Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 558:

Closterkeller - Czasu coraz mniej
Closterkeller - Tutaj nie ma Boga
Closterkeller - Ucieczka
Closterkeller - Lady Makbet
Closterkeller - Jesteś wciąż nieuchwytny
Closterkeller - Purple
Closterkeller - Wyznanie siebie
Closterkeller - Czekając na dzień
Closterkeller - Ostatnia noc wizji
Closterkeller - Maska
Closterkeller - Paranoja coraz bliżej
Closterkeller - Czarna apokalipsa
Closterkeller - Vintage Wine
Closterkeller - Dance on the Highwire
Closterkeller - Nothing Is Here
Closterkeller - Lullaby
Closterkeller - Lose It
Closterkeller - Just Another Day
Closterkeller - The Dead Zone
Closterkeller - Modesty Blaise
Closterkeller - I Don't Believe
Closterkeller - Escape
Closterkeller - Lady MacBeth
Closterkeller - Epitaph
Closterkeller - Ate
Closterkeller - Syrenka
Closterkeller - Sztuka ambicji
Closterkeller - Kiedy latam
Closterkeller - Królowa
Closterkeller - Na kraw?dzi
Closterkeller - Ewa i Adam
Closterkeller - Lunar
Closterkeller - Miraż
Closterkeller - Perła
Closterkeller - Jak o kamień deszcz
Closterkeller - Minor Earth, Major Sky
Closterkeller - Wildflower
Closterkeller - Poza granicą dotyku
Closterkeller - Nieważne jak będzie
Closterkeller - On przychodzi nocą
Closterkeller - Patrząc jak toniesz
Closterkeller - Neo
Cocoa Tea - Waiting in Vain
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry (Musikalisches Hand-Buch, 1690, Arr. Ledger)
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Prayers and Blessing
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Once in Royal David's City
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - O Little Town of Bethlehem
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Illuminate, Jerusalem
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - The three kings
The Cooper Temple Clause - The Same Mistakes
The Cooper Temple Clause - New Toys
The Cooper Temple Clause - Talking to a Brick Wall
The Cooper Temple Clause - Into My Arms
The Cooper Temple Clause - Blind Pilots
The Cooper Temple Clause - A.I.M.
The Cooper Temple Clause - Music Box
The Cooper Temple Clause - In Your Prime
The Cooper Temple Clause - Written Apology
The Cooper Temple Clause - Did You Miss Me?
The Cooper Temple Clause - Who Needs Enemies?
The Cooper Temple Clause - Amber
The Cooper Temple Clause - Digital Observations
The Cooper Temple Clause - Been Training Dogs
The Cooper Temple Clause - The Lake
The Cooper Temple Clause - Murder Song
The Cooper Temple Clause - I’ll Still Write
The Cooper Temple Clause - Damage
The Cooper Temple Clause - Homo Sapiens
The Cooper Temple Clause - Head
The Cooper Temple Clause - Connect
The Cooper Temple Clause - Once More With Feeling
The Cooper Temple Clause - What Have You Gone and Done?
The Cooper Temple Clause - Take Comfort
The Cooper Temple Clause - All I See Is You
The Cooper Temple Clause - Isn't It Strange
The Cooper Temple Clause - House of Cards
The Cooper Temple Clause - The Devil Walks in the Sand
The Cooper Temple Clause - Safe Enough Distance
The Cooper Temple Clause - Sister Soul
The Cooper Temple Clause - Let's Kill Music
The Cooper Temple Clause - The Clan
The Cooper Temple Clause - Habit of a Lifetime
The Cooper Temple Clause - Derelict
The Cooper Temple Clause - I Want You to Think I Could Be
The Cooper Temple Clause - Lapitu (Bedtime Story)
The Cooper Temple Clause - Not Quite Enough
The Cooper Temple Clause - On Off On
The Cooper Temple Clause - I Know
The Cooper Temple Clause - My Darling (Nasty Angel)
The Cooper Temple Clause - Our Eyes Are Bright
The Cooper Temple Clause - Film Maker
The Cooper Temple Clause - Talk to Pylons
The Cooper Temple Clause - Screwdriver Song
The Cooper Temple Clause - Last Line of Defence
The Cooper Temple Clause - Before The Moor
The Cooper Temple Clause - Pulling Shapes
The Cooper Temple Clause - Did You Miss Me
The Cooper Temple Clause - Zoology
The Cooper Temple Clause - U93
The Cooper Temple Clause - Safe Enough Distance Away
The Cooper Temple Clause - Resident Writer
The Cooper Temple Clause - One Quick Fix
The Cooper Temple Clause - Promises Promises (Making of the video)
Code of Ethics - That Was Then
Code of Ethics - Love
Code of Ethics - Glory
Code of Ethics - Me, Myself & I
Code of Ethics - Pleasant Valley Sunday
Code of Ethics - Nothing Really Changes
The Comedy Company - Colin Carpenter / At the CES
Code of Ethics - Freedom
Code of Ethics - Something real
Code of Ethics - Without Reason
Code of Ethics - Lost in Egypt
CooRie - Imagination Market
CooRie - ALIVE
CooRie - Spring has come
CooRie - Sweetest
CooRie - Precious time
CooRie - Sentimental
CooRie - Brand-new Season
CooRie - Super Noisy Nova
CooRie - DreamRiser
CooRie - My Dearest
CooRie - All is Love for you
CooRie - Heavenly Days
CooRie - Like A Music
CooRie - melodium
CooRie - Planet Freedom
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Adam lay ybounden
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - See Amid the Winter's Snow
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - As With Gladness Men of Old
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Balulalow
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Lute-Book Lullaby
Dorothy Collins - Where Does the Sun Rise
Dorothy Collins - Seven Days
Dorothy Collins - Sing It Children, Sing It
Dorothy Collins - Baciare, Baciare
Dorothy Collins - Love Me as Though There Were No Tomorrow
Dorothy Collins - My Boy, Flat Top
Snooky Lanson - The Old Master Painter
Cold Driven - Steel Chambers
Cold Driven - Heavier Than Heaven
Cold Driven - Hide And Seek
Cold Driven - Cries Become The Silence
Cold Driven - We Carry On
Cold Driven - Sweet Lies
Cold Driven - Cruel Intentions
Cold Driven - I Stand Corrupted
Cold Driven - The Crutch
Cold Driven - Worthy Among Worthless
Cold Driven - March Out Of Line
Cold Driven - Breaking Condemnation
Cold Driven - Shackles
Cold Driven - Don't You Know Who I Am?
Cold Driven - In Stone
Cold Driven - Bittersweet Casualty
Cold Driven - Life
Cold Driven - 5 Minutes Unconscious
Cold Driven - Wheels Of Change
Cold Driven - Same Old Skies
Cold Driven - Slipping Away
Dan Connolly - Rosin The Beau
Comaniac - 1, 2, Rage
Comaniac - Fist of Friends
Comaniac - Killing Tendency
Comaniac - …and There Is No Job
Comaniac - Flakhead
César Franck - Panis angelicus
Conjunto Clásico - Sin Rumbo Alguno
Conjunto Clásico - Regreso
Coon-Sanders' Nighthawks - Ready for the River
ComboClap Crew - Unidos
ComboClap Crew - La fiesta de las almas
ComboClap Crew - Barras de realidad
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Lord Is My Shepherd
John Conlee - Common Man
John Conlee - Busted
John Conlee - Domestic Life
John Conlee - Old School
John Conlee - Lady Lay Down
John Conlee - Miss Emily's Picture
John Conlee - The Carpenter
John Conlee - Backside of Thirty
John Conlee - As Long as I'm Rockin' With You
John Conlee - Friday Night Blues
John Conlee - Lay Around and Love You
John Conlee - The Night Life/Please Help Me Find Someone to Love
John Conlee - Got My Heart Set on You
John Conlee - I'm Only in It for the Love
John Conlee - Rose Colored Glasses
John Conlee - Baby, You're Something
John Conlee - She Can't Say That Anymore
John Conlee - What I Had With You
John Conlee - I Don't Remember You
John Conlee - In My Eyes
John Conlee - As Long as I'm Rocking With You
John Conlee - Years After You
John Conlee - From Your Knees
John Conlee - Don't Get Me Started
John Conlee - Where Are the Pieces of My Heart
John Conlee - Arthur and Alice
John Conlee - She Loves My Troubles Away
John Conlee - But She Loves Me
John Conlee - An American Trilogy
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Philip Ledger - Gloria in Excelsis
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Up! good Christian folk and listen
Edward Elgar - Land of Hope and Glory
Catatonic Society - Left Hand Path
Catatonic Society - Lost at Sea
Catatonic Society - Last Stand
John Conlee - Nothing Behind You, Nothing in Sight
John Conlee - Honky Tonk Toys
John Conlee - Old Fashioned Love
John Conlee - Misery Loves Company
John Conlee - Let's Get Married Again
John Conlee - We Belong In Love Tonight
John Conlee - Always True
John Conlee - Slow Passin' Time
John Conlee - Love Crazy Love
John Conlee - American Faces
John Conlee - Faded Brown Eyes
John Conlee - Mama's Rockin' Chair
John Conlee - I Can Sail to China
John Conlee - Living Like There's No Tomorrow (Finally Got to Me Tonight)
Cookie Dingler - Femme libérée
Anabel Conde - Vuelve conmigo
Anabel Conde - Nostalgia
Anabel Conde - Si non fueras
Anabel Conde - Ser o no ser
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Arr. Willcocks)
Thomas Tallis - Spem in alium
Thomas Tallis - O nata lux de lumine
Sir Hubert Parry - Jerusalem
John Tavener - Song for Athene
Monk - Hymn: Abide with me
Jean Constantin - Comment voulez-vous ?
John Conlee - She Woke Up Leavin'
John Conlee - Country Heart
John Conlee - Indian Head Penny
John Conlee - Black Label, White Lies
John Conlee - Doghouse
John Conlee - Until You Were Gone
John Conlee - I'm Not That Good at Goodbye
John Conlee - Hopelessly Yours
John Conlee - I Can't Stand to Watch My Old Flame Burn
John Conlee - Nothing Changed
John Conlee - Love Stands Tall
John Conlee - Almost Free
John Conlee - You Never Cross My Mind
John Conlee - The in Crowd
John Conlee - Harmony
John Conlee - Class Reunion
John Conlee - She Told Me So
John Conlee - I'll Be Seeing You
John Conlee - For a Little While
John Conlee - Cars
John Conlee - You've Got a Right
John Conlee - The Day He Turned Sixty-Five
John Conlee - Let Your Love Fall Back on Me
John Conlee - Just Let It Slide
John Conlee - Some Old California Memory
Colobar - Change of Ages
Colobar - Behind the Veil of Oblivion
Colobar - Timeline
Colobar - Secrets
Colobar - The Way Out
Colobar - Can't Feel
Mike Cooper - Sitting Here Watching
Charivari - Gabriel
Charivari - Décrocher les couleurs
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, Stephen Cleobury - Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - The Seven Joys of Mary
Cooper - Cierra los ojos
Cooper - Cerca del sol
Cooper - Munich
Cooper - Silverstone
Cooper - Sin respiración
Cooper - Hyde Park
Cooper - Canción de viernes
Cooper - El círculo polar
Cooper - El sur
Cooper - Steph
Cooper - Rain Man
Cooper - La edad de la inocencia
Cooper - Un nudo en la garganta
Cooper - Tecnicolor
Cooper - Vértigo
Cooper - Rascacielos
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Praise to the Lord
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - A Babe Is Born I Wys
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - All My Heart This Night Rejoices
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - The Lord at First Did Adam Make
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - And All in the Morning
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Priase to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge - The First Nowel (Arr. Stainer)
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Give Me a Sound
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Circles
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Our Neighborhood
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren feat. Josie - Let’s Run Away
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Another World
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Starting Right Now
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Our Little Secret
Constantine - The Darkest Grace
Copeland - Testing the Strong Ones
Copeland - Take Care
Copeland - When Paula Sparks
Copeland - California
Copeland - She Changes Your Mind
Copeland - There Cannot Be a Close Second
Copeland - Coffee
Copeland - Walking Downtown
Copeland - Thanks to You
Copeland - Sleep
Copeland - May I Have This Dance
Copeland - Second Star to the Left, Go Til' Dawn
Copeland - Where's My Head
Copeland - Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Copeland - Control Freak
Copeland - Love Affair
Copeland - I'm Safer in an Airplane
Copeland - By My Side
Copeland - Cover What You Can
Copeland - The Last Time He Saw Dorie
Copeland - I'm a Sucker for a Kind Word
Copeland - When You Thought You'd Never Stand Out
Copeland - Choose the One Who Loves You More
Copeland - Pin Your Wings
Copeland - Don't Slow Down
Copeland - Love Is a Fast Song
Copeland - You Have My Attention
Copeland - Should You Return
Copeland - The Grey Man
Copeland - Chin Up
Copeland - Good Morning Fire Eater
Copeland - To Be Happy Now
Copeland - The Day I Lost My Voice
Copeland - On the Safest Ledge
Copeland - Not Allowed
Copeland - Strange and Unprepared
Copeland - What Do I Know?
Copeland - Not So Tough Found Out
Copeland - What Cannot Be Found (Part 1) (Japan Bonus Track)
Copeland - Have I Always Loved You?
Copeland - Lavender
Copeland - Ordinary
Copeland - Like a Lie
Copeland - World Turn
Copeland - I'm Safer on an Airplane
Copeland - Every Breath You Take (The Police Cover)
Copeland - No One Really Wins [alternate version]
Copeland - Part-Time Lover
Copeland - Another Day in Paradise
Copeland - Take My Breath Away
Copeland - 11. Like I Want You
Copeland - 6. Ordinary
Copeland - 4. Erase
Copeland - 10. In Her Arms You Will Never Starve
Copeland - 3. I Can Make You Feel Young Again
Copeland - 2. Disjointed
The Convent - First Impressions of the West
The Convent - One Million Nightmares
The Convent - Amsterdam
Cici Paramida - Wulan Merindu
Cici Paramida - Kerinduan
Cici Paramida - Trauma
Cici Paramida - Anugerah Cinta
Lee Conway - Movin' On
Lee Conway - City Boy Country Born
D.C. Cooper - Dream
D.C. Cooper - Easy Living
D.C. Cooper - The Angel Comes
D.C. Cooper - Until The End
D.C. Cooper - Within Yourself
D.C. Cooper - Three Generations
D.C. Cooper - Freedom
D.C. Cooper - Take Me In
D.C. Cooper - Forgive Me
D.C. Cooper - Whisper
D.C. Cooper - The Union
Close Up - October
Close Up - Cold War Affair
Cobra - Beyond the Curse
Cobra - Fallen Soldier
Cobra - Danger Zone
Cobra - Rough Riders
Cobra - Beware My Wrath
Cobra - When I Walk the Streets
Cobra - To Hell
Cobra - Inner Demon
Les Clebards - Chien Errant
Les Clebards - Au Café Du Port
Les Clebards - Rue St Martin
CoCo - Intro
CoCo - La Vita Giusta Per Me
CoCo - Perso Con Te
CoCo - Non Dirmi Di No
CoCo - La Mia Età
CoCo - Lasciarsi Andare
CoCo - Ora o Mai Più
CoCo - Vieni Via Con Me
CoCo - PizzaBoy Coco
CoCo - Fidati Di Me
CoCo - Come Mi Vedi
CoCo - Outro
CoCo - Non Dimenticherò
Cocosori - Dark Circle
Cream - Crossroads
Cream - Strange Brew
Eric Clapton - Cocaine
Eric Clapton - After Midnight
Eric Clapton - Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Eric Clapton - Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Eric Clapton - Hey Hey
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven
Eric Clapton - Lonely Stranger
Eric Clapton - Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out
Eric Clapton - Layla
Eric Clapton - Running on Faith
Eric Clapton - Walkin’ Blues
Eric Clapton - Alberta
Eric Clapton - San Francisco Bay Blues
Eric Clapton - Malted Milk
Eric Clapton - Rollin’ & Tumblin’
Eric Clapton - Blue Eyes Blue
Eric Clapton - Change the World
Eric Clapton - My Father’s Eyes
Eric Clapton - Bad Love
Eric Clapton - It’s in the Way That You Use It
Eric Clapton - Forever Man
Eric Clapton - River of Tears
Eric Clapton - Hard Times
Eric Clapton - We’re All the Way
Eric Clapton - The Core
Eric Clapton - Mean Old Frisco
The Continental Singers - Carry the Light
Chino - Never Change (From Mawning)
Chino - Protected
Chino - Pon Your Head
Chino - My Soul
Chino - Ruff It Up
Chino - Driving Me Insane
Chino - Before Dem Gone
Colour - Conversations
Colour - Silverbeast
Colour - Outerspace
Colour - Shamu
Colour - Some Miles
Colour - Over The Moon
Colour - Chutes
Colour - Unicorns
Colour - Run Like You're Being Chased
Colour - Jewels Like Fairy Lights
Colour - Tallulah's My Mothers Name
Johnny Clegg - Jongosi
Johnny Clegg - Thamela - Die Son Trek Water
Johnny Clegg - The Revolution Will Eat Its Children (Anthem for Uncle Bob)
Johnny Clegg - Utshani Obulele
Johnny Clegg - Devana
Johnny Clegg - Bull Heart
Johnny Clegg - Day in the Life
Johnny Clegg - Boy Soldier
Johnny Clegg - Touch the Sun
Johnny Clegg - I Don't Want to Be Away
Johnny Clegg - Locked and Loaded
Johnny Clegg - Love in the Time of Gaza
Johnny Clegg - The World Is Calling
Johnny Clegg - All I Got Is You
Johnny Clegg - Give Me the Wonder
Johnny Clegg - Congo
Contracrash - What If
Johnny Clegg - Hidden Away Down
Johnny Clegg - I Know That Sound
Johnny Clegg - Manqoba (The Victorious)
Johnny Clegg - Nyembezi (Tears)
Johnny Clegg - Magumede
Juluka - Universal Men
Juluka - Impi
Juluka - Bullets for Bafazane
Juluka - Kilimanjaro
Johnny Clegg and Savuka - Orphans of the Empire
Johnny Clegg and Savuka - Take My Heart Away
Johnny Clegg and Savuka - Cruel Crazy Beautiful World
Johnny Clegg and Savuka - The Crossing
Johnny Clegg and Savuka - Africa (What Made You So Strong?)
Johnny Clegg - Third World Child
Johnny Clegg - Gumbagumba Jive
Johnny Clegg - Don't Walk Away
Johnny Clegg - Shine a Light
Communions - Passed You By
Communions - Don't Hold Anything Back
Communions - Eternity
Communions - Children
Communions - Restless Hours
Communions - Out of My World
Communions - Forget It's a Dream
Communions - Summer's Oath
Communions - So Long Sun
Eric Clapton - Broken Hearted
Eric Clapton - One Chance
Eric Clapton - Circus
Eric Clapton - Going Down Slow
Eric Clapton - Born in Time
Eric Clapton - Sick and Tired
Eric Clapton - Needs His Woman
Eric Clapton - You Were There
Eric Clapton - Anything for Your Love
Eric Clapton - Hound Dog
Eric Clapton - Run So Far
Eric Clapton - Breaking Point
The Yardbirds - Honey in Your Hips
The Yardbirds - Baby What’s Wrong
The Yardbirds - I Wish You Would
The Yardbirds - A Certain Girl
The Yardbirds - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Cream - Wrapping Paper
Cream - Lawdy Mama
Cream - Steppin’ Out
Cream - Anyone for Tennis
Blind Faith - Sleeping in the Ground
Delaney & Bonnie and Friends feat. Eric Clapton - Comin’ Home
Eric Clapton - Blues Power
Eric Clapton - Let It Rain
Derek and the Dominos - Tell the Truth
Derek and the Dominos - Roll It Over
Eric Clapton feat. Duane Allman - Mean Old World
Derek and the Dominos - Key to the Highway
Derek and the Dominos - Crossroads
Derek and the Dominos - Got to Get Better in a Little While
Eric Clapton - Motherless Children
Eric Clapton - Better Make It Through Today
Eric Clapton - The Sky Is Crying
Eric Clapton - I Found a Love
Eric Clapton - (When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too
Eric Clapton - Someone Like You
Eric Clapton - Hello Old Friend
Eric Clapton - Sign Language
Eric Clapton - If I Don’t Be There by Morning
Eric Clapton - Double Trouble
Eric Clapton - The Shape You’re In
Eric Clapton - Too Bad
Eric Clapton - Miss You
Eric Clapton - Wanna Make Love to You
Eric Clapton - Love Don’t Love Nobody
Eric Clapton - Lost and Found
Eric Clapton - Back Home
Coral Sant Jordi - Cant del Barça
Eric Clapton - White Room
Eric Clapton - Watch Yourself
Eric Clapton - Have You Ever Loved a Woman
Eric Clapton - Worried Life Blues
Eric Clapton - Hoodoo Man
Eric Clapton - Bell Bottom Blues
Eric Clapton - Run
Eric Clapton - Tearing Us Apart
Eric Clapton - Bad Influence
Eric Clapton - Walk Away
Eric Clapton - Take a Chance
Eric Clapton - Holy Mother
Eric Clapton - Behind the Mask
Eric Clapton - Grand Illusion
Eric Clapton - Walk Out in the Rain
Eric Clapton - I’ll Make Love to You Anytime
Eric Clapton - Roll It
Eric Clapton - Golden Ring
Eric Clapton - Tulsa Time
Johnny Clegg - Gijimbeke
Johnny Clegg - Into the Picture
Johnny Clegg - Colours of Change
Johnny Clegg - Great Heart
Johnny Clegg - Tatazela
Johnny Clegg - Dela
Johnny Clegg - Asimbonanga
Johnny Clegg - African Sky Blue
Johnny Clegg - Digging for Some Words
Johnny Clegg - Your Time Will Come
Johnny Clegg - The Crossing (Osiyeza)
Johnny Clegg - Cha Cha
Johnny Clegg - New World Survivor
Johnny Clegg - Africa Rising
Johnny Clegg - Naked in the Rain
Johnny Clegg - Always on Time
Johnny Clegg - Brave New World
Johnny Clegg - Ride in Your Car
Johnny Clegg - Across the River
Johnny Clegg - Father
Johnny Clegg - Cruel Crazy Beautiful World
Johnny Clegg - High Country
Johnny Clegg - Kilimanjaro
Johnny Clegg - Orphans of the Empire
Johnny Clegg - In My African Dream
Johnny Clegg - Africa
Johnny Clegg - Simple Things
Johnny Clegg - Crocodile Love
Johnny Clegg - Warsaw 1943
Johnny Clegg - Missing
Johnny Clegg - Spirit Is The Jouney
Johnny Clegg - Rolling Ocean
Johnny Clegg - Asilazi ( featuring Soweto Gospel Choir)
Johnny Clegg - One (Hu)man, One Vote
Commander Venus - Jean's TV
Commander Venus - Refused by Light
Commander Venus - We'll Always Have Paris
Commander Venus - The Uneventful Vacation (Part 1)
Commander Venus - Lock 'n' Chase
Commander Venus - Life as Expected
Commander Venus - The Way Things Had to Be
Commander Venus - Dress to Please
Commander Venus - The Walk-Around Problem
Commander Venus - My Collapsing Frame
Commander Venus - The Raining Holiday (Part 2)
Commander Venus - The Role of the Hero in Antiquity
Commander Venus - Peppermints
Commander Venus - Showcase Showdown
Commander Venus - My Other Car Is a Spaceship
Commander Venus - Radio Announcer
Commander Venus - It Is Fun to Grow Arnamental Peppers
Commander Venus - When Two Vowels Go Walking; the First One Does the Talking
Commander Venus - Sunny Slope
Commander Venus - Pennsylvania Made You Sick
Commander Venus - Do You Feel at Home?
Eric Clapton - Just Like a Prisoner
B.B. King & Eric Clapton - Come Rain or Come Shine
Eric Clapton - Pretty Girl
Eric Clapton - Over the Rainbow
The Yardbirds - Talkin’ About You
Eric Clapton - See What Love Can Do
Eric Clapton - Same Old Blues
Eric Clapton - Knock on Wood
Eric Clapton - Something’s Happening
Eric Clapton - It All Depends
Eric Clapton - Tangled in Love
Eric Clapton - Never Make You Cry
Cone Crew - Chama os Mulekes
Cone Crew - Relíquia
Cone Crew - Special
Cone Crew - Homenagem a Liberdade
Cone Crew - O Mundo d voltas
Cone Crew - Escute Mudo
Cone Crew - 15 segundos
Cone Crew - Chefe de Quadrilha
Cone Crew - Rainha da Pista
Control Freq - Sweetest Day
The Soul Stirrers - Be With Me Jesus
The Soul Stirrers - That’s Heaven to Me
The Soul Stirrers - Were You There
The Soul Stirrers - Lord Remember Me
The Soul Stirrers - Come, Let Us Go Back to God
The Soul Stirrers - Christ Is All
The Soul Stirrers - Let Me Go Home
The Soul Stirrers - He’ll Welcome Me
The Soul Stirrers - All Right Now
The Soul Stirrers - The Last Mile of the Way (incomplete – take 1 – alternate)
The Soul Stirrers - Were You There? (false starts – takes 1 thru 4)
Sam Cooke - Pilgrim of Sorrow
Sam Cooke with The Soul Stirrers - Come, Let Us Go Back to God
Sam Cooke with The Soul Stirrers - Lovable
Eric Clapton - County Jail Blues
Eric Clapton - Floating Bridge
Eric Clapton - Blow Wind Blow
Eric Clapton - To Make Somebody Happy
Eric Clapton - I'm Your Witch Doctor
Eric Clapton - Louise
Eric Clapton - You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover
Eric Clapton - Honey in Your Hips
Eric Clapton - Presence of the Lord
Eric Clapton - Rambling on My Mind / Have You Ever Loved a Woman
Eric Clapton - The Sky Is Crying / Have You Ever Loved a Woman / Rambling on My Mind
Eric Clapton - Tell the Truth
Eric Clapton - Stormy Monday
Eric Clapton - Kind Hearted Woman
Eric Clapton - Crossroads
Eric Clapton - Water on the Ground
Eric Clapton with Vince Gill - Lay Down Sally
John Mayer - Queen of California
John Mayer with Keith Urban - Don’t Let Me Down
Andy Fairweather Low with Eric Clapton - Gin House Blues
Eric Clapton - Got to Get Better in a Little While
Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans - Stitches
Eric Clapton - Big Boss Man
Eric Clapton - Five Long Years
Eric Clapton - Got to Hurry
Eric Clapton - She’s So Respectable
Eric Clapton - Stormy Monday Blues
Eric Clapton - Bad Boy
Eric Clapton - Lonesome and a Long Way From Home
Eric Clapton - Easy Now
Eric Clapton - Bottle of Red Wine
Eric Clapton - Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me
Eric Clapton - Don’t Know Why
The Yardbirds - Train Kept a Rolling
The Yardbirds - Talking About You
The Yardbirds - Smokestack Lightning
Lucas Cordalis - Weisser Anzug
Eric Clapton - Telephone Blues
The Yardbirds - You Cant Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover
The Yardbirds - Here ’Tis
Eric Clapton - Smokestack Lightning
Eric Clapton - Take It Easy Baby
Eric Clapton - Boom Boom
Eric Clapton - Who Do You Love
Eric Clapton - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Eric Clapton - I'm a Man
The Yardbirds - You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover
The Yardbirds - Take It Easy Baby
The Yardbirds - Who Do You Love?
The Yardbirds - Sweet Music
Cooly G - Up in My Head
Cop on Fire - 666 the Number of the Beast
Cy Coleman - Come Follow the Band
Cy Coleman - The Colors of My Life
Cy Coleman - The Tennis Song
Cy Coleman - Lost and Found
Cy Coleman - Funny
Eric Clapton - I Can't Stand It
Eric Clapton - Key to the Highway
Eric Clapton - Anyday
Cream - Rollin’ and Tumblin’
Howlin’ Wolf - Rockin’ Daddy
Eric Clapton & Duane Allman - Mean Old World
Eric Clapton - Ain’t Going Down
Eric Clapton - I’ve Got a Rock ’n’ Roll Heart
Eric Clapton - Man Overboard
Eric Clapton - Man in Love
Eric Clapton - Crosscut Saw
Eric Clapton - Slow Down Linda
Coldcut - Just for the Kick
Coldcut - Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Coldcut - Mr Nichols
Coldcut - A Whistle and a Prayer
Coldcut feat. Jon Spencer & Mike Ladd - Everything Is Under Control
Coldcut - Colours the Soul
Coldcut - Pan Opticon
Coldcut - Music 4 No Musicians
Coldcut - I'm Wild About That Thing (The Lost Sex Tapes: Position 1)
Junior Reid - One Blood
Newcleus - Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)
Gescom - Mag
Coldcut - Panopticon
Conducting From the Grave - The Calming Effect
Conducting From the Grave - When Legends Become Dust
Conducting From the Grave - A Never Ending Search for Closure
Conducting From the Grave - Eternally Gutted
Conducting From the Grave - Burdens of a Dying World
Conducting From the Grave - The Skies Are Blackened, Not by Clouds... but Insects
Conducting From the Grave - Improper Burial
Conducting From the Grave - From the Ruins We Rise
Conducting From the Grave - Hit the Lights... Armageddon's Here
Conducting From the Grave - And Our War Will Dawn
Conducting From the Grave - The Tyrant's Throne
Conducting From the Grave - Unholiest of Nightmares
Conducting From the Grave - Her Poisoned Tongues
Conducting From the Grave - Path of a Traitor
Conducting From the Grave - Nevermore
Conducting From the Grave - We Who Shall Conquer
Conducting From the Grave - Curse in the Twilight
Conducting From the Grave - Revenants
Conducting From the Grave - What Monsters We Have Become, Part 1
Conducting From the Grave - What Monsters We Have Become, Part 2
Conducting From the Grave - Honor Guide Me!
Conducting From the Grave - Lycan
Conducting From the Grave - The Rise
Conducting From the Grave - Signs
Conducting From the Grave - The Harvest
Conducting From the Grave - Into the Rabbit Hole
Conducting From the Grave - Dante
Conducting From the Grave - Tyrant
Conducting From the Grave - Monster, Part III
Conducting From the Grave - When Two Blood Types Coalesce
Resound - Hi-Fi
Kenneth Cope - Hallelujahs
Kenneth Cope - Welcome to Our World
Kenneth Cope - Every Season
Kenneth Cope - What Have I Done With His Name
Kenneth Cope - Gethsemane
Kenneth Cope - Sweet Jesus
Kenneth Cope - Breathe In Me
Kenneth Cope - White Dress
Kenneth Cope - What He Began
Kenneth Cope - Hear My Praise
Kenneth Cope - Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee
Kenneth Cope - Alleluia
Kenneth Cope - No Other Name
Kenneth Cope - His Hands
Kenneth Cope - Never a Better Hero
Kenneth Cope - Greater Than Us All
Kenneth Cope - Why Must the Good Die/Free at Last
Kenneth Cope - Brothers
Kenneth Cope - I’ll Believe in Him
Coldcut feat. Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On
Eric Clapton - Louise (Louise Blues)
Coldcut - Stop This Crazy Thing (Hedmaster mix by Adrian Sherwood)
Eric Clapton - Highway 49
Eric Clapton - Further on Down the Road
Eric Clapton - Angel
Eric Clapton - Gotta Get Over
Eric Clapton - Till Your Well Runs Dry
Eric Clapton - All of Me
Eric Clapton - Born to Lose
Eric Clapton - Still Got the Blues
Eric Clapton - Goodnight Irene
Eric Clapton - Every Little Thing
Eric Clapton - Our Love Is Here to Stay
Eric Clapton - Goin’ Down Slow
Eric Clapton - Hoochie Coochie Man
Eric Clapton - She's Gone
Eric Clapton - Sweet Home Chicago
Eric Clapton - Milkcow’s Calf Blues
Eric Clapton - Terraplane Blues
Eric Clapton - Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
Eric Clapton - Traveling Riverside Blues
Eric Clapton - Me and the Devil Blues
Eric Clapton - From Four Until Late
Eric Clapton - They're Red Hot
Eric Clapton - Hell Hound on My Trail
Eric Clapton - When You Got a Good Friend
Eric Clapton - Love in Vain
Eric Clapton - Ramblin' on My Mind
Eric Clapton - Stones in My Passway
Cy Coleman - If My Friends Could See Me Now
Cy Coleman - My Personal Property
Corazón Serrano - La Loba
Corazón Serrano - Vas a Llorar
Corazón Serrano - De Amor No Moriré
Corazón Serrano - El Amor Que Perdimos
Corazón Serrano - Tu Ausencia
Corazón Serrano - Amor Prohibido
Corazón Serrano - Promesas de Amor
Corazón Serrano - Sueño o Pesadilla
Corazón Serrano - Mujercita Buena
Corazón Serrano - Díganle
Corazón Serrano - En Otra Piel
Corazón Serrano - Cómo Te Olvido
Corazón Serrano - Arrepentida
Corazón Serrano - Mi Corazón Está Llorándote
Coldcut - True Skool
Coldcut - Everything is Under Control
Coldcut - Find a Way
Coldcut - Mi Sueño
Coldcut - People Hold On
Coldcut - Atomic Moog 2000 (Post Nuclear After Life Lounge)
Coldcut - Find a Way (a cappella)
Coldcut - More Beats & Pieces (Daddy Rips It Up mix (Max Chop))
Coldcut - Doctorin' the House (SPENG)
Coldcut - True Skool (Sway mix - clean)
Coldcut - Tru-Skool (Open Source / Tek Support refix)
Coldcut - Walk a Mile
Cy Coleman - The Colours of My Life
Cy Coleman - It's Not Where You Start
Eric Clapton - You Are So Beautiful
Eric Clapton - Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
Eric Clapton - High Time We Went
Cream - Outside Woman Blues
Derek and the Dominos - Blues Power
Eric Clapton - Drifting Blues
The Code - Riot
The Code - Brian's Song
The Code - Alert Aware Involved
The Code - 40 Hour Week
The Code - Our Safety
The Code - Battle On
The Code - John Doe
The Code - Never Forget
The Code - It Kills to Know...
The Code - Realization and Reconciliation
The Code - How Could They?
The Code - Seal of Approval
The Code - The Pace
The Code - Break the Silence
The Code - Know Your Enemy
The Code - Unity
Collage - Piano, piano... (M'innamorai di te)
Collage - L'istinto
Collage - Tu dolcemente mia
Collage - Dicci come ti chiami
Collage - Sole rosso
Collage - Troppo bella
Collage - Donna Musica
Collage - I ragazzi che si amano
Collage - Concerto d'amore
Collage - Piano piano m'innamorai di te
Collage - Ed io canto per te
Collage - E te ne vai
Collage - Lei non sapeva fare l'amore
Collage - Un'altra estate
Collage - La gente parla
Collage - Due ragazzi nel sole
Collage - Io non ti venderei
Collage - Saprei darti un'anima
Collage - Quanto ti amo
Mr Cool - Cis-kingen
Mr Cool - Ditt blod
Mr Cool - Dum!
Mr Cool - Lugn låt
Mr Cool - Cis-kingen 2
Mr Cool - Knulla barn
Mr Cool - Rätt i röven
Mr Cool - Girl
Mr Cool - Intro
Mr Cool - Tjejer e som tjejer e
Mr Cool - S.Y.K.O
Mr Cool - Mr Cool, låten
Mr Cool - Sug min kuk
Mr Cool - Baby II
Mr Cool - Jag e väl sjuk
Mr Cool - Baby III (outro)
Eric Clapton - Rock and Roll Records
Eric Clapton - Someday
Eric Clapton - Sensitive Kind
Eric Clapton - Cajun Moon
Eric Clapton - Magnolia
Eric Clapton - Since You Said Goodbye
Eric Clapton - I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
Eric Clapton - The Old Man and Me
Eric Clapton - Train to Nowhere
Eric Clapton - Starbound
Eric Clapton - Crying Eyes
Eric Clapton - We’ve Been Told (Jesus Is Coming Soon)
Eric Clapton - Don’t Blame Me
Eric Clapton - Pretty Blue Eyes
Collage - Piano piano… mi innamorai di te
Collage - A piedi nudi
Collage - Lei non sapeva far l'amore
Coastal Cities - Night School
Coastal Cities - Think Tank
Coastal Cities - No Room for Heroes
Coastal Cities - Relief
Coastal Cities - Entropic
Coastal Cities - Summer Reign
Coastal Cities - The Voyage
Coastal Cities - Bad Dream
The Corin Tucker Band - Half a World Away
The Corin Tucker Band - Miles Away
Eric Clapton - Rambling on My Mind
Derek and the Dominos - Presence of the Lord
The Yardbirds - The First Time I Met the Blues
Eric Clapton - Putty in Your Hands
Eric Clapton - Running on Faith (unplugged)
B.B. King & Eric Clapton - Riding With the King
Eric Clapton - Blues Before Sunrise
Coco - Postmand Per
Shemekia Copeland - Salt in My Wounds
Shemekia Copeland - Cold Feet
Shemekia Copeland - Your Mama's Talking
Shemekia Copeland - Married to the Blues
Shemekia Copeland - It's 2 a.m.
Shemekia Copeland - Love Scene
Shemekia Copeland - Beat Up Guitar
Cleo T. - We All
Eric Clapton - Third Degree
Eric Clapton - Reconsider Baby
Eric Clapton - How Long Blues
Eric Clapton - Goin’ Away Baby
Eric Clapton - Blues Leave Me Alone
Eric Clapton - Sinner’s Prayer
Eric Clapton - It Hurts Me Too
Eric Clapton - Standin’ Round Crying
Eric Clapton - Driftin’
Eric Clapton - Groaning the Blues
Eric Clapton - Willie and the Hand Jive
Eric Clapton - I Can’t Hold Out
Eric Clapton - Steady Rollin’ Man
Eric Clapton - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
Shemekia Copeland - Sounds Like the Devil
Shemekia Copeland - Dirty Water
Shemekia Copeland - Never Goin' Back to Memphis
Shemekia Copeland - Black Crow
Shemekia Copeland - Born a Penny
Shemekia Copeland - Rise Up
Shemekia Copeland - Too Close
Shemekia Copeland - Stay a Little Longer, Santa
City of Ships - The Light You Stole
Eric Clapton - Something Special
Eric Clapton - Another Ticket
Eric Clapton - Hold Me Lord
Eric Clapton - Catch Me If You Can
Eric Clapton - Rita Mae
Eric Clapton - Train Kept A-Rollin'
Derek and the Dominos - Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
Eric Clapton - Travelin’ Alone
Eric Clapton - Rocking Chair
Eric Clapton - River Runs Deep
Eric Clapton - How Deep Is the Ocean
Eric Clapton - My Very Good Friend the Milkman
Eric Clapton - Can’t Hold Out Much Longer
Eric Clapton - Everything Will Be Alright
Eric Clapton - Diamonds Made From Rain
Eric Clapton - Hard Times Blues
Eric Clapton - Run Back to Your Side
Eric Clapton - You Better Watch Yourself
Easton Corbin - A Little More Country Than That
Easton Corbin - This Far From Memphis
Easton Corbin - The Way Love Looks
Easton Corbin - Someday When I'm Old
Easton Corbin - Don't Ask Me `Bout A Woman
Easton Corbin - I Can't Love You Back
Easton Corbin - A Lot To Learn About Livin'
Easton Corbin - Let Alone You
Easton Corbin - That'll Make You Wanna Drink
Easton Corbin - Leavin' A Lonely Town
Easton Corbin - Lovin’ You Is Fun
Easton Corbin - Dance Real Slow
Easton Corbin - A Thing for You
Easton Corbin - This Feels a Lot Like Love
Easton Corbin - Only a Girl
Easton Corbin - Tulsa Texas
Easton Corbin - I Think of You
Easton Corbin - Kiss Me One More Time
Easton Corbin - Guys and Girls
Easton Corbin - Clockwork
Easton Corbin - Diggin' on You
Easton Corbin - Baby Be My Love Song
Easton Corbin - About to Get Real
Easton Corbin - Yup
Easton Corbin - Wild Women and Whiskey
Easton Corbin - Damn Girl
Easton Corbin - Just Add Water
Easton Corbin - Like a Song
Easton Corbin - Lovin' You Is Fun
Eric Clapton - All Our Past Times
Eric Clapton - On Top of the World
Lloyd Cole - Music in a Foreign Language
Lloyd Cole - Late Night, Early Town
Lloyd Cole - Cutting Out
Lloyd Cole - Today I'm Not So Sure
Lloyd Cole - My Alibi
Lloyd Cole - Brazil
Lloyd Cole - Shelf Life
Lloyd Cole - The Young Idealists
Lloyd Cole - Woman in a Bar
Lloyd Cole - NYC Sunshine
Lloyd Cole - Antidepressant
Lloyd Cole - I Didn't See It Coming
Lloyd Cole - Rolodex Incident
Lloyd Cole - Trigger Happy
Lloyd Cole - I Didn't Know That You Cared
Lloyd Cole - Love Ruins Everything
Lloyd Cole - Baby
Lloyd Cole - Unhappy Song
Lloyd Cole - Happy for You
Lloyd Cole - Traffic
Lloyd Cole - Let's Get Lost
Lloyd Cole - For Crying Out Loud
Lloyd Cole - Like a Broken Record
Lloyd Cole - Writers Retreat!
Lloyd Cole - The Flipside
Lloyd Cole - Why in the World?
Lloyd Cole - Westchester County Jail
Lloyd Cole - If I Were a Song
Lloyd Cole - That's Alright
Lloyd Cole - Man Overboard
Lloyd Cole - Rhinestones
Lloyd Cole - Double Happiness
Cool Kids of Death - Martwe disko
Cool Kids of Death - Armia zbawienia
Cool Kids of Death - Punk rock classic
Cool Kids of Death - Wyliczanka
Cool Kids of Death - Hardkor
Cool Kids of Death - Czekając aż skończy się wszystko
Cool Kids of Death - Ministerstwo propagandy
Cool Kids of Death - Kurwa na telefon
Cool Kids of Death - Na wszystkie cztery strony
Cool Kids of Death - Akcja promocyjna
Cool Kids of Death - Maszyna śmierci
Cool Kids of Death - Uciekaj
Cool Kids of Death - Mamo, mój komputer jest zepsuty
Cool Kids of Death - Afterparty
Cool Kids of Death - Bal sobowtórów
Cool Kids of Death - Leżeć
Cool Kids of Death - Nagle zapomnieć wszystko
Cool Kids of Death - Biec
Cool Kids of Death - Bezstronny obserwator
Cool Kids of Death - Mężczyźni bez amunicji
Cool Kids of Death - Joy
Cool Kids of Death - TV Panika
Cool Kids of Death - Ruin gruz
Cool Kids of Death - Skandal
Cool Kids of Death - Spaliny
Cool Kids of Death - To nie zdarza się nam
Cool Kids of Death - Megapixel
Cool Kids of Death - 100 Lat
Cool Kids of Death - Hej chłopcze
Cool Kids of Death - Kulą w płot
Cool Kids of Death - Error
Cool Kids of Death - Człowiek mucha
Cool Kids of Death - A może tak
Cool Kids of Death - Niebieskie światło
Cool Kids of Death - Chrystus
Cool Kids of Death - Karaibski
Cool Kids of Death - Plan ewakuacji
Cool Kids of Death - Dalej pójdę sam
Cool Kids of Death - Biała flaga
Cool Kids of Death - Matka noc
Cool Kids of Death - Wiemy wszystko
Cool Kids of Death - Na kredyt
Cool Kids of Death - Pas
Cool Kids of Death - Złe rzeczy
Cool Kids of Death - Wyłącz to
Derek and the Dominos - Anyday
Derek and the Dominos - I Looked Away
Derek and the Dominos - Keep on Growing
Eric Clapton - Second Nature
Eric Clapton - Broken Down
Cool Kids of Death - Cool Kids Of Death
Cool Kids of Death - Butelki z benzyną i kamienie
Cool Kids of Death - Dwadzieściakilka lat
Cool Kids of Death - Nie warto
Cool Kids of Death - Nielegalny
Cool Kids of Death - Niech wszystko spłonie
Cool Kids of Death - Zdelegalizować szczęście
Cool Kids of Death - Generacja nic
Cool Kids of Death - Piosenki o miłości
Cool Kids of Death - Kręcimy się w kółko
Cool Kids of Death - Poezja jest nie dla mnie
Cool Kids of Death - Radio Miłość
Cool Kids of Death - Specjalnie dla TV
Cool Kids of Death - Uważaj!
Cool Kids of Death - The Salvation Army
Cool Kids of Death - Ci?gle jestem sam
Cool Kids of Death - Nie b?dzie ?adnej rewolucji
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - I Got More
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - Twelve Ounces Deep
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - Girl Like You
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - Out of Alabama
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - Girl Next Door
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - The One That Got Away
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - Do You Ever Think About Me
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - Makin' Nothing out of Something
Cole Deggs & the Lonesome - Everybody's Beautiful to Someone
The Cookies - Chains
The Cookies - Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby
The Cookies - Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys
The Cookies - Will Power
The Cookies - The Old Crowd
The Cookies - I Want a Boy for My Birthday
The Cookies - Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)
Earl-Jean - I'm Into Something Good
Lloyd Cole - Women’s Studies
Lloyd Cole - Period Piece
Lloyd Cole - Myrtle and Rose
Lloyd Cole - No Truck
Lloyd Cole - Silver Lake
Lloyd Cole - Kids Today
Lloyd Cole - Morning Is Broken
Lloyd Cole - Holier Than Thou
Lloyd Cole - Love You So What
Lloyd Cole - Wild Mushrooms
Lloyd Cole - Too Much of a Good Thing
Lloyd Cole - Fall Together
Lloyd Cole - Mister Wrong
Lloyd Cole - Seen the Future
Lloyd Cole - Can't Get Arrested
Lloyd Cole - Perfect Skin
Lloyd Cole - So You'd Like to Save the World
Lloyd Cole - Jennifer She Said
Lloyd Cole - Speedboat
Lloyd Cole - Perfect Blue
Lloyd Cole - Forest Fire
Lloyd Cole - A Long Way Down
Lloyd Cole - Undressed
Lloyd Cole - Charlotte Street
Lloyd Cole - Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken
Lloyd Cole - Sweetheart
Eric Clapton - Roll It Over
Eric Clapton - Talking About You
The Yardbirds - Out on the Water Coast
The Yardbirds - Got Love If You Want It
Claudia Church - What's the Matter With You Baby
Claudia Church - This Man I Love
Claudia Church - Home in My Heart (North Carolina)
Claudia Church - Lost in a Feeling
Claudia Church - It's All Your Fault
Claudia Church - The Streets of Nashville
Claudia Church - Just as Long as You Love Me
Claudia Church - I Don't Fall in Love So Easy
Claudia Church - Small Town Girl
Claudia Church - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
CONDOR44 - Good Night 44th Music
Coone - Universal Language
Coone - The Words
Coone - Words From the Gang
Lloyd Cole - Old Enough to Know Better
Lloyd Cole - Another Lover
Lloyd Cole - 39 Down
Lloyd Cole - You're a Big Girl Now
Lloyd Cole - Alright People
Lloyd Cole - Love Like This Can't Last
Lloyd Cole - Went to Woodstock
Lloyd Cole - Fool You Are (demo)
Lloyd Cole - Weakness
Lloyd Cole - Mannish Girl
Lloyd Cole - Wild Orphan
Lloyd Cole - Blame Mary Jane
Lloyd Cole - Shelly I Do
Lloyd Cole - Chelsea Hotel #2
Lloyd Cole - Weird on Me
Lloyd Cole - She's a Girl and I'm a Man (Pre-Op)
Lloyd Cole - For the Pleasure of Your Company
Lloyd Cole - Radio City Music Hall
Lloyd Cole - Vicious
Lloyd Cole - Mystic Lady
Lloyd Cole - The Slider
Lloyd Cole - I Will Not Leave You Alone
Lloyd Cole - Most of the Time
Lloyd Cole - Baby (original demo)
Lloyd Cole - Millionaire
Lloyd Cole - Sold
Lloyd Cole - Brand New Baby Blues
Lloyd Cole - Missing
Lloyd Cole - Rain on the Parade
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Perfect Skin
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Forest Fire
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Brand New Friend
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Rich
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Lost Weekend
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - From the Hip
Lloyd Cole - Loveless
Lloyd Cole - She's a Girl and I'm a Man
Lloyd Cole - Tell Your Sister
Lloyd Cole - To the Lions
Lloyd Cole - The One You Never Had
Lloyd Cole - There for Her
Lloyd Cole - Margo’s Waltz
Lloyd Cole - Half of Everything
Lloyd Cole - Man Enough
Lloyd Cole - What He Doesn’t Know
Collide - Wings of Steel
Collide - Razor Sharp
Collide - Dreamsleep
Collide - Halo