Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 264:

Mark Mallman - Hardcore Romantics
Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick - Fallen Tides
Mark Rose - Crossing The Line (Acoustic Demo)
Mark Seymour - Can't Crawl That Way
Mark Seymour - Long Way Down
Mark Seymour - Parting Glass
Mark Seymour - Radio Death Song
Mark Seymour - The Ballad of the One Eyed Man
Mark Seymour - Walk Through Fire
Mars Volta (The) - Halo Of Nembutals
Mars Volta (The) - Since We've Been Wrong
Marshall Tucker Band (The) - Take the Highway
Martin Page - Put on your Red Dress
Martina Topley-bird - Phoenix
Martyr AD - Seventyfive - Twentyfive
Mary's Danish - Ashes
Mary's Danish - O Lonely Soul, It's A Hard Road
Mary's Danish - The Living End
Mason Proper - Alone
Masters of the Microwave - A Different Perspective
Mates Of State - These Days (Nico cover)
Mathien - We Don't Need to Make Love to Know That We Got It
Matt Beilis - Why Don't I Miss You
Matthew Ryan - City Life
Matthews, Dave - The Fly
Meat Puppets - Blanket of Weeds
Medicine - She Knows Everything
Medusa'scream - хотел остаться
Megan Lancaster - I'll Be Your Sunshine
Mel - Hate You Now
Melanie Safka - Alexander Beetle
Melanie Safka - Lovin' the Boy Next Door
Melanie Safka - Momma Momma
Melbourne Treatment (The) - Heavenbound
Meligrove Band - Grasshoppers In Honey
Melody. - Dear Love
Melpo Mene - Don't Save Me
Melt-banana - Flash Cube, or Eyeball
Melt-banana - Green eyed Devil
Melt-banana - Section Eight
Melvins (The) - Bar-x The Rocking M
Melvins (The) - Lovely Butterfly
Memories & Jersey - Stage Two Anger: The Infinite...
Mercury City - Smile
Mersey - Afterburn
Mess Hall (The) - Be Not a Man
Message - Give You My Loving
Meursault - Salt Part 2
Michael Keith - Running Out of Time
Midwest Pen Pals - Bobby Markos Posi Talk
Mieka Pauley - All the Same Mistakes
Mike Falzone - Famous
Milkman's Union (The) - Storm/Sleep
Milkman's Union (The) - The City and the Country
Millennium millenniuM - Pointless Little Letters
Million Billion - Milk and Honey
Milloy - Eveready
Mink - Madame Chung
Minnie Riperton - Whenever, Wherever
Minor Constellations - Leaving Song
Mint Chicks (The) - I Don't Want to Grow Old
mint royale - Princess
Minuit - We're All Scared, Professor
Mira Craig - Dinner In Bed
Miranda Lee Richards - The Long Goodbye
Miss Kittin And The Hacker - Electronic City
Missouri Breaks - The Vessel Armada
Mock Orange - Birds
Mock Orange - Smile On
Mock Orange - Til The Morning
Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck - Pictures (too big to fit in a sight)
Moe. - Spaz Medicine
Moe. - Waiting For the Punchline
Moinho da Bahia - Esnoba
Moke - Switch
Monahans - Fit for Fire
Moneta - A Thousand Miles
Moneybrother - ^Keep The Hurt At Bay
Monofog - No Proper Nouns
Monoral - Guards of Mice
Monoral - I don't mind
Monster Goes Rawr (The) - If I Shake It Off Maybe You'll Take It Off
Moondoggies (The) - Jesus On the Mainline
Morning Bride - Death Rattle
Morning Bride - KX
Morning Light, The - Colors
Moshav Band - Cold Cry
Most Serene Republic (The) - Heavens to Purgatory
Mother Earth - Mister Freedom
Moto Boy - Blue Motorbike
Mount Eerie - Headless Horseman Pt. 2
Mount Righteous - I Got A Car!
Movement (The) - Bring Back the Sun
Mower - NND
Mower - U Turn
Mr Hudson & The Library - Bread & Roses
Mr Hudson & The Library - Time
mr. Gnome - Night of the Crickets
Mucc - Namonaki Yume (English)
Mucc - Sora it Ito (english)
Mugshot - Resuscitate
Music, The - Symbol Of Hope
My First Earthquake - Clean, Clean
My Summer As A Salvation Soldier - Nupur Lala