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Fats Domino - I Want To Walk You Home
Fratellis (The) - Ole Black 'N' Blue Eyes
Mando Diao - Killer Kaczynski
Robert Charlebois - Trop Belle Pour Mourir
Ardecore - Lupo De' Fiume
Eric Burdon & War - Laurel & Hardy
Brenton Brown - We Will Worship Him
Vanessa Carlton - Nolita Fairytale
Merche - Y Si Ya No Estas
Black Maria, The - A Thief In The Ranks (Your Bike)
Bled, The - Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back
Bled, The - With An Urgency
Bones Brigade - Endless Bummer
Briefs, The - Poor And Weird
Bright Channel - New Observation
Hedley - For The Nights I Can't Remember
Bruisers, The - Independece Day
Business, The - Real Enemy
Byrds, The - Artificial Energy
Byrds, The - I Trust
Byrds, The - See The Sky About To Rain
Byrds, The - The World Turns All Around Her
Byrds, The - Time Between
Byrds, The - Wasn't Born To Follow
Byrds, The - You Ain't Going Nowhere
Byrds, The - You Don't Miss Your Water
Cairo Capone - Denny's (Can't Never Go Back)
Cairo Capone - Lost The Spark
Call, The - With Or Without Reason
Callback - Be Back
Callback - I Don't Know
Callback - Turn
Calling, The - Could It Be Any Harder
Calling, The - For You
Calling, The - Just That Good
Calling, The - Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Calling, The - Lost (unreleased)
Calling, The - Our Lives
Calling, The - Somebody Out There
Calling, The - Thank You
Calling, The - Unstoppable
Calling, The - When It All Falls Down (unreleased)
Calling, The - Your Hope
Calm Before the Storm - In Case You Weren't Aware
Car Crash Show, the - If You Get The Chance To Travel Round The World
Cardigans, The - 45: No Sleep
Cardigans, The - A Good Horse
Cardigans, The - And Then You Kissed Me
Cardigans, The - Couldn't Care Less
Cardigans, The - Losers (First Try)
Cardigans, The - Your New Cuckoo
Carl Hauck - Blood-Stained Liberty
Cars, The - Bye Bye Love
Cars, The - Good Times Roll
Cars, The - I'm Not The One
Cars, The - Strap Me In
Cars, The - Ta Ta Wayo Wayo
Cars, The - The Little Black Egg
Cars, The - You Can't Hold On Too Long
Casanatra - Pedestrian
Cassette - Feathers
Casualties, The - Down & Out
Casualties, The - Ruining It All
Cat Empire, The - In My Pocket
Cat Empire, The - One Four Five
Cat Empire, The - The Lost Song
Cat Empire, The - Till The Ocean Takes Us All
Chakra - Love Shines Through
Chemical Brothers, The - Asleep From Day
Chemical Brothers, The - Do It Again
Chemistry, The - From Within
Cinematic Orchestra, The - Breathe
City Drive, The - Overready
Clarks, The - Let Me Die
Clarks, The - What A Way To Go