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Brooks & Dunn - Holy War
Hamilton Camp - Paths of Victory
Can You Keep a Secret - You the Pilot Have Control
Can You Keep a Secret - Take a Chance
Can You Keep a Secret - The Feeling of Being Alive
Can You Keep a Secret - Make Them Believe, Make It Reality
Can You Keep a Secret - Excellence of Execution
Can You Keep a Secret - The Infection
Cameo - Give Love a Chance
Cameo - Anything You Wanna Do
Cabuya - Me Gusta El Porro
Cabuya - El Billetico
Cameo - Funk, Funk
Cameo - I'll Never Look for Love
Cameo - Little Boys - Dangerous Toys
Cameo - Shake Your Pants (Intro)
Cannibal Ox feat. L.I.F.E. Long & C-Rayz Walz - Battle for Asgard
Melanie C - The Sea
Melanie C - Weak
Melanie C - Think About It
Melanie C - Beautiful Mind
Melanie C - One by One
Melanie C - Stupid Game
Melanie C - All About You
Melanie C - Burn
Melanie C - Drown
Melanie C - Get Out of Here
Melanie C - Enemy
Melanie C - Understand
Melanie C - What If I Stay
Melanie C - Protected
Melanie C - This Time
Melanie C - Carolyna
Melanie C - Forever Again
Melanie C - Your Mistake
Melanie C - The Moment You Believe
Melanie C - Immune
Melanie C - May Your Heart
Melanie C - Out of Time
Melanie C - I Want Candy
Melanie C - Here It Comes Again
Melanie C - Reason
Melanie C - Lose Myself in You
Melanie C - On the Horizon
Melanie C - Positively Somewhere
Melanie C - Do I
Melanie C - Soul Boy
Melanie C - Water
Melanie C - Home
Melanie C - Yeh, Yeh, Yeh
Melanie C - Dear Life
Melanie C - Escalator
Melanie C - Anymore
Melanie C - Version of Me
Sons of Sonix feat. Melanie C - Numb
Melanie C - Room for Love
Melanie C - Unravelling
Melanie C - Loving You Better
Melanie C - Our History
Melanie C - Blame
Cameo - Sexy Sweet Thing
Brooks & Dunn - Honky Tonk Truth
Brooks & Dunn - He’s Got You
Brooks & Dunn - That Ain't No Way to Go
Brooks & Dunn - Rock My World
Brooks & Dunn - Lost and Found
Brooks & Dunn - Days of Thunder
Brooks & Dunn - We'll Burn That Bridge
Brooks & Dunn - She Used to Be Mine
Brooks & Dunn - Whiskey Under the Bridge
Brooks & Dunn - How Long Gone
Brooks & Dunn - My Heart Is Lost to You
Brooks & Dunn - I Can't Get Over You
Brooks & Dunn - Husbands and Wives
Brooks & Dunn - A Man This Lonely
Brooks & Dunn - I'll Never Forgive My Heart
Brooks & Dunn - Mamma Don't Get Dressed Up for Nothing
Brooks & Dunn - Cool Drink of Water
Brooks & Dunn - Cheating on the Blues
Brooks & Dunn - I've Got a Lot to Learn
Brooks & Dunn - I'm No Good
Brooks & Dunn - Still in Love With You
Cameo - Postmortem
Melanie C - Go!
Melanie C - Goin’ Down
Melanie C - I Turn to You
Melanie C feat. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes - Never Be the Same Again
Melanie C - Why
Melanie C - Suddenly Monday
Melanie C - Ga Ga
Melanie C - Be the One
Melanie C - Closer
Melanie C - Feel the Sun
Melanie C - First Day of My Life
Melanie C - Better Alone
Melanie C - Last Night on Earth
Melanie C - You Will See
Melanie C - Never Say Never
Melanie C - Good Girl
Melanie C - Little Piece of Me
Melanie C - Take Your Pleasure
Melanie C - You’ll Get Yours
Melanie C - Maybe This Time
Melanie C - Another Hundred People
Melanie C - I Know Him So Well
Melanie C - Aren’t You Kinda Glad We Did
Melanie C - Ain’t Got No / I Got Life
Melanie C - I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself
Melanie C - I Only Have Eyes for You
Melanie C - My Funny Valentine
Melanie C - Something Wonderful
Brendan Canning - Something for All of Us
Brendan Canning - Chameleon
Brendan Canning - Snowballs and Icicles
Brendan Canning - Churches Under the Stairs
Brendan Canning - Antique Bull
Brooks & Dunn - Indian Summer
Brooks & Dunn - I Am That Man
Brooks & Dunn - Mexican Minutes
Brooks & Dunn - Heartbroke Out of My Mind
Brooks & Dunn - Texas Women (Don't Stay Lonely Long)
Brooks & Dunn - Our Time Is Coming
Brooks & Dunn - I Can't Put Out This Fire
Brooks & Dunn - Boot Scootin' Boogie
Brooks & Dunn - Mama Don't Get Dressed Up for Nothing
Brooks & Dunn - More Than a Margarita
Brooks & Dunn - Redneck Rhythm & Blues
Brooks & Dunn - My Love Will Follow You
Brooks & Dunn - Tequila Town
Brooks & Dunn - Go West
Brooks & Dunn - Good Girls Go to Heaven
Brooks & Dunn - When She's Gone, She's Gone
Brooks & Dunn - Deny, Deny, Deny
Brooks & Dunn - Lucky Me, Lonely You
Brooks & Dunn - I Fall
Brooks & Dunn - Every River
Brooks & Dunn - See Jane Dance
Melanie C - Yeh Yeh Yeh
Melanie C - Don't Need This
Melanie C - Runaway
Melanie C - Let's Love
Melanie C - Warrior
Melanie C - Better Alone ('Amazing' Dub)
Melanie C - Love To You
Melanie C - Like That
Melanie C - Something's Gonna Happen
Melanie C - Northern Star [Acoustic Version]
Melanie C - I Love You Without Trying
Melanie C - When You're Gone [Recorded Live With Bryan Adams]
Melanie C - Angel on My Shoulder
Melanie C - Never Be the Same Again (MTV)
Melanie C - I Wonder What It Would Be Like
Melanie C - We Love to Entertain You
Melanie C - Follow Me
Melanie C - Yeh Yeh Yeh (Changhai Surprise dub)
Melanie C - If I That Were Me
Melanie C - Independence Day
Melanie C - Carolyne
Melanie C - Rock Me
Melanie C - Stop This Train
Melanie C - Going Down
Melanie C - Let There Be Love
Melanie C - Anything Goes (Bonus Track)
Melanie C - I Don't Know How to Love Him
Melanie C - Tell Me It's Not True
Melanie C - Don’t Let Me Go
Melanie C - Numb
Melanie C - Better Alone (Acústico ao vivo na RFM)
Melanie C - Beautiful Intentions (Acústico ao vivo na RFM)
Melanie C - Here and Now (Acústico ao vivo na RFM)
Melanie C - Next Best Superstar (Acústico ao vivo na RFM)
Carl Butler - Don't Let Me Cross Over
Carl Butler - If Teardrops Were Pennies
Carl Butler - One You Slip Around With
Carl Butler - I Hope We Walk the Last Mile Together
Brooks & Dunn - Goin' Under Gettin' Over You
Brooks & Dunn - Missing You
Brooks & Dunn - Temptation #9
Brooks & Dunn - Hurt Train
Brooks & Dunn - Can't Stop My Heart
Brooks & Dunn - Too Far This Time
Brooks & Dunn - I Love You More
Brooks & Dunn - Beer Thirty
Brooks & Dunn - Don't Look Back Now
Brooks & Dunn - All Out of Love
Brooks & Dunn - The Trouble With Angels
Brooks & Dunn - My Kind of Crazy
Brooks & Dunn - If That's the Way You Want It
Brooks & Dunn - She's the Kind of Trouble
Brooks & Dunn - A Few Good Rides Away
Brooks & Dunn - Brand New Whiskey
Brooks & Dunn - Born and Raised in Black and White
Brooks & Dunn - Your Love Don't Take a Backseat to Nothing
Brooks & Dunn - Way Gone
Brooks & Dunn - When Love Dies
Brooks & Dunn - You're My Angel
Brooks & Dunn - Winter Wonderland
Brooks & Dunn - Hangin' 'round the Mistletoe
Brooks & Dunn - It Won't Be Christmas Without You
Brooks & Dunn - Blue Christmas
Brooks & Dunn - Santa's Coming Over to Your House
Brooks & Dunn - Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
Rob Cantor - Ghost
Rob Cantor - Old Bike
Rob Cantor - Garden of Eden
Rob Cantor - The Rendezvous
Rob Cantor - I’m Gonna Win
Rob Cantor - All I Need Is You
Rob Cantor - Flamingo
Rob Cantor - In Memoriam
Rob Cantor - Perfect
Rob Cantor - Lonely (But Not Alone)
Rob Cantor - Shia LaBeouf
Rob Cantor - Christian Bale Is at Your Party
Rob Cantor - "Shia LaBeouf" Live
Brooks & Dunn - Hard Working Man
Brooks & Dunn - Texas Women
Brooks & Dunn - Her West Was Wider
Brooks & Dunn - Honky Tonk Stomp
Brooks & Dunn - If You See Him / If You See Her (With Reba McEntire)
Camiel - Take Me to This Place
Yilian Cañizares - Donde Hay Amor
Yilian Cañizares - Lucero
Yilian Cañizares - Toi mon amour
Yilian Cañizares - Canción de Cuna para Dormir a un Negrito
Yilian Cañizares - Alas Escarlatas
Yilian Cañizares - Tonada
Yilian Cañizares - Alma
Yilian Cañizares - Papito
Norton Buffalo - One Kiss to Say Goodbye
Norton Buffalo - Ghetto Hotel
Norton Buffalo - Eighteen Wheels
Norton Buffalo - Hangin' Tree
Norton Buffalo - Another Day
Norton Buffalo - Nobody Wants Me
The John Butler Trio - Peaches & Cream
The John Butler Trio - Company Sin
The John Butler Trio - Hello
The John Butler Trio - Bound to Ramble
The John Butler Trio - Seeing Angels
The John Butler Trio - Zebra
The John Butler Trio - Sometimes
The John Butler Trio - Revolution
The John Butler Trio - One Way Road
The John Butler Trio - C'mon Now
The John Butler Trio - Ragged Mile (Spirit Song)
The John Butler Trio - Johnny's Gone
The John Butler Trio - Don't Wanna See Your Face
The John Butler Trio - Take Me
The John Butler Trio - Fool for You
The John Butler Trio - To Look Like You
The John Butler Trio - Steal It
The John Butler Trio - Mystery Man
The John Butler Trio - Gonna Be a Long Time
The John Butler Trio - A Star Is Born
The John Butler Trio - Valley
The John Butler Trio - Inspiration
The John Butler Trio - Sista
The John Butler Trio - Colours
The John Butler Trio - Keeper
The John Butler Trio - Spring to Come
The John Butler Trio - Cold Wind
The John Butler Trio - Bullet Girl
The John Butler Trio - Blame It On Me
The John Butler Trio - Only One
The John Butler Trio - Young and Wild
The John Butler Trio - Wings Are Wide
The John Butler Trio - How You Sleep at Night
The John Butler Trio - You're Free
Cabins - Catcher In The Rye
C.E.B. - Monkey on My Back
Descemer Bueno - Tus luces sobre mí
Descemer Bueno - Quisiera volver
Descemer Bueno - Siete días
Descemer Bueno - Ser de sol
Descemer Bueno - Cuando me enamoro
Descemer Bueno - Ciego amor
Descemer Bueno - Tú y yo
Descemer Bueno - Arenas de soledad
Descemer Bueno - Por tu amor
Donald Brown - Give me the simple life
The John Butler Trio - Pickapart
The John Butler Trio - Betterman
The John Butler Trio - Take
The John Butler Trio - Attitude
The John Butler Trio - Crazy
The John Butler Trio - Treat Your Mama
The John Butler Trio - Earthbound Child
The John Butler Trio - Don't Understand
The John Butler Trio - Money
The John Butler Trio - Home Is Where the Heart Is
The John Butler Trio - Better Than
The John Butler Trio - Daniella
The John Butler Trio - Funky Tonight
The John Butler Trio - Good Excuse
The John Butler Trio - Gov Did Nothin’
The John Butler Trio - Groovin’ Slowly
The John Butler Trio - Devil Running
John Butler - Losing You
The John Butler Trio - Nowhere Man
The John Butler Trio - Fire in the Sky
The John Butler Trio - Gonna Take It
The John Butler Trio - Good as Gone
The John Butler Trio - Media
The John Butler Trio - Believe
The John Butler Trio - Life Ain't What It Seems
Bubliczki - Feministyczna spiéwka
Bubliczki - Abò mie zabiją
Bubliczki - Malôrz
Bubliczki - Mało czasu
Bubliczki - Nalejmy wina
The Burning Leaves - You Only Wanna Dance
John Butler feat. Mama Kin - Losing You
The John Butler Trio - Ragged Mile
The John Butler Trio - Losing You
The John Butler Trio - Gov Did Nothin'
The John Butler Trio - Spring
The John Butler Trio - Damned to Hell
The John Butler Trio - Change
The John Butler Trio - Recognise Me
The John Butler Trio - Something's Gotta Give
The John Butler Trio - Across the Universe
The John Butler Trio - I'd Do Anything (Soldiers Lament)
The John Butler Trio - Busted
The John Butler Trio - Trees
The John Butler Trio - Old Man
The John Butler Trio - Thou Shalt Not Steal
The John Butler Trio - Gone
The John Butler Trio - Peaches and Cream
The John Butler Trio - Better Man
The John Butler Trio - Only You
The John Butler Trio - I Used to Get High
The John Butler Trio - Living in the City
The John Butler Trio - What You Want (music video)
Jimmy Campbell - Green Eyed American Actress
Jimmy Campbell - Loving You Is All I Do
Fabien Cahen - Love Song
Fabien Cahen - C'est beau la vie
Fabien Cahen - Après tout
Fabien Cahen - Et nous
Fabien Cahen - Peu importe
Fabien Cahen - La Passion
Fabien Cahen - Frôler l'amour
Fabien Cahen - Marchands de loups
Fabien Cahen - Schizophrène
Fabien Cahen - Mea cupla
Fabien Cahen - Même si j'en crève
Fabien Cahen - Le Premier Pas
C Bank - I'm So in Love With You
Cała Góra Barwinków - 24 godziny
Cała Góra Barwinków - All Nite
Cała Góra Barwinków - Sonny Crockett
Cała Góra Barwinków - Tracę czas
Cała Góra Barwinków - Woman
Cała Góra Barwinków - Nie mam czasu
Cała Góra Barwinków - Miasto kobiet
Cała Góra Barwinków - I’m in a Dancing Mood
Cała Góra Barwinków - Noc
Nicole Campbell - Queen Bee
Nicole Campbell - Breathe
Candice - Our Break Up Song
Candice - Some Girls
Candice - Mercy of Love
Candice - Voices Carry
Candice - Welcome to the Real World
Candice - Started
Candice - Sweet Jealousy
Candice - Why Don't You Stay
Candice - Yesterday Is Gone
Candice - Wrong to Be in Love
Candice - Perfect Tragedy
Candice - Hard to Say Goodbye
Candy Beat - Feel Alright
Can-Linn - Heartbeat
Cali & El Dandee - Te necesito
Cali & El Dandee feat. Natalia Bautista - La playa
Cali & El Dandee - Yo te esperaré
Cali & El Dandee - No Hay 2 Sin 3 (Gol)
Cali & El Dandee - Te doy mi corazón
Cali & El Dandee - 3 A.M.
Cali & El Dandee - Ya se que te vas
Cali & El Dandee - Hoy
Cali & El Dandee - No digas nada
Cali & El Dandee - Tus ojos
Cali & El Dandee - Bésame
Cali & El Dandee - Gol
Cali & El Dandee - Volar
Cali & El Dandee - Volver
Cali & El Dandee - No digas nada (déjà vu)
Cali & El Dandee - Por siempre
Guillaume Cantillon - Des ballons rouges
Guillaume Cantillon - Hôtel Mirador
Guillaume Cantillon - Vas-y parle !
Guillaume Cantillon - Hello, Hello, Hello
Guillaume Cantillon - Comme avant
Guillaume Cantillon - Être un héros
Guillaume Cantillon - Non, non, non
Guillaume Cantillon - Volontiers !
Guillaume Cantillon - La, la, la
Guillaume Cantillon - On a tout réussi
Guillaume Cantillon - C'était vachement bien
Guillaume Cantillon - On aimait bien
Blu Cantrell - I Love You
Blu Cantrell - Sleep in the Middle
Blu Cantrell - Unhappy
Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul - Breathe
Blu Cantrell - Hit 'em Up Style (Oops!)
Blu Cantrell - Risk It All
Blu Cantrell - Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
Blu Cantrell - Happily Ever After
Blu Cantrell - Holding on to Love
Blu Cantrell - Swingin’
Blu Cantrell - Let Her Go
Blu Cantrell - Round Up
Blu Cantrell - Make Me Wanna Scream
Blu Cantrell - No Place Like Home
Blu Cantrell - Waste My Time
Blu Cantrell - Till I’m Gone
Blu Cantrell - U Must B Crazy
Blu Cantrell - I’ll Find a Way
Blu Cantrell - 10,000 Times
Blu Cantrell - When I Needed You
Blu Cantrell - I Can’t Believe
Blu Cantrell - So Blu
Blu Cantrell - Blu Is a Mood
Blu Cantrell - Breathe
Blu Cantrell - Impatient
Blu Cantrell - Hit 'em Up Style (Oops!) [remix]
Blu Cantrell - Hit 'em Up Style (Oops!) [radio mix]
Blu Cantrell - U Must B Crazy (snippet)
Blu Cantrell - I'll Find a Way (snippet)
Blu Cantrell - Till I'm Gone (snippet)
Calamity Magnet - Baby, You Forgot
Sergio Cammariere - Tutto quello che un uomo
Sergio Cammariere - Sorella mia
Sergio Cammariere - Via da questo mare
Sergio Cammariere - Cambiamenti del mondo
Sergio Cammariere - Dalla pace del mare lontano
Sergio Cammariere - Il mare
Sergio Cammariere - Paese di goal
Sergio Cammariere - Vita d'artista
Sergio Cammariere - L'amore non si spiega
Sergio Cammariere - Libero nell'aria
Sergio Cammariere - Malgrado poi
Sergio Cammariere - Niente
Sergio Cammariere - Estate
Sergio Cammariere - Nessuna è come te
Sergio Cammariere - Sul sentiero
Sergio Cammariere - L'assetto dell'airone
Sergio Cammariere - Ferragosto
Sergio Cammariere - Spiagge lontane
Sergio Cammariere - Dalla parte del giusto
Sergio Cammariere - Nuova Italia
Sergio Cammariere - La canzone dell'impossibile
Sergio Cammariere - Oggi
Sergio Cammariere - Non mi lasciare qui
Sergio Cammariere - Canzone di Priamo
Sergio Cammariere - Tra i miei segreti
Sergio Cammariere - Tu sei
Sergio Cammariere - Il pane, il vino e la visione
Sergio Cammariere - E mi troverai
Sergio Cammariere - Gli angeli siamo noi
Sergio Cammariere - Non fermare ora
Sergio Cammariere - Le cose diverse
Sergio Cammariere - Padre della notte
Burial Vault - Catharsis
Buitres - A cartas vistas
Buitres - Final
Buitres - Llorando por vos
Buitres - 13 palabras
Buitres - Ojos
Sergio Cammariere - Ogni cosa di me
Sergio Cammariere - Inevitabilmente bossa
Sergio Cammariere - La mia felicità
Sergio Cammariere - Il principe Amleto
Sergio Cammariere - Transamericana
Sergio Cammariere - Come è che ti va?
Sergio Cammariere - Controluce
Sergio Cammariere - Notturno swing
Sergio Cammariere - C'era una favola
Sergio Cammariere - Buonanotte per te
Sergio Cammariere - Carovane
Sergio Cammariere - Senti
Sergio Cammariere - Senza fermarsi mai
Sergio Cammariere - I quadri di ieri
Sergio Cammariere - La mia promessa
Sergio Cammariere - Non c'è più limite
Sergio Cammariere - Paese di finti
Sergio Cammariere - Storia di un tale
Sergio Cammariere - Tre angeli
Sergio Cammariere - La rosa filosofale
Sergio Cammariere - Mano nella mano
Sergio Cammariere - Ed ora
Sergio Cammariere - Le incertezze di marzo
Sergio Cammariere - Ancora non mi stanco
Sergio Cammariere - Siedimi accanto
Sergio Cammariere - Quel tipo strano
Eliz Camacho - Get Loose
Los Calzones Rotos - No te calles
Buster Shuffle - Our Night Out
Buster Shuffle - Me, Myself and I
Buster Shuffle - At the Bank
Buster Shuffle - I’m Into You
Buster Shuffle - America
Buster Shuffle - Brothers and Sisters
Buster Shuffle - I'll Get My Coat
La Canaille - Salle des fêtes
La Canaille - La Mise en je
La Canaille - Le Dragon
La Canaille - Rapper en paix
La Canaille - Redéfinition
La Canaille - Monsieur madame
La Canaille - Le Silence
La Canaille - Ni dieu ni maître
La Canaille - Allons enfants
La Canaille - On recommence !
Andi Camp - Dear Departed
Canibus & Youssou N'Dour - How Comes
El Cantador - There's a Hole
El Cantador - The Brakes
El Cantador - If Heaven/Sweet Crimes
El Cantador - Empty Carz
El Cantador - Allie Mae
El Cantador - Mammoth
El Cantador - Prp
El Cantador - Dull Age
El Cantador - Fools for Light
El Cantador - Weak Ends
Canasta - Slow Down Chicago
Canasta - Shadowcat
℃-ute - EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!
℃-ute - The Party!
℃-ute - Lonely girl's night
℃-ute - SHOCK!
℃-ute - "Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu"
℃-ute - Tokaikko Junjou
℃-ute - Image Color
℃-ute - Otome COCORO
℃-ute - Homerare Nobiko no Theme Kyoku
℃-ute - Do Don Ga Don Ondou
℃-ute - Massara Blue Jeans
℃-ute - Time Capsule
℃-ute - Everyday Yeah! Kataomoi
℃-ute - As ONE
℃-ute - Yes! Shiawase
℃-ute - Endless Love ~I Love You More~
℃-ute - Go Go Go!
℃-ute - Ikiyouze!
℃-ute - Bokura no Kagayaki
℃-ute - FARAWAY
℃-ute - Disco Queen
℃-ute - Bishoujo Shinri
℃-ute - JUMP (Close-up Live Ver. at Nihon Seinenkan)
℃-ute - Midnight Temptation
℃-ute - Seventeen's VOW
℃-ute - Saikoukyuu no Enjoy GIRLS
℃-ute - That’s the POWER
℃-ute - Please, love me more!
℃-ute - Love take it all
℃-ute - The Power
℃-ute - I miss you
℃-ute - I miss you (Dance Shot Ver.)
℃-ute - THE FUTURE (Music Video)
℃-ute - Summer Wind
Giulio Caccini - Le nuove musiche: Vedrò 'l mio sol
Callejeros - Distinto
Callejeros - Se que no sé
Callejeros - Sería una pena
Callejeros - Algo peor, algo mejor
Callejeros - Rebelde, agitador y revolucionario
Callejeros - Un lugar perfecto
Callejeros - Todo eso
Callejeros - Prohibido
Callejeros - Tan perfecto que asusta
Callejeros - Tratando de olvidar
Callejeros - Rocanroles sin destino
Callejeros - La llave
Callejeros - Parte menor
Callejeros - Canciones y almas
Callejeros - Los invisibles
Callejeros - Rompiendo espejos
Callejeros - El nudo
Callejeros - Milonga del Rocanrol
Callejeros - Jugando
Callejeros - Vicioso, jugador y mujeriego
Callejeros - Palo borracho
Callejeros - Sonando
Callejeros - Tiempo de estar
Callejeros - Teatro
Callejeros - Sed
Callejeros - Ojalá se los lleve
Callejeros - Daños
Callejeros - Puede
Callejeros - Límites
Callejeros - Creo
Callejeros - Frente al río
Callejeros - Sin paciencia
Callejeros - Día a día
Callejeros - Sueño
Callejeros - Hoy
Callejeros - 9 de julio
Callejeros - Señales
Callejeros - Desencuentro
Callejeros - Otro viento mejor
Callejeros - Presión
Callejeros - Una nueva noche fría
Callejeros - Fantasía y realidad
Callejeros - Morir
Callejeros - Imposible
Callejeros - Ahogados de razón
Callejeros - Tiempo perdido
Callejeros - El duende del árbol
Callejeros - Ilusión
Callejeros - Guiños
Callejeros - El espejo
Callejeros - La canción
Callejeros - Rehén
Callejeros - Esa invisible línea
Callejeros - Más allá
Callejeros - Quedó
Callejeros - Siempre un poco más
Callejeros - El ignorante
Callejeros - Lo que hay
Callejeros - Canción de cuna para Julieta
Callejeros - Si querés que sea yo
Callejeros - Pompeya
Callejeros - Ojalá se lo lleve
Callejeros - Milonga rocanrol
Callejeros - Brillan los fantasmas
Callejeros - Ancho de espadas
Callejeros - La cuadra
Callejeros - One After 909 (Lennon-Mccartney)
Callejeros - No volvieron más
Callejeros - Armar de nuevo
Callejeros - Pichones
Callejeros - Puñales
Callejeros - Un monarca
Callejeros - No somos nadie
Callejeros - Lejos del cielo (Folk tradicional)
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - Heads in Georgia
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - Missing Person
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - When This War Is Over
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - Sporting Life Blues
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - Dead End Road
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - It’s Easy
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - Hard to Thrill
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - Anyway the Wind Blows
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - Three Little Girls
J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton - Last Will and Testament
Callejo - Ciudad de Dios
Candi and the Backbeat - Saving All The Love
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Quand t’es dans le désert
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Señorita
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Ce côté de la ville
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Oh Chiquita
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Tourne tourne
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - C'est dur d'être un héros
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Barcelone
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Au-dessus des rues
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - 40° à l'ombre
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Halloween
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Oncle Sam
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Miss Démocratie
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Juste une réponse
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Un paradis sur terre
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Mal de chien
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Coups de semonce
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Quarante-trois souvenirs
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Elle est comme personne
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Tout au bout de la ville
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Salomé
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Faudra bien que le démon sorte
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Les Bruits de la nuit
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - T'es pas fait pour ça
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Personne t'arrêtera
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Brille
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - La vie passe comme une rivière
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Le Vent chaud
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - La Cité fantôme
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Ton monde est vieux
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Les Rues jaunes
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Crachez la monnaie
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Ta place en enfer
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Les Sables mouvants
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Gâche pas ta nuit
Michael Calfan - Prelude
Michael Calfan - Treasured Soul
Michael Calfan - Breaking the Doors
Ashley Campbell - Remembering
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - L'Homme de paille
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Qu'est ce qui va rester
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Zig-Zag
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Quand j'arriv'rai chez toi
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Faut pas qu'tu pleures
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Kathy
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - En dessous du pont
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Le long de la jetée
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Pas bien rose
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Sous trop d’étoiles
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Radio Pékin
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Les ghettos dansent
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Pas là pour toi
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Drôle de guerre
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Dimanche treize
Caos Caos Caos - tear drops
Caos Caos Caos - Good-bye Memories
The Cannanes - Is It Because I'm Bleak
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Les Heures noires
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Double aller simple pour Pékin
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Face au mur au petit jour
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Deux étrangers
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Celle qui t'aimait
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Quand l'orage se lève
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Gueule d'ange
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Nouvel âge
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Le Limbo
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Dance on the Map (remix Gorbatchev)
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Sirène, sirène
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Miss Miranda
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Monkey Man
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Pièges
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Planète X
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Politiquement correct
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Dum dum
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Lady Belladone
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Vue sur cour
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Cellophane City
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Cœur de verre
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Bébé martien
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Notre-dame des motels
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Jane
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Des gens ordinaires
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle - Solitude "Y’a plein d’mots comme ça"
Sam Bush - Circles Around Me
Sam Bush - Diamond Joe
Sam Bush - Roll On Buddy, Roll On
Sam Bush - The Ballad of Stringbean and Estelle
Sam Bush - White Bird
Sam Bush - Laps in Seven
Sam Bush - Howlin' at the Moon
Sam Bush - Face Tomorrow
Sam Bush - Hold On
Sam Bush - Beaver Creek Mansion
Sam Bush - Go With the Flow
Sam Bush - Song for Roy
Francisco Canaro - Milonga sentimental
Sam Bush - A Better Man
Sam Bush - Eight More Miles to Louisville
Sam Bush - All Night Radio
Sam Bush - Stingray
Sam Bush - Girl of the North Country
Sam Bush - Same Ol’ River
Sam Bush - Angel to Be
Candypants - I Want a Pony
Candypants - Cherry Picker
Candypants - Patty Melts
Capilla Ardiente - They Who Were Lost and Now Are Cursed
Cantoma - Essarai
Francisco Canaro & Carlos Roldán - Se dice de mí
Budapest Bár - Legyen esze (és az eszét veszítse el miattam)
Budapest Bár - Május éjszakán
Budapest Bár - Stux
Budapest Bár - Ne sírj kislány
Budapest Bár - Legyen a Horváth kertben
Budapest Bár - Szívemben bomba van
Budapest Bár - Este fess a pesti nő
Budapest Bár - Nékem csak Budapest kell
Budapest Bár - Gyűlölöm a vadvirágos rétet
Budapest Bár - Köszönöm, hogy imádott
Francisco Canaro - Soñar y nada más
Francisco Canaro feat. Alberto Arenas - El choclo
Bryan Greenberg - California Dream
Budapest Bár - Nem mondhatom el
Budapest Bár - A pénzemet én máma elmulatom
Budapest Bár - Lövölde tér
Budapest Bár - Ha én gazdag lennék
Budapest Bár - Hajnali ének
Budapest Bár - Kék vonat (Goluboj vagon)
Budapest Bár - Azt hiszem, hogy (Tűz)
Budapest Bár - Például te, te, te
Budapest Bár - Chase the Devil
Budapest Bár - Bolyongok a város peremén
Budapest Bár - Akácos út
Budapest Bár - Szilvafácska (Bubamara)
Budapest Bár - Ördögtánc
Budapest Bár - Én a bánatot csak mindig kifogom
Budapest Bár - Sound of silence
Budapest Bár - Tanulj meg fiacskám komédiázni
Budapest Bár - Piros madár
Budapest Bár - Az eső és én
Budapest Bár - Nagyságos asszonyom
Budapest Bár - Az Utolsó Szerelmes Dal
Budapest Bár - Mr. Alkohol
Budapest Bár - Boogie A Zongorán
Budapest Bár - Énmellettem Elaludni Nem Lehet / Ákom-Bákom
Budapest Bár - Ezt Is Elviszem Magammal
Budapest Bár - Dél-Amerika (Ének: Behumi Dóri)
Budapest Bár - Húszezer éjszakás kaland (ének: Szűcs Krisztián)
Budapest Bár - Multimilliomos jazzdobos (Ének: Behumi Dóri, Ferenczi György)
Fernando Cabrera - Si te vas (Alfredo Zitarrosa)
Fernando Cabrera - Balada para una mujer flaca (Eduardo Darnauchans, Bismark Vega)
Fernando Cabrera - Iluminada
Fernando Cabrera - El tiempo está después
Fernando Cabrera - El loco
Fernando Cabrera - La garra del corazón
Fernando Cabrera - Tangente
Fernando Cabrera - Los viajantes
Fernando Cabrera - Agua
Fernando Cabrera - Copiando la lluvia
Fernando Cabrera - No Te Acordás
Fernando Cabrera - Viveza
Fernando Cabrera - Lisa se casó
Fernando Cabrera - Te abracé en la noche
Francisco Canaro - Alma de bandoneón
Francisco Canaro - Poema
Francisco Canaro - Aunque no lo crean
Francisco Canaro - Mala suerte
Francisco Canaro - Tormenta
Fernando Cabrera - Disolvente
Fernando Cabrera - La balada de Astor Piazzolla
Fernando Cabrera - Sucedió
Canteca de Macao - Backstage
Canteca de Macao - La rabia
Canteca de Macao - Los pies en el aire
Canteca de Macao - Bellas
Canteca de Macao - La cajita
Canteca de Macao - La rubia perfecta
Canteca de Macao - Tanguillo de José Ignacio
Canteca de Macao - Chistosos
Canteca de Macao - Contigo
Canteca de Macao - Pal Sur
Canteca de Macao - Romance de un sentir
Canteca de Macao - Tango de la disconformidad
Canteca de Macao - Chic tu chic
Canteca de Macao - Nunca es tarde
Canteca de Macao - Lo más bello
Canteca de Macao - Fuente de plata
Canteca de Macao - Libre
Canteca de Macao - Tu voz
Canteca de Macao - Desfase
Canteca de Macao - Tierra
Canteca de Macao - Desnúdame
Canteca de Macao - Perdío
Canteca de Macao - Se va y no vuelve
Canteca de Macao - Vida de carretera
Canteca de Macao - Green Yin
Canteca de Macao - Caños
Canteca de Macao - Agatea
Canteca de Macao - Madrizz
Canteca de Macao - Paco
Canteca de Macao - Jazzmin
Canteca de Macao - El atonte del vino
Canteca de Macao - Así es la vida
Canteca de Macao - No llores
Canteca de Macao - Sin solución
Canteca de Macao - Qué pasa?!
Canteca de Macao - Alternativa libertaria
Canteca de Macao - Raggason
Canteca de Macao - 2
Canteca de Macao - Milonga sentimental
Canteca de Macao - El gachó con las pintas + cantosas de mi barrio
Fernando Cabrera - Por ejemplo (Alejandro Oliva)
Fernando Cabrera - Imposibles (Rossana Taddei)
Fernando Cabrera - La Casa de al Lado (La Triple Nelson)
Fernando Cabrera - Al mismo tiempo
Blitzkids Mvt. - Water
Blitzkids Mvt. - Blinded
Blitzkids Mvt. - Heart on the Line
Blitzkids Mvt. - My Delirium
Blitzkids Mvt. - Black & White
Blitzkids Mvt. - Cold
Blitzkids Mvt. - Pegasus
Canteca de Macao - A punto de estallar
Canteca de Macao - La vida
Canteca de Macao - Ya no
Canteca de Macao - Acuérdate
Canteca de Macao - Sigue aquí
Canteca de Macao - Loca de atar
Canteca de Macao - Llévame
Canteca de Macao - Caminos al alba
Canteca de Macao - Duerme
Canteca de Macao - Alternativa libertaria (con Toni Mangas de Elbicho)
Canteca de Macao - Los hijos del hambre no tienen mañana (conJuan y Pedro frotando las cuerdas)
Francisco Canaro - Milonga brava
Cannon’s Jug Stompers - Viola Lee Blues
Cannon’s Jug Stompers - Heart-Breakin’ Blues
C-Money - Tonight
Julie Byrne - Wisdom Teeth Song
Julie Byrne - Young Wife
Julie Byrne - Attached to Us Like Butcher Wrap
Julie Byrne - Butter Lamb
Julie Byrne - Prism Song
Julie Byrne - Vertical Ray
Julie Byrne - Emeralds
Julie Byrne - Follow My Voice
Julie Byrne - Sleepwalker
Julie Byrne - Melting Grid
Julie Byrne - Natural Blue
Julie Byrne - I Live Now as a Singer
Cabaret Don Quishocking - O, De Tijden Zijn Zo Slecht
Cabaret Don Quishocking - Dankzij Het Cabaret
Cristina Buarque - Sempre teu amor
Cristina Buarque - Chega de padecer
Cristina Buarque - Amar é um prazer
Cristina Buarque - Resignação
Cristina Buarque - Carro de boi
Cristina Buarque - Abra os teus olhos
Cristina Buarque - Sorrir
Cristina Buarque - Sou eu que dou as ordens
Cristina Buarque - Não pode ser verdade
Cristina Buarque - Esta melodia
Cristina Buarque - Boca de siri
Cristina Buarque - Dei-te liberdade
Candy 66 - Bandera
Candy 66 - A+
Candy 66 - Fantasma
Candy 66 - Niño
Candy 66 - Cenizas
Candy 66 - Mira las Sombras
Candy 66 - Fé
Candy 66 - Bifásico
Candy 66 - Somos los Mismos de Ayer
Candy 66 - Rata
Candy 66 - Su
Callalily - Good Morning
Callalily - Ako'y Babalik
Callalily - Luha
Callalily - Jewelry Box
Callalily - Fake Lullabies
Callalily - Trapped Inside the Moment
Callalily - Tunay Na Ligaya
Callalily - Isabel
Callalily - Inside My Heart
Callalily - A Starry Night
Callalily - Shine
Callalily - Susundan
Callalily - Dito Ka Lang
Callalily - Lumbay
Callalily - Hintay
Callalily - Song for the Youth
Callalily - Langit
Callalily - Liwanag
Callalily - Nananaginip
Callalily - Gabay
Callalily - Dance All Night
Callalily - Dahilan
Callalily - Someday . . . One Day
Callalily - Right
Callalily - Nagagalit
Callalily - Ooh la La
Callalily - L-O-V-E
Callalily - Goodnight
Callalily - Takipsilim
Callalily - Insane
Callalily - Kung Kaya Ko Lang
Callalily - Magbalik
Callalily - Stars
Callalily - Pasan
Callalily - The Final Song
Callalily - Sanctuary
Callalily - Yakap
Callalily - Take My Hand
Callalily - Muli
Callalily - Dream
Callalily - Walang Sumipot
Callalily - Pasasalamat
Callalily - Para Sa'yo
Callalily - You And I
Callalily - Hkm
Callalily - Lapit
Callalily - Buhay
Callalily - Buhos Ng Ulan
Callalily - Pansamantala
Callalily - Sabik Na Sabik
Conte Candoli - Lover Come Back to Me
Broncho - All Time
Broncho - Fantasy Boys
Broncho - I Know You
Broncho - Jenny Loves Jenae
Broncho - Highly Unintentional
Broncho - Señora Borealis
Broncho - Soak Up the Sun
Broncho - Wanna
Broncho - Insert Coin
Broncho - Try Me Out Sometime
Broncho - Psychiatrist
Broncho - What
Broncho - Class Historian
Broncho - Deena
Broncho - Stay Loose
Broncho - NC-17
Broncho - Stop Tricking
Broncho - It's On
Broncho - China
Broncho - Please Try Me
The Candle Thieves - We're All Gonna Die (Have Fun)
The Candle Thieves - The Sunshine Song
The Candle Thieves - My Love Will Clap Its Hands for You
The Candle Thieves - My Little Room
The Candle Thieves - Catching Wasps
The Candle Thieves - Not the Only One
The Candle Thieves - Stars
The Candle Thieves - Balloon #3
The Candle Thieves - The Little Engine That Could
The Candle Thieves - Too Little Too Late
Francisco Canaro & Félix Gutiérrez - Yo te adoro bandoneón
Bully - I Remember
Bully - Reason
Bully - Too Tough
Bully - Brainfreeze
Bully - Trying
Bully - Trash
Bully - Six
Bully - Picture
Bully - Sharktooth
Bully - Poetic Trash
Francisco Canaro - Adiós, pampa mía
Capital - Intro
Capital - Vladimir Putin
Capital - Du siehst
Capital - Zu viel, zu wenig
Capital - Falsche Gesichter
Capital - Braun, gelb, lila
Capital - Kuku Habibi
Capital - Bra macht die Uzi
Capital - Bra hinter dir
Capital - Akhis aus Kosovo
Capital - Bruda
Capital - Pic
Capital - Fluchtwagen glänzen
Capital - Wir sind stabil
Capital - Verrückte Leute
Capital - Alles kaputt
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - Suffer the Children, Come Unto Me
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - A Man With the Passion of Tennessee Williams
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - What’s a Boy to Do?
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - Dance of the Doomed
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - East St. Louis
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - Latenightsupersonicelasticbags
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - Your Mother
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - Covered in Flies
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - Ramblin' Revisited
Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - I'd Rather Die Than Live Forever
Canoe - Susie
Francisco Canaro - Toda Mi Vida (c. Ernesto Famá)
Francisco Canaro - Yira Yira (c. Alberto Arenas)
Francisco Canaro - Noche de estrellas
Francisco Canaro - Esta noche de luna
Francisco Canaro - Milonga criolla
Francisco Canaro - Angelitos Negros (c. Enrique Lucero)
Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Raekwon & Busta Rhymes - The Oath
Candlebox - Don’t You
Candlebox - Change
Candlebox - Far Behind
Candlebox - Blossom
Candlebox - Arrow
Candlebox - Rain
Candlebox - Cover Me
Candlebox - He Calls Home
Candlebox - Understanding
Candlebox - Simple Lessons
Candlebox - Best Friend
Candlebox - Happy Pills
Candlebox - Lucy
Candlebox - It’s Alright
Candlebox - Sometimes
Candlebox - 10,000 Horses
Candlebox - Glowing Soul
Candlebox - Stand
Candlebox - Surrendering
Candlebox - Into the Sun
Candlebox - Underneath It All
Candlebox - Miss You
Candlebox - How Does It Feel
Candlebox - A Kiss Before
Candlebox - Breathe Me In (intro)
Candlebox - Breathe Me In
Candlebox - Consider Us
Candlebox - Drowned
Candlebox - Become (To Tell)
Candlebox - Crooked Halo
Candlebox - Bothered
Candlebox - Butterfly
Candlebox - Vulgar Before Me
Cadillac - Pensando en ti
Cadillac - Perdi Mi Oportunidad
Cansever - Aldanma Çocuksu
Cansever - Terketmek Ne Kadar Kolay
Cansever - Canım Dediklerim
Cansever - Ağla Gözbebeğim
Candlebox - Blinders
Candlebox - A Stone’s Throw Away
Candlebox - So Real
Candlebox - Offerings
Candlebox - Step Back
Candlebox - Belmore Place
Candlebox - Breakaway
Candlebox - Sweet Summertime
Candlebox - Believe in It
Candlebox - She Come Over Me
Candlebox - Lifelike Song
Candlebox - Come Home
Candlebox - Baby Love Me
Candlebox - Them Eyes
Candlebox - Out Here All Night
Candlebox - Only Because of You
Candlebox - Vexatious
Candlebox - Supernova
Candlebox - Alive at Last
Candlebox - I've Got a Gun
Candlebox - Spotlights
Candlebox - Crazy
Candlebox - Look What You've Done
Candlebox - It's Amazing
Candlebox - Lover-Come Back to Me
Candlebox - Pull Away
Candlebox - Mother's Dream
Candlebox - You [album version]
Candlebox - No Sense ^
Candlebox - Keep on Waiting
Cape Town Effects - Tsebo
The Canton Spirituals - Strugglin & Strainin
The Canton Spirituals - Certainly Lord
The Canton Spirituals - Waiting
The Canton Spirituals - He'll Never Change
The Canton Spirituals - Glad I've Got Jesus
The Canton Spirituals - Clean Up
Glen Burtnik - Learning to Crawl
Glen Burtnik - Little Lucy's Blues
Glen Burtnik - My Crowning Achievement
Glen Burtnik - Doesn't Mean I Love You
Glen Burtnik - Watching the World Go By
Glen Burtnik - Hold That Thought
Glen Burtnik - Johnny Comes Home
Glen Burtnik - Don't Give Up on Your Love
Glen Burtnik - Never Mind Me
Glen Burtnik - The Liar's Club
Melonie Cannon - The Day Before You
Melonie Cannon - Nothin' to Lose
Melonie Cannon - Tennessee Roads
Melonie Cannon - I Feel You Everywhere
Melonie Cannon - What Took You So Long
Melonie Cannon - Westbound Trains
Melonie Cannon - Sweeter Than Sugarcane
Melonie Cannon - Whiskey Lullaby
Melonie Cannon - Separate Ways
Melonie Cannon - I'll Be Back
Melonie Cannon - Nobody Hops a Train Anymore
The Candyskins - For What It’s Worth
The Candyskins - Feed It
The Candyskins - Death of a Minor TV Celebrity
The Candyskins - Loser Friendly
The Candyskins - Swimming Pool
The Candyskins - Monday Morning
The Candyskins - Wembley
The Candyskins - Everybody Loves You
The Candyskins - All Over Now
Capistrano - Sleeping in Chalk Outlines of You
Capistrano - This Breathing Thing Is Getting Old
Capistrano - I Took a Class in Philisophical Logic and It Made Me a Fucking Bad Ass
Capistrano - How Many Times do I Have to Tell You? I Don't Speak Spanish...
Capistrano - Best If Used by 04/11/1988
Capistrano - Phonetically Speaking, This Could Be the Best Day Ever (The Happiest Day)
C-Tec - Random
C-Tec - Flowing
C-Tec - Foetal
C-Tec - Silent Voices
C-Tec - Being Nothing
C-Tec - The Lost
C-Tec - Stateless
C-Tec - Shift IV
C-Tec - Epitaph
C-Tec - Brutal
C-Tec - I Die Tomorrow
C-Tec - She Left
C-Tec - Chosen
C-Tec - Radiance
C-Tec - Let Your Body Die
C-Tec - Human
Caldera - Carnavalito
Camillo - Godless
Camillo - Meant to Be
Camillo - Hello
Camillo - Never Stay Together
Camillo - If You Hold On
Camillo - Can't Breathe
Camillo - One Last Time
Camillo - Taste of Life
Cẩm Ly - Duyên kiếp
Cẩm Ly - Giáng hương
Cẩm Ly - Ru lại câu hò
Cẩm Ly - Lý mười thương
Cẩm Ly - Biết yêu khi nào
Cẩm Ly - Sớm chồng
Cẩm Ly - Biệt ly
Cẩm Ly - Mẹ tôi rước dâu
Cẩm Ly - Nỗi buồn mẹ tôi
Cẩm Ly - Mưa chiều miền Trung
Cẩm Ly - Sao anh nỡ đành quên
Cẩm Ly - Phượng buồn
Cẩm Ly - Em gái quê
Cẩm Ly - Nhớ Mẹ lý mồ côi
Canon - Don't Trust the Teachers
Canon - Running as Fast as We Can
Canon - No One Speaks
Canon - Wide Awake
Canon - Alive
Canon - SOS
Canon - Master
Canon - Euromatic
Canon - The Golden Mean
Cẩm Ly - Em vẫn lầm tin anh
Cẩm Ly - Đêm có mưa rơi
Cẩm Ly - Sầu tím thiệp hồng
Cẩm Ly - Đã xa cuộc tình
Cẩm Ly - Vì em là con gái
Cẩm Ly - Ngày xưa hai đứa
Cẩm Ly - Em sẽ là người ra đi
Cẩm Ly - Người nhớ không người
Cẩm Ly - Chim trắng mồ côi
Cẩm Ly - Dồi lòng
Cẩm Ly - Vì đâu anh hỡi
Cẩm Ly - Tuổi mộng xứ đông
Cẩm Ly - Tình lẻ bóng
Cẩm Ly - Chiếc bóng