto I. "Che gelida manina"
Plácido Domingo - L'elisir d'amore: "Una furtiva lagrima"
Plácido Domingo - O Lola, C´hai Di Latti
DMNDZ - Drop It
Céline Dion - C'est pour toi
Discovery Toys - One To Ten In Spanish
Discovery Toys - Buenos Dias
Céline Dion - It’s All Coming Back to Me Now / The Power of Love
Céline Dion - Bozo
Céline Dion - Je danse dans ma tête / Des mots qui sonnent / Incognito
Céline Dion - Love Can Move Mountains / River Deep Mountain High
Céline Dion - Regarde-moi
Céline Dion - Right in Front of You
Céline Dion - Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)
Céline Dion - Ten Days
Céline Dion - Prayer
Céline Dion - Aun existe amor
Céline Dion - The Greatest Reward
Céline Dion - If Walls Could Talk
Céline Dion - All the Way
Céline Dion - Then You Look at Me
Céline Dion - I Want You to Need Me
Céline Dion - When I Fall in Love
Céline Dion - Beauty and the Beast
Céline Dion - Because You Love Me
Céline Dion - Tell Him
Dog Bite - Forever, Until
Céline Dion - A quatre pas d'ici
Céline Dion - Just Walk Away
Céline Dion - If Love Is Out of the Question
Céline Dion - The Last to Know
Céline Dion - I'm Loving Every Moment With You
Céline Dion - Love by Another Name
Céline Dion - Unison
Céline Dion - I Feel Too Much
Céline Dion - If We Could Start Over
Céline Dion - Have a Heart
Céline Dion - Les oiseaux du bonxeur
Ral Donner - Because We're Young
Ral Donner - She's Everything
Ral Donner - (What a Sad Way) To Love Someone
Ral Donner - Please Don't Go
Ral Donner - Girl of My Best Friend
Céline Dion - Un enfant
Céline Dion - Promenade en traîneau
Céline Dion - Pourquoi je crois encore au Père Noël (conte)
Céline Dion - Joyeux Noël
Céline Dion - Céline et Pinotte (conte)
Céline Dion - Le conte de Karine (conte)