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Trace Adkins - Whoop a Man’s Ass
Trace Adkins - Welcome to Hell
AC/DC - Fling Thing / Rocker
Damon Aaron - All I Need
Abrasive - Skin to Skin
Abrasive - Pulsating Lust
Abrasive - Beg for More
Abrasive - Unreal Pleasure
Abrasive - Awakening of Lust
Abrasive - Seduction
Abrasive - Your Slave
Abrasive - Craving
Abschlach! - Kniet nieder
Abschlach! - HSV-Hymne
Abschlach! - Woran ich glaube
Abschlach! - Reclaim the game
Abschlach! - Dein Schild, dein Schwert
Abschlach! - Hamburg Till I Die
Abschlach! - Die Ersten beim Bier
Abschlach! - Mühe allein
Abschlach! - 83er Geist
Abschlach! - Mädchen aus Bramfeld
Abschlach! - Ode an Ohlsdorf
Abschlach! - Mein Hamburg lieb ich sehr
Abschlach! - Nur der HSV
Abschlach! - Fein wieder zu Hause zu sein
Abschlach! - In Hamburg gebor'n
Abschlach! - Bye Bye
Abandon All Ships - Bro My God
Abandon All Ships - Geeving
Abandon All Ships - Megawacko2.1
Abandon All Ships - When Dreams Become Nightmares
Abandon All Ships - Strange Love
Abandon All Ships - Family Goretrait
Abandon All Ships - Guardian Angel
Abandon All Ships - Structures
Abandon All Ships - Heaven
Abandon All Ships - Take One Last Breath
Abandon All Ships - Good Old Friend
Abandon All Ships - Infamous
Abandon All Ships - Less Than Love
Abandon All Ships - Ahmed
Abandon All Ships - American Holocaust
Abandon All Ships - August
Abandon All Ships - Forever Lonely
Abandon All Ships - Made of Gold
Abandon All Ships - Faded
Abandon All Ships - Brothers for Life
Abandon All Ships - Refeer Madness
Abandon All Ships - Trapped
Abandon All Ships - High Roller
Abandon All Ships - Bloor Street West
Abandon All Ships - Miracle
Abandon All Ships - Alive (ft. Astrokrat)
Abandon All Ships - Cowboys
Abandon All Ships - Malocchio
Abandon All Ships - Centipede
Abandon All Ships - Paradise
Abandon All Ships - Pedestrians Is Another Word for Speedbump
Abandon All Ships - Megawacko
Abandon All Ships - Brendon's Song
Abandon All Ships - In Your Dreams Brah!
Abandon All Ships - Shake Your AAS
Abandon All Ships - Megawacko2.0
Abschlach! - Samstagnacht feat. Axel Hoffmann
Adrian Lux feat. Rebecca & Fiona - Boy
AC/DC - Bonny
AC/DC - Can I Sit Next to You Girl (1st single A-side)
AC/DC - Rockin' in the Parlour (1st single B-side)
Adrenicide - Two Minute Warning
Adrenicide - Zombie Nation
Adrenicide - Tortured And Broken
Adrenicide - Answer My Question
Adrenicide - All Went Black
Adrenicide - Form A Circle
Adrenicide - Catch The Bus
Adrenicide - Ward 13
Adrenicide - Fight For The Right (To Be A Dick)
Adrenicide - Toxic Society
Adrenicide - Justice?
Adrenicide - Drown in Beer
Adrenicide - Primitive Logic (Technological Death)
Adrenicide - They Kill...You Kill...We Kill...
Adrenicide - Vital Signs Fade
Adrenicide - Born Drunk
Adrenicide - Adreni-cider
Adrenicide - Perfecting The Virus
Acme - Blind
Acme - Attempt
Acme - Injection
Acme - Ordinary
Acme - Repress
Trace Adkins - I Got My Game On
Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Babonkadonk
Trace Adkins - I'm Tryin
Trace Adkins - All I Ask For Anymore
Trace Adkins - Sweet
Trace Adkins - Hauling One Thing
Trace Adkins - I Can't Outrun You
Trace Adkins - Hillbilly Rich
Trace Adkins - Better Than I Thought
Trace Adkins - Let's Do That Again
Trace Adkins - Don't Mind If I Don't
Trace Adkins - Between the Rainbows and the Rain
Trace Adkins - Happy Man
Trace Adkins - Them Lips (On Mine)
Trace Adkins - Jesus and Jones
ActionReaction - Sinner's Algebra
ActionReaction - Can You Hear the Sun?
ActionReaction - March On
ActionReaction - At the Moon
ActionReaction - Come See My Grave
ActionReaction - The Exit Poll Amen
ActionReaction - The 21 Gun Salute
ActionReaction - Spark the Sun
A New Beginning - Drowning
A New Beginning - Cold Shoulder
A New Beginning - Planes Crash
A New Beginning - Concepts
A New Beginning - I'm Sorry I Like You
Ace - Rock & Roll Runaway
Ace - How Long
Ace - Satellite
André Abujamra - 70%
André Abujamra - Elevador
André Abujamra - Magina de Pipo
Ace - How Long (BBC in Concert 1975)
Ace - Sniffin about
Addictiv - Little Game
Addictiv - Tonite
Addictiv - Just Breathe
AC/DC - Girl's Got Rhythm
AC/DC - Rock or Bust
AC/DC - Play Ball
AC/DC - Rock the Blues Away
AC/DC - Miss Adventure
AC/DC - Dogs of War
AC/DC - Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
AC/DC - Hard Times
AC/DC - Rock the House
AC/DC - Sweet Candy
AC/DC - Emission Control
Acheron - Rise of Rebellion
Acheron - Blood Oath (Pactum Tacitum)
Acheron - Godless (We Are Gods!)
Acheron - Salvation Through Hatred
Acheron - Power and Might
Acheron - Millennium's End
Acheron - A New Age
Acheron - Fuck the Ways of Christ
Acheron - Shemhamforash (The Ultimate Blasphemy)
Acheron - Blessed by Damnation
Acheron - Baptism for Devlyn Alexandra
Acheron - Total War
Acheron - Prayer of Hell
Acheron - To Thee We Confess
Acheron - Ave Satanas
Acheron - Summoning the Master
Acheron - One With Darkness
Acheron - Unholy Praises
Acheron - Cursed Nazarene
Acheron - Let Us Depart
Acheron - Alla Xul
Acheron - Hekal Tiamat
Acheron - Necromanteion Communion
A.S.A.P. - Teardrops in the Rain
A.S.A.P. - Cry on Your Smile
A.S.A.P. - Refrain
Acheron - Thou Art Lord
Acheron - God Is Dead
Acheron - Slaughterization for Satan
Acheron - Satanic Erotica
Acheron - Lifeforce
Acheron - The Enochian Key
Acheron - Enter Thy Coven
Acheron - Seven Deadly Sins
Acheron - Legions of Hatred
Acheron - Voices Within
Acheron - Undead Celebration
Acheron - The Entity
Acheron - 666
Acheron - Outro
Acheron - Enter Thy Coven (C.I.B.)
Acheron - Inner Beasts
Acheron - I.N.R.I.
Acheron - Church of One
Acheron - Xomaly
Acheron - Bow Before Me
Acheron - The Kindred
Acheron - A Long Time Ago (Intro)
Acheron - Golgotha's Truth
Acheron - Betrayed (A Broken Pact)
After 7 - Sara Smile
After 7 - Ready or Not
After 7 - Can’t Stop
After 7 - Heat of the Moment
After 7 - One Night
After 7 - Baby I'm for Real (Natural High)
After 7 - Not Enough Hours in the Night
After 7 - Can He Love U Like This
After 7 - Gonna Love You Right
After 7 - Nights Like This
After 7 - ’til You Do Me Right
After 7 - 'Til You Do Me Right
After 7 - Save It Up
After 7 - Damn Thing Called Love
After 7 - How Did He Love You
After 7 - What U R 2 Me
After 7 - How Do You Tell the One
After 7 - How Could You Leave
After 7 - Givin' Up This Good Thing
After 7 - I Like It Like That
After 7 - My Only Woman
After 7 - Loves Been So Nice
After 7 - Sayonara
After 7 - All About Love
After 7 - Kickin' It
After 7 - Truly Something Special
After 7 - No Better Love
After 7 - G.S.T.
After 7 - Love by Day, Love by Night
After 7 - Gonna Love You Right (a cappella)
Anthony Adverse - My Guy
Acheron - Ave Satanas (intro)
Acheron - Lifeforce (The Blood)
Acheron - The Calling
Acheron - I.N.R. I (False Prophet)
Naima Adedapo - Dancing In The Street (American Idol Performance)
Abstract Rapture - Democadencia
Abstract Rapture - Noxious Utopia
Abstract Rapture - Primal Sin Crisis
Abstract Rapture - Rejections
Abstract Rapture - Poisoned Love
Abstract Rapture - From Dust to Nowhere
Abstract Rapture - Mental Driftwood
Abstract Rapture - Observations in a Mirror (Through the Eyes of an Alcoholic)
Acoustic Torment - Sick World
Acoustic Torment - The First Commandment
Acoustic Torment - Environmental Disaster
Acoustic Torment - Atomic Threat
Acoustic Torment - Total Global Annihilation and the Return of Jesus Christ
Acoustic Torment - Indifferent Humanity
Acoustic Torment - My Hope Is in You
Acoustic Torment - Praise the Lord
Acoustic Torment - Satanic Seduction
Acoustic Torment - Separation
Acoustic Torment - The Narrow Gate
Acoustic Torment - Nuclear Warefare
Acoustic Torment - Belated Perception
Acoustic Torment - Judgement Day
Acoustic Torment - Choose Christ
Acoustic Torment - Sonnentau
Abusiveness - Blades of Truth
Abusiveness - Legend of Ages
Abusiveness - Millenium of Disgrace
Abusiveness - Stanica
Abusiveness - Goreja Wici
Abusiveness - Flame of Arkona
Abusiveness - Fire And Blood
Abusiveness - 16 X 955
Abusiveness - Hybris / Postludium
Abusiveness - Krzyk świtu
Abusiveness - Mogiła
Abusiveness - W leśnym majestacie
Abusiveness - Krwawa łza horyzontu
Abusiveness - Dwie twarze mroku
Abusiveness - Denga
Abusiveness - Ledzianin
Abusiveness - Kontyna
Abusiveness - Wiecznie we mgle
A Dozen Furies - Awake and Lifeless
A Dozen Furies - The Everlasting Grudge
A Dozen Furies - Push Away
A Dozen Furies - A Concept From Fire
A Dozen Furies - An Idea and Some Rope
A Dozen Furies - The Cycle
A Dozen Furies - Into Another Life
A Dozen Furies - Lost in a Fantasy
A Dozen Furies - Nightmare of a Martyr
A Dozen Furies - 138
A Dozen Furies - Wind Me Up
A Dozen Furies - Falling
A Dozen Furies - By Any Means
After All - My Own Sacrifice
After All - Scars of My Actions
After All - Land of Sin
After All - Embracing Eternity
After All - Hollow State
After All - Holy Diver
After All - To Breach and Grieve
After All - Frozen Skin
After All - Violent Decline (Drawn to the Devil)
After All - Blackest Moon
After All - Sacraments for the Damned
After All - Without Reason
After All - # Ruins of Bones
After All - To Haunt You
After All - The Harlot
After All - Blind Euphoria 2006
After All - Second Time Around
AC/DC - Whole lotta' Rosie
AC/DC - Rock 'n' Roll Singer
AC/DC - Ain't No Fun
AC/DC - Problem Child (Sidney Nyer Music Bowl 1976)
AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Apollo Theatre 1978)
AC/DC - Guns For Hire (Joe Lewis Theatre 1983)
AC/DC - For Those About To Rock (Tushino Airfield 1991)
AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip (Munich Circus Krone 2003)
AC/DC - The Girls Got Rhythm
AC/DC - Shake Your Foundations (remix 1986)
AC/DC - Down on the Borderlin (Eofficial Studio Recording, 1988)
AC/DC - Heatseeker (Studio outtake, 1988)
AC/DC - Alright Tonight (Studio outtake, 1988)
AC/DC - Big Gun (Official Studio Recording)
AC/DC - She's Got the Jack
AC/DC - Ain't No Fun (Waiting Around to Be a Millionare)
AC/DC - Back in Black (Recorded live 1981)
AC/DC - Girls Got Rythm
AC/DC - Some Sin for Nothing
AC/DC - The Jack / High Voltage
AC/DC - Live Wire 2
AC/DC - Johnny B. Goode (Bon on Vocals With Cheap Trick)
AC/DC - Ballbreaker (Entertainment Center, Sydney, November 1996)
AC/DC - Breaking the Rules /
AC/DC - T.N.T. - High Voltage
AC/DC - Ride On (Bon's Last Recording With the Band Trust)
AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long (Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, February 1981)
AC/DC - What Do You Do for Money Honey (Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, February 1981)
AC/DC - Boom Boom
AC/DC - Flick of the Switch (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, November 1983)
AC/DC - HR3 - Radio - Jingle
AC/DC - Let Me Put You My Love Into You /
AC/DC - That's the Way I Wanna Rock & Roll
AC/DC - Live Wire (Super Pop-rollin Bolan London July 1976)
AC/DC - Bad Boy Boggie (Rock Goes To College Colchester October 1978)
AC/DC - Girls Got a Rhythm
AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, November 1983)
AC/DC - Highway to Hell (Tushino Airfield, Moscow, September 1991)
AC/DC - Intro/Back in Black
AC/DC - Touch to Mouch (Highway to Hell outtake, 1977)
AC/DC - If You Want Blood You Got It (Downsview Park, Toronto Rocks, July 2003)
AC/DC - You Shock Me All Night Long
AC/DC - Alright Tonight
AC/DC - Dirty Deeds
AC/DC - Love Song Intro
AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Circus Krone, Munich, June 2003)
AC/DC - Crabsody in Blue (Let There Be Rock outtakes, 1977)
AC/DC - Gloria
AC/DC - [The] Big Jack
AC/DC - Can I Sit Next to You
AC/DC - Boogie Man /
AC/DC - Gone Shooting
AC/DC - Sin City (Rock Goes To College Colchester October 1978)
AC/DC - High Voltage (King Of Pop Awards Australia October 1975)
AC/DC - Interview
AC/DC - Hells Bells / (10)
AC/DC - Dog Eat Dog (Apollo Theatre Glasgow April 1978)
AC/DC - Shot Down in Flames (Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, February 1981)
AC/DC - Sun City
AC/DC - Whisky on the Rocks
AC/DC - Hard as a Rock (Stade de France, Paris, June 2001)
AC/DC - The Jack (Downsview Park, Toronto Rocks, July 2003)
AC/DC - Lucille
AC/DC - Rock'n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution / (12)
AC/DC - Rockin' in the Parlor
AC/DC - Crapsody in Blue
AC/DC - Nervous Skakedown
AC/DC - Bonny / Highway to Hell
AC/DC - Gone Shootin (VH1 Studios, London, July 1996)
AC/DC - High Voltage - High Voltage
AC/DC - Rock in Peace
AC/DC - Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (Entertainment Center, Sydney, November 1996)
AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill (The Summit, Houston, TX, October 1983)
AC/DC - Rosie (Angus Young live With Guns-N-Roses)
AC/DC - Credits
AC/DC - Givin' The Dog A Bone
AC/DC - If You Want Blood (You've Got It) (promo clip, 1979)
AC/DC - Save in New York City
AC/DC - The Lack
AC/DC - Kicked in Teeth Again
AC/DC - Hell's Bell
AC/DC - Thundertruck
AC/DC - Thunderstuck
AC/DC - Life Wire
AC/DC - Hall Ceasar
AC/DC - Bellbreaker
AC/DC - Bad Boy Boggie
AC/DC - 8. Big Gun
AC/DC - 12. This House Is on Fire
AC/DC - Messin' With the Kid
AC/DC - Locked & Loaded
AC/DC - Allright Tonite
AC/DC - Guitar Band
AC/DC - It's Along Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock And Roll)
AC/DC - I Put The Finger On You
AC/DC - Next To The Moon
AC/DC - What You Do For Money Honey
After All - Beneath the Flesh
After All - Rectify
After All - Whispering Words
After All - Crave for More
After All - Descending Pain
After All - The Shadow Wall
After All - For Us Immortals
After All - Last Day of Winter
After All - Twist of Fate
After All - Black God White Devil
After All - Erase Your Past
After All - Self-Inflicted
After All - Fragments of Time
After All - Condemned Heritage
After All - Into the Sun
After All - Reflections of the Light
After All - Lost / Insane
Abîme - End of Hope, Begin of the Conquest
Abîme - Renaissance des abysses
Abîme - Death for the Slave
Abîme - Constellation du sens
Abîme - Ode à la haine
Abîme - L'Appel du Sang
Aeroplanitaliani - Vicious (remake)
Aeroplanitaliani - The blower's daughter (remake)
Aeroplanitaliani - Zitti zitti (2007)
Aeroplanitaliani - Bella
Aeroplanitaliani - Canzone d’amore
Aeroplanitaliani - Perdermi in te
A-Game - Shit
Afro Kolektyw - Nasza doskonałość
Afro Kolektyw - Wiążę sobie krawat
Afro Kolektyw - Niemęskie granie
Afro Kolektyw - Idź i obmyj w sadzwce syloe
Afro Kolektyw - Krótki film o kaszlu
Afro Kolektyw - Mało miejsca na dysku
Afro Kolektyw - Jeżeli kiedyś zabraknie mnie (ostateczne rozwiązanie naszej kwestii II)
Afro Kolektyw - Chciałbym umrzeć zagłaskany na śmierć
Afro Kolektyw - Przepraszam
Afro Kolektyw - Mężczyźni są odrażająco brudni i źli
Afro Kolektyw - Łzy w uszach
Afro Kolektyw - Ostateczne rozwiązanie naszej kwestii
Afro Kolektyw - Gramy dalej
Afro Kolektyw - Nikt tego nie wiedział
Afro Kolektyw - Transportem do pracy (dał mi kolega)
Active Slaughter - Macho Maggot
Active Slaughter - Labour Lied, Barry Died
Active Slaughter - My Foot in Your Mouth
Active Slaughter - Fatal Deception
Active Slaughter - Active Slaughter
Active Slaughter - Rapist 666
Active Slaughter - Phase
Active Slaughter - Smash HLS
Aeternam - Angel Horned
Aeternam - Esoteric Formulae
Aeternam - The Coronation of Seth
Aeternam - Iteru
Aeternam - Circle in Flames
Aeternam - Through the Eyes of Ea
Aeternam - Moongod
Aeternam - Invading Jerusalem
Aeternam - Cosmogony
Aeternam - Iram Of The Pillars
Aeternam - Rise Of Arabia
Aeternam - Xibalba
Aeternam - Descent Of Gods
Aeternam - Idol Of The Sun
Aeternam - Paropamisadae
Aeternam - Sun Shield
Aeternam - The Keeper of Shangri-La
Aeternam - Fallen Is the Simulacrum of Bel
Aeternam - Nightfall on Numidia
The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
The Adverts - Quickstep
The Adverts - Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
The Adverts - Bored Teenagers
The Adverts - Safety in Numbers
The Adverts - We Who Wait
The Adverts - No Time to Be 21
The Adverts - New Day Dawning
The Adverts - Drowning Men
The Adverts - On the Roof
The Adverts - Newboys
The Adverts - On Wheels
The Adverts - Bombsite Boy
The Adverts - New Church
The Adverts - Great British Mistake
The Adverts - New Boys
After Edmund - Thank God
After Edmund - Fighting for Your Heart (Let It Go)
After Edmund - Everyone
After Edmund - Like a Dream
After Edmund - Come and Rain Down
After Edmund - Tears
After Edmund - Stealing Away
After Edmund - Clouds
After Edmund - It's Alright
After Edmund - To See You Leave
After Edmund - Space Cadet
After Edmund - Chaplin
After Edmund - Strange Education
After Edmund - Deserve
Afro Kolektyw - Aaaureola
Afro Kolektyw - Najgorsza Sobota W Życiu
Afro Kolektyw - Ostatnie Wyjście Z Szafy
Afro Kolektyw - Horyzontalni / XYU
Afro Kolektyw - Półskończona
Afro Kolektyw - Ochroniarzem Być
Afro Kolektyw - Po Co
Afro Kolektyw - Gdybyśmy Rządzili Światem
Afro Kolektyw - Tak Sobie Tłumacz
Afro Kolektyw - Bananowe Drzewa
Afro Kolektyw - Radio Zielone Oczy Marysi
Afro Kolektyw - Pijany Mistrz
Afro Kolektyw - Smutny i nudny, part 2
The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
The Accüsed - Psychomania
The Accüsed - The Bag Lady Song
The Accüsed - I'd Love to Change the World
The Accüsed - Starved to Death
The Accüsed - Scared of the Dark
The Accüsed - Losing Your Mind
The Accüsed - Smothered Her Trust
The Accüsed - Scotty Came Back
The Accüsed - Avenue of the Dead
The Accüsed - Martha's Disciples
The Accüsed - Seriously Dead
The Accüsed - Bethany Home
The Accüsed - Distractions
The Accüsed - Martha Splatterhead
The Accüsed - Slow Death
The Accüsed - F**kin' for Bucks
The Accüsed - Pounding Nails (Into the Lid of Your Coffin)
The Accüsed - The Corpse Walks
The Accüsed - Grinning (Like an Undertaker)
The Accüsed - Dropping Like Flies
The Accüsed - M Is for Martha
The Accüsed - When I Was a Child
The Accüsed - The Night
The Accüsed - Voices
The Accüsed - Boris the Spider
The Accüsed - Tapping the Vein
After Death - The Calling / Lords Of The Black Path
After Death - As Below, So Above
After Death - The Star Chamber Of Isis
After Death - The Secret Cycle
The Accüsed - Martha Will
The Accüsed - Fueled by Hate
The Accüsed - Fast Zombies Rule
The Accüsed - Dying on the Vine
The Accüsed - Hooker Fortified Pork Products
The Accüsed - Stay Dead
The Accüsed - Scream and Die
The Accüsed - Of the Body
The Accüsed - 13 Letters
The Accüsed - Have You Ever Been Mellow?
Michele Adamson - Follow the Line
Michele Adamson - Blood On The Microphone
Michele Adamson - Blondinit
Michele Adamson - Gouchin Out
Ron Affif Trio - I'll Be Seeing You
Michele Adamson - Bouncing Ball
Michele Adamson - Tricky
Michele Adamson - Move In
Michele Adamson - Stranded
Michele Adamson - Phantom Clarity
Michele Adamson - Bass Junkie
Michele Adamson - Seventh Son
Michele Adamson - Feel Free
Michele Adamson - Flutterby
Michele Adamson - Fortean
Boys Noize - Oh!
Skepta - Sweet Mother
Metronomy - Heartbreaker
Friendly Fires - Paris
Fan Death - Veronica’s Veil (Erol Alkan’s extended rework)
DJ Gant-Man - Juke Dat Girl
DJ Mp4 - The Book is on the Table
Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love Can't Turn Around
MSTRKRFT feat. N.O.R.E. - Bounce
Kid Sister - Life on TV
Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer
The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
Holy Ghost! - Hold On
Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows
Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat
James Yuill - The Sweet Love
A‐Trak - Push
A+P - Dachau
Aerger - Kleine Schwester
ABC - Love’s a Dangerous Language
ABC - Show Me
ABC - Date Stamp
ABC - Valentine’s Day
ABC - When Smokey Sings
ABC - 4 Ever 2 Gether
ABC - If I Ever Thought You’d Be Lonely
ABC - The Power of Persuasion
ABC - 15 Storey Halo
ABC - Rage and Then Regret
ABC - Bite the Hand
ABC - Tears Are Not Enough
ABC - All of My Heart
ABC - Where Is the Heaven?
ABC - The Greatest Love of All
ABC - The Look of Love - Parts Three & Four
ABC - Between You and Me
ABC - Poison Arrow
ABC - Never More Than Now
ABC - Many Happy Returns
ABC - Jealous Lover
ABC - Tower of London
ABC - A to Z
ABC - That Was Then but This Is Now
ABC - The Look of Love, Part 1
ABC - S.O.S.
ABC - How to Be a Millionaire
ABC - Be Near Me
ABC - Vanity Kills
ABC - Love Conquers All
ABC - Unlock the Secrets of Your Heart
ABC - Answered Prayer
ABC - Spellbound
ABC - Say It
ABC - Welcome to the Real World
ABC - Satori
ABC - All That Matters
ABC - This Must Be Magic
ABC - What's Good About Goodbye
ABC - Viva Love
ABC - Kiss Me Goodbye
Adrenaline Rush - Change
Adrenaline Rush - Generation Left Behind
Adrenaline Rush - Black n' Blue
A Chinese Restaurant - They Announced Confinement
A Chinese Restaurant - Bandage For My Bleeding
A Chinese Restaurant - Sorries (The City Sleeps Nightly)
A Chinese Restaurant - All Eyes On
A Chinese Restaurant - Falling From The Top
A Chinese Restaurant - Broken Hearts And Picture Frames
A Chinese Restaurant - Player Two Wins The Game
Africando - Ayo Nene
Africando - Te Voy A Matar... Con Amor
Africando - Aïcha
ABC - The Night You Murdered Love
ABC - King Without a Crown
ABC - One Better World
ABC - Ocean Blue
ABC - Think Again
ABC - Ark-Angel
ABC - Bad Blood
ABC - One Day
ABC - Minneapolis
ABC - Chicago (Abridged)
ABC Feat. Contessa Lady V - The Night You Murdered Love (The Reply)
ABC - By Default by Design
ABC - Hey Citizen!
ABC - King Money
ABC - Unzip
ABC - United Kingdom
ABC - North
Afterglow - The Decision
Afterglow - Another Witness
Afterglow - Just Believe Him
Afterglow - Praise to the Man
Afterglow - Called to Serve
Afterglow - I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go
Afterglow - God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Aes Dana - Chernozem
Aes Dana - Memory Shell (lost radio e-dit)
Aes Dana - Chernozem (Closing)
ABC - Peace and Tranquility
ABC - Blame
ABC - Look of Love
ABC - So Hip It Hurts
ABC - Fear of the World (In Cinemascope)
ABC - Stranger Things
ABC - Who Can I Turn To?
ABC - Skyscraping
ABC - Rolling Sevens
Africando - Sama Thiel
Africando - Sey
Ishq - Aphrodite
Afterglow - I Heard Him Come
Afterglow - The Touch of the Master's Hand
ABC - Alphabet Soup
ABC - Paper Thin
ABC - Ask a Thousand Times
ABC - Love Is Its Own Reward
ABC - Light Years
ABC - Seven Day Weekend
ABC - Heaven Knows
ABC - Faraway
Abarax - All These Walls
Adolar - In deiner Wohnung
Adolar - Kitt
Adolar - Mitnehmerrippe
Adolar - Weltsehen
Adolar - Busfahrplan o.D.
Adolar - Magdeburg
Adolar - Ich bin Slide
Adolar - Tanzenkotzen
Adolar - Schreib etwas auf
Adolar - Kleinlichkeiten im ersten Stock
Adolar - Wein ist meine Jacke
Adolar - Rauchen
Adolar - Raketen
Adolar - Neue Biederkeit
Adolar - Blumen
Adolar - Diesig
Adolar - Halleluja
Adolar - Nach Schweden ziehen
ABC - The Flames of Desire
Adolar - Inspektor Brötchen
ABC - Confessions of a Fool
A Halo Called Fred - Butt!
A Halo Called Fred - Lollipop
A Halo Called Fred - Damaged
A Halo Called Fred - Mr. Hooper
A Halo Called Fred - Sun's Shining Rays of Love
A Halo Called Fred - Hugs Are Better Than Drugs
A Halo Called Fred - 70's Clothes
A Halo Called Fred - Fire Alarm
A Halo Called Fred - Fred
A Halo Called Fred - My Name Is Satan
A Halo Called Fred - Sensitive
A Halo Called Fred - (Hat)
A Halo Called Fred - Y Chromosome
A Halo Called Fred - I Don't Wanna It'll Hurt
A Halo Called Fred - Please Stop Kicking My Head
A Halo Called Fred - Dr. Dog
A Halo Called Fred - I Wanna Be Your Nose
A Halo Called Fred - Blymy the Pirate
A Halo Called Fred - Pretty Flower
A Halo Called Fred - Obsequious
A Halo Called Fred - Brain
A Halo Called Fred - Schmuck
A Halo Called Fred - Aliens
A Halo Called Fred - Bugs
A Halo Called Fred - The Essence of Comedy
A Halo Called Fred - Dead Guy
A Halo Called Fred - Heinously Inconsiderate
A Halo Called Fred - Dig:
Ablaze in Hatred - When the Blackened Candles Shine
Ablaze in Hatred - Ongoing Fall
Ablaze in Hatred - Closure of Life
Ablaze in Hatred - A Walk Through the Silence
Ablaze in Hatred - Perfection of Waves
Ablaze in Hatred - The Wandering Path
Ablaze in Hatred - The Quietude Plains
Ablaze in Hatred - My Dearest End
Ablaze in Hatred - Therefore I Suffer
Afu-Ra feat. Guru - Blvd.
Adegan - Satu Kata
ABC - How to Be a Zillionaire
ABC - The Night You Murdered Love (The Whole Story)
ABC - Sixteen Seconds to Choose
ABC - The Very First Time
ABC - Ride
ABC - Love Is Strong
ABC - Life Shapes You
ABC - One Way Traffic
ABC - Way Back When
ABC - Validation
ABC - Fugitives
ABC - Minus Love
ABC - The Look of Love 1990
ABC - All of My Heart Live From Boston
ABC - If Ever I Thought You'd Be Lonely
ABC - Poison Arrow (encore)
Abis - Je sais pas
Abis - Paris
Pedro Abrunhosa & Comité Caviar - Toma Conta de Mim
Admiral Bailey - Kill Them With It
Greg Adams - I'm Comin' Home
Greg Adams - Wrapped Around Your Finger
Advance Patrol - Jag minns
Advance Patrol - Ett land som är tryggt
Advance Patrol - Mitt X
Advance Patrol - Blågula färger
Advance Patrol - Plötsligt kom tystnaden
Advance Patrol - La Calle
Advance Patrol - Rör på den!
Advance Patrol - Betongbarn
Advance Patrol - Rökfritt
Advance Patrol - Snacka I takt
Advance Patrol - Nobody som oss
Advance Patrol - Vi e dom
Advance Patrol - Desperados
Advance Patrol - Estupidos
Advance Patrol - Jag vill ha
Advance Patrol - Operation: Sverige
Advance Patrol - Åsiktsfrihet
Advance Patrol - Jag får spel
Advance Patrol - Jag finns här med er nu
Advance Patrol - Min musik
Advance Patrol - Rytmer från hemtrakten
Advance Patrol - Papisnack
Advance Patrol - Utblandad
Advance Patrol - Dialogen
Advance Patrol - Vamos a gozar
Advance Patrol - Siente la musica
Advance Patrol - Mi Gerla
Advance Patrol - Soy de la calle
Advance Patrol - El poder
Advance Patrol - Eres mia
Advance Patrol - Perdoname
Admiral T - Phenomenal
Admiral T - Viser la victoire
Admiral T - Enfant du pays
Admiral T - J'ai besoin d'y croire
Admiral T - Pi yo mèt ba
Admiral T - Gladiator
Admiral T - Mwen Tini Asé
Admiral T - Dézolé
Admiral T - Gangsta
Admiral T - My Baby Love
Admiral T - Mozaïk kreyol
Admiral T - Rev an mwen
Admiral T - Everytime
Admiral T - Debrouya
Admiral T - Reggae story
Admiral T - Sucre d'orge
Admiral T - Move together
Admiral T - Sound system
Admiral T - Music Is Love
Admiral T - I Am Christy Campbell #Iamcc
Admiral T - Pa ni konfyans
Admiral T - Zonbi
Admiral T - Si'w enmé mwen
Admiral T - Je serai là
Admiral T - Sé vou mwen vlé
Admiral T - Toucher l'horizon
Admiral T - Lanmou Epi Respè
Admiral T - Retour au pays natal
Admiral T - Grand Manitou
Admiral T - Doctè Ka Malad'
Admiral T - Les mains en l'air
Admiral T - Pas de temps à perdre
Admiral T - Rentré An Dans' La
Admiral T - Lè Ou Sé Star
Admiral T - Pavarotty
Admiral T - Fè Tou Sa An Pé
Admiral T - Gwadada
Admiral T - Gwadada (Part 2)
Admiral T - Doum doum
Admiral T - OK
Admiral T - Dancehall X-plosion
Admiral T - Secret lover
Adassa - La manera
Adassa - No me compares
Adassa - Cada Vez Que Te Veo
Adassa - Kamasutra
Adassa - Ya No Soy Tu Mujer
Adassa - Dejare De Quererte
Adassa - Para Ganarte Mi Amor
Adassa - Ese Boom
Afromental - Bootycall
Afromental - Słowo
Afromental - Thing We've Got
Afromental - Happy Day
Afromental - The Breakthru
Afromental - R'n'B
Afromental - I've Got What You Need (intro)
Afromental - Gangsta's Girl
Afromental - Oh Oh
Afromental - City Jungle
Afromental - Bananowy Song
Afromental - Brand New Day
Afromental - Flowers
Afromental - We Want It
Afromental - Radio Song
Afromental - Pray 4 Love
Afromental - Hit the Dance Floor
Afromental - Fight for Your Life
Lee Aaron - Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi
Lee Aaron - Silent Serenade
Lee Aaron - Do I Move You
Lee Aaron - Nasty Boyz
Lee Aaron - Yesterday
Lee Aaron - Gotta Thing for You
Lee Aaron - Tough Girls Don't Cry
Lee Aaron - Sweet Talk
Lee Aaron - Rock the Hard Way
Lee Aaron - Shame
Lee Aaron - Whatcha Do to My Body
Lee Aaron - Hands On
Lee Aaron - Rebel Angel
Lee Aaron - How Deep
Lee Aaron - Tom Boy
Lee Aaron - Metal Queen
Lee Aaron - Lady of the Darkest Night
Lee Aaron - Head Above Water
Lee Aaron - Got to Be the One
Lee Aaron - Shake It Up
Lee Aaron - Deceiver
Lee Aaron - Steal Away Your Love
Lee Aaron - Hold Out
Lee Aaron - Breakdown
Lee Aaron - We Will Be Rockin'
Afromental - The Bomb
Afromental - Rock&Rollin’ Love
Afromental - Rollin' With You
Afromental - Fly Away
Afromental - Naughty by Danger
Afromental - ... To the End
Afromental - We Are the Lumberjaxxx
Afromental - Rise of the Rage
Afromental - It's My Life
Afromental - Mental House
Afromental - I Loved You
Afromental - For Myself
Afromental - Fuck The World
Afromental - Lust Call
Afromental - Running Away
Afromental - Return Of The Cavemen
Afromental - Forever Young
Afromental - Differences
After Forever - Discord
After Forever - Evoke
After Forever - Transitory
After Forever - Energize Me
After Forever - Equally Destructive
After Forever - Withering Time
After Forever - De-Energized
After Forever - Cry With a Smile
After Forever - Envision
After Forever - Who I Am
After Forever - Dreamflight
After Forever - Empty Memories
After Forever - Ex Cathedra (Ouverture)
After Forever - Monolith of Doubt
After Forever - My Pledge of Allegiance #1: The Sealed Fate
After Forever - Emphasis
After Forever - Intrinsic
After Forever - Estranged (A Timeless Spell)
After Forever - Imperfect Tenses
After Forever - The Key
After Forever - Forlorn Hope
After Forever - Beautiful Emptiness
After Forever - Between Love and Fire
After Forever - Sins of Idealism
After Forever - Eccentric
After Forever - Digital Deceit
After Forever - Through Square Eyes
After Forever - Blind Pain
After Forever - Reflections
After Forever - Life's Vortex
After Forever - Enter
After Forever - Come
After Forever - Boundaries Are Open
After Forever - Living Shields
After Forever - Being Everyone
After Forever - Attendance
After Forever - Free of Doubt
After Forever - Only Everything
After Forever - Strong
After Forever - Face Your Demons
After Forever - No Control
After Forever - Forever
After Forever - Taste the Day (Remagine)
After Forever - Live and Learn
Acústicos & Valvulados - Quem Me Dera
Acústicos & Valvulados - Bubblegum
Acústicos & Valvulados - Em Pouco Tempo
Acústicos & Valvulados - Noutro Lugar
Acústicos & Valvulados - Fim de Tarde Com Você
Acústicos & Valvulados - Até a Hora de Parar
Acústicos & Valvulados - A Minha Cura
Acústicos & Valvulados - Amar Alguém Depois
Acústicos & Valvulados - Sensação
Acústicos & Valvulados - A Espera
Acústicos & Valvulados - Quando o Amor Deixar de Ser
Acústicos & Valvulados - Hoje O Mundo É Meu
Acústicos & Valvulados - O Nome Dessa Rua
Acústicos & Valvulados - Remédio
Acústicos & Valvulados - Ao Vivo E A Cores
Acústicos & Valvulados - Vamos Nós
Acústicos & Valvulados - Milésima Canção De Amor
Acústicos & Valvulados - Suspenso No Espaço
Acústicos & Valvulados - Quintal
Lee Aaron - Under Your Spell
Lee Aaron - Lonely for Your Love
Lee Aaron - Night Rider
Lee Aaron - Texas Outlaw
Lee Aaron - I Like My Rock Hard
Lee Aaron - I Just Wanna Make Love to You
Lee Aaron - Runnin' From His Love
Lee Aaron - Should Have Known
Lee Aaron - Took Your Heart Away
Lee Aaron - Under the Stars
Lee Aaron - Rock Me All Over
Lee Aaron - Runnin' From the Fire
Lee Aaron - Champion
Lee Aaron - Barely Holdin' On
Lee Aaron - Burnin' Love
Lee Aaron - Line of Fire
Lee Aaron - Paradise
Lee Aaron - Evil Game
Lee Aaron - Danger Zone
Lee Aaron - Hot to Be Rocked
Lee Aaron - Night Riders
Lee Aaron - Odds of Love
Lee Aaron - Baby Go Round
Lee Aaron - Fire in Your Flame
Lee Aaron - Waterfall
Lee Aaron - Inside
Lee Aaron - Raggedy Jane
Lee Aaron - Soul in Motion
Lee Aaron - Emotional Rain
Lee Aaron - Judgement Day
Lee Aaron - Cry
Lee Aaron - Had Enough
Abysmal Grief - The Necromass: Always They Answer
Abysmal Grief - Cultus Lugubris
Abysmal Grief - Requies Aeterna
Abysmal Grief - Creatures From the Grave
Abysmal Grief - When the Ceremony Ends
Abysmal Grief - Mors Eleison
Abysmal Grief - Occultism
Abysmal Grief - Ignis Fatuus
Abysmal Grief - Cadaver Devotion
Abysmal Grief - Crypt of Horror
Abysmal Grief - The Arrival of the Worm
Abysmal Grief - Resurrecturis
Abysmal Grief - Lords of the Funerals
Abysmal Grief - Hidden in the Graveyard
Abysmal Grief - Sinister Gleams
Abysmal Grief - The Gaze of the Owl
Abysmal Grief - Her Scythe
Acústicos & Valvulados - Sem Ter Razão
Acústicos & Valvulados - Eu Dentro Dela
Acústicos & Valvulados - Eu Já Sei Onde Isso Vai Dar
Abysmal Grief - Exsequia Occulta
Abysmal Grief - Sepulchre of Misfortune
Abysmal Grief - Grimorium Verum
After Forever - Mea Culpa
After Forever - Follow in the Cry
After Forever - Yield to Temptation
After Forever - Silence From Afar
After Forever - Wings of Illusion
After Forever - Beyond Me
After Forever - For the Time Being
After Forever - My Pledge of Allegiance #1
After Forever - Who Wants to Live Forever
After Forever - My Choice
After Forever - Beneath
After Forever - Taste the Day
After Forever - Mea Culpa (The Embrace That Smothers, Prologue)
After Forever - Leaden Legacy (The Embrace That Smothers, Part I)
After Forever - Semblance of Confusion
After Forever - Black Tomb
After Forever - Follow in the Cry (The Embrace That Smothers, Part II)
After Forever - Inimical Chimera
After Forever - Tortuous Threnody
After Forever - Ephemeral
After Forever - Lonely
After Forever - Alone
After Forever - One Day I'll Fly Away
After Forever - Intrinsic Introduction
After Forever - Leaden Legacy Introduction
After Forever - Silence From Afar (demo)
After Forever - Estranged
After Forever - The Key Introduction
After Forever - For the Time Being (demo)
After Forever - Two Sides (Remastered)
After Forever - Beautiful Emptiness (Remastered)
After Forever - Blind Pain (Remastered)
After Forever - Victim of Choices (Remastered)
After Forever - Digital Deceit (Remastered)
Lee Aaron - Powerline
Lee Aaron - Only Human
Lee Aaron - Some Girls Do
Lee Aaron - Peace on Earth
Lee Aaron - Hands Off the Merchandise
Lee Aaron - (You Make Me) Wanna Be Bad
Lee Aaron - Tuff Love
Lee Aaron - Motor City Boy
Lee Aaron - Love Crimes
Lee Aaron - Can't Stand the Heat
Lee Aaron - Dangerous
Lee Aaron - Tell Me Somethin' Good
Lee Aaron - Hands Are Tied
Lee Aaron - Empty Heart
Lee Aaron - Don't Rain on My Parade
Lee Aaron - Goin' Off the Deep End
Lee Aaron - If This Is Love
Lee Aaron - Eye for an Eye
Lee Aaron - Heartbeat of the World
Lee Aaron - Crawl
Lee Aaron - Superbitch
Lee Aaron - My Machine
Lee Aaron - Mascara
Lee Aaron - Misenchanted
Lee Aaron - Black Metal Jesus
Lee Aaron - Here
Lee Aaron - Obsolete
Lee Aaron - Shed
Lee Aaron - Dying Star
Lee Aaron - Watcha Do to My Body
Lee Aaron - Call of the Wild
Lee Aaron - Burning Love
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Green on '73
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Bi-polar Opposites
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Finger in Your Throat
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Spare me the Couch
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Ride or Die
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Take the Train
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Just Another Ambulance Chaser
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - You Aint No Ninja Bitch!
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Walking/Standing
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - How You Gonna Catch Me With One Leg?
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Sleeping With the Light On
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - In the Slightest
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Overpass
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Area Code
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - If Its OK With You
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - The Hottest Day of the Year
A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - Hope and Time
Aegaeon - Dimensions of Reality
Aegaeon - A Product of Variety
Aegaeon - Reshaping the Multiverse
Aegaeon - The Consumption of Everything
Aegaeon - Perception II
Aegaeon - The Awakening
Aegaeon - Impermeance
Aegaeon - Perception
Aegaeon - Demise
Aegaeon - Human
Aegaeon - Exponential Transcendence
Aegaeon - Ineffable
Aegaeon - The Earth Devoured
Aegaeon - The Inception
Aegaeon - The Memory
The Afghan Whigs - If I Were Going
The Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen
The Afghan Whigs - Be Sweet
The Afghan Whigs - Debonair
The Afghan Whigs - When We Two Parted
The Afghan Whigs - Fountain and Fairfax
The Afghan Whigs - What Jail Is Like
The Afghan Whigs - My Curse
The Afghan Whigs - Now You Know
The Afghan Whigs - I Keep Coming Back
The Afghan Whigs - Brother Woodrow / Closing Prayer
The Afghan Whigs - Somethin’ Hot
The Afghan Whigs - Crazy
The Afghan Whigs - Uptown Again
The Afghan Whigs - Sweet Son of a Bitch
The Afghan Whigs - 66
The Afghan Whigs - Citi Soleil
The Afghan Whigs - John the Baptist
The Afghan Whigs - The Slide Song
The Afghan Whigs - Neglekted
The Afghan Whigs - Omerta
The Afghan Whigs - Crime Scene Part One
The Afghan Whigs - My Enemy
The Afghan Whigs - Double Day
The Afghan Whigs - Blame, Etc.
The Afghan Whigs - Step Into the Light
The Afghan Whigs - Going to Town
The Afghan Whigs - Honky’s Ladder
The Afghan Whigs - Night by Candlelight
The Afghan Whigs - Bulletproof
The Afghan Whigs - Summer’s Kiss
The Afghan Whigs - Faded
The Afghan Whigs - Parked Outside
The Afghan Whigs - Matamoros
The Afghan Whigs - It Kills
The Afghan Whigs - Algiers
The Afghan Whigs - Lost in the Woods
The Afghan Whigs - The Lottery
The Afghan Whigs - Can Rova
The Afghan Whigs - Royal Cream
The Afghan Whigs - I Am Fire
The Afghan Whigs - These Sticks
Adama - Hava Naguila
Adama - Making Way
A_Rival - Wandering
Abrupto Grande - Cinco de Mayo
Abrupto Grande - Let's Smoke a Joint (And Forget About Christmas)
The Afghan Whigs - Her Against Me
The Afghan Whigs - I’m Her Slave
The Afghan Whigs - Turn on the Water
The Afghan Whigs - Conjure Me
The Afghan Whigs - Kiss the Floor
The Afghan Whigs - Congregation
The Afghan Whigs - This Is My Confession
The Afghan Whigs - Dedicate It
The Afghan Whigs - The Temple
The Afghan Whigs - Let Me Lie to You
The Afghan Whigs - Tonight
The Afghan Whigs - Miles Iz Ded
The Afghan Whigs - Retarded
The Afghan Whigs - White Trash Party
The Afghan Whigs - Hated
The Afghan Whigs - Southpaw
The Afghan Whigs - Amphetamines and Coffee
The Afghan Whigs - Now We Can Begin
The Afghan Whigs - Son of the South
The Afghan Whigs - I Know Your Little Secret
The Afghan Whigs - I’m a Soldier
The Afghan Whigs - Come See About Me
The Afghan Whigs - Gentleman
The Afghan Whigs - Big Top Halloween
The Afghan Whigs - Sammy
AFI - The Lost Souls
AFI - Days of the Phoenix
AFI - A Winter's Tale
AFI - Totalimmortal
AFI - Fall Children
AFI - The Prayer Position
AFI - God Called in Sick Today
AFI - Lower It
AFI - A Single Second
AFI - Third Season
AFI - He Who Laughs Last…
AFI - I Wanna Get a Mohawk (But Mom Won’t Let Me Get One)
AFI - Perfect Fit
AFI - Rolling Balls
AFI - Who Said You Could Touch Me?
AFI - Half‐Empty Bottle
AFI - Yürf Rendenmein
AFI - Brownie Bottom Sundae
AFI - Cereal Wars
AFI - The Mother in Me
AFI - Rizzo in the Box
AFI - Kung‐Fu Devil
AFI - Your Name Here
AFI - Don’t Make Me Ill
AFI - Highschool Football Hero