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Chœur des Polysons - Une fleur m'a dit
Coasta - Sirens
Coasta - Sunzal
Coasta - The Slide
Coasta - Michael Traction
Coasta - Young Blood
Christopher Just - I'm a Disco Dancer (And a Sweet Romancer)
Gary Numan - Cars
Mirwais - Naïve Song
Depeche Mode - Dream On
The Passions - I'm in Love With a German Filmstar
Moby - Run On
Chicks on Speed - Wordy Rappinghood
Slam - Lie to Me
Cleopatra - Cleopatra's Theme
Cleopatra - Life Ain't Easy
Cleopatra - Don't Suffer in Silence
Cleopatra - The Bird Song
Cleopatra - Thinking About You
Cleopatra - What You Gonna Do Boy
Cleopatra - The World We Live In
Cleopatra - Dying Rose
Cleopatra - Two Timer
Cleopatra - I Want You Back
Cleopatra - Press Here to Start
Cleopatra - Come and Get Me
Cleopatra - U Got It
Cleopatra - Sweat Me
Cleopatra - Who's Your Woman
Cleopatra - Nobody Said
Cleopatra - Number One Fan
Cleopatra - Voo-doo
Cleopatra - Yes This Party's Going Right
Cleopatra - You Can't Be in My Life
Cleopatra - Bingo My Love
Cleopatra - Questions and Jealousy
Cleopatra - Take Me Now (Stop, Stop...)
Eric Clapton & Stan Webb's Chicken Shack - I'd Rather Go Blind
Eric Clapton & Stan Webb's Chicken Shack - The Thrill Is Gone
COASTS - Oceans
COASTS - Wolves
COASTS - Modern Love
COASTS - Lions
COASTS - A Rush of Blood
COASTS - Your Soul
COASTS - Wash Away
COASTS - Tonight
COASTS - Wallow
COASTS - Stone
COASTS - See How
COASTS - Golden City
COASTS - As Long as I Need You
Coastline - Alone With You
Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings - I'll Always Love You (In My Own Crazy Way)
coba - La Mer
Philippe Clay - Le Danseur de charleston
Philippe Clay - Moi j'fais mon rond
Philippe Clay - La Java de la Varenne
Philippe Clay - Les Voyous
Philippe Clay - L'Illusionniste
Philippe Clay - La Gamberge
Philippe Clay - Julie la rousse
Philippe Clay - La Gambille
Philippe Clay - C'est un 78 tours
Philippe Clay - Place Blanche
Philippe Clay - Mucho-Mucho
Philippe Clay - Nous avons toujours habité cette maison
Philippe Clay - Vous et tu
Philippe Clay - Mes universités
Philippe Clay - La Quarantaine
Philippe Clay - Au volant de ma valse
Philippe Clay - Good Morning Mister Satan
Philippe Clay - Chanson pour tézigue
Philippe Clay - Bleu blanc rouge
Philippe Clay - Les Brigades du Tigre
Philippe Clay - Les Juifs
Philippe Clay - Je suis sous
Philippe Clay - À perpète
Philippe Clay - Dis ma femme
Philippe Clay - La Sentinelle
Philippe Clay - Manger porteur
Philippe Clay - Joseph
Philippe Clay - Morose
Philippe Clay - Les Camions
Philippe Clay - Gégène
Philippe Clay - Valse jaune
Philippe Clay - Lily tâches de rousseur
Philippe Clay - L'Enterrement de Madeleine
Philippe Clay - Faibles Yeux et durs d'oreilles
Philippe Clay - Le Corsaire
Philippe Clay - Un fil sous les pattes
Philippe Clay - Demain je dors jusqu'à midi
Philippe Clay - La Rue Watt
Philippe Clay - La Valse jaune
Carnival Kids - What to Do When Awake Within a Dream
Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me Baby
The Clik Clik - My Dunks
The Clik Clik - I Can't Take You Anywhere
Gina Chavez - The Sweet Sound of Your Name
Gina Chavez - Fire Water
Gina Chavez - Miles de Millas
Gina Chavez - Todo Cambia
The Clockwork Dolls - Blades In Autumn
The Clockwork Dolls - The Ballad Of Black Jack Jezebel
The Clockwork Dolls - Impartial (The Battle)
The Clockwork Dolls - The Great Crusade
The Clockwork Dolls - Hold The Line
The Clockwork Dolls - When Banners Fall
The Clockwork Dolls - Glory
The Clockwork Dolls - A Forest of Crumbs
Clouds - You Went So Silent
Clouds - If These Walls Could Speak
Clouds - Heaven Was Blind to My Grief
Clouds - A Glimpse of Sorrow
Clouds - The Deep Vast Emptiness
Clouds - Even If I Fall
The Chicago Loop - (When She Needs Good Lovin') She Comes to Me
Cobra Skulls - Time and Pressure
Cobra Skulls - There’s a Skeleton in My Military Industrial Closet
Cobra Skulls - Rebel Fate
Cobra Skulls - Muniphobia
Cobra Skulls - H.D.U.I. (Honorary Discharge Under the Influence)
Cobra Skulls - Overpopulated
Cobra Skulls - Problems With Preconceptions
Cobra Skulls - Willful State of Denial
Cobra Skulls - Bad Apples
Cobra Skulls - Timing
Cobra Skulls - Back to the Youth
Cobra Skulls - Dead Inside
Cobra Skulls - Agree to Disagree
Cobra Skulls - One Day I’ll Never
Cobra Skulls - Exponential Times
Cobra Skulls - Cobra Skullifornia
Cobra Skulls - Faith Is a Cobra
Cobra Skulls - The Cobra and the Man-Whore
Cobra Skulls - Don't Count Your Cobras Before They Hatch
Cobra Skulls - Charming the Cobra
Cobra Skulls - Use Your Cobra Skulls
Cobra Skulls - I'll Always Be a Cobra Skull (Folk Off!)
Cobra Skulls - Anybody Scene My Cobra?
Cobra Skulls - Cobra Skulls Lockdown
Cobra Skulls - ¡Hasta Los Cobra Skulls Siempre!
Cobra Skulls - Cobra Skulls Graveyard
Cobra Skulls - Cobra Skulls Jukebox
Cobra Skulls - Cobracoustic
Cobra Skulls - Six Degrees
Cobra Skulls - Iron Lung
Cobra Skulls - Now You Know
Cobra Skulls - The Mess
Cobra Skulls - Solastalgia
Cobra Skulls - Hiding
Cobra Skulls - Believe
Cobra Skulls - Life in Vain
Cobra Skulls - Ice in the Night
Cobra Skulls - Never Be a Machine
Cobra Skulls - I Want Bigger Cobra Skulls
Cobra Skulls - Hot Sand
Cobra Skulls - Doomsday Parade
Cobra Skulls - Ode to Jefferson
Cobra Skulls - Give You Nothing
Cobra Skulls - Lost In Campaigns
Cliteater - Slimming Party at Kelly's
Cliteater - CT. Eunuch
Cliteater - Consumed
Cliteater - Cock and Love
Cliteater - Beaten Senseless
Cliteater - Crash Test Fetus
Cliteater - I'm in Hell
Cliteater - A Fridge Too Full
Cliteater - Pit of Grubs
Cliteater - Inbreed Seed
Cliteater - Destined to Rot
Cliteater - Chamber of Clits
Cliteater - Whores' Desire
Cliteater - Frigid Fuck
Cliteater - Death of J-Lo
Cliteater - Eat Clit or Die
Cliteater - Built to Kill
Cliteater - Incarcerated
Cliteater - Misanthropigs
Cliteater - I Killed R.L.
Cliteater - Ejaculation Feast on a Baked Fetus
Cliteater - Masticating on Maggots
Cliteater - Profane Martyr
Cliteater - Extort to Saturate
Cliteater - Cliteater
Cliteater - Portable Gasstove
Cliteater - $4 Bitch Disfigurement
Cliteater - Take the Pain
Cliteater - Hobo Shooting
Cliteater - Disease
Cliteater - Disposal of Abundance
Cliteater - Pissing Out the Seasons
Cliteater - Hate Towards Humanity
Clube do Balanço - Paz e Arroz
Clube do Balanço - Zamba Ben
Clube do Balanço - Coqueiro Verde
Clube do Balanço - Krioula
Clube do Balanço - Segura a Nega
Clube do Balanço - Sem Anjo na Multidão
Clube do Balanço - Vem Cá Nega
Club 69 - Muscles
Club 69 - Drama
Club 69 - Always Unique
Club 69 - Diva
Club 69 - Warm Leatherette
Club 69 - Let Me Be Your Underwear (wrapped around thighs dub)
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
Tracy Chapman - Across The Lines
Tracy Chapman - Behind The Wall
Tracy Chapman - Mountains o’ Things
Tracy Chapman - Why?
Tracy Chapman - For My Lover
Tracy Chapman - If Not Now…
Tracy Chapman - For You
Tracy Chapman - New Beginning
Tracy Chapman - Smoke And Ashes
Tracy Chapman - Cold Feet
Tracy Chapman - At This Point in My Life
Tracy Chapman - The Promise
Tracy Chapman - The Rape of the World
Tracy Chapman - Tell It Like It Is
Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason
Tracy Chapman - Remember the Tinman
Tracy Chapman - Save a Place for Me
Tracy Chapman - Bridges
Tracy Chapman - Freedom Now
Tracy Chapman - Material World
Tracy Chapman - Be Careful of My Heart
Tracy Chapman - Subcity
Tracy Chapman - Born To Fight
Tracy Chapman - A Hundred Years
Tracy Chapman - This Time
Tracy Chapman - All That You Have Is Your Soul
Tracy Chapman - Let It Rain
Tracy Chapman - Another Sun
Tracy Chapman - You’re the One
Tracy Chapman - In the Dark
Tracy Chapman - Almost
Tracy Chapman - Hard Wired
Tracy Chapman - Say Hallelujah
Tracy Chapman - Broken
Tracy Chapman - Happy
Tracy Chapman - Goodbye
Tracy Chapman - I Am Yours
Tracy Chapman - Over in Love
Tracy Chapman - Get Up Stand Up
Chico Trujillo - Así es que vivo yo (sigue la fiesta)
Chico Trujillo - La banda de mi vecino
Chico Trujillo - Gran pecador
Chico Trujillo - Calientame la sopa con un hueso
Chico Trujillo - Se baila o no se baila
Chico Trujillo - Linda secretaria
Chico Trujillo - Fuera de mi vida
Chico Trujillo - La fiesta de San Benito
Chico Trujillo - Lanzaplatos
Chico Trujillo - Loca
Chico Trujillo - No me pregunten cómo es mi muchacha
Chico Trujillo - La Cosecha de Mujeres
Chico Trujillo - Los sabanales
Chico Trujillo - Ahora Quien
Chico Trujillo - Sin excusas
Chico Trujillo - Quémame los ojos
Chico Trujillo - Medallita
Chico Trujillo - Pollera amarilla
Chico Trujillo - Conductor
Chico Trujillo - Calentones
Chico Trujillo - Güarare
Chico Trujillo - No Me Busques
Chico Trujillo - Sombrero
Chico Trujillo - La escoba
Chico Trujillo - Mira si no he de venir
Chico Trujillo - Regresa
Chico Trujillo - Mix chilombiano
Chico Trujillo - María
Chico Trujillo - Si yo tuviera tus ojos
Chico Trujillo - Y si no fuera
Chico Trujillo - Cabildo
The Clean - Billy Two
The Clean - Thumbs Off
The Clean - Sad Eyed Lady
The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else
The Clean - Beatnik
The Clean - End of My Dream
The Clean - Getting Older
The Clean - Draw(in)g to a (W)hole
The Clean - Big Soft Punch
The Clean - Big Cat
The Clean - Secret Place
The Clean - Do Your Thing
The Clean - Linger Longer
The Clean - Stars
Chico Trujillo - Tus besos son
Chico Trujillo - Cosecha de mujeres
Chico Trujillo - La Medallita
Chico Trujillo - Tongoy
Chico Trujillo - La pollera amarilla
Chico Trujillo - El eléctrico
Chico Trujillo - El tren
Chico Trujillo - Me convertiste en santo
Chico Trujillo - Ay cariño
Chico Trujillo - Loco, loco / Daniela
Chico Trujillo - María, ría
Chico Trujillo - Me convertise en santo
Chico Trujillo - Loco, loco
Chico Trujillo - Déjame decirte algo
Chico Trujillo - Daniela
Chico Trujillo - Un año más
Chico Trujillo - La Piragua (Bonus Track)
Chico Trujillo - Malgeniosa
Chico Trujillo - Chatito
Chico Trujillo - Abajo del bote
Chico Trujillo - Reina de todas las fiestas
Cloud Rat - Inkblot
Cloud Rat - Aroma
Cloud Rat - Corner Space
Cloud Rat - Olympia
Cloud Rat - Peer to Peer
Cloud Rat - Widowmaker
Cloud Rat - Infinity Chasm
Cloud Rat - Inimitable Sea
Cloud Rat - Daunting Daughters
Cloud Rat - The Needle and the Damage Done
Cloud Rat - Vigil
Tracy Chapman - House of the Rising Sun
Tracy Chapman - Telling Stories
Tracy Chapman - Less Than Strangers
Tracy Chapman - Speak the Word
Tracy Chapman - It's Ok
Tracy Chapman - Wedding Song
Tracy Chapman - Unsung Psalm
Tracy Chapman - Nothing Yet
Tracy Chapman - Paper and Ink
Tracy Chapman - Devotion
Tracy Chapman - The Only One
Tracy Chapman - First Try
Tracy Chapman - Change
Tracy Chapman - Talk to You
Tracy Chapman - Going Back
Tracy Chapman - Never Yours
Tracy Chapman - America
Tracy Chapman - Love’s Proof
Tracy Chapman - Before Easter
Tracy Chapman - Taken
Tracy Chapman - Be and Be Not Afraid
Tracy Chapman - Sing for You
Tracy Chapman - I Did It All
Tracy Chapman - Save Us All
Tracy Chapman - Our Bright Future
Tracy Chapman - For a Dream
Tracy Chapman - Thinking of You
Tracy Chapman - A Theory
Tracy Chapman - Conditional
Tracy Chapman - Something to See
Tracy Chapman - The First Person on Earth
Tracy Chapman - Spring
Tracy Chapman - So
Tracy Chapman - I Used to Be a Sailor
Tracy Chapman - The Love That You Had
Tracy Chapman - Woman’s Work
Tracy Chapman - If These Are the Things
Tracy Chapman - Short Supply
Tracy Chapman - Dreaming on a World
Tracy Chapman - Open Arms
Tracy Chapman - Matters of the Heart
Tracy Chapman - Cross Roads
Tracy Chapman - I'm Ready
Tracy Chapman - Heaven's Here on Earth
Tracy Chapman - Give One Reason
Tracy Chapman - 3000 Miles
Tracy Chapman - Don't Dwell
Tracy Chapman - Talkin' About a Revolution
Tracy Chapman - Rape of the World
Tracy Chapman - Three Little Birds (Non LP Track)
Tracy Chapman - The Times They Are A-Changin'
Tracy Chapman - Across the Line
Tracy Chapman - Mountain O'Things
Tracy Chapman - Why
Tracy Chapman - The Times They Are A-Changing
Tracy Chapman - Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution #2
Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason #2
Tracy Chapman - O Holy Night
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car # 2
Tracy Chapman - The Thrill is Gone
Tracy Chapman - Bang, Bang, Bang
Tracy Chapman - She's Got A Ticket
Tracy Chapman - Talkin’ About a Revolution
Tracy Chapman - Stand by Me [Live from The Late Show with David Letterman]
Tracy Chapman - Stand by Me
Tracy Chapman - My Sweet One
Tracy Chapman - Shes Got Her Ticket
Tracy Chapman - Talkin Bout A Revolution
Tracy Chapman - Baby, Can I Hold You
Tracy Chapman - Talkin'Bout a Revolution
Clickhaze - Daylight
Clickhaze - Sorrig Og Glaede
The Clean - Tally Ho
Click Click - Perfect Stranger
Click Click - Yes
Click Click - Moist
Click Click - Hope and Fear
Click Click - Sweet Stuff
Click Click - Rotor Babe
Click Click - The Sack
Change - Angel In My Pocket
Change - The Glow Of Love
Change - Searching
Change - Hold Tight
Change - Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright)
Change - Mutual Attraction
Change - Say You Love Me Again
Change - Change of Heart
Change - Got My Eyes on You
Cisza Jak Ta - Nadzieja
Cisza Jak Ta - W naszym niebie
Cisza Jak Ta - Płacz
Cisza Jak Ta - Jeśli zechcesz
Cisza Jak Ta - Byle nie o miłości
Cisza Jak Ta - Nasze zielone światy
Cisza Jak Ta - Pożegnalny wieczór
Cisza Jak Ta - Bo tak Cię Kocham
The Wolfgang Press - Kansas
The Residents - Krafty Cheese
Click Click - I Rage I Melt
Click Click - Ducks in the Kiddie Pool
Capture the Crown - Reign of Terror
Capture the Crown - Red Light District
Capture the Crown - Smirk
Capture the Crown - To Whom It May Concern
Capture the Crown - I Hate You
Capture the Crown - Oxy Sunrise
Capture the Crown - Beating the Blade
Capture the Crown - Firestarter
Capture the Crown - Make War, Not Love
Capture the Crown - Janina
Capture the Crown - Live Life
Capture the Crown - Rebearth
Capture the Crown - Bloodsuckers
Capture the Crown - All Hype All Night
Capture the Crown - When I Get Home
Capture the Crown - #OIMATEWTF
Capture the Crown - Fork Tongued
Capture the Crown - Ladies & Gentlemen... I Give You Hell!
Capture the Crown - LAX
Capture the Crown - You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife!
Capture the Crown - Storm in a Teacup
Capture the Crown - Help Me to Help You
Capture the Crown - Deja Vu
Capture the Crown - Insomniac
Capture the Crown - RVG
Capture the Crown - 'Til Death
Capture the Crown - The Departed 2.0
Capture the Crown - Welcome to My Worlds
Circles - Erased
Circles - On My Way
Circles - As It Is Above
Circles - Another Me
Circles - Ground Shift
Circles - Responses
Circles - Act III
Circles - The Frontline
Circles - Ruins
Circles - Clouds Are Gathering
Circles - Eye Embedded
Circles - The Design
Chiclete com Banana - Pode chover
Chiclete com Banana - Menina do cateretê
Chiclete com Banana - Selvagem camaleoa
Chiclete com Banana - Navego a toa
Chiclete com Banana - Chiclete na boca
Chiclete com Banana - 100% você
Chiclete com Banana - Erva Venenosa
Chiclete com Banana - Mulher amada
Chiclete com Banana - Tire o Cavalinho da Chuva
Chiclete com Banana - Minha Paixao é Chiclete
Chiclete com Banana - Do Nosso Jeito
Chiclete com Banana - Que Gata é Essa!
Chiclete com Banana - Ê, Baiana
Chiclete com Banana - No Balançar da Maré
Chiclete com Banana - Chicleteiro eu, chicleteira ela
Chiclete com Banana - Se você é chicleteiro
Chiclete com Banana - Menina linda (I Should Have Known Better)
Chiclete com Banana - Mar de rosas (Rose Garden)
Chiclete com Banana - Eu fui atrás de um caminhão
Chiclete com Banana - E nunca mais vai me deixar
Chiclete com Banana - Solidão
Chiclete com Banana - Quando o chiclete toca
Chiclete com Banana - Colado no chiclete
Chiclete com Banana - Mama
Chiclete com Banana - Voa, Voa
Chiclete com Banana - Rumba De Santa Clara
Chiclete com Banana - Diga Que Valeu
Chiclete com Banana - Cidadão
Chiclete com Banana - Tem Que Ter Chiclete
Chiclete com Banana - Quero Chiclete
Chiclete com Banana - Amor Perfeito
Chiclete com Banana - Durvalino, Meu Rei
Chiclete com Banana - Banana Real
Chiclete com Banana - Cara caramba sou camaleão
Chiclete com Banana - Como uma onda
Chiclete com Banana - Amar você não dói
Chiclete com Banana - Savassi
Chiclete com Banana - Na onda gostosa do Quimbundo
Chiclete com Banana - Banana metal [O outro lado do rock]
Chiclete com Banana - Vem
Chiclete com Banana - Bala na agulha
Chiclete com Banana - Por Um Beijo Seu
Chiclete com Banana - Maria Moderna
Chiclete com Banana - Morro de Sao Paulo
Chiclete com Banana - Ae... ae... do amor
Chiclete com Banana - Tareco e Mariola
Chiclete com Banana - Fogaréu
Chiclete com Banana - Sétimo Céu
Chiclete com Banana - Quero Você
Chiclete com Banana - Meu Pobre Coração
Chiclete com Banana - Pegar Fogo
Chiclete com Banana - Morango do Nordeste
Chiclete com Banana - Vigiando Você
Chiclete com Banana - Não Vou Embora
Chiclete com Banana - Essa Mulher É Minha
Chiclete com Banana - Olhar de Cobra
Chiclete com Banana - Suinga Índia
Chiclete com Banana - Foi por esse amor
Chiclete com Banana - Nana Banana
Chiclete com Banana - Balanço Do Camaleão
Chiclete com Banana - Eu Tô Com Mary
Chiclete com Banana - Vem Ficar Comigo
Change - Let’s Go Together
Chiclete com Banana - Quero rimar Chiclete com banana
Chiclete com Banana - Perfume do luar
Chiclete com Banana - Dar a volta no Brasil
Chiclete com Banana - Abra seu coração
Chiclete com Banana - Menina louca
Chiclete com Banana - Nana coração
Chiclete com Banana - Sara-Sarará
Chiclete com Banana - Ele Não Monta na Lambreta
Chiclete com Banana - Vai Lá Mané
Chiclete com Banana - Gritos de Guerra
Chiclete com Banana - Fé Brasileira
Chiclete com Banana - Te Amo Tiete
Chiclete com Banana - Acredite Se Quiser
Chiclete com Banana - Foi deus
Chiclete com Banana - I Love You Chiclete
Chiclete com Banana - Preciso Dormir Princesa
Chiclete com Banana - Magia
Chiclete com Banana - Balão Dourado
Chiclete com Banana - Menina Me Da o Seu Amor
Chiclete com Banana - Que Foiça É Essa
Chiclete com Banana - Amar Você Não Dói / Vem
Chiclete com Banana - Boca Do Povo
Chiclete com Banana - Se Ligue Dance (Dança Do Remo)
Chiclete com Banana - Vem Brincar De Roda
Chiclete com Banana - Meu Cabelo Duro Assim
Chiclete com Banana - Nana Banana/A Marcha do Remador
Chiclete com Banana - To Procurando Sarna
Chiclete com Banana - Nana
Chiclete com Banana - Chiclete chopp com banana
Chiclete com Banana - Delícia para ti
Chiclete com Banana - Menina do Cateret
Cindergarden - One by One
Cindergarden - Medicine
Cindergarden - Mask of Silence
Cindergarden - Stranger
Cindergarden - Ubiquitous
Cindergarden - Wasteland
Cindergarden - Sad Eye Doll
Cindergarden - Dirty Ritual
Cindergarden - Disintegrate
Cindergarden - Bad Dreams
Cindergarden - Dying Kind
Cindergarden - The Big Reveal
Cindergarden - Genesis
Cindergarden - Alibi
Cindergarden - Sacrament
Cindergarden - Litmus Red
Cindergarden - As Above So Below
Cindergarden - Mire
Cindergarden - Things That Never Die
Cindergarden - The Visitor
Cindergarden - Something to Kill For
Cindergarden - Candles on a Cake
Cindergarden - Hex
Cindergarden - Sheep
Cindergarden - The Beat Inside
Cindergarden - Gingerbread
Cindergarden - Playthings
Cindergarden - One More Drop
Cindergarden - Rainbow's End
Cindergarden - Digging Up the Bones
Cindergarden - Nothing Revealed
Cindergarden - Lunar Phases
Chiclete com Banana - Feijoada do vizinho
Chiclete com Banana - Janela X janela
Chiclete com Banana - Vumbora Amar
Chiclete com Banana - Eu sou um rato
Chiclete com Banana - Anjo marginal
Chiclete com Banana - Até o carnaval trazer todo axé
Chiclete com Banana - A vida
Chiclete com Banana - Se me chamar eu vou
Ceredwen - Porth Annwn (The Gates of Annwn)
Ceredwen - Yng Ngolau Ddydd (In the Light of the Day)
C4 trío - ...Se empinan la botella
Chefdenker - Der Optimismus der 50er Jahre
Chefdenker - Kugel durch den Kopf
Chefdenker - Ich lache später
Chefdenker - Mikrowelle
Chefdenker - Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen
Chefdenker - Bauernopfer Namedropping
Chefdenker - Heile Welt in 1-2 Minuten
Chefdenker - Die Message der Dancefloormusik
Chefdenker - Zu cool für Rock'n'Roll
Chefdenker - Wer hat in deine Hose gepisst
Chefdenker - 16 Ventile in Gold
Chefdenker - Meine Heimat die Erde
Chefdenker - Die Einsamkeit des Dozenten nach der Vorlesung
Chefdenker - Nichts
Chefdenker - Ich weiss es besser
Chefdenker - In deiner Hand
Chefdenker - Der Mann mit dem Hut
Chefdenker - Punkrockkavalier
Chiclete com Banana - Mirando o luar
Chiclete com Banana - Maluquete II
Chiclete com Banana - Lua menina
Chiclete com Banana - Na fissura do cheiro
Chiclete com Banana - No lume da fogueira
Chiclete com Banana - Sorria
Chiclete com Banana - Mude esse mundo (Gritos de guerra II)
Chiclete com Banana - Popurrítmos do interior
Chiclete com Banana - Swing merengue
Chiclete com Banana - Aririô
Chiclete com Banana - Quiribamba
Chiclete com Banana - Ylê Farol
Chiclete com Banana - Fazer Amor
The Clint Boon Experience! - White No Sugar
Cinderpop - Cinnamon Winter
Chiclete com Banana - Voa, Voa (Ao Vivo)
Chiclete com Banana - Cara, Caramba, Sou Camaleão (Ao Vivo)
Chiclete com Banana - Sementes
Chiclete com Banana - Luar de Havana
Chiclete com Banana - Capoeira larará [Meia lua inteira]
Chiclete com Banana - Quem é você
Climie Fisher - Rise to the Occasion
Climie Fisher - I Won't Bleed for You
Climie Fisher - Room to Move
Climie Fisher - Precious Moments
Climie Fisher - This is me
Climie Fisher - Never Let a Chance Go By
Climie Fisher - Bite the Hand That Feeds
Climie Fisher - Break the Silence
Climie Fisher - Love Like a River
Climie Fisher - Facts of Love
Climie Fisher - Fire on the Ocean
Climie Fisher - Memories (If I Could Relive Your Love)
Climie Fisher - Precious Moment
El club de los tristes - El que algo bueno espera
Climie Fisher - Rise to the Occassion
Chiclete com Banana - Tá procurando sarna
Chiclete com Banana - Nao Vou Chorar2
Chiclete com Banana - Dê um grito de ai
Chiclete com Banana - Mal acostumado
Chiclete com Banana - Beijo Em Alto Mar
Chiclete com Banana - Me leve com você
Chiclete com Banana - Delícia pra ti
Chiclete com Banana - Eu Sou Soteropolitano
Chiclete com Banana - Pula Fogueira
Chiclete com Banana - Procurando Sarna
Chiclete com Banana - Garçom (com Reginaldo Rossi)
Chiclete com Banana - Mugégé
Chiclete com Banana - Sem me chamar eu vou - Saia rodada
Chiclete com Banana - Quero Esse Sonho Pra Mim
Chiclete com Banana - Cara Caramba
Chiclete com Banana - Chiclete Chopp Com Banana (Guns n'Roses)
Chiclete com Banana - Menina Me Dá Seu Amor
Chiclete com Banana - É Hoje (Espelho Meu)
Chiclete com Banana - Eu vou voar
Chiclete com Banana - Tua boca na minha
Chiclete com Banana - Felicidade sou eu
Gary Clark - A Short Song About Love
Chocolate - Everybody Salsa!
Cock Sparrer - Where Are They Now
Cock Sparrer - Riot Squad
Cock Sparrer - Working
Cock Sparrer - Watch Your Back
Cock Sparrer - I Got Your Number
Cock Sparrer - Secret Army
Cock Sparrer - Droogs Don't Run
Cock Sparrer - Out on an Island
Cock Sparrer - Too Late
Cock Sparrer - Gotta Get Out
Cock Sparrer - Did You Have a Nice Life Without Me
Cock Sparrer - True to Yourself
Cock Sparrer - Time to Make Your Move
Cock Sparrer - Will You
Cock Sparrer - Better Than This
Cock Sparrer - Don't Stop
Cock Sparrer - Spirit of '76
Cock Sparrer - So Many Things
Cock Sparrer - Last Orders
Cock Sparrer - Despite All This
Cock Sparrer - Sussed
Cock Sparrer - Suicide Girls
Cock Sparrer - Last Train to Dagenham
Cock Sparrer - Bird Trouble
Cock Sparrer - Tough Guys
Cock Sparrer - Sunday Stripper
Cock Sparrer - A.U.
Cock Sparrer - I Feel a Death Coming On
Cock Sparrer - Bats Out
Cock Sparrer - Argy Bargy
Cock Sparrer - Sister Suzie
Cock Sparrer - Again and Again
Cock Sparrer - Teenage Heart
Cock Sparrer - I Need a Witness
Cock Sparrer - What's It Like to Be Old
Cock Sparrer - Run for Cover
Chica Vampiro - Daisy et Max - Chica Vampiro
Chica Vampiro - Daisy - Quiero Todo
Clout - Substitute
Clout - Save Me
Clout - Under Fire
Clout - The Best Of Me
Clout - You've Got All Of Me
Clout - You Make My World So Colourful
Leslie Clio - Told You So
Leslie Clio - Gotta Stop Loving You
Leslie Clio - Island
Leslie Clio - Sister Sun Brother Moon
Leslie Clio - Twist the Knife
Leslie Clio - Dr. Feelgood
Leslie Clio - Let Go
Leslie Clio - God No More
Leslie Clio - Melt Back
Leslie Clio - Holding On to Say Goodbye
Leslie Clio - Eureka
Leslie Clio - My Heart Ain’t That Broken
Leslie Clio - Be With You
Leslie Clio - All the Other Fools
Leslie Clio - Damage Done
Leslie Clio - Fuck What They Told Ya
Leslie Clio - Make Things Better
Leslie Clio - Changes
Leslie Clio - Falling to Pieces
Leslie Clio - Bad Eyes
Leslie Clio - Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart
Leslie Clio - Remedy
Leslie Clio - Love Is a Killer
Leslie Clio - I Couldn’t Care Less (Mario Basanov vocal remake)
Leslie Clio - All I Have to Do Is Dream
Leslie Clio - Trying Times
Leslie Clio - My Heart Ain’t That Broken (True Love remix by Based, El Gris & Tchamp)
Chinese Telephones - Waiting for You
Clout - You Make My World So Colorful
Clout - Since You've Been Gone
Cock Sparrer - The Sun Says
Cock Sparrer - Think Again
Cock Sparrer - They Mean Murder
Cock Sparrer - Runaway Johnny
Cock Sparrer - Chip on Your Shoulder
Cock Sparrer - I've Got Your Number
Cock Sparrer - Run With the Blind
Cock Sparrer - Price Too High to Pay
Cock Sparrer - Is Anybody There?
Cock Sparrer - Closedown
City Calm Down - Border On Control
City Calm Down - Son
City Calm Down - Rabbit Run
City Calm Down - Wandering
City Calm Down - Your Fix
The Coalminers' Beat - Yesterday
The Coalminers' Beat - After All
Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin - Tune Traveler
The Chieftains with Van Morrison - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
The Coalminers' Beat - Kissing the Sun
The Coalminers' Beat - Ballad of Belly O'Connor
Choke - Perfect, Plastic
Choke - More Than One Opponent
Choke - Not the Answer
Choke - It's Gone Too Far
Choke - One Less Thing at a Time
Choke - I've Told Myself a Thousand Times
Cock Sparrer - Colonel Bogey
Cock Sparrer - Don't Say a Word
Cock Sparrer - Get a Rope
Cock Sparrer - Don't Blame Us
Cock Sparrer - Roads to Freedom
Cock Sparrer - I Fit Central Heating (Working, Part 2)
Cock Sparrer - Strip
Cock Sparrer - Crack in the Mirror
Cock Sparrer - We Know How to Live
Cock Sparrer - Before the Flame Dies
Cock Sparrer - Tart
Cock Sparrer - East End Girl
Cock Sparrer - Anthem
Cock Sparrer - Time to Be Me
Cock Sparrer - I Live in Marbella
Cock Sparrer - Battersea Bardot
Cock Sparrer - Goodbye
Cock Sparrer - Where Are They Now?
Robert Clary - When the World Was Young
CJ & Co. - The Devil's Gun
Cirith Gorgor - Conquering the Shadowworld
Cirith Gorgor - Unveiling the Essence
Cirith Gorgor - Bellum Germanicum
Cirith Gorgor - Northern Spell of Warcraft
Cirith Gorgor - Into a Nightly Silence
Cirith Gorgor - A Twilight Serenade
Cirith Gorgor - The Stormrulers (The Art of Megalomania)
Cirith Gorgor - Winter Embraces Lands Beyond
Cirith Gorgor - Shadows Over Isengard
Cirith Gorgor - Perishing Nights (A Nocturnal Gathering)
Cirith Gorgor - The Declaration of Our Neverending War
Cirith Gorgor - Through Burning Wastelands
Cirith Gorgor - Sons of the New Dawn
Cirith Gorgor - Wandering Cirith Gorgor
Cirith Gorgor - Ephel Duath (A Warrior's Tale)
Cirith Gorgor - The Gates of Hell
Cirith Gorgor - Degeneration of Mankind
Cirith Gorgor - Arcane Illusion
Cirith Gorgor - Fields of Eternal Glory
Cirith Gorgor - Eternal Damnation
Cirith Gorgor - Total Annihilation
Cirith Gorgor - Master of Dark Sorcery
Cirith Gorgor - Warcry of the Southern Lands
CHiYO - smile girl
Josh Canova - The Wish
Josh Canova - Scientific
Josh Canova - Burden Square
Josh Canova - Common Divide
Josh Canova - My Turn
Josh Canova - Middle Man
Josh Canova - Almost Ran
Josh Canova - The One Way You Can
Josh Canova - The Boy's In Trouble
Josh Canova - Four Stars
Clementino - Amsterdam
Clementino - O' vient
Clementino feat. Fabri Fibra - Questa volta
Clementino feat. Meg - Mea culpa
Clementino - Aquila reale
Clementino feat. Jovanotti - Fratello
Clementino - Buenos Aires/Napoli
Clementino feat. Marracash, Ntò, Noyz Narcos & Paura - Dalle palazzine
Clementino - Alto livello
Clementino feat. Gigi Finizio & Ntò - Sei come sei
Clementino feat. Rocco Hunt - Giungla
Clementino - Pianoforte a vela
Clementino feat. TheRivati - Senza pensieri
Clementino - Che hit
Clementino - Va bene così
Clementino - Clementonik
Clementino feat. Il Cile - Il re lucertola
Clementino - Tekken 3
Clementino - Lo strano caso di Iena White
Clementino - Strade superstar
Clementino - Cos cos cos
Clementino - Da che parte stai?
Clementino - Voceanima
Clementino - Oracolo del sud
Clementino - Notte
Clementino - Sotto le stelle
Clementino feat. TheRivati - Solo un giorno nel quartiere
Clementino - Selvaggi
Clementino - Boom
Clementino - Dal centro all'hinterland
Clementino - Top Player
Clementino - Ghiacciai
Clementino feat. Rocco Hunt - Woodstock
Clementino - Electro Cage
Clementino - Spari di parole
Clementino - Spiriti & Show
Clementino - Obbe
Clementino - E' tritolo
Clementino - Giordano Bruno
Clementino - L'oro di Napoli
Clementino - Profumo di strada
Clementino - Messaggeri del Vesuvio II
Clementino - Rovine
Clementino - Toxico
Clementino - Animals
Clementino - La mia musica
Clementino - Hannibal Rapper
Clementino - Butterfly Effect
Clementino - La vita del palo
Clementino - Risata di una I.E.N.A.
Clementino - Se ne cade
Clementino - Funk e TheRivati
Clementino - Finale di fuoco
Clementino - )oracolo. del sud
Clementino - )fumo.
Clementino - )luna.
Clementino - )inchiostro.
Clementino - )el. senor
Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea - Carol
Luis Cobos - Carmina Burana
the chef cooks me - Perfect love 404
the chef cooks me - THE SONG FOR WE SING!!
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Sweet Sweet Matilda
Cobra Effect - Bring the Voice
Citizen Kay - Chosen
Luis Cobos - Unidos por el tango
Luis Cobos - Turandot - Nessum Dorma/Finale
Cock Sparrer - Because You're Young (2007)
Cliff Richard & The Drifters - Apron Strings
The Clubs - Got Ta Work
The Clubs - She Speaks So
The Clubs - Blue Janet
Cock Sparrer - Lies
Cock Sparrer - I Live in Marbella (Working, Part 3)
Cock Sparrer - Trouble on Terraces
Cock Sparrer - We're Coming Back Home
Cock Sparrer - Chip on My Soldier
Cock Sparrer - Sunday Stripper (1995)
Jonas Carping - Left In Here
Jonas Carping - Underground
Jonas Carping - Anything
Jonas Carping - The Sting
Jonas Carping - Serenade
Jonas Carping - Rulers
Jonas Carping - The One
Jonas Carping - One More Song
Jonas Carping - Sideways
Jonas Carping - Leaving Now
Jonas Carping - The Last Approval
Jonas Carping - Higher Ground
Jonas Carping - Damn Old World
Jonas Carping - Peace Of Mind
Jonas Carping - Dusk Of Dawn
Morphine - I Had My Chance
Morphine - Murder for the Money
George S. Clinton - Scorpion and Sub-Zero
Christie Front Drive - Saturday
Christie Front Drive - Radio
Christie Front Drive - November
Christie Front Drive - Fin
Christie Front Drive - About Two Days
Christie Front Drive - Seven Day Candle
Club Dogo - Cronache Di Resistenza
Club Dogo - Rap Soprano
Club Dogo - Qualcosa in Mente
Club Dogo - Sangue e filigrana
Club Dogo - Note Killer
Club Dogo - Tana 2000
Club Dogo - Indecifrabili
Club Dogo - Selezione All'Ingresso
Club Dogo - Vida Loca
Club Dogo - Kyobo ni tsuki
Club Dogo - 02 Massive
Club Dogo - LLCD: Ladies Loves Club Dogo
Club Dogo - Hardboiled Sabotatori
Club Dogo - Totolude
Club Dogo - La Stanza Dei Fantasmi
Club Dogo - Phra (outro)
Club Dogo - Droga Rap
Club Dogo - Sgrilla
Club Dogo - All’inferno
Club Dogo - Tanta roba
Club Dogo - Il mio mondo, le mie regole
Club Dogo feat. J-Ax - Brucia ancora
Club Dogo - Boing
Club Dogo feat. Marracash - Meglio che morto
Club Dogo - Né fama, né soldi
Club Dogo - Gunz from Italy
Club Dogo - Amore infame
Club Dogo - Infamous Gang
Club Dogo - Ragazzi fuori
Club Dogo - Sangue, Strass, Paillettes
Club Dogo - Incubo italiano
Club Dogo - Mi hanno detto che...
Club Dogo - La verità
Club Dogo - M-I bastard
Club Dogo - C.D.
Club Dogo - Puro Bogotà
Club Dogo - Spaghetti western
Club Dogo - Tornerò da re
Club Dogo - Confessioni di una banconota
Club Dogo - Ora che ci penso
Club Dogo - Dogozilla
Club Dogo - Giovane e pazzo
Club Dogo - Dolce paranoia
Club Dogo - La chiave
Club Dogo - Niente per niente
Club Dogo feat. Marracash - D.O.G.O.
Club Dogo - La notte che rovesciammo l'ordine
Club Dogo - Butta via tutto
Club Dogo - Una volta sola
Club Dogo - Cani sciolti 2006
Club Dogo - Falsi leader
Club Dogo - La testa gira
Club Dogo feat. Marracash - Briatori
Club Dogo - Don't Test
Club Dogo - Non sto in cerca di una sposa
Club Dogo - Tutto quello
Club Dogo - Cattivi e buoni
Club Dogo - Due modi
Club Dogo - No More Sorrow
Club Dogo - Cani sciolti 2006 rmx
Club Dogo - Voi non siete come noi
Club Dogo - Anni zero
Club Dogo - JCVD
Club Dogo - All'ultimo respiro
Club Dogo - D.D.D.
Club Dogo - Il sole e la luna
Club Dogo - Nuove Nike
Club Dogo - Cocaina
Club Dogo - Qualcuno pagherà
Club Dogo - Fino alla fine
Club Dogo feat. Carlo Lucarelli - Meno felici ma più furbi
Club Dogo - Cattivi esempi
Club Dogo - Chissenefrega (in discoteca)
Club Dogo feat. Datura - Erba del diavolo
Club Dogo - Ciao ciao
Club Dogo feat. Ensi - Ragazzo della piazza
Club Dogo feat. J-Ax - Sangue blu
Club Dogo feat. Giuliano Palma - P.E.S.
Club Dogo feat. Il Cile - Tutto ciò che ho
Club Dogo - Collassato
Club Dogo feat. Power Francers - La fine del mondo
Club Dogo - Se tu fossi me
Club Dogo - Minchia boh!
Club Dogo feat. Lele Spedicato "Negramaro" - Sayonara
Club Dogo - Saluta i king
Club Dogo - Weekend
Club Dogo - Sai zio
Club Dogo - Soldi
Club Dogo - Fragili
Club Dogo - Siamo nati qua
Club Dogo - Lisa
Club Dogo - Zarro!
Club Dogo - Start It Over
Club Dogo - Dicono di noi
Club Dogo feat. Entics - Quando tornerò
Club Dogo - Un'altra via non c'è
Club Dogo - Dieci anni fa
Club Dogo - Cani sciolti
Club Dogo - Briatori
Club Dogo - Llcd Ladies Loves Club Dogo
Club Dogo - Ignoranz Verse Pusherz 2K
Club Dogo - Phra Outro
Club Dogo - You Know NA-MI
Club Dogo - Bikini
Club Dogo - Tornerò da re, parte II
Club Dogo - Giù con la testa
Club Dogo - In mezzo al banco
Club Dogo - Ciao proprio
Club Dogo - Scopa, bocce & scala
Club Dogo - Zona di comfort
Club Dogo - Niente è impossibile
Club Dogo - Se non mi trovi
Club Dogo - Tutto ciò che ho
Club Dogo - Meno felici ma più furbi
Club Dogo - Con un deca
Club Dogo - Rendez Vous Col Delirio
Dennie Christian - Alles inclusive
Dennie Christian - Ganz egal (was du sagst)
Dennie Christian - Der ganze Himmel
Dennie Christian - Gefunden und wieder verloren
Dennie Christian - Harley Davidson
Dennie Christian - Rosamunde
Dennie Christian - Grote vrijheid
Chicano Batman - Friendship (Is a Small Boat In a Storm)
Chicano Batman - Freedom Is Free
Chicano Batman - Cycles of Existential Rhyme
Chicano Batman - El Jalapeno
Chicano Batman - She Lives On My Block
Chicano Batman - El Frio II
Chicano Batman - Fantasia
Chicano Batman - Amor Verde
Chicano Batman - Magma
Chicano Batman - Stoned Soul Picnic
Chicano Batman - Para Agradecer
Chicano Batman - Itotiani
Chicano Batman - La Samoana
Chicano Batman - A Hundred Dead and Loving Souls
Chicano Batman - It’s a Balloon
Chicano Batman - La Manzanita
Chicano Batman - Soniatl
Ana Caram - Desafinado
Ana Caram - Triste
Ana Caram - Corcovado
Ana Caram - Samba de verão
Ana Caram - Chovendo na roseira (Double Rainbow)
Ana Caram - O amor em paz (Once I Loved)
Ana Caram - Brigas, nunca mais (No More Quarrels)
Ana Caram - Anos dourados
Coco - I Need a Miracle
Ana Caram - Antonio's Song
Ana Caram - Olha Maria
Clark - Today
Ana Caram - Samba de Verao (Summer Samba)
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - The Monolith of Phobos
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Cricket and the Genie (Movement I, The Delirium)
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Cricket and the Genie (Movement II, Oratorio Di Cricket)
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Mr. Wright
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Boomerang Baby
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Breath of a Salesman
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Captain Lariat
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Ohmerica
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Oxycontin Girl
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Bubbles Burst
Chiquititas - Remexe
Chiquititas - Até dez
Chiquititas - Berlinda
Julia Olliver - Igual aos demais
Chiquititas - Mentirinhas
Chiquititas - Sinais
Chiquititas - Tudo tudo
Giovanna Grigio - Abraça o mundo
Danny Pink - Amigas
Chiquititas - Sempre juntos
Chiquititas - Todo mundo chique
Giseli Soares - Quero te encontrar
Larissa Manoela - Te Gosto Tanto
Chiquititas - Mexe lá (Chufacha)
Chiquititas - Me passam coisas (Me hace llorar)
Chiquititas - Brinquedo para montar (Juguete para armar)
Chiquititas - Coração com buraquinhos (Corazón con agujeritos)
Chiquititas - O chefe Chico (El cheff Saverio)
Chiquititas - Blue Jeans Baby Tatuá (A Berlin)
Chiquititas - Bruxas malvadas (Malissima)
Chiquititas - Crescer (Crecer)
Chiquititas - No fim (Al fin)
Chiquititas - Amigas
Chiquititas - Sempre Chiquititas
Chiquititas - Não pode ser
Chiquititas - Passarinho
Chiquititas - Estrela
Chiquititas - Sr. Amor
Chiquititas - Adolescente
Chiquititas - Mundos diferentes
Chiquititas - Álbum da vida
Chiquititas - Liberdade
Chiquititas - Anjo cozinheiro
Chiquititas - Só por uma vez
Chiquititas - Papai
Chiquititas - O que você fez?
Chiquititas - Viva a vida
Chiquititas - Verde e amarelo
Chiquititas - Ano novo
Chiquititas - Natal
Chiquititas - Me dá um CH
Chiquititas - Penso em ti
Chiquititas - Vinte e quatro horas
Chiquititas - No fundo
Chiquititas - Estou louco
Chiquititas - Pimpolho
Chiquititas - No começo
Chiquititas - Voar melhor
Chiquititas - O beijo
Chiquititas - Chiquititas
Chiquititas - Apaixonada por todos
Chiquititas - Por que Deus?
Chiquititas - Bruxas malvadas
Chiquititas - Igual aos demais
Chiquititas - Lu-Lucita
Chiquititas - Mais ainda
Chiquititas - Te encontrei
Chiquititas - A nossa idade
Chiquititas - Mexe já
Chiquititas - Era uma vez
Chiquititas - Um cantinho de luz
Chiquititas - É só querer
Dennie Christian - Mijn hart is gebroken
Dennie Christian - Beer Barrel Polka (Rosamunde)
Dennie Christian - Besame Mucho
Dennie Christian - Guust Flater en de Marsipulami
El Coco - Cocomotion
El Coco - Dancing in Paradise
Los Christianes - Mírame Sólo Una Vez
Saeko Chiba - Winter Story
Saeko Chiba - snow
Saeko Chiba - Beginning
Saeko Chiba - Sayonara Solitia
Saeko Chiba - (We are so)together
The Clancy Brothers - Lovely Far Off City
The Clancy Brothers - Dirty Old Town
The Clancy Brothers - Jennifer Gentle
The Clancy Brothers - The Moonshiner
The Clancy Brothers - A Jug of Punch
The Clancy Brothers - Mountain Dew
The Clancy Brothers - Jolly Tinker
The Clancy Brothers - Haul Away Joe
The Clancy Brothers - Kelly- The Boy from Killarn
The Clancy Brothers - Whisky is the Life of Man
The Clancy Brothers - Holy Ground
The Clancy Brothers - When the Ship Comes In
Cisco - Il mulo
Cisco - Multumesc
Cisco - Sotto le nuvole
Cisco - Il paese delle mummie
Cisco - Io so chi sono
Cisco - Onda granda
Cisco - Funerale per sigaro e banda
Cisco - Fantasmi
Cisco - I vestiti del cielo
Cisco - Haka
Cisco - Olmo
Cisco - Anime di passaggio
Cisco - La lunga notte
Cisco - Ebano
Cisco - Tina
Cisco - Come se il mondo
Cisco - Best
Cisco - Zelig
Cisco - La dolce vita
Cisco - I tempi siamo noi
Cisco - Augusto
Cisco - Una terra di latte e miele
Cisco - A volte
Cisco - Il prigioniero
Cisco - Venite a vedere
Cisco - Terra rossa
Cisco - Diamanti e carbone
Cisco - Latinoamericana
Cisco - Sisters of Mercy
Cisco - Eroi, supereroi
Cisco - Questo è il momento
Cinema - Yo Sin Ti
Cinema - Hasta El Amanecer
Chrishan & Young Bishop - Callin' 4 Me
Chrishan & Young Bishop - I Wish
Chrishan & Young Bishop - Her
Chrishan & Young Bishop - The One
Chrishan & Young Bishop - Love Songs
Ian Clement - The Hammer and the Nail
Cisco feat. Bandabardò - I ribelli della montagna
Cisco - Ninnananna (con Giovanni Rubbiani e Alberto Cottica)
Cæsar - Da manden ind i gården kom
Cæsar - Storkespringvandet
Cæsar - Potifar - forfra og bagfra
Chastity - Peroxide
Ali Ekber Çiçek - Boyle Ikrar Ilen, Boyle Yolunan
The Christmas Jug Band - Santa Lost a Ho
The Christmas Jug Band - Jingle Bell Rock
Camper Van Chadbourne - Ballad of Easy Rider
Enrique Chía - I Just Called to Say I Love You
Christie Allen - Goose Bumps
Christie Allen - Count Me Out
Christie Allen - Ships That Pass Through the Night
Cochi e Renato - L'aeroporto di Malpensa
Cochi e Renato - Libé-libé-là
Cochi e Renato - Nebbia in Valpadana
Cochi e Renato - Come porti i capelli bella bionda
Cochi e Renato - A me mi piace il mare