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Capleton - Hidden Secrets
TC - Beautiful Poison
Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Alive
Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Could You Be Loved
Natalie Bassingthwaighte - This Can't Be Love
Eoghan Quigg - Learn To Fly
Eoghan Quigg - Ben
Alaine - Spin Mi
Andrae Crouch And The Disciples - Tell Them
Oh No Not Stereo - Can't Trust Anyone
Other Lives - Paper Cities
Paper Route - Enemy Among Us
Ms Ruby - Bed (Remix / Female Response)
Renegade Five - Darkest Age
Richard Sanderson - She Loves Me Again
Percy Shaw - The Melancholy Lives Of Cemetery Grounds Keepers
Percy Shaw - Scenes From A Sweat Shop
Of Machines - Hidden Track
Oh No Not Stereo - Where You Are
Mitchel Musso - The In Crowd
Yusuf Islam - The Rain
Montreal - Endlch Wieder Discozeit
Montreal - Zum Allerersten Mal
Kotiteollisuus - Laulu On Kuollut
Dream Theater - The Shattered Fortress
Francesca Battistelli - I'm Letting Go
Francesca Battistelli - Time In Between
Golden Palominos (The) - Victim
Miserable Rich (The) - The Barmaid's Canon
OverUnder (The) - Circles And Squares
Record Life (The) - Alone In The Atmosphere
Methadones (The) - Break Out Of My Head
Attak - Young And Proud
Spotlight (The) - Gravity
Wave Pictures (The) - Holding Hands
Thousand Foot Krutch - Welcome To The Masquerade
Tonight We Ride - Cain Station
Endless Hallway - Toppled Dynamo
Wade Walters - Im Going Down
Bobo Rondelli - Viaggio Di Autunno
Jewel - Forever And A Day (Always)
Victor Manuelle - Tiene Mi Sangre
Cristian Castro - Como Dos Tontos
Cristian Castro - Ten Valor
Cristian Castro - Por La Espalda
Cristian Castro - Mi Bien Amada Y Yo
Cristian Castro - No Me Digas
Cristian Castro - El Culpable Soy Yo
Cristian Castro - No Me Digas [version Balada]
Don Omar - The Chosen
Don Omar - Sci-fi
Los Horoscopos De Durango - Este Corazon
Los Horoscopos De Durango - No Te Pido Flores
Los Horoscopos De Durango - Quiereme Mas
Los Horoscopos De Durango - Desde Que Dios Amanece
Los Horoscopos De Durango - Eclipse Total Del Amor
Los Horoscopos De Durango - No He Podido Olvidarte
Los Horoscopos De Durango - Aunque No Estas Te Siento
Los Horoscopos De Durango - La Piedra
Los Horoscopos De Durango - Cinco Minutos
Peggy Lee - Mañana (Is Soon Enough For Me)
Phavian - Kiena
German Montero - Llevate Tu Ausencia
German Montero - Se Termino
German Montero - Amiga
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - K.I.T.
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - N/A OK
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Minus Me
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Prefontaine
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Heaven on Mars
Pilgrims - Pieces
Lady Antebellum - Celebrate Me Home
Roy Orbison - Go Away
Nat King Cole - tis Autumn
Sheena Easton - So Much In Love
Sapphire - The Real Folk Blues
Sapphire - Stronger Than You
Sapphire - Sirius
Sapphire - Shiki no Uta
Sapphire - Never More
Sapphire - Memories of You
Sapphire - Fight Together
Sapphire - Cutie Honey
Sapphire - Before My Body is Dry (nZk version)
Sapphire - All Alone With You
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Me vs Us
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Visionary Science Patrol
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Stranger to Myself
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Anti-Venom
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - P.S. I Can Change
Circus Contraption - Hey, It's Been Good Ta Know Ya (Reprise)
Circus Contraption - Love Makes the World Go Round
Circus Contraption - Pink Elephants on Parade
Circus Contraption - Insectavora
Circus Contraption - Spook-O-Rama
Circus Contraption - Goodbye Honky Town
Circus Contraption - Raining Pianos
Circus Contraption - The Odditorium
Circus Contraption - Charmed, I'm Sure
Circus Contraption - Lover's Trapeze
Circus Contraption - Marshmallows - Reprise
Circus Contraption - Down to the Devil You Go
Circus Contraption - Marshmallows and a Holy Bible
Circus Contraption - Come to the Circus
Circus Contraption - March in A minor
Lacy Rose - Creature of the Night
Lacy Rose - The Ballad of Polly Peachum
Lacy Rose - Hop-Frog
Lacy Rose - Sailor
Lacy Rose - Saint Lucy
That Was Something - For The Fame
Edu Del Prado - Siento El Calor
Luis Fonsi - Quien Le Va A Decir
Luis Fonsi - Llueve Por Dentro
Luis Fonsi - Otro Día Será (Desencontrándonos)
Luis Fonsi - Aunque Estés Con El
Luis Fonsi - La Mentira
Luis Fonsi - Lágrimas Del Mar
Luis Fonsi - Todo Vuelve A Empezar
Luis Fonsi - Persiguiendo El Paraiso
Luis Fonsi - Todo Lo Que Tengo
Luis Fonsi - Tienes Razón
Stefano Artiaco - Senza Di Lei
Stefano Artiaco - Maledetto Cuore
Stefano Artiaco - Quello Che Tu Sei Per Me
Stefano Artiaco - Mandy
Nek - Tira Su Il Volume
Paola Iezzi - Alone
Dannii Minogue - Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling (Jewels & Stone 7" Mix)
Dannii Minogue - Everything I Wanted (Metro 7" Mix)
Dannii Minogue - Hide And Seek
Jake Weezner - Fall
Bruce Springsteen - The Last Carnival
Bruce Springsteen - The Wrestler
Dalriada - Mégegyszer...
Dark Captain Light Captain - Jealous Enemies
Daydreams - I Slept Through the Movie
Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music
Deleometer - Ideal Individual
Deleometer - Rotation Um Die Ich-Achse
Deolinda - Contado Ninguém Acredita
Deolinda - Lisboa Não é a Cidade Perfeita
Deolinda - Mal Por Mal
Doomtree - Drumsticks
Doris Troy - Just One Look
Dr Manhattan - Minds Like Ours
Draytones (The) - After All
Draytones (The) - As High As I Can
Draytones (The) - Don't Talk to Me
Draytones (The) - Heart Shaped Line
Draytones (The) - I Have To Go
Draytones (The) - On the Way
Draytones (The) - Troubled Man
Draytones (The) - Turn It Down
Duo Pegla - Moja Žena Pije I Puši
Duo Pegla - Pričaju Mi Da Me Varaš
Dustin and the Furniture - Pip Is Dead
DyNAbyte - Dynabyte
Cahill - Honesty
Can't See (The) - Clarity
Candypants - Cherry Picker
CC40 - Heroin
Cecelia Findorff - Burned
Chadderandom Abyss (The) - A Man With A Bloody Bride
Chadderandom Abyss (The) - Burning Like Autumn Leaves In An Open Wound
Chadderandom Abyss (The) - Cryptic Comment
Chadderandom Abyss (The) - The Helen Reddy Rob Van Winkle Mash Up
Channeling (The) - Coroner's Report
Chew Lips - Salt Air
Chris O'Brien - Hey Love
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - No Exception
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Same To You
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Up to the Moon
Clara Luzia - Blurry
Clara Luzia - Economy
Clara Luzia - Electric Light
Clara Luzia - Fine
Clara Luzia - Gladly Away
Clara Luzia - Heartattack
Clara Luzia - My body is a diary
Clara Luzia - Nutrition
Clara Luzia - Old House for Sale
Clara Luzia - Tidal
Crash My Model Car - Wake-Up Call
Crash My Model Car - Wasted On You
Crazy Anglos - Fade
After Forever - Semblance Of Confusion
After Forever - Zenith
After Forever - My Pledge Of Allegiance #2 - The Tempted Fate
After Forever - Forlorn Hope
After Forever - Between Love And Fire
After Forever - Eccentric
After Forever - Digital Deceit
After Forever - Evoke
After Forever - Transitory
After Forever - Energize Me
After Forever - Equally Destructive
After Forever - Cry With A Smile
After Forever - Envision
After Forever - Dreamflight
After Forever - Empty Memories
Aghonya - Worlds Apart
Aglarond - Dark Stream
Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Chiki Chiki
City Sirens - Fluid
City Sirens - Maybe I'm
Blameshifters (The) - The Sharpest Thorn
Blameshifters (The) - Stardust
Blameshifters (The) - Just A Phase
Blameshifters (The) - No Recipe
Blameshifters (The) - Fish In A Barrel
Blameshifters (The) - Human Condition
Blameshifters (The) - Sax & Violins
Blameshifters (The) - Stupid Drunk Kid
Media Says (The) - Dance With Me
Media Says (The) - That Pretty Gurl
Agnus Dei (Esp) - Intro
Final Breakup - Walking Slowly
Final Breakup - Feelings
Shiny - Uk Let Me In
Shiny - The Things You Do
Shiny - My Valentine
Shiny - My Mistake
Shiny - Meant To Be
Amir - Se Alzi Gli Occhi Al Cielo
Neuraxis - Darkness Prevails
Neuraxis - The All And The Nothing
Grave Digger - Pray
Grave Digger - Overkill
Agony (Cze) - Skyline From Silence
Agony Column - 4 X 4
Agora (mex) - 365
Agrath - Oskorei (The Ride Of The Dead)
Agregator - És Mégis
Agregator - Hattyútánc
Agregator - EdenEast
Agregator - Az életút
Agregator - High Water Mark
Ahnenstahl - Am Gnadenfall
Ahnenstahl - Zur Letzten Ruh'
Ahnenstahl - Die Wiederkehr
Racing Kites - Better Without It
Racing Kites - Oceans
Ahpuch Oztoc - 1810
Ahpuch Oztoc - Himno Nacional Mexicano
Trip Lee - More
Infested (The) - Not Dead Yet
Infested (The) - Memories
Flight 409 - Starry Nights And Fist Fights
Destination Anywhere - Bittersweet Suburbia
Giorgio Barbarotta - Notturno
Giorgio Barbarotta - La Promessa
Giorgio Barbarotta - Quello Che Rimane
Giorgio Barbarotta - Luci Sulla Città
Giorgio Barbarotta - Vuoti Di Memoria
Giorgio Barbarotta - Ricordati
Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes - Legendary
Cherish - Power Of A Female
Lacerda - Uppers And Downers
Lacerda - Beauty
Hechizeros Band - El Sonidito (El Ruidito)
El Chapo De Sinaloa - Nomas Por Orgullo
El Chapo De Sinaloa - Dicen
El Chapo De Sinaloa - Te Cambio
El Chapo De Sinaloa - Si Te llame
Valentin Elizalde - Porque Te Extraño
Ak'Bal - 6 Horas
Akela - Háború Lesz
Akelei - Herfst En De Weduwnaar
Serena Abrami - Nei Miei Ricordi
Elisa Rossi - Sofiice
Alabarda - Tentación
Farias - Soy Chehuen
Farias - La Mentirosa
Alannah - Before You Break My Heart
Tom Jones - If He Should Ever Leave You
Tom Jones - Give A Little Love
Tom Jones - Never
Alcohol - Ezen A Szinten
Alea Jacta (Ita) - Hope Demised
Madina Lake - Never Take Us Alive
Silverstein - Apologize
Peter Broggs - Rise And Shine
Peter Broggs - Leggo Mi Hand
Morda - Remains
Morda - Sacrifice
Sinner - Crash & Burn
Amity Affliction (The) - Fruity Lexia
Amity Affliction (The) - Love Is A Battlefield
Friday Night Fever - Glamour Kills (Live Your Life In Color)
Sal da Vinci - O Sole Mio
Tesla - Not Fragile
Tesla - Street Fighting Man
Tesla - Breakin' Free
Pretenders - Kid
Pretenders - Mystery Achievement
Alice In Chains - Them Bones
Alice In Chains - Again
A Day To Remember - Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End
Pasqualino Maione - Ho Chiesto Un Amore Grande
Enrico Ruggeri - Popoff
Stereophonics - My Own Worst Enemy