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City Center - Young Diamond
City Center - Unfinished Hex
Chinese Christmas Cards - Dreams
Chinese Christmas Cards - Paper Boy
Clinic - Country Mile
Clinic - Circle of Fifths
Clinic - Anne
Clinic - The Magician
Clinic - Home
Clinic - W.D.Y.Y.B
Clinic - Falstaff
Clinic - August
Clinic - Thank You (For Living)
Clinic - Baby
Clinic - Freemason Waltz
Clinic - I.P.C. Subeditors Dictate Our Youth
Clinic - Porno
Clinic - Monkey On Your Back
Clinic - Cement Mixer
Clinic - Christmas
Clinic - Circle I
Clinic - Thor
Clinic - Mary & Eddie
Clinic - 2 4
Eddie Cochran - Drownin' All My Sorrows
Eddie Cochran - Heart of a Fool
Kit Clayton - Material Problem
Coconot - Polen muchacha!
Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else (Introduction)
Eddie Cochran - I’ve Waited So Long
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Four Foot Shack
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Amos Moses
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - The Bridge Came Tumblin’ Down
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Stayin’ Alive
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Rumble of the Diesel
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Buzzards of Green Hill
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Hendershot
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Battle of New Orleans
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - The Bridge Came Tumblin' Down
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang - D's Diner
Clock - Oh What a Night
Clock - Don't Go Away
Sonny Clark Trio - Somethin' Special
Codes - This is Goodbye
Codes - Our Mysteries (Missed Histories)
Codes - And Arrows and Aarows
Clear - Why
Clear - Ready to Ride
Clear - What of Love?
Clear - Rain
Clear - Clarity
Clear - Concerns
Clear - Tidal Wave
Clear - Through My Window
Clear - My Blindness
Clear - Free
Clear - You're in the Sunset
Clear - Chasing After the Wind
Clear - Falling Down
Clear - Life of Heaven
Clear - Flash
Clear - Stand and Die
Clear - Into Your Hands
Clear - Blessed Are You
Clear - Angels Sing
Clear - End of the Day
Clear - Able and Willing
Joe Clay - Ducktail
Joe Clay - Sixteen Chicks
Joe Clay - The Legend Is Now
Club Smith - No Friend of Mine
Circle Takes the Square - Same Shade as Concrete
Circle Takes the Square - Crowquill
Circle Takes the Square - In the Nervous Light
Circle Takes the Square - Non‐Objective Portrait of Karma
Circle Takes the Square - Kill the Switch
Circle Takes the Square - A Crater to Cough In
Circle Takes the Square - Enter by the Narrow Gates
Circle Takes the Square - Spirit Narrative
Circle Takes the Square - The Ancestral Other Side
Circle Takes the Square - Prefaced by the Signal Fires
Circle Takes the Square - A Closing Chapter (Scarlet Rising)
Circle Takes the Square - Singing Vengeance Into Being
Circle Takes the Square - Arrowhead as Epilogue
Circle Takes the Square - North Star, Inverted
Circle Takes the Square - In the Nervous Light of Sunday
Circle Takes the Square - We're Sustained by the Corpse of a Fallen Constellation (Atlanta '05)
Circle Takes the Square - Interview at the Ruins (Starland Theater '05)
Circle Takes the Square - Houdini Logic
Circle Takes the Square - A Disclaimer to the Self
Circle Takes the Square - Eleven Owls Have Eyes
Circle Takes the Square - Comes With the Fall
Circle Takes the Square - Our Need to Bleed
Code 64 - Sea of Stars
Code 64 - Leaving Earth
Code 64 - Guardian
Code 64 - Orbit
Code 64 - Every Moment
Code 64 - Starchaser
Code 64 - Resistance
Code 64 - System Failure
Code 64 - Reaktor
Code 64 - Finding Me
Code 64 - In Your Arms
Code 64 - Save You
Code 64 - Exit
Code 64 - Deviant
Code 64 - Progenitor
Code 64 - Oblivion (Seeds of Utopia III)
Code 64 - S.O.L.
Code 64 - Advanced Robotics
Code 64 - Tell Me
Code 64 - Close Encounters / Hyperdrive
Code 64 - True Faith
Code 64 - Saying Hello
Code 64 - Game Over
Code 64 - Carry Me Home (303)
Code 64 - Masquerade (The Purist & The Eurotrash remix by Code 64)
Code 64 - Rebirth (Genome remix by Virez)
Code 64 - Stasis
Cobra Charlie - Cornelias blod
Cobra Charlie - Information
Cobra Charlie - Jag kommer tappa det
Cobra Charlie - Det måste vara radion
Cobra Charlie - Helen Hunt
Cobra Charlie - Jag saknar dig
Cobra Charlie - Massa vassa saker
Cobra Charlie - Döda de förälskade
Cobra Charlie - Medan vi faller
Cobra Charlie - Kampfiskar och valar
Le Chevre - Worst Day
Ceremonial Snips - Fuck With the Rose
Coco Lagos y sus Orates - Coco's descarga
CM88 - Summer Dream
Choke Up - Wildflower
Choke Up - My Oh My
Choke Up - Crosses
Choke Up - Thicket and Vine
Choke Up - Don't Wake Up
Choke Up - Writing
Choke Up - Tracking
Clannad feat. Bono - In a Lifetime
Victims of Circumstance - Oi' Paranoia
Victims of Circumstance - 4th Branch
Citra Scholastika - Pasti Bisa
Citra Scholastika - Sadis
Citra Scholastika - Everybody Knew
Citra Scholastika - Kemenangan Cinta
Citra Scholastika - Denganmu
Citra Scholastika - Badai Dan Kasih
Citra Scholastika - Mama Papa
Citra Scholastika - Seruan Kebaikan
Citra Scholastika - Alasan Terbesar
Citra Scholastika - Citra
Citra Scholastika - Berlian
Citra Scholastika - Galau Galau Galau
Citra Scholastika - Jangan Paksa Ah...
Citra Scholastika - Galau
Adam Cohen - Out of Bed
Adam Cohen - Matchbox
Adam Cohen - Like a Man
Adam Cohen - Sweet Dominique
Adam Cohen - What Other Guy
Adam Cohen - Girls These Days
Adam Cohen - Lie Alone
Adam Cohen - Overrated
Adam Cohen - Beautiful
Adam Cohen - Stranger
Adam Cohen - Song of Me and You
Adam Cohen - Too Real
Adam Cohen - We Go Home
Adam Cohen - Put Your Bags Down
Adam Cohen - So Much to Learn
Adam Cohen - Love Is
Adam Cohen - What Kind of Woman
Adam Cohen - Fall Apart
Adam Cohen - Swear I Was There
Adam Cohen - Tell Me Everything
Adam Cohen - Cry Ophelia
Adam Cohen - Don't Mean Anything
Adam Cohen - This Pain
Adam Cohen - Beautiful as You
Adam Cohen - How the Mighty Have Fallen
Adam Cohen - Opposites Attract
Adam Cohen - Amazing
Adam Cohen - It's Alright
Adam Cohen - Hey Jane
Adam Cohen - Embrasse-Moi
Adam Cohen - Métro Mélancolie
Adam Cohen - Happiness
Adam Cohen - Macho Phalo
Adam Cohen - New York C'était
Adam Cohen - Depuis Que T'es Là
Adam Cohen - Ma Faiblesse
Adam Cohen - Couche-Moi Sur Tes Lèvres
Adam Cohen - J'en Ai Marre
Coez - Hangover
Coez - Ali sporche
Coez - Siamo morti insieme
Coez - Non erano fiori
Coez - Oh no!
Coez - Dramma nero
Coez - Vorrei portarti via
Coez - Forever Alone
Coez - La strada è mia
Coez - Still Life
Coez - La rabbia dei secondi
Coez - Niente di che
Coez - Con le tasche leggere
Coez - Dove finiscono le favole
Coez - Niente che non va
Coez - Jet
Coez - Ti sposerai
Coez - Costole rotte
Coez - Buona fortuna
Coez - Le parole più grandi
Coez - Sono stanco
Coez - E invece no
Coez - Senza mani
Coez - Tutto normale
Coez - Volare
Coez - Stalker
Eddie Cochran - Market Place
Eddie Cochran - White Lightning
Citizen Cain - Stab in the Back
Citizen Cain - Liquid Kings
Citizen Cain - Harmless Criminal
Citizen Cain - The Gathering
Citizen Cain - Dance of the Unicorn
Citizen Cain - Serpents in Camouflage
Citizen Cain - Bad Karma (Monsters And Men)
Citizen Cain - Corcyra-The Suppliants
Citizen Cain - Dreaming Make The World...
Citizen Cain - Ghost's Of Jericho (part 1)
Citizen Cain - Black Rain / webs
Citizen Cain - Silently Seeking Euridice
Citizen Cain - Tabernacle of Hands
Citizen Cain - Question of Sport
Citizen Cain - End of All Songs
Citizen Cain - Ghost Dance
Citizen Cain - Unspoken Words
Citizen Cain - Missionary Position
Cold Ocean Lies - Wasted Time
Eddie Cochran - Long Tall Saly
Eddie Cochran - Take My Hand (I'm Lonely)
Club Super 3 - Les dotze van tocant
Club Super 3 - La pastora Caterina
Club Super 3 - Cap a Betlem van dos minyons
Club Super 3 - Allà dalt de la muntanya
Club Super 3 - Les gallines van pujant
Club Super 3 - Per molts anys
Club Super 3 - Superaventura
Club Super 3 - El món dels súpers
Club Super 3 - Desmond
Club Super 3 - Tots som súpers (nou)
Club Super 3 - Els meus binocles
Club Super 3 - El meu destí
Club Super 3 - Uh! Oh! No tinc por!
Club Super 3 - Benvinguts al club
Club Super 3 - Superesmorza
Chris Pérez Band - Best I Can
Cleaner - Neuromancer
Cleaner - Harey
Eddie Cochran - Hallelujah I Love Her So (with echo - no strings)
Eddie Cochran - I Remember (standard)
George M. Cohan - Harrigan
George M. Cohan - Yankee Doodle Boy
George M. Cohan - Mary's a Grand Old Name
George M. Cohan - Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway
George M. Cohan - You're a Grand Old Flag
George M. Cohan - Over There
George M. Cohan - Give My Regards to Broadway
Close to Home - Don't Waste Your Breath
Close to Home - Pirates Belong at Sea
Close to Home - Hanging Onto Nothing
Close to Home - Family Ties
Close to Home - Backstabbers Need Not Apply
Close to Home - Sleepless in Cincinnati
Close to Home - Young & Stupid
Close to Home - Fake It 'til You Make It
Close to Home - Modern Warfare
Close to Home - Nights Like Tonight
Close to Home - Days of Our Lives
Close to Home - All We Know
Close to Home - Nothing Lasts Forever
Close to Home - Empty Roads
Close to Home - End of an Era
Close to Home - Sink or Swim
Close to Home - Behind the Scenes
Close to Home - Changes
Close to Home - The View From Here
Close to Home - Picking Up the Pieces
Close to Home - Didn't Have a Prayer
Close to Home - Appletinis and Biker Bars
Close to Home - Forgive and Forget
Close to Home - Kiss Love Goodbye
Close to Home - Don't Stop
Close to Home - Pictures and Past Times
Close to Home - Once Again
Close to Home - Burn
Close to Home - One Chance, One Time
Close to Home - Ending With Style
Close to Home - There's Nothing Wose
Close to Home - Still Standing
Close to Home - Love/Loss
Close to Home - There’s Nothing Worse
Close to Home - Chuggin’ Is for Choo Choos
David Allan Coe - She Used to Love Me a Lot
David Allan Coe - Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
David Allan Coe - Now I Lay Me Down to Cheat
David Allan Coe - Tennessee Whiskey
David Allan Coe - If That Ain't Country
David Allan Coe - Longhaired Redneck
David Allan Coe - Jody Like a Melody
David Allan Coe - Please Come to Boston
David Allan Coe - This Bottle (In My Hand)
David Allan Coe - Jack Daniels, If You Please
David Allan Coe - Take This Job And Shove It
David Allan Coe - Wille, Waylon, and Me
David Allan Coe - Hank Williams Junior - Junior
David Allan Coe - Divers Do It Deeper
David Allan Coe - Willie, Waylon, And Me
David Allan Coe - A Sad Country Song
David Allan Coe - Just To Prove My Love For You
David Allan Coe - Lately I've Been Thinking Too Much Lately
David Allan Coe - Cheap Thrills
David Allan Coe - If This Is Just a Game
David Allan Coe - Family Reunion
David Allan Coe - Penitentiary Blues
David Allan Coe - Death Row
Coalesce - The Plot Against My Love
Coalesce - The Comedian in Question
Coalesce - Wild Ox Moan
Coalesce - Designed to Break a Man
Coalesce - Where Satire Sours
Coalesce - The Villain We Wont Deny
Coalesce - The Purveyor of Novelty and Nonsense
Coalesce - In My Wake, for My Own
Coalesce - Questions to Root Out Fools
Coalesce - By What We Refuse
Coalesce - Dead Is Dead
Coalesce - There Is a Word Hidden in the Ground
Coalesce - What Happens On The Road Always Comes Home
Coalesce - Burn Everything That Bears Our Name
Coalesce - While The Jackass Operation Spins Its Wheels
Coalesce - Sometimes Selling Out Is Waking Up
Coalesce - Where The Hell Is Rick Thorne These Days?
Coalesce - Jesus In The Year 2000 / Next On The Shit List
Coalesce - You Can't Kill Us All
Coalesce - My Love for Extremes
Coalesce - On Being a Bastard
Coalesce - A Disgust for Details
Coalesce - Cut To Length
Coalesce - For All You Are
Coalesce - Still It Sells
Coalesce - Chain Smoking
Coalesce - Every Reason To
Coalesce - I Took A Year
Coalesce - Black Dog
Coalesce - Out on the Tiles
Coalesce - Whole Lotta Love
Coalesce - That's the Way
Coalesce - Thank You
Coalesce - 73-C
Coalesce - Simulcast
Coalesce - To My Ruin
Coalesce - A Safe Place
Coalesce - Vehicle
Coalesce - Bob Junior
Coalesce - Supernaut
Coalesce - I'm Giving Up on This One
Coalesce - Through Sparrows I Rest
Coalesce - In the Wilderness
Coalesce - Cutting Away
Coalesce - The Blind Eye
Carus - Tall Buildings
Carus - Big Brother
Carus - Dear Linda
Carus - Mind's Eye
Carus - Introducing Kurt Cobain
Carus - Kurt Cobain
Carus - Been There Before
Carus - One More Time
Carus - Yangi
Carus - Grow to Overthrow
Carus - Born With a Broken Heart
Carus - All for You
Carus - Floating With the Seasons
Carus - Wild
Carus - Gonna Leave This Town
Carus - Breathe
Carus - Run With Me
Carus - Rundown Garden
Coke Weed - Anklet
Chlorine Free - The Bomb
Eddie Cochran - Jellybean
CNBLUE - Let's Go Crazy
CNBLUE - Love Revolution
CNBLUE - Never too late
CNBLUE - voice
CNBLUE - Just Please
CNBLUE - Y,Why...
CNBLUE - Teardrops in the rain
CNBLUE - One of a kind
CNBLUE - one time
CNBLUE - I don't know why
CNBLUE - Ready N Go
CNBLUE - Try again, Smile again
Eddie Cochran - The Scream
Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blue
Eddie Cochran - My Tattle Tale
Clover - Old Man Blues
Clover - Fourty-Niner
Clover - Chicken Butt
CMX - Kaikkivaltias
CMX - Resurssikysymys
CMX - Pretoriaanikyborgit
CMX - Vallan haamut
CMX - Tähtilaivan kapteeni
CMX - Parvatin tietäjä
CMX - Punainen komentaja
CMX - Langennut valo
CMX - Rusalkai
CMX - Kaikkivaltiaan peili
CMX - Pedot
CMX - Mustat siivet yli taivaan
CMX - Kain
CMX - Suojelusperkele
CMX - Taivaanääreläiset
CMX - Näkyvän valon olennot
CMX - Tuulenkosija
CMX - Syysmyrkkylilja
CMX - Sanansaattaja
CMX - Valoa nopeammat koneet
CMX - Pirunnyrkki
CMX - Sielunvihollinen
CMX - Melankolia
CMX - Fysiikka ei kestä
CMX - Palvelemaan konetta
CMX - Kuoleman risteyksestä kolme virstaa pohjoiseen
CMX - Kyyn pimeä puoli
CMX - Sivu paholaisen päiväkirjasta
CMX - Nahkasiipi
CMX - Ensimmäinen saattaja
CMX - Hautalinnut
CMX - Mikään ei vie sitä pois
CMX - Elokuun kruunu
CMX - Ruoste
CMX - Nainen tanssii tangoa
CMX - Turkoosi
CMX - Kultanaamio
CMX - Talvipäivänseisaus
CMX - Pilvien kuningas
CMX - Aura
Climax - Precious and Few
Climax - Precious & Few
CMX - Päänsärkijä
CMX - Pohjoista leveyttä
CMX - Veitsenterä
CMX - Minne paha haudattiin
CMX - Isohaara
CMX - Minun sydämeni on särkynyt
CMX - Post Mortem
CMX - Lihan syvyyksiin
CMX - Silmien takana
CMX - Tuulilukko
CMX - Iskusävelmä
CMX - Vainajala
CMX - Laulu palavasta linnusta
CMX - Rautakantele
CMX - Palvonnan eleitä
CMX - Kirosäkeet
CMX - Ennustaja
CMX - Päivälintu
CMX - Linnunhammas
CMX - Pirunmaitoa
CMX - Hiljaisuuteen
CMX - Sateenkaaren pää
CMX - Kappaleina
CMX - Taistele
CMX - Auringon kultainen kaupunki
CMX - Kuoleman kulkumies
CMX - Iäti
CMX - Totenmann
CMX - Manisola
CMX - Kättenpäällepanijat
CMX - Linnunrata
CMX - Laulu todellisuuden luonteesta
Code Murasaki - I'm Changed (House of Lies Season 1)
David Allan Coe - X's and O's (Kisses and Hugs)
David Allan Coe & Bill Anderson - Get a Little Dirt On
David Allan Coe - Son of the South
David Allan Coe - '59 Cadillac '57 Chevy
David Allan Coe - If that Ain't Country - Part 2
David Allan Coe - Will You Remember Me
David Allan Coe - Long Haired Redneck 2001
David Allan Coe - You Never Even Call Me by My Name
David Allan Coe - I'm Gonna Hurt Her On The Radio
David Allan Coe - Need a Little Time Off For Bad Behavior
David Allan Coe - Tanya Montana
David Allan Coe - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
David Allan Coe - Hank Williams Junior
David Allan Coe - London Homesick Blues
David Allan Coe - Tennesse Whiskey
David Allan Coe - Would You Lay with Me in a Field of Stone
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Seven Is the Number
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Snake-Handlin' Man
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Red (Elegy)
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - The Promised Land
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Hey Tonya
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Texas Underground
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Gas Station Girl
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Workin' for Jesus
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Gun-Metal Eyes
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Sarah Turn 'round
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Ordinary Town
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Disappearing Man
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - The Power and Glory
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - 236-6132
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - 41 Thunderer
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Gentle Arms of Eden
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - I Go Like the Raven
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Highway 80 (She's a Mighty Good Road)
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Love, the Magician
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Merlin's Lament
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Gentle Soldier of My Soul
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Happytown (All Right With Me)
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Tanglewood Tree
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - The Mountain
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Farewell to Saint Dolores
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Hey Conductor
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Crocodile Man
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Farewell to Fiddler's Rim
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Cowboy Singer
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Grand Prairie TX Homesick Blues
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - The River, Where She Sleeps
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Lancelot
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Frank to Valentino
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Little Liza Jane
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Elvis Presley
CMX - Kultaiset portaat
CMX - Olkoon täysi sinun maljasi
CMX - Härjät
CMX - Yö ei ole pimeä päivä
CMX - Ainomieli '97
CMX - Nahkaparturi
CMX - Hiki
CMX - Kätketty kukka
CMX - Helvetin hyvä paimen
CMX - Tulikiveä
CMX - Musiikin ystävälliset kasvot '97
CMX - Siivekäs
CMX - Hyvä tahto
CMX - Joet
CMX - Aamutähti '97
CMX - Keskellä
CMX - Marmori
CMX - Seittemän Jeesusta
CMX - Riitti
CMX - Näkyjen pitelijä
CMX - Shakti
CMX - Jerusalem
CMX - Silmien ummistamisesta Nansenin galvanointiin
Classical Jazz Quartet - Invention #4 BWV 775
Eddie Cochran - I’m Ready
Eddie Cochran - Hide And Go SeekV
Eddie Cochran - I Want Elvis For Christmas
Eddie Cochran - Week-End
Eddie Cochran - Pround of You
Eddie Cochran - Doing the Hully Gully
Eddie Cochran - Twenty Fight Rock
Eddie Cochran - Rough Stuff
Eddie Cochran - Nervous Breakdown (no overdubs)
Eddie Cochran - I Hate Rabbits
Eddie Cochran - One Love
Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues (UK single release without echo)
Eddie Cochran - Quick Like
Eddie Cochran - That’s My Desire
Eddie Cochran - Latch On#2
David Allan Coe - You Never Even Called Me By My Name (The Perfect Country And Western Song)
David Allan Coe - Truck Driving Man
David Allan Coe - White Line Fever
David Allan Coe - Roll on 18 Wheeler
David Allan Coe - Six Days on the Road
David Allan Coe - Ride 'em Cowboy
David Allan Coe - If That Ain't Country (I'll Kiss Your Sss)
David Allan Coe - Castles in the Sand
David Allan Coe - Gotta Serve Somebody
David Allan Coe - Ride
David Allan Coe - Loneliness in Ruby's Eyes
David Allan Coe - Sweet Vibrations (Some Folks Call It Love)
David Allan Coe - Another Pretty Country Song
David Allan Coe - If That Ain't Country - Part II
David Allan Coe - Panheads Forever
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Hard to Make It
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Any Way I Do
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Gypsy Rose
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Cat-Eye Willie Claim's His Lover
Cof cof - Forbidden Cocktail
Cof cof - Dirty Tricks
Cof cof - Caribbean Boy
Cof cof - Who Said Party?
Cof cof - Sign Song
CMX - Valoruumis
CMX - Etuvartio
CMX - En tahdo nähdä enää yhtään alastonta
CMX - Luotisuora
CMX - Nrsisti
CMX - Kusimyrsky
CMX - Rikkisuudeltu
CMX - Me tulemme kaikkialta
CMX - Jyrsijä
CMX - Seitsentahokas
CMX - Rakkaudessa ja sodassa
CMX - Hyperborea
CMX - Laavaa
CMX - Ojai
CMX - Kauneuden pitkä varjo
CMX - Mestarirakentaja
CMX - Valles marineris
CMX - Teräs
CMX - Mystiikan ontologinen sydän
CMX - Tuleen kirjoitettu
CMX - Tulisaarna
CMX - Eksopaleoklimatologi
CMX - Kivinen kirja
CMX - Rautalankaa
CMX - Puuvertaus
CMX - Kauneus pettää
CMX - Kuolemaantuomitut
CMX - Johdatus salatieteisiin
CMX - Kaikki nämä kädet
CMX - Götterdämmerung
CMX - Kuolemattomuuden ääni
CMX - Pyydä mahdotonta
CMX - Taivas ja helvetti
CMX - Voittamaton
CMX - Suuri äiti
CMX - Kolmas Johannes
CMX - Hiljaisuuden pelko
CMX - Liekkisusi ja sulkakäärme
CMX - Lintu
CMX - Rituaali
CMX - Syvä vesi
CMX - Jumalan ruoska
CMX - Raivo
CMX - Kolme näkyä
CMX - Anathema
CMX - Maailmoiden välissä
CMX - Mielipuolinen rakkaus
CMX - Lapsi
CMX - Siunattu otsa
CMX - My Tribe
CMX - On the Wing
Cashier No.9 - Goldstar
Cashier No.9 - Lost at Sea
David Allan Coe - Sweet Angeline
David Allan Coe - He's Taking it Hard (She's Taking it Easy)
David Allan Coe - Thief in My Bedroom
David Allan Coe - Just Divorced
David Allan Coe - Blue Grass Morning
David Allan Coe - Folsom Prison Blues
CMX - Kulje vasten
CMX - Neljäs valtakunta
CMX - Kuu
CMX - Veljeskunta
CMX - Vaskiperse
CMX - Ääni ja vimma
CMX - Tanssitauti
CMX - Enteitä
CMX - Täynnä naisia
CMX - "Matti"
CMX - Hän on tullut
CMX - Pimeä maa
CMX - Pornogeneraattori
CMX - Musiikin ystävälliset kasvot
CMX - Vieraita avaruudesta (I)
CMX - Polyhymnia
CMX - Vieraita avaruudesta II
CMX - Olet tässä
CMX - Lepattajat
CMX - Pyörivät sähkökoneet '04
CMX - Vainajala '04
CMX - Päämäärä
CMX - Ei tästä maailmasta
CMX - Pii
CMX - Kvartetti rock-yhtyeelle ja solistille, op. 1
CMX - Kolme kimaltavaa neitoa
CMX - Kiusaajien kiusaaja
CMX - Ehdota jotain parempaa
CMX - Punainen nro. 6
CMX - Helevetinkone
CMX - 10^118
CMX - Huntu
CMX - Aamutähti (viidakkoversio)
CMX - Vaikuttiko uusinnalta, edellinen
CMX - Näytä haavasi
CMX - Venehellä vaskisella
CMX - Murmanskin skinheadit
CMX - Maasi ei tarvitse sinua
CMX - I Stand
CMX - Jesse delaa
CMX - Arktinen hysteria
CMX - A.S.K.K.P.
CMX - Requiem 2012
CMX - Neekerit on mustia
CMX - Tulva
CMX - Rakkautta
CMX - Ihminen
CMX - Kansalaiset
CMX - Vuori
CMX - Butterfly
Tom Cochrane - Life Is a Highway
Tom Cochrane - Mad Mad World
Tom Cochrane - No Regrets
Tom Cochrane - Sinking Like a Sunset
Tom Cochrane - Washed Away
Tom Cochrane - Everything Comes Around
Tom Cochrane - The Secret Is to Know When to Stop
Tom Cochrane - Brave and Crazy
Tom Cochrane - Bigger Man
Tom Cochrane - Friendly Advice
Tom Cochrane - Get Back Up
Tom Cochrane - Emotional Truth
Tom Cochrane - All the King's Men
Tom Cochrane - I Wish You Well
Tom Cochrane - Wildest Dreams
Tom Cochrane - Just Scream
Tom Cochrane - Paper Tigers
Tom Cochrane - Crawl
Tom Cochrane - Ragged Ass Road
Tom Cochrane - Flowers in the Concrete
Tom Cochrane - Dreamer's Dream
Tom Cochrane - Message (Rise Up Again)
Tom Cochrane - Best Waste of Time
Tom Cochrane - Will of the Gun
Tom Cochrane - Song Before I Leave
Tom Cochrane - Lunatic Fringe
Tom Cochrane - Good Man Feeling Bad
Tom Cochrane - Human Race
Tom Cochrane - Napoleon Sheds His Skin
Tom Cochrane - Boy Inside the Man
Tom Cochrane - The Party's Not Over
Tom Cochrane - Glide
Tom Cochrane - While You Are Young
Tom Cochrane - White Horse
Tom Cochrane - Didn't Mean
Tom Cochrane - Rough And Tumble
Tom Cochrane - Deep Breath
Tom Cochrane - Northern Star
Chris Clouse - Walk Away
Chris Clouse - Where Are You Now
Chris Clouse - Mona Lisa
Larry Cohn - The Changing Seasons / Summer Nights
Tom Cochrane - Stonecutter's Arms
Tom Cochrane - Art of Listening
Tom Cochrane - Heartbreak Girl
Tom Cochrane - Marianne and Lenny
Tom Cochrane - Beautiful Day
Tom Cochrane - Windy Night in Fall
Tom Cochrane - Piece of Your Soul
Tom Cochrane - This Is the World
Red Rider - White Hot
Red Rider - How's My Little Girl Tonight
Red Rider - Don't Fight It
Tom Cochrane - Charlie Was a Dancer
Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe
Tom Cochrane - Cowboy's in Hong Kong
Red Rider - What Have You Got to Do (To Get Off Tonight)
Red Rider - Thru the Curtain
Red Rider - Power (Strength in Numbers)
Red Rider - Human Race
Tom Cochrane - Can't Turn Back
Red Rider - Walking the Fine Line
Tom Cochrane - Sight's on You
Tom Cochrane - Breaking Curfew
Red Rider - Among the Ruins (I'll Be Here)
Tom Cochrane - Ocean Blues (Emotion Blue)
Tom Cochrane - Bird on a Wire
Red Rider - Ashes to Diamonds
Red Rider - The Untouchable One
Red Rider - Love Under Fire
Red Rider - Victory Day
Tom Cochrane - Good Times
Tom Cochrane - Not So Far Away
Tom Cochrane - Big League
Tom Cochrane - Hang On to Your Resistance
Tom Cochrane - West Coast Saga
Tom Cochrane - Didn't I Lorraine
Tom Cochrane - When I'm With You
Tom Cochrane - Another Page
Cloud - Thinking of You
Cloud - What You Want
David Allan Coe - You’ll Always Live Inside of Me
David Allan Coe - Daddy Was a God Fearin’ Man
David Allan Coe - Just in Time (to Watch Love Die)
David Allan Coe - Hey Gypsy
David Allan Coe - Family Album
David Allan Coe - Million Dollar Memories
David Allan Coe - Guilty Footsteps
David Allan Coe - Houston, Dallas, San Antone
David Allan Coe - I've Got to Have You
David Allan Coe - Whole Lot of Lonesome
David Allan Coe - Bad Impressions
David Allan Coe - (If I Could) Climb the Walls of the Bottle
David Allan Coe - Why Me
David Allan Coe - Mary Magdeline
David Allan Coe - Ride Me Down Easy
Closure in Moscow - Kissing Cousins
Closure in Moscow - Sweet#hart
Closure in Moscow - Vanguard
Closure in Moscow - A Night at the Spleen
Closure in Moscow - I’m a Ghost of Twilight
Closure in Moscow - Permafrost
Closure in Moscow - Deluge
Closure in Moscow - Arecibo Message
Closure in Moscow - Had to Put It in the Soil
Closure in Moscow - Breathing Underwater
Closure in Moscow - Dulcinea
Closure in Moscow - Here's to Entropy
Closure in Moscow - Ofelia… Ofelia
Closure in Moscow - Jewels for Eyes
Closure in Moscow - The Impeccable Beast
Closure in Moscow - We Want Guarantees, Not Hunger Pains
Closure in Moscow - The Church of the Technochrist
Closure in Moscow - Seeds of Gold
Closure in Moscow - That Brahmatron Song
Closure in Moscow - Mauerbauertraurigkeit
Closure in Moscow - Happy Days
Closure in Moscow - Dinosaur Boss Battle
Closure in Moscow - Neoprene Byzantine
Closure in Moscow - Beckon Fire
Closure in Moscow - Pink Lemonade
Closure in Moscow - The Fool
David Allan Coe - Nigger Fuckers
David Allan Coe - Whips and Things
David Allan Coe - Cum Stains on the Pillow
David Allan Coe - Pussy Whipped Again
David Allan Coe - I Made Linda Lovelace Gag
David Allan Coe - Little Susie Shallow Throat
David Allan Coe - Pick Em, Lick Em, Stick Em
David Allan Coe - Masturbation Blues
David Allan Coe - Rock and Roll Fever
David Allan Coe - Don't Bite the Dick
David Allan Coe - Jimmy Buffett
David Allan Coe - Coffee
David Allan Coe - Three Biggest Lies
David Allan Coe - When She's Got Me (Where She Wants Me)
David Allan Coe - Revenge
David Allan Coe - Living on the Run
David Allan Coe - Rock and Roll Holiday
David Allan Coe - Spotlight
David Allan Coe - Dakota the Dancing Bear, Part 2
David Allan Coe - Crazy Mary
David Allan Coe - River
David Allan Coe - The 33rd of August
David Allan Coe - Bossier City
David Allan Coe - Old Man Tell Me
David Allan Coe - Desperados Waiting for a Train
David Allan Coe - I Still Sing the Old Songs
David Allan Coe - The Old Grey Goose Is Dead
Claudinho & Buchecha - Pra Lembrar de Você
Claudinho & Buchecha - Tempos Modernos
Claudinho & Buchecha - Chance
Claudinho & Buchecha - Nosso Sonho
Claudinho & Buchecha - Apaixonados
Claudinho & Buchecha - Predra Preciosa
Claudinho & Buchecha - Teu Olhar
Claudinho & Buchecha - Carrossel de Emoções
Claudinho & Buchecha - Barco da Paz
Claudinho & Buchecha - Rap do Salgueiro
Claudinho & Buchecha - Só Nós Dois
Claudinho & Buchecha - Toda Linda
Claudinho & Buchecha - Meu Compromisso
Claudinho & Buchecha - Desilusão
Claudinho & Buchecha - Circunstâncias
Claudinho & Buchecha - Uma Noite e meia
Claudinho & Buchecha - Rap Da União
Claudinho & Buchecha - Quase O Fim
Claudinho & Buchecha - Zó-Zó-Zó
Claudinho & Buchecha - Fico Assim Sem Você
Claudinho & Buchecha - Paz
Claudinho & Buchecha - Coisa de Cinema
Claudinho & Buchecha - Só Love
Claudinho & Buchecha - Lindo balão azul
Claudinho & Buchecha - Xereta
Claudinho & Buchecha - Enquanto Eu Viver
Claudinho & Buchecha - Carro Velho
Claudinho & Buchecha - Nosso Romance
Claudinho & Buchecha - Carma Chinês
Claudinho & Buchecha - A Paixão
Claudinho & Buchecha - Beijo Na Boca
Claudinho & Buchecha - Luz Na Primavera
Claudinho & Buchecha - Talvez você
Claudinho & Buchecha - Berreco
Claudinho & Buchecha - Males
Claudinho & Buchecha - Uma Noite e 1/2
Claudinho & Buchecha - Luminosa
David Allan Coe - Nigger Fucker
David Allan Coe - Little Sussie Shallow Throat
David Allan Coe - Nothing Sacred
David Allan Coe - Linda Lovelace
David Allan Coe - Fuck Anita Bryant
David Allan Coe - Rails
David Allan Coe - Master Bation Blues
David Allan Coe - Drivin' My Life Away
David Allan Coe - Ramblin' Fever
Christ on a Crutch - Caveat Emptor
Ora Cogan - Lily
Ora Cogan - Waterbound
David Allan Coe - Child of God
David Allan Coe - A Matter of Life and Death
David Allan Coe - Ball and Chain
David Allan Coe - Shackles and Chains
Cherryland - Loomulik blondiin
Citizen's - Shanana
David Allan Coe - Honey Don't
David Allan Coe - Lost
David Allan Coe - Merle and Me
David Allan Coe - Three Times Loser
David Allan Coe - Gone
David Allan Coe - Loving Her
David Allan Coe - I've Got Something to Say
David Allan Coe - Back to Atlanta
David Allan Coe - I Could Never Give You Up
David Allan Coe - Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands
David Allan Coe - If You'll Hold the Ladder
David Allan Coe - This Bottle
David Allan Coe - Take This Job and Shove It Too
David Allan Coe - Lovin' You Comes So Natural
David Allan Coe - Skip to My Lou
David Allan Coe - Shenandoah
David Allan Coe - Love Is a Never Ending War
Cocofunka - Baila Madre Tierra
Cocofunka - Elevarse
Cocofunka - Funky Calavera
Cocofunka - María del Carmen
Cocofunka - Percepción
Cocofunka - Positivity
Cocofunka - Alzar Cabeza
Cocofunka - Vida Moderna
Cocofunka - Blanco y Negro
Cocofunka - 25 Noches
Cocofunka - Sin Jugar
Cocofunka - Optimystical Feeling
Cocofunka - Calle 3
Cocofunka - Étnica (el lamento del viento)
Cold Creek County - Till the Wheels Come Off
Cold Creek County - Our Town
Cold Creek County - Still That Way
CNBLUE - part2 ~Ready N Go~
CNBLUE - part1 ~one time~
CNBLUE - Try again, Smile again
CNBLUE - part3 ~eclipse~
CNBLUE - Don't say good bye
CNBLUE - I don't know why
CNBLUE - Coward
CNBLUE - kimio
CNBLUE - Time is over
CNBLUE - Have a good night
CNBLUE - No more
CNBLUE - These days
CNBLUE - Blue Sky
CNBLUE - Mr.KIA (Know It All)
CNBLUE - With me
CNBLUE - Get Away
CNBLUE - Supernova
CNBLUE - holiday
CNBLUE - hold my hands
CNBLUE - realize
CNBLUE - Daisy
CNBLUE - Lucid dream
CNBLUE - hold me
CNBLUE - My world
CNBLUE - Love Revolution
CNBLUE - Wanna Be Like U
CNBLUE - Now Or Never
CNBLUE - Just Please
CNBLUE - Teardrops in the Rain
Cold Showers - Alight
Cold Showers - Violent Cries
Cold Showers - So I Can Grow
Cold Showers - BC
Cold Showers - In Terms of Pleasure
Cold Showers - Seminary
Cold Showers - She Hangs On
Cold Showers - Only Human
Cold Showers - Undone
Cold Showers - The Fire
David Allan Coe - Looking in the Mirror
David Allan Coe - It's a Sad Situation
David Allan Coe - Whiskey, Whiskey
David Allan Coe - Hot Wet Tight Bald Pussy
David Allan Coe - Marijuanaville
David Allan Coe - Move Them Niggers North
David Allan Coe - Were You Born an Asshole
David Allan Coe - Nigger Hatin' Me
David Allan Coe - Itty Bitty Titties
David Allan Coe - Dear Penis
David Allan Coe - Devil Went Down to Jamaica
David Allan Coe - Fuck Aneta Briant
CNBLUE - Radio
CNBLUE - Go your way
CNBLUE - lonely night
CNBLUE - Still
CNBLUE - Paradise
CNBLUE - Angel
CNBLUE - Control
CNBLUE - How awesome
CNBLUE - One More Time
CNBLUE - Blind Love
CNBLUE - Greedy Man
CNBLUE - Robot
CNBLUE - Crying Out
CNBLUE - I can’t believe
CNBLUE - Starlit Night
CNBLUE - Let me know
CNBLUE - Take me higher
CNBLUE - Royal Rumble
CNBLUE - Slaves
CNBLUE - Blessed
CNBLUE - My miracle
CNBLUE - Tattoo
CNBLUE - Sweet Holiday
CNBLUE - Black Flower
CNBLUE - feeling
CNBLUE - Rain of Blessing
CNBLUE - The Way, Part 1: ~one time~
CNBLUE - Dream boy
CNBLUE - Friday
CNBLUE - Rock n' Roll
CNBLUE - part 2 ~Ready N Go~
CNBLUE - Coffee shop
CNBLUE - Where you are (Ver. Eng)
CNBLUE - ring
CNBLUE - I’m sorry
CNBLUE - With your eyes
CNBLUE - Monday
CNBLUE - Feel Good
CNBLUE - One More Time (Music Video)
CNBLUE - Can't Stop
CNBLUE - Diamond Girl
CNBLUE - LOVE GIRL (Music Video)
CNBLUE - LOVE (Music Video)
CNBLUE - Love Is...
CNBLUE - Monster
CNBLUE - Ryu Can Do It
CNBLUE - Feel Good (Inst.)
CNBLUE - In My Head (Korean Ver.)
CNBLUE - Catch Me
CNBLUE - Domino
CNBLUE - "The Seasons"
CNBLUE - "Young Forever"
CNBLUE - "Without You"
CNBLUE - "Stay Sober"
CNBLUE - Be my love
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell - Two Different Things
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell - Something Less Than Something More
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell - Second Option
David Allan Coe - What Can I Do
David Allan Coe - You Can Count on Me
The Butchies - Send Me You
The Butchies - Make Yr Life
The Butchies - Second Guess
The Butchies - She's So Lovely
The Butchies - Everything + Everywhere
The Butchies - 17
The Butchies - Lydia
The Butchies - Tell the Others
The Butchies - Your Love
The Butchies - Anything Anthology
The Butchies - Forget Your Calculus
The Butchies - For Kay
The Butchies - Huh Huh Hear
The Butchies - I
The Butchies - Not Like Mine
The Butchies - Mandy (1985-2000)
The Butchies - The Wedding Disaster
The Butchies - Junior High Lament
The Butchies - To Be Broadcast Live
The Butchies - Everything Electrical Will Stay
The Butchies - So, Goodbye
The Butchies - Madame
The Butchies - The Galaxy Is Gay
The Butchies - Ellen D.
The Butchies - Disco
The Butchies - No, You Don't Even Know
The Butchies - Salamander
The Butchies - Shooting Star
The Butchies - Heartfelt
The Butchies - Unbroken
The Butchies - Insult to Injury
The Butchies - It's Over
The Butchies - More Rock More Talk
The Butchies - Movies Movies
The Butchies - Population 1975
The Butchies - Eleanor
The Butchies - Ms. Doolittle
The Butchies - Love in the Hour
The Butchies - Baby DNA
The Butchies - Gertrude + Stein
Regy Clasen - Ich seh Dich
Regy Clasen - Liebesnacht
Regy Clasen - Blind
Regy Clasen - Am Fenster stehn
Regy Clasen - Wo ist zuhause
Regy Clasen - So nah
Regy Clasen - Immer noch
Regy Clasen - Männer
Regy Clasen - Wo bist Du
Regy Clasen - So ungerecht
Regy Clasen - Ergib Dich
Regy Clasen - Ich fahr zu Dir
Regy Clasen - Hast Du gewusst
Regy Clasen - Schwindelig
Regy Clasen - Endlich
Regy Clasen - Fischer, Fischer
Regy Clasen - Keine Liebe mehr
Regy Clasen - Mach mir auf
Regy Clasen - Die Stadt gehört Dir
Regy Clasen - So gerne
Regy Clasen - Lass es so sein
Regy Clasen - Kann ich bleiben (heut nacht)
David Allan Coe - Crazy Old Soldier
David Allan Coe - For Lovers Only (part 2)
David Allan Coe - Human Emotions
David Allan Coe - Whiskey and Women
David Allan Coe - Suicide
David Allan Coe - (She Finally Crossed Over) Love's Cheatin' Line
David Allan Coe - On My Feet Again
David Allan Coe - Fairytale Morning
David Allan Coe - Now's the Time (To Fall in Love)
David Allan Coe - Rose Knows
David Allan Coe - Ain't It Funny the Way Love Can Do Ya
David Allan Coe - If You Ever Think of Me at All
David Allan Coe - As Far as This Feeling Will Take Us
David Allan Coe - Someplace to Come When It Rains
David Allan Coe - I Love Robbing Banks
David Allan Coe - If I Knew
David Allan Coe - I've Given 'Bout All I Can Take
David Allan Coe - We Got a Bad Thing Goin'
David Allan Coe - Little Orphan Annie
David Allan Coe - Hey Porter
Coercion - Carve the Stone
Coercion - Once I Cared
Coercion - Eclipsed
Coercion - Mental Turmoil
Coercion - The Pointless Routine
Coercion - Delete
Coercion - Burst
Coercion - Anticlimax
Coercion - Without Aim
Coercion - Discontinued
Coercion - Life Denied
Coercion - Coughing Blood
Coercion - Blind Witness
Coercion - Cursed With Existence
Coercion - Dead Meat
Coercion - Bleeding the Enemy
Coercion - Down We Go
Coercion - Human Failure
Coercion - March
Coercion - Forever Dead
Coercion - Scattered
Coercion - Grief (Beyond Belief)
Clokx - Catch Your Fall
David Allan Coe - I Wanna Know I'm Goin' Home
David Allan Coe - 59 Cadillac, 57 Chevrolet
Cleaners From Venus - Drowning Butterflies
Cleaners From Venus - Mercury Girl
Cleaners From Venus - Only a Shadow
Cleaners From Venus - Corridor of Dreams
Cepia - Opening Parade
Coast to Coast - (Do) The Hucklebuck
David Allan Coe - Dakota the Dancing Bear, Part II
David Allan Coe - The House We've Been Calling Home
David Allan Coe - A Sense of Humor
David Allan Coe - Greener than the Grass We Laid on
Code Orange - I Am King
Code Orange - Slowburn
Code Orange - Dreams in Inertia
Code Orange - Unclean Spirit
Code Orange - Alone in a Room
Code Orange - My World
Code Orange - Your Body Is Ready…
Code Orange - Thinners of the Herd
Code Orange - Bind You
Code Orange - Mercy
Code Orange - Forever
Code Orange - Bleeding In the Blur
Code Orange - The New Reality
Code Orange - Spy
Code Orange - Ugly
Code Orange - No One Is Untouchable
Code Orange - Hurt Goes On
Code Orange - Flowermouth (The Leech)
Code Orange - Around My Neck // On My Head
Code Orange - Sleep (I’ve Been Slipping)
Code Orange - Liars // Trudge
Code Orange - Colors (Into Nothing)
Code Orange - Nothing (The Rat)
Code Orange - Roots Are Certain // Sky Is Empty
Code Orange - Choices (Love Is Love)
Code Orange - Bloom (Return to Dust)
Code Orange - Cycles (The Days Get Longer)
Code Orange - Give (The Rats, They Want You)
Code Orange - Take (The Soil Is Calling)
Code Orange - Walls (We Lose Each Other)
Code Orange - Violence
Code Orange - I (Foundations Stand Still)
Code Orange - III (Erase Me)
Code Orange - II (Embrace Me)
Code Orange - Coasts
Code Orange - Roots
David Allan Coe - Whips & Things
David Allan Coe - Fuckin' in the Butt
The Clone Defects - Dear John
Daniele Celona - Amantide
Daniele Celona - La colpa
Daniele Celona - Precarion
Daniele Celona - Sud ovest
Daniele Celona - Vampiri su colli di vetro
Daniele Celona - Johannes
Daniele Celona - Sotto la collina
Daniele Celona - V per settembre
Daniele Celona - Politique
Daniele Celona - L'oro del mattino
Daniele Celona - Atlantide
David Allan Coe - Rough Rider
David Allan Coe - Headed for the Country
David Allan Coe - Meanwhile Back in Memphis
David Allan Coe - Lyin’ Comes So Easy to Your Lips
David Allan Coe - To Help You Love Again
David Allan Coe - Couldn't Do Nothin' Right
David Allan Coe - I Hate Love
Charlie Clouser - Choose Sides
Charlie Clouser - Puppet Video
Charlie Clouser - Sit Down
Clemency - Black Winds of Death
Clemency - Apostasy
Clemency - Cruel Torment of Soul
Clemency - Intrauterine Murder
Clemency - Funeral of the Evil Forces
David Allan Coe - Rollin with the Punches
David Allan Coe - Now's the Time
David Allan Coe - Love is Just a Porpoise
Cockney Rebel - Star for a Week
Cockney Rebel - Love's a Prima Donna
Cockney Rebel - Death Trip
Cockney Rebel - Chameleon
Cockney Rebel - My Only Vice (Is the Fantastic Price I Charge for Being Eaten Alive)
Cockney Rebel - Mirror Freak
Cockney Rebel - Muriel the Actor
Cockney Rebel - Crazy Raver
Cockney Rebel - What Ruthy Said
Cockney Rebel - Loretta's Tale
Cockney Rebel - Make Me Smile (Come Ip And See Me)
Cockney Rebel - Mr Raffles
David Allan Coe - D-R-U-N-K
David Allan Coe - The 3rd of August
David Allan Coe - Desperados Waiting for the Train
CJSS - Hell on Earth
CJSS - No-Man's-Land
CJSS - World Gone Mad
CJSS - Run to Another Day
CJSS - The Gates of Eternity
CJSS - Destiny
CJSS - Welcome to Damnation
CJSS - Living in Exile