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De La Soul feat. Usher - Greyhounds
Bobby Darin - When I Look in Your Eyes
Bobby Darin - Fabulous Places
Bobby Darin - The Proper Gander
Bobby Darin - I Can See the Wind
Bobby Darin - Lover Come Back to Me
Bobby Darin - I Ain't Sharin' Sharon
Bobby Darin - Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name
Bobby Darin - Oo-Ee Train
Bobby Darin - Rock Island Line
Bobby Darin - Multiplikation
Kimya Dawson & Aesop Rock - Delicate Cycle
Sarah Darling - Thank You
Sarah Darling - Something to Do With Your Hands
Sarah Darling - The Boy Never Stays
Sarah Darling - Toxic
Sarah Darling - Angels and Devils
Sarah Darling - Stop the Bleeding
Sarah Darling - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Sarah Darling - Waiting on You
Sarah Darling - I Found in You
Sarah Darling - Whenever It Rains
Sarah Darling - I Never Do What I Should
Sarah Darling - Can’t Call Love
Sarah Darling - Blue Guitar
Sarah Darling - Wrapped in Moonlight
Sarah Darling - Jack of Hearts
Sarah Darling - All You’ve Got
Sarah Darling - Till the Truth Walks In
Sarah Darling - Knowing What I Know About Heaven
Sarah Darling - It Don’t Matter Now (Missing You)
Sarah Darling - Halley’s Comet
Sarah Darling - Don't Love Me
Sarah Darling - I'll Wait for You
Bobby Darin - Good Life
Bobby Darin - My Buddy
Bobby Darin - I Wish I Were in Love Again
The Crows - Gee
The Crows - I Love You So
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Waterloo Sunset
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - You Really Got Me
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Victoria
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - See My Friends
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Celluloid Heroes
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Shangri-La
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Village Green
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Picture Book
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Do You Remember Walter?
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Johnny Thunder
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - Village Green Preservation Society
Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus - All Day and All of the Night
DEAN - Pour Up
DEAN - bonnie & clyde
DEAN - What 2 Do
DEAN - i love it
DEAN - 21
DEAN - D (half moon)
DEAN - Put My Hands on You
Darkside of Innocence - Act I - Inferno
Darkside of Innocence - Act I.I - Angel of Sin
Darkside of Innocence - Act II.I - An Impending Commence for Decay
Darkside of Innocence - Act II.II - To Her Spawn in Full Submission
Darkside of Innocence - Act III.I - ...Of a Cursed Dawn Eclipsed
Darkside of Innocence - Act IV - To Bid Valia a Last Farewell
Darkside of Innocence - Act IV.I - A Howling Hymn for Aneon's Awakening
Darkside of Innocence - Act V.II - In Nomine Dementia
Darkside of Innocence - Airian
Darkside of Innocence - Dulcifer Tragoedia
Darkside of Innocence - Nox Omega
Darkside of Innocence - Eros
Darkside of Innocence - Thanatos
Darkside of Innocence - Ego
Dear - Song for…
Dennis De Young - This Is the Time
Dennis De Young - Please
De La Soul feat. Justin Hawkins - Lord Intended
Bobby Darin - I Found a Million Dollar Baby
Bobby Darin - Mighty, Mighty Man
Bobby Darin - I Guess I'm Good for Nothing but the Blues
Bobby Darin - I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Bobby Darin - Just Friends
Bobby Darin - Christmas Auld Lang Syne
Bobby Darin - Sittin’ Here Lovin’ You
Bobby Darin - Amy
Bobby Darin - Day Dream
Bobby Darin - It Ain’t Necessarily So
Bobby Darin - Sorrow Tomorrow
Bobby Darin - Tell Me How Do You Feel
Bobby Darin - Drown In My Own Tears
Dark Matters - Loneliness Won't Leave Me Alone
Dark Matters - Take Me Home
Dark Matters - I Don't Believe in Miracles
Dead Confederate - Heavy Petting
Dead Confederate - The Rat
Dead Confederate - It Was a Rose
Dead Confederate - Yer Circus
Dead Confederate - All the Angels
Dead Confederate - The News Underneath
Dead Confederate - Flesh Colored Canvas
Dead Confederate - In the Dark
Dead Confederate - Run from the Gun
Dead Confederate - Father Figure
Dead Confederate - Quiet Kid
Dead Confederate - Mob Scene
Dead Confederate - Giving It All Away
Dead Confederate - Sugar
Dead Confederate - Slow Poisons
Dead Confederate - Vacations
Dead Confederate - Bleed-Through
Dead Confederate - Best of the Worst
Dead Confederate - Dead Poetry
Dead Confederate - Tortured-Artist Saint
Dead Confederate - Get Out
Dead Confederate - Memorial Day Night
Dead Confederate - Shadow the Walls
The Damn Choir - Creatures
Dead Infection - Maggots in Your Flesh
Dead Infection - Pathological View on the Alimentary Canal
Dead Infection - Torsions
Dead Infection - Undergo an Operation
Dead Infection - Let Me Vomit
Dead Infection - Spattered Birth
Dead Infection - Start Human Slaughter
Dead Infection - Deformed Creature
Dead Infection - The End of Love
Dead Infection - Hospital
Dead Infection - Incident at Corsica
Dead Infection - Airplanes Catastrophe
Dead Infection - Little Johns Story
Dead Infection - Her Heart in Your Hands
Dead Infection - Ambulance
Dead Infection - Colitis Ulcerosa
Dead Infection - Life of a Surgeon
Dead Infection - Fire in the Forest
Dead Infection - Damaged Elevator
Dead Infection - Tragedy at the Railway-Station
Dead Infection - Torn by the Lion Apart
Dead Infection - The Merry-Go-Round
Dead Infection - Merry-Go-Round
Dead Infection - Tragedy at the Railway Station
Bobby Darin - Rx-Pyro: Prescription: Fire
Bobby Darin - Distractions (Part 1)
Bobby Darin - All Night Long
Bobby Darin - Child of God
Bobby Darin - Dona Nobis Pacem
Darkest Hour - Demon(s)
Darkest Hour - A Paradox With Flies: The Light
Darkest Hour - With a Thousand Words to Say But One
Darkest Hour - Sound the Surrender
Darkest Hour - District Divided
Darkest Hour - These Fevered Times
Darkest Hour - Devolution of the Flesh
Darkest Hour - Death Worship
Darkest Hour - The Tides
Darkest Hour - No God
Darkest Hour - Blessed Infection
Darkest Hour - Transcendence
Darkest Hour - A Distorted Utopia
Darkest Hour - Black Sun
Darkest Hour - Into the Grey
Darkest Hour - The World Engulfed in Flames
Darkest Hour - Savor the Kill
Darkest Hour - Man & Swine
Darkest Hour - Love as a Weapon
Darkest Hour - Your Everyday Disaster
Darkest Hour - Violent by Nature
Darkest Hour - Purgatory
Darkest Hour - Severed Into Separates
Darkest Hour - Wound
Darkest Hour - Beyond the Life You Know
Dead Infection - Prison Without Walls
Dead Infection - Airplane's Catastrophe
Dead Infection - Don't Turn His Crushed Face on Me
Dead Infection - Fire in the Forrest
Dead Infection - After Accident (Pt 2)
Dead Infection - Tribe of Glutinous Tissue
Dead Infection - Rip It
Dead Infection - In the Name of Gore
Dead Infection - Intestines Change Into Carrion
Dead Infection - Haemorrhage of Uterus
Dead Infection - Burglary
Dead Infection - Alpinists
Dead Infection - Peritonitis 2007
Dead Infection - Too Scratched
Dead Infection - Corpses of the Universe
Dead Infection - Saponification
Dead Infection - Attractive but Deformed
Bobby Darin - I'm on My Way Great God
Bobby Darin - Love Letters
Darkest Hour - The Sadist Nation
Darkest Hour - Pay Phones and Pills
Darkest Hour - Oklahoma
Darkest Hour - Marching to the Killing Rhythm
Darkest Hour - The Misinformation Age
Darkest Hour - Seven Day Lie
Darkest Hour - Accessible Losses
Darkest Hour - The Patriot Virus
Darkest Hour - Wasteland
Darkest Hour - Rapture In Exile
Darkest Hour - The Misery We Make
Darkest Hour - Infinite Eyes
Darkest Hour - Futurist
Darkest Hour - Anti-Axis
Darkest Hour - By the Starlight
Darkest Hour - Lost for Life
Darkest Hour - The Goddess Figure
Darkest Hour - Lunar Divide
Darkest Hour - Beneath the Blackening Sky
Darkest Hour - Surrealist
Darkest Hour - Hypatia Rising
Darkest Hour - Departure
Darkest Hour - An Epitaph
Darkest Hour - So Sedated, So Secure
Darkest Hour - The Hollow
Darkest Hour - Another Reason
Darkest Hour - No Closer Than a Stranger
Darkest Hour - A Cold Kiss
Darkest Hour - Treason in Trust
Darkest Hour - The Last Dance Massacre
Darkest Hour - Go Back to the Gym
Darkest Hour - For the Soul of the Savior
Darkest Hour - A Blessing in Tragedy
Darkest Hour - The Legacy
Darkest Hour - Eclipse
Darkest Hour - The Mark of the Judas
Darkest Hour - Escape Artist
Darkest Hour - Messiah Complex
Darkest Hour - How the Beautiful Decay
Darkest Hour - Choir of the Propechy Fulfilled
Darkest Hour - Reflections of Ruin
Darkest Hour - This Side of the Nightmare
Darkest Hour - This Curse
Darkest Hour - Vise
Darkest Hour - The Misanthrope
Darkest Hour - Fathom
Darkest Hour - Crossroads
Darkest Hour - Closing on the Day
Darkest Hour - Last Dance Massacre
Darkest Hour - Hierarchry of Heathens
Darkest Hour - The Great Opresser
Dear Sherlock - Supernova
Dear Sherlock - Bach Archive
Dear Sherlock - The Tale
Dear Sherlock - Mute
Dear Sherlock - Alice
Dear Sherlock - Bunny
Dear Sherlock - Paranoia
Dawn Golden - Discoloration
Dawn Golden - All I Want
Dawn Golden - Swing
Dawn Golden - The Beekeeper
Dawn Golden - Still Life
Dawn Golden - Last Train
Dawn Golden - Brief Encounter
Tyrone Davis - Turn Back the Hands of Time
Tyrone Davis - I'll Be Right Here
Tyrone Davis - Let Me Back In
Tyrone Davis - Could I Forget You
Tyrone Davis - One-Way Ticket
Tyrone Davis - You Keep Me Holding On
Tyrone Davis - I Had It All the Time
Tyrone Davis - Without You in My Life
Tyrone Davis - Turning Point
Tyrone Davis - Is It Something You've Got?
Tyrone Davis - Kiss You
Jimmy Dean - Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette
Jimmy Dean - Dear Ivan
Jimmy Dean - To a Sleeping Beauty
Jimmy Dean - Little Bitty Big John
Jimmy Dean - Little Black Book
Jimmy Dean - Please Pass the Biscuits
Jimmy Dean - Oklahoma Bill
Danger - 11H30
Jimmy Dean - Night Train to Memphis
Jimmy Dean - Kentucky Means Paradise
Jimmy Dean - Mind Your Own Business
Jimmy Dean - Big John
Jimmy Dean - Old Rivers
Jimmy Dean - Mama Sang a Song
Jimmy Dean - Drinking From My Saucer
Tyrone Davis - I Got Carried Away
Tyrone Davis - This I Swear
Tyrone Davis - Ain't Nothing I Can Do
Tyrone Davis - I Wish It Was Me
Tyrone Davis - My Key
Jimmy Dean - Grasshopper Macclain
Jimmy Dean - I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake (But I'll Go Chasin' Wimmin)
Jimmy Dean - One Last Time
Jimmy Dean - Bummin' Around
Jimmy Dean - I. O. U.
Jimmy Dean - Stand Beside Me
Jimmy Dean - Cajun Queen
Bobby Darin - I Have a Dream
Bobby Darin - How About You?
Bobby Darin - Please Help Me I'm Falling
Bobby Darin - Days of Wine and Roses
Pino Daniele, Francesco De Gregori, Fiorella Mannoia, Ron - Napule è
Pino Daniele, Francesco De Gregori, Fiorella Mannoia, Ron - Vorrei incontrarti tra cent'anni
Kyle Davis - Buried Alive
Bobby Darin - Hello, Young Lovers
Bobby Darin - Golden Earrings
Bobby Darin - What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
Bobby Darin - You Just Don't Know
Pino Daniele - Je stò vicino a te
Pino Daniele - Chi tene 'o mare
Pino Daniele - Ninnananinnandè
Pino Daniele - Uè Man!
Pino Daniele - Il mare
Pino Daniele - Putesse essere allero
Pino Daniele - E cerca 'e me capì
Pino Daniele - Sara non piangere
Pino Daniele - Amore senza fine
Pino Daniele - Dubbi non ho
Pino Daniele - Quanno chiove
Pino Daniele - A testa in giù
Pino Daniele - I say i' sto' ccà
Pino Daniele - Se mi vuoi
Pino Daniele - Anima
Pino Daniele - Anna verrà
Pino Daniele - Mareluna
Pino Daniele - 'Na tazzulella 'e café
Pino Daniele - Alleria
Pino Daniele - Un Cielo Senza Nuvole
Pino Daniele - L'ironia di sempre
Pino Daniele - Acqua 'e rose
Pino Daniele - Terra mia
Pino Daniele - Lazzari felici
Pino Daniele - 'O munno va
Pino Daniele - Yes I know my way
Pino Daniele - Anema e core
Pino Daniele - 'O scarrafone
Pino Daniele - Che male c'è
Pino Daniele - Pigro
Pino Daniele - Vento di passione
Pino Daniele - Che soddisfazione
Pino Daniele - Io per lei
Pino Daniele - Che Dio ti benedica
Pino Daniele - The Desert in My Head
Pino Daniele - Io vivo come te
Pino Daniele - Tutta 'nata storia
Pino Daniele - Viento 'e terra
Pino Daniele - A me me piace o blues
Pino Daniele - Napule E'
Pino Daniele - Je so' pazz'
Pino Daniele - Femmena
Pino Daniele - Hue Man
Pino Daniele - Sotto o' sole
Pino Daniele - Arriverà l'aurora
Pino Daniele - Bella da vivere
Pino Daniele - La mia casa sei tu
Pino Daniele - Gli stessi sguardi
Pino Daniele - Nuages sulle note
Pino Daniele - Dammi una seconda vita
Pino Daniele - Dejà-vu
Pino Daniele - Ali di cera
Pino Daniele - La nostra estate insieme
Pino Daniele - Isola grande
Pino Daniele - Tango della buena suerte
Pino Daniele - Concerto per noi due
Pino Daniele - Sofia sulle note
De eneste to - Østjylland Dreaming
De eneste to - Hvem springer du for
De eneste to - Den lige vej
De eneste to - Morten
De eneste to - Tester
De eneste to - Det var det der slog dig da du faldt
De eneste to - Hell Yeah
De eneste to - Skrig det til træerne
De eneste to - Sult
De eneste to - TV-druk
De eneste to - Jyder i København
De eneste to - Vive hjem
De eneste to - For lidt for meget
De eneste to - Trafik
De eneste to - Lisså forvirret som før
De eneste to - Den lige vej hjem
Jimmy Dean - My Christmas Room
Jimmy Dean - The End of the World
Jimmy Dean - Once a Day
Jimmy Dean - Faded Love
Jimmy Dean - It Keeps Right on A-Hurtin'
Jimmy Dean - True Love's a Blessing
Jimmy Dean - Things Have Gone to Pieces
Jimmy Dean - Bye Bye Baby
Dashboard Prophets - Wearing Me Down
Dashboard Prophets - Violated
Dashboard Prophets - Dismissing the Myth
Dashboard Prophets - Hatred for Hats
Dashboard Prophets - All You Want
Dashboard Prophets - Crucifixation
Dashboard Prophets - Ballad for Dead Friends
Dashboard Prophets - Daze That Reigned
Dashboard Prophets - S*O*J*A
Bobby Darin - Another Song on My Mind
Bobby Darin - Happy (Love Theme From Lady Sings the Blues)
Pino Daniele - Back Home
Pino Daniele - Rhum and Coca
Pino Daniele - Il giorno e la notte
Pino Daniele - Salvami
Pino Daniele - Mardi Gras
Pino Daniele - Blues del peccatore
Pino Daniele - Ischia sole nascente
Pino Daniele - Passo napoletano
Pino Daniele - Invece no
Pino Daniele - Soleado Up and Down
Pino Daniele - Sono un cantante di blues
Pino Daniele - Bonne Soirée
Pino Daniele - Vita mia
Pino Daniele - Guardami in Face
Pino Daniele - Baccalà
Pino Daniele - 'Nu poco 'e sentimento
Pino Daniele - Boys in the Night
Pino Daniele - Mama e!
Pino Daniele - Aria
Pino Daniele - Scrack
Pino Daniele - Occhi grigi
Pino Daniele - Watch Out
Pino Daniele - Boogie Boogie Man
Pino Daniele - It's a Beautiful Day
Pino Daniele - Siente fa' accussì
Pino Daniele - Nun me scuccià
Dan the Automator - Wiling
Dan the Automator - A Better Tomorrow, Part 2
Deltron 3030 - Positive Contact
Zero 7 - Destiny
Lovage - Stroker Ace
De La Soul - Bionix
Dilated Peoples - Clockwork
Hieroglyphics - Don't Hate the Player
Fabolous - Ball Til You Fall
E-40 & San Quinn - Baller Blockin'
Bobby Darin - I Will Follow Her
Bobby Darin - Goodbye Charlie
Darkified - The Forgotten City
Darkified - Sleep Forever...
Pino Daniele - Je sto' vicino a te
Pino Daniele - E so' cuntento 'e sta'
Dead Vertical - Deadly Mouth
Dead Vertical - Washing the Red
Pino Daniele - Che tene 'o mare
Dead Vertical - Polemik
Dead Vertical - Conspiracy
Dead Vertical - 13 Years in Vietnam
Pino Daniele - Un giorno che non va
Pino Daniele - Gente distratta
Pino Daniele - Stare bene a metà
Dead Vertical - Selamat Datang di Pantai Neraka
Pino Daniele - 'na tazzulella 'e caffè
Pino Daniele - 'o ssaje comme fa 'o core
Dead Vertical - Benteng Terakhir
Dead Vertical - After World Obliteration
Pino Daniele - Amici come prima
Dead Vertical - Inti Petaka (bonus track)
Pino Daniele - Resta... resta cu'mme
Pino Daniele - Ma che ho
Pino Daniele - Bella 'mbriana
Pino Daniele - Notte che se ne va
Pino Daniele - Basta 'na jurnata e sole
Dead Vertical - Buta
Pino Daniele - 'Na tazzurella 'e cafè
Pino Daniele - Che calore
Pino Daniele - Putesse essere allegro
Pino Daniele - Puorteme a casa mia
Pino Daniele - Keep On Movin'
Pino Daniele - I Got the Blues
Pino Daniele - E pò che fà
Pino Daniele - Annaré
Pino Daniele - Sara
Pino Daniele - Gesù Gesù
Pino Daniele - Che ore so'
Pino Daniele - Disperazione
Pino Daniele - Jesce juorno
Pino Daniele - Carte e cartuscelle
Pino Daniele - Un uomo in blues
Pino Daniele - 'O cammello 'nnammurato
Pino Daniele - Stress
Pino Daniele - Senza peccato
Pino Daniele feat. Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel - Terra mia
Pino Daniele feat. Irene Grandi - Se mi vuoi
Pino Daniele feat. Giorgia - Vento di passione
Pino Daniele - Non si torna indietro
Pino Daniele - Another Dimension
Bobby Darin - Moritat (Mack the Knife)
Bobby Darin - Save the Country
Bobby Darin - Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher
Bobby Darin - Mac the Knife
DC Breaks - Faithless
DC Breaks - If This Is Love
Pino Daniele - Je so pazzo
Pino Daniele - Mal di te
Pino Daniele - Cosa penserai di me
Pino Daniele - Schizzechea
Pino Daniele - Sambaccussì
Pino Daniele - Neve Al Sole
Pino Daniele - Allora sì
Pino Daniele - Puozze passà nu guaio
Pino Daniele - Ce sta chi ce penza
Pino Daniele - Suonno d'ajere
Pino Daniele - Maronna mia
Pino Daniele - Chi po dicere
Pino Daniele - Furtunato
Pino Daniele - Libertà
Pino Daniele - Un deserto di parole
Pino Daniele - Un angolo di cielo
Pino Daniele - Fumo nero
Pino Daniele - Notte che fai
Pino Daniele - E se amore sarà
Bobby Darin - Spring Is Here
Bobby Darin - Me and Mr. Hohner
Francesco De Gregori - Viaggi e miraggi
Francesco De Gregori - Titanic
Francesco De Gregori - Cose
Francesco De Gregori - Adelante! Adelante!
Francesco De Gregori - Il bandito e il campione
Francesco De Gregori - Buonanotte fiorellino
Francesco De Gregori - Pablo
Francesco De Gregori - La valigia dell'attore
Francesco De Gregori - Battere e levare
Francesco De Gregori - L'agnello di Dio
Francesco De Gregori - Viva l'Italia
Francesco De Gregori - La storia
Francesco De Gregori - Compagni di viaggio
Francesco De Gregori - Stella della strada
Francesco De Gregori - Rimmel
Francesco De Gregori - La leva calcistica della classe 1968
Francesco De Gregori - Bellamore
Francesco De Gregori - I muscoli del capitano
Francesco De Gregori - Sangue su sangue
Francesco De Gregori - Generale
Francesco De Gregori - La ballata dell'Uomo Ragno
Francesco De Gregori - Vecchi amici
Francesco De Gregori - I matti
Francesco De Gregori - Alice
Francesco De Gregori - Vita spericolata
Francesco De Gregori - Sfiorisci bel fiore
Francesco De Gregori - Niente da capire
Francesco De Gregori - A lupo
Francesco De Gregori - Finestre di dolore
Francesco De Gregori - Souvenir
Francesco De Gregori - Ninetto e la colonia
Francesco De Gregori - Ipercarmela
Francesco De Gregori - Ultimo discorso registrato
Elton Dean - Soldering On
Pino Daniele - Questa primavera
Pino Daniele - Fatte 'na pizza
Pino Daniele - Nuda
Pino Daniele - T'aggia vedé morta
Pino Daniele - Un angelo vero
Pino Daniele - Pace e serenità
Pino Daniele - Il pianeta delle parole
Pino Daniele - La mia emozione più forte
Pino Daniele - Scirocco d'Africa
Pino Daniele - Non ho paura del mostro
Pino Daniele - Se domani pioverà
Pino Daniele - Canto do mar
Pino Daniele - Questo immenso
Pino Daniele - Che te ne fotte
Pino Daniele - Nun ce sta piacere
Pino Daniele - Sulo pe' parlà
Pino Daniele - Have You Seen My Shoes
Pino Daniele - È sempre sera
Bobby Darin - You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
Bobby Darin - Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
Francesco De Gregori - Belli capelli
Francesco De Gregori - Caterina
Francesco De Gregori - La leva calcistica della classe '68
Francesco De Gregori - L'abbigliamento di un fuochista
Francesco De Gregori - Rollo & His Jets
Francesco De Gregori - Viaggi & miraggi
Francesco De Gregori - Chi ruba nei supermercati?
Francesco De Gregori - Tutto più chiaro che qui
Francesco De Gregori - Povero me
Francesco De Gregori - Rumore di niente
Francesco De Gregori - L'aggettivo 'mitico'
Francesco De Gregori - Canzone per l'estate
Francesco De Gregori - Deriva
Francesco De Gregori - Spad VII s2489
Francesco De Gregori - Quando e qui
Francesco De Gregori - Condannato a morte
Francesco De Gregori - Il cuoco di Salò
Francesco De Gregori - Caldo e scuro
Francesco De Gregori - Sempre e per sempre
Francesco De Gregori - Vai in Africa, Celestino!
Francesco De Gregori - Numeri da scaricare
Francesco De Gregori - Passato remoto
Francesco De Gregori - Le lacrime di Nemo / L'esplosione / La fine
Rodgers & Hammerstein - You'll Never Walk Alone
Peter Dasent - Sodomy
Pino Daniele - Tarumbò
Pino Daniele - Ma che mania
Pino Daniele - Leave a Message
Pino Daniele - Domani
Pino Daniele - Solo
Pino Daniele - Via Medina
Pino Daniele - Tempo di cambiare
Pino Daniele - Senza 'e te
Pino Daniele - Lettera dal cuore
Pino Daniele - Acqua passata
Pino Daniele - Galby
Pino Daniele - Gente di frontiera
Pino Daniele - Lacrima di sale
Pino Daniele - Africa a Africa
Bobby Darin - Abilene
Francesco De Gregori - Cardiologia
Francesco De Gregori - La linea della vita
Francesco De Gregori - La casa
Francesco De Gregori - L'angelo
Francesco De Gregori - In onda
Francesco De Gregori - Mayday
Francesco De Gregori - Per le strade di Roma
Francesco De Gregori - L'amore comunque
Francesco De Gregori - Tre stelle
Francesco De Gregori - Un angioletto come te (Sweetheart Like You)
Francesco De Gregori - Servire qualcuno (Gotta Serve Somebody)
Francesco De Gregori - Non dirle che non è così (If You See Her, Say Hello)
Francesco De Gregori - Via della Povertà (Desolation Row)
Francesco De Gregori - Come il giorno (I Shall Be Released)
Francesco De Gregori - Mondo politico (Political World)
Francesco De Gregori - Non è buio ancora (Not Dark Yet)
Francesco De Gregori - Acido seminterrato (Subterranean Homesick Blues)
Francesco De Gregori - Una serie di sogni (Series of Dreams)
Francesco De Gregori - Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee (Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum)
Francesco De Gregori - Dignità (Dignity)
Francesco De Gregori - Bambini venite parvulos
Francesco De Gregori - Un guanto
Francesco De Gregori - La casa di Hilde
Francesco De Gregori - L'attentato a Togliatti
Francesco De Gregori - Il ragazzo
Francesco De Gregori - Signora Aquilone
Francesco De Gregori - Piccola mela
Pino Daniele - Just in Mi
Pino Daniele - Lassa che vene
Pino Daniele - Io ci sarò
Pino Daniele - Stella nera
Pino Daniele - Santa Teresa
Pino Daniele - Acchiappa acchiappa
Pino Daniele - E' sempe sera
Pino Daniele - Alibi perfetto
Pino Daniele - Ladro d'amore
Pino Daniele - Si forever
Pino Daniele - Da soli no
Pino Daniele - Come un gelato all'equatore
Pino Daniele - Samba in My Mind
Pino Daniele - I buoni e i cattivi
Pino Daniele - Viaggio senza ritorno
Pino Daniele - Bel Orizzonte
Bobby Darin - Not Mine
Bobby Darin - The More I See You
Bobby Darin - No Greater Love
Pino Daniele - Il sole dentro di me
Pino Daniele - Dimentica
Pino Daniele - Cuore di pietra
Pino Daniele - Anime che girano
Pino Daniele - Sesso e chitarra elettrica
Pino Daniele - Io vivo fra le nuvole
Pino Daniele - Ferry Boat
Pino Daniele - 'A rrobba mia
Pino Daniele - One
Pino Daniele - Amico mio
Pino Daniele - 'O tiempo vola
Pino Daniele - Quaccosa
Pino Daniele - Narcisista in azione
Pino Daniele - Pensando amor
Pino Daniele - Maria
Pino Daniele - Marì
Pino Daniele - Indifferentemente un ricordo
Pino Daniele - Ma che tempo fa
Pino Daniele - Occhi che sanno parlare
Pino Daniele - Melody
Pino Daniele - Patricia
Pino Daniele - Promesse da marinaio
Pino Daniele - Serenata a fronn' 'e limone
Pino Daniele - Voci sospese
Bobby Darin - You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You
Bobby Darin - If I Ruled the World
De La Soul feat. Snoop Dogg - Pain
Pino Daniele - Melodramma
Pino Daniele - Niente è come prima
Pino Daniele - Due scarpe
Pino Daniele - La grande madre
Pino Daniele - Wonderful Tonight
Pino Daniele - Piedi nudi
Pino Daniele - Il primo giorno di primavera
Pino Daniele - Searching for the Water of Life
Pino Daniele - Coffee Time
Pino Daniele - O frà
Pino Daniele - I Still Love You
Pino Daniele - Qualcosa arriverà
Pino Daniele - N'ata stagione
Pino Daniele - 'A speranza è semp' sola
Pino Daniele - Ammore scumbinato
Pino Daniele - 'O 'mericano
Pino Daniele - Aria strana
Pino Daniele - Giungla
Bobby Darin - Two Of A Kind (Johnny Mercer with Billy May & His Orchestra)
Bobby Darin - A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
Bobby Darin - Dont Rain on My Parade
Dead Cat Bounce - Switzerland
Dead Cat Bounce - Midget
DBC - Deadlock
DBC - Monument
DBC - Lies
DBC - Public Suicide
DBC - Negative Reinforcement
DBC - Outburst
DBC - M.I.A.
DBC - Terrorist Mind
DBC - The Vice
DBC - Trauma X
DBC - Final Act
DBC - Power & Corruption
Francesco De Gregori - A chi
Francesco De Gregori - Il canto delle sirene
Francesco De Gregori - Stelutis alpinis
Francesco De Gregori - Mimì sarà
Francesco De Gregori - Non dirle che non è così
Francesco De Gregori - Come il giorno
Francesco De Gregori - Sotto le stelle del Messico a trapanàr
Francesco De Gregori - Dr Dobermann
Francesco De Gregori - Pentathlon
Francesco De Gregori - Natale
Francesco De Gregori - La ragazza e la miniera
Francesco De Gregori - Ciao ciao
Francesco De Gregori - Gesù bambino e la guerra
Francesco De Gregori - Nero
Francesco De Gregori - Capatàz
Pino Daniele - 'na tazzulella 'e cafe'
Pino Daniele - Tell Me Now
Pino Daniele - Cumbà
Pino Daniele - Jesce journo
Pino Daniele - Tra la pazzia e il blues
Pino Daniele - Canzone nova
Pino Daniele - Cry
Pino Daniele - Me sò 'mbriacato 'e te forever
Pino Daniele - Al Capone
Pino Daniele - Mo basta, Part 1
Pino Daniele - Appocundria / Putesse essere allero / Je sto vicino a te
Francesco De Gregori - Finestre rotte
Francesco De Gregori - Celebrazione
Francesco De Gregori - Volavola
Francesco De Gregori - Ogni giorno di pioggia che Dio manda in terra
Francesco De Gregori - L'angelo di Lyon
Francesco De Gregori - Carne umana per colazione
Francesco De Gregori - L'imperfetto
Francesco De Gregori - Capo d'Africa
Francesco De Gregori - L'ultima nave
Francesco De Gregori - Gesù bambino
Francesco De Gregori - Il signor Hood (A M., con autonomia)
Francesco De Gregori - Buonanotte fratello
Pino Daniele - A me piace 'o blues
Pino Daniele - E so cuntento 'e stà
Pino Daniele - Fortunato
Pino Daniele - Chi tiene 'o mare
Pino Daniele - Ue mani
Pino Daniele - Allegria
Pino Daniele - Yes I Know My Way - Finale With All Bands
Death Artery - Anjing Berkalung Sorban
Death Artery - Rafaah
DDM - Immortal
Death by Chocolate - Mustard Yellow
Death by Chocolate - Sky Blue
Death by Chocolate - Orange
Death by Chocolate - Olive
Death by Chocolate - Red
Death by Chocolate - If You Want to Sing Out Sing Out
Dealership - TV Heart
Dealership - Toujours ta Fille
Dealership - Tetsuo
Dealership - For Sale
Dealership - Model Mortal
Dealership - Just So
Dealership - Twins
Dealership - Gia
Dealership - Together This Moment
Dealership - I Start to Explode
Dealership - Faded Crushes
Dealership - Pure of Heart
Dealership - Forest
Dealership - Boy You Were
Dealership - Then
Dealership - Database Corrupted
Dealership - Gee
Dealership - Endless Affair
Dealership - I Don't Want Your Love
Dealership - Two Turns
Dealership - Hostage
Dealership - Jungle Gym
Dealership - My Box
Dealership - Nerdy Girl
Dealership - Fallout
Dealership - Perfectly Happy
Dealership - Montserrat
Dealership - You're Dumb
Dealership - Green
Francesco De Gregori - Banana Republic
Francesco De Gregori - A Pa'
Francesco De Gregori - Pilota di guerra
Francesco De Gregori - Lettera da un cosmodromo messicano
Francesco De Gregori - Rosa rosae
Francesco De Gregori - Renoir (2ª versione)
Francesco De Gregori - Il '56
Francesco De Gregori - La campana
Francesco De Gregori - Il futuro
Francesco De Gregori - Fiorellino # 12&35
James Darren - Just One of Those Things
James Darren - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
James Darren - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
James Darren - Blame It on My Youth
James Darren - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
James Darren - Goodbye Cruel World
Shelley Fabares - Johnny Angel
Paul Petersen - She Can't Find Her Keys
Shelley Fabares - Johnny Loves Me
Shelley Fabares - Things We Did Last Summer
James Darren - Conscience
James Darren - Put on a Happy Face
James Darren - Lot Ot Livin' to Do
Shelley Fabares - How Lovely to Be a Woman
James Darren - The Best Is Yet to Come
James Darren - Come Fly With Me
James Darren - I've Got the World on a String
James Darren - You’d Better Love Me
James Darren - Sophisticated Lady
James Darren - Just in Time
James Darren - The Way You Look Tonight
James Darren - Here’s to the Losers
James Darren - Dancing in the Dark
James Darren - Angel Face
James Darren - Because They're Young
James Darren - Mary's Little Lamb
James Darren - Hail to the Conquering Hero
James Darren - Pin a Medal on Joey
James Darren - They Should Have Given You the Oscar
James Darren - All
James Darren - You Take My Heart Away
deadmau5 & Imogen Heap - Telemiscommunications
Deadman Walking - Misery
Death - Keep On Knocking
Death - Rock-N-Roll Victim
Death - Let the World Turn
Death - Freakin Out
Ester Dean - Get My Dough
Death - Politicians in My Eyes
Ester Dean - Crazy Youngsters
Death - Who Am I?
James Darren - There's No Such Thing
James Darren - Does Your Heart Beat for Me?
James Darren - It's Only a Paper Moon
James Darren - I've Got You Under My Skin
James Darren - You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You
James Darren - I'll Be Seeing You
James Darren - Gidget Goes Hawaiian
De Arma - The Tower
De Arma - Wretch
Days of the New - Shelf in the Room
Days of the New - Face of the Earth
Days of the New - Solitude
Days of the New - The Down Town
Days of the New - Freak
Days of the New - Now
Days of the New - Whimsical
Days of the New - Where I Stand
Days of the New - How Do You Know You?
Days of the New - Cling
Days of the New - Flight Response
Days of the New - The Real
Days of the New - Weapon & the Wound
Days of the New - Take Me Back Then
Days of the New - Hang on to This
Days of the New - Die Born
Days of the New - Dirty Road
Days of the New - Giving In
Days of the New - Fighting With Clay
Days of the New - Words
Days of the New - I Think
Days of the New - Touch, Peel, & Stand
Days of the New - Bring Yourself
Days of the New - Phobics of Tragedy
Days of the New - Not the Same
Days of the New - Provider
Days of the New - Last One
Days of the New - Best of Life
Days of the New - Never Drown
Days of the New - Dancing With the Wind
Days of the New - What's Left For Me?
Days of the New - Touch, Peel & Stand
Days of the New - Got to Be You
Days of the New - Independent Slaves
Days of the New - Champagne
Days of the New - Special Guide
Days of the New - Running Knees
Days of the New - Rough Day
Days of the New - Angry Light
Days of the New - Where Are You?
Francesco De Gregori - Tutti hanno un cuore
Francesco De Gregori - Jazz
Francesco De Gregori - Baci da Pompei
Francesco De Gregori - Prendi questa mano, zingara
Francesco De Gregori - Fine di un killer
Francesco De Gregori - Pane e castagne
Francesco De Gregori - Spalle larghe
Francesco De Gregori - Vecchia valigia
Dead Elizabeth - Of Succubi in Violent Rapture
Dead Elizabeth - The Pleasures of Antiquity
Darude - Out Of Control
Darude - Touch Me Feel Me
Darude - Rush
Darude - My Game
Darude - Tell Me
Darude - Stars (Here With Me)
Darude - In the Darkness
Darude - Warrior
Darude - Next to You (dub)
Darude - Tell Me (original dub)
Darude - I Ran (So Far Away) [feat. Blake Lewis]
Darude - You're My Fantasy
Darude - Tear Apart
Darude - Coming Home
Darude - Moments
Dear Reader - Way of the World
Dear Reader - Dearheart
Dear Reader - Great White Bear
Dear Reader - Out Out Out
Dear Reader - Release Me
Dear Reader - Never Goes
Dear Reader - The Same
Dear Reader - What We Wanted
Dear Reader - Everything Is Caving
Dear Reader - Fox
Dear Reader - Mole (Mole)
Dear Reader - Earthworm (All Hail Our Ailing Mother)
Dear Reader - Giraffe (What's Wrong With Us)
Dear Reader - Man (Idealistic Animals)
Dear Reader - Whale (BooHoo)
Dear Reader - Bear (Young's Done In)
Dear Reader - Elephant (Hearter)
Dear Reader - Kite (Soon We'll Light Up)
Dear Reader - Down Under, Mining
Dear Reader - Took Them Away
Dear Reader - Good Hope
Dear Reader - 27.04.1994
Dear Reader - From Now On
Dear Reader - Man of the Book
Dear Reader - Back From the Dead
Dear Reader - Teller of Truths
Dear Reader - Already Are
Dear Reader - Cruelty on Beauty On
Dear Reader - Victory
Dear Reader - Camel
Dear Reader - Monkey
Francesco De Gregori - Miramare
Francesco De Gregori - Anidride solforosa
Francesco De Gregori - Ninetto & la colonia
Meg Davis - Women of Steel
Damnation Plan - The Unknown Presence
Damnation Plan - Blindsighted
Damnation Plan - The Wakening
Damnation Plan - Edge of Machinery
Damnation Plan - Crimson Skies
Damnation Plan - Walk of Illusion
Damnation Plan - Ashes
Damnation Plan - Resurrectes (Within Ourselves)
Damnation Plan - Grand World Anthem
Damnation Plan - Orchestrated Acts of Evil
Damnation Plan - Darker World
Damnation Plan - World of Insanity
Damnation Plan - The Day of Awakening
Francesco De Gregori - Dammi da mangiare
Francesco De Gregori - Il suono delle campane
Dawnfine - Crisis
Das Racist - Relax
Das Racist - Michael Jackson
Das Racist - Brand New Dance
Das Racist - Middle of the Cake
Das Racist - Girl
Das Racist feat. El‐P - Shut Up, Man
Das Racist - Happy Rappy
Das Racist - Booty in the Air
Das Racist - Power
Das Racist - Punjabi Song
Das Racist - Selena
Das Racist - Rainbow in the Dark
Das Racist - The Trick
Das Racist - Puerto Rican Cousins
Das Racist - Hahahaha Jk?
Das Racist - Commercial
Das Racist feat. Lakutis - Amazing
Das Racist feat. Lakutis - Rapping 2 U
Das Racist feat. Lakutis - Irresponsible
Das Racist - Return to Innocence
Das Racist - Julia
Das Racist feat. Roc Marciano - Roc Marciano Joint
Das Racist - You Can Sell Anything
Das Racist - Sit Down, People
Das Racist - Who’s That? Brooown!
Das Racist - You Oughta Know
Das Racist - Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
Das Racist - Fake Patois
Das Racist - Nutmeg
Das Racist - Shorty Said
Das Racist - Chicken and Meat
Das Racist - Ek Shaneesh
Das Racist - Hugo Chavez
Das Racist - I Don’t Want to Deal With Those Monsters
Das Racist - Don Dada
Das Racist - One Dollar Can
Das Racist - Coochie Dip City
Das Racist - Shut Up, Dude
Das Racist - Luv It Mayne
Das Racist - Town Business
Das Racist - Swate
Das Racist - Sit Down, Man
Das Racist - Rooftop
Das Racist - Fashion Party (with Chairlift)
Francesco De Gregori - Dottor Dobermann
Francesco De Gregori - Vento dal nulla
Francesco De Gregori - Carne di pappagallo
Julia Deans - Little Survivor
Julia Deans - Modern Fables
Julia Deans - Recovery
Julia Deans - A New Dialogue
Julia Deans - High and Clear
Julia Deans - Skin (Everything Is Coming to a Halt)
Julia Deans - Friend
Francesco De Gregori - Sulla strada
Francesco De Gregori - Belle époque
Francesco De Gregori - Omero al Cantagiro
Francesco De Gregori - Showtime
Francesco De Gregori - La guerra
Francesco De Gregori - Guarda che non sono io
Francesco De Gregori - Falso movimento
Francesco De Gregori - Cercando un'altro Egitto
Francesco De Gregori - Leggi nel pensiero
Francesco De Gregori - Per brevita' chiamato artista
Francesco De Gregori - L' infinito
Francesco De Gregori - Canta canta
Francesco De Gregori - La donna cannnone
Daughters - Nurse, Would You Please Prep the Patient for Sexual Doctor
Daughters - I Don’t Give a Shit About Wood, I’m Not a Chemist
Daughters - Recorded Inside a Pyramid
Daughters - Crotch Buffet
Daughters - The Virgin
Daughters - The First Supper
Daughters - The Hit
Daughters - The Theatre Goer
Daughters - Our Queens (One Is Many, Many Are One)
Daughters - The Dead Singer
Daughters - Sweet Georgia Brown
Daughters - The Unattractive, Portable Head
Daughters - ... And Then the C.H.U.D. S Came
Daughters - Hello Assholes
Daughters - Flatter Is a Bunch of Fucking Bullshit
Daughters - A Room Full of Hard-ons and Nowhere to Sit Down
Daughters - My Stereo Has Mono and So Does My Girlfriend
Daughters - Damn Those Bloodsuckers and Their Good Qualities
Dailey & Vincent - Head Hung Down
Dailey & Vincent - Your Love is Like a Flower
Dailey & Vincent - When I Reach That Home Up There
Dailey & Vincent - On the Other Side
Dailey & Vincent - By the Mark
Dailey & Vincent - Poor Boy Workin' Blues
Dailey & Vincent - Don't You Call My Name
Dailey & Vincent - I Believe
Dailey & Vincent - Steel Drivin' Man
Dailey & Vincent - Hills of Caroline
Dailey & Vincent - Near the Cross
Dailey & Vincent - Hide Me, Rock of Ages
Dailey & Vincent - I Am Resolved
Dailey & Vincent - Jesus Is Coming Soon
Dailey & Vincent - Don't You Wanna Go to Heaven
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Who Are You, Mr. Brooks
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - The Helping Hand
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - My Hard & Long Way Home
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - The Pursuit of the Dream
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - John Doe
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Unfair and Cruel Fate
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Hate Unleashed
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - My Inspiration
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Rest in Peace, My Friend
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Let Me In
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Soul Has a Price
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - It’s Time to Rise
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - In Slavery of Illusions
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - As Punishment for Lies
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - To Find the Right Way
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Everyone Burns in This Hell
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - It Remains in You
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - The Taste of Revenge
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - The Time Is Not Endless
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Deliverance
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Human Duality
Dead Silence Hides My Cries - E.T. (Futuristic Lover)
Nataly Dawn - Araceli
Nataly Dawn - Leslie
Nataly Dawn - How I Knew Her
Nataly Dawn - Back to the Barracks
Nataly Dawn - Long Running Joke
Nataly Dawn - Counting Down
Nataly Dawn - Caroline
Nataly Dawn - Please Don't Scream
Nataly Dawn - Still a Believer
Nataly Dawn - Even Steven
Nataly Dawn - Why Did You Marry
Nataly Dawn - I Just Wanted You to Get Old
Nataly Dawn - Orchid
Nataly Dawn - For the Record
Nataly Dawn - Amen
Nataly Dawn - Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Nataly Dawn - Do What You Want
Nataly Dawn - Book of Love
Nataly Dawn - Play the Game
The Deadly Gentlemen - Roll Me, Tumble Me
The Deadly Gentlemen - A Faded Star
The Deadly Gentlemen - Beautiful's Her Body
The Deadly Gentlemen - Working
The Deadly Gentlemen - Now Is Not the Time
The Deadly Gentlemen - The Splendor of the Bender
The Deadly Gentlemen - Hello, Apocalypse
The Deadly Gentlemen - When I Was a Cowboy
The Deadly Gentlemen - Locked Up
The Deadly Gentlemen - Hobo Rockstar
The Deadly Gentlemen - I'm Coming Back
The Deadly Gentlemen - The Demon Ether
The Deadly Gentlemen - The Better the Bitchin'
Davidson Brothers - I Miss the Sound of Rain
Fabrizio De André - La collina
Fabrizio De André - Un matto (Dietro ogni scemo c'è un villaggio)
Fabrizio De André - Un giudice
Fabrizio De André - Un blasfemo (Dietro ogni blasfemo c'è un giardino incantato)
Fabrizio De André - Un malato di cuore
Fabrizio De André - Un medico
Fabrizio De André - Un chimico
Fabrizio De André - Un ottico
Fabrizio De André - Il suonatore Jones
Fabrizio De André - La città vecchia
Fabrizio De André - Via del Campo
Fabrizio De André - Bocca di rosa
Fabrizio De André - La canzone di Marinella
Fabrizio De André - Ballata dell'amore cieco
Fabrizio De André - La guerra di Piero
Fabrizio De André - La ballata dell'eroe
Fabrizio De André - Il pescatore
Fabrizio De André - La canzone dell'amore perduto
Fabrizio De André - Preghiera in gennaio
Fabrizio De André - Valzer per un amore
Fabrizio De André - Si chiamava Gesù
Fabrizio De André - Il sogno di Maria
Fabrizio De André - Ave Maria
Fabrizio De André - Il testamento di Tito
Fabrizio De André - Girotondo
Fabrizio De André - Recitativo (due invocazioni e un atto d'accusa) / Corale (leggenda del re infelice)
Fabrizio De André - Canzone del maggio
Fabrizio De André - Il bombarolo
Fabrizio De André - Verranno a chiederti del nostro amore
Fabrizio De André - Canzone per l'estate
Fabrizio De André - Amico fragile
Fabrizio De André - Andrea
Fabrizio De André - Volta la carta
Fabrizio De André - Titti
Fabrizio De André - Una storia sbagliata
Fabrizio De André - Geordie
Fabrizio De André - Fiume Sand Creek
Fabrizio De André - Hotel Supramonte
Fabrizio De André - Se ti tagliassero a pezzetti
Fabrizio De André - Crêuza de mä
Fabrizio De André - Sidún
Fabrizio De André - Â duménega
Fabrizio De André - La domenica delle salme
Fabrizio De André - Don Raffae'
Fabrizio De André - Prinçesa
Fabrizio De André - Ho visto Nina volare
Fabrizio De André - Anime salve
Fabrizio De André - Smisurata preghiera
Fabrizio De André - L'infanzia di Maria
Fabrizio De André - Il ritorno di Giuseppe
Fabrizio De André - Via della Croce
Fabrizio De André - Laudate hominem
Fabrizio De André - Il fannullone
Fabrizio De André - E fu la notte
Fabrizio De André - Il testamento
Fabrizio De André - Fila la lana
Fabrizio De André - Per i tuoi larghi occhi
Fabrizio De André - La ballata dell'amore cieco (o della vanità)
Fabrizio De André - Nuvole barocche
Death by Unga Bunga - Lesson Learned the Hard Way
Dalida - Bambino (Guaglione)
Dalida - Le Jour où la pluie viendra
Dalida - Les Gitans
Dalida - Come prima (Tu me donnes)
Dalida - Romantica
Dalida - Les Enfants du Pirée
Dalida - L’Arlequin de Tolède
Dalida - Itsi bitsi petit bikini (Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini)
Dalida - Bras dessus bras dessous
Dalida - Ni chaud ni froid
Dalida - Garde-moi la dernière danse
Dalida - Que sont devenues les fleurs ?
Dalida - Le Jour le plus long
Dalida - La danse de Zorba
Dalida - La Vie en rose
Dalida - Je reviens te chercher
Dalida - Vive le vent
Dalida - Douce nuit, sainte nuit
Dalida - Il venait d’avoir 18 ans
Dalida & Alain Delon - Paroles… paroles…
Dalida - Le Lambeth Walk
Dalida - Pour te dire je t’aime
Dalida - J’attendrai
Dalida - Comme disait Mistinguett
Dalida - Soleil, soleil
Dalida - À ma manière
Dalida - Pour en arriver là
Dalida - Gigi l’amoroso
Dalida - Le Temps des fleurs
Dalida - Quelques larmes de pluie
Dalida - Il silenzio
Dalida - Le Petit Perroquet
Dalida - Tzigane
Dalida - La Bambola
Dalida - Histoire d'un amour
Dalida - Garde-moi la dernière danse (Save the Last Dance For Me)
Dalida - Nuits d’Espagne
Dalida - Eux
Dalida - Bonsoir mon amour
Dalida - Ciao amore ciao
Dalida - Parle plus bas
Dalida - Fini la comédie
Dalida - Il pleut sur Bruxelles
Dalida - La mamma
Dalida - Rio do Brasil
Dalida - Darla dirladada
De Nattergale - It's Hard to Be a Nissemand
De Nattergale - The Støvle Dance
De Nattergale - Long Time Ago in Bethlehem