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Jazmine Sullivan - Cry
Ron Browz - Simple Man
Chamillionaire - Throwdest In The Game
Thrice - All The World Is Mad
My Brightest Diamond - The Diamond
Maximo Park - Roller Disco Dreams
Jacopo Sarno - E' Tardi
Wooden Sky (The) - This Bird Has Flown
Brandy - Too Little Too Late
Whitey - Wrap It Up
Quakes (The) - Puttin' Out The Flame
Alicia Villarreal - Tus Maletas En La Puerta
Chamillionaire - Block On Smash
Los Rieleros Del Norte - El Cariño Que Perdi
Dawn Of Tears - Echoes Of Eternal Life
Killah Priest - Gate Way
Schuyler Fisk - You're Only Lonely
Melodica, Melody And Me - Runaway
Rising Waters - From Them
Christmas Fuller Project - Desert Girls
Another Cinderella Story - Hurry Up And Save Me
Another Cinderella Story - Just That Girl Drew Seeley
Oliver Weers - Angel
Pestilence - Dehydrated II
Dee.M & The Greatest - 3 Pa 3
Andrea Libardi - Keep On Loving You
Ill Click - Selfish
Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom
Foy Vance - For You This Time
Sem Resposta - Passo A Passo
Sem Resposta - A Sua Verdade
Peter Andre - Behind Closed Doors
Janet Leon - Let Go
Les Trois Tetons - Runaway
Show Me The Skyline - Get On Your Feet
Kyle Bennett Band - Into Her Arms
In Tenebris - Torch Song
Joe Vitale Jr - I Don't Belong Here
Joe Vitale Jr - Break
Barbie And The Diamond Castle - Believe
Barbie And The Diamond Castle - I Need To Know
Barbie And The Diamond Castle - Shine
Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother
Sean Paul - Now That I've Got Your Love
Emilie Mover - No Words
Hey Besala - Ennis Del Mar (De Vuelta Al Campo)
Kristin Chenoweth - Abide In Me
Vicente Fernandez - Necesito De Ti
Born Of Osiris - Exist
El Tigrillo Palma - Los Vaquetones
George Strait - I Gotta Get To You
Jenny O. - Mistakes
Jenny O. - Progress
Jenny O. - Trip
Skyler Stonestreet - My Favorite Song
Motel Motel - Tammy's Bodega
Motel Motel - Cannons
Motel Motel - Vietnam
Motel Motel - Arvada
Mischief Brew - Tell Me A Story
Mischief Brew - Gimme Coffee, Or Death
Mischief Brew - Children Play With Matches
Mischief Brew - All Our Comrades
Gianluca Capozzi - Di Te
Meese - Broadcast
Meese - Next In Line
Meese - The Medicine
Meese - Movie Screens
Miley Cyrus - He Could Be The One
Joel And Luke - Harmony
Ratti Della Sabina - Un Po' Di Sole
Ratti Della Sabina - Quante Volte
Ratti Della Sabina - La Banda
Ratti Della Sabina - Sette Stelle
Ratti Della Sabina - Sarà Per Questo
Ratti Della Sabina - Una Strana Logica
Ratti Della Sabina - Oggi Io
Ratti Della Sabina - Tra La Luna E La Schiena
Marracash - Non So Dirtelo
Marracash - Freestyle Per Dj Fester
Levon Helm - Poor Old Dirt Farmer
Levon Helm - Little Birds
Levon Helm - Calvary
Levon Helm - Got Me A Woman
Levon Helm - The Blind Child
Levon Helm - Wide River To Cross
Summerline - I've Got A Future And You're Not In It
Summerline - I Call The Shots
Summerline - Between Seas And Lovers
Freischwinger - Mir Egal
Freischwinger - Holiday
Freischwinger - Stell Dir Vor...
Flawless Victory - Freedom
Tickle Me Pink - Just Let Her Go
Tickle Me Pink - Expiration Date
Take-Off (The) - Swing Swing
Take-Off (The) - One Way's The Highway
Take-Off (The) - Pardon Me
Take-Off (The) - The Escapade
Take-Off (The) - What You Want (This Is Me)
Tim Barry - Raised And Grown
Tim Barry - Sorrow Flats
Tim Barry - Shoulda Oughta
Casket Lottery (The) - Midway
Casket Lottery (The) - Ever Since Sulfur
Casket Lottery (The) - One Trick Pony
Casket Lottery (The) - The Matter
Casket Lottery (The) - New Year's Eve
Casket Lottery (The) - Rip Van Winkle
Casket Lottery (The) - Jealousy On Tap
Casket Lottery (The) - A Thousand Oaks (Away From Home)
Casket Lottery (The) - Ancient Injury
Casket Lottery (The) - What I Built Last Night
Casket Lottery (The) - The Bridge
Casket Lottery (The) - Sick
Casket Lottery (The) - Leaving Town
Casket Lottery (The) - Heaven Help Me
Casket Lottery (The) - Fear Of Flying
Casket Lottery (The) - Looking Good In Orange
Casket Lottery (The) - Smoke And Mirrors
Saint Deamon - Deception
Saint Deamon - A Day To Come
Longing For Dawn - Our Symbolic Burial
Longing For Dawn - A Sunrise At Your Feet
Job For A Cowboy - Psychological Immorality
DevilDriver - Bitter Pill
Jorn - Starfire
Jorn - Edge Of The Blade
Jorn - The Day The Earth Caught Fire
Jorn - On And On
Jorn - Fool For Your Loving
Jorn - Lonely Is The Word / Letters Form Earth
Jorn - Kill The King
Jorn - Perfect Strangers
Jorn - Straight Through The Heart
Jorn - Lonely Are The Brave
Jorn - Night City
Jorn - Soul Of The Wind
Jorn - Hellfire
Infernal War - Heretic Victory Ascending
Infernal War - Branded With Sacred Flames Of Gehinnom
Galneryus - New Legend
Galneryus - Aim At The Top
Galneryus - Don't Touch
Galneryus - Chasing The Wind
Danielle Peck - Brick By Brick
Danielle Peck - Do It For Me
Danielle Peck - Lay Back Down
Danielle Peck - She Just Likes To Cry
Danielle Peck - You Like Me Better
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Grain Augury (feat.vic Chesnutt)
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Dark Night Of The Soul (feat.vic Chesnutt)
Gord Bamford - Blue Collar Place
Gord Bamford - Stayed 'Til Two
Gord Bamford - Hurtin' Me Back
Gord Bamford - Honkeytonks And Heartaches
Brooke Hogan - Ex-boyfriend
Brooke Hogan - Finish Line
Trey Songz - More Than That
Mac Davis - Green Green Grass Of Home
Jason Michael Carroll - Where I'm From
Jason Michael Carroll - With You
Zachary Hunter - As Long As We Believe
Zachary Hunter - In The Moonlight
Zachary Hunter - Melinda Mae
Zachary Hunter - Two Lonesome Hearts
Zachary Hunter - Until Our Dying Day
Alecia Nugent - Hillbilly Goddess
Adam Brand - Kissing The Phone
Adam Brand - Wondering
Adam Brand - Words Cannot Say
Gucci Mane - Worthy And Erving
Jonas Brothers - On The Line
GG - Island Girl
Anekdoten - When I Turn
Anekdoten - The Old Man & The Sea
Anekdoten - Prince Of The Ocean (demo)
Kavanaghs (The) - Friday On My Mind
Kaz James - We Hold On
Kaz James - Breathe
Neffa - Nessuno
Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman - Night Falls
Alexander Rybak - 500 Miles
Pietra Montecorvino - Guaglione
Pietra Montecorvino - Palomma 'e Notte
Oakridge Boys (The) - Sail Away
Fede Poggipollini - Indelebile
Syncrisis - Choke
Phone Calls From Home - Keep This Dream Alive
Light Friday (The) - Couldn't Ask For More
Red Light Green Light - Snaps Not Claps