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Demonlord - The Prophet In Me
Demonlord - Return To Nowhere
Desperados - Friends 'Til the End
Destiny - Medieval Rendezvous
Destruction - Soul Collector
Destruction - The Calm Before The Storm
Diecast - Nothing I Could Say
Dimhymn - Djävulens Tid Är Kommen
Dio - One Night In The City
Divercia - Overwhelming
Divercia - 2nd Ghost
Dog Fashion Disco - Chapter Nine. Dead Virgins Dont Sing
Dokken - We're Going Wrong
Dokken - Dream Warriors
Dokken - The Hunger
Dokken - Haunted Lullabye
Dokken - Escape
Dorsal Atlantica - Misery Spreads
Dorsal Atlantica - Human Rights
Dorso - Psicopata Peligroso
Dorso - Romance
Dr. Skull - Gökova
Dr. Sin - Calling Dr. Love
Dragonland - Astronomy
Dream Theater - I Walk Beside You
Dream Theater - Metropolis
Dreamland - Hearts Like Lions
Dying Wish - Mist Of Void
Edge Of Sanity - Until Eternity Ends
Eisheilig - Schrei
Elegeion - Scars
Elenium - Of The Man Who Died
Elis - Elis
Enthroning - I Evoked Through Mysts And Dark Horizons
Euthanasia - White Lies
Evading Downfall - For The Birth Of A New Tomorrow
Even Vast - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Excalion - Between The lines
Eyes Of Eden - Winter Night
F.K.U. - Michael Myers Costume Party
Fairyland - The Fall Of An Empire
Fairyland - Look Into Lost Years
Fifth Season - Act III - The Marching Truth
Firewind - Head Up High
Firewind - The Silent Code
:Fjoergyn: - Katharsis
Frameshift - In An Empty Room
Freedom Call - Hymn To The Brave
Freya - Only The Martyrs
Full Blown Chaos - The Vorhees Complex
Furze (The) - Avail The Autocrat Of Evil
Furze (The) - Deep In The Pot Of Fresh Antøpodal Weave
Milly Quezada - Cheque Al Portador
Wilson Gonzalez - I'm Fallin'
Classic Crime (The) - 5805
1997 - Dancing With The Devil
Lower Definition - The Choreographer
Ligabue - Tutti Vogliono Viaggiare In Prima
Cassie - Official Girl
Rick Springfield - Misty Water Woman
Rick Springfield - The Great Lost Art Of Conversation
Rick Springfield - Religion Of The Heart
Rick Springfield - Baker Street
Thomas Godoj - Where Did Your Love Go Wrong
Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Did It Ever Cross Your Mind
PlayRadioPlay! - Madi Don't Leave
Ashley Tisdale - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Brenn Hill - Mirror Of Your Eyes
Brenn Hill - Caffeine
Brenn Hill - The Onyx Mine
Kurt Nilsen - Stop The Time
Kurt Nilsen - Four Seasons
Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes
Lori McKenna - Cowardly Lion
Toli Asako - Play Our Love's Theme
Dj Matrix - La Tipica Ragazza Italiana
Andrae Crouch - God Still Loves Me
Frank Sinatra - Drinking Again
Doro Pesch - World Gone Wild
Doro Pesch - Hard Times
Doro Pesch - Under The Gun
Doro Pesch - You Gonna Break My Heart
Doro Pesch - Hear Me
Doro Pesch - Gettin' Nowhere Without You
Doro Pesch - Enough For You
Doro Pesch - Children Of The Night
Doro Pesch - Love Is The Thrill
Doro Pesch - Tausend Mal Gelebt
Doro Pesch - Prisoner Of Love
Doro Pesch - Sister Darkness
Doro Pesch - I Adore You
Doro Pesch - Turn It On
Killah Priest - Looking Glas
Across The Universe - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Across The Universe - Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
Tickle Me Pink - Madeline
Callahan - Cellophane Hearts
Shad - Outro
Eudora - The Violent Years
Gloomy Grim - Lucifer's Hammer
Gloomy Grim - Corps Of Doom
Wayfaring Strangers - Memories Of You
Raffaello - Come Sei Fragile
Teenagers (The) - French Kiss
Weepies (The) - Wish I Could Forget
Jennifer Hanson - Just One Of Those Days
God Forbid - Assed Out