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Collide - Like You Want to Believe
Collide - Crushed
Collide - Euphoria
Collide - Modify
Collide - Slither Thing
Collide - Inside
Collide - Mutation
Collide - Tempted
Collide - Shimmer
Collide - Complicated
Collide - So Long
Collide - Beneath the Skin
Collide - Deep
Collide - Black
Collide - Strange
Collide - Dreams and Illusions
Collide - Have Faith
Collide - Falling Up
Collide - Feed Me to the Lions
:( - Cute
:( - Twin Chevron Action Flash
:( - Fake Blood
:( - Codes
:( - Heartache of Soccer Moms
:( - Hunt Hunters
:( - Nuclear Family
Johnny Cooper - Don't Feel Like That Anymore
Johnny Cooper - Somewhere in Between
Johnny Cooper - Can't Hold on to You
Johnny Cooper - Blue
Johnny Cooper - Bring Me Down
Johnny Cooper - Crazy
Johnny Cooper - Try
Johnny Cooper - Yes My Love
Johnny Cooper - Take Your Number
Johnny Cooper - Follow
Johnny Cooper - Let It All Go
Johnny Cooper - Texas To You
Johnny Cooper - Leave
Johnny Cooper - Down At The Shop
Johnny Cooper - Everything
Johnny Cooper - Broke
Johnny Cooper - It's You
Johnny Cooper - Missing You
Johnny Cooper - Red Dirt
Collide - Tongue Tied & Twisted
Collide - Chaotic
Collide - A Little Too Much
Collide - Pure Bliss
Collide - Spaces in Between
Collide - Silently Creeping
Collide - Head Spin
Collide - Two Headed Monster
Collide - Shifting
Collide - Utopia
Collide - Come Together
Collide - Creep
Collide - Space Oddity
Collide - Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing
Collide - Comfortably Numb
Collide - Son of a Preacher Man
Collide - Violet's Dance (Abstract dub Fuck)
Collide - Mind Games
Collide - In the Frequency
Collide - Clearer
Collide - Counting to Zero
Collide - Human
Collide - Further From Anything
Collide - Letting Go
Lloyd Cole - Don’t Look Back
Lloyd Cole - What Do You Know About Love?
Lloyd Cole - To the Church
Lloyd Cole - Icecream Girl
Lloyd Cole - I Hate to See You Baby Doing That Stuff
Lloyd Cole - Waterline
Lloyd Cole - Mercy Killing
Lloyd Cole - Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?
Lloyd Cole - Rattlesnakes
Lloyd Cole - My Bag
Lloyd Cole - Why I Love Country Music
Lloyd Cole - What's Wrong With This Picture?
Lloyd Cole - Witching Hour
Lloyd Cole - Too Much e
Lloyd Cole - 4 M.B.
Lloyd Cole - Patience
Collide - Orgy
Collide - Chaotic (Oxidized)
Collide - Deep (Like the Hunted acoustic)
Collide - Vilolet's Dance
Collide - Pandora's Box (Opened remix version 2.0)
Collide - Felix the Cat (version 2.0)
Eric Clapton - Call Me the Breeze
Eric Clapton - Believe in Life
Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood - Presence of the Lord
Eric Clapton - Last Fair Deal Gone Down
B.B. King & Eric Clapton - Hold On I’m Coming
B.B. King & Eric Clapton - Key to the Highway
Eric Clapton - Ain’t That Lovin You
Eric Clapton - Lonesone Road Blues
Eric Clapton - Give Me Strength (Dobro 1)
Eric Clapton - Fools Like Me
Delaney & Bonnie - Only You Know and I Know
Eric Clapton - Alabama Woman Blues
Eric Clapton - I Will Be There
Eric Clapton - Spiral
Eric Clapton - Catch the Blues
Eric Clapton - Cypress Grove
Eric Clapton - Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day
Eric Clapton - I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
Kristy Lee Cook - 15 Minutes of Shame
Kristy Lee Cook - Why Wait
Kristy Lee Cook - Like My Mother Does
Kristy Lee Cook - Hoping to Find
Kristy Lee Cook - Baby Believe
Kristy Lee Cook - Not Tonight
Kristy Lee Cook - Plant the Seed
Kristy Lee Cook - I Think Too Much
Kristy Lee Cook - Homesick
Comus - Out of the Coma
Comus - The Sacrifice
Comus - The Return
Comus - The Herald
Comus - Drip Drip
Comus - Song to Comus
Comus - The Bite
Comus - The Prisoner
Comus - Children of the Universe
Comus - So Long Supernova
Comus - To Keep From Crying
Eric Clapton - Blues
Eric Clapton - Setting Me Up
Eric Clapton - I Wanna Make Love to You
Eric Clapton - Tearin’ Us Apart
BJ Cole - Casino Tan
Colorfactory - If You Knew
Colorfactory - It's Always You
Colorfactory - Candy Cane
Colorfactory - Kiss Me
Colorfactory - Drift On Your Love
Colorfactory - Paris
Eric Clapton - Come on in My Kitchen
Eric Clapton - 32‐20 Blues
The Yardbirds - She’s So Respectable
The Yardbirds - Five Long Years
Eric Clapton - Black Summer Rain
Eric Clapton - Travelin’ Light
Eric Clapton - Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Eric Clapton - Losing Hand
Contraste - Esta Noche
Eric Clapton - Tracks and Lines
Eric Clapton - Cold Turkey
Eric Clapton - Help Me Up
Channel 5 - For a Look in Your Eyes
Channel 5 - Isn't It You
Eric Clapton - Nobody Loves You When You Are Down and Out
Eric Clapton - Born Under a Bad Sign
Eric Clapton - Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
Eric Clapton - Driftin'
Derek and the Dominos - Tell the Truth (jam 1)
Axel Coon - I Wish
Axel Coon - Promise Me
Coetus - María ramo de palma
Coetus - No voy solo no
Coetus - Gallo rojo
Coetus - Son d'arriba
Coetus - Cogía coles
Coetus - Verde gaio
Coetus - ¿Para qué cantar?
Coetus - Obertura
Eric Clapton - All Your Love
Pascal Comelade - Love Too Soon
Cop Shoot Cop - Interference
Cop Shoot Cop - It Only Hurts When I Breathe
Cop Shoot Cop - Last Legs
Cop Shoot Cop - Slackjaw
Cop Shoot Cop - Swimming in Circles
Cop Shoot Cop - Ambulance Song
Cop Shoot Cop - Suckerpunch
Cop Shoot Cop - Money-Drunk
Cop Shoot Cop - Discount Rebellion
Cop Shoot Cop - Traitor/Martyr
Cop Shoot Cop - Coldest Day of the Year
Cop Shoot Cop - Relief
Cop Shoot Cop - Corporate Protopop
Cop Shoot Cop - Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Cop Shoot Cop - Chameleon Man
Cop Shoot Cop - If Tomorrow Ever Comes
Cop Shoot Cop - Hung Again
Cop Shoot Cop - Surprise, Surprise
Cop Shoot Cop - Cut to the Chase
Cop Shoot Cop - $10 Bill
Cop Shoot Cop - Furnace
Cop Shoot Cop - Cause and Effect
Cop Shoot Cop - Got No Soul
Cop Shoot Cop - Everybody Loves You
Cop Shoot Cop - All the Clocks are Broken
Cop Shoot Cop - She's Like a Shot
Cop Shoot Cop - Burn Your Bridges
Cop Shoot Cop - Down Come the Mickey
Clémence - Où es-tu
Clémence - La vie comme elle vient
Clémence - So young
Clémence - Reverie
The Yardbirds - Smokestack Lightnin’
Eric Clapton - Can't Find My Way Home
Eric Clapton - Not Gon' Cry
Eric Clapton - Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Eric Clapton - I've Got a Rock 'n' Roll Heart
Eric Clapton - Money for Nothing
Eric Clapton - She's Waiting
Eric Clapton - Riding With the King
Eric Clapton - Ride the River
Eric Clapton - Stroll On
Eric Clapton - Heart Full of Soul
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven (unplugged)
Eric Clapton - Kidman Blues
Eric Clapton - Forty Four
Eric Clapton - Standin' Round Cryin'
Eric Clapton - I'm Tore Down
Eric Clapton - Ain't Nobody's Business
Eric Clapton - Don't Know Which Way to Go
Eric Clapton - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Eric Clapton - Hootchie Coochie Man
Eric Clapton - 44
Eric Clapton - Lonely Years
Eric Clapton - Bernard Jenkins
Eric Clapton - Something's Happening
Eric Clapton - What do You Love
Eric Clapton - The Circus Left Town
Eric Clapton - Last Night
Eric Clapton - Believe in Light
Eric Clapton - Sleeping in the Ground
Eric Clapton - Mean Old World
Eric Clapton - Walkin' Down the Road
Eric Clapton - Driftin' Blues / Rambling on My Mind
Eric Clapton - Eyesight to the Blind / Why Does Love Got to Be Sad
Eric Clapton - Goin' Down Slow / Rambling on My Mind
Eric Clapton - Cryin'
Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton - I Aint Got You
Eric Clapton - Fathers Eyes
Eric Clapton - Ain't That Loving You
Eric Clapton - Lawdy Mama
Eric Clapton - Change the World (intrumental)
Eric Clapton - 32-20
Eric Clapton - Pilgrim (remix by Keith Crouch)
Eric Clapton - I'm Your Witch/Doctor (With John Mayall & His Bluesbreakers)
Eric Clapton - Boom Boom (W/ Yardbirds)
Eric Clapton - Talkin' About You (W/ Yardbirds)
Eric Clapton - Louise (W/ Yardbirds)
Eric Clapton - Putty (In Your Hands) (W/Yardbirds)
Eric Clapton - Draggin' My Tail (Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page)
Eric Clapton - For Your Love (The Yarbirds)
Eric Clapton - Heaven
Eric Clapton - Judgment Day
Eric Clapton - She Rides (Let It Rain)
Eric Clapton - Pretending (Journeyman Outtake)
Eric Clapton - If I Had Possession Over Judgement
Eric Clapton - I Wish You Would (Arnold)
Eric Clapton - It's Probably Me
Eric Clapton - Where There's a Will There's a Way
Eric Clapton - Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
Eric Clapton - You Don't Know Like I Know
Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton / Mean Old Frisco Blues
Eric Clapton - Key to Love
Eric Clapton - Nobody Knows You
Eric Clapton - Black Magic Woman
Eric Clapton - Pounds And Stomps (Smith/Granville/McCarty/Dreja/Beck/Keith)
Eric Clapton - Me & The Devil Blues
Eric Clapton - Milkcow Calf Blues
Eric Clapton - Someday After Awhile
Eric Clapton - Circus Left Town
Eric Clapton - Willie & the Hand Jive
Eric Clapton - Poor Elijah
Eric Clapton - Standing Around Crying
Eric Clapton - No Alibis (Journeyman Outtake)
Eric Clapton - Lady of Verona
Eric Clapton - I Wanna Little Girl
Eric Clapton - Meet Me (In the Bottom) (vocal)
Eric Clapton - I Am Yours
Eric Clapton - Gypsy (Please Be With Me)
Eric Clapton - Layla [orchestral info]
Eric Clapton - Take It Back
Eric Clapton - I Can't Hold Out Much Longer
Eric Clapton - Have You Ever Loved a Women
Eric Clapton - Meet Me
Eric Clapton - Mainline Florid
Eric Clapton - It's Too Late
Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (cut in)
Eric Clapton - Keep on Growing
Eric Clapton - Willie and the Handjive / Get Ready
Eric Clapton - Traveli' Alone
Eric Clapton - Isn't It a Pity
Eric Clapton - Travelling Riverside Blues
Eric Clapton - Crossroads (missing beginning)
Eric Clapton - Rock and Roll Heart
Eric Clapton - Happy Birthday
Eric Clapton - Eyesight to the Blind
Eric Clapton - Steady Rolling Man
Eric Clapton - Four Until Late
Eric Clapton - I’ve Told You for the Last Time
Eric Clapton - I Shot the Sherif
Eric Clapton - Sunshine of Your Love - Cream Live
Eric Clapton - Don't Wait
Eric Clapton - Don't Go to Strangers
Eric Clapton - Tell the Truth Jam
Eric Clapton - I Aint' Got You
Eric Clapton - First Time I Met the Blues
Eric Clapton - Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out
Eric Clapton - Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Eric Clapton - Heaven In One Step Away
Eric Clapton - I'll Be Seeing You
Eric Clapton - Can't Let You Do It
Eric Clapton - Somebody's Knockin'
Eric Clapton - Still I’m Sad
Eric Clapton - Early in the Morning (feat. Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker) [Live Version]
The Codex - Bring Down the Moon
Conditions - The End of Progression
Conditions - Better Life
Conditions - Natural Competition
Conditions - When It Won't Save You
Conditions - Make Them Remember
Conditions - Keeping Pace With Planes
Conditions - ...Made Ghosts
Conditions - Comfort Far Away
Conditions - Miss America
Conditions - Illuminati
Conditions - Walking Separate Ways
Conditions - Skeleton
Conditions - Open Eyes
Conditions - Best Mistake
Conditions - Love Elusive
Conditions - Wonderful Lie
Conditions - Every Day Is a New Life
Conditions - The Descent of Man
Conditions - What We Wait For
Conditions - Long Division
Conditions - Not Giving Up...Not Yet
Conditions - No Mistakes
Conditions - Make Your Art
Conditions - Missing Hours
Conditions - Long Way Down (Cover)
Conditions - Runaways (Cover)
Conditions - With or Without You (Cover)
Conditions - Citizen
Conditions - Man to Mannequin
Conditions - Goodbye Good Name
Conditions - Our Way Home
Conditions - In Light of Silver and Black
Conditions - Fine Young Firecrackers
Conditions - Persona
Conditions - Before You Fight This Battle...
Conditions - Born Again Question
Conditions - American Castles
Conditions - A Knight In Shining Amore
Conditions - The Machinist
CLOSER - Despair ~ Runaway From Silence
CLOSER - For Your Unpleasure
CLOSER - Illusion
CLOSER - Mémoire de Rêve
Code 13 - Stand and Fight
Colin of Arabia - Bst...
Colin of Arabia - 50 Bag of Hate
Colin of Arabia - Everyday I Walk the Same Way Home
ColorStar - Falling
ColorStar - Light Up The Stars
ColorStar - One More Slip
ColorStar - Another Day
ColorStar - Fragrance
ColorStar - Control the Moment
ColorStar - Running in the City
ColorStar - Six Steps on the Moon
ColorStar - Roam The Land
ColorStar - Cold Winds
ColorStar - Sudden Love
ColorStar - Petite Adéle (God Is My Witness RMX By Dj Kraak & Sch_Dave)
DJ Coone - Times Gettin' Hard
DJ Coone - Our Fairytale
Coone & Wildstylez - This Is Home
DJ Coone - Drowning
DJ Coone - Zombie Killer
DJ Coone - Less Is More (Intro)
Coone feat. Matt Fryers - Last Man Standing
Coone feat. David Spekter - Faye
Coone feat. Jelle Van Dael & E-Life - We’ll Be Gone
Coone & Dirtcaps - Sniper
Coone & Hard Driver - It’s All In The Game (Intents 2016 Anthem)
Coone & Zatox - F.T.F.M.F.
DJ Coone - Doggy Style
DJ Coone - Words From the Gang [D-Block & S-Te-Fan remix]
DJ Coone - D.W.X.
DJ Coone - The Way That I Ride
DJ Coone - Come Take My Hand
DJ Coone - The Return
DJ Coone - Showtime
Contact Play - Little Pissed Off
Contact Play - For Fuck's Sake
Communiqué - The Best Lies
Communiqué - Evaporate
Communiqué - Ouija Me
Communiqué - Dagger Vision
Communiqué - Perfect Weapon
Communiqué - Black Curses
Communiqué - Strays
Communiqué - My Bay
Communiqué - Death Rattle Dance
Communiqué - Rattling Bones
Communiqué - Cross Your Heart
Communiqué - Ugly Moon
Communiqué - Love Unconditional
Communiqué - Evening in the Sky
Communiqué - Drummer Boy
Communiqué - Annabelle
The Commodores - This Is Your Life
The Commodores - Brick House
The Commodores - Slippery When Wet
Joni Mitchell - Rainy Night House
Victor Young - My Foolish Heart
Stella Cornelia - Gelisah
Choir of Trinity College - Advent Responsory
Choir of Trinity College - O Come All Ye Faithful
Choir of Trinity College - A Child Is Born in Bethlehem
Maurice Duruflé - Ubi caritas
Commuter - Chapters
Cor Mutsers - Patrick van Gerven - Dance With Me
Johnny Colón - Merecumbe
The Conscious Daughters - Somethin' to Ride To (Fonky Expedition)
The Conscious Daughters - We Roll Deep
The Conscious Daughters - Gamers
The Conscious Daughters - Something to Ride To (Fonky Expedition) (LP version instrumental)
Johnny Colón - Son Montuno
Pascal Comelade - Le Rendez-vous
Rita Coolidge feat. Kris Kristofferson - A Song I'd Like to Sing
Rita Coolidge feat. Kris Kristofferson - Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends
Corn Mo - The Baloney Song
Concrete Knives - Bornholmer
Concrete Knives - Happy Mondays
Concrete Knives - Brand New Start
Concrete Knives - Wallpaper
Confligo - Spiritual Inner Destiny
Confligo - Like a Winter Storm
Confligo - The Edge of Pain
Confligo - The Game
Confligo - The Long Farewell
Confligo - Moonlight Shadow (Mike Oldfield cover)
Christion - Full of Smoke
Christion - Bring Back Your Love
Christion - Soon
DJ Company - Hey Everybody
DJ Company - Rhythm of Love
DJ Company - Holiday in the Land of Love
DJ Company - Cybersex Lovegame
Gigliola Cinquetti - Il primo bacio che darò
Gigliola Cinquetti - Anema e core
Gigliola Cinquetti - Ho bisogno di vederti
Gigliola Cinquetti - La boheme
Gigliola Cinquetti - Romantico blues
Gigliola Cinquetti - Dio come ti amo
Gigliola Cinquetti - La rosa nera
Gigliola Cinquetti - Il treno dell'amore
Gigliola Cinquetti - Dommage dommage (Peccato)
Gigliola Cinquetti - La pioggia
Gigliola Cinquetti - Quelli erano i giorni
Gigliola Cinquetti - Lady D'Arbanville
Gigliola Cinquetti - Lo specchio
Gigliola Cinquetti - Zero in amore
Gigliola Cinquetti - Risveglio
Gigliola Cinquetti - Non illuderti mai
Gigliola Cinquetti - Ho scritto fine
Gigliola Cinquetti - Giuseppe in Pennsylvania
Gigliola Cinquetti - Tardi (Come una foglia)
Gigliola Cinquetti - Volano le rondini
Gigliola Cinquetti - Il tamburo della banda d'Affori
Gigliola Cinquetti - Fiorellin del prato
Gigliola Cinquetti - Pennsylvania Polka
Gigliola Cinquetti - Fatalità
Gigliola Cinquetti - I pompieri di Viggiù
Gigliola Cinquetti - Mille anni
Gigliola Cinquetti - Piccola cittá
Gigliola Cinquetti - Grazie amore
Gigliola Cinquetti - Quando m'innamoro
Gigliola Cinquetti - Sera
Gigliola Cinquetti - Dommage, dommage (Too bad, too bad) (Peccato)
Clowns - Swallow Your Dreams
Circus of Power - Motor
Circus of Power - White Trash Queen
Circus of Power - Call of the Wild
Circus of Power - Needles
Circus of Power - In the Wind
Circus of Power - Crazy
Circus of Power - Letters Home
Circus of Power - Backseat Mama
Circus of Power - Machine
Circus of Power - Turn Up the Jams
Circus of Power - Swamp Devil
Circus of Power - Heaven & Hell
Circus of Power - Poison Girl
Circus of Power - Dreams Tonight
Circus of Power - Mama Tequila
Circus of Power - Black Roses
Circus of Power - Waitin' for the Wizard
Circus of Power - Slip Away
Circus of Power - Two River Highway
Orlando Contreras - Malditos celos
Orlando Contreras - Arrepentido
Orlando Contreras - Sin egoismo
Orlando Contreras - En un beso la vida
Orlando Contreras - Amigo de que
Orlando Contreras - Por un puñao de oro
Orlando Contreras - Arráncame la vida
Orlando Contreras - Egoismo
Orlando Contreras - Obsesión
Orlando Contreras - Sabor de engaño
Orlando Contreras - Por seguir tus huellas
Orlando Contreras - Un corazón de madera
Orlando Contreras - Amarga decepción
Orlando Contreras - Por borracha
Orlando Contreras - Done Tu Iras
Gigliola Cinquetti - Alle porte del sole
Gigliola Cinquetti - Giovane vecchio cuore
Gigliola Cinquetti - L'amore d'aprile
Gigliola Cinquetti - Senza di te, senza di me
Gigliola Cinquetti - Le storie
Gigliola Cinquetti - Luna vagabonda
Gigliola Cinquetti - Mi fermerò con te
Gigliola Cinquetti - Prima del temporale
Gigliola Cinquetti - Quel tuo cuore da re
Gigliola Cinquetti - Calypso
Gigliola Cinquetti - Notte di stelle
Gigliola Cinquetti - Boreale
Gigliola Cinquetti - La vita è dura
Gigliola Cinquetti - La prima donna sulla luna
Gigliola Cinquetti - Quelli della mia età (Tous les garçons et les filles)
Gigliola Cinquetti - E ti vengo a cercare
Gigliola Cinquetti - L'edera
Gigliola Cinquetti - Altre fantasie
Gigliola Cinquetti - Artista e vagabondo
Gigliola Cinquetti - Ora che amo te
Gigliola Cinquetti - Ne me quitte pas
Gigliola Cinquetti - Ti dico addio
Gigliola Cinquetti - Si
Gigliola Cinquetti - Verona Illuminata
Gigliola Cinquetti - Pensieri di notte
Clipse - Intro
Clipse - Young Boy
Clipse feat. Ab-Liva & Roscoe P. Coldchain - Cot Damn
Clipse feat. Faith Evans - Ma, I Don't Love Her
Clipse feat. Famlay - Famlay Freestyle
Clipse - When the Last Time
Clipse - Ego
Clipse feat. Fabolous - Comedy Central
Jermaine Dupri feat. Clipse - Lets Talk About It
Clipse feat. Jadakiss, Styles P & Roscoe P. Coldchain - I'm Not You
Clipse - Freedom
Clipse - Popular Demand (Popeyes)
Clipse - Kinda Like a Big Deal
Clipse - There Was a Murder
Clipse - Door Man
Clipse - Never Will It Stop
Clipse feat. Keri Hilson - All Eyes on Me
Clipse - Champion
Clipse - Life Change
Clipse - Dopeman
Clipse - Cross the Border
Clipse - Crew Deep
Clipse - Stuntin' Y'All
Clipse - We Got It for Cheap (intro)
Clipse - Momma I'm So Sorry
Clipse feat. Slim Thug - Wamp Wamp (What It Do)
Clipse feat. AB-Liva of the Re-Up Gang - Ride Around Shining
Clipse - Dirty Money
Clipse feat. Re-Up Gang - Ain't Cha
Clipse - Trill
Clipse - Chinese New Year
Clipse - I'm Not You
Clipse - Nightmares
Clipse - Cot' Damn
Clipse - Famlay Freestyle
Clipse - Prayer
Clipse - Hear Me Out
Clipse - Power
Clipse - You Don't Even Know
Clipse - Breakfast in Cairo
Clipse - Hostage
Clipse - Wild Cowboy
Clipse - Taiwan to Texas
Clipse - You Can't Touch Me
Clipse - Feel Like Me
Clipse - Watch Over Me
Clipse - The Funeral
Clipse - Hot Damn
Clipse - Showin' Out
Clipse - I'm Good
Clipse - Zen
Clipse - Hate It or Love It
Clipse - Fed Taking Pictures
Clipse - Ultimate Flow
Clipse - Roll With the Winners
Clipse - Bodysnatchers
Clipse - I'm a Hustla
Clipse - Got Caught Dealin'
Clipse - Ma, I Don't Love Her
Clipse - Virginia (Lost Woods)
Clipse - Fast Life (Sephiroth's Reunion)
Gigliola Cinquetti - Napoli fortuna mia
Gigliola Cinquetti - Zum, zum, zum
Gigliola Cinquetti - Parallele
Gigliola Cinquetti - Frutaflor matutina
Gigliola Cinquetti - Millie
Gigliola Cinquetti - Un Paese Voul Dire
Gigliola Cinquetti - Ma Chi Làvra Inventato Quest Uomo
Commercial Club Crew - La Luna (Silver Nikan Jump radio cut)
Los Compadres - Su señorita la conga
Cool Hand Luke - Skydive
Cool Hand Luke - The Foster
Cool Hand Luke - Rats in the Cellar
Cool Hand Luke - Cinematic
Cool Hand Luke - I'm Not Ready
Cool Hand Luke - Sequence #3
Cool Hand Luke - Friendly Jas
Cool Hand Luke - I'm Not Running
Cool Hand Luke - The Zombie Song
Cool Hand Luke - Rest for the Weary
Cool Hand Luke - The Fires of Life
Cool Hand Luke - Cast Your Bread
Cool Hand Luke - Failing in Love
Cool Hand Luke - Buy the Truth
Cool Hand Luke - The Mirror
Cool Hand Luke - Eye of the Storm
Cool Hand Luke - The City Prevails
Cool Hand Luke - Spirit Sing
Cool Hand Luke - Wondertour
Cool Hand Luke - The House
Cool Hand Luke - The Incomprehensible Sleep
Cool Hand Luke - The Balancing Act
Cool Hand Luke - So Shall It Be
Cool Hand Luke - 10 or 40
Cool Hand Luke - A Thank You
Cool Hand Luke - This Is Love
Cool Hand Luke - One Time
Cool Hand Luke - A Floating Smile
Cool Hand Luke - Heroes Will Be Heroes
Cool Hand Luke - Nobody Hugs a Rose
Cool Hand Luke - Dreams for Sale
Cool Hand Luke - Two Pianos
Cool Hand Luke - Like a Bell Tolling From Another World
Cool Hand Luke - For You
Cool Hand Luke - O Shachah
Chitlin' Fooks - Go Easy on Me
Jazz Connection - I Wanna Be Like You
Jazz Connection - Bananasplit for My Baby
Jazz Connection - Nothing's Too Good for My Baby
Jazz Connection - Angelina / Zooma Zooma
Classics of Love - What a Shame
Classics of Love - Castle in the Sky
Classics of Love - Gun Show
Classics of Love - No Return
Classics of Love - Walking in Shadows
Classics of Love - Slow Car Crash
Classics of Love - Don't Stand Down
Classics of Love - Countdown
Classics of Love - Time Flies
The Coal Porters - Idiot Wind
Cordova - The Unknown
Cordova - She's Broke Not Broken
Cordova - Bastards
Cordova - When We Touch
Cordova - Freestyle
Cool Hand Luke - Are You Coming?
Cool Hand Luke - Goodbye, for Now
Cool Hand Luke - The Last Supper
Cool Hand Luke - The Silver
Cool Hand Luke - A Garden in the Dark
Cool Hand Luke - His Eyes
Cool Hand Luke - The Confusion of Simon Peter
Cool Hand Luke - Two Versions
Cool Hand Luke - Not the End, Not the End
Cool Hand Luke - Destroying Transduction
Cool Hand Luke - Debating the Axiom
Cool Hand Luke - The Numbing Agent
Cool Hand Luke - Waiting for Another Hit
Cool Hand Luke - Target Form
Cool Hand Luke - We've Only Begun
Julie Dawn Cole - I Want It Now / Oompa Loompa
Constrito - Umundíi
Constrito - Permissividade
Constrito - Ciclo De Purificação
Constrito - Amerikkka Para Todos
Constrito - Por Pedras E Fogo
Christophe Cirillo - J'aimais Mieux Avant
Coloursound - Under the Sun
Coloursound - Fountainhead
Coloursound - State of Independence
Coloursound - Heavy Rain
Coloursound - View From a Different Window
Coloursound - Alive
Coloursound - This Life
Coloursound - All Kinds of Wonderful
Coloursound - For the Love Of
Coloursound - Where Do You Want to Go
Coloursound - Fade in Fade Out Fade Away
Coloursound - Fly With Me (full length original)
Container 90 - Clean
Container 90 - Richars is a Racist
Brian Connolly - Fox on the Run
Brian Connolly - Love Is Like Oxygen
Collapse 7 - Infernal Apocalypse
Collapse 7 - In Deep Silence
Collapse 7 - Empty as We Are
Collapse 7 - A Prophet's Speech
Collapse 7 - Blessed with Pain
Collapse 7 - Into Obscurity
Collapse 7 - Legions of Blackness
Collapse 7 - Tombs of Depravity
Collapse 7 - A Suicidal Sickness
Collapse 7 - Faith in Flames
The Constellations - Setback
The Constellations - Perfect Day
The Constellations - Love Is a Murder
The Constellations - December
The Constellations - We're Here to Save the Day
The Constellations - Felicia
The Constellations - What I See
The Constellations - On My Way Up
The Constellations - Right Where I Belong
The Constellations - The Ol' Speakeasy
The Constellations - Let's Get Paid
Compact Disco - I'm in Love
Compact Disco - Get It Right
Compact Disco - Feel the Rain
Compact Disco - Sound of Our Hearts
The Congregation - Softly Whispering I Love You
Corpse Garden - Architects of Deception
Corpse Garden - Requiem for Salvation
Corpse Garden - Unspoken Words
Corpse Garden - Killing in the Name of God
Corpse Garden - Echoes of Death
Corpse Garden - Hypocrite
Corpse Garden - Leaders Not Followers
Código FN - Te Amaré Más
Código FN - Me Siento Enamorado
Código FN - ¿Qué Tiene de Raro?
Código FN - Imposible Estar Sin Ti
Código FN - Félix por Herencia
Código FN - El RM
Código FN - Los Pistoleros
Código FN - Sabes Amor
Código FN - Será Porque Te Amo
Código FN - Los Consejos
Código FN - El 27
Código FN - Eres Tan Naca
Código FN - El Hijo del Monte
Código FN - Me Gustas Mucho
Coope Boyes & Simpson - Goodbye Dolly Gray
Coope Boyes & Simpson - Spring 1919
Coope Boyes & Simpson - Only Remembered
Coope Boyes & Simpson - The Emperor's New Clothes
Coope Boyes & Simpson - Falling Slowly
Coo Coo Cal - Intro
Coo Coo Cal - My Projects
Coo Coo Cal - Dedication
Coo Coo Cal - Still Ride Till We Die
Coo Coo Cal - Ghetto Dreaming
Coo Coo Cal - Disturbed
Coo Coo Cal - Ride Till We Die
Coo Coo Cal - Game Still Recognize Game
Coo Coo Cal - My Projects (clean)
Comatose Vigil - Suicide Grotesque
Comatose Vigil - Cataracts
Comatose Vigil - Mirrors of Despair
Comatose Vigil - Fuimus, non sumus...
Comatose Vigil - Autophobia
Comatose Vigil - The Day Heaven Wept
Comatose Vigil - Tears of Time
Comatose Vigil - Narcosis
Holly Cole - I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life
Coho - Until We Get There
Coope Boyes & Simpson - The Levelution
Corkskrew - 13
The Cooldown Café - Hey Baby (Uhh, Ahh)
The Cooldown Café - Met z'n allen
The Cooldown Café - Ben ik te min
Mariano Civico - Te Voy a Hacer Feliz
Mariano Civico - Esa Mujer
Mariano Civico - Tu Precio
Mariano Civico - Tu Desinteres
Mariano Civico - Paisaje
Mariano Civico - Se Quiere Bonito
Mariano Civico - Solo Deseos
Mariano Civico - Amor Que Mata
Hein Cooper - The Art of Escape
Hein Cooper - Rusty
Hein Cooper - Overflow
Hein Cooper - Curse My Life
Hein Cooper - Polar Bears
Hein Cooper - The Real
Hein Cooper - Luna Sky
Mélanie Cohl - Dis oui
Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time - Rough Around the Edges
Company Flow - Bad Touch Example
Company Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection
Company Flow feat. J-Treds - Collude/Intrude
Company Flow - Blind
Company Flow - [silence]
Company Flow - Definitive
Company Flow - 89.9 Detrimental
Company Flow feat. BMS - Vital Nerve
Company Flow - Tragedy of War (In III Parts)
Company Flow - The Fire in Which You Burn
Company Flow - Krazy Kings
Company Flow - Last Good Sleep
Company Flow - Info Kill II
Company Flow - Comp
Company Flow - Krazy Kings Too
The Company Band - Zombie Barricades
The Company Band - It's a Confusing World
The Company Band - Djinn and Pentatonic
The Company Band - Inline Six
The Company Band - Hot Topic Woman
The Company Band - All's Well in Milton Keynes
The Company Band - Who Else but Us?
The Company Band - CD&W
The Company Band - Love Means Never Having to Say You're Ugly
The Company Band - Lethe Waters
The Company Band - Company Man
The Company Band - Heartache & Misery
The Company Band - House of Capricorn
The Company Band - Fortune's a Mistress
The Company Band - Black Light Fever
The Company Band - Spellbinder
The Company Band - Loc-Nar
Gabriella Cohen - I Don't Feel So Alive
Gabriella Cohen - This Could Be Love
Culture Code - Make Me Move
Clam Chowder - Tshotsholosa
Dillon Cooper - Every Day Life
Dillon Cooper - State of Elevation
Dillon Cooper - Survival of the Fittest
Dillon Cooper - Kung Fu
Dillon Cooper - The Best
Dillon Cooper - Ms. Jackson
Dillon Cooper - Dark Knight
Dillon Cooper - Knuckle Up
Dillon Cooper - Charge It to the Game
Dillon Cooper - Eyes of the World
Dillon Cooper - Shadows
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Too Late to Turn Back Now
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Treat Her Like a Lady
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Let Me Down Easy
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Don't Ever Be Loney (A Poor Little Fool Like Me)
Cólera - Fuck The War
Cólera - Aperte O Nó
Cólera - Aguia Filhote
Cólera - Medo
Cólera - Funcionários
Cólera - Somos Vivos
Cólera - Direitos Humanos
Cólera - Vivo na Cidade
Cólera - Pela Paz
Cólera - Em Setembro
The City on Film - Anticlimactic
The City on Film - How a Helicopter Sounds
The City on Film - I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk
The City on Film - All the Wrong Notes
The City on Film - Secret Santa Cruz
The City on Film - Astray! Astray!
The City on Film - Give Me Good News
Clair de Lune - Life on Remote
Clair de Lune - Passenger View
Compton Menace - Put on
Circus - Stop Wait & Listen
3 De Copas - Como Agradecer
3 De Copas - Amor Mio
3 De Copas - Bendito Cha Cha Cha
3 De Copas - Hasta Donde Tu Vayas
3 De Copas - Aferrado
3 De Copas - Como Quisiera
3 De Copas - Sin Preocupacion (con Reyli)
3 De Copas - Esra Vida
3 De Copas - Por Amarte Tanto
3 De Copas - Eras Tu
3 De Copas - Tequila y Cancion
3 De Copas - Mi Funeral
3 De Copas - Otra Vez
3 De Copas - Milagritos [album version]
3 De Copas - Dime si les dirás [album version]
3 De Copas - Zapatitos rojos [album version]
3 De Copas - Salimos de dudas [album version]
3 De Copas - Tu fantasma [album version]
3 De Copas - Le pregunto a Dios [album version]
3 De Copas - Se fue [album version]
3 De Copas - Arriba corazones [album version]
3 De Copas - Duerme [album version]
3 De Copas - Se me muere la vida [reginal mexican balada version]
Corbeau - Illégal
Corbeau - Agriculture
Corbeau - J'lâche Pas
Corbeau - Demain
Lee Clayton - I Ride Alone
Lee Clayton - I Love You
Lee Clayton - A Little Cocaine
Lee Clayton - Silver Stallion
Lee Clayton - If You Can Touch Her at All
Lee Clayton - Rainbow in the Sky
Lee Clayton - 10,000 Light Years / Sexual Moon
Lee Clayton - Industry
Lee Clayton - Whatcha Gonna Do
CocoRosie - Rainbowarriors
CocoRosie - Promise
CocoRosie - Bloody Twins
CocoRosie - Japan
CocoRosie - Sunshine
CocoRosie - Black Poppies
CocoRosie - Werewolf
CocoRosie - Animals
CocoRosie - Houses
CocoRosie - Raphael
CocoRosie - Girl and the Geese
CocoRosie - Miracle / Childhood
CocoRosie - Trinity's Crying
CocoRosie - Smokey Taboo
CocoRosie - Hopscotch
CocoRosie - Undertaker
CocoRosie - Grey Oceans
CocoRosie - R.I.P. Burn Face
CocoRosie - The Moon Asked the Crow
CocoRosie - Lemonade
CocoRosie - Gallows
CocoRosie - Fairy Paradise
CocoRosie - Here I Come
CocoRosie - St. Michael
CocoRosie - By Your Side
CocoRosie - Jesus Loves Me
CocoRosie - Not for Sale
CocoRosie - Tahiti Rain Song
CocoRosie - Butterscotch
CocoRosie - West Side
CocoRosie - Madonna
CocoRosie - Hatian Love Songs
CocoRosie - Lyla
CocoRosie - Beautiful Boyz
CocoRosie - Forget Me Not
CocoRosie - Un beso
CocoRosie - Lost Girls
CocoRosie - Heartache City
CocoRosie - The Tower of Pisa
CocoRosie - Big and Black
CocoRosie - Lucky Clover
Coph Nia - The Hall of Truth
Coph Nia - To Fix the Shadow
Coph Nia - Gnostic Anthem
Coph Nia - Hymn to Pan
Coph Nia - The New Oath
Coph Nia - Credo V
Coph Nia - Religion
Coph Nia - Hymn to Lucifer
Coph Nia - A Sonnet
Coph Nia - Sanctus
CocoRosie - K-Hole
CocoRosie - South 2nd
CocoRosie - Bear Hides and Buffalo
CocoRosie - Tekno Love Song
CocoRosie - The Sea Is Calm
CocoRosie - Noah's Ark
CocoRosie - Milk
CocoRosie - Armageddon
CocoRosie - Brazilian Sun
CocoRosie - Bisounours
CocoRosie - Honey or Tar
CocoRosie - After the Afterlife
CocoRosie - Tears for Animals
CocoRosie - Child Bride
CocoRosie - Broken Chariot
CocoRosie - End of Time
CocoRosie - Harmless Monster
CocoRosie - Gravediggress
CocoRosie - Far Away
CocoRosie - Roots of My Hair
CocoRosie - Villain
CocoRosie - Poison
CocoRosie - Devil's Island
CocoRosie - Terrible Angels
CocoRosie - Haitian Love Songs
CocoRosie - Turn Me On
CocoRosie - Oh Sailor
CocoRosie - Miracle
CocoRosie - God Has a Voice, She Speaks Through Me
CocoRosie - Surfer Girl
CocoRosie - Joseph City
CocoRosie - Spirit Lake
CocoRosie - Coconuts
CocoRosie - Milkman
CocoRosie - Left Hand Shoe
CocoRosie - Tearz for Animals
CocoRosie - We Are on Fire
CocoRosie - Poison / Devil's Island
CocoRosie - God Has a Voice
CocoRosie - Black Rainbow
CocoRosie - Happy Eyz
CocoRosie - Tim & Tina
Coph Nia - Opus 77
Coph Nia - Black Sabbath
Coph Nia - The Oath
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - I Wanna Be In The Cavalry
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Lament for Lester Cousins
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Brother Brigham, Brother Young
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - The Horse I Rode In On
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - A Leader On Losing Control
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Student Visas
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - What That Song Means Now
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Hard On Equipment (Tool for The Job)
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Family Reunion
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Especially A Paint
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - My Saddle Horse Has Died
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Expectation and the Blues
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Untitled Waltz
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Your Game Again
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Owlsong
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Lives of Attrition (The Best We Can Do)
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Heavy and Leaving
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Manyberries
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Evil in Me
Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Hockey Song
Cobra - Des lieux associatifs pour les jeunes
Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep
Edwyn Collins - What Is My Role
Edwyn Collins - Do It Again
Edwyn Collins - Humble
Edwyn Collins - Come Tomorrow, Come Today
Edwyn Collins - Bored
Edwyn Collins - In Your Eyes
Edwyn Collins - I Still Believe in You
Edwyn Collins - Over the Hill
Edwyn Collins - All My Days
Edwyn Collins - Searching for the Truth
Edwyn Collins - No One Waved Goodbye
Edwyn Collins - Running Away With Myself
Edwyn Collins - Adidas World
Peter Combe - Spaghetti Bolognaise
Peter Combe - Juicy, Juicy Green Grass (A Sheep's Lament)
Peter Combe - Toffee Apple
Peter Combe - Red Balloon
Peter Combe - Baghdad
Peter Combe - Tadpole Blues
Peter Combe - I Have
Peter Combe - Dr McKew
Peter Combe - Jeffrey Hill
Peter Combe - Wash Your Face in Orange Juice
Peter Combe - Jennifer Wicks
Peter Combe - George Cryalot Crumble
Peter Combe - Goldilocks Goldilocks
Edwyn Collins - Let Me Put My Arms Around You
Edwyn Collins - Hope and Despair
Edwyn Collins - Take Care of Yourself
Edwyn Collins - The Campaign for Real Rock
Edwyn Collins - Low Expectations
Edwyn Collins - Out of This World
Edwyn Collins - If You Could Love Me
Edwyn Collins - North of Heaven
Edwyn Collins - Gorgeous George
Edwyn Collins - Make Me Feel Again
Edwyn Collins - I've Got It Bad
Edwyn Collins - Mine Is At
Edwyn Collins - No Idea
Edwyn Collins - 20 Years Too Late
Edwyn Collins - It's a Funny Thing
Edwyn Collins - Calling on You
Edwyn Collins - Stars in My Eyes
Circle of Illusion - The Beginning
Circle of Illusion - 13th Floor
Condom - Condom
Control - Greed
Control - In Harm's Way
Peter Combe - 9999
COOL JOKE - Let's Spend the Night
COOL JOKE - Everybody Go
COOL JOKE - Ok, Full Thottle
COOL JOKE - Ai no Chikara
Confuse - Stupid Life
Confuse - General Speech
Confuse - Dreamer
Edwyn Collins - You'll Never Know (My Love)
Edwyn Collins - It's a Steal
Edwyn Collins - I'm Not Following You
Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You (Macramé Remix by Youth)
Edwyn Collins - Its a Funny Thing
Peter Combe - Mr Clicketty Cane (Re-Invented)
Edwyn Collins - The Magic Piper
Edwyn Collins - Back to the Back Room
Peter Combe - Mr. Clicketty Cane
Control - Cumbia con la Luna
Control - Ay Amor
Control - Tao, Tao
Control - Lucerito
Control - Que Bonito Baila
MC Conrad - Dawn of Harmony
Conrado & Aleksandro - Doeu
Conrado & Aleksandro - Chorando mamado
Conrado & Aleksandro - Capivara
Conrado & Aleksandro - Som no talo
Conrado & Aleksandro - Camionete inteira
Conrado & Aleksandro - Carro 93
Conrado & Aleksandro - Saudade de você
Conrado & Aleksandro - Chora corno
Conrado & Aleksandro - Prova de fogo
Conrado & Aleksandro - Hino dos machos
Conrado & Aleksandro - Lobos
Conrado & Aleksandro - Bem conversadinho
Conrado & Aleksandro - Tô bebendo de torneira
Conrado & Aleksandro - Amor assim
Conrado & Aleksandro - Cowboy do trecho
Conrado & Aleksandro - Ruim de sócio
Conrado & Aleksandro - Namorar não vou não
Conrado & Aleksandro - Hora da vingança
Conrado & Aleksandro - Quem nunca
Conrado & Aleksandro - Anjo mais velho
Conrado & Aleksandro - Afinal
Conrado & Aleksandro - Halls preto
Conrado & Aleksandro - Só se for gelada
Conrado & Aleksandro - Signos
Conrado & Aleksandro - Tô tortinho
Conrado & Aleksandro - Mete tequila
Conrado & Aleksandro - Pisa
Conrado & Aleksandro - Saudade sua
Conrado & Aleksandro - Dança do movimento
Conrado & Aleksandro - Hoje tem
Conrado & Aleksandro - Abelhas e certos detalhes
Conrado & Aleksandro - No lombo das prima
Conrado & Aleksandro - Se beber desliga o celular
Conrado & Aleksandro - É pra sempre
Collarbones - Hypothermia
Collarbones - Teenage Dream
Collarbones - Only Water
Collarbones - Flush
Collarbones - Turning
Collarbones - Emoticon
Cobretti - Tropical Sate of Mind
Cobretti - What Do You See Through the Heart of Your Glasses
Cobretti - The Four Eyes Principle
Cobretti - Better Off Than Dead
Cobretti - Trip Down Memory Lane
Cobretti - Birds of a Feather
Cobretti - Remorse
Cobretti - From This Day On
Cobretti - Choice of Ends
Cobretti - First Day Alive
Communication Zero - Lose Kontrol
The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now
The Cloud Room - Waterfall
The Cloud Room - Blackout!
The Cloud Room - Sunlight Song
The Cloud Room - Beautiful Mess
The Cloud Room - The Hunger
The Cloud Room - O My Love
The Cloud Room - Blue Jean
The Cloud Room - We Sleep in the Ocean
The Cloud Room - 24 Hr Heartbreak
Coro Popular Jabalon - Os Pinos (O Breogan)
Coro Popular Jabalon - En la plaza de mi pueblo
Coro Popular Jabalon - Himno de Riego
Coro Popular Jabalon - La Internacional
CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share
CHVRCHES - Under the Tide
CHVRCHES - Recover
CHVRCHES - Night Sky
CHVRCHES - Science/Visions
CHVRCHES - By the Throat
CHVRCHES - Never Ending Circles
CHVRCHES - Leave a Trace
CHVRCHES - Keep You on My Side
CHVRCHES - Make Them Gold
CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue
CHVRCHES - High Enough to Carry You Over
CHVRCHES - Empty Threat
CHVRCHES - Down Side of Me
CHVRCHES - Playing Dead
CHVRCHES - Afterglow
CHVRCHES - Follow You
CHVRCHES - Now Is Not The Time
CHVRCHES - Strong Hand
CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share (We Were Promised Jetpacks Remix
CHVRCHES - It's Not Right but It's Okay
CHVRCHES - Gun (Alucard Session)
CHVRCHES - Recover (Alucard session)
CHVRCHES - Tightrope (Alucard Session)
Conjunto António Mafra - Ó Zé Olha O Balão
Sarah Connor & Henning Wehland - Bonnie & Clyde
Cornerstone - Unchosen One
Cornerstone - Wounded Land
Cornerstone - Singing Alone
Cornerstone - House of Nevermore
Cornerstone - Midnight in Tokyo
Cornerstone - Sail on Stormy Waters
Cornerstone - Forever Young
Cornerstone - Straight to the Bone
Cornerstone - Fooled
Cornerstone - I'm Alive
Cornerstone - Welcome to Forever
Cornerstone - Hour of Doom
Cornerstone - Once Upon Our Yesterdays
Cornerstone - Some Have Dreams
Cornerstone - Scream
Cornerstone - Blinded
The Coal Men - Houston Memory
The Coal Men - Farther Find Me Now
Corey Gray feat. Jake Coco - Pumped Up Kicks
Corey Gray - Good Life (Tribute to One Republic)
Corey Gray - Slow Dancing In a Burning Room (Tribute to John Mayer)