Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 524:

El Chapo de Sinaloa - Te Vas Angel Mio
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Bañado en Polvo
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Lagrimas Falsas
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Pista Enterrada
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Siembras Michoacanas
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Quisieron Tumbar al Jefe
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Juan Martha
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Tú, yo y la luna
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Pa' que rebuelcas el agua
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Si yo fuera ladrón
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Morenita piel canela
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Jineteando
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Recostada en la cama
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Entre cobijas
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Ladrona
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Amarla es un placer
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Corazón de mi amor
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Quiero contigo
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Le Hace Falta Un Beso
Catamenia - Talviyön varjot
Catamenia - ...and Winter Descends
Catamenia - Cast the Stars Beyond
Catamenia - Morning Crimson
Catamenia - The Forests of Tomorrow
Catamenia - Towards the Winds of Winter
Catamenia - When the Frost Took the Lakes
Catamenia - Shadeweaver's Season
Catamenia - Winternacht
Catamenia - Storm
Catamenia - Rain of Blood
Catamenia - Vortex
Catamenia - Beyond the Starlight
Catamenia - Gates of Anubis
Catamenia - Eternal Winter's Prophecy
Catamenia - In the Capricorn's Cradle
Chasing Deer - Step Into The Light
Jen Chapin - City
Jen Chapin - Numbers
Jen Chapin - Passive People
Jen Chapin - I Could Fall (In Love With You)
Catamenia - Alive... Cold... Dead!
Catamenia - Born to Be My Baby
Catamenia - Tuhon oma
Catamenia - Dominion
Catamenia - The Time Unchained
Catamenia - Fallen
Catamenia - The Last Day Before...
Catamenia - Location: COLD
Catamenia - From Out of Nowhere
Catamenia - Viivakoodit
Catamenia - [silence]
Catamenia - Awake in Darkness
Catamenia - Farewell
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Poor Murdered Woman
The Chalets - Theme From Chalets
The Chalets - No Style
The Chalets - Red High Heels
The Chalets - Feel The Machine
The Chalets - Two Chord Song
The Chalets - Sexy Mistake
The Chalets - Departures
The Chalets - Love Punch
The Chalets - Beach Blanket
The Chalets - Theme from the Chalets
La Caravane Passe - T'as la touche manouche
La Caravane Passe - Salade, tomate, oignon
La Caravane Passe - Zinzin Moretto
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Arthur McBride and the Sergeant
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Polly on the Shore
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Sailor's Life
Nick Carter - Help Me
Nick Carter - My Confession
Nick Carter - I Stand for You
Nick Carter - Do I Have to Cry for You
Nick Carter - Girls in the USA
Nick Carter - I Got You
Nick Carter - Is It Saturday Yet?
Nick Carter - Blow Your Mind
Nick Carter - I Just Wanna Take You Home
Nick Carter - Heart Without a Home (I'll Be Yours)
Nick Carter - Burning Up
Nick Carter - Not the Other Guy
Nick Carter - So Far Away
Nick Carter - Addicted
Nick Carter - Love Can't Wait
Nick Carter - Special
Nick Carter - Falling Down
Nick Carter - Just One Kiss
Nick Carter - Great Divide
Nick Carter - Nothing Left to Lose
Nick Carter - Falling In Love Again
Nick Carter - I'm Taking Off
Nick Carter - 19 in 99
Nick Carter - Get Over Me
Nick Carter - California
Nick Carter - Second Wind
Nick Carter - Swet
Nick Carter - Cherry Pie
Nick Carter - Tijuana
Nick Carter - All American
Nick Carter - Man on the Moon
Nick Carter - Horoscope
Nick Carter - Summer!
Nick Carter - More Today Than Yesterday
Nick Carter - Rhythm of My Heart
Nick Carter - Runaround Sue
Nick Carter - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Nick Carter - God Bless the U.S.A.
Nick Carter - Uptown Girl
Nick Carter - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Nick Carter - The Star Spangled Banner
Nick Carter - End of Forever
Nick Carter - Payback
Nick Carter - Forever Rebel
Nick Carter - Scandalicious
Nick Carter - Remember
Nick Carter - Jewel in Our Hearts
La Caravane Passe - Paint Him Black
Chasing Shadows - Amirah
Chasing Shadows - Ill
Cheap Fakes - Make It Up
Cheap Fakes - All I Know
Ray Charles - 12-I Can't Stop Loving You
Ray Charles - 3-Hallelujah I Love Her So
Ray Charles - 8-What'd I Say
Ray Charles - 11-Unchain My Heart (studio)
Ray Charles - 16-Let the Good Times Roll
Ray Charles - 9-Georgia On My Mind (studio)
Ray Charles - 7-Hard Times (studio)
Ray Charles - 4-Drown In My Own Tears
Ray Charles - 10-Hit the Road Jack (studio)
Ray Charles - 5-Night Time is the Right Time (studio)
Ray Charles - 15-You Don't Know Me
Ray Charles - Hey Now
Ray Charles - The Midnight Hour
Ray Charles - Mr Charles Blues
Ray Charles - It Should've Been Me
Ray Charles - Greenbacks
Ray Charles - I Wonder Who
Ray Charles - Kissa Me Baby
Ray Charles - The Sun's Gonna Shine Again
Ray Charles - Don't You Know
Ray Charles - Jumpin'in the Morning
Ray Charles - Nobody Cares
Ray Charles - Blackjack
Ray Charles - Ray's Blues
Ray Charles - The Snow Is Falling
Ray Charles - Heartbreaker
Ray Charles - Someday Baby
Ray Charles - Mess Around
Ray Charles - Roll With My Baby
Ray Charles - Misery in My Heart
Ray Charles - I've Got a Woman
Ray Charles - Come Back Baby
Cats TV - Es Tut Mir Leid
Cats TV - Killerautomat
The Celebrity Pilots - (La La) Last Time
Candi - Under Your Spell
Candi - Love Makes No Promises
Candi - Dancing Under a Latin Moon
Carlos Aguirre - Canción de cuna costera
Rossana Casale - Just Friends
Rossana Casale - Salgari
Rossana Casale - La bella confusione (Ouverture)
Rossana Casale - Il battello di carta
Rossana Casale - Circo
Rossana Casale - Girasalta
Rossana Casale - Dentro gli occhi chiusi
Rossana Casale - Il matto del paese
Rossana Casale - Boscomare
Rossana Casale - Gioir d'amore
Rossana Casale - Vino divino
Rossana Casale - La verità
Rossana Casale - La bella confusione
Rossana Casale - Il circo immaginario
Rossana Casale - Il circo immaginario (reprise) / Dolce Sofia
Rossana Casale - Micol sul filo
Rossana Casale - Polvere di luci
Rossana Casale - Brividi
Rossana Casale - La via dei misteri
Rossana Casale - Mio nemico
Chaplain - Le môme
Chaplain - Ce mec est amoureux
Chaplain - Les on-dit
Chaplain - J'en ai fait des tonnes
Chaplain - Vite cours
Chaplain - La mort à vie
Chaplain - Le choix du fou
Chaplain - Bénévole
CCS - Brother
CCS - I Want You Back
CCS - Whole Lotta Love
CCS - Walking
CCS - Tap Turns on the Water
CCS - The Band Played the Boogie
Les Chaussettes Noires - Tu parles trop
Les Chaussettes Noires - Be-Bop-A-Lula
Les Chaussettes Noires - Daniela
Les Chaussettes Noires - Je t'aime trop
Les Chaussettes Noires - Eddie sois bon (Johnny Be Good)
Les Chaussettes Noires - Hey Pony
Les Chaussettes Noires - Fou d'elle
Les Chaussettes Noires - Dactylo rock
Les Chaussettes Noires - Chérie oh chérie
Les Chaussettes Noires - Trop jaloux
Les Chaussettes Noires - Vivre sa vie
Les Chaussettes Noires - Rock des karts
Les Chaussettes Noires - Quand je te vois (Pretty Little Angel Eyes)
Les Chaussettes Noires - Petite Sheila
Les Chaussettes Noires - La leçon de twist
Les Chaussettes Noires - Volage (Infidèle)
Les Chaussettes Noires - Le chemin de la joie
Les Chaussettes Noires - Non ne lui dis pas
Les Chaussettes Noires - Petite sœur d'amour
Les Chaussettes Noires - Je reviendrai bientôt
Les Chaussettes Noires - Parce que tu sais
Les Chaussettes Noires - C'est la nuit
Les Chaussettes Noires - Oublie-moi
Les Chaussettes Noires - Boing Bong
Les Chaussettes Noires - Ne délaisse pas
Les Chaussettes Noires - Il revient
Les Chaussettes Noires - Jezebel
Les Chaussettes Noires - Ceci est mon histoire
Les Chaussettes Noires - Le twist du canotier
Les Chaussettes Noires - C'est bien mieux comme ça
Les Chaussettes Noires - Line
Les Chaussettes Noires - Fou d'elle (Everybody Got a Date But Me)
Les Chaussettes Noires - Peppermint Twist
Les Chaussettes Noires - Le twist
Les Chaussettes Noires - Quand je te vois
Les Chaussettes Noires - Si seulement
Les Chaussettes Noires - O, Mary Lou
Les Chaussettes Noires - Eddie sois bon
Les Chaussettes Noires - C'est la nuit (The Night Is So Lonely)
Rossana Casale - A tu per tu
Michael Cera - Clay Pigeons
Michael Cera - Ruth
Michael Cera - ohNadine (you were in my dream)
Michael Cera - Those Days
Cecil Otter - The Poet Is Rapist
Cecil Otter - 1999
Cecil Otter - Rebel Yellow
Cecil Otter - Sufficiently Breathless
Cecil Otter - Le Facteur
Cecil Otter - Demon Girl
Cecil Otter - Let Me Tell You
Cecil Otter - Traveling Dunktank
Cecil Otter - Black Rose
Rossana Casale - Gli amori diversi
Rossana Casale - Nuova vita
Charlee - Boy Like You
Charlee - Good To Be Bad
Chakachas - Yo Soy Cubano
Chakachas - Eso es el amor
BZB - Mijn Dorp
BZB - Koude Storm
BZB - Morgen Heb ik Spijt
BZB - Doet Me Niks
BZB - Sta Op
BZB - 7 Dagen 7 Zonden
BZB - Illusionist
Charlotte - Skin
Carmen - Intro/Carmen
Ray Charles and His Orchestra - Hit The Road, Jack
Ray Charles and His Orchestra - I Can't Stop Loving You
Pontus Caspersson - N(SD)AP
Cecil Jonni Lauro - Buckle Up 'n' Chuggeluck
Cecil Jonni Lauro - Baby Be Nice to Me
Cecil Jonni Lauro - Everybody Cha Cha
Cardiac - 19 mentiras e uma verdade
Cardiac - Cidade cinzenta
Cardiac - Aliança
Celso Blues Boy - Mississipi (sobre Robert Johnson)
Celso Blues Boy - Aumenta Que Isso Aí É Rock'n Roll
Celso Blues Boy - Sempre Brilhará
Celso Blues Boy - Nuvens Negras Choram
Celso Blues Boy - Bring It on Home to Me
Celso Blues Boy - Brilho da Noite
Celso Blues Boy - As Rosas Não Falam
Celso Blues Boy - Fumando na Escuridão
Celso Blues Boy - Blues Motel
Celso Blues Boy - A Isso Chamam Blues
Celso Blues Boy - Damas da Noite
Celso Blues Boy - Marginal
Celso Blues Boy - Vagabundo Errante
Centúrias - Rock na Cabeça
Centúrias - Chama de Pouca Idade
Centúrias - Não Pense Não Fale
Centúrias - Duas Rodas
Centúrias - Inferno Falso
Chavez - Top Pocket Man
Chavez - The Guard Attacks
Chavez - Unreal Is Here
Chavez - New Room
Chavez - Tight Around the Jaws
Chavez - Lions
Chavez - Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
Chavez - Memorize This Face
Chavez - Cold Joys
Chavez - Ever Overpsyched
Chavez - You Must Be Stopped
Chavez - Repeat the Ending
Chavez - Hack the Sides Away
Chavez - Nailed to the Blank Spot
Chavez - Break Up Your Band
Chavez - Laugh Track
Chavez - Pentagram Ring
Chavez - Peeled Out Too Late
Chavez - The Flaming Gong
Chavez - Relaxed Fit
Chavez - You Faded
Chavez - Wakeman's Air
Chavez - Flight 96
Chavez - Theme From "For Russ"
Cavalo de Pau - Abertura
Cavalo de Pau - Timidez
Cavalo de Pau - Estrelinha do Céu
Cavalo de Pau - Pescador
Cavalo de Pau - Lua Solidão
Cavalo de Pau - Você é, Foi e Será - Só o Filé - Vaqueiro tem que dar duro
Cavalo de Pau - Passos na Areia - Juras de Amor
Cavalo de Pau - Bichinho de Estimação - O Nosso Caso de Amor
Cavalo de Pau - Festa do Balão - Deixa a Poeira Subir - Quer vê eu querê me dê
Cavalo de Pau - Memórias do Sertão - Seis Cordas
Cavalo de Pau - Chuva Passageira - Razões
Cavalo de Pau - Brincar de Amar
Cavalo de Pau - Noda de Caju
Cavalo de Pau - As Moças do Calendario - Forrozeira Espritada
Charlie Straight - Try Some Stuff You Don't Think You Should
Charlie Straight - Love Factory
Charlie Straight - You Can
Charlie Straight - In the Morning
Charlie Straight - Nothing
Charlie Straight - Bathroom Song
Charlie Straight - Rain
Charlie Straight - Platonic Johny
Charlie Straight - Your House
Charlie Straight - She's a Good Swimmer
Charlie Straight - Upside Down
Charlie Straight - Sometimes I Fall
Charlie Straight - How Do You Like My Earrings?
Charlie Straight - Changing Trains
Charlie Straight - Dear Jack & Stacey
Charlie Straight - Tiger in Your Heart
Charlie Straight - Coco
Charlie Straight - Too Many Knives
Charlie Straight - Something New
Charlie Straight - Someone With a Slow Heartbeat
Charlie Straight - Stuck in the Mud
Charlie Straight - Institutions of the World
Charlie Straight - 45 Days in Tokyo
Charlie Boy Gang - Beef It Up
Caramba - Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot
Chandelier - Stellar Attraction
Chandelier - After the Day
Chandelier - Stay
Chandelier - Jericha
Chandelier - Pure
Chandelier - Cat's Worst Grave
Chandelier - Dictator
Chandelier - The Ultimate Song
Chandelier - Call for Life
Chandelier - Mountain High
Celtae - Merchant Marine
The Chantels - He's Gone
The Chantels - The Plea
The Chantels - Maybe
The Chantels - Every Night (I Pray)
The Chantels - I Love You So
The Chantels - Sure of Love
The Chantels - If You Try
The Chantels - Summer's Love
The Chantels - Well, I Told You
The Chantels - Come Softly to Me
Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham and The Sweet Baby Blues Band - Goin' Down Slow
Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham and The Sweet Baby Blues Band - Don't Cha Boogie With Your Black Drawers Off
Ingrid Caven - Der Ozelot
Ingrid Caven - Das kleine Hotel
Ingrid Caven - Nachmittag mit Wolken
Ingrid Caven - Die großen weißen Vögel
Capercaillie - Mìle Marbhaisg
Capercaillie - The Old Crone (Port na Caillich)
Capercaillie - Little Do They Know
Capercaillie - At Dawn of Day
Capercaillie - The Boy Who
Capercaillie - Nuair a Chì Thu Caileag Bhòidheach
Capercaillie - Who Will Raise Their Voice?
Capercaillie - A State of Yearning
Capercaillie - I Will Set My Ship in Order
Capercaillie - To the Moon
Capercaillie - Claire in Heaven
Capercaillie - Why Won't You Touch Me
Capercaillie - The Crooked Mountain
Capercaillie - Ailein Duinn
Capercaillie - God's Alibi
Capercaillie - Fear-Allabain
Capercaillie - The Price of Fire
Capercaillie - Rann Na Mona
Capercaillie - Aodann Srath Bhàin
Capercaillie - Cape Breton Song
Capercaillie - You Will Rise Again
Capercaillie - Dean Sàor An Spiórad
Capercaillie - Breisleach
Capercaillie - Servant to the Slave
Capercaillie - An Gille Bàn
Capercaillie - Aignish
Capercaillie - Cumha Do dh'Uilleam Siosal
Capercaillie - O Mo Dhùthaich
Capercaillie - Fear a' Bhàta
Capercaillie - Alasdair Mhic Colla
Capercaillie - Dèan Cadalan Sàmhach
Capercaillie - An Ataireachd Àrd
Capercaillie - 'S Fhada Leam an Oidhche Gheamhraidh
Ceui - mellow melody
Ceui - dreamscape
Ceui - espacio (inst.)
Ceui - Truth Of My Destiny
Ceui - Qualia
Ceui - Prayer
Ceui - Frozen Tear
Ceui - Energy
Ceui - Last Inferno
Ceui - Stardust Melodia
Ceui - After The Deluge
Ceui - crystal pain
Ceui - Amorossia (inst.)
Ceui - Jewelry Time
Ceui - Eternal Flow
Ceui - Asphodelus
Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham and The Sweet Baby Blues Band - Wee Baby Blues
Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham and The Sweet Baby Blues Band - Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On
Isaac Carree - Chances
Isaac Carree - In the Middle
Isaac Carree - Uncommon Me
Isaac Carree - Walk Alone
Isaac Carree - Power
Isaac Carree - Isaac & Alaina (interlude)
Isaac Carree - Shout It Out
Isaac Carree - Simply Redeemed
Isaac Carree - Navigation
Isaac Carree - Reset I
Isaac Carree - Clean This House
Isaac Carree - Paradise
Isaac Carree - Famous
Isaac Carree - But God
Isaac Carree - Preach
Isaac Carree - Reset II
Isaac Carree - So Glad
Isaac Carree - Knock Knock
Isaac Carree - Lifestyle
Isaac Carree - Never
Isaac Carree - Right Now
Isaac Carree - Blessin' In Your Lesson
Isaac Carree - Reset III
Capercaillie - Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn
Capercaillie - Finlays
Capercaillie - The Miracle of Being
Capercaillie - Dr MacPhail's Reel / Cape Breton Song
Capercaillie - Inexile
Capercaillie - Iain Ghlinn Cuaich
Capercaillie - Bonaparte
Capercaillie - Coisich a Ruin
Capercaillie - Crime of Passion
Capercaillie - The Tree
Capercaillie - M'Ionam
Capercaillie feat. Sibèba - Inexile
Capercaillie - Am mùr gorm (The Blue Rampart)
Capercaillie - Beautiful Wasteland
Capercaillie - Co ni mire rium (Who Will Flirt With Me?)
Capercaillie - Shelter
Capercaillie - Thiocfadh leat fanacht
Capercaillie - Sardinia
Capercaillie - Grace and Pride
Capercaillie - Tobar Mhòire (Tobermory)
Capercaillie - Four Stone Walls
Capercaillie - An Eala Bhàn (The White Swan)
Capercaillie - Seice Ruairidh (Roddy's Drum)
Capercaillie - Stinging Rain
Capercaillie - Hi Rim Bo
Capercaillie - Òran
Capercaillie - Black Fields
Capercaillie - Fisherman's Dream
Capercaillie - Fosgail an Dorus / Nighean Bhuidh' Ruadh
Capercaillie - Both Sides the Tweed
Capercaillie - Oh Mo Dhùthaich
Casuarina - O canto do trabalhador
Casuarina - Vaso Ruim
Casuarina - É isso aí (Isso é problema dela)
Casuarina - Cabelos brancos
Casuarina - Certidão
Casuarina - O dia se zangou
Casuarina - Jornal da morte
Casuarina - Minhas madrugadas / Pecado capital
Casuarina - Chiclete com banana
Casuarina - Resto de esperança
Casuarina - Já Fui Uma Brasa
Casuarina - Baile no Elite
Casuarina - Disritmia
Casuarina - Arco-Íris
Casuarina - Velho Bandido
Casuarina - 400 anos de favela
Casuarina - Swing de Campo Grande
Casuarina - Rosa morena
Casuarina - Canto de Ossanha
Casuarina - Inconstante
Casuarina - A Rosa Morreu
Casuarina - Teima Quem Quer
Casuarina - Peçonha
Casuarina - Me Dá Um Dó
Casuarina - É, João
Casuarina - Tarja Preta
Casuarina - Súplica Cearense
Casuarina - Na Intimidade, Meu Preto
Casuarina - Laranja Madura
Casuarina - Formiga Miúda
Casuarina - Falso Moralista
Casuarina - Eu Já Pedi - Sandália Amarela
Casuarina - Desfigurado - Mundo de Zinco
Capercaillie - Soraidh Bhuam gu Barraidh
Capercaillie - Am Buachaille Bàn
Capercaillie - Ma Thèid Mise Tuilleagh
Capercaillie - Urnaigh a' Bhan-thigreach
Capercaillie - Don't You Go
Capercaillie - Seinneam Cliù Nam Fear Ùr
Capercaillie - Oran Sugraidh
Capercaillie - Soldier Boy
Capercaillie - Leodhasach an Tìr Chèin
Capercaillie - Hope Springs Eternal
Capercaillie - Tighinn air a' Mhuir am Fear a Phòsas Mi
Capercaillie - Hoireann O
Capercaillie - Truth Calling
Capercaillie - Rapture
Capercaillie - Gaol Troimh Aimsirean
Capercaillie - When You Return
Capercaillie - Tobermory
Charlie Parker - All The Things You Are
Charlie Parker - A Night In Tunisia
Charlie Parker - Dancing In The Dark
Charlie Parker - Cool Blues
Charlie Parker - Billie's Bounce
Charlie Parker - Bebop
Capercaillie - Pige Ruadh
Capercaillie - Òran do Loch Iall
Capercaillie - Òran air Bhreith a Phrionnsa Tearlaich
Capercaillie - Òran Eile don Phrionnsa
Capercaillie - An Fhideag Airgid
Capercaillie - Clò Mhic 'Ille Mhìcheil
Capercaillie - Miracle of Being
Capercaillie - Outlaws
Capercaillie - Distant Hill
Charlie Brown Jr. - Quebra-mar
Charlie Brown Jr. - Zóio De Lula
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vícios e virtudes
Charlie Brown Jr. - Hoje
Charlie Brown Jr. - O preço
Charlie Brown Jr. - Tudo pro alto
Charlie Brown Jr. - Não uso sapato
Charlie Brown Jr. - O Coro Vai Comê!
Charlie Brown Jr. - Tudo o que ela gosta de escutar
Charlie Brown Jr. - Não é Sério
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vinheta Beat Box II / Como tudo deve ser
Charlie Brown Jr. - A Banca (Ratatá é bicho solto)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Samba makossa
Charlie Brown Jr. - Quinta-feira
Charlie Brown Jr. - Só por uma noite
Charlie Brown Jr. - Oba, lá vem ela
Charlie Brown Jr. - Proibida Pra Mim (Grazon)
Charlie Brown Jr. - No passo a passo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Lutar pelo que é meu
Charlie Brown Jr. - É quente
Charlie Brown Jr. - Ela vai voltar (Todos os defeitos de uma mulher perfeita)
Charlie Brown Jr. - O mundo explodiu lá fora
Charlie Brown Jr. - Senhor do Tempo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Liberdade acima de tudo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Pra não dizer que não falei das flores
Charlie Brown Jr. - Abrir seus olhos
Charlie Brown Jr. - I Feel So Good Today
Charlie Brown Jr. - Peso da batida do errado que deu certo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Aquela paz
Charlie Brown Jr. - Cada cabeça falante tem sua tromba de elefante
Charlie Brown Jr. - O nosso blues
Charlie Brown Jr. - Na palma da mão (O ragga da Baixada)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Skate Vibration
Charlie Brown Jr. - Dias de luta, dias de glória
Charlie Brown Jr. - Dona do meu pensamento
Charlie Brown Jr. - Me encontra
Charlie Brown Jr. - Só os loucos sabem
Charlie Brown Jr. - Inabalavelmente
Charlie Brown Jr. - Só existe o agora
Charlie Brown Jr. - Só pra vadiar
Charlie Brown Jr. - Puro sangue
Charlie Brown Jr. - O dom, a inteligência e a voz
Charlie Brown Jr. - Os cortes
Charlie Brown Jr. - Uma só vida pra viver, tenho sede nela eu vou
Charlie Brown Jr. - Viver dias de Sol
Charlie Brown Jr. - Comigo ninguém tira onda
Charlie Brown Jr. - Camisa 10 joga bola até na chuva (Bomba sônica)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Confisco
Charlie Brown Jr. - Te levar
Charlie Brown Jr. - Não deixe o mar te engolir
Charlie Brown Jr. - Hoje de noite
Charlie Brown Jr. - Bons aliados
Charlie Brown Jr. - Puxa carro
Charlie Brown Jr. - União
Charlie Brown Jr. - Aquele velho carteado e algumas manobrinhas
Charlie Brown Jr. - 333
Charlie Brown Jr. - Mantenha a dúvida
Charlie Brown Jr. - História mal escrita
Charlie Brown Jr. - Chicano (Skate nos cano)
Charlie Brown Jr. - A grande volta
Charlie Brown Jr. - Cruzei uma doida
Charlie Brown Jr. - 12+1
Charlie Brown Jr. - Cidade grande
Charlie Brown Jr. - Local
Charlie Brown Jr. - Muito antes que você
Charlie Brown Jr. - Deu entrada prá subir!
Capercaillie - An Eala Bhàn
Capercaillie - Milleadh nam Braidhrean
Capercaillie - An t-Iarla Diurach
Capercaillie - Eilean A' Cheò
Celph Titled & Buckwild - The Deal Maker
Celph Titled & Buckwild - Fuckmaster Sex
Celph Titled & Buckwild - I Could Write a Rhyme
Celph Titled & Buckwild - Hardcore Data
Celph Titled & Buckwild - Tingin'
Celph Titled & Buckwild - Wack Juice
Celph Titled & Buckwild - Buck's Four Course Meal
Roger Chapman - Midnite Child
Roger Chapman - Face of Stone
Roger Chapman - Don't Give Up
Roger Chapman - Let Me Down
Roger Chapman - Shadow on the Wall
Roger Chapman - Prisoner
Roger Chapman - Never Love a Rolling Stone
Roger Chapman - Zipper
Roger Chapman - The Drum
Roger Chapman - Walking the Cat
Boozoo Chavis - Zydeco Lady
Boozoo Chavis - Suzy-Q
Capercaillie - Hebridean Hale-Bopp
Capercaillie - Nil Si I nGra
Capercaillie - Smuladh Mi's Mi air Maineol
Capercaillie - Cò Nì Mire Rium
Capercaillie - Am Mùr Gorm
Capercaillie - Dèan Cadalan / Servant to the Slave
Capercaillie - Both Sides of the Tweed
Capercaillie - Skye Waulking Song
Capercaillie - Lain Ghlinn' Cuaich - John of Glen Cuaich
Capercaillie - Am Buacaille Ban
Capercaillie - Puirt a Beul - Snug In a Blanket
Capercaillie - Ma Theid Mise Thuilleagh
Capercaillie - Alasolair Mhic Cholla Ghasda - Alasolair, Son of Gallant Coll
Capercaillie - Maighdeanan na h-Airidh
Carlos & The Bandidos - The Pleasure's All Mine
Carlos & The Bandidos - Atom Bomb Baby
Charlie Brown Jr. - Papo reto (Sexo é prazer o resto é negócio)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Hoje eu só procuro a minha paz
Charlie Brown Jr. - My Mini Ramp
Charlie Brown Jr. - Bocas ordinárias, guerrilha
Charlie Brown Jr. - Não fure os olhos da verdade
Charlie Brown Jr. - Sou quem eu sou (O que é seu também é meu e o que é meu não é nosso)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Com minha loucura faço meu dinheiro, com meu dinheiro faço minhas loucuras
Charlie Brown Jr. - Somos poucos mas somos loucos
Charlie Brown Jr. - Com a boca amargando
Charlie Brown Jr. - Tarja preta
Charlie Brown Jr. - Pontes indestrutíveis
Charlie Brown Jr. - O que ela gosta é de barriga
Charlie Brown Jr. - Não viva em vão
Charlie Brown Jr. - Ritmo, ritual e responsa
Charlie Brown Jr. - Be Myself
Charlie Brown Jr. - Uma criança com seu olhar
Charlie Brown Jr. - O universo a nosso favor
Charlie Brown Jr. - Ninguém entende você
Charlie Brown Jr. - Beco sem saída
Charlie Brown Jr. - Sem medo da escuridão
Charlie Brown Jr. - Nua, linda e inigualável
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vida de magnata
Charlie Brown Jr. - Que espécie de vermes são vocês?
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vivendo a vida numa louca viagem
Charlie Brown Jr. - Curva de Hill
Charlie Brown Jr. - Skateboard amor eterno
Charlie Brown Jr. - Ralé
Charlie Brown Jr. - O penetra
Charlie Brown Jr. - A banca
Charlie Brown Jr. - Fichado
Charlie Brown Jr. - Ouviu-se falar
Charlie Brown Jr. - Essa é por quem ficou pra trás
Charlie Brown Jr. - Transar no escuro
Charlie Brown Jr. - Somos extremes no esporte e na música
Charlie Brown Jr. - Talvez a metade do caminho
Charlie Brown Jr. - Pra mais tarde fazermos a cabeça
Charlie Brown Jr. - Trocando uma idéia com Deus
Charlie Brown Jr. - Tudo Que Ela Gosta De Escutar
Charlie Brown Jr. - Sheik
Charlie Brown Jr. - Gimme o anel
Charlie Brown Jr. - Lombra
Charlie Brown Jr. - Corra vagabundo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Falar, falar...
Charlie Brown Jr. - Escalas tropicais
Charlie Brown Jr. - Charlie Brown Jr.
Roger Chapman - Who Pulled the Nite Down
Roger Chapman - Let’s Spend the Night Together
Roger Chapman - J & D
Charlie Brown Jr. - Malabarizando (Quem é de fé continua com a gente)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Tâmo aí na atividade
Charlie Brown Jr. - Eu vim de Santos, sou Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Jr. - Longe de você
Charlie Brown Jr. - Di-SK8 eu vim
Charlie Brown Jr. - Di-SK8 eu vou
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vivendo nesse absurdo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Indicados para o Prêmio Nobel da Paz
Charlie Brown Jr. - O lixo e o luxo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Um dia a gente se encontra
Charlie Brown Jr. - Fina arte
Charlie Brown Jr. - Cheia de vida
Charlie Brown Jr. - Meu novo mundo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Do jeito que eu gosto, do jeito que eu quero
Charlie Brown Jr. - Rock Star
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vem ser minha
Charlie Brown Jr. - Hoje sou eu que não mais te quero
Charlie Brown Jr. - Camisa preta
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vou me embriagar de você
Charlie Brown Jr. - A mais linda do bar
Charlie Brown Jr. - Samba triste
Charlie Brown Jr. - Contrastes da vida
Charlie Brown Jr. - Papo Reto (Prazer É Sexo, O Resto É Negócio)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Eu protesto
Charlie Brown Jr. - Sino Dourado
Charlie Brown Jr. - Lugar ao Sol
Charlie Brown Jr. - Descubra o que há de errado com você
Charlie Brown Jr. - Só lazer
Charlie Brown Jr. - Você vai de limusine, eu vou de trem
Charlie Brown Jr. - O lado certo da vida errada
Charlie Brown Jr. - T.F.D.P.
Charlie Brown Jr. - Como Tudo Deve Ser
Chanel West Coast - Karl
Chanel West Coast - Been On
Chanel West Coast - Mazel Tov
Chanel West Coast - Alcoholic
Chanel West Coast - Explosions
Real Life Charm - Desire
Chanel West Coast - Punch Drunk Love
Chanel West Coast - Without You
Chanel West Coast - Greatest Hit
Chanel West Coast - Bigger Than
Chanel West Coast - Nada
Chanel West Coast - Put in Work
Chanel West Coast - Love You Down
Chanel West Coast - One Night
Chanel West Coast - Ain't Got to Worry
Charlie Brown Jr. - Coração satânico
Charlie Brown Jr. - No desafio, ibiraboys a união prevalece
Charlie Brown Jr. - Proibida pra Mim
Charlie Brown Jr. - O Que É da Casa É da Casa - Papo Reto (Prazer é Sexo o Resto é Negócio)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Zóio di lula
Charlie Brown Jr. - O que é de casa é de casa
Charlie Brown Jr. - Champanhe e Água-Benta
Charlie Brown Jr. - Champagne e Água Benta
Charlie Brown Jr. - Lixo e o Luxo
Charlie Brown Jr. - O que é de casa, é de casa (Vinheta)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Estória mal escrita
Charlie Brown Jr. - Deu entrada pra subir?
Charlie Brown Jr. - Como o Mundo Deve Ser
Charlie Brown Jr. - Senhor tempo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Coro Vai Comer
Charlie Brown Jr. - Papo Reto
Charlie Brown Jr. - Lá Vem Ela
Charlie Brown Jr. - Quem é da Casa é da Casa
Charlie Brown Jr. - Intro Lugar ao Sol
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vão Fazer de Novo (Com Paranormal Attack)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Resolve O Meu Problema Aí (Abertura)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Me Deixa (Part. Especial Marcelo Falcão)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Não É Sério (Part. Especial Marcelo Falcão)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Céu Azul (versão de estúdio)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Proibida pra Mim (Grazon) (Part. Especial Zeca Baleiro)
Charlie Brown Jr. - Rubão, O Dono Do Mundo
Roger Chapman - Can't Stand It
Roger Chapman - I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Roger Chapman - "X"-Town
Cesspool of Vermin - Parasitism
Cesspool of Vermin - Beastial Necrophilia
Terry Cashman - Talkin' Baseball® (Willie, Mickey And "the Duke")
Terry Cashman - Baby, Baby I Love You
Family - Burlesque
Roger Chapman - Run for Cover
Roger Chapman - Ready to Roll
Roger Chapman - Slap Bang in the Middle
Cepillín - La Carcachita Roja
Cepillín - Yo Tenia Diez Perritos
Cepillín - Vamos a la escuela
Cepillín - La Gallina Co-Co-Ua
Cepillín - La brujita
Cepillín - Tamborileiro
Cepillín - La fiesta
Cepillín - La feria de Cepillín
Cepillín - Habia una Vez un Barco Chiquito
Cepillín - Los cinco sentidos
Cepillín - Cepillin pillin pillin
Cepillín - Speedy González
Cepillín - Un Día com Mamá
Cepillín - Amor chiquito
Cepillín - La Gallinita CO CO UA
Roger Chapman - Wild Again
Roger Chapman - Leader of Men
Roger Chapman - I Think of You Now
Roger Chapman - Only Love Is in the Red
Roger Chapman - I'm a Good Boy Now
Roger Chapman - Pills (Previously Unreleased)
Roger Chapman - Moth to a Flame (Previously Unreleased)
Roger Chapman - Talking About You (Previously Unreleased)
Roger Chapman - Slap Bang in the Middle (demo)
Roger Chapman - Who Pulled the Nite Down?
Champagne - Oh Me, Oh My, Goodbye
Champagne - No Love at All
Champagne - Rock 'n' Roll Star
Champagne - Kiss You Baby
Champagne - Light Up My Eyes
Champagne - Shooh Shooh Sugar
Champagne - Valentino
Champagne - It Ain't No Use
Champagne - Music Is My Living
Champagne - That's Life
Champagne - Rollerball
Champagne - Black Jack
Champagne - Reason
Champagne - Ain't No Fun to Me
The Chantays - Pipeline
Castevet - Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr
Castevet - Beating High Schoolers at Arcade Games
Castevet - Plays One on TV
Castevet - I Know What a Lion Is
Castevet - Stranger, You Know
Castevet - Space Jam: The Return
Castevet - When a Movie Is Made in France, It's Called Cinemas
Castevet - Bike Notes
Castevet - Model Trains
Castevet - Lautrec
Castevet - Cities & Memory
Castevet - Narrow Hallways
Castevet - Hiccups
Castevet - Six Parts Summer
Charlie Sexton Sextet - Sunday Clothes
Snoop Dogg & Jamel Debbouze - Mission Cleopatra
JoeyStarr - Gaz-L
Philippe Chany - La Carioca
Charades - Grito tu nombre
Charades - Revolución solar
Charades - Harold & Maude
Charades - El fin del mundo
Charades - En las batallas
Charades - A la tercera va la vencida
Charades - Veo al diablo
Frédéric Chateau - Le Malheur des uns et le Bonheur des autres
Chastain - Angel of Mercy
Chastain - Endlessly
Chastain - Live Hard
Chastain - Chains of Love
Chastain - Share Yourself With Me
Chastain - Fortune Teller
Chastain - Child of Evermore
Chastain - Soldiers of the Flame
Chastain - Evil for Evil
Chastain - Violence in Blame
Chastain - To the Edge
Chastain - The Price of War
Chastain - Sugarcaine
Chastain - Love and Hate
Chastain - Angel Falls
Charanga Cubana - Popurrí de cha cha cha
Chastain - Tortured Love
Chastain - New Beginnings
Chastain - Rule the World
Chastain - Human Sacrifice
Chastain - Tongue
Chastain - House of Stone
Chastain - Conformity
Chastain - Stand and Fight
Chastain - Evil Awaits Us
Chastain - Fear My Wrath
Chastain - Save Me Tonight
Chastain - We Must Carry on
Chastain - 827
Chastain - The Wicked Are Restless
Chastain - Take Me Back in Time
Chastain - The Mountain Whispers
Chastain - For Those Who Dare
Chastain - Night of Anger
Chastain - Barracuda
Chastain - It’s Too Late for Yesterday
Chastain - When the Battle's Over
Chastain - Voice of the Cult
A Certain Ratio - I Feel Light
Carbon/Silicon - The Magic Suitcase
Carbon/Silicon - War on Culture
Carbon/Silicon - National Anthem
Carbon/Silicon - Really the Blues
Carbon/Silicon - Oilwell
Carbon/Silicon - Why Do Men Fight?
Carbon/Silicon - I Loved You
Carbon/Silicon - Soylent Green
Carbon/Silicon - Be Good to Yourself
Carbon/Silicon - Psychotic Fish
Carbon/Silicon - Cab Driver
Carbon/Silicon - The Network's Going Down
Carbon/Silicon - Second Time Around
Carbon/Silicon - Nothing But The Truth
Carbon/Silicon - Eye Scan
Carbon/Silicon - The Duel
Carbon/Silicon - What the Fuck!
Carbon/Silicon - It's Not Over Yet
Carbon/Silicon - Night Falls
Carbon/Silicon - Grow Up
Carbon/Silicon - Buckethead
Joe Cassano - Flow to Flow, giocando col destino
Joe Cassano - Giorno e notte
Joe Cassano - A nocche dure rischiando il culo
Joe Cassano - Gli occhi della strada
Joe Cassano - Dio lodato per sta chance
Joe Cassano - Teste mobili (feat. Uomini Di Mare/Inesha) [Freestyle]
Joe Cassano - Teach'em Right
Joe Cassano - Basse frequenze
Joe Cassano - Tributo
Joe Cassano - Dio lodato (a cappella)
Joe Cassano - Base Tributo (DJ Lugi)
A Certain Ratio - Blown Away
A Certain Ratio - All Night Party
A Certain Ratio - Do the Du (John Peel session, 1979)
A Certain Ratio - All Night Party (John Peel session, 1979)
Chelo - U Got Me
Chelo - Can't Let It Go
Chelo - Slow Motion
Chelo - Cha Cha
Chelo - Voodoo
Chelo - Just Maybe
Chelo - Yummy
Chelo - Touch 2nite
Chelo - Cha Cha (Spanglish)
Chelo - La lampara
Chelo - Al ver que te vas
Chelo - Las cuentas claras
Chelo - Volveras por mi
Chelo - Que suerte la mia
Chelo - Cuando vivas conmigo
Chelo - Por si me olvidas
Chelo - Que sacrificio
Chelo - Ya me voy
Chelo - Dos gotas de agua
Chelo - Si ya te vas
Gisele & Bob Sinclar - Heart of Glass
A Certain Ratio - Crippled Child
A Certain Ratio - The Big E
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Is Wrestling Fixed
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Only Living Boy in New Cross
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Suppose You Gave a Funeral and Nobody Came
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - England
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - While You Were Out
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Skywest and Crooked
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Impossible Dream
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - This Is How It Feels
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Mannequin
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Turn On, Tune In and Switch Off
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Look Mum, No Hands
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Sheriff Fatman
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Shopper's Paradise
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Bloodsport for All
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - 23:59 End of the World
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Sunshine
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Sweetheart Sugar Baby
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Man Who Bought the World
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Winning the War
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - I Blame the Government
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Citizen's Band Radio
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Closedown
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Girls Can Keep a Secret
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Rubbish
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Surfin’ Usm
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Do Re Mi So Far So Good
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - A Bachelor for Baden Powell
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Let's Get Tattoos
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Airplane Food
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Senile Delinquent
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Young Offender's Mum
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Broken Down in Broken Town
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - A World Without Dave
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Nowhere Fast
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Johnny Cash
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Road Rage
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - I Woke Up In Love This Morning
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - Cherish
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - Please Please Me
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - Daydreamer
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - How Can I Be Sure
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - Could It Be Forever
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - Some Kind Of A Summer
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - Walking In The Rain
CalmaNiño - Martin Fierro
CalmaNiño - Los Muertos
CalmaNiño - Regando Sangre
CalmaNiño - Resiste Alegre
CalmaNiño - Resistiendo
CalmaNiño - I Love You Babe
CalmaNiño - Anarquia
CalmaNiño - Se
CHAKA - Ashita e no melody
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - R.S.P.C.E
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Alternative Alf Garnett
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Re Educating Rita
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Glam Rock Cops
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - My Second to Last Will and Testament
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - A Prince in a Pauper's Grave
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - 24 Minutes From Tulse Hill
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - An All American National Sport
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Taking of Peckham 123
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Midnight on the Murder Mile
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - G.I. Blues
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Rent
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Twenty Four Minutes From Tulse Hill
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - After the Watershed (Early Learning the Hard Way)
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Falling on a Bruise
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Born on the 5th of November
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Music That Nobody Likes
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Only Looney Left in Town
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Road to Domestos
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Everytime a Churchbell Rings
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Lenny and Terence
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Mid Day Crisis
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Spoilsports Personality of the Year
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Suicide Isn't Painless
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Being Here
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Evil
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Travis
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Under the Thumb and Over the Moon
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Cheap 'n' Cheesy
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Airplane Food / Airplane Fast Food
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Life and Soul of the Party Dies
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - My Defeatist Attitude
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Worry Bomb
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Me and Mr. Jones
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Going Straight
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Ceasefire
Charge - Comfortably Numb
Sharon Burch - Pigeon Corn
Sharon Burch - Mother Earth
El Charro Avitia - Máquina 501
El Charro Avitia - El Aguijon
El Charro Avitia - Soy Norteño
Jess Chambers - Diamond
Ryan Carter - Ever Since I..
Caveman - Say No More
Danny Cavanagh - One of These Things First
Danny Cavanagh - Northern Sky
Danny Cavanagh - Big Love
Danny Cavanagh - Smile Like You Mean It
Danny Cavanagh - Wasted Years
Danny Cavanagh - One Day
Captain Gumbo - Allons à Lafayette
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - A Prince in a Paupers Grave (1992.06.26 Glastonbury)
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Cheer Up It Might Never Happen
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Lean on Me and I Wont Fall Over
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Do Re Me So Far So Good
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Lean on Me (I Won't Fall Over)
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Sherriff Fatman
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Blade's Lenny and Terrence
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Hit
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Stuff the Jubilee
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Especially 4 U
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - D.I.V.O.R.C.E.F.G.
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Only Living Boy in New Cross
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Granny Farming in the U.K.
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Stuff The Jubille!
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Billys Smart Circus
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Tomorrow When You Die
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Good Grief, Charlie Brown!
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Aftertaste of Paradise
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Crimestoppers a’ Go Go
Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone - Ridin' (Main)
Cancer Barrack - Beischlaf mit 60 kg Hackfleisch
Bunkier - Wyskocz z autobusu
Bunkier - Pan Heniek
Bunkier - Co za dziwny stan
Bunkier - 30 srebrników
Michael Chacón - La banana
Will Champlin - Not Over You (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - Radioactive (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - When I Was Your Man (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - Secrets (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - Demons (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - Love Me Again (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - Hey Brother (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - A Change Is Gonna Come (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - Carry On (The Voice Performance)
Will Champlin - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You [The Voice Performance]
Will Champlin - Tiny Dancer (The Voice Performance)
Corinna Chamberlain - Buy Buy
Charice feat. Iyaz - Pyramid
Charice - Reset
Charice - In This Song
Charice - Nobody’s Singin’ to Me
Charice - Thank You
Charice - I Love You
Charice - In Love So Deep
Charice - All That I Need to Survive
Charice - Nothing
Charice - The Truth Is
Charice - Did It for You
Charice - Note to God
Charice feat. Drew Ryan Scott - Did It for You
Charice - Louder
Charice - Lost the Best Thing
Charice - Bounce Back
Charice - Before It Explodes
Charice - Heartbreak Survivor
Charice - New World
Charice - Lesson for Life
Charice - Never Always
Charice - One Day
Charice - Lighthouse
Charice - Unexpected Love
Charice - Everything I Do, I Do It for You
Charice - When You Say Nothing at All
Charice - Anything for You
Charice - How Could An Angel Break My Heart
Charice - Do You Know Where You're Going To
Charice - Makita Kang Muli
Charice - Titanium (Brian Cua Club Mix Full)
Charice - Yakap
Charice - Always You
Charice - Wind Beneath My Wings
Charice - I'll Be There
Charice - You'll Never Stand Alone
Charice - You Raise Me Up
Charice - Mama
Charice - In My Life
Charice - Through the Years
Charice - For Mama
Charice - You and Me Against the World
Pat Cerqueira - Mrs. Beat
La Chatte - XanaX
Charice - Epitome of Beauty
Charice - How Much I Love You
Charice - Killing Myself to Sleep
Charice - Kulang Ang Oras
Charice - I Will Always Love You
Charice - It Can Only Get Better
Charice - I Have Nothing
Charice - Born to Love You Forever
Charice - And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going) (minus one)
Charice - I Have Nothing (minus one)
Charice - Mama (minus one)
Charice - And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)
Charice - Jingle Bell Rock
Charice - Grown-Up Christmas List
Charice - Happy Xmax (War Is Over)
Charice - Far as the Sky
Charice - Breathe You Out
Charice - Are We Over
Charice - I Did It for You
Chelsea Jade - Visions
Chelsea Jade - Find Me
Chelsea Jade - Night Swimmer
Cheap Talk - Cheap Talk
Cheap Talk - Push Play
Cato Salsa Experience - High Heeled Leather Boots
Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell - Jingle Bell Rock
chariots - Bane
chariots - Marvel
chariots - ablaze my sorrow
chariots - 13 Python
chariots - cold pray
chariots - Jade
Mina Caputo - Honeycomb
Mina Caputo - Razzberry Mockery
Mina Caputo - Selfish
Mina Caputo - New York City
Mina Caputo - Home
Mina Caputo - Cobain (Rainbow Deadhead)
Mina Caputo - Neurotic
Mina Caputo - Dew Drop Magic
Mina Caputo - Just Be
Mina Caputo - Lollipop
Mina Caputo - Upsy Daisy
Mina Caputo - Brandy Duval
Mina Caputo - Yesterday is An Eternity
Mina Caputo - Mother
Mina Caputo - Always
Mina Caputo - Fix Pop Bang Shot
Mina Caputo - Livin the Blues
Mina Caputo - Got Monsters
Mina Caputo - Snuggle Bug
Mina Caputo - Lamb to the slaughter
Mina Caputo - I Wanna Fly
Mina Caputo - The Girl I Love
Léa Castel - Mélancolie (Intro)
Léa Castel - Pressée de vivre
Léa Castel feat. Soprano - Dernière chance
Léa Castel - Reviens-moi
Léa Castel - Adieu les soucis
Léa Castel - Partout
Léa Castel - Bistrot du coin: le 7 avril 2008
Léa Castel - On se relève
Léa Castel - Quand l'amour souffle
Léa Castel - Histoire d'une absence
Léa Castel - Tu verras, tu verras
Léa Castel - Je vois
Léa Castel - Mélancolie
Léa Castel - Dernière chance
Caves - Time and Time Again
Caves - The Mess I Made
Caves - Taking on the World
Caves - Same Way Back
Caves - New Year / New Start
Caves - I Don't Care, I Don't Care
Caves - Build Against
Caves - Rubino
Caves - Betterment
Caves - Run
Caves - Forevero
Caves - Work
Caves - Tears
Caves - Babyccino
Centro-Matic - Covered Up in Mines
Centro-Matic - Calling Thermatico
Centro-Matic - Patience for the Ride
Centro-Matic - The Fugitives Have Won
Centro-Matic - Argonne Limit Co.
Centro-Matic - Against the Line
Centro-Matic - Estimate x 3
Centro-Matic - Only in My Double Mind
Centro-Matic - Solid States
Centro-Matic - Shadow, Follow Me
Centro-Matic - Mercedes Blast
Centro-Matic - If They Talk You Down
Centro-Matic - Terrified Anyway
Centro-Matic - Fidgeting Wildly
Centro-Matic - If I Had a Dartgun
Centro-Matic - Tied to the Trailer
Chain Collector - Hierarchy of Murder (Code of Silence)
Chain Collector - Crucifixion
Chain Collector - Dominant
Chain Collector - One-Way Ticket
La casa azul - En noches como la de hoy
La casa azul - Quiero parar
La casa azul - Vamos a volar
La casa azul - El sol no brillará nunca más
La casa azul - Cambia tu vida
La casa azul - El secreto de Jeff Lynne
La casa azul - Prefiero bailar