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Clones of Clones - I Don't Need Your Love
Clones of Clones - Somebody Else
Clones of Clones - Our Love
Clones of Clones - Nightmares
Clones of Clones - Hole
Clones of Clones - Heavy Soul
Clones of Clones - The Battle Between
Clones of Clones - The Neighborhood
Clones of Clones - Take Care Of Yourself
Clones of Clones - Homie
Clones of Clones - Bully
Cold Chisel - Dead & Laid to Rest
Cold Chisel - Pay Day in a Pub
Cold Chisel - 01 Khe Sanh
Comité Cisne - Licor
Comité Cisne - Ana Frank
Nat King Cole - Making Whoopee
Nat King Cole - It's Crazy
Nat King Cole - Summer Is A Comin'In
Nat King Cole - Straighten Un And Fly Right
Nat King Cole - Jumpin' At The Capitol
Nat King Cole - Lover, Come Back to Me!
Nat King Cole - Perfida
Nat King Cole - I Wish I Knew the Way to Your Heart
Nat King Cole - My Heart Tells Me (Should I Believe My Heart?)
Nat King Cole - Cherie, I Love You
Nat King Cole - To Whom It May Concern
Nat King Cole - Love-Wise
Nat King Cole - This Morning It Was Summer
Nat King Cole - Where Did Everyone Go?
Nat King Cole - No, I Don't Want Her
Nat King Cole - I Keep Goin' Back to Joe's
Nat King Cole - If Love Ain't There
Nat King Cole - The End of a Love Affair
Nat King Cole - Love Is Many Splendored Thing
Nat King Cole - That's All There Is
Nat King Cole - World in My Arms
Nat King Cole - Again
Nat King Cole - I Must Be Dreaming
Nat King Cole - It is Better to Have Loved and Lost
Nat King Cole - Sweet Bird of Youth
Colour Bomb - On The Run
Abs Conditus - The Abyss of True Death
Abs Conditus - The Killer in Fog
Abs Conditus - Tęsknota
Abs Conditus - In the Valley of Eternal Silence
Abs Conditus - Noc długich noży
The Common Linnets - Calm After the Storm
The Common Linnets - Hungry Hands
The Common Linnets - Arms of Salvation
The Common Linnets - Still Loving After You
The Common Linnets - Sun Song
The Common Linnets - Lovers & Liars
The Common Linnets - Broken but Home
The Common Linnets - Before Complete Surrender
The Common Linnets - Where Do I Go With Me
The Common Linnets - Time Has No Mercy
The Common Linnets - Give Me a Reason to Write You One
The Common Linnets - When Love Was King
The Common Linnets - Love Goes On
The Common Linnets - We Don’t Make the Wind Blow
The Common Linnets - That Part
The Common Linnets - Hearts on Fire
The Common Linnets - Runaway Man
The Common Linnets - In Your Eyes
The Common Linnets - Dust of Oklahoma
The Common Linnets - Indigo Moon
The Common Linnets - Better Than That
The Common Linnets - Days of Endless Time
The Common Linnets - Soho Waltz
The Common Linnets - As If Only
The Common Linnets - Walls of Jericho
The Common Linnets - Proud
The Common Linnets - Christmas Around Me
Nat King Cole - Oh, Mary, Don't You Weep
The Congress Of Wonders - Star Trip
Nat King Cole - Darling Je Vous Aim Beaucoup
Nat King Cole - Gee Baby Ain't I Good for You
Nat King Cole - Miss Otis Regrets
Nat King Cole - Don't Cry, Cry Baby
Nat King Cole - If You Can't Smile & Say Yes
Nat King Cole - The Trouble With me is You
Clouseau - Brandweer
Clouseau - Alleen met jou
Clouseau - Anne
Clouseau - Daar gaat ze
Clouseau - Dansen
Clouseau - Louise
Clouseau - Zij is van mij
Clouseau - Domino
Clouseau - Vanavond ga ik uit
Clouseau - Altijd heb ik je lief
Clouseau - Afscheid van een vriend
Clouseau - Take Me Down
Clouseau - Worship
Clouseau - Zie me graag
Clouseau - Swentibold
Clouseau - Nobelprijs
Clouseau - Dat ze de mooiste is
Clouseau - Altijd meer en meer
Clouseau - Wil niet dat je weg gaat
Clouseau - En dans
Clouseau - Brandend avontuur
Clouseau - Bergen en ravijnen
Clouseau - Vanbinnen
Clouseau - Ik denk aan jou
Clouseau - Vonken & vuur
Clouseau - De tegenpartij
Clouseau - Oogcontact
Clouseau - Voorbij
Clouseau - Keer op keer
Clouseau - 1 grote liefde
Clouseau - Brommer
Clouseau - Ze zit
Clouseau - Verlangen
Clouseau - Fiets
Clouseau - Kamerplant
Clouseau - Gefluister en geschreeuw
Clouseau - Alleen
Clouseau - Adrenaline
Clouseau - Samen
Clouseau - Bedrog
Clouseau - Handenklap voetenstap
Clouseau - Ik vind je heel lief
Clouseau - Als jij het wil
Clouseau - Dat ik verliefd ben
Clouseau - Vanavond ben ik Bob
Clouseau - Voor je 't weet
Clouseau - Je bent niets
Clouseau - De nacht duurt nog lang
Claudia Russell - I Second That Emotion
Nat King Cole - Guadalajara
Nat King Cole - Love Is the Thing
Nat King Cole - When You’re Smiling
Clouseau - Doolhof
Clouseau - De perfectie
Clouseau - Shaken & grooven
Clouseau - Wat wil je dat ik doe
Clouseau - Over morgen
Clouseau - Eeuwigheid
Clouseau - Ik volg m'n hart
Clouseau - Sterven op de planken
Clouseau - ik zie de hemel
Clouseau - weg van jou
Clouseau - September
Clouseau - Mary-Lou
Clouseau - De belastingskontroleur
Clouseau - Oh ja
Clouseau - Ik wil vannacht bij je slapen
Clouseau - De juiste vergissing
Clouseau - Leve België
Clouseau - Als er ooit iets fout zou gaan
Clouseau - Doe het
Clouseau - Waar op deze wereld
Clouseau - Heimwee
Clouseau - Niemands vrouw
Clouseau - Ik geloof
Clouseau - Zingen en niet zeuren
Clouseau - Zolang ze van me houdt
Bruce Cockburn - Night Train
Bruce Cockburn - Get Up Jonah
Bruce Cockburn - Pacing the Cage
Bruce Cockburn - The Whole Night Sky
Bruce Cockburn - The Coming Rains
Bruce Cockburn - Birmingham Shadows
Bruce Cockburn - The Mines of Mozambique
Bruce Cockburn - Live on My Mind
Bruce Cockburn - The Charity of Night
Bruce Cockburn - Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Bruce Cockburn - Maybe the Poet
Bruce Cockburn - Sahara Gold
Bruce Cockburn - Making Contact
Bruce Cockburn - Peggy's Kitchen Wall
Bruce Cockburn - To Raise the Morning Star
Bruce Cockburn - Nicaragua
Bruce Cockburn - If I Had a Rocket Launcher
Bruce Cockburn - Dust and Diesel
Bruce Cockburn - Early on One Christmas Morn
Bruce Cockburn - Riu Riu Chiu
Bruce Cockburn - I Saw Three Ships
Bruce Cockburn - Down in Yon Forest
Bruce Cockburn - Shepherds
Bruce Cockburn - Iesus Ahatonnia (The Huron Carol)
Bruce Cockburn - It Come Upon the Midnight Clear
Bruce Cockburn - Mary Had a Baby
La Condena de Caín - Hombres de ciencia ficción
La Condena de Caín - Lo inerte y lo real
La Condena de Caín - Mosquito
La Condena de Caín - Peste negra
La Condena de Caín - Viejo topo
La Condena de Caín - Vendaval
La Condena de Caín - Nuevo fuego
La Condena de Caín - No hay dolor
La Condena de Caín - Vuelo
La Condena de Caín - Dios seguridad
La Condena de Caín - Hermosa soledad
La Condena de Caín - Libertad
La Condena de Caín - Ojos salvajes
La Condena de Caín - La fuga
Clouseau - Ik geef me over
Clouseau - Toen tussen jou en mij
Clouseau - Nieuwe start
Clouseau - Vroeger is voorbij
Clouseau - Mooi
Clouseau - De duivel je vriend
Clouseau - Ziek van liefde
Clouseau - Heb ik nooit gezegd
Clouseau - Vara Lucia
Clouseau - Ben je daar vannacht
Clouseau - Blijf bij mij
Clouseau - Wat ik voor je voel
Clouseau - Eenzaam hart
Clouseau - Hoeveel is te veel?
Clouseau - Voltooid verleden
Clouseau - Zo mooi
Clouseau - Onvolmaakt
Clouseau - Erop los
Clouseau - Hoe lang
Clouseau - Houvast
Clouseau - Voltooid verleden tijd
Clouseau - De ware
Clouseau - Dansvloertherapie
Clouseau - Alles draait
Clouseau - Vaarwel
Nat King Cole - I'm Shooting High
Nat King Cole - Just in Time
Nat King Cole - A House With Love in It
Nat King Cole - Jingle Bells
Nat King Cole - The Ballad of Cat Ballou
Nat King Cole - Fantastico
Bruce Cockburn - Creation Dream
Bruce Cockburn - Badlands Flashback
Bruce Cockburn - After the Rain
Bruce Cockburn - Wondering Where the Lions Are
Bruce Cockburn - No Footprints
Bruce Cockburn - A Dream Like Mine
Bruce Cockburn - Kit Carson
Bruce Cockburn - Mighty Trucks of Midnight
Bruce Cockburn - Soul of a Man
Bruce Cockburn - One of the Best Ones
Bruce Cockburn - Indian Wars
Bruce Cockburn - Life Short Call Now
Bruce Cockburn - See You Tomorrow
Bruce Cockburn - Mystery
Bruce Cockburn - Beautiful Creatures
Bruce Cockburn - Slow Down Fast
Bruce Cockburn - All the Ways I Want You
Bruce Cockburn - Bone in My Ear
Bruce Cockburn - Burden of the Angel/Beast
Bruce Cockburn - Scanning These Crowds
Bruce Cockburn - Southland of the Heart
Bruce Cockburn - Someone I Used to Love
Bruce Cockburn - Love Loves You Too
Bruce Cockburn - Closer to the Light
Bruce Cockburn - Tie Me at the Crossroads
Concorde - Lie Down
Concorde - Just Kiss Her
Concorde - Stay High
Concorde - Makes Me Wonder
Concorde - Be Cold
Concorde - Made for Love
Concorde - Summer House Concorde
Concorde - Like to Say Concorde
Concorde - To Know Concorde
Concorde - Candy Boy Concorde
Concorde - Makes Me Wonder Concorde
Clouseau - Live Like Kings
Clouseau - Piece of Candy
Clouseau - Take It to Your Heart
Clouseau - Promise Land
Clouseau - Caroline
Clouseau - Ooh Yeah
Clouseau - Every Single Time
Clouseau - Heart of the Matter
Clouseau - One Night Stand
Clouseau - I Live in Memories
Clouseau - Langzaam mijn hoofd
Clouseau - Als je lacht
Clouseau - Zo gek
Clouseau - Te laat
Richard Clayderman - Everything I Do (I Do It for You)
Nat King Cole - My Flaming Heart
Nat King Cole - I'd Rather Have the Blues (a.k.a. Blues From Kiss Me Deadly)
Bruce Cockburn - The Iris of the World
Bruce Cockburn - Each One Lost
Bruce Cockburn - All Our Dark Tomorrows
Bruce Cockburn - Trickle Down
Bruce Cockburn - Put It in Your Heart
Bruce Cockburn - Wait No More
Bruce Cockburn - Don't Forget About Delight
Bruce Cockburn - Happy Good Morning Blues
Bruce Cockburn - Let Us Go Laughing
Bruce Cockburn - One Day I Walk
Bruce Cockburn - Golden Serpent Blues
Bruce Cockburn - High Winds White Sky
Bruce Cockburn - Life's Mistress
Bruce Cockburn - Going to the Country
Bruce Cockburn - The Bicycle Trip
Bruce Cockburn - Change Your Mind
Bruce Cockburn - Man of a Thousand Faces
Bruce Cockburn - Keep It Open
Nat King Cole - Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Clouseau - When You Smile
Clouseau - Een huis vol liefde
Clouseau - In vuur en vlam
Clouseau - Door de muur
Clouseau - Lied voor jou
Clouseau - 't is voor jou dat ik leef
Clouseau - Gek op Jou
Clouseau - Casanova
Clouseau - Als je me wil
Clouseau - Heel mijn hart
Clouseau - Sluit mij in je hart
Clouseau - Niet voor niets
Clouseau - Jij staat alleen
Clouseau - Ziel
Clouseau - Vliegtuig
Clouseau - Verdwijnen met jou
Clouseau - Als we dood zijn
Clouseau - Kan het niet alleen
Clouseau - Laatste keer
Clouseau - Onvoorwaardelijk wij
Bruce Cockburn - If a Tree Falls
Bruce Cockburn - Shipwrecked at the Stable Door
Bruce Cockburn - Gospel of Bondage
Bruce Cockburn - Don't Feel Your Touch
Bruce Cockburn - Understanding Nothing
Bruce Cockburn - Where the Death Squad Lives
Bruce Cockburn - Radium Rain
Bruce Cockburn - Pangs of Love
Bruce Cockburn - The Gift
Bruce Cockburn - Anything Can Happen
Bruce Cockburn - Lord of the Starfields
Bruce Cockburn - Little Seahorse
Bruce Cockburn - Silver Wheels
Bruce Cockburn - Festival of Friends
Bruce Cockburn - Red Brother Red Sister
Bruce Cockburn - Dweller by a Dark Stream
Bruce Cockburn - Tokyo
Bruce Cockburn - The Coldest Night of the Year
Bruce Cockburn - The Trouble With Normal
Bruce Cockburn - Call It Democracy
Bruce Cockburn - Last Night of the World
Bruce Cockburn - Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand
Bruce Cockburn - Prenons La Mer
Bruce Cockburn - Laughter
Bruce Cockburn - Bright Sky
Clouseau - Zo zalig
Clouseau - Alarm
Clouseau - Wat zal ik voor je doen
Clouseau - Mysterie alom
Clouseau - Er kan nog iemand mee
Clouseau - Regenlied
Clouseau - Ik wil niet dat je weggaat
Clouseau - Hilda
Clouseau - She's After Me
Clouseau - Swentibold/Zij Is Van Mij/Vanavond Ga Ik Uit
Clouseau - Heaven
Clouseau - That's Alright
Clouseau - One Last Night
Clouseau - Give It Up
Clouseau - She's All Mine
Clouseau - With a Woman Like You
Nat King Cole - Las Chiapanecas
Nat King Cole - Home (When Shadows Fall)
Condemned 84 - We Will Never Let You Down
Condemned 84 - Keep the Faith
Condemned 84 - Blunt
Condemned 84 - Our Time Will Come
Condemned 84 - Warriors With Pride
Condemned 84 - In the Gutter
Condemned 84 - All Out Attack
Condemned 84 - Pride and the Pain
Condemned 84 - Land of Hope and Glory
Condemned 84 - The Boots Go Marching In
Condemned 84 - We Will Never Die
Condemned 84 - Kick Down the Doors
Condemned 84 - Follow the Leader
Condemned 84 - Nutter
Condemned 84 - Riot Squad
Condemned 84 - Lies
Condemned 84 - Jimmy Davey
Condemned 84 - Teenage Slag
Bruce Cockburn - You Pay Your Money and You Take Your Chance
Bruce Cockburn - The Strong One
Bruce Cockburn - And We Dance
Bruce Cockburn - January in the Halifax Airport Lounge
Bruce Cockburn - Starwheel
Bruce Cockburn - Burn
Bruce Cockburn - A Long-Time-Love Story
Bruce Cockburn - World of Wonders
Bruce Cockburn - Rumours of Glory
Bruce Cockburn - See How I Miss You
Bruce Cockburn - Stolen Land
Bruce Cockburn - It's Going Down Slow
Cloudeater - Hollow
Cloudeater - Hardly Wait
Cloudeater - Sabotage
Condemned 84 - Under Her Thumb
Condemned 84 - Oi Aint Dead
Condemned 84 - We're Gonna Win (Euro 96)
Condemned 84 - Boots Go Marching In
Condemned 84 - Face the Aggression
Condemned 84 - Oi! Ain't Dead
Bruce Cockburn - Tropic Moon
Bruce Cockburn - Yanqui Go Home
Bruce Cockburn - Don't Have to Tell You Why
Bruce Cockburn - Never So Free
Bruce Cockburn - It Won't Be Long
Bruce Cockburn - Christmas Song
Bruce Cockburn - How I Spent My Fall Vacation
Bruce Cockburn - Kit Carson (soundcheck)
Bruce Cockburn - He Came From the Mountain
Kurt Cobain - The Yodel Song
Kurt Cobain - Been a Son (early demo)
Kurt Cobain - What More Can I Say
Kurt Cobain - 1988 Capitol Lake Jam Commercial
Kurt Cobain - Montage of Kurt
Kurt Cobain - Beans
Kurt Cobain - Burn the Rain
Kurt Cobain - Clean Up Before She Comes (early demo)
Kurt Cobain - Montage of Kurt II
Kurt Cobain - Rehash
Kurt Cobain - You Can’t Change Me / Burn My Britches / Something in the Way (early demo)
Kurt Cobain - Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain - Bright Smile
Kurt Cobain - Underground Celebritism
Kurt Cobain - Desire
Kurt Cobain - And I Love Her
Kurt Cobain - Sea Monkeys
Kurt Cobain - Sappy (early demo)
Kurt Cobain - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (demo)
Kurt Cobain - She Only Lies
Kurt Cobain - Poison’s Gone
Kurt Cobain - Rhesus Monkey
Kurt Cobain - Do Re Mi (medley)
Kurt Cobain - Early Nirvana
Kurt Cobain - Kurt Cobain Speaks About Early Nirvana, and Revolving Drummers
Kurt Cobain - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
Kurt Cobain - Come as You Are
Kurt Cobain - Pennyroyal Tea
Kurt Cobain - Polly
Kurt Cobain - Lithium
Kurt Cobain - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Kurt Cobain - Drain You
Kurt Cobain - In Bloom
Kurt Cobain - Something in the Way
Kurt Cobain - I Hate Myself and Want to Die
Kurt Cobain - About a Girl
Kurt Cobain - Rape Me
Kurt Cobain - All Apologies
Kurt Cobain - Heart-Shaped Box
Kurt Cobain - Scoff
Kurt Cobain - Poison's Gone
Condemned 84 - Strenght to Strength
Bruce Cockburn - Waiting for the Moon
Bruce Cockburn - Put Our Hearts Together
Bruce Cockburn - Planet of the Clowns
Bruce Cockburn - Berlin Tonight
Bruce Cockburn - People See Through You
Bruce Cockburn - Santiago Dawn
Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in Paradise
Bruce Cockburn - Down Here Tonight
Bruce Cockburn - When You Give It Away
Bruce Cockburn - Mango
Bruce Cockburn - Isn't That What Friends Are For?
Bruce Cockburn - Let the Bad Air Out
Bruce Cockburn - Use Me While You Can
Bruce Cockburn - Grim Travellers
Bruce Cockburn - You Get Bigger as You Go
Bruce Cockburn - What About the Bond
Bruce Cockburn - Guerilla Betrayed
Bruce Cockburn - Fascist Architecture
Bruce Cockburn - The Rose Above the Sky
Bruce Cockburn - Homme Brûlant
Bruce Cockburn - Free to Be
Bruce Cockburn - Dialogue With the Devil
Bruce Cockburn - Joy Will Find a Way
Bruce Cockburn - God Bless the Children
Bruce Cockburn - Déjà Vu
Bruce Cockburn - Mamma Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long
Bruce Cockburn - Up on This Hillside
Bruce Cockburn - I'm Gonna Fly Some Day
Bruce Cockburn - Embers Of Eden, The
Bruce Cockburn - Iesus Ahotonnia (The Huron Carol)
Bruce Cockburn - Always Look at the Bright Side of Life
Bruce Cockburn - Morning Hymn
Bruce Cockburn - I Wanna Dance With You
Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
Leonard Cohen - Master Song
Leonard Cohen - Winter Lady
Leonard Cohen - The Stranger Song
Leonard Cohen - Stories of the Street
Leonard Cohen - Teachers
Leonard Cohen - One of Us Cannot Be Wrong
Leonard Cohen - Bird on the Wire
Leonard Cohen - The Partisan
Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel #2
Leonard Cohen - Take This Longing
Leonard Cohen - The Guests
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah
Leonard Cohen - If It Be Your Will
Leonard Cohen - Night Comes On
Leonard Cohen - Tower of Song
Leonard Cohen - Ain't No Cure for Love
Leonard Cohen - Take This Waltz
Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan
Leonard Cohen - The Future
Leonard Cohen - Democracy
Leonard Cohen - Waiting for the Miracle
Leonard Cohen - Closing Time
Leonard Cohen - Alexandra Leaving
Leonard Cohen - Love Itself
Leonard Cohen - Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
Leonard Cohen - Love Calls You by Name
Leonard Cohen - A Singer Must Die
Leonard Cohen - The Traitor
Leonard Cohen - By the Rivers Dark
Leonard Cohen - Going Home
Leonard Cohen - Amen
Leonard Cohen - Show Me the Place
Leonard Cohen - Darkness
Leonard Cohen - Anyhow
Leonard Cohen - Crazy to Love You
Leonard Cohen - Come Healing
Leonard Cohen - Banjo
Leonard Cohen - Lullaby
Leonard Cohen - Different Sides
Leonard Cohen - That Don't Make It Junk
Leonard Cohen - Here It Is
Leonard Cohen - You Have Loved Enough
Leonard Cohen - Boogie Street
Leonard Cohen - The Land of Plenty
Cinema Bizarre - Lovesongs (They Kill Me)
Cinema Bizarre - How Does It Feel
Cinema Bizarre - Silent Scream
Cinema Bizarre - Get Off
Cinema Bizarre - Forever or Never
Cinema Bizarre - Escape to the Stars
Cinema Bizarre - After the Rain
Cinema Bizarre - She Waits for Me
Cinema Bizarre - I Don't Believe
Cinema Bizarre - The Way We Are
Cinema Bizarre - Heavensent
Cinema Bizarre - Angel in Disguise
Cinema Bizarre - The Silent Place
Cinema Bizarre - Touching and Kissing
Cinema Bizarre - I Came 2 Party
Cinema Bizarre - Deeper and Deeper
Cinema Bizarre - Erase and Replace
Cinema Bizarre - My Obsession
Cinema Bizarre - Je ne regrette rien
Cinema Bizarre - Dark Star
Cinema Bizarre - Toyz
Cinema Bizarre - In Your Cage
Cinema Bizarre - Hypnotized by Jane
Cinema Bizarre - Blasphemy
Cinema Bizarre - Out of Love
Cinema Bizarre - Sad Day (for Happiness)
Cinema Bizarre - Tears in Vegas
Cinema Bizarre - I Don't Wanna Know (If U Got Laid)
Cinema Bizarre - Modern Lover
Cinema Bizarre - Are You Crying
Cinema Bizarre - American Beauty
Cinema Bizarre - Dysfunctional familiy
Nat King Cole - Adeste Fidelis (O Come All Ye Faithful)
Nat King Cole - Las Mañanitas (With Mariachis)
Nat King Cole - Acércate más (Come Closer to Me)
Nat King Cole - Adelita (With Mariachis)
Club 8 - Jesus, Walk With Me
Club 8 - Whatever You Want
Club 8 - Football Kids
Club 8 - Hopes and Dreams
Club 8 - Everything Goes
Club 8 - Heaven
Club 8 - When I Come Around
Club 8 - Leave the North
Club 8 - In the Morning
Club 8 - Sometimes
Club 8 - Where Birds Don't Fly
Club 8 - The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming
Club 8 - Keeping Track of Time
Club 8 - Kill Kill Kill
Club 8 - Stop Taking My Time
Club 8 - You Could Be Anybody
Club 8 - Run
Club 8 - Hot Sun
Club 8 - A Small Piece of Heaven
Club 8 - I'm Not Gonna Grow Old
Club 8 - Into Air
Club 8 - Instrumental
Club 8 - Less Than Love
Club 8 - Straight as an Arrow
Club 8 - Blue Skies
Club 8 - Don't Be Gone
Club 8 - Breakdown
Club 8 - She Never Calls Me
Club 8 - Loveaffair
Club 8 - Those Charming Men
Club 8 - All Dressed Up And Shy
Club 8 - I Guess I Was Wrong
Club 8 - Me Too
Club 8 - Girlfriend
Club 8 - Before I Came
Club 8 - Love Dies
Club 8 - Skin
Club 8 - Hush
Club 8 - Sometimes I Felt Like a Loser
Nat King Cole - Te Quiero Dijiste
Nat King Cole - Destination Moon
Nat King Cole - Where were You
Compulsion Games - Kat's Song
Compulsion Games - House on Fire
Leonard Cohen - Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
Leonard Cohen - Introduction
Leonard Cohen - The Gypsy's Wife
Leonard Cohen - Recitation w/ N.L.
Leonard Cohen - I Tried to Leave You
Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel No 2
Leonard Cohen - Go No More A-Roving
Leonard Cohen - Because Of
Leonard Cohen - Undertow
Leonard Cohen - Morning Glory
Leonard Cohen - On That Day
Leonard Cohen - Villanelle for Our Time
Leonard Cohen - There for You
Leonard Cohen - Dear Heather
Leonard Cohen - Nightingale
Leonard Cohen - To a Teacher
Leonard Cohen - The Faith
Leonard Cohen - Tennessee Waltz
Leonard Cohen - The Law
Leonard Cohen - The Captain
Leonard Cohen - Hunter’s Lullaby
Leonard Cohen - Heart With No Companion
Club 8 - Someday
Club 8 - I Wish You'd Stay
Club 8 - Western Hospitality
Club 8 - Shape Up!
Club 8 - Dancing With the Mentally Ill
Club 8 - My Pessimistic Heart
Club 8 - Back to A
Club 8 - Like Me
Club 8 - Be Mad, Get Ill, Be Still
Club 8 - We're All Going to Die
Club 8 - The People Speak
Club 8 - Look Out
Club 8 - The Friend I Once Had
Club 8 - Things We Share
Club 8 - So Tied Up
Club 8 - I Have No Better Plan
Club 8 - Don't Stop the Night
Club 8 - Mornings
Club 8 - People Who Would Go for You
Leonard Cohen - Humbled in Love
Leonard Cohen - The Window
Leonard Cohen - Came So Far for Beauty
Leonard Cohen - The Lost Canadian (Un Canadien errant)
Leonard Cohen - Our Lady of Solitude
Leonard Cohen - The Smokey Life
Leonard Cohen - Ballad of the Absent Mare
Leonard Cohen - There Is a War
Leonard Cohen - True Love Leaves No Traces
Leonard Cohen - Iodine
Leonard Cohen - Paper-Thin Hotel
Leonard Cohen - Memories
Leonard Cohen - I Left a Woman Waiting
Leonard Cohen - Fingerprints
Leonard Cohen - Field Commander Cohen
Naimee Coleman - Hold On
Naimee Coleman - Sparkle
Naimee Coleman - Standing Strong
Naimee Coleman - Your Arms
Naimee Coleman - Ordinary World
Naimee Coleman - Care About You
Naimee Coleman - Still She Sings
Naimee Coleman - Ruthless Affection
Nat King Cole - I Just Can’t See for Lookin’
Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist
Nat King Cole - Come Closer to Me
Nat King Cole - Darling Je Vous Aime Beacoup
Nick Colionne - Melting Into You
Nick Colionne - Anyway (vocal)
Coldfinger - Para um Poema
Coldfinger - Beauty of You
Coldfinger - CBlues
Coldfinger - D.Fuse Line
Coldfinger - Lucky Star
Coldfinger - Liquid
Coldfinger - Mondo
Coldfinger - Shapeless
Coldfinger - Mood Turb
Coldfinger - Crimes
Coldfinger - The Tree and the Bird
Coldfinger - Cover Sleeve
Coldfinger - Harvest Season
Coldfinger - Easy M
Coldfinger - B Suite
Coldfinger - Medicine
Coldfinger - How Could Time
Coldfinger - The Way You Make Me Feel
Coldfinger - Kuki
Coldfinger - Whole Lotta Love
Coldfinger - Karma for the Day
Coldfinger - Elemento
Coldfinger - Plummy
Leonard Cohen - Intro to So Long, Marianne
Leonard Cohen - Lady Midnight
Leonard Cohen - Tonight Will Be Fine
Leonard Cohen - Diamonds in the Mine
Leonard Cohen - Sing Another Song, Boys
Leonard Cohen - Who by Fire?
Leonard Cohen - Bird on a Wire
Leonard Cohen - Save the Last Dance for Me
Leonard Cohen - Never Any Good
Leonard Cohen - The Great Event
Nat King Cole - Look What You've Done to Me
Nat King Cole - To a wild Rose
Collage - Romeo Where's Juliet
Collage - S.O.S.
Christian - Cara
Albert Collins & The Heartbreakers - Cold, Cold Feeling
Nat King Cole - You Call it Madness
Leonard Cohen - Lover, Lover, Lover
Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel
Leonard Cohen - Jazz Police
Leonard Cohen - I Can't Forget
Leonard Cohen - Be for Real
Leonard Cohen - Light as the Breeze
Leonard Cohen - Always
Leonard Cohen - Dress Rehearsal Rag
Leonard Cohen - Love Calls You by Your Name
Clement Marfo & The Frontline - Champion
Coevorduh - Tony Feestneus
Leonard Cohen - Story of Isaac
Leonard Cohen - A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes
Leonard Cohen - The Old Revolution
Leonard Cohen - The Butcher
Leonard Cohen - Is This What You Wanted
Leonard Cohen - Why Don’t You Try
Leonard Cohen - Leaving Green Sleeves
Leonard Cohen - Old Revolution
Leonard Cohen - Last Year's Man
Lauren Christy - Rain
Lauren Christy - You Read Me Wrong
Lauren Christy - River of Time
Lauren Christy - Vanessa's Father
Lauren Christy - The Colour of the Night
Lauren Christy - My Jeans I Want Them Back
Lauren Christy - Woman's Song
Lauren Christy - Take Me to the Church
Lauren Christy - Breed
Lauren Christy - I Want What I Want
Lauren Christy - Magazine
Lauren Christy - You Make Me Laugh
Lauren Christy - 25 Back Then
Lauren Christy - Boomerang Bang
Lauren Christy - Burn
Lauren Christy - Letterbomb
Lauren Christy - Could've Been
Lauren Christy - The Night I Saved Peter Ustinov
Confession - Send a Meat Truck
Confession - That’s Not the Goose
Confession - I Am the Nightrider
Confession - Cundalini Wants His Hand Back!
Confession - Chewed Up and Spat Out
Confession - Confused/Hopeless
Confession - I Created This Horror
Confession - Piece by Piece
Confession - Asthma Attack
Confession - Nearly 30
Confession - Die to Live
Confession - The True Shine Through
Confession - Heartless
Confession - The Long Way Home
Confession - Holy War
Confession - Hollow
Confession - Fuck Cancer
Confession - March 23
Confession - Old Blood
Confession - 51-73
Confession - The Forgotten
Confession - She's Not What She Seems
Confession - People Don't Believe In Heroes Anymore
Confession - Gimme A.D.D
Confession - Mirrors
Confession - You Can’t Touch This
Confession - This Is A War
Nat King Cole - Thanks to You
Nat King Cole - Coquette
Nat King Cole - My Foolish Heart
Nat King Cole - When Sunny Gets Blue
Cinemon - Coma [Live 6.06.2013 in Cracow, Poland]
Cinemon - Messenger
Cinemon - Remember Me
Leonard Cohen - Slow
Leonard Cohen - Almost Like the Blues
Leonard Cohen - Samson in New Orleans
Leonard Cohen - A Street
Leonard Cohen - Did I Ever Love You
Leonard Cohen - My Oh My
Leonard Cohen - Nevermind
Leonard Cohen - Born in Chains
Leonard Cohen - You Got Me Singing
Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker
Leonard Cohen - Treaty
Leonard Cohen - On the Level
Leonard Cohen - Leaving the Table
Leonard Cohen - If I Didn’t Have Your Love
Leonard Cohen - Traveling Light
Leonard Cohen - It Seemed the Better Way
Leonard Cohen - Steer Your Way
Leonard Cohen - String Reprise / Treaty
Roberto Conforto - Komm schieß noch ein Tor
Nat King Cole - I'll Always Remember You
Nat King Cole - It Was So Good While It Lasted
confession of a traitor - Cause & Effect
confession of a traitor - Where Horizons Meet
confession of a traitor - Sweat & Blood
confession of a traitor - Scavengers
confession of a traitor - The Blinded
Leonard Cohen - Never Gave Nobody Trouble
Leonard Cohen - Got a Little Secret
Leonard Cohen - Choices
Leonard Cohen - Stages
mc chris and the Lee Majors - Down on the Farm
mc chris and the Lee Majors - MC Chris Number 2000
Coda - Aun
Coda - Otro tono al gris
Coda - Veinte para las doce (Al calor de la noche)
Coda - Frio
Coda - No puedo estar sin ti
Coda - Nada en común
Coda - Atrevete
Coda - Sin ti no se continuar
Coda - Atado a tu piel
Coda - Vivo o muerto
Coda - Boby
Coda - Eternamente
Coda - Tocame
Coda - Pon el mundo a girar
Coda - Solo
Coda - No te quiero perder
Coda - Carrusel
Coda - Luz roja
Conduits - Top of the Hill
Nat King Cole - Don't Cry Baby
Cold Fronts - Catch
Cold Fronts - Primetime
Cold Fronts - Permanent Record
Cold Fronts - Hit Me
Leonard Cohen - So Long Marianne
Leonard Cohen - Minute Prologue
Leonard Cohen - Passing Through
Leonard Cohen - Nancy
Leonard Cohen - Please Don't Pass Me By (A Disgrace)
Leonard Cohen - Queen Victoria
Leonard Cohen - Lady Midnigjht
Nat King Cole with Natalie Cole - The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)
George Colligan - The Girl From Ipanema
Tyler Collins - Girls Nite Out
Tyler Collins - Give and Take
Tyler Collins - Second Chance
Tyler Collins - It Doesn't Matter
Tyler Collins - Girls Nite Out (Soul IV Seoul Bite)
Connect Church - Ingen är som du
Connect Church - All ära
Connect Church - Vill alltid älska dig
Connect Church - Det finns kraft i Jesu namn
Connect Church - Jag följer dig
Connect Church - Min tillflykt
Connect Church - Hosianna
Connect Church - Allt för dig
Connect Church - Amen
Nat King Cole - Dame Crazy
Nat King Cole - I Need a Plan
Nat King Cole - Dinner for One Please, James
Nat King Cole - I Love You for Sentimental Reasons
Nat King Cole - Skip to My Lou
Leonard Cohen - Joan of Art
Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhatten
Leonard Cohen - Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On
Leonard Cohen - Death of a Ladies' Man
Leonard Cohen - One of Cannot be Wrong
Leonard Cohen - Halleluja
Leonard Cohen - [recitation]
Leonard Cohen - The Gypsy Wife
Leonard Cohen - Storeroom
Leonard Cohen - Nothing to One (You Know Who I Am)
Leonard Cohen - Like a Bird (Bird on the Wire)
Leonard Cohen - That's No Way to Say Goodbye
Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Rain Coat
Leonard Cohen - The Story of Isaac
Leonard Cohen - Do I Have to Dance All Night
Leonard Cohen - Who Be Fire
Leonard Cohen - The Master Song
Leonard Cohen - Lover Lover
Leonard Cohen - Blessed Is the Memory
Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses
Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kises Deep
Leonard Cohen - [encore break] / Waiting for the Miracle to Come
Leonard Cohen - [encore break] / I Tried to Leave You
Leonard Cohen - Boogie St
Leonard Cohen - Whither Thou Goest?
Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep (recitation)
Leonard Cohen - Anthem (W/ Band intro)
Leonard Cohen - Judy Collins Introduces Suzanne
Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat [Bonus Track]
Leonard Cohen - Sisters Of Mercy [Bonus Track]
Leonard Cohen - Joan O Arc
Cloudboy - Red Rubicon
Jamie Christopherson - Return to Ashes
Jamie Christopherson - A Soul Can't Be Cut
Jamie Christopherson - Rules of Nature
Jamie Christopherson - The Only Thing I Know For Real
Jamie Christopherson - I'm My Own Master Now
Jamie Christopherson - A Stranger I Remain
Jamie Christopherson - The Stains of Time
Jamie Christopherson - Red Sun
Jamie Christopherson - Collective Consciousness
Jamie Christopherson - It Has To Be This Way
Jamie Christopherson - The War Still Rages Within
Jamie Christopherson - The Only Thing I Know For Real (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
Jamie Christopherson - Return to Ashes (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
Jamie Christopherson - The Stains of Time (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
Jamie Christopherson - Collective Consciousness (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
Jamie Christopherson - The Hot Wind Blowing (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
Jamie Christopherson - The Hot Wind Blowing featuring Ferry Corsten
Nat King Cole - If Yesterday Could Only Be Tomorrow
Computer Magic - When You See Me
Computer Magic - Give Me Just a Minute
Computer Magic - Hudson
Computer Magic - Mindstate
Computer Magic - Running
Computer Magic - Time to Decide
Computer Magic - I'm the Pro
Computer Magic - All I Ever Wanted
Computer Magic - It Makes No Difference
Computer Magic - Time and Reason
Computer Magic - Holiday Song
Computer Magic - Get a Job
Computer Magic - Found Out
Computer Magic - About You
Computer Magic - The End of Time
Computer Magic - Electronic Fences
Computer Magic - Help Me
Computer Magic - A Million Years
Computer Magic - Summer Vacation
Computer Magic - Living for a Second Day
Computer Magic - Been Waiting
Computer Magic - Dimensions
Colour Me Wednesday - Shut
Colour Me Wednesday - Holiday From Your Life
Colour Me Wednesday - Carefree
Colour Me Wednesday - Unicorn in Uniform
Colour Me Wednesday - Lost on the High Street
Colour Me Wednesday - Bitter Boys
Colour Me Wednesday - Don't Waste Your Breath
Colour Me Wednesday - Cat Hair
Colour Me Wednesday - Purge Your Inner Tory
Combat Crisis - We Represent
Combat Crisis - Fool Me Twice
Combat Crisis - Not Afraid
Combat Crisis - Misled
Combat Crisis - Out of Luck
Combat Crisis - Nothing to Lose
Combat Crisis - Our City
Commodo - Good Grief
Coinside - Sehnsucht
Coinside - Eremit
Coinside - Eremozoikum
Nat King Cole - Is It Better to Have Loved and Lost
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Stretchin’ Out (In a Rubber Band)
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - The Pinocchio Theory
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Hollywood Squares
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - I’d Rather Be With You
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Bootzilla
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Can't stay away
Bootsy Collins - Play With Bootsy
Bootsy Collins - Soul Sista
Bootsy Collins feat. One & Bobby Womack - Groove Eternal
Bootsy Collins feat. One - Dance to the Music
Bootsy Collins - Funky and You Know It
Bootsy Collins - The Bomb
Bootsy Collins - Shine-O-Myte (Rag Popping)
Bootsy Collins - #1 Funkateer
Bootsy Collins - What's W-R-O-N-G Radio
Bootsy Collins - Music to Smile By
Bootsy Collins - Take a Lickin' and Keep on Kickin'
Collapsis - Tell Me Everything
Collapsis - Believe in You
Collapsis - October
Collapsis - Superhero
Collapsis - Wonderland
Collapsis - Two Egrets
Collapsis - Stumble
Collapsis - I.O.L.
Collapsis - Dirty Wake
Collapsis - Pure Triangles
Collapsis - Happy Song #5
Collapsis - Chartreuse
Collapsis - Charyou Tree
Collapsis - High Caliber Grease (& What You Will)
Bootsy Collins - Leakin'
Bootsy Collins - PsychoticBumpSchool
Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You
Bootsy Collins - Vanish In Our Sleep
Bootsy Collins - The Pinocchio Theory
Bootsy Collins - Munchies For Your Love
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Very Yes
Bootsy Collins - Bootzilla
Bootsy Collins - Hollywood Squares
Bootsy Collins - Body Slam
Bootsy Collins - Spreading Hope Like Dope (intro)
Bootsy Collins - Hip Hop @ Funk U
Bootsy Collins - Freedumb (When-Love-Becomes-a-Threat)
Michel Cleis - La Mezcla
Michel Cleis - Hey Lady Luck
Michel Cleis - Hey Lady Luck (Jimpster Remix Instrumental)
Bootsy Collins - Off da Hook
Bootsy Collins - Very Yes
Bootsy Collins - Don't Let 'em
Bootsy Collins - I'm Leavin' U (Gotta Go, Gotta Go) Mousse T.'s Original Version
Bootsy Collins - Don't Take My Funk
Chester See - Keep Waiting
Chester See - Is It Meant to Be?
Chester See - It's Time to Go
Chester See - Never Knew
Chester See - I'm Falling for You
Chester See - Tonight I Know
Chester See - God Damn You're Beautiful
Connie Scott - Heartsound
Connie Scott - With My Life In Your Hands
Connie Scott - Christmas in your Heart
Connie Scott - Do You Hear What I Hear
Nat King Cole - Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You
Nat King Cole - I Surrender Dear [2]
Nat King Cole - Autumn Leaves [English Version]
Nat King Cole - You're Looking At Me [Alt.]
Nat King Cole - An Affair to Remember (Our Love Affair)
Nat King Cole - Nothin' in the World
Nat King Cole - Acercate Mas (Come Closer toMe) [English]
Nat King Cole - El Bodeguero (Grocer's Cha Cha)
Nat King Cole - Te Quiero Dijiste (Mucho, Mucho) (Magic Is the Moonlight)
Nat King Cole - Standin' in the Need of Prayer
Nat King Cole - Nao Tenho Lagrimas (Come to the Mardi Gras)
Ornette Coleman - Check Out Time
Clepsydra - The Return
Clepsydra - The Father
Clepsydra - The Nest
Clepsydra - God or Beggar
Clepsydra - End of Tuesday
Clepsydra - Moonshine on Heights
Clepsydra - Birthday Party
Clepsydra - Eagles
Clepsydra - Hold Me Tight
Clepsydra - No Place for Flowers
Clepsydra - The Outermost Bounds
Clepsydra - Fly Man
Clepsydra - The River in Your Eyes
Clepsydra - The Prisoners Victory
Clepsydra - Vienna
Clepsydra - Soaked
Clepsydra - The Missing Spark
Clepsydra - Into My Cartoon
Clepsydra - The Age of Glass
Clepsydra - Fearless
Clepsydra - The Cloister
Clepsydra - The Nineteenth Hole
Clepsydra - Sweet Smelling Wood
Clepsydra - Fear
Clepsydra - 4107
Clepsydra - Fleeting Moments
Clepsydra - Facing Clouds of Time
Clepsydra - For Her Eyes
Clepsydra - Steve and Jane
Clepsydra - Hologram
Ornette Coleman - Is It Forever
Michael Cleveland - Dance Around Molly
Connemara Stone Company - Wild West Wind
Connemara Stone Company - Wings of a Gull
Connemara Stone Company - Hard Times
Connemara Stone Company - Rocky Road to Dublin
Connemara Stone Company - Just Another Love Song
Connemara Stone Company - Parting Glass
Connemara Stone Company - Ye Jacobites by Name
Connemara Stone Company - Bonnie Ship the Diamond
Ornette Coleman - Beauty Is a Rare Thing
Chemical - Giulia
Nat King Cole - Bush Life
Nat King Cole - Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?
Clear Blue Betty - Go Back
Consequence - Fallen
Consequence - Disconnect
Sarah Connor feat. Wyclef Jean - One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep)
Comunidade Carisma - O Teu Nome Exaltarei
Comunidade Carisma - Soberano
Comunidade Carisma - Tudo é Possível
Comunidade Carisma - Louvor e Honra
Sarah Connor feat. Naturally 7 - Music Is the Key
Sarah Connor feat. TQ - Love Is Color-Blind
Juliette Commagère - Hearts
Juliette Commagère - Overcome
Juliette Commagère - Your Ghost
Juliette Commagère - Where I Go
Juliette Commagère - All Your Days
Juliette Commagère - Queens Die Proudly
Juliette Commagère - Nature of Things
Juliette Commagère - Everything I Love
Juliette Commagère - The Big Middle
Juliette Commagère - Berceuse
Juliette Commagère - Skyscraper
Juliette Commagère - Without Me
Caladrius - The Monster and the Maiden
Caladrius - Altered Self
Caladrius - … and There Shall Be No Solace
Caladrius - What You've Become
Caladrius - K.O/Survival
Shirley Collins - False True Love
Shirley Collins - Streets of Derry
Compulsion - Rapejacket
Compulsion - Basketcase
Compulsion - Mall Monarchy
Compulsion - I Am John’s Brain
Compulsion - Oh My Fool Life
Compulsion - Jean Could Be Wrong
Compulsion - It's Great
Compulsion - Juvenile Scene Detective (Static)
Chic Gamine - Motions
Chic Gamine - Paper Moon
Chic Gamine - Days and Days
Chic Gamine - Sunny Sunday
Chic Gamine - Closer
Chic Gamine - Say It
Chic Gamine - City City
Chic Gamine - Don't Think That I Can Stay
Claudine Lebègue - Etat civil
Claudine Lebègue - Sous X
Claudine Lebègue - C'est arrivé
Claudine Lebègue - Un souvenir
Claudine Lebègue - Jeannette
Claudine Lebègue - Damosaké
Claudine Lebègue - Cité ma mère
Claudine Lebègue - Et si l'amour
Claudine Lebègue - C'est un si
Claudine Lebègue - Lo hace
Claudine Lebègue - Les Saintes
Conjunto Céspedes - Tema
Coely - Nothing on Me
Coely - All I Do
City Riots - I Only Hate You Cause I Have To
Gang Colours - To Repel Ghosts
Gang Colours - Fancy Restaurant
Gang Colours - Why Didn't You Call
Gang Colours - Always Crashing in the Same Car
Billy Cobham - Crosswind
Nat King Cole - On a Bicycle Built for Two
Nat King Cole - On the Sidewalks of New York
Nat King Cole - Don't Forget
Nat King Cole - In the Good Old Summertime
Nat King Cole - Confess
The Commander-In-Chief - Immigrant Song
The Commander-In-Chief - Evolution
The Commander-In-Chief - Thou
The Circles - Angry Voices
The Circles - Circles
Billy Collins - Forgetfulness
Billy Collins - Japan
Billy Collins - Marginalia
Shirley Clamp - För den som älskar
Shirley Clamp - Min kärlek
Shirley Clamp - Ingenting finns kvar
Shirley Clamp - Den långsamma blomman
Shirley Clamp - Det är så enkelt
Billy Cobham - Shadow
Shirley Clamp - Dårarnas natt
Shirley Clamp - Ber en liten bön
Shirley Clamp - Jag fick låna en ängel
Shirley Clamp - Äntligen
Shirley Clamp - Vågar inte än
Shirley Clamp - Det är du
Shirley Clamp - Champions
Shirley Clamp - Du är allt
Shirley Clamp - Lever mina drömmar
Shirley Clamp - Ätt älska dig
Shirley Clamp - Sanslöst förlorad
Shirley Clamp - En ny chans
Shirley Clamp - Mina minnen
Shirley Clamp - Jag ljuger dig full
Shirley Clamp - Längtan är allt jag har
Shirley Clamp - Du sa tid
Shirley Clamp - Ärliga blå
Shirley Clamp - Dålig mottagning
Shirley Clamp - Ensam
Shirley Clamp - Som en vind i ditt hår
Shirley Clamp - Aldrig
Shirley Clamp - När kärleken föds
Shirley Clamp - Öppna din dörr
Shirley Clamp - I en annan del av världen
Shirley Clamp - Jag kan nå dig
Shirley Clamp - Vindarna bär
Shirley Clamp - Regn hos mig
Shirley Clamp - I dina ögon
Shirley Clamp - Tro
Shirley Clamp - Hur sköra VI är
Shirley Clamp - Inget kan gå fel
Shirley Clamp - Mr Memory
Shirley Clamp - Lite som du
Shirley Clamp - Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus
Shirley Clamp - Burning Alive
Nat King Cole - Hundreds and Thousands of Girls
Nat King Cole - It's a Beautiful Evening
Nat King Cole - Wild Is Love Finale
Nat King Cole - With Plenty of Money and You
Nat King Cole - The Little Christmas Tree
Nat King Cole - All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
Nat King Cole - Hajjibaba
Nat King Cole - A Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square
Nat King Cole - A Blossum Fell
Nat King Cole - Embarceable You