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Rick Cua - I Can I Will
Crack Sabbath - Breed
Rita Connolly - Miracles
Rita Connolly - Alice in Jericho
Rita Connolly - Fanny Hawke
Rita Connolly - It's Really Pouring
Rita Connolly - Amiens
Rita Connolly - Red Dust
Rita Connolly - Dreams in the Morning
Rita Connolly - Close Your Eyes
Rita Connolly - Ocean Floor
Rita Connolly - Valparaiso
Rita Connolly - Lizzie Finn
Rita Connolly - Piccadilly
Rita Connolly - His Name Is Elvis
Rita Connolly - Two White Horses
Rita Connolly - Sun Song
Rita Connolly - Rio
Rita Connolly - The Quiet Land of Erin
Cosmix - Quietsche-Entchen
CRASH - Crash Day
CRASH - Lucid Sycophant
CRASH - Dignity
The Connells - Try
The Connells - If It Crumbles
The Connells - Pawns
The Connells - Over There
The Connells - Home Today
The Connells - Fun & Games
The Connells - Fine Tuning
The Connells - Hey Wow
The Connells - Ten Pins
The Connells - Lay Me Down
The Connells - Stone Cold Yesterday
The Connells - Speak to Me
The Connells - All Sinks In
The Connells - Get a Gun
The Connells - What Do You Want?
The Connells - Set the Stage
The Connells - One Simple Word
The Connells - Another Souvenir
The Connells - Link
The Connells - The Joke
The Connells - Too Gone
The Connells - Waiting My Turn
The Connells - Take a Bow
Cri Cri - Gato de Barrio
Cu Chulainn - Seven Drunken Nights
Peter Criss - Tossin’ and Turnin’
Peter Criss - That’s the Kind of Sugar Papa Likes
Cu Chulainn - Arthur McBride
Peter Criss - Easy Thing
Peter Criss - Rock Me, Baby
Peter Criss - Kiss the Girl Goodbye
Peter Criss - Hooked on Rock ’n’ Roll
Peter Criss - I Can’t Stop the Rain
Peter Criss - Tears
Peter Criss - Let Me Rock You
Peter Criss - Bad Boys
Peter Criss - Doesn’t Get Better Than This
Peter Criss - Last Night
Peter Criss - What a Difference a Day Makes
Peter Criss - Send in the Clowns
Peter Criss - Falling All Over Again
Peter Criss - Heart Behind These Hands
Peter Criss - Space Ace
Peter Criss - By Myself
Peter Criss - In Trouble Again
Peter Criss - Where Will They Run
Peter Criss - I Found Love
Peter Criss - There’s Nothing Better
Peter Criss - Out of Control
Peter Criss - Words
Peter Criss - You Better Run
Peter Criss - My Life
Peter Criss - Feel Like Letting Go
Peter Criss - I'm Gonna Love You
Peter Criss - Don't You Let Me Down
Peter Criss - Bad People Burn in Hell
Peter Criss - Blue Moon Over Brooklyn
Peter Criss - Beth
Peter Criss - Hooked on Rock and Roll
Julee Cruise - Floating
Julee Cruise - Into the Night
Julee Cruise - The Nightingale
Julee Cruise - The Swan
Julee Cruise - The World Spins
Julee Cruise - The Space for Love
Julee Cruise - Friends for Life
Julee Cruise - Kool Kat Walk
Julee Cruise - She Would Die for Love
Julee Cruise - Questions in a World of Blue
Julee Cruise - Falling in Love...
Julee Cruise - The Art of Being a Girl
Julee Cruise - Everybody Knows
Julee Cruise - 9th Ave. Limbo
Julee Cruise - Slow Hot Wind
Julee Cruise - Cha Cha in the Dark
Julee Cruise - Shine
Julee Cruise - Beachcomber Voodoo
Julee Cruise - Three Jack Swing
Julee Cruise - The Fire in Me
Julee Cruise - Movin' in on You
Julee Cruise - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
Control - Cumbia con la Luna
Control - La Chica Loca
Control - Tao, Tao
Control - Cumbia Del Sol
Control - No Que No
Control - Te Pone a Bailar
Control - Amigo
Crustation - Close My Eyes
Crustation - Face the Waves
Crustation - Reverie
Crustation - Down Down
Crustation - Falling
Crustation - Flame
Crustation - Life as One
Crustation - Ride On
Crustation - Purple (12' Master)
The Connells - Maybe
The Connells - Adjective Song
The Connells - Hang On
The Connells - Back to Blue
The Connells - Smoke
The Connells - Pretty Rough
The Connells - Let It Go
The Connells - Friendly Time
The Connells - Too High
The Connells - On Your Honor
The Connells - Dull, Brown and Gray
The Connells - The Leper
The Connells - Bruised
The Connells - Curly's Train
The Connells - Gauntlet
The Connells - Glade
The Connells - Soul Reactor
The Connells - Still Life
The Connells - Crown
The Connells - Circlin'
The Connells - Gonna Take a Lie
The Connells - Queen of Charades
The Connells - Bust
The Connells - Gladiator Heart
The Connells - Rusted Fields
The Connells - Washington
The Connells - The Bottom
The Connells - '74-'75
The Connells - Darker Days
The Connells - Much Easier
The Connells - 1934
The Connells - Brighter Worlds
The Connells - Hats Off
The Connells - Holding Pattern
The Connells - Seven
The Connells - Unspoken Words
The Connells - Logan Street
The Connells - Saturday Nite (USA)
The Connells - Wonder Why
The Connells - Back in Blighty
The Connells - Scotty’s Lament
The Connells - '74–'75
James Copperthwaite & Oliver Vessey - Anaesthetiser
Riff Cohen - Dans mon quartier
Riff Cohen - Une femme assise
Riff Cohen - Greetings
Riff Cohen - J'aime
Riff Cohen - Meshoch be gufi
Riff Cohen - Hine ha or
Riff Cohen - Helas
Riff Cohen - Marrakech
Riff Cohen - Que du bonheur
Riff Cohen - Nous deux
Riff Cohen - Taazov
Riff Cohen - J'amie
Riff Cohen - Jean qui rit jean qui pleure
Arlindo Cruz - Meu Lugar
Arlindo Cruz - Se Eu Encontrar Com Ela
Arlindo Cruz - Sambista Perfeito
Arlindo Cruz - O Que É o Amor
Arlindo Cruz - Quem Gosta De Mim
Arlindo Cruz - A Rosa - Flor Que Não Se Cheira
Arlindo Cruz - Nos Braços Da Batucada
Arlindo Cruz - O Amor
Arlindo Cruz - O Brasil É Isso Aí
Arlindo Cruz - Minha Porta Bandeira
Arlindo Cruz - Para De Paradinha
Arlindo Cruz - Sujeito Enjoado
Arlindo Cruz - Entra No Clima
Arlindo Cruz - Bom Ambiente
Arlindo Cruz - Mulata Beleza/Meu Gurufim
Arlindo Cruz - Malandro Sou Eu/Sonhando Eu Sou Feliz/Alto Lá
Arlindo Cruz - Depois do Temporal/Ladeira do Chapelão/Nega no Morro
Arlindo Cruz - Lua Cheia/Não Fujo da Raia
Arlindo Cruz - Cada Vida Um Destino
Arlindo Cruz - Um Sim Pra Quem Te Gosta
Arlindo Cruz - O Banjo
Arlindo Cruz - Assanhadinha/Piedade
Arlindo Cruz - Herança popular
Arlindo Cruz - Sinceridade
Arlindo Cruz - Isso é felicidade
Arlindo Cruz - O mundo em que renasci
Arlindo Cruz - Jogador
Arlindo Cruz - O surfista e o sambista
Arlindo Cruz - Paixão e prazer
Arlindo Cruz - Melhor parar / Whatsappiei pra ela
Arlindo Cruz - Ela sambou, eu dancei
Arlindo Cruz - – Vê Se Não Demora
Arlindo Cruz - – Ainda É Tempo Pra Ser Feliz
Arlindo Cruz - – Bom Aprendiz
Arlindo Cruz - – Fora De Ocasião
Arlindo Cruz - – Entra No Clima Pára De Paradinha
Arlindo Cruz - – O Império Do Divino
Arlindo Cruz - – Aquarela Brasileira
The Crying Spell - How Soon Is Now
The Crying Spell - Never Before
Crywolf - Act One: The Queen of Fiji
Crywolf - Wake (E-Bow)
Crywolf - Rising, Rising
Crywolf - Anachronism
Crywolf - Slow Burn
Crywolf - Slaves
Crywolf - Epithelial
Crywolf - Akureyri
Crywolf - The Hunger in Your Haunt
Crywolf - We Never Asked for This
Crywolf - Neverland
Crywolf - Interlude; 9/23/87 4:34 am - Falling
Crywolf - Shrike
Crywolf - Stomach It
Crywolf - Interlude; a Ghost in the Wings
Crywolf - Halloween, 1987
Crywolf - Walls
Crywolf - The Home We Made Part II
Crywolf - Ghosts
Crywolf - The Moon Is Falling Down
Crywolf - Swimming in the Flood
Crywolf - Sillage (outro)
Crywolf - Angels
Crywolf - Intro
Crywolf - Eyes Half Closed
Crywolf - Bury Now
Crywolf - Whisper
Crywolf - Ribcage
Crywolf - Runaway
Crywolf - Whisper (Acapella Version feat. Emalyn)
Ana Criado - So Much of Me Is You
Ana Criado - Ever True
Rafaël Frost & Ana Criado - Never Been Hurt Before
Stoneface & Terminal with Ana Criado - One Heart
Ana Criado - Can't Hold Back The Rain
Johnny Cruz - La boda de ella
Compadres - Why Don't You Just Grow Up
Freddie Crüger - Running From Love
Contrarian - Diogenes at Delphi
Colinda - Als je terug kwam uit de kroeg
Colinda - Mannen, mannen, mannen
Colinda - Z'n computertje
Colinda - Kom dans met mij Colinda
Colinda - Ik blijf nog even vrijgezel
Cuba Cuba - Outlines
Cuba Cuba - Golden Grounds
Cuba Cuba - We Rode
Cuba Cuba - Home Is The Fire
CRIM3S - Germs
CRIM3S - Stay Ugly
CRIM3S - Lost
CRIM3S - Pansy
CRIM3S - Salt
CRIM3S - Breed
CRIM3S - Militia
CRIM3S - Still Goin
Cueio Limão - Prego
Cueio Limão - Cair e Levantar
Cueio Limão - Amor do Cão
Cueio Limão - Mário
Cueio Limão - Simon´s Song
Cueio Limão - Fácil Saber
Cueio Limão - A Doce Infância de Jacó
Cueio Limão - Segunda-feira
Cueio Limão - Forrest Gump Girl
Cueio Limão - Carpe Diem
Cueio Limão - Maçarico's Love Song
Cueio Limão - Meu Pé Esquerdo
Cueio Limão - Cornélio
Cueio Limão - Quem matou o Bozo?
Cueio Limão - De Creta a Icária
Cueio Limão - Vida sem Cida
Cueio Limão - Inferno de Dante
Cueio Limão - Siga bem
Cueio Limão - Pequeno Zé
Cueio Limão - A fabulosa jornada de Stuart Rigby
Cueio Limão - Se você estiver aqui
Cueio Limão - Rockstar
Cueio Limão - Remanejar
Cueio Limão - A vingança de Debby
Cueio Limão - Final feliz II
Cueio Limão - Depois das 18:00
Cueio Limão - Basta Bastião
Cueio Limão - Adoded
Cueio Limão - De cabo a rabo
Cueio Limão - Hippie Rap Hardcore
Crimson Spectre - Strength of Ten Men
Crimson Spectre - Ghoul Punks
Crimson Spectre - Masque of the Red Death
Crimson Spectre - Bread and Roses Revisited
The Color Morale - The Sage of Washington Oaks
The Color Morale - Close Your Eyes and Look Away
The Color Morale - When One Was Desolate
The Color Morale - Humannequin
The Color Morale - A Sponge in the Ocean
The Color Morale - Hopes Anchor
The Color Morale - Manumission
The Color Morale - The Man Behind the Hands
The Color Morale - I, the Jury
The Color Morale - Nerve Endings
The Color Morale - The Dying Hymn
The Color Morale - Be Longing Always
The Color Morale - Demon Teeth
The Color Morale - Falling Awake
The Color Morale - Quote on Quote
The Color Morale - This Lost Song Is Yours
The Color Morale - Fill;Avoid
The Color Morale - Burn Victims
The Color Morale - Smoke and Mirrors
The Color Morale - Learned Behavior
The Color Morale - Living Breathing Something
The Color Morale - Strange Comfort
The Color Morale - In Light In Me
The Color Morale - Silver Lining
The Color Morale - Steadfast
The Color Morale - Saviorself
The Color Morale - Have.Will
The Color Morale - Never Enders
The Color Morale - Damnaged
The Color Morale - Outer Demons
The Color Morale - Prey for Me
The Color Morale - Lifeline (Left to Write)"
The Color Morale - Scar Issue
The Color Morale - Suicide;Stigma
The Color Morale - The Ones Forgotten by the One Forgetting
The Color Morale - Developing Negative
The Color Morale - Is Happiness a Mediocre Sin?
The Color Morale - Between You and Eye
The Color Morale - Throw Your Roses
The Color Morale - Hold on Pain Ends
CREAM - #nofilter
CREAM - Nobody
CREAM - Just Like You
CREAM - Hobokano
CREAM - Beautiful
CREAM - Winner
CREAM - You Never Know
CREAM - Forever Young
CREAM - Wonderland
CREAM - Far Away
CREAM - See The Light
CREAM - Intro
CREAM - Once In A Lifetime
CREAM - Nightmare
CREAM - Whatever
CREAM - Me Cho Creamy
CREAM - Wait Your Turn
CREAM - 54321
CREAM - CHANGE(143 Remix)
The Crystal Ark - We Came To
Cradle of Thorns - We Came 2 Wreck Everything
Cradle of Thorns - Picture Perfect
Cradle of Thorns - I Go 1st
Cradle of Thorns - 1 Eyed 1 Formed Blind Consuming People Eater
Cradle of Thorns - Utah Flesh?
Cradle of Thorns - Roaches 4 Roaches
Cradle of Thorns - Cocaine 4 Breakfast
Cradle of Thorns - Sleep With the T.V. On
Cradle of Thorns - Chant of the Goat Face Tribe
Cradle of Thorns - The Golden Butt Plug Puppet Show
Cradle of Thorns - Ty Jonathan Down
Cradle of Thorns - Closer to Coma
Cradle of Thorns - Alone with 20 Bucks
Cradle of Thorns - Devil's Sweepstakes
Cradle of Thorns - Faceplant
Cradle of Thorns - Human Piñata
Cradle of Thorns - Pig in a Blanket
Cradle of Thorns - L.S.D. (Lucifer's Stained Dress)
Cradle of Thorns - Ant in the Dope
Cradle of Thorns - Power Tools for Girls
Cradle of Thorns - Jesus (Lord of the Apes)
Cradle of Thorns - C.O.B.
The Color Morale - Lonesome Soul
The Color Morale - Clip Paper Wings
The Color Morale - Walls
The Color Morale - Trail of Blood
The Color Morale - Version of Me
The Color Morale - Home Bittersweet Home
The Color Morale - Misery Hates Company
The Color Morale - Perfect Strangers
The Color Morale - Broken Vessel
The Color Morale - Keep Me in My Body
The Color Morale - Resource:Recourse
The Color Morale - Human(s) Being
The Color Morale - The Longing Always
Ed Csupkay - Hinten Geht's Bergan
Ed Csupkay - Loch In Der Brust
Ed Csupkay - Einfach
Ed Csupkay - Kopf
Ed Csupkay - Kalter Wind
Ed Csupkay - Garagenliebe
Ed Csupkay - Das Tier In Mir
Ed Csupkay - Wenn Wir Endlich Weitergehen
Ed Csupkay - Worte Im Zorn
Ed Csupkay - Holstein
Cryptic Slaughter - M.A.D.
Cryptic Slaughter - Little World
Cryptic Slaughter - Sudden Death
Cryptic Slaughter - Lowlife
Cryptic Slaughter - Rage to Kill
Cryptic Slaughter - Rest in Pain
Cryptic Slaughter - Nuclear Future
Cryptic Slaughter - State Control
Cryptic Slaughter - Hypocrite
Cryptic Slaughter - War to the Knife
Cryptic Slaughter - Nation of Hate
Cryptic Slaughter - Black and White
Cryptic Slaughter - Reich of Torture
Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted
Cryptic Slaughter - Money Talks
Cryptic Slaughter - Set Your Own Pace
Cryptic Slaughter - Could Be Worse
Cryptic Slaughter - Wake Up
Cryptic Slaughter - Freedom of Expression?
Cryptic Slaughter - Too Much, Too Little
Cryptic Slaughter - Human Contrast
Cryptic Slaughter - Tables Are Turned
Cryptic Slaughter - Positively
Cryptic Slaughter - All Wrong
Cryptic Slaughter - American Heroes
Cryptic Slaughter - Born Too Soon
Cryptic Slaughter - Insanity by the Numbers
Cryptic Slaughter - Deathstyles of the Poor & Lowly
Cryptic Slaughter - One Thing or Another
Cryptic Slaughter - Divided Minds
Cryptic Slaughter - Speak Your Piece
Cryptic Slaughter - Killing Time
Crywank - Welcome to Castle Irwell
Crywank - You Won't Meet a Girl Sat in Your Room Listening to Music (But Some Songs Can Still Give You Butterf
Crywank - Pope Alexander
Crywank - 18
Crywank - Hikikomori
Crywank - An Intimate Message
Crywank - Late Night People Watching
Crywank - Harvey Milk Shit on the Table
Crywank - Zains, Cam4, Wah Wah and Sirens
Crywank - Thomas Saunders Gang Chant
Crywank - Memento Mori
Crywank - Song For A Guilty Sadist
Crywank - If I Were You I'd Be Throwing Up
Crywank - Notches
Crywank - Crywank Are Posers
Crywank - “Who is Thomas Saunders and why is he significant in your writings?”
Crywank - Only Everyone Can Judge Me
Crywank - GB Eating GB Whilst Listening To GB
Crywank - Deep Down I'm American Werewolf
Crywank - Waste
Crywank - I am A Familiar Creak In Your Floorboards
Crywank - Do You Have PPE For Self-Esteem?
Crywank - This Song Title Was Too Long (So Now It's Shorter)
Crywank - Leech Boy
Crywank - I Am Shit
Crywank - I'm a Cliché
Crywank - Just a Snail
Crywank - Blink
Crywank - Now I'm Sad (Boo Hoo)
Crywank - Little Creepy
Crywank - Thomas Saunders Lloyd Webber
Crywank - Care Not for Your Clubnights
Crywank - Nostril Tampon
Crywank - The Only Way I Could Save Myself Now Is If I Start Firebombing
Crywank - Chuck & Buck, Suck & Fuck!
Crywank - It's OK, I Wouldn't Remember Me Either
Crywank - Deep Down I'm Really Kirk Van Houten
Crywank - You Couldn't Teach Me Integrity
Crywank - Squeezing The Damp Tea Towel To It's Final Few Drips
Crywank - I Am In Great Pain, Please Help Me
Crywank - Love
Crywank - A Deer Mistaking Candles For Headlights
Crywank - Me Me Me (Boo Hoo)
Crywank - Hate
Crywank - Your Own Worst Enemy Critic
Crywank - Self(ish)
Crywank - Baby Self-Absorbed
Crywank - Olivers Theme
Crywank - I Am A Familiar Creek In Your Floorboards
Crywank - I Don't Know About What Happened... (Because Once You Start Writing It All Becomes Fiction)
Crywank - Privately Owned Spiral Galaxy
Crossways - GCSE Art
Crossways - The Same
Crossways - Minefield
Crossways - Waterfalls and Fountains
Álex Cuba Band - Fuego
Álex Cuba Band - Di Que Me Amas
Álex Cuba Band - Café Havana
Álex Cuba Band - Dime Si Después
Álex Cuba Band - Humo de Tabaco
Credit 00 - The Clave Problem
Crowfield - Movin' On
Course of Action - My Heaven Could Be Your Hell
Course of Action - The Day We Said No
The Crucifucks - Go Bankrupt and Die
The Crucifucks - No One Can Make Me Play Along With This
The Crucifucks - The Mountain Song
The Crucifucks - Earth by Invitation Only
The Crucifucks - Pig in a Blanket
The Crucifucks - Wisconsin
The Crucifucks - The Savior
Creamy - I Do, I Do, I Do
Creamy - Help! I'm a Fish
Creamy - Fantasy Island
Creamy - Do You Think I'm Pretty
Creamy - Fantasy Spaceship
Creamy - It Can Happen to You
Creamy - Æblemand, Kom Indenfor
Creamy - I En Kælder Sort Som Kul
Creamy - Krabbesangen
Creamy - Fra Engeland Til Skotland
Creamy - Snemand Frost Og Frøken Tø
Creamy - See The Snowflakes Falling Down
Creamy - Til Julebal I Nisseland
Creamy - It's Christmas Time Again
Crimson Muddle - Nuit d'Octobre
Cruiserweight - Vermont
Cruiserweight - Goodbye Daily Sadness
Cruiserweight - At the End of the Tunnel There Is Always a Shining Light
Cruiserweight - Passible
Cruiserweight - This Ain't No Beach Party
Cruiserweight - Phantom Rider
Cruiserweight - To Be Quite Honest
Cruiserweight - Vacation/Vacate
Cruiserweight - Dearest Drew
Cruiserweight - Operation Eyes Closed
Cruiserweight - Permanent Things
Cruiserweight - Have You Had One of Those Days?
Cruiserweight - Calling You From Hell
Cruiserweight - Balboa
Cruiserweight - Burst the Bubble
Cruiserweight - Sustainer
Cruiserweight - Spread Like Fingers
Cruiserweight - Envelope
Cruiserweight - I'm Back
Cruiserweight - Cautionary Tale
Cruiserweight - Elephant
Cruiserweight - Yellow Lights
Cruiserweight - Phantom Writer
Cruiserweight - All This Negativity
CrashPalace - Whatever Gets You Through
CrashPalace - Perfect
CrashPalace - Brickwall
CrashPalace - Two Kinds
CrashPalace - Do It Again
CrashPalace - Crop Circles
CrashPalace - Come On
CrashPalace - Control
CrashPalace - Sinner or Saint
CrashPalace - Sit and Watch the Sky
CrashPalace - One in a Million
CrashPalace - Terra Firma
CrashPalace - Separate Ways
Crazy Penis - Beautiful People
The Count Bishops - Train, Train
The Count Bishops - I Take What I Want
The Count Bishops - Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
The Count Bishops - Teenage Letter
Craig G - Ripped to Streads
Craig G - Smoothing Out the Rough Spots
The Count Bishops - Baby You're Wrong
Craig G - Ready Set Begin
Craig G - The Kingpin
Crazy Penis - Say Goodbye
Cripta - Y creen que yo estoy mal
Cripta - Cuál es tu mérito
Cripta - No me despiertes
Cripta - Igual
Cripta - Cuánto cabrón
Cripta - Por ti mismo
Cripta - Elévate
Cripta - Voy fumao
Cripta - Dónde está la humanidad
Cripta - Satisfecho
Cripta - Algo Distinto
Cripta - Asesinos
Cripta - No me podréis callar
Cripta - Quiero saber
Cripta - A los que quieren escuchar
Cripta - Vete
Cripta - Un mundo nuevo
Cripta - Que no esperan nada de mí
Cripta - Mi propia fe
Cripta - Coge tu camino
Cripta - Utilizan bien sus manos
Cripta - Algo tendremos que hacer
Craig G - I Hate Hip-Hop
Craig G - Back At 'Em
¡Cubanismo! - Mother in Law
¡Cubanismo! - Idilio
CPR - Morrison
CPR - That House
CPR - One for Every Moment
CPR - At the Edge
CPR - Somebody Else's Town
CPR - Rusty and Blue
CPR - Somehow She Knew
CPR - Little Blind Fish
CPR - Yesterday's Child
CPR - It's All Coming Back to Me Now
CPR - Time Is the Final Currency
CPR - Map to Buried Treasure
CPR - Breathless
CPR - Darkness
CPR - Gone Forever
CPR - Eyes Too Blue
CPR - Jerusalem
CPR - Kings Get Broken
CPR - Katie Did
CPR - Climber
CPR - Coyote King
CPR - Just Like Gravity
CPR - Delta
CPR - Old Soldier
CPR - Hero
Crushed Beaks - Rising Sign
Cry of the Afflicted - Take This Day
Cry of the Afflicted - Ignition Legion
Cry of the Afflicted - Tale of a Soul
Cry of the Afflicted - My Renewing
Cry of the Afflicted - The Assembly
Cry of the Afflicted - An Opal in the Shale
Conan - Crown of Talons
Conan - Horns for Teeth
Conan - Thunderhoof
Conan - Hawk as Weapon
Conan - Battle in the Swamp
Conan - Grim Tormentor
Conan - Headless Hunter
Conan - Invincible Throne
Conan - Krull
Committee - Esperanza
Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet
Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons & Coffeespoons
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Crash Test Dummies - In the Days of the Caveman
Crash Test Dummies - Swimming in Your Ocean
Crash Test Dummies - Here I Stand Before Me
Crash Test Dummies - I Think I’ll Disappear Now
Crash Test Dummies - When I Go Out With Artists
Crash Test Dummies - The Psychic
Crash Test Dummies - Two Knights and Maidens
Crash Test Dummies - Superman’s Song
Crash Test Dummies feat. Ellen Reid - The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
Crash Test Dummies - Flying Feeling
Crash Test Dummies - Every Morning
Crash Test Dummies - The Day We Never Met
Crash Test Dummies - The Unforgiven Ones
Crash Test Dummies - Comin’ Back Soon (The Bereft Man’s Song)
Crash Test Dummies - Here on Earth (I’ll Have My Cake)
Crash Test Dummies - Androgynous
Crash Test Dummies - The Voyage
Crash Test Dummies - At My Funeral
Crash Test Dummies - A Cigarette Is All You Get
Crash Test Dummies - Give Yourself a Hand
Crash Test Dummies - Get You in the Morning
Crash Test Dummies - Pissed With Me
Crash Test Dummies - A Little Something
Crash Test Dummies - Aching to Sneeze
Crash Test Dummies - Playing Dead
Copywrite - Hear Me Though
Copywrite - Badabing
Copywrite - Nobody
Copywrite - On My Dick
Copywrite - Tower of Babble
Copywrite - Theme Music
Copywrite - Serotonin
Copywrite - Confessional
Copywrite - Shotgun
Copywrite - Don't Kill Me
Copywrite - Tic Toc
Copywrite - Twist It
Bobby Creekwater - You and What Army
Bobby Creekwater - There He Is
Copywrite - Blue Ribbon
Copywrite - Chill @ the Bar
Copywrite - That's a Wrap
Copywrite - Takin' Gwop
Copywrite - Lights Out
Copywrite - Shinin'
Copywrite - Cremation
Copywrite - Fuck Soundcheck
Crash Test Dummies - Sonnet 1 (And When the Sun Goes Down)
Crash Test Dummies - And So Will Always Be
Crash Test Dummies - Come Down to the Sinkhole
Crash Test Dummies - Is the Spell Really Broken?
Crash Test Dummies - Everlasting Peace
Crash Test Dummies - Sonnet 2 (And Back in Ages Past)
Crash Test Dummies - The Beginning of the End
Crash Test Dummies - You've Had Your Run
Crash Test Dummies - There Is No Final Winner
Crash Test Dummies - You've Done It Once Again
Crash Test Dummies - Sonnet 3 (The Cold Is Here)
Crash Test Dummies - The Wicked and the Evil
Crash Test Dummies - Everything Is Better With Me
Crash Test Dummies - Triple Master Blaster
Crash Test Dummies - I'm the Man (That You Are Not)
Crash Test Dummies - Stupid Same
Crash Test Dummies - I'll See What I Can Do
Crash Test Dummies - Your Gun Won't Fire
Crash Test Dummies - If Ya Wanna Know
Crash Test Dummies - Bye Bye Baby, Goodbye
Crash Test Dummies - I Never Try That Hard
Crash Test Dummies - Never Bother Looking Back
Crash Test Dummies - I Don't Care That You Don't Mind
Crash Test Dummies - On and On
Crash Test Dummies - Let It Feel Like Something Else
Crash Test Dummies - Little Secret
Crash Test Dummies - Sittin' on a Tree Stump
Crash Test Dummies - Buzzin' Flies
Crash Test Dummies - Yer Devil Ways
Crash Test Dummies - Hangin' Tree
Crash Test Dummies - Never Comin' Back
Crash Test Dummies - Put Me in a Corner of Your Mind
Crash Test Dummies - Shoot 'em Up, Shoot 'em Down
Crash Test Dummies - I Never Fall Asleep at Night
Crash Test Dummies - A Worm’s Life
Crash Test Dummies - Swatting Flies
Courageous - Trapped
Courageous - Tortured By Memories
Courageous - All These Years
Courageous - But My Freedom
Courageous - Listen
Courageous - One with the pain
Courageous - Shadows of disbelief
Courageous - My inner voice
Courageous - Fire
Courageous - Midian
Crash Test Dummies - You Said You’d Meet Me
Crash Test Dummies - White Christmas
Crash Test Dummies - Jingle Bells
Crash Test Dummies - The Little Drummer Boy
Crash Test Dummies - The First Noel
Crash Test Dummies - Songbird
Crash Test Dummies - And It’s Beautiful
Crash Test Dummies - Paralyzed
Crash Test Dummies - The In‐Between Place
Crash Test Dummies - Not Today Baby
Crash Test Dummies - Heart of Stone
Crash Test Dummies - What I’m Famous For
Crash Test Dummies - Now You See Her
Crash Test Dummies - Put a Face
Crazy Horse - Gone Dead Train
Crazy Horse - Carolay
Crazy Horse - Nobody
Crazy Horse - Fair Weather Friend
Crookers feat. Pitbull - Natural Born Hustler
Crookers feat. Rye Rye - Hip Hop Changed
Crookers - Cooler Couleur
Crookers feat. Róisín Murphy - Royal T
Crookers feat. Carrie - Have Mercy
Crookers - Day n Nite
Crookers feat. Carli - Dr Gonzo's Anthem
Crookers feat. Kelis - No Security (Ode to Whales)
Crookers feat. Style of Eye & Carli - That Laughing Track
Armand van Helden - I Want Your Soul
The Whip - Trash
Crookers feat. Carli - Hummus
Crookers - Hold Up Your Hand
Crookers - Embrace the Martian
Crookers - Transilvania
Crash Test Dummies - My Pussycat and Me
Crash Test Dummies - When the Old Man Comes
Crash Test Dummies - Superman Song
Crash Test Dummies - Just Chillin'
Crash Test Dummies - I Want to Par-tay!
Crash Test Dummies - It'll Never Leave You Alone
Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song
Crash Test Dummies - The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
Crash Test Dummies - Filter Queen
Crash Test Dummies - Thick-Necked Man
Crash Test Dummies - Lake Bras d'Or
Crash Test Dummies - Handy Candyman
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm
Crash Test Dummies - All You Pretty Girls
Crash Test Dummies - Afternoon and Coffeespoons
ConeCrewDiretoria - Cone Island (Intro)
ConeCrewDiretoria - Chama os Mulekes
ConeCrewDiretoria - O mundo dá voltas
ConeCrewDiretoria - Lá pa Lapa
Cone Crew & Marcelo D2 - Falo nada
ConeCrewDiretoria - Fênix
ConeCrewDiretoria - Me sinto bem
Cone Crew & Shawlin - Homenagem alLiberdade
ConeCrewDiretoria - Rainha da Pista
ConeCrewDiretoria - Ninguém paga minha$ conta$
ConeCrewDiretoria - EuVoluindo
Cone Crew & Don L - Special
ConeCrewDiretoria - Relíquia
ConeCrewDiretoria - Escute Mudo
ConeCrewDiretoria - 15 segundos
ConeCrewDiretoria - Calma na alma
ConeCrewDiretoria - Sem a planta
ConeCrewDiretoria - Religião do foda-se
ConeCrewDiretoria - Skunk Funky
ConeCrewDiretoria - Doce doce
ConeCrewDiretoria - Pensamentos ao além
ConeCrewDiretoria - Revolutionaries Rasta
ConeCrewDiretoria - Não sei
ConeCrewDiretoria - Flashback
ConeCrewDiretoria - Escravizado
ConeCrewDiretoria - Rastafari alerta
ConeCrewDiretoria - Esse é o movimento
ConeCrewDiretoria - Meus amigos fazem rima
ConeCrewDiretoria - To de volta no Twist
ConeCrewDiretoria - Reflexo
ConeCrewDiretoria - Chefe de Quadrilha
ConeCrewDiretoria - No meio de uma sessão
ConeCrewDiretoria - Cleopatra
ConeCrewDiretoria - Quazy (Rap da Modinha)
ConeCrewDiretoria - Pronto pra tomar o poder
ConeCrewDiretoria - Dois mil e sete
ConeCrewDiretoria - A boa
ConeCrewDiretoria - Pra minha mãe
ConeCrewDiretoria - Falo nada
ConeCrewDiretoria - Special
ConeCrewDiretoria - Homenagem a Liberdade
ConeCrewDiretoria - O Mundo d voltas
Crookers - Micio micio (skit)
Crookers - Heavy
Crookers - Strokin'
Crookers - Lone White Wolf
Crookers - No Security
Crookers - Park the Truck
Crookers - Put Your Hands on Me (original)
Crookers - Put Your Hands on Me (feat. Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie) (Black Noise dub)
Crookers - Limonare
Crookers - Bust Em Up
Crookers - Massive
Crookers - Remedy (Magik Johnson Vocal Mix) [feat. Miike Snow]
Crookers - Let’s Get Breezy
Hugh Cornwell - Please Don’t Put Me on a Slow Boat to Trowbridge
Hugh Cornwell - The Pleasure of Your Company
Hugh Cornwell - Land of a Thousand Kisses
Hugh Cornwell - Cadiz
Hugh Cornwell - Do Right Bayou
Hugh Cornwell - Under Her Spell
Hugh Cornwell - Beauty on the Beach
Hugh Cornwell - The Story of Harry Power
Hugh Cornwell - 24/7
Hugh Cornwell - Mr Big
Hugh Cornwell - I Don’t Mind
Hugh Cornwell - Henry Moore
Hugh Cornwell - One Burning Desire
Hugh Cornwell - Snapper
Hugh Cornwell - Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit
Hugh Cornwell - Hot Head
Hugh Cornwell - Long Dead Train
Hugh Cornwell - Torture Garden
Hugh Cornwell - House of Sorrow
Hugh Cornwell - The Prison’s Going Down
Hugh Cornwell - The Story of He and She
Hugh Cornwell - Hot Cat on a Tin Roof
Hugh Cornwell - Strange Little Girl
Hugh Cornwell - Putting You in the Shade
Hugh Cornwell - Leave Me Alone
Hugh Cornwell - Totem and Taboo
Hugh Cornwell - Stuck in Daily Mail Land
Hugh Cornwell - In the Dead of Night
Hugh Cornwell - One Day at a Time
Hugh Cornwell - Lay Back on Me Pal
Hugh Cornwell - Gingerbread Girl
Hugh Cornwell - Another Kind of Love
Cross Examination - Maximum Overchill
Cross Examination - Necroponics
Cross Examination - Unlimited Chainsaw
Cross Examination - Arson Party Squad
Cross Examination - Collateral Jam-Age
Cross Examination - Thrashin' For The Cash In (Royalty Check)
Cross Examination - Raid Your Fridge
Cross Examination - Operation Devastation
Cross Examination - The Hung Jury
Cross Examination - P.A.C.P.
Cross Examination - Party Squad Unite
Cross Examination - Mortal Kombat
Crooked I - Yodo
Crooked I - Let Me Get It
Crooked I - Apex Predator (My Gun Go)
Crooked I feat. Tena Jones - Nobody Cares
Crooked I - A Lady Fell in Love
Crooked I - No Sleep Gang
Crooked I - Sumthin from Nuthin
Crooked I - Crook N Porter
Crooked I - Tell them MF's we Made it
Crooked I - Intro
Crooked I - So Crooked
Crooked I feat. Roc Marciano - G's Us
Crooked I feat. Medi - G.A.N.G Up (Grind and Never Give Up)
Crooked I - Nikki
Crooked I - Fuck U Pay Me
Crooked I feat. Soopafly & Kobe - And She Don’t Even Know
Crooked I feat. Keana - Let the Beat
Crooked I - Ratchet Heauxs
Crooked I - Roll Call 2
Crooked I feat. Ras Kass & Kurupt - 3 the Hard Way
Crooked I feat. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. & Iceman - Team COB
Crooked I feat. Freeway Rick Ross - Real Niggaz
Crooked I feat. Eddie Fontaine - Never Forget
Crooked I - It Feels Good As a MF
Crooked I - Praise GOD
Crooked I feat. Tena Jones - Bbbb
KXNG Crooked feat. Eminem & The Observer - Welcome To Planet X (We're Coming For You)
Critical Mass - Together in Dreams
Critical Mass - Burnin Love
Critical Mass - Dancing Together
Conjure One feat. Chemda - Redemption
Conjure One feat. Poe - Make a Wish
Conjure One - Sleep
Conjure One - Like Ice
Conjure One - Zephyr
Conjure One - I Dream in Colour
Conjure One - Run for Cover
Conjure One - Endless Dream
Conjure One - One Word
Conjure One - I Believe
Conjure One - Extraordinary Way
Conjure One feat. Leigh Nash - Under the Gun
Conjure One - Only Sky
Conjure One feat. Aruna - Still Holding On
Conjure One - Ghost
Conjure One - Brave for Me
Conjure One - Face the Music (Reloaded mix by Jaded Alliance)
Conjure One - Center of the Sun (29 Palms remix by Pete Lorimer)
Conjure One - Make A Wish
Conjure One - Centre of the Sun
Conjure One - Under the Gun
Hugh Cornwell - Make It With You
Hugh Cornwell - My Kind of Loving
Hugh Cornwell - Wasted Tears
Hugh Cornwell - Ain’t It Strange
Hugh Cornwell - Stop
Hugh Cornwell - Mr. Insignificant
Hugh Cornwell - Love in Your Eyes
Hugh Cornwell - Venus in Furs
Les Cowboys Fringants - Les étoiles filantes
Les Cowboys Fringants - Ti-cul
Les Cowboys Fringants - Hannah
Les Cowboys Fringants - Symphonie pour Caza
Les Cowboys Fringants - La reine
Les Cowboys Fringants - Lettre à Lévesque
Les Cowboys Fringants - Ces temps-ci
Les Cowboys Fringants - Ma belle Sophie
Les Cowboys Fringants - Camping Ste-Germaine
Les Cowboys Fringants - En berne
Les Cowboys Fringants - La tête à Papineau
Les Cowboys Fringants - Toune d'automne
Les Cowboys Fringants - Heavy Metal
Les Cowboys Fringants - La manifestation
Les Cowboys Fringants - L'hiver approche
Les Cowboys Fringants - À' polyvalente
Les Cowboys Fringants - La noce
Les Cowboys Fringants - Quand je r'garde
Les Cowboys Fringants - Mon chum Rémi
Les Cowboys Fringants - Salut mon ron
Les Cowboys Fringants - Joyeux calvaire !
Les Cowboys Fringants - Télé
Les Cowboys Fringants - Paris – Montréal
Les Cowboys Fringants - Marilou s’en fout
Les Cowboys Fringants - L’horloge
Les Cowboys Fringants - Que du vent
Les Cowboys Fringants - Classe moyenne (avec anchois)
Les Cowboys Fringants - Comme Joe Dassin
Les Cowboys Fringants - Hasbeen
Les Cowboys Fringants - Party!
Les Cowboys Fringants - Shooters
Les Cowboys Fringants - On tient l’coup
Les Cowboys Fringants - Québécois de souche
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le pouceux
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le temps perdu
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le gars d'la compagnie
Les Cowboys Fringants - Léopold
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le shack à Hector
Les Cowboys Fringants - Mon pays
Les Cowboys Fringants - Maurice au bistro
Les Cowboys Fringants - Banlieue
Les Cowboys Fringants - La sainte paix
Les Cowboys Fringants - Robert Bob Bourgouin
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le roi Katshé (1ère partie)
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le roi Katshé (2ème partie)
Les Cowboys Fringants - Impala blues
Les Cowboys Fringants - La toune cachée
Crooked I - Fallen Rap Gods
Crooked I - Sick of Being Broke
Crooked I - No Plan B
Crooked I - Prometheus
Crooked I - Freestylin’ Under Oath
Crooked I - Sauce Got Rules (interlude)
Crooked I - Hardest in the Game
Crooked I - Drum Murder Pt. 2
Crooked I - Barbara Bush
Crooked I - Martian Pussy
Crooked I - The Originals
Crooked I - Know Thy Self
Crooked I - Lift Me Up
Crooked I - If I Die
Crooked I - Hood Politics
Crooked I - Stronger Freestyle
Crooked I - Welcome to My City
Crooked I - Creased Khaki Flow
Crooked I - Boom Boom Clap
Crooked I - All I Ever Wanted
Crooked I - The Kite
Crooked I - Need a Blessing
Crooked I - Rap 101
Crooked I - Uh Oh
Crooked I - Gangsta Rap
Crooked I - Mr. Pigface
Crooked I - Woodstock Hood Hop
Crooked I - One More Time
Crooked I - Real Niggaz
Crooked I - Pocket Full of Money
Crooked I - Thinkin Out Loud
Crooked I - Let the Beat
Crooked I - Diamond in the Back
Crooked I - Bbbb
Crooked I - OkBye
Crooked I - Everythang
Crooked I - G.A.N.G Up (Grind and Never Give Up)
Crooked I - Never Forget
Crooked I - Independent
Crooked I - Game Time
Crooked I - 3 the Hard Way
Crooked I - Let Me Buy U a Drink
Crooked I - No Competition
Crooked I - Monsters
Crooked I - Gangsta (rap)
Crooked I - Can I Talk to You?
Hugh Cornwell - Tower
Hugh Cornwell - Nice 'n' Sleazy
Hugh Cornwell - Golden Brown -
Hugh Cornwell - Always the Sun -
Les Cowboys Fringants - Octobre
Les Cowboys Fringants - Bye Bye Lou
Les Cowboys Fringants - La la la
Les Cowboys Fringants - Les Vers de terre
Les Cowboys Fringants - Pizza galaxie
Les Cowboys Fringants - Les Feuilles mortes
Les Cowboys Fringants - So So
Les Cowboys Fringants - La Cave
Les Cowboys Fringants - Marine marchande
Les Cowboys Fringants - La Dévisse
Les Cowboys Fringants - Mon grand-père
Les Cowboys Fringants - Louis Hébert
Les Cowboys Fringants - Pub Royal
Les Cowboys Fringants - Les Routes du bonheur
Les Cowboys Fringants - Évangéline
Les Cowboys Fringants - Cass de pouëlle
Les Cowboys Fringants - L'Agacepésie
Les Cowboys Fringants - Dieudonné Rastapopoulos
Les Cowboys Fringants - Plattsburg
Les Cowboys Fringants - Willie Jos Hachey
Les Cowboys Fringants - Gaétane
Les Cowboys Fringants - Repentigny-by-the-sea
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le hurlot
Les Cowboys Fringants - Droit devant
Les Cowboys Fringants - Entre deux taxis
Les Cowboys Fringants - Histoire de pêche
Les Cowboys Fringants - La Catherine
Les Cowboys Fringants - Monsieur
Les Cowboys Fringants - La Tête haute
Les Cowboys Fringants - Une autre journée qui se lève
Les Cowboys Fringants - Tant qu'on aura de l'amour
Les Cowboys Fringants - Chêne et Roseau
Les Cowboys Fringants - Bobo
Les Cowboys Fringants - Rue des Souvenirs
Les Cowboys Fringants - Les Hirondelles
Les Cowboys Fringants - La bonne pomme
Les Cowboys Fringants - Train de vie
The Cry - Alone
Crucifix - How When Where
Crucifix - Skinned Alive
Crucifix - Prejudice
Crucifix - No Limbs
Crucifix - Another Mouth to Feed
Crucifix - Search for the Sun
Crucifix - IndoChina
Crucifix - Three Miles to Oblivion
Crucifix - Blind Destruction
Crucifix - Rise and Fall
Crucifix - How When and Where
Cultfever - Knewyouwell
Cultfever - Strangenecks
Les Cowboys Fringants - M'a vivre avec toi
Les Cowboys Fringants - Marcel Galarneau
Les Cowboys Fringants - Mon pays (Reel des aristocrates)
Les Cowboys Fringants - Rue Chapdelaine
Les Cowboys Fringants - Voyou
Les Cowboys Fringants - Chanteur pop
Les Cowboys Fringants - Beau-frère
Les Cowboys Fringants - La ballade de Jipi Labrosse
Les Cowboys Fringants - Sur un air de déjà vu
Les Cowboys Fringants - Par chez nous
Les Cowboys Fringants - Sans tambour ni trompette
Les Cowboys Fringants - Normal Tremblay
Les Cowboys Fringants - 1994
Les Cowboys Fringants - Vacances 31
Les Cowboys Fringants - Titi Tancrède / Le reel d'la fesse
Les Cowboys Fringants - Rentre à pied
Les Cowboys Fringants - Quand tu pars
Les Cowboys Fringants - Au pays des sapins géants
Les Cowboys Fringants - En attendant
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le retour du roi Katshé / Awikatchikaën
Les Cowboys Fringants - Épilogue
Les Cowboys Fringants - Spécial #6
Les Cowboys Fringants - Goldie
Les Cowboys Fringants - Denise Martinez
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le quai de Berthier
Les Cowboys Fringants - Grosse femme
Les Cowboys Fringants - La gosse à Comeau
Les Cowboys Fringants - La culbute
Sheryl Crow feat. The Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider
Les Cowboys Fringants - Au diable les avocats
Les Cowboys Fringants - Banlieu
Les Cowboys Fringants - Le gourmand
Les Cowboys Fringants - Karaoké
Les Cowboys Fringants - L'Agaspésie
Les Cowboys Fringants - Graseille
Les Cowboys Fringants - Épilogue (Si tu penses un peu comme ça)
Les Cowboys Fringants - Les étoiles filantes (Bonus Live)
Les Cowboys Fringants - 8 Secondes (Bonus Live)
Les Cowboys Fringants - Plus rien (Bonus Live)
Les Cowboys Fringants - Si la vie vous intéresse (Bonus Live)
Les Cowboys Fringants - Un p’tit tour
Crowns - Stitches in the Flag
Crowns - Little Eyes
Compliments of Gus - Heaven Knows
Compliments of Gus - La de Da
Compliments of Gus - Transparent
Compliments of Gus - Mesmerised
Compliments of Gus - Faithful
Compliments of Gus - Hand of Grace
Compliments of Gus - Take Away
Compliments of Gus - Sweep
Compliments of Gus - Sunshine
Compliments of Gus - Traitor
Compliments of Gus - Three Day Summer Romance
Compliments of Gus - Weirdos
Compliments of Gus - Fashon Makes No Sense
Compliments of Gus - Fashion Victim
Compliments of Gus - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Corporate Avenger - Fault the Police
Corporate Avenger - Christians Murdered Indians
Corporate Avenger - FBI File
Corporate Avenger - Taxes Are Stealing
Corporate Avenger - The Bible Is Bullshit
Corporate Avenger - Voting Doesn't Work
Corporate Avenger - Web of Lies
Corporate Avenger - $20 Bill
Corporate Avenger - Jesus Christ Homosexual
Corporate Avenger - Drug Dealing God
Corporate Avenger - Enemy of the Gospel
Corporate Avenger - When I Get to Heaven
Corporate Avenger - Jihad Schmihad
Corporate Avenger - Earth Song
Corporate Avenger - Gay Muslims for Christ
Corporate Avenger - Pigs in the Temple
Corporate Avenger - White Faces in the Black Hills
Corporate Avenger - Jesus Shit
Corporate Avenger - In the Alone
Corporate Avenger - America in Heaven (There's No)
Corporate Avenger - 9.12
Corporate Avenger - Nano Builder
Corporate Avenger - Boarding Schools
Corporate Avenger - Every Moment Is a Gift
Corporate Avenger - Evolved
Corporate Avenger - War Is Good
Ege Çubukçu - Film Gibi
Ege Çubukçu - 1Gün
Ege Çubukçu - Gel Sen (Bir de Bana Sor...)
Ege Çubukçu - Hadi Bize Gidelim
Jon Cozart - Harry Potter In 99 Seconds
Jon Cozart - Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds
Jon Cozart - Movie Villain Medley
Jon Cozart - After Ever After
Jon Cozart - After Ever After 2
Jon Cozart - Progressive Christmas Carols
Realidade Cruel - Só Sangue bom
Realidade Cruel - Dia de Visita
Realidade Cruel - Ritual de Sangue
Realidade Cruel - A Vida como ela é
Realidade Cruel - Simples Homicídio
Realidade Cruel - Passa a Bola
Realidade Cruel - Saudade
Cryptic Winds - Cryptic Winds
Cryptic Winds - The Ashes of Nightfall
Cryptic Winds - Satanachia
Cryptic Winds - Storms of the Black Millenium
Brandon Cruz - Best Friend (Bill Bixby Part 1)
Brandon Cruz - Pretty Things
Dan Craig - Further to Fall
COMPLEX - Just Another Day
COMPLEX - Sonna Kimi wa Hoshikunai
COMPLEX - Can't Stop The Silence
COMPLEX - 1990
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - On the Way Home
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Triad
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Right Between the Eyes
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Pre-Road Downs
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Long Time Gone
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Faith in Me
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Stand and Be Counted
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Slowpoke
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Dream for Him
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Someday Soon
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Queen of Them All
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Everybody I Love You
Crossfire - Crossfire
Gilby Clarke - Cure Me ... Or Kill Me ...
Gilby Clarke - Tijuana Jail
Gilby Clarke - Johanna's Chopper
Gilby Clarke - Let's Get Lost
Gilby Clarke - Pawn Shop Guitars
Gilby Clarke - Dead Flowers
Gilby Clarke - Hunting Dogs
Gilby Clarke - Shut Up
Gilby Clarke - Alien
Gilby Clarke - Broken Down Car
Gilby Clarke - Judgement Day
Gilby Clarke - Heart of Chrome
Gilby Clarke - Warm Country Sun
Gilby Clarke - Diamond Dogs
Gilby Clarke - Kilroy Was Here
Gilby Clarke - The Haunting
Gilby Clarke - The Hell’s Angels
Gilby Clarke - Trash
Gilby Clarke - Technicolor Stars
Gilby Clarke - Superstar
Gilby Clarke - Bourbon Street Blues
Gilby Clarke - Frankie’s Planet
Gilby Clarke - Wasn’t Yesterday Great
Gilby Clarke - It’s Good Enough for Rock and Roll
Gilby Clarke - Zip Gun
Gilby Clarke - Higher
Gilby Clarke - Mickey Marmalade
Gilby Clarke - Blue Grass Mosquito
Gilby Clarke - Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Gilby Clarke - The Worst
Gilby Clarke - Captain Chaos
Gilby Clarke - Punk Rock Pollution
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - American Dream
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Don’t Say Goodbye
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - This Old House
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Shadowland
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Drivin’ Thunder
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Clear Blue Skies
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Compass
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Feel Your Love
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Night Song
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - What Are Their Names?
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - After the Garden
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Military Madness
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Let's Impeach the President
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Looking for a Leader
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - For What It's Worth
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Living With War
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Roger and Out
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Guinevere
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Pre-Road Dows
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Country Girl: Whiskey Boot Hill - Down, Down, Down - "Country Girl" (I Think You're Pretty)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Lady of the Island
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Guinnevere
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Nighttime for Generals