Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 456:

Bom Gosto - Ressaca moral
Bom Gosto - Um Só Sentimento
Bom Gosto - Sinto saudade
Bluesiana Triangle - For All We Know
Bombadil - Coughing on the F Train
Bombadil - Amy's Friend
Bombadil - Bill You for Your Trash
Bombadil - Forgive Me Darling
Bombadil - I Can't Believe in Myself and Love You Too
Bombadil - Sunny December
Bombadil - Framboise
Bombadil - Love You Too Much
Bombadil - Rhapsody in Black and White
Bombadil - Honest
Bombadil - Love Is Simply
Bombadil - Angeline
Bombadil - Learning to Let Go
Bombadil - Isn't It Funny
Bombadil - Have Me
Bombadil - What Does It Mean
Bombadil - One More Ring
Bombadil - Escalators
Bombadil - Thank You
Bombadil - Trip Out West
Bombadil - Julian of Norwich
Bombadil - Smile When You Kiss
Bombadil - Rosetta Stone
Bombadil - Three Saddest Words
Bombadil - Buzz A Buzz
Bombadil - One Two Three
Bombadil - Cavaliers Har Hum
Bombadil - Caterpillar Tree (for old time's sake)
Bombadil - Johnny
Bombadil - Get to Getting' On
Bombadil - I Will Wait
Bombadil - The Pony Express
Bombadil - Laundromat
Bombadil - Flour Water Sugar
Bombadil - Leather Belt
Bombadil - A Question
Bombadil - Good Morning Everyone
Bombadil - One Whole Year
Bombadil - Short Side of the Wall
Bombadil - Unicycle
Gary “U.S.” Bonds - Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Gary “U.S.” Bonds - Don't Do It Here
Black Design - Come
Black Design - 2nd February
Black Design - Final Day
Black Design - Zeit
Black Design - Corrupted
Black Design - Rain of Tears
Black Design - 5 Years
Black Design - Empty Eyes
Black Design - Doubts
Black Design - Another One
Black Design - Abschied
Black Design - Gier
Black Design - Surrender
Black Alien - 1972 (intro)
Black Alien - Rolo compressor
Black Alien - Somos o mundo
Black Alien - Rock' n' roll
Black Alien - Terra
Black Alien - Skate no pé
Black Alien - Quem é você?
Black Alien - Falando do meu bem
Black Alien - Identidade
Black Alien - O estranho vizinho da frente
Black Alien - Homem de família
Black Alien - Cidadão honorário (outro)
Black Alien - Caminhos do destino
Black Alien - Babylon by Gus
Black Alien - U-Informe
Black Alien - Umaextrapunkprumextrafunk
Black Alien - Estilo do gueto
Black Alien - Primeiro de dezembro
Black Alien - Na segunda vinda
Black Alien - Perícia na delícia
Black Alien - América 21
Black Alien - From hell do céu
Black Alien - Mister Niterói I
Black Alien - Coração do meu mundo
Bombadil - Sad Birthday
Bombadil - Honeymoon
Bombadil - Reasons
Bombadil - Cold Runway
Bombadil - Oto the Bear
Bombadil - So Many Ways to Die
Bombadil - Marriage
Bombadil - Laurita
Bombadil - Kuala Lampur
Bombadil - Pyramid
Bombadil - 25 Daniels
Bombadil - Matthew
Bombadil - Kate and Kelsey
Bludgeon - Smoke Screen
Bludgeon - Idle Distinction
Bludgeon - Tortured Through Lies
Bludgeon - Zero Tolerance
Bludgeon - Last Rites
Bludgeon - Voluntary Manslaughter
Bludgeon - Crucify the Priest
Bludgeon - Abandoned
Bludgeon - Bound
Bludgeon - Inner Hell
Bludgeon - Turmoil
Bludgeon - Stained in Blood
Bludgeon - Bitter Emptiness
Bludgeon - Consumed
Bludgeon - Infidel
Bludgeon - Out of Reach
Bludgeon - Save Your Servant
Bludgeon - World Controlled
Bludgeon - Awakening
Bludgeon - Hunt or Be Hunted
Bludgeon - Unholy Murder
Bludgeon - Refuse the Truth
Bludgeon - Carnage Begins
Bomb the Bass feat. Spikey Tee - Darkheart (Alpha & Omega #2 dub)
BNB - One Of Us
Black Funeral - Harbinger of Pestilence
Black Funeral - Hymn to Ahriman
Bombstrike - Nothing Will Change
Bombstrike - Du kan inte fly
Bombstrike - Stay on the Cross
Bombstrike - Souldead
Bombstrike - Enter and Shape
Bombstrike - Confused
Bombstrike - Malplacerad
Bombstrike - Social kompetens = 0
Black Funeral - Knight's Blood
Black Funeral - Empire of Blood
Boba Fettt - Feuer in den Augen
Boba Fettt - Die Ankunft
Bobby Womack and Peace - Across 110th Street
Peter Blakeley - Crying in the Chapel
Peter Blakeley - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Peter Blakeley - Be Thankful for What You've Got
Boba Ffett - King Nike Air
Boba Ffett - Der Kuchen
Bolle Jan - Zierikzeese Marie
Bluttaufe - Trauma
Bluttaufe - Mein Geschundener Leichnam
Bluttaufe - Zu Staub zerfallen unsere Träume
Bluttaufe - Untertänig meist zur Nacht
Bluttaufe - Der Tod ist nicht das Ende
Bluttaufe - Glofirizierung Der Vergangenheit
Bluttaufe - Der Untergang Verplichtet
The Blackeyed Susans - This One Eats Souls
The Blackeyed Susans - Plastic Jesus
Julia Boehme - Der Conni-Song
Blame - Oceans of Hope
Blame feat. Selah - Because of You
Blame - Because of You
The Blackeyed Susans - Come Ride With Me
The Bollweevils - Eye to Eye
The Bollweevils - Major Problems
The Bollweevils - Trouble If You Hide
The Bollweevils - Vengeance
The Bollweevils - I Lie
The Bollweevils - Body Bag
The Bollweevils - Pay to Cum
The Bollweevils - Who's to Blame?
Leon Bolier - I Finally Found
Leon Bolier - XD
Leon Bolier - Longing For
Leon Bolier feat. Marieke de Kruiff - Substitute
Leon Bolier - By Your Side (I'll Be There)
Blodulv - Burial
Blodulv - Tank Warfare
Blodulv - Saint for Raping
Blodulv - Beast Nocturnal
Blodulv - My Offering
Blodulv - Haubitser
Blodulv - Desolate
Blodulv - Stronghold
Blodulv - Tyrant
Blodulv - Karmafrost
Blodulv - Severe Dawn Intrusion
Blodulv - A Bolder Race
Blodulv - With the Fist of Satan
Blodulv - Crusher Ov Covens
Blodulv - Grimness
Blodulv - Grim Disturbance
Blodulv - Divine Perversion
Blodulv - Famine Pulse
Geoff Berner - Fukher
Geoff Berner - Whiskey Rabbi
Geoff Berner - Lucky Goddamn Jew
Geoff Berner - Song Written in a Romanian Hospital
Geoff Berner - Drunk All Day
Geoff Berner - The Unlistenable Song
Geoff Berner - The True Enemy
Geoff Berner - And Promises to Break Before I Sleep
Geoff Berner - The Traveller's Curse
Geoff Berner - The Violins - Al Kamanjat
Geoff Berner - Volcano God
Geoff Berner - Maginot Line
Black-Out - Paix o
Geoff Berner - Wealthy Poet
Geoff Berner - Mayn Rue Platz
Geoff Berner - Light Enough to Travel
Geoff Berner - Suburban Family of Spies
Blot Mine - Right of Way
Blot Mine - Ashcloud
Blot Mine - Greater Than Life
Blot Mine - Sha Nagba Imuru
Blot Mine - My Soul in Fury Flew
Blot Mine - Dumu-abzu-ke
Blot Mine - Without Words
Blot Mine - Fragmented Red Sun
Blot Mine - Off to War
Blot Mine - Shadows From High-hell
Angela Bofill - Something About You
Angela Bofill - Tell Me Tomorrow
Angela Bofill - What I Wouldn't Do (For the Love of You)
Angela Bofill - Under the Moon and Over the Sky
Angela Bofill - I'm on Your Side
Angela Bofill - Holdin' Out for Love
Angela Bofill - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
Angela Bofill - Let Me Be the One
Angela Bofill - Tonight I Give In
Angela Bofill - Still in Love
Angela Bofill - Baby I Need Your Love
Angela Bofill - Summer Days
Angela Bofill - Share Your Love
Angela Bofill - Children of the World United
Angela Bofill - Love in Slow Motion
Angela Bofill - Real Love
Angela Bofill - You Could Come Take Me Home
Angela Bofill - Love You Too Much
Angela Bofill - I Can See It in Your Eyes
Blouse - Firestarter
Blouse - Time Travel
Blouse - They Always Fly Away
Blouse - Into Black
Blouse - Videotapes
Blouse - Controller
Blouse - Ghost Dream
Blouse - 1000 Years
Blouse - A Feeling Like This
Blouse - No Shelter
Blouse - Trust Me
Blouse - Shadow
Blouse - In a Feeling Like This
Boca Livre - Cruzada
Boca Livre - “O trenzinho do caipira” (com poema de Ferreira Gullar)
Angela Bofill - Stop Look Listen
Boca Livre - Mistérios
Boca Livre - Desenredo
Boca Livre - Quem tem a viola
Angela Bofill - Everlasting Love
Boca Livre - Toada ("Na direção do dia")
Boca Livre - Bicicleta
Boca Livre - Folia
Angela Bofill - I Wanna Love Somebody
Boca Livre - Se meu jardim der flor
Boca Livre - Neném
Angela Bofill - On and On
Angela Bofill - Tropical Love
Boca Livre - Nossa dança
Angela Bofill - Only Love
Angela Bofill - I Do Love You
Angela Bofill - People Make the World Go Round
Angela Bofill - Rainbow Child (Little Pas)
Angela Bofill - Love to Last
Angela Bofill - The Voyage
Angela Bofill - Special Delivery
Angela Bofill - Call of the Wild
Angela Bofill - Nothin' but a Teaser
Angela Bofill - Penetration
Angela Bofill - You're a Special Part of Me
Angela Bofill - I Wonder
Angela Bofill - Heavenly Love
Boiled in Lead - Newry Highwayman
Boiled in Lead - Walk Through the Door
Boiled in Lead - Robin's Complaint
Boiled in Lead - Bring It Round
Boiled in Lead - Hook 'Em Cow
Boiled in Lead - Rasputin
Boiled in Lead - Madman Mora Blues
Boiled in Lead - Step It Out, Mary
Boiled in Lead - The Microorganism
Boiled in Lead - Pig Dog Daddy
Boiled in Lead - My Son John
Boiled in Lead - Blackened Page
Boiled in Lead - Hide My Track
Boca Livre - Chegou no vento
Boca Livre - I Need You
Boca Livre - Folia (com Beto Guedes)
Boca Livre - Diana (com Paulinho Moska)
Boca Livre - Ponta de areia (com Gal Costa)
Bomb 32 - [untitled]
Boca Livre - Eu Sei
Boca Livre - Toada
Boca Livre - Roxane
Boca Livre - Panis et Circensis
Boiled in Lead - Come in from the Rain
Blood on the Dance Floor & New Years Day - Anthem of the Outcast
Boiled in Lead - Raven, Owl, and I
Boiled in Lead - Leanan Sidhe
Boiled in Lead - No Passenger
Boiled in Lead - Back in Town
Boiled in Lead - The Gypsy
Boiled in Lead - The Fair Lady
Boiled in Lead - Red Lights and Neon
Boca Livre - Epigrama
Boca Livre - A hora e a vez
Blu - Easy Come, Easy Go
Bite the Buffalo - Captain Membrane & The Skeptical Jigga
Bite the Buffalo - Tell me What The Dead Folk Know
Bite the Buffalo - Blue Lips
Bite the Buffalo - Jackknife Blues
Bite the Buffalo - Dead Of The Night
Bite the Buffalo - I Get Down And Around
Bite the Buffalo - Devil And The Dodo
Bite the Buffalo - My Gun
Bite the Buffalo - Calamity
Bite the Buffalo - With The Thief
Bite the Buffalo - Tied
Bite the Buffalo - Cherry Window Blues
Bite the Buffalo - Dusty Cage
Bite the Buffalo - Should Know Better
Bite the Buffalo - Riding The Sun
Bite the Buffalo - Southern Pink Flamingo
Bite the Buffalo - Dear Devil Woman
Bite the Buffalo - Hello (Peace of Mind)
Blink - It's Not My Fault
Blink - Cello
Blink - Happy Day
Blink - Everything Comes Everything Goes
Blink - Snow (Be Precious)
Blink - Fundamentally Loveable Creature
Blink - Love Me
Blink - The Greatest Trick
Blink - Going to Nepal
Blink - There's Something Wrong With Norman's Mom
Blink - Christmas 22
Blink - Is God Really Groovy?
Blink - Separation
Blink - A Planet Made of Rain
Blink - Dead Little Bird
Blink - The Luckiest Man Alive
Blink - This One Is Wild
Blink - The Girl With the Backward Skin
Blink - Sky Land Scraper Paper Fly
Blink - The House That Illuminates Your Thoughts
Blink - I'm Not Sorry Now
Blink - Baby You Broke My Heart But You Know...
Blink - Ed's Got a New Car
Selma Björnsdóttir - All Out of Luck
Boeijen Hofstede Vrienten - De loods
The Black Seeds - Turn It Around
The Black Seeds - Sort It Out
The Black Seeds - So True
The Black Seeds - You Get Me
The Black Seeds - On The Sun
The Black Seeds - Slingshot
The Black Seeds - One Step at a Time
The Black Seeds - Rotten Apple
The Black Seeds - Make a Move Dub
Haley Bonar - Kill the Fun
Haley Bonar - No Sensitive Man
Haley Bonar - Last War
Haley Bonar - From a Cage
Haley Bonar - Eat for Free
Haley Bonar - Green Eyed Boy
Haley Bonar - Big Star
Haley Bonar - Mayday
Haley Bonar - Better Half
Haley Bonar - Something Great
Haley Bonar - Queen of Everything
Haley Bonar - Ransom
Haley Bonar - Hawaii
Haley Bonar - Daisy Girls
Haley Bonar - Us
Haley Bonar - Devilish Man
Haley Bonar - Holiday in Outer Space
Haley Bonar - Too Much Nothing
Haley Bonar - Drinking Again
Haley Bonar - Car Wreck
Haley Bonar - Sun Don't Shine
Haley Bonar - Razor that Wins
Haley Bonar - Lullaby
Haley Bonar - I Can Change
Haley Bonar - Called You Queen
Haley Bonar - Candy Machine Gun
Haley Bonar - Anyway Rattlesnake
Haley Bonar - Raggedy Man
Haley Bonar - Silver Zephyrs
The Black Seeds - Out of Light
Haley Bonar - Daddy
The Black Seeds - Dust and Dirt
Haley Bonar - Money
The Black Seeds - Pippy Pip
Haley Bonar - A Piano
The Black Seeds - Wide Open
Haley Bonar - Before the Dark
The Black Seeds - The Bend
Haley Bonar - Kid October
Haley Bonar - Bad for You
The Black Seeds - Frostbite
Haley Bonar - Wendy Bird
The Black Seeds - Love Me Now
The Black Seeds - Cracks in Our Crown
The Black Seeds - Settle Down
Haley Bonar - Captain, Captain
The Blood Arm - Stay Put!
The Blood Arm - Going to Arizona
The Blood Arm - She's a Guillotine
The Blood Arm - The Creditors
Bloodhound Gang - Strictly for the Tardcore (skit)
Bloodhound Gang - Balls Out
Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Bloodhound Gang - Farting With a Walkman On
Bloodhound Gang - Ralph Wiggum
Bloodhound Gang - Something Diabolical
Bloodhound Gang - Overheard in a Wawa Parking Lot (skit)
Bloodhound Gang - Pennsylvania
Bloodhound Gang - Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
Bloodhound Gang - No Hard Feelings / Hefty Fine
Bloodhound Gang - Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny
Bloodhound Gang - Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)
Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn
Bloodhound Gang - I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks
Bloodhound Gang - It’s Tricky
Bloodhound Gang - Asleep at the Wheel
Bloodhound Gang - Shut Up
Bloodhound Gang - Your Only Friends Are Make Believe
Bloodhound Gang - Boom
Bloodhound Gang - Reflections of Remoh
Bloodhound Gang - Rip Taylor Is God
Bloodhound Gang - Legend in My Spare Time
Bloodhound Gang - B.H.G.P.S.A.
Bloodhound Gang - Kids in America
Bloodhound Gang - You’re Pretty When I’m Drunk
Bloodhound Gang - The Evils of Placenta Hustling
Bloodhound Gang - One Way
Bloodhound Gang - Shitty Record Offer
Bloodhound Gang - Go Down
Bloodhound Gang - Earlameyer the Butt Pirate
Bloodhound Gang - No Rest for the Wicked
Bloodhound Gang - We Like Meat
Bloodhound Gang - Rang Dang
Bloodhound Gang - Nightmare at the Apollo
Bloodhound Gang - Altogether Ooky
Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary
Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch
Bloodhound Gang - No Hard Feelings
Bloodhound Gang - A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying
Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad of Chasey Lain
Bloodhound Gang - Three Point One Four
Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die
Bomshel - Arizona
Bomshel - Fight Like a Girl
Bomshel - Just This Way
Bomshel - Love Me for Me
Bomshel - You
Bomshel - Thank You
Bomshel - Just a Girl
Bomshel - Fiddle
Bomshel - Oh Baby
Bomshel - Ain't My Day To Care
Bomshel - Power of One
Bomshel - Bomshel Stomp
Bomshel - It Was An Absolutely Finger Lickin', Grits And Chicken Country Music Love Song
Blanche - Who's To Say...
Blanche - Do You Trust Me?
Blanche - Superstition
Blanche - Bluebird
Blanche - So Long Cruel World
Blanche - Another Lost Summer
Blanche - Jack on Fire
Blanche - Garbage Picker
Blanche - The Hopeless Waltz
Blanche - Last Year's Leaves
Blanche - O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?
Bodies Without Organs - Sixteen Tons of Hardware
Bodies Without Organs - Conquering America
Bodies Without Organs - Son of a Gun
Bodies Without Organs - Walking the Night
Bodies Without Organs - Riding Through the Night
Bodies Without Organs - Say I Love You
Bodies Without Organs - Rhythm Divine
Bodies Without Organs - European Psycho
Bodies Without Organs - Living in a Fantasy
Bodies Without Organs - Gone
Bodies Without Organs - Right Here Right Now
Bodies Without Organs - Love Came Crashing Down
Bodies Without Organs - Kings of Tomorrow
Bodies Without Organs - Burning Down the House
Bodies Without Organs - Rise to the Occasion
Bodies Without Organs - Bite the Bullet
Bodies Without Organs - In Too Deep
Bodies Without Organs - Thunderbolt
Bodies Without Organs - Singing in My Car
Bodies Without Organs - Shoot From the Heart
Bodies Without Organs - Chariots of Fire
Bodies Without Organs - Will My Arms Be Strong Enough
Bodies Without Organs - We Could Be Heroes
Bodies Without Organs - Juggernaut
Bodies Without Organs - Hanging on the Phone
Bodies Without Organs - Angel of Night
Bodies Without Organs - I Keep Walking On
Bodies Without Organs - Marrakech
Bodies Without Organs - Crystal Odyssey
Bodies Without Organs - Haunted
Bodies Without Organs - Last Flight to San Francisco
Bodies Without Organs - Give Me the Night
Bodies Without Organs - Let It Rain
Bodies Without Organs - The Destiny of Love
Bodies Without Organs - Gomenasai
Bodies Without Organs - We Should Be Dancing
Bodies Without Organs - Stay With You Again
Bodies Without Organs - Rhythm Drives Me Crazy
Bodies Without Organs - Save My Pride
Bodies Without Organs - Happiness
Bodies Without Organs - Paradise on Mars
The Bloody Beetroots feat. The Cool Kids - Awesome
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Beta Bow - Second Streets Have No Name
The Bloody Beetroots - I Love The Bloody Beetroots
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Marracash - Come LA
The Bloody Beetroots feat. TAI & Bart B More - Spank
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Theophilus London - All the Girls (Around the World)
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Gigi Barocco - Volevo un gatto nero (You Promised Me Bob Rifo)
Tiga - Mind Dimension
The Whip - Muzzle No. 1
Robyn - Cobrastyle
Captain Phoenix - Pistols and Hearts
The Chemical Brothers - Dissolve
The Bloody Beetroots - Warp 1.9
The Bloody Beetroots - Little Stars
The Bloody Beetroots - 2nd Streets Have No Name
The Bloody Beetroots - Come La
The Bloody Beetroots - Fucked From Above 1985
The Bloody Beetroots - Yeah Boy
The Bloody Beetroots - Ezekiel Eats Red Hoodie
The Bloody Beetroots - Second Streets Have No Name
The Bloody Beetroots - Warp 1977
The Bloody Beetroots - Volevo Un Gatto Nero (You Promised Me)
The Bloody Beetroots - The Beat
The Bloody Beetroots - The Furious
Bloodhound Gang - Mope
Bloodhound Gang - The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope
Bloodhound Gang - R.S.V.P.
Bloodhound Gang - Magna Cum Nada
Bloodhound Gang - Take the Long Way Home
Bloodhound Gang - Hell Yeah
Bloodhound Gang - Right Turn Clyde
Bloodhound Gang - This Is Stupid
Bloodhound Gang - The Ten Coolest Things About New Jersey
Bloodhound Gang - [untitled]
Bloodhound Gang - Dimes
Bloodhound Gang - American Bitches
Bloodhound Gang - Chew Toy
Bloodhound Gang - Uncool as Me
Bloodhound Gang - Clean Up in Aisle Sexy
Bloodhound Gang - Diary of a Stranger
Bloodhound Gang - Socially Awkward Penguin
Bloodhound Gang - Think Outside the Box
Bloodhound Gang - We’re Gonna Bring the Party to You
Bloodhound Gang - Bumblebees
Bloodhound Gang - I'm the Least You Could Do
Bloodhound Gang - Jackass
Bloodhound Gang - She Ain't Got No Legs
Bloodhound Gang - Yellow Fever
Bloodhound Gang - Why's Everybody Always Pickin' on Me?
Bloodhound Gang - Mama's Boy
Bloodhound Gang - Mama Say (original Mess)
Bloodhound Gang - Srewing you on the beach at night
Bloodhound Gang - We Are the Knukleheads
Bloodhound Gang - Kids in Amerika
Bloodhound Gang - Weekend!
Bloodhound Gang - Diarrhea Runs in the Family (skit)
Bloodhound Gang - Ballad of Chasey Lain
Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch
Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn (A Coo Dic Ver Din)
Bloodhound Gang - Vagina
Bloodhound Gang - Why's Everybody Always Picking on Me
Bloodhound Gang - Cheese Tidbit
Bloodhound Gang - Record Offer
Bloodhound Gang - Live at the Apollo
Bloodhound Gang - Neighbor Invasion
Bloodhound Gang - Coo Coo Ca Choo (Demo)
Bloodhound Gang - No Rest for the Wicked (demo)
Bloodhound Gang - She Ain't Got No Legs (Demo)
Bloodhound Gang - My Dad Says That's for Pussies
Bloodhound Gang - Why’s Everybody Always Pickin’ on Me
Bloodhound Gang - Yummy Down of This
Bloodhound Gang - Strickly for the Tardcore
Bodies Without Organs - Open Door (Brasco remake)
Bodies Without Organs - The Bells of Freedom
Bodies Without Organs - Barcelona
Bodies Without Organs - Temple of Love (Soundfactory Thumping Sex dub)
Bodies Without Organs - Rythm of the Night
Bodies Without Organs - Lay Your Love on Me (Soundfactory dub)
Bodies Without Organs - Sunshine in the Rain (Soundfactory New York Drama dub)
Bodies Without Organs - Living in a Fantay
Bobina with Ana Criado - For Who I Am
Bobina - Play Fire With Fire
Bobina - No Substitute for You
Bobina - Slow MMXIII
Bobina feat. Betsie Larkin - You Belong to Me
Bobina - Where Did You Go [First State Intro Mix]
Bobina - Time And Tide [Gareth Emery Remix]
Bobina - Spinning [Paul Miller Remix]
Bobina - Lighthouse [Sean Tyas Remix]
Bobina - Angel of the North
Bobina - Spinning
Bobina - Lazy World
Bobina - Slow (4mal vox)
BON-BON BLANCO - The sea of the time
The Bongos - Tiger Nights
The Bongos - Barbarella
The Bongos - Apache Dancing
The Bongos - Beat Hotel
The Bongos - Splinters
The Bongos - She Starts Shaking
The Bongos - Totem Pole
Blood Storm - Death Thunder
Blood Storm - The Chaos Magician
Blood Storm - The Angel Web
Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony feat. Akon - I Tried (clean)
Boka Loka - Estou Apaixonado (Estoy Enamorado) / Apaixonado
Boka Loka - Duas Paixões
Boka Loka - Mais uma Chance
Boka Loka - Vem
Boka Loka - Desengano
Boka Loka - Quem de nós Dois
Boka Loka - Shortinho Saint-Tropez
Boka Loka - Procurando Alguém
Boka Loka - Faz Isso Não
Boka Loka - Não Pedi Pra Me Apaixonar
Bobby Digital feat. Jay-Love - Insomnia
Bon Qui Qui - Sacurrity
Bon Qui Qui - I'm a Cut You
Bon Qui Qui - No Boyfren
Bon Qui Qui - Shut Us Down
Luiz Bonfá - Samba de Orfeu
The Blue Cats - Who Stole My Blue Suede Shoes
Michael Bolton - Soul Provider
Michael Bolton - Georgia on My Mind
Michael Bolton - It's Only My Heart
Michael Bolton - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You
Michael Bolton - How Can We Be Lovers
Michael Bolton - You Wouldn't Know Love
Michael Bolton - From Now On
Michael Bolton - Love Cuts Deep
Michael Bolton - Stand Up for Love
Michael Bolton - Love Is a Wonderful Thing
Michael Bolton feat. Kenny G - Missing You Now
Michael Bolton - Forever Isn’t Long Enough
Michael Bolton - Now That I Found You
Michael Bolton - When a Man Loves a Woman
Michael Bolton - New Love
Michael Bolton - Save Me
Michael Bolton - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Michael Bolton - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Michael Bolton - The Christmas Song
Michael Bolton - O Holy Night
Michael Bolton - White Christmas
Michael Bolton - This Is the Time
Michael Bolton - Love Is the Power
Michael Bolton - Ready for You
Michael Bolton - Just One Love
Michael Bolton - Need You Too Fall
Michael Bolton - Hope It's Too Late
Michael Bolton - Can You Feel Me
Michael Bolton - The Best
Michael Bolton - Murder My Heart
Michael Bolton - You Comfort Me
Michael Bolton - Invisible Tattoo
Michael Bolton - Survivor
Michael Bolton - Crazy Love
Luiz Bonfá - Sambalamento
Luiz Bonfá - Tristeza
Bone Awl - These Days Are Marked
Bone Awl - Pendulum
Bone Awl - One Nothing Between
Bone Awl - It's All Earth
Bone Awl - I Am Only Alone
Bone Awl - Head of Silence
Bone Awl - Show Me
Bone Awl - Meaningless Leaning Mess
Bone Awl - Black Wings
Bone Awl - Six Within Death
Bone Awl - Immoral Might
Bone Awl - No Crosses Mark This Graveyard
Bone Awl - Artaud to Riviere
Bone Awl - Circles of Hair
Bone Awl - Land of Tar
Bone Awl - Worship of the Cloven Holocaust
Bone Awl - Charge of Cowardice
Michael Bolton feat. Rascal Flatts - Love Is Everything
Michael Bolton feat. Delta Goodrem - I'm Not Ready
Michael Bolton feat. Paula Fernandes - Over the Rainbow
Michael Bolton feat. Seal - When a Man Loves a Woman / It's a Man's Man's Man's World
Michael Bolton feat. Helene Fischer - Make You Feel My Love
Michael Bolton feat. MB's Children's Choir - Hallelujah
Michael Bolton feat. Orianthi - Steel Bars
Michael Bolton - Said I Loved You… but I Lied
Michael Bolton - I'm Not Made of Steel
Michael Bolton - The One Thing
Michael Bolton - Soul of My Soul
Michael Bolton - Completely
Michael Bolton - Lean On Me
Michael Bolton - Ain't Got Nothing If You Ain't Got Love
Michael Bolton - A Time for Letting Go
Michael Bolton - Never Get Enough of Your Love
Michael Bolton - In the Arms of Love
Michael Bolton - That's What Love Is All About
Michael Bolton - Once in a Lifetime
Michael Bolton - Said I Love You… but I Lied
Michael Bolton - Missing You Now
Michael Bolton - A Love So Beautiful
Michael Bolton - Safe Place From the Storm
Michael Bolton - Let’s Make a Long Story Longer
Michael Bolton - Forever’s Just a Matter of Time
Michael Bolton - Whenever I Remember Loving You
Michael Bolton - Show Her the Way
Michael Bolton - Let There Be Love
Michael Bolton - Pleasure or Pain
Michael Bolton - Go the Distance
Michael Bolton - When There Are No Words
Bogotah - Liberto o Monstro
Bogotah - Em Nome da Paz
Bogotah - Liberdade
Bobby Martini - Crazy in Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel vs. Gnarls Barkley)
The Bloodtypes - Destroy the Heart
The Bloodtypes - Alien Eyes
The Bloodtypes - Don't Wanna
The Bloodtypes - Johnny
Michael Bolton - Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland
Michael Bolton - Let It Snow
Michael Bolton - Jingle Bell Rock
Michael Bolton - You Go to My Head
Michael Bolton - Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
Michael Bolton - For Once in My Life
Michael Bolton - My Funny Valentine
Michael Bolton - I've Got You Under My Skin
Michael Bolton - That's Life
Michael Bolton - The Second Time Around
Michael Bolton - They Can't Take That Away From Me
Michael Bolton - New York New York
Michael Bolton - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Michael Bolton - How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)
Michael Bolton - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
Michael Bolton - Gotta Keep Dreamin'
Michael Bolton - The Way You Do the Things You Do
Michael Bolton - You Keep Me Hangin' On
Michael Bolton - What's Goin' On
Michael Bolton - Tracks of My Tears
Michael Bolton - Save Our Love
Michael Bolton - Everybody’s Crazy
Michael Bolton - Can’t Turn It Off
Michael Bolton - Call My Name
Michael Bolton - Everytime
Michael Bolton - Desperate Heart
Michael Bolton - Start Breaking My Heart
Michael Bolton - Don’t Tell Me It’s Over
Blacknuss feat. Nai-Jee-Ria - Thinking of You
Blacknuss - Dinah
Blacknuss feat. Titiyo & Jennifer Brown - It Should Have Been You
Blues - Introduktion av Bo Holmström
Blues - Samhällstjänst
Blues - Andra sidan (bortom dimhöljet)
Blues - Mardröm
Blues - Släpp mig fri
Blues - ... norr till söder
Blues - Svek
Blues - Helt okej
Blues - Vem vill vad!?
Blues - Mot alla odds
Blues - En vän
Blues - Trehundra dar
Michael Bolton - (Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay
Michael Bolton - To Love Somebody
Michael Bolton - I Promise You
Michael Bolton - I Found Someone
Michael Bolton - This River
Michael Bolton - Fools Game
Michael Bolton - She Did the Same Thing
Michael Bolton - Hometown Hero
Michael Bolton - Fighting for My Life
Michael Bolton - Back in My Arms Again
Michael Bolton - I Almost Believed You
Michael Bolton - Pourquoi Me Reveiller
Michael Bolton - Una furtiva lagrima
Michael Bolton - M'appari
Michael Bolton - Che gelida manina
Michael Bolton - O soave fanciulla
Michael Bolton - Vesti la giubba
Michael Bolton - Recondita armonia
Michael Bolton - E la solita storia
Michael Bolton - Celeste Aida
Michael Bolton - Dance With Me
Michael Bolton - I Wanna Hear You Say It
Michael Bolton - Only a Woman Like You
Michael Bolton - All That You Deserve
Michael Bolton - Love With My Eyes Closed
Michael Bolton - To Feel Again
Michael Bolton - The Center of My Heart
Michael Bolton - This Is the Way
Michael Bolton - Simply
Michael Bolton - Slowly
Michael Bolton - I Surrender
Michael Bolton - Une femme comme toi
Blacknuss - Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Elvis Blue - Save Me
Elvis Blue - Lighthouse
Elvis Blue - Things My Father Said
Elvis Blue - Little Hero (Duet with L'Loyd)
Elvis Blue - Lover
Elvis Blue - To Make You Feel My Love
Elvis Blue - Toe Ons Jonk Was
Elvis Blue - Rede Om Te Glo
Elvis Blue - Mooi
Elvis Blue - Spore
Elvis Blue - Die Hemel
Elvis Blue - Hallelujah
Elvis Blue - Voshaarnooi
Black Omen - Elegy of Infernal Angels
Black Omen - Under the Armageddon's Sky
Black Omen - Fall Season
Black Omen - Black Candle
Black Omen - Revenge of Vampire
Black Omen - Gothic Ceremony
Black Omen - Gate of Darkness
Black Omen - When the Sun Rises
Michael Bolton - Wait on Love
Michael Bolton - Walk Away
Michael Bolton - Can I Touch You… There?
Michael Bolton - The Hunger
Michael Bolton - Sexual Healing
Michael Bolton - Since I Fell for You
Michael Bolton - Nessun Dorma! From Turandot (vocal)
Michael Bolton - Hot Love
Michael Bolton - Gina
Michael Bolton - You’re All That I Need
Michael Bolton - Take a Look at My Face
Michael Bolton - Drift Away
Michael Bolton - Reach Out (I'll Be There)
Michael Bolton - Nessun dorma!
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de l'amor petit
Maria del Mar Bonet - Aigo
Maria del Mar Bonet - Inici de campana
Maria del Mar Bonet - Me n'aniré de casa
Maria del Mar Bonet - Mercè
Maria del Mar Bonet - L'àguila negra
Maria del Mar Bonet - Abraça'm
Maria del Mar Bonet - No voldria res més ara
Maria del Mar Bonet - Jim
Maria del Mar Bonet - Carta a un amic
Maria del Mar Bonet - Es fa llarg, es fa llarg esperar
Maria del Mar Bonet - La música
Maria del Mar Bonet - Tonades de segar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Nova cançó de l'amor perdut
Maria del Mar Bonet - Den itan nisi
Maria del Mar Bonet - Temps de calabruix
Maria del Mar Bonet - La dansa de la primavera
Maria del Mar Bonet - Carta a l'exili
Maria del Mar Bonet - Les illes
Maria del Mar Bonet - Alenar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de Na Ruixa Mantells
Maria del Mar Bonet - Anells d'aigua
Maria del Mar Bonet - Per Hipòcrates
Maria del Mar Bonet - Dóna'm la mà
Maria del Mar Bonet - Des de Mallorca a l'Alguer
Maria del Mar Bonet - El pi de Formentor
Maria del Mar Bonet - La balenguera
Maria del Mar Bonet - La veu del mar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Jota marinera
Maria del Mar Bonet - Les Veus De Raixa
Maria del Mar Bonet - Sonet
Maria del Mar Bonet - Ombra Negra
Maria del Mar Bonet - Desolació
Maria del Mar Bonet - Romanc De Na Roseta
Maria del Mar Bonet - De Sentir
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cami Florit
Maria del Mar Bonet - Jardi Tancat
Maria del Mar Bonet - La balanguera
Maria del Mar Bonet - Eivissa
Maria del Mar Bonet - Es fa llarg esperar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Nosaltres les dones
Maria del Mar Bonet - Què volen aquesta gent?
Maria del Mar Bonet - Orat caçador
Maria del Mar Bonet - Vares venir fins on jo dormia
Bob One - Boom
Bob One - Żyję w kraju
Bob One - Top-a-top
Bob One - Możesz wszystko
Bob One - Nie ma czasu
Bob One - Ogień
Bob One - Znana
Bob One - Plastik
Bob One - Nie pytaj
Bob One - Stodoła
Bob One - Jeden krok
Bob One - Widzę Dziś
Bob One - Insomnia
Bob One - Zostawiam
Bob One - Jak Jest
Bob One - Daj Z Siebie Wszystko
Bob One - Twój Ruch
Bob One - Przestań
Bob One - W Co Wierzysz
Bob One - Polskie Zoo
Bob One - Nie Trzeba
Bob One - Może Tak
Bob One - Brokat
Bob One - Granice
Bob One - Demony ft. Rafał (Tabu)
Michael Bolton - Tired of Being Alone
Michael Bolton - Let's Stay Together
Michael Bolton - My Girl
Michael Bolton - (What A) Wonderful World
Michael Bolton - Like a Rolling Stone
Michael Bolton - I Can't Stand the Rain
Michael Bolton - What You Won't Do for Love
Michael Bolton - The Very Thought of You
Michael Bolton - A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Michael Bolton - If I Could
Michael Bolton - When I Fall in Love
Michael Bolton - You Don't Know Me
Michael Bolton - You Send Me
Michael Bolton - Yesterday
Michael Bolton - Hold On, I'm Coming
Michael Bolton - Bring It On Home to Me
Michael Bolton - Knock on Wood
Blue Café - Freshair
Blue Café - Waiting for Love
Blue Café - Zapamiętaj
Blue Café - Feniks
Blue Café - To Ty
Blue Café - Dokąd Chcę
Blue Café - Znam to Na Pamięć
Blue Café - Still the Same
Blue Café - Another Girl
Blue Café - Barok
Blue Café - Baby, Baby
Blue Café - My Road
Blue Café - Amsterdam
Blue Café - Loving You
Blue Café - Latino
Blue Café - Sometimes
Blue Café - We Shine
Blue Café - Nie! Nie!
Blue Café - Born to Life
Blue Café - Noheo
Blue Café - Rana
Blue Café - Matahari
Blue Café - Wait! Wait!
Blue Café - Lap mnie bejbe
Blue Café - Bari sax
Blue Café - Boli cisza
Blue Café - Sex
Blue Café - Dodaj sobie otuchy
Blue Café - Gesty
Blue Café - Kontrabas
Blue Café - You May Be in Love
Michael Bolton - If I Had Your Love
Michael Bolton - You Mean More to Me
Michael Bolton - Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Michael Bolton - When a Man Loves a Women
Michael Bolton - Best of Love
Michael Bolton - Fallin'
Michael Bolton - Can't Get Close Enough to You
Michael Bolton - Can't Hold On, Can't Let Go
Michael Bolton - You Don't Want Me Bad Enough
Michael Bolton - All for Love
Michael Bolton - The Voice of My Heart
Michael Bolton - You Are So Beautiful
Michael Bolton - Give Me a Reason
Michael Bolton - Take Me as I Am
Michael Bolton - Love Is Power
Michael Bolton - Time Is on My Side
Michael Bolton - Dock of the Bay
Michael Bolton - When a Men Loves a Woman
Michael Bolton - I'm Alive
Michael Bolton - Fields of Gold
Michael Bolton - Time Love and Tenderness
Michael Bolton - The Courage in Your Eyes
Michael Bolton - Sajna
Michael Bolton - It's Just a Feeling
Michael Bolton - Tell Me How You Feel
Michael Bolton - Said I Loved You but I Lied
Michael Bolton - Til the End of Forever
Michael Bolton - Still the Love of My Life
Michael Bolton - The Prayer
Michael Bolton - Lost in the City
Michael Bolton - Una Mujer Como Tu
Michael Bolton - Dream While You Can
Michael Bolton - Eternally
Michael Bolton - Everybody Needs a Reason
Michael Bolton - We’re Not Makin’ Love Anymore
Maria del Mar Bonet - L'amor és mar desfeta
Maria del Mar Bonet - Digues amic
Maria del Mar Bonet - Eklemedir
Maria del Mar Bonet - Tonada de treball. De llaurar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Mons apart
Maria del Mar Bonet - Càntic dels càntics
Maria del Mar Bonet - L'amor de les tres taronges
Maria del Mar Bonet - Lamma-bada
Maria del Mar Bonet - El cant de la Sibil·la
Maria del Mar Bonet - L'àguila negra (l'aigle noir)
Maria del Mar Bonet - Em dius que el nostre amor
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó per una bona mort
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de trepitjar raïm
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cobles de la divisió del Regne de Mallorca
Maria del Mar Bonet - El fantasme
Maria del Mar Bonet - Història d'un soldat
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de segar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Ronda amb fantasmes
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó del bon amor
Maria del Mar Bonet - Jo em donaria a qui em volgués
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de la núvia impacient
Maria del Mar Bonet - So de pastera
Maria del Mar Bonet - El cant dels ocells
Maria del Mar Bonet - Suite catalana
Maria del Mar Bonet - Suite valenciana
Maria del Mar Bonet - Mateixa Felanitxera
Maria del Mar Bonet - La ploma de perdiu
Maria del Mar Bonet - Com un mirall
Maria del Mar Bonet - La dama d'Aragó
Maria del Mar Bonet - Sa ximbomba
Maria del Mar Bonet - Romanço
Maria del Mar Bonet - De bressol
Maria del Mar Bonet - Abril
Blue Café - Czas nie będzie czekał
Blue Café - Niewiele mam
Blue Café - Baby Cry
Blue Café - I Don't Miss You at All
Blue Café - Love Song
Blue Café - Do nieba, do piekła
Blue Café - Francuski
Blue Café - I Love Jazz
Blue Café - Share Your Love
Blue Café - I Remember
Blue Café - Kocham siebie
Blue Café - Da-da
Maria del Mar Bonet - Dansa de la Primavera
Maria del Mar Bonet - Bir demet yasemen
Maria del Mar Bonet - El salt de la bella dona
Maria del Mar Bonet - Merhaba
Maria del Mar Bonet - A la platja
Maria del Mar Bonet - La serenata
Maria del Mar Bonet - Tots dos ens equivocàrem
Maria del Mar Bonet - Dolça remor de cada tarda
Maria del Mar Bonet - Epigrama
Maria del Mar Bonet - Si véns prest
Maria del Mar Bonet - La rata que tornà una donzella
Maria del Mar Bonet - La segada del bon moro
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de la princesa que tornà una somera
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de les princeses africanes
Maria del Mar Bonet - El pont de la cibolla blanca
Maria del Mar Bonet - Tres al·lotes fines
Maria del Mar Bonet - La filla del Sol i de la Lluna
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó del cavaller Sant Jordi
Maria del Mar Bonet - La flor romanial
BLØSH - Keep Your Tongue
BLØSH - Choir & The Stars
The Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$ - Givva Hog a Bone
The Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$ - Cocksucka
The Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$ - Rev. Getright
The Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$ - Celph Destruction
The Bonaduces - I Nominate My Kitten for the King of the Dead
Maria del Mar Bonet - Altes ones que veniu del mar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Estic en gran desventura
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançoneta lleu i plana
Maria del Mar Bonet - La joia em dóna alegria
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de picat
Maria del Mar Bonet - El comte i la pastora
Maria del Mar Bonet - Aigua de roses
Maria del Mar Bonet - Noies voramar
Maria del Mar Bonet - El carrer descalç
Maria del Mar Bonet - Nit màgica
Maria del Mar Bonet - La son t'envolta
Maria del Mar Bonet - 18 de novembre: el noi del somrís
Maria del Mar Bonet - Sa Dragonera
Maria del Mar Bonet - Coloma blanca
Maria del Mar Bonet - La relíquia
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cel d'horabaixa
Maria del Mar Bonet - La petxina
Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó de la sirena
Maria del Mar Bonet - Sóller
Maria del Mar Bonet - A Mallorca, durant la Guerra Civil
Maria del Mar Bonet - En la meva mort
Maria del Mar Bonet - Vigila el mar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Comiat a un amor adolescent
Maria del Mar Bonet - Jo viatjava amb tu
Maria del Mar Bonet - Sa núvia d'Aljandar
Maria del Mar Bonet - Glossat (Piscolabis trementina)
Maria del Mar Bonet - Joan, d'on véns?
Maria del Mar Bonet - Dorm, Jesús
Maria del Mar Bonet - El majoral
Maria del Mar Bonet - Sa des cavaller
Maria del Mar Bonet - Tornada de treure aigo
Maria del Mar Bonet - De Santanyí vaig partir
Maria del Mar Bonet - El comte Raixa
Maria del Mar Bonet - Voldria tornar bellveure
Maria del Mar Bonet - Sa rosseguera
Bliss - A Hundred Thousand Angels
Bliss - Come Into the Light
Bliss - Sunrise
Bliss - I'll Be Waiting
Bliss - Say Goodbye
Bliss - Silence
Bohem - Polja mladih let
Bohem - Od tu
Bohem - On je jaz
Blomst - Meningen med livet
Blomst - Ro deg ned
Blomst - Sjømannsvisa
Bombskare - Mean Mr Mustard / Polythene Pam / She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
Bombskare - Beatriz [Live]
Bleeders - The Kill
Bleeders - Secrets
Bleeders - Holding On
Bleeders - Out of Time
Bleeders - Nightmares
Bleeders - Night Sky
Bleeders - Its Black II
Bleeders - So Lonely
Bleeders - All That Glitters
Bleeders - Cast in the Shadows
Bleeders - Channeling
Black Tartan Clan - Ye-De-La-Hey
Black Tartan Clan - No Matter Where You Are
Black Tartan Clan - Don't Walk Alone
Blue Train - All I Need Is You
Blue Train - Stay With Me Baby
Maria del Mar Bonet - D'ençà que ella partí
Maria del Mar Bonet - Sevasdà
Maria del Mar Bonet - La cadernera
Maria del Mar Bonet - Vengui la son
Maria del Mar Bonet - Leylim ley
Maria del Mar Bonet - Madona De Sa Cabana
Maria del Mar Bonet - Tonada D´Espolsar Ametles
Bomba Estéreo - Cosita rica
Bomba Estéreo - Fuego
Bomba Estéreo - La boquilla
Bomba Estéreo - Juana
Bomba Estéreo - Agua salá
Bomba Estéreo - Feelin'
Bomba Estéreo - La niña rica
Bomba Estéreo - Pa'ti
Bomba Estéreo - Raza
Bomba Estéreo - Bosque
Bomba Estéreo - Bailar conmigo
Bomba Estéreo - El alma y el cuerpo
Bomba Estéreo - Sintiendo
Bomba Estéreo - Pure Love
Bomba Estéreo - Rocas
Bomba Estéreo - Caribbean Power
Bomba Estéreo - Mozo
Bomba Estéreo - Pájaros
Bomba Estéreo - Lo que tengo que decir
Bomba Estéreo - Pa' respirar
Bomba Estéreo - Amanecer
Bomba Estéreo - Caderas
Bomba Estéreo - Somos dos
Bomba Estéreo - Soy yo
Bomba Estéreo - Fiesta
Bomba Estéreo - Voy
Bomba Estéreo - Algo está cambiando
Bomba Estéreo - Mar (Lo que siento)
Bomba Estéreo - To my love
Bomba Estéreo - Sólo tú
Bomba Estéreo - Raíz
Bomba Estéreo - Caminito
Bomba Estéreo - Huepajé
Bomba Estéreo - Bomba
Bomba Estéreo - Ponte Bomb
James Bonamy - She's Got a Mind of Her Own
James Bonamy - I Don't Think I Will
James Bonamy - Dog on a Toolbox
James Bonamy - All I Do Is Love Her
James Bonamy - Brain in a Jar
James Bonamy - The Devil Goes Fishin'
James Bonamy - Amy Jane
James Bonamy - Heartbreak School
James Bonamy - Jimmy & Jesus
James Bonamy - Roots and Wings
James Bonamy - Naked To The Pain
James Bonamy - I Knew I'd Need My Heart Someday
James Bonamy - Daddy Never Had A Chance In Hell
James Bonamy - The Heart Stops the Clock
James Bonamy - Some Things I Know
James Bonamy - Long As I Got You
James Bonamy - Little Blue Dot
James Bonamy - When God Dreams
Edwin Bonilla - Con tu movimiento
Edwin Bonilla - Cuenta bien
Edwin Bonilla - Carmen la ronca
Blawan - Getting Me Down
Eric Bogle - Leaving Nancy
Eric Bogle - If Wishes Were Fishes
Eric Bogle - Now I'm Easy
Eric Bogle - Silly Slang Song
Eric Bogle - The Sign
Eric Bogle - The Waltzing Matilda Waltz
Eric Bogle - Mirrors
Eric Bogle - Rosie
Eric Bogle - Plastic Paddy
Eric Bogle - Never Again - Remember
Eric Bogle - Welcome Home
Eric Bogle - My Youngest Son Came Home Today
Blue Giant - Blue Sunshine
Blue Giant - Wesley
Blue Giant - Lonely Girl
Blue Giant - Target Heart
Blue Giant - When Will the Sun Shine?
Blue Giant - Go On
Blue Giant - Gone for Good
Blue Giant - The Game
Blue Giant - The Void Above the Sky
Blue Giant - Reasons to Cry
Bon Jovi feat. Jennifer Nettles - Who Says You Can't Go Home
Eric Bogle - Nobody's Moggy Now
Eric Bogle - Front Row Cowboy
Eric Bogle - Aussie Bar-B-Q
Eric Bogle - Something of Value
Beto - Fugir dos meus medos
Beto - Posso jurar
Beto - Vem daí (estou aqui para sentir)
Beto - Memórias esquecidas
Beto - Tudo por amor
Beto - Dois Corações Unidos
The Body Beneath - Inseminating Hate
Eric Bogle - Song of the Whale
Eric Bogle - Dan
Eric Bogle - I Hate Wogs
Eric Bogle - Safe in the Harbour
Eric Bogle - Small Miracles
Eric Bogle - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Eric Bogle - Ibrahim
Eric Bogle - Two Strong Arms
Eric Bogle - Little Gomez.Flac
Eric Bogle - Leaving Nancy.Flac
Eric Bogle - A Reason for It All.Flac
Eric Bogle - Intro. And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.Flac
Eric Bogle - One Small Star.Flac
Beach Slang - Future Mixtape for the Art Kids
Beach Slang - Atom Bomb
Beach Slang - Spin the Dial
Beach Slang - Hot Tramps
Beach Slang - Punks in a Disco Bar
Beach Slang - Young Hearts
Beach Slang - The Perfect High
Beach Slang - Filthy Luck
Beach Slang - Kids
Beach Slang - Get Lost
Beach Slang - Punk or Lust
Beach Slang - All Fuzzed Out
Beach Slang - Dirty Cigarettes
Beach Slang - American Girls and French Kisses