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Civil War - Aftermath (bonus)
Civil War - Custers Last Stand
Civil War - Say It Right
Civil War - Civil War
Civil War - Forevermore
Civil War - Strike Hard Strike Sure (Bonus Track)
Neal Casal - On the Mend
Neal Casal - Angelina
Neal Casal - Halfway Through Town
Neal Casal - The New Jenny Jenkins
Neal Casal - Real Country Dark
Neal Casal - Best to Bonnie
Neal Casal - The Last of My Connections
Neal Casal - Name In Vain
Neal Casal - Break Even
Neal Casal - Virginia Dare
Neal Casal - Angels on hold
Neal Casal - Annabelle
Neal Casal - To look for you
Neal Casal - All the luck in the world
Neal Casal - Best To Believe
Neal Casal - Pilot's Song
Neal Casal - I Will Weep No More
Neal Casal - Day In The Sun
Neal Casal - Maybe California
Neal Casal - Free to Go
Neal Casal - Bird In Hand
Neal Casal - These Days With You
Neal Casal - Cincinnati Motel
Neal Casal - Feel No Pain
Neal Casal - One Last Time
Neal Casal - Open Ground
Neal Casal - Detroit or Buffalo
Neal Casal - Sunday River
Neal Casal - Free Light of Day
Neal Casal - Lucky Stars
Neal Casal - Fierce Little Bird
Neal Casal - Delaware Station
Jack Clement - I've Got a Thing About Trains
Jack Clement - Baby Is Gone
Cheetah - My Man
Neal Casal - Dad Downstairs
Neal Casal - No One Said a Word
Neal Casal - Widowmaker
Neal Casal - Neal's Blues
Neal Casal - Nothing Left to Prove
Neal Casal - Promises to Keep
Neal Casal - The Very Last Time
Neal Casal - St. Cloud
Neal Casal - Wisest of the Wise
Neal Casal - Denver Song
Neal Casal - Highway Butterfly
Neal Casal - Dad Again
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Diddy Wah Diddy
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Frying Pan
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Beatle Bones 'n Smokin' Stones
Chrome Dreams - Feel the Fever
Clean Bandit feat. Elisabeth Troy - Show Me Love
Carson and Gaile - Something Stupid
Carson and Gaile - Chapter One
Merry Clayton - Southern Man
Merry Clayton - After All This Time
Merry Clayton - Oh No, Not My Baby
Merry Clayton - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Electricity (1968 live)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Steal Softly Through Snow
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - When Big Joan Sets Up (1971 live)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Orange Claw Hammer (1975 radio)
Cisilia - Rasta Barbie
Cisilia - Unge Øjne
Cisilia - Luftballon
Cisilia - Ring den alarm
Cisilia - DNA
Cisilia - Skru op den bas
Cisilia - Vi to datid nu
Cisilia - Kostbar
Cisilia - Rejs d'op og dans
Cisilia - Det du siger
Cisilia - Nordlys
City of Caterpillar - And You're Wondering How a Top Floor Could Replace Heaven
City of Caterpillar - Minute-Hour-Day-Week-Month-Year-(The Faiths in My Chest)
City of Caterpillar - Fucking Hero
City of Caterpillar - When Was the Last Time We Painted Over the Blood on the Walls?
City of Caterpillar - A Little Change Could Go a Long Ways
City of Caterpillar - Maybe They'll Gnaw Right Through
City of Caterpillar - A Heart Filled Reaction to Dissatisfaction (demo)
City of Caterpillar - An Innocent Face
Cielo Razzo - Miradas
Cielo Razzo - Luminoso
Cielo Razzo - Alma en tregua
Cielo Razzo - La cruz
Cielo Razzo - La roca
Cielo Razzo - Charlone
Cielo Razzo - Esa brisa
Cielo Razzo - Vieja cana
Cielo Razzo - Sola
Cielo Razzo - Buscando más
Cielo Razzo - Cableluz
Cielo Razzo - Mi refugio
Cielo Razzo - Caminando
Cielo Razzo - Te vas
Cielo Razzo - Piba espada
Cielo Razzo - Posdata
Cielo Razzo - Hombre Tambor
Cielo Razzo - Viaducto
Cielo Razzo - Sociedad
Cielo Razzo - No Shopping
Cielo Razzo - Mao
Cielo Razzo - Entre las 4 y las 6
Cielo Razzo - Galope
Cielo Razzo - El alfil
Cielo Razzo - Calesita
Cielo Razzo - Conexión
Cielo Razzo - Monos
Cielo Razzo - Murciélago
Cielo Razzo - Pequeña caja
Cielo Razzo - Dulce Nana
Cielo Razzo - De ogro
Cielo Razzo - Desde la puerta
Cielo Razzo - Mi Dios
Cielo Razzo - Reacción
Cielo Razzo - Cascarudo
Cielo Razzo - Escorpión
Cielo Razzo - Obtuso
Cielo Razzo - Disfraz
Cielo Razzo - Ventana
Cielo Razzo - Cochico
Cielo Razzo - La misma oscuridad
Cielo Razzo - Barón
Cielo Razzo - Alcalina
Cielo Razzo - Alisten
Cielo Razzo - La furia
Cielo Razzo - El bobo y el payaso
Cielo Razzo - Tus pasos
City of Gold - The King Who Remembers My Name
Circus of Fools - Bushido - The Path of the Warrior
Circus of Fools - Walking the Fine Line
Circus of Fools - Visions Fade
Circus of Fools - Reinstate
Circus of Fools - Roll the Dice
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - 1010th Day of the Human Totem Pole
Gavin Clark - Spinning Round the Sun
Gavin Clark - Hurricane
Gavin Clark - The Years Have Loved Us
Gavin Clark - When We Had Faces
Gavin Clark - Never Seen the Sea
Nikki Cleary - The Game
Nikki Cleary - You're the One That I Want
Nikki Cleary - 1-2-3
Nikki Cleary - Summertime Guys
Nikki Cleary - Fish Out of Water
Nikki Cleary - Sorry for Myself
Nikki Cleary - I Miss You (It's Weird That You Don't Notice)
Nikki Cleary - Irresistible
Nikki Cleary - When Will I Get Over You (Getting Over Me)
City in the Sea - Convoluted
City in the Sea - Dead Beliefs
City in the Sea - The Purge
City in the Sea - Light The Way
City in the Sea - Without an Answer
City in the Sea - Perfect Human
City in the Sea - Scarred
City in the Sea - Becoming Stronger
City in the Sea - Discovering Oceans
City in the Sea - Overcast
City in the Sea - Those Who Vanish
City in the Sea - Defy
City in the Sea - The Long Lost
City in the Sea - Together Alone
City in the Sea - Unfound
Captain Beefheart - Safe as Milk
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Fallin' Ditch
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Safe as Milk [Take 12]
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Safe as Milk [Take 5]
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Mirror Man (2006 Digital Remaster)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Upon the My-O-My (2006 Digital Remaster)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Who Do You Think You're Fooling?
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Moonchild
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Hard Working Man
Cielo Razzo - Luna
Cielo Razzo - Mujer
Cielo Razzo - Estrella
Cielo Razzo - Frágil
Cielo Razzo - Demás
Cielo Razzo - Chapa y bandera
Cielo Razzo - Por llegar
Cielo Razzo - Otoño blanco
Cielo Razzo - Madre poder
Cielo Razzo - Arde
Cielo Razzo - Esquina
Cielo Razzo - Puta
Cielo Razzo - Vueltas
Cielo Razzo - Cuenta
Cielo Razzo - Sin salida
Cielo Razzo - ¿Quién baja la pala?
Cielo Razzo - Carne 2
Cielo Razzo - Perros
Cielo Razzo - La gran ola
Cielo Razzo - Servile
Cielo Razzo - Muñequito
Cielo Razzo - Perseguido
Cielo Razzo - El silencio del ave
Cielo Razzo - Tierra y tambores
Cielo Razzo - Mama
Cielo Razzo - Qué se yo
Cielo Razzo - Bébelo (Disco)
Cielo Razzo - Quizás sí
Cielo Razzo - De caer
Cielo Razzo - Algen
Cielo Razzo - Resto
Cielo Razzo - Satiretalised
Cielo Razzo - Santos
Cielo Razzo - Barek
Cielo Razzo - El huracán
Cielo Razzo - Belicosis
Cielo Razzo - H
Cielo Razzo - Televicio
Cielo Razzo - Tu fricción
Cielo Razzo - Sistema
Cielo Razzo - La cuna del sol
Cipher - Upholding the Veneer of a Lesser Estate
Cipher - Children of God's Fire
Cipher - Protoculture (Sankofa)
Cipher - The Fruits of Toil (Book of Ecclesiastes)
CLASSIXX feat. Alex Frankel - I Feel Numb
CLASSIXX feat. How to Dress Well - Just Let Go
CLASSIXX feat. T‐Pain - Whatever I Want
CLASSIXX feat. Harriet Brown - Eyes on Me
CLASSIXX - All You're Waiting For
CLASSIXX - Holding On
CLASSIXX - I'll Get You
CLASSIXX - Borderline
The Class of 98 - Bass Guitar
The Class of 98 - The Only One
The Class of 98 - Hundreds and Thousands of Stars
The Class of 98 - Everywhere You Go
The Class of 98 - Highway H
The Class of 98 - Christy's Wedding
The Class of 98 - What I'm Dying to Say
The Class of 98 - Anthem for Us
The Class of 98 - If You Don't Believe
The Class of 98 - Pretend I'm OK
The Class of 98 - New Years Resolution
Chthe'ilist - Into the Vaults of Ingurgitating Obscurity
Chthe'ilist - Scriptures of the Typhlodians
The City Lights - Intro
The City Lights - What You Gonna Do?
Claim the Throne - Two Pints of Honey and a Barrel Full of Beer
Choo Choo Train - Briar Rose
Chronolyth - Facing the Ash
Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash - Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man
CINDY - Aura~One Track Mind
CINDY - Chance on Love
CINDY - Open Invitation
Chronixx - Alpha & Omega
Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble
Chronixx - Rastaman Wheel Out
Chronixx - Eternal Fire
Chronixx - Spirulina
Chronixx - Like a Whistle
Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble (Dub)
Chronixx - Capture Land (Dub)
Chronixx - Odd Ras
Chronixx - They Don’t Know
Chronixx - Smile Jamaica
Christian Death - Dexter Said No to Methadone
Christian Death - Angels and Drugs
Christian Death - Ashes, Part II
Christian Death - When I Was Bed
Christian Death - Lament (Over the Shadows)
Christian Death - Face
Christian Death - Of the Wound
Christian Death - Awake at the Wall
Christian Death - Sleepwalk
Christian Death - The Drowning
Christian Death - The Blue Hour
Christian Death - Evening Falls
Christian Death - Electra Descending
Christian Death - Cervix Couch
Christian Death - Dogs
Christian Death - Deathwish
Christian Death - Cavity: First Communion
Christian Death - Luxury of Tears
Christian Death - Spectre
Christian Death - Haloes
Christian Death - Psalm (Maggot's Lair)
Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp
Christian Death - Mother
Christian Death - Dream for Mother
Christian Death - Mysterium Iniquitatis
Christian Death - Romeo’s Distress
Christian Death - Spectre (Love Is Dead)
Christian Death - Burnt Offerings
Christian Death - Stairs - Uncertain Journey
Christian Death - Resurrection - Sixth Communion
China Crisis - The Highest High
China Crisis - Strength of Character
China Crisis - You Did Cut Me
China Crisis - Black Man Ray
China Crisis - Wall of God
China Crisis - Gift of Freedom
China Crisis - King in a Catholic Style
China Crisis - Blue Sea
China Crisis - Animalistic
China Crisis - Hampton Beach
China Crisis - Diary of a Hollow Horse
China Crisis - When the Piper Calls
China Crisis - Christian
China Crisis - A Golden Handshake for Every Daughter
China Crisis - Hanna Hanna
China Crisis - Here Come a Raincloud
China Crisis - Tragedy and Mystery
China Crisis - Wishful Thinking
China Crisis - Seven Sports For All
China Crisis - Feel to Be Driven Away
China Crisis - Are We a Worker
China Crisis - Red Sails
China Crisis - You Never See It
China Crisis - Arizona Sky
China Crisis - Safe as Houses
China Crisis - Worlds Apart
China Crisis - The Understudy
China Crisis - We Do the Same
China Crisis - June Bride
China Crisis - A Day’s Work for the Dayo’s Done
Chingy feat. Tity-Boi & I-20 - Represent
Chingy - Right Thurr
Chingy - Jackpot the Pimp (skit)
Chingy - Wurrs My Cash
Chingy - Chingy Jackpot
Chingy feat. Murphy Lee - Sample Dat Ass
Chingy feat. J/Weav - One Call Away
Chingy - Dice Game (skit)
Chingy - Fuck Dat Nigga (skit)
Chingy - Madd @ Me
Chingy - Bagg Up
Chingy feat. Jermaine Dupri & Trina - Right Thurr
Chingy feat. Three 6 Mafia - Club Gettin Crowded
Chingy - Nike Aurrs and Crispy Tees
Chingy - Bounce That
Chingy feat. Mr. Collipark - U a Freak (Nasty Girl)
Chingy feat. Mannie Fresh - Brand New Kicks
Chingy - Let Me Luv U
Chingy feat. Fatman Scoop - Let’s Ride
Chingy - Intro
Chingy - Hate It or Love It
Chingy - Check My Swag
Chingy - Fly Like Me
Chingy - Kick Drum
Chingy feat. Steph Jones - All Aboard (Ride It)
Chingy feat. Trey Songz - Spend Some $
Chingy - 2 Kool 2 Dance
Chingy feat. Rick Ross - Roll on 'em
Chingy - Haters 101
Chingy - Give Em Some Mo
Chingy - Balla Baby
Chingy - Jackpot the Pimp, Part 2
Chingy - Make That Ass Talk
Chingy - I Do
Chingy feat. Janet Jackson - Don’t Worry
Chingy - All the Way to St. Lou
Chingy - We Clubbin’
Chingy - We Do
Chingy feat. G.I.B. - Wurr da Git It Gurlz At
Chingy - Outro
Chingy - Don’t Really Care
Chingy - Don't Worry
Chingy - 26's
Chingy - Bring Da Beef
Chingy - Intro (Rid'in Wit Me)
Chingy - Cadillac Door
Chingy - Pullin Me Back
Chingy - Let's Ride
Chingy - Gimme Dat
Chingy - How We Feel
Chingy - Pulling Me Back
Chingy - Club Gettin' Crowded
Chingy - Holidae In
Chingy - Balla Baby Remix
Chingy - Sample Dat Ass
Chingy - One Call Away (instrumental)
Chingy - Dem Jeans (a cappella)
Chingy - Mobb Wit Me
Chingy - Nike Aurr’s & Crispy Tee’s
Cinque Cento - Missing
Christian Death - Lacrima Christi
Christian Death - The Great Deception, Part D: The Lie Behind the Truth
Christian Death - Washing Machine
Christian Death - Sex Dwarf
Christian Death - Alone
Christian Death - Into the Shitworld
Christian Death - Strange Fortune
Christian Death - This Is Heresy
Christian Death - The Nascent Virion
Christian Death - The Serpent's Tail
China Crisis - St. Saviour Square
China Crisis - Sweet Charity in Adoration
China Crisis - Day After Day
China Crisis - In Northern Skies
China Crisis - Singing the Praises of Finer Things
China Crisis - All My Prayers
China Crisis - Age Old Need
China Crisis - Without the Love
China Crisis - Hard to Be Around
China Crisis - Good Again
China Crisis - Wishing Time
China Crisis - Real Tears
China Crisis - Does It Pay
China Crisis - It's Everything
China Crisis - Working With Fire and Steel
Christian Death - This Glass House
Christian Death - Bad Year
Christian Death - Torch Song
Circus - C'est quoi ce cirque
Circus - Sur un fil
Circus - Moi je joue
Circus - Chagrin d'ami
Circus - Ce soir et demain
Circus - L'Amour Suicide
Circus - Le Numéro
Circus - Les Nuits Romaines
Circus - La Prière de Rosa
Circus - Je tombe
Circus - Stella monte
Circus - Souvenir
Circus - L'Origine
China Crisis - Scream Down at Me
China Crisis - Cucumber Garden
China Crisis - Some People I Know Lead Fantastic Lives
China Crisis - Greenacre Bay
China Crisis - No Ordinary Lover
China Crisis - This Occupation
China Crisis - Bigger the Punch I'm Feeling
Claw Boys Claw - 600 Monkeys
Claw Boys Claw - Picasso
Claw Boys Claw - Power Breakfast
Claw Boys Claw - Hammer
Claw Boys Claw - Zoo
Claw Boys Claw - Wade
Claw Boys Claw - Monkey One
Claw Boys Claw - My Beautiful Carpet
Claw Boys Claw - Rotate
Claw Boys Claw - I'll Be Gone
Claw Boys Claw - Suitcase Love
Claw Boys Claw - I Am Sea
Claw Boys Claw - Flower
Claw Boys Claw - Hail On
Claw Boys Claw - Rosie
Claw Boys Claw - Jackal Is Back
Claw Boys Claw - Sound of the Psycho
Claw Boys Claw - Monkeyride
Claw Boys Claw - Spread That Jam
Claw Boys Claw - Edit Away
Claw Boys Claw - Use It
Claw Boys Claw - Hide
Claw Boys Claw - Sugarlite Blonde
Claw Boys Claw - Y.O.Y
Claw Boys Claw - Take Me for a Ride
Claw Boys Claw - Shader
China Crisis - Always
China Crisis - The Way We Are Made
China Crisis - Tell Me What It Is
China Crisis - The Gates of Door to Door
China Crisis - Hands on the Whel
China Crisis - Temptation's Big Blue Eyes
China Crisis - The World Spins, I'm Part of it
China Crisis - Be Suspicious
China Crisis - Diary of a Hollow Horse (band demo)
Terry Clark - Thank You Jesus
Terry Clark - Isn’t He
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - After Me
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - The Month of January
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Anyone but Me
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Silverline
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - I Never Learned French
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Milk and Honey
Jon Cleary - When You Get Back
Jon Cleary - Unnecessarily Mercenary
Claw Boys Claw - Roll On
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Hares on the Mountain
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Lily of the West
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - John Riley
Claw Boys Claw - How Do You Know (What I Feel)
Claw Boys Claw - Dracula
Claw Boys Claw - Rosie -lambless-
The City Skyscape - Prince Charming
Circo - Antes del fin
Circo - Alguien
Circo - Velocidades luz
Circo - Duele
Circo - El secreto
Circo - Frente a frente
Circo - De rodillas (no fue suficiente)
Circo - La roca
Circo - Soy un extraño
Circo - Alguien (Nacotheque remix by Marcelo Cunning)
Circo - Un accidente
Circo - Cascarón
Circo - Ni tú ni nadie
Circo - La sospecha
Circo - Cualquier día es gris
Circo - La apuesta al corazón
Circo - Historia de un amor
Circo - Libélula
Circo - El beso
Circo - Nubes
Circo - Circosis
Christian Death - Damn You
Christian Death - Sick of Love
Christian Death - Drilling the Hole
Christian Death - Kingdom of the Tainted Kiss
Christian Death - Eternal Love
Christian Death - Temples of Desire
Christian Death - Deeply Deeply
Christian Death - Invitation au Suicide
Christian Death - Will-o-the-Wisp
Christian Death - Strapping Me Down
Christian Death - The Danzig Waltz
Christian Death - Chimère de-ci de-là
Christian Death - Silent Thunder
Christian Death - Ventriloquist
Christian Death - The Death of Josef
Clara Sofie & Rune RK - Byen elsker dig
Clara Sofie & Rune RK - Alene Med Mig Selv
Clara Sofie & Rune RK - Når tiden går baglæns
Clara Sofie & Rune RK - Aldrig, aldrig
Clara Sofie & Rune RK - Det er forbi
Clara Sofie & Rune RK - Lever for en anden
Christian Death - Betrayal
Christian Death - Zodiac (He Is Still Out There)
Christian Death - Peek a Boo
Christian Death - Panic in Detroit
Christian Death - Skeleton Kiss
Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp (Symptom Reversal)
Christian Death - Somnium
Christian Death - Church of No Return
Chiva - Fantasía
The Classics - Yellow Sun of Ecuador
The Classics - Wings of an Eagle
The Classics - My Melody D'Amour
The Classics - Ashes and Diamonds
Kelly Clarkson feat. John Legend - Run Run Run
Christian Death - Incendiary Lover
Christian Death - Upon the Sea of Blood
Christian Death - Stairs (Uncertain Journey) / Trials
Christian Death - Ressurection
Christian Death - The Golden Age
Christian Death - Cavity (1st Communion)
Christian Death - Resurrection
Clementine - Viddy Well, Brother
Christian Death - Heresy Act Two
Christian Death - Romeo's Distress (Demo Version 1981)
Christian Death - The Fleeing Sonambulist
Christian Death - Hour of the Wolf
Christian Death - 1983
Christian Death - Desesperate Hell
CLC - Pepe
CLC - Cafe Mocha Please
CLC - Sharala
CLC - First Love
CLC - Eighteen
CLC - Opening the Window
CLC - Hey-Yo
CLC - Refresh
CLC - Lucky
CLC - Yaya (Say Bye to Solo)
CLC - Dear My Friend
CLC - I should be so lucky
CLC - High Heels
CLC - Hobgoblin
CLC - Meow Meow
CLC - Depression
CLC - I Mean That
CLC - Liar
CLC - Mistake
CLC - Friend Lover Zone
CLC - Hide and Seek
CLC - Gung Geum Hae
CLC - What Should I Do
CLC - No Oh Oh
CLC - One, Two, Three
CLC - It's Too Late
CLC - Like
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Outside Woman Blues
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Motherless Child
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Rollin' and Tumblin'
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Layla
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Angel
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Running on Faith
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Little Queen of Spades
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Driftin' Blues
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Cocaine
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Wonderful Tonight
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - I Shot the Sheriff
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Key to the Highway
Chalice - Harald ja Matilda
Chalice - Minu inimesed
Les Choristes - La Fin du rêve
Les Choristes - Vois sur ton chemin
Les Choristes - Open Thou Mine Eyes
Les Choristes - The Lord Bless You and Keep You
Les Choristes - Vies monotones
Les Choristes - Pueri Concinite
Les Choristes - La Complainte du vent
Les Choristes - Le Trou dans la neige
Les Choristes - La Nuit
Les Choristes - Compère Guilleri
Les Choristes - Lueur d'été
Les Choristes - Caresse sur l'océan
Les Choristes - In memorian
Les Choristes - Cerf-volant2
Chalice - Sounds of Hip Hop
Chalice - Head ööd
City - Es ist unheimlich heiß
City - Der King vom Prenzlauer Berg
City - Nachts um halb eins
City - Traudl
City - Meister aller Klassen
City - Am Fenster
City - Nachts in meinen Träumen
City - Unter der Haut
City - Cinema Hall
City - Window
City - Aus der Ferne
City - Mir wird kalt dabei
City - Pfefferminzhimmel
City - Something to Tell You
City - Wand an Wand
City - z.B. Susann
City - Morgenmond
City - Dünne Luft
Clatterbox - Pylle
Clatterbox - Cab
Ciela - Tutt'n zua
Cibo Matto - Apple
Cibo Matto - Beef Jerky
Cibo Matto - White Pepper Ice Cream
Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake
Cibo Matto - Know Your Chicken
Cibo Matto - Theme
Cibo Matto - The Candy Man
Cibo Matto - Le pain perdu
Cibo Matto - Artichoke
Cibo Matto - Working for Vacation
Cibo Matto - Spoon
Cibo Matto - Flowers
Cibo Matto - Lint of Love
Cibo Matto - Moonchild
Cibo Matto - Sci-Fi Wasabi
Cibo Matto - Clouds
Cibo Matto - Speechless
Cibo Matto - King of Silence
Cibo Matto - Blue Train
Cibo Matto - Sunday, Part I
Cibo Matto - Sunday, Part II
Cibo Matto - Stone
Cibo Matto - Check In
Cibo Matto - Déjà vu
Cibo Matto - 10th Floor Ghost Girl
Cibo Matto - Emerald Tuesday
Cibo Matto - Hotel Valentine
Cibo Matto - Empty Pool
Cibo Matto - Lobby
Cibo Matto - Check Out
Cibo Matto - Vamos a la playa
Cibo Matto - 9mm
Cibo Matto - Metaphysical Feat
Cibo Matto - Butterfucker
Cibo Matto - Light My Fire
Cibo Matto - Talking to the Universe
Cibo Matto - About a Girl
Cibo Matto - Twenty Questions
Cibo Matto - Bruxaria
Cibo Matto - Dick Serious
Cibo Matto - What Are You Wearing
Cibo Matto - Your Maple Is So Sweet
Cibo Matto - Je t'aime ma non plus
Cibo Matto - Sunday Part 1
Cibo Matto - Sunday Part 2
Cibo Matto - Black (H)ole Sun
Cibo Matto - M.F.N.
Cibo Matto - 10th Fl.Ghost Girl
Cibo Matto - Maid Song (House Keeping)
Classix Nouveaux - Is It a Dream
Classix Nouveaux - Guilty
Classix Nouveaux - Never Never Comes
Classix Nouveaux - Inside Outside
Classix Nouveaux - Never Again (The Days Time Erased)
Classix Nouveaux - No Other Way
Classix Nouveaux - The Robots Dance
Classix Nouveaux - Run Away
Classix Nouveaux - Every Home Should Have One
Classix Nouveaux - Tokyo
Classix Nouveaux - Or a Movie
Classix Nouveaux - Heart From the Start
Classix Nouveaux - Nasty Little Green Men
City - Flieg ich durch die Welt
City - Nachts wenn wir träumen
City - Wie du
City - Flugzeug ohne Flieger
City - Heute
City - Dünnes Eis
City - Gestern
City - Wege
City - Fang an
City - Für immer und immer
City - Berlin 2
City - Zieh dich aus
City - Darf ich
City - Nie wieder
City - Ich bin ganz Auge
City - Silberstreif am Horizont
City - In Zeiten wie diesen
City - Meine Gegend
City - Wer weiss...
City - Tamara
City - Lebenslang
City - Schwestern & Brüder
City - Weihnachtsstern
City - Bummiland
City - Wenn wir schlafen
City - Sieben Tage lang
City - Noch'n Bier
City - Halb und halb
City - Gute Gründe
City - Für immer jung
City - Danke Engel
City - Zu spät
City - Es ist immer noch Sommer
City - Sind so kleine Hände
City - Lieben und lieben lassen
City - Frei
City - Das Schöne am Leben
City - Quicklebendig (In The Death Car)
City - Anker
City - Die 20 Gebote
City - Erzähl mir was
City - Steine im Fluss
City - Diesmal
Cícero - Vagalumes cegos
Cícero - Ensaio sobre ela
Cícero - Açúcar ou adoçante?
Cícero - Laiá laiá
Cícero - Fuga n°3 da rua Nestor
Cícero - Ela e a lata
Cícero - Fuga n°4
Cícero - Porta, retrato
Cícero - A Praia
Cícero - Camomila
Cícero - De passagem
Cícero - O bobo
Cícero - Soneto de Santa Cruz
Cícero - Isabel (carta de um pai aflito)
Cícero - Albatroz
Cícero - Cecília & a Máquina
Cícero - Terminal Alvorada
Cícero - Frevo por acaso N˚2
Chasing Grace - Free
Chasing Grace - Even If I Could
Chasing Grace - Silence Says It All
Chasing Grace - Another Type Of Love
Chasing Grace - Hercules
Chasing Grace - Alice
Chasing Grace - Run
Chasing Grace - Can't Believe
Chasing Grace - Tonight
Chasing Grace - Very Little Good
Chasing Grace - Lost Time
Chasing Grace - Trust
Classix Nouveaux - San Damiano
Classix Nouveaux - Never Again
Classix Nouveaux - The Protector of Night
City - Mit mir
City - Panama
City - Sommerherzen (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
City - Wen die Götter lieben
City - Auf den Knien meiner Seele
City - Ich liebe dich
City - Im Alter weise
City - 1000 Striche
City - Anassa Lullaby
City - Mach was
City - Rauchzeichen
City - Deutsch, Russisch, Englisch
City - Tour d'amour
City - Ganz leicht
City - Rosen
City - Komm und trink aus
City - Laß mich in deine Träume
City - Wenn Ich könnte wie ich wollte
City - Sieben Söhne
City - Keine Angst
City - Rüdersdorf (Baltimore)
City - Steinzeit
City - Maria Marie
City - Verdeckte Aktion
City - Küß mich
City - Laura
City - Der alte Klempner (Hey Joe)
City - Fifty Fifty
City - Randerscheinung
City - Bulgarien Rock
City - Quicklebendig
City - Heidenspass
City - Traum
City - Wir sind wir
City - Am Abend
City - War gut
City - Feuer im Eis
City - So hoch
City - Neongott
City - Wackelkontakt
City - Schattenbild
City - Liebe unterm Satellit
City - Stein um Stein
City - In den Sturm
City - Hundert Jahre Einsamkeit
City - Tu Was Du Willst-Live
City - Zuckersüß
City - Unser Schuldirektor
City - Sisyphus
City - Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind
City - Kontra
City - Was mich trägt
City - Little City Drummerboy
City - Wo du nicht bist
City - Vater glaubte
City - Die Bäume
City - Sehnsucht
City - Mein alter Freund
City - Weil die Erde ein Kugel ist
City (Comma) State - All My Lies
chillaholic - KA
Chris Clark - Love's Gone Bad
Chris Clark - Good Morning Starshine
Chris Clark - Try It Baby
Chris Clark - Yester Me Yester You Yesterday
Andrea Chimenti - La cattiva amante
Andrea Chimenti - Prima della cenere
Andrea Chimenti - Il momento del passo
Andrea Chimenti - Tra la terra e il cielo
Andrea Chimenti - Quieta notte
Andrea Chimenti - Limpido
Andrea Chimenti - Cuore di carne
Andrea Chimenti - Mipney ma
Andrea Chimenti - Il gioco
Andrea Chimenti - Se tornassi alla fonte
Andrea Chimenti - Era il momento
Andrea Chimenti - Ora o mai
Andrea Chimenti - Ti ho aspettato (I Have Waited for You)
Andrea Chimenti - L'albero pazzo
Andrea Chimenti - Maestro strabilio
Andrea Chimenti - Carta di riso
Andrea Chimenti - La donna sul fiume
Andrea Chimenti - Senza un'alba
Andrea Chimenti - La finestra sul melo
Andrea Chimenti - Una muta canzone
Andrea Chimenti - Lasciatemi stare
Andrea Chimenti - Si dirada la nebbia
Andrea Chimenti - Vorrei incontrarti
Andrea Chimenti - Vanità
Andrea Chimenti - La notte bella
Andrea Chimenti - Il compleanno
Andrea Chimenti - Nostalgia
Andrea Chimenti - San Martino del Carso
Andrea Chimenti - Cori descrittivi di stati d'animo di Didone
Andrea Chimenti - Natale
Andrea Chimenti - Da “Ultimi cori per la terra promessa”
Andrea Chimenti - Silenzio
Andrea Chimenti - Tra i pioppi
Andrea Chimenti - La maschera del corvo nero
Andrea Chimenti - Solo lei
Andrea Chimenti - Metti le scarpe buone
Andrea Chimenti - Koincobes
Andrea Chimenti - Una bici sotto la pioggia
Andrea Chimenti - Amami
Andrea Chimenti - La chiave
Andrea Chimenti - Petali di rosa sull'acqua
Andrea Chimenti - L'orchestra del vento
Christian Rich - High
Christian Rich - Forever Ever
Christian Rich - Fast Life
Christian Rich - Compromise
Christian Rich - Face
Christian Rich - Face Feat Denitia & Sene
Christian Rich - Disappear Feat Jay Sean
Christian Rich - Better To Feat DWNTWN
Christian Rich - Real Love Feat Angela McCluskey
Julien Clerc - La Cavalerie
Julien Clerc - Ivanovitch
Julien Clerc - Yann et les dauphins
Julien Clerc - Laissons entrer le soleil
Julien Clerc - Des jours entiers à t'aimer
Julien Clerc - Les Fleurs des gares
Julien Clerc - Si tu reviens
Julien Clerc - La Californie
Julien Clerc - Zucayan
Julien Clerc - La Fée qui rend les filles belles
Julien Clerc - La Veuve de Joe Stan Murray
Julien Clerc - Ce n’est rien
Julien Clerc - Adélita
Julien Clerc - La Fille de la véranda
Julien Clerc - Niagara
Julien Clerc - Le Cœur volcan
Julien Clerc - Si on chantait
Julien Clerc - Jouez violons, sonnez crécelles
Julien Clerc - Elle a au fond des yeux
Julien Clerc - Je sais que c’est elle
Julien Clerc - Poissons morts
Julien Clerc - Ça fait pleurer le bon Dieu
Julien Clerc - Ballade pour un fou
Julien Clerc - Terre de France
Julien Clerc - Le Piano éléphant
Julien Clerc - C'est une andalouse
Julien Clerc - Souffrir par toi n’est pas souffrir
Julien Clerc - Je voyage
Julien Clerc - Elle voulait qu’on l’appelle Venise
Julien Clerc - Le Cœur trop grand pour moi
Julien Clerc - À mon âge et à l’heure qu’il est
Julien Clerc - Romina
Julien Clerc - Jaloux de tout
Julien Clerc - J'ai eu trente ans
Julien Clerc - Ma préférence
Julien Clerc - Macumba
Julien Clerc - Je dors avec elle
Julien Clerc - Ça commence comme un rêve d'enfant
Julien Clerc - Quand je joue
Julien Clerc - Bibliothèque Mazarine
Julien Clerc - Femmes… je vous aime
Julien Clerc - Lili voulait aller danser
Julien Clerc - La Fille aux bas nylon
Julien Clerc - Mélissa
Julien Clerc - Angéla
Julien Clerc - Tant d'amour
Julien Clerc - Mon ange
Julien Clerc - L'Enfant au walkman
Julien Clerc - Hélène
Julien Clerc - Les Aventures à l'eau
Julien Clerc - Fais-moi une place
Julien Clerc - Nouveau big bang
Julien Clerc - L'Ange déchu
Julien Clerc - New Virginia
Julien Clerc - Utile
Julien Clerc - La belle est arrivée
Julien Clerc - Quitter l'enfance
Julien Clerc - Blues indigo
Julien Clerc - Les Séparés
Julien Clerc - Si j’étais elle
Julien Clerc - On serait seuls au monde
Julien Clerc - L’Horizon chimérique
Julien Clerc - Avant qu’on aille au fond des choses
Julien Clerc - Une vie de rien
Julien Clerc - Réfugié
Julien Clerc - Carthage
Julien Clerc - C'est pour toi
Julien Clerc - Le Caravanier
Julien Clerc - Le Petit Vieillard qui chantait mal
Julien Clerc - L'éléphant est déjà vieux
Julien Clerc - Heureux le marin qui nage
Julien Clerc - Lune lune
Julien Clerc - Black Out (Faire l'amour ici)
Julien Clerc - Les Jours de joie
Julien Clerc - Amis
Julien Clerc - Partir
Julien Clerc - Confidence
Julien Clerc - L'Assassin assassiné
Julien Clerc - Jungle Queen
Julien Clerc - Aime-moi
Julien Clerc - J'oublie
Julien Clerc - Qu'est-ce que tu crois ?
Julien Clerc - Rester
Julien Clerc - Place Clichy
Julien Clerc - Docteur
Julien Clerc - Donne-moi de tes nouvelles
Julien Clerc - Ma sirène
Julien Clerc - Les Tout Petits Détails
Julien Clerc - Et surtout...
Julien Clerc - Rolo le Baroudeur
Julien Clerc - Chanson pour mémère
Julien Clerc - Cœur-de-Dieu
Julien Clerc - Les Enfants et les Fifres
Clazziquai Project - You Never Know
Clazziquai Project - Futuristic
Clazziquai Project - After Love
Clazziquai Project - Novabossa
Clazziquai Project - Sweety
Clazziquai Project - Stepping Out
Clazziquai Project - Tattoo
Clazziquai Project - I will never Cry
Clazziquai Project - Gentle Rain
Clazziquai Project - Play Girl
Clazziquai Project - My Life
Clazziquai Project - Cat Bossa
Clazziquai Project - Salesman
Clazziquai Project - Fill this night
Clazziquai Project - Cry out loud
Clazziquai Project - I will give you everything
Clazziquai Project - Come alive
Clazziquai Project - Be my love
Clazziquai Project - Hold your tears
Clazziquai Project - Color your soul
Clazziquai Project - Speechless
Clazziquai Project - Sunshine
Clazziquai Project - Will I ever find
Clazziquai Project - Prayers
Clazziquai Project - Lover Boy
Clazziquai Project - Gentle Giant
Clazziquai Project - Last Tango
Clazziquai Project - Fiesta
Clazziquai Project - Romeo n Juliet
Clazziquai Project - Flower Children
Clazziquai Project - Friday Blues
Clazziquai Project - Glory
Clazziquai Project - The Light
Clazziquai Project - Kiss Kiss Kiss
Clazziquai Project - Love Again
Clazziquai Project - Tell Yourself -Original Mix-
Clazziquai Project - Spinning the World
Clazziquai Project - The Road
Clazziquai Project - Affection
Clazziquai Project - Take a Walk
Clazziquai Project - Chocolate Truffles
Citron - Rock, Rock, Rock!
Citron - Nechoď dál
Citron - Revizor
Citron - Zahradní slavnost
Citron - Už zase mi scházíš
Citron - Plni energie
Citron - Ocelové město
Clazziquai Project - Freedom
Clazziquai Project - Robotica
Clazziquai Project - You
Clazziquai Project - Why
Clazziquai Project - Beautiful Stranger
Clazziquai Project - Beat in Love
Clazziquai Project - Prayers - Shinichi Osawa
Clazziquai Project - Next Love - DJ Kayip
Clazziquai Project - Fill This Night - Paradox Remix
Clazziquai Project - Kiss Kiss Kiss (Yasutaka Nakata(capsule)remix)
Clazziquai Project - Tell Yourself
Clazziquai Project - Love mode feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
Clazziquai Project - After love (female ver.)
Clazziquai Project - She Is
Julien Clerc - Coquetier bleu
Julien Clerc - Amazone, à la vie
Julien Clerc - Seule au monde
Julien Clerc - Gare à la casse
Julien Clerc - Fille du feu
Julien Clerc - Petits pois lardons
Julien Clerc - Hôtel des caravelles
Julien Clerc - Le Temps d'aimer
Julien Clerc - La nuit c'est tous les jours
Julien Clerc - Les Souvenirs
Julien Clerc - Les jours entre les jours de pluie
Julien Clerc - Fou, peut-être
Julien Clerc - Le père dit à son fils
Julien Clerc - L'amour prend tout
Julien Clerc - Où est-elle ?
Julien Clerc - La Romance du petit cheval
Julien Clerc - Les Dégâts
Julien Clerc - Sur la plage, une enfant
Julien Clerc - Sexy
Julien Clerc - Blonde et en colère
Julien Clerc - Les Robots qui dansent
Julien Clerc - Style Ming
Julien Clerc - Appel urgent
Clazziquai Project - Lazy Sunday Morning
Clazziquai Project - Wizard of OZ
Clazziquai Project - Love mode
Clazziquai Project - Fill this night (paradox remix )
Clazziquai Project - Love Mode (pzq Mode)
Clazziquai Project - Electronics
Clazziquai Project - Creator
Clazziquai Project - Night Stage
Clazziquai Project - Brown Gold Eyes
Clazziquai Project - Love Right
Clazziquai Project - Sweetest Name
Clazziquai Project - Like a Diamond
Clazziquai Project - Maybe Baby
Clazziquai Project - Call Me Back
Clazziquai Project - Love Satellite
Clazziquai Project - Life etc.
Clazziquai Project - Madly
Clazziquai Project - Aurora
Clazziquai Project - Sweet Life
Cherri Bomb - Take This Now
Cherri Bomb - Better This Way
Cherri Bomb - Shake the Ground
Cherri Bomb - Too Many Faces
Cherri Bomb - Sacrificial Lamb
Cherri Bomb - Act the Part
Cherri Bomb - Drawing a Blank
Cherri Bomb - Heart Is a Hole
Cherri Bomb - Paper Doll
Cherri Bomb - Hold On
Cherri Bomb - The Pretender
Cherri Bomb - Spin
Cherri Bomb - Already Dead
Cherri Bomb - Mirror Mirror
Cherri Bomb - Raw.Real.
Hermes House Band & Tony Christie - (Is This the Way to) Amarillo
Tony Christie - Avenues and Alleyways
Tony Christie - Las Vegas
Tony Christie - Solitaire
Tony Christie - Happy Birthday Baby
Tony Christie - I Did What I Did for Maria
Tony Christie - Drive Safely Darlin'
Tony Christie - Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
Tony Christie - Most Beautiful Girl
Tony Christie - The Way We Were
Tony Christie - So Deep Is the Night
Tony Christie - Didn't We
Tony Christie - Vienna Sunday
Tony Christie - Loving You
Tony Christie - Almost in Love
Tony Christie - (Is This The Way To) Amarillo
Tony Christie - I'm Not in Love
Tony Christie - Sweet September
Tony Christie - I Will Remember
Tony Christie - Train to Yesterday
Tony Christie - Summer Wine
Tony Christie - Is This the Way to Amarillo
Tony Christie - Blue Bayou
Tony Christie - Country Roads
Tony Christie - I Can Stop Loving You
Tony Christie - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Tony Christie - Release Me
Tony Christie - Ruby
Tony Christie - Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
Tony Christie - Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
Tony Christie - Gipsy Woman
Tony Christie - I Really Had A Ball Last Night
Tony Christie - Lucille
Tony Christie - Sea of Heartbreak
Tony Christie - Six Days On The Road
Tony Christie - Calypso and Rum
Clear Sight Music - Meaning
Julien Clerc - Carabat
Julien Clerc - J'aime ton corps
Julien Clerc - Sans toi
Julien Clerc - Respire
Tony Christie - Kiss in the Night
Tony Christie - Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Tony Christie - Amarillo
Tony Christie - One Dance With You
Tony Christie - The Most Beautiful Girl
Tony Christie - Island in the Sun
Tony Christie - Knocking on Your Door
Tony Christie - Dancing in the Sunshine
Tony Christie - Lonely Nights
Tony Christie - Torero
Tony Christie - Moonlight and Roses
Tony Christie - People Will Say We're in Love
Tony Christie - Moon River
Tony Christie - My Funny Valentine
Tony Christie - The More I See You
Tony Christie - You've Got a Friend
Tony Christie - San Francisco
Tony Christie - Light My Fire
Tony Christie - This Guy's in Love With You
Tony Christie - Danny Boy
Tony Christie - Every Breath You Take
Tony Christie - Life on Mars
Tony Christie - We've Only Just Begun
Tony Christie - God Only Knows
Julien Clerc - Amour consolation
Julien Clerc - Y'a plus de rock au Tennessee
Julien Clerc - Bambou bar
Julien Clerc - To Be or not to Be Bop
Julien Clerc - Danses-y
Julien Clerc - La Petite Sorcière malade
Julien Clerc - Élisa
Julien Clerc - Hollywood
Julien Clerc - Juste comme un enfant
Tony Christie - Carrickfergus
Tony Christie - Going to Havana
Tony Christie - Down in Mexico
Tony Christie - Avenue and Alleyways
Cliar - Solus m' Aigh
Paul Clayton - The Maid of Amsterdam
Paul Clayton - Spanish Ladies
Paul Clayton - The Mermaid
Tony Christie - Smile a Little Smile for Me
Tony Christie - Don’t Go Down to Reno
Chris LeDoux - Rhinestone Cowboy
Julien Clerc - Ma doudou
Julien Clerc - Je t'aime tant
Julien Clerc - Tout en vous m'enchaîne
Julien Clerc - Bourg-la-Reine
Julien Clerc - Des larmes sucrées
Julien Clerc - Entre elle et moi
Julien Clerc - La Jupe en laine
Julien Clerc - Quatre heures du matin
Julien Clerc - Des mots d'ailleurs
Julien Clerc - Mon cœur hélas
Julien Clerc - Quelle jeu elle joue
Tony Christie - You've Lost That Loving Feelin'
Tony Christie - You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Tony Christie - (Is This the Way to) The World Cup
Tony Christie - Only Ones Who Know
Tony Christie - Perfect Moon
Tony Christie - Merry Xmas Everybody
ClickClickDecker - Niemand tanzt so kacke wie ich
ClickClickDecker - Wer hat mir auf die Schuhe gekotzt
ClickClickDecker - 107 leider unvermittelbar
ClickClickDecker - Wenn man alles verliert
ClickClickDecker - Der ganze halbe Liter
ClickClickDecker - Was im Abfluss so hängt
ClickClickDecker - Die Suppe schmeckt auch kalt
ClickClickDecker - Sozialer Brennpunkt Ich
ClickClickDecker - Immerhin beabsichtigt
ClickClickDecker - Stolpern
ClickClickDecker - Aus der Notaufnahme
ClickClickDecker - Es fängt an wie es aufgehört hat
ClickClickDecker - Wenn Ethna wieder spuckt
ClickClickDecker - Händedruck am Wendepunkt
ClickClickDecker - Einbahnstraße
ClickClickDecker - Kümmern wir uns durch die Jahre
ClickClickDecker - Mit Naumanns Füßen
ClickClickDecker - Weil sie uns Siezen
ClickClickDecker - Dialog mit dem Tölpel
ClickClickDecker - Transparent
ClickClickDecker - Noch was mitzugeben
ClickClickDecker - Tierpark Neumünster
ClickClickDecker - Und darüber nachdenken nicht nötig
ClickClickDecker - Ausbalancieren
ClickClickDecker - Was kommt wenn nichts kommen will
ClickClickDecker - Im Wahljahr
ClickClickDecker - Dabei so kurz davor
ClickClickDecker - PT 82 oder das Paarungsverhalten der CT Serie
ClickClickDecker - Durch die Bank
ClickClickDecker - Ich kenne meine Schwächen