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Dekoy - Take the Pain
Dekoy - Shoot to Kill
Dekoy - Darkest Eve
Dekoy - Submission
The Charlie Daniels Band - No Potion for the Pain
The Charlie Daniels Band - To Be With Joanna Again
The Charlie Daniels Band - Stroker Ace
The Charlie Daniels Band - Legend of Wooley Swamp
Deja Vu feat. Tasmin - My Heart Will Go On
Charlie Daniels - Tennessee Two Step
The Charlie Daniels Band - Looking for My Mary Jane
The Charlie Daniels Band - Git Along Little Dogies
The Charlie Daniels Band - Cowboy Logic
The Charlie Daniels Band - Old Chisholm Trail
The Charlie Daniels Band - Saturday Night in Abilene
D‐Flame - Intro
D‐Flame - Basstard
D‐Flame - Sie macht mich glücklich
D‐Flame - Daddy Groove
D‐Flame - Sorry
D‐Flame - Wege
D‐Flame - Immer mehr
D‐Flame - Lebe deinen Traum
D‐Flame - Die Zukunft
D‐Flame - Heimatlos
D‐Flame - Die Wurzel
D‐Flame - Spiel des Lebens
D‐Flame - Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg
D‐Flame - Bleib Stark
D‐Flame - Ruhe in Frieden
D‐Flame - Kein Hass
D‐Flame - Herzlich Willkommen
D‐Flame - Mom Song
D‐Flame - Na und
D‐Flame - Stress
D‐Flame - Immer noch
D‐Flame - Backflash
D‐Flame - Gangsta
D‐Flame - Bruderbrief
D‐Flame - Ich will
D‐Flame - Stopp
D‐Flame - Kopf Hoch
D‐Flame - Polizisten
D‐Flame - Heisser - Intro
The Charlie Daniels Band - Slow Song
The Charlie Daniels Band - Turned My Head Around
The Charlie Daniels Band - Big Bad John
DANdadaDAN - Kuru Kuru
DANdadaDAN - Zın Zın
DANdadaDAN - Hayaletler
DANdadaDAN - Kutbu Kuzey
DANdadaDAN - Kız
DANdadaDAN - Aydınlıklar
DANdadaDAN - Kara Araba
Daisuck & Prostitute - M. U. R. A.
Dave Davies - Where Do You Come From?
Dave Davies - Doing the Best for You
Dave Davies - Visionary Dreamer
Dave Davies - Nothin' More to Lose
Dave Davies - See the Beast
Dave Davies - In You I Believe
Dave Davies - Glamour
Dave Davies - Reveal Yourself
Dave Davies - Too Serious
Dave Davies - Telepathy
Dave Davies - 7th Channel
Dave Davies - The Lie!
Dave Davies - Let Me Be
Dave Davies - Rock You, Rock Me
Dave Davies - Flowers in the Rain
Dave Davies - Fortis Green
Dave Davies - True Phenomenon
Dave Davies - Love Gets You
Dave Davies - This Man He Weeps Tonight
Dave Davies - Suzannah's Still Alive
Dave Davies - Hold My Hand
Wim De Craene - De Boudewijn de Eerste straat
Wim De Craene - Kroegen
Wim De Craene - De kleine man
Wim De Craene - De rode heuvel
Wim De Craene - ’t Is om de poen te doen
Wim De Craene - Ik sterf van dorst bij de fontein
Wim De Craene - Portret van gisteren
Wim De Craene - Rozane (instrumentaal, onuitgegeven opname)
Wim De Craene - Tim
Wim De Craene - Alles is nog bij het oude
Wim De Craene & Della Bosiers - Mensen van 18
Wim De Craene - Later op de avond
Wim De Craene - Loop maar even langs
Wim De Craene - Bongo boetiek
Wim De Craene - Laat me met je meegaan
Wim De Craene - Kristien (onuitgegeven demo versie)
Wim De Craene - Breek uit jezelf
Wim De Craene - Erik
Def Räädu feat. Chalice - Kaubamaja kärumees
Dave Davies - Creepin’ Jean
Dave Davies - Livin’ on a Thin Line
Dave Davies - All Day and All of the Night
Dave Davies - You Really Got Me
Dave Davies - She's Got Everything
Dave Davies - Love Me Till the Sun Shines
Dave Davies - Wicked Annabella
Dave Davies - One Night With You
Dave Davies - Money
Dave Davies - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
The Kinks - You Really Got Me
Dave Davies - Come on Now
Dave Davies - You Don't Know My Name
Dave Davies - Trust Your Heart
Dave Davies - The World Is Changing Hands
The Kinks - Milk Cow Blues
The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
The Kinks - Mindless Child of Motherhood
The Kinks - This Man He Weeps Tonight
The Kinks - Mr. Reporter
The Kinks - You Don't Know My Name
The Kinks - Living on a Thin Line
The Kinks - Perfect Strangers
The Kinks - Look Through Any Doorway
The Kinks - Close to the Wire
Dave Davies - Take One More Chance
Dave Davies - Charity
Dave Davies - Is It Any Wonder
Dave Davies - Cold Winter
Dave Davies - Fire Burning
Dave Davies - Eternity
The Charlie Daniels Band - Ain't No Law in California
The Charlie Daniels Band - Across the Line
The Charlie Daniels Band - The Martyr
The Charlie Daniels Band - How Much I Love You
The Charlie Daniels Band - Standing in the Rain
The Charlie Daniels Band - It's About Time
The Charlie Daniels Band - Sail Away
The Charlie Daniels Band - Sweetwater Texas
Wim De Craene - Rozanne
Darshan & Sanjeev - Teri Aankhon Mein
Darshan & Sanjeev - Aashiq Mujhe Aashiq
Darshan & Sanjeev - Tum Kya Jaano
Darshan & Sanjeev - Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai
Darshan & Sanjeev - Shukriya Shukriya
Darshan & Sanjeev - Sham Bhi Khoob Hai
Deacon Blue - Raintown
Deacon Blue - Ragman
Deacon Blue - He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
Deacon Blue - Loaded
Deacon Blue - When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
Deacon Blue - Chocolate Girl
Deacon Blue - Dignity
Deacon Blue - The Very Thing
Deacon Blue - Town to Be Blamed
Deacon Blue - Kings of the Western World
Deacon Blue - Queen of the New Year
Deacon Blue - Wages Day
Deacon Blue - Love and Regret
Deacon Blue - Sad Loved Girl
Deacon Blue - Fergus Sings the Blues
Deacon Blue - The World Is Lit by Lightning
Deacon Blue - One Hundred Things
Deacon Blue - Orphans
Deacon Blue - I Was Right and You Were Wrong
Deacon Blue - Your Town
Deacon Blue - Only Tender Love
Deacon Blue - Cover From the Sky
Deacon Blue - Bound to Love
Deacon Blue - Still in the Mood
Dave Davies - No More Mysteries
Dave Davies - Funny Face
Dave Davies - Whose Foolin' Who
The Charlie Daniels Band - Whiskey
The Charlie Daniels Band - Ragin' Cajun
The Charlie Daniels Band - Blowing Along With the Wind
The Charlie Daniels Band - Witchita Jail
The Charlie Daniels Band - Troubles of My Own
The Charlie Daniels Band - Oh Juanita
The Charlie Daniels Band - Sweet Little Country Girl
The Charlie Daniels Band - Alley Cat
The Charlie Daniels Band - What You Gonna Do About Me
The Charlie Daniels Band - San Miguel
The Charlie Daniels Band - Long Haired Country Boy (with Brooks & Dunn)
The Charlie Daniels Band - 5. Funky Junky
The Charlie Daniels Band - 3 Caballo Diablo
The Charlie Daniels Band - 1 Passing lane
The Charlie Daniels Band - 6 Long haired country boy
The Charlie Daniels Band - 4 Blind man
The Charlie Daniels Band - Mia
Deep Puddle Dynamics - Deep Puddle Theme Song
Deep Puddle Dynamics - The Candle
Deep Puddle Dynamics - Where the Wild Things Are
Deep Puddle Dynamics - The Scarecrow Speaks
Deep Puddle Dynamics - Heavy Ceiling
Deep Puddle Dynamics - C. Purpose
Deep Puddle Dynamics - I Am Hip Hop (Move the Crowd)
Deep Puddle Dynamics - Rainmen
Deep Puddle Dynamics - June 26th, 1998
Deep Puddle Dynamics - June 26th, 1999 - Purpose
Deacon Blue - Turn
Deacon Blue - The Rest
Deacon Blue - Laura From Memory
Deacon Blue - An Ocean
Deacon Blue - Win
Deacon Blue - Peace & Jobs & Freedom
Deacon Blue - Bethlehem's Gate
Deacon Blue - Cut Lip
Deacon Blue - All Over the World
The Decline - New Again
The Decline - Giving Up is a Gateway Drug
The Decline - Almost Never Met You
The Decline - The Blurst of Times
The Decline - You Call This A Holiday?
The Decline - Camberwell Street
The Decline - Broken Bones
The Decline - Wrecking Ball
The Decline - You're Not The Waitress
The Decline - Little Voices
The Decline - Start Again
The Decline - A Crash Course in Emotional English
The Decline - Showertime in the Slammer
The Decline - Excuse Me
The Decline - You Call This a Happy Meal?
The Decline - 66B
The Decline - Human Exports
The Decline - The Financial Equivalent of a Complete Rectal Exam
The Decline - Worlds Apart II
The Decline - Rooftops
The Decline - 2006
The Decline - Addison
Léa Deleau - Les Accidents d'amour
Léa Deleau - Ella elle l'a
Cleopatra Degher - Face to Face
Curse Your Name - Beyond the Flesh
Curse Your Name - Spark of Life
Curse Your Name - Endless Struggle
Curse Your Name - Remain Forever
Curse Your Name - Distant
Deacon Blue - Jesus Do Your Hands Still Feel the Rain
Deacon Blue - When You Are Young
Deacon Blue - Love's Great Fears
Deacon Blue - Plastic Shoes
Deacon Blue - A Brighter Star Than You Will Shine
Deacon Blue - Beautiful Stranger
Deacon Blue - All I Want
Deacon Blue - Walking Back Home
Deacon Blue - Fourteen Years
Deacon Blue - My America
Deacon Blue - Rae
Deacon Blue - Out There
Deacon Blue - This Train Will Take You Anywhere
Deacon Blue - Now That You're Here
Deacon Blue - Silverlake
Deacon Blue - A Is for Astronaut
Deacon Blue - Homesick
Deacon Blue - Even Higher Ground
Deacon Blue - I Am Born
Deacon Blue - Hey Craig
Deacon Blue - Peace and Jobs and Freedom
Darwin Song Project - Trust in the Rolling Ocean
Darwin Song Project - Heavy in My Hand
Darwin Song Project - Kingdom Come
Darwin Song Project - Jemmy Button
Darwin Song Project - The Earl of Darwin's Farewell / Save a Place
Darwin Song Project - Emma's Lullaby
Darwin Song Project - Clock of the World
Darwin Song Project - You May Stand Mute
De Wanderer - Himmlisch Jeck
Joris Delacroix - Take your time
Joris Delacroix - Backinbizness
De La Soul feat. B-Real - Peer Pressure
Deap Vally - End of the World
Deap Vally - Baby I Call Hell
Deap Vally - Gonna Make My Own Money
Deap Vally - Your Love
Deap Vally - Woman of Intention
Deap Vally - Royal Jelly
Deap Vally - Six Feet Under
Deap Vally - Procreate
Deacon Blue - Back Here in Beanoland
Deacon Blue - Let Your Hearts Be Troubled
Deacon Blue - Gentle Teardrops
Deacon Blue - Take Me to the Place
Deacon Blue - Don't Let the Teardrops Start
Deacon Blue - I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Deacon Blue - Waves of Sorrow
Deacon Blue - Mexico Rain
Deacon Blue - Goin' Back
Deacon Blue - Indigo Sky
Luvi De André - Lentamente
Decibully - On the Way to Your Hotel
Decibully - We Belong on Rooftops
Decibully - My Lighter and Strings
Decibully - Tied to the Rhythm
Decibully - Skipping Over Goodbye
Decibully - Small Circles
Decibully - Holy Angel Choir
Decibully - Uncle Sam's Yard
Decibully - Your Love Is a Tempo
Decibully - Beyond Hope
Decibully - I'm Gonna Tell You
Decibully - Penny Look Down
Deacon Blue - Every Time You Sleep
Deacon Blue - Rain Town
Deacon Blue - Jesus Do Your Hand's Still Feel the Rain
Deacon Blue - Almost Beautiful
Deacon Blue - Last Nigth I Dreamed of Henry Thomas
Deacon Blue - Ronnie Specter
Deacon Blue - Little Lincon
Deacon Blue - One Day I'll Go Walking
Deacon Blue - Beautifully Still
Deacon Blue - Good
Deacon Blue - Golden Bells
Deacon Blue - That Brilliant Feeling #2
Deacon Blue - Here on the Wind
Deacon Blue - Whe Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
Deacon Blue - Pimp Talking
Deacon Blue - I've Been Making Such a Fool
Deacon Blue - Will We Be Lovers (Spag Tek)
Deacon Blue - It's Not Funny Anymore
Deacon Blue - Twist and Shout (BBC Radio Theatre Nov. '99)
Decomposed - At Rest
Dear Wolf - Tracy Chapman Cover
La Década Prodigiosa - Mejor
La Década Prodigiosa - Drag Queens
Benedict Cumberbatch - Flat of Angels, Part 1
Benedict Cumberbatch - Flat of Angels, Part 2
La Década Prodigiosa - Licencia Para Bailar
La Década Prodigiosa - Orion
La Década Prodigiosa - No puedo decirte adiós
La Década Prodigiosa - Libertad
La Década Prodigiosa - Toda La Noche Sin Dormir
Buddy Davis - Billions of Dead Things
Daran et Les Chaises - Dormir dehors
Daran et Les Chaises - Les Nuits blanches
Death Dies - Sister of pain
Death Dies - Destroyer
Gavin DeGraw - Follow Through
Gavin DeGraw - Chariot
Gavin DeGraw - Just Friends
Gavin DeGraw - (Nice to Meet You) Anyway
Gavin DeGraw - Chemical Party
Gavin DeGraw - Belief
Gavin DeGraw - Crush
Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Want to Be
Gavin DeGraw - Meaning
Gavin DeGraw - More Than Anyone
Gavin DeGraw - Over-Rated
Gavin DeGraw - Sweeter
Gavin DeGraw - Run Every Time
Gavin DeGraw - Soldier
Gavin DeGraw - Candy
Gavin DeGraw - You Know Where I'm At
Gavin DeGraw - Stealing
Gavin DeGraw - Radiation
Gavin DeGraw - Where You Are
Gavin DeGraw - Spell It Out
Gavin DeGraw - In Love With a Girl
Gavin DeGraw - Next to Me (Wait a Minute Sister)
Gavin DeGraw - Cheated On Me
Gavin DeGraw - I Have You to Thank
Gavin DeGraw - Cop Stop
Gavin DeGraw - Young Love
Gavin DeGraw - Medicate the Kids
Gavin DeGraw - Relative
Gavin DeGraw - She Holds a Key
Gavin DeGraw - Untamed
Gavin DeGraw - Let It Go
Gavin DeGraw - We Belong Together
Gavin DeGraw - Best I Ever Had
Gavin DeGraw - Finest Hour
Gavin DeGraw - Fire
Gavin DeGraw - You Got Me
The Deadly Snakes - I Want to Die
The Deadly Snakes - Sissy Blues
The Deadly Snakes - High Prices Going Down
The Deadly Snakes - Gore Veil
The Deadly Snakes - So Young & So Cruel
The Deadly Snakes - By Morning, It's Gone
De Mens - Nooit genoeg
De Mens - Pijn - dronkenschap - verdriet
De Mens - Dit lawaai
De Mens - Haat je mij nog? (Of ben je mij al vergeten)
De Mens - Bemin me later
De Mens - Angst
De Mens - Hier komt mijn schip
De Mens - Nog een dag
De Mens - Ik besta
De Mens - Wals no.3
De Mens - Ik droomde dat ik sliep
De Mens - Kettingdromer
De Mens - Eenzaam onder de sterren
De Mens - Bleek
De Mens - DJ wanhoop
De Mens - Dit is mijn huis
De Mens - Vrijheid die niet eenzaam is
De Mens - Jeroen Brouwers (schrijft een boek)
De Mens - Almaar meer
De Mens - Je wordt er zo moe van
De Mens - Irene
De Mens - Een kwestie van techniek
De Mens - We komen goed
De Mens - Kan het nu?
De Mens - Is het dan alleen
De Mens - Maria zegt
De Mens - Mooiste van de klas
De Mens - Zonder verlangen
De Mens - De achterblijvers
De Mens - 1981
De Mens - Popkwiskampioen
De Mens - Feest
De Mens - In het jaar 3000
De Mens - Morgen zijn we dode blaren
De Mens - Waarom die gevoelens?
Dead Skeletons - Dead Mantra
Cyril Hahn - Slow
Cyril Hahn - Breaking
Cyril Hahn - Inferno
Cyril Hahn - Grace
Gavin DeGraw - Indian Summer
Gavin DeGraw - Free
Gavin DeGraw - Stay
Gavin DeGraw - Mountains to Move
Gavin DeGraw - Glass
Gavin DeGraw - Lover Be Strong
Gavin DeGraw - Dancing Shoes
Gavin DeGraw - Waterfall
Gavin DeGraw - Why Do the Men Stray
Gavin DeGraw - Never the Same
Gavin DeGraw - Make a Move
Gavin DeGraw - I'm Gonna Try
Gavin DeGraw - Who's Gonna Save Us
Gavin DeGraw - Everything Will Change
Gavin DeGraw - Need
Gavin DeGraw - Heartbreak
Gavin DeGraw - Every Little Bit
Gavin DeGraw - Different for Girls
Gavin DeGraw - Leading Man
Gavin DeGraw - She Sets the City On Fire
Gavin DeGraw - You Make My Heart Sing Louder
Gavin DeGraw - Kite Like Girl
Gavin DeGraw - Making Love with the Radio On
Gavin DeGraw - Harder to Believe
Gavin DeGraw - Say I Am
Gavin DeGraw - How Lucky Can a Man Get
Gavin DeGraw - New Love
Gavin DeGraw - Annalee
Gavin DeGraw - Something Worth Saving
Deliverance - Leaving L.A.
De Mens - Winterlief
De Mens - Moddersmoel
De Mens - Denk je nog aan mij
De Mens - Mevrouw telefoon
De Mens - Ze komt ze komt ze komt
De Mens - Liefde maal 7
De Mens - Doe jezelf de groeten
De Mens - Liefde is een idioot
De Mens - Slechte vrienden nodig
De Mens - Maak een loser blij
De Mens - Kroon op het werk
De Mens - Kruimeldief
De Mens - Zij Zit Daar En Ik Zit Hier
De Mens - Ik wil meer
De Mens - Myriam
De Mens - Nederland
De Mens - Sheryl Crow I Need You So
De Mens - En in Gent
De Mens - Val Niet In Liefde
De Mens - Kamer in Amsterdam
De Mens - Mislukt
De Mens - De nationale kont
De Mens - Dokter
De Mens - Ze is elektrisch
De Mens - Maak je weer reclame voor jezelf als verschijnsel
De Mens - De anti-blondine
De Mens - Walter Grootaers is overal
De Mens - Stay With Me One Time
De Mens - Engels is een mooie taal
De Mens - Zeehond
De Mens - Ellendegem
De Mens - Einde van de eeuw
De Mens - Sex verandert alles
De Mens - Radiohoofd
De Mens - Dageradeloosheid
De Mens - Als ik bij mij ben
De Mens - Supermodel
De Mens - Lukt het met hem?
De Mens - Mijn bloem
De Mens - Beatlesgitaar
De Mens - Ik was een wrak ik was een zombie
De Mens - 17
De Mens - Eenzaam onder jou
De Mens - Dolfijn
De Mens - Ik bid voor een DJ
De Mens - Is er een plaats
De Mens - Zomer zonder spijt
Gavin DeGraw - I Need a Dollar/Chemical Party
Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You (official music video)
Gavin DeGraw - Change is Gonna Come
Gavin DeGraw - You Believe in Yesterday
Gavin DeGraw - Jealous Guy
Gavin DeGraw - Let's Get It On
Gavin DeGraw - A Song for You
Gavin DeGraw - She Holds the Key
Gavin DeGraw - Walking in Memphis
Gavin DeGraw - Angel Eyes
Gavin DeGraw - Get Lost
Gavin DeGraw - (intro) Few Drinks to Fall in Love
Gavin DeGraw - Do It Again
Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Wanna Be
Gavin DeGraw - Next to Me
Gavin DeGraw - Dreams
Gavin DeGraw - Help Me
Gavin DeGraw - W.B.T.
Gavin DeGraw - Full of Herself
Gavin DeGraw - Lay Me on the Water
De Mens - De dingen
De Mens - Been
De Mens - Billy heb je mij gehoord?
De Mens - Bijna
De Mens - Luide Muziek In Kleine Auto's
De Mens - De slechte huizen
De Mens - Wiskunde
De Mens - Blind, doof of erger
De Mens - Onder De Duinen
De Mens - Het Moet Gebeuren
De Mens - Ze zegt
De Mens - Het onverstand
De Mens - Moet ik dankbaar zijn?
De Mens - Er Is Geen Mens Die Ons Begrijpt
De Mens - Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy
De Mens - Ik ben in je macht
De Mens - Pa
De Mens - Klein meisje
De Mens - Zalig zijn de geitenhoeders
De Mens - Winona Wilson
De Mens - Nieuwe methodiek
De Mens - Ik hou van jou dat zijn mijn zaken
De Mens - Lelijk meisje (demo)
De Mens - Iemand kent mijn naam
De Mens - Eenzaamheid
De Mens - Ik wil een vrouw zijn
De Mens - Overal
De Mens - Tot je mij meer liefde geeft
De Mens - Festival
De Mens - Tot ziens
DJ Deeon - House-O-Matic
DJ Deeon - Freak Like Me
Defeater - Warm Blood Rush
Defeater - Dear Father
Defeater - Waves Crash, Clouds Roll
Defeater - Empty Glass
Defeater - No Kind of Home
Defeater - White Knuckles
Defeater - Cemetery Walls
Defeater - Quiet the Longing
Defeater - At Peace
Defeater - White Oak Doors
Defeater - But Breathing
Defeater - Brothers
Defeater - Headstone
Defeater - Blessed Burden
Defeater - Everything Went Quiet
Defeater - Nameless Streets
Defeater - Forgiver Forgetter
Defeater - The City by Dawn
Defeater - Prophet in Plain Clothes
Defeater - Carrying Weight
Defeater - Moon Shine
Defeater - Debts
Defeater - Cowardice
Defeater - Bastards
Defeater - No Shame
Defeater - Hopeless Again
Defeater - Blood in My Veins
Defeater - No Relief
Defeater - No Faith
Defeater - Dead Set
Defeater - No Savior
Defeater - Rabbit Foot
Defeater - Bled Out
Defeater - Contrition
Defeater - Unanswered
Defeater - December 1943
Defeater - Spared in Hell
Defeater - Divination
Defeater - Borrowed & Blue
Defeater - Penance
Defeater - Remorse
Defeater - Pillar of Salt
Defeater - Atonement
Defeater - Vice & Regret
Defeater - Still & True
Defeater - Let Me Down
Defeater - The Bite and Sting
Defeater - A Wound and Scar
Defeater - The Red, White and Blues
Defeater - I Don't Mind
Defeater - Singin’ New York Town
Defeater - Home Ain’t Never Home
Defeater - Beggin’ in the Slums
Michal David - Je to blízko
Michal David - Hele, nemachruj
Michal David - Máma
Michal David - Trhnout se
Michal David - Když tátové blbnou
Michal David - Půjdu s tím
Michal David - Nejvetsi z nalezu a ztrat
Michal David - Muj slogan
Michal David - Létající Čestmír
Michal David - Treti galaxie
Michal David - Perpetum mobile
Michal David - Zustan a neodchazej
Michal David - Dívka na inzerát
Michal David - Pojď blíž
Michal David - Proč právě já
Michal David - Vejdem
Michal David - Soumen
Michal David - Rodinná show
Michal David - Poupata
Michal David - Po cestach ruzovych
Michal David - Blazniva noc
Michal David - Cesta na měsíc
Michal David - Vůně ženy
Michal David - Jak snadno uveri se lharum
Michal David - Divci plac
Michal David - To zas byl den
Michal David - Tak se lasko mej
Michal David - Colu, pijeme colu
Michal David - Par pratel
Michal David - My mame prima rodice
Michal David - Nenapovidej
Michal David - Tak ruku mi dej
Michal David - Deti raje
Michal David - Pár bláznivejch snů
Michal David - Ruská Máša
Michal David - Nelži mi
Michal David - Fámy o nás jdou
Michal David - Lítáme v tom
Michal David - Hraj, jen hraj
Michal David - Už neztrácej čas
Michal David - Kapka naděje
Michal David - Věčnej flám
Michal David - S tebou se vznáším
De Mens - Maak Je Geen Zorgen Over Mijn Zorgen
De Mens - O.K. Bambi
De Mens - Sniper
De Mens - Heb me lief
De Mens - IJstijd
De Mens - Hallelujah
De Mens - Tango zonder woorden
De Mens - Leven voor de dood
Bohuš Matuš - Snad měl bych jít
Monika Absolonová - Doufám, že mi sílu Bůh dá
Tomáš Savka - Ať slova jen dál zní
Zuzana Norisová - Na příchod Antikrista chystání
Michal David - Proc mame lasku krast
Michal David - Obyčejný příběh
Michal David - Zas vyhravas
Michal David - Jedem dál
Michal David - Pláč
Michal David - Zas bude O.K.
Michal David - Pada A Snezi
Michal David - Super noc
Michal David - Jsou rana tiziva
Michal David - Správnej tým
Michal David - Zaliby
Michal David - Zárucní list na lásku
Michal David - Úraz
Michal David - Potlesk patří vítězům
Michal David - To ti nikdy neslibim
Michal David - Cécka sbírá cécka
Michal David - Nekejvej
Michal David - Doufám,že přijdeš
Michal David - Důvod
Michal David - Na kraj paměti jít
Michal David - Spolu zůstanem
Michal David - Lasko to bejval cas
Michal David - Pozdrav
Michal David - V pořadí pátý
Michal David - Já a svět
Michal David - To snad nikdo nespocítá
Michal David - Mùj brácha rukuje
Michal David - Az mi jednou nezavolas
Dead Heart Bloom - New Messiah
Dead Heart Bloom - Who Will You Love
Dead Heart Bloom - Someday Soon Our Time Will Come
Dead Heart Bloom - Nothing Will Break Me Now
Daylight Torn - Moments
Daylight Torn - Desinfection
Daylight Torn - Calling the End
Daylight Torn - Falling Christ
Daylight Torn - Your Love
Daylight Torn - I Despair
Daylight Torn - Never Really
Daylight Torn - Mindless Breed
Daylight Torn - Won't get out alive
Daylight Torn - To C.
Daylight Torn - Awake
Daylight Torn - End of Dawn
Daylight Torn - Real as Rain
Daylight Torn - Lost in Time
Daylight Torn - Sebastian
Daylight Torn - No Escape
Daylight Torn - Broken
Daylight Torn - Goodbye to Yesterday
Rachael Dadd - Make a Sentence
Rachael Dadd - Wake It
D☆DATE - See you later...Good night(instrumental)
D☆DATE - Love Heaven
D☆DATE - Hello Hello(instrumental)
D☆DATE - Ordinary
D☆DATE - Your Magic(instrumental)
D☆DATE - Your Magic
D☆DATE - CHANGE my LIFE(instrumental)
D☆DATE - All For One
Defecto - Excluded
Defecto - Drifting Into Blackness
Defecto - Into Oblivion
Defecto - The Sands of Time
The Death Letters - Schizophrenic
The Death Letters - Your Heart Upside Down
The Death Letters - Temporary Frame
Danielle Darrieux - Le Beau Dimanche
Danielle Darrieux - Chanson de la poupée
Danielle Darrieux - Nous resterons chez nous
Danielle Darrieux - Le Petit Moulin tout vermoulu
Danielle Darrieux - La crise est finie
Danielle Darrieux - Je n'donnerais pas ma place
Danielle Darrieux - Une charade
Danielle Darrieux - Le Premier Rendez-vous
Danielle Darrieux - Les fleurs sont des mots d'amour
Dada Life - Feed the Dada
Dada Life - So Young So High
Dada Life - You Will Do What We Will Do
Dada Life - Happy Violence
Dada Life - Everything Is Free
Dada Life - Boing Clash Boom
Dada Life - Don't Stop
Dada Life - Kick Out the Epic Motherf**cker
Tonite Only - Haters
Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (It's Time for Rock'n'Roll)
Dada Life - Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker
Dada Life - Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction)
Dada Life - Happy Violence (vocal extended)
Dada Life - One Smile
Dada Life - Born to Rage
Dada Life - Freaks Have More Fun
Dada Life - One Last Night on Earth
Dada Life - Tonight We’re Kids Again
Junior Delgado - Sons of Slaves
Chloe Day - Dirty Little Secret
Chloe Day - Home in the Valley
Chloe Day - Hands
Junior Delgado - Riot in a Juvenile Prison
Junior Delgado - Hippo
Decibelios - Botas y tirantes
Decibelios - Matar o morir
Decibelios - Oi! Oi! Oi!
Decibelios - Sangre dorada
Decibelios - Voca de dios
Decibelios - Barna 92
Decibelios - Django el pestoso
Decibelios - Subversion
Decibelios - Vuelva mañana ¡coño!
Decibelios - Camaleón
Deepak Chopra - Introduction
Decibelios - Vacaciones en el Prat
Decibelios - Jefe tucanuto
The Deathray Davies - Her First Party
Day Eleven - Dissonance Fading
Day Eleven - Message
Day Eleven - If Nothing Comes of You
Day Eleven - Untitled
Day Eleven - Coma
Day Eleven - Blood Runs Thick
Day Eleven - Your Cloud
Day Eleven - The Absolute
Day Eleven - Whenever You Say You Love Me
Day Eleven - Simply Lethal
DJ Deekline & Ed Solo - King of the Bongo
Kiki Dee - Amoureuse
Kiki Dee - Loving and Free
Kiki Dee - I Got the Music in Me
Kiki Dee - Dark Side of Your Soul
Kiki Dee - Runnin' Out of Fools
Kiki Dee - One Jump Ahead of the Storm
Kiki Dee - First Thing in the Morning
Kiki Dee - Talk to Me
Kiki Dee - You Need Help
Kiki Dee - If It Rains
Kiki Dee - Into Eternity
Kiki Dee - Night Hours
Kiki Dee - In Return
Kiki Dee - Cage the Songbird
Kiki Dee - Stay With Me
Kiki Dee - The Loser Gets to Win
Elton John & Kiki Dee - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
The Kiki Dee Band - I've Got the Music in Me
Kiki Dee - Star
Elton John & Kiki Dee - True Love
The Kiki Dee Band - How Glad I Am
Kiki Dee - One and Only Love
Kiki Dee - True Love
Kiki Dee - Perfect Timing
Kiki Dee - I've Got the Music in Me
María del Sol - Quiero tu vida
Kiki Dee - Pay
Kiki Dee - We Cry On
Kiki Dee - Knowing You Like I Do
Kiki Dee - Keep It to Yourself
Kiki Dee - Good Times
Kiki Dee - The Day Will Come Between Sunday and Monday
Kiki Dee - Johnny Raven
Kiki Dee - Jimmy
Kiki Dee - Love Makes the World Go Round
Kiki Dee - My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me)
Kiki Dee - I Second That Emotion
Grace Deeb - Ghannali
Grace Deeb - Ana Habbayt
Grace Deeb - Wallah Betmoun
Grace Deeb - Comme toi
Grace Deeb - Hiya
Grace Deeb - Bedmouek Rabbaytini
Grace Deeb - Calling You
Death Before Disco - Traces
Linda Eder - Something to Believe In
Curtis Stigers - Never Saw a Miracle
Wayne Watson - Watercolour Ponies
Larry Graham - One in a Million
Dan Hill - Unborn Heart
Kathy Troccoli - Go Light Your World
Kenny Loggins - Return to Pooh Corner
Delilah - Delilah (intro)
Dave Loggins - Please Come to Boston
The Jeff Healey Band - Angel Eyes
Restless Heart - I'll Still Be Loving You
Sheriff - When I'm With You
Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touch
Willie Nelson - Always on My Mind
Kenny Loggins - Meet Me Half Way
Firehouse - Love of a Lifetime
Spencer Day - Till You Come To Me
Spencer Day - I Got A Mind To Tell You
Spencer Day - Better Way
Spencer Day - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
Spencer Day - Wait Till I Get You Alone
Danny - Jäin hypnoosiin
Danny - Kuusamo
Danny - Isä
Danny - On lupa toisesta huolta kantaa
Danny - Kauan
Danny - Piilopaikka
Danny - Tuuliviiri
Danny - Vähän ennen kyyneleitä
Danny - Salattu suru
Danny - Hiljainen kitara
Danny - Kesäkatu
Danny - Pieni sana
Danny - Vain lunta kaikkialla
Danny - Seitsemän kertaa seitsemän
Danny - Pistolero
Danny - Tuulensuojaan
Danny - Maantieltä taloon
Deep Dish - Awake Enough
Deep Dish - Everybody's Wearing my Head
Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks - Dreams
Deep Dish - In Love With A Friend
Deep Dish - No Stopping for Nicotine
Deep Dish feat. Everything but the Girl - The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)
Deep Dish - Mohammad Is Jesus...
Deep Dish - Stranded
Deep Dish - My Only Sin
Deep Dish - Chocolate City (Love Songs)
Unknown Society - Reach Higher
Danny - Kuiskaa
Martha Davis - Don't Tell Me the Time
Dead Stop - Kiss My Ass
Dead Stop - All I Can Take
Dead Stop - Done With You
Dead Stop - Nothing New
Dead Stop - Who's to Blame
Dead Stop - In Command
Dead Stop - Dead Alive
Dead Stop - Dead End Path
Dead Stop - Erase
Dead Stop - Enough
Dead Stop - Drag Me Down
The Defaced - Fumes From the Swamp
The Defaced - Exit Body on Mass
The Defaced - A Moment of Clarity
The Defaced - The Fading Suns
The Defaced - Soulsides
The Defaced - Forever Winding
The Defaced - Karma in Black
The Defaced - Flame to Life
The Defaced - The Perfect Shame
The Defaced - Turn to Incomplete
The Defaced - October Ruins
The Defaced - Grow
The Defaced - Forsaken Life
The Defaced - Sown by Greed
The Defaced - Stoner
The Defaced - The Icon
The Defaced - Pitched World Collapse
The Defaced - Prozak Nation
The Defaced - Fanatic Minds
The Defaced - Destination Devastation
The Defaced - Once in Btween
The Defaced - 10 Versus 9
The Defaced - Benesth My Swirl
Dead Disco - The Treatment
Dead Disco - City Place
Dead Disco - You're Out
The Davis Sisters - I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
Skeeter Davis - Set Him Free
Skeeter Davis - The One You Slip Around With
Skeeter Davis - (I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too
Skeeter Davis - No, Never
Skeeter Davis - My Last Date (with You)
Skeeter Davis - Optimistic
Skeeter Davis - The End of the World
Skeeter Davis - Where I Ought to Be
Skeeter Davis - I Can't Stay Mad at You
Skeeter Davis - I'm Saving My Love
Skeeter Davis - Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Skeeter Davis - Mine Is a Lonely Life
Skeeter Davis - Let Me Get Close to You
Skeeter Davis - Fuel to the Flame
Skeeter Davis - What Does It Take (To Keep a Man Like You Satisfied)
Skeeter Davis - Once Upon a Time
Skeeter Davis - Don't Let Me Cross Over
Skeeter Davis - My Coloring Book
Skeeter Davis - (I Want to Go) Where Nobody Knows Me
Skeeter Davis - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
Skeeter Davis - Something Precious
Skeeter Davis - Longing to Hold You Again
Skeeter Davis - He Called Me Baby
Skeeter Davis - Joshua
Skeeter Davis - Maybe Baby
Skeeter Davis - When I Fall in Love
Skeeter Davis - Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
Skeeter Davis - Secret Love
Skeeter Davis - You Tell Me Your Dream
Skeeter Davis - Too Young
Skeeter Davis - I Wanna Be Loved by You
DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Usitumie pesa kama fimbo
PMT - Deeper Water
John Creamer & Stephane K - I Wish You Were Here
Moony - Doves (I'll Be Loving You)
Everything but the Girl - Temperamental
Moby - Porcelain
Muse - Sunburn
Jesse Dee - Slow Down
Jesse Dee - Over & Over Again
Jesse Dee - On My Mind, in My Heart
Skeeter Davis - I Will Follow Him
Skeeter Davis - My Sweet Loving Man
Skeeter Davis - Ladder of Success
Skeeter Davis - Easy to Love (So Hard to Find)
Skeeter Davis - Gonna Get Along Without You Now
Skeeter Davis - What Am I Gonna do With You
Skeeter Davis - Don't Let Me Stand in Your Way
Skeeter Davis - I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)
Skeeter Davis - Sunglasses
Skeeter Davis - I Can't See Me Without You
Skeeter Davis - Under the Boardwalk
Skeeter Davis - A Summer Song
Skeeter Davis - Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)
Skeeter Davis - Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard
Skeeter Davis - What Does It Take (To Keep a Man)
Skeeter Davis - I Will
Skeeter Davis - He Says the Same Things T Me
Skeeter Davis - Now I Lay Me Down to Weep
Skeeter Davis - (I Can't Help) I'm Falling Too
Skeeter Davis - True Love Ways
Skeeter Davis - It's So Easy
Skeeter Davis - Lost to a Geisha Girl
Skeeter Davis - He'll Have to Stay
Skeeter Davis - A Dear John Letter
Skeeter Davis - Think It Over
Skeeter Davis - Your Cheatin' Heart
Skeeter Davis - Walking the Floor Over You
Skeeter Davis - Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On
Skeeter Davis - My Heart Skips a Beat
Skeeter Davis - Blueberry Hill
Skeeter Davis - Walk Softly Darling
Skeeter Davis - Homebreaker
Skeeter Davis - Give Me Death
Billie Ray Martin - Honey (Deep Dish Hoojee dub)
Adam F - Music in My Mind
War - Slippin' Into Darkness
Kings of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight - Finally (The Sting reprise)
Delerium feat. Leigh Nash - Innocente (Falling in Love)
Deep Dish - Mohammad Is Jesus (Deep Dish Chocolate City dub)
Deep Dish - The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)
Deep Dish - Dreams
Deep Dish - Sacramento (Audiofly dub)
Dayroom - New Year's Eve
Darwin - Recuerdo Aquel Tiemp
Darwin - Mi Viento Es Soledad
Dante Must Die - Retaliation Machine
Dante Must Die - Limitation Pulse
Dante Must Die - To Fight My Future
Dante Must Die - The Great War
Dante Must Die - Deathmask Divine (The Black Dahlia Murder cover)
Skeeter Davis - Why, Why, Why
Skeeter Davis - Moonlight Promises
Skeeter Davis - Can't Get Used to Losing You
Skeeter Davis - Don't Let It Happen to Us
Skeeter Davis - Cloudy, With Occasional Tears
Skeeter Davis - They Listened While You Said Goodbye
Skeeter Davis - Just When I Needed You Most
Skeeter Davis - Crying Time
Skeeter Davis - Always on My Mind
Skeeter Davis - Blue Kentucky Girl
Skeeter Davis - Hopelessly Devoted to You
Skeeter Davis - You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry
Skeeter Davis - Tell Laura I Love Her
Hank Locklin - Please Help Me, I'm Falling
Skeeter Davis - I Really Want You to Know
Don Gibson - Just One Time
Skeeter Davis - I Want to See You Too (Just One Time)
Skeeter Davis - Didn't I?
Skeeter Davis - My Happiness
Skeeter Davis - Another You
Skeeter Davis - Easy to Love (So Hard to Get)
Adam Cunningham - You Are My God
Skeeter Davis - He Says the Same Thing to Me
Skeeter Davis - Keep Baltimore Beautiful
Skeeter Davis - Country Girl
Skeeter Davis - Little Arrows
Skeeter Davis - They Don't Make Love Like They Used To
Skeeter Davis - Broomstick Cowboy
Skeeter Davis - Baby Sweet Baby
Skeeter Davis - Hold Me Tight
Skeeter Davis - Born to Love You
Skeeter Davis - Love Love Love
Skeeter Davis - Closest Thing to Love (I've Ever Seen)
Skeeter Davis - Half a Mind
Skeeter Davis - Turn Your Radio On
Skeeter Davis - Oh, Happy Day
Skeeter Davis - Foggy Mountain Top
Skeeter Davis - One Tin Soldier
Skeeter Davis - I Can't Believe It's All Over
Skeeter Davis - Am I That Easy to Forget?
Skeeter Davis - I Can't Believe That It's All Over
Skeeter Davis - Goin' Down the Road (Feelin' Bad)
Skeeter Davis - I’m Going Steady With a Heartache
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Dead Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over
Dead Can Dance - Tell Me About the Forest (You Once Called Home)
Dead Can Dance - Emmeleia
Dead Can Dance - How Fortunate the Man With None
Dead Can Dance - Enigma of the Absolute
Dead Can Dance - Anywhere Out of the World
Dead Can Dance - Severance
Dead Can Dance - The Song of the Sibyl
Dead Can Dance - In the Kingdom of the Blind the One‐Eyed Are Kings
Dead Can Dance - Xavier
Dead Can Dance - Frontier
Dead Can Dance - A Passage in Time
Dead Can Dance - In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated
Dead Can Dance - The Arcane
Deivos - Onward to Nothing
Deivos - Psychopathological Compulsion
Deivos - Trial of Bloodletting
Deivos - Failed Mutation
Deivos - Wretched Idolatry
Deivos - Infernal Cleansing
Deivos - Kept In The Dark
Deivos - Blackness Incarnate
Deivos - No Father Of Mine
Deivos - Realm Of Desecration
Deivos - War March
Deivos - Divine Defilement
Deivos - Battle For Dominance
Deivos - Hatebound
Def Squad - Countdown
Def Squad - Full Cooperation / (Siminila) WDEF (skit)
Def Squad - Ride Wit' Us
Def Squad - The Game (freestyle)
Def Squad - Can You Dig It?
Def Squad - You Do, I Do
Def Squad - Y’all Niggas Ain’t Ready
Def Squad - Say Word!
Def Squad - No Guest List
Def Squad - Def Squad Delight
Def Squad - Check N' Me Out
Def Squad - Rhymin' Wit' Biz
Def Squad - Rapper's Delight
Def Squad - I Do Em
Def Squad - Don't Get Gassed
Def Squad - Feel Me Baby
Def Squad - Get da Money
Dead Can Dance - Children of the Sun
Dead Can Dance - Amnesia
Dead Can Dance - Opium
Dead Can Dance - Rakim
Dead Can Dance - Lamma Bada
Dead Can Dance - Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Dead Can Dance - Song to the Siren
Dead Can Dance - Song of the Stars
Dead Can Dance - Song of the Dispossessed
Dead Can Dance - Frontier (demo)
De Dannan - The Call and the Answer
Delbo - Apricot
Delbo - Hermelin
Delirious? - Deeper
Delirious? - All The Way
Delirious? - Hands of Kindness
Delirious? - King of Fools
Delirious? - History Maker
Delirious? - God's Romance
Delirious? - My Glorious
Delirious? - Awaken the Dawn
Delirious? - Jesus' Blood
Delirious? - Message of the Cross
Delirious? - Singer's Song
Delirious? - What Is This Thing Called Love?
Delirious? - Thank You for Saving Me
Delirious? - Prophet Song
Delirious? - King of Love
Delirious? - Lead Me
Delirious? - I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Delirious? - Oh Lead Me
Delirious? - Shaken Up
Delirious? - I'm Not Ashamed
Delirious? - You Split the Earth
Delirious? - When All Around Has Fallen
Delirious? - I've Searched for Gold
Delirious? - Obsession
Delirious? - Angel in Disguise
Delirious? - Rollercoaster
Delirious? - There Is an Angel
Delirious? - Bicycle Gasoline
Delirious? - A Little Love
Delirious? - Stealing Time
De Dannan - Paddy's Lamentation
Dazzling Killmen - Medicine Me
Dead Can Dance - Labour of Love
Dead Can Dance - De profundis (Out of the Depths of Sorrow)
Dead Can Dance - Tristan
Delirious? - All This Time
Delirious? - Solid Rock
Delirious? - Rain Down
Delirious? - Paint The Town Red
Delirious? - Inside Outside
Delirious? - Majesty
Delirious? - Our God Reigns
Delirious? - My Soul Sings
Delirious? - Break the Silence
Delirious? - Miracle Maker
Delirious? - Here I Am Send Me
Delirious? - Fires Burn
Delirious? - Take Off My Shoes
Desmond Dekker & The Specials - Sammy Dead
Desmond Dekker & The Specials - Fat Man
Desmond Dekker & The Specials - Humpty Dumpty
De Dannan - My Irish Molly-O
Delirious? - Grace Like a River
Delirious? - Majesty (Here I Am)
Delirious? - Free
Delirious? - Everyone Knows
Delirious? - I Was Blind
Delirious? - Feel It Coming On
Delirious? - Metamorphis
Delirious? - Gravity
Delirious? - Blindfold
Delirious? - There Is a Light
Dead Can Dance - Desert Song
Dead Can Dance - I Am Stretched on Your Grave
Dead Can Dance - Don’t Fade Away
Dead Can Dance - Saffron
Dead Can Dance - Crescent
Dead Can Dance - Hymn for the Fallen
Darkwater - All Eyes on Me
Darkwater - Again
Darkwater - Habit
Darkwater - The Play - I
Darkwater - The Play - II
Darkwater - Tallest Tree
Darkwater - In My Dreams
Darkwater - Breath
Darkwater - Why I Bleed
Darkwater - Into The Cold
Darkwater - A Fools Utopia
Darkwater - Queen Of The Night
Darkwater - In The Blink Of An Eye
Darkwater - Fields of Sorrow
Darkwater - Without A Sound
Darkwater - Walls of Deception
Delirious? - ACCESS:D Part 1 (Touch)
Trent Dabbs - Leave to See
Trent Dabbs - Keep Me Young
Trent Dabbs - Catch Me Up to Speed
Trent Dabbs - Neil Young
Trent Dabbs - Follow Suit
Trent Dabbs - Me & God
Trent Dabbs - Can I Cross Your Mind
Trent Dabbs - Paper Trails
Trent Dabbs - Southerner
Trent Dabbs - Wake Up Call
Trent Dabbs - Dear Jane
Trent Dabbs - Your Side Now
Trent Dabbs - Rain or Shine
Trent Dabbs - Inside These Lines
Trent Dabbs - Nothing Left to Leave
Trent Dabbs - One Last Look
Trent Dabbs - Come to Life
Trent Dabbs - I'm Not OK
Trent Dabbs - Read 'Em and Weep
Trent Dabbs - Wrap My Mind Around You
Trent Dabbs - What You See in Her
Trent Dabbs - Better Off Now
Trent Dabbs - Future Like Snow
Trent Dabbs - Don't Believe in Stars
Trent Dabbs - Optimists
Trent Dabbs - Mountain Song
Trent Dabbs - Confetti Girl
Trent Dabbs - Shine
Trent Dabbs - This Time Tomorrow
Buddy DeFranco - Oh You Crazy Moon
Ellen DeGeneres - Embarrassing Moments
Robert DeLong - Just Movement
Robert DeLong - Global Concepts
Robert DeLong - Happy
Robert DeLong - Change (How You Feel)
Robert DeLong - Here
Robert DeLong - Few Years Make
Robert DeLong - Religious Views
Robert DeLong - Perfect
Robert DeLong - Survival of the Fittest
Robert DeLong - Basically, I
Robert DeLong - Long Way Down
Robert DeLong - Jealousy
Robert DeLong - Don't Wait Up
Robert DeLong - Possessed
Robert DeLong feat. MNDR - Born to Break
Robert DeLong - Acid Rain
Robert DeLong - Future's Right Here
Robert DeLong - Feels Like
Robert DeLong - Sellin' U Somethin
Jordy Dazz - Claymore
DAT Politics - What's DAT?
Gaye Delorme - Sailor, Sailor
Delta & Format - Sparks
Delirious? - Preparen el Camino
Delirious? - Cantaré de Tu Amor Por Siempre
Delirious? - Tengo a Cristo
Delirious? - Grande Es el Señor
Delirious? - Cantaria Sin Parar
Delirious? - Dios de Amor
Delirious? - El Mensaje de La Cruz
Delirious? - Griten al Norte
Delirious? - Tuyo Es Mi Corazón
Delirious? - En el Río Me Encuentras
Delirious? - No Me Avergüenzo
Delirious? - Spontaneous I
Delirious? - Spontaneous II
Delirious? - Spontaneous III
Delirious? - The Lord's Prayer
Delirious? - Give What You Got
Delirious? - Absolutely Absolute
Delirious? - American President
Delirious? - Pursuit of Happiness
Delirious? - Mothers of the Night
Delph’ sans les pattes - L’Amanite
Dance Hall Crashers - Shelley
Dance Hall Crashers - Don't Wanna Behave
Dance Hall Crashers - Queen for a Day
Dance Hall Crashers - Flyin
Dance Hall Crashers - Good for Nothin
Dance Hall Crashers - Buried Alive
Dance Hall Crashers - Sticky
Dance Hall Crashers - Too Late
Dance Hall Crashers - Go
Dance Hall Crashers - Enough
Dance Hall Crashers - Pictures
Dance Hall Crashers - Day Job
Dance Hall Crashers - So Sue Us
Dance Hall Crashers - We Owe
Dance Hall Crashers - Lost Again
Dance Hall Crashers - Will Tomorrow Ever Come
Dance Hall Crashers - All Mine
Dance Hall Crashers - Salted
Dance Hall Crashers - I Want It All
Dance Hall Crashers - Elvis & Me
Dance Hall Crashers - Cold Shower
Dance Hall Crashers - Last Laugh
Dance Hall Crashers - Mr. Blue
Dance Hall Crashers - Stand By
Dance Hall Crashers - The Truth About Me
Dance Hall Crashers - Big Mouth
Dance Hall Crashers - Over Again
Dance Hall Crashers - Beverly Kills
Dance Hall Crashers - Setting Sun
Dance Hall Crashers - The Real You