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Cows - The Pictorial
Cows - Tourist
Cows - Mother (I Love That Bitch)
Cows - Weird Kitchen
Cows - Cow Jazz - Car Chase
Cows - Plowed
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Lipstick Vogue
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Pump It Up
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Everyday I Write the Book
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Shipbuilding
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Mouth Almighty
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - King of Thieves
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - What’s So Funny ’Bout Peace Love and Understanding
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Radio Radio
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars - Back Up Against the Wall
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars - Atomic Dog
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars - AIN'T NUTHIN' BUT A JAM Y'ALL
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars - Alice in My Fantasies
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars - Undisco Kidd (We Be Fonk'n Over Here Too)
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars - Pussy
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars - Rap - Biological Speculation
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars - Good to Your Ear Hole
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Different Finger
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Sour Milk-cow Blues
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Night Rally
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - You Tripped at Every Step
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Your Angel Steps Out of Heaven
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Shatterproof
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Baby It's You
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - I Wanna Be Loved (version Discotheque)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - The World of Broken Hearts
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Love for Sale
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Lover's Walk
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - The Days Take Care of Everything (demo)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - The Flirting Kind (demo)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Seven Day Weekend
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Tomorrow's Just Another Day
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - That Day Is Done
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Twenty-five to Twelve
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Little Goody Two Shoes
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Seconds of Pleasure (demo)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Darling, You Know I Wouldn't Lie
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Seconds of Pleasure
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - I Turn Around
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Mistress and Maid (demo)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Forgive Her Anything
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - The Stamping Ground
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - So Like Candy
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Heathen Town (demo)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Crawling in the USA (soundcheck)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - There Won’t Be Anymore
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Why Don’t You Love Me (Like You Used to Do)
Colours - Part of You
Colours - Alone
Colours - Gold Bones
Colours - Mind Games
Colours - Lawless
Colours - Anyone
Colours - Remember
Colours - Monster
Colours - Gone
Colours - Slow
Colours - The Unforgettable
Cornerstone Roots - Home
Colloquio - Tu che passi
Elvis Costello & Bill Frisell - Gigi
Elvis Costello & Bill Frisell - Deep Dead Blue
Carlos Chaouen - Mundo numérico
Carlos Chaouen - Buscando hierba
Carlos Chaouen - Retinas de alquiler
Carlos Chaouen - Equilibrio
Carlos Chaouen - Baquica escena
Carlos Chaouen - Mal acostumbrado
Carlos Chaouen - Destruido
Carlos Chaouen - Comer acero
Carlos Chaouen - Astronomia y trampantojo
Carlos Chaouen - Necesito De La Luz
Carlos Chaouen - Maldita
Carlos Chaouen - Carita De Pena
Carlos Chaouen - Seré
Carlos Chaouen - Impertinente
Carlos Chaouen - Dentro De Ti
Carlos Chaouen - Gorda o Flaca
Carlos Chaouen - Siempre Quieres Más
Carlos Chaouen - Vale La Pena
Carlos Chaouen - Mi Habitación En Tus Púpilas
Carlos Chaouen - Vente
Carlos Chaouen - Me como el mundo aliñao
Carlos Chaouen - Ninfa de miel
Carlos Chaouen - Cuatro Acordes
Carlos Chaouen - Pasado De Vueltas
Carlos Chaouen - ¿Dónde Estás?
Carlos Chaouen - Bosque Lejano
Carlos Chaouen - Tu Ombligo
Carlos Chaouen - Loca
Carlos Chaouen - El Último Verso
Carlos Chaouen - No Necesito Calor
Carlos Chaouen - Me He Pintao
Carlos Chaouen - Arcoiris De Los Sueños
Carlos Chaouen - Aclárate
Carlos Chaouen - Si fuera yo
Carlos Chaouen - Pena mora (versión II) (Semilla en la tierra)
The County Medical Examiners - Casper's Dictum
The County Medical Examiners - Morgagnic Anatomics
The County Medical Examiners - Necrotic Apologues
The County Medical Examiners - Blunt Force Fight
The County Medical Examiners - The Virchow Postmortem Procedure
The County Medical Examiners - Expeditions Evisceratory Mishap
The County Medical Examiners - Maturating Decompositional Gas
The County Medical Examiners - Kaleidoscopic Malacia
The County Medical Examiners - Autopsy Suite
The County Medical Examiners - Medicocriminal Entomology
The County Medical Examiners - Vitreous Humor
The County Medical Examiners - Epicedium for Epidermal Slippage
The County Medical Examiners - NH2(CH2)4NH2 & C5H14N2 (Putrescine & Cadaverine)
The County Medical Examiners - Organ Harvest (The Anatomical Gift Act)
The County Medical Examiners - Rigor Mortis: Posthumous Muscular Rigidity
The County Medical Examiners - Algor Mortis: The Linear Rate of Cadaveric Cooling
The County Medical Examiners - Livor Mortis: Gravitational Blood Pooling
The County Medical Examiners - Pugilistic Burn Postures
The County Medical Examiners - Y-Shaped Thoracoabodominal Incision
The County Medical Examiners - Y=1285/X
Earl Thomas Conley - Fire and Smoke
Earl Thomas Conley - What She Is (Is a Woman in Love)
Earl Thomas Conley - Angel in Disguise
Earl Thomas Conley - Love Out Loud
Earl Thomas Conley - Once in a Blue Moon
Earl Thomas Conley - Somewhere Between Right and Wrong
Earl Thomas Conley - Heavenly Bodies
Earl Thomas Conley - That Was a Close One
Earl Thomas Conley - Honor Bound
Earl Thomas Conley - Brotherly Love (W/ Keith Whitley)
Earl Thomas Conley - Borrowed Money
Earl Thomas Conley - Shadow of a Doubt
Cold Blank - Marshmallow Man
Contriva - Cool Out for Summer
Earl Thomas Conley - You Must Not Be Drinking Enough
Earl Thomas Conley - I Need a Good Woman Bad
Earl Thomas Conley - Tell Me Why
Earl Thomas Conley - We Believe in Happy Endings (Duet with Emmylou Harris)
Earl Thomas Conley - Your Love Says All There Is
Earl Thomas Conley - Love Don't Care (Whose Heart It Breaks)
Earl Thomas Conley - I Can't Win for Losin' You
Earl Thomas Conley - Chance of Lovin' You
Earl Thomas Conley - Don't Make It Easy for Me
Earl Thomas Conley - Your Love's on the Line
Earl Thomas Conley - What I'd Say
Earl Thomas Conley - Carol
Earl Thomas Conley - Your Love Is Just for Strangers (I Suppose)
Earl Thomas Conley - I Ain't Crazy
Earl Thomas Conley - After the Love Slips Away
Earl Thomas Conley - Finally Friday
Earl Thomas Conley - The Closer You Are
Earl Thomas Conley - Attracted to Pain
Earl Thomas Conley - I Can't Win for Losing You
Earl Thomas Conley - As Low as You Can Go
Cover Lover Project - PIECE OF MY WISH
Jonny Craig - So Many of Us Hide Our Black Hearts
Jonny Craig - I Still Feel Her, Part III
Jonny Craig - What I Would Give to Be Australian
Jonny Craig - I've Been Hearing That You're Freaky
Jonny Craig - 7 AM, 2 Bottles and the Wrong Road
Jonny Craig - The Garbage Pail Kid Gang Bang
Jonny Craig - Taking Time for All the Wrong Things
Jonny Craig - No Matter How Hard I Dig They Always See Right Through Me
Jonny Craig - I'm Jonny Craig Bitch and I Drive in Reverse!
Jonny Craig - Children of Divorce
Jonny Craig - Swallow You Whole, While I Fade To Black
Jonny Craig - Stand
Jonny Craig - Crossing The Ocean
Jonny Craig - The Upgrade
Jonny Craig - "The Open Letter"
Jonny Craig - Jesus Died for You.. Not Me
Jonny Craig - The Lives We Live
Jonny Craig - The Ratchet Blackout
Jonny Craig - (Diamond)
Jonny Craig - Ground Pound Sex Slave (From the Future)
The Countdown Kids - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
The Countdown Kids - The Muffin Man
The Countdown Kids - Hot Cross Buns
The Countdown Kids - Three Little Kittens
The Countdown Kids - Polly Wolly Doodle
The Countdown Kids - Eensy-Weensy Spider
The Countdown Kids - God Bless the Moon
The Countdown Kids - This Little Pig
The Countdown Kids - Old MacDonald Had a Farm
The Countdown Kids - This Old Man (Knick Knack Paddy Wack)
The Countdown Kids - The Grand Old Duke of York
The Countdown Kids - Yankee Doodle
The Countdown Kids - The Farmer in the Dell
The Countdown Kids - I Had a Little Nut Tree
The Countdown Kids - Frere Jacques
The Countdown Kids - Bingo
The Countdown Kids - Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush
The Countdown Kids - Simple Simon
The Countdown Kids - Ride a Cock-Horse to Banbury Cross
The Countdown Kids - The North Wind Doth Blow
The Countdown Kids - The Yellow Rose of Texas
The Countdown Kids - Pop Goes the Weasel
The Countdown Kids - Do Your Ears Hang Low?
The Countdown Kids - I Love the Mountains (Boom-Dee-Ah-Da)
The Countdown Kids - Six Little Ducks
The Countdown Kids - This Old Man
The Countdown Kids - The Itsy Bitsy Spider
The Countdown Kids - Polly Put the Kettle On
The Countdown Kids - Looby Loo
The Countdown Kids - Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy
Clémentine - Les Champ Elysées
Clémentine - Les Champs Elysées
Clémentine - Toute la Pluie Tombe Sur Moi (Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head)
Clémentine - Syracuse
Clémentine - Pina Colada
Clémentine - Sans Toi, Ma Mie
Clémentine - Itsi Bitsi Petit Bikini
Clémentine - L'Amour est Bleu
The Comsat Angels - Sleep No More
The Comsat Angels - Gone
The Comsat Angels - Diagram
The Comsat Angels - Restless
The Comsat Angels - Goat of the West
The Comsat Angels - Our Secret
The Comsat Angels - Eye of the Lens
The Comsat Angels - Be Brave (demo)
The Comsat Angels - At Sea (John Peel session)
The Comsat Angels - Zinger
The Comsat Angels - Not a Word
The Comsat Angels - Ju-Ju Money
The Comsat Angels - More
The Comsat Angels - Birdman
The Comsat Angels - Don't Look Now
The Comsat Angels - I'm Falling
The Comsat Angels - The Glamour
Clémentine - Kokomo
Clémentine - Season in the Sun
Clémentine - Un Homme et Une Femme (A Man and a Woman)
The Countdown Kids - The Man on the Flying Trapeze
The Countdown Kids - She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
The Comsat Angels - The Cutting Edge
The Comsat Angels - Under the Influence
The Comsat Angels - You'll Never Know
The Comsat Angels - Lost Continent
The Comsat Angels - Flying Dreams
The Comsat Angels - Map of the World
The Comsat Angels - On the Beach
The Comsat Angels - Waiting for a Miracle
Cookies - 4 in Love
Harry Connick, Jr. - Sleigh Ride
Harry Connick, Jr. - (It Must've Been Ol') Santa Claus
Harry Connick, Jr. - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Harry Connick, Jr. - The Little Drummer Boy
Harry Connick, Jr. - Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
Harry Connick, Jr. - It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Harry Connick, Jr. - What a Night!
Harry Connick, Jr. - Christmas Day
Harry Connick, Jr. - Let There Be Peace on Earth
Harry Connick, Jr. - Santariffic
Harry Connick, Jr. - Zat You Santa Claus
Harry Connick, Jr. - We Three Kings
Harry Connick, Jr. - Song for the Hopeful
Harry Connick, Jr. - Frosty the Snowman
Harry Connick, Jr. - The Happy Elf
Harry Connick, Jr. - I Come With Love
Harry Connick, Jr. - I'm Gonna Be the First One
Harry Connick, Jr. - Nothin' New for New Year
Harry Connick, Jr. - It Had to Be You (Big Band and Vocals)
Harry Connick, Jr. - Forever, for Now
Harry Connick, Jr. - One Last Pitch
Harry Connick, Jr. - Heavenly
Harry Connick, Jr. - Blue Light, Red Light (Someone's There)
Harry Connick, Jr. - But Not for Me
Harry Connick, Jr. - Where or When
Harry Connick, Jr. - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Harry Connick, Jr. - You Didn't Know Me When
Harry Connick, Jr. - It’s Alright With Me
Harry Connick, Jr. - We Are in Love
The Comsat Angels - Alicia (Can You Hear Me)
The Comsat Angels - Nature Trails
The Comsat Angels - Mister Memory
The Comsat Angels - Island Heart
The Comsat Angels - Driving
The Comsat Angels - I Come From the Sun
Neal Coty - Legacy
Neal Coty - The Worst Way
The Countdown Kids - Row Row Row Your Boat
The Countdown Kids - You Are My Sunshine
The Countdown Kids - Incy-Wincy Spider
The Countdown Kids - Frosty The Snowman
Harry Connick, Jr. - Easy for You to Say
Harry Connick, Jr. - A Moment With Me
Harry Connick, Jr. - Only ’Cause I Don’t Have You
Harry Connick, Jr. - Just a Boy
Harry Connick, Jr. - I’ve Got a Great Idea
Harry Connick, Jr. - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Harry Connick, Jr. - Ding-Dong! the Witch Is Dead
Harry Connick, Jr. - Oompa Loompa
Harry Connick, Jr. - A Spoonful of Sugar
Harry Connick, Jr. - You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
Harry Connick, Jr. - The Jitterbug
Harry Connick, Jr. - Merry Old Land of Oz
Harry Connick, Jr. - Edelweiss
Harry Connick, Jr. - Do-Re-Mi
Harry Connick, Jr. - Stars Fell on Alabama
Harry Connick, Jr. - Every Man Should Know
Harry Connick, Jr. - One Fine Thing
Harry Connick, Jr. - I Love Her
Harry Connick, Jr. - Greatest Love Story
Harry Connick, Jr. - Come See About Me
Harry Connick, Jr. - Let Me Stay
Harry Connick, Jr. - I'm Walkin'
Harry Connick, Jr. - Chattanooga Choo Choo
Harry Connick, Jr. - Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Harry Connick, Jr. - Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree
Harry Connick, Jr. - There Is Always One More Time
Harry Connick, Jr. - Speak Softly Love
Harry Connick, Jr. - Junco Partner
Harry Connick, Jr. - Don't Fence Me In
Harry Connick, Jr. - I'll Only Miss Her (When I Think of Her)
The Comsat Angels - It's History
The Comsat Angels - Will You Stay Tonight
The Comsat Angels - "Baby"
The Comsat Angels - Dark Parade (Demo)
The Comsat Angels - A World Away (dub)
The Comsat Angels - Monkey Pilot (John Peel session)
The Comsat Angels - Total War (John Peel session)
The Comsat Angels - Real Story (John Peel session)
The Comsat Angels - Now I Know (John Peel session)
Imani Coppola - Black&White Jingle #1
Imani Coppola - Springtime
Imani Coppola - Woke Up White
Imani Coppola - Raindrops From the Sun (Hey Hey Hey)
Imani Coppola - 30th Birthday
Imani Coppola - Let It Kill You
Imani Coppola - Dirty Pictures
Imani Coppola - Keys 2 Your Ass
Imani Coppola - Black&White Jingle #2
Imani Coppola - I Love Your Hair
Imani Coppola - J.L.i.a.T.o.Y.O
Imani Coppola - I'm a Pocket
Imani Coppola - Legend of a Cowgirl
Imani Coppola - Naked City (Love to See U Shine)
Imani Coppola - It’s All About Me, Me, and Me
Imani Coppola - Piece
Imani Coppola - Karma and the Blizzard
Imani Coppola - One of These Days
Imani Coppola - Pigeon Penelope
Imani Coppola - Soon (I Like It)
Imani Coppola - Forget Myself
Imani Coppola - La Da Da
Imani Coppola - Afrodite
Imani Coppola - These Days
Imani Coppola - Satisfied
Imani Coppola - Gravity
Imani Coppola - Got That Hottie
Imani Coppola - Hope for the Future
Imani Coppola - Dirty Girl
Imani Coppola - Reality Radio
Imani Coppola - On Our Way
Imani Coppola - Rebound
Imani Coppola - Say Hello
Imani Coppola - State of the Art
Imani Coppola - Breakin You In
Imani Coppola - Catch 22
Imani Coppola - The Kids Are Dangerous
Imani Coppola - The Same Pain
Imani Coppola - The Wait of the World
Imani Coppola - The Future
Imani Coppola - I'm a Tree
Harry Connick, Jr. - Blue Light, Red Light
Harry Connick, Jr. - With Imagination (I'll Get There)
Harry Connick, Jr. - There Once Was a Man
Harry Connick, Jr. - I Need to Be in Love
Harry Connick, Jr. - How Insensitive
Harry Connick, Jr. - My Time of Day - I've Never Been in Love Before
Harry Connick, Jr. - I Could Write a Book
Harry Connick, Jr. - Promise Me You'll Remember
Cosmic Jokers - Kinder des Alls [3]
Harry Connick, Jr. - All These People
Harry Connick, Jr. - Elijah Rock
Harry Connick, Jr. - Lazy Bones
Harry Connick, Jr. - Smokey Mary
Harry Connick, Jr. - Hurricane
Harry Connick, Jr. - Cuddina Done It
Harry Connick, Jr. - Wish I Were Him
Harry Connick, Jr. - The Preacher
Harry Connick, Jr. - Dang You Pretty
Harry Connick, Jr. - Angola (At the Farm)
Harry Connick, Jr. - Star Turtle 1
Harry Connick, Jr. - How Do Ya'll Know
Harry Connick, Jr. - Reason to Believe
Harry Connick, Jr. - Just Like Me
Harry Connick, Jr. - Eyes of the Seeker
Harry Connick, Jr. - Nobody Like You to Me
Harry Connick, Jr. - Boozehound
Harry Connick, Jr. - Never Young
Harry Connick, Jr. - Star Turtle 4
Harry Connick, Jr. - (I Like It When You) Smile
Harry Connick, Jr. - (I Do) Like We Do
Harry Connick, Jr. - Songwriter
Harry Connick, Jr. - You Have No Idea
Harry Connick, Jr. - Every Time I Fall In Love
The Countdown Kids - Daisy, Daisy (Bicycle Built for Two)
Harry Connick, Jr. - Let Me Love Tonight
Harry Connick, Jr. - To See You
Harry Connick, Jr. - Let's Just Kiss
Harry Connick, Jr. - Heart Beyond Repair
Harry Connick, Jr. - Love Me Some You
Harry Connick, Jr. - Much Love
Harry Connick, Jr. - In Love Again
Harry Connick, Jr. - Loved By Me
Harry Connick, Jr. - Autumn in New York
Harry Connick, Jr. - Just the Way You Are
Harry Connick, Jr. - Can't Help Falling in Love With You
Harry Connick, Jr. - Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Much)
Harry Connick, Jr. - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Harry Connick, Jr. - And I Love You So
Peter Cox - Broken
Peter Cox - Glow
Peter Cox - Strange
Peter Cox - Show & Tell
Peter Cox - Ain’t Gonna Cry Again
Peter Cox - If You Walk Away
Peter Cox - One More Kiss
Peter Cox - No Ordinary Day
John Cowan - Call Me
John Cowan - All I Wanna Feel
Harry Connick, Jr. - The Very Thought of You
Harry Connick, Jr. - All These Things
Harry Connick, Jr. - Only You
Harry Connick, Jr. - Other Hours
Harry Connick, Jr. - I Only Have Eyes for You
Harry Connick, Jr. - Good Night My Love (Pleasant Dreams)
Harry Connick, Jr. - She
Harry Connick, Jr. - Between Us
Harry Connick, Jr. - Here Comes the Big Parade
Harry Connick, Jr. - Trouble
Harry Connick, Jr. - (I Could Only) Whisper Your Name
Harry Connick, Jr. - To Love the Language
Harry Connick, Jr. - Honestly Now (Safety's Just Danger… Out of Place)
Harry Connick, Jr. - Jill
Harry Connick, Jr. - He Is They Are
Harry Connick, Jr. - If I Could Give You More
Harry Connick, Jr. - It's Time
Harry Connick, Jr. - She Belongs to Me
Harry Connick, Jr. - Sonny Cried
Harry Connick, Jr. - Just Kiss Me
John Cowan - The Dark End of the Street
John Cowan - I Was Made to Love Her
John Cowan - Groove Me
John Cowan - Can't You Hear Me Callin'
Jayne County & The Electric Chairs - Tomorrow Is Another Day
Harry Connick, Jr. - I'm an Old Cowhand
Les Colibris - Strasbourg capitale de Noël
The Countdown Kids - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Harry Connick, Jr. - I'll Dream of You Again
Harry Connick, Jr. - Santa Is Coming to Town
Harry Connick, Jr. - Muscrat Ramble
Harry Connick, Jr. - Mind in the Matter
Harry Connick, Jr. - The Bare Necessities
Harry Connick, Jr. - St. James Infirmary Blues / Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Harry Connick, Jr. - A Wink and a Smile
The Countdown Kids - Carol of the Bells
The Countdown Kids - Go Tell It on the Mountain
The Countdown Kids - Pat a Cake, Pat A Cake
Count Your Blessings - I'll Drive
Count Your Blessings - The Way You Move
Si Cranstoun - Dynamo
Si Cranstoun - Caught in the Moonlight
Clit 45 - Can't Stop the Bleeding
Clit 45 - Dead Ends and Debauchery
Clit 45 - Over My Head
Clit 45 - Killed by Life
Clit 45 - No Sanctuary Insanity
Clit 45 - Caught in a Crack
Clit 45 - What's Left?
Clit 45 - Teeth on the Floor
Clit 45 - Kids Aren't Alright
Clit 45 - Misery on a Mainline
Clit 45 - Just Who The...?
Clit 45 - Just Exist
Clit 45 - No More Propaganda!
Clit 45 - Broken Unity
Clit 45 - Breaking Out
Clit 45 - We'll Have Our Say
Clit 45 - Right in Line
Clit 45 - Bullshit Fucking Waste of Time
Clit 45 - Fight Back
Clit 45 - The Streets
Clit 45 - It Ain't Over
Clit 45 - Who Commits the Crime?
Clit 45 - Used to Have a Life
Clit 45 - Your Life to Choose
Clit 45 - Empty Day
Clit 45 - Last Incision
Clit 45 - No Surrender
Clit 45 - Cracked Actor
Clit 45 - End of You
Clit 45 - Set It Off
Clit 45 - Gimmie Death
Clit 45 - Strength Thru Struggle
Clit 45 - Rules
Clit 45 - Long Beach Kids
Dave “Baby” Cortez - The Happy Organ
Dave “Baby” Cortez - Whispers
La Covacha - Hoy, en este lugar
La Covacha - Me pongo la "10"
La Covacha - La venda
La Covacha - Risa alegre
La Covacha - No hay perdón
La Covacha - Venir andando
La Covacha - Ni pa' la suerte
La Covacha - ...dale y dale
La Covacha - Moralidad barata
La Covacha - Carnavalito
La Covacha - El sueño no tiene color
La Covacha - Apago la luz
La Covacha - Hay que gritar
La Covacha - No, no
La Covacha - El puchero
La Covacha - Sacudirán
La Covacha - Me juego la cabeza
La Covacha - La ironía más buscada
La Covacha - Cuendo tú no estás
La Covacha - A dónde es que voy?
La Covacha - Presagios al viento
La Covacha - Corre, corre
La Covacha - Ganando nomás
La Covacha - Frenesí
La Covacha - Desterrado del cielo
La Covacha - Vomitan
Compañía Ilimitada - Polvo De Estrellas
Compañía Ilimitada - Santa Lucia
Compañía Ilimitada - Siempre estaré
Compañía Ilimitada - La calle
Compañía Ilimitada - Contacto
Compañía Ilimitada - Atrapado
Coven 13 - Riddle of Steel
Coven 13 - Burial Ground
Coven 13 - Threshold of the New
Cool C - Glamorous Life
Cool C - Juice Crew Dis
Copperlily - Map to Your Heart
Copperlily - Tell Me
Copperlily - Love Is a Legend
Copperlily - Color in You
Copperlily - A Lot to Learn
Copperlily - Broken World
Coyote Dax - No Rompas Mi Corazón
Coyote Dax - Arriba Y Abajo
Coyote Dax - Chatahoochie
Coyote Dax - Johny Boy
Coyote Dax - Corazon Vanidoso
Coyote Dax - Me Vale (Cotton Eyed Joe)
Coyote Dax - Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
Coyote Dax - Ranchero
Coyote Dax - Se Muriró de Amor
Coyote Dax - Rock On
Coyote Dax - Payaso de Rodeo
Coyote Dax - Hey Baby, Que Pasó
Coyote Dax - Chu-Chu Train
Coyote Dax - De Que Manera Te Olvido
Coyote Dax - Mujeres Divinas
Coyote Dax - Por Mujeres Como Tú
Coyote Dax - No Volveré
Coyote Dax - Te Deseo
Coyote Dax - Otra Vez
Coyote Dax - Ese Soy Yo, Extrañandote
Coyote Dax - Pequeña Amiga
Coyote Dax - Amor Eterno
Coyote Dax - No Lo Hare Mas
Coyote Dax - Volver Volver
Coyote Dax - Mi Forma De Sentir
Coyote Dax - Te Solte La Rienda
Coyote Dax - Muero De Amor
Coyote Dax - La Tejana Maldita
Coyote Dax - Necesito Country
Coyote Dax - Dijo Si
Graham Coxon - Spectacular
Graham Coxon - Girl Done Gone
Graham Coxon - Bittersweet Bundle of Misery
Graham Coxon - Freakin’ Out
Graham Coxon - Are You Ready?
Graham Coxon - Ribbons and Leaves
Graham Coxon - Right to Pop!
Graham Coxon - Standing on My Own Again
Graham Coxon - I Can't Look at Your Skin
Graham Coxon - Don't Let Your Man Know
Graham Coxon - Just a State of Mind
Graham Coxon - Gimme Some Love
Graham Coxon - I Don't Wanna Go Out
Graham Coxon - Don't Believe Anything I Say
Graham Coxon - Tell It Like It Is
Graham Coxon - Flights to the Sea (Lovely Rain)
Graham Coxon - What's He Got?
Graham Coxon - You Always Let Me Down
Graham Coxon - See a Better Day
Graham Coxon - Look Into the Light
Graham Coxon - This House
Graham Coxon - In the Morning
Graham Coxon - If You Want Me
Graham Coxon - Perfect Love
Graham Coxon - Brave the Storm
Graham Coxon - Dead Bees
Graham Coxon - Sorrow's Army
Graham Coxon - Caspian Sea
Graham Coxon - Home
Graham Coxon - Humble Man
Graham Coxon - Feel Alright
Graham Coxon - Far From Everything
Graham Coxon - Tripping Over
Graham Coxon - November
Graham Coxon - Bitter Tears
Graham Coxon - Escape Song
Graham Coxon - Locked Doors
Graham Coxon - Baby, You're Out of My Mind
Graham Coxon - It Aint No Lie
Graham Coxon - Live Line
Graham Coxon - Just Be Mine
Graham Coxon - Do What You're Told To
Graham Coxon - Mountain of Regret
Graham Coxon - Latte
Graham Coxon - Walking Down the Highway
Graham Coxon - Song for the Sick
Graham Coxon - Good Times
Rita Corita - Tweedehands Jet
Rita Corita - Kant aan m'n broek
Coti con Julieta Venegas - Tu nombre
Graham Coxon - Advice
Graham Coxon - City Hall
Graham Coxon - What'll It Take?
Graham Coxon - Meet and Drink and Pollinate
Graham Coxon - The Truth
Graham Coxon - Seven Naked Valleys
Graham Coxon - Running for Your Life
Graham Coxon - Bah Singer
Graham Coxon - Knife in the Cast
Graham Coxon - Ooh, Yeh Yeh
Graham Coxon - That's All I Wanna Do
Graham Coxon - Where'd You Go?
Graham Coxon - In a Salty Sea
Graham Coxon - A Day Is Far Too Long
Graham Coxon - R U Lonely?
Graham Coxon - I Wish
Graham Coxon - Hard & Slow
Graham Coxon - Me, You, We Two
Graham Coxon - Who the Fuck?
Graham Coxon - Jamie Thomas
Graham Coxon - The Fear
Graham Coxon - Fame and Fortune
Graham Coxon - My Idea of Hell
Graham Coxon - Fags and Failure
Graham Coxon - Leave Me Alone
Graham Coxon - Keep Hope Alive
Graham Coxon - Oochy Woochy
Graham Coxon - That's When I Reach for My Revolver
Graham Coxon - Don't Think About Always
Graham Coxon - Empty Word
Graham Coxon - I'm Goin' Away
Graham Coxon - All Has Gone
Graham Coxon - Burn It Down
Graham Coxon - Too Uptight
Graham Coxon - Big Bird
Graham Coxon - Hurt Prone
Graham Coxon - Bonfires
Graham Coxon - Thank God for the Rain
Graham Coxon - You Never Will Be
Graham Coxon - A Place for Grief
El Consorcio - Pa todo el año
El Consorcio - Frenesí
El Consorcio - Burbujas de amor
El Consorcio - Soledad
El Consorcio - Andar
El Consorcio - Himno a la alegria
El Consorcio - Háblame del mar marinero
El Consorcio - Quiero abrazarte tanto
El Consorcio - Que será (o que será)
El Consorcio - Suite de las canciones de mi vida
El Consorcio - El chacachá del tren
El Consorcio - Mirando al mar
El Consorcio - Cachito mío
El Consorcio - Trigales verdes
El Consorcio - Navidad
El Consorcio - Espinita
El Consorcio - Hojas palmera
El Consorcio - Canastos
El Consorcio - Pancho López
El Consorcio - Luna enamorada
El Consorcio - Dentífrico anticariol
El Consorcio - Bajo el cielo del palma
El Consorcio - Un poco más
El Consorcio - Caminito verde
Corvin Dalek - Young People
Graham Coxon - All I Wanna Do Iz Listen to Yuz
Graham Coxon - You and I
Graham Coxon - Livin'
Graham Coxon - My Little Girl
Graham Coxon - Time for Heroes
Graham Coxon - Outta My League, Dear
Graham Coxon - Ain't No Lie
Graham Coxon - Light Up Your Candles
Cody - Catch the Straw
Cody - Comfort and Rage
El Consorcio - Son al son
El Consorcio - Quién será
Vincent Courtois - La Chanson d'Ernest et Célestine
El Consorcio - Aquellos ojos verdes
El Consorcio - Son de la loma
El Consorcio - Quiéreme mucho
El Consorcio - Guajira guantanamera
El Consorcio - Las muchachas
El Consorcio - La caminadora
El Consorcio - Olvido-veneración
El Consorcio - La paloma
El Consorcio - Drume negrita-Drume mobila-Ay mamá Inés
Vincent Courtois - La Chanson d'Ernest et Célestine (version longue)
El Consorcio - Agua del pozo
El Consorcio - Tarde de otoño en Platerías
El Consorcio - En los pueblos de mi Andalucía
El Consorcio - Begin the Beguine
El Consorcio - Camino verde
El Consorcio - Bossanova junto a ti
El Consorcio - Me gusta mi novio
El Consorcio - Resistiré
El Consorcio - Me lo dijo Adela
El Consorcio - Gitano
El Consorcio - La otra España
El Consorcio - Quién te cantará
El Consorcio - Si no te hubieras ido
El Consorcio - El chaca-chaca del tren
El Consorcio - La secretaria
La Corneille - Waster
La Corneille - Stranger Stone
La Corneille - Rose
Code 13 - Free the Unabomber
El Consorcio - Maitechu mía
El Consorcio - Corazón, corazón
El Consorcio - Cómo está el mundo Sr. Macario
El Consorcio - Comunicando
El Consorcio - Bienvenido Mr. Marshall
El Consorcio - Mina nai dos dous mares
El Consorcio - Mi viejo amor
El Consorcio - Himno del Athletic
El Consorcio - Marcelino pan y vino
El Consorcio - Galletas romagosa
El Consorcio - El pequeño tamborilero
El Consorcio - Al ponerse el sol
El Consorcio - El hombre es un ente abominable
Consumed By Fire - Lean on Me
Consumed By Fire - Thorns and Sorrows
Consumed By Fire - He Waits for Me
Consumed By Fire - Follow Your Heart
Consumed By Fire - Moving On
Consumed By Fire - Walk Through the Fire
Consumed By Fire - Giving Over
Coverdale/Page - Waiting on You
Coverdale/Page - Take Me for a Little While
Coverdale/Page - Pride and Joy
Coverdale/Page - Over Now
Coverdale/Page - Feeling Hot
Coverdale/Page - Easy Does It
Coverdale/Page - Don't Leave Me This Way
Coverdale/Page - Absolution Blues
Coverdale/Page - Whisper a Prayer for the Dying
Coverdale/Page - Saccharin
Coverdale/Page - Shake My Tree 2
Coverdale/Page - Shake My Tree (The Guitar Crunch)
Coverdale/Page - Take a Look at Yourself (With Girls)
Coverdale/Page - In My Time of Dying
Coverdale/Page - Kashmir
Coverdale/Page - Out on the Tiles (Intro)
Coverdale/Page - Whole Lotta Love
Coverdale/Page - Rock 'n' Roll
Coverdale/Page - Here I Go Again
Martin Courtney - Foto
Martin Courtney - Before We Begin
Martin Courtney - Northern Highway
Martin Courtney - Little Blue
Cock and Ball Torture - Anal Sex Terror
Cock and Ball Torture - Candy Teen Pussy Pleasers
Cock and Ball Torture - Faekal Fatal
Cock and Ball Torture - Anna'n'Ass
Cock and Ball Torture - Fat Sex Mama
Cock and Ball Torture - Spunky Monkey
Cock and Ball Torture - King Anus III
Cock and Ball Torture - Big Tit Slappers
Cock and Ball Torture - Spank Me - Fuck Me - Fill Me
Cock and Ball Torture - Rosetta Twist
Cock and Ball Torture - Koala Cunt
Cock and Ball Torture - Anal Lilly Pissing Chick
Cock and Ball Torture - Torture'lini Ball'o'nese
Cock and Ball Torture - Important Impotence
Cock and Ball Torture - Juicy Lucy
Cock and Ball Torture - Vulvurine Cooze Blues
Count to Four - I Hope Not
Count to Four - Lavender Town
Count to Four - Tear It Apart
Count to Four - Good Days Pt. II
Count to Four - Bottles and Books
Jonathan Coulton feat. Sara Quin - Still Alive
Araci Côrtes - Linda flor Yayá
Araci Côrtes - Jura
El Club de Tobi - Vencedores vencidos
Coyote Grace - It's So Bright
Coyote Grace - A Guy Named Joe
Coyote Grace - Songs
Coyote Grace - Trainman
Coyote Grace - Sunrise
Coyote Grace - Forever's Song
Coyote Grace - Watering Down the Brandy
Coyote Grace - The Money's Gone
Coyote Grace - Ghost Boy
Coyote Grace - Bullet in a Gun
Coyote Grace - July
Coyote Grace - Ugly Mother
Coyote Grace - Runaround
Coyote Grace - Man in the Moon
Coyote Grace - Little Tree
Coyote Grace - Young and Dumb
Coyote Grace - Girls Like Me (Summertime)
Coyote Grace - Heaven Dog
Coyote Grace - Five
Coyote Grace - Picture Frame
Coyote Grace - Only Road
Coyote Grace - Zuma
Coyote Grace - Eyes
Coyote Grace - Rockin'
Coyote Grace - Roses
Coyote Grace - Undertow
Coyote Grace - Laramie
Count Counsellor - Disco Dodo
Count Counsellor - Head Lights
Corizonas - The Falcon Sleeps Tonight
Corizonas - I Wanna Believe
Corizonas - Run To The River
Corizonas - Todo va bien
Corizonas - Nueva dimensión vital
Corizonas - Yo quiero ser yo
Corizonas - Trabalenguas
Eva Cortés - You Go to My Head
Eva Cortés - Llévame a la Luna (Fly Me to the Moon)
Eva Cortés - Sous le ciel de paris
Eva Cortés - Whatever Lola Wants
Eva Cortés - Puñadito de arena
Ferry Corsten feat. Shelley Harland - Skindeep
Zdravko Čolić - Mangupska
Zdravko Čolić - Hajdemo negde nasamo
Zdravko Čolić - Zavicaj
Zdravko Čolić - Svadbarskim sokakom
Zdravko Čolić - Kao moja mati
Zdravko Čolić - Merak mi je
Zdravko Čolić - Sacuvaj me, boze, njene ljubavi
Zdravko Čolić - Andjela
Zdravko Čolić - Ajde, ajde Jasmina
Zdravko Čolić - Čija je ono zvijezda
Zdravko Čolić - Maslinasto zelena
Zdravko Čolić - Pisacu joj pisma duga
Zdravko Čolić - Pusti, pusti modu
Zdravko Čolić - Zvao sam je Emili
Zdravko Čolić - Glavo luda
Zdravko Čolić - Ti si mi u krvi
Zdravko Čolić - Produži dalje
Zdravko Čolić - Jedina
Zdravko Čolić - E draga, draga
Zdravko Čolić - Da ti kazem sta mi je
Zdravko Čolić - Stanica podlugovi
Zdravko Čolić - Tvoje oči
Zdravko Čolić - Zagrli me
Zdravko Čolić - Okano
Zdravko Čolić - Mjerkam te, mjerkam
Zdravko Čolić - 'Ajde idi
Zdravko Čolić - Hotel balkan
Zdravko Čolić - Noc mi te duguje
Zdravko Čolić - Stavi prst na celo
Zdravko Čolić - Idem da odmorim
Zdravko Čolić - Krasiva
Zdravko Čolić - Na adresi pise
Zdravko Čolić - Kuba
Zdravko Čolić - Sta radis tu
Zdravko Čolić - Cija je ono zvezda
Zdravko Čolić - Rijeka suza i na njoj ladja
Zdravko Čolić - Spavaju li oci nebeske
Zdravko Čolić - Mastilo i voda
Zdravko Čolić - Negde na dnu srca
Zdravko Čolić - Pjesmo moja
Zdravko Čolić - Zbogom Ivana
The Crabs - Swallow the Sea
The Crabs - Alien Girl
The Crabs - Something in My Life
The Crabs - Tumbling Away
The Crabs - Classic Crabs
The Crabs - February 15th
The Crabs - New Fool
The Crabs - Debutante
The Crabs - Brainwashed
The Crabs - Spilt Milk
Cornu - Je lève la tête
Cornu - Des roses
Zdravko Čolić - Biti il' ne biti
Zdravko Čolić - Zaboravljas, zar ne?
Zdravko Čolić - Ao nono bijela
Zdravko Čolić - Moja draga
Zdravko Čolić - Mnogo hvala
Zdravko Čolić - Ako jednom budes sama
Zdravko Čolić - Bila si bolja
Zdravko Čolić - Zlocin i kazna
Zdravko Čolić - Na ovaj dan
Zdravko Čolić - Kad bi moja bila
Zdravko Čolić - Trinaest dana
Zdravko Čolić - Čini ti se grmi
Zdravko Čolić - Melanholija
Zdravko Čolić - Samo kad mi kažeš ljubav
Zdravko Čolić - Tabakera
Zdravko Čolić - Majsko Sunce
Zdravko Čolić - Ruška
Zdravko Čolić - Ustani, sestro
Zdravko Čolić - Ti možeš sve, al' jedno ne
Zdravko Čolić - Vala, vrijeme je
Zdravko Čolić - Južnjaci
Zdravko Čolić - Osvojio bi' sve
Zdravko Čolić - Sto cigana
Zdravko Čolić - Pjevam danju, pjevam noću
Zdravko Čolić - Jedna zima sa Kristinom
Zdravko Čolić - Igra
Zdravko Čolić - Nevjerna žena
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubomora
Zdravko Čolić - Juče još
Zdravko Čolić - April u Beogradu
Zdravko Čolić - Lose vino
Zdravko Čolić - Zbog tebe
Zdravko Čolić - Prava stvar
Zdravko Čolić - Malo pojacaj radio
Zdravko Čolić - Madjarica
Zdravko Čolić - Šta mi radiš
Zdravko Čolić - Sjedni mi u krilo
Zdravko Čolić - Adam i Eva
Zdravko Čolić - Što si prepotentna
Zdravko Čolić - Nove lakovane cipele
Zdravko Čolić - Oktobar je, pocinje sezona kisa
Zdravko Čolić - Kažeš da ti nekad izgledam k'o Dunav
Zdravko Čolić - A sad sam ja na redu
Zdravko Čolić - Ostanimo prijatelji
Zdravko Čolić - Vagabund
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubav je ljubav
Zdravko Čolić - Ti si svijetlo, ja sam tama
Zdravko Čolić - Život je lijep Helen-Marie
Zdravko Čolić - Poslije raskoši i sjaja
Zdravko Čolić - Igraš se vatrom
The Country Gentlemen - Poor Ellen Smith
The Country Gentlemen - Red Rocking Chair
The Country Gentlemen - Come And Sit By The River
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubav je samo reč
Zdravko Čolić - Živiš u oblacima mala
Zdravko Čolić - Gori vatra
Zdravko Čolić - Dome moj
Zdravko Čolić - Ona spava
Zdravko Čolić - Sinoc nisi bila tu
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubav ima lažni sjaj
Zdravko Čolić - Balerina
Zdravko Čolić - Julija
Zdravko Čolić - Sonata
Zdravko Čolić - Ne mogu biti tvoj
Zdravko Čolić - Cherie, cherie
Zdravko Čolić - Afrika
Zdravko Čolić - Daj mi to
Zdravko Čolić - Pobjegnimo koji dan na more
Zdravko Čolić - Cini Mi Se Grmi
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubav je samo rijec
Zdravko Čolić - Carape crne
Zdravko Čolić - Rodjendanska pjesma
Zdravko Čolić - I Sta Te Briga Sta Ja Radim
Corey - 2 Can Play That Game
Corey - Ghetto Superstar (Snippet)
Corey - Hands Up
Corey - Hush Lil Lady
Corey - First Time (Snippet)
Corey - Stop Talkiin About me
Corey - MVP
Corey - What (Snippet)
Corey - MVP (Snippet)
Corey - If I Was Older
Corey - The First Time
Corey - I Saw You
Corey - Soldier
Corey - What?
Born Crain - Tell the World
Born Crain - Don't Ever Go (unplugged)
Colle der fomento - La forza (intro)
Colle der fomento - Ghetto chic
Colle der fomento - Pioggia sempre
Colle der fomento - Benzina sul fuoco
Colle der fomento - Più forte delle bombe
Colle der fomento - Capo di me stesso
Colle der fomento - Solo amore
Colle der fomento - Accannace
Colle der fomento - La fenice
Colle der fomento - Questi giorni
Colle der fomento - Punti di domanda
Colle der fomento - Sorridi
Colle der fomento - Oggi sono chiunque
Colle der fomento - RM Confidential
Colle der fomento - Anima e ghiaccio (outro)
Colle der fomento - Solo hardcore
Colle der fomento - Sopra al colle
Colle der fomento - Ninna nanna
Colle der fomento - Elfo scuro
Colle der fomento - Funk romano
Colle der fomento - Sempre vero
Colle der fomento - Ciao ciao
Colle der fomento - Cinque a uno
Colle der fomento - Strappali e scuotili
Colle der fomento - Prova microfono
Colle der fomento - Vita
Colle der fomento - Sul tempo
Colle der fomento - Dissetante + potente
Colle der fomento - Preparati
Colle der fomento - Toro scatenato
Colle der fomento - Il cielo su Roma
Colle der fomento - Scienza doppia H
Colle der fomento - King Kong vs. Godzilla
Colle der fomento - Il tuo diavolo
Colle der fomento - Più forte delle bombe (prod. Mr Phil)
Colle der fomento - Fratello dove sei
Colle der fomento - Quando verra' il momento
Colle der fomento - Strappali E Scuotili (bonus track)
Colle der fomento - Non Ci Sto (bonus track)
Colle der fomento - Sopra Il Colle (bonus track)
Colle der fomento - L'Attacco Dei Funkadelici Quattro (bonus track)
Coyabalites - My Boy Lollipop
Crash The System - All Because Of You
The Country Gentlemen - Matterhorn
The Country Gentlemen - The Little Sparrow
The Country Gentlemen - Ellen Smith
The Country Gentlemen - Have Thine Own Way, Lord
The Country Gentlemen - A Good Woman's Love
Course of Empire - Automatic Writing No. 17
Course of Empire - Ride the Static
Course of Empire - Coming of the Century
Course of Empire - Persian Song
Course of Empire - Freaks
Course of Empire - Gear
Course of Empire - God's Jig
Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin - Separate Lives (Love Theme From White Nights)
Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin - Only You and I Know
The City Hollers - Poor Me
The City Hollers - Where I'll Be
The City Hollers - Let Love Guide You On
The City Hollers - She
The City Hollers - Raw
The City Hollers - Heavy Soul
The Country Gentlemen - Calling My Children Home
The Country Gentlemen - Where No Cabins Fall
Copperpot - I'm Not Leaving
Copperpot - Go Girls
Copperpot - Anything I Ever Do
Copperpot - Annie
Copperpot - Talk to Me
Copperpot - Stay Forever
Copperpot - Come and Get Me
Cold Forty Three - Letter to a Familiar Friend
Chris Lizotte - The Love of God
The Country Gentlemen - A Miner's Life
cosby - Never
cosby - Love and War
cosby - Alive
cosby - Boon and Bane
cosby - Step by Step
cosby - Feel
cosby - Yeah!
cosby - As Fast as You Can
cosby - Hardest Thing
cosby - Salt
Alix Combelle - Exactly Like You
Counterfit - Souvenir
Counterfit - Happy Endings
Counterfit - Sleepwalk
Counterfit - Managing The Details Of An Undertaking
Counterfit - Feel The Ride
Counterfit - Lying In Traffic
Counterfit - Arriving Where You Will
Counterfit - This Dance
Counterfit - Better Late Than Never
Counterfit - From Finish to Starting Line
Counterfit - New Year
Counterfit - Further On
Counterfit - Shatter Proof
Counterfit - Treating It as Such
Counterfit - Regarding Regret
Counterfit - Completely Incomplete
Jacob Collier - Woke Up Today
Jacob Collier - Hideaway
Jacob Collier - Down The Line
Jacob Collier - Saviour
Jacob Collier - Hajanga
Jacob Collier - Flintstones
Jacob Collier - In The Real Early Morning
Jacob Collier - Don't You Know
Country Teasers - Golden Apples
Country Teasers - David I Hope You Don't Mind
Country Teasers - Deliverance From Misrule
Country Teasers - Come Back Maggy
Country Teasers - Song of the White Feather Club Secretary
Country Teasers - Spiderman in the Flesh
Country Teasers - Points of View
Country Teasers - Mos E17ley
Country Teasers - Only My Saviour
Country Teasers - Bitches' Fuck-Off
Country Teasers - Anytime, Cowboy
Country Teasers - Mosquito
Country Teasers - Black Cloud Wandering
Crack Ov Dawn - Gothic Party
Crack Ov Dawn - Porn Junkie
Letícia Coura - Ah, se eu tivesse um real!..
Pilita Corrales - Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal
Pilita Corrales - Kapantay ay Langit
Pilita Corrales - Dahil Sa'yo
Pilita Corrales - Ang Pipit
Pilita Corrales - O Maliwanag na Buwan
Pilita Corrales - Paano
Pilita Corrales - Rosas Pandan
Pilita Corrales - Carinosa
Pilita Corrales - Maalaala Mo Kaya
Country Teasers - Lies
Country Teasers - Thank You God for Making Me an Angel
Country Teasers - Deaths
Cor Scorpii - Ei Fane Svart
Cor Scorpii - Endesong
Cor Scorpii - I, The Damned
Cor Scorpii - Helvetesfossen
Cor Scorpii - Oske og Innsikt
Cor Scorpii - Kjettar
Cor Scorpii - Fall of Man
Cor Scorpii - Attergangar
Cor Scorpii - Når enden er god
Cousteau - Your Day Will Come
Cousteau - The Last Good Day of the Year
Cousteau - Mesmer
Cousteau - Jump in the River
Cousteau - (Shades of) Ruinous Blue
Cousteau - One Good Reason
Cousteau - She Don't Hear Your Prayer
Cousteau - Nothing So Bad
Cousteau - Talking to Myself
Cousteau - Peculiarly You
Cousteau - Salome
Cousteau - Please Don't Cry
Cousteau - No Medication
Cousteau - After the Fall
Cousteau - Last Secret of the Sea
Cousteau - Heavy Weather
Cousteau - She Bruise Easy
Cousteau - Have You Seen Her
Cousteau - Sadness
Cousteau - She's Not Coming Back
Cousteau - There She Goes
Cousteau - Black Heart of Mine
Cousteau - Highly
Cousteau - Echoes
Cousteau - Pia
Cousteau - Late September Rain
Cousteau - Of This Goodbye
Cousteau - How Will I Know?
Cousteau - To Know Her
Cousteau - The Last Good Day of the Year (remix by Feel Good Production)
Pilita Corrales - Matud Nila
Pilita Corrales - Sapagka't Kami Ay Tao Lamang (We're Only Human)
Come to Dolly - Tonight We Fall
Come to Dolly - Patterns of You
Come to Dolly - The Ascension
Come to Dolly - Kanashibari
Come to Dolly - Send Me an Angel
Corciolli - Fama (fogo)
Brad Cotter - I Meant To
Brad Cotter - Can't Tell Me Nothin'
Brad Cotter - Patient Man
Brad Cotter - I Miss Me
Brad Cotter - High on Love
Brad Cotter - Rock and Roll in the Hay
Brad Cotter - Hard to Be a Rock
Brad Cotter - I Came Here to Live
Brad Cotter - Blue Collar Night
Brad Cotter - I've Got Time
Chick Corea & Gary Burton - Eleanor Rigby
Corciolli - Sea
Corciolli - Alarum
Corciolli - Rain Dance
Deborah Cox - September
Deborah Cox - It’s Over Now
Deborah Cox - Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here
Deborah Cox - We Can’t Be Friends
Deborah Cox - One Wish
Deborah Cox - I Won’t Give Up
Deborah Cox - Love Is on the Way
Deborah Cox - I Never Knew
Deborah Cox - Things Just Ain’t the Same
Deborah Cox - Sentimental
Deborah Cox - I’m Your Natural Woman
Deborah Cox - The Sound of My Tears
Deborah Cox - My Radio
Deborah Cox - My First Night With You
Deborah Cox - Love Is Not Made in Words
Deborah Cox - You Know Where My Heart Is
Deborah Cox - Did You Ever Love Me
Deborah Cox - Saying Goodbye
Deborah Cox - Beautiful U R
Deborah Cox - All Over Me
Deborah Cox - All Hearts Aren’t Shaped the Same
Deborah Cox - Down 4 U
Deborah Cox - Where Do We Go 2
Deborah Cox - What a Difference a Day Made
Deborah Cox - Misery
Deborah Cox - This Bitter Earth
Deborah Cox - Squeeze Me
Deborah Cox - New Blowtop Blues
Deborah Cox - September in the Rain
Deborah Cox - Look to the Rainbow
Eduardo Costa - Me Apaixonei (A Primeira Vez Que Eu Te Vi)
Eduardo Costa - Linda Demais
Eduardo Costa - Na Saideira
Eduardo Costa - Passou
Eduardo Costa - Minha Estrela Perdida
Eduardo Costa - Olhando nos Teus Olhos
Eduardo Costa - A Gente se Enrosca
Eduardo Costa - Separação
Eduardo Costa - Amor de Violeiro
Eduardo Costa - Eu Sou Desejo, Você é Paixão (Right Here Waiting For You)
Eduardo Costa - Cena De Um Filme
Eduardo Costa - Quem É
Eduardo Costa - Pele alma e coração
Eduardo Costa - Pé de Macaco
Eduardo Costa - Ela Saiu À Francesa
Eduardo Costa - Paguei Pra Ver
Eduardo Costa - Nenhuma Esperança
Eduardo Costa - Tomara a Deus
Eduardo Costa - Meu Grito de Amor (part. Paula Fernandes)
Eduardo Costa - Eu Quero Te Amar
Eduardo Costa - Sou Seu Fã Número 1
Eduardo Costa - Cachaceiro
Eduardo Costa - Diz Que É Mentira
Eduardo Costa - Quando o Amor é Pra Valer
Eduardo Costa - Coração Aberto
Eduardo Costa - Eu Duvido
Eduardo Costa - Camisa Manchada
Eduardo Costa - Me apaixonei
Eduardo Costa - Labirinto de saudade
Eduardo Costa - Olhos apaixonados
Eduardo Costa - Por onde andei
Eduardo Costa - Percebi tarde demais
Eduardo Costa - Eu de cá você de lá
Eduardo Costa - To com saudades de você
Eduardo Costa - Não tem adeus quando de ama
Eduardo Costa - Taça de pranto
Corinne - What a Feeling
The Confession - Burn the Virgin
The Confession - Through These Eyes
The Confession - Dance With the Devil
The Confession - Time Is Gone
The Confession - Jealousy
The Confession - The End Is Near
The Confession - Dead Man Walking
The Confession - Requiem
The Confession - The Rise and Fall
The Confession - No Angel
The Confession - War of Ages
The Confession - Bleed You Dry
The Confession - Wasting Away
Crash Kings - Mountain Man
Crash Kings - 1985
Crash Kings - It's Only Wednesday
Crash Kings - Come Away
Crash Kings - Non Believer
Crash Kings - 14 Arms
Crash Kings - Raincoat
Crash Kings - Saving Grace
Crash Kings - My Love
Crash Kings - Six Foot Tall
Crash Kings - Hot Fire
Crash Kings - Dressed to the 9's
Crash Kings - So Many Ways
Crash Kings - All Along
Crash Kings - Lonely War
Crash Kings - Inside Upside Down
Crash Kings - White Wolf
Crash Kings - Hesitate
Crash Kings - Wave of Tomorrow
Luis Coronel - Mi niña traviesa
Luis Coronel - Lo mejor que me ha pasado
Luis Coronel - Tu boca me hipnotiza
Luis Coronel - Escápate
Luis Coronel - Somos ajenos
Luis Coronel - A quién
Luis Coronel - Le atiné