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Tim Curry - Wake Nicodemus
Tim Curry - Brontosaurus
Tim Curry - All I Want
Tim Curry - Sloe Gin
Tim Curry - Harlem on My Mind
Tim Curry - On A Roll
Tim Curry - Dancing in the Streets
Tim Curry - Betty Jean
Tim Curry - Summer in the City
Tim Curry - I Put a Spell on You
Tim Curry - She's Not There
Tim Curry - Take Me, I'm Yours
Tim Curry - Fanfare / Don't Dream It
Tim Curry - Wild and Untamed Thing
Craft - Earth a Raging Blaze
Craft - Fuck the Universe
Craft - Assassin 333
Craft - Demonspeed
Craft - Terni Exustæ: Queen Reaper
Craft - Xenophobia
Craft - The Suffering of Others
Craft - According to Him
Craft - Serpent Soul
Craft - Come Resonance of Doom
Craft - The Ground Surrenders
Craft - Succumb to Sin
Craft - I Want to Commit Murder
Craft - Void
Craft - Death to Planet Earth
Craft - Kill Everything
Craft - Total Soul Rape
Craft - Reaktor 4
Craft - False Orders Begone
Craft - N.D.P.
Craft - Terror Propaganda
Craft - Chaos
Crash Conspiracy - Protester
Crash Conspiracy - Monotype
Crash Conspiracy - Wright
Crash Conspiracy - Moonlit
Crash Conspiracy - Everything
Polly Cutter - Ooh, I'm Satisfied
Ana Criado & Omnia - No One Home (dub)
Cream - [Eric Clapton interview 2]
Cream - [Eric Clapton interview 3]
Cream - World of Pain
Cream - Passing the Time
Cream - Those Were the Days
Cream - What a Bringdown
Cream - Sleepy Time Time
Cream - Dance the Night Away
Cream - Blue Condition
Cream - Mother’s Lament
The Crave - Cooking in the Kitchen
The Crave - Silently Screaming
Cream - Pressed Rat & Warthog
Cream - Stormy Monday
The Cribs - Hey Scenesters!
The Cribs - Martell
The Cribs - We Can No Longer Cheat You
The Cribs - It Was Only Love
The Cribs - The New Fellas
The Cribs - Hello? Oh…
The Cribs - The Wrong Way to Be
The Cribs - Haunted
The Cribs - Things Aren’t Gonna Change
The Cribs - You’re Gonna Lose Us
The Cribs - North of England
The Cribs - We Were Aborted
The Cribs - Cheat on Me
The Cribs - We Share the Same Skies
The Cribs - City of Bugs
The Cribs - Hari Kari
The Cribs - Last Year's Snow
The Cribs - Ignore the Ignorant
The Cribs - Save Your Secrets
The Cribs - Our Bovine Public
The Cribs - Don’t You Want to Be Relevant?
The Cribs - What About Me
The Cribs - Be Safe
The Cribs - I’m a Realist
The Cribs - The Watch Trick
The Cribs - You Were Always the One
The Cribs - The Light Went Out
The Cribs - You & I
The Cribs - Things You Should Be Knowing
The Cribs - Learning How to Fight
The Cribs - Direction
The Cribs - Third Outing
The Cribs - Glitters Like Gold
The Cribs - Come On, Be a No-One
The Cribs - Jaded Youth
The Cribs - Anna
The Cribs - Uptight
The Cribs - Chi-Town
The Cribs - Pure O
The Cribs - Back to the Bolthole
The Cribs - I Should Have Helped
The Cribs - Stalagmites
The Cribs - Like a Gift Giver
The Cribs - Butterflies
The Cribs - Glandular Fever Got the Best of Me
Cryptic Fate - Ahoban
Cryptic Fate - Raag
Cryptic Fate - Ognibina
Cryptic Fate - Onuprerona
Cryptic Fate - Dako Amar Naam
Cryptic Fate - Danob
Cryptic Fate - Aloy Badha Raat Er Tukro
Cryptic Fate - Jatra
Cryptic Fate - Ronoklanti
Cryptic Fate - Bhoboghurey
Cryptic Fate - Protibad
Cryptic Fate - Lobher Agun
Cryptic Fate - Shreshtho
Cryptic Fate - Amar Shaatey Ai
Cryptic Fate - Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro
Cryptic Fate - Shesh Train
Cryptic Fate - Dreamsayer
Cream - Anyone for Tennis (The Savage Seven Theme)
Cream - Pressed Rat and Warthog
Cream - Lawdy Mama (version 2)
Cream - You Make Me Feel
Cream - Hey Now Princess
Cream - Weird of Hermiston
Cream - Falstaff Beer Commercial
Cream - Cocaine
Cream - Sitting on the Top of the World
DJ D - Disharmonic Harmony
The Cribs - Finally Free
The Cribs - Different Angle
The Cribs - Burning for No One
The Cribs - Mr. Wrong
The Cribs - An Ivory Hand
The Cribs - Simple Story
The Cribs - Pacific Time
The Cribs - Summer of Chances
The Cribs - Diamond Girl
The Cribs - Spring on Broadway
The Cribs - Pink Snow
The Cribs - I've Tried Everything
The Cribs - On a Hotel Wall
The Cribs - Eat Me
The Cribs - Fairer Sex
The Cribs - My Adolescent Dreams
The Cribs - Bastards of Young
The Cribs - So Hot Now
The Cribs - Is Anybody There
The Cribs - Don't Believe in Me
The Cribs - Major’s Titling Victory
The Cribs - Ancient History
The Cribs - Shoot the Poets
The Cribs - Tri'Elle
The Cribs - Baby Don't Sweat
The Cribs - Women's Needs
The Cribs - Feelin' It!
The Cribs - Housewife
The Cribs - Tonight
The Cribs - The Lights Went Out
The Cribs - Victims of Mass Production
The Cribs - Mirror Kisses
The Cribs - It Happened Too Fast
The Cribs - Don't You Want To Be Relevant?
The Cribs - I See Your Pictures Every Day
The Cribs - Orange Star Rattle
The Cribs - I’m Alright Me
The Cribs - Regina, Don't Get Lost
The Cribs - Stick to Your Guns
D‐Nice - Crumbs on the Table
D‐Nice - Call Me D-Nice
D‐Nice - Glory
D‐Nice - It's All About Me
D‐Nice - Pimp of the Year
D‐Nice - And You Don't Stop
D‐Nice - To tha Rescue
Cream - Rollin and Tumblin
Cream - For Until Late
Gaz Coombes - Buffalo
Gaz Coombes - 20/20
Gaz Coombes - The Girl Who Fell to Earth
Gaz Coombes - Detroit
Gaz Coombes - Seven Walls
Gaz Coombes - Matador
Gaz Coombes - Hot Fruit
Gaz Coombes - Whore
Gaz Coombes - Sub Divider
Gaz Coombes - Simulator
Gaz Coombes - White Noise
Gaz Coombes - Break the Silence
Gaz Coombes - Sleeping Giant
El Cuarteto de Nos - Hoy estoy raro
El Cuarteto de Nos - Así soy yo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Yendo a la casa de Damián
El Cuarteto de Nos - Pobre papá
El Cuarteto de Nos - Ya no se que hacer conmigo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Natural
El Cuarteto de Nos - Invierno del 92
El Cuarteto de Nos - Me hace bien, me hace mal
El Cuarteto de Nos - Bipolar
El Cuarteto de Nos - Miguel gritar
El Cuarteto de Nos - El hijo de Hernández
El Cuarteto de Nos - Malherido
El Cuarteto de Nos - Nada me da satisfacción
El Cuarteto de Nos - Mi lista negra
El Cuarteto de Nos - Doble identidad
El Cuarteto de Nos - Primavera
El Cuarteto de Nos - Me amo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Breve descripción de mi persona
El Cuarteto de Nos - Cómo pasa el tiempo
El Cuarteto de Nos - El aprendiz
El Cuarteto de Nos - No llora
El Cuarteto de Nos - De hielo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Roberto
El Cuarteto de Nos - 21 de septiembre
El Cuarteto de Nos - Whisky en Uruguay
El Cuarteto de Nos - Habla tu espejo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Caminamos
El Cuarteto de Nos - Un problema menos
El Cuarteto de Nos - Algo mejor que hacer
El Cuarteto de Nos - Cuando sea grande
El Cuarteto de Nos - El balcón de Paul
El Cuarteto de Nos - Buen día Benito
El Cuarteto de Nos - El lado soleado de la calle
El Cuarteto de Nos - Lo malo de ser bueno
El Cuarteto de Nos - Enamorado tuyo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Solo estoy sobreviviendo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Vida ingrata
El Cuarteto de Nos - Insaciable
El Cuarteto de Nos - Todos pasan por mi rancho
Cream - Poltician
Kimberly Cole - Smack You (Reloaded)
Kimberly Cole - Psycho
Kimberly Cole - You Got Balls
Kimberly Cole - Bad Word
Kimberly Cole - Cherry Pop
Kimberly Cole - Pocket Rocket
Kimberly Cole - Get Stupid
Kimberly Cole - Walk of Shame
Kimberly Cole - A Thousand Times
Kimberly Cole - Three Way
El Cuarteto de Nos - Hay que comer
El Cuarteto de Nos - Sólo un rumor
El Cuarteto de Nos - Al cielo no
El Cuarteto de Nos - Bo cartero
El Cuarteto de Nos - No quiero ser normal
El Cuarteto de Nos - Nuevamente
El Cuarteto de Nos - El putón del barrio
El Cuarteto de Nos - Ya te vas a mejorar
El Cuarteto de Nos - Vino en mi jeringa
El Cuarteto de Nos - Corazón maricón
El Cuarteto de Nos - Canción de amor
El Cuarteto de Nos - Fui yo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Manfreddi
El Cuarteto de Nos - Eres una chica muy bonita
El Cuarteto de Nos - Soy un capón
El Cuarteto de Nos - El día que Artigas se emborrachó
El Cuarteto de Nos - Siempre que escucho al Cuarteto
El Cuarteto de Nos - Me agarré el pitito con el cierre
El Cuarteto de Nos - No somos latinos
El Cuarteto de Nos - Necesito una mujer
El Cuarteto de Nos - La guerra de Gardel
El Cuarteto de Nos - Pegame y decime Shirley
El Cuarteto de Nos - Intentaron separarnos
El Cuarteto de Nos - El apareamiento de la morsa
El Cuarteto de Nos - Maten las ballenas (Arresten a Willy)
El Cuarteto de Nos - La mina del jefe
El Cuarteto de Nos - Me borró
El Cuarteto de Nos - Despertate paparulo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Cristo te odia
El Cuarteto de Nos - Mamá, el bajista me está pegando
El Cuarteto de Nos - El calzoncillo a rayas
El Cuarteto de Nos - Sólo soy un polaco enamorado
El Cuarteto de Nos - El primer oriental desertor
El Cuarteto de Nos - Ve con él
El Cuarteto de Nos - Somos muchos más que vos
El Cuarteto de Nos - Después de hacernos el amor
El Cuarteto de Nos - Zitarrosa en el cielo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Ea ea
El Cuarteto de Nos - El niño de Guatemala
El Cuarteto de Nos - Almejas
El Cuarteto de Nos - Guacha vamo al cine
El Cuarteto de Nos - Historietas
El Cuarteto de Nos - Amnesia
El Cuarteto de Nos - Disculpe
El Cuarteto de Nos - Tupamaro
El Cuarteto de Nos - Cuando ya no importe
El Cuarteto de Nos - Apocalipsis Now
El Cuarteto de Nos - No me puedo mover
El Cuarteto de Nos - El empleado y la muerte
Compilerbau - Walking Outer Space
Custard - Alone
Cream - NSU
Cream - We're Going Wrong
Cream - We're Going Wrong (demo)
Cream - Hey Now Princess (demo)
Cream - Sunshine of Your Love (mono)
Cream - Dance the Night Away (mono)
Cream - Blue Condition (mono)
Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysses (mono)
Cream - Take It Back (mono)
Cream - Born Under a Bad Sign (BBC recording) (mono)
Cream - Coffee Song
Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysees
Cream - Eric Clapton Interview 1
Cream - Eric Clapton Interview 4
Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysses (BBC recording)
Cream - Take It Back (BBC recording)
Cream - Politician (BBC recording)
Cream - Sunshine of Your Love - Live
Cream - Sweet Wine - Live
Cream - Sitting on Top of the World - Live
Cream - Cat Squirrel
Cream - Train Time
Cream - Rollin' & Tumblin'
Cream - Deserted Citys of the Heart
Cream - Fallstaff Beer
Cream - Falstaff Beer
Cream - Politician (BBC ‘Top Gear’ session, January 9, 1968)
Cream - Swlabr (BBC ‘Top Gear’ session, January 9, 1968)
Cream - Cat’s Squirrel (BBC World Service “R & B Club” session)
D at Sea - Last Day
D at Sea - Little Love
D at Sea - Stars in Your Eyes
D at Sea - Pop Flip Catch
D at Sea - Anchors and Diamonds
D at Sea - Nightmare
El Cuarteto de Nos - Nuncapasanada
El Cuarteto de Nos - Bacalao Beach
El Cuarteto de Nos - Zapatitos de hormigón
El Cuarteto de Nos - Uruguay 1, Brasil 1
El Cuarteto de Nos - Monei
El Cuarteto de Nos - Mongo y el oficial
El Cuarteto de Nos - Jaimito
El Cuarteto de Nos - Vampira
El Cuarteto de Nos - Defectos
El Cuarteto de Nos - Grapa con limón
El Cuarteto de Nos - El payaso Carambola
El Cuarteto de Nos - Problemitas
El Cuarteto de Nos - Princesa azul
El Cuarteto de Nos - La malquerida
El Cuarteto de Nos - No puedo más
El Cuarteto de Nos - El cuarteto tapicero
El Cuarteto de Nos - Morcillo López el primer uruguayo en la luna
El Cuarteto de Nos - ¡Cómo ha cambiado mi barrio!
El Cuarteto de Nos - La China ta' güenaza
El Cuarteto de Nos - Nadie me quiere
El Cuarteto de Nos - Maté a la maestra
El Cuarteto de Nos - Que los cumpla feliz
El Cuarteto de Nos - Kaya Natalia
El Cuarteto de Nos - Palomo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Chico correcto
El Cuarteto de Nos - El tío Calambres
El Cuarteto de Nos - Yo soy Alvin, el batero
El Cuarteto de Nos - El fin del mundo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Enamorado de un pollo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Juan Bojorge Ocorbojón
El Cuarteto de Nos - El guardián del zoo
El Cuarteto de Nos - El siquiátrico
El Cuarteto de Nos - Revolución Nro. F
El Cuarteto de Nos - Andamio Pijuán
El Cuarteto de Nos - La paranoica
El Cuarteto de Nos - La prima
El Cuarteto de Nos - No sabés mi nombre
El Cuarteto de Nos - El deforme
El Cuarteto de Nos - Soy una vieja
El Cuarteto de Nos - Halbin de la selva
El Cuarteto de Nos - Bienvenida a Kalbunga y Tobogán
El Cuarteto de Nos - La Bombi
El Cuarteto de Nos - Tabaré, that's right
El Cuarteto de Nos - Procuro olvidarte
El Cuarteto de Nos - La familia Berrantes
El Cuarteto de Nos - Mabel
CZR - I Want You (Twisted dub)
D-formes - Carta
D-formes - ....Distancias
Crips - Nationwide Rip Ridaz
Crips - Everything Gonna C Alright
Crips - Sess in the Daytime, Chronic at Night
Custard - Monkey
Custard - Ringo (I Feel Like)
Custard - Nervous Breakdance
Custard - Funny
Custard - Correctional Facility of Love
Custard - Genius
El Cuarteto de Nos - El pelado de los huevos de oro
El Cuarteto de Nos - Aurolito Corbalán
El Cuarteto de Nos - Corroboraciones
El Cuarteto de Nos - Pedernal
El Cuarteto de Nos - La casa de Fabio
El Cuarteto de Nos - El pelo jamón
El Cuarteto de Nos - El gordo y el alfajor
El Cuarteto de Nos - Cuna de colores
El Cuarteto de Nos - La vieja del zaguán
El Cuarteto de Nos - El gordo del dolor de muelas
El Cuarteto de Nos - Las viejas del cuarteto
El Cuarteto de Nos - Acapulco nos emborracha
El Cuarteto de Nos - Si sale igual
El Cuarteto de Nos - Totalmente normal
El Cuarteto de Nos - Nocturno
El Cuarteto de Nos - Leyenda
El Cuarteto de Nos - Cucos S.R.L.
El Cuarteto de Nos - Presentación del Cuartetazo Los Bedronclos
Criminalz - Ridaz
Criminalz - Puttin in Work
Criminalz - Niggaz Like Us
Criminalz - My Life
Criminalz - The Real World
Criminalz - Reminisce
Bing Crosby feat. The Andrews Sisters - That Christmas Feeling
Csík Zenekar - De szeretnék
Csík Zenekar - Senki nem ért semmit
Csík Zenekar - Juhmérés Mérában
Csík Zenekar - Ne bánkódjék senki köztünk...
Csík Zenekar - Adagio
Csík Zenekar - A széki hobo
Csík Zenekar - Fekete L'amour
Csík Zenekar - Szerelmesnek nehéz lenni
Csík Zenekar - Földtörténet
Csík Zenekar - Tébolyda
Csík Zenekar - Szívrablás
Csík Zenekar - Öreges pontozó amúgy fiatalosan
Lisa Cuthbert - Destitute
Lisa Cuthbert - Coils Of Blue
Lisa Cuthbert - Run And Jump
Csík Zenekar - Zár az égbolt
Csík Zenekar - Az árgyélus kismadár
Csík Zenekar - Kalocsai katonadal, csárdás, friss és mars
Csík Zenekar - Most múlik pontosan
Csík Zenekar - Csillag vagy fecske
Csík Zenekar - Kiskunhalasi hallgató csárdás és friss
Csík Zenekar - "Boldog szomorú dal"
Csík Zenekar - 'Be sok eső, be sok sár...'
Csík Zenekar - Bogyiszlói ugrós és friss
Cosmo Alley - Be Not So Fearful
Csík Zenekar - Ez a vonat, ha elindult, hadd menjen...
Csík Zenekar - Te majd kézen fogsz és hazavezetsz
Csík Zenekar - Sehol se talállak
Csík Zenekar - "Én vagyok az aki nem jó..."
CoCo and the Butterfields - Fly
CoCo and the Butterfields - Tipperary Boy
CoCo and the Butterfields - Walls
CoCo and the Butterfields - Hip Hop Song
CoCo and the Butterfields - Shadow Puppets
CoCo and the Butterfields - So Long
CoCo and the Butterfields - Little Boat
CoCo and the Butterfields - Astronaut
CoCo and the Butterfields - Scarecrow
CoCo and the Butterfields - Alone
CoCo and the Butterfields - Five Bells
CoCo and the Butterfields - King of the Corner
CoCo and the Butterfields - Warriors
The Coolies - Talkin' 'Bout Doug
Cudzoo & The Fagettes - New York Girls
Cudzoo & The Fagettes - Daddy Issues
Cudzoo & The Fagettes - Fuck Buddy
Cudzoo & The Fagettes - Phone Sex
Radio Clip - Tratame Suavemente
Bing Crosby with The Andrews Sisters - Don't Fence Me In
Czarno-Czarni - Kaczuszka
Czarno-Czarni - Jedzą rybę
Czarno-Czarni - Wydłubany miś
Czarno-Czarni - Szpieg o pseudonimie "Irena"
Czarno-Czarni - Nogi
Czarno-Czarni - Trąbo-Twist
The Cut Throat Razors - Mr. Bond
Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth
Crystal Fighters - I Do This Everyday
Crystal Fighters - Champion Sound
Crystal Fighters - Plage
Crystal Fighters - In the Summer
Crystal Fighters - At Home
Crystal Fighters - I Love London
Crystal Fighters - Swallow
Crystal Fighters - With You
Crystal Fighters - Follow
Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (version Espanyol)
Crystal Fighters - Simplecito
Crystal Fighters - Yellow Sun
Crystal Fighters - Good Girls
Crystal Fighters - In Your Arms
Crystal Fighters - Ways I Can't Tell
Crystal Fighters - All Night
Crystal Fighters - The Moondog
Crystal Fighters - Lay Low
Crystal Fighters - Wave
Crystal Fighters - LA Calling
Crystal Fighters - You & I
Crystal Fighters - Separator
Crystal Fighters - No Man
Crystal Fighters - Bridge of Bones
Crystal Fighters - Love Natural
Crystal Fighters - Are We One
Crystal Fighters - These Nights
Crystal Fighters - Everywhere
Crystal Fighters - Love Natural (Love Ssega rework)
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Texto: Discutiendo están dos mozos
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Proverbios y cantares
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Ella no dice nada
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Mi Buenos Aires querido
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Naranjo en flor
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Qué maravilla
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Tiempos viejos
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Texto: Masturbación
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Te llegará una rosa
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Este es un nuevo día
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Mi árbol y yo
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Cuando un amigo se va
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Texto poema: 'Te quiero'
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Como el primer día
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - No me platiques
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Callejero
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Miguitas de ternura
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Vuele bajo
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - El abuelo
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Ronda En Las Viejas Cuidades
Debra Cowan - Yon Green Valley
Debra Cowan - Wall of Stone
Debra Cowan - Jealous Words
Debra Cowan - Ruins by the Shore
Debra Cowan - The Rainbow
Debra Cowan - The Night Owl Homeward Turns
Debra Cowan - Lili Marlene Walks Away
Debra Cowan - Salisbury Plain
Debra Cowan - The Snow Is on the Ground
Debra Cowan - Alcohol
Debra Cowan - The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
Debra Cowan - Edward Boyle
Debra Cowan - McGinnis Gets a Job
Debra Cowan - The Rose You Wore for Me
Debra Cowan - Bold Archer
Debra Cowan - Dreadful Ghost
Debra Cowan - Blackwaterside
Debra Cowan - The Long Grey Line
Debra Cowan - Bay of Biscay-O
Debra Cowan - Across the Water
Debra Cowan - Verdant Braes of Skreen
Debra Cowan - The Bold Princess Royal / The Olde Favourite
Debra Cowan - Darlin' Corey
Debra Cowan - Johnny Be Fair
Colour Haze - Gold & Silver
Colour Haze - Earth
Colour Haze - Fire
Colour Haze - Mind
Colour Haze - Stratofarm
Colour Haze - Silent
Colour Haze - Moon
Colour Haze - Turns
Colour Haze - If
Colour Haze - Stars
Colour Haze - All
Colour Haze - Mountain
Colour Haze - Tao Nr. 43
Colour Haze - Love
Colour Haze - Solitude
Colour Haze - Peace, Brothers & Sisters!
Colour Haze - Flowers
Colour Haze - Always Me
Colour Haze - Antenna
Colour Haze - Pulse
Colour Haze - Sun
D-51 - No More Cry
D-51 - Dreamin'on
D-51 - Born singer×2
D-51 - Another DAY
D-51 - BRAND NEW WORLD (Back Track)
D-51 - Walkin' On
D-51 - Forever Friends
D-51 - Always
Cristie - Pal infierno
Cristie - Sé que estás
Cristie - Sólo tuya
Colour Haze - Freakshow
Colour Haze - Almost Gone
Colour Haze - Smile 2
Colour Haze - Outside
Colour Haze - Goddess
Colour Haze - House of Rushammon
Colour Haze - Reefer
Colour Haze - Smile 1
Colour Haze - Circles
Colour Haze - Sundazed
Crypt of Kerberos - Cyclone of Insanity
Crypt of Kerberos - The Ancient War
Crayon Pop - BAR BAR BAR
Crayon Pop - Dancing All Night
Crayon Pop - BAR BAR BAR (Japanese Ver.)
Crayon Pop - Uh-ee (Japanese Ver.)
Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen (Japanese Ver.)
Crayon Pop - FM (Japanese Ver.)
Crayon Pop - Bing Bing (Japanese Ver.)
Crayon Pop - Saturday Night (Japanese Ver.)
Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar 2.0
Crayon Pop - Bing Bing (Remix Mastering Ver.)
Crayon Pop - Hello
Crayon Pop - Love Couple
James Curd - Through All This Stuff
Colour Haze - Roses
Colour Haze - Where the Skies End
Colour Haze - Weltraummantra
Colour Haze - All Right
Colour Haze - Motormind
Colour Haze - Inside
Colour Haze - Shine
George Cole - Dope
D.A.R.K. - Curvy
D.A.R.K. - Steal You Away
D.A.R.K. - High Fashion
D.A.R.K. - Loosen the Noose
Colour Haze - Aquamaria (Würzbug)
Colour Haze - Get It On (Köln)
Colour Haze - CO
Culprit - Ice in the Back
Cuby + Blizzards - Desolation Blues
Cuby + Blizzards - Night Train
Cuby + Blizzards - Go Down Sunshine
Cuby + Blizzards - Too Blind to See
Cuby + Blizzards - Back Street
Cuby + Blizzards - Sometimes
Cuby + Blizzards - Simple Man
Cuby + Blizzards - The Faker
Cuby + Blizzards - When I'm Honest
Cuby + Blizzards - Easy to Leave, Hard to Forget
Cuby + Blizzards - Pawn Broker
Cuby + Blizzards - I'm Drinking My Whisky
Cuby + Blizzards - No Shoes
Cuby + Blizzards - Perfect Song
Cuby + Blizzards - (There Ain't No Real) Perfection
Harry Muskee - Broken Wings
Crimewave - Think Big (Get Big)
Crimewave - Don't Talk About Love
D.Majiria - Elle me tue
D.Majiria - Mauvais fils
D.Majiria - État paradoxal
D.Majiria - Faces (2006)
D.Majiria - La route du paradis
D.Majiria - Cercle vicieux
D.Majiria - Semer le doute
D.Majiria - La corde raide
D.Majiria - Les enfants du sang
D.Majiria - Sans toi
D.Majiria - Contre sens
D.Majiria - Leur monde
Cyrine Abdel Nour - Law Bass Fe Eyne
Cyrine Abdel Nour - Ayesh Bi Hayati
Cyrine Abdel Nour - Inta Lameen
Cyrine Abdel Nour - Ma Fiyi Shoufak
Cyrine Abdel Nour - Habib Al Alb
Cyrine Abdel Nour - Leila Men Al Layali
Major D - Wit It (Mixtape Edition)
D-Day - Too Young to Date
Culture Killer - Path of Reflection
Ian Cussick - Runaway Train
Ian Cussick - Wise as a Serpent
Ian Cussick - Wonderlove
Ian Cussick - The Supernatural
Ian Cussick - Meet Me By The Water
Copacabana Beat - Olho No Olho
Copacabana Beat - Uma Noite Apenas
Copacabana Beat - Balança Brasil
Copacabana Beat - Mel Da Sua Boca
Copacabana Beat - Me Leva Contigo
Ian Cussick - Everything Will Turn Out Fine
Ian Cussick - You Won't See Me
Cuba Vista - No puedes comprar mi amor
Ian Cussick - 44th Street
Ian Cussick - Crying Shame
Ian Cussick - L.O.V.E. Spells Love
Cuby + Blizzards - Things I Remember
Cuby + Blizzards - Down the Road
Cuby + Blizzards - Deadlines
Cuby + Blizzards - Baghdad Blues
Cuby + Blizzards - Devil Made Religion
Cuby + Blizzards - Stranger
Cuby + Blizzards - More Than I Could Ask For
Harry Muskee - Brother Booze
Cuba L.A. - Guantanamera
Cronica - Herr Mannelig
Cronica - Śpiący rycerze
Rozzi Crane - Crazy Ass B*tch
Rozzi Crane - Half the Man
Rozzi Crane - Psycho
Red, White & Blue - Pigeon Girl
Čuki - Rojstva luč
Čuki - Krokodilčki
Čuki - Zgodba o prijateljstvu
Crooked Lettaz - Get Crunk
Crooked Lettaz - Fire Water
Crooked Lettaz - Chicken and Swine
Crooked Lettaz - Trill
Crooked Lettaz - Pimp Shit
Čuki - Mi gremo pa na morje
Čuki - Poletna
Čuki - Kraljestvo naše sreče
Cruentus - Contortion
Cruentus - Inhale Exhale
Cruentus - Neuro City Agenda
D-Xtreme - No Apartheid
D.C.O. - No me niegues
cokiyu - Gdb
Company of Thieves - Queen of Hearts
Company of Thieves - Modern Waste
Company of Thieves - Look Both Ways
Company of Thieves - Never Come Back
Company of Thieves - Nothing's in the Flowers
Company of Thieves - Death of Communication
Company of Thieves - King of Dreams
Company of Thieves - Syrup
Company of Thieves - Tallulah
Company of Thieves - Won't Go Quietly
Company of Thieves - After Thought
Company of Thieves - In Passing
Company of Thieves - Oscar Wilde
Company of Thieves - Quiet on the Front
Company of Thieves - Pressure
Company of Thieves - Around the Block
Company of Thieves - Even in the Dark
Company of Thieves - Under the Umbrella
Company of Thieves - Past the Sleep
Company of Thieves - The Fire Song
Company of Thieves - The Tornado Song
Company of Thieves - New Letters
Company of Thieves - Gorgeous / Grotesque
Cry Baby Cry - Monkey's Darling
Cry Baby Cry - [untitled]
Lord Cut-Glass - Even Jesus Couldn't Love You
Lord Cut-Glass - Look After Your Wife
Lord Cut-Glass - Holy Fuck!
Lord Cut-Glass - I'm a Great Example to the Dogs
Lord Cut-Glass - Be Careful What You Wish For
Lord Cut-Glass - Picasso
Lord Cut-Glass - A Pulse
Lord Cut-Glass - Big Time Teddy
Cruk - Neutralize
Crash ton rock - Brûler
cYz - Littlefishdublongwatersamba
cYz - Que zomba
cYz - Eu tenho pena
cYz - Canta Maria Macambira
cYz - Ferve quando frevo
cYz - Sobrados
cYz - Daz com D
cYz - Seu Maia
Continents - Idle Hands
Continents - Pegasus, Pegasus
Continents - Inhale
Continents - Land of the Free
Continents - Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
Continents - Regrets
Continents - Trials
Continents - Exhale
Continents - Lion's Den
Curve - Chinese Burn
Curve - Something Familiar
Curve - Dog Bone
Curve - Alligators Getting Up
Curve - Dirty High
Curve - Killer Baby
Curve - Sweetback
Curve - Cotton Candy
Curve - Beyond Reach
Curve - Come Clean
Curve - Missing Link
Curve - Crystal
Curve - Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Curve - All of One
Curve - Unreadable Communication
Curve - Turkey Crossing
Curve - Left of Mother
Curve - Sweetest Pie
Curve - Cuckoo
Curve - Gift
Curve - Want More Need Less
Curve - Perish
Curve - Hung Up
Curve - Chainmail
Curve - Fly With the High
Curve - My Tiled White Floor
Curve - Polaroid
Cruciform Injection - Embryonic Testaments
Cruciform Injection - Black Tides
Cruciform Injection - Let It Die
Cruciform Injection - Defiance
Cruciform Injection - Exorcise the Living
Cruciform Injection - Catatonic
Cruciform Injection - Encoded
Cruciform Injection - Malign Apparitions
Cruciform Injection - Omen Ideology
Cruciform Injection - Aphotic Emulations
Cruciform Injection - Crutch
Cruciform Injection - Dark House
Cruciform Injection - Embryonic Testaments [Still Born mix]
Cristal y Acero - Espadas de cristal
Cristal y Acero - In the Darkness of the Night
Cristal y Acero - Don't You Go Away
Curve - Ten Little Girls
Cristal y Acero - We Got the Motion
Curve - I Speak Your Every Word
Curve - Blindfold
Curve - No Escape From Heaven
Curve - Coast Is Clear
Curve - The Colour Hurts
Curve - Frozen
Curve - Zoo
Curve - Die Like a Dog
Curve - Galaxy
Curve - Cherry
Curve - Already Yours
Curve - Think and Act
Curve - Nowhere
Curve - The Birds They Do Fly
Curve - Turnaround
Curve - You Don't Know
Curve - Backwards Glance
Curve - Speedcrash
Curve - Storm
Curve - Caught in the Alleyway
Curve - Open Day at the Hate Fest
Crossbreed - Kill Everything
Crossbreed - Nothing
Crossbreed - TBnot
Crossbreed - The Calling
Crossbreed - End of Days
Crossbreed - Saints of Grey
Crossbreed - Control
Crossbreed - Beg
Crossbreed - Severed
Crossbreed - Machines
Crossbreed - Painted Red
Crossbreed - Stem
Crossbreed - Concentrate
Crossbreed - Regretful Times
Crossbreed - Lost Soul
Crossbreed - Push
Crossbreed - Strap Down
Crossbreed - Unleash Me
Crossbreed - Wicked Game
Crossbreed - Magical
Crossbreed - Reflections
Crossbreed - Friendly Values
Crossbreed - Superdtition
Crossbreed - New Slave Nation
Crossbreed - 48 Grave
Cult Leader - Great I Am
Cult Leader - The Sorrower
Cult Leader - Sympathetic
Cult Leader - Walking Wastelands
Cult Leader - Gutter Gods
Cult Leader - Hate Offering
Cult Leader - Lightless Walk
Cult Leader - Flightless Birds
Cult Leader - Mongrel
Cult Leader - Driftwood
The D Project - Shimmering Lights
The D Project - Hide From the Sun
CRNG - Il peso reale della gioventù
Current Joys - "Home (Pt. 1 & 2)"
Current Joys - "Desire"
Current Joys - "The unbearable lightness of being"
Current Joys - "These times will never change"
Current Joys - "My motocycle"
D-Lo - Choppa Dance
D-Lo - Tic Toc
D-Lo - Dope Dick
D-Lo - Get Her Tho
D-Lo - NoHoe
Curve - Arms Out
Curve - Black Delilah
Curve - Cold Comfort
Curve - I Feel Love
Curve - Pink Girl With the Blues
Curve - Sigh
Curve - Today Is Not the Day
Curve - Triumph
Curve - On the Wheel
Curve - In Disguise
Curve - Sinner
Czesław Śpiewa - Ucieczka z Wesołego Miasteczka
Czesław Śpiewa - Tyłem do przodka
Czesław Śpiewa - Maszyna do świerkania
Czesław Śpiewa - Mieszko i Dobrawa Jako Początek Państwa Polskiego
Czesław Śpiewa - Pożycie małżeńskie
Czesław Śpiewa - Język węża
Czesław Śpiewa - Piosenka dla Pajączka
Czesław Śpiewa - Kiedy Tatuś sypiał z mamą
Czesław Śpiewa - W sam raz
Czesław Śpiewa - Krucha blondynka
Czesław Śpiewa - Podziękowanie
Czesław Śpiewa - Frozen Margarita (With Gin)
Czesław Śpiewa - Caesia & Ruben
Czesław Śpiewa - Caravan
Czesław Śpiewa - Pożegnanie Małego Wojownika
Czesław Śpiewa - Pipe - Dreams
Czesław Śpiewa - Botany Play
Czesław Śpiewa - Wheel of Progress
Czesław Śpiewa - Proszę się nie bać
Czesław Śpiewa - Not the First Not the Last One
Czesław Śpiewa - Along Came a Spider
Czesław Śpiewa - The Others
Cryoshell - Creeping in My Soul
Cryoshell - Bye Bye Babylon
Cryoshell - Trigger
Cryoshell - Feed
Cryoshell - Closer to the Truth
Cryoshell - Falling
Cryoshell - The Room
Cryoshell - Come to My Heaven
Cryoshell - Murky
Cryoshell - No More Words
Czesław Śpiewa - Słońce
Czesław Śpiewa - A Jednak
Czesław Śpiewa - Poeta
Czesław Śpiewa - Droga
Czesław Śpiewa - Do Laury
Czesław Śpiewa - Na ścięcie damy dworu
Czesław Śpiewa - Walc
Czesław Śpiewa - Do polityka
Czesław Śpiewa - Postój Zimowy
Czesław Śpiewa - Maszynka do Świerkania ZAP MIX
Czesław Śpiewa - Milion na rok
Czesław Śpiewa - Nienawidzę cię Polsko!
Czesław Śpiewa - Z dala od rodaków
Czesław Śpiewa - Do kościoła
Czesław Śpiewa - Poszukaj meża
Czesław Śpiewa - Dom na budowie
Czesław Śpiewa - Biały Murzyn
Czesław Śpiewa - ?aba Tonie W Betonie
Czesław Śpiewa - Weso?y Kapelusz
Czesław Śpiewa - Kradzie? Cukierka
Czesław Śpiewa - Efekt Uboczny Trze?wo?ci
Curve - Nothing Without Me
Curve - Think & Act
Curve - Coming Up Roses (Osborne)
The Cuff Links - Tracy
Sharon Cuneta - Mr. DJ
Sharon Cuneta - Mahal Kita, Mahal Mo Siya, Mahal Niya Ay Iba
Sharon Cuneta - Hagkan
Sharon Cuneta - Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko
Sharon Cuneta - Langis At Tubig
Sharon Cuneta - Dear Heart
Sharon Cuneta - P.S. I Love You
Sharon Cuneta - Kahapon Lamang
Sharon Cuneta - Init Sa Magdamag
Sharon Cuneta - Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin
Sharon Cuneta - Pangarap Na Bituin
Sharon Cuneta - Bituing Walang Ningning
Sharon Cuneta - Sana'y Maghintay Ang Walang Hanggan
Sharon Cuneta - Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas
Sharon Cuneta - Now That You're Gone
Sharon Cuneta - Kahit Konting Pagtingin
Sharon Cuneta - Kung Kailangan Mo Ako
Sharon Cuneta - Kapantay Ay Langit
Sharon Cuneta - Ngayon at Kailaniman
Sharon Cuneta - Sana'y Wala Nag Wakas
Sharon Cuneta - Where's the Good in Goodbye
Sharon Cuneta - All I Ever Want
Sharon Cuneta - The Same Sad Song
Sharon Cuneta - In Your Eyes
Sharon Cuneta - Hindi Na Muli
Sharon Cuneta - Parang Baliw
Sharon Cuneta - Can't Let You Walk Away
CYA - Kad se vozimo
CYA - Bolje vreme
CYA - Sam protiv svih
CYA - Lavlje srce
Sharon Cuneta - Sometimes a Love Goes Wrong
Sharon Cuneta - It Takes a Man and a Woman
Sharon Cuneta - How Deep Is Your Love
Sharon Cuneta - I Have to Say I Love You II a Song
Sharon Cuneta - Laughter In the Rain
Sharon Cuneta - Teminal
Sharon Cuneta - Simply Jessie
Sharon Cuneta - Like a Lover
Sharon Cuneta - Birthday Song
Sharon Cuneta - If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight
Sharon Cuneta - With a Little Help from My Friends
Sharon Cuneta - I Don't Want You to Go
Sharon Cuneta - So Much In Love
Sharon Cuneta - Hey! Look At The Sun
Sharon Cuneta - Every Now And Then
Sharon Cuneta - Because You Love Me
Sharon Cuneta - I Say A Little Prayer
Sharon Cuneta - I've Got The Music In Me
Sharon Cuneta - Overjoyed
Sharon Cuneta - Don't Forget Me
Sharon Cuneta - Careless Whisper
Sharon Cuneta - Lift Up Your Hands
Sharon Cuneta - Almost Over You
Sharon Cuneta - Refrain
Crest of Darkness - Computerized
Crest of Darkness - Luciferian Light
Crest of Darkness - Project Regeneration
Crest of Darkness - Sector 63s
Crest of Darkness - Hominis Nocturna
Crest of Darkness - A Place With No Memories
Crest of Darkness - Virus Control
Crest of Darkness - Soulhunter
Crest of Darkness - Living Death
Crest of Darkness - Electronic Art (Computerized, Part 2)
Crest of Darkness - Antichrist
Crest of Darkness - Druj Nasu
Crest of Darkness - Cadavergod
Crest of Darkness - Your Demons
Crest of Darkness - Death and Pleasure
Crest of Darkness - Revenge Complete
Crest of Darkness - I Love Your Pallid Skin
Crest of Darkness - Become God
Crest of Darkness - Born To Rule
Crest of Darkness - Eucharist
Crest of Darkness - The Ogress
Crest of Darkness - Reference
Crest of Darkness - The Inheritance
Crest of Darkness - Gift of Grace
Crest of Darkness - Euphoria
Crest of Darkness - Sweet Scent of Death
Crest of Darkness - Her Crown
D.O.N.S. - You Used to Hold Me
D.O.N.S. - Earth Song
D.O.N.S. - Pump Up the Jam (D.O.N.S. club remake)
Crest of Darkness - Chapter One
Crest of Darkness - Inexplicable Bloodthirstiness
Crest of Darkness - From the Shadows
Crest of Darkness - Black Hole Mystery
Crest of Darkness - Power of Hate
Crest of Darkness - The Lust
Crest of Darkness - As a Part of Your Universe
Crest of Darkness - Cosmic Terror
Crest of Darkness - Warhead 666
Crest of Darkness - Under the Sign of the Horned God
Crest of Darkness - Sinister Scenario
Crest of Darkness - The Acknowledgement
Crest of Darkness - Recall the Earth
Crest of Darkness - This World Is Mine
Crest of Darkness - The Voice
Crest of Darkness - Substitute Lover
Crest of Darkness - Desire
Crest of Darkness - Quench My Thirst
Crest of Darkness - This is the Morning of Magic
Sharon Cuneta - Sana'y Wala Ng Wakas
Sharon Cuneta - Ikaw Lang at Ako
Sharon Cuneta - Kahit Kailan
Sharon Cuneta - Mahal Pa Rin Kita
Sharon Cuneta - When I Love
Sharon Cuneta - Love & Give
Sharon Cuneta - Give Cry a Try
Sharon Cuneta - Starlight
Sharon Cuneta - Pagdating Ng Panahon
Sharon Cuneta - Pangako
Sharon Cuneta - Sa Kanya
Sharon Cuneta - Nandito Ako (Solo)
Sharon Cuneta - Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?
Sharon Cuneta - Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka
Sharon Cuneta - Dito Sa Puso Ko
Sharon Cuneta - Malayo Pa Ang Umaga
Sharon Cuneta - Kumusta Ka
Sharon Cuneta - Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo
Sharon Cuneta - Walang Kapalit
Sharon Cuneta - Tayong Dalawa
Sharon Cuneta - Daigdig Ng Alaala
Sharon Cuneta - Naaalala Ka
Albert Cummings - I Feel Good
Albert Cummings - Man on Your Mind
Albert Cummings - Work It Out
Albert Cummings - Blues Makes Me Feel So Good
Albert Cummings - Your Sweet Love
Albert Cummings - Follow Your Soul
Albert Cummings - Your Own Way
Sharon Cuneta - Sinasamba Kita
Sharon Cuneta - High School
Sharon Cuneta - Friends
Sharon Cuneta - Kahit Na
Sharon Cuneta - Anyone Can See
Sharon Cuneta - You Should Know By Now
Sharon Cuneta - It's My Turn
Sharon Cuneta - Love Me Like The First Time
Sharon Cuneta - Ocean Deep
Sharon Cuneta - Hello
Sharon Cuneta - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Sharon Cuneta - I Just Called To Say I Love You
Sharon Cuneta - I'm Never Gonna Give You Up
Sharon Cuneta - Silent Night, Holy Night
Sharon Cuneta - Merry Christmas Darling
Sharon Cuneta - Miss Kita Kung Christmas
Sharon Cuneta - It's Xmas All Over the World
Sharon Cuneta - The Christmas Song
Sharon Cuneta - Parang Hindi Pasko
Sharon Cuneta - Pasko Na Sinta Ko
Albert Cummings - I Found You
Cryfemal - Segunda muerte
Cryfemal - Dimensiones del dolor
Cryfemal - Necrophilia noche
Cryfemal - Poder misantropo
Cryfemal - Concilio con los fallecidos
Cryfemal - Supremo odio
Cryfemal - Malicia immortal
Cryfemal - Hail Satan
Cryfemal - Apocalipsis
Cryfemal - La Muerte Podrida
Cryfemal - Delirio Funerario
Cryfemal - Orgasmos de Molestacion
Cryfemal - Pudricion de Enemigos
Cryfemal - Horrible & Violenta Demolicion
Cryfemal - Negro Metal
Cryfemal - Viaje a las estrellas
Cryfemal - Macabre Suicide
Cryfemal - Hate the Opposite
Cryfemal - Paseo Entre Tumbas
Cryfemal - Llamada a Los Muertos Que Vigilan
Cryfemal - Morireis Todos, Los Sementerios Atraen
Cryfemal - Creacion Del Mal Para Sentir El Bien
Cryfemal - Lamentos Antes De Fallecer
Cryfemal - Descanse En Paz
Cryfemal - Tras La Muerte
Cryfemal - Ser Difunto
Cryfemal - Niebla De Funeral
Cryfemal - La Muerte Imbertida
Cryfemal - Sueños perturbados
Cryfemal - Unbelievable Storm In Holy Circle
Cryfemal - He Escondido El Cadaver (Puñaladas Infinitas)
Cryfemal - Interludio
Cryfemal - The Malignant Will Live Eternally!!
The Cues - Burn That Candle
The Cues - Why
Sharon Cuneta - I Don't Mean a Thing to You Anymore
Sharon Cuneta - Sa Hirap At Ginhawa
Sharon Cuneta - Ikaw Pa Rin
Theo Croker - It's Gonna Be Alright
Theo Croker feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Save Your Love for Me
Crematory - Denial
Crush - Could This Be Real
Curved Air - Stretch
Curved Air - Vivaldi
Curved Air - Marie Antoinette
Curved Air - Melinda (More or Less)
Curved Air - Not Quite the Same
Curved Air - Whose Shoulder Are You Looking Over Anyway?
Curved Air - Once a Ghost, Always a Ghost
Curved Air - Back Street Luv
Curved Air - Puppets
Curved Air - The Purple Speed Queen
Curved Air - Elfin Boy
Curved Air - Metamorphosis
Curved Air - U.H.F.
Curved Air - Two Three Two
Curved Air - Easy
Curved Air - Desiree
Curved Air - Kids To Blame
Curved Air - Broken Lady
Curved Air - Juno
Curved Air - Touch of Tequila
Curved Air - Dazed
Curved Air - Woman on a One Night Stand
Curved Air - Day Breaks My Heart
Curved Air - The Fool
Curved Air - Orange Street Blues
Curved Air - Dance of Love
Curved Air - Midnight Wire
Curved Air - Stay Human
Curved Air - Time Games
Curved Air - Interplay
Curved Air - Magnetism
Curved Air - Spirits in the Material World
Curved Air - Old Town News
Curved Air - Love Child
Curved Air - Thinking on the Floor
Cursed - Polygraph
Cursed - God and Country (Some Folks Inherit Star-Spangled Eyes)
Cursed - Guilt Parade
Cursed - Intro / Fatalist
Cursed - Head of the Baptist
Cursed - Model Home Invasion
Cursed - Night Terrors
Cursed - Friends in the Music Business
Cursed - Into the Hive
Cursed - Unnecessary Person
Cursed - Hegel's Bastards
Cursed - Clocked In Punched Out
Rachel D'arcy - Dance for You
The Cousins - Kili Watch
Crosby, Nash & Young - Almost Cut My Hair
Crosby, Nash & Young - The Needle And The Damage Done
The Crush - Sometimes I Fall Over
The Crush - And For You I Am Dying Now
Contraluz - Indios sin prisión
Tiao Cruz - Break Your Heart
Tiao Cruz - I Can Be
Cumulus - Marseillen poika
Annie Cordy - Tata Yoyo
Annie Cordy - Pince-moi, j'hallucine
Annie Cordy - Senorita raspa
Annie Cordy - Jane la tarzane
Annie Cordy - Frida Oum Papa
Annie Cordy - Qui qu'en veut
Annie Cordy - Vanini vanillée
Annie Cordy - La Bébête
Annie Cordy - Calamity
Annie Cordy - Ma vie est une comédie musicale
Annie Cordy - Si j'étais le soleil
Annie Cordy - Choubidou
Annie Cordy - Quinze cent quinze
Annie Cordy - Ça ira mieux demain
Annie Cordy - Envoyez la musique !
Annie Cordy - Nini la chance
Annie Cordy - La Bonne du curé
Annie Cordy - Frida oum Papa (Beer Barrel Polka)
Annie Cordy - Le Kazou
Annie Cordy - Tous les enfants sont un peu les miens
Annie Cordy - The Queen of the Disco
Annie Cordy - Café Tabac
Annie Cordy - Le Chou-chou de mon cœur
Annie Cordy - La Madam'
Annie Cordy - L'Artiste
Annie Cordy - Oh Bessie
Annie Cordy - Bonheur santé et pépite
Annie Cordy - Cho ka kao
Cumulus - Har du visor min vän
Cumulus - Vem kan segla förutan vind
Natalia Clavier - El árbol
Natalia Clavier - Dormida
Natalia Clavier - Azul
Natalia Clavier - Ay de mí
Natalia Clavier - Mi mentira
Natalia Clavier - La mitad
Natalia Clavier - Simple
Natalia Clavier - Néctar
Natalia Clavier - Tiempo
Natalia Clavier - El tren
Natalia Clavier feat. Ticklah - Nada
Annie Cordy - Tu t'laisses aller
Annie Cordy - Ya Kasiti...
Annie Cordy - Ton polichinelle
Annie Cordy - La Biaiseuse
Annie Cordy - Les Trois Bandits de Napoli
Annie Cordy - Léon
Annie Cordy - C'est de la faute à Napoléon
Culture - Jah Pretty Face
Culture - I'm Not Ashamed
Culture - The International Herb
Culture - The Land We Belong
Culture - Chiney Man
Culture - Too Long In Slavery
Culture - Jah Rastafari
Culture - I Tried
Culture - Behold
Culture - Cumbolo
Culture - Tell Me Where You Get It
Culture - Iron Sharpening Iron
Culture - Holy Mount Zion
Culture - Natty Never Get Weary
Culture - Love Shine Bright
Annie Cordy - Docteur Miracle