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Cir.Cuz - Business
Cir.Cuz - Frelser
Cir.Cuz - Gatelys
Co'Sang - Intro
Co'Sang - Chello ca veco
Co'Sang - Ind 'o rione
Co'Sang - Fuje tanno
Co'Sang - Niente a vedé cu ll' ati (freestyle)
Co'Sang - Chi more pe' mme
Co'Sang - 'O spuorc
Co'Sang - Pomeriggio pigro
Co'Sang - Povere 'mman
Co'Sang - Poesia cruda
Co'Sang - 80-90
Co'Sang - Indy-geni
Co'Sang - Riconoscenza
Co'Sang - Amic nemic
Co'Sang - Che me dice
Co'Sang - Casa mia
Co'Sang - Chello ca si
Co'Sang - Quanno me ne so juto
Co'Sang - Rispettiva ammirazione
Co'Sang - Nun me parlà e strada
Co'Sang - Vita bona
Joe Cocker - Cry Me a River
Joe Cocker - Bird on the Wire
Joe Cocker - Give Peace a Chance
Joe Cocker - Space Captain
Joe Cocker - The Letter
Joe Cocker - She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
Joe Cocker - Sweet Little Woman
Joe Cocker - Many Rivers to Cross
Joe Cocker - Sail Away
Joe Cocker - First We Take Manhattan
Joe Cocker - Midnight Rider
Joe Cocker - Different Roads
Joe Cocker - My Father’s Son
Joe Cocker - While You See a Chance
Joe Cocker - She Believes in Me
Joe Cocker - No Ordinary World
Joe Cocker - Where Would I Be Now
Joe Cocker - Ain't Gonna Cry Again
Joe Cocker - Soul Rising
Joe Cocker - Naked Without You
Joe Cocker - Love to Lean On
Joe Cocker - On My Way Home
Joe Cocker - Lie to Me
Joe Cocker - Love Made a Promise
Claude Michel - Mal d'amour
Claude Michel - Ce soir
Claude Michel - Juliana
Dennis Coffey - All Your Goodies Are Gone
Chiano Sky - Walking Away
Chiano Sky - Act Like A Man
Joe Cocker - I’ll Cry Instead
Joe Cocker - Dear Landlord
Joe Cocker - Pardon Me Sir
Joe Cocker - High Time We Went
Joe Cocker - Black-Eyed Blues
Joe Cocker - Something to Say
Joe Cocker - Put Out the Light
Joe Cocker - I Can Stand a Little Rain
Joe Cocker - I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
Joe Cocker - The Jealous Kind
Joe Cocker - Catfish
Joe Cocker - A Song for You
Joe Cocker - I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today
Joe Cocker - Talking Back to the Night
Joe Cocker - Into the Mystic
Joe Cocker - Heart Full of Rain
Joe Cocker - High Lonesome Blue
Joe Cocker - Darlin’ Be Home Soon
Joe Cocker - Dignity
Joe Cocker - Can’t Find My Way Home
Joe Cocker - What’s Going On
Joe Cocker - Chain of Fools
Joe Cocker - One
Joe Cocker - I Who Have Nothing
Joe Cocker - I Keep Forgetting
Joe Cocker - I Put a Spell on You
Joe Cocker - Every Kind of People
Joe Cocker - Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
Joe Cocker - Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
Joe Cocker - Jealous Guy
Joe Cocker - Everybody Hurts
Joe Cocker - Love Is for Me
Joe Cocker - Don’t Give Up on Me
Joe Cocker - Long as I Can See the Light
Joe Cocker - Just Pass It On
Joe Cocker - Rivers Invitation
Otis Clay - Here I Am (Come and take Me)
Otis Clay - Trying To Live My Life Without You
Otis Clay - Love & Happiness
Coke Boy Brock - OG Bobby Johnson (freestyle)
Joe Cocker - Love Not War
Joe Cocker - You Took It So Hard
Joe Cocker - Never Tear Us Apart
Joe Cocker - This Is Your Life
Joe Cocker - Respect Yourself
Joe Cocker - I'm Listening Now
Joe Cocker - Leave a Light On
Joe Cocker - It's Only Love
Joe Cocker - Every Time It Rains
Joe Cocker - Midnight Without You
Joe Cocker - Come on In
Joe Cocker - Tempted
Joe Cocker - Long Drag Off a Cigarette
Joe Cocker - Crazy in Love
Joe Cocker - A Girl Like You
Joe Cocker - Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing)
Joe Cocker - Even a Fool Would Let Go
Joe Cocker - A Woman Loves a Man
Joe Cocker - Love Is Alive
Joe Cocker - Edge of a Dream
Clear Soul Forces - Continue
Clear Soul Forces - Beats Rhymes & Life
Clear Soul Forces - Sparring Session
Clear Soul Forces - The Genie
Clear Soul Forces - Welcome to the Show
Clear Soul Forces - Half as Long // Twice as Bright
Clear Soul Forces - Get No Better
Clear Soul Forces - Stick Em
Clear Soul Forces - The World Is Yours
Clear Soul Forces - Catch Me If You Can
Clear Soul Forces - Orange Faygo
Clear Soul Forces - What Is Rap
Clear Soul Forces - Get Down
Clear Soul Forces - Claire
Otis Clay - I Die A Little Each Day
Colonel Bagshot - Six Day War
Colonel Bagshot - Lord High Human Being
Colonel Bagshot - That's What I'd Like to Know
Julie Collings - The Last Post
Julie Collings - Something You Never Meant
Julie Collings - Tread Carefully
Julie Collings - Follow You
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Le temps des cathédrales
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Les sans-papiers
Joe Cocker - Up Where We Belong
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Déchiré
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Belle
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Les cloches
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Être prêtre et aimer une femme
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - La monture
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Dieu que le monde est injuste
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Vivre
Richard Cocciante & Luc Plamondon - Danse mon Esmeralda
Joe Cocker - Do I Still Figure in Your Life
Joe Cocker - The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
Joe Cocker - It’s a Sin When You Love Somebody
Joe Cocker - She Is My Lady
Joe Cocker - Wasted Years
Joe Cocker - Lucinda
Joe Cocker - Don’t Forget Me
Joe Cocker - A Whiter Shade of Pale
Joe Cocker - She's So Good to Me
Joe Cocker - (That's What I Like) In My Woman
Joe Cocker - I'll Be Your Doctor
Joe Cocker - You Love Me Back
Joe Cocker - I Come in Peace
Joe Cocker - You Don't Need a Million Dollars
Joe Cocker - Eye on the Prize
Joe Cocker - Younger
Joe Cocker - You Don't Know What You're Doing to Me
Joe Cocker - The Letting Go
Joe Cocker - I'll Walk in the Sunshine Again
Joe Cocker - Weight of the World
Joe Cocker - The Last Road
Joe Cocker - Walk Through the World With Me
Coldspell - One In A Million
Colorblind - Light Me Up
Colorblind - Sentimental Fool
Colorblind - Wash You
Colorblind - Walk This World
Colorblind - Living Together
Colorblind - Sway
Colorblind - Under My Skin
Colorblind - Up Here
Colorblind - Miracle
Colorblind - How Will I Survive
Collapsed Lung - Eat My Goal
Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alright
Joe Cocker - Come Together
Joe Cocker - Woman to Woman
Joe Cocker - I Think It's Going to Rain Today
Joe Cocker - I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Joe Cocker - What Are You Doing With a Fool Like Me
Colapesce - Entra pure
Colapesce - Dopo il diluvio
Colapesce - Reale
Colapesce - Sottocoperta
Colapesce - Egomostro
Colapesce - Le vacanze intelligenti
Colapesce - L'altra guancia
Colapesce - Copperfield
Colapesce - Brezsny
Colapesce - Sold Out
Colapesce - Mai vista
Colapesce - Maledetti italiani
Colapesce - Passami il pane
Colapesce - Restiamo in casa
Colapesce - Satellite
Colapesce - La zona rossa
Colapesce - Un giorno di festa
Colapesce - Oasi
Colapesce - Le foglie appese
Colapesce - Quando tutto diventò blu
Colapesce - I barbari
Colapesce - La distruzione di un amore
Colapesce - Sottotitoli
Colapesce - S'illumina
Colapesce - Il mattino dei morti viventi
Colapesce - Bogotá
Colapesce - Sera senza fine
Colapesce - La guerra fredda
Colapesce - Fiori di lana
Colapesce - Resistere etc.
Colapesce - Niente più
Colapesce - Amore sordo
Colapesce - Mafia e parrini
Colapesce - Da niente a niente
Colapesce - Malamore
Colapesce - Maria Maddalena
Colapesce - Anche oggi si dorme domani
Colapesce - Talassa
Colapesce - Gli anni
Clouds - Hieronymus
Clouds - Soul Eater
Clouds - Foxes Wedding
Clouds - 4pm
Clouds - Sweetest Thing
Clouds - Fear the Moon
Clouds - Loud
Clouds - Maryanne
Clouds - Immorta
Clouds - Bower of Bliss
Clouds - Here Now
Clouds - Wichita Lineman
Clouds - Down From the Sky
Clouds - D
Clouds - Bubble Baby
Clouds - Boy of Air
Clouds - Red Serenade
Clouds - Ghost of Love Returned
Clouds - Cats
Clouds - Spheres
Clouds - So Far Away
Clouds - Panel Van
Clouds - Anything
Clouds - Never Say Forever
Clouds - The Edge
Clouds - Babies Arms
Clouds - Cinnamon
Clouds - Wave
Clouds - Shiva
Clouds - Bonjour Tristesse
Clouds - Blood & Bone
Clouds - Misery
Clouds - 3 Minutes
Joe Cocker - Let's Go Get Stoned
Joe Cocker - Watching the River Flow
Joe Cocker - I Can’t Say No
Joe Cocker - Southern Lady
Joe Cocker - What You Did to Me Last Night
Joe Cocker - Shocked
Joe Cocker - Seven Days
Joe Cocker - Marie
Joe Cocker - Ruby Lee
Joe Cocker - So Good, So Right
Joe Cocker - Just Like Always
Joe Cocker - Look What You've Done
Joe Cocker - Jealous Kind
Censurados - Angústia
Censurados - Animais
Censurados - Guerra Colonial
Censurados - A Minha Vida
Censurados - Censurados
Censurados - Melhores Dias Virão
Censurados - Alecrim
Censurados - Sopa
Censurados - Buracos
Censurados - Confusão
Censurados - Venenosa
Censurados - Côxa
Censurados - Enquanto a noite cai
Clan 537 - Abre Que Voy
Clan 537 - Me Falta Tu Amor
Clan 537 - La Mujer Del Pelotero
Clan 537 - El Tatuaje
Clan 537 - Jamás Te Marcharas
Clan 537 - La Fiesta Del Calamar
Clan 537 - Corazón de Hielo
Clouds - Visionary
Clouds - Show Me
Clouds - Little Death
Clouds - Fantastic Tear
Clouds - Wednesday Night
Clouds - Anaesthesia
Clouds - Renee's Problems
Clouds - Dive
Clouds - Heartless
Clouds - White Girl
Clouds - Tear Me Apart
Clouds - Swim
Clouds - Blade
Clouds - Alchemy's Dead
Clouds - Oooh
Clouds - Universal
Clouds - Close My Eyes
Clouds - Baby
Clouds - Expecting
Clouds - Motherson
Clouds - Kitten
Clouds - The Rocket
Clouds - Looking for Rain
Clouds - Always
Clouds - Beg
Clouds - The Most
The Coffin Caddies - Horror in Miami
The Coffin Caddies - Monster Squad
The Coffin Caddies - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
The Coffin Caddies - Bleed
The Coffin Caddies - We Are Venom
The Coffin Caddies - Black-White-Red
The Coffin Caddies - Zombiemania
The Coffin Caddies - Ghosts
The Coffin Caddies - I Dream of Jack -O- Lanterns
The Coffin Caddies - Michael
The Coffin Caddies - Lock! Shock! Barrel!
The Coffin Caddies - Poison Heart
The Coffin Caddies - Skeletor Am I
Citizen Swing - I'd Like to Tell You
Citizen Swing - You See It
Clues - Haarp
Clues - Remember Severed Head
Clues - Approach the Throne
Clues - You Have My Eyes Now
Clues - Perfect Fit
Clues - Elope
Clues - Crows
Clues - Ledmonton
Clues - Let's Get Strong
Colette - About Us
Colette - If
Colette - Think You Want It
Colette - Touch & Go (interlude)
Colette - About Us (Chuck Love rework)
Colette - Feelin' Hypnotized
Colette - I Didn't Mean to Turn You On
Colette - What Will She Do for Love
Colette - A Little More
Colette - When The Music's Loud
Colette - Feelin Hypnotized (A2 dub)
Circo Vulkano - La cachumba
Circo Vulkano - Bajo, guitarra, melódica y batería
Circo Vulkano - La ciudad
Circo Vulkano - Marina,
Circo Vulkano - Sé que bebo, sé que fumo
Circo Vulkano - Sueño sin dormir
Circo Vulkano - Pal manicomio
Circo Vulkano - ¿Dónde esta Javier?
Circo Vulkano - El único culpable
Clockwise - Lay Her Down
Clockwise - Open
Circulus - My Body Is Made of Sunlight
Circulus - Dragon's Dance
Circulus - Song of Our Despair
Circulus - Willow Tree
Circulus - Wherever She Goes
Circulus - Velocity Races
Circulus - To the Fields
Circulus - This Is the Way
Circulus - Reality's a Fantasy
Joe Cocker - The Man in Me
Joe Cocker - Soul Time
Joe Cocker - The Great Divide
Joe Cocker - Living Without Your Love
Joe Cocker - Don’t Drink the Water
Joe Cocker - Heart of the Matter
Joe Cocker - Inner City Blues
Joe Cocker - Love Is on a Fade
Joe Cocker - Two Wrongs
Joe Cocker - I Stand in Wonder
Joe Cocker - The River's Rising
Joe Cocker - Isolation
Joe Cocker - All Our Tomorrows
Joe Cocker feat. Sass Jordan - Trust in Me
Joe Cocker - The One
Joe Cocker - Satisfied
Joe Cocker - I Will Live for You
Joe Cocker - Got to Use My Imagination
Joe Cocker - Letting Go
Joe Cocker - Just to Keep From Drowning
Joe Cocker - Fever
Joe Cocker - You Know It’s Gonna Hurt
Joe Cocker - Bad Bad Sign
Joe Cocker - I’m Your Man
Joe Cocker - One Night of Sin
Joe Cocker - Please No More
Joe Cocker - There’s a Storm Coming
Joe Cocker - You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
Joe Cocker - Five Women
Joe Cocker - Out of the Rain
Joe Cocker - Highway Highway
Joe Cocker - Too Cool
Joe Cocker - Out of the Blue
Joe Cocker - Angeline
Joe Cocker - Hell and Highwater
Joe Cocker - Standing Knee Deep in a River
Joe Cocker - Take Me Home
Joe Cocker - That’s All I Need to Know
Joe Cocker - What Do I Tell My Heart?
Joe Cocker - Wayward Soul
Joe Cocker - Loving You Tonight
Joe Cocker - Across From Midnight
Joe Cocker - What Do You Say?
Joe Cocker - The Last One to Know
Joe Cocker - That’s the Way Her Love Is
Joe Cocker - Need Your Love So Bad
Joe Cocker - Edge of a Dream (Theme From ‘Teachers’)
Joe Cocker - (All I Know) Feels Like Forever
Joe Cocker - (My Heart Is A) Ghost Town
Joe Cocker - Ain't No Sunshine
Joe Cocker - It's a Sin When You Love Somebody
Joe Cocker - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Joe Cocker - Bird on a Wire [live]
Joe Cocker - Delta Lady [live]
Joe Cocker - Cry Me a River [live]
Clear Convictions - New Breath
Clear Convictions - Highest Enemy
Clear Convictions - Crisis Within
Clear Convictions - War Genesis
Clear Convictions - Warning
Clear Convictions - The Bet
Clear Convictions - Clear Convictions
Clear Convictions - Words
Clear Convictions - Tough Guy
Clear Convictions - Braveheart
Clear Convictions - Arrepientete
Riccardo Cocciante - Uomo
Riccardo Cocciante - Poesia
Riccardo Cocciante - Lucia
Riccardo Cocciante - Quando finisce un amore
Riccardo Cocciante - L'alba
Riccardo Cocciante - Margherita
Riccardo Cocciante - Quando si vuole bene
Riccardo Cocciante - Notturno
Riccardo Cocciante - A mano a mano
Riccardo Cocciante - Io canto
Riccardo Cocciante - Celeste nostalgia
Riccardo Cocciante - Un nuovo amico
Riccardo Cocciante - Un buco nel cuore
Riccardo Cocciante - È passata una nuvola
Riccardo Cocciante - In bicicletta
Riccardo Cocciante - Sulla tua pelle
Riccardo Cocciante - Il mare dei papaveri
Riccardo Cocciante - Il funambolo
Riccardo Cocciante - Indocina
Riccardo Cocciante - Se stiamo insieme
Riccardo Cocciante - Vivi la tua vita
Riccardo Cocciante - E mi arriva il mare
Riccardo Cocciante - La nostra lingua italiana
Riccardo Cocciante - Questo nostro grande amore
Riccardo Cocciante - Amore
Riccardo Cocciante - Ti amo ancora di più
Riccardo Cocciante - Innamorato
Riccardo Cocciante - Il mio rifugio
Riccardo Cocciante - L'onda
Riccardo Cocciante - Tu Italia
Riccardo Cocciante - Il mio nome è Riccardo
Riccardo Cocciante - Il tempo
Riccardo Cocciante - Marylin
Riccardo Cocciante - E parlare d'amore sarà imbarazzante
Riccardo Cocciante - Verona
Riccardo Cocciante - L'affronto
Riccardo Cocciante - Io amo e non so
Riccardo Cocciante - La regina della notte
Riccardo Cocciante - La festa siamo noi
Riccardo Cocciante - T'amo
Riccardo Cocciante - Il nome del nemico
Riccardo Cocciante - Chi sei?
Riccardo Cocciante - Io, Romeo
Riccardo Cocciante - Tu sei
Riccardo Cocciante - Io vi benedico
Riccardo Cocciante - Mercuzio, Tebaldo, le spade
Riccardo Cocciante - Com'è leggera la vita
Riccardo Cocciante - Morte di Tebaldo
Riccardo Cocciante - Per rabbia e per errore
Riccardo Cocciante - Quel respiro, la vita
Riccardo Cocciante - Festa presto
Riccardo Cocciante - Morte di Romeo
Riccardo Cocciante - Il cuore
Damia - Tu ne sais pas aimer
Noir Désir - Si rien ne bouge
Churchill - Burn It Down
Churchill - Thank God
Churchill - Catalyst
Churchill - Sing Out Your Love
Churchill - Ark in a Flood
Churchill - Change
Churchill - Made a List
Churchill - I Am Yours
Churchill - Lock Your Heart Down
Churchill - The War Within
Churchill - Gone Too Long
Coconut Records - This Old Machine
Coconut Records - West Coast
Coconut Records - Back to You
Coconut Records - Summer Day
Coconut Records - Nighttiming
Coconut Records - Minding My Own Business
Coconut Records - Slowly
Coconut Records - Mama
Coconut Records - The Thanks I Get
Coconut Records - It's Not You It's Me
Coconut Records - Easy Girl
Coconut Records - Ask Her to Dance
Coconut Records - Microphone
Coconut Records - Drummer
Coconut Records - Saint Jerome
Coconut Records - Courtyard
Coconut Records - Wandering Around
Coconut Records - The Summer
Coconut Records - I Am Young
Coconut Records - Wires
Coconut Records - Is This Sound Okay?
Coconut Records - Bored to Death Theme Song (Music From the TV Series)
clef - C.L.E.F
clef - Reverce of Mind
clef - Love Story
clef - Blue D.I.A
clef - Joyful
clef - Waiting For You...
clef - Last Summer Day
clef - Another Orion
clef - T.O.U
clef - Effort
Charly Bliss - Urge to Purge
Charly Bliss - Ruby
Joe Cocker - Love the One You're With
Joe Cocker - Let It Be
Joe Cocker - Please Give Peace a Chance
Joe Cocker - Performance
Joe Cocker - Letter
Joe Cocker - Weight
Joe Cocker - She Don't Mind
Joe Cocker - Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
CoH - Mort aux Vaches
Riccardo Cocciante - Il Ricordo Di Un Instante
Riccardo Cocciante - Dédicace
Riccardo Cocciante - C'est un chapeau !
Riccardo Cocciante - Droit devant soi
Riccardo Cocciante - Les grandes personnes sont comme ça
Riccardo Cocciante - Les Baobabs
Riccardo Cocciante - Près d'elle
Riccardo Cocciante - Adieu (et tâche d'etre heureux)
Riccardo Cocciante - Je t'ordonne
Riccardo Cocciante - Apprivoise-moi
Riccardo Cocciante - Le Plus Beau et le Plus Triste Paysage du Monde
Riccardo Cocciante - Les sans-papiers
Riccardo Cocciante - Intervention de Frollo
Riccardo Cocciante - Bohémienne
Riccardo Cocciante - Ces diamants-là
Riccardo Cocciante - La cour des miracles
Riccardo Cocciante - Le mot Phoebus
Riccardo Cocciante - Belle
Riccardo Cocciante - Tu vas me détruire
Riccardo Cocciante - Où est-elle ?
Riccardo Cocciante - Les oiseaux qu'on met en cage
Riccardo Cocciante - Lune
Riccardo Cocciante - L'attaque de Notre-Dame
Riccardo Cocciante - Le temps des cathédrales
Bruno Pelletier - Le Temps des cathédrales (Gringoire)
Luck Mervil - Les Sans-papiers (Clopin)
Noa - Bohémienne (Esmeralda)
Garou & Daniel Lavoie & Patrick Fiori - Belle (Quasimodo, Frollo, Phoebus)
Daniel Lavoie - Tu vas me détruire (Frollo)
Luck Mervil - La Cour des miracles (Clopin)
Daniel Lavoie & Bruno Pelletier - Florence (Frollo, Gringoire)
Bruno Pelletier & Daniel Lavoie & Garou - Les Cloches (Gringoire, Frollo, Quasimodo)
Daniel Lavoie - Être prêtre et aimer une femme (Frollo)
Patrick Fiori - Déchiré (Phoebus)
Julie Zenatti - La Monture (Fleur-de-Lys)
Garou - Dieu, que le monde est injuste (Quasimodo)
Noa - Vivre (Esmeralda)
Bruno Pelletier - Lune (Gringoire)
Garou - Danse mon Esmeralda (Quasimodo)
CoH - Pop-Bit
The Color of Violence - Large Hardon Collider
The Color of Violence - God Gave Me Deeze Nutz
The Color of Violence - Me and My Enormous Spiritual Erection
The Color of Violence - Youthanize
The Color of Violence - Christina, Christina
The Color of Violence - Create a Merkaba, and Get Me Outta Here!
The Color of Violence - Crapandemic
The Color of Violence - Look! I Made It! I'm Dating an Actress!
Coldcut feat. Lisa Stansfield - My Telephone
Céline Dion - Live (for the One I Love)
Bruno Pelletier - The Age of the Cathedrals
Luck Mervil - The Refugees
Garou feat. Daniel Lavoie & Steve Balsamo - Belle (Is the Only Word)
Natasha St‐Pier - My Heart If You Will Swear
Steve Balsamo - Torn Apart
Tina Arena - The Pagan Ave Maria
Daniel Lavoie - Your Love Will Kill Me
Bruno Pelletier - Moon
Garou - God You Made the World All Wrong
Daniel Lavoie - I’m a Priest
Luck Mervil - Cast Away
Riccardo Cocciante - Violenza
Riccardo Cocciante - Se io fossi
Riccardo Cocciante - Bella senz’anima
Joe Cocker - Threw It Away
Joe Cocker - Jack-A-Diamonds
Joe Cocker feat. Eros Ramazzotti - That’s All I Need to Know Difendero
Joe Cocker - Hello Little Friend
Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up
Color Me Badd - All 4 Love
Color Me Badd - I Adore mi amor
Color Me Badd - Groove My Mind
Color Me Badd - Roll the Dice
Color Me Badd - Thinkin’ Back
Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd
Color Me Badd - Your da One I Onena Love
Color Me Badd - Choose
Color Me Badd - Sexual Capacity
Color Me Badd - The Last to Know
Color Me Badd - Got 2 Have U
Color Me Badd - Where Lovers Go
Color Me Badd - Intro
Color Me Badd - Time & Chance
Color Me Badd - Groovy Now
Color Me Badd - Rosanna’s Little Sister
Color Me Badd - La tremenda
Color Me Badd - The Bells
Color Me Badd - Living Without Her
Color Me Badd - Trust Me
Color Me Badd - Let’s Start With Forever
Color Me Badd - God Is Love
Color Me Badd - Let Love Rule
Color Me Badd - Ooh Tonight
Color Me Badd - For All Eternity
Color Me Badd - From the Back
Color Me Badd - Ain’t Nobody Goin’ Home
Color Me Badd - On My Mind
Color Me Badd - Tonite, Tonite
Clara Plath - Kisses Goodbye
Clara Plath - Crazy Liar
Clara Plath - Broken Dolls
Clara Plath - Waiting for My Dog
Clara Plath - Grand Battement
Clara Plath - Distance
Clara Plath - Second Floor
Clara Plath - Like a Rocket
Clara Plath - American Do
Clara Plath - Little Sue
Clara Plath - Dancing song
Clara Plath - Fuck my car
Clara Plath - Paradise
Clara Plath - Over me
Color Me Badd - All the Way (Freaky Style)
Color Me Badd - Written on Your Face
Color Me Badd - Kissing You
Color Me Badd - Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Color Me Badd - Your Touch
Color Me Badd - I'll Never Love This Way Again
Color Me Badd - Remember When
Color Me Badd - It's Gonna be Alright
Color Me Badd - Farmer's Daughter
Color Me Badd - All the Way (Part II)
Color Me Badd - How Could This Be
Color Me Badd - Secret Lovers
Color Me Badd - Forever Love
Color Me Badd - CMB Postlude
Color Me Badd - Someone Missing Love
Color Me Badd - The Earth, The Sun, and the Rain
Color Me Badd - Soft 'N' Easy
Riccardo Cocciante - L'attimo presente
Riccardo Cocciante - Che storia!
Riccardo Cocciante - Harry Loves Mary
Riccardo Cocciante - Questi momenti
Riccardo Cocciante - Male
Riccardo Cocciante - Grande è la città
Riccardo Cocciante - Pelle sulla pelle
Riccardo Cocciante - Vacanze insieme sul mar nero
Riccardo Cocciante - Ho dimenticato
Riccardo Cocciante - Parole sante, zia Lucia
Cobalt - Dry Body
Cobalt - Arsonry
Cobalt - Stomach
Cobalt - Pregnant Insect
Cobalt - Two-Thumbed Fist
Cobalt - A Starved Horror
Cobalt - When Serpents Return
Cobalt - Eater of Birds
THE CIGAVETTES - We Rolled Again
Cog - Real Life
Cog - Anarchy OK
Cog - Resonate
Cog - My Enemy
Cog - Run
Cog - The River Song
Cog - Charades
Cog - No Other Way
Cog - The Movies Over
Cog - What If
Cog - Bird of Feather
Cog - Sharing Space
Cog - The Town of Lincolin
Cog - Bitter Pills
Cog - Four Walls
Cog - Bondi
Cog - 1010011010
Cog - Pseudo
Cog - Moo
Cog - Stretch
Cog - The Truth and Other Lies
Cog - Holes
Cog - Moshiach
Cog - Paris, Texas
Cog - Just Visiting
Cog - Doors
Cog - Are You Interested
Cog - Open Up
Cog - Say Your Last Goodbye [Live]
Cog - What If [Live]
Cog - Swamp [Live]
Cog - Resonate [Live]
Cog - Problem Reaction Solution [Live]
Cog - How Long [Live]
Cog - Silence is Violence [Live]
Coleske - Take me where the sun is shining
Riccardo Cocciante - Festa
Riccardo Cocciante - Piove
Riccardo Cocciante - Piero
Riccardo Cocciante - Carolina amatissima
Riccardo Cocciante - Songs
Riccardo Cocciante - Loin dans mon vertige
Riccardo Cocciante - Libertad, quien eres tu
Riccardo Cocciante - Echoes
Riccardo Cocciante - Si grand
Riccardo Cocciante - Ella
Riccardo Cocciante - Beatles Generation
Riccardo Cocciante - Ni dieu ni ange
Riccardo Cocciante - Cuando tu
Riccardo Cocciante - A questa vita
Riccardo Cocciante - Tellement
Riccardo Cocciante - Quiero mas
Riccardo Cocciante - The Singer
Joe Cocker - Forgive Me Now
Joe Cocker - Oh Mama
The Cog Is Dead - Blood, Sweat and Tears
The Cog Is Dead - Loverboy
The Cog Is Dead - The Copper War
The Cog Is Dead - Aimee
The Cog Is Dead - Let Me Be Your Man
The Cog Is Dead - Mechanical Menagerie
The Cog Is Dead - The Depths Below
The Cog Is Dead - Time Machine
The Cog Is Dead - The Inventor's Daughter
The Cog Is Dead - The Death of the Cog
The Cog Is Dead - I Want Only You
The Cog Is Dead - A Letter to Michelle
The Cog Is Dead - Steam Powered Stories
The Cog Is Dead - Prepare for Adventure
The Cog Is Dead - The Iron Horseman
The Cog Is Dead - The Toy Soldier
The Cog Is Dead - Burn It Down
The Cog Is Dead - Darla Dawn the Automaton
The Cog Is Dead - Danger on the Dance Floor
The Cog Is Dead - Savior of the Skies
The Cog Is Dead - The Ballad of Stuart the Sailor
The Cog Is Dead - My Metal Boy
The Cog Is Dead - Sorrow on the Rails
The Cog Is Dead - Doctor Franklyn
The Cog Is Dead - The Voyage Home
The Cog Is Dead - Freak Show
The Cog Is Dead - Repairman
The Cog Is Dead - Another Cog in the Machine
The Cog Is Dead - The Incredible Jelly Donut Juicer
The Cog Is Dead - Tin Man
The Cog Is Dead - The Space Cowboy
The Cog Is Dead - Farewell My Old Friend
The Cog Is Dead - Miss Sprocket
The Cog Is Dead - Run Girl Run
The Cog Is Dead - The Gumbo Song
Riccardo Cocciante - La morte di una rosa
Riccardo Cocciante - Pour elle
Riccardo Cocciante - Etre aimé
Riccardo Cocciante - C'est pour toujours
Riccardo Cocciante - Le Cœur
Riccardo Cocciante - La testa piena
Riccardo Cocciante - Ammassati e distanti
Riccardo Cocciante - Gli alberi della città
Riccardo Cocciante - Scrivilo sulla sabbia
Riccardo Cocciante - Eleonora e la sua bicicletta
Riccardo Cocciante - Lucy, quanti diamanti nel cielo
Riccardo Cocciante - Resta con me
Riccardo Cocciante - Tempo nuovo
Riccardo Cocciante - Sabato, rilassante
Riccardo Cocciante - Concerto nello spazio
Riccardo Cocciante - La canzone dell'infinito
Charlie - Skandináv éjszakák
Charlie - Egy szippantás a jóból
Charlie - Nézz az ég felé
Charlie - Szőkék a rossz napok ellen
Charlie - Ha mégis jön a Rolling Stones
Charlie - Könnyű álmot hozzon az éj
Charlie - A holnap már nem lesz szomorú
Charlie - Kávéház
Charlie - Annyi minden történt
Charlie - Mindenki valakié
Charlie - Vidékre költözöm
Charlie - Az légy, aki vagy
Charlie - Csak a zene
Charlie - Az otthon valami más
Charlie - Játszom, ahogyan lélegzem
Charlie - All of Me
Charlie - A zene gyógyszer
Charlie - A mama hívott ma éjjel
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - ¡Americano!
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Counterclockwise
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - I Don't Need Another Thrill
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Switchblade
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Leaky Little Boat
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - God Gave Me a Gun
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Loco to Stay Sane
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Mexican Moonshine
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Your Name on a Grain of Rice
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Love, Come Lighten My Load
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Leave an Open Door
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Beautiful Disaster
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - City Girls
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Easy
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Honky Tonk Union
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Jack vs. Jose
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - West Texas Moon
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Tell Yer Momma
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - My Heart Is a UFO
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Green & Dumb
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Never Thought
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - All Over the Radio
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Heaven on a Paper Plate
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Dinero
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Love is the Road
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Marie
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Small World
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Today Belongs to the Light
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Play On
Joe Cocker - If I Love You
Riccardo Cocciante - Un desiderio di vita indicibile
Riccardo Cocciante - La canzone di Francesco
Riccardo Cocciante - Cuori di Gesù
Riccardo Cocciante - La canzone indiana
Riccardo Cocciante - Il vero amore
Riccardo Cocciante - Scene di primavera con mia madre
Riccardo Cocciante - Il tempo delle cattedrali
Riccardo Cocciante - I clandestini
Riccardo Cocciante - Zingara
Riccardo Cocciante - Mi distruggerai
Riccardo Cocciante - La corte dei miracoli
Riccardo Cocciante - Ave Maria pagana
Riccardo Cocciante - Parlami di Firenze
Riccardo Cocciante - Le campane
Riccardo Cocciante - Un prete innamorato
Riccardo Cocciante - Cuore in me
Riccardo Cocciante - La cavalcatura
Riccardo Cocciante - Dio ma quanto è ingiusto il mondo
Riccardo Cocciante - Vivere per amare
Riccardo Cocciante - Luna
Riccardo Cocciante - Balla mia Esmeralda
Riccardo Cocciante - Condannati
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Banditos
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Bury My Heart at the Trailer Park
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - A Little Hungover You
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Buffalo
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Sonoran Hope & Madness
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Colorblind Blues
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Sleep Like A Baby
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Ashes of San Miguel
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Mile High and Risin'
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Smaller and Better Things
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - The Ballad of Lupe Montosa
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Better Beautiful than Perfect
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Hello New Day
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Bottom of the Bay
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Maybe We Should Fall In Love
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Goon Squad
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Wake Up Call
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - World Ain't Gone Crazy
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Lemons
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Noisy Head
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Andale
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Plenty
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Junebug in July
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Winter in your Heart
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Hourglass
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - I Speak Your Language
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - State of the Art
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - I Know You Know
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Summer Number 39
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Mercy
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - I Can Drink the Water
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - I Do
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Persephone
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Mañana
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Captain Suburbia
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Méxicosis
Charlie - Ha vársz, nem lesz a tiéd
Charlie - Kint van a tábla
Joe Cocker - It's All Over but the Shouting
Joe Cocker - Do Right Woman
Joe Cocker - St. James Infirmary
Joe Cocker - That's Your Business
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Ain't Got the Words
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Sic Semper Tyrranis
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Geronimo!
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - California Breakdown
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Green and Dumb
Riccardo Cocciante - Il soufflè con le banane
Riccardo Cocciante - Stupida commedia
Riccardo Cocciante - Colsi una rosa
Riccardo Cocciante - Non andartene via
Riccardo Cocciante - Il mio rifugio (Thème du film de Patrice Leconte 'Tandem')
Riccardo Cocciante - Stesso treno
Riccardo Cocciante - Sally
Riccardo Cocciante - Cercasi paradiso
Riccardo Cocciante - Un uomo felice
Riccardo Cocciante - Io vivo per te
Riccardo Cocciante - I'd Fly (Per lei)
Riccardo Cocciante - Sopra un preludio di Bach
Riccardo Cocciante - Era Gia' Tutto Previsto
Riccardo Cocciante - E Mi Arriva Il Mare _feat. Paola Turci
Riccardo Cocciante - Amore_feat. Mina
Riccardo Cocciante - La Musica Senza Perche'
Riccardo Cocciante - Belle (Is the Only Word)
Riccardo Cocciante - Déchiré (Phoebus)
Riccardo Cocciante - Dieu, que le monde est injuste (Quasimodo)
Riccardo Cocciante - Intervento di frollo
Riccardo Cocciante - Da dove vieni bella straniera / Zingara
Riccardo Cocciante - Esmeralda lo sai
Riccardo Cocciante - La fede di diamanti
Riccardo Cocciante - La strega
Riccardo Cocciante - Il trovatello
Riccardo Cocciante - La parola Febo
Riccardo Cocciante - Bello come il sole
Riccardo Cocciante - La mia casa è la tua
Riccardo Cocciante - Adieu
Riccardo Cocciante - C'est triste d'oublier un ami
Riccardo Cocciante - Margarita
Riccardo Cocciante - Cuando yo me iré de aquí
Riccardo Cocciante - Todo era ya previsto
Riccardo Cocciante - Cuerpo sin alma
Riccardo Cocciante - The Court of Miracles
Riccardo Cocciante - Il senso profondo degli uomini
Riccardo Cocciante - Per tornare amici
Riccardo Cocciante - Si, Maria
Riccardo Cocciante - Non si perde nessuno
Riccardo Cocciante - Belle (Is the Only World)
Riccardo Cocciante - Cuando el amor rompa en ti
Riccardo Cocciante - Bella sin alma
Phil Collins feat. *NSYNC - Trashin' The Camp
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - Según el color
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - La maleta
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - Plantación adentro
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - Pueblo
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - El telefonito
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - Y deja
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - De qué?
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - Pedro Navaja
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - María Lionza
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - Sin Tu Cariño
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - Quiero Saber
Joe Cocker - Where Am I Now?
Ciro y Los Persas - Servidor
Ciro y Los Persas - Insisto
Ciro y Los Persas - Espejo
Ciro y Los Persas - Banda de garage
Ciro y Los Persas - Vas a bailar
Ciro y Los Persas - Blues de la ventana
Ciro y Los Persas - Chucu-chu
Ciro y Los Persas - Paso a paso
Ciro y Los Persas - Ruidos
Ciro y Los Persas - Noche de hoy
Ciro y Los Persas - Malambo para Luca
Ciro y Los Persas - Astros
Ciro y Los Persas - Caminando
Ciro y Los Persas - Me gusta
Ciro y Los Persas - Murgueros
Ciro y Los Persas - Mírenla
Ciro y Los Persas - Barón Rojo
Ciro y Los Persas - Ciudad animal
Ciro y Los Persas - La flor en la piedra
Ciro y Los Persas - Fácil
Ciro y Los Persas - Mi sol
Ciro y Los Persas - Tal vez
Ciro y Los Persas - Larga vida del rock
Ciro y Los Persas - Tango del Diablo
Ciro y Los Persas - Amor prohibido
Ciro y Los Persas - Luz
Ciro y Los Persas - ¡Juira!
Ciro y Los Persas - La rosa
Ciro y Los Persas - Atún
Ciro y Los Persas - Similar
Ciro y Los Persas - Hoy te vas
Ciro y Los Persas - 5 bestias
Ciro y Los Persas - Little Red Rooster
Ciro y Los Persas - Blues del gato sarnozo
Ciro y Los Persas - Rockabily para siempre
Ciro y Los Persas - Heros de Malvinas
Chorus of Ruin - Ocean of Sins
Chorus of Ruin - Dreaming of Indigo (A Blood Red Vision)
Cheryl Cole - Promise This
Cheryl Cole - Yeah Yeah
Cheryl Cole - Live Tonight
Cheryl Cole - The Flood
Cheryl Cole - Amnesia
Cheryl Cole - Everyone
Cheryl Cole - Raindrops
Cheryl Cole - Hummingbird
Cheryl Cole - Better to Lie
Cheryl Cole feat. - Let’s Get Down
Cheryl Cole - Happy Tears
Cheryl Cole feat. - 3 Words
Cheryl Cole - Fight for This Love
Cheryl Cole - Rain on Me
Cheryl Cole - Happy Hour
Cheryl Cole - Stand Up
Cheryl Cole feat. - Boy Like You
Cheryl feat. - Craziest Things
Cheryl feat. Wretch 32 - Screw You
Cheryl Cole - Ghetto Baby
Cheryl Cole - Boys Lie
Cheryl Cole - One Thousand
Cheryl Cole - Last One Standing
Cheryl Cole - I Like It
Cheryl Cole - Dum Dum
Cheryl Cole - Teddy Bear
Cheryl Cole - Crazy Stupid Love
Cheryl Cole - Waiting for Lightning
Cheryl feat. Joel Compass - Coming Up for Air
Cheryl Cole - Fight On
Cheryl Cole - Beats N Bass
Cheryl Cole - Tattoo
Cheryl Cole - Firecracker
Cheryl Cole - I Won’t Break
Cheryl Cole - Only Human (interview)
Cheryl Cole - Heartbreaker
Cheryl Cole - 3 Words (feat. (Steve Angello extended re-production)
Cheryl Cole - Just Let Me Go
Cheryl Cole - Fireflies
Cheryl Cole - Didn't I
Cheryl Cole - Craziest Things
Cheryl Cole - Boys
CoLoR - M Right
Colour Coding - Kick
Colour Coding - Perfect
Colour Coding - Had It All
Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Heat On
Joe Cocker - You Know We're Gonna Hurt
Joe Cocker - Trust in Me
Joe Cocker - I Know (You Don't Want Me No More)
Joe Cocker - When a Man Loves a Woman
Joe Cocker - Dangerous Mood
Joe Cocker - The Weight
Joe Cocker - Rita Coolidge / Superstar
Joe Cocker - Dixie Lullaby
Joe Cocker - Feeling Allright
Joe Cocker - You Cant Have My Heart
Joe Cocker - Darling Be Home Soon'
Joe Cocker - That's All I Need to Know Difendero
Joe Cocker - Living in the Promiseland
Joe Cocker - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest World
Joe Cocker - Maybe I'm Amazed
Joe Cocker - Feelin' Allright
Joe Cocker - (Please) Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Joe Cocker - What's Goin On
Joe Cocker - Hitckock Railway
Joe Cocker - I Can Stand Little Rain
Joe Cocker - Lean on Me
Joe Cocker - I Think It’s Going to Rain
Joe Cocker - N'Oubilez Jamais
Joe Cocker - Further on Up the Road
Coma - The Wind
Collettivo Soleluna - A vida (Roma)
Collettivo Soleluna - Do d'freak
Collettivo Soleluna - Si fondono
Client Liaison - Canberra Won't Be Calling Tonight
Client Liaison - Wild Life
Client Liaison - Off White Limousine
Client Liaison - World Of Our Love
Client Liaison - Hotel Stay
Client Liaison - Where Do We Belong
Client Liaison - The Bravest Beginnings
Client Liaison - Electric Eyes
Client Liaison - End of the Earth
Client Liaison - Free of Fear
Client Liaison - That's Desire
Client Liaison - Pretty Lovers
Client Liaison - Groove the Physical
Client Liaison - Feed the Rhythm
Client Liaison - Feelings
Client Liaison - Queen
Saori Codama - Daisy
Saori Codama - Mikansei Stride
COLOR - Sweet Memories
COLOR - Summer time cruisin'
COLOR - Opening
COLOR - Dear Mama
COLOR - Close To You
COLOR - Good bye my love
Jim Collins - Chapter 6 - A Culture of Discipline
Mitty Collier - Sharing You
Mitty Collier - I Had a Talk With My Man
Mitty Collier - I Had a Talk With My Man Last Night
Mitty Collier - No Faith No Love
Nicola Ciccone - Tu m'aimes quand même
Nicola Ciccone - J'taime pas, j't'adore
Nicola Ciccone - Novembre
Nicola Ciccone - Celle que tu n'est pas
Nicola Ciccone - Le petit monde
Nicola Ciccone - L'opéra du mendiant
Nicola Ciccone - Le menteur
Nicola Ciccone - J't'aime tout court
Nicola Ciccone - Ciao bella
Nicola Ciccone - Comme un oiseau
Nicola Ciccone - Le pyromane
Nicola Ciccone - La beauté des petites choses et autres gestes anodins
Nicola Ciccone - Survivant
Nicola Ciccone - L'hymne à l'espoir
Nicola Ciccone - La légende des Joe Wannabe
Nicola Ciccone - La vie en décibels
Nicola Ciccone - Canta amico canta
Nicola Ciccone - Trésor
Nicola Ciccone - Mio Amore
Nicola Ciccone - Un ami
Jimmy Cliff - Vietnam
Jimmy Cliff - Reggae Nights
Jimmy Cliff - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Jimmy Cliff - Many Rivers to Cross
Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come
Jimmy Cliff - Samba Reggae
Bill Withers - Lean on Me
Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now
Jimmy Cliff - Give the people what they want
Jimmy Cliff - Hanging Fire
Jimmy Cliff - No Justice
Jimmy Cliff - John Crow
Jimmy Cliff - One More
Jimmy Cliff - Guns Of Brixton
Jimmy Cliff - Ruby Soho
Jimmy Cliff - Blessed Love
Jimmy Cliff - Ship Is Sailing
Jimmy Cliff - Wild World
Jimmy Cliff - You Can Get It If You Really Want It
Jimmy Cliff - Sitting in Limbo
Jimmy Cliff - Struggling Man
Jimmy Cliff - If I Follow My Mind
Jimmy Cliff - Sooner or Later
Jimmy Cliff - Rise Up
Jimmy Cliff - Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
Jimmy Cliff - You Can Get It If You Really Want
Chance - Over Again
Ceynur - Aşk
Ceynur - Yağmur
Ceynur - Tanrı Beni Duydu
Ceynur - İstedim
Ceynur - Sonsuza Kadar
Colour The Sky - For the Longest Time
Jimmy Cliff - Reggae Night
Jimmy Cliff - Sunshine in the Music
Jimmy Cliff - Love Me Love Me
Jimmy Cliff - Reggae Down Babylon
Jimmy Cliff - You Can Get It Really Want
Jimmy Cliff - Dear Mother
Jimmy Cliff - Remake the World
Jimmy Cliff - On My Life
Jimmy Cliff - Money Version
Jimmy Cliff - Every Tub
Happy Chichester - Artificial Fanfare (Music in My Head)
Happy Chichester - A Man Needs an Airplane
Happy Chichester - White Devil
John Chisum - We Are the Body of Christ
John Chisum - Christ Above Me
Jimmy Cliff - Hakuna Matata
Jimmy Cliff - Hot Shot
Jimmy Cliff - Synthetic World
Jimmy Cliff - Goodbye Yesterday
Jimmy Cliff - The City
Jimmy Cliff - Roots Radical
Jimmy Cliff - Now and Forever
Chili and the Whalekillers - Nürnberg
Chili and the Whalekillers - Miss You, Not Even Gone
Chili and the Whalekillers - Park Bench
Chili and the Whalekillers - Given up to Time
Chili and the Whalekillers - The Villa by the Sea
Chili and the Whalekillers - Smile
Chili and the Whalekillers - Faraway
Chili and the Whalekillers - Dreamplay
Chili and the Whalekillers - French Girl
Chili and the Whalekillers - Marilyn
Chili and the Whalekillers - Lemon Garden
Chili and the Whalekillers - Turn
Jimmy Cliff - Higher & Higher
Jimmy Cliff - Save Our Planet Earth
Jimmy Cliff - Rebel in Me
Jimmy Cliff - Bob Yu Did Yu Job
Jimmy Cliff - Give a Little Take a Little
Jimmy Cliff - Hello Sunshine
Jimmy Cliff - Time Will Tell
Jimmy Cliff - War A Africa
Jimmy Cliff - Peace
Jimmy Cliff - Shout For Freedom
Jimmy Cliff - Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Cliff - Third World People
Jimmy Cliff - The Rebel in Me
Jimmy Cliff - Wonderful World
Jimmy Cliff - A Higher and Deeper Love
Jimmy Cliff - Journey
Jimmy Cliff - Arrival
Justin Clayton - Collide
A Cloud Forest - With One Last Breath
A Cloud Forest - The Smile of Suffering
A Cloud Forest - The Dark Wings of Hate
A Cloud Forest - The Blooming of an End
A Cloud Forest - Into the Silent Land
A Cloud Forest - The Black Still of Night
A Cloud Forest - Cain (Tiamat Cover)
A Cloud Forest - Metamorphosis
Jimmy Cliff - Roots Woman
Jimmy Cliff - Piece of the Pie
Jimmy Cliff - The Price of Peace
Jimmy Cliff - Poor Slave
Jimmy Cliff - Use What I Got
Jimmy Cliff - My Ancestors
Jimmy Cliff - Those Good, Good Old Days
Jimmy Cliff - My World Is Blue