Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 159:

Charley Pride - Mountains of Love
Charlie Robison - Barlight
Cheetah Girls - Five More Days 'Til Christmas
Chichi Peralta - Amor Narcótico
Chico Buarque De Holanda - A moa do sonho
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Cantando no tor
Chieftains (The) - Danny Boy
Chiffons (The) - Every Boy And Every Girl
Chiffons (The) - Foolish Little Girl
Children of Nova - Silhouette
Chris Ayer - Boys Throwing Bikes
Chris Ayer - In the Silence
Chris Ayer - Pretty Poison Things
Chris Ayer - The Revealing
Chris Farlowe - Shake
Christy Moore - The Cliffs of Dooneen
Circus Devils - Brick Soul Mascots Part 1
Clarence Fountain - I'll Fly Away
Classic Crime, The - Painted Dreams
Claude King - There Ain't Gonna Be No More
Claude King - Turn It Around in Your Mind
Claude King - When You Gotta Go (You Gotta Go)
Claudine Longet - I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You
Claudine Longet - Think of Rain
Claudinho & Buchecha - Gostosa
Claus Ogerman - Lamento
Clay Crosse - 98
Clay Crosse - Arms of Jesus
Clay Crosse - His Love's Comin' Over Me
Clay Crosse - Love from the Sweetest Cup
Clay Crosse - Memphis
Clay Crosse - More Like You
Clay Crosse - My Place Is With You
Clay Crosse - No Fear
Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra - Christmas Time Is Here
Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra - I'll Be Home for Christmas
Cledus T. Judd - Cledus Went Down to Florida
Cledus T. Judd - Cledus' Christmas Ball
Cledus T. Judd - Hankenstein
Cledus T. Judd - Hillbilly Honeymoon
Cledus T. Judd - My Voice
Cledus T. Judd - New Car
Cledus T. Judd - Psychic to the Stars
Cledus T. Judd - Shania I'm Broke
Cledus T. Judd - Tiger by the Tail (The Tale of Tiger Woods)
Cledus T. Judd - Willie's Got a Big Deck
Clem Snide - Do You Love Me?
Clem Snide - Strong Enough
Cleo Laine - April in Paris
Cleo Laine - He Needs Me
Cleo Laine - I Loves You, Porgy
Cleo Laine - I'm Nothing Without You
Cleo Laine - I've Got a Crush on You
Cleo Laine - Just a Sittin' and a Rockin'
Cleo Laine - Just the Way You Are
Cleo Laine - Love You Madly
Cleo Laine - Night Owl
Cleo Laine - Sometimes When We Touch
Cleo Laine - The Ladies Who Lunch
Cleo Laine - The Little Things You Do Together
Cleo Laine - When I Need You
Cleo Laine - You Could Drive a Person Crazy
Cleo Laine - You Must Believe in Spring
Cleopatra - Can't Stop
Cleopatra - Life Ain't Easy
Cleopatra - Press Here to Start
Cleopatra - Sweat Me
Click Five, The - Don't Let Me Go
Cliff Bruner - Milk Cow Blues
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - All at Once
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - Bachelor Boy
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - Dancing Shoes
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - Stranger in Town
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - Summer Holiday
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - The Next Time
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - The Young Ones
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - Voice in the Wilderness
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - We Say Yeah
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - We Say Yeah!
Cliff Richards - All That Matters
Cliff Young - God of Wonders
Clifford Brown - Memories of You
Clifford Brown - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Clifford T. Ward - Rayne
Climax Blues Band - I Am Constant
Climax Chicago Blues Band (The) - I Love You
Climie Fisher - Love Changes Everything
Clinton - Before the Fizz Is Gone
Clinton - Hot for May Sound
Clinton - Saturday Night & Dancing
Clipd Beaks - Black Glass
Clipd Beaks - Manipulator
Clipd Beaks - Melter
Clipd Beaks - Woo Melodies
Clive Carter - Mr. Mistoffelees
Clive Gregson - Keep Your Distance
Clock Opera - 11th Hour
Clock Opera - Fail Better
Clock Opera - Man Made
Clocks - Aeon of Horus
Clocks - Cerebral Cortex
Clocks - Prestige
Close Your Eyes - Move Before The Confusion Sets In (Dancerock)
Close Your Eyes - Oh God, This Is War
Clovers (The) - Little Mama
Clovers (The) - Lovey Dovey
Clovers (The) - Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash
Club 8 - Football Kids
CMX - Iskusvelm
CMX - Kauneus pett
CMX - Palvonnan Eleit
CMX - Sametinpehme
CMX - Tyt ja pivt
Coasters (The) - Girls! Girls! Girls!
Coasters (The) - The In Crowd
Coasters (The) - Wake Me, Shake Me
Coasters (The) - Youngblood
Coastline Band - I Wanna Be Rich
Coathangers (The) - Bloody Shirt
Coathangers (The) - Missing Letter
Coathangers (The) - Tonya Harding
Coconuts - Endicott
Code of Ethics - Love
Codeseven - The Day That Doesnt End
Cody Canada - True Love Never Dies
Coffee - Casanova
Coffee Project - Battle Scars
Coffee Project - Bubble In My Head
Coffee Project - Empty Bottles of Foxhorn
Coffee Project - Goodbye To You
Coffee Project - Singularity
Coffee Project - The Adventures of Pickle
Coffee Project - The Everlasting Trip
Coffee Project - The Whole Picture
Coffee Project - Virginia
Coki - Flying High
Cole Porter - A Picture of Me Without You
Cole Porter - Another Op'nin', Another Show
Cole Porter - Let's Be Buddies
Coleman Hawkins - Lullaby
Colin Blunstone - Exclusively for Me
Colin Hay - Prison Time
Colin James - Bad Habits
Colin James - Better Days
Colin James - Better Way to Heaven
Colin James - C'mon with the C'mon
Colin James - Crazy over You
Colin James - Far Away Like a Radio
Colin James - Misplaced Heart
Colin James - Real Stuff
Colin James - Stay
Colin James - Stronger
Colin James - Sudden Stop
Colin James - Surely (I Love You)
Colin James - Voodoo Tihng
Colin James & The Little Big Band - Breakin' up the House
Colin James & The Little Big Band - Cadillac Baby
Colin James & The Little Big Band - Satellite
Colin James & The Little Big Band - Sit Right Here
Colin James & The Little Big Band - Surely (I Love You)
Colin Linden - Before the Dawn
Colin Linden - I Live the Life I Love
Colin Linden - National Steel
Colleen Green - I Wanna Be Degraded
Color Me Badd - Earth, The Sun, The Rain
Color Me Badd - I Adore Mi Amore
Colour - Tired Eyes
Coma Cinema - Burn A Church
Come On Undress Me - H-Bomb In A Valentine Card
Come On Undress Me - Kill or Kill Yourself
Come On Undress Me - Lips & Laughters
Come On Undress Me - Napoleon Sickness
Come On Undress Me - Singing Songs Until We Pass Out
Commander Cody - Lost in the Ozone
Commitments - Destination Anywhere
Commodores (The) - Cowboys to Girls
Commodores (The) - Easy (At Sunday Morning)
Commodores (The) - Say You, Say Me
Company of Thieves - Keep From Moving
Confederate Railroad - Borrowed Time