Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 375:

Armens - Comme un fou
Armens - Pourquoi
Armens - Safety World
Armens - S-clair
Armens - À feu et à sang
Armens - Qui de nous deux ?
Armens - On nous cache tout
Are You God? - Delivery
Are You God? - Deep Rise
Are You God? - A hora da zona morta (full circle)
Are You God? - Plano furado III (le bal masqué)
Are You God? - My Heroes
Are You God? - The Ticket
Are You God? - Sentimentos (help yourself)
Are You God? - Carandiru no seu cu (release)
Argus - A Curse on the World
Argus - The Ladder
Argus - Durendal
Argus - 42-7-29
Argus - Boldly Stride the Doomed
Argus - Fading Silver Light
Argus - Pieces of Your Smile
Laurie Anderson - Transitory Life
Laurie Anderson - My Right Eye
Laurie Anderson - Thinking of You
Laurie Anderson - Strange Perfumes
Laurie Anderson - Only an Expert
Laurie Anderson - Falling
Laurie Anderson - Another Day in America
Laurie Anderson - Bodies in Motion
Laurie Anderson - Dark Time in the Revolution
Laurie Anderson - The Lake
Laurie Anderson - The Beginning of Memory
Laurie Anderson - Strange Angels
Laurie Anderson - Monkey's Paw
Laurie Anderson - Coolsville
Laurie Anderson - Ramon
Laurie Anderson - Babydoll
Laurie Anderson - Beautiful Red Dress
Laurie Anderson - The Day the Devil
Laurie Anderson - The Dream Before
Laurie Anderson - My Eyes
Laurie Anderson - Hiawatha
Laurie Anderson - The Island Where I Come From
Laurie Anderson - Slip Away
Laurie Anderson - My Compensation
Laurie Anderson - Dark Angel
Laurie Anderson - Broken
Laurie Anderson - Washington Street
Laurie Anderson - Statue of Liberty
Laurie Anderson - One Beautiful Evening
Laurie Anderson - Life on a String
Laurie Anderson - The End of the World
Laurie Anderson - The Salesman
Laurie Anderson - The Night Flight From Houston
Laurie Anderson - Word of Mouth
Laurie Anderson - The Soul Is a Bird
Laurie Anderson - The Ouija Board
Laurie Anderson - The Ugly One With the Jewels
Laurie Anderson - The Geographic North Pole
Laurie Anderson - John Lilly
Laurie Anderson - The Rotowhirl
Laurie Anderson - On the Way to Jerusalem
Laurie Anderson - The Hollywood Strangler
Laurie Anderson - White Lily
Laurie Anderson - The Mysterious "J"
Laurie Anderson - The Cultural Ambassador
Laurie Anderson - Same Time Tomorrow
Analogik - Gypsie Doodle
Analogik - Kaptajn Bim
Arcanes - On ne choisit pas
Arcanes - 23h58
Laurie Anderson - O Superman (For Massenet)
Laurie Anderson - From the Air
Laurie Anderson - Big Science
Laurie Anderson - Born, Never Asked
Laurie Anderson - It Tango
Laurie Anderson - Gravity's Angel
Laurie Anderson - Excellent Birds
Laurie Anderson - Langue d'amour
Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Day
Laurie Anderson - Walk the Dog
Laurie Anderson - Cartoon Song
Laurie Anderson - So Happy Birthday
Laurie Anderson - City Song
Laurie Anderson - The Big Top
Laurie Anderson - Smoke Rings
Laurie Anderson - Talk Normal
Laurie Anderson - Language Is a Virus
Laurie Anderson - Love among the Sailors
Laurie Anderson - Late Show
Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Night
Laurie Anderson - Let X=X
Laurie Anderson - Animals
Laurie Anderson - O Superman
Carolyn Arends - It Has to Be You
Carolyn Arends - This Is the Stuff
Carolyn Arends - I Can Hear You
Carolyn Arends - Altar of Ego
Carolyn Arends - Love Is Always There
Carolyn Arends - Reaching
Carolyn Arends - You Take My Soul by Storm
Carolyn Arends - What I Wouldn't Give
Carolyn Arends - Home Fires Burning
Carolyn Arends - All Is Well
Carolyn Arends - Happy
Carolyn Arends - Life Is Long
Carolyn Arends - Go With God
Carolyn Arends - Life And Death
Carolyn Arends - The Day Will Never Come
Carolyn Arends - Surprised By Joy
Carolyn Arends - One-Syllable Words
Carolyn Arends - Even The Wallflowers
Carolyn Arends - In Between
Carolyn Arends - Love You Out Loud
Carolyn Arends - In Good Hands
Carolyn Arends - We've Been Waiting For You
Carolyn Arends - They'll Know We Are Christians
Carolyn Arends - What Love Looks Like
Carolyn Arends - New Year's Day
Carolyn Arends - This I Know
Carolyn Arends - There You Are
Carolyn Arends - Feel Free
Carolyn Arends - Big Deal
Carolyn Arends - Last Thursday (Call Me Crazy)
Carolyn Arends - Do We Dare?
Carolyn Arends - Good Thing Going
April Wine - Say Hello
April Wine - Enough Is Enough
April Wine - Just Between You and Me
April Wine - Roller
April Wine - Love Has Remembered Me
April Wine - This Could Be the Right One
April Wine - Sign of the Gypsy Queen
April Wine - What If We Fall in Love
April Wine - Rock Myself to Sleep
April Wine - Doin' It Right
April Wine - Tell Me Why
April Wine - Tonite Is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love
April Wine - You Could Have Been a Lady
April Wine - Like a Lover Like a Song
April Wine - You Won’t Dance With Me
April Wine - Fast Train
April Wine - I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love
April Wine - Get Ready for Love
April Wine - I Like to Rock
April Wine - Oowatanite
April Wine - Anything You Want, You Got It
April Wine - Don't Push Me Around
April Wine - Baby Done Got Some Soul
April Wine - Not for You, Not for Rock N Roll
April Wine - Wouldn't Want Your Love (Any Other Way)
April Wine - Tonight Is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love
April Wine - Hot on the Wheels of Love
April Wine - Rock n’ Roll Is a Vicious Game
April Wine - Right Down to It
April Wine - Comin’ Right Down on Top of Me
April Wine - I’m Alive
April Wine - Let Yourself Go
April Wine - Silver Dollar
April Wine - If You See Kay
April Wine - Waiting on a Miracle
April Wine - Ain’t Got Your Love
April Wine - Blood Money
April Wine - Runners in the Night
April Wine - Weeping Widow
April Wine - You Opened Up My Eyes
April Wine - Come on Along
April Wine - I Can Hear You Callin’
April Wine - Cat’s Claw
April Wine - The Band Has Just Begun
April Wine - Givin' It Takin' It
April Wine - Good From Far, Far From Good
April Wine - If You Believe in Me
April Wine - Hour of Need
April Wine - Here's Lookin at You Kid
April Wine - Better Slow Down
April Wine - Can't Take Another Nite
April Wine - Luv Your Stuff
April Wine - Emotional Dreams
April Wine - Voice in My Heart
April Wine - Girl in My Dreams
Almafuerte - Debes saberlo
Almafuerte - Pensando en llegar
Almafuerte - De la escuelita
Almafuerte - Unas estrofas más
Almafuerte - La máquina de picar carne
Almafuerte - Donde está mi corazón
Almafuerte - Vencer el tiempo
Almafuerte - Toro y pampa
Almafuerte - Cosas que pueden pasar
Almafuerte - Sé vos (Acústico)
Almafuerte - Por ser yo (En Vivo)
Almafuerte - Dijo el droguero al drogador
Almafuerte - El pibe tigre
Almafuerte - Como los bueyes
Almafuerte - De los pagos del tiempo
Almafuerte - Buitres
Almafuerte - Homenaje
Almafuerte - Convide rutero
Almafuerte - Tangolpeando
Almafuerte - El visitante
Almafuerte - Hoy es
Almafuerte - La llaga
Almafuerte - Del entorno
Almafuerte - Lucero del alba
Almafuerte - Hacia el abismo
Almafuerte - Por nacer
Almafuerte - Los delirios del defacto
Almafuerte - 1999
Almafuerte - Hombre peste
Almafuerte - Rubén Patagonia
Laurie Anderson - Walking & Falling
Laurie Anderson - Example #22
Laurie Anderson - Speechless
Laurie Anderson - Bright Red
Laurie Anderson - World Without End
Laurie Anderson - Freefall
Laurie Anderson - Kokoku
Laurie Anderson - Blue Lagoon
Laurie Anderson - Say Hello
Laurie Anderson - Closed Circuits (for Voice and Amplified Mic Stand)
Laurie Anderson - EngliSH
Laurie Anderson - Dance of Electricity
Laurie Anderson - Three Songs for Paper, Film, and Video
Laurie Anderson - Looking for You
Laurie Anderson - Walking and Falling
Laurie Anderson - The Mailman's Nightmare
Laurie Anderson - Language Is a Virus From Outer Space
Laurie Anderson - Hey Ah
Laurie Anderson - Bagpipe Solo
Laurie Anderson - Steven Weed
Laurie Anderson - False Documents
Laurie Anderson - New York Social Life
Laurie Anderson - A Curious Phenomenon
Laurie Anderson - It Was Up in the Mountains
Laurie Anderson - Mach 20
Laurie Anderson - Classified
Armchair Martian - Soccer Song
Armchair Martian - Saving Anger
Armchair Martian - Break Your Frame
Armchair Martian - Meldrum Attic
Armchair Martian - Losin' Letters
Armchair Martian - Re-Routed
Armchair Martian - Sustated
Armchair Martian - Heart, I Never
Armchair Martian - Never Coming Home
Armchair Martian - Monsters
Armchair Martian - John Wayne
Armchair Martian - Crestfallen
Armchair Martian - Armslength
Armchair Martian - Retardent
Armchair Martian - Jig
Armchair Martian - Fired
Armchair Martian - Dealing With
Armchair Martian - Embrace the Sound
Armchair Martian - Tomorrow's Over
Armchair Martian - PS 403
Armchair Martian - Someday In January
Armchair Martian - Statler #3
Armchair Martian - Maybeing
Armchair Martian - Scared Of My Friends
Armchair Martian - Brodeo
Armchair Martian - Know Like Hurt
Armchair Martian - Xenophobe
Armchair Martian - I'm Not Ready
Armchair Martian - Screws In
Armchair Martian - Give In
Armchair Martian - The Credible Hulk
Armchair Martian - Communion
Armchair Martian - Dumb
Armchair Martian - Breaking Down Again
Armchair Martian - Darth Fader
Armchair Martian - Whipping Boy
Armchair Martian - Grey Suits
Armchair Martian - Xenophobe: A Car
Armchair Martian - Truce
Armchair Martian - Lunar
Armchair Martian - Back in the Hammock
Armchair Martian - Blast
Armchair Martian - Not Fine
Armchair Martian - Breaking Down
Armchair Martian - Barely Passing
Armchair Martian - Feets
Armchair Martian - Blue Monkey
Armchair Martian - Jessica's Suicide
April Wine - Without Your Love
April Wine - Rock Tonite
April Wine - Hard Rock Kid
April Wine - Money Talks
April Wine - Gimme That Thing Called Love
April Wine - Too Hot to Handle
April Wine - Last Time I'll Ever Sing the Blues
April Wine - Forever for Now
April Wine - Come Away
April Wine - Future Tense
April Wine - Crash & Burn
April Wine - Before the Dawn
April Wine - Rock n’ Roll Woman
April Wine - Wanna Rock
Ari Lasso - Kisah Kita
Ari Lasso - Rahasia Perempuan
Ari Lasso - Hampa
Ari Lasso - Cinta Terakhir
Ari Lasso - Karena Aku Tlah Denganmu
Ari Lasso - Cintailah Aku Sepenuh Hati
Ari Lasso - Misteri Illahi
Ari Lasso - Aku Dan Dirimu
Ari Lasso - Satu Cinta
Ari Lasso - Penjaga Hati
Ari Lasso - Arti Cinta
Ari Lasso - Perbedaan
Ari Lasso - Doa Untuk Cinta
Ari Lasso - Cinta Adalah Misteri
Ari Lasso - Tulus
Ari Lasso - Hasrat Sekejap
Ari Lasso - Jalanku Tak Panjang
Ari Lasso - Cinta Sejati
Ari Lasso - Ironis
Ari Lasso - Jika Aku Bukanlah Aku
Ari Lasso - Gagal
Ari Lasso - Yang Terbaik
Ari Lasso - Mana Kutahu
Ari Lasso - Mengejar Matahari
Ari Lasso - Patah Hati
Ari Lasso - Kedamaian Hati
Ari Lasso - Tak Ada Yang Perlu Disesali
Ari Lasso - Cinta Buta
Ari Lasso - Hancur
Ari Lasso - Aku Harus Pergi
Ari Lasso - Keajaiban Cinta
Ari Lasso - Rayuan Gombal
Lou Reed - Turning Time Around
Laurie Anderson - Maria Theresa Theresa Maria
Laurie Anderson - Let X=X / It Tango
Almafuerte - Las aguas turbias suben esta vez
Almafuerte - Orgullo argentino
Almafuerte - Por ser yo
Almafuerte - Amanecer en Open Door
Almafuerte - Regresando
Almafuerte - De un mañana bajo tierra
Almafuerte - Sirva otra vuelta pulpero
Almafuerte - Patria al hombro
Almafuerte - Ultranza
Almafuerte - Todo es en vano, si no hay amor
Almafuerte - Con rumbo al abra
Almafuerte - Ruta 76
Almafuerte - Del fumador
Almafuerte - En este viaje
Almafuerte - T.C.
Almafuerte - Sojuzgados y sometidos
Almafuerte - Como estaba ahí dios
Almafuerte - Lanzando al mundo
Almafuerte - Mal bicho
Almafuerte - Gil trabajador
Almafuerte - Moraleja
Almafuerte - Ayer deseo, hoy realidad
Almafuerte - Por tu suerte
Almafuerte - Del más allá
Almafuerte - Presa fácil (remasterizado 1996)
Almafuerte - Del entorno (versión inédita encontrada en estudio 1996)
Almafuerte - Amasijo de un gran sueño (remasterizado 1995)
Almafuerte - Voy a enloquecer (versión inédita en vivo 1997)
Almafuerte - Lucero del alba (remasterizado 1996)
Almafuerte - Hombre peste (remasterizado 1996)
Almafuerte - Zamba de resurrección (en vivo remasterizado 1997)
Almafuerte - De la carne (remasterizado 1996)
Almafuerte - En las calles de Liniers (versión inédita encontrada en estudio 1996)
Almafuerte - Como los bueyes (remasterizado 1995)
Almafuerte - Moraleja (en vivo remasterizado 1997)
Almafuerte - Delirios del defacto (remasterizado 1996)
Almafuerte - Del Colimba (versión inédita en vivo 1997)
Almafuerte - Me da pena confesarlo (versión inédita encontrada en estudio 1996)
Ari Lasso - Perjalanan Panjang
Ari Lasso - Tolonglah Aku
Ari Lasso - Tuhan Kau Tahu
Ari Lasso - Belahan Jiwa
Ari Lasso - Kau
Ari Lasso - Lirih
Ari Lasso - Percuma
Ari Lasso - Selamat Jalan Mama
Ari Lasso - Nelangsa
Ari Lasso - Relakan Aku Pergi
Ari Lasso - Jika
Ari Lasso - Badai Pasti Berlalu
Ari Lasso - Misteri Ilahi
Ari Lasso - Dunia Maya
Götz Alsmann - Weit weg von hier
Götz Alsmann - Ein kleiner Bär mit großen Ohren
Götz Alsmann - Der Schlangenbeschwörer
Götz Alsmann - Abschiedslied
Götz Alsmann - Ich will nur ein bisschen
Götz Alsmann - Ahoi
Götz Alsmann - Ein Tag mit dir
Götz Alsmann - Johnathan-Boogie
Götz Alsmann - Oh Sesam, bitte öffne dich!
Götz Alsmann - Ich könnte mich am Nordpol nicht verlieben
Götz Alsmann - Das gewisse OH-LA-LA
Götz Alsmann - Tausendmal möcht' ich dich küssen
Götz Alsmann - Eine blaue Stunde
Götz Alsmann - Kleines Herz zu vermieten
Götz Alsmann - Angelika
Götz Alsmann - Winke, winke
Götz Alsmann - Liebesglück
Götz Alsmann - Ich wünsch' dir einen schlaflosen Abend
Götz Alsmann - Es liegt was in der Luft
Götz Alsmann - Schade, gestern warst du süß wie Schokolade
Götz Alsmann - Zuckersüß
Götz Alsmann - Der müde Willi
Götz Alsmann - Dufte
Götz Alsmann - Drei kleine Geschichten
Götz Alsmann - Ich hab’ die Liebe nicht erfunden
Götz Alsmann - Vagantenlied
Götz Alsmann - Das war eine schöne Party
Götz Alsmann - A – allerschönste Frau
Götz Alsmann - Weil ich so abergläubisch bin
Götz Alsmann - Was die kleinen Mädchen singen
Götz Alsmann - Wahnsinn
Almafuerte - Mano brava
Almafuerte - Allá en Tilcara
Almafuerte - Para pocos de los muchos
Almafuerte - Sé vos
Almafuerte - Ser humano junto a los míos
Almafuerte - Almafuerte
Almafuerte - Popurri
Almafuerte - Libre de temor
Almafuerte - Triunfo
Almafuerte - Niño jefe
Almafuerte - Memoria de siglos
Almafuerte - Desde el oeste
Almafuerte - Muere, monstruo muere
Almafuerte - Trillando la fina
Almafuerte - Pa' Pelusa
Almafuerte - Pa'l recuerdo
Almafuerte - Ciudad de Rosario
Almafuerte - Glifosateando
Almafuerte - Mamuil Mapu
Götz Alsmann - Geisterreiter
Götz Alsmann - Eine unter Millionen
Götz Alsmann - Ich sing’ für Gertrud
Götz Alsmann - Ganz leicht
Götz Alsmann - Geh'n Sie nicht allein nach Hause
Götz Alsmann - Va Ba Ba Boom
Götz Alsmann - Kleiner weißer Schneemann
Götz Alsmann - Ich denk' an dich
Götz Alsmann - Du riechst so gut
Götz Alsmann - Rosetta
Götz Alsmann - Ich träume so gern bei leiser Musik
Götz Alsmann - Besuch mich mal am Abend
Götz Alsmann - Der Mambo-Mann
Götz Alsmann - Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß
Götz Alsmann - Siebzehn Jahr, blondes Haar
Götz Alsmann - Wenn's bei Ihnen einmal klingelt
Götz Alsmann - Ach ich möchte ja so gerne
Götz Alsmann - Monster
Götz Alsmann - Stups
Götz Alsmann - Wenn dieses Lied erklingt
Götz Alsmann - Liebling, deine Augen lügen
Götz Alsmann - Der Weihnachtsumtausch
Götz Alsmann - Hei, hei, hei, so eine Schneeballschlacht
Ante Cash - Lupio Si Petama
Any Given Day - My Doom
Any Given Day - Endurance
Any Given Day - Levels
Any Given Day - Coward King
Any Given Day - Mask of Lies
Any Given Day - Sinner's Kingdom
Any Given Day - Hold Back the Time
Any Given Day - Masquerade
Any Given Day - Ignite the Light
Any Given Day - Farewell
Any Given Day - Arise
Any Given Day - The Bitter Man
Any Given Day - Darkness Within
Any Given Day - Dead and Gone
Any Given Day - The Beginning of the End
Any Given Day - Anthem for the Voiceless
Any Given Day - Home Is Where the Heart Is
Any Given Day - My Own Sweet Hell
Any Given Day - Dead Forever
Any Given Day - Never Say Die
Any Given Day - If Tomorrow Never Shows
Any Given Day - Possession
Apostate. - Hermeneutic Circle
Apostate. - Omit the Words
Apostate. - The Speech
Apostate. - The People
Apostate. - False Footsteps
April Wine - Life Goes On
April Wine - Child's Garden
April Wine - Beg for Your Love
April Wine - Anejo
April Wine - Open Soul Surgery
April Wine - You Don't Have to Act That Way
April Wine - Hold On
April Wine - All It Will Ever Be
April Wine - Wait Any More
April Wine - Caught in the Crossfire
April Wine - Big City Girls
April Wine - Bad Boys
April Wine - One More Time
Anthony - Yo Te Confieso
Anthony - Mi Verdadero Amor
Anthony - A Ti Llegue
Anthony - Ven Porque Te Necesito
Anthony - Seras Parte De Mi Mundo
Anthony - Huele a tristeza
Anthony - Clavado en un bar
Anthony - En el muelle de San Blas
April Wine - Drop Your Guns
April Wine - Gimme Love
April Wine - Work All Day
April Wine - Refuge
April Wine - Flow River Flow
April Wine - Carry On
April Wine - Didn't You
April Wine - Oceana
April Wine - Can't Find the Town
April Wine - Page Five
April Wine - Wench
Arrival & Fonarev feat. Lika Star - Kazantip 2007
Aqueduct - The Suggestion Box
Aqueduct - Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights
Aqueduct - Growing Up With G'N'R
Aqueduct - Heart Design
Aqueduct - Five Star Day
Aqueduct - Tension
Aqueduct - The Unspeakable
Aqueduct - Frantic
Aqueduct - Laundry Baskets
Aqueduct - The Tulsa Trap
Aqueduct - Lying in the Bed I've Made
Aqueduct - Living a Lie
Aqueduct - Broken Records
Aqueduct - Keep It Together
Aqueduct - Just the Way I Are
Aqueduct - Unavailable
Aqueduct - Split the Difference
Aqueduct - As You Wish
Aqueduct - Zero the Controls
Aqueduct - Wasted Energy
Aqueduct - You'll Get Yours
Aqueduct - With Friends Like These
Aqueduct - Falling Down
Aqueduct - The Ballad of Barbarella
Aqueduct - As Close as Your Girlfriend Is Far Away
Aqueduct - Dinner Mints
Aqueduct - Tension (Piano Verite)
Aqueduct - Who Wanna Rock?
Götz Alsmann - Das Meer
Götz Alsmann - Kokettier nicht mit mir
Götz Alsmann - Gestern hast du ja gesagt
Götz Alsmann - Simsalabim (Shake Rattle & Roll)
April Wine - Talk to Me
April Wine - Paradise
April Wine - Holiday
April Wine - I'll Give You That
April Wine - Wish I Could Sing
April Wine - Falling Down
April Wine - In Your World
April Wine - Won't Walk That Road No More
Ruby Andrews - Casanov (Your Playing Days Are Over)
April Wine - Look Into the Sun
April Wine - I Just Wanna Make Love to You
April Wine - If I Was a Stranger
April Wine - Nothin' but a Kiss
April Wine - Whatever It Takes
April Wine - Drivin' With My Eyes Closed
April Wine - Keep on Rockin'
April Wine - Mind Over Matter
April Wine - Teenage Love
April Wine - Tonight Is a Wonderful Night to Fall in Love
April Wine - Juvenile Delinquent
April Wine - Slowpoke
April Wine - (Mama) It's True
April Wine - Druthers
April Wine - Just Between You & Me
April Wine - Kick Willy Rd.
April Wine - The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy
April Wine - I'd Rather Be Strong
April Wine - The Whole World's Goin' Grazy
April Wine - Wing of Love
April Wine - Lady Run Lady Hide
April Wine - Tellin’ Me Lies
Ann One - Tell Me Why
Apollo 100 - Lady Madonna
Anorexia - Pets
Aroah - Canción para follar
Aroah - Nada
Aroah - Myriam, la Primera
Aroah - Flavour of the Month
Aroah - Happiness Avoids Me
Aroah - The Biggest Idiot in the World
Aroah - Canción con Idioma
Aroah - We Can't Be Friends
Aroah - Words
Aroah - Tell Noah About the Rain
Aroah - La Historia Más Triste
Aroah - X-Song
Aroah - An Orchid Is a Flower That Thrives on Neglect
Aroah - Vigo
Aroah - Katharine Says
Aroah - Autobiographical Rhyming Song
Aroah - Horoscope
Aroah - The Lonely Drunk
Aroah - Not Amused
Aroah - Sick in the Body, Sick in the Head
Aroah - Upside Down
Aroah - Madrid
Aroah - Y la Cinta de "Los Bingueros"
Aroah - Fuck Rock
Aroah - Too Proud to Try
Aroah - Schooling
Aroah - Come Home
Aroah - 320
Aroah - Eder, Simone
Aroah - Mi Sitio Está Aquí
Aroah - Fade
Arc Angels - Living in a Dream
Arc Angels - Paradise Cafe
Arc Angels - Sent by Angels
Arc Angels - Sweet Nadine
Arc Angels - Good Time
Arc Angels - See What Tomorrow Brings
Arc Angels - Always Believed in You
Arc Angels - The Famous Jane
Arc Angels - Carry Me On
Arc Angels - Shape I'm In
Arc Angels - Too Many Ways to Fall
André - Flori de tei
André - Noapte de vis
André - Nu te voi ierta
Ariel - Chargez!
Ariel - Mauve
Meri Amber - She's Blue (Eiffel 65 Parody)
Meri Amber - Share My Time
Argentino Luna - El Malevo
Argentino Luna - Capitan de La Espiga
Argentino Luna - Aprendí En Los Rancherios
Argentino Luna - Zamba Para Decir Adios
Argentino Luna - Mire Que Lindo Es Mi País, Paisano
Ars Amatoria - Neverending Dream
Ark - Mete Uthi
Ark - Ekaki
Ark - Sweety
Ark - Guru
Ark - Pagol Mon
Ark - Ektai Tumi
Ark - Ei Raate
Ark - Emon Ekta
Ark - Taj Mahal
Architect - Routine
Architect - Closer
Architect - The Mountain Top
Architect feat. Comaduster - Altitude
The April Maze - Oh Yesterday
Arrow - More Arrow
Arrow - Easy Dancing
Arrow - Long Time
Arrow - Hot Hot Hot
Alpha Wave Movement - No Mans Land
Harold Arlen - The Man That Got Away
Harold Arlen - Get Happy
Harold Arlen - When the Sun Comes Out
Harold Arlen - Last Night When We Were Young
Harold Arlen - Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe
Harold Arlen - It's Only a Paper Moon
Harold Arlen - I've Got the World on a String
Harold Arlen - This Time the Dream's on Me
Harold Arlen - One for My Baby
Harold Arlen - Don't Like Goodbyes
Harold Arlen - Let's Fall in Love
Harold Arlen - I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
Harold Arlen - The Gal That Got Away
Harold Arlen - Come Rain or Come Shine
Harold Arlen - Blues in the Night
Harold Arlen - Over the Rainbow
Harold Arlen - We're Off to See the Wizard
Harold Arlen - Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead
AMBER - For Better or Worse
Antico - We Need Freedom (Twilight Zone)
Harold Arlen - If Only I Had a Heart / We're Off to See the Wizard
Jewel - Over the Rainbow
Harold Arlen - It Really Was No Miracle
Ella Fitzgerald - Get Happy
Helen Merrill - Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
Blossom Dearie - Down With Love
Billy Eckstine - One for My Baby
Felicjan Andrzejczak - Trzeci Akt
Felicjan Andrzejczak - Zawsze Ten Sam
Felicjan Andrzejczak - Ekscentryczny Dance
Felicjan Andrzejczak - Gdy Gram
Army of Flying Robots - People With Faces
Army of Flying Robots - Clipped Wings and Bleeding Wrists
Army of Flying Robots - The Goths Brought Revels and I Felt Cheated
Army of Flying Robots - Pedestal
Army of Flying Robots - Karoshi
Army of Flying Robots - The Great Silver Jumpsuit Fiasco
Army of Flying Robots - Do the Electric Boogaloo
Army of Flying Robots - Nik Nak Combat
Army of Flying Robots - Shades of Tyrell
Army of Flying Robots - Dan
Army of Flying Robots - In the Shadow of Swine
Army of Flying Robots - Embodiment
Harold Arlen & Barbra Streisand - Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
Harold Arlen - For Every Man There's a Woman
Billie Holiday - I Got a Right to Sing the Blues
Sammy Davis Jr. - That Old Black Magic
Lena Horne - Stormy Weather
Frank Sinatra - The Gal That Got Away
Peggy Lee - Blues in the Night
Judy Garland - We're Off to See the Wizard
Arasında - Urfa'nin etrafi dumanli daglar
Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis - Dive
Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis - Above the Fog
Harold Arlen - We're Off to See the Wizard (Duo)
Harold Arlen - We're Off to See the Wizard (Quartet)
Harold Arlen - I'm Not a Witch
Harold Arlen - Follow the Yellow Brick Road / You're Off to See the Wizard (Orchestral Angels)
Harold Arlen - The Wizard of Oz: Over the Rainbow
Harold Arlen - As Long as I Live
Harold Arlen - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Harold Arlen - That Old Black Magic
Harold Arlen - Somewhere (Over The Rainbow)
Harold Arlen - Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Accompaniment)
Harold Arlen - If I Only Had a Heart (Accompaniment)
The Amsterdam Red Light District - Behind Your Sunglasses
Ansa - Übareala
Ansa - Weg
Ansa - Lalala Nana (Illusion)
Ansa - Drei Minuten
Ansa - Joy
Are We Brothers? - Come Around
Are We Brothers? - Count On Me
Marc Anthony - When I Dream at Night
Marc Anthony - Am I the Only One
Marc Anthony - I Need to Know
Marc Anthony - You Sang to Me
Marc Anthony - My Baby You
Marc Anthony - No One
Marc Anthony - How Could I
Marc Anthony - That's Okay
Marc Anthony - Remember Me
Marc Anthony - Love Is All
Marc Anthony - Dímelo (I Need to Know)
Marc Anthony - Como ella me quiere a mí (She's Been Good to Me)
Marc Anthony - Da la vuelta
Marc Anthony - Vivir mi vida
Marc Anthony - Volver a comenzar
Marc Anthony - Flor pálida
Marc Anthony - Cambio de piel
Marc Anthony - Espera
Marc Anthony - La copa rota
Marc Anthony - Dime si no es verdad
Marc Anthony - Hipocresía
Marc Anthony - Cautivo de tu amor
Marc Anthony - Ahora quien
Marc Anthony - Se esfuma tu amor
Marc Anthony - Valió la pena
Marc Anthony - Tu amor me hace bien
Marc Anthony - Tan solo palabras
Marc Anthony - Volando entre tus brazos
Marc Anthony - Nada personal
Marc Anthony - Amar sin mentiras
Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez - Escapémonos
Marc Anthony - Lamento borincano
Applewood Road - Applewood Road
Arc Angel - Tragedy
Arc Angel - Sidelines
Arc Angel - King of the Mountain
Art of Chaos - Dreams
Art of Chaos - Tightrope
Art of Chaos - Sweet Chariot
Art of Chaos - Obsession (Surrender Me)
Art of Chaos - Just Like You
Army Navy - Dark as Days
Army Navy - My Thin Sides
Army Navy - Saints
Army Navy - Slight of Hand
Army Navy - Golden Pony
Army Navy - Right Back Where We Started From
Army Navy - Crushed Like the Car
Army Navy - Ode to Janice Melt
Army Navy - The Long Goodbye
Army Navy - Feathered
Army Navy - Open Your Eyes
Army Navy - Silvery Sleds
Army Navy - Running Wild
Arsames - Persepolis
Arsames - Immortal Identitiy
Arsames - Dooms Day
Arsames - Cyrus the Great
Arsames - Monotheism
Arsames - Homo Sapiens
Arsames - Xerxes
Marc Anthony - Love Won't Get Any Better
Marc Anthony - She Mends Me
Marc Anthony - I've Got You (New Album Version/New Radio Edit (Ric Wake Version))
Marc Anthony - I Need You
Marc Anthony - Tragedy (New album version (Ric Wake Version))
Marc Anthony - I Reach for You
Marc Anthony - I Swear
Marc Anthony - Don't Tell Me It's Love
Marc Anthony - Give Me a Reason
Marc Anthony - I Wanna Be Free
Marc Anthony - Everything You Do
Marc Anthony - Te tengo aquí
Marc Anthony - Me haces falta
Marc Anthony - Tragedia
Marc Anthony - Almohada
Marc Anthony - El triste
Marc Anthony - Y cómo es él
Marc Anthony - Abrázame muy fuerte
Marc Anthony - Amada amante
Marc Anthony - Ya lo sé que tú te vas
Marc Anthony - A quién quiero mentirle
Marc Anthony - Maldita sea mi suerte
Marc Anthony - Te conozco bien
Marc Anthony - Hasta ayer
Marc Anthony - Nadie como ella
Marc Anthony - Te amaré
Marc Anthony - Llegaste a mí
Marc Anthony - Y sigues siendo tú
Marc Anthony - Por amar se da todo
Marc Anthony - Y hubo alguien
Marc Anthony - Si te vas
Marc Anthony - Me voy a regalar
Marc Anthony - No sabes cómo duele
Marc Anthony - La luna sobre nuestro amor
Marc Anthony - Suceden
Marc Anthony - Celos
Marc Anthony - Este loco que te mira
Marc Anthony - Hasta que vuelvas conmigo
Marc Anthony - Barco a la deriva
Marc Anthony - De qué depende
Marc Anthony - Yo te quiero
Marc Anthony - Amor aventurero
Marc Anthony - Caminaré
Marc Anthony - El cantante
Marc Anthony - Mi gente
Marc Anthony - Escándalo
Marc Anthony - Aguanile
Marc Anthony - Che Che Cole
Marc Anthony - El día de mi suerte
Marc Anthony - Quítate
Marc Anthony - Todo tiene su final
Marc Anthony - Toma de mí
Marc Anthony - Palabras del alma
Marc Anthony - Hasta que te conocí
Marc Anthony - El último beso
Marc Anthony - Make It With You
Marc Anthony - Necesito amarte
Marc Anthony - ¿Juego o amor?
Marc Anthony feat. Jennifer Lopez - No me ames
Marc Anthony - Preciosa
Marc Anthony - Vivir lo nuestro
Arida Vortex - The Mirror Inside
Arida Vortex - Salves of Fate
Arida Vortex - Black Line
Arida Vortex - Light of Distant Stars
Arida Vortex - Riot in Heaven
Arida Vortex - Loser
Arida Vortex - Flames of Sunset
Arida Vortex - I Believe
Arida Vortex - Vortex
Arida Vortex - Break the Fetters
Arida Vortex - Revolution Time
Arida Vortex - Prison for My Soul
Arida Vortex - Imagination
Arida Vortex - When Tomorrow Comes
Arida Vortex - Evil Sorcery
Arida Vortex - Perfect Private World
Arida Vortex - Faith
Arida Vortex - Invisible Tension
Arida Vortex - Final Paradise
Arida Vortex - Ticket to Hell
Arida Vortex - Power to Control
Arida Vortex - Reborn
Arida Vortex - Hail to Rock!
Billy Boy Arnold - Slick Chick
Billy Boy Arnold - If You Would Just Let Me Love You
Billy Boy Arnold - I Wish You Would
Billy Boy Arnold & Tony McPhee - Blue and Lonesome
Armageddon - Captivity & Devourment
Armageddon - Rendition
Armageddon - Fugitive Dust
Armageddon - Equalizer
Armageddon - Blind Fury
Armageddon - Worlds Apart
Armageddon - Cry of Fate
Armageddon - Illusions Tale
Armageddon - Embrace the Mystery
Armageddon - Sleep of Innocence
Armageddon - Grain of Sand
Armageddon - Burn the Sun
Armageddon - Stranglehold
Armageddon - Heart of Ice
Armageddon - Well of Sadness
Armageddon - Rainbow Serpent
Armageddon - Winter Skies
Armageddon - Final Destination
Armageddon - The Contract
Armageddon - Winter Skies (demo)
Armageddon - Godforsaken
Armageddon - The Juggernaut Divine
Armageddon - Astral Adventure
Armageddon - Asteroid Dominion
Armageddon - Faithless
Armageddon - Into the Sun
Armageddon - Broken Spell
Marc Anthony - Dímelo
Marc Anthony - Muy dentro de mi (You Sang to Me)
Marc Anthony - Lo que no di
Marc Anthony - Te conozoco bien
Marc Anthony - Que precio tiene el cielo
Marc Anthony - I've Got You
Marc Anthony - Tragedy
Marc Anthony - Dame
Marc Anthony - Si Tu No Fueras
Marc Anthony - Quiero vivir la vida amandote
Marc Anthony - Muy dentro de mi
Marc Anthony - Salsa
Marc Anthony - Escapémonos
Marc Anthony - You Belong With Me
Marc Anthony - Caminar
Marc Anthony - Welcome to Your Life
Marc Anthony - Show Me the Way
Marc Anthony - Do You Believe in Loneliness?
Marc Anthony - There You Were
Marc Anthony - ¿Qué precio tiene el cielo?
Marc Anthony - I'm Tired
Marc Anthony - Ahora quien (salsa)
Marc Anthony - Como Ella Me Quire a Mi
Marc Anthony - Muy dentro de mí (You Sang to Me) (Spanglish)
Marc Anthony - Como ella me quiere a mí
Marc Anthony - Vivir mi vida (versión pop)
Billy Boy Arnold - Ten Million Dollars
Billy Boy Arnold - Trust My Baby
Billy Boy Arnold - My Babe
Billy Boy Arnold - Just A Little Bit
Billy Boy Arnold - Going Home
Billy Boy Arnold - Yellow Roses From Texas (Just Love Won't Do)
Billy Boy Arnold - I Done Got Over It
Billy Boy Arnold - Sugar Momma
Billy Boy Arnold - Blue and Lonesome
The Anix - Enemy Eyes
The Anix - Warning Signs
The Anix - Cry Little Sister
The Anix - Take My Future
The Anix - Sleepwalker
The Anix - Glass
The Anix - Resident One
The Anix - In the End
The Anix - Endlessly
The Anix - Long Way Out
The Anix - The Passenger
The Anix - Bullets Without a Gun
The Anix - Even If It Kills Me
The Anix - She Lives in the Dark
The Anix - Half the World Away
Billy Boy Arnold - You're My Girl
The Anix - This Game
The Anix - Nothing Lasts Forever
The Anix - The Ghost of Me and You
The Anix - Through You
The Anix - Stuck in a Phase
The Anix - Sometimes
The Anix - Dangerous
The Anix - It's Not the Same
The Anix - Media
The Anix - If Humans Had No Voice
The Anix - Stereo (You and I)
The Anix - Held Apart
The Anix - Crash Test
The Anix - Illusion
The Anix - Closer Again
The Anix - The Change
The Anix - Flattened
The Anix - Break Away
The Anix - Ex
Apey - Spiders
Apey - Among Striped Skies I Live
Apey - Lucky Jerk
Another Sunny Day - Anorak City
Another Sunny Day - I'm in Love With a Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist
Another Sunny Day - The Centre of My Little World
Another Sunny Day - Can't You Tell It's True?
Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered
Another Sunny Day - Horseriding
Another Sunny Day - Green
Another Sunny Day - Rio
Another Sunny Day - I Don't Suppose I'll Get a Second Chance
Another Sunny Day - New Year's Honours
Another Sunny Day - What's Happened?
Another Sunny Day - I'm in Love With a Girl Who Doesnt Know I Exist (4 Track)
Another Sunny Day - Things Will Be Nice (4 track)
APO Hiking Society - Kaibigan
APO Hiking Society - Pumapatak Ang Ulan
APO Hiking Society - Pag-Ibig
APO Hiking Society - Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba
APO Hiking Society - Panalangin
APO Hiking Society - Princesa
APO Hiking Society - Ewan
APO Hiking Society - Kabilugan Ng Buwan
APO Hiking Society - Doo Bidoo
APO Hiking Society - Salawikain
APO Hiking Society - American Junk
APO Hiking Society - Show Me a Smile
APO Hiking Society - Awit ng Barkada
APO Hiking Society - When I Met You
APO Hiking Society - Lumang Tugtugin
APO Hiking Society - Love Is for Singing
APO Hiking Society - Huwag Masanay Sa Pagmamahal
APO Hiking Society - Di Na Natuto
APO Hiking Society - Yakap Sa Dilim
APO Hiking Society - Bakit Ang Babae
APO Hiking Society - Blue Jeans
APO Hiking Society - Bawat Bata
APO Hiking Society - Anna
APO Hiking Society - Syotang Pa-Class
APO Hiking Society - Nakapagtataka
APO Hiking Society - Softly
APO Hiking Society - Kumot At Unan
APO Hiking Society - Just A Smile Away
APO Hiking Society - Animal Song
APO Hiking Society - Good, Good Time
APO Hiking Society - Pare Ko
APO Hiking Society - Harana
APO Hiking Society - Pagsubok
APO Hiking Society - Ako'y Sa'yo, Ika'y Akin
APO Hiking Society - Kisapmata
APO Hiking Society - Banal Na Aso
APO Hiking Society - Magasin
APO Hiking Society - Minamahal Kong Pilipinas
APO Hiking Society - Paglisan
APO Hiking Society - Suntok Sa Buwan
APO Hiking Society - Kasal
APO Hiking Society - Ano Ang Ibig Mong Sabihin
APO Hiking Society - I Love You
APO Hiking Society - Sasaya Ang Pilipinas
Anything But Joey - Girls Like You
Anything But Joey - One
Anything But Joey - Subliminal Request (Favorite Song)
Anything But Joey - Lushbox
Anything But Joey - Miss Mary Mack
Anything But Joey - Girl Roommate
Anything But Joey - Sight-Reading
Anything But Joey - Line Crossing
Anything But Joey - Marci II
Anything But Joey - Unimpatient
Anything But Joey - Song From Hell
APB - Like You
APB - Alignment
APB - Firestarter
Vineeth Sreenivasan - Vadakka Thekka
Vijay Antony - Paalaiyankottai
Vijay Antony - Unakkena Naan
Vijay Antony - Naakka Mukka 2
Tippu - Solladi
Deepak - Dhinam Dhinam
Santosh Hariharan - Thappelam Thappe Illai
Vijay Antony - Ulaginil Miga Uyaram
Rahul Nambiar & Chinmayi - Idhuvarai Yarum
Santhanam - Aara Amara (Version 1)
APO Hiking Society - Paano Ba
APO Hiking Society - Batang Bata Ka Pa
APO Hiking Society - Saan Na Ba Ang Barkada
APO Hiking Society - Wala Nang Hahahanapin Pa
APO Hiking Society - Tuyo Ng Damdamin
APO Hiking Society - Paano
APO Hiking Society - Nakakagigil
APO Hiking Society - Tuloy Ang Ikot Ng Mundo
APO Hiking Society - Hanggang May Pag-Ibig
APO Hiking Society - Bakit Ang Babae Sa Tagal ng Pagsasama (Tila Mas Mahirap Maintindihan)
APO Hiking Society - Paskong Walang Pera
APO Hiking Society - 12 Days of Pinoy Krismas
APO Hiking Society - Pasko Na Sinta Ko/ Miss Kita Kung Krismas
APO Hiking Society - Sangol Na Mahiwaga
APO Hiking Society - Himig Pasko
APO Hiking Society - Pasko Na Sa Mundo
APO Hiking Society - Panahon Ng Pag-Ibig
APO Hiking Society - Tuloy Na Tuloy Pa Rin Ang Pasko
APO Hiking Society - Ang Pasko
Argema - Jarošovský pivovar
Argema - Společná
Argema - Když odchází láska
Ari Lennox - La La La La
Ari Lennox - Goat
Ari Lennox - Cold Outside
Ari Lennox - Backwood
Ari Lennox - Night Drive
Ari Lennox - Backseat
Ari Lennox - Yuengling
Argema - Poprvé
Argema - Růžový Nosorožec
Argema - Rány
Argema - Láska jen pro jednu noc
Argema - Kočičí
Argema - Doteky
Argema - Na plný pecky
Argema - Vyznání
Argema - Cesty
Argema - New York City
Argema - Osud
Argema - Málo Mě Znáš
Argema - Mám...
Argema - Bez názvu
Argema - Mexico
Argema - Jen s tebou být
Argema - Je to tak dávno
Argema - Tisíce vět
Argema - Nechci
Antibody - Shrimps
Arliss Nancy - Vonnegut
Arliss Nancy - The Crease
AM Radio - If This Is the End of the World
AM Radio - Taken for a Ride
AM Radio - Hush
AM Radio - Cold Blue
AM Radio - Oh Oh Oh
AM Radio - Take Time
AM Radio - Stole The Show
AM Radio - 1,000 Suns
AM Radio - Inspiration (Featuring Rivers Cuomo)
Argema - Nemůžu zapomenout
Vijay Antony - Pia.. Pia..
Benny Dayal - Nanbanai Partha
Sheba - Kalloori
Vijay Antony - Allah
Vijay Antony - Naatkal Nagarnthu
Vijay Antony - Nooru Samigal
Vijay Antony - Nenjorathil
Vijay Antony - Sathikadi
Vijay Antony - Ussumu Laresay
Naresh Iyer - Kan Irrandil
Vijay Prakash - Ulagam Unnaku
Vijay Antony - Ichu Ichu
Karthik & Saindhavi - Ippadi Mazhai
Vijay Antony - Molachu Moonu
Sangeetha Rajeshwaran - Mayam Seidhayo
Vijay Antony - Sonna Puriyadhu
Vijay Antony - Puli Urumudhu
Vijay Antony - Chinna Thamarai
Vijay Antony - Naan Adicha
Vijay Antony - Karigalan
Vijay Antony - Uchimandai
Vijay Antony - Saithan Theme
Jorge Aragão - Coisa de Pele
Jorge Aragão - Loucuras de Uma Paixão
Jorge Aragão - Identidade
Jorge Aragão - Tape deck
Jorge Aragão - Ponta de Dor
Jorge Aragão - Colcha de Algodão
Jorge Aragão - Cabelo Pixaim
Jorge Aragão - Pot-pourri: Amor estou sofrendo / Que nem ioiô / Doce inimigo
Jorge Aragão - Do Fundo do Nosso Quintal
Jorge Aragão - Doce amizade
Jorge Aragão - Sim
Jorge Aragão - Teor invendável
Jorge Aragão - Você abusou
Jorge Aragão - O amor que eu guardei
Jorge Aragão - Ser maravilhoso
Jorge Aragão - Sede
Jorge Aragão - A Canção e o Vento
Jorge Aragão - Vendi Meu Peixe
Jorge Aragão - O Céu nas Mãos (Can't Take My Eyes Off You)
Jorge Aragão - O Iraque é Aqui
Jorge Aragão - Amor à Primeira Vista
Jorge Aragão - Volta por Cima
Jorge Aragão - Um Dom de Deus
Jorge Aragão - Dobradinha Light
Jorge Aragão - Amargo Anis
Jorge Aragão - O Jogo é Lá
Jorge Aragão - Vem ao Meu Encontro
Jorge Aragão - Chupando Gelo
Jorge Aragão - Castelo de Areia
Jorge Aragão - Reflexão
Jorge Aragão - Viagem
Jorge Aragão - Minta meu sonho
Antarctigo Vespucci - 2 Days
Antarctigo Vespucci - Impossible to Place
Antarctigo Vespucci - Save Me From Myself
Antarctigo Vespucci - Losing My Mind
Antarctigo Vespucci - Hooray for Me
Antarctigo Vespucci - Living in Hell
Antarctigo Vespucci - No Bad Memories
Antarctigo Vespucci - Crashing Waves
Antarctigo Vespucci - I See Failure
Antarctigo Vespucci - I'm Giving Up on U2
Antarctigo Vespucci - Sometimes
Antarctigo Vespucci - Don't Die in Yr Hometown
Antarctigo Vespucci - You Don't Scare Me!
Antarctigo Vespucci - I Drew You Once in Art Class
Antarctigo Vespucci - Mystery Pills
Antarctigo Vespucci - Bang!
Antarctigo Vespucci - 100 Years 2: 200 Years
Antarctigo Vespucci - 100 Years
Antarctigo Vespucci - Come to Brazil
Arkhon Infaustus - Trigrammaton
Arkhon Infaustus - When They Have Called
Arkhon Infaustus - Magnificat Satanas
Arkhon Infaustus - Behind the Husk of Faith
Arkhon Infaustus - La Particule De Dieu
Arkhon Infaustus - Narcofili Sancti
Arkhon Infaustus - Evanggelion Youdas
Arkhon Infaustus - Annunciation to the Holy Ghost
Arkhon Infaustus - M33 Constellation
Arkhon Infaustus - Words of Flesh
Arkhon Infaustus - Ravaging the Nine Pillars
Arkhon Infaustus - Procession of the Black Synod
Arkhon Infaustus - Hell Conquerors
Arkhon Infaustus - The Fifth Inquisitor
Arkhon Infaustus - Nox Microcosmica
Arkhon Infaustus - Criminal Deities
Arkhon Infaustus - Narcotic Angel's Terminal Apostasic Sin
Arkhon Infaustus - Brethren of Flesh
Arkhon Infaustus - Domination Xtasy
Arkhon Infaustus - Dead Cunt Maniac
Arkhon Infaustus - The Ominous Circle
Arkhon Infaustus - The Silent Voices of Perversion
Arkhon Infaustus - The Whorehouse Coven
Arkhon Infaustus - Hokus Demons
Arkhon Infaustus - The Black Succubus' Whores (Nuclear Version 6.66)
Arkhon Infaustus - Ineffable Hell Commander
Arkhon Infaustus - Silent Voices of Perversion
The Archies - Get on the Line
The Archies - Bicycles, Roller Skates and You
The Archies - Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y. - D.O.O.)
The Archies - Melody Hill
The Archies - Sugar Sugar
The Archies - Sunshine
The Archies - This Is Love
The Archies - Time for Love
The Archies - You Make Me Wanna Dance
The Archies - Everything's All Right
The Archies - Bang Shang A Lang
The Archies - Over and Over
The Archies - Feelin' So Good
The Archies - Kissin'
The Archies - You Little Angel You
The Archies - Hot Dogs
The Archies - Inside Out, Upside Down
The Archies - Waldo P. Emerson Jones
Jorge Aragão - Malandro
Jorge Aragão - Amor Dos Deuses (Com Grupo Fundo De Quintal)
Jorge Aragão - Além Da Razão
Jorge Aragão - Vôo De Paz
Jorge Aragão - Amor e Música
Jorge Aragão - Fria Lição
Jorge Aragão - Topo das Lições
Jorge Aragão - Moleque Atrevido
Jorge Aragão - Deus Manda
Jorge Aragão - Pereira, Amor de Abigail
Jorge Aragão - Preto, Cor Preta
Jorge Aragão - Sentinela
Jorge Aragão - Dança das Mãos
Jorge Aragão - Espelho meu
Jorge Aragão - Sorri (Smile)
Jorge Aragão - Parintins para o Mundo Ver
Jorge Aragão - Sem Dívida Nem Dúvida
Jorge Aragão - Disciplina
Jorge Aragão - Adepto do Samba Sincopado
Jorge Aragão - E a Vida Mudou
Jorge Aragão - Ninguém é Perfeito
Jorge Aragão - Malaco
Jorge Aragão - A Vida é Rápida
Jorge Aragão - Não é Segredo
Jorge Aragão - Multirão de amor
Jorge Aragão - Encontro das águas
Jorge Aragão - Lucidez
Jorge Aragão - Coisinha do pai / Vou festejar
Jorge Aragão - Espelhos d'água
Jorge Aragão - Devagar Miudinho / Casa de samba
Jorge Aragão - Falsa Consideração
The Arrogants - The Distance Between Us
The Arrogants - Another Cold Morning
The Arrogants - The Moment's Gone
The Arrogants - Feels Like Falling in Love
The Arrogants - The Incurables
The Arrogants - Words Apart
The Arrogants - Why T.A.N.G Is My Favorite Band
The Arrogants - Nobody's Cool
The Arrogants - Let You Down Again
The Arrogants - Lovesick
The Arrogants - Let You Down
The Arrogants - Nothing Good Will Ever Come of This
The Archies - Sugar & Spice
The Archies - Rock & Roll Music
The Archies - Hot Dog
The Archies - Who's Your Baby
The Archies - Rock 'n' Roll Music
The Archies - Circle of Blue
The Archies - Bicycles, Roller Skates
The Archies - Sleigh Ride
The Archies - Archies Christmas Party
Jorge Aragão - Já é
Jorge Aragão - Logo Agora
Jorge Aragão - Resto de Esperança
Jorge Aragão - Vou cuidar de mim
Jorge Aragão - Amor não é por aí
Jorge Aragão - Raiz e Flor
Jorge Aragão - Feito de Paixão
Jorge Aragão - Mistérios do Peito
Jorge Aragão - Retrato Falado
Jorge Aragão - Como um Rei
The Archies - Suger And Spice