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Mountain Goats, The - Fresh Berries For You
Mountain Goats, The - Going To Dade County
Mountain Goats, The - Going To Port Washington
Mountain Goats, The - Hotel Road
Mountain Goats, The - Pure Intentions
Mountain Goats, The - Real Good Girlfriend
Mountain Goats, The - Song From The Shoreline
Mountain Goats, The - We Were Patriots
Movielife, The - Scary
Murmurs, The - Misfit
Music, The - Guide
Music, The - Turn Out The Light
My Pal Trigger - In Walks Disaster
Mz Ann Thropik - Dynamite
National, The - Val Jester
National, The - Wasp Nest
Network, the - Transistors Gone Wild
New Amsterdams, The - Silverlake
New Amsterdams, The - Son Of A Prophet
No Te Va A Gustar - Te Quiero Mas
Offspring, The - Autonomy
Offspring, The - Can't Repeat
Offspring, The - Conspiracy Of One
Offspring, The - Hand Grenades
Offspring, The - Kill The President
Offspring, The - Not The One
Offspring, The - Vultures
Old Ceremony, The - Our One Mistake
Old Ceremony, The - The Motions
Old Dead Tree, The - My Friends
Old Dead Tree, The - Out Of Breath
Organ, The - Sinking Hearts
Other Side, The - Coache's Corner
Other Side, The - The Choice
Others, The - This Is For The Poor
Outline, The - Aesthetics
Panda Band, The - Eyelashes
Paper And The Plane, The - All That I Had
Partisans, The - The Money Rolls In
Eros Ramazzotti - L'aurora
Eros Ramazzotti - Solo Ieri
Perfect Victim, The - Dream Awake
Phazm - How To Become A God
Phoebe Buffay - Shower Song
Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss
Chris Brown - With You
Pigeon Detectives, The - I'm Always Right
Pink Spiders, The - Easy Way Out
Pink Spiders, The - Hey Jane
Pink Spiders, The - Pretend That This Is Fiction
Pink Spiders, The - Sham On
Pipettes, The - Guess Who Ran Away With The Milkman
Pipettes, The - In The Bleak Midwinter
Pipettes, The - It Hurts To See You Dance So Well
Pipettes, The - KFC
Pipettes, The - Kitchen Sink
Pipettes, The - One Night Stand
Pipettes, The - Really That Bad
Pipettes, The - Tell Me What You Want
Pipettes, The - The Burning Ambition Of Early Diuretics
Pipettes, The - True Love Waits Patiently For A Miracle
Pipettes, The - We Are The Pipettes
Pipettes, The - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
Plainsong - Cold Day In December
Platters, The - Only You
Platters, The - Sleepy Lagoon
Platters, The - Twilight Time
Platters, The - You'll Never Never Know
Plushgun - Just Impolite
Plushgun - A Crush To Pass The Time
Pogues, The - Blue Heaven
Pogues, The - Greeenland Whale Fisheries
Pogues, The - I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
Pogues, The - I'm A Man You Don't Meet Everyday
Pogues, The - Jesse James
Pogues, The - Misty Morning,albert Bridge
Pogues, The - Six To Go
Pogues, The - South Australia
Pogues, The - Waxie's Dargle
Pogues, The - Whiskey In The Jar
Poison Control Center - Glory Us
Poison Control Center - Magic Circle Symphony
Poison Control Center - When The World Sleeps
Poison Girls - Another Hero
Poison Girls - Bremen Song
Poison Girls - Cat's Eye
Poison Girls - Closed Shop
Poison Girls - Daughters And Sons
Poison Girls - Girls Over There
Poison Girls - Hole In The Wall
Poison Girls - Ideologically Unsound
Poison Girls - Lovers, Are They Worth It?
Poison Girls - Piano Lessons
Poor Richards Press - Millionaire
Poor Richards Press - Seasons
Pop Evil - Hero
Porcelain Arms - Your Parade
Posies, The - 21
Posies, The - Blind Eyes Open
Posies, The - Earlier Than Expected
Posies, The - Suddenly Mary
Postal Service, The - Be Still My Heart
Postal Service, The - Brand New Colony
Postal Service, The - Nothing Better
Postal Service, The - Such Great Heights
Postal Service, The - We Will Become Silhouettes
Priory Of Sion, The - Next Train To China
Priory Of Sion, The - Revealing The Revealed
Priory Of Sion, The - The Apothecary
Prize Fight, The - Brand New
Prize Fight, The - Last Time Around
Prize Fight, The - Lesson #6: Learn To Let Go
Prize Fight, The - Playing The Part
Prize Fight, The - Summer Of '98
Prize Fight, The - The Apartment
Prize Fight, The - The Perfect Day
Prize Fight, The - The Trainwreck
Professional Americans, The - Foto Album
Professional Americans, The - Idle Threats
Professional Americans, The - Left Lane Driver
Professional Americans, The - Safety
Professional Americans, The - Seal My Fate
Program, The - Precious
Prom Kings, The - Birthday
Prom Kings, The - Down
Prom Kings, The - Lines
Promise Ring, The - Become One Anything One Time
Promise Ring, The - Easy
Promise Ring, The - Half Year Sun
Promise Ring, The - Sea Of Cortez
Promise Ring, The - Stop Playing Guitar
Promise Ring, The - You Are So Unreal
Purrbot - Hologram
Quick Step Maneuver - Alright
Quick Step Maneuver - On The Radio
Quinns, The - C-side Rock
Quinns, The - Red Rover
Raconteurs, The - Broken Boy Soldier
Raconteurs, The - Hands
Raconteurs, The - Level
Raconteurs, The - Steady As She Goes
Rakes, The - Retreat
Rapture, The - Calling Me
Rapture, The - Caravan
Rapture, The - Down For So Long
Rapture, The - I Need Your Love
Rapture, The - Infatuation
Rapture, The - Live In Sunshine
Rapture, The - Olio
Rapture, The - Pieces Of The People We Love
Rascals (The) - People Got To Be Free
Rasmus, The - Back In The Picture
Rasmus, The - Dead Promises
Rasmus, The - Everyday
Rasmus, The - Everything You Say
Rasmus, The - Immortal
Rasmus, The - In My Life
Rasmus, The - Keep Your Heart Broken
Rasmus, The - Madness
Rasmus, The - Man In The Street
Rasmus, The - P.S.
Rasmus, The - Play Dead
Rasmus, The - Playboys
Rasmus, The - Still Standing
Rasmus, The - Time To Burn
Rasmus, The - Ufolaulu
Ravenous, The - Ageless Existence
Ravenous, The - Hallucinations Of A Deranged Mind
Ravenous, The - Orgy In Dog's Blood
Raveonettes, The - Black Wave
Raveonettes, The - Bubblegum
Raveonettes, The - Do You Believe Her
Raveonettes, The - Let's Rave On
Raveonettes, The - The Christmas Song
Ray Lavender - My Girl Gotta Girlfriend
Real You, The - Putting A Price On Life
Reason, The - All I Ever Wanted
Reason, The - If My Tongue Could Talk
Reason, The - This Is Where We Go It Alone
Receiving End Of Sirens, The - Broadcast Quality
Receiving End Of Sirens, The - Dead Men Tell No Tales
Receiving End Of Sirens, The - Flee The Factory
Receiving End Of Sirens, The - Pale Blue Dot
Receiving End Of Sirens, The - The Race
Receiving End Of Sirens, The - The Rival Cycle
Receiving End Of Sirens, The - Vertigo Unconciousness
Red Airplanes, The - A Chance To See
Red Airplanes, The - Calling
Red Airplanes, The - Right Here
Red Airplanes, The - Show Me The Way
Red Airplanes, The - Where I Wanna Go To
Redwalls, The - Build A Bridge
Redwalls, The - Edge Of The Night
Reggie & The Full Effect - Bobby McFerrin Better Worry
Reggie & The Full Effect - Caving
Rembrandts, The - I'll Be There For You
Reunion Show, The - Don't (this Is The Song)
Reunion Show, The - Star Training
Richard & Linda Thompson - When I Get To The Border
Rivingtons - The Bird's The Word
Robots And Racecars - Knuckles For Chuckles
Roe, The - Tango
Rosebuds, The - Boxcar
Rosebuds, The - What Can I Do?
Saidmike - Heads Down, Check It Out!
Saidmike - Stop The Clocks
Salhus Vinskvetten - Guten Og Jutesekken
Scene Aesthetic, The - A Formal Introduction
Scene Aesthetic, The - Call It A Lullaby
Scene Aesthetic, The - To The Steadfast
Second Sunrise, The - Die, And While You're At It... Forget Me
Secret Secret Dino Club - Dot Com
Senate, The - Water To Wine
Servant, The - Out Of Phase
Shelby Sifers - I Don't Mind
Shelby Sifers - Winter
Shelby Sifers - You Geranium, You Potato
Shins, The - Girl On The Wing
Shins, The - One By One All Day
Shins, The - The Celibate Life
Shins, The - Won One Too Many Fights
Shock Stars - Strawberry Lake
Showdown, The - Head Down
Showdown, The - Hell Can't Stop Us Now
Shroomunion - Super Giant Num. 1
Silence, The - Powers
Silhouettes, The - Get A Job
Sincerely August - Hush
Sins Of Thy Beloved, The - All Alone
Jodie - Heartbroken
Andy Gibb - Flowing Rivers
Andy Gibb - Wherever You Are
Pancho Barraza - Hablame Claro
Pancho Barraza - Message From Moderator
Pancho Barraza - Ojala Que No
Pancho Barraza - Te Esperare
Pancho Barraza - Y Por Amor