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Chayanne - Antes de dormir
Chayanne - Soy como un niño
Chayanne - Atado a tu amor
Chayanne - Mira ven ven
Chayanne - Otra vez
Chayanne - Refugio de amor
Chayanne - Pienso en ti
Chayanne - Nadie como tú
Chayanne - La playa
Chayanne - Si no estás
Chayanne - Me pierdo contigo
Chayanne - Por esa mujer
Chayanne - Me enamoré de ti
Chayanne - Siento
Chayanne - Dime
Chayanne - Tu boca
Chayanne - Besos en la boca (Beijar na boca)
Chayanne - El hombre que fui
Chayanne - No hay imposibles
Chayanne - Contra vientos y mareas
Chayanne - Volver a nacer
Chayanne - El centro de mi corazón
Chayanne - Yo te amo
Chayanne - Solamente tu amor
Chayanne - Entre mis recuerdos
Chayanne - Simplemente
Chayanne - Las horas pasan
Chayanne - Hasta que el alma resista
Chayanne - Ay mamá
Chayanne - Cuando un amor se va
Chayanne - Mariana Mambo
Chayanne - Quién puso más
Chayanne - Te necesito
Chayanne - Boom boom
Chill Rob G - Bad Dreams
Chill Rob G - Court Is Now in Session
Chill Rob G - Motivation
Chill Rob G - The Power
Chill Rob G - Make It
Chill Rob G - Let the Words Flow
Chill Rob G - Let Me Show You
Chill Rob G - Wild Pitch
Chill Rob G - Court Is in Session
Charlie - Le Sapin
Charlie - Je recherche
Charlie - Ema
Charlie - Menteur
Charlie - Les Amoureux de passage
Charlie - Les Ailes du bon dieu
Charlie - Dans les nuages
Charlie - Viens
Charlie - Comme on parle
Charlie - Tout ce qui brille
Chayanne - Solo traigo mi ritmo
Chayanne - Pequeña flor
Chayanne - Voy a enseñarte
Chayanne - Tal vez es amor
Chayanne - Sólo pienso en ti
Chayanne - Ramito de flores
Chayanne - Guajira
Chayanne - Mimi
Chayanne - El arte de amar
Chayanne - Dime lo que quieres que haga
Chayanne - Exxtasis
Chayanne - Simon sez
Chayanne - Soleil, soleil
Chayanne - Donde vas
Chayanne - La fuerza de amar
Chayanne - Sueño perdido
Chayanne - No pensar en ti
Chayanne - Yo Te Amo/Atado a Tu Amor Medley
Chayanne - Un Siglo Sin Tí/Contra Vientos Y Mareas Medley
Chipmunk - Saviour
Chipmunk - Chip Diddy Chip
Chipmunk feat. Dayo Olatunji - Oopsy Daisy
Chipmunk - Man Dem
Chipmunk feat. Emeli Sandé - Diamond Rings
Chipmunk - Lose My Life
Chipmunk - I Am (interval)
Chipmunk - Dear Family
Chipmunk - Beast
Chipmunk feat. Talay Riley - Look for Me
Chipmunk - Role Model
Chipmunk - Sometimes
Chipmunk - Business
Chipmunk - Transition
Chipmunk - Follow My Lead
Chipmunk - Flying High
Chipmunk - Foul
Chipmunk - Then and Now
Chipmunk - White Lies
Chipmunk - Every Gyal
Chipmunk - Take Off
Chipmunk feat. Wretch 32 - Armageddon
Chipmunk - Picture Me
Chipmunk - Pray for Me
Chipmunk - I Am Chipmunk
Chipmunk - Fire Alie
Chipmunk - Light Up Central
Chipmunk - Who Are You
Chipmunk - My Life
Chipmunk - Upgrade You
Chipmunk - Oopsy Daisy
Chipmunk - Look for Me
Chipmunk - Who Are You?
Chipmunk - Until You Were Gone
Chipmunk - Armageddon
Chipmunk - In the Air (Radio Edit) [feat. Keri Hilson]
Chipmunk - In the Air
Chief Keef feat. Soulja Boy - Ugly
Chief Keef feat. Soulja Boy - Foreign Cars
Chayanne - La vida sigue igual
Chayanne - Amada amante
Chayanne - Una muchacha y una guitarra
Chayanne - Yo soy aquel
Chayanne - Pavo real / Agárrense de las manos
Chayanne - Gavilán o paloma
Chayanne - Querida
Chayanne - Pedro Navaja
Chayanne - Para tenerte otra vez
Chayanne - Peligro de amor
Chayanne - Tú y yo
Chayanne - Quien soy yo
Chayanne - Emociones cuantes emociones
Chayanne - Fantasías
Chayanne - Palo bonito
Chayanne - Este ritmo se baila así
Chayanne - Marinero
Chayanne - Tengo esperanza
Chayanne - Madre Tierra (Oye)
Chayanne - Humanos a Marte
Chayanne - Tu respiración
Chayanne - Bailando dos corazones
Chayanne - Mareaito con tu amor
Chayanne - En todo estaré
Chayanne - Quiero bailar contigo
Chayanne - Dímelo
Chayanne - Infinita tú
Chayanne - Tu respiración (versión acústica)
Chayanne - Dímelo (versión acústica)
Chayanne - Chinatown
Chayanne - Sexy
Chayanne - Loco
Chayanne - Chicos malos
Chayanne - Dime dónde voy
Chayanne - Y que culpa tengo yo
Chamillionaire feat. Lil' Flip - Turn It Up
Chinx - Experimental
Chinx - Go Get It
Chinx - The Other Side
Chinx - Yay
Chinx - How To Get Rich
Chinx feat. Meet Sims - On Your Body
Chinx feat. Meet Sims - Don't Mind Me
Chinx - Pray
Chinx - Hey Fool
Chinx - Die Young
Chinx - Match That
Chinx feat. Meet Sims - For the Love
Chinx - Thug Love
Chinx - Far Rock
Chayanne - Sueño perdido (Luz da manha)
Chayanne - Violeta
Chayanne - Sangre latina
Chayanne - Amo a una estrella
Chayanne - Vuelve
Chayanne - ¿Qué será?
Chayanne - Brujería
Chayanne - Una foto para dos
Chayanne - Jana
Chayanne - Voy
Chayanne - Latin lover
Chayanne - Si Nos Quedara Mucho Tiempo
Chayanne - Enamorado (A namorata)
Chayanne - Deixaria tudo
Chayanne - You Are My Home
Chayanne - Fantasias [album version]
Chayanne - Esperanza
Chayanne - Para tenerte otra ves
Chayanne - Dile a todo el mundo no [album version]
Chayanne - Pata-Pata (a dúo con miriam makeba) [album version]
Chayanne - Conquistador [album version]
Chayanne - Palo bonito [album version]
Chayanne - Tengo esperanza (gritos de guerra) [album version]
Chayanne - Este ritmo se baila así [album version]
Ch'aska - Bicolour Cannibalism
Ch'aska - A Flower Brought me Down
Ch'aska - Nightcalls
Ch'aska - Nymph of the Lake
Ch'aska - Pictures
Ch'aska - Tuta Ch'aska
Ch'aska - Silent Notes of Agony
Ch'aska - Pururauca
Ch'aska - Sweet Lover
Ch'aska - Imperio Caído
Chicken Shack - First Time I Met the Blues
Chicken Shack - Get Like You Used to Be
Chicken Shack - I Wanna See My Baby
Chicken Shack - Mean Old World
Chicken Shack - I'd Rather Go Blind
Chicken Shack - The Way It Is
The Changelings - Parallax
The Changelings - Olympus Mons
The Changelings - Season of Mist
The Changelings - Earthquake at Versailles
The Changelings - Solitude
The Changelings - Awakening
The Changelings - 11:59 P.M. October 30
The Changelings - Sunday Morning
Chinawoman - Vacation from Love
Chinawoman - Good Times Don't Carry Over
Chinawoman - Woman is Still a Woman
Chinawoman - To Be With Others
Chinawoman - Where Goes The Night
Chinawoman - What Was Said
Chinawoman - Nothing to Talk About
Chinawoman - Blue Eyes Unchanged
Chinawoman - Let's Part in Style
Chinawoman - Lovers Are Strangers
Chinawoman - Aviva
Chinawoman - Party Girl
Chinawoman - I Kiss the Hand of My Destroyer
Chinawoman - Left You at the Farm
Chinawoman - Friday Night
Chinawoman - I'll Be Your Woman
Chinawoman - Drawn to You
Chinawoman - Show Me the Face
Chinawoman - Acid Broke the Spell
Chinawoman - Keep in Mind
Chinawoman - Let's Meet
Chinawoman - Woman's Touch
Chinawoman - Go
Chinawoman - Wrong Side of the Fence
Chinawoman - It's No Compliment
Chinawoman - God Bless My Socially Retarded Friends
Chinawoman - Russian Ballerina
Chinawoman - Kiss in Taksim Square
Ray Charles - A Fool for You
Ray Charles - Drown in My Own Tears
Ray Charles - Lonely Avenue
Ray Charles - Ain’t That Love
Ray Charles - Them That Got
Ray Charles - Georgia on My Mind
Ray Charles - Ruby
Ray Charles - I’ve Got News for You
Ray Charles - But on the Other Hand Baby
Ray Charles - Hide nor Hair
Ray Charles - At the Club
Ray Charles - You Are My Sunshine
Ray Charles - Take These Chains From My Heart
Ray Charles - Busted
Ray Charles - Crying Time
Ray Charles - Together Again
Ray Charles - Let’s Go Get Stoned
Ray Charles - Yesterday
Ray Charles - America the Beautiful
Willie Nelson & Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels
Ray Charles - I'll Be Good to You
Ray Charles - Can't You See Darlin'
Ray Charles - I'm Moving On
Ray Charles - A Sentimental Blues
Ray Charles - Talkin' About You
Ray Charles - She's on the Ball
Ray Charles - I’m Going Down the River
Ray Charles - I've Got a Woman
Ray Charles - I Can't Stop Loving You
Ray Charles - Come Rain or Come Shine
Ray Charles - Let the Good Times Roll
Ray Charles - Born to Lose
Ray Charles - Your Cheating Heart
Ray Charles - I Love You, I Love You
Ray Charles - Rockin’ Chair Blues
Ray Charles - If I Give You My Love
Ray Charles - Blues Before Sunrise
Ray Charles - How Long Blues
Ray Charles - You'll Always Miss the Water
Ray Charles - Ain’t That Fine
Ray Charles - Sittin’ on Top of the World (Now She’s Gone)
Ray Charles - See See Rider
Charlène - Griekse nacht
Charlène - Mijn fotoboek
Charlène - Op de vleugels van je dromen
Charlène - Ik kan geen tranen van je zien
Charlène - Ik ben verliefd
Charlène - Engel in mijn droom
Charlène - Mijn mooiste herinnering
Charlène - Dan neem ik rozen voor u mee
Charlène - Eens kom ik weer bij jou terug
Charlène - Het zou erg zijn
Charlène - De laatste reis
Charlène - Als een vogel in de lucht
Charlène - Jij hoeft mij niets meer uit te leggen
Charlène - Ik zoek een beetje amore
Charlène - Als ik alles toch geweten had
Charlène - Dat moet wel liefde zijn
Charlène - Ben ik jou kwijt
Charlène - Een zwaluw maakt nog geen zomer
Chicken Shack - Crying Won't Help You Now
Chicken Shack - Going Down
Chin Chin - Appetite
Chin Chin - You Can't Hold Her
Cheb Mami - Le Rai C'est Chic
Cheb Mami - Khalouni
Cheb Mami - Yahamami
Cheb Mami - Ana Oualache
Cheb Mami - Tzazae
Cheb Mami - Zarartou
Cheb Mami - Machi Chaba
Cheb Mami - Halili
Cheb Mami - Non C'sera Non (Omri Omri)
Cheb Mami - (Leh) Inshallah
Cheb Mami - Tigi Tigi
Cheb Mami - Sabran (Ya ghali)
Cheb Mami - Gaiye Bil Salama
Cheb Mami - Ahla Layali Omrina
Cheb Mami - Ajilissou (Fil Makha)
Cheb Mami - Nos couleurs
Cheb Mami - Alik Maina
Cheb Mami - Cosi Celeste
Cheb Mami - Enfants d'Afrique
Cheb Mami - Clando
Cheb Mami - Youm Wara Youm
Cheb Mami - Fugitif
Cheb Mami - Koum Tara
Cheb Mami - Douha Alia
Cheb Mami - Rah Eddani
Cheb Mami - Khalihoum
Cheb Mami - Manimane
Chindergarte Langnau-Gontenbach - D Flöckli tanzed, jupedihee!
Cheb Mami - Ralia Mahboubit Galbi
Cheb Mami - H'Babi
Cheb Mami - Gualbak K'ssah
Cheb Mami - Baida
Cheb Mami - Li fet ghi mnem
Cheb Mami - Zouaji
Cheb Mami - Alache alache
Cheb Mami - Meli meli
Cheb Mami - Alache alik
Cheb Mami - Bledi
Cheb Mami - Parisien du Nord
Cheb Mami - Rani maak el youm
Cheb Mami - H'rabti
Cheb Mami - Hada ch'hal
Cheb Mami - Hatachi
Cheb Mami - Bekatni
Cheb Mami - Cheikh
Changin’ My Life - IN FUTURE
Changin’ My Life - Ajisai
Changin’ My Life - Luv. Remix
Changin’ My Life - Confidence
Changin’ My Life - Embraced Love
Changin’ My Life - Nostalgia
Changin’ My Life - New Future
Changin’ My Life - SMILE
Changin’ My Life - Stardust
Cheb Mami feat. Sting - Desert Rose
Cheb Mami - Maandi Weli
Cheb Mami - Au pays des merveilles
Cheb Mami - Azwaw 2
Cheb Mami - Desert Rose
Cheb Mami - Kim Lachoua
Cheb Mami - Au pays des merveilles (Azwaw)
Cheb Mami - Azwaw
Ray Charles - Losing Hand
Ray Charles - Come Back
Ray Charles - Hard Times (Nobody Knows Better Than I)
Ray Charles - What Would I Do Without You
Ray Charles - I Want a Little Girl
Ray Charles - Early in the Mornin’
Ray Charles - I Believe to My Soul
Ray Charles - The Man I Love
Ray Charles - Music, Music, Music
Ray Charles - I Surrender Dear
Ray Charles - Ain't Misbehavin'
Ray Charles - Doodlin’
Ray Charles - Undecided
Ray Charles - Rockhouse, Parts 1 & 2
Ray Charles - Lonely Boy
Ray Charles - Honey Honey
Ray Charles - What Have I Done?
Ray Charles - I've Had My Fun (Going Down Slow)
Ray Charles - Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
Ray Charles - CC Rider
Ray Charles - This Little Girl of Mine
Ray Charles - Hallelujah I Love Her So
Ray Charles - Leave My Woman Alone
Ray Charles - Swanee River Rock
Ray Charles - Tell the Truth
Ray Charles - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'
Ray Charles - Hardhearted Hannah
Ray Charles - I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
Ray Charles - The Danger Zone
Ray Charles & Betty Carter - Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
Ray Charles - The Brightest Smile in Town
Ray Charles - That Lucky Old Sun
Ray Charles - Ol’ Man River
Ray Charles - Smack Dab In The Middle
Ray Charles - Makin’ Whoopee
Ray Charles - Without a Song, Parts 1 and 2
Ray Charles - I Chose To Sing The Blues
Ray Charles - Eleanor Rigby
Ray Charles - Understanding
Ray Charles - Here We Go Again
Ray Charles - In The Heat Of The Night
Ray Charles - Gee, Baby Ain't I Good to You
Ray Charles - I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Ray Charles - If It Wasn't for Bad Luck
Ray Charles - Don't Change On Me
Ray Charles - Feel So Bad
Ray Charles - Look What They Done to My Song, Ma
Ray Charles - I Can Make It Thru the Days (But Oh Those Lonely Nights)
Ray Charles - Rainy Night in Georgia
Ray Charles - Am I Blue
Ray Charles - How Long Has This Been Going On
Ray Charles - The Jealous Kind
Ray Charles - Is There Anyone Out There?
Ray Charles - We Didn't See a Thing
Ray Charles & Hank Williams, Jr. - Two Old Cats Like Us
Lou Rawls & Ray Charles - That’s Where It’s At
Ray Charles - A Song for You
Ray Charles - Still Crazy After All These Years
Chewing On Tinfoil - Uprooted and Booted
Chewing On Tinfoil - Shaving
Chewing On Tinfoil - I Was Here, But I Disappear
Chewing On Tinfoil - Forty Shades of Grey
Tyron Carter - Intro
Tyron Carter - Juste pour le week-end
Tyron Carter - Ne me dis pas
Tyron Carter - Hustler Muzik
Tyron Carter - Un moment d'évasion
Tyron Carter - Girlfriend
Tyron Carter - Mon hold-up
Tyron Carter - Sexy, Fashion et Classik
Tyron Carter - Ghetto Girl
Tyron Carter - Lettre à cœur ouvert
Tyron Carter - Si on avait su
Tyron Carter - Groupie Love
Tyron Carter - Hey Tyron!
Tyron Carter - Repose en paix
Chambao - Mi primo Juan
Chambao - Pokito A Poko
Chambao - Uleré
Chambao - Camino interior
Chambao - Roé por la escalera
Chambao - Dibujo En El Aire
Chambao - Sueño Y Muero
Chambao - Como lo siento
Chambao - Chicuelo
Chambao - Chambao
Chambao - Lo Verás
Chambao - Desconocido
Chambao - Vida
Chambao - Volando voy
Chambao - Los Muchachos De Mi Barrio
Chambao - Mejor Me Quedo Aquí
Chambao - Una De Tantas
Chambao - As De Corazones
Chambao - Olvidarme De Tí (Bulería)
Chambao - El Lengua
Chambao - Verde Mar
Chambao - Ahí Estás Tú
Chambao - Playas De Barbate
Chambao - Instinto humano (Chambao Goes to the Club Dr. Kucho Weekend vocal)
Chambao - Papeles Mojados
Chambao - Duende Del Sur
Chambao - El Canto De La Ballena
Chambao - Yo Soy Quien
Chambao - Será
Chambao - Lo Bueno Y Lo Malo
Chambao - Buenos consejos
Chambao - Llévalo contigo
Chambao - Como el sol
Chicane feat. Natasha Bedingfield - Bruised Water
Chambao - No te pierdas
Chambao - Pasta Pa La Costa
Chambao - Luz
Chambao - Como el agua
Chambao - Tu frialdad
Chambao - Um pincelada
Chambao - Somos luz
Chambao - Déjame vivir
Chambao - Cómeme
Chambao - Los muchados de mi barrio
Chambao - Olvidarme de ti
Chambao - Ying-yang
Chambao - Instinto humano (Dr. Kucho Weekend vocal)
Chambao - Pokito a poco
Chambao - Comeme ( (directo perito moreno)
Chebaleba - Himaa ennen Hesarii
Chebaleba - Pökötti
Chebaleba - Kesäfiilistelyy
Chebaleba - Kuuri pääl
Chebaleba - Muuttomies
Chebaleba - Sitä saa mitä tilaa
Chebaleba - Pitää mennä
Ray Charles - I’m Glad for Your Sake
Ray Charles - Walkin’ and Talkin’
Ray Charles - I’m Wonderin’ and Wonderin’
Ray Charles - Where Can I Go
Ray Charles - Born to Be Blue
Ray Charles - In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down)
Ray Charles - A Stranger in Town
Ray Charles - Ol’ Man Time
Ray Charles - Over the Rainbow
Chingy feat. Tyrese - Pullin' Me Back
Nick Cave - Water's Edge
Nick Cave - The Weeping Song
Nick Cave - Red Right Hand
Nick Cave - Brompton Oratory
Nick Cave - Higgs Boson Blues
Nick Cave - Mermaids
Nick Cave - I Let Love In
Nick Cave - Into My Arms
Nick Cave - West Country Girl
Nick Cave - Tupelo
Nick Cave - Black Hair
Nick Cave - We No Who U R
Nick Cave - Stranger Than Kindness
Nick Cave - Jack the Ripper
Nick Cave - The Lyre of Orpheus
Nick Cave - Push the Sky Away
Nick Cave - Henry Lee
Kinga Preis - Przekleństwo Millhaven
Nick Cave - Disco 2000
Nick Cave - Wonderful Life
Nick Cave - Papa Won't Leave You Henry
Nick Cave - Thirsty Dog
Nick Cave - Stagger Lee
Nick Cave - Far From Me
Nick Cave - The Loom of the Land
Nick Cave - Swampland
Nick Cave - Cannibal's Hymn
Nick Cave - As I Sat Sadly by Her Side
Nick Cave - Little Janey's Gone
Nick Cave - Vixo
Nick Cave - Nobody's Baby Now
Nick Cave - The Singer
Nick Cave - Intro
Nick Cave - Babe, You Turn Me On
Nick Cave - Right Now I'm A-Roaming
Nick Cave - Do You Love Me?
Nick Cave - Gates to the Garden
Nick Cave - Jennifer's Veil
Nick Cave - Little Empty Boat
Nick Cave - Straight to You
Nick Cave - Christina the Astonishing
Nick Cave - Do You Love Me, Part 2
Nick Cave - Darker With the Day
Nick Cave - People Ain't No Good
Nick Cave - Time Jesum Transientum Et Non Riverentum
Nick Cave - Messiah Ward
Nick Cave - Mutiny in Heaven
Nick Cave - And No More Shall We Part
Nick Cave - Wings Off Flies
Nick Cave - Lucy
Nick Cave - Hallelujah
Nick Cave - Abattoir Blues
Nick Cave - Deanna
Nick Cave - Still in Love
Nick Cave - Dead Joe
Nick Cave - A Box for Black Paul
Nick Cave - Saint Huck
Nick Cave - Jublinee Street
Ray Charles - Mary Ann
Ray Charles - Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)
Ray Charles - It’s Alright
Ray Charles - Get on the Right Track Baby
Ray Charles - That's Enough
Ray Charles - What Kind of Man Are You
Ray Charles - Tell All the World About You
Ray Charles - I Had a Dream
Ray Charles - I Want to Know
Ray Charles - What I'd Say
Ray Charles - It Had to Be You
Ray Charles - Tell Me How Do You Feel
Ray Charles - Tell Me You’ll Wait for Me
Ray Charles - Alexander’s Ragtime Band
Ray Charles - You Won’t Let Me Go
Ray Charles - Just for a Thrill
Ray Charles - I Love You So Much It Hurts
Ray Charles - Half as Much
Ray Charles - Just a Little Lovin’
Ray Charles - Worried Mind
Ray Charles - You Win Again
Ray Charles - Careless Love
Ray Charles - Hey, Good Lookin’
Chain - Cities, Part 1
Chain - She Looks Like You
Chain - Eama Hut
Chain - Never Leave the Past Behind
Chain - Hot to Cold
Chain - Last Chance to See
Andrés Cepeda - Sé morir
Andrés Cepeda - Ya no eres tú
Andrés Cepeda - Embrujo
Andrés Cepeda - Me voy
Andrés Cepeda - Pecado mortal
Andrés Cepeda - Un poco más
Andrés Cepeda - Día gris
Andrés Cepeda - Ciertas cosas
Andrés Cepeda - A donde va
Andrés Cepeda - Ojos extraños
Andrés Cepeda - Ya no eres tú (pista)
Andrés Cepeda - Embrujo (pista)
Andrés Cepeda - Día tras día
Andrés Cepeda - Fallaste
Andrés Cepeda - Así de grande
Andrés Cepeda - Faltarán
Andrés Cepeda - No es casualidad
Andrés Cepeda - Me sacaste de la casa
Andrés Cepeda - Ya no me sabe igual
Andrés Cepeda - Tengo ganas
Andrés Cepeda - Alma
Andrés Cepeda - Me lleva tiempo
Andrés Cepeda - El tren
Andrés Cepeda - Sabrá Dios
Andrés Cepeda - El guitarro
Andrés Cepeda - Palabras
Andrés Cepeda - Viento
Andrés Cepeda - Hasta que venga la mañana
Andrés Cepeda - Tengo ganas (acústica)
Andrés Cepeda - Piel canela
Andrés Cepeda - Para amarte mejor (versión pop)
Andrés Cepeda - Voy a extrañarte
Andrés Cepeda - No tiene sentido
Andrés Cepeda - Ella mintió
Andrés Cepeda - Las cuarenta (mariachi)
Andrés Cepeda - Antes que te vayas
Andrés Cepeda - Me está tallando
Andrés Cepeda - Día de tristeza
Andrés Cepeda - Las cuarenta
Andrés Cepeda - Como puede ser
Huw Chiswell - Gadael Abertawe
Huw Chiswell - Dere Nawr
Huw Chiswell - Y Cwm
Huw Chiswell - Rho Un i Mi
Huw Chiswell - Mwy nag Angel
Huw Chiswell - Tatws
Huw Chiswell - Rhywun yn Gadael
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Intro
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Blackout
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Regentage
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Geschichten schreiben
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Herz, Blut, Lunge
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Was ist passiert?
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Ja und Nein
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Alles
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Es kommt wie es kommt
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Feiner Sand
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Ganxta Ganxta
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Wozu?
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Macht was ihr wollt
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Outro
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Zu Lange feat. D-Bo & Nyze
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Stunde Null
Chakuza & Bizzy Montana - Leuchtturm
Ray Charles - It Hurts to Be in Love
Ray Charles - Wheel of Fortune
Ray Charles - There'll Be Some Changes Made
Ray Charles - Isn't It Wonderful
Ray Charles - I Don't Want No One but You
Ray Charles - A Little Bitty Tear
Ray Charles - Why Me Lord?
Ray Charles - In a Little Spanish Town
Ray Charles - Sherry
Ray Charles - The Right Time
Ray Charles - Talkin' 'Bout You
Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!
Andrés Cepeda - Lo mejor que hay en mi vida
Andrés Cepeda - Un ratito
Andrés Cepeda - El mensaje
Andrés Cepeda - Esto no se llama amor
Andrés Cepeda - Tú eres parte de mí
Andrés Cepeda - Lejos de ti
Andrés Cepeda - Siempre estás tú
Andrés Cepeda - Para dar contigo
Andrés Cepeda - Que no he sido yo
Andrés Cepeda - Que pena
Andrés Cepeda - Te regalo mi canto
Andrés Cepeda - Vuelve a cantar para mí
Andrés Cepeda - El cielo que no merezco
Andrés Cepeda - Mientras más pasaba el tiempo
Andrés Cepeda - Entrégame las alas
Andrés Cepeda - Armadillo
Andrés Cepeda - Y si la ves
Andrés Cepeda - Yo me acuerdo de ti
Andrés Cepeda - Tu amigo
Andrés Cepeda - Lo que he dejado atrás
Andrés Cepeda - Como tus amores
Andrés Cepeda - Luna llena
Andrés Cepeda - Desvanecer
Andrés Cepeda - Mi generación
Andrés Cepeda - El Equeco
Andrés Cepeda - Mil ciudades
Andrés Cepeda - Desesperado
Andrés Cepeda - Bolero sin fin
Andrés Cepeda - Canta conmigo
Andrés Cepeda - Eres parte de todo
Andrés Cepeda - Yo, que tanto te esperé
Andrés Cepeda - Locura mía
Andrés Cepeda - Mejor que a ti me va
Andrés Cepeda - La felicidad
Andrés Cepeda - No te vayas todavía
Andrés Cepeda - Imposible de olvidar
Andrés Cepeda - Pensando en ti (Pensando em você)
Andrés Cepeda - Por el resto de mi vida
Andrés Cepeda - Cerquita de tu corazón
The Checks - Mercedes Children
The Checks - Take Me There
The Checks - Tired From Sleeping
The Checks - Where Has She Gone
The Checks - Terribly Easy
The Checks - Honest Man
The Checks - See Me Peter
The Checks - Don't Wait
The Checks - Memory Walking
The Checks - Bagheera
The Checks - Isabella
The Checks - Dogs of Perfection
The Checks - Ready to Die
The Checks - Black Frog
The Checks - One Sock
The Checks - Perfect Lover
The Checks - Winter Sun
The Checks - Spiders
The Checks - Candyman Shimmer
The Checks - Jet Plane
The Checks - My Brother
Celtic Thunder - Ride On
Celtic Thunder - A Bird Without Wings
Celtic Thunder - My Boy
Celtic Thunder - Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Celtic Thunder - Love Thee Dearest
Celtic Thunder - I Want to Know What Love Is
Celtic Thunder - Heartbreaker
Celtic Thunder - Knights in White Satin
Celtic Thunder - Young Love
Celtic Thunder - Yesterday's Men
Celtic Thunder - That's a Woman
Celtic Thunder - Caledonia
Celtic Thunder - Heartland
Celtic Thunder - Castles in the Air (Bouns Track)
Celtic Thunder - Working Man
Celtic Thunder - Every Breath You Take
Celtic Thunder - Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Celtic Thunder - Steal Away
Celtic Thunder - Because We Believe
Celtic Thunder - Wichita Lineman
Celtic Thunder - Midnight Well
Celtic Thunder - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Celtic Thunder - You Raise Me Up
Celtic Thunder - Take Me Home
Celtic Thunder - The Dutchman
Celtic Thunder - Buachaill Ón Eirne
Celtic Thunder - Black Is the Color
Celtic Thunder - My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
Celtic Thunder - Home From the Sea
Celtic Thunder - Just a Song at Twilight
Celtic Thunder - Gold & Silver Days
Celtic Thunder - Noreen
Celtic Thunder - Kindred Spirits
Celtic Thunder - Red Rose Café
Celtic Thunder - A Place in the Choir
Celtic Thunder - Dulaman
Celtic Thunder - Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
Celtic Thunder - Moondance
Celtic Thunder - She's Always a Woman
Celtic Thunder - Friends in Low Places
Celtic Thunder - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Celtic Thunder - All Day Long
Celtic Thunder - Cat's in the Cradle
Celtic Thunder - Maid of Culmore
Celtic Thunder - All Out of Love
Celtic Thunder - Falling Slowly
Celtic Thunder - Seven Drunken Nights
Andrés Cepeda - Si fueras mi enemigo
Andrés Cepeda - Amar y temer
Andrés Cepeda - Más bonita que tú
Andrés Cepeda - Para amarte mejor
Andrés Cepeda - Bienvenida la vida sin ti
Andrés Cepeda - Lejanía
Andrés Cepeda - Mi insipracion
Andrés Cepeda - El carpintero del amor (balada)
Andrés Cepeda - Corre el tiempo
Andrés Cepeda - Tu ausencia [En directo]
Andrés Cepeda - El eco de tu voz [En directo]
Andrés Cepeda - Que maravilla ser [En directo]
Andrés Cepeda - Ciertas cosas [En directo]
Andrés Cepeda - El rumbo de tus pasos [En directo]
Andrés Cepeda - Dulce milagro [En directo]
Andrés Cepeda - Este amor que arrasa [En directo]
Andrés Cepeda - Fuí el que mas te quiso [En directo]
Andrés Cepeda - Te quiero decir [En directo]
Mary Beth Carlson - As The Deer
Ray Charles - Black Coffee
Ray Charles - Its All Right
Ray Charles & Milt Jackson - How Long Blues
Ray Charles & Milt Jackson - Deed I Do
Ray Charles - Alabamy Bound
Ray Charles - Mississippi Mud
Ray Charles - Moonlight in Vermont
Ray Charles - Moon Over Miami
Ray Charles - Deep in the Heart of Texas
Ray Charles - Blue Hawaii
Ray Charles - Imagine
Ray Charles - Let It Be
Ray Charles - New York's My Home
Ray Charles - Take Me Home, Country Roads
Ray Charles - Lift Every Voice and Sing
Ray Charles - Heaven Help Us All
Ray Charles - God Bless America Again (New Recording)
Ray Charles - Margie
Ray Charles - Without a Song, Parts 1 & 2
Ray Charles - Cry
Ray Charles - Love Is Here To Stay
Hins Cheung - Deadline
Hins Cheung - P.S. I Love You
Hins Cheung - Pi Xing Dai Yue
Hins Cheung - Ying Hua Shu Xia
Hins Cheung - Bu Tu Bu Kuai
Hins Cheung - Xiang Dui Lun
Hins Cheung - Hun Sha Bei Hou
Hins Cheung - Chun Qiu
Hins Cheung - She Shi Ling Du
Hins Cheung - Yes & No
Hins Cheung - Shi Lian You Jiang
Hins Cheung - Dan Da Du Dou
Hins Cheung - Wen De Tai Bi Zhen
Hins Cheung - Duan Dian
Hins Cheung - Ku Ai
Hins Cheung - Gu Yuan Hua Cha
Hins Cheung - Wu Ming Zhi De Guang Huan
Hins Cheung - Sao Ling Qing Ge
Hins Cheung - Déjà Vu
Hins Cheung - Paris
Hins Cheung - Xue Hua Chao
Hins Cheung - Envy
Hins Cheung - ♀,♂,♀♀,♂♂ (Boys & Girls)
Hins Cheung - The Way You Look Tonight
Hins Cheung - Dear U
Hins Cheung - On Fire (Have you ever?)
Hins Cheung - Do What You Want
Hins Cheung - Power In Your Hands
Hins Cheung - I Need You
Hins Cheung - Hate That I Love You
Hins Cheung - Stop The Time
Hins Cheung - Make Me Proud
Hins Cheung - My Way Live
Chino & Nacho - Tu Angelito
Chino & Nacho - Niña bonita
Chino & Nacho - Se apagó la llama
Chino & Nacho - Friday
Chino & Nacho - Lo que no sabes tú
Chino & Nacho - Me mata, me mata
Chino & Nacho - La pastillita
Chino & Nacho feat. Don Omar - Dentro de mí
Chino & Nacho - Contigo
Chino & Nacho feat. Baroni - You Make Me Feel (Higha)
Chino & Nacho - Boleto de Amor
Chino & Nacho - Cuando Se Muere El Amor
Chino & Nacho - Sin ti
Chino & Nacho - El poeta
Chino & Nacho - Bebé bonita
Chino & Nacho - ¿Será que tengo la culpa?
Chino & Nacho - Me voy enamorando
Chino & Nacho feat. Gente de Zona & Los Cadillac's - Tú me quemas
Chino & Nacho - Tartamudo
Chino & Nacho - Cantinero
Chino & Nacho - Marry Me
Chino & Nacho - Vive la vida
Chino & Nacho - We Got the Power
Chino & Nacho - Si estoy junto a ti
Chino & Nacho - Chica ideal
Chino & Nacho - Tu amor, more, more
Chino & Nacho - Simplemente te quiero
Chino & Nacho - Devuélveme el amor
Chino & Nacho - Algo en ti
Chino & Nacho - Dentro de ti
Chino & Nacho - Chica ideal (versión pop)
Chino & Nacho - Mi niña bonita
Chino & Nacho - El facebook
Chino & Nacho - Tu caballero
Chino & Nacho - La profesora
Chino & Nacho - Porque te amo
Chino & Nacho - Mi carrito
Chino & Nacho - Son de la calle
Celtic Thunder - The Isle Of Innisfree
Celtic Thunder - Now We Are Free
Celtic Thunder - Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
Celtic Thunder - The Rocky Road To Dublin
Celtic Thunder - Carrickfergus
Celtic Thunder - Hunter's Moon
Celtic Thunder - Carolina Rua
Celtic Thunder - Katie
Celtic Thunder - Tears Of Hercules
Celtic Thunder - My Land
Celtic Thunder - Winter Wonderland
Celtic Thunder - Last Christmas
Celtic Thunder - Going Home For Christmas
Celtic Thunder - Our First Christmas Together
Celtic Thunder - Christmas 1915
Celtic Thunder - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
Celtic Thunder - Most Wonderful Time of the Year - We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Medley)
Celtic Thunder - Hallelujah
Celtic Thunder - Amazing Grace
Celtic Thunder - Galway Girl
Celtic Thunder - The Star of the County Down
Celtic Thunder - She Moved Thru' The Fair
Celtic Thunder - Mo Ghile Mear
Celtic Thunder - To Where You Are
Celtic Thunder - Desperado
Celtic Thunder - You've Got A Friend In Me
Celtic Thunder - Girls, Girls, Girls
Celtic Thunder - Clancy Brothers Medley (I'll Tell Me Ma / Courtin' In The Kitchen / Irish Rover)
Celtic Thunder - My Irish Molly O
Chino & Nacho - Taki
Chino & Nacho - La esquina
Chino & Nacho - Vagabundo de amor
Chino & Nacho - Te están buscando
Chino & Nacho - Vuelve ya
Chino & Nacho - Renacer
Chino & Nacho - Una oportunidad / Dentro de mí (versión bachata)
Chino & Nacho - Triste corazón
Chino & Nacho - Tú y yo
Chino & Nacho - Ese hombre soy yo (versión salsa)
Chino & Nacho - Asi Es El Amor (version Salsa)
Chino & Nacho - Dentro de mí
Chino & Nacho - Esta noche seremos más
Chino & Nacho - Tú me quemas
Chris Cagle - What Kinda Gone
Chris Cagle - No Love Songs
Chris Cagle - It's Good to Be Back
Chris Cagle - I Don't Wanna Live
Chris Cagle - Never Ever Gone
Chris Cagle - If It Isn't One Thing
Chris Cagle - Keep Me From Loving You
Chris Cagle - Little Sundress
Chris Cagle - My Life's Been A Country Song
Chris Cagle - Change Me
Chris Cagle - My Love Goes On and On
Chris Cagle - Country by the Grace of God
Chris Cagle - Ton of Love
Chris Cagle - Play It Loud
Chris Cagle - The Love Between a Woman and a Man
Chris Cagle - Lovin' You Lovin' Me
Chris Cagle - You Might Want to Think About It
Chris Cagle - Wal-Mart Parking Lot
Chris Cagle - Miss Me Baby
Chris Cagle - Maria
Chris Cagle - Anywhere but Here
Chris Cagle - You Still Do That to Me
Chris Cagle - Hey Ya'll
Chris Cagle - I Was Made for You
Chris Cagle - When I Get There
Chris Cagle - I'd Find You
Chris Cagle - What A Beautiful Day
Chris Cagle - Chicks Dig It
Chris Cagle - Look What I Found
Chris Cagle - I Love It When She Does That
Chris Cagle - Night on the Country
Chris Cagle - I’d Be Lying
Chris Cagle - Everything
Chris Cagle - It Takes Two
Chris Cagle - Just Love Me
Celtic Thunder - Gaudete
Celtic Thunder - Mary Did You Know?
Celtic Thunder - Gabriel's Message
Celtic Thunder - Christmas Medley (Sleigh Ride/Here Comes Santa Claus/The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers/Santa Claus I
Celtic Thunder - Fairytale of New York
Celtic Thunder - Comfort Ye
Celtic Thunder - Black Velvet Band
Celtic Thunder - Mountains of Mourne
Celtic Thunder - The Island
Celtic Thunder - Brothers in Arms
Celtic Thunder - Lauren & I
Celtic Thunder - She
Celtic Thunder - Puppy Love
Celtic Thunder - Just Like Jesse James
Celtic Thunder - Hello Again
Celtic Thunder - Sway
Celtic Thunder - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Celtic Thunder - New Day Dawning
Celtic Thunder - Outside Looking In
Celtic Thunder - When You Are 18
Celtic Thunder - Life in the Old Dog Yet
Celtic Thunder - Stand and Deliver
Celtic Thunder - The Highwayman
Celtic Thunder - Shadow’s Dancing
Celtic Thunder - Harry’s Game
Celtic Thunder - Tender Is the Night
Celtic Thunder - This Was My Life
Celtic Thunder - Look at Me
Celtic Thunder - Hail the Hero (Mo Ghile Mear)
Celtic Thunder - When New York Was Irish
Celtic Thunder - The Bachelor's Warning
Chris Cagle - I Breathe In, I Breathe Out
Chris Cagle - Look at What I've Done
Chris Cagle - Got My Country On
Chris Cagle - I'll Grow My Own
Chris Cagle - Let There Be Cowgirls
Chris Cagle - Dance Baby Dance
Chris Cagle - When Will My Lover Come Around
Chris Cagle - Southern Girl
Chris Cagle - Probably Just Time
Chris Cagle - Thank God She Left the Whiskey
Chris Cagle - Now I Know What Mama Meant
Chris Cagle - Growin' Love
Chris Cagle - Are You Ever Gonna Love Me
Chris Cagle - Summer Again
Ray Charles - Your Cheatin' Heart
Ray Charles - My Heart Cries for You
Ray Charles - My Baby Don't Dig Me
Ray Charles - No One To Cry To
Ray Charles - Please Say You're Fooling
Ray Charles - If You Were Mine
Ray Charles - Look What They've Done to My Song Ma
Ray Charles - I Believe
Ray Charles - Hallelujah I Just Love Her So
Ray Charles - I Will Not Let You Go
Ray Charles - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?
Ray Charles - I'm Going Down to the River
Ray Charles - I Used to Be So Happy
Ray Charles - I Don’t Need No Doctor
Ray Charles - I Gotta Woman
Celtic Nots - Óró, Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile
Inner Life - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Machine - There but for the Grace of God Go I
NU feat. Jo Ke - Who Loves the Sun
Maurice Chevalier & Hermione Gingold - I Remember It Well
Ray Charles with Norah Jones - Here We Go Again
Ray Charles with James Taylor - Sweet Potato Pie
Ray Charles with Elton John - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Ray Charles - Fever
Ray Charles - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
Ray Charles - It Was a Very Good Year
Ray Charles with Gladys Knight - Heaven Help Us All
Ray Charles with Van Morrison - Crazy Love
Ray Charles - All to Myself
Ray Charles - I'm Glad for You Sake
Ray Charles - Let Me Hear You Call My Name
Ray Charles - Why Did You Go
Ray Charles - The Sun's Gonna Shine
Ray Charles - Funny but I Still Love You
Charles Bronson - Why Do You Bother?
Charles Bronson - Little Debbie
Charles Bronson - I’m Sick of Feminists
Charles Bronson - Your Average Run Of The Mill Straight Edge Song
Charles Bronson - Ricki Lake
Charles Bronson - Just Like All the Rest (Neos)
Charles Bronson - The Shane Song
Charles Bronson - No More
Charles Bronson - Theme Song
Charles Bronson - Silenced
Charles Bronson - Diet Rootbeer
Charles Bronson - Ebro’s Bitter Onslaught on Jerry Springer’s Unsuspecting Ass
Charles Bronson - Sick Of O.J.
Charles Bronson - Chicago
Charles Bronson - Security Blanket
Charles Bronson - Eavesdrop
Charles Bronson - I Can’t Be Friends With You Because You Like Epitaph
Charles Bronson - Eazy E’s Fucking Dead and I Think It’s Fuckin Rad
Charles Bronson - Second Hand Choke
Charles Bronson - Deaf and Dumb
Charles Bronson - J.R.S. Beatdown
Charles Bronson - Crooked Teeth
Charles Bronson - Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song
Charles Bronson - You Get What You Pay For
Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson Will Not Turn Into a ____ Band
Charles Bronson - Rich Crusties Shall Pay
Charles Bronson - Fuckin Drunken Uncle
Charles Bronson - Fratguy on the Barbi
Charles Bronson - I Lied When I Said I Liked Your Zine
Charles Bronson - Playing Lotto
Charles Bronson - Ants In The Kool Aid
Charles Bronson - What the Fuck Are You Gonna Do When It’s Cool to Be Yourself?
Charles Bronson - The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together
Charles Bronson - Tabloid Suckass
Charles Bronson - Cheese With Your Whine
Charles Bronson - 4 Alarm Counter Fuck
Charles Bronson - Annual Martyr to Your Social Life
Charles Bronson - History In The Making
Charles Bronson - Tony Victory Knows How to Party
Charles Bronson - Down For The Count
Charles Bronson - 4 Hour Personality
Charles Bronson - One Life Crew Goes on Slimfast
Charles Bronson - Debate Team Bake Sale
Charles Bronson - I Can Never Write Too Many Songs About Morons Like You
Charles Bronson - Individualized Floor Puncher
Charles Bronson - Batting a Thousand and Still Striking Out
Charles Bronson - The Great Pet Rock Comeback
Charles Bronson - Punching A Gift Horse In The Mouth
Charles Bronson - Marriage Can Suck It
Charles Bronson - Youth Attack!
Charles Bronson - I.Q. 32 (Necros)
Charles Bronson - Rich Crusties
Charles Bronson - Let's Start Another War So I Can Sing About Stopping It
Charles Bronson - Can't Take This
Charles Bronson - I Can't Be in a Band With You Because You Like Epitaph
Charles Bronson - Phil Anselmo's Pain Burns In The Heart Of My Little Brother
Charles Bronson - Let's Start A Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit
Catherines Cathedral - Ring of Fire
Catherines Cathedral - It Could Be You
Catherines Cathedral - Pandemonium (version in Between Chords)
Kristine W - Feel What You Want
Kristine W - Don't Wanna Think
Kerri Chandler - Heal My Heart (Drum dub)
Kerri Chandler - Atmospheric Beats
Ünol Büyükgönenç - Aynı Daldaydık
Ray Charles - What Child Is This
Ray Charles - The Little Drummer Boy
Ray Charles - This Time of the Year
Ray Charles - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Ray Charles - That Spirit of Christmas
Ray Charles - All I Want for Christmas
Ray Charles - Christmas in My Heart
Ray Charles - Winter Wonderland
Ray Charles - Christmas Time
The Chesterfield Kings - Dawn
Dinah Washington - Unforgettable
Nat King Cole - (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Take the "A" Train
Sarah Vaughan - 'Round Midnight
Chlyklass - Jesus
Chlyklass - Ke Summer
Chlyklass - Liechterlösche
Castle - The Emperor's Children
Castle - Alter Reality
Castle - Exposed
Castle - Travelling
Castle - Castle
Castle - Bridge of Snow
Ray Charles - Come Rain Come Shine
Ray Charles - What'd I Said
Ray Charles - Makin' Believe
Chocolat - Get Up (Inst.)
Chocolat - I LIKE IT (English Ver)
Carnal Grief - Information Feed
Carnal Grief - Epitaph
Carnal Grief - Tin Winged Angel
Carnal Grief - Crown of Might
Carnal Grief - The New Era
Carnal Grief - Selfclaimed King
Carnal Grief - Insanitary
Carnal Grief - Entrapment Concealed
Carnal Grief - Just Another RPG
Carnal Grief - Entangeled in Chaos
Carnal Grief - Poem of the Impossible
Carnal Grief - Theatre of the Flesh
Carnal Grief - Rapid Eye Fiction
Carnal Grief - Twin Sister
Carnal Grief - Deadlands
Ray Charles - Cryin' Time
Ray Charles - Oh, Lonesome Me
Ray Charles - No Letter Today
Ray Charles - Midnight
Ray Charles - What Have They Done To My Song, Ma
Ray Charles - Every Saturday Night
La Chicana - Tinta roja
La Chicana - Oro y plata
La Chicana - Qué querés con ese loro
La Chicana - Gorda
La Chicana - Baldosa floja
La Chicana - Una rosa y un farol
La Chicana - Una iguana y tres monedas
La Chicana - Sopapa
La Chicana - Confesión
La Chicana - Milonga de los perros
La Chicana - El camba
La Chicana - Juguete rabioso
La Chicana - Callejera
La Chicana - Peón de tu ajedrez
La Chicana - Y no me conocés
La Chicana - Si vieras
La Chicana - La bestia potenciada
La Chicana - En un feca
La Chicana - Los años de joda de aníbal
La Chicana - El ciruja
La Chicana - San Pedro y San Pablo
La Chicana - Imposible
La Chicana - Origami
La Chicana - Jacinto chiclana
La Chicana - Nos tenemos que ir
La Chicana - Te vas a hacer golpear
La Chicana - Delator
Chestnut Station - Sitting on My Sofa
Chestnut Station - What Do You Want the Girl to Do
Chikita Violenta - Laydown
Chikita Violenta - War
Chikita Violenta - Undecided
Chikita Violenta - Roni
Chikita Violenta - All I Need's a Little More
Chikita Violenta - Tired
Chikita Violenta - My Connection
Chikita Violenta - Happy Pills
Chikita Violenta - Turnaround
Ray Charles - When I Stop Dreamin'
Ray Charles - A Sweet Young Thing Like You
Ray Charles - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Ray Charles - How Long, How Long Blues
Child Actor - Against the Night
Child Actor - Getaway
Daniel Chaudon - O Gosto de Ser
Daniel Chaudon - Pernambuco
Daniel Chaudon - Luzia
Daniel Chaudon - O Samba de Nós Dois
Daniel Chaudon - Qualquer Lugar
Daniel Chaudon - Sua Decisão
Daniel Chaudon - Descobrimos Nós Dois
The Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder - A la orilla de un palmar
The Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder - March to Battle (Across the Rio Grande)
The Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder - Canción mixteca
Ray Charles - I'll Never Let You Go
Ray Charles - Can't See You Darling
Ray Charles - Let Me Hold Your Hand
Ray Charles - Lonely Boy (I'm Just A)
Ray Charles - I'll Do Anything but Work
Ray Charles - Just the Way You Look Tonight
Ray Charles - Route 66
Ray Charles - Song for You
Ray Charles - Angelina
Ray Charles - Hey Girl
Cazadores - Battles
Cazadores - Islands
Cazadores - Dancer
Cazadores - American Lights
Cazadores - Out of Time
Denise Cerqueira - Por Amor