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Jimmy Cliff - Better Days Are Coming
Patrick Cleandenim - Birds of Fashion
Jimmy Cliff - Bongo Man (A Come)
Jimmy Cliff - Miss Jamaica
Jimmy Cliff - She Does It RIght
Jimmy Cliff - Hey Mister Yesterday
Jimmy Cliff - When You're Young
Quelle Chris - King Is Dead
Turner Cody - Back in the Land of the Living
Turner Cody - Au Revoir
Turner Cody - The Only One I Had Is Gone
Turner Cody - Jackson Heights
Turner Cody - Lost as Lost Can Be
Turner Cody - Forever Hold
Turner Cody - Big Surprise
Turner Cody - When We Go
Turner Cody - Nobody Like You
Turner Cody - You Know That About Me
CLUTCHO - Billy Billy
Jimmy Cliff - Opportunity Only Knocks Once
Jimmy Cliff - Waterfall
Jimmy Cliff - House of Exile
Jimmy Cliff - I Am the Living
King Billy Cokebottle - Thing Your a Bastard
Betty Blue Eyes - Original London Cast - Betty Blue Eyes
Jimmy Cliff - Brother
Jimmy Cliff - Long Time No See
Citadel of Mo - New home
Colony House - Silhouettes
Colony House - Second Guessing Games
Colony House - Caught Me By Surprise
Colony House - Roll With the Punches
Colony House - Keep on Keeping On
Colony House - Waiting for My Time to Come
Colony House - Learning How to Love
Colony House - Won't Give Up
Colony House - Moving Forward
Colony House - Glorious
Colony House - Lose Control
Colony House - Lonely
Colony House - You & I
Colony House - You Know It
Colony House - I Want It All
Colony House - This Beautiful Life
Colony House - Only You
William Clarke - Lonesome Bedroom Blues
William Clarke - Blowin' Like Hell
William Clarke - Broke and Hungry
William Clarke - Pawnshop Bound
Le Click - Don't Go
Le Click - Tonight Is The Night
Le Click - The Call
Le Click - Call Me [Euro Radio Mix] [Rap]
Jimmy Cliff - Hold Tight (Eye for an Eye)
Jimmy Cliff - I'm Sorry
Jimmy Cliff - I'm Free
Clean Tears - Tears of Palm
Clean Tears - Japanese Emotion
Clean Tears - Reverberations - Radio Edit
Jimmy Cliff - You've Got a Friend
Jimmy Cliff - Satan's Kingdom
Jimmy Cliff - Morning Train
Jimmy Cliff - Johnny Too Bad
Clean Tears - Solesta!!!! - Tune the Summer Remix -
CIV - Set Your Goals
CIV - State of Grace
CIV - Trust Slips Through Your Hands
CIV - Gang Opinion
CIV - Choices Made
CIV - United Kids
CIV - Soundtrack for Violence
CIV - Boring Summer
CIV - Et Tu Bruté?
CIV - Big Girl
CIV - Itchycoo Park
CIV - Haven't Been Myself in a While
CIV - Everyday
CIV - Owner's Manual
CIV - Something Special
CIV - Using Someone Else
CIV - It's Not Your Fault
CIV - Living Life
CIV - Little Men
CIV - Secondhand Superstar (demo)
CIV - Can't Wait One Minute More.
CIV - So Far, So Good, So What
Citizen Fish - Over the Fence
Citizen Fish - Out of Control
Citizen Fish - Internal Release
Citizen Fish - Autographs
Citizen Fish - Back to Zero
Citizen Fish - Choice of Viewing
Citizen Fish - Somewhere to Go
Citizen Fish - Shrink the Distance
Citizen Fish - Will Swap
Citizen Fish - Shelf Life
Citizen Fish - Free Speech
Citizen Fish - Human Conditioner
Citizen Fish - Overseas
Citizen Fish - Better
Citizen Fish - Click
Citizen Fish - How Far Does It Go?
Citizen Fish - Insane
Citizen Fish - Marker Pen
Citizen Fish - Fearless
Citizen Fish - Discomfort Zone
Citizen Fish - Spotless
Citizen Fish - Wake Up
Citizen Fish - T.V. Dinner
Citizen Fish - Naked
Citizen Fish - Small Talk
Citizen Fish - Time Control
Citizen Fish - Dividing Lines
Citizen Fish - Media Men
Citizen Fish - Bag Lady
Citizen Fish - First Impressions
Citizen Fish - Wet Cement
Citizen Fish - Circular Vision
Citizen Fish - Invisible People
Citizen Fish - Flinch
Citizen Fish - Feeding
Citizen Fish - Popsongs
Citizen Fish - City on a River
Citizen Fish - Used to Work
Citizen Fish - Plasticash
Citizen Fish - Scene 496: Care in Melksham
Citizen Fish - Words on Overtime
Citizen Fish - Talk about the Weather
Citizen Fish - Catholic Sex Confession
Citizen Fish - Criminal
Citizen Fish - What Charlie Said
Citizen Fish - Fill Me Up
Jimmy Cliff - Higher and Deeper Love
Jimmy Cliff - Gold Digger
City of Lions - Here Is Love
City of Lions - The Stray
City of Lions - You All Along
City of Lions - Shining Star
City of Lions - We Will Cary On
City of Lions - Unsung Villian
City of Lions - What Will It Take
Collision - Nobody Said It Was Easy
Citizen Fish - Next Big Thing
Citizen Fish - Can't Be Bothered
Citizen Fish - 2000 and One
Citizen Fish - Panic in the Supermarket
Citizen Fish - Can't Complain
Citizen Fish - Faster
Citizen Fish - Phone in Sick
Citizen Fish - Refugees Go West
Citizen Fish - Backlash
Citizen Fish - Skin
Citizen Fish - Active Ingredients
Citizen Fish - The B.O.B. Song
Citizen Fish - Oslo
Citizen Fish - Bitter and Twisted
Citizen Fish - Digging a Hole
Citizen Fish - Sacred Cows
Citizen Fish - Pills
Citizen Fish - Habit
Citizen Fish - Isolated Incidents
Citizen Fish - Barking
Citizen Fish - Heard It All Before
Citizen Fish - Deep Neurotic
Citizen Fish - Not for Sale
Citizen Fish - Sink or Swim
Citizen Fish - Language Barrier
Citizen Fish - Conditional Silence
Citizen Fish - Big Big House
Citizen Fish - Mind Bomb
Citizen Fish - Chili Pain
Citizen Fish - Talk It Over
Citizen Fish - Offended
Citizen Fish - Central Nervous System
Citizen Fish - Traffic Lights
Citizen Fish - Smells Like Home
Citizen Fish - Supermarket Song
Citizen Fish - Break into a Run / Rainbows
Citizen Fish - Possession
Citizen Fish - Small Scale Wars
Citizen Fish - Home Economics
Citizen Fish - Paint
Citizen Fish - Talk Is Cheap
Citizen Fish - Face Off / Youth
Citizen Fish - Flesh and Blood
Citizen Fish - Get Off the Phone
Citizen Fish - Experiment Earth
Citizen Fish - How to Write Ultimate Protest Songs
Citizen Fish - Charity
Citizen Fish - Alienation
Citizen Fish - P.C. Musical Chairs
Citizen Fish - Same Old Starving Millions
Citizen Fish - Give Me Beethoven
Chickenfoot - Avenida Revolucion
Chickenfoot - Soap on a Rope
Chickenfoot - Sexy Little Thing
Chickenfoot - Oh Yeah
Chickenfoot - Runnin' Out
Chickenfoot - Get It Up
Chickenfoot - Down the Drain
Chickenfoot - My Kinda Girl
Chickenfoot - Learning to Fall
Chickenfoot - Future in the Past
Chickenfoot - Bitten by the Wolf
Chickenfoot - Last Temptation
Chickenfoot - Alright Alright
Chickenfoot - Different Devil
Chickenfoot - Up Next
Chickenfoot - Lighten Up
Chickenfoot - Come Closer
Chickenfoot - Three and a Half Letters
Chickenfoot - Big Foot
Chickenfoot - Something Going Wrong
Chickenfoot - No Change
Chickenfoot - Avenida Revolution
Chickenfoot - Highway Star
Chickenfoot - Turnin’ Left
The Collins Kids - Hop, Skip and Jump
The Collins Kids - Hoy Hoy
The Collins Kids - I'm in My Teens
Columbine - L'École
Columbine - Clubbing For Columbine
Columbine - Avalanches
Columbine - Blue Velvet
Columbine - Littleton
Columbine - Zone 51
Columbine - Fleurs Du Mal
Columbine - Les Prélis
Columbine - 2K17
Columbine - Dom Pérignon
Columbine - Ballade Sauvage
Columbine - Document 1
Columbine - Main Propre
Columbine - Mandragore
Columbine - Retour IRL
Columbine - Bluray
Columbine - Vicomte
Columbine - Fond de la classe
Mike Candys feat. Sandra Wild - Sunshine (Fly So High)
Nic Chagall - This Moment
Climate Control - Clear Perception
Climate Control - Death Rattle
Climate Control - Thoughts of a Weak Minded Individual
Climate Control - Unforgiven
Climate Control - This Chemical Overload
Climate Control - Te Amo, Adiós
Climate Control - Spiralling...
Climate Control - Praelūdium (Preludes)
Climate Control - Tidal Wave
Climate Control - A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions feat. Spencer Martin
Dodie Clark - Sick of Losing Soulmates
Dodie Clark - I Have A Hole In My Tooth (And My Dentist is Shut)
Jimmy Cliff - Wonderful Word, Beautiful People
Jimmy Cliff - Want I Do I Get
Jimmy Cliff - Take Your Time
Jimmy Cliff - Rivers of Babylon
Jimmy Cliff - Cant Live Without You
Jimmy Cliff - A Hard Rain's A - Gonna Fall
Jimmy Cliff - 12 Stepping Out of Limbo
Camisado - Straitjacket
Camisado - Shoot the Messenger
Camisado - Faceless
Camisado - In Your Veins
Camisado - Becoming Bones
Camisado - I Am Alive Tonight
Camisado - When I Find It
Camisado - You Still Haunt Me
Camisado - Complications In Our Breathing
Camisado - Let It Burn
Camisado - Days Gone By
Camisado - Deception Never Looked So Good
Camisado - Eyes Like The Northern Lights
Camisado - Pulse
Judy Collins - Mountain Girl
Judy Collins - City of New Orleans
Judy Collins - Danny Boy
Judy Collins - My Father
Judy Collins - Bird on a Wire
Judy Collins - Send in the Clowns
Judy Collins - Amazing Grace
Judy Collins - Beyond the Sky
Judy Collins - Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Judy Collins - Since You Asked
Judy Collins - Sisters of Mercy
Judy Collins - Priests
Judy Collins - La Chanson des vieux amants
Judy Collins - Sky Fell
Judy Collins - Albatross
Judy Collins - Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
Judy Collins - Angel Spread Your Wings
Judy Collins - Houses
Judy Collins - Brother, Can You Spare a Dime
Judy Collins - Pirate Ships
Judy Collins - Born To The Breed
Judy Collins - Hello, Hooray
Judy Collins - Story of Isaac
Judy Collins - Pretty Polly
Columbia - Nove Horas
Columbia - Antes Que Eu Fuja
Columbia - Desculpas
Columbia - Amanhã
Columbia - Insensatez
Columbia - A Hora Certa
Columbia - Os Seus Conselhos
Columbia - Sem Pensar
Bunny "Rugs" Clarke - Now That We Found Love
Bunny "Rugs" Clarke - Just Can't Deny
Bunny "Rugs" Clarke - Love Is Blind
Bunny "Rugs" Clarke - Land We Love : Jamaica
DJ Clue? feat. Nas - Queensfinest
DJ Clue? - It’s My Thang ’99
DJ Clue? feat. Flipmode Squad - Whatever You Want
DJ Clue? - I Like Control
DJ Clue? - Bitch Be a Ho
DJ Clue? - If They Want It
DJ Clue? - Cops & Robbers
DJ Clue? - No Love
Mobb Deep - The Gold
DJ Clue? - I Really Wanna Know You
DJ Clue? - Like This
Čokovoko - Etapy v životě ženy
Čokovoko - Sebevražda
Čokovoko - Monogamie
Čokovoko - Štěstí
Cam'ron feat. Juelz Santana - Middle Finger U
Čokovoko - Autostimulace
Consequence - Uptown
Fabolous - Fabulous Freestyle
The LOX - Fuck You!
Nas - Come Get Me By
Nas - Shoot'em Up
Nas - God Loves Us
Nas feat. Mobb Deep - The Family
Raekwon feat. Method Man - Fuck Them
Canibus - 2000 B.C. (Before Canibus)
The Game - 240 Bars (G-Unit Diss)
50 Cent - Not Rich, Still Lyin (The Game Diss)
Styles P - Favorite Drug
COLDFEET - Everything You Are
COLDFEET - I Wish You Were Mine
COLDFEET - It's All Good
Judy Collins - Pack Up Your Sorrows
Judy Collins - So Early, Early in the Spring
Judy Collins - Tomorrow Is a Long Time
Judy Collins - Daddy You've Been on My Mind
Judy Collins - Thirsty Boots
Judy Collins - Mr. Tambourine Man
Judy Collins - Joan of Arc
Judy Collins - Song for Judith (Open the Door)
Judy Collins - Easy Times
Judy Collins - Chelsea Morning
Judy Collins - Blue Raincoat
Judy Collins - Wild Mountain Thyme
Judy Collins - Bold Fenian Men
Judy Collins - Wars of Germany
Judy Collins - O Daddy Be Gay
Judy Collins - I Know Where I'm Going
Judy Collins - John Riley
Judy Collins - Pretty Saro
Judy Collins - The Rising of the Moon
Judy Collins - Golden Apples of the Sun
Judy Collins - Little Brown Dog
Judy Collins - Twelve Gates to the City
Judy Collins - Christ Child Lullaby
Judy Collins - Great Selchie of Shule Skerry
Judy Collins - Tell Me Who I'll Marry
Judy Collins - Fannerio
Judy Collins - Lark in the Morning
Judy Collins - Shule Aroon
Judy Collins - Joy to the World
Judy Collins - Silver Bells
Judy Collins - The Twelve Days of Christmas
Judy Collins - Come Rejoice
Judy Collins - All on a Wintry Night
Coma Divine - Burn, Sister
Coma Divine - Rotten World
Coma Divine - The Odd One Out
Coma Divine - I Remember
Coma Divine - From Time to Time
Coma Divine - Praise the Fallen
Coma Divine - Reason to Live
Coma Divine - Secret Lover
Coma Divine - Fast Lane
Coma Divine - About a Girl
Coma Divine - Dead End
Coma Divine - Everything You Want
The Collins - Half a World Away
Coffin Break - The Chosen
Coffin Break - Just Say No
Coffin Break - Pray
Coffin Break - Kill the President
Coffin Break - Wasted Time
Coffin Break - Our World Now
Coffin Break - Someday Maybe
Coffin Break - Without a Doubt
Coffin Break - World
Coffin Break - Fringe
Coffin Break - 39
Coffin Break - Quiet Earth
Coffin Break - Rosey Picture
Coffin Break - Diane
Coffin Break - Pop Fanactic
Coffin Break - Psychosis
Coffin Break - Stupid Love Song
Coffin Break - Promise
Coffin Break - Look Away
Coffin Break - Noise Patch
Coffin Break - Wiser
Coffin Break - For Beth
Freeway - Free
Fabolous feat. P. Diddy & Jagged Edge - Trade It All
Styles P - Y'all Know We in Here
50 Cent - Wangster
50 Cent - Freestyle
Flipmode Squad - Just Chill
DJ Clue? - Dangerous
D-Block - Freestyle
50 Cent - Gotta Make It to Heaven
Lil' Kim feat. Mr. Cheeks - Jump Off
Fabolous - Can't Leave You Alone
Foxy Brown - Open Book
M.O.P. - It's That Simple
DJ Clue? - Back 2 Life
DJ Clue? - Jay-Z Freestyle
DJ Clue? - Coming for You
DJ Clue? - Fantastic Four, Part 2
DJ Clue? - Cream 2001
DJ Clue? - What the Beat
DJ Clue? - Fuck a Bitch
DJ Clue? - Change the Game
DJ Clue? - My Niggaz Dem
DJ Clue? feat. Nas - Live From the Bridge
DJ Clue? - So Hot
DJ Clue? - Chinatown
DJ Clue? - Bathgate Freestyle
DJ Clue? - M.A.R.C.Y.
DJ Clue? - The Best of Queens (It's Us)
DJ Clue? - Red
DJ Clue? - Phone Patch
DJ Clue? - What a Thug
DJ Clue? - What You Want
DJ Clue? - Pile Raps
DJ Clue? - It's My Thang '99
DJ Clue? - That's the Way
DJ Clue? - Queensfinest
DJ Clue? - Freestyle
DJ Clue? - What Ever You Want
Judy Collins - Away in a Manger
Judy Collins - Song for Sarajevo (I Dream of Peace)
Judy Collins - Good King Wenceslas
Judy Collins - Song for Sarajevo
Judy Collins - Let It Snow
Judy Collins - Suzanne
Judy Collins - Since You've Asked
Judy Collins - Bread and Roses
Judy Collins - The Fallow Way
Judy Collins - Grandaddy
Judy Collins - In My Life
Judy Collins - Desperado
Judy Collins - Masters of War
Judy Collins - Fisherman Song
Judy Collins - Hard Lovin' Loser
Judy Collins - Pirate Jenny
Judy Collins - Farewell to Tarwathie
Judy Collins - Nothing Lasts Forever
Judy Collins - Shoot First
Judy Collins - Dream On
Judy Collins - The Best is Yet to Come
Comecon - The Ethno-Surge
Comecon - Aerie
Comecon - Bleed/Burn
Comecon - Pinhole View
Comecon - God Told Me To
Comecon - The House That Man Built
Comecon - Dog Days
Comecon - Wash Away the Filth
Comecon - Slope
Comecon - Teuton Tantrums
Comecon - The Mule
Comecon - Armed Solution
Comecon - The Future Belongs to Us
Comecon - Conductor of Ashes
Comecon - Good Boy Benito
Comecon - Omnivorous Excess
Comecon - Ulcer
Comecon - Soft, Creamy Lather
Comecon - How I Won the War
Comecon - Bovine Inspiration
Comecon - Frogs
Comecon - Ways of Wisdom (Serves Two)
Comecon - Propelling Scythes
Comecon - The Family Album
Comecon - Imploder
Comecon - It Wears Me Down
Comecon - Anaconda Charms Grass Snake
Comecon - Icons of Urine
Comecon - Sunday Stroll
Comecon - Canvas of History
Los Cocineros - Mami
Los Cocineros - Fumando espero
Judy Collins - Anathea
Judy Collins - Farewell
Judy Collins - Ten O'Clock, All Is Well
Judy Collins - The Bells of Rhymney
Judy Collins - Come Away Melinda
Judy Collins - Winter Sky
Judy Collins - The Last Thing on My Mind
Judy Collins - Bonnie Boy Is Young
Judy Collins - My Ramblin' Boy
Judy Collins - Coal Tattoo
Judy Collins - Hey, Nelly, Nelly
Judy Collins - Like a Rolling Stone
Judy Collins - Dark Eyes
Judy Collins - Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Judy Collins - Just Like a Woman
Judy Collins - I Believe in You
Judy Collins - With God on Our Side
Judy Collins - Dylan's Dream
Judy Collins - Blowin' in the Wind
The Celibate Rifles - Killing Time
The Celibate Rifles - Johnny
The Celibate Rifles - Electravision Mantra
The Celibate Rifles - Ice Blue
The Celibate Rifles - This Week
The Celibate Rifles - I Shoulda
The Celibate Rifles - G's Gone
The Celibate Rifles - Child of Mine
The Celibate Rifles - (We All Moved to) Buttland
The Celibate Rifles - Salute
Chris Durán - Único Caminho
Chris Durán - Amigo do Senhor
Chris Durán - Rei da Criação
Chris Durán - Renúncia
Chris Durán - Sua Presença é Real
Chris Durán - Tua é a Glória
Chris Durán - Vestes de Louvor
Chris Durán - Renova em Mim
Chris Durán - Um Amor Para Recordar
Chris Durán - Meu Herói
Chris Durán - Nunca Me Deixou
Chris Durán - Autor da Vida
Chris Durán - Sonhos
Chris Durán - A Glória, a Honra, Domínio
Chris Durán - Meu Encontro
Chris Durán - Jardim de Infância
Chris Durán - Pra Quê
Chris Durán - Author of Life
Chris Durán - Se Eu Pudesse Imaginar
Chris Durán - Filho de Verdade
Chris Durán - Faz Chover
Chris Durán - Toda Terra
Chris Durán - Seu Nome
Chris Durán - Louvai
Chris Durán - Sopra
Chris Durán - Cria em Mim
Chris Durán - I Believe
Chris Durán - Mais de Ti
Chris Durán - Shekinah
Chris Durán - Te perdí
Chris Durán - Mar de dudas
Chris Durán - Baila, baila, baila
Chris Durán - Si viniera
Chris Durán - Ella se va
Chris Durán - Cuando shay pasión
Chris Durán - No me desejes de besas
Chris Durán - Dímelo
Chris Durán - Ganas de ti
Chris Durán - Beso a beso
Chris Durán - Agua de lluvia
Judy Collins - Diamonds and Rust
Judy Collins - Pastures of Plenty
Judy Collins - La Colombe
Judy Collins - Sunny Goodge Street
Judy Collins - Dress Rehearsal Rag
Judy Collins - Once I Was
Judy Collins - Dens of Yarrow
Judy Collins - Emilio
Judy Collins - That Song About the Midway
Judy Collins - I Can't Cry Hard Enough
Judy Collins - You Can't Buy Love
Judy Collins - Sally Go 'round the Roses
Judy Collins - Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)
Judy Collins - Wedding Song (Song for Louis)
Col. Parker - Can't Get That Stuff
Col. Parker - All the Kings Horses
Col. Parker - Mother Mary's Son
Col. Parker - Pushing 40 Blooze
Col. Parker - Down Home Cookin'
Col. Parker - Lord Only Knows
Chris Durán - Deus Está Exagerando
Chris Durán - Geração Inconformada
Chris Durán - Entrega
Chris Durán - Jesus Tu És Meu Bom Pastor
Chris Durán - Posso Sentir
Chris Durán - Fiel
Chris Durán - Minha Noiva
Chris Durán - Sacrifício
Chris Durán - Razão da Adoração
Chris Durán - Tu És meu Deus
Chris Durán - Dá-me Almas
Chris Durán - Meu Anelo
Chris Durán - Único Caminho (One Way)
The Celibate Rifles - Happy House
The Celibate Rifles - Kent's Theme
The Celibate Rifles - Let's Get Married
The Celibate Rifles - 24 Hours (SOS)
The Celibate Rifles - Jesus on TV
The Celibate Rifles - The More Things Change
The Celibate Rifles - Society
The Celibate Rifles - Tick Tock
Combo Audio - Romanticide
Judy Collins - And I Love Her
Judy Collins - Golden Slumbers
Judy Collins - Democracy
Judy Collins - Make Our Garden Grow
Judy Collins - Hallelujah
Judy Collins - Stars in My Eyes
Judy Collins - Races
Judy Collins - Morning Has Broken
Judy Collins - The Rose
Judy Collins - Wings of Angels
The Celibate Rifles - O Salvation
The Celibate Rifles - No Sign
The Celibate Rifles - Spirits
The Celibate Rifles - Spaceman in a Satin Suit
Les Chats Sauvages - Ma p'tite amie est vache
Les Chats Sauvages - Trois en amour
Les Chats Sauvages - C'est pas sérieux
Les Chats Sauvages - Twist à Saint-Tropez
Les Chats Sauvages - Tu peins ton visage
Les Chats Sauvages - Sous le ciel écossais
Les Chats Sauvages - Twist Time
Les Chats Sauvages - Oh ! Oui
Les Chats Sauvages - Sa grande passion (version alternative)
Les Chats Sauvages - Sherry
Les Chats Sauvages - Derniers baisers
Les Chats Sauvages - Est-ce que tu le sais
The Celibate Rifles - Gimme Gimme Gime
Cold World - Blind
Cold World - Find Your Way
Cold World - Hell's Direction
Cold World - Boom Bye Bye
Cold World - Do the Knowledge
Cold World - All the Things You Said You'd Never Tell
Cold World - Roaches and Rats
Cold World - Dedicated to Babies Who Came Feet First
Cold World - No Angels
Cold World - How Deep
Cold World - The Games That People Play
Cold World - Whagwan
Cold World - Liars, Thieves
Cold World - Time to Break Down
Cold World - Gods and Earths
Cold World - A-Alikes
Cold World - Refuse to Lose
Cold World - Ice Grillz
Cold World - Low Places
Cold World - Copernicus
Cold World - But You Don't Hear Me Though
Cold World - Survive
Cold World - Gonna Bust
Cold World - We Ain't the Same
Cold World - Cold World
Cold World - Can It Be So Simple '05
Judy Collins - Open The Door (Song For Judith)
Judy Collins - Walls (We Aer Not Forgotten)
Judy Collins - Cook With Honey
Judy Collins - Weaver Song (Holly Ann)
Judy Collins - Secret Gardens
Judy Collins - Sailor’s Life
Judy Collins - Voices
Judy Collins - Melody
Judy Collins - Shameless
Judy Collins - Risk
Judy Collins - Bard of My Heart
Judy Collins - Wheel Rolling
Judy Collins - Lily of the Valley
Judy Collins - Let’s Pretend
Judy Collins - Wind, Water, Fire and Stone
Chanel - If You Love Me
Chanel - My Life (M Factor dub)
Judy Collins - Sons Of
Come the Dawn - Worlds Collide (As It Ends Tonight)
Come the Dawn - It's Not Me, It's You
Come the Dawn - My Body's Failing (The Undertaking)
Come the Dawn - What The Water Gave Me
Come the Dawn - Daily Gnargoyles
Come the Dawn - Game Over
Come the Dawn - Far Away
Come the Dawn - My Own Way
Come the Dawn - Light of the World
Come the Dawn - The Last Night
Come the Dawn - Perspectives
Come the Dawn - The Overtaking
Judy Collins - The Times They Are A-Changin'
Judy Collins - Barbara Allen
Judy Collins - Cat's in the Cradle
Judy Collins - Loch Lomond
Clinical Trials - DiscoHeadphones
Clinical Trials - Burnt Out Sunday
Clinical Trials - Hey
Clinical Trials - Polly Got Away
Clinical Trials - Sweet Machine
Clinical Trials - American Girl
David Clayton-Thomas - Go Down Gamblin'
Judy Collins - Day by Day
Judy Collins - When a Child Is Born
COIN - Atlas
Judy Collins - Oh Happy Day
COIN - Fingers Crossed
COIN - Time Machine
COIN - I Would
COIN - Run
Judy Collins - Morocco
COIN - Holy Ghost
Judy Collins - Cactus Tree
COIN - Better
COIN - Speaking Voice
COIN - It's a Trap
COIN - Lately
Judy Collins - All the Pretty Horses
COIN - What's It Feel Like?
COIN - Talk Too Much
Combat 84 - World War
Combat 84 - I'm Alright
Combat 84 - Whatever Happened To My Country?
Combat 84 - It's Kickin' Off
Combat 84 - Getting The Fear
Combat 84 - We're Back
Judy Collins - La Chanson Des Vieux Amants (The Song of Old Lovers)
Judy Collins - Out of Control
Judy Collins - How Are Things in Glocca Morra?
Judy Collins - Bewitched
Thad Cockrell - Together Again
Thad Cockrell - Pride (Won't Get Us Where We're Going)
Thad Cockrell - A Country of My Own
Thad Cockrell - The Master's Calling
Thad Cockrell - Rosalyn
Thad Cockrell - Oh to Be Loved
Alma Cogan - To Be Worthy of You
Alma Cogan - To Be Loved by You
Alma Cogan - The Homing Waltz
Alma Cogan - Meat Me on the Corner
Alma Cogan - Waltz of Paree
Alma Cogan - Blue Tango
Alma Cogan - If’n
Alma Cogan - Happy Valley Sweetheart
Alma Cogan - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Alma Cogan - On the First Warm Day
Alma Cogan - If I Had a Golden Umbrella
Alma Cogan - Mystery Street
Alma Cogan - My Love, My Love
Alma Cogan - Over and Over Again
Alma Cogan - The Moon Is Blue
Alma Cogan - Love Me Again
Alma Cogan - Said the Little Moment
Alma Cogan - Chiqui Chaqui
Alma Cogan - Jilted
Alma Cogan - Do, Do, Do, Do, Do, Do, Do It Again
Alma Cogan - Canoodlin’ Rag
Alma Cogan - Skinnie Minnie (Fishtail)
Alma Cogan - What Am I Gonna Do, Ma?
Alma Cogan - (Don’t Let the) Kiddygeddin
Alma Cogan - Mrs. Santa Claus
Alma Cogan - Paper Kisses
Alma Cogan - Mambo Italiano
Alma Cogan - Tweedle Dee
Alma Cogan - More Than Ever Now
Alma Cogan - Chee Chee Oo Chee
Alma Cogan - Tika Tika Tok
Alma Cogan - The Irish Mambo
Alma Cogan - Where Will the Dimple Be?
Alma Cogan - Keep Me in Mind
Alma Cogan - Got’n Idea
Alma Cogan - Give a Fool a Chance
Alma Cogan - The Banjo’s Back in Town
Alma Cogan - Go on By
Alma Cogan - Never Do a Tango With an Eskimo
Alma Cogan - Twenty Tiny Fingers
Alma Cogan - Love and Marriage
Alma Cogan - The Sycamore Tree
Alma Cogan - Willie Can
Alma Cogan - Lizzie Borden
Alma Cogan - Don’t Ringa Da Bell
Alma Cogan - Bluebell
Alma Cogan - It’s All Been Done Before
Alma Cogan - The Birds and the Bees
Alma Cogan - I’m in Love Again
Alma Cogan - Three Brothers
Alma Cogan - Funny, Funny, Funny
Alma Cogan - Fabulous
Alma Cogan - Summer Love
Alma Cogan - What You’ve Done to Me
Alma Cogan - That’s Happiness
Alma Cogan - In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
Alma Cogan - Last Night on the Back Porch
Alma Cogan - Gettin' Ready for Freddy
Alma Cogan - Sugartime
Alma Cogan - Help!
Alma Cogan - Eight Days a Week
Alma Cogan - Don't Read the Letter
Alma Cogan - Tell Him
Alma Cogan - The Train of Love
Alma Cogan - Just Couldn't Resist Her With Her Pocket Transistor
Alma Cogan - Quando La Luna
Alma Cogan - It's You
Alma Cogan - Goodbye Joe
Alma Cogan - Just Once More
Alma Cogan - I Can't Give You Anything but Love
Alma Cogan - Cowboy Jimmy Joe
Alma Cogan - Let Her Go
Alma Cogan - Hello Baby
Alma Cogan - I Knew Right Away
Alma Cogan - We Got Love
Alma Cogan - Dream Talk
Alma Cogan - When I Fall in Love
Jarvis Cocker - The Loss Adjuster
Jarvis Cocker - Black Magic
Jarvis Cocker - Heavy Weather
Jarvis Cocker - I Will Kill Again
Jarvis Cocker - Baby’s Coming Back to Me
Jarvis Cocker - From Auschwitz to Ipswich
Jarvis Cocker - Tonite
Jarvis Cocker - “Further Complications.”
Jarvis Cocker - Angela
Jarvis Cocker - Pilchard
Jarvis Cocker - Leftovers
Jarvis Cocker - I Never Said I Was Deep
Jarvis Cocker - Hold Still
Jarvis Cocker - Fuckingsong
Jarvis Cocker - Caucasian Blues
Jarvis Cocker - Slush
Jarvis Cocker - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
Jarvis Cocker - Running the World
Jarvis Cocker - One Man Show
Jarvis Cocker - Homewrecker
Jarvis Cocker - You're in My Eyes (Discosong)
Jarvis Cocker - Big Stuff
Jarvis Cocker - Quantum Theory
Judy Collins - Fortune of Soldiers
Judy Collins - Test of Time
Judy Collins - Fires of Eden
Judy Collins - Home Before Dark
Judy Collins - Queen of the Night
Judy Collins - From A Distance
Judy Collins - Ice Castles
Choppa - Represent Yo Block
Choppa - Straight From the N.O.
Choppa - Choppa Style
Choppa - Dirty Dirty
Choppa - Holla at Me
Choppa - Aaahhh (Oh Yeah)
Choppa - Lookin Good
Choppa - Hatin
Choppa - Shake It Like That
Choppa - Gettin Money
Stacie Collins - It Ain't Love
Alma Cogan - Ticket to Ride
Alma Cogan - I Get a Kick Out of You
Alma Cogan - Jolly Good Company
Alma Cogan - Red Silken Stockings
Alma Cogan - Pretty Bride
Alma Cogan - Wouldn't It Be Lovely
Alma Cogan - Stairway of Love
Alma Cogan - This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
Alma Cogan - Once In A While
Alma Cogan - She’s Funny That Way the Man I Love You
Alma Cogan - Let Me Love You
Alma Cogan - If Love Were All
Alma Cogan - Hava Nagila
Alma Cogan - There’s a Time and Place
Alma Cogan - I Can't Tell a Waltz From a Tango
Alma Cogan - Please Mister Brown (Mister Jones, Mister Smith)
Alma Cogan - Ja Da
Alma Cogan - The More I See You
Alma Cogan - Hold Your Hands Out for Naughty Boy
Judy Collins - Running For My Life
Judy Collins - Bright Morning Star
Judy Collins - Pretty Women
Judy Collins - Wedding Song
Judy Collins - Lovin' And Leavin'
Judy Collins - Sanity And Grace
Judy Collins - Daughters Of Time
Gerald Collier - Dark Days
Gerald Collier - Whored Out Again
Gerald Collier - Truth or Dare
Gerald Collier - Wings You Can Rely On
Gerald Collier - God Never Lived in My Neighborhood
Chrisye - Merepih Alam
Chrisye - Merpati Putih
Chrisye - Khayalku
Chrisye - Serasa
Chrisye - Angin Malam
Chrisye - Pelangi
Chrisye - Jika Surga Dan Neraka Tak Pernah Ada
Chrisye - Burkat
Chrisye - Luna Kelam
Chrisye - Panah Asmara
Chrisye - Beku
Chrisye - Cinta Yang Lain
Chrisye - Suatu Persembahan
Chrisye - Tjah Ayu
Chrisye - Kisah Cintaku
Chrisye - Hening
Chrisye - Selamat Jalan Kekasih
Chrisye - Hip Hip Hura
Chrisye - Malam Pertama
Chrisye - Hura Hura
Chrisye - Selamat Tinggal Sayang
Chrisye - Jumpa Pertama
Chrisye - Berita Ironi
Chrisye - Lenny
Chrisye - Romeo & Yulia
Chrisye - Sakura Dalam Pelukan
Chrisye - Kisah Kasih di Sekolah
Chrisye - Pengalaman Pertama
Chrisye - Kr. Pasar Gambir & Stambul Anak Jampang
Chrisye - Dara Manisku
Chrisye - Seperti Yang Kau Minta
Chiosan - Fijado en mi mente
Judy Collins - Holly Ann
Judy Collins - The Rest of Your Life
Judy Collins - Mama Mama
Judy Collins - Drink a Round to Ireland
Judy Collins - Angel on My Side
Judy Collins - Don't Say Goodbye Love
Judy Collins - Song for Martin
Judy Collins - Che
Čistychov feat. Tony Touch - Dáme ho
Čistychov feat. Dannie - Už nemám tebou sny
Čistychov feat. Natalie - Premena
Čistychov - Odchádza...
Čistychov - Niečo tu je divné
Čistychov - Rap/Evolúcia
Čistychov - Slepá láska
Čistychov feat. Slipo - Nádej
Čistychov feat. Mad Skill & Mišo Biely - Chce to stále
Čistychov - Každý do ma pozná
Čistychov - Vieš kto je?!
Čistychov - Ťažká váha
Čistychov - Sin Limite
Chrisye - Kala Sang Surya Tenggelam
Chrisye - Sendiri Lagi
Chrisye - Cintamu Telah Berlalu
Chrisye - Marlina
Chrisye - Kala Cinta Menggoda
Chrisye - Puspa Indah
Chrisye - Kesan Di Matamu
Chrisye - Kembalilah
Chrisye - Kalimantan
Chrisye - Mawar Merah
Chrisye - Sahabat
Chrisye - Negeriku
Chrisye - Bunda Tercinta
Chrisye - Cintamu T'lah Berlalu
Chrisye - Sabda Alam
Chrisye - Kisah Insani
Chrisye - Maafkan
Chrisye - Kidung
Chrisye - Kemesraan
Chrisye - Anak Jalanan
Chrisye - Dibatas Akhir Senja
Chrisye - Gita Cinta
Chrisye - Selamat Bahagia Kasih
Chrisye - Juwita
Chrisye - Galih dan Ratna
Chrisye - Lilin-Lilin Kecil
Cherish the Ladies - Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Cherish the Ladies - Bogie's Bonnie Belle
Cherish the Ladies - Betsy Belle and Mary Gray
Cherish the Ladies - Fair and Tender Ladies
Cherish the Ladies - The Green Fields of Canada
Cherish the Ladies - High Germany
Cherish the Ladies - The Ballad of the Foxhunter
Cherish the Ladies - The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Cherish the Ladies - The Bergen
Cherish the Ladies - The Bonny Light Horseman
Cherish the Ladies - The Broom of the Cowdenknowes
Cherish the Ladies - Freeborn Man of the Traveling People
Cherish the Ladies - Rambling Irishman
Cherish the Ladies - Bonny Blue-eyed Nancy
Cherish the Ladies - Erin Grá Mo Chrói (Ireland Love of My Heart)
Cherish the Ladies - Down by the Glenside
Cherish the Ladies - On Christmas Night / Charles O'Conor
Cherish the Ladies - Silent Night
Chrisye - Pagi
Chrisye - Aku Suka
Chrisye - Di Mana
Chrisye - Andai Aku Bisa
Chrisye - Damai Bersamamu
Chrisye - Cinta
Chrisye - Lilin Lilin Kecil
Chrisye - Setia
Chrisye - Jika Surga & Neraka Tak Pernah Ada
Chrisye - Ada Cinta
Chrisye - Kau Ternyata
Chrisye - Mungkinkah
Chrisye - Terus Berlari
Chrisye - Kutahu
Chrisye - Saat Yang Indah
Chrisye - Aku Cinta Padamu
Coen Wolters Band - Mail Order Mystics
Cirse - Dirección incierta
Cirse - Cerrando puertas
Cirse - Mi percepción
Cirse - Lo que no soy
Cirse - Un extraño
Cirse - Asesina serial
Cirse - Confesión
Cirse - Juré
Cirse - Invisible
Cirse - En las ausencias
Cirse - Nada puedo hacer
Cirse - Contradicciones
Cirse - Ahí estaré
Cirse - Muy tarde
Cirse - Cuando despiertes
Cirse - A través de mí
Cirse - Huir
Cirse - Alma de diamante
Cirse - Katmandú
Cirse - Algo quedará (acústico)
Cirse - Miedos
Cirse - Desinfectame
Cirse - Rompiente
Cirse - Sueños
Cirse - Desde adentro
Cirse - Apuesta
Cirse - Ritual
Cirse - Por tu bien
Cirse - Hoy
Cirse - Dejarte ir
Cirse - Inocencia
Cirse - Ácido
Cirse - Promesas
Cirse - Ecos
Cirse - Eléctrico
Cirse - El cazador
Cherish the Ladies - Green Grow the Rushes Oh
Cherish the Ladies - The Galway Rover
Cherish the Ladies - Keg Of Brandy
Chrisye - Sentuhanmu
Cherish the Ladies - Matt Hyland
Chrisye - Putri Ayu
Chrisye - Nostalgia Cinta
Chrisye - Problema
Chrisye - Sentuhan Cinta
Cherish the Ladies - The Missing Piece
Chrisye - Anak Manusia
Chrisye - Sayang
Chrisye - Bur-Kat
Chrisye - Menungggumu
Chrisye - Luna Kelam (by Eross)
Chrisye - Panah Asmara (by Tohpati)
Chrisye - Suatu Persembahan Cinta
Chrisye - Lakon Manusia
Chrisye - Cita Secinta
Chrisye - Duka Sang Bahaduri
Chrisye - Sirna
Chrisye - Ketika Kaki Dan Tangan Berkata
Chrisye - Nada Asmara
Chrisye - Adakah
Chrisye - Kau Berlalu
Chrisye - Gelap Kan Sirna
Chrisye - Lagi Lagi
Chrisye - Kenangan Remaja
Chrisye - Metropolitan
Chrisye - Natalie
Chrisye - Aanak Sekolah
Chrisye - Aku Dan Dia
Chrisye - Masa Kecil
Chrisye - Januari Yang Indah
Chrisye - Dekadensi
Chrisye - Malu
Chrisye - Biarkan 'ku Sejenak
Chrisye - Pergilah Kekasih
Chrisye - Lagu Untukmu
Chrisye - Hatimu Dan Hatiku
Chrisye - Memori Kita
Chrisye - Oh Cintaku
Chrisye - Cemburu
Chrisye - Terima Kasih
Chrisye - Hura - Hura II
Chrisye - Kau Dan Aku
Chrisye - Rindu
Chrisye - Bulan Namanya
Chrisye - Tobat
Chrisye - Thala'al Badru Alaina
Judy Collins - Prothalamium
Judy Collins - Oh, Had I a Golden Thread
Judy Collins - Time Passes Slowly
Judy Collins - Nightingale I
Judy Collins - Turn! Turn! Turn!/To Everything There Is a Season
Judy Collins - Angle on My Side
Judy Collins - Kingdom Come
Judy Collins - Strangers Again
Cloud Cult - Chain Reaction
Cloud Cult - Please Remain Calm
Cloud Cult - Chemicals Collide
Cloud Cult - Pretty Voice
Cloud Cult - Brain Gateway
Cloud Cult - Take Your Medicine
Cloud Cult - Your 8th Birthday
Cloud Cult - Dance for the Dead
Cloud Cult - A Good God
Cloud Cult - 2x2x2
Cloud Cult - Alien Christ
Cloud Cult - The Deaf Girl's Song
Cloud Cult - Hope
Cloud Cult - Living On The Outside Of Your Skin
Cloud Cult - Happy Hippo
Cloud Cult - What Comes At The End
Cloud Cult - You Got Your Bones To Make A Beat
Cloud Cult - Washed Your Car
Cloud Cult - What It Feels Like To Be Alive
Cloud Cult - Moving To Canada
Cloud Cult - Car Crash
Cloud Cult - Light at the End of the Tunnel
Cloud Cult - Million Things
Cloud Cult - Clip-Clop
Cloud Cult - Training Wheels
Cloud Cult - That Man Jumped Out the Window
Cloud Cult - Lucky Today
Cloud Cult - Rockwell
Cloud Cult - No One Said It Would Be Easy
Cloud Cult - Everybody Here Is a Cloud
Cloud Cult - The Tornado Lessons
Cloud Cult - When Water Comes to Life
Cloud Cult - Journey of the Featherless
Cloud Cult - The Ghost Inside Our House
Cloud Cult - Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide
Cloud Cult - May Your Hearts Stay Strong
Cloud Cult - The Will of a Volcano
Cloud Cult - Love You All
Cloud Cult - The Mission: Unexplainable Stories (Journey to the Light, Pt. 1)
Cloud Cult - The Invocation: You'll Be Bright (Invocation, Pt. 1)
Cloud Cult - The Baby: You Were Born
Cloud Cult - The Lessons: The Exploding People
Cloud Cult - The Battles: Room Full of People in Your Head
Cloud Cult - The Escape: Running with the Wolves
Cloud Cult - The Acceptance: Responsible
Cloud Cult - The Strength: The Guessing Game (Journey to the Light, Pt. 4)
Cloud Cult - The Strength: Forces of the Unseen
Cloud Cult - The Invocation: Blessings (Invocation, Pt. 2)
Cloud Cult - The Awakening: Dawn
Cherish the Ladies - The Cat's Meow
Cloud Cult - You're The Only Thing In Your Way
Cloud Cult - It's Your Decision
Cloud Cult - Complicated Creation
Cloud Cult - The Calling
Cloud Cult - Good Friend
Cloud Cult - Meet Me Where You're Going
Cloud Cult - Sleepwalker
Cloud Cult - The Show Starts Now
Cloud Cult - Where It Starts
Cloud Cult - Conception
Cloud Cult - Becoming One of You
Cloud Cult - 6 Days to Madness
Cloud Cult - Pretty (She Can Save You)
Cloud Cult - Who Killed Puck?
Cloud Cult - Close
Cloud Cult - You Were Born
Cloud Cult - Breakfast With My Shadow
Cloud Cult - Responsible
Cloud Cult - Running With the Wolves
Cloud Cult - Alone at a Party in a Ghost Town
Cloud Cult - Princess Bride
Cloud Cult - As Long as You're Happy
Cloud Cult - Chandeliers
Cloud Cult - Buried Poetry
Cloud Cult - All Together Alone
Cloud Cult - My Fictitious Life With Amily
Cloud Cult - Grappling Hook / Northern Lights
Cloud Cult - Lights Inside My Head
Cloud Cult - I Guess This Dream Is for Me
Comadre Fulozinha - Obá
Comadre Fulozinha - Tocar na banda
Comadre Fulozinha - Se o Mal
Comadre Fulozinha - Iá
Comadre Fulozinha - Zumba
Comadre Fulozinha - É ou não é
Comadre Fulozinha - Eu Também Sei Atirar
Comadre Fulozinha - Amaralina
Comadre Fulozinha - Chumbo de Vidro
Comadre Fulozinha - Maré
Comadre Fulozinha - Roseira Di
Comadre Fulozinha - Grande Poder
Comadre Fulozinha - Mais de Oito
Comadre Fulozinha - Satuba
Comadre Fulozinha - Sapopemba
Comadre Fulozinha - O Trem
Comadre Fulozinha - Fulozinha
Comadre Fulozinha - Tamarineira
Club Musical Oriente Cubano - Tres lindas cubanas
Club Musical Oriente Cubano - A orillas del Cauto
Club Musical Oriente Cubano - No puedo amarte ya
Club Musical Oriente Cubano - Ay Miguel
Club Musical Oriente Cubano - Eso no es na'
Club Musical Oriente Cubano - Fiebre de ti
Club Musical Oriente Cubano - A los barrios de Santiago
Club Musical Oriente Cubano - En mi viejo Santiago
Cloud Cult - On the Sun
Cloud Cult - It
Cloud Cult - Man on the Moon
Cloud Cult - Radio Fodder
Cloud Cult - It's Gay
Cloud Cult - Shortenin' Bread
Cloud Cult - Took You for Granted
Cloud Cult - Back Again, Part II
Cloud Cult - Your Love Will Live Forever
Cloud Cult - Sleeping Days, Part II
Cloud Cult - Where Are You Now (2007)
Cloud Cult - Living in Awe
Cloud Cult - To the Great Unknown
Cloud Cult - Days to Remember
Cloud Cult - Come Home
Cloud Cult - Everything You Thought You Had
Cloud Cult - Time Machine Invention
Cloud Cult - The Pilgrimage
Cloud Cult - You Never Were Alone
Cloud Cult - Through the Agest
Cloud Cult - I'm Feeling So Friggin' Fine
Cloud Cult - Jaded Fable
Cloud Cult - Armor and Calla Lillies
Cloud Cult - Lightning Girl
Cloud Cult - Bobby's Spacesuit
Cloud Cult - It's What You Need
Cloud Cult - Mr. Tambourine Man
Cloud Cult - Fairy Tale
Cloud Cult - Estupido
Cloud Cult - Waitress
Cloud Cult - Three Times a Lady
Cloud Cult - Dawn
Cloud Cult - The Exploding People
Cloud Cult - There's So Much Energy in Us
Cloud Cult - Forces of the Unseen
Cloud Cult - You'll Be Bright (Invocation P.1)
Cloud Cult - Today We Give Ourselves to the Fire
Cloud Cult - A Place
Cloud Cult - We Made Up Your Mind Of You
The Coathangers - Follow Me
The Coathangers - Shut Up
The Coathangers - Springfield Cannonball
The Coathangers - Merry Go Round
The Coathangers - Love Em and Leave Em
The Coathangers - Zombie
The Coathangers - Smother
The Coathangers - Dead Battery
The Coathangers - Adderall
The Coathangers - I Wait
The Coathangers - Drive
The Coathangers - Hurricane
The Coathangers - Trailer Park Boneyard
The Coathangers - Dreamboat
The Coathangers - Tonya Harding
The Coathangers - Haterade
The Coathangers - Bloody Shirt
The Coathangers - The Missing Letter
The Coathangers - Perfume
The Coathangers - Make It Right
The Coathangers - Had Enough
The Coathangers - Buckhead Betty
The Coathangers - Where The Hell Were You
The Coathangers - Stop Stomp Stompin'
Colt Silvers - As We Walk
Colt Silvers - Summer and Fall
Hugh Coltman - Sixteen
Hugh Coltman - Voices
Hugh Coltman - On My Hands
Hugh Coltman - Could You Be Trusted
Hugh Coltman - Greener Than Blue
Hugh Coltman - All the Lovers Come and Go These Days
Hugh Coltman - As the Crow Flies
Hugh Coltman - Ballad of the Sad Young Man
Hugh Coltman - Are You Disenchanted
Hugh Coltman - What'll I Do
Hugh Coltman - I Can't Be Bothered
Hugh Coltman - Annabelle
Hugh Coltman - Nature Boy
Hugh Coltman - Meet Me at No Special Place (And I'll Be There at No Particular Time)
Hugh Coltman - I Never Had a Chance
Hugh Coltman - Isolation
Hugh Coltman - It's O.K.
Hugh Coltman - Simply Beautiful
Cocktail - Nikolaj
Cocktail - U Ma Ma
Los Cojolites - Sembrando flores
Los Cojolites - Coco
Los Cojolites - Son de la noche
Los Cojolites - Señor presidente