Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 506:

Luca Carboni - La cravatta
Luca Carboni - Il cowboy
Luca Carboni - Deserto
Luca Carboni - Occidente & Oriente
Luca Carboni - Il punto
Luca Carboni - ...te che non so chi sei
Luca Carboni - Solo un disco che gira
Luca Carboni - Le case d'inverno
Luca Carboni - I ragazzi che si amano
Luca Carboni - Quante verità
Luca Carboni - Estranei
Luca Carboni - C'è
Luca Carboni - Il mio cuore fa clock
Luca Carboni - Questa sera
Luca Carboni - Faccio i conti con te
Luca Carboni - Segni del tempo
Luca Carboni - Le nostre parole
Luca Carboni - Ma che amore incredibile
Luca Carboni - Amando le donne
Luca Carboni - Ci sei perché
Luca Carboni - Canzoni alla radio
Luca Carboni - È caduta una stella
Luca Carboni - Sto pensando
Luca Carboni - Ninna nanna
Luca Carboni - Ci si dimentica
Cam Meekins - Chop the Sample Up
Cam Meekins - No (On Top)
Cam Meekins - Lamp City Family
Cam Meekins - Life Is Good
Cam Meekins - Fresh
Cam Meekins - Judge
Cam Meekins - Inhale
Cam Meekins - You
Cam Meekins - High
Cam Meekins - Do You
Cam Meekins - Cut Me Off
Cam Meekins - Don't Be a Bitch
Cam Meekins - Maggie
Cam Meekins - Everything I'm Not
Cam Meekins - I Give a Fuck
Cam Meekins - Two Roads
Cam Meekins - #Fuckyourbitch
Cam Meekins - Gone
Cam Meekins - Run Away
Cam Meekins - Living It Up
Cam Meekins - Rain
Cam Meekins - The Reason
Cam Meekins - Comes to an End
Cam Meekins - I'm Bored
Cam Meekins - Thank You
Cam Meekins - Dreams
Cam Meekins - Wiz Khalifa
Cam Meekins - Hater
Cam Meekins - Falling
Cam Meekins - Slow Down
Cam Meekins - Oh Word?!
Cam Meekins - Where It All Comes From
Cam Meekins - Top of the World
Cam Meekins - Run Around
Canopy Climbers - Far
Canopy Climbers - Lazarus
Canopy Climbers - Break
Canopy Climbers - Over
Luca Carboni - Vedo risorgere il sole
Luca Carboni - Spider
Luca Carboni - Settembre
Luca Carboni - Ni na na
Luca Carboni - O è Natale tutti i giorni
Luca Carboni - Lampo di vita
Luca Carboni - Le band
Luca Carboni - Malinconia
Luca Carboni - Pensieri al tramonto
Luca Carboni - Il mio cuore fa ciock!
Luca Carboni - Mix 1992
Calypso Rose - Calypso Blues
Calypso Rose - Israel by Bus
Calypso Rose - Underneath the Mango Tree
Calypso Rose - I Say a Little Prayer
Calypso Rose - Abatina
Calypso Rose - Calypso Queen
Carbon Leaf - Life Less Ordinary
Carbon Leaf - What About Everything?
Carbon Leaf - Changeless
Carbon Leaf - This Is My Song!
Carbon Leaf - Grey Sky Eyes
Carbon Leaf - Raise the Roof
Carbon Leaf - Paloma
Carbon Leaf - One Prairie Outpost
Carbon Leaf - Let Your Troubles Roll By
Carbon Leaf - When I'm Alone
Carbon Leaf - The Sea
Carbon Leaf - On Any Given Day
Carbon Leaf - Torn to Tattered
Carbon Leaf - Mellow Tone
Carbon Leaf - Mary Mac
Carbon Leaf - I Know the Reason
Carbon Leaf - Lonesome Pine
Calypso Rose - The Bicycle
Carbon Leaf - Follow the Lady
Carbon Leaf - Toy Soldiers
Carbon Leaf - Maybe Today
Carbon Leaf - Learn to Fly
Carbon Leaf - Love Loss Hope Repeat
Carbon Leaf - Royal One
Carbon Leaf - Girl and Her Horse
Carbon Leaf - Texas Stars
Carbon Leaf - Comfort
Carbon Leaf - The War Was in Color
Carbon Leaf - Bright Lights
Carbon Leaf - International Airport
Carbon Leaf - Indecision
Carbon Leaf - Another Man's Woman
Carbon Leaf - Miss Hollywood
Carbon Leaf - Cinnamindy
Carbon Leaf - Lake of Silver Bells
Carbon Leaf - What Have You Learned?
Carbon Leaf - X-Ray
Carbon Leaf - Drops of Rain
Carbon Leaf - Meltdown
Carbon Leaf - Snowfall Music
Carbon Leaf - Seed
Cam Meekins - Peace
Cam Meekins - Up
Cam Meekins - Good
Cam Meekins - Stupid
Cam Meekins - Pizza Mind
Cam Meekins - The Road
Cam Meekins - Perfect
Cam Meekins - Soul
Cam Meekins - Rewind (Last Song)
Cam Meekins - Won't Come Down
Cam Meekins - Wide Awake
Cam Meekins - Wasn't for You
Cam Meekins - Bad for It
Cam Meekins - Next Time (Gabrielle)
Cam Meekins - Home
Cam Meekins - I'm on It
Cam Meekins - Stay
Cam Meekins - Holdin On
Cam Meekins - Be There
Cam Meekins - Numb
Cam Meekins - Tryna
Cam Meekins - Daughters
Cam Meekins - Just To Be Wrong feat Trama
Cam Meekins - Anemic feat Chris King
Cam Meekins - Body, Stress, Pleasure
Luca Carboni - Li vedi
Luca Carboni - L'avvenire Carboni
Luca Carboni - Giovani disponibili
Luca Carboni - Sexy
Luca Carboni - Sugo
Luca Carboni - Simmu gente ca nun sà
Luca Carboni - Solarium
Luca Carboni - La mamma
Luca Carboni - Dentro le scarpe (inedito)
Luca Carboni - Il fiume
Kristian Bush - Trailer Hitch
Kristian Bush - Southern Gravity
Kristian Bush - Giving It Up
Kristian Bush - Waiting on an Angel
Caña wake - Ay mi hermano
Caña wake - Ella es
Carnival in Coal - Fuckable
Carnival in Coal - Satanic Disaster
Carnival in Coal - Right Click... Save As...
Carnival in Coal - Cartilage Holocaust
Carnival in Coal - The Lady and the Dormant Sponge
Carnival in Coal - Ohlala
Carnival in Coal - D.O.A. (Drunk Once Again)
Carnival in Coal - Bark at the Moon
Carnival in Coal - Out of Misery
Carnival in Coal - Maniac
Carnival in Coal - Piranha
Carnival in Coal - My Favourite Armchair
Carnival in Coal - Baker Street
Carnival in Coal - Mama
Carnival in Coal - Fucking Hostile
Carnival in Coal - Yes! We Have No Bananas
Carnival in Coal - Cadillac
Carnival in Coal - Exit Upon Void
Carnival in Coal - Don't Be Happy, Worry
Carnival in Coal - Gang Bang
Carnival in Coal - Daaahhh
Carnival in Coal - Ring My Bell
Carnival in Coal - In Darkness Dwells Vice
Carnival in Coal - Entrez le carnaval
Carnival in Coal - Urine Facewash
Carnival in Coal - Got Raped
Carnival in Coal - Yeah, Oystaz
Carnival in Coal - Narrow-Minded Sexist Pig
Carnival in Coal - A Swedish Winter Tale
Carnival in Coal - She-Male Whoregasm
Carnival in Coal - XXX Dog Petting
Carnival in Coal - Dressed Like Pazuzu
Carnival in Coal - Cinque (The Parrot Stuff)
Care Bears - The Fun Starts Here
Care Bears - We Live In Care-A-Lot
Pablo Campos Trio - Rainbow Connection
Brodie - BC Anthem
Brodie - My Day Off
Brodie - When I'm With You
Brodie - Good Guy - Bad Luck
Brodie - Crazy Night
Brodie - The One
Brodie - Perfect Girl
Brodie - Something To Say
Brodie - Leave This Town
Brodie - Sympathy
Brodie - Walk Away
Brodie - Stupid Bastard
Brodie - I Know
Brodie - One Of A Kind
Brodie - Please Don't Go
Brodie - Rip Off
Brodie - Three Month Curse
Brodie - Letting Go
Brodie - This Is My Life
Brodie - Quarter-Life Crisis
Brodie - Peter Gibbons Eyes
Brodie - My Response
Brodie - High Standards
Brodie - I'm Sorry Now
Brodie - Lend A Hand
Brodie - 'Til Friday Night
Brodie - Lock The Door
Brodie - Here And Now
Brodie - Coffee, Black
Brodie - Already A Part Of Me
C Allstar - iSing
C Allstar - Last Day
Cadena Perpetua - Culpables
Cadena Perpetua - No mires el cielo
Cadena Perpetua - Algo personal
Cadena Perpetua - ¿Qué estoy buscando?
Cadena Perpetua - El angelito grassioso
Cadena Perpetua - Los miserables
Cadena Perpetua - Adiós
Cadena Perpetua - Cerrar la historia
Cadena Perpetua - Pánico
Cadena Perpetua - 3 historias
Cadena Perpetua - Trampa mortal
Cadena Perpetua - En burla del destino
Cadena Perpetua - El juego del medio (Estímulos)
Cadena Perpetua - Delincuentes
Cadena Perpetua - Que mundo
Cadena Perpetua - El avestruz
Cadena Perpetua - Dueño de tu mente
Cadena Perpetua - Quema la idea
Cadena Perpetua - Mutante
Cadena Perpetua - Calavera no chilla
Cadena Perpetua - In the Crowd
Cadena Perpetua - Relaciones peligrosas
Cadena Perpetua - La trampa
Cadena Perpetua - No hay lugar
Cadena Perpetua - Pálido y oscuro
Cadena Perpetua - Malas costumbres
Cadena Perpetua - Emigrar
Cadena Perpetua - Sigo acá
Cadena Perpetua - Secretaría de turismo
Cadena Perpetua - Desde el infierno
Cadena Perpetua - Inolvidable
Cadena Perpetua - Imperialista
Cadena Perpetua - Demás
Cadena Perpetua - Yo, el mal
Cadena Perpetua - Canción infantil...
Cadena Perpetua - ¿Por qué parar?
Cadena Perpetua - ¿Te acordarás de mí?
Cadena Perpetua - Los chicos lloran
Cadena Perpetua - 18 hs
Cadena Perpetua - Como poder
Cadena Perpetua - No quisiera quererte
Cadena Perpetua - Si me ves
Cadena Perpetua - Te quiero mal
Cadena Perpetua - ¿Por qué?
Cadena Perpetua - Quise evitarte
Cadena Perpetua - Dispara
Cadena Perpetua - La reacción
Carbon Leaf - Home
Carbon Leaf - Big Strong Man
Carbon Leaf - Blue Ridge Laughing
Carbon Leaf - Wandrin' Around
Carbon Leaf - So Why?
Carbon Leaf - American Tale
Carbon Leaf - Gloryland
Carbon Leaf - Attica's Flower Box Window
Carbon Leaf - Days Gone By
Carbon Leaf - Circus
Carbon Leaf - Love Rain Down
Carbon Leaf - Alcatraz
Carbon Leaf - All of My Love
Carbon Leaf - Two Aging Truckers
Carbon Leaf - Ragtime Carnival
Carbon Leaf - Sparklers
Carbon Leaf - Pierce My Heart
Carbon Leaf - Wolfin’ Down Your Heart
Carbon Leaf - Tombstone vs. Ashes
Carbon Leaf - Wolftrap and Fireflies
Carbon Leaf - Come Again?
Carbon Leaf - Flood
Carbon Leaf - Reunion Monticello
Carbon Leaf - November (makebelieve)
Carbon Leaf - Summer Song
Carbon Leaf - Blind Session Eye
Carbon Leaf - Message to Me
Carbon Leaf - For the Girl
Carbon Leaf - Dusk
Callahan - The Faintest Spark
Callahan - Second Best
Callahan - Cellophane Hearts
Callahan - Set the Pace
Callahan - This One's for the History Books
Callahan - Face the Day
Cadena Perpetua - Ángel del pasado
Cadena Perpetua - El sistema II
Cadena Perpetua - Un caso más
Cadena Perpetua - No te tires atrás
Cadena Perpetua - Mis pesadillas
Cadena Perpetua - La ignorancia
Cadena Perpetua - El tirano
Cadena Perpetua - Tu inferioridad
Cadena Perpetua - No podrán vencerme
Cadena Perpetua - No quiero flores
Cadena Perpetua - Algo confuso
Cadena Perpetua - Por una cabeza
Cadena Perpetua - Ya no ves el sol
Cadena Perpetua - Yo no soy como vos
Cadena Perpetua - Quién sos?
Cadena Perpetua - En esta vida
Cadena Perpetua - Enfréntalos
Cadena Perpetua - Te volveremos a ver
Cadena Perpetua - No lo cambiarán
Cadena Perpetua - Mundo al revés
Cadena Perpetua - El sueño del pibe
Cadena Perpetua - Juventud suicida
Cadena Perpetua - Todo por nada
Cadena Perpetua - In the City
Cadena Perpetua - Buscándote
Cadena Perpetua - Everybody Knows
Cadena Perpetua - Si no me ves
Tonino Carotone - Me cago en el amor
Tonino Carotone - Tu vuo fa l'americano
Tonino Carotone - La abuela vuela
Tonino Carotone - Bahía
Tonino Carotone - Sé que bebo, sé que fumo
Tonino Carotone - Sapore di mare
Tonino Carotone - Amar y vivir
Tonino Carotone - Acabarás como siempre
Tonino Carotone - El provinciano
Tonino Carotone - Il santo
Tonino Carotone - Primaverando
Tonino Carotone - La cama
Tonino Carotone - No volveremos más
Tonino Carotone - La noria
Tonino Carotone - No funciona
Tonino Carotone - Amor jíbaro
Tonino Carotone - Niños de papá
Tonino Carotone - Un ragazzo di strada
Tonino Carotone - Sono tremendo
Tonino Carotone - La trampa
Carnada - No quiero dormir
Carnada - Una y otra vez
Carnada - Antes de la herida
Carnada - Reversa
Carnada - Elevador
Carnada - Caminar y caminar
Carnada - Cobardes
Carnada - Intencional
Carnada - Forzar las cosas
Carnada - Serpientes y cristales rotos
Carnada - Sácame de aquí
Carnada - Estrellas de roca
Carbon Leaf - Directional
Carbon Leaf - Clockwork
Carbon Leaf - One Day
Carbon Leaf - Weirdguyhaus
Carbon Leaf - Kettle
Carbon Leaf - Skeleton Man Dance
Carbon Leaf - Strain
Carbon Leaf - Paper Thin
Carbon Leaf - Live Like You
Carbon Leaf - Country Monkee
Carbon Leaf - Winter's Dream
Carbon Leaf - Shellfish
Carbon Leaf - Bloody Good Bar Fight Song
Carbon Leaf - The Donnybrook Affair
Carbon Leaf - She’s Gone (…for Good This Time)
Carbon Leaf - Oi
Carbon Leaf - A Song for the Sea
Carbon Leaf - The Fox and the Hare
Carbon Leaf - I Love Victory!
Carbon Leaf - Sad and Alone
Carbon Leaf - The Road Is Breaking My Heart
Carbon Leaf - Ordinary Eyes
Carbon Leaf - Nowadays
Carbon Leaf - For Your Violin
Carbon Leaf - January 9 / 63 Degrees
Carbon Leaf - To My Soul
Carbon Leaf - Kinakeet Island
Carbon Leaf - Clannanhide
Carbon Leaf - Aurora
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Berlin
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Cette Chanson Qui Ne Vient Jamais
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Il Faudra Que Je Me Souvienne
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Patience
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Göttingen
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Marie-Jeanne-Gabriellle
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Au Large du Gueveur
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Le Présent Têtu
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Floraison
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Loguivy de La Mer
Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Maintenant ou Jamais
Carly Ritter - It Don't Come Easy
Carly Ritter - Storms on the Ocean
Carly Ritter - Oh, Farmer
Carly Ritter - It Is Love
Carly Ritter - Mama
Carly Ritter - Princess of the Prairie
Captain Rapp - Bad Times (I Can't Stand It), Part 2
Capullo - Camionero
Capullo - Reencarnación
Capullo - Prendo el ordenador
Capullo - Ritmo Prohibido
Capullo - Amor de Semana Santa
Capullo - Power point de amor
Capital Inicial - Fátima
Capital Inicial - Sob controle
Capital Inicial - Mickey Mouse em Moscou
Capital Inicial - Palavras ao vento
Capital Inicial - Pedra na mão
Capital Inicial - Movimento
Capital Inicial - Gritos
Capital Inicial - Fogo
Capital Inicial - Leve desespero
Capital Inicial - Descendo o rio Nilo
Capital Inicial - Autoridades
Capital Inicial - Belos e malditos
Capital Inicial - Psicopata
Capital Inicial - Todos os lados
Capital Inicial - Independência
Capital Inicial - Prova
Capital Inicial - Veraneio vascaína
Capital Inicial - Blecaute
Capital Inicial - O mundo
Belinda Carlisle feat. Freda Payne - Band of Gold
Candysuck - Kill Your Boyfriend
Candysuck - Molotov Cocktail Party
Caribe - Caribe
Brock Zanrosso - Edge (End of the World)
Brock Zanrosso - Perfect Storm
Ian Carey feat. Snoop Dog & Bobby Anthony - Last Night
Manuel Carrasco - Llueve sin descanso
Manuel Carrasco - Ya no tengas miedo
Manuel Carrasco - Nunca más
Manuel Carrasco - Busca por las calles
Manuel Carrasco - Me sabe a poco
Manuel Carrasco - Y ahora
Manuel Carrasco - Me acostumbré a quererte
Manuel Carrasco - Escaparme a tu balcón
Manuel Carrasco - Sálvame de ti
Manuel Carrasco - Dime que te pasa
Manuel Carrasco - Cariño espérame
Manuel Carrasco - Tan solo tú
Manuel Carrasco - Te vas con ella
Manuel Carrasco - Ámame otra vez
Manuel Carrasco - Calle sur
Manuel Carrasco - A veces te imagino
Manuel Carrasco - Déjame que sea
Manuel Carrasco - Prefiero seguir presente
Manuel Carrasco - Espera un momento
Manuel Carrasco - Detrás de ti, detrás de mi
Manuel Carrasco - Tienes que echar a volar
Manuel Carrasco - Si miras a tu alrededor
Manuel Carrasco - Si tú supieras
Manuel Carrasco - Esta vez no
Manuel Carrasco - Nadie quiere que bailes con nadie
Manuel Carrasco - Entiendo
Manuel Carrasco - Montañas de sal
Manuel Carrasco - Aprieta
Manuel Carrasco - Sabrás
Manuel Carrasco - Niña de la voz quebrada
Burning Image - Time Is Running Out
Stan Bush - Never Surrender
Stan Bush - Straight to the Top
Stan Bush - Dare
Stan Bush - Ground Zero (BotCon Theme)
Stan Bush - Capture the Dream
Stan Bush - Total Surrender
Stan Bush - Highest Calling
Stan Bush - Don’t Give Up on Love
Stan Bush - In My Life
Stan Bush - If This Is All There Is
Stan Bush - Your Time
Stan Bush - All That I Am
Stan Bush - Sam’s Theme (The Touch)
Stan Bush - Something to Believe
Stan Bush - The Ultimate
Stan Bush - Unstoppable
Stan Bush - Thunder in Your Heart
Stan Bush - The Journey
Stan Bush - If I’m Not Lovin’ You
Manuel Carrasco - No puede ser
Manuel Carrasco - ¿Dónde estás?
Manuel Carrasco - Mujer extraña
Manuel Carrasco - El beso de la vida
Manuel Carrasco - Hoy pasan los días
Manuel Carrasco - Mantendré la calma
Manuel Carrasco - En el bar de los pesares
Manuel Carrasco - Niña
Manuel Carrasco - Dibujar tu olvido
Manuel Carrasco - Nada es igual
Manuel Carrasco - Tambores de guerra
Manuel Carrasco - Bailar el viento
Manuel Carrasco - Ya no
Manuel Carrasco - Siendo uno mismo
Manuel Carrasco - Uno x uno
Manuel Carrasco - Pequeña sonrisa sonora
Manuel Carrasco - Yo quiero vivir
Manuel Carrasco - La voz de dentro
Manuel Carrasco - Y ahora lo sé
Manuel Carrasco - Dime si te irás
Manuel Carrasco - A mí me duele
Manuel Carrasco - Sólo quiero un beso
Manuel Carrasco - Ama a María
Manuel Carrasco - Ya no es lo mismo
Manuel Carrasco - Miénteme
Manuel Carrasco - Voy (Bonus Track)
Manuel Carrasco - Soy afortunado
Manuel Carrasco - Mujer de las mil batallas
Stan Bush - Never Ending Love
Stan Bush - Ain’t That Worth Something
Stan Bush - Landslide
Stan Bush - Could This Be Love
Stan Bush - Every Beat of My Heart
Stan Bush - The Search Is Over
Stan Bush - Shine
Stan Bush - Falling
Stan Bush - What You Mean Tonight
Stan Bush - Do It All Over
Stan Bush - When I Dream
Stan Bush - Never Wanted to Fall
Stan Bush - The Price of Love
Stan Bush - Everybody Needs a Hero
Stan Bush - Fire in My Heart
Stan Bush - Don’t Accuse Her
Stan Bush - Love Has Taken Me Away
Stan Bush - Round and Round
Natalia Cappuccini - Real Woman
Natalia Cappuccini - Body Body Language
Natalia Cappuccini - Chivalry Is Dead
Carbon Leaf - If I Were a Cowboy
Carbon Leaf - Seven Brides for Seven Sinners
Stan Bush - Are You Over Me
Stan Bush - Got It Bad for You
Stan Bush - Never Stop Writing This Song
Stan Bush - A Little Thing
Stan Bush - Some Things Never Change
Stan Bush - Language of the Heart
Stan Bush - Don’t Let Them Down
Stan Bush - Don’t Tell Me
Stan Bush - I'll Never Forget
Stan Bush - I Can't Cry
Stan Bush - Can't Live Without Love
Stan Bush - You've Got the Touch
Stan Bush - What I've Got Is Real
Stan Bush - Can't Hide Love
Stan Bush - It Don't Get Better Than This
Stan Bush - Til All Are One (Transformers Theme)
Stan Bush - The Touch (Lo Wang Hijack)
Stan Bush - Forever
Alberto Camerini - Sintonizzati con me
Alberto Camerini - Ska-tenati
Alberto Camerini - Serenella
Alberto Camerini - Rock'n'roll robot
Alberto Camerini - Non devi piangere
Alberto Camerini - Bip bip rock
Alberto Camerini - Miele
Alberto Camerini - Il ristorante di Ricciolina
Alberto Camerini - Tanz bambolina
Alberto Camerini - Maccheroni elettronici
Alberto Camerini - Arlecchino educato all'amore
Alberto Camerini - Telex
Alberto Camerini - La bottega del caffè
Alberto Camerini - Angelo in blue jeans
Alberto Camerini - Bettina
Alberto Camerini - Soldi
Alberto Camerini - Diamantina
Alberto Camerini - Bambulè
Alberto Camerini - Milano innamorata
Alberto Camerini - Tv Baby
Alberto Camerini - Quando è carnevale
Alberto Camerini - Alberto
Alberto Camerini - Canzone della bahia
Alberto Camerini - Nembo Kid & Baby Lavatrice
Alberto Camerini - Gelato metropolitano
Alberto Camerini - Stai con me
Alberto Camerini - Mr. Rock
Alberto Camerini - Arlecchino educato dall'amore
Alberto Camerini - Proprio tu
Alberto Camerini - La ballata dell'invasione degli extraterrestri
Alberto Camerini - Pane quotidiano
Alberto Camerini - Sicurezza
Alberto Camerini - Droga (aiutami dottore)
Alberto Camerini - La straordinaria storia dell'invenzione della televisione (a colori)
Alberto Camerini - S. Marta
Alberto Camerini - Cenerentola
Alberto Camerini - Rock show (io per te)
Alberto Camerini - Sciocka
Alberto Camerini - Comici cosmetici
Alberto Camerini - Macondo
Alberto Camerini - Poliziotto per favore
Alberto Camerini - Prologo
Alberto Camerini - Un altro sogno
Alberto Camerini - Subtelevision Punx (Klonati)
Alberto Camerini - Istruzioni
Alberto Camerini - Cyberclone
Alberto Camerini - Roquette
Alberto Camerini - Alice forse lo sa già
Alberto Camerini - Orfeo
Alberto Camerini - Vivo!
Alberto Camerini - Non rompermi le skatole!
Alberto Camerini - Ska-skatenati
Alberto Camerini - Fatti una canna
Alberto Camerini - Cyberclown
David Calzado - El castigo
David Calzado - Noche de pirata
David Calzado - La casa
David Calzado - Llora, llora
David Calzado - Cazadora de talentos
David Calzado - Vas a sufrir
Capella Gregoriana - Introitus: Nos autem
Capella Gregoriana - Sequenz: Veni Sancte Spiritus
Alberto Camerini - Monna Lisa
Alberto Camerini - C'è una chitarra
Alberto Camerini - Va bene così
Alberto Camerini - Ti voglio
Alberto Camerini - Cuori senza rima
Alberto Camerini - Romeo
Carl-Fredrik Larsson - Som en vind
Alberto Camerini - Siamo tanti
Alberto Camerini - Rock Rap
Alberto Camerini - Johnny
Alberto Camerini - Morgana e il re
Alberto Camerini - La Bambola Vodoo
Schola Hungarica - Te Deum laudamus
Bill Callahan - Jim Cain
Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw
Bill Callahan - The Wind and the Dove
Bill Callahan - Rococo Zephyr
Bill Callahan - Too Many Birds
Bill Callahan - My Friend
Bill Callahan - All Thoughts Are Prey to Some Beast
Bill Callahan - Faith/Void
Bill Callahan - Drover
Bill Callahan - Baby's Breath
Bill Callahan - America!
Bill Callahan - Universal Applicant
Bill Callahan - Riding for the Feeling
Bill Callahan - Free's
Bill Callahan - One Fine Morning
Bill Callahan - The Sing
Bill Callahan - Javelin Unlanding
Bill Callahan - Small Plane
Bill Callahan - Spring
Bill Callahan - Ride My Arrow
Bill Callahan - Summer Painter
Bill Callahan - Seagull
Bill Callahan - Winter Road
Bill Callahan - From the Rivers to the Ocean
Bill Callahan - Footprints
Bill Callahan - Diamond Dancer
Bill Callahan - Sycamore
Bill Callahan - The Wheel
Bill Callahan - Honeymoon Child
Bill Callahan - Day
Bill Callahan - Night
Bill Callahan - A Man Needs a Woman or a Man to Be a Man
C3 - I Give You My Word
Bill Callahan - Our Anniversary
Bill Callahan - Say Valley Maker
Bill Callahan - Bathysphere
Camping - hier wohnen wir
Canadian Staff Band - They Shall Come From the East
Carbon Leaf - Wanderin' Around
Carbon Leaf - Deperation Song
Carbon Leaf - Red Punch, Green Punch
Cardiac Move - Running in Your Mind
Cardiac Move - Head Over Heels
Cardiac Move - The Colouria
Carbon Leaf - A Girl and Her Horse
Carbon Leaf - Toast to the New Year
Carbon Leaf - Christmas at Sea
Carbon Leaf - Native America
Carbon Leaf - Midwestern Girl
Carbon Leaf - Unknown Bride
Carbon Leaf - Crossroads
Carbon Leaf - For the First Time
Carbon Leaf - Ice and Snow
Carbon Leaf - Ode to the Snow
Carbon Leaf - Walking in the Sun
Carbon Leaf - On a Roll
Carbon Leaf - The Friendship Song
Carbon Leaf - Barbecue
Carbon Leaf - Under the Wire (demo)
Carbon Leaf - Block of Wood (Nashville Pre-Production)
Carbon Leaf - Dirty Bird (demo)
Carbon Leaf - Tip Toe (full band demo)
Carbon Leaf - Mexico (original demo)
Careless Sons - Rosary
Ana Carolina - Nada te faltará
Ana Carolina - Tolerância
Ana Carolina - Aqui
Ana Carolina - Rosas
Ana Carolina - Um Edifício No Meio Do Mundo
Ana Carolina - Vai
Ana Carolina - O cristo de madeira
Ana Carolina - Eu comi a Madona
Ana Carolina - 1.100,00 (Nega marrenta)
Ana Carolina - Chevette
Ana Carolina - Notícias populares
Ana Carolina - Então Vá Se Perder
Ana Carolina - Carvão
Ana Carolina - Manhã
Ana Carolina - Corredores
Ana Carolina - Eu Não Paro
Ana Carolina - Claridade
Ana Carolina - Tô saindo
Ana Carolina - Confesso
Ana Carolina - Encostar na tua
Ana Carolina - Uma louca tempestade
Ana Carolina - Nua
Ana Carolina - Nada pra mim
Ana Carolina - O avesso dos ponteiros
Ana Carolina - Trancado
Ana Carolina - A Canção Tocou Na Hora Errada
Ana Carolina - O melhor de mim
Ana Carolina - Perder tempo com você
Ana Carolina - Tô caindo fora
Ana Carolina - Quem de nós dois
Ana Carolina - Que será
Ana Carolina - Joana
Ana Carolina - Dadivosa
The Capones - Paradise Island
Campus - Circumstances
Campus - You Are Welcome
Campus - Don't Kill Me If You Don't Have To
Ana Carolina - 10 Minutos (Dimmi Perché)
Ana Carolina - Entreolhares (The Way You're Looking at Me)
Ana Carolina - Torpedo
Ana Carolina - Traição
Ana Carolina - Só fala em mim
Ana Carolina - Hoje eu tô sozinha
Ana Carolina - O Beat Da Beata (com Seu Jorge e Liminha)
Ana Carolina - Gente Humilde
Ana Carolina - Oração De São Francisco De Assis
Ana Carolina - Bicudos
Ana Carolina - O beat da beata
Ana Carolina - Cantinho / Fever / Eu sou melhor que você
Ana Carolina - Eu que não sei quase nada do mar
Ana Carolina - Confesso / Trancado / Nua / Pra rua me levar / Encostar na tua
Ana Carolina - Três
Ana Carolina - Manhã / Sinais de fogo
Ana Carolina - Cabide
Ana Carolina - Vai (Faixa bônus)
José Carreras & Sarah Brightman - Amigos para siempre (Official Theme of the Barcelona 1992 Games)
José Carreras & Sarah Brightman - Amigos Para Siempre-Friends For Life
Cape - Knock Me Off My Feet
Cape - Together in Eternity
Cape - Goodbye
Cape - L.O.V.E
Cape - Only Love
Cape - Tic Tac
Ana Carolina - Pole Dance
Ana Carolina - Esperta
Ana Carolina - Combustível
Ana Carolina - Pelo iPhone
Ana Carolina - Mais Forte
Ana Carolina - Bang Bang 2
Ana Carolina - Canção pra ti
Ana Carolina - Un Sueño Bajo El Água
Ana Carolina - Luz Acesa
Ana Carolina - Leveza de Valsa
Ana Carolina - Fire
Ana Carolina - Coração Selvagem
Ana Carolina - Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
Ana Carolina - Resposta da Rita (part. Chico Buarque)
Ana Carolina - É Isso Aí (The Blower's Daughter)
Ana Carolina - Coisas
Gonzaguinha - Sangrando
Ana Carolina - Rai das cores
Ana Carolina - As telas e elas
Ana Carolina - Você não sabe
Ana Carolina - Simplesmente aconteceu
Ana Carolina - Força estranha
Ana Carolina - Stereo
Ana Carolina - O amor é um rock
Ana Carolina - Entre tapas e beijos
Ana Carolina - Pra tomar três
Ana Carolina - Problemas
Ana Carolina - Vestido estampado / Me deixa em paz
Ana Carolina - Poema de Benjamim Constant / Que se danem os nós
Ana Carolina - Poema de E E Cumming / Nua / Outra vez
Ana Carolina - Eu gosto de mulher / Mulher eu sei
Ana Carolina - Sinais de fogo
Carl Carlton - She's a Bad Mama Jama (She's Built, She's Stacked)
Carl Carlton - Everlasting Love
Carl Carlton - Smokin' Room
Carl Carlton - Drop by My Place
Carl Carlton - Baby I Need Your Loving
Carl Carlton - She's a Bad Mama Jama
Captain Jack - Iko Iko
Captain Jack - Drill Instructor
Captain Jack - Centerfold
Captain Jack - Give It Up
Captain Jack - Viva la Vida
Captain Jack - Little Boy
Captain Jack - In The Navy
Captain Jack - Get Up
Captain Jack - Don't Haha
Captain Jack - Back Home
Captain Jack - Hands Up
Captain Jack - My Friend
Captain Jack - Get Up!
Captain Jack - The Race
Captain Jack - Set Me Free
Captain Jack - 2000 (Millenium)
Captain Jack - I Feel
Captain Jack - Where the Party At?
Captain Jack - What Goes Around
Captain Jack - Magic in You
Captain Jack - Robotman on Holiday
Captain Jack - Cosmic Evolution
Captain Jack - Secret Agent
Captain Jack - Follow Me
Captain Jack - Holiday
Captain Jack - 7 Days
Captain Jack - Sing a Song
Ana Carolina - Mais que isso
Ana Carolina - Garganta (ao vivo)
Ana Carolina - Mais Que a Mim
Ana Carolina - É isso aí
Ana Carolina - 2 bicudos
Ana Carolina - Não fale desse jeito
Ana Carolina - Alguém me disse
Ana Carolina - Cantinho ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - Eu comi a Madonna ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - Rosas ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - Carvao ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - É Isso Aí (The Blower's Daughter) ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - Milhares de Sambas ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - Cabide ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - Um Edifício no Meio do Mundo ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - Vai ((Multishow ao vivo))
Ana Carolina - Evidências (ao vivo)
Ana Carolina - Eu comi a Madona (Remix) (participação especial: DJ Zé Pedro)
Ana Carolina - Aqui / Quem de nós dois
Ana Carolina - Dois bicudos
Ana Carolina - Hoje eu tou sozinha
Ana Carolina - Entreolhares (The Way Youre Looking Ate Me) (Part. John Legend)
Ana Carolina - Resta (Part. Chiara Civello)
Ana Carolina - Milhares de sambas (Part. Roberta Sá)
Ana Carolina - Aqui / Quem de nós dois (La mia storia tra le dita)
Ana Carolina - And I Love You So
Ana Carolina - Heroína e vilã (Part. Antônio Villeroy)
Ana Carolina - Tá rindo, é? (Part. Seu Jorge)
Ana Carolina - Homens e mulheres (Part. Ângela Ro Ro)
Ana Carolina - Ruas de outono (Part. Zizi Possi)
Ana Carolina - Quem de nós dois (La mia storia tra le dita)- Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina - Esperta/Você Não Sabe/Cantinho
Ana Carolina - Problemas/Quem de Nós Dois
Ana Carolina - Libido/Eu Comi a Madona
Ana Carolina - Piriguete/Você Não Vale Nada
Captain Jack - Say Captain Say What
Captain Jack - It's My Generation
Captain Jack - Yellow Submarine
Captain Jack - 1-2-3
Captain Jack - Boyfriend
Captain Jack - Fly Away
Captain Jack - Don't You Just Know It (Don't Hahaha)
Captain Jack - Early in the Morning (We Like the Captain)
Captain Jack - Hai Hai Hai (Thanx Japan and Fuyuki)
Captain Jack - Dancing Pompokolin
Captain Jack - My Generation
Captain Jack - Another One Bites the Dust
Captain Jack - Only You
Captain Jack - Soldier Soldier
Captain Jack - Take On Me
Captain Jack - U Like It
Captain Jack - The Mission (intro)
Captain Jack - Sir Yes Sir
Captain Jack - Captain Jack
Captain Jack - Take on Me (Longplay)
Captain Jack - Jack in da House
Captain Jack - She's a Lady
Captain Jack - Captain Jack Remix
Captain Jack - Drill Instructor Remix
Captain Jack - The Final Countdown
BWB - Human Nature
Caos - La Planta
Caos - El Vago
Caos - Qué Pasa
Caos - Excusas
Caos - La Vida Gacha
Caos - Na Na Na
Caos - La Pastilla
Caos - Broncas
Captain Jack - Vamos a la Playa
Captain Jack - Sunshine Reggae
Captain Jack - Miss Ibiza
Captain Jack - Blame It on the Boogie
Captain Jack - Escape
Captain Jack - Sing Halleluja
Captain Jack - Copy Kills Music (outro)
Captain Jack - Drill Instructor '96
Captain Jack - Secret Agent (In Da Bass Mix '97)
Captain Jack - Saturday Night
Captain Jack - Together Forever
Captain Jack - People Like to Party
Captain Jack - In the Navy '99(XXL Disaster Remix)
Captain Jack - Spacefrog Mix
Captain Jack - Another One Bites The Dust (From Queen Dance Traxx)
Captain Jack - 1 2 3
Captain Jack - Dream a Dream (Spacefrog mix 99)
Captain Jack - Soldier Soldier 2010
Captain Jack - Freak You
Meryn Cadell - Secret
Meryn Cadell - Bumble Bee
Meryn Cadell - Inventory
Meryn Cadell - I Say
Meryn Cadell - The Wait
Meryn Cadell - I Been Redeemed
Meryn Cadell - The Sweater
Meryn Cadell - Job Application
Meryn Cadell - The Pope
Meryn Cadell - Confide
Meryn Cadell - Clothes
Meryn Cadell - Steam Clean Express
Meryn Cadell - Lying
Roberto Carlos - Ana
Roberto Carlos - Vista a roupa meu bem
Roberto Carlos - O astronauta
Roberto Carlos - Se eu pudesse voltar no tempo
Roberto Carlos - Preciso lhe encontrar
Roberto Carlos - Jesus Cristo
Roberto Carlos - Pra você
Roberto Carlos - 120... 150... 200 km por hora
Roberto Carlos - Maior que o meu amor
Roberto Carlos - Seres humanos
Roberto Carlos - Como é grande meu amor por você
Roberto Carlos - Amor perfeito (ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - E por isso estou aqui (ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - Proposta (ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - Luz divina (ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - Eu te amo tanto (ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - Jesus Cristo (ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - Meu menino Jesus
Roberto Carlos - O baile da fazenda
Roberto Carlos - Vê se volta pra mim
Roberto Carlos - De tanto amor (versão inédita ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - Amada amante (versão inédita ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - Outra vez (versão inédita ao vivo)
Roberto Carlos - Além do horizonte
Roberto Carlos - Parei na contramão
Roberto Carlos - Detalhes
Roberto Carlos - É proibido fumar
Roberto Carlos - Todos estão surdos
Roberto Carlos - O grude (um do outro)
Roberto Carlos - O calhambeque
Roberto Carlos - É preciso saber viver
Roberto Carlos - Emoções
Carbon Carousel - Always Better Sorry
Carbon Carousel - Skinny
Carbon Carousel - Sunspots
Carolina Story - When the River Met the Sea
Carolina Story - Planes Overhead
Carolina Story - Hey There Mr. Sir
Carolina Story - Sleepwalking
Carolina Story - Cheers to Loving Me
Carolina Story - The Apple
Carolina Story - Earthbound
Carolina Story - This Hell I've Been Calling Home
Carolina Story - Long Way South
Carolina Story - You Will Find Me
Carolina Story - The Morning Bird
Carolina Story - Your Children's Children
Carolina Story - Lonely Without You
Roberto Carlos - E não vou mais deixar você tão só
Roberto Carlos - Ninguém vai tirar você de mim
Roberto Carlos - É meu, é meu, é meu
Roberto Carlos - As canções que você fez pra mim
Roberto Carlos - Nem mesmo você
Roberto Carlos - Ciúme de você
Roberto Carlos - Não há dinheiro que pague
Roberto Carlos - O tempo vai apagar
Roberto Carlos - Madrasta
Roberto Carlos - Amigo
Roberto Carlos - La distancia
Roberto Carlos - Amada amante
Roberto Carlos - Namoradinha de un amigo meu
Roberto Carlos - Detalles
Roberto Carlos - El gato que está triste y azul
Roberto Carlos - Un millón de amigos
Roberto Carlos - Emociones
Roberto Carlos - Jesucristo
Roberto Carlos - El día que me quieras
Roberto Carlos - Propuesta
Roberto Carlos - La paz de tu sonrisa
Roberto Carlos - Desahogo
Roberto Carlos - Si el amor se va
Roberto Carlos - Desayuno
Roberto Carlos - No te apartes de mí
Roberto Carlos - Lady Laura
Roberto Carlos - Mujer pequeña
Roberto Carlos - La montaña
Roberto Carlos - Amante a la antigua
Roberto Carlos - Abrázame así
Roberto Carlos - Esta tarde vi llover
Roberto Carlos - Símbolo sexual
Roberto Carlos - Tengo que olvidar
Roberto Carlos - Cóncavo y convexo
Roberto Carlos - El amor y la moda
Roberto Carlos - Camionero
Roberto Carlos - Quero que vá tudo pro inferno
Roberto Carlos - Lobo mau (The Wanderer)
Roberto Carlos - Coimbra
Roberto Carlos - O feio
Roberto Carlos - Eu te adoro meu amor
Roberto Carlos - Gosto do jeitinho dela
Roberto Carlos - Escreva uma carta meu amor
Roberto Carlos - Não é papo pra mim
Roberto Carlos - Mexerico da Candinha
Burns Out Bright - The World Is Going to Hell, We Don't Have a Record Deal & I've Never Had a Better Time in My Life
Burns Out Bright - Optimistic Nihilist
Burns Out Bright - Replication Is the Highest Form of Replication
Burns Out Bright - The Michael Keaton Backlash
Burns Out Bright - Sincerely I
Burns Out Bright - My Other Band Is a Hardcore Band
Burns Out Bright - I Just Want You to Know I Hate Each One of You for Completely Different Reasons
Burns Out Bright - When Life Feeds You Lemons Choke on Them & Die
Burns Out Bright - Nothing Keeps the Werewolf Away Like a Silver Bullet
Burns Out Bright - Remember Son, One Day All This Will Be Yours
Burns Out Bright - Something I Can Steal
Burns Out Bright - Fallen Hero
Burns Out Bright - Do What You Want
Burns Out Bright - Our Proudest Moments
Burns Out Bright - Epitaph
Burns Out Bright - Watership Down
Burns Out Bright - The Distance
Burns Out Bright - Prodigal
Burns Out Bright - Halo
Burns Out Bright - Simply Put
Burns Out Bright - Crowded Streets, Empty Skies
Burns Out Bright - Twenty-Two
José Carreras - White Christmas
Plácido Domingo - Cantique de noel (O Holy Night)
Roberto Carlos - Um leão está solto nas ruas
Roberto Carlos - Rosinha
Roberto Carlos - Broto do jacaré
Roberto Carlos - Jura-me
Roberto Carlos - Meu grande bem
Roberto Carlos - Minha história de amor
Roberto Carlos - Louco não estou mais
Roberto Carlos - Un gato en la oscuridad
Roberto Carlos - Fé
Roberto Carlos - Yo te recuerdo
Roberto Carlos - Yo Quiero Apenas
Roberto Carlos - Tu regreso
Roberto Carlos - El portón
Roberto Carlos - And I Love Her
Roberto Carlos - Te amo, te amo, te amo
Roberto Carlos - Ilegal, inmoral o engorda
Roberto Carlos - Arrastra una silla
Lou Canon - Here as a Ghost
Kev Carmody - Droving Woman
Carbon Maestro - For a United Equestria
Carbon Maestro - Moon (Vocals by Periluna)
Carbon Maestro - In The Night
Carbon Maestro - Golden Age
Carbon Maestro - Chaos Theory
Magnus Carlson - Vi kommer att ses igen
Magnus Carlson - Elin
Magnus Carlson - Nollgradig
Magnus Carlson - Genom natten
Magnus Carlson - Det värsta av allt
Magnus Carlson - Repig 7" singel
Magnus Carlson - Vacker främling
Magnus Carlson - Du är så rädd
Roberto Carlos - Todas as nossas senhoras
Roberto Carlos - Quando eu quero falar com Deus
Roberto Carlos - Não quero ver você triste
Roberto Carlos - Nossa Senhora
Roberto Carlos - Debaixo dos caracóis dos seus cabelos
Roberto Carlos - O portão
Roberto Carlos - Fera ferida
Roberto Carlos - Como vai você
Roberto Carlos - Proposta
Roberto Carlos - Cavalgada
Roberto Carlos - Outra vez
Roberto Carlos - Canzone per te
Roberto Carlos - Quero lhe falar do meu amor
Roberto Carlos - Caminhoneiro
Roberto Carlos - Falando sério
Roberto Carlos - Desabafo
Roberto Carlos - Assunto predileto
Roberto Carlos - Café da manhã
Roberto Carlos - Mulher de 40
Roberto Carlos - Alô
Roberto Carlos - O grande amor da minha vida
Roberto Carlos - Amor sem limite
Roberto Carlos - O amor é mais
Roberto Carlos - Tudo
Roberto Carlos - Tu és a verdade, Jesus
Roberto Carlos - Mulher pequena
Roberto Carlos - Quando digo que te amo
Roberto Carlos - Momentos tão bonitos
Roberto Carlos - Las distancia
Roberto Carlos - Si piensas, si quieres
Roberto Carlos - Volver
Roberto Carlos - Intenta olvidar
Roberto Carlos - Todas las mañanas
Roberto Carlos - Sentado a la vera del camino
Roberto Carlos - Fiera herida
Roberto Carlos - Desde el fondo de mi corazón
Roberto Carlos - 120... 150... 200 kms. por hora
Roberto Carlos - Amiga
Roberto Carlos - La ventana
Roberto Carlos - Actitudes
Roberto Carlos - De corazón a corazón
Roberto Carlos - Adiós
Roberto Carlos - El manicero
Roberto Carlos - Coração de Jesus
Roberto Carlos - Mi carta
Roberto Carlos - Insensatez
Roberto Carlos - Se me olvido otra vez
Carlito - Taco Boy
Carlito - Carlito (Who's That Boy?)
Roberto Carlos - Lígia
Roberto Carlos - Sua estupidez
Roberto Carlos - Mucuripe
Roberto Carlos - Amazonia
Roberto Carlos - Se você quer (Si piensas... Si quieres...)
Roberto Carlos - Rei do gado
Roberto Carlos - Se eu não te amasse tanto assim
Roberto Carlos - Jovens tardes de domingo
Hebe Camargo - Você não sabe
Zizi Possi - Proposta
Alcione - Sua estupidez
Fafá de Belém - Desabafo
Wanderléa - Você Vai Ser o Meu Escândalo
Fernanda Abreu - Todos estão surdos
Marina Lima - Como dois e dois
Sandy - As canções que você fez pra mim
Claudia Leitte - Falando Sério
Nana Caymmi - Não Se Esqueça de Mim
Ivete Sangalo - Olha
Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano - O portão
Roberto Carlos - Quando
Roberto Carlos - Usted ya me olvidó
Roberto Carlos - Negra
Roberto Carlos - Las flores del jardín de nuestra casa
Roberto Carlos - Te dije adios
Roberto Carlos - La enamorada de un amigo mio
Roberto Carlos - Yo te amo, te amo, te amo
Roberto Carlos - 120, 150, 200 km por hora
Roberto Carlos - calhambeque
Roberto Carlos - Não é por mim
Roberto Carlos - Só você
Roberto Carlos - Mr. Sandman
Roberto Carlos - Ser bem
Roberto Carlos - Chore por mim (Cry Me a River)
Roberto Carlos - Louco por você
Roberto Carlos - Linda
Roberto Carlos - Chorei
Roberto Carlos - Eternamente (Forever)
Roberto Carlos - João e Maria
Roberto Carlos - Brotinho sem juízo
Roberto Carlos - O terço
Roberto Carlos - A montanha
Roberto Carlos - Estou aqui
Roberto Carlos - Ele está para chegar
Roberto Carlos - Namoradinha de um amigo meu
Roberto Carlos - Parei... olhei
Roberto Carlos - Eu te darei o céu
Roberto Carlos - Só vou gostar de quem gosta de mim
Roberto Carlos - De que vale tudo isso
John Carpenter - Teaser
John Carpenter - Padre's Wood
John Carpenter - Do You Like My Ending?
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Christine: Bad to the Bone
Carolina La O - Candela Pura
Carolina La O - Sabe a Chocolate
Carolina La O - Dile Que Por Mi No Tema
Carolina La O - No Me Controles
Carolina La O - Dulce Veneno [Versión Balada]
Carolina La O - Quiero Perderme
Carolina La O - Dime Que Sí [Versión Pop]
Roberto Carlos - Deshago
Roberto Carlos - Amor perfecto
Roberto Carlos - Yo te amo
Roberto Carlos - Los botones
Roberto Carlos - Como es grande mi amor
Roberto Carlos - Pra sempre
Roberto Carlos - Acróstico
Roberto Carlos - Com você
Roberto Carlos - O encontro
Roberto Carlos - O cadillac
Roberto Carlos - História de amor
Roberto Carlos - Despedida
Roberto Carlos - Imagine
Carman - Great God
Carman - Step of Faith
Carman - Sunday School Rock
Carman - My Story
Carman - There Is a God
Carman - No Monsters
Carman - Jesus Period
Carman - I Feel Jesus
Carman - Now's The Time
Carman - America Again
Carman - Who's In The House
Carman - Faith Enough
Carman - Mission 3:16
Carman - Serve The Lord
Carman - Lazarus Come Forth
Carman - Holdin' On
Carman - Radically Saved
Carman - Hunger for Holiness
Carman - Addicted to Jesus
Carman - The Prayer Anthem
Carman - The Champion
Carman - I Got the Joy
Carman - Sunday's on the Way
Carman - Revive Us, Oh Lord
Carman - Soap Song
Carman - Lord of All
Carman - Revival in the Land
Carman - God's Got an Army
Carman - No Way, We Are Not Ashamed
Carman - This Blood
Carman - Fear Not My Child
Carman - Celebrating Jesus
Carman - Heart Of A Champion
Carman - Prayer
Carman - The River
Carman - Jericho: The Shout of Victory
Carman - Just Like He Said
Carman - I Promise
Carman - I've Been Delivered
Carman - Satan, Bite the Dust!
Carman - Let the Fire Fall
Carman - Never Be
Carman - Jesus Is the Lamb
Carman - Post Lamb Jam
Carman - The Courtroom
Carman - Do I Do
Carman - We Are Not Ashamed
Carman - Missione D'Italiano
Carman - Slam
Carman - All in Life
John Carpenter - Everyone's Coming to New York
John Carpenter - This is Not a Dream
John Carpenter - The End (Assault on Precinct 13) (Silent Breed's Respect to John Carpenter)
Carman - A Witch’s Invitation
Carman - No Plan B
Carman - Time 2 P.T.L.
Carman - God Made Man
Carman - Yes, Yes
Carman - Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
Carman - Jesus Is the Light
Carman - Shout to the Lord
Carman - Awesome God
Carman - Bless the Name of Jesus
Carman - Celebrate Jesus
Roberto Carlos - Es prohibido fumar
Roberto Carlos - Un león se escapó