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Antonino - Un ultimo brivido
Antonino - E penso a te
Angel Blake - Again
Angel Blake - Alone
Angel Blake - The Descended
Antsy Pants - Henry Kelly
Antsy Pants - Sometimes
Antsy Pants - Sleep
Antsy Pants - Marche du cate brilliant
Antsy Pants - Amazing Kids Doing Crazy Shit
Amp Fiddler - If I Don't (dubstep mix 1)
Amp Fiddler - Come See Me
Amp Fiddler - I Believe in You (BBC radio 1 session live video)
Pete Anderson - 110 in the Shade
Pete Anderson - Feels Like Mississippi
Pete Anderson - Better Way
Pete Anderson - Ain't That Peculiar
Pete Anderson - Henry Fate
Pete Anderson - Charlene
Pete Anderson - For You
Asa de Águia - Dia dos namorados
Asa de Águia - Ôba vou passear
Asa de Águia - Padang, padang
Asa de Águia - Leva eu
Asa de Águia - Cocobambu
Asa de Águia - Porto Seguro
Asa de Águia - Noronha
Asa de Águia - Ficar com você
Asa de Águia - Sonho de amor
Asa de Águia - Na Bahia aiá
Asa de Águia - Take it easy
Asa de Águia - Bota prá ferver
Asa de Águia - Tôa tôa
Asa de Águia - Com amor
Asa de Águia - Farrauê
Asa de Águia - Quebra Aê
Asa de Águia - Luma
Asa de Águia - Te Dar Meu Mundo
Asa de Águia - Gladiador
Asa de Águia - Corpo Moreno
Asa de Águia - Além Mar
Asa de Águia - Prometo Te Esperar
Asa de Águia - Simbora
Asa de Águia - Rara e Bela
Asa de Águia - A Lenda
Asa de Águia - Mais Que Melhor
Asa de Águia - A Gente Pede Festa
Asa de Águia - Alimente
Asa de Águia - Tô A Tôa - Se Ligue
Asa de Águia - Manivela
Asa de Águia - Pra Lá De Bragadá
Asa de Águia - Amor Tropical
Asa de Águia - Sabor Legal
Asa de Águia - Me Abraça Me Beija
Asa de Águia - Dança Do Vampiro
Asa de Águia - O Lobo
Asa de Águia - O Que Tem Que Ser Será
Asa de Águia - Te Dar O Meu Mundo
Asa de Águia - Luar De Verão
Asa de Águia - Elo Perdido
Asa de Águia - Dia Branco
Asa de Águia - Amor De Fé
Asa de Águia - Desejo De Amar
Asa de Águia - Carrossel De Magia
Asa de Águia - O Rei Da Rua
Asa de Águia - Paixão Na Índia
Asa de Águia - Salvador Dalino
Asa de Águia - Linda Azul Estrela
Asa de Águia - Hoje Eu Chorei
Asa de Águia - Eu Tô Aqui
Asa de Águia - Calipso
Asa de Águia - Kriptonita
Asa de Águia - Amor Tropical / Eu Quero É Mais
Asa de Águia - Sapeca Salvador
Asa de Águia - A Dança da Tartaruga
Asa de Águia - Xô Satanás
Asa de Águia - Baila que Eu Vou
Asa de Águia - Pérola
Arrah and the Ferns - Preteens
Arrah and the Ferns - Skylark
Arrah and the Ferns - Problems
Arrah and the Ferns - Science Books
Arrah and the Ferns - Bundle Up
Arrah and the Ferns - Emo Philips
Arrah and the Ferns - Bernadette
Arrah and the Ferns - Apple for Evan
Arrah and the Ferns - Southern Comfort
Arrah and the Ferns - Tokyo, Tokyo
Arrah and the Ferns - Life Lessons
Arrah and the Ferns - Slim 5
Arrah and the Ferns - Coke Nail
Arrah and the Ferns - Liar, Liar
Arrah and the Ferns - Water's Warm
Arrah and the Ferns - Regret Like That
Arrah and the Ferns - Tell Me
Arrah and the Ferns - Go Back
Arrah and the Ferns - Triangle
Arrah and the Ferns - Apple Orchard
Arrah and the Ferns - Sailor
Arrah and the Ferns - Hang Up
Arrah and the Ferns - Make Your Mind
Arrah and the Ferns - Bound By Something
Arrah and the Ferns - Keweenaw
Artemis - Subterranean
Artemis - La Belle
arlie Ray - Fly me to the moon
ARARE - ADVISE(Acoustic Version|bonus track)
Arnulfo Jr. Rey y As - Nadie Me Vera Llorar
Arnulfo Jr. Rey y As - Niña Caprichosa
Arnulfo Jr. Rey y As - Que Seas Feliz
Arnulfo Jr. Rey y As - Soy De La Calle
The April Tears - On Fire
Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan - You, Rascal You (Louis Armstrong With Louis Jordan's Tympany Five)
Asala Nasri - Tasawar
Asala Nasri - Mesheit Senin
Asala Nasri - Aataz Beik
Asala Nasri - Khali Hal Tabee Mastour
Asala Nasri - Lawen Omri
Asala Nasri - Ad El Hourouf
Asala Nasri - Ela Mata
Asala Nasri - Sharha Weatab
Asala Nasri - Bas Daeea
Asala Nasri - Ya Rasy El Taab
Asala Nasri - Shaghel Baly Hawak
Asala Nasri - Begad Teganen
Asala Nasri - Oul Bahebek
Asala Nasri - Ana Hobak
Asala Nasri - Kabartak Ala Seedak
Asala Nasri - Ya Majnun
Asala Nasri - Ma Qultlish
Asala Nasri - Asfa
Asala Nasri - Ayez Tebaed
Asala Nasri - Khallik Shiwaya
Asala Nasri - Ady
Asala Nasri - Elhawa
Asala Nasri - Fein Habibi
Asala Nasri - Shouft Be Enaya
Asala Nasri - Ma Bkash Ana
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Echao Pa'Lante
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - A Mi Dios Todo le Debo
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Tumbatecho
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Yamulemao
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Mary
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Rebellion
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Por Ti No Morire
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - La Noche
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Pa'l Bailador
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Fuego En Mi Mente
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Te Quiero Mas
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - El Centurion de la Noche
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Bam Bam
Joe Arroyo y la Verdad - Rebelion (No le Pegues a la Negra)
Arrival - Friends
Arrival - I Will Survive
Asesino - Asesino
Asesino - Despedazando muertos
Asesino - Sequestro nuestro
Asesino - Luchador violador
Asesino - El patron mando
Asesino - Cyko maton
Asesino - Carnicero
Asesino - Chota sucia
Asesino - Donde está mi corte
Asesino - La ejecución
Asesino - Corrido del asesino
Asesino - Advertencia
Asesino - Regresando odio
Asesino - Maldito
Asesino - Rituales salvajes
Asesino - Yo no fui
Asesino - Padre pedofilio
Asesino - Enterrado vivo
Asesino - ¿Puta con pito?
Asesino - Adelitas
Asesino - Twiquiado
Asesino - Perro primero
Asesino - Sadístico
Asesino - Batalla final
Asesino - Y tu mamá también
Asesino - Misas negras
Asesino - Matando güeros
Asesino - Amore marrano
Apokalyptic Raids - Apokalyptic Raids
Apokalyptic Raids - The Atheist
Apokalyptic Raids - I'm a Metal Head
Apokalyptic Raids - Remember the Future
Apokalyptic Raids - Evil
Apokalyptic Raids - Forgotten Tales
Apokalyptic Raids - Into the Twilight Zone
Apokalyptic Raids - Eternal Gloom
Apokalyptic Raids - Angels of Hell
Apokalyptic Raids - Tyrant, Emperor
Apokalyptic Raids - The Impaler
Analog Rebellion - Nothing Is Wrong
Analog Rebellion - Hagia Sophia
Analog Rebellion - I Am a Ghost
Analog Rebellion - You've Been Had (Machine)
Analog Rebellion - In the Style of a Tight Rope Walker
Analog Rebellion - Sombrero Negro
Analog Rebellion - A Real Clever Trick Fur a Bear
Analog Rebellion - Marla Singer Doesn't Take Standardized Tests (Disposable Smile)
Analog Rebellion - The New School Shooter
Analog Rebellion - Concerning Phillip Garrido
Analog Rebellion - I Am a Ghost (Artifact)
Analog Rebellion - All These Parasites, Uh Huh
Analog Rebellion - Now, I Am a Cobra
Analog Rebellion - Voice Boxes and Pretty Teeth
Artiesten voor Azië - Als je iets kan doen
Argent - Be My Lover, Be My Friend
Argent - It's Only Money, Part 2
Argent - Liar
Argent - God Gave Rock & Roll to You
Argent - Rosie
Argent - Chained
Argent - Sleep Won't Help Me
Les Amis d'ta femme - Z'elle est morte
Les Amis d'ta femme - Marée basse
Les Amis d'ta femme - La Dynamite
Les Amis d'ta femme - Marie-Odile
Les Amis d'ta femme - Cayenne
Les Amis d'ta femme - Jeanne Calment
Les Amis d'ta femme - Ragougnasses
Les Amis d'ta femme - Diguidig Dondon
Les Amis d'ta femme - Le Tango du Viagra
Les Amis d'ta femme - La Canaille
Les Amis d'ta femme - La Semaine sanglante
Les Amis d'ta femme - La Grève des mères
Les Amis d'ta femme - La Chanson de Craonne
Les Amis d'ta femme - A las barricadas
Les Amis d'ta femme - Sois fainéant
Les Amis d'ta femme - La Java du caniveau
Les Amis d'ta femme - Ploum Ploum Tralala
Les Amis d'ta femme - La Java des bons enfants
Argent - Circus
Argent - Clown
Argent - Trapeze
Argent - Shine on Sunshine
Argent - The Ring
Argent - Like Honey
Argent - Schoolgirl
Argent - Dance in the Smoke
Argent - Lonely Hard Road
Argent - Freefall
Argent - Stepping Stone
Argent - Bring You Joy
Argent - I Don't Believe in Miracles
Argent - Keep on Rollin'
Argent - God Gave Rock and Roll to You
Argent - Man for All Reasons
Amen Corner - In Nomine Satanas
Amen Corner - Endless Solitude
Amen Corner - Black Empire
Amen Corner - Awakening of Evil
Amen Corner - The Creator's Pride 'The Anguish of the Accused'
Amen Corner - Camos God of the Gods
Amen Corner - Seventy Seven Guardians
Amen Corner - Lamentation and Prize
Amen Corner - The Cult of the pagan God's
Amen Corner - My Soul Burns in Hell
Amen Corner - Zigurates Baal
The Ascent of Everest - Return to Us
The Ascent of Everest - Dark, Dark My Light
The Ascent of Everest - Safely Caged in Bone
The Ascent of Everest - Sword and Shield
The Ascent of Everest - Every Fear
The Ascent of Everest - From This Vantage
The Ascent of Everest - A Threnody (for the Victims of November Second)
As the Sky Darkens - Free Will at Heart
Argent - God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You
Argent - The Feeling is Inside
Argent - High Wire
Argent - Thunder and Lightening
Stevie Ann - Perfect
Stevie Ann - The Poetry Man
Stevie Ann - You versus Me
Stevie Ann - Johnny
Stevie Ann - Name It Love
Stevie Ann - Sweet Surprise
Stevie Ann - Blue
Stevie Ann - One Way Street
Stevie Ann - Overdone
Stevie Ann - Toxic
Stevie Ann - One Year of Love
Stevie Ann - I've Listened to Buddha
Stevie Ann - Wait Up for Me
Stevie Ann - Love Is Not a Gift
Stevie Ann - Get Away
Stevie Ann - Your Own Heart
Stevie Ann - Love Song
Stevie Ann - Day Break
Stevie Ann - Baby Blue
Stevie Ann - Old Bricks
Stevie Ann - Closer to the Heart
Stevie Ann - Light Up
Stevie Ann - Carry Me Home
Stevie Ann - What Goes On
Stevie Ann - You Done Me Wrong
Stevie Ann - Dirty Feelings
Stevie Ann - Every Highway
Stevie Ann - House of Cards
Stevie Ann - Breaking on You
Stevie Ann - Changes
The Armada - Guiding Star
The Armada - Devilish Lolita
The Armada - Endless Crusade
The Armada - Crimson Winter Sunrise
The Armada - Rage Of The Armada
Anasarca - Hasten Death
Anasarca - Inside My Head
Anasarca - Final Goodbye
Anasarca - Anopheles
Anasarca - Blame Myself
Anasarca - Terminal
Anasarca - Aggressive Killer
Anasarca - Complete Surrender
Anasarca - Inflammation
Anasarca - Dying
Anasarca - Godmachine
Anasarca - The Beast (perverse penetration)
Anasarca - The Weird Ways
Anasarca - Drowned And Rotten
Anasarca - Like Thorns In My Head
Anasarca - Loss Of Time
Anasarca - Scorn
Anasarca - Corrosive Eclipse
Anasarca - Condemned Truth
Anasarca - Whispers And Cries
Anasarca - Done in Our Name
Anasarca - No More
Anasarca - If Only
Anasarca - Concrete Tomb
Anasarca - Those Who Have Eyes
Anasarca - 60 Steps
Anasarca - I Will Not Be Broken
Anasarca - A Cloud of Smoke
Anasarca - Signs Of Life
Anasarca - Of Life And Death
Anasarca - For Those Who Have Eyes
Ani Chöying Drolma - Namo ratna traya ya...
Ani Chöying Drolma - Batas chalyo
Ani Chöying Drolma - Phoolko aankhama
Ani Chöying Drolma - Om muni muni
Ani Chöying Drolma - Jaya hos timro
Ani Chöying Drolma - Kina phoolachha
Ani Chöying Drolma - Mushkaan
Asenblut - Wolf
Asenblut - Heldenbürde
Asenblut - Klingenschmiede
Asenblut - Herbststurm
Asenblut - Die Legende
Asenblut - Ein Monument
Asenblut - Kampfruf
Asenblut - Asenblut
Asenblut - Von des Verräters Untergang
Asenblut - Gedanke & Erinnerung
Ariane - Dragon Ball Z
Ariane - Dragon Ball
Ares Kingdom - The Destruction of Sennacherib
Ares Kingdom - Silent Mortal Flesh (Convergence)
Ares Kingdom - Ashen Glory
Ares Kingdom - Beasts That Perish
Ares Kingdom - Consigned to the Ages
Ares Kingdom - Gathering of the Eagles
Ares Kingdom - Abandon in Place
Ares Kingdom - Firestorm Redemption
Ares Kingdom - A Dream of Armageddon
Ares Kingdom - Fear Itself
Ares Kingdom - Lamentations
Ares Kingdom - Ironclad
Ares Kingdom - Salient and Redoubt
Ares Kingdom - Demoralize
Ares Kingdom - The Unburiable Dead
Ares Kingdom - Stultifera Navis (Armistice and League)
Ares Kingdom - Solis lacus (demo)
Ares Kingdom - The Undying Fire (demo)
Annoying Ringtone - Club Jumping
Annoying Ringtone - You Spin Me Around (Like a Jet Turbine)
Annoying Ringtone - Ravedrops
Area 52 - Carry On
Arcane Grail - Foreword
Arcane Grail - Cemetery of the Lost Souls
Arcane Grail - Summon the Fiend
Arcane Grail - Bewitched Wolves
Arcane Grail - Ghostly Retinue
Arcane Grail - Tragic Love
Arcane Grail - Frightful Night of Revenge
Arcane Grail - Lapped in Moonless Centuries
Arcane Grail - Autumn Wed Us, Sinned and Lone
Arcane Grail - Die Sonnenhymne
Arcane Grail - Sorrow of Forgotten Pride
Arcane Grail - Iniquitous Yoke
Arcane Grail - Arcane Grail
Arcane Grail - Renaissant the Reverie
Arcane Grail - Of Snake and Raven
Arcane Grail - Imprisoned in the Greatest War
Ana Bárbara - Loca
Ana Bárbara - Enseñame a Olvidar
Ana Bárbara - Principio y Fin
Ana Bárbara - Bailando
Ana Bárbara - La Copa y El Vino
Ana Bárbara - No Fue Casualidad
Ana Bárbara - Soledad
Ana Bárbara - La Busque
Ana Bárbara - Ya Me Voy
Ana Bárbara - Loca (version Norteña)
Ana Bárbara - No Fue Casualidad (Duo con Reyli)
Ana Bárbara - Ya Te Puedes Ir
Ana Bárbara - Bailaré
Ana Bárbara - Te Extraño (Un Te Quiero)
Ana Bárbara - Ahora Que...
Ana Bárbara - Con Esta Hembra No Se Juega
Ana Bárbara - Estar Sin Tí
Ana Bárbara - Sueño Mojado
Ana Bárbara - Nada
Ana Bárbara - Como Me Haces Falta
Ana Bárbara - Todo lo aprendí de tí
Ana Bárbara - No Se Que Voy a Hacer
Ana Bárbara - Quise Olvidar
Ana Bárbara - Amor de Luna
Ana Bárbara - Todo contigo
Ana Bárbara - Veneno
Ana Bárbara - Al olvido
Ana Bárbara - Sacúdeme
Ana Bárbara - Necesito olvidarte
Ana Bárbara - Gracias por tu adiós
Ana Bárbara - Querer es como te quise
Ana Bárbara - Como el azúcar de caramelo
Andréas et Nicolas - Wa ouh ! Wa wa ouh !
Andréas et Nicolas - Elle change la K7 dans la tête du chat
Andréas et Nicolas - Ours et compagnie
Andréas et Nicolas - J'aime Bien M'mettre De La Crème (Sur Le Visage)
Andréas et Nicolas - Toutes les filles qui jouent au foot
Andréas et Nicolas - Je suis narcoleptique
Andréas et Nicolas - Je déteste le sexe
Andréas et Nicolas - Singe facteur
Andréas et Nicolas - Montrez-moi vos miches Madame
Andréas et Nicolas - Boulangerie pâtisserie
Andréas et Nicolas - Chacun ses soucis
Andréas et Nicolas - Will Smith
Andréas et Nicolas - Je Collectionne Des Canards (Vivants)
Andréas et Nicolas - Je suis un pacemaker
Andréas et Nicolas - Super champions
Andréas et Nicolas - Les singes du passé
Andréas et Nicolas - Chaussures de ski
Andréas et Nicolas - Bienvenue en 4912
Andréas et Nicolas - Les Vaches (Rencontre du troisième pis)
Andréas et Nicolas - Crazy Clochard
Andréas et Nicolas - Mon costume de singe
Andréas et Nicolas - Est-ce que tu veux sortir avec moi ?
Andréas et Nicolas - En Abitibi
Andréas et Nicolas - Je t'aime (À l'italienne)
Andréas et Nicolas - Chatroulette
Andréas et Nicolas - Ma super chérie
Andréas et Nicolas - Arrivée sur Cribule
Andréas et Nicolas - Ours & Compagnie
Andréas et Nicolas - Petit Enfant Abandonné
Andréas et Nicolas - En abitibi : feat mononc' Serge)
Ana Bárbara - Ya No Te Creo Nada
Ana Bárbara - Cara de ángel
Ana Bárbara - Entre ella y yo
Ana Bárbara - Si me vas a abandonar
Ana Bárbara - No lloraré
Ana Bárbara - Ay, amor
Ana Bárbara - Olvídame si puedes
Ana Bárbara - Recuerdas Mi Amor
Ana Bárbara - Sin mentiras
Ana Bárbara - Mala
Ana Bárbara - Ganar o perder
Ana Bárbara - Los Besos No Se Dan En la Camisa
Aṣa - Jailer
Aṣa - 360°
Aṣa - Bi’ban ké
Aṣa - Subway
Aṣa - Fire on the Mountain
Aṣa - Eyé àdabá
Aṣa - No One Knows
Aṣa - Awé
Aṣa - Peace
Aṣa - So Beautiful
Aṣa - Why Can't We
Aṣa - Maybe
Aṣa - Be My Man
Aṣa - Bimpé
Aṣa - The Way I Feel
Aṣa - OK OK
Aṣa - Dreamer Girl
Aṣa - Oré
Aṣa - Baby Gone
Aṣa - Broda Olé
Aṣa - Dead Again
Aṣa - Eyo
Aṣa - Satan Be Gone
Aṣa - Bed of Stone
Aṣa - Moving On
Aṣa - Grateful
Aṣa - Society
Aṣa - How Did Love Find Me
Aṣa - Ife
Aṣa - Situation
Aṣa - New Year
Aṣa - The One That Never Comes
Aṣa - Sometimes I Wonder
Aṣa - Shine Your Light
Aṣa - IYA
Aṣa - Iba
Aṣa - Bamidélé
Aṣa - Jailer (Dvd video)
Aṣa - Bibanke (Dvd)
Art of Sleeping - Like a Thief
Art of Sleeping - One Hundred Thousand
Art of Sleeping - Shoulders
Art of Sleeping - Empty Hands
Art of Sleeping - Above the Water
Ana Bárbara - No es brujería
Ana Bárbara - No pidas perdón
Ana Bárbara - Si tú supieras
Ana Bárbara - Vete
Ana Bárbara - No te dejaré
Ana Bárbara - Solo mio
Ana Bárbara - Dos abrazos
Ana Bárbara - Qué ironía
Ana Bárbara - Bandido
Ana Bárbara - Nada de ti
Ana Bárbara - Ahora soy de hielo
Ana Bárbara - Lo mejor que te escuché
Ana Bárbara - Solo hace falta ser mujer
Ana Bárbara - Quisiera volar
Ana Bárbara - Cómplices
Ana Bárbara - Deja
Ana Bárbara - Ahora soy de hielo (Versión Cumbia)
Arpia - Bambina regina
Arpia - Rosa
Arpia - Diana
Arpia - Monsieur Verdoux
Arpia - Mari
Arpia - Umbria
Arpia - Luminosa
Arpia - Metro
Arpia - Contrasto della villanella
Arpia - Piccolina
Arpia - Terramare
Angels Reverse - Don't Care
Ana Bárbara - Pensando En Tu Amor
Ana Bárbara - Engañada
Ana Bárbara - Ahora vete
Ana Bárbara - Tu decisión
Ana Bárbara - Veneno con sabor a miel
Ana Bárbara - Suerte
Ana Bárbara - Y Yo Solo Se Querer
Ana Bárbara - Todo lo Que Aprendi de Ti
AMBER feat. Gen Neo - On My Own (Korean ver.)
Árstíðir - Ages
Árstíðir - Heiðin
Árstíðir - Distance
Árstíðir - Sunday Morning
Árstíðir - Látum okkur sjá
Árstíðir - Kill Us
Árstíðir - You Just Have to Know of Me
Árstíðir - Vonarneisti
Árstíðir - Næturylur
Árstíðir - Síðasta kveðjan
Árstíðir - Ljóð í sand
Árstíðir - Brestir
Árstíðir - Lost in You
Árstíðir - Orð að eigin vali
Árstíðir - Á meðan jörðin sefur
Árstíðir - Við dagsins hnig
Árstíðir - Hvar
Árstíðir - Nú gleymist ég
Árstíðir - Til hennar
Árstíðir - Tárin
Árstíðir - Himinhvel
Árstíðir - Things You Said
Árstíðir - Someone Who Cares
Árstíðir - Moonlight
Árstíðir - Vetur að vori
Árstíðir - Friðþægingin
Árstíðir - Cannon
Árstíðir - Silfurskin
Árstíðir - Shine
Árstíðir - You Again
Árstíðir - Unfold
Arms Aloft - Irish Coffee
Amaseffer - Sorrow
Amaseffer - Slaves for Life
Amaseffer - Birth of Deliverance
Amaseffer - Midian
Amaseffer - Zipporah
Amaseffer - Burning Bush
Amaseffer - The Wooden Staff
Amaseffer - Return to Egypt
Amaseffer - Ten Plagues
Amaseffer - Land of the Dead
The Arusha Accord - Dead to Me
The Arusha Accord - The Tightrope
The Arusha Accord - Desolate
The Arusha Accord - The New Face of Revenge
The Arusha Accord - The Resurgent
The Arusha Accord - You Cried Wolf
The Arusha Accord - The Death of Thieves
The Arusha Accord - Last Rise of the Fallen King
The Arusha Accord - Nightmares of the Ocean
Aphex Twin - Cock/Ver10
Aphex Twin - 54 Cymru Beats
Aphex Twin - Lornaderek
Aphex Twin - Meltphace 6
Aphex Twin - Taking Control
Aphex Twin - Ziggomatic V17
Aphex Twin - To Cure a Weakling Child
Aphex Twin - minipops 67
Aphex Twin - syro u473t8+e
Aphex Twin - Come On You Slags!
Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm
Aqueous - Origami
Aqueous - Willy is 40
Aqueous - Dave's Song
Aqueous - Kitty Chaser (Explosions)
Aqueous - The Median
Aqualung - Strange & Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell on You)
Aqualung - Falling Out of Love
Aqualung - Good Times Gonna Come
Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine
Aqualung - Breaking My Heart
Aqualung - You Turn Me Round
Aqualung - Easier to Lie
Aqualung - Extra Ordinary Thing
Aqualung - You Turn Me Around
Aqualung - 7 Keys
Aqualung - Breaking My Heart Again
Aqualung - Take Me Home
Aqualung - Good Good Night
Aqualung - All or Nothing
Aqualung - Baby Goodbye
Aqualung - Strange and Beautiful
Aqualung - Something to Believe In
Aqualung - Glimmer
Aqualung - Vapour Trail
Aqualung - Outside
Aqualung - Just for a Moment
Aqualung - Can't Get You Out of My Mind
Aqualung - Gentle
Aqualung - Nowhere
Aqualung - Halfway to the Bottom
Aphex Twin - Tamphex
Jesus Jones - Zeros and Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction #2)
Die Fantastischen Vier - Krieger
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream
Aphex Twin - We Are the Music Makers
Aphex Twin - [Lichen]
The Arrs - Délivrance
The Arrs - Sanctuaire
The Arrs - Originel
The Arrs - Dissident
The Arrs - Hunted By Your Sins
The Arrs - À l'aube du dernier jour
The Arrs - Du berçeau à la tombe
The Arrs - L'âme la plus noire
The Arrs - Mon épitaphe
The Arrs - Le Triomphe de la mort
The Arrs - 1781
The Arrs - Amants damnés
The Arrs - Paranoïa
The Arrs - Décembre acide
The Arrs - Invincibles
The Arrs - Authentiques indignés
The Arrs - Kombat
The Arrs - Hors norme
The Arrs - La Quête
The Arrs - Du ciel et de la terre
The Arrs - Cannibale
The Arrs - Héros assassin
The Arrs - Le ciel des uns est l'enfer des autres
Aphex Twin - Afx 237 V.7
Aphex Twin - Funny Little Man
Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
Aphex Twin - Milk Man
Aphex Twin - Girl Boy
Aphex Twin - Words
Aphex Twin - Perc #6
Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy
The Arrs - De ma plume
The Arrs - Aussi loin que le regard des anges
The Arrs - Hommes d'honneur
The Arrs - Le mal par le mal
The Arrs - Et la douleur est la même
The Arrs - Outro
Archimède - Le Bonheur
Archimède - Je prends
Archimède - À mes dépens
Archimède - Les Petites Mains
Archimède - Est-ce que c'est juste ?
Archimède - Les Premiers Lundis de septembre
Archimède - Bye bye bailleur
Archimède - Eva et les autres
Archimède - L'été revient
Archimède - Vilaine canaille
Archimède - Au Diable Vauvert
Archimède - Fear Facteur
Archimède - À l'ombre
Archimède - Passe par Paris
Archimède - L'Amour PMU
Archimède - Décalage horaire
Archimède - Allons enfants
Archimède - Julia
Archimède - Toi qui peines au bureau
Archimède - L'Amour à perpète
Archimède - Dis-le nous
Archimède - Ça Fly Away
Archimède - Les Indociles
Archimède - Au marché des Amandiers
Archimède - Les Winners et les Branques
Archimède - Oh viens ma chérie
Archimède - Le Grand Jour
Aqualung - Sundowning
Aqualung - Fingertip
Aqualung - Lost
Aqualung - Time Moves Slow
Aqualung - California
Aqualung - Thin Air
Aqualung - Magnetic North
Aqualung - Slip-Sliding Away
Aqualung - Mr. Universe
Aqualung - When I Finally Get My Own Place
Aqualung - Nothing Else Matters
Aqualung - Eggshells
Aqualung - To the Wonder
Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine (recorded for sessions @ AOL)
Aqualung - Tongue-Tied
Aqualung - Tongue Tied
Aqualung - A Good Times Gonna Come
Arzén - Kde ona nocuje
Arzén - Uspávanka anjela
Arzén - Keď zbojník umieral
Asgaroth - Naked Eye
Asgaroth - Lured Decoy
Asgaroth - Bluntness
Asgaroth - Buried
Asgaroth - Mindscape
Asgaroth - Descent to Dion
Asgaroth - I, Befouled
Asgaroth - Sharpedge Solitude
Asgaroth - Red Shift...
Asgaroth - Victorious Men of Earth
Asgaroth - The Choirs of the Elemental Deities
Asgaroth - Placious Echoes at Dark Woods You Greet... Silvering Moon Between My Shadows
Asgaroth - Strengthened Are the Stems of Nasturtium
Asgaroth - Sinking Trails of Wisdom
Asgaroth - Absence Spells Beyond...
Asgaroth - Epitaph...
Ars Moriendi - Dark Crusade
Ars Moriendi - God's Oppressive Arms
Ars Moriendi - Fainted I Am Blind
Ars Moriendi - Endless Silent Sleep
ARTEMA - Dancing Field
ARTEMA - Divine Judgement
ARTEMA - Resist My Fate
ARTEMA - The Day Left Behind
ARTEMA - Fairy Tale
ARTEMA - Operation Revival
ARTEMA - Atomic Blaster
ARTEMA - Night Strikers
ARTEMA - Liberation
ARTEMA - World End Anthem
ARTEMA - Letters
Ethan Ash - Dawning
Ethan Ash - Take Some Time
Ethan Ash - Tried to Get Rid of Me
Anna K - Nelítám nízko
Anna K - Chvíli nad vodou
Anna K - Vzácnej den
Anna K - Pohádka
Anna K - Jedem krajinou
Anna K - Noc na Zemi
Anna K - Lehce nevinná
Anna K - O kousek vedle Tebe
Anna K - Šestý smysl
Anna K - Večernice
Anna K - Holka modrooká
Anna K - Píseň o slzách
Los Apson - Fue en un café
Los Apson - Cuando yo era un jovencito
Los Apson - Atrás de la raya
Los Apson - Sueña Dulce Nena
Los Apson - Susie Q
Los Apson - Anoche me enamoré
Los Apson - Barba Azul
Los Apson - Popeye
Los Apson - El cartero
Los Apson - Satisfacción
Los Apson - No hay amor
Los Apson - Upudú
Los Apson - El marcianito BZZ BZZ
Los Apson - Que más puedo hacer
Los Apson - Dime por qué
Los Apson - Triste luna
Los Apson - Sr. Apache
Los Apson - Las quinceañeras
Los Apson - De hoy en ocho
Los Apson - Y la quiero
Los Apson - Becho, becho
Angry Salad - The Milkshake Song
Angry Salad - How Does it Feel to Kill
Angry Salad - Rico
Angry Salad - Stretch Armstrong
Angry Salad - Saturday Girl
Angry Salad - Empty Radio
Angry Salad - Scared of Highways
Angry Salad - Coming To Grips
Angry Salad - Red Cloud
Angry Salad - Did I Hurt You?
Angry Salad - Given Up
Angry Salad - I Want You Back
Angry Salad - My Town
Angry Salad - So Little
Angry Salad - Dance
İlkay Akkaya - Gelmedin Diye
İlkay Akkaya - Bu Şehir
İlkay Akkaya - Acılara Tutunmak
İlkay Akkaya - Kaynayan Kazan
İlkay Akkaya - Puşta Bel Bağlama
İlkay Akkaya - Son Şarkı
İlkay Akkaya - Gurbet
İlkay Akkaya - Kalın Abdal
İlkay Akkaya - Şerefe
İlkay Akkaya - Sürgün
İlkay Akkaya - El Vurup Yaremi
Anna K - Nebe (pomalá verze)
İlkay Akkaya - Yol
İlkay Akkaya - Yarim Derdini Ver Bana
İlkay Akkaya - Ayrılık Şarkısı
İlkay Akkaya - Lele
İlkay Akkaya - Ne Fayda
İlkay Akkaya - Alaydım Elin
Anna K - Večírek za koncem
İlkay Akkaya - Hatırandır
İlkay Akkaya - El Çek Tabip
İlkay Akkaya - Serçeşme
Anna K - Láska...
Anna K - Najednou
Anna K - Noc
Anna K - Pode mnou
Arcempire - Black Crowd
İlkay Akkaya - Ordu'nun Dereleri
İlkay Akkaya - Bir Şehri Düşlemek
İlkay Akkaya - Hadi Git
İlkay Akkaya - Bu Son Olsun
Ascetoholix - Cos tam jest
Ascetoholix - Na spidzie
Ascetoholix - Suczki
Ascetoholix - Podnieś Głowę
Ascetoholix - Grunt
The Art of Fusion - Inner Voice - Fusion
Jay Arner - Don't Remind Me
The Arrows - No Robots
The Arrows - Entropy
The Arrows - Lovesick
The Arrows - Lonely Soldiers
The Arrows - Make Believe
The Arrows - All In
The Arrows - World Interrupted
The Arrows - Ode to a Patient God
The Arrows - Pilgrimage
The Arrows - Song for You
The Arrows - In the Words (of Satan)
The Arrows - Make Me an Instrument
The Arrows - Next Time
April Showers - Abandon Ship
Jorge Arduh - La Cumparsita
Art Cube - you're here...
Craig Armstrong feat. Elizabeth Fraser - This Love
Craig Armstrong - Wake Up in New York
Craig Armstrong - Waltz
Craig Armstrong - Snow
Craig Armstrong feat. Bono - Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
Craig Armstrong - Sea Song
Craig Armstrong - Let It Be Love
Craig Armstrong - One Day I'll Fly Away
Craig Armstrong - Cruel Intentions: This Love
Area 7 - Criatura
Area 7 - Monjita
Area 7 - Ser
Area 7 - Ira
Area 7 - Espectro
Area 7 - Decadentes en su Mision
Area 7 - Magnitud
Area 7 - Iris
Area 7 - Sintiendo
Amorphis - Same Flesh
Amorphis - Stone Woman
Amorphis - Majestic Beast
Amorphis - Godlike Machine
Amorphis - Enigma
Amorphis - Shaman
Amorphis - Black River
Amorphis - Into Hiding
Amorphis - The Castaway
Amorphis - First Doom
Amorphis - Black Winter Day
Amorphis - In the Beginning
Amorphis - Forgotten Sunrise
Amorphis - To Father’s Cabin
Amorphis - Magic and Mayhem
Amorphis - Moon and Sun
Craig Armstrong - Dust
Craig Armstrong - Strange Kind of Love
Craig Armstrong - Crash
Craig Armstrong - As If You Said Nothing
Art Imperial - Cult of Love
Art Imperial - When I'm With You (I Feel Dumb)
Art Imperial - Bugs Out My Mind
Art Imperial - The Inbetweener
Art Imperial - My Crystal
Art Imperial - Young & Dangerous
Art Imperial - The One You Chose
Amorphis - Battle for Light
Amorphis - Mermaid
Amorphis - My Enemy
Amorphis - You I Need
Amorphis - Song of the Sage
Amorphis - Three Words
Amorphis - Reformation
Amorphis - Soothsayer
Amorphis - On a Stranded Shore
Amorphis - Escape
Amorphis - Crack in a Stone
Amorphis - Beginning of Time
Amorphis - Heart's Song
Amorphis - Better Unborn
Amorphis - The Orphan
Amorphis - On Rich and Poor
Amorphis - My Kantele
Amorphis - Cares
Amorphis - Song of the Troubled One
Amorphis - Weeper on the Shore
Amorphis - Elegy
Amorphis - The Way
Amorphis - Morning Star
Amorphis - Nightfall
Amorphis - Tuonela
Amorphis - Greed
Amorphis - Divinity
Amorphis - Shining
Amorphis - Rusty Moon
Amorphis - Summer’s End
Amorphis - Shades of Gray
Amorphis - Mission
Amorphis - The Wanderer
Amorphis - Narrow Path
Amorphis - Hopeless Days
Amorphis - Nightbird’s Song
Amorphis - Into the Abyss
Amorphis - A New Day
Arletty - La Java
Arletty - J'enlève ma liquette
Arletty - La femme est faite pour l'homme
Arletty - Le Baba
Arletty - La Vilette
Arletty - La Baya
Arletty - O! mon bel inconnu
Arletty - Comme de bien entendu
Arletty - Deux sous de violettes (chanson du film)
Craig Armstrong - Bruce Can’t Stay
Amorphis - Day of Your Beliefs
Amorphis - Planetary Misfortune
Amorphis - Evil Inside
Amorphis - Far From the Sun
Amorphis - Killing Goodness
Amorphis - Higher Ground
Amorphis - Darkrooms
Amorphis - Under the Red Cloud
Amorphis - The Four Wise Ones
Amorphis - Bad Blood
Amorphis - The Skull
Amorphis - Death of a King
Amorphis - Sacrifice
Amorphis - Dark Path
Amorphis - Enemy at the Gates
Amorphis - Tree of Ages
Amorphis - White Night
Amorphis - Come the Spring
Amorphis - The Gathering
Amorphis - Grail’s Mysteries
Amorphis - Black Embrace
Amorphis - The Lost Name of God
Amorphis - The Pilgrimage
Amorphis - Pilgrimage From Darkness
Amorphis - Privilege of Evil
Amorphis - Excursing From Existence
Amorphis - Alone
Amorphis - Drifting Memories
Amorphis - Too Much to See
Amorphis - The Brother-Slayer
Artisan - The Rainbow Never Came
Artisan - The Gloucestershire Wassail
Artisan - The Old Year Now Away is Fled
Tina Arena - Burn
Tina Arena - If I Didn't Love You
Tina Arena - In Command
Tina Arena - Not for Sale
Tina Arena - Unsung Hero
Tina Arena - I Want to Live with You
Tina Arena - Welcome to My World
Tina Arena - I Want to Know What Love Is
Tina Arena - Flashback
Tina Arena - Now I Can Dance
Tina Arena - Stay / Burn
Tina Arena - Aimer jusqu’à l’impossible
Tina Arena - Tu aurais dû me dire (Oser parler d’amour)
Tina Arena - Si tu veux mon cœur
Tina Arena - S’il faut prier
Tina Arena - Il y a des jours
Tina Arena - Un autre univers
Tina Arena - Et puis après
Tina Arena - Changer
Tina Arena - Si j’avais le temps
Tina Arena - Jamais non jamais
Tina Arena - Simple désir
Tina Arena - I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself
Tina Arena - To Sir with Love
Tina Arena - The Man with the Child in His Eyes
Tina Arena - Do You Know Where You're Going To
Tina Arena - Love Hangover
Tina Arena - The Windmills of Your Mind
Tina Arena - Woman
Tina Arena - Until
Tina Arena - Entends-tu le monde ?
Tina Arena - Tu pourras dire
Tina Arena - 7 vies
Tina Arena - Danser la vie
Tina Arena - Ombres chinoises
Tina Arena - L'un pour l'autre
Tina Arena - Ta vie
Tina Arena - S'il m'est donné
Tina Arena - Ailleurs
Tina Arena - Dis-moi
Arcana - Hymn of Absolute Deceit
Arcana - Diadema
Arcana - Sono la Salva
Arcana - Aeterna Doloris
Arcana - Gathering of the Storm
Arcana - The Tree Within
Arcana - Lovelorn
Arcana - Innocent Child
Arcana - Season of Thought
Craig Armstrong - Morning Breaks
Artisan - I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas
Tina Arena - Oh Me Oh My
Tina Arena - Only Women Bleed
Tina Arena - Every Breath You Take
Tina Arena - I Hope I Never
Tina Arena - Living a Lifetime Together
Tina Arena - Dare You to Be Happy
Tina Arena - Soul Mate #9
Tina Arena - God Only Knows
Tina Arena - Symphony of Life
Tina Arena - You Made Me Find Myself
Tina Arena - If You Ever
Artisan - I Hold My Breath
Tina Arena - Something's Gotta Change
Tina Arena - Cœur de pierre
Tina Arena - Si je ne t'aimais pas
Tina Arena - Aller plus haut
Tina Arena & Marc Anthony - I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You
Tina Arena - Les Trois Cloches
Tina Arena - Night Fever
Tina Arena - Live for the One I Love
Tina Arena - Chains
Tina Arena - This Universe
Tina Arena - Out Here on My Own
Tina Arena - Strong as Steel
Tina Arena - Wouldn't Change a Thing
Tina Arena - Best for You
Tina Arena - On the Line
Tina Arena - You Make Me Feel Good
Tina Arena - The Machine's Breaking Down
Tina Arena - Be a Man
Arcana - Abrakt
Arcana - Invisible Motions
Arcana - Outside Your World
Arcana - Autumnal
Arcana - Out of the Gray Ashes
Arcana - Lost in Time
Arcana - Circumspection
Arcana - Medea
Arcana - Leave Me Be
Arcana - In Memoriam
Arcana - The Fading Shadow
Arcana - Angel of Sorrow
Arcana - Source of Light
Arcana - The Calm Before the Storm
Arcana - Like Statues in the Garden of Dreaming
Arcana - The Oath
Arcana - The Song of Mourning
Amorphis - Elegy Medley: Against Widows / Cares / On Rich and Poor
Amorphis - Veil of Sin
Amorphis - My Future
Amorphis - Goddess (of the Sad Man)
Amorphis - The Night Is Over
Amorphis - Crimson Wave
Amorphis - Grieve Stricken Heart
Guilherme Arantes - Êxtase
Guilherme Arantes - Deixa Chover
Guilherme Arantes - Só o Prazer
Guilherme Arantes - Planeta Água
Guilherme Arantes - O Melhor Vai Começar
Guilherme Arantes - Ouro
Guilherme Arantes - Minha paz
Guilherme Arantes - Imagens
Guilherme Arantes - Nosso fim, nosso começo
Guilherme Arantes - Dança das mercadorias
Guilherme Arantes - Pequenos pecados
Guilherme Arantes - Interior
Guilherme Arantes - Vai ficar pra mim
Guilherme Arantes - Prontos pra amar
Guilherme Arantes - Coisas do Brasil
Guilherme Arantes - Cuide-se bem
Guilherme Arantes - Um Dia, Um Adeus
Guilherme Arantes - Loucas horas
Guilherme Arantes - Cheia de charme
Guilherme Arantes - Aprendendo a Jogar
Guilherme Arantes - Lágrimas de uma mulher
Guilherme Arantes - Lindo Balão Azul
Guilherme Arantes - Eu queria amor
Guilherme Arantes - Fã número 1
Guilherme Arantes - Aconteceu Você
Guilherme Arantes - Trilhas
Guilherme Arantes - Alone Again
Guilherme Arantes - Muito tarde
Guilherme Arantes - Hora de Partir o Coração
Guilherme Arantes - Em sua voz
Guilherme Arantes - Marca de Uma Estrela
Tina Arena - Love’s Funny That Way
Tina Arena - Show Me Heaven
Tina Arena - If I Was a River
Tina Arena - Whistle Down the Wind
Tina Arena - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
Tina Arena - Sorrento Moon
Tina Arena - Je te retrouve un peu
Tina Arena - I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You
The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena - Never (Past Tense)
Tina Arena - Heaven Help My Heart
Tina Arena - Message
Tina Arena - Love Is the Answer
Tina Arena - Greatest Gift
Tina Arena - That's the Way a Woman Feels
Tina Arena - Standing Up
Tina Arena - Unravel Me
Tina Arena - Overload
Tina Arena - I Want to Love You
Tina Arena - Colours
Tina Arena - Not Still in Love with You
Tina Arena - Magic
Tina Arena - Lie in It
Tina Arena - Karma
Tina Arena - Love Falls
Tina Arena - Heaven
Craig Armstrong feat. Lana Del Rey - Hotel Sayre
Craig Armstrong feat. The xx - Castle Went Dark
Carey Mulligan & Michael Sheen - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Carey Mulligan - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Craig Armstrong - Escape (Plunkett and Macleane)
Craig Armstrong - One Day I'll Fly Away (Moulin Rouge)
Craig Armstrong - This Love (Cruel Intensions)
Craig Armstrong - Let's Go Out Tonight
Amorphis - Moon and Sun, Part II: North's Son
Amorphis - Separated
Amorphis - Levitation
Amorphis - Beginning of the Time
Amorphis - Mourning Soul
Amorphis - Dead Man's Dream
Amorphis - New Song
Guilherme Arantes - Sob o efeito de um olhar
Guilherme Arantes - Lendas
Guilherme Arantes - Orquídea
Guilherme Arantes - Taça de veneno
Guilherme Arantes - Mal de te magoar
Guilherme Arantes - Águas passadas
Guilherme Arantes - Fã №1
Guilherme Arantes - Você faz a moda
Guilherme Arantes - Olhos vermelhos
Guilherme Arantes - Estrela sensual
Guilherme Arantes - Gaivotas
Guilherme Arantes - Despertar do amor
Guilherme Arantes - Quando o amor falou mais alto
Guilherme Arantes - Mágica em mim
Asfalt Dünya - Canavarlar
Asfalt Dünya - Balık
Asfalt Dünya - Büyük Yollar
Asfalt Dünya - İnsan
Asfalt Dünya - Tanımadan Önce
Asfalt Dünya - Geçmiş Gibi
Asfalt Dünya - Dunganga
Asfalt Dünya - Denize Doğru
Asfalt Dünya - Oyuncak Dünya
Asfalt Dünya - Gözlerin Yanar
Asfalt Dünya - Son
Asfalt Dünya - Bu Akşam Olmayacak
Asfalt Dünya - Ormanlar Kralı
Asfalt Dünya - Zaman
Asfalt Dünya - Bir Akşamın Kalbi
Asfalt Dünya - Katil
Asfalt Dünya - Hiç
Asfalt Dünya - Beni Severmiş O
Asfalt Dünya - Sakın
Tina Arena - Italian Love Song
Tina Arena - Wasn’t It Good
Tina Arena - Take Me Apart
Tina Arena - Les Trois Cloches (The Three Bells)
Tina Arena - Je m'appelle Bagdad
Tina Arena - Never Tear Us Apart
Tina Arena - Je dis Call Me
Guilherme Arantes - Viva
Guilherme Arantes - A Cara e a Coragem
Guilherme Arantes - Não vá pro quarto chorar
Guilherme Arantes - Brazilan Boys
Guilherme Arantes - Show de rock
Zizi Possi - Meu mundo e nada mais
Guilherme Arantes - Raça de heróis
Guilherme Arantes - Pedacinhos
Guilherme Arantes - Romances modernos
Guilherme Arantes - Castelos
Guilherme Arantes - Vôo
Guilherme Arantes - Oceano
Guilherme Arantes - Pão
Guilherme Arantes - Tudo por amor
Guilherme Arantes - A mata de onde eu vim
Guilherme Arantes - Nosso adeus
Guilherme Arantes - Casulo
Ashent - Sinking Beneath
Ashent - Imperfect
Ashent - Ephemera
Ashent - Spectral Vanity
Ashent - Starlinked Innerness
Ashent - Eclipsing Binary
Ashent - Illusory
Ashent - Anaemic Ardency
Ashent - Persistence of Frailty
Ashent - Mhysteric
Ashent - Eden
Ashent - Fallen Angel
Ashent - Silent Remedy
The Aqua Velvets - Slow Dance With a Fast Girl
The Aqua Velvets - Return to Paia
Tina Arena - Don't Hide
Tina Arena - Patchwork Heart
Tina Arena - Bring Me Love
Tina Arena - Only Lonely
Tina Arena - Reset All
Tina Arena - Never (Past Tense)
Tina Arena - No Shame
Tina Arena - Close to My Heart
Tina Arena - For the Sake of Talking
Tina Arena - Rumour Has It
Tina Arena - Images of Love
Tina Arena - I'll Be Here
Tina Arena - Stagefright
Tina Arena - Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible
Tina Arena - J'ai envie de savoir
Tina Arena - Aller plus haut (version 500 choristes)
Tina Arena - I Hope
Tina Arena - Les 3 cloches
Tina Arena - I Only Wanna Be With You
Tina Arena - The Birds They Put in Cages
Tina Arena - Ti voglio qui
Tina Arena - Stay
Tina Arena - Je M'apelle Baghdad
Tina Arena - The Flame
The Aqua Velvets - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Guilherme Arantes - Light and Sound
Guilherme Arantes - Ready for Love
Guilherme Arantes - Amigas (Baseaso em Prince)
Guilherme Arantes - Céu de Dublin
Guilherme Arantes - Coração paulista
Guilherme Arantes - Brilho estranho (À memória de Julio)
Guilherme Arantes - Choro molequinho
Guilherme Arantes - Sonho latino
Guilherme Arantes - Mania de possuir
Guilherme Arantes - Mexer com fogo
Guilherme Arantes - Traços de amor
Guilherme Arantes - Perto do céu
Guilherme Arantes - O que há de bom
Guilherme Arantes - Lágrima de uma mulher