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Tracy Byrd - Crazy Every Time
Tracy Byrd - Tryin' Not to Love You
Tracy Byrd - Never Gonna Break Again
Brother Blake - Hey Teemo
Brother Blake - Nautical Nautilus
Brother Blake - Support Needs Love
Brother Blake - Nunu Dubstep
Brother Blake - Viktor's Chaos
Brother Blake - Trash Bag T-Shirt
Brother Blake - When I Was a Noob
Brother Blake - Story of a Jester
Brother Blake - Bring Evelynn Back
Brother Blake - Ultimate Gamer
Brother Blake - In My Eyes
Brother Blake - Watch Me Change
Brother Blake - Creatures Come Alive
Brother Blake - Right Now
Brother Blake - To Be a King
Brother Blake - Homies Drop the Bass
Tracy Byrd - Honky-Tonk Dancing Machine
Tracy Byrd - You Lied to Me
Tracy Byrd - Down on the Bottom
Tracy Byrd - Don't Need That Heartache
Tracy Byrd - Have a Good One
Tracy Byrd - Walkin' In
Tracy Byrd - Good Ol' Fashioned Love
Tracy Byrd - If I Stay
Tracy Byrd - I Don't Believe That's How You Feel
Tracy Byrd - I Love You, That's All
Andy Borg - Mama Domenica
Andy Borg - Für immer für Dich
Andy Borg - Ich freue mich auf Dich
Andy Borg - Es bleibt so viel
Andy Borg - Die Fischer von San Juan
Andy Borg - Zärtlichkeit braucht Zeit
Andy Borg - Für Dich allein
Andy Borg - Komm zurück in meine Arme
Andy Borg - Ich sag' Ja zu Dir
Andy Borg - Du bist gut für's Herz
Andy Borg - Ich lebe nur für dich
Andy Borg - Mit wem ich lache
Andy Borg - Arrivederci, Claire
Andy Borg - Aber, aber bei Nacht
Andy Borg - Am Anfang war die Liebe
Andy Borg - Ich brauch' Dich jeden Tag
Andy Borg - Ich will nicht wissen, wie Du heißt
Andy Borg - In Deinem Zimmer brennt noch Licht
Andy Borg - Lang schon ging die Sonne unter
Andy Borg - Endstation Sehnsucht
Andy Borg - Barcarole vom Abschied
Andy Borg - Angel's Music
Horace Brown - Things We Do for Love
Horace Brown - I Want You Baby
Horace Brown - Taste Your Love
Horace Brown - I Like
Horace Brown - Gotta Find a Way
Busta Rhymes feat. Swizz Beatz - AAAHHHH!!!
Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul
Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants - I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I'm Coming
Bobby Byrd - I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone)
Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants (bonus Beats)
Bobby Byrd - Baby Baby Baby
Bobby Byrd - Keep on Doin' What You're Doin'
Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants... I'm Coming. Coming. I'm Coming
Caco Senante - Si No Fueras Tan
Ahmed Bukhatir - Ya Akhi
Ahmed Bukhatir - Da'ani
Ahmed Bukhatir - It's Time
Ahmed Bukhatir - Iqra
Ahmed Bukhatir - Zawjati
Ahmed Bukhatir - Forgive me
Ahmed Bukhatir - Ya Man Yara (Oh Who See)
Ahmed Bukhatir - Ketaab Allah (The Book of Allah)
Ahmed Bukhatir - Dar Al Ghoroor (The World of Pride)
Ahmed Bukhatir - Ya Adheeman (Oh Most Magnificent)
Ahmed Bukhatir - Samtan
Ahmed Bukhatir - Moebh'ieroen
Ahmed Bukhatir - H'idjaab
Ahmed Bukhatir - Last Breath
Andy Borg & Petra Frey - Zusammen geh'n
Andy Borg - Das ist das schönste
Andy Borg - Mein Lied für Dich
Andy Borg - Nur nachts in deinen Träumen
Andy Borg - Wieviel Liebe hat ein Leben
Andy Borg - Angelo mio
Andy Borg - Nur der Kondor war sein Freund
Andy Borg - Memories of You
Andy Borg - Diese eine große Liebe
Jonathan Bree - Drones & Satellites
Jonathan Bree - Blur
Jonathan Bree - Once It Was Nice
Jonathan Bree - Murder
Jonathan Bree - Weird Hardcore
Cadillac Blindside - Wielders of the Poison Pen
Cadillac Blindside - Straightjacket Weather
Cadillac Blindside - Level-Headed Debauchery
Cadillac Blindside - True and Cold
Cadillac Blindside - Save Your Breath
Cadillac Blindside - Empty Bottle Evening
Cadillac Blindside - Plug Pullers Anonymous
Cadillac Blindside - Three Week Wine Bender
Cadillac Blindside - Cheap Entertainment
Cadillac Blindside - Sleep Between the Lines
Cadillac Blindside - Knee Deep in Pills
Cadillac Blindside - Killing a Con-Artist
Cadillac Blindside - Angel Superior
Cadillac Blindside - At Wit's End
Cadillac Blindside - Did You Get All That?
Cadillac Blindside - Nothing Like the Real Thing
Cadillac Blindside - A Touch of Nostalgia
Cadillac Blindside - This One's on Me
Cadillac Blindside - Just Pull the Trigger
Cadillac Blindside - Milemarker 92
Cadillac Blindside - ...and Then We Dance
Cadillac Blindside - The Bottom Line
Cadillac Blindside - Tonight's Starting Lineup
Cadillac Blindside - Fashion Before Function
Cadillac Blindside - My Heart Pisses Blood for You
Cadillac Blindside - Always a Comedian
Cadillac Blindside - Premeditated Redrum
Cadillac Blindside - Consumed By Television Sets
Cadillac Blindside - Where Will I Sleep Tonight
Cadillac Blindside - Read Em and Weep
Brutal Fight - Our Merciful Father
Brutal Fight - A Martyr's Cry
Brutal Fight - Ultimate Resistance Is Complete Submission
Brutal Fight - Falling Away
Brutal Fight - In the Middle of Our Shame
Brutal Fight - The Anthem
Brutal Fight - The Truth Made Known
Brutal Fight - Revolutions
Brutal Fight - No One Is Listening
Brutal Fight - Questions
Brutal Fight - This Transparency
Johnny Burnette & The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio - Chains of Love
Johnny Burnette & The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio - Please Don’t Leave Me
Johnny Burnette & The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio - Rock Therapy
Johnny Burnette & The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio - Rockabilly Boogie
Johnny Burnette & The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio - Drinking Wine, Spo‐Dee‐O‐Dee
Johnny Burnette & The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio - You're Undecided
Johnny Burnette & The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio - Train Kept A-Rollin'
Johnny Burnette & The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio - Just Found Out
C.O.P. Project - Pornostar
Donald Byrd & Doug Watkins - People Will Say We're in Love
El Cabrero - Bailando Entre Las Encinas
El Cabrero - Muchos Prometen La Luna
El Cabrero - Calaña ya no es calaña (Fandangos)
El Cabrero - Soy hombre de tierras duras (Serrana)
The Bug feat. Killa P & Flowdan - Skeng
The Bug feat. Flowdan - Jah War
The Bug feat. Spaceape - Fuckaz
The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart
The Bug feat. copeland - Fall
The Bug - Skeng
The Bug - Poison Dart (Stampin')
The Bug - Fuck a Bitch
Johnny Burnette - Dreamin’
Johnny Burnette - Little Boy Sad
Johnny Burnette - Girls
Johnny Burnette - Moody River
Johnny Burnette - Dream Lover
Johnny Burnette - You’re the Reason
Johnny Burnette - A Lover’s Question
Johnny Burnette - Cincinnati Fireball
Johnny Burnette - Crying in the Chapel
Johnny Burnette - It’s Only Make Believe
Johnny Burnette - Don’t Do It
Johnny Burnette - You’re Sixteen
Johnny Burnette - Sweet Baby Doll
Johnny Burnette - Me and the Bear
Johnny Burnette - The Poorest Boy in Town
Johnny Burnette - It All Depends on Linda
Johnny Burnette - Big, Big World
Johnny Burnette - Tear It Up
C4 Pedro - Diz só
C4 Pedro - Calor e Frio
C4 Pedro - Gabarola
C4 Pedro - Lágrimas
C4 Pedro - Me deixa só
C4 Pedro - Devinha só
Andy Borg - Heut' Nacht wird alles anders
Andy Borg - Ich kann nicht mehr leben ohne Dich
Andy Borg - Ich mach' alles was du willst
El Cabrero - Luz de luna
El Cabrero - El pare y el hijo
Andy Borg - Ich will Deine Tränen weinen
Andy Borg - Leg' Deine Hand in meine Hand
Andy Borg - Weil wir uns lieben
El Cabrero - Calaña ya no es Calaña
El Cabrero - Me sorprendio la tormenta
C.C. Productions and The Christopher Emery Company - A Heart Full Of Love (from "Les Miserables")
C.C. Productions and The Christopher Emery Company - Fantine's Death (from "Les Miserables")
C.C. Productions and The Christopher Emery Company - On My Own (from "Les Miserables")
C.C. Productions and The Christopher Emery Company - Do You Hear The People Sing? (from "Les Miserables")
C.C. Productions and The Christopher Emery Company - Who Am I? (from "Les Miserables")
El Cabrero - La lluvia sucede en el pasado
Andy Borg - Kennst Du das Gefühl
Andy Borg - Dein Bild in mir
Johnny Burnette - I Think She Knows
Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans - Raised All Wrong
Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans - Constellation
Johnny Burnette - I'm Still Dreamin
Johnny Burnette - Damn the Defiant
Johnny Burnette - You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful
Johnny Burnette - Cincinatti Fireball
Johnny Burnette - Midnight Train
Johnny Burnette - All by Myself
Johnny Burnette - Red Sails in the Sunset
Johnny Burnette - I'm Restless
Andy Borg - Ich seh' Dich gerne lachen
Andy Borg - Liebe total
Andy Borg - Adieu schwarze Rose
Andy Borg - Dein Herz wird mich verstehen
Andy Borg - Schenk mir nur diese Nacht
Andy Borg - Wenn kein Engel mehr weint
Thomas Buttenschøn - Rødvin fra igår
Thomas Buttenschøn - November i København
Thomas Buttenschøn - Præsident i USA
Thomas Buttenschøn - Ligger rart
Thomas Buttenschøn - Tømmermænd På Peter Fabers
Thomas Buttenschøn - Hun er væk
Thomas Buttenschøn - Fantastiske mandag
Thomas Buttenschøn - Jeg rejser snart til kbJh
Thomas Buttenschøn - Hjerter dame
Thomas Buttenschøn - Smukkere end smuk
Thomas Buttenschøn - Michelle
Thomas Buttenschøn - Nat lidt endnu
Thomas Buttenschøn - Hvornår mon du kommer?
Thomas Buttenschøn - Baby blå
Thomas Buttenschøn - Giv mig tid
Thomas Buttenschøn - Hun nynner
Thomas Buttenschøn - Hysterisk
Thomas Buttenschøn - Pisser lidt på den gule mur
Thomas Buttenschøn - Det han lovede
Thomas Buttenschøn - Vidunderlig
Thomas Buttenschøn - Frode og de andre rødder
Thomas Buttenschøn - Støvsky
Thomas Buttenschøn - Dårlig Sex
Thomas Buttenschøn - Skibet er gået på grund
Thomas Buttenschøn - Baby du er så fræk
Thomas Buttenschøn - Frk. Efterfest
Thomas Buttenschøn - God Damn
Andy Borg - Deine Träume kann Dir keiner nehmen
Andy Borg - Die Fischer von Sun Juan
By The Rivers - Vulture
By The Rivers - Make Your Own Road
By The Rivers - This Love
By The Rivers - You Got It Wrong
By The Rivers - Take Control
By The Rivers - Don't Look To Me
By The Rivers - Hit and Run
By The Rivers - Rise Up
By The Rivers - Run Home
By The Rivers - Don't Say You Love Me
By The Rivers - Rocksteady
By The Rivers - Don't Stand Alone
Andy Borg - Wie ein Traum der nie vergeht
Don Byron - Wondering Where
Don Byron - The Ladies Who Lunch
Andy Borg - Weihnachten steht vor der Tür
Lori Burton - The Hurt Won't Go Away
Andy Borg - Danach
Andy Borg - Es war Sonntag
Lex Buckley - Heaven Rejoices
Andy Borg - Die Sonne und Du
Andy Borg - Einmal und immer wieder
C Duncan - Silence and Air
C Duncan - For
C Duncan - Here to Here
C Duncan - Novices
C Duncan - Other Side
Sleepy Brown - I'm Soul
Sleepy Brown - Margarita
Sleepy Brown - Dress Up
Sleepy Brown - One of Dem Nights
Sleepy Brown - Come Dance With Me
Sleepy Brown - Underwater Love
Sleepy Brown - Till (Your Legs Start Shaking)
Sleepy Brown - Sunday Morning
Sleepy Brown - Oh Ho Hum
Cabaret Pop - Cabaret pop
Cabaret Pop - Juegos de Amor
Cabaret Pop - Rastros de Ti
Andy Borg - Als sie noch Anna hieß
Don Byron - Do the Boomerang
Chico Buarque e Caetano Veloso - Ana de Amsterdam
Chico Buarque e Caetano Veloso - Águas de março
Chico Buarque e Caetano Veloso - Adiós Noninos
Andy Borg - Ich sag' es mit Musik
Precious Bryant - Morning Train
Precious Bryant - The Truth
Precious Bryant - Precious Bryant Staggerin' Blues
Ca$h Out - Let's Get It
Ca$h Out - She Twerkin
Ca$h Out - Mexico
Ca$h Out - She Wanna Ride
Ca$h Out - Juice
Ca$h Out - I Want the Money
Ca$h Out - Cookin It Up
Ca$h Out - She Wit It
Ca$h Out - Stunt on Ya Haters
Ca$h Out - 2Day
Ca$h Out - Startin Tonight
Ca$h Out - Get Down or Lay Down
Ca$h Out - Hold Up
Ca$h Out - You Know
Ca$h Out - Plain 2 See
Ca$h Out - Cashin' Out
Ca$h Out - Mac-A-Zoe Speech
Ca$h Out - Keisha
Ca$h Out - I Feel
Ca$h Out - Get This Money
Andy Borg - Wenn erst der Abend kommt
Andy Borg - Alles Gute, Amigo
Andy Borg - Komm setz' Di auf an Sonnenstrahl
Andy Borg - Arrividerci Claire
Andy Borg - Träumer, Tramps und Clowns
Hylo Brown & The Timberliners - I've Waited as Long as I Can
Bølle-Bob - Hjemme hos mig selv
Bumble Bee Slim - Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
Bulldog - Es así
Bulldog - 3º D
Bulldog - Del corazón a las estrellas
Bulldog - Yo no lo sé
Bulldog - El mar está desierto
Bulldog - 1999
Bulldog - Me hablaron de vos (Sospechosa)
Bulldog - Fatal destino
Bulldog - Tal como sos
Bulldog - Crónicas (un dia en la vida de...)
Bulldog - Que toma de mi mano
Bulldog - Habrá un Diablo, habrá un Dios
Bulldog - Antecedentes policiales
Bulldog - Circo Calesita (versión original)
Bulldog - Exilio, una canción de libertad
Bulldog - Estrella roja
Bulldog - Hombre desprolijo
Bulldog - Perfecto rompecabezas
Bulldog - Sobre el filo
Bulldog - No fui hecho para sufrir
Bulldog - Víctima
Bulldog - A donde nadie ve el sol
Bulldog - Jóvenes rebeldes
Bulldog - Despiertame
Bulldog - Ciudad deseo
Bulldog - El campo de los sueños
Bulldog - Nada especial
Bulldog - La estrella del bien y del mal
Bulldog - Yo te daré
Bulldog - Atacado
Bulldog - Latidos
Bulldog - The Player
Bulldog - Que cambie de una vez
Bulldog - Delirio en la city
Bulldog - 2 de corazón
Bulldog - El ocaso
Bulldog - No dudes
Bulldog - Gente
Bulldog - Te encantaré
Bulldog - Chipaco Love
Bulldog - Argentina vencerá
Bulldog - Sólo el muerto sabe qué paso
Bulldog - El ángel de la muerte
Bulldog - Nunca más
Bulldog - Mil rayas
Bulldog - Rotas cadenas
Bulldog - A un amigo
Bulldog - ¿Cuál es tu ley?
Cable35 - Fact in Spain
Cable35 - Come Down to Party
Cable35 - Fat Snowman
Lorena C - Ya nada importa
Lorena C - Adicta
Lorena C - Piensa gay
Lorena C - Dulce dolor
Bulldog - Corazón de metal
Bulldog - Un, dos, tres...
Bulldog - Más y más
Bulldog - Un día mejor
Bulldog - Antigil
Bulldog - Resistir luchando
Bulldog - Por volver
Bulldog - Un domingo en Madrid
Bulldog - Los nuevos hijos del rock
Bulldog - Mi santo en llamas
Bulldog - Fuerza y pasión
Bulldog - Apocalipsis
Bulldog - La historia de Ramón
Bulldog - Tierra adentro
Bulldog - Si yo!
Bulldog - Ser así
Bulldog - Violadores
Bulldog - Esto es la guerra
Bulldog - Me hablaron de vos
Bulldog - Perros chacales
Bulldog - Algun día
Bulldog - Fiel
Bulldog - El grito silencioso
Bulldog - Un manto de libertad (La tierra del nunca jamás)
Bulldog - Pasos perdidos
Bulldog - RNR
Bulldog - Sangre combativa
Bulldog - Semillero
Bulldog - Mi amor, mi sol, mi perdición
Bulldog - 1000 años
Bulldog - Vuelve
Bulldog - Ya ves
Bulldog - Verano
Bulldog - No te aguanto más
Bulldog - Cementerio punk
Bulldog - Pudriéndola
Bulldog - Otra vez
Bulldog - Vamos a buscar
Bulldog - Quinceañera
Bulldog - Más que diez
Bulldog - Piruvari (Mundo irreal)
Bulldog - Piu Avanti
Bulldog - Tu asesino
Bulldog - Volar volar
Bulldog - Rony to Midnight
Bulldog - No vamos a perder
Bulldog - Totalmente podrido
Bulldog - No me importa
Brendan Croker & the 5 O'Clock Shadows - This Man
Los Cadillac's - Bom Bom
Café Tacvba - El aparato
Café Tacvba - La ingrata
Café Tacvba - El ciclón
Café Tacvba - El borrego
Café Tacvba - Esa noche
Café Tacvba - 24 horas
Café Tacvba - Trópico de Cáncer
Café Tacvba - El metro
Café Tacvba - El fin de la infancia
Café Tacvba - Madrugal
Café Tacvba - Pez
Café Tacvba - Verde
Café Tacvba - Las flores
Café Tacvba - El baile y el salón
Café Tacvba - El puñal y el corazón
Café Tacvba - El balcón
Café Tacvba - Eo
Café Tacvba - Eres
Café Tacvba - Hoy es
Café Tacvba - Arrullo
Café Tacvba - Vámonos
Café Tacvba - Esta vez
Café Tacvba - Noche oscura
Café Tacvba - No controles
Café Tacvba - Revés
Café Tacvba - La locomotora
Café Tacvba - Chilanga banda
Café Tacvba - Labios jaguar
Café Tacvba - Déjate caer
Café Tacvba - Aviéntame
Café Tacvba - El espacio
Café Tacvba - Cómo te extraño
Café Tacvba - Tírate
Café Tacvba - Amor violento
Café Tacvba - Cuéntame
Breathe - Jonah
Breathe - All That Jazz
Breathe - Monday Morning Blues
Breathe - Hands to Heaven
Breathe - Don't Tell Me Lies
Breathe - Any Trick
Breathe - Won't You Come Back?
Breathe - For Love or Money
Breathe - How Can I Fall?
Breathe - Say a Prayer
Breathe - Does She Love That Man
Breathe - Say Hello
Breathe - I Hear You're Doing Fine
Breathe - Mississippi Water
Breathe - Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
Breathe - Woman
Breathe - Got to Get By
Breathe - Where Angels Fear
Breathe - Without Your Love
Breathe - A Perfect Love
Breathe - Hands to Heaven (Extended Heaven)
Café Tacvba - No me comprendes
Café Tacvba - Alármala de tos
Café Tacvba - Cómo te extraño mi amor
Café Tacvba - Olita del altamar
Café Tacvba - Bar Tacuba
Café Tacvba - Cometer suicidio
Café Tacvba - El catrín
Café Tacvba - Debajo del mar
Café Tacvba - La zonaja
Bruno & Marrone - Feriado Nacional
Bruno & Marrone - Meu jeito de sentir
Bruno & Marrone - Seu amor ainda é tudo
Bruno & Marrone - Vida Vazia
Bruno & Marrone - Por um minuto
Bruno & Marrone - A solidão é uma ressaca
Bruno & Marrone - Nova flor (Os homens não devem chorar)
Bruno & Marrone - Só pro meu prazer
Bruno & Marrone - Boate azul / Sublime renúncia / Meu primeiro amor
Bruno & Marrone - Nao Tente Me Impedir
Bruno & Marrone - Cavalgada
Bruno & Marrone - Flashback De Nos Dois
Bruno & Marrone - Pode Ir Embora
Bruno & Marrone - Sou Eu
Bruno & Marrone - Onde Voce Esta?
Bruno & Marrone - Te Amo Tanto (Tanto Cara)
Bruno & Marrone - Duas Vezes Voce
Bruno & Marrone - Quem Ta Bebo, Quem Ta Bao?
Bruno & Marrone - Amor Nao Vai Faltar
Bruno & Marrone - Quando Voce Quizer
Bruno & Marrone - Desliga
Bruno & Marrone - Fiel Ate Debaixo D'Agua
Bruno & Marrone - Favo de mel
Bruno & Marrone - Preciso amar de novo
Bruno & Marrone - Filho Pródigo
Bruno & Marrone - As Paredes Azuis
Bruno & Marrone - Te Amo e Não Te Quero
Bruno & Marrone - Cuida do Nosso Amor
Bruno & Marrone - Quer casar comigo?
Bruno & Marrone - Faz Mais, Faz
Bruno & Marrone - Porque Choras?
Bruno & Marrone - Não Tem Outro Jeito
Bruno & Marrone - A culpa é sua
Bruno & Marrone - Meu Presente é Você
Bruno & Marrone - Uma Grande Mentira
Bruno & Marrone - Se Não for Por Amor
Café Tacvba - Dos niños
Café Tacvba - Ingrata
Café Tacvba - Chica banda
Café Tacvba - 10
Café Tacvba - 13
Café Tacvba - M.C.
Café Tacvba - El padre
Café Tacvba - El río
Café Tacvba - Árboles frutales
Café Tacvba - Lento
Café Tacvba - Muerte chiquita
Café Tacvba - Ojalá llueva café
Café Tacvba - El baile del salón
Café Tacvba - Olor a gas
Café Tacvba - Un par de lugares
Café Tacvba - Futuro
Cabaret Rotstift - Mir gönd in Zoo
Les Brown and His Band of Renown - Swingin Down the Lane
Bruno & Marrone - Vivendo de Passado
Bruno & Marrone - Agarrada em mim
Bruno & Marrone - Fio de Cabelo
Bruno & Marrone - Fruto Especial - só sei te amar
Bruno & Marrone - Sem Compromisso (Tchatchara) (Part. Michel Teló)
Bruno & Marrone - Vidro Fumê
Bruno & Marrone - Eu Não Vou Aceitar
Bruno & Marrone - Pela porta da frente
Bruno & Marrone - Tentativas Em Vão
Bruno & Marrone - Já Não Sei Mais Nada (Yo No Se Mañana)
Bruno & Marrone - Tá Pensando o Que
Bruno & Marrone - Eu Não Imploro por Amor
Bruno & Marrone - Rancho
Bruno & Marrone - Parede de Vidro
Bruno & Marrone - Nossas Memórias
Bruno & Marrone - Sem Ninguém Me Ver Chorar
Bruno & Marrone - Juras de Amor
Bruno & Marrone - Vê Se Toma Juizo
Bruno & Marrone - Amor de Ping Pong
Bruno & Marrone - Mariane
Bruno & Marrone - Doce Desejo
Bruno & Marrone - Que Pescar Que Nada
Bruno & Marrone - Nao Posso Ter Medo de Amar
Bruno & Marrone - Desiguais
Bruno & Marrone - O Sonho Não Acabou
Bruno & Marrone - O Amor Está Aqui
Bruno & Marrone - Apaziguar / Credo em Cruz, Ave-Maria / Pra lá que eu Vou
Bruno & Marrone - Meu Disfarce
Bruno & Marrone - Te Amar Foi Ilusão
Bruno & Marrone - Será
Bruno & Marrone - Ligaçâo urbana
Bruno & Marrone - Grito de Alerta
Bruno & Marrone - Se Não Tivesse Ido
Bruno & Marrone - Menina
Bruno & Marrone - Vai Dar Namoro
Bop Alloy feat. Steph, the Sapphic Songstress - Not 4 Show
Bop Alloy - Step Into the Cypher
Bop Alloy - Writing My Wrongs
Bop Alloy - Chillaxation
Bop Alloy - The Boy With No Name
Bop Alloy - Universe Works
Bop Alloy - Still Think Different
Bop Alloy - Another Day in the Life
Bop Alloy - Jazzmatic
Bop Alloy - Why the World Weeps
Bop Alloy - Resolutions Per Minute
Bop Alloy - Let the Flakes Fall Where They May
Bop Alloy - Longing for Nia
Bop Alloy - A Celebration
Les Brown and His Band of Renown - Sentimental Journey - Doris Day
Les Brown and His Band of Renown - My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time - Doris Day
Bruno & Marrone - Apenas mais uma de amor
Bruno & Marrone - Isso cê num conta
Bruno & Marrone - Tiro e queda
Bruno & Marrone - Agora (Ahora)
Bruno & Marrone - A casa ao lado
Bruno & Marrone - Se tiver coragem joga fora
Bruno & Marrone - Sonhando
Bruno & Marrone - Essa Droga De Carinho
Bruno & Marrone - Para Com Tudo
Bruno & Marrone - Hoje Amor Não Vai Dar
Bruno & Marrone - Não Posso Evitar (No Los Beses)
Bruno & Marrone - Alçapão
Bruno & Marrone - Apenas Um Sorriso
Bruno & Marrone - Tá Combinado Assim
Bruno & Marrone - Qual é a sua
Bruno & Marrone - Me deixa entrar
Bruno & Marrone - Seu coração machuca o meu
Bruno & Marrone - Pra não morrer de amor
Bruno & Marrone - Um Sonho Louco
Bruno & Marrone - Não Faz Mais Isso Comigo
Bruno & Marrone - Nossa Senhora do Brasil
Bruno & Marrone - Consciência Pesada
Bruno & Marrone - Amor de Balada
Bruno & Marrone - Ficar por Ficar
Bruno & Marrone - Doideira
Bruno & Marrone - Tô Parecendo um Bobão
Bruno & Marrone - Coisa de Pele
Bruno & Marrone - Lágrimas e vinho
Bruno & Marrone - Só de você
Bruno & Marrone - Abafa o caso
Bruno & Marrone - Recaída
Bruno & Marrone - Dona do meu sentimento
Bruno & Marrone - Vou pedir a Deus você
Bruno & Marrone - Pensa num trem bão
Bruno & Marrone - Borbulhas de amor
Bruno & Marrone - Ausência
Bruno & Marrone - Deixa acontecer
Bruno & Marrone - Você me vira a cabeça (Me tira do sério)
Bruno & Marrone - Mudei demais
Bruno & Marrone - Oceano
Bruno & Marrone - Garçon
Bruno & Marrone - Não vou chorar
Bruno & Marrone - Eu sei
Bruno & Marrone - Frente a frente
Bruno & Marrone - Quando a chuva passar
Bruno & Marrone - Primeiros erros (Chove)
Bruno & Marrone - Vou te amarrar na minha cama
Bruno & Marrone - Alma gêmea
Bruno & Marrone - Evidências
Bruno & Marrone - Força estranha
Bruno & Marrone - Agora Vai / Passou da Conta
Bruno & Marrone - Credo em Cruz, Ave-Maria / Pra la Que eu Vou
Bruno & Marrone - Entâo pode ir
Bruno & Marrone - Tô machucado
Bruno & Marrone - Amor não é jogo de azar
Bruno & Marrone - Volta pra mim
Bruno & Marrone - Esqueci
Bruno & Marrone - Não faz isso não
Bruno & Marrone - Banho de amor
Bruno & Marrone - Goiás É Mais
Bruno & Marrone - Perigosa demais
Bruno & Marrone - Se eu ficar sem você
Amick Byram - If You’ve Only Got a Moustache
Michael Bublé & Shania Twain - White Christmas
Bracket - Circus Act
Bracket - Cool Aide
Bracket - Happy to Be Sad
Bracket - John Wilke's Isolation Booth
Bracket - Tractor
Bracket - Green Apples
Bracket - Closed Captioned
Bracket - Trailer Park
Bracket - Fresh Air
Bracket - P.C.
Bracket - G-Vibe
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 4
Bracket - 2 Hotdogs for 99 Cents
Bracket - Metal
Bracket - Pessimist
Bracket - Crash Diet
Bracket - Schmooze King
Bracket - Lazy
Bracket - Get It Right
Bracket - Dodge Ball
Bracket - Missing Link
Bracket - Huge Balloon
Bracket - Stalking Stuffer
Bracket - Why Should Eye
Bracket - Warren’s Song, Part 2
Bracket - Skanky Love Song
Bracket - J. Weed
Bracket - Rod’s Post
Bracket - Hearing Aid
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 8
Bracket - Talk Show
Bracket - Hermit
Bracket - Back to Allentown
Bracket - Sour
Bracket - Parade
Bracket - 2RAK005
Bracket - Last Day Sunday
Bracket - Three Gardens
Bracket - The Evil Bean
Bracket - Don’t Tell Miss Fenley
Bracket - Little Q & A
Bracket - Optimist
Bracket - Drama Queen
Bruno & Marrone - Bijuteria
Bruno & Marrone - Parabens pro nosso Amor
Bruno & Marrone - Medo
Bruno & Marrone - Agora vai
Bruno & Marrone - Eu queria
Bruno & Marrone - Cama vazia
Bruno & Marrone - Apaixonado (Moreninha linda)
Bruno & Marrone - Fio de Cabelo (Com Chitãozinho & Xororó)
Bruno & Marrone - Usted (Faixa Bônus)
Bruno & Marrone - Tá liberado
Bruno & Marrone - Pra Lá Que Eu Vou
Bruno & Marrone - Entrada franca
Bruno & Marrone - Detalhes
Bruno & Marrone - Tenho Ciúme de Tudo/A Dama de Vermelho/Brigas
Bruno & Marrone - Te amo feito louco
Bruno & Marrone - Anjo De Amor
Bruno & Marrone - Quem Manda é o Coração
Bruno & Marrone - Mil Razões Para Chorar
Bruno & Marrone - Tá na Hora
Bruno & Marrone - Noite Sem Sono
Bruno & Marrone - E aí
Bruno & Marrone - Meu Segredo
Bruno & Marrone - Só quero te dizer
Bruno & Marrone - A vida disse não
Bruno & Marrone - Metade da metade
Bruno & Marrone - Te quero tanto
Bruno & Marrone - Rabo de Saia
Bruno & Marrone - Flores
Bruno & Marrone - Paixão de Mais
Bruno & Marrone - Proposta indecente
Bruno & Marrone - Tô largado
Bruno & Marrone - Já não sei mais nada
Bruno & Marrone - Doçura de Enganar
Bruno & Marrone - Amor só é bom quando dói
Bruno & Marrone - Menina (Querida)
Bruno & Marrone - Ligação Urbana (Ao Vivo)
Bruno & Marrone - É Você Que Eu Amo
Bruno & Marrone - Você Não Me Ensinou A Te Esquecer
Bruno & Marrone - Viagem
Bruno & Marrone - Fora do normal
Bruno & Marrone - Dividindo Solidão
Bruno & Marrone - Olha o Trem Querendo
Bruno & Marrone - Como ficar sem você
Bruno & Marrone - É Nisso que Dá
Bruno & Marrone - Não Vê Que Te Amo (Together)
Bruno & Marrone - Dois Idiotas feat. Maiara & Maraisa
Bruno & Marrone - Pela Porta da Frente feat. Jorge & Mateus
Bruno & Marrone - Credo em cruz, ave-maria
Bruno & Marrone - Pedaço de poema
Bruno & Marrone - Quando Você Quiser
The Breakers - Start the Show
Bracket - Warren’s Song, Part 16
Bracket - Warren’s Song, Part 11
Bracket - Warren’s Song, Part 23
Bracket - Warren’s Song, Part 25
Bracket - Warren’s Song, Part 15
Bracket - Warren’s Song, Part 22
Bracket - No Brainer
Bracket - Spazz
Bracket - Cynically Depressed
Bracket - Me vs. World
Bracket - You/Me
Bracket - A Happy Song
Bracket - Suicide Note
Bracket - Yoko Oh-No
Bracket - A Place in Time
Bracket - Serena Hides
Bracket - Eating Pie
Bracket - My Very Own Apple Tree
Bracket - Flea Market
Bracket - Whatever Piper
Bracket - Shoe Gazer
Bracket - Betterman
Bracket - Shadow Puppets
Bracket - Envy
Bracket - Speed Bump
Bracket - Warren's Song (Part 6)
Bracket - SOB Story
Bracket - Homesick
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 1
Bracket - Can't Make Me
Bracket - WWF
Bracket - My Stepson
Bracket - One More Hangover Day (Warren's Song, Part 7)
Bracket - I Won't Mind
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 19
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 24
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 17
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 26
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 18
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 20
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 10
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 13
Bracket - Lazy / [untitled]
Bracket - Everyone Is Telling Me I'll Never Win, If I Fall in Love With a Girl From Marin
Bracket - Warren’s Song 3
Bracket - Warren's Song, Part 9
Bracket - Mother to Blame
Bracket - Stylin'
Cachorro Grande - Você me faz continuar
Cachorro Grande - Conflitos existenciais
Cachorro Grande - Roda-gigante
Cachorro Grande - Sandro
Cachorro Grande - Deixa fudê
Cachorro Grande - Na sua solidão
Cachorro Grande - Hoje meus domingos não são mais depressivos
Cachorro Grande - Nunca vai mudar
Cachorro Grande - Quando amanhecer
Cachorro Grande - O que você tem?
Cachorro Grande - Nada pra fazer
Cachorro Grande - O certo e o errado
Cachorro Grande - Agora eu tô bem louco
Cachorro Grande - Desentoa
Cachorro Grande - Bom brasileiro
Cachorro Grande - Longa-metragem
Cachorro Grande - Interligado
Cachorro Grande - Eu pensei
Cachorro Grande - Novo super-herói
Cachorro Grande - Super amigo
Cachorro Grande - Sinceramente
Cachorro Grande - Situação dramática
Cachorro Grande - Velha amiga
Cachorro Grande - Lunático
Cachorro Grande - Sexperienced
Cachorro Grande - Debaixo do chapéu
Cachorro Grande - Pedro Balão
Cachorro Grande - Fantasmas
Cachorro Grande - Cleptomaníaca de corações
Cachorro Grande - Sintonizado
Cachorro Grande - Dia perfeito
Cachorro Grande - Vai T. Q. dá
Cachorro Grande - O tempo está ao meu lado
Cachorro Grande - Dia de amanhã
Cachorro Grande - (Os doces exóticos de) Charlotte Grapewine
Cachorro Grande - As coisas que quero lhe falar
Cachorro Grande - Hey, amigo
Cachorro Grande - Você pode até pegar
Cachorro Grande - Tudo por você
Cachorro Grande - Olhar pra frente
Cachorro Grande - Agoniada
Cachorro Grande - Me perdi
Cachorro Grande - As próximas horas serão muito boas
Cachorro Grande - Você não sabe nada
Cachorro Grande - Enquanto o trem que espero não vem
Cachorro Grande - Sem problemas
Cachorro Grande - Que loucura!
Cachorro Grande - O truque do ovo
Cachorro Grande - Insatisfeito
Erol Budan - Dedim Ya
Erol Budan - Kendin Bilirsin
Cachorro Grande - O tempo parou
Cachorro Grande - Amanhã
Cachorro Grande - Por onde vou
Cachorro Grande - A alegria voltou
Cachorro Grande - A hora do Brasil
Cachorro Grande - Diga o que você quer escutar
Cachorro Grande - Ela disse
Cachorro Grande - Ninguém mais lembra de você
Cachorro Grande - Luz
Cachorro Grande - Eileen
Cachorro Grande - Pessoas vazias
Cachorro Grande - Nós Vamos Fazer Você Se Ligar
Cachorro Grande - Nuvens de Fumaça
Cachorro Grande - Eu Não Vou Mudar
Cachorro Grande - Use o Assento para Flutuar
Cachorro Grande - Como Era Bom
Cachorro Grande - Eu Quis Jogar
Cachorro Grande - Só você que não
Cachorro Grande - Corda bamba
Cachorro Grande - Surreal
Cachorro Grande - Cinema
Cachorro Grande - Baixo Augusta
Cachorro Grande - Tudo vai mudar
Cachorro Grande - Não entendo, não aguento
Cachorro Grande - Mundo diferente
Armin van Buuren feat. VanVelzen - Broken Tonight (Live Performance by Roel VanVelzen) (Mix Cut)
Tez Cadey - Seve
Buzy - Venus Say...
Buzy - Be Somewhere
Erik Bye - Vår beste dag
Erik Bye - Vårherres klinkekule
Erik Bye - Vise i vinterlys
Erik Bye - Blå salme
Erik Bye - Vintereplet
Erik Bye - Tilbake til sangene
Erik Bye - Anna Lovinda
Erik Bye - Hildringstimen
Erik Bye - Alf
Erik Bye - Vandringsvise
Erik Bye - Gå til onkel
Erik Bye - Tømmerkoievise
Erik Bye - Skomværvalsen
Erik Bye - Drøm
By the Tree - Hold You High
By the Tree - Only to You
By the Tree - Miraculous
By the Tree - Beautiful One
By the Tree - Reveal
By the Tree - Throne of Grace
By the Tree - God of Wonders
By the Tree - Your Beloved
By the Tree - Lord Let Your Glory Fall
By the Tree - Jesus Washed
By the Tree - Root of It All
By the Tree - I Need You
By the Tree - Far Away
By the Tree - Your Arms
By the Tree - Notes on My Door
By the Tree - Faith That Breathes (Break Me)
By the Tree - Don't Throw It All Away
By the Tree - Shoot Me Down
By the Tree - Better Part of You
By the Tree - Confessions (Hearts Are Restless)
By the Tree - Root of It All - Radio Mix
By the Tree - There for Me
By the Tree - Walk
By the Tree - Open My Eyes
By the Tree - Invade My Soul
By the Tree - Wonderful Again
By the Tree - Disillusioned Man
By the Tree - Fall
By the Tree - Wait
By the Tree - All Around You
By the Tree - I Will Follow
By the Tree - World on Fire
By the Tree - You Are My Desire
By the Tree - Rain Down
By the Tree - Still Believe
By the Tree - How Beautiful You Are
By the Tree - Shine
By the Tree - Any Other Way
By the Tree - That's Why We Say
By the Tree - Satellite
By the Tree - Salvation Song
By the Tree - These Days
By the Tree - Your Presence
By the Tree - Alright
By the Tree - Mystery
By the Tree - Change
By the Tree - Remain
By the Tree - When I Found You
By the Tree - Every Move I Make
By the Tree - In the Secret
By the Tree - Consume Me
By the Tree - Draw Me Close to You
Cada Loco Con Su Tema - Si nos fuéranos venío
Cada Loco Con Su Tema - Mi mujer me tiene es sometío
By The Wayside - Lovesick Suicide
By The Wayside - Where You Rested
The Crystal Method - Busy Child
Death in Vegas - Song for Penny
Bril - Far Away
Gary Burton - African Flower
Caelum - Silent Scars
Caelum - Lasting Friend
Caelum - Southern Lights
Caelum - One Last Try
Caelum - Lighting Up The Stars
Caelum - O Jogo
Caelum - Kepler
Caelum - Illusion
Caelum - Sara
Caelum - Novo Olhar
Caelum - Secret
C'est Tout - De nacht is nog zo lang
Patrick Bruel - Même si on est fou
Patrick Bruel - Casser la voix
Patrick Bruel - Décalé
Patrick Bruel - Flash Back
Patrick Bruel - J'te l'dis quand même
Patrick Bruel - Place des grands hommes
Patrick Bruel - La fille de l'aéroport
Patrick Bruel - Dors
Patrick Bruel - Elle m'regardait comme ça
Patrick Bruel - Rock, haine, rôles
Patrick Bruel - Juste avant
Patrick Bruel - Pour la vie
Patrick Bruel - Tout s'efface
Patrick Bruel - Peur de moi
Patrick Bruel - Elle voulait tout
Patrick Bruel - Elie
Patrick Bruel - Nuncas mas
Patrick Bruel - Au Café des délices
Patrick Bruel - Au bout de la marelle
Patrick Bruel - Une chanson qui sert à rien
Patrick Bruel - Je fais semblant
Patrick Bruel - Panne de mélancolie
Patrick Bruel - Lettre au Père-Noël
Patrick Bruel - Raconte-moi
Patrick Bruel - Adieu
Patrick Bruel - Gosses en cavale
Patrick Bruel - Va où tu veux
Patrick Bruel - Notre plus beau visage
Patrick Bruel - Où sont les rêves
Patrick Bruel - Peuple impopulaire
Patrick Bruel - Ma maison de papier
Patrick Bruel - J'te l'dis quand même (version Espanole)
Patrick Bruel - L'Italien
Patrick Bruel - Demain
Patrick Bruel - Qui a le droit (Ana torroja)
Patrick Bruel - Jef
Patrick Bruel - À contretemps
Patrick Bruel - On t'attendait
Patrick Bruel - Marre de cette nana-là
Patrick Bruel - Comment ça va pour vous ?
Patrick Bruel - Puzzle (version 2004)
Cris Cab - The Sun Is Gonna Rise Again
Cris Cab - Liar Liar
Cris Cab - Long Weekend
Cris Cab - Fables
Cris Cab - Loves Me Not
Cris Cab - Paradise (On Earth)
Cris Cab - Where I Belong
Cris Cab - The Truth
Cris Cab - Ticket
Cris Cab - All I Need Is You
Cris Cab - Goodbye
Cris Cab - Good Girls (Don't Grow On Trees)
Cris Cab - Rihanna's Gun
Cris Cab - One Thing
Cris Cab - The Fire
Cris Cab - Angels and Demons
Cris Cab - Heaven
Cris Cab - Face To Face
Cris Cab - Another Love
Cris Cab - Gypsys on the Boulevard
Cris Cab - When We Were Young
Cris Cab - Going Home
Cris Cab - Put in Work
Cris Cab - History
Cris Cab - Echo Boom
Cris Cab - In My Dreams
Cris Cab - Livin on Sunday
Cris Cab - What Can't We Do (Here We Go Again)
Cris Cab - Turn You On
Cris Cab - Face to Face (Snippet)
Cris Cab - She's So Fly
Cris Cab - Cross Your Fingers
Cris Cab - Colors
Cris Cab - Wild
Cris Cab - White Lingerie
Cris Cab - Little Talks
Cris Cab - Good Girls
Cris Cab - How Was I Supposed to Know
Cris Cab - No Hatred
Cris Cab - When You're Around (Bonus)
Cris Cab - Life Goes On
Cris Cab - Take You Away
Cris Cab - Better Off Running
Cris Cab - Englishman in New-York
Bruce 3 and The Revenge - Port In a Storm
Bruce 3 and The Revenge - Cast Away
Bruce 3 and The Revenge - 52 Hertz (The Whale Song)
Bruce 3 and The Revenge - Meadow by the Sea
Bruce 3 and The Revenge - Creepy Pirate Song
The Burning of Rome - Norman Bates
The Burning of Rome - Little Piranhas
Gary Burton - Hand Bags and Glad Rags
Armin van Buuren vs. Rank 1 - The World Is Watching Me
Patrick Bruel - Les cigales s'en foutent
Patrick Bruel - She's Gone
Patrick Bruel - Maux d'enfants
Patrick Bruel - Lequel de nous
Patrick Bruel - Tout change si vite
Patrick Bruel - Les larmes de leurs pères
Patrick Bruel - Viens tout contre moi
Patrick Bruel - Je serai là pour la suite
Patrick Bruel - Rome
Patrick Bruel - J'aurais chanté peut-être
Patrick Bruel - Lâche-toi
Patrick Bruel - J'suis quand même là...
Patrick Bruel - S'laisser aimer
Patrick Bruel - En bas des marches
Patrick Bruel - Qui a le droit
Patrick Bruel - Rien à perdre
Patrick Bruel - Pars pas
Patrick Bruel - Qu'est-ce que tu crois ?
Patrick Bruel - Quoique
Patrick Bruel - Est-ce que tu danseras avec moi...
Patrick Bruel - Demain le monde !
Patrick Bruel - Mon amant de Saint‐Jean
Patrick Bruel - Ramona
Patrick Bruel - On n’a pas tous les jours 20 ans
Patrick Bruel - Ah, si vous connaissiez ma poule
Patrick Bruel - Nunca mas
Patrick Bruel - Musique vieille
Patrick Bruel - Trois ans et demi d'amour
Patrick Bruel - Et puis je sais
Patrick Bruel - À cause d'elle
Patrick Bruel - La Javanaise
Bruce Broughton - Main Title - Overture
Joe Cocker - Love Lives On
Patrick Bruel - Place des grand hommes
Patrick Bruel - L'appart
Patrick Bruel - J'te dis quand même
Patrick Bruel - Vienne
Patrick Bruel - Vous
Patrick Bruel - Les Gens du Nord
Patrick Bruel - Où es-tu...
Patrick Bruel - Dans ces moments-là
Patrick Bruel - Au Café des Délices / Alexandrie Alexandra
Patrick Bruel - À tout à l'heure...
Patrick Bruel - J'aurais chanté peut-être (version inédite)
Patrick Bruel - Regarde devant toi
Patrick Bruel - Tout l'monde peut s'tromper
Patrick Bruel - J'roule vers toi
Patrick Bruel - Rêve à part
Patrick Bruel - De face
Patrick Bruel - Ça fait des ordres
Patrick Bruel - J'ai l'beguin pour elle (duo)
Patrick Bruel - Non, j'veux pas
The BusBoys - Boys Are Back in Town
The BusBoys - New Shoes
Cadillac Freeze - Willie Beamin
Cadillac Freeze - beatin Up tha block
The Bryan Ferry Orchestra - Slave to Love
The Bryan Ferry Orchestra - The Only Face
Irving Aaronson and His Commanders - Let's Misbehave
Patrick Bruel - Premier rendez-vous
Patrick Bruel - Paris, je t'aime d'amour
Patrick Bruel - La Java de celui qui s'en va
Patrick Bruel - Comme de bien entendu
Patrick Bruel - Que reste t-il de nos amours
Patrick Bruel - Quand on s'promène au bord de l'eau
Patrick Bruel - J'suis dans la dèche
Patrick Bruel - À Paris dans chaque faubourg
Patrick Bruel - La Complainte de la butte
Patrick Bruel - Parlez-moi d'amour
Patrick Bruel - C'est un mauvais garçon
Patrick Bruel en duo avec Renaud - Comme de bien entendu
Patrick Bruel - Où sont tous mes amants ?
Patrick Bruel - Tout le jour, toute la nuit
Patrick Bruel - Fernand
Patrick Bruel - Combien de murs...
Patrick Bruel - Pour exister
Patrick Bruel - Que sera que sera
Patrick Bruel - Partir ailleurs
Patrick Bruel - Comment ça va
Patrick Bruel - À tout à l'heure
Patrick Bruel - Drouot
Patrick Bruel - L’aigle noir
Patrick Bruel - Le Mal de Vivre
Patrick Bruel - Du Bout Des Lévres
Patrick Bruel - Nantes
Patrick Bruel - Perlimpinpin
Patrick Bruel - A Mourir Pour Mourir
Patrick Bruel - Parce Que Je T'aime
Patrick Bruel - A Mon Ami Alfred T.
Patrick Bruel - Ma Plus Belle Histoire D'amour
Patrick Bruel - Dis, Quand Reviendras-tu?
Bungaro - Il motore immobile
Bungaro - Se rinasco
Bungaro - Vestimi di te
Bungaro - Trafficante
Bungaro - Pagine
Bungaro - Punti di vista
Patrick Bruel - Puzzle
Patrick Bruel - Qu'est-ce qu'on attend pour être heureux ?
Patrick Bruel - Le Premier Rendez-vous
Patrick Bruel - J'mattendais pas à toi
Patrick Bruel - Que sea que será
Patrick Bruel - J'te mentirais...
Patrick Bruel - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Joe Cocker)
Patrick Bruel - Bouge!
Patrick Bruel - Voulez vous
Patrick Bruel - Voleur de temps
Patrick Bruel - Bouge !
Patrick Bruel - Voulez vous - Version 2009
Patrick Bruel - Comment ça va pour vous ? (J'attends Lola)
Patrick Bruel - Où es-tu
Patrick Bruel - She's Gone (version anglaise)
Patrick Bruel - She's Gone (Remix Benjamin)
Patrick Bruel - J' Suis Quand Même Là... (Version Acoustique)
Patrick Bruel - Je M'Attendais Pas A Toi
Bronze Radio Return - Up, On & Over
Bronze Radio Return - Mister, Mister
Bronze Radio Return - Further On
Bronze Radio Return - Rather Never Know
Bronze Radio Return - Melting in My Icebox
Bronze Radio Return - All In
Bronze Radio Return - Soon as I Fall
Bronze Radio Return - World Spin, Home Spun
Bronze Radio Return - Thick and Thin
Bronze Radio Return - M.O.T.R. (Middle of the Road)
Bronze Radio Return - Above, Below
Bronze Radio Return - Gilded Lily
Bronze Radio Return - Sylvan
Bronze Radio Return - Lo-Fi
Bronze Radio Return - Digital Love
Bronze Radio Return - It's OK Now
Bronze Radio Return - Strawberry Hill
Bronze Radio Return - Play It on Me
Bronze Radio Return - Wolves
Bronze Radio Return - Worth Wondering
Bronze Radio Return - Cannonball