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Danzig - Apokalips
Danzig - I Don’t Mind the Pain (Glenn Danzig performance)
Danzig - I Don’t Mind the Pain (band performance)
Danzig - Serpentia
Lionel Daunais - Le Petit Chien de laine
Crystal Palace - Stunned By the Silence
Danzig - 7th House
Danzig - N.I.B.
Danzig - Action Woman
Danzig - Find Somebody
Danzig - Crying in the Rain
Danzig - SkinCarver
Danzig - Circle of Snakes
Danzig - 1000 Devils Reign
Danzig - Skull Forrest
Danzig - HellMask
Danzig - When We Were Dead
Danzig - Night, BeSodom
Danzig - My Darkness
Danzig - NetherBound
Danzig - Black Angel, White Angel
Danzig - Dirty Black Summer (Glenn Danzig Performance)
Danzig - Its Coming Down
Danzig - Mother '93
Cryptic Warning - Rite of Initiation
Darwin Deez - Constellations
Darwin Deez - Deep Sea Divers
Darwin Deez - DNA
Darwin Deez - Up in the Clouds
Darwin Deez - Radar Detector
Darwin Deez - (800) HUMAN
Darwin Deez - You Can't Be My Girl
Darwin Deez - Moonlit
Darwin Deez - No Love
Darwin Deez - Good to Lose
Darwin Deez - Alice
Darwin Deez - Redshift
Darwin Deez - All in the Wrist
Darwin Deez - Chelsea's Hotel
Darwin Deez - Last Cigarette
Darwin Deez - The Mess She Made
Darwin Deez - Lover
Darwin Deez - Time Machine
Darwin Deez - Bag of Tricks
Darwin Deez - Rated R
Darwin Deez - Melange Mining Co.
Darwin Deez - Kill Your Attitude
Darwin Deez - The Other Side
Darwin Deez - Right When It Rains
Darwin Deez - The Missing I Wanna Do
Darwin Deez - The Coma Song
Darwin Deez - Hey Mom
Darwin Deez - Free (The Editorial Me) [Edit]
Danzig - Blackacidevil
Danzig - See All You Were
Danzig - Hint of Her Blood
Danzig - Deeper
Danzig - Bleedangel
Danzig - Power of Darkness
Danzig - Ashes
Danzig - Black Mass
Danzig - Wicked Pussycat
Danzig - Liberskull
Danzig - Dead Inside
Danzig - Kiss the Skull
Danzig - The Coldest Sun
Danzig - Halo Goddess Bone
Danzig - Satans Crucifixion
Danzig - When Death Has No Name
Danzig - Twist fo Cain
Danzig - Until You Call on the Dark (Ba
Danzig - Am I Demon?
Danzig - Sacrifice (Director's Cut, Let
Danzig - The Violent Fire
Danzig - Mother of Mercy
Danzig - Trouble
Danzig - Lord of the Thights
San Danielle - Dream of You
Dawn of a Dark Age - Cold Winter
Dawn of a Dark Age - The Last Prayer
Dawn of a Dark Age - Eurynomos Army
Dawn of a Dark Age - Dawn of a Dark Age
Dawn of a Dark Age - Intro / The Gates of Hell (In the Deepest Dark Abyss)
Dawn of a Dark Age - Otzuni (The Black City in Apulia)
Dawn of a Dark Age - The Old Path of Water (Where You Rot Slowly)
Daisy - Weird
Dark Ruler - Merci Dr. Kevorkian
Das Niveau - Lieder übers Vögeln
Das Niveau - Niwowoniniwowa
Das Niveau - Ein Problem
Das Niveau - Sylvester
Das Niveau - F***en
Das Niveau - Deine Mudder
Das Niveau - Das Niveau
Das Niveau - Ach so
Das Niveau - Der Letzte Stern
Das Niveau - Beim Pissen gemeuchelt
Das Niveau - Der Morgen danach
Das Niveau - Randerscheinung
Das Niveau - Barde zu sein
Das Niveau - Für den Frieden
Das Niveau - Und eines Tages
Das Niveau - Kunst
Das Niveau - Die Eine
Das Niveau - Werbung II
Das Niveau - Am nächsten Galgen
Das Niveau - Schluss feat. Doc Sleiwas
The Countdown Kids - Humpty Dumpty
The Countdown Kids - Boys and girls come out to play
The Countdown Kids - Six in a bed
The Countdown Kids - Happy birthdays
The Countdown Kids - Hush little baby
Danny Wilson - Aberdeen
Danny Wilson - Lorraine Parade
Danny Wilson - Nothing Ever Goes to Plan
Danny Wilson - You Remain an Angel
Danny Wilson - I Won't Be Here When You Get Home
Danny Wilson - Second Summer of Love
Danny Wilson - Never Gonna Be the Same
Danny Wilson - If You Really Love Me (Let Me Go)
Danny Wilson - From a Boy to a Man
Danny Wilson - If Everything You Said Was True
Danny Wilson - I Was Wrong
Danny Wilson - Charlie Boy
Danny Wilson - Steamtrains (To the Milky Way)
Danny Wilson - Mary’s Prayer
Dao Dezi - Hebrides
Dao Dezi - An tri breur
Dao Dezi - Digor
The Cool Quest - Liv for da Funk
The Cool Quest - Shine
The Cool Quest - Crazy World
Dalida & Alain Delon - Paroles paroles
Bobby Day - Over and Over
Bobby Day - Little Bitty Pretty One
Bobby Day - That's All I Want
Bobby Day - Unchained Melody
Bobby Day - Rockin’ Robin
Bobby Day - Saving My Love for You
Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin
Darkwell - Pictures of Strive
Darkwell - Blackheart
Darkwell - Ladies' Choice
Darkwell - Path to Salvation
Darkwell - Two Souls Creature 1: The Beginning
Darkwell - Two Souls Creature 2: The Salvation
Darkwell - Two Souls Creature 3: The Rejuvenation
Darkwell - Suspiria
Darkwell - Realm of Darkness
Darkwell - Armageddon
Darkwell - Thy Curse
Darkwell - The Crucible
Darkwell - Twist in My Sobriety
Darkwell - TSC II The Salvation
Darkwell - Fate Prisoner
Darkwell - Strange
Darkwell - Metatron
Darkwell - Crown of Thorn
Darkwell - The Machine
Darkwell - Hope Unborn
Darkwell - Nothingness
Darkwell - Far Cry
Darkwell - Last Glance
Darkwell - Elisabetha (version 2004)
Counterparts - The Disconnect
Counterparts - I Am No One
Counterparts - The Constant
Counterparts - Mmvii
Counterparts - Optimist
Counterparts - Jumping Ship
Counterparts - Pedestal
Counterparts - Thank God
Counterparts - Uncertainty
Counterparts - Sinking
Counterparts - Reflection
Counterparts - Lost
Counterparts - Ghost
Counterparts - Debris
Counterparts - Witness
Counterparts - Decay
Counterparts - Compass
Counterparts - Wither
Counterparts - Cursed
Counterparts - Slave
Counterparts - Soil
Counterparts - Stillborn
Counterparts - Thread
Counterparts - Resonate
Counterparts - Stranger
Counterparts - Burn
Counterparts - Tragedy
Counterparts - Withdrawal
Counterparts - Choke
Counterparts - Collapse
Counterparts - Drown
Counterparts - Solace
Counterparts - The Reflex Tester
Counterparts - Isolation
Counterparts - The Sanctuary
Counterparts - Goodbye, Megaton
Counterparts - Prophets
Counterparts - A Plea: A Promise
Counterparts - Carpe Diem
Counterparts - Only Anchors
Counterparts - Dark Ages
Counterparts - Sturdy Wings
Counterparts - Digression
A New Dawn - Eagle
Andy Davis - Laugh So You Don't Cry
Andy Davis - Bigger Than Us
Andy Davis - Brown Eyes
Andy Davis - Spontaneous
Andy Davis - Black Keys
Andy Davis - I Never See You
Andy Davis - It Just Happened That Way
Andy Davis - Quicksand
Andy Davis - Please Turn Red
Andy Davis - Hurts to Watch
Andy Davis - The Beach
Andy Davis - Earth & Venus
Andy Davis - Believable Doubt
Andy Davis - Let the Woman
Andy Davis - Our Love Is Not Their Business
Andy Davis - Spade a Spade
Andy Davis - Good Life
Andy Davis - Beautiful Day for Bad News
Andy Davis - Union & 3rd
Jenny Dalton - At Ease
Jenny Dalton - Bad Day
Jenny Dalton - Violet Walk
Jenny Dalton - Snake Oil
Jenny Dalton - Three Lilies
Jenny Dalton - Deep Dark Secrets
Jenny Dalton - Lily and the Stranger
Jenny Dalton - My Shape
Jenny Dalton - Circles
Jenny Dalton - This Again
Jenny Dalton - Iraqi Sky
Jenny Dalton - Joshua
Jenny Dalton - Cadence
Darren Day - Summer Holiday
Darren Day - The Next Time
Dark Man Shadow - Slur
Dark Man Shadow - Majestic Uprising
Devin Davis - Iron Woman
Devin Davis - Cannons at the Courthouse
Devin Davis - Transcendental Sports Anthem
Devin Davis - Sandie
Devin Davis - Giant Spiders
Devin Davis - Deserted Eyeland
Don Davis - Neodämmerung
Don Davis - Navras
Day Without Dawn - The Wake
Day Without Dawn - After the Banquet
Day Without Dawn - Seducing the Dead
Day Without Dawn - Inquisition
John Davis - Knock Out
John Davis - Knocked Out of the Park
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - The Rhythm Is Magic
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - My Father's Eyes
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - Falling Into You
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - Rachel
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - Only Human
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - Carnival In Heaven
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - Burning Rivers
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - No Turning Back
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - Alma De Barro
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - A Woman's Love
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - Venteveo
The Cyan Velvet Project - Over the Noise of the Living
The Cyan Velvet Project - City of White Lilies
The Cyan Velvet Project - Passive Attack
The Cyan Velvet Project - For Some
The Cyan Velvet Project - Pagandom
D-BangerZ - Moutons
D-BangerZ - 4G
The Crimson Armada - Guardian
The Crimson Armada - A Filthy Addiction
The Crimson Armada - The Sound, the Flood, the Hour
The Crimson Armada - In the Eyes of God
The Crimson Armada - The Serpents Tongue
The Crimson Armada - Revelations
The Crimson Armada - Desecrated
The Crimson Armada - The Final Words
The Crimson Armada - The Architect
The Crimson Armada - Conviction
The Crimson Armada - Juggernaut
The Crimson Armada - Forgive Me
The Crimson Armada - Composed of Stone
The Crimson Armada - You've Changed
The Crimson Armada - Napalm
The Crimson Armada - Questioning God
The Crimson Armada - Relief
The Crimson Armada - Call to Arms
The Crimson Armada - Soulcrusher
The Crimson Armada - Worthy
D-Side - Invisible
D-Side - Pushin' Me Out
D-Side - I'd Be Lyin'
D-Side - Real World
D-Side - Crazy World Of Love
D-Side - Dear You
D-Side - Everything About You
D-Side - My Best Chance
D-Side - Can We Dance
D-Side - Where Do You Run
D-Side - Anybody Else But You
D-Side - Stronger Together
D-Side - Fix Me
D-Side - Back In His Arms (Where She Belongs)
D-Side - Here I Stand
D-Side - Anything
D-Side - Everyday
D-Side - Speechless (Behind the Scenes Clips)
Mackenzie Davis - After You've Gone
Dawnless - Freedom's Gone
Dawnless - We're All the Same
Dawnless - The Planet's Dream
Dawnless - Beyond Words
Dawnless - Gotta Think Twice
Dawnless - No Shit Sherlock
Dawnless - Domestic Violence
Dawnless - Who Am I
David & The High Spirit - Sabor Ami
David & The High Spirit - Jerusalem of Gold
David & The High Spirit - Wedding Anniversary Dance
David & The High Spirit - Hine Lo Yanum
David & The High Spirit - When the Rebe Sings
David & The High Spirit - Blessing ( Pri Ha Adama)
David & The High Spirit - Hine ma Tov
Darude feat. AI AM - Beautiful Alien [radio edit]
Crown - The Message
Dareysteel - Fly Higher
Dareysteel - Twelve in the Midnight
Dawn of Relic - Phosphor
Dawn of Relic - Scions of the Blackened Soil
Dawn of Relic - Wrathcast
Dawn of Relic - Serpent Tongues
Dawn of Relic - September & The One
Dawn of Relic - Birth
Dawn of Relic - Sinbred City
Dawn of Relic - Night on Earth
Dawn of Relic - Nemesis
Dawn of Relic - The Room of Paintings
Dawn of Relic - When Aldebaran Is Visible
Dawn of Relic - Just a River
Dawn of Relic - Scions of the Blackened Earth
Dawn of Relic - Watchtower Son
Dawn of Relic - Masquerade of Sickness
Dawn of Relic - The Wail of Tartarean Well's
CZARFACE - Czartacus
CZARFACE - Lumberjack Match
CZARFACE - The Great (Czar Guitar)
CZARFACE - Red Alert
CZARFACE - Junkyard Dogs
CZARFACE - Deadly Class
CZARFACE feat. R.A. the Rugged Man - Good Villains Go Last
CZARFACE - Air 'em Out
CZARFACE - Rock Beast
CZARFACE - Marvel Team-Up
CZARFACE feat. Action Bronson - It's Raw
CZARFACE - Word War 4
CZARFACE - Dead Zone
CZARFACE feat. Cappadonna & Vinnie Paz - Shoguns
CZARFACE - Hazmat Rap
CZARFACE - Savagely Attack
CZARFACE - Cement 3's
CZARFACE - Poisonous Thoughts
CZARFACE - Nightcrawler
Dawn of Silence - Chasing a Ghost
Dawn of Silence - Escape the Night
Dawn of Silence - Release Me (From Myself)
Dawn of Silence - In Quest for Life
Dawn of Silence - Crucifire
Dawn of Silence - Away from Heaven
Dawn of Silence - Haunted Dreams
Dawn of Silence - Shadow of Guilt
Dawn of Silence - Masquerade
Joshua Davis - Delta 88
Joshua Davis - Triple A
The Waterboys - Fisherman’s Blues
Shaun Davey - Cursing in Heaven
Shaun Davey - The Ballad of Ned Devine / The Witches Reel
Shaun Davey - Beyond Dreams and Spirits
Shaun Davey - Hear Me
Shaun Davey - Lux Eterna, My Eternal Friend
Shaun Davey - The Parting Glass
Shaun Davey - Himlico's Map: Colum Cille Leaves Derry
Shaun Davey - Gair Na Gairbe
Shaun Davey - The Pilgrim
Shaun Davey - Colum Cille's Farewell to Ireland
Shaun Davey - Storm at Sea
Shaun Davey - A White Wave Foams Over
Shaun Davey - Ymadawiad Arthur
Shaun Davey - St. Manchans Prayer
Shaun Davey - Samson Peccator Episcopus
Shaun Davey - St. Matthews Point
Shaun Davey - Santiago
Shaun Davey - Vigo
Shaun Davey - The Deers Cry
Shaun Davey - God Be With Me
Shaun Davey - A' Ghrian
Shaun Davey - I'll Tell Thee a Tale
Shaun Davey - Sir Andrew's Dances / O Mistress Mine (Cabaret)
Shaun Davey - O Mistress Mine
Shaun Davey - I Am Gone Sir
Shaun Davey - The Wind and the Rain
Shaun Davey - Third Movement
Da Headbussaz - Where They Hang
Da Headbussaz - U See We Poe
Da Headbussaz - Head Bussaz
Da Headbussaz - That's How It Happen to'm
Da Headbussaz - Get the Fuck Out of My Face
Da Headbussaz - Smoke If U Got It
Da Headbussaz - Ruffest Niggaz Out
Da Headbussaz - Crown Me
Da Headbussaz - Gone Be Sum Shit
Da Headbussaz - U See We Poe (Screwed)
Danity Kane feat. Yung Joc - Show Stopper
Erik Darling - Sourwood Mountain
Erik Darling - I'll Fly Away
The Dawn - Harapin Ang Liwanag
The Dawn - Tulad Ng Dati
The Dawn - Change Is Breaking Us Apart
The Dawn - I Saw You Coming In
The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas
The Dawn - Salamat
The Dawn - Love Will Set Us Free
The Dawn - Iisang Bangka
The Dawn - Talaga Naman
The Dawn - Let Me Dream
The Dawn - Alam Ko, Alam N'yo
The Dawn - Dreams
The Dawn - Abot Kamay
The Dawn - Little Paradise
The Dawn - Salimpusa
The Dawn - I Stand With You
The Dawn - Iisang Bangka Tayo
The Dawn - Ang Iyong Paalam
The Dawn - Salamat (Millenium Edition)
Darkside - Golden Arrow
Darkside - Heart
Darkside - Paper Trails
Darkside - The Only Shrine I've Seen
Darkside - Freak, Go Home
Darkside - Greek Light
Darkside - A1
Darkside - Lose Yourself to Dance
Darkside - Get Lucky
Boo Boo Davis - I’m So Tired
Danny Cohen, Mike Boner, Horse Cock Kids - Vacuum Cleaner
Cat Stevens - Wild World
Elton John - Crocodile Rock
Steely Dan - Dirty Work
Davide Shorty - My Soul Trigger
Davide Shorty - Wildfire
Davide Shorty - Play That Funky Music
Dawn of Dreams - Dark Black Conscious
Dawn of Dreams - Desires Origin
Dawn of Dreams - Hell Beneath
Dawn of Dreams - Eclipse
Dawn of Dreams - To Watch the Sunrise
Dawn of Dreams - Swallow the Fire
Dawn of Dreams - A Forgotten Yearning
Dawn of Dreams - The Sirenes Dreaming
Dawn of Dreams - Dwell in My Embrace
Dawn of Dreams - Benediction
Dawn of Dreams - Lost
Dawn of Dreams - Eidolon
Dawn of Dreams - Coma
Dawn of Dreams - Passion
Dawn of Dreams - The Wind's Bride
Dawn of Dreams - Dreamcycle
Dawn of Dreams - Do We Know
Dawn of Dreams - Breathless
Dawn of Dreams - Your Eyes
Darkel - Be My Friend
Darkel - At the End of the Sky
Darkel - TV Destroy
Darkel - Some Men
Darkel - My Own Sun
Darkel - Pearl
Darkel - Earth
Darkel - Beautiful Woman
Darkel - How Brave You Are
Dark Monks - Insane (Steve Murano dub)
The Damned Things - Handbook for the Recently Deceased
The Damned Things - Bad Blood
The Damned Things - Friday Night (Going Down in Flames)
The Damned Things - We've Got a Situation Here
The Damned Things - Black Heart
The Damned Things - A Great Reckoning
The Damned Things - Little Darling
The Damned Things - Ironiclast
The Damned Things - Graverobber
The Damned Things - The Blues Havin' Blues
D.R.I. - Yes Ma'am
D.R.I. - Stupid, Stupid War
D.R.I. - Karma
D.R.I. - I Don't Need Society
D.R.I. - Argument Then War
D.R.I. - Evil Minds
D.R.I. - Probation
D.R.I. - Decisions
D.R.I. - Hooked
D.R.I. - Red Line
D.R.I. - No Religion
D.R.I. - Fun and Games
D.R.I. - Oblivion
D.R.I. - Problem Addict
D.R.I. - I'm the Liar
D.R.I. - Under the Overpass
D.R.I. - They Don't Care
D.R.I. - Drawn and Quartered
D.R.I. - No End
D.R.I. - Wages of Sin
D.R.I. - Syringes in the Sandbox
D.R.I. - Girl With a Gun
D.R.I. - Dead Meat
D.R.I. - Level 7
D.R.I. - Broke
D.R.I. - Tone Deaf
D.R.I. - Guilt Trip
D.R.I. - The Application
D.R.I. - Paying to Play
D.R.I. - Dry Heaves
D.R.I. - Don't Ask
D.R.I. - Time Out
D.R.I. - You
D.R.I. - The Target
D.R.I. - Gone Too Long
D.R.I. - Think for Yourself
D.R.I. - Slumlord
D.R.I. - Dead in a Ditch
D.R.I. - Suit and Tie Guy
D.R.I. - Man Unkind
D.R.I. - Plastique
D.R.I. - My Fate to Hate
D.R.I. - Who Am I
D.R.I. - Money Stinks
D.R.I. - Dennis' Problem
D.R.I. - Closet Punk
D.R.I. - Slit My Wrists
D.R.I. - Sad to Be
D.R.I. - War Crimes
D.R.I. - Draft Me
D.R.I. - First Round Draft Choice
D.R.I. - Capitalists Suck
D.R.I. - Misery Loves Company
D.R.I. - No Sense
D.R.I. - Acidrain
D.R.I. - Hardball
D.R.I. - The Five Year Plan
D.R.I. - Suit & Tie Guy
Daughter Darling - Broken Bridge
Daughter Darling - Shattered
Daughter Darling - Let Me Speak
Daughter Darling - Absconding
Daughter Darling - Mermaid
Daughter Darling - Sad and Lonely
Daughter Darling - Things Untold
Daughter Darling - Voodoo Games
Daughter Darling - You Won't See Me
Daughter Darling - Sweet Shadows
Daughter Darling - Dust in the Wind
Jesse Davidson - Laika
Skeeter Davis & NRBQ - I Can’t Stop Loving You Now
Larry Davis - Please Don't Go
D.R.I. - Capitalist Suck
D.R.I. - Shut Up
D.R.I. - Reagonomics
D.R.I. - Mad Man (Violent Pacification session)
D.R.I. - Snap (COMP)
D.R.I. - Explorer (COMP)
D.R.I. - Running Around (VP)
D.R.I. - To Open Closed Doors (VP)
D.R.I. - Violent Pacification (VP)
D.R.I. - Ballance of Terror
D.R.I. - Standing Inline
Jimmy Dawkins - You Got to Keep on Trying
Jimmy Dawkins - Little Angel Child
Jimmy Dawkins - Back Street Blues
Jimmy Dawkins - Mean Atlantic Ocean
Jimmy Dawkins - All for Business
Jimmy Dawkins - Down So Long
Davutus - Lullaby for a Princess
Jimmy Dawkins - Blue Monday
Jimmy Dawkins - Welfare Line
Jimmy Dawkins - Rockin D. Blues
Jimmy Dawkins - Made the Hard Way
Jimmy Dawkins - Kant Sheck Dees Bluze
Jimmy Dawkins - Highway Man
Jimmy Dawkins - Right to Quit You
Jimmy Dawkins - Lonely Guitar Man
Jimmy Dawkins - Driftin' Sand
Jimmy Dawkins - Down With the Blues
Jimmy Dawkins - Who Done It
The Cure - A Forest
The Cure - The Lovecats
The Cure - The Caterpillar
The Cure - In Between Days
The Cure - Why Can’t I Be You?
The Cure - Lullaby
The Cure - Pictures of You
The Cure - Never Enough
The Cure - High
The Cure - Friday I’m in Love
The Cure - Mint Car
The Cure - Wrong Number
The Cure - Just Say Yes
The Cure - Kyoto Song
The Cure - The Blood
The Cure - Six Different Ways
The Cure - Push
The Cure - The Baby Screams
The Cure - A Night Like This
The Cure - Screw
The Cure - Sinking
The Cure - A Short Term Effect
The Cure - Siamese Twins
The Cure - The Figurehead
The Cure - A Strange Day
The Cure - Cold
The Cure - Pornography
The Cure - Play for Today
The Cure - Secrets
The Cure - In Your House
The Cure - Three
The Cure - M
The Cure - At Night
The Cure - Seventeen Seconds
Dark Reality - Am Ende des Weges
Dark Reality - Ants Under Glass
Dark Reality - In the Cathedral
Jimmy Dawkins - I Got Wise
Dark Reality - Ashen
Jimmy Dawkins - Cross Road Blues
Dark Reality - Gruselett
Dark Reality - Gewitterfront
Jimmy Dawkins - Hard Road to Travel
Dark Reality - Moping Carol
Dark Reality - Will to Deny
Dark Reality - Little Chaffinch
Dark Reality - Silberstreif
Dark Reality - Rain Orison
Dark Reality - Skytied
Dark Reality - Spingono I Vecchi Giorni
Dark Reality - Fruhling, Elegisch
Dark Reality - Futility
Dark Reality - Erkenntnis
Dark Reality - A Glimpse
Dark Reality - Lokrischer Traum
Dark Reality - Facetting
Dark Reality - Sternennacht
Jimmy Dawkins - I'm What U Need
Jimmy Dawkins - So Wurried
The Cure - Accuracy
The Cure - Grinding Halt
The Cure - Another Day
The Cure - Object
The Cure - Subway Song
The Cure - Meathook
The Cure - So What
The Cure - Fire in Cairo
The Cure - It’s Not You
The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys
The Cure - Lost
The Cure - Labyrinth
The Cure - Before Three
The Cure - The End of the World
The Cure - Anniversary
The Cure - Us or Them
The Cure - alt.end
The Cure - (I Don’t Know What’s Going) On
The Cure - Taking Off
The Cure - Never
The Cure - The Promise
The Cure - The Kiss
The Cure - Catch
The Cure - Torture
The Cure - If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
The Cure - How Beautiful You Are…
The Cure - The Snakepit
The Cure - All I Want
The Cure - Hot Hot Hot!!!
The Cure - One More Time
The Cure - Like Cockatoos
The Cure - Icing Sugar
The Cure - The Perfect Girl
The Cure - A Thousand Hours
The Cure - Shiver and Shake
The Cure - Fight
The Cure - Want
The Cure - Club America
The Cure - This Is a Lie
The Cure - The 13th
The Cure - Strange Attraction
The Cure - Jupiter Crash
The Cure - Round & Round & Round…
The Cure - Gone!
The Cure - Numb
The Cure - Return
The Cure - Trap
The Cure - Treasure
The Cure - Bare
Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band - The Blues Don't Knock
Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band - House of Blue Lights (Part 1)
Datcha Dollar'z - 7ème ciel
Datcha Dollar'z - Pina-colada
Bobbie Cryner - Son of a Preacher Man
Bobbie Cryner - Daddy Laid the Blues on Me
The Cure - Birdmad Girl
The Cure - Give Me It
The Cure - Dressing Up
The Cure - Piggy in the Mirror
The Cure - The Empty World
The Cure - The Top
The Cure - Ariel (RS home demo)
The Cure - Sadacic (RS studio demo)
The Cure - Shake Dog Shake (studio demo)
The Cure - Birdmad Girl (studio demo)
The Cure - Plainsong
The Cure - Open
The Cure - Fascination Street
The Cure - The Walk
The Cure - Friday I'm in Love
The Cure - Inbetween Days
The Cure - The Hungry Ghost
The Cure - End
The Cure - Let's Go to Bed
The Cure - Why Can't I Be You?
The Cure - Jumping Someone Else's Train
The Cure - Killing Another
The Cure - Plastic Passion
The Cure - Killing an Arab
The Cure - The Holy Hour
The Cure - Other Voices
The Cure - The Funeral Party
The Cure - Doubt
The Cure - The Drowning Man
Daughtry - It’s Not Over
Daughtry - Used To
Daughtry - Over You
Daughtry - Crashed
Daughtry - Feels Like Tonight
Daughtry feat. Slash - What I Want
Daughtry - Breakdown
Daughtry - Gone
Daughtry - All These Lives
Daughtry - What About Now
Daughtry - No Surprise
Daughtry - Every Time You Turn Around
Daughtry - Life After You
Daughtry - What I Meant to Say
Daughtry - Open Up Your Eyes
Daughtry - September
Daughtry - Ghost of Me
Daughtry - Learn My Lesson
Daughtry - Supernatural
Daughtry - Tennessee Line
Daughtry - Call Your Name
Daughtry - Renegade
Daughtry - Crawling Back to You
Daughtry - Outta My Head
Daughtry - Start Of Something Good
Daughtry - Crazy
Daughtry - Break the Spell
Daughtry - We’re Not Gonna Fall
Daughtry - Gone Too Soon
Daughtry - Losing My Mind
Daughtry - Rescue Me
Daughtry - Louder Than Ever
Daughtry - Spaceship
Daughtry - Everything But Me
Daughtry - Lullaby
Daughtry - Never Die
Daughtry - Baptized
Daughtry - Waiting for Superman
Daughtry - Battleships
Daughtry - Wild Heart
Daughtry - Long Live Rock & Roll
Daughtry - The World We Knew
Daughtry - High Above the Ground
Daughtry - Broken Arrows
Daughtry - Witness
Daughtry - Traitor
Daughtry - 18 Years
Darkside - Legend of the Gods
Darkside - Hear Evil, Do Evil, Speak Evil
Darkside - Cognitive Dissonance
Darkside - The Fallen
Darkside - Fifth
Darkside - Mechanical Landscape
Darkside - Caress of the Sleeping Giant
Darkside - Bloodbound
Darkside - Pontif Ex 666
Darkside - Deadly
Darkside - To the Deceased
Darkside - Dying World
Darkside - Gedanken
Darkside - A Winter's Night
Darkside - Requiem
Darkside - The Blood On My Hands
Darkside - In Nomine
Darkside - Noohoorsh
Darkside - Of Vision And Mental Derangement
Darkside - Shadowfields
Darkside - Shades Of Pictures In Grey
Daniella's Daze - 100% Jesus
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - Vita
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - C'era un ragazzo che come me amava i Beatles e i Rolling Stones
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - Dimmi dimmi
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - Il duemila, un gatto e un re
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - Disperati complici
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - Emilia
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - Cuori di Gesù
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - Soli, ma splendenti
Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi - Dimmi, dimmi
Daughtry - Torches
Daughtry - Go Down
Daughtry - It's Not Over
Daughtry - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Daughtry - What I Want
Daughtry - Feels Like the First Time
Daughtry - What Have We Become
Daughtry - On the Inside
Daughtry - Tenessee Line
Daughtry - You Don't Belong
Daughtry - Maybe We're Already Gone
Daughtry - Get Me Through
Daughtry - We're Not Gonna Fall
Daughtry - One Last Chance
Daughtry - Who's They
Daughtry - Traffic Light
Daughtry - Sorry
Daughtry - Long Way
Daughtry - I'll Fight
Daughtry - Undefeated
Daughtry - Cinderella
Daughtry - Rocket Man
Daughtry - Utopia
Daughtry - Witness (Stripped)
Daughtry - Back Again
Darkestrah - The Silk Road
Darkestrah - Inner Voice
Darkestrah - Cult Tengri
Darkestrah - Kara-Oy
Darkestrah - One With the Grey Spirit
Darkestrah - Black Cathedral
Darkestrah - Sign of War
Darkestrah - Akyr Zaman
Darkestrah - Human Hopes
Darkestrah - Primitive Dance
Danny Daniel - Madre cuando quieras voy a verte
Danny Daniel - Viento del otoño
Danny Daniel - Niña no te pintes tanto
Danny Daniel - Que yo te quiero
Danny Daniel - Por el amor de una Mujer
Danny Daniel - Sé que me engañaste un día
Danny Daniel - Tu amor fue diferente
Danny Daniel - Decir te quiero
Danny Daniel - Esa eres tu
Darkestrah - Part II - Jashil Oy
Darkestrah - Part III - Kysil Oy
Darkestrah - Epos
Darkestrah - Marching of the Hordes (Pagan Cover)
Darkestrah - Saga of Temudgin
Dayshell - Not Coming In
Dayshell - Share With Me
Dayshell - Avatar
Dayshell - Edge of the World
Dayshell - Imbecile
Dayshell - A Waste of Space
Dayshell - I Owe You Nothing
Dayshell - Aimless
Dayshell - Useless
Dayshell - Hail to the Queen
Dayshell - When You Fall Asleep Tonight
Dayshell - A New Man
Dayshell - Low Light
Dayshell - The Weapon
Dayshell - Ftnw
Dayshell - Spit in the Face
Dayshell - Rush Hour
Dayshell - Speaking in Tongues
Curt & Roland - Jag har hört om en stad
The Cure - A Letter to Elise
The Cure - Do the Hansa
The Cure - I’m Cold
The Cure - Splintered in Her Head
The Cure - Lament
The Cure - The Dream
The Cure - Speak My Language
The Cure - Happy the Man
The Cure - Throw Your Foot
The Cure - The Exploding Boy
The Cure - A Few Hours After This…
The Cure - Breathe
The Cure - Sugar Girl
The Cure - Hey You!!!
The Cure - How Beautiful You Are
The Cure - Out of Mind
The Cure - 2 Late
The Cure - Hello I Love You (slight return)
The Cure - Harold and Joe
The Cure - Scared as You
The Cure - The Big Hand
The Cure - A Foolish Arrangement
The Cure - Doing the Unstuck
The Cure - Young Americans
The Cure - Dredd Song
The Cure - It Used to Be Me
The Cure - Ocean
The Cure - Adonais
The Cure - Waiting
The Cure - A Pink Dream
The Cure - More Than This
The Cure - World in My Eyes
The Cure - Possession
The Cure - Out of This World
The Cure - Maybe Someday
The Cure - Signal to Noise
The Cure - Apart
The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes
The Cure - Trust
The Cure - From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
The Cure - Cut
Damn! - Got to Go
Crywolf & Ianborg - Stay
Crywolf & Ianborg - Oceans Pt. II
Crywolf & Ianborg - Bedroom Eyes
Crywolf & Ianborg - Aporia
Crywolf & Ianborg - Oceans
Dan D - Love song
Dan D - Plešeš
Dan D - Čas
Dan D - Roke
Dan D - Počasi
Dan D - Voda
Dan D - Za naju punca
Dan D - Bodi moja
Dan D - V naravo
Dashboard Confessional - Reason to Believe
Dashboard Confessional - Stolen
Dashboard Confessional - Rooftops and Invitations
Dashboard Confessional - So Long, So Long
Dashboard Confessional - Slow Decay
Dashboard Confessional - Dusk and Summer
Dashboard Confessional - Heaven Here
Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated
Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities
Dashboard Confessional - The Best Deceptions
Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
Dashboard Confessional - Thick as Thieves
Dashboard Confessional - Keep Watch for the Mines
Dashboard Confessional - These Bones
Dashboard Confessional - Fever Dreams
Dashboard Confessional - The Rush
Dashboard Confessional - Little Bombs
Dashboard Confessional - I Light My Own Fires Now
Dashboard Confessional - Matters of Blood and Connection
Dashboard Confessional - Clean Breaks
Dashboard Confessional - The Widows Peak
Dashboard Confessional - The Sharp Hint of New Tears
Dashboard Confessional - Living In Your Letters
Dashboard Confessional - Turpentine Chaser
Dashboard Confessional - A Plain Morning
Dashboard Confessional - Ender Will Save Us All
Dashboard Confessional - Shirts And Gloves
Dashboard Confessional - Hold On
Dan D - Rekli so
Dan D - Kozlam
Dan D - Lep dan za smrt
Dashboard Confessional - Remember to Breathe
Dashboard Confessional - So Impossible
Dashboard Confessional - For You to Notice
Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down
Dashboard Confessional - Get Me Right
Dashboard Confessional - Until Morning
Dashboard Confessional - Everybody Learns From Disaster
Dashboard Confessional - Belle of the Boulevard
Dashboard Confessional - Alter the Ending
Dashboard Confessional - Blame It on the Changes
Dashboard Confessional - No News Is Bad News
Dashboard Confessional - Water and Bridges
Dashboard Confessional - Truth of the Matter
Dashboard Confessional - As Lovers Go
Dashboard Confessional - Carry This Picture
Dashboard Confessional - Carve Your Heart Out Yourself
Dashboard Confessional - Hey Girl
Dashboard Confessional - Several Ways to Die Trying
Dashboard Confessional - This Old Wound
Dashboard Confessional - Don't Wait
Dashboard Confessional - The Secret's in the Telling
Dashboard Confessional - Where There's Gold…
Dashboard Confessional - [It's Not Easy to Like It]
Dashboard Confessional - I Do
Dashboard Confessional - Saints & Sinners
Dashboard Confessional - The Warmth of the Sand
Dashboard Confessional - Sweetness Follows
Dashboard Confessional - Stolen (live/acoustic)
Dashboard Confessional - A Year in the Past, Forever in the Future
Dashboard Confessional - If I Needed You
Dashboard Confessional - Overkill
Dashboard Confessional - Crazy
Dashboard Confessional - Pretty Pathetic
Dashboard Confessional - Theme From Volume One
Dashboard Confessional - Untitled
Dashboard Confessional - El Scorcho
Dashboard Confessional - Angels of the Silences
Dashboard Confessional - Valens
Dashboard Confessional - Hearing Dashboard Confessional
Dashboard Confessional - For Justin.
Dashboard Confessional - The Only Gift That I Need
Dashboard Confessional - The Places You've Come to Fear the Most
Dashboard Confessional - Anyone, Anyone?
Dashboard Confessional - Better
Dashboard Confessional - The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight
Dashboard Confessional - If You Can't Leave It, Might as Well Make It Bleed
Dashboard Confessional - Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get (Band)
Dashboard Confessional - In a Big Country
Dashboard Confessional - Bend And Not Break (Studio)
Dashboard Confessional - Drowning
Dario G - Carnaval de Paris
Dario G - Voices
Dario G - Be My Friend
Dario G - Dream to Me
Dario G - Say What's on Your Mind
Dario G - Flying, Part I
Dario G - Heaven Is Closer (Feels Like Heaven)
The Cure - Closedown
The Cure - Last Dance
The Cure - Prayers for Rain
The Cure - The Same Deep Water as You
The Cure - Homesick
The Cure - Untitled
The Cure - Watching Me Fall
The Cure - The Last Day of Summer
The Cure - There Is No If…
The Cure - The Loudest Sound
The Cure - 39
The Cure - Bloodflowers
The Cure - Wendy Time
The Cure - To Wish Impossible Things
Davenport Cabinet - Nostalgia in Stereo
Davenport Cabinet - Thieves
Davenport Cabinet - Milk Foot
Davenport Cabinet - Wrecking Ball
Davenport Cabinet - Rusty Knives
Davenport Cabinet - Passing in the Wind
Davenport Cabinet - 12 Hours
Davenport Cabinet - Demon Fire
Davenport Cabinet - Deterioration Road
Davenport Cabinet - Simple Worlds
Davenport Cabinet - These Bodies
Davenport Cabinet - Our Machine
Davenport Cabinet - Black Dirt Burden
Davenport Cabinet - Drown it all
Davenport Cabinet - Dancing on Remains
Cult of Herodias - New Passage
The Cure - Underneath the Stars
The Cure - The Reasons Why
The Cure - Freakshow
The Cure - Switch
The Cure - The Perfect Boy
The Cure - Sleep When I’m Dead
Cripple Bastards - Misantropo a senso unico
Cripple Bastards - Non servire a niente (è la tua sorte)
Cripple Bastards - Il sentimento non è amore
Cripple Bastards - Rapporto interrotto
Cripple Bastards - Nascere per violentarsi
Cripple Bastards - La repulsione negli occhi
Cripple Bastards - Sbocco nichilista
Cripple Bastards - Dio è solo merda
Cripple Bastards - Il tuo amico morto
Cripple Bastards - Quasi donna... femminista
Cripple Bastards - Peso inutile
Cripple Bastards - Il grande silenzio
Cripple Bastards - Conclusione
Cripple Bastards - 94x flashback di massacro
Cripple Bastards - When Immunities Fall
Cripple Bastards - Intravenous Love-drip
Cripple Bastards - Odio a prima vista
Cripple Bastards - The Mushroom Diarrhoea
Cripple Bastards - Rak Ne Prestaje
Cripple Bastards - Get Out and Bite Them
Cripple Bastards - Jurisdictions
Cripple Bastards - I Hate Her
Cripple Bastards - Variante alla morte
Cripple Bastards - Allergie da contatto
Cripple Bastards - Lo sfregio e le sue ombre
Cripple Bastards - Inverno nel ghetto
Cripple Bastards - Spirito di ritorsione
Cripple Bastards - L'uomo dietro al vetro opaco
Cripple Bastards - Cedimento strutturale
Cripple Bastards - Sangue chiama
Cripple Bastards - Implacabile verso il suo buio
Cripple Bastards - Stupro e addio
Cripple Bastards - Marchio catastale
Cripple Bastards - Karma del riscatto
Cripple Bastards - Regredito a che punto
Cripple Bastards - Falsificato ideale
Cripple Bastards - Sottoposti al taglio
Cripple Bastards - Conquista dell'isolamento
Cripple Bastards - Auto-azzeramento
Cripple Bastards - Being Ripped Off
Cripple Bastards - Without a Shadow of Justice
Cripple Bastards - Prospettive limitate
Cripple Bastards - Disagreeable Selections
Cripple Bastards - September, 18th 1993
Cripple Bastards - Watching Through My Chaos
Cripple Bastards - Italia di merda
Cripple Bastards - The Outside World
Cripple Bastards - Danas Je Dan Za Lijencine
Cripple Bastards - More Frustrations
Cripple Bastards - Stimmung
Cripple Bastards - What I Thought
Cripple Bastards - 1974
Cripple Bastards - Bonds of Enmity
Cripple Bastards - D.S.S. (Double Scented Shit)
Cripple Bastards - Sexist Society... Must Destroy It!
Cripple Bastards - Useful/Useless
Cripple Bastards - Nothing on Earth
The Dardanelles - Polly Moore
Rocky Dawuni - African Reggae Fever
Rocky Dawuni - Extraordinary Woman
Rocky Dawuni - Walls Tumblin Down
Rocky Dawuni - Jerusalem
Rocky Dawuni - In Ghana
Darondo - Let My People Go
The Cure - All Mine
Days of Worth - Street Lights on Heavy Eyes
Days of Worth - Take Me Through
Anthony D'Amato - Rain on a Strange Roof
Dalmatino - Lipa rič
Dalmatino - Dvi sestre blizanke
Dalmatino - Feta žute naranče
Dalmatino - Di ću
Dalmatino - Moja jube
Dalmatino - Bozic Bijeli
Dalmatino - Cukar I Sol
Dalmatino - Lozje
Dalmatino - Ditelina S Cetri Lista
Dalmatino - Vrata Pakla
Dalmatino - Grdelin
Dalmatino - Zvizda Danica
Darkhaus - Life Worth Living
Darkhaus - Ghost
Darkhaus - Break Down The Walls
Darkhaus - Breaking The Silence
Darkhaus - Hour Of Need
Darkhaus - Looks Like Rain
Darkhaus - Apostle
Darkhaus - Son Of A Gun
Darkhaus - Drive
Darkhaus - Angelina
Darkhaus - Hurts Like Hell
Dancing Mood - Enjoy Your Self
Dancing Mood - Chatti Chatti
Dancing Mood - You Baby
Dancing Mood - Love Don't Love Nobody
Dancing Mood - A Groovy Kind of Love
Dancing Mood - For All We Know
Dancing Mood - Smile a While
Otis Day & The Knights - Shout
Otis Day & The Knights - ShamaLamma Ding Dong
Cripple Bastards - Pete the Ripper
Cripple Bastards - Malato terminale
Cripple Bastards - Splendore e tenebra
Cripple Bastards - Paranoiac (Very First version, Quitar + Vocals)
The Cure - Jumping Someone Else’s Train
The Cure - Fake
The Cure - Going Nowhere
The Cure - This Morning
The Cure - Intro
The Cure - I Want to Be Old (studio demo)
The Cure - I Just Need Myself (studio demo)
The Cure - The Cocktail Party (home demo)
The Cure - 10:15 Saturday Night (studio demo)
The Cure - [untitled]
The Cure - Mr. Pink Eye
The Cure - Love Will Tear Us Apart
The Cure - All I Have to Do Is Kill Her
The Cure - Pirate Ships
The Cure - Spilt Milk
The Cure - World War
The Cure - Hot Hot Hot
The Cure - The Upstairs Rooms
The Cure - The Only One (Mix 13)
The Cure - A Forest (original)
The Cure - All Kinds of Stuff
The Cure - The Perfect Boy (Mix 13)
The Cure - Without You
The Cure - Caterpillar
The Cure - The Love Cats
The Cure - Exploding Head Syndrome
The Cure - The Only One (remix 4)
The Cure - See the Children (Easy Cure Demos 1977)
The Cure - Short Term Effect
The Cure - Happy Birthday
The Cure - Temptation (studio demo)
The Cure - In Between Days (The Head on the Door Demos 1984)
The Cure - Hello I Love You (Jonathan Ross Show)
The Cure - 3 Imaginary Boys
The Cure - Desperate Journalist
The Cure - Snakepit
The Cure - Figurehead
The Cure - Just Like Heaven (studio demo)
The Cure - Disintegration (band demo)
The Cure - Lime Time (studio demo)
The Cure - Temptation Two (aka LGTB) (RS studio demo)
The Cure - The Dragon Hunters Song
The Cure - 17 Seconds
The Cure - Shiver and Shake (studio demo)
The Cure - Cold Colours
The Cure - Sinking (Saturday Live session July 1985)
The Cure - Holy Hour
The Cure - Last Dance (studio rough)
The Cure - Kyoto Song (The Head on the Door Demos 1984)
The Cure - All I Want to Do Is Kill Her
The Cure - Play for Today (Seventeen Seconds Demos 1979)
The Cure - One Hundred Years (Pornography Demos 1981)
The Cure - Siamese Twins (Pornography Demos 1981)
The Cure - This Empty World
The Cure - It's Not You (Three Imaginary Boys Demos 1978)
The Cure - Closer to Me
The Cure - Meat Hook
The Cure - One Hundered Years
The Cure - Plastic Passion (Peel session)
The Cure - Tape
The Cure - Stop Dead (studio demo)
The Cure - Cold Colours (John Peel session January 1981)
The Cure - Round N' Round N' Round
The Cure - See the Children
The Cure - You Really Got Me (Rare live 1985)
The Cure - Aerial
The Cure - Prayer for Rain
The Cure - Ariel
The Cure - Edge of the Deep Green Sea
The Cure - A Hundred Years
The Cure - Primary (studio outtake)
The Cure - The Wailing Wall
The Cure - I Just Need Myself
The Cure - If Only Tonight We Could Sleep...
The Cure - Sleep When I’m Dead (remix 4)
The Cure - Cut Here (CDROM video)
The Cure - Hello, I Love You (unreleased)
The Cure - More Than This (from The X‐Files: The album)
The Cure - Burn (from the Crow OST)
The Cure - Lament (Flexipop magazine cover release)
The Cure - Young Americans (from 104.9 XFM compilation)