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Dead Congregation - From a Wretched Womb
Dead Congregation - Martyrdoom
Dead Congregation - Morbid Paroxysm
Dead Congregation - Voices
Dead Congregation - Subjugation
Dead Congregation - Lucid Curse
Dead Congregation - Feasting Angelcunts
Dead Congregation - Downward Spiral of Morbidity
Dead Congregation - Auguring an Eternal War
Dead Congregation - Vomitchrist
Dead Congregation - Perennial Blasphemous Affliction
Ray Davies - Imaginary Man
Ray Davies - Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)
Ray Davies - Next Door Neighbour
Ray Davies - Creatures of Little Faith
Ray Davies - Run Away From Time
Ray Davies - The Tourist
Ray Davies - The Getaway (Lonesome Train)
Ray Davies - Stand Up Comic
Ray Davies - Over My Head
Ray Davies - Thanksgiving Day
Ray Davies - All She Wrote
Ray Davies - Is There Life After Breakfast?
Ray Davies - Art School (Dialogue)
Ray Davies - My Name (Dialogue)
Ray Davies - Hunchback (Dialogue)
Ray Davies - London Song
Ray Davies - The Front Room (Dialogue)
Ray Davies - The Third Single (Dialogue)
Ray Davies - The Ballad of Julie Finkle
Ray Davies - 20th Century Man
Ray Davies - Back in the Front Room
Ray Davies - When Big Bill Speaks/the Man Who Knew a Man (Mick Avory's Auditon-Dialogue)
Ray Davies - It's Alright (Havana Version, the Kinks Name-Dialogue)
Ray Davies - Art School Babe
Ray Davies - Set Me Free
Ray Davies - Writing the Song (Dialogue)
Ray Davies - Victoria
Ray Davies - Storyteller
Ray Davies - Julie Finkle (Dialogue)
Ray Davies - Dad & the Green Amp (Dialogue)
Ray Davies - Autumn Almanac
Ray Davies - It's Alright (Managers-Dialogue)
Ray Davies - All Day and All of the Night / Destroyer
Ray Davies - 'til the End of the Day
Ray Davies - Yours Truly Confused N10
Richard Darbyshire - This I Swear
Richard Darbyshire - Nothing Can Keep Me Away
Declan de Barra - Throw Your Arms Around Me
Declan de Barra - Song of a Thousand Birds
Declan de Barra - Blackbird Song
Declan de Barra - Someday Soon
Declan de Barra - Apple Tree
Declan de Barra - Curfew
Declan de Barra - Diamonds
Declan de Barra - Johanna
Declan de Barra - Beautiful One
Declan de Barra - Black Crow Call
Declan de Barra - Sunrise
Declan de Barra - Midnight Swell
Declan de Barra - Breadcrumb Trail
Declan de Barra - Deep in the Ferns
Declan de Barra - You Will Overcome
Declan de Barra - Blossom Tree
Declan de Barra - Fuck the Begrudgers
Declan de Barra - A City Somewhere
Declan de Barra - A Stórín
Declan de Barra - Wind that Shakes the Barley
Son d'Play - Bem-vindo ao meu Club
Son d'Play - Nós é Boy
Son d'Play - A Gente que define
Son d'Play - Quem é você?
Son d'Play - Se tiver Girl
Son d'Play - Garota & diamante
Son d'Play - Qual é o seu valor?
Son d'Play - Chuva de dinheiro
Son d'Play - Motel de quatro rodas
De La Soul feat. Damon Albarn - Here in After
Dead Man's Bones - Dead Hearts
Dead Man's Bones - In the Room Where You Sleep
Dead Man's Bones - Buried in Water
Dead Man's Bones - My Body's a Zombie for You
Dead Man's Bones - Pa Pa Power
Dead Man's Bones - Young & Tragic
Dead Man's Bones - Paper Ships
Dead Man's Bones - Lose Your Soul
Dead Man's Bones - Werewolf Heart
Dead Man's Bones - Flowers Grow Out of My Grave
Dead Blue Sky - Beneath the Autumn Sun
Dead Blue Sky - Essence of Creation
Dead Blue Sky - To Live in Dreams
Dead Blue Sky - When Time Was Time & Life Was Breath
Dead Blue Sky - Holding Yesterday for Ransom
Dead Blue Sky - My Sadness Has No Seasons
Dead Blue Sky - Ghost in the Melody
Dead Blue Sky - A Reminder of These Heartless Days
Dead Blue Sky - Ascension of Beauty
Dae Dae - Wat U Mean (Aye, Aye, Aye)
The Dead Pets - We're Coming Back
The Dead Pets - W.M.C. (Working Men's Club)
The Dead Pets - Bad Attitude
The Dead Pets - Seen But Not Heard
The Dead Brothers - Trust in Me
The Dead Brothers - I Can't Get Enough
The Dead Brothers - Just a Hole
The Dead Brothers - Am I to Be the One
The Dead Brothers - Time Has Gone
The Dead Brothers - Marlene
The Dead Brothers - Les Papillons Noirs
Crimson Blue - L.M.A.
Crimson Blue - Clouds
Crimson Blue - Flax
Crimson Blue - September
Crimson Blue - Innocence
D[di:] - Fire Star Man
D[di:] - killer BEE
D[di:] - Sheep Chicken God
D[di:] - Germy7
D[di:] - Riddle
D[di:] - Angel meat pie
D[di:] - scream TEDDY
Charles de Goal - I.C.O.
Dead Emotions - Scalpel
Dead Emotions - Near End Experience
Dead Emotions - Cluster
Dead Emotions - When John Doe Meet Jane Doe
Dead Emotions - A Locust's Heart
Dead Emotions - Last Sovereign Day
Dead Emotions - Hidden Track
Dead Emotions - Gates to the Unseen
Dead Emotions - Silence of my Damned Soul
Dead Emotions - Dark Desire
Dead Emotions - Zu Asche Mein Haupt
Dead Emotions - Vereinsamt (by F. Nietzsche)
Dead Emotions - Leidenschaft in Rot
Dead Emotions - Behind Black Stars Astray
Dead Emotions - Sacrifice
Darmo - Bufffff
Darmo - Mi vida
Darmo - Trasciendo
Darmo - Espinas & rosas
Darmo - Volver a empezar
Darmo - Street Manifest
Darmo - Sueños rotos
Darmo - Aislado
Darmo - Ansiedad
Darmo - Mantenlo ilegal
Darmo - Tú sabes quién
Darmo - Carta a un amigo
Darmo - Guerras internas
Cravin' Melon - Come Undone
Cravin' Melon - Sweet Tea
Cravin' Melon - Pretend
Cravin' Melon - Post Office
Cravin' Melon - Hey Sister
Cravin' Melon - Blossom
Cravin' Melon - Silk Sunflowers
Alex de Grassi - Charlotte
Alex de Grassi - You Go to My Head
Darmo - Mi propia guerra
Darmo - Cosas por decir
Darmo - Fuego
Darmo - Un cabrón sincero
Darmo - Mi vida loca
Darmo - Aquí y ahora
Darmo - Solo nos queda soñar
Darmo - Lo único que tengo
Darmo - Solo líneas de verdad
Darmo - Al lío
Darmo - Ante todo hermanos
Darmo - Si mañana muero
Darmo - Gracias vida
Darmo - Chico aguanta
Daniela de Santos - Über Sieben Brücken Musst Du Geh'n
Carolyn Crawford - Let's Go Round Again
Carolyn Crawford - Since I Lost My Baby
Carolyn Crawford - My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down)
Alex de Grassi - Swedish Lullaby
Danny! - Still Got Love
Danny! - Sloppy Joe, Part 1
Danny! - Off the Hook
Danny! - Sloppy Joe, Part 2
Danny! - Wake the Fuck Up Man (You're Trippin' Man)
Danny! - Crank Dat (Hey DJ)
Danny! - Get Down
Danny! - Myintrotoletuknow
Danny! - Get Up
Danny! - Evil
Danny! - Phonte
Danny! - Shit Starters
Danny! - Speed
Danny! - Misunderstood
Danny! - Keep Your Head to the Sky
Danny! - Give Me a Chance
Danny! - It's Okay
Danny! - Can't Wait
Danny! - Temptation
Danny! - The Last Laugh
Danny! - Duck Soup
Danny! - Strange Fruit
Danny! - What Now
Danny! - Move Somethin'
Danny! - My Problem
Danny! - Lip Flappin'
Danny! - You Owe Me
Danny! - Where Were You
Danny! - Fly
Danny! - Cafe Surreal
Danny! - Now You're Gone
Danny! - Where You Goin'
Dash - Gnosis (intro)
Alex de Grassi - Country Road
Alex de Grassi - Sweet Baby James
Alex de Grassi - Something in the Way She Moves
Alex de Grassi - Carolina on My Mind
Danny! - Fullaschidt
Danny! - Check It Out
Danny! - It Changes
Danny! - D.A.N.N.Y.
Danny! - Can't Nobody
Danny! - Grateful
Danny! - My Way
Das Racist feat. Jay-Z - All Tan Everything
Dalmatian - I Love LA (Trickster Getting Married)
Darren Ashley Band - If I Don't Stay
Dave B - Right Here
The Dagons - In Gingham
The Dagons - How to Get Through the Glass
The Dagons - Planchettes Half-Apes
The Dagons - Heaven Wasn't in the Sky
The Dagons - Drill
The Dagons - On This Bed Forever
The Dagons - Water
The Dagons - Sleep in Perfume
The Dagons - Oregon Bloodbath
The Dagons - Sugarine
Dawn Of Leviathan - Enervate
Dawn Of Leviathan - Visions
Dawn Of Leviathan - Adrift With Knowledge
Dawn Of Leviathan - Emergence
Dawn Of Leviathan - Hollowed
Don Covay - See-Saw
Don Covay - Please Do Something
Don Covay - The Usual Place
Don Covay - A Woman's Love
Don Covay - Sookie Sookie
Don Covay - Bip Bop Bip
Don Covay - Pony Time
Don Covay - (Where Are You) Now That I Need You
Don Covay - Take This Hurt Off Me
Don Covay - Daddy Loves Baby
Don Covay - Watching the Late, Late Show
Don Covay - Temptation Was Too Strong
Don Covay - It's in the Wind
Don Covay - You've Got Me on the Critical List
Don Covay - I Stole Some Love
Don Covay - I Was Checkin' Out While She Was Checkin' In
Don Covay - It's Better to Have (And Don't Need)
Don Covay - No Tell Motel
Don Covay - What's in the Headlines
Don Covay - Come See About Me
David J - I’ll Be Your Chauffeur
David J - The First Incision
David J - Justine
Miles Davis & John Coltrane - It Never Entered My Mind
Miles Davis & John Coltrane - My Funny Valentine
Miles Davis & John Coltrane - Dr. Jackle
Miles Davis & John Coltrane - Blue in Green
Miles Davis & John Coltrane - Bye, Bye Black Bird
Don Covay - Mercy Mercy
Glenn Danzig - Who Killed Marilyn?
Glenn Danzig - Spook City U.S.A.
Das Kapital - IV
Curiosity - Hang on in There Baby
Dantalion - When the Ravens Fly Over Me
Dantalion - Grant Me the Eternal Rest
Dantalion - Everything Ends
Dantalion - Dreadful Outcome
Dantalion - Engulfed in Darkness
Dantalion - Only Death Is Real
Daydream Anatomy - Gasoline Rainbows
Dead to Fall - All My Heroes Have Failed Me
Dead to Fall - Womb Portals
Dead to Fall - Smoke & Mirrors
Dead to Fall - Servant of Sorrow
Dead to Fall - Chum Fiesta
Dead to Fall - Guillotine Dream
Dead to Fall - Doomed to Failure
Dead to Fall - The Reptile Lord
Dead to Fall - Death & Rebirth
Dead to Fall - Eternal Gates of Hell
Dead to Fall - Like a Bullet
Dead to Fall - Graven Image
Dead to Fall - Words Ignored
Dead to Fall - Cost of a Good Impression
Dead to Fall - Tu Se Morta
Dead to Fall - Preying on the Helpless
Dead to Fall - The Balance Theory
Dead to Fall - Stupid?
Dead to Fall - The Future
Dead to Fall - Sleeping Bag
Dead to Fall - Major Rager
Dead to Fall - Loch Ness
Dead to Fall - Brainmelter
Dead to Fall - Cropgrower
Dead to Fall - Robo-Destro
Dead to Fall - Doombox
Dead to Fall - Torn Self
Dead to Fall - Bastard Set of Dreams
Dead to Fall - Stand Your Ground
Dead to Fall - You've Already Died
Dead to Fall - Villainy & Virtue
Dead to Fall - Blood of the Moon
Dead to Fall - Master Exploder
Dead to Fall - Epilogue
Dead to Fall - The Cost of a Good Impression
Dan Deacon - Red F
Dan Deacon - Baltihorse
Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat
Dan Deacon - Wham City
Dan Deacon - Okie Dokie
Dan Deacon - Trippy Green Skull
Dan Deacon - Feel the Lightning
Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying
Dan Deacon - Mind On Fire
Darkmen - Stop the Machine (Transmission Edition)
David J - This Vicious Cabaret
David J - Estranged
Dan Deacon - Drinking Out of Cups
Dan Deacon - My Name Is Robert
Dan Deacon - Jimmy Roche
Dan Deacon - Ohio
Dan Deacon - Lion With a Sharks Head
Dan Deacon - Big Big Big Big Big
Dan Deacon - 30 from 21 through 35
Dan Deacon - Change Your Life (You Can Do It)
David J - I'll Be Your Chauffeur
David J - Goth Girls in Southern California
Dash Berlin with ATB vs. Niki and the Dove - DJ Ease My Apollo Road
De Rosa - A Love Economy
De Rosa - Nocturne for the Absentee
De Rosa - Stillness
De Rosa - Under the Stairs
De Rosa - Father's Eyes
De Rosa - Camera
De Rosa - New Lanark
De Rosa - All Saints Day
De Rosa - Hopes & Little Jokes
De Rosa - Cathkin Braes
De Rosa - On Recollection
De Rosa - Evelyn
De Rosa - Hattonrigg Pit Disaster
De Rosa - Headfirst
De Rosa - The Engineer
Deacon Street - The Promise of Forever
Julia Darling - Let's Do It Again
Julia Darling - Photographs
Julia Darling - Overloading God
Julia Darling - My Inanimate Friend
Julia Darling - Bulletproof Belief
Julia Darling - You
Day of the Dead - Forever Is Today
Day of the Dead - A New Healing Process
Day of the Dead - We Couldn't Care Less
De Damrakkertjes - In bad
Kelly de Martino - All This Breaking Down
Kelly de Martino - The Last Time
Kelly de Martino - Delilah
Kelly de Martino - Just Like You
Kelly de Martino - Full of Blue
Kelly de Martino - King of December
Kelly de Martino - Scared
Kelly de Martino - Marilyn Monroe
Kelly de Martino - Please Don't Call Me
Kelly de Martino - Bumblebees
Kelly de Martino - Radar
Kelly de Martino - Saddest Song
Kelly de Martino - New Orleans
Kelly de Martino - Open the Door
Kelly de Martino - In a Maze
Kelly de Martino - Can't Come See Me
Kelly de Martino - Roxie Parrott
Kelly de Martino - My Little Fighter
Davina - Come Over to My Place
Davina - So Good
Davina - When It Rains
Katie Davis - She Hates Love Songs
D'Cinnamons - Mayday, Im In Love
D'Cinnamons - Loving You
D'Cinnamons - Tak Takut
D'Cinnamons - I Miss You Love (IMUL)
D'Cinnamons - Good Morning
D'Cinnamons - Semua Yang Ada
D'Cinnamons - I Love You
D'Cinnamons - So Would You
D'Cinnamons - My Lovely Friend
D'Cinnamons - Teman Hidup
D'Cinnamons - Pasti Bisa
D'Cinnamons - Kau Yang Sempurna
D'Cinnamons - Atlantis
D'Cinnamons - The Wonderer
D'Cinnamons - Langkah Baru
D'Cinnamons - Aku Sungguh
D'Cinnamons - Dreamer
D'Cinnamons - Pilih Pilih Pilih
D'Cinnamons - Warna Warni Cinta
D'Cinnamons - Little Drummer Boy
Ole van Dansk - Shining Star
Dance Unique - All I Need
dAVOS - I Start Mourning
dAVOS - My New Pearl
dAVOS - Fruit of Joy
dAVOS - Of Someone Who Passed Away
dAVOS - Richie (Dependency mix by People Theatre)
dAVOS - These Days
deadboy & the Elephantmen - No Rainbow
deadboy & the Elephantmen - How Long the Night Was
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Ancient Man
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Dressed in Smoke
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Blood Music
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Walking Stick
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Kissed by Lightning
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Misadventures of Dope
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Break It Off
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Evil Friend
deadboy & the Elephantmen - What the Stars Have Eaten
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Strange Television
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Waking Up Insane
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Graves Beyond Windows
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Otherworldly Dreamer
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Like the Dead Would Laugh
deadboy & the Elephantmen - High Monster
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Heart of Green
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Barefoot in the Dark
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Theme
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Stop, I'm Already Dead
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Nevermind the Scenery, It's Only Bleeding
Darshan Ambient - It's You
Data MC - Fever
Data MC - Too Young to Die
Data MC - Green Eyes
Daemonicium - Confession
Daemonicium - The Sinner's Dream
Daemonicium - Through Time and Death...
Daemonicium - The Jester
Daemonicium - Alone Through Path of Sorrow I Walk
Daemonicium - My Farewell...
Daemonicium - Daemonicium Ritual
Daemonicium - Bleeding Earth
Daemonicium - The Fortuneteller
Daemonicium - When Dead Heroes in Glory Rise...
Daemonicium - March to War
Daemonicium - Whispering Forest
Daemonicium - The Triumph
DEAD! - Beautiful Broken Bones
DEAD! - 'Till Next Time
DEAD! - Phantom
DEAD! - History
DEAD! - Alaska
The Datsuns - Sittin' Pretty
The Datsuns - MF From Hell
The Datsuns - Harmonic Generator
The Datsuns - What Would I Know
The Datsuns - At Your Touch
The Datsuns - Fink for the Man
The Datsuns - In Love
The Datsuns - Freeze Sucker
The Datsuns - Hey! Paranoid People! (What's in Your Head?)
The Datsuns - Eye of the Needle
The Datsuns - Cruel Cruel Fate
The Datsuns - Blacken My Thumb
The Datsuns - That Sure Ain't Right
The Datsuns - Girls Best Friend
The Datsuns - Messin' Around
The Datsuns - Cherry Lane
The Datsuns - Hong Kong Fury
The Datsuns - What I've Lost
The Datsuns - You Can't Find Me
The Datsuns - Don't Come Knocking
The Datsuns - I Got No Words
The Datsuns - Who Are You Stamping Your Foot For
The Datsuns - System Overload
The Datsuns - Waiting for Your Time to Come
The Datsuns - Stuck Here for Days
The Datsuns - Maximum Heartbreak
The Datsuns - Blood Red
The Datsuns - Emperor's New Clothes
The Datsuns - Too Little Fire
The Dayton Family - Ass Whoop
The Dayton Family - 79 and Halstead
The Dayton Family - Hand That Rocks the Cradle
The Dayton Family - F.B.I.
The Dayton Family - Real With This
The Dayton Family - Player Haters
The Dayton Family - Eyes Closed
The Dayton Family - Whats on My Mind II
The Dayton Family - Killer G's
The Dayton Family - Posse Is Dayton Ave.
The Dayton Family - Bloodbath
The Dayton Family - Newspaper
The Dayton Family - Stick and Move
The Dayton Family - Ghetto
The Dayton Family - Blood on My Knife
The Dayton Family - Cocaine
The Dayton Family - Smoke for Free
The Dayton Family - Nutty Niggaz
The Dayton Family - Dope Dayton Ave.
The Dayton Family - Thru A Thang
The Dayton Family - Flint Town
The Datsuns - Gods Are Bored
The Datsuns - Brain Tonic
The Datsuns - Little Bruise
The Datsuns - O Woe Is Me
The Datsuns - Get Up (Don't Fight It)
The Dayton Family - Outlaws
The Dayton Family - Welcome to Flint
The Dayton Family - Feds
The Dayton Family - Shadows
The Dayton Family - Drugstore
The Dayton Family - We Kept It Ghetto
The Dayton Family - Weed Song
The Dayton Family - Simple Wish
The Dayton Family - Do You Remember?
The Dayton Family - Flint Niggaz Don't Play
The Dayton Family - Dope Dayton Ave
The Dayton Family - Whats on My Mind
John Davis and the Monster Orchestra - Ain't That Enough for You
John Davis and the Monster Orchestra - Love Magic
Joe Walsh - In the City
Genya Ravan - Love Is a Fire
Desmond Child - Last of an Ancient Breed
Barry De Vorzon - Bless The Beast and The Children
Dead Season - This Fucking Day
Dead Season - Control
The Benjy Davis Project - Mississippi
The Benjy Davis Project - Get High
The Benjy Davis Project - Stay With Me
The Benjy Davis Project - Send Your Love Down
The Benjy Davis Project - Slow Wind
The Benjy Davis Project - Bite My Tongue
The Benjy Davis Project - You Just Know
The Benjy Davis Project - I Love You
The Benjy Davis Project - Sweet Southern Moon
The Benjy Davis Project - Green and Blue
The Benjy Davis Project - Prove You Wrong
The Benjy Davis Project - Glory Glory
The Benjy Davis Project - Wait
The Benjy Davis Project - Somebody Else
The Benjy Davis Project - 214
The Benjy Davis Project - Everybody
The Benjy Davis Project - Blame It on the Devil
The Benjy Davis Project - Mighty Arenal
The Benjy Davis Project - Killing Me
Curren$y - Airborne Aquarium
Curren$y - Michael Knight
Curren$y - Montreux
Curren$y - Famous
Curren$y - Flight Briefing
Curren$y - Real Estates
Curren$y - Silence
Curren$y - Hold On
Curren$y - Fashionably Late
Curren$y - Highed Up
Curren$y feat. Wale - What It Look Like
Curren$y - Privacy Glass
Curren$y feat. Young Roddy & Trademark da Skydiver - Armoire
Curren$y feat. Marsha Ambrosius - Take You There
Curren$y - Showroom
Curren$y feat. 2 Chainz - Capitol
Curren$y feat. Wiz Khalifa - No Squares
Curren$y feat. Corner Boy P - Sunroof
Curren$y - Chandelier
Curren$y feat. Daz - Fast Cars Faster Women
Curren$y feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Wiz Khalifa - Jet Life
Curren$y - Audio Dope 3
Curren$y - One More Time
Curren$y - J.L.R.
Curren$y - #Jetsgo
Curren$y - Still
Curren$y - She Don't Want a Man
Curren$y - One Life
Curren$y - You See It
Curren$y - Televised
Curren$y - This Is the Life
Curren$y - On G's
Curren$y - Money Machine
Curren$y - What's What
Curren$y - JLC
Curren$y - Get Paid
Curren$y feat. Future - Drive By
Curren$y - Everywhere
Curren$y feat. Lloyd - How High
Curren$y - Speed
Curren$y feat. Wiz Khalifa - Winning
Curren$y feat. August Alsina & Lil Wayne - Bottom of the Bottle
Curren$y - Cruzin...
Curren$y feat. Ty Dolla $ign - Superstar
Curren$y - Boulders
Curren$y - All Wit My Hands
Danju - Mañana
Danju - An manchen Tagen
Danju - Stoned ohne Grund
Danju - Nur Bekannte
Danju - Fahrn
Danju - Danju Danju am Micro
Danju - X
Danju - Champ
Danju - Für Mama
Danju - Zu weit weg
Danju - Malibu
Danju - Dollar $$$
Danju - Tag & Nacht
Danju - Augenringe
Danju - My Life
DDT - Hey Steve
DDT - Walkabout
DDT - Lie Detector
DDT - Blue Hair Crime
DDT - Liquid
DDT - Pistol Whip
DDT - Unsaid
DDT - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
DDT - Styrofoam
DDT - Chlorine
DDT - Boring
DDT - Overripe
Dance Yourself to Death - We Are All Made Of Stone
Dance Yourself to Death - Teenage Romanticide
Dance Yourself to Death - Living Funeral
Ray Darwin - Long Way
Ray Darwin - People's Choice
Dawin - Dessert
Dawin - Life of the Party
Dawin - Just Girly Things
Curren$y - Example
Curren$y - Audio Dope II
Curren$y - King Kong
Curren$y - Seat Change
Curren$y - Breakfast
Curren$y - Roasted
Curren$y - The Hangover
Curren$y - The Day
Curren$y - Prioritize (Beeper Bill)
Curren$y - Chilled Coughphee
Curren$y - Address
Curren$y - Job
Curren$y - The Jet Business
Curren$y - Pinifarina
Curren$y - Hennessy Beach
Curren$y - Car Talk
Curren$y - Smoke Sum'n
Curren$y - Run Dat Shit
Curren$y - One for da Wave
Curren$y - Sky Miles
Curren$y - Crack BC
Curren$y - High Tunes
Curren$y - Music to Ride To
Curren$y - My Life Is a Movie
Curren$y - Ways to Kill Em
Curren$y - New Jet City
Curren$y - Clear
Curren$y - Choosin
Curren$y - Sixteen Switches, Part 2
Curren$y - Three 60
Curren$y - Living for the City
Curren$y - Drive
Curren$y - Bitch Get Up
Curren$y - Coolie in the Cut
Curren$y - Mary
Curren$y - Purple Haze
Curren$y - These Bitches
Curren$y - Moe Chettah
Curren$y feat. Young Roddy - New Program
David Childers & The Modern Don Juans - Bottom of My Bottle
David Childers & The Modern Don Juans - The Prettiest Thing
Les Dales Hawerchuk - Mais où est donc Carnior ?
Les Dales Hawerchuk - En déshabillé
Les Dales Hawerchuk - Crocodile
Les Dales Hawerchuk - Ya!
Les Dales Hawerchuk - Dale Hawerchuk
Les Dales Hawerchuk - J'monte au lac
Les Dales Hawerchuk - Me casa es su casa
Les Dales Hawerchuk - Le King du triple swing
Les Dales Hawerchuk - Abuse de moé
Les Dales Hawerchuk - La Nouvelle
Les Dales Hawerchuk - Star Académie
Les Dales Hawerchuk - A soir on sort
Les Dales Hawerchuk - La machine
Deal Casino - Halley
Deal Casino - Anything That's Bad
Deal Casino - Red
Deal Casino - Bare Hands
Deal Casino - Blanck
Darklands - The Children of the Night
Darklands - Blood for Cain
Darklands - Fall From Grace
Darklands - Serpentkiss
Darklands - The King of Crows
Darklands - Swansong
Darklands - Through Your Veil
Darklands - Green Light Attraction
Darklands - Of Love and Lust
Darklands - A Memory of You
Darklands - Her Sinister Emanation
Curren$y - Real Family
Curren$y - Mo Money
Curren$y - Intro
Curren$y feat. Young Roddy - Lysol (Revisited)
Curren$y - The Explanation
Curren$y - Da City
Curren$y - New Day
Curren$y - 3am
Curren$y - Title Track
Curren$y - I Did It Myself
Dead Hoodlums - Not This Time
Ronnie Dawson - Who's Been Here
Ronnie Dawson - Action Packed
Ronnie Dawson - Good at Being Bad
Dead Moon - Graveyard
Dead Moon - Out on a Wire
Dead Moon - Can’t Help Falling in Love
Dead Moon - Parchment Farm
Dead Moon - Dead in the Saddle
Dead Moon - Hey Joe
Dead Moon - Where Did I Go Wrong
Dead Moon - Remember Me
Dead Moon - I Hate the Blues
Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night
Dead Moon - My Escape
Dead Moon - A Miss Of You
Dead Moon - I'm Wise
Dead Moon - Evil Eye
Dead Moon - I Tried
Dead Moon - Demona
Dead Moon - Fire in the Western World
Dead Moon - Until It Rains
Dead Moon - 13 Going on 21
Dead Moon - Love Comes Once
Dead Moon - Room 213
Dead Moon - Going South
Dead Moon - Ill of the Dead
Dead Moon - Out in the Blue
Dead Moon - Destination X
Dead Moon - Poor Born
Dead Moon - Cast Will Change
Dead Moon - Too Far Gone
Dead Moon - Day After Day
Dead Moon - Two Fell Away
Dead Moon - Killing Me
Dead Moon - It's O.K.
Dead Moon - Back to Back
Dead Moon - The Dead Line
Dead Moon - Times Are a Changing
Dead Moon - Unknown Passage
Curren$y - She on My Mind
Curren$y - Your Direction
Curren$y - Airplane
Curren$y - Raps & Hustles
Curren$y - Cell Phone Troubles
Curren$y - Paternity Test
Curren$y - Reagan Era
Curren$y - The Anti-Club
Curren$y - Animal
Curren$y - Perfect Time
Curren$y - On My Way
Curren$y - Stay Up
Curren$y - Tokyo Drift
Curren$y - The Seventies
Curren$y - Bring Her Home
Curren$y - Smoke-N-Maintain
Curren$y - Shooterz Zone
Curren$y - Soundbombin'
Curren$y - N.O. Shit
Curren$y - Frosty
Curren$y - Razors & Chopsticks
Curren$y - Not So Much
Curren$y - Fly Out (Part Deux)
Curren$y - Bout It 2011
Curren$y - The Strangest Life
Curren$y - Fly Out (Part Tres)
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Without Ceremony and Bell Toll
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Inside the Circle of Stones
Darkwoods My Betrothed - The Crow and Warrior
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Dying to Meet You
Darkwoods My Betrothed - The Preacher Came to Town
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Burn, Witches, Burn
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Witch Hunters
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Autumn Roars Thunder
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Nightowl
Darkwoods My Betrothed - When Ancient Spirits Battled
Darkwoods My Betrothed - The Conspiracy of the Pagan Cult
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Hymn of the Darkwoods
Darkwoods My Betrothed - On the Top of the Falconhill
Darkwoods My Betrothed - King's Gray Shadow
Darkwoods My Betrothed - I Burn at the Stake
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Red Sky Over the Land of Fells
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Enter My Black Dreams
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Whispers
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Dark Aureoles Gathering
Darkwoods My Betrothed - The Diabolical Eve of the Nocturnal Holocaust
Darkwoods My Betrothed - My Eyes Are Frozen
Darkwoods My Betrothed - One Son of the Northstar
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Uller
Darkwoods My Betrothed - From the Snowy Hillsides They Came
Darkwoods My Betrothed - In a Silent Night
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Come Fimbulvetr
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Yggdrasil's Children Fall
Jack de Marseille - Jay Slap
Jack de Marseille - Shake Your Body
Jack de Marseille - Bring Back That Feeling
Ronnie Dawson - Bad Case of a Broken Heart
Curren$y - Opening Credits
Curren$y - Long as the Lord Say
Curren$y - Cargo Planes
Curren$y - Sidewalk Show
Curren$y feat. Wiz Khalifa - The 560 SL
Curren$y - Audio Dope 5
Curren$y - Life I Chose
Curren$y - Pot Jar
Curren$y - Search Party
Curren$y - All I Know
Curren$y - Briefcase
Curren$y - Lemonade Mimosas
Curren$y - Stainless
Curren$y feat. Young Roddy - Payroll
Curren$y - Night LikeThis
Curren$y - Just Might Be
Curren$y - Music n History
Curren$y feat. Wiz Khalifa - Dojo
Curren$y - Introduction
Curren$y feat. Action Bronson - Godfather Four
Curren$y - Stove Top
Curren$y - Vintage Vineyard
Curren$y - Stolen
Curren$y feat. Le$ - $ Migraine
Curren$y - Grew Up on This
Curren$y - M.P.R.
Curren$y - 10 G’s
Curren$y - El Camino
Curren$y - Hi Top Whites
Curren$y - Fo
Dead Moon - Crystal Is Falling
Dead Moon - Revenge
Dead Moon - Dagger Moon
Dead Moon - Walking On My Grave
Dead Moon - Johnny's Got A Gun
Dead Moon - Kicked Out - Kicked In
Dead Moon - Down to the Dogs
Dead Moon - It's a Long Way to the Top
Dead Moon - To Nowhere Down
Dead Moon - On Another Plane
Dead Moon - Bad Case
Dead Moon - Raise Up the Dead
Dead Moon - Rescue
Dead Moon - Only Want to Be Your Man
Dead Moon - As Teardrops Break
Dead Moon - Point of No Return
Dead Moon - Last Train
Dead Moon - Signed D.C.
Dead Moon - Don't Burn the Fires
Dead Moon - You Must Be A Witch
Dead Moon - Folsom Prison
Dead Moon - Black September
Dead Moon - Echoes To You
Dead Moon - Running Scared
Dead Moon - Jane
Dead Moon - 54/40 or Fight
Dead Moon - A Fix on You
Dead Moon - Sorrow's Forecast
Dead Moon - Castaways
Dead Moon - Down the Road
Dead Moon - Running Out of Time
Dead Moon - Psychodelic Nightmare
Dead Moon - Area 51
Dead Moon - Somewhere Far Away
Dead Moon - Diamonds in the Rough
Dead Moon - I Won't Be the One
Dead Moon - The Way It Is
Dead Moon - These Times With You
Dead Moon - 40 Miles of Bad Road
Dead Moon - Sabotage
Dandelion - Weird‐Out
Dandelion - What a Drag
Dandelion - Under My Skin
Dappy - Intro
Dappy feat. Brian May - Rockstar
Dappy - F**k Them
Dappy - Come With Me
Dappy - Good Intentions
Dappy - Gino Skit
Dappy - Tarzan
Dappy - No Regrets
Dappy - I'm Coming (Tarzan, Pt. 2)
Dappy - Yin Yang
Dappy - Bring It All Home
Dappy - All or Nothing
Dappy - I.O.U.
Dappy - Rockstar
Dappy - Spaceship
Dappy - Rockstar (BBC Live Lounge)
Dappy - We Will Rock You (BBC Live Lounge)
Dappy - Beautiful Me
Dappy - Whipped
Dappy - Tarzan 3
Dappy - Guilty Conscience
Darvin - É Tão Raro
Darvin - Noite No Cais
Darvin - Doha
Darvin - Duas E Meia
Darvin - 9 Primaveras
Darvin - Apague A Luz
Darvin - Até O Amanhecer
Darvin - De Alguma Maneira
Darvin - Retranca
Darvin - 112
Darvin - Flashes
Darvin - Podia Ser Pior
Darvin - Aurora
Darvin - Nuvens e Temporais
Darvin - Epílogo
Darvin - Abril
Darvin - Tudo Passa
Darvin - Fa Waka?
Darvin - Essa eu Já vi
Darvin - Entre os Nossos Mundos
Darvin - Todas Iguais
Darvin - Interlúdio
Darvin - Essa eu já vi Também
Darvin - Hora de Voar
Darvin - Quem é você
Darvin - Pensam em Mim
Darvin - Tudo o QUe você quer Ser
Darvin - Para Ontem
Darvin - Sahel
Darvin - Outra Vez Talvez
Darvin - Nada é Perfeito
Curren$y - The Briefing
Curren$y - Scared of Monstas
Curren$y - Elevator Musik
Curren$y - Power Button
Curren$y - Froze
Curren$y - Skybourne
Curren$y - The Pledge (In and Out)
Curren$y - Double 07
Curren$y - Full Metal
Curren$y - Empire Monopoly
Curren$y - BBS
Curren$y - Role Model
Curren$y - Jets @ Ya Neck
Curren$y - Where Da Cash At
Curren$y - Record Deals
Curren$y - Frost
Curren$y - Audio Dope
Curren$y - The Candy Lady's Crib...
Curren$y - Count My Money
Curren$y - Daze of Thunder
Curren$y - Ventilation
Curren$y - The Type
Curren$y - Monte Carlo Music
Curren$y - Reset
Curren$y - Bout It
Curren$y - Success Is My Cologne
Curren$y - Mazaltov
Curren$y - Life Instructions
Curren$y - I Don't Fucks With Them
Curren$y - Sleepless In New Orleans
Curren$y - Blood Sweat and Gears
Curren$y - Jordan 3's
Curren$y - Smoke Break
Curren$y - Scottie Pippen
Curren$y - Lemon Kush
Curren$y - #CruiseLife
Curren$y - What the Fuck
Curren$y - Pay Attention
Curren$y - Livin'
Curren$y - Blown Away
Curren$y - Sail On
Curren$y - On My Plane
Curren$y - The Jet Son
Curren$y - Up Here
Curren$y - Galaxy
Curren$y - Get It Ya Self
Curren$y - 16 Switches
Curren$y - Food 4 Thought
Curren$y - Jet's Over Everything
Curren$y - Roll My Shit
Curren$y - Brett Favre
Curren$y - Modern Day Hippie
Curren$y - Summer Reading List
Curren$y - The Usual Suspects feat. Smoke DZA, Fiend and Cornerboy P
Curren$y - E.T. feat. B-Real
Curren$y - 10 G's (remix) ft. Birdman & Gunplay
Curren$y - Dojo ft. Wiz Khalifa
Curren$y - Money Shot
Curren$y - Alert
Curren$y - Drug Prescription
Curren$y - Terrace
Curren$y - Callin
Curren$y - Cars
Curren$y - 100 Spokes
Curren$y - Rhymes Like Weight
Curren$y - Fully Loaded
Curren$y - Bottom of the Bottle
Curren$y - Hoe Train
Dead Moon - Clouds of Dawn
Dead Moon - Get on Board
Dead Moon - Spectacle
Dead Moon - Pain for Pretty
Dead Moon - War Baby
Dead Moon - I’m Out Nine
Dead Moon - Street of Despair
Dead Moon - Social Contender
Dead Moon - Claim to Fame
Dead Moon - One-Way Ticket
Dead Moon - Out of Reach
Dead Moon - Janus
Dead Moon - Shot Away
Dead Moon - Can’t Let It Go
Dead Moon - I’m Not Afraid
Dead Moon - Windows of Time
Dead Moon - Psychedelic Nightmare
Criss - Beth
Darkness Dynamite - Supernatural
Darkness Dynamite - Hell Eve Hate
Darkness Dynamite - Immersion Inner-Nation
Darkness Dynamite - Chasing Inside
Darkness Dynamite - Vice
Darkness Dynamite - By My Own
Darkness Dynamite - Dare I Say
Darkness Dynamite - The Astonishing Fury of Mankind
Darkness Dynamite - Evil Dead
Dead Moon - We Won't Change
Dead Moon - Communication Breakdown!
Dead Moon - In the Altitudes
Dead Moon - D.O.A
Dead Moon - Say It Isn't So
Dead Moon - Dirty Noise
Dead Moon - Dark Deception
Dead Boys - 3rd Generation Nation
Dead Boys - I Won’t Look Back
Dead Boys - Son of Sam
Dead Boys - Tell Me
Dead Boys - Big City
Dead Boys - Calling on You
Dead Boys - Dead and Alive
Dead Boys - Ain’t It Fun
Dead Boys - Catholic Boy
Dead Boys - What Love Is
Dead Boys - Ain't Nothing to Do
Dead Boys - I Need Lunch
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Dead Boys - Down in Flames
Dead Boys - High Tension Wire
Dead Boys - Not Anymore
Daybreak Embrace - Suffocate
Daybreak Embrace - Mercury
Daybreak Embrace - Faded
Daybreak Embrace - Thirty Six
Daybreak Embrace - Tomorrow Awaits
Daybreak Embrace - Sanctuary
Dead Boys - Ain’t Nothin’ to Do
Dead Boys - Hey Little Girl
Dead Boys - Caught With the Meat in Your M
Deadeye Dick - Perfect Family
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Rubber Duckie
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - What's a Telephone Bill?
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Another Point of View
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Love Vibes
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Physical Love
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Bootsy? (What's the Name of This Town)
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Roto-Rooter
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - As In (I Love You)
Dead Players - Yeah
Dead Players - Badman
Dead Players - Nah
Dead Players - Call Us Now
Dead Players - Infinite Limousine Pile Up
Day Joy - Animal Noise
Day Joy - Talks of Terror
Deafheaven - Sunbather
Deafheaven - Vertigo
Deafheaven - Luna
Deafheaven - Baby Blue
Deafheaven - Come Back
Deafheaven - Violet (intro)
Deafheaven - Exit Denied
Deafheaven - From the Kettle Onto the Coil
Nicholas David - Stand By Me (The Voice Performance)
Nicholas David - What's Going On (The Voice Performance)
Nicholas David - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (The Voice Performance)
Nicholas David - September (The Voice Performance)
Nicholas David - Great Balls of Fire / Fire (The Voice Performance)
Julio de la Rosa - Tan amigos
Julio de la Rosa - Las camareras
Julio de la Rosa - Hasta que te hartes
Julio de la Rosa - Sexy Sexy Sexy
Julio de la Rosa - No me mires con los ojos
Julio de la Rosa - El anzuelo
Julio de la Rosa - El amor desperdiciado
Julio de la Rosa - Canción de guerra
Julio de la Rosa - El monstruo nunca duerme
Julio de la Rosa - Más tus huellas que mis pasos
Julio de la Rosa - Agua turbia
Julio de la Rosa - Salas de espera
Julio de la Rosa - La carta
Dead End Kids - Have I the Right
Dávila 666 - Yo sería otro
Dávila 666 - Robacuna
Dávila 666 - Patitas
Dávila 666 - ¡Diablo!
Dávila 666 - Basura
Dávila 666 - Tú
Dávila 666 - Callejón
Dávila 666 - 9:36 (puto)
Dark Nightmare - The Voyage
Dark Nightmare - Sometimes
Dark Nightmare - Living a Lie
Dark Nightmare - Tears
Dark Nightmare - The Wizard (Uriah Heep cover)
Dark Nightmare - Beneath the Veils of Winter
Dark Nightmare - Are We Free?
Dark Nightmare - The Batllefield Caliing My Name
The Dead Pirates - WOOD
Leonardo de Lozanne - Sálvame
Leonardo de Lozanne - Cómplices
Leonardo de Lozanne - ¿De dónde eres?
Leonardo de Lozanne - La reina
Leonardo de Lozanne - Las luciérnagas
Leonardo de Lozanne - No podemos volar
Leonardo de Lozanne - Tírala
Leonardo de Lozanne - Serie de ficción
Leonardo de Lozanne - Yo no soy yo
David Merrin - Albeniz: Cordoba - Jose Romanillos & Son guitar
Bobby Darin - Splish Splash
Bobby Darin - Early in the Morning
Bobby Darin - Plain Jane
Bobby Darin - Clementine
Bobby Darin - Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
Bobby Darin - Lazy River
Bobby Darin - You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
Bobby Darin - Irresistable You
Bobby Darin - Things
Bobby Darin - You're the Reason I'm Living
Bobby Darin - 18 Yellow Roses
Bobby Darin - Lovin' You
Bobby Darin - Somebody to Love
Bobby Darin - More
Bobby Darin - As Long as I'm Singing
Bobby Darin - On the Street Where You Live
Bobby Darin - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
Bobby Darin - I Got Rhythm
Bobby Darin - Oh! Look at Me Now
Bobby Darin - Moon River
Bobby Darin - Call Me Irresponsible
Bobby Darin - Softly, as I Leave You
Bobby Darin - Venice Blue
Bobby Darin - If a Man Answers
Bobby Darin - Hits Medley: Splish Splash / Beyond the Sea / Artificial Flowers / Clementine
Bobby Darin - The Curtain Falls
Bobby Darin - After You've Gone
Bobby Darin - It's Only a Paper Moon
Bobby Darin - Try to Remember
Bobby Darin - I Will Wait for You
Dazzled Kid - Love And
Dazzled Kid - Yes No Maybe
Dazzled Kid - Stronger
Dead Schembechlers - God Gave Nugent's Toe to You
Dara - Kiss
Bobby Darin - I'm Beginning to See the Light
Bobby Darin - I'm Sitting on Top of the World
Bobby Darin - There's a Rainbow 'round My Shoulder
Bobby Darin - Just in Time
Bobby Darin - This Nearly Was Mine
Bobby Darin - Make Someone Happy
Bobby Darin - I Wanna Be Around
Bobby Darin - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
Bobby Darin - A Quarter To Nine
Bobby Darin - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Bobby Darin - Simple Song of Freedom
Bobby Darin - Up A Lazy River
Bobby Darin - Rainin'
Bobby Darin - Bullmoose
Bobby Darin - Mighty Mighty Man
Bobby Darin - She Needs Me
Bobby Darin - That's All
Bobby Darin - Talk to Me Something
Bobby Darin - I Found a Million Dollar Baby (In a Five and Ten Cent Store)
Bobby Darin - Wear My Ring
Bobby Darin - You Made Me Love You
Bobby Darin - Roses of Picardy
Bobby Darin - You'll Never Know
Bobby Darin - Lonesome Whistle
Bobby Darin - It Keeps Right on-A-Hurtin'
Bobby Darin - Release Me
Bobby Darin - Rhythm of the Rain
Bobby Darin - Can’t Get Used to Losing You
Bobby Darin - Blowin' in the Wind
Bobby Darin - Where Love Has Gone
Bobby Darin - Here I Am
Bobby Darin - Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Bobby Darin - Not for Me
Bobby Darin - Be Mad Little Girl
Bobby Darin - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?
Bobby Darin - Things in This House
Bobby Darin - Lonely Road
Bobby Darin - That Funny Feeling
Bobby Darin - Gyp the Cat
Darksun - El legado
Darksun - La traición
Darksun - Veo la luz
Darksun - El bosque encantado
Darksun - Dentro de ti
Darksun - A donde van las almas
Darksun - El último viaje
Darksun - Corazón de dragón
Darksun - Gloria & poder
Darksun - A las puertas del Edén
Darksun - Gloria y poder
Darksun - El lado oscuro
Darksun - Prisioneros del destino
Darksun - Como el viento
Darksun - Renacer
Darksun - Hermanos de sangre
Darksun - Elegia, parte 2: Luz entre tinieblas
Darksun - Elegia, parte 3: Agonía
Darksun - Tumbas de nieve
Darksun - Libera Me
Darksun - Parasiempre
Darksun - Miedo
Darksun - Huellas en la arena
Darksun - Tan lejos
Darksun - La sombra tras el cristal
Darksun - Voces en la oscuridad
Darksun - Lagrimas de un ángel
Darksun - Saltar al vacío
Darksun - Libre como el amanecer
Darksun - Alma
Darksun - Odio eterno
David Neil Cline - I've Been Told
Dawn of Ashes - Abyss
Dawn of Ashes - In the Acts of Violence
Dawn of Ashes - Flat-Line
Dawn of Ashes - Diagnosis
Dawn of Ashes - Nightmare
Dawn of Ashes - Killer Instinct
Dawn of Ashes - Conjuration of the Maskim's Black Blood
Dawn of Ashes - Nyarlathotep's Children of the Void
Dawn of Ashes - Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon
Dawn of Ashes - Transformation Within Fictional Mutation
Dawn of Ashes - The Ancient Draining Room
Dawn of Ashes - London's Anthem for the Pleasure of Mutilation
Dawn of Ashes - Sacrilegious Reflection
Dawn of Ashes - God-Like Demon
Dawn of Ashes - Epilogue-Beginning of the End
Dawn of Ashes - A Breathing Holocaust
Dawn of Ashes - Poisoning the Steps of Babel
Dawn of Ashes - Insidious (of the Judas Breed)
Dawn of Ashes - Ending a Harrowing Wish
Dawn of Ashes - Morphine Addiction
Dawn of Ashes - Torture Device (The Final Formula for Torment)
Dawn of Ashes - Systematic Guillotine
Dawn of Ashes - Scars on Scars
Dawn of Ashes - Anathema, Part III: Primordial Abomination
Dawn of Ashes - Tribe of Chemosh
Bobby Darin - I Got a Woman
Bobby Darin - We Didn't Ask to Be Brought Here
Bobby Darin - The Gal That Got Away
Bobby Darin - Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey
Bobby Darin - Minnie the Moocher
Bobby Darin - Two of a Kind
Bobby Darin - It Had to Be You
Bobby Darin - My Funny Valentine
Bobby Darin - Once in a Lifetime (Only Once)
Bobby Darin - Sunday in New York
Bobby Darin - (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle
Bobby Darin - Sally Was a Good Old Girl
Bobby Darin - Work Song
Bobby Darin - The Girl That Stood Beside Me
Bobby Darin - Darling Be Home Soon
Bobby Darin - Long Line Rider
Bobby Darin - In Memoriam
Bobby Darin - Simple Song of Freedom (demo)
Karen Davis - Behold His Glory
Karen Davis - Yeshua Yeshua
Karen Davis - Yakum Elohim
Dawn of Ashes - A Blade in the Dark
Dawn of Ashes - Torture Device
Dawn of Ashes - Still Born Defect
Dawn of Ashes - Where Angels Die
Dawn of Ashes - Knife Fight
Dawn of Ashes - Reflection of Evil
Dawn of Ashes - Grendel - Void Malign
Dawn of Ashes - Suicide Commando - Conspriacy With the Devil
Dawn of Ashes - Portrait of Homicide (preview from The Crypt Injection)
Dawn of Ashes - Grendel - Soilbleed
Dawn of Ashes - Retractor - Possessions
Dawn of Ashes - Sacred (unreleased track)
Dawn of Ashes - Anathema (Part I - Scorned Upon)
Dawn of Ashes - Sex, Blood, & Black Magic
Dawn of Ashes - Farewell to the Flesh
Dead Man Winter - This House Is on Fire