Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1514:

Los Punsetes - Tráfico de órganos de iglesia
Los Punsetes - Un corte limpio
Los Punsetes - Los tecnócratas
Los Punsetes - Los glaciares
Los Punsetes - Malas tierras
Los Punsetes - Los cervatillos
Los Punsetes - De moda
Los Punsetes - Tus amigos
Los Punsetes - Por el vicio
Los Punsetes - El artista
Los Punsetes - Yo creo que creo en Satanás
Los Punsetes - Mono y galgo
Los Punsetes - Cien metros para el cementerio
Elvis Presley - Blue Moon (takes 1-3)
The Punkles - Bad Boy
The Punkles - All My Loving
The Punkles - Yesterday
Jakie Quartz - Mise au point
Qta Band - MMS (Maaf Maaf Saja)
Quarteto em Cy & MPB4 - Sabiá
Arthur Prysock - My Funny Valentine
Arthur Prysock - April Showers
Arthur Prysock - Woke Up This Morning
Porter - Bailando con mi virginidad
Pupil - Monobloc
Q-Feel - Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)
Purson - Well Spoiled Machine
The Pursuit of Happiness - Food
The Pursuit of Happiness - When Doves Cry
Psycore - Tune in - Turn on - Drop Dead
Psycore - The Zoo
Psycore - A Future Gone Fishing
Punish Yourself - Gun
Rage - Run to You
Elvis Presley - Find Out What’s Happening (Takes 8, 7)
Pearl Jam - Elderly Women Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Rainbow - Power
Rainbow - Sensitive to Light
Puracane - Big Day
Place of Skulls - Desperation
Ma Rainey - Countin' the Blues
Ma Rainey - "Ma" Rainey's Black Bottom
Ma Rainey - Moonshine Blues
Ma Rainey - See See Ryder
Queen of Japan - I Was Made for Lovin' You
Elvis Presley - OId Shep
Elvis Presley - There's a Honky Tonk Angel
Elvis Presley - Fool (long version 29-3-72)
Von Ra - Shine
Powerman 5000 - Good Times Roll
Powerman 5000 - Whip It
Powerman 5000 - One Thing Leads to Another
Powerman 5000 - Pop Muzik
Powerman 5000 - Should I Stay or Should I Go
Powerman 5000 - Under the Milky Way
Powerman 5000 - Army of Me
Raf - Il primo uomo
Raf - La prova
Raf - Estate in città
Elvis Presley - Who Am I
Los Rakas - Kalle
The Prime Movers - Strong as I Am
Igor Presnyakov - Californication [Red Hot Chili Peppers]
Radio Tarifa - Rumba argelina
Radio Tarifa - Soledad
Radio Tarifa - Tangos del agujero
Radio Tarifa - Bulerías turcas
Radio Tarifa - Nina
Radio Tarifa - Las cuevas
Radio Tarifa - Soleá
Radio Tarifa - Tangos de la condición
Radio Tarifa - Temporal
Radio Tarifa - Vestido de flores
Radio Tarifa - Sin palabras
Radio Tarifa - El viaje de Lea
Radio Tarifa - Ramo verde
Radio Tarifa - La molinera
Radio Tarifa - Cruzando el río
Radio Tarifa - Gujo bushi
Radio Tarifa - El quinto
Radio Tarifa - Jota bereber
Radio Tarifa - El Mondil De Carolina
Queen - Soul Brother
Ralph's World - Happy Lemons
Ralph's World - Pony Boy
Ralph's World - Yon Yonson
Ralph's World - I'm My Own Grandpaw
Project Pitchfork - Dreamer
El Poder del Norte - Pobre diablo
El Poder del Norte - Pero me perdonas
El Poder del Norte - No te olvidaré
El Poder del Norte - Ni que valieras tanto
Praxiz - Temores
Praxiz - Rómpelo
Project Pitchfork - Time
Radio Birdman - Anglo Girl Desire
Radio Birdman - Murder City Nights
Radio Birdman - Descent Into the Maelstrom
Radio Birdman - Do the Pop
Radio Birdman - Hand of Law
Radio Birdman - New Race
Radio Birdman - You're Gonna Miss Me
Radio Birdman - More Fun
Timo Räisänen - Time for Me to Fly
Timo Räisänen - I den stora sorgens famn
Elvis Presley - Ain't That Loving You Baby (Previously Unreleased alternate take)
Queen - [untitled]
Radio Birdman - Breaks My Heart
Radio Birdman - Non‐Stop Girls
Elvis Presley - O Sole Mio - It's Now or Never (04-26 Halamazoo)
Pearl Jam - Crown of Thorns (10th Anniversary show - MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV 10/22/2000)
Pearl Jam - Redemption Song
Pearl Jam - I Don't Know
Pearl Jam - Little Wing (1995: Salt Lake City)
Patty Pravo - Morire tra le viole
Patty Pravo - Poesia
Patty Pravo - Tanto
Patty Pravo - Autostop
Patty Pravo - Per simpatia
Pro-Pain - God Only Knows
Patty Pravo - Count Down
Pro-Pain - South of Heaven
Patty Pravo - Le Tue Mani Su di Me
Patty Pravo - With a Little Help From My Friends
Janusz Radek - Grande valse brillante
Punk Floid - Líh ze slív
Punk Floid - Tvůj boj
Punk Floid - Splín
Pyranja - Auf & ab
Queen - In the Laps of the Gods
Queen - Lucille (Earls Court 1977)
Queen - Silent Night (Brian Solo)
Queen - We Are the Champions (John & Roger experiment)
Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Top of the Pops, July 1977)
Queen - Under Pressure (unknown session)
Queen - Innuendo (alternative promo video, 1991)
Queen - No‐One but You
Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever (Por quién vivir por siempre)
Queen - We Will Rock You - BBC Session, October 1977/With DJ Chatter
Preciados - DNI
Preciados - Despacio
Preciados - Otra Oportunidad
Preciados - Si No Estas Tú
Preciados - Déjame En Paz
Preciados - Para Ti
Preciados - Alba
Preciados - Quiero Recordarte
Preciados - Rienda Suelta
Preciados - Maldito Corazón
Ralo - Flexing on Purpose
Phantogram - Bloody Palms
The Queers - I Hate Everything
The Queers - Don't Back Down
The Queers - Salt Lake City
The Queers - Hawaii
The Queers - Surf Goddess
Arianna Puello - Oye ké rico
The Queers - Do You Wanna Dance?
Purgatory - Hipocrishit
Rage - Vertigo
Jackie Quartz - Vivre Ailleurs
Rage - The Trooper
Pop Will Eat Itself - Kick to Kill
Pop Will Eat Itself - Familus Horribilus
Pop Will Eat Itself - Underbelly
Pop Will Eat Itself - Home
Pop Will Eat Itself - Cape Connection
Pop Will Eat Itself - Menofearthereaper
Pop Will Eat Itself - England's Finest
Pop Will Eat Itself - X, Y and Zee
Pop Will Eat Itself - 92°F (The 3rd Degree)
Pop Will Eat Itself - Wise Up! Sucker
Pop Will Eat Itself - Karmadrome
Pop Will Eat Itself - Touched by the Hand of Cicciolina
Pop Will Eat Itself - Inject Me
Pop Will Eat Itself - Dance of the Mad
Pop Will Eat Itself - I've Always Been a Coward, Baby
Pop Will Eat Itself - I Was a Teenage Grandad
Pop Will Eat Itself - Let's Get Ugly
Pop Will Eat Itself - U.B.L.U.D.
Pop Will Eat Itself - Inside You
Pop Will Eat Itself - Evelyn
Pop Will Eat Itself - Razorblade Kisses
Pop Will Eat Itself - Def. Con. One
Pop Will Eat Itself - Bulletproof
Pop Will Eat Itself - 88 Seconds... & Still Counting
Rage - [intro]
Rage - Ghosts
Pop Will Eat Itself - Sweet Sweet Pie
Pop Will Eat Itself - The Incredible PWEI vs. the Moral Majority
Pop Will Eat Itself - X Y & Zee
Pop Will Eat Itself - Dr. Nightmare's Medication Time
Pop Will Eat Itself - 1000x No!
Pop Will Eat Itself - Another Man's Rhubarb
Pop Will Eat Itself - Medicine Man Speak With Forked Tongue
Pop Will Eat Itself - Lived in Splendour: Died in Chaos
Pop Will Eat Itself - The Beat That Refused to Die
Pop Will Eat Itself - Poison to the Mind
Pop Will Eat Itself - Radio PWEI
Pop Will Eat Itself - Shortwave Transmission on 'Up to the Minuteman Nine'
Rage - Ashes
Jean Racine - Faisons l'amour
Jean Racine - Doodidapdoo
Jean Racine - Born in Africa
Pop Will Eat Itself - Dance of the Mad Bastards
Pop Will Eat Itself - Can U Dig It
Pop Will Eat Itself - Wise Up Sucker
Pop Will Eat Itself - Touched by the Hand of Cicciolina (Edited Highlights)
Pop Will Eat Itself - Wake Up, Time to Die
Pop Will Eat Itself - Radio PWEI (a cappella)
Pop Will Eat Itself - X, Y & Zee
Pop Will Eat Itself - 92 F
Rage - My Way
Rage - I Want You
Rage - I Can't Control Myself
Rage - Beyond the Pale
Rage - Home
QueenAdreena - Pretty Like Drugs
QueenAdreena - Razorblade Sky
Elvis Presley - I Don't Care If The Sun Won't Shine
Abida Parveen - dhundo ge agar mulko
Abida Parveen - Shaam-e-Firaq
Abida Parveen - Kal Chaudhwin Ki Raat
Abida Parveen - Woh Jiski Deed Mein
Eros Ramazzotti feat. Jon Spencer - Taxi Story
Eros Ramazzotti feat. Steve Vai - Dove c’è musica
Eros Ramazzotti - Ya no hay fantasía
Racey - Kitty
Eros Ramazzotti - Fuggo dal nulla
Eros Ramazzotti - Nuovi eroi
Eros Ramazzotti - Senza perderci di vista
Eros Ramazzotti - Así son los amigos
Eros Ramazzotti - Somos de hoy
Eros Ramazzotti - Mi vida es un absurdo
Eros Ramazzotti - OK ya voy
Eros Ramazzotti - El juego de la no verdad
Eros Ramazzotti - Chao papa
Eros Ramazzotti - Dialogo
Eros Ramazzotti - Ojos de esperanza
Eros Ramazzotti - Mientras el cuerpo resista
Eros Ramazzotti - Canciones lejanas
Eros Ramazzotti - Ok ci sto
Eros Ramazzotti - Non c'è più fantasia
Eros Ramazzotti - Un atardecer violento
Eros Ramazzotti - Dime que día es
Eros Ramazzotti - Soñar es gratis
Rakim - Still in Love
Rakim - My Melody
Rakim - Eric B. Is President
Rakim - After You Die
Rakim - I Ain't No Joke
Wilson Pickett - Don't Cry No More
Wilson Pickett - Barefootin'
Rainbirds - Invisible
Los Rabanes - La vida
Los Rabanes - Otra noche más
Rancid - Disorder and Disarray
Rancid - You Don’t Care Nothin’
Rancid - Avenues & Alleyways
Rancid - The Way I Feel
Rancid - This Place
Rancid - Damnation
Rancid - The Bravest Kids
Rancid - Skull City
Rancid - Lulu
Rancid - Dominoes Fall
Rancid - Liberty and Freedom
Rancid - You Want It, You Got It
Rancid - Locomotive
Rancid - The Highway
Rancid - Things to Come
Rancid - Tattoo
Rancid - The Brothels
Rancid - I Wanna Riot
Rancid - Nihilism
Rancid - I Am the One
Rancid - Gave It Away
Rancid - Ghetto Box
Rancid - Harry Bridges
Rancid - Black & Blue
Rancid - St. Mary
Rancid - Dope Sick Girl
Rancid - Solidarity
Rancid - Motorcycle Ride
Rancid - 7 Years Down
Anthony Ramos, Okieriete Onaodowan, Daveed Diggs, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Leslie Odom Jr. - The Story of Tonight
Rancid - Axiom
Rancid - Back Where I Belong
Rancid - Raise Your Fist
Rancid - Collision Course
Rancid - Evil’s My Friend
Rancid - In the Streets
Rancid - Face Up
Rancid - Already Dead
Rancid - Diabolical
Rancid - Malfunction
Rancid - Now We’re Through With You
Rancid - Grave Digger
Rancid - Breakdown
Rancid - Crane Fist
Rancid - Cocktails
Elvis Presley - Milk Cow Blues
Rancid - Adina
Rancid - Hyena
Rancid - Another Night
Rancid - Animosity
Rancid - Outta My Mind
Rancid - Whirlwind
Rancid - Rejected
Rancid - Injury
Rancid - Trenches
Rancid - Unwritten Rules
Rancid - Union Blood
Rancid - New Dress
Rancid - Warsaw
Rancid - Leicester Square
Rancid - Backslide
Rancid - The Wolf
Rancid - Lady Liberty
Rancid - Turntable
Rancid - Outgunned
Rancid - Blast 'Em
Rancid - Cheat
Rancid - That's Entertainment
Rancid - Everybody's Sufferin'
Rancid - Oil and Opium
María José Quintanilla - Cielito lindo
Elvis Presley - Medley: Blue Moon/Young Love/Oh, Happy Day (First rehearsal)
Elvis Presley - Like a Baby (takes 3 & 4)
Elvis Presley - Crazy Arms
Elvis Presley - How Do You Think I Feel (Spankox remix-Highpass album cut)
Elvis Presley - I'll Be Home For Christmas (with Carrie Underwood)
Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream (From the ’68 Comeback Special)
Kenny Rankin - Pussywillows Cattails
Kenny Rankin - Blame It On My Youth
Radiodervish - L'esigenza
Radiodervish - Belzebù
Radiodervish - Taci
Kenny Rankin - Spanish Harlem
Kenny Rankin - The Way You Look Tonight
Kenny Rankin - On And On
Kenny Rankin - You Are So Beautiful
Radiodervish - Del bene del male
Radiodervish - Fedeli d'amore
Radiodervish - Taci, il nemico ti ascolta
Psychedelic Warriors - Bay of Bengal
Kenny Rankin - Marie
Kenny Rankin - Jingle Bells
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
Quicksilver Messenger Service - The Truth
Queen + Paul Rodgers - Runaway
Elba Ramalho, Geraldo Azevedo & Zé Ramalho - Eternas ondas
Elba Ramalho, Geraldo Azevedo & Zé Ramalho - Galope rasante
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Gypsy Lights
Raphael feat. Alejandro Sanz - La fuerza del corazón
Raphael feat. Miguel Bosé - Morir de amor
Raphael feat. Manuel Martos - El cielo puede esperar
Raphael feat. José Luis Perales - América
Raphael - Enfadados
Raphael - La mujer del lago azul
Raphael - Eso que llaman amor
Raphael - Sexo sentido
Raphael - Cuatro estrellas
Raphael - Confidencias
Raphael - Por ti
Raphael - Provocación
Raphael - Estar enamorado
Raphael - En carne viva
Raphael - Que tal te va sin mí
Raphael - Ave María
Raphael - ¿Qué tal te va sin mí?
Raphael - El gondolero
Raphael - Yo sigo siendo aquél
Ragazzi - Hoy me he dado cuenta
Raphael - Tarántula
Raphael - Escándalo
Raphael - Comiénzame a vivir
Raphael - La mujer más bella del mundo
Raphael - América
Raphael - Es difícil morir de amor
Raphael - No puedo arrancarte de mí
Raphael - Chabuca Limeña
Raphael - Para volver a volver
Raphael - Se me va
Raphael - Los hombres lloran también
Raphael - No me amenaces
Raphael - Ella
Raphael - Si no estuvieras tú
Raphael - El cielo puede esperar
Raphael - Morir de amor
Raphael - Voy a perder la cabeza por tu amor
Raphael - Detenedla ya
Raphael - Tengo mucho que aprender de ti
Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash - Just a Little Talk With Jesus
Raffaëla - Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves
Chuck Prophet - Museum of Broken Hearts
R.E.M. - Permanent Vacation
R.E.M. - Catapult
R.E.M. - Bandwagon
R.E.M. - Oddfellows Local 151
Quasi - Nothing From Nothing
Quasi - See You on Mars
Quasi - Blasted
Quasi - Fat Fanny Land
Quasi - Bedbug Town
Quasi - An Ice Cube in the Sun
Quasi - The Dying Man
R.E.M. feat. Q‐Tip - The Outsiders
R.E.M. - Airportman
R.E.M. - Beachball
R.E.M. - Hyena
R.E.M. - Underneath the Bunker
R.E.M. - Burning Down
R.E.M. - Ages of You
R.E.M. - Stumble
R.E.M. - Kohoutek
R.E.M. - Auctioneer (Another Engine)
R.E.M. - Good Advices
Chris Quilala - Holy Are You (Burning Ones reprise)
R.E.M. - Gardening at Night (Electric demo)
R.E.M. - Wind Out (with Friends)
R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (album Fade)
R.E.M. - The Wake Up Bomb
R.E.M. - Houston (Itunes live From London)
R.E.M. - On the Fly
Radio Riddler - Purple Rain
R.E.M. - Wichita Lineman
R.E.M. - Man on the Moon (As Performed on BBC's 'Later' With Jools Holland)
R.E.M. - Fascinating
R.E.M. - I Don't Sleep, I Dream (Saturday Night Live 1994-11-12)
R.E.M. - Seven Chinese Bros.
R.E.M. - I Believe (Demo)
R.E.M. - Swan Swan H (Demo)
R.E.M. - Narrator
R.E.M. - Just a Touch (Demo)
R.E.M. - Cuyahoga (Demo)
R.E.M. - Green Grow the Rushes (Athens demo)
R.E.M. - Feeling Gravity’s Pull (Athens demo)
R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (remastered 2016)
Queens of the Stone Age - Tension Head
Queens of the Stone Age - Ode to Clarissa
Queens of the Stone Age - Song for the Dead
Queens of the Stone Age - Christian Brothers
Queens of the Stone Age - Needles in the Camel's Eye
Queens of the Stone Age - Feelgood Hit of the Summer
Queens of the Stone Age - Give the Mule What He Wants (demo)
Quadro Nuevo - O Sarracino
Pupo - Chissa Se Domani
Pupo - Ti Sembra Facile
Pupo - Quanta gente
Ramp - In Sane
A. R. Rahman feat. Madhumitha - Millionaire
Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Cold Love
Ramones - Somebody to Love
Pistones - Nadie
Pistones - Fórmula
Pistones - Que el sol te dé
Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Homecoming
Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Walk Don't Walk
Susheela Raman - Song to the Siren
Susheela Raman - Ye Meera Divanapan Hai
Raisa - Melangkah
Raisa - Pergilah
Raisa - Bye Bye
Raisa - Percayalah
Radio Viejo - El amanecer
Dottie Rambo - Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City
Ramones - Someone Put Something in My Drink
Ramones - All the Way (demo)
Raffi - Aikendrum
Raffi - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Rata Blanca - Días duros
Rata Blanca - El reino olvidado
Rata Blanca - Si eres hijo del rock
Raffi - Petit Papa Noël
Raffi - Jingle Bells
Rata Blanca - Sólo para amarte
Rata Blanca - Chico callejero
Rata Blanca - El último ataque
Rata Blanca - Guerrero del arco iris
Rata Blanca - Fantasma azul
Rata Blanca - Banda viajera
Raffi - Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Zé Ramalho - Bandeira desfraldada
Zé Ramalho - Eu vou pra lua
Zé Ramalho - Digitado em poesia
Rata Blanca - Hombre de hielo
Rata Blanca - Nada es fácil sin tu amor
Zé Ramalho - Pássaros noturnos
Zé Ramalho - Malandragem Dá Um Tempo
Rata Blanca - Los ojos del dragón
Q‐Tip - Higher
Q‐Tip - Moving With U
Q‐Tip - Things U Do
Q‐Tip - All In
Q‐Tip - Go Hard
Q‐Tip - Do It, See It, Be It
Zé Ramalho - Olhares sem destino
Zé Ramalho - Mulheres
Zé Ramalho - Não pense duas vezes, tá tudo bem
Zé Ramalho - O amanhã é distante
Zé Ramalho - Fica Mal com Deus
A. R. Rahman - Ruth Aa Gayee Re
A. R. Rahman - Shakalaka Baby
A. R. Rahman & Blaaze - Sajna
A. R. Rahman - Behka
A. R. Rahman - Santos Dilemma
A. R. Rahman - The History of Ginga
A. R. Rahman - Jasn-E-Bahaaraa
A. R. Rahman - Tu Bole... Main Boloon
Benny Dayal, Shreya Ghoshal & A. R. Rahman - Tu Meri Dost Hai
A. R. Rahman - If I Rise
A. R. Rahman - The Land of Shiva
Hariharan & K. S. Chithra - Uyire Uyire
A. R. Rahman - Boom Boom
The Pretenders - My City Was Gone
Rekha Bhardwaj - Genda Phool
Abhijeet - Ae Nazneen Suno Na
The Pretenders - Birds of Paradise
A. R. Rahman - Jumbalaka
Vijay Prakash & Shreya Ghoshal - Kadhal Anukkal
Rantanplan - Feuer
A. R. Rahman - Ennavale Adi Ennavaley
Hariharan - Oru Poiyavathu
Haricharan & Shashaa Tirupati - Aye Mr. Minor!
Mukesh - Sollividu Sollividu
Abhay Jodhpurkar, Harini - Moongil Thootam
Unni Menon - Enna Velai
A. R. Rahman - Kathalikkum Pennin
A. R. Rahman - Chinnamma Chilakkamma
A. R. Rahman - Mohenjo Mohenjo
Punchline - Time in a Picture
Punchline - Punish or Privilege
Punchline - Somewhere in the Dark
Punchline - Coyotes in B Major
A. R. Rahman - Theera Ulaa
A. R. Rahman - Malargal Kaettaen
A.R. Ameen - Maula Wa Sallim
A. R. Rahman - Kaara Fankaara
A. R. Rahman - Saajan Aayo Re
A. R. Rahman - The Humma Song
Punchline - I Don't Know
Punchline - Cold as You
S. P. Balasubrahmanyam - En pearu Padaiyappa
K. S. Chithra - Pogum Vazhiyellam
A. R. Rahman - Kaatrae En Vaasal (Wind)
A. R. Rahman - Chinna Chinna Aasai (Bit)
A. R. Rahman - Chupke Se
Haricharan & Chinmayi - "Kannulla Munde"
A. R. Rahman - Awaara Bhanwara
A. R. Rahman - Shano Shano
A. R. Rahman - Balleilakka
A. R. Rahman - Vaaji Vaaji
A. R. Rahman - Sahana
A. R. Rahman & M.I.A. - O... Saya
Mohit Chauhan - Matargashti
A. R. Rahman - The Gift
A. R. Rahman - You Complete Me
A. R. Rahman - Masakali
A. R. Rahman - Genda Phool
A. R. Rahman - Omana Penne
A. R. Rahman - Thai Mannai Vanakkam
A. R. Rahman - Haiyo Pathikkichu (Fire)
A. R. Rahman - SAADA HAQ
A. R. Rahman - Mangalyam
A. R. Rahman - JO BHI MAIN
A. R. Rahman - Odakkara
A. R. Rahman - Aye Mr. Minor!
A. R. Rahman - NaNa
A. R. Rahman - Pray For Me Brother
Los Rancheros - Mujer
Los Rancheros - Dos Mendigos
Los Rancheros - Mala Vida
The Railway Children - Every Beat of the Heart
Psykosonik - Imagine
Rasputina - Barracuda
Rasputina - American Girl
Rasputina - Wish You Were Here
Raekwon - ABC
Raekwon - The Young Black
Raekwon - The Badlands
Raekwon - Run (freestyle)
Ray J - Out tha Ghetto
Ray J - Let It Go
Ray J - Changes
Ray J - Because of You
The Rambos - (In the Valley) He Restoreth My Soul
The Rambos - I've Never Been This Homesick Before
Presuntos Implicados - Me das el mar
Presuntos Implicados - Esta tarde vi llover
Presuntos Implicados - Doctor boogie
Presuntos Implicados - Cuando quiero un sol
Presuntos Implicados - Barbera del campo
Presuntos Implicados - Cómo hemos cambiado (versión 92)
Raúl - Excúsame
Raúl - Hechízame
Raúl - Piano
Justin Warfield - K Sera Sera
Pushover - All as Well
The Ravens - Ol' Man River
Rare Monk - Underground
Raybon Brothers - Butterfly Kisses
Prophet Jones - Lifetime
Prophet Jones - All I Do
Wanting - Star in You
Wanting - Hand Hold
Wanting - Everything in the World
Wanting - Hideaway
Prairie Oyster - Don't Cry Little Angel
Prairie Oyster - Only One Moon
Prairie Oyster - Will I Do (Till the Real Thing Comes Along)
Prairie Oyster - Did You Fall in Love With Me
Radůza - De Nîmes
Rapination and Kym Mazelle - Love Me the Right Way
Racer X - Waiting
Racer X - Poison Eyes
Racer X - Give It to Me
Racer X - Sacrifice
Racer X - Gone Too Far
Racer X - Hammer Away
Racer X - Heart of a Lion
Racer X - Lady Killer
Racer X - Godzilla
Racer X - Street Lethal
Racer X - Blowin' Up the Radio
Racer X - Hotter Than Fire
Racer X - On the Loose
Racer X - Dangerous Love
Racer X - Getaway
Racer X - Rock It
Ratones Paranoicos - Sigue girando
Racer X - She Wants Control
Racer X - Set the World on Fire
Racer X - Motorman
Bonnie Raitt - All at Once
Bonnie Raitt - You Can't Fail Me Now
The Poodles - Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
Bonnie Raitt - Under The Falling Sky
Bonnie Raitt - Guilty
Bonnie Raitt - Louise
Bonnie Raitt - About to Make Me Leave Home
Bonnie Raitt - Runaway
Bonnie Raitt - Love on One Condition
Bonnie Raitt - Thank You
Bonnie Raitt - Any Day Woman
Bonnie Raitt feat. Jackson Browne - My Opening Farewell
Bonnie Raitt - Got You on My Mind
Bonnie Raitt - Need You Tonight
Bonnie Raitt - Good Enough
Vijay Yesudas, Ranjith & Shweta Mohan - Melala Vedikudhu
Yuvan Shankar Raja - Jalsa
Udit Narayan - Oru Vaanavillin Pakkathilae
Vijay Yesudas - Enna Enna Aagiraen
Razones De Cambio - Solitaria
Bonnie Raitt - Can't Get Enough
Bonnie Raitt - Talk to Me
Bonnie Raitt - Angel
Bonnie Raitt - Home
Bonnie Raitt - I Thank You
Bonnie Raitt - Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate
Yuvan Shankar Raja - Who Am I
Yuvan Shankar Raja - Tharamela Irunthena
Yuvan Shankar Raja - 18 Oru Punnagai Thane
Yuvan Shankar Raja - 07 Kaadal Endral
Bonnie Raitt - Rock Steady
Bonnie Raitt - Blue Bird
Project 2000 - Belle Du Jour
Susan Raye - Heartbreak Mountain
Amy Ray - Put It Out for Good
Amy Ray - Give In
Amy Ray - Covered for You
Amy Ray - Pennies on the Track
Amy Ray - Rodeo
Amy Ray - Let It Ring
Amy Ray - Birds of a Feather
Amy Ray - Bus Bus
Amy Ray - Cold Shoulder
Amy Ray - Out on the Farm
Amy Ray - SLC Radio
Amy Ray - Blame Is a Killer
Amy Ray - Stand and Deliver
Amy Ray - Rabbit Foot
Amy Ray - Oyster and Pearl
Amy Ray - Glow
Amy Ray & Brandi Carlile - The Rock Is My Foundation
Amy Ray - I Didn't
Rasa - Hari Haraye
Rasa - Sri Rupa Manjari
Rasa - Kabe Habe Bolo
Gerry Rafferty - Blood & Glory
Gerry Rafferty - Out The Blue
Ratos de Porão - Mad society
Ratos de Porão - Anarkophobia
Ratos de Porão - Outra vez
Ratos de Porão - Sofrimento Real
Ratos de Porão - Aids, Pop Repression
Ratos de Porão - Vida Animal
Rameses B - Years From Now
Ratos de Porão - Viciado Digital
Ratos de Porão - Playbaloser
Ratos de Porão - Medo
Ratos de Porão - Onisciente Coletivo
Ratos de Porão - Money
Ratos de Porão - Massacreland
Ratos de Porão - Diet Paranoia
Ratos de Porão - Satanic Bullshit
Ratos de Porão - The Right Side of a Wrong Life
Ratos de Porão - Suposicollor
Ratos de Porão - Real Enemies
Ratos de Porão - Quando ci vuole ci vuole
Ratos de Porão - Bad Trip
Preluders - Losing My Religion (version 1)
Puscifer - Rocket Mantastic
DJ Quik & Kurupt - Exodus
Johnnie Ray - Alexander's Ragtime Band
Johnnie Ray - As Time Goes By
Johnnie Ray - If You Believe
Ray Parquer - Ghostbusters
Johnnie Ray - Trouble in Mind
Johnnie Ray - Pretty Eyed Baby
Johnnie Ray - Satisfied
Johnnie Ray - Destiny
Johnnie Ray - You'd Be Surprised
Johnnie Ray - Out in the Cold Again
Johnnie Ray - Walkin’ My Baby Back Home
The Real Tuesday Weld - I'll See You in My Dreams
Readymade - Friday Night
Readymade - Stromgitarre
Readymade - When I Grow Up
Readymade - Supernatural
Raimundo Sodré - Coió de Anália
Billy Rankin - Baby Come Back
Billy Rankin - Think I'm in Love
Billy Rankin - Never In A Million Years
Billy Rankin - A Day In The Life
Billy Rankin - Burning Down
Raya Real - Sonidos de la Navidad I: Iba Caminando / Camina la Virgen Pura/ Ya Vienen los Reyes Magos/ Pastores
Raya Real - Sonidos de la Navidad Ii: Villancicos de Gloria / Ay, Ay, Ay/ Al Rey de los Oles/ Niño Manué/ Con Mi
Ready for the World - Human Toy
Ready for the World - Gently
Ready for the World - Straight Down to Business
Melvin Riley Jr. - Whose is It?
Raven - Life's a Bitch
Raven - Only the Strong Survive
Raya Real - Popurrí Navidad
Ratatat - Gettysburg
Raunchy - From Out of Nowhere
Prince And The Revolution - Under the Cherry Moon
Rayden - El violinista del Titanic
Ramón Ayala y los Bravos del Norte - Casas de madera
Ramón Ayala y los Bravos del Norte - Rinconcito en el cielo
Quimby - Unom (új verzió)
Gerard Quintana - Cançó
Quimby - A szebbik nem és a rondább igen
Quimby - Jekyll és Hyde
Quimby - Ventilátor blues '09
Randy - Cheater
Rebecca's Empire - Atomic Electric
Dee Dee Ramone - Motorbikin'
The Quireboys - Sweet as the Rain
The Raven - Fireflies
Elba Ramalho - Sorte é cega
Porcelain Raft - All in My Head
Elba Ramalho - Morena de Angola
Elba Ramalho - O Meu Amor
Elba Ramalho - Vamos fugir
Elba Ramalho - Pra se Aninhar
Elba Ramalho - O Amor é Lindo
Elba Ramalho - Estrela Soberana
Elba Ramalho - Chororô
Elba Ramalho - Devora-me Outra Vez
Elba Ramalho - La Noyée
Ratt - One Step Away
Ratt - All the Way
Ratt - It Ain't Easy
Ratt - Walkin' the Dog
Push to Talk - Haunting (56th St.)
Elba Ramalho - A Flor da Magia
RAU - Part time no life
RAU - Nic śmiesznego
Ray - sign
Quarteto em Cy - Canto de ossanha
Quarteto em Cy - Sabiá
Quarteto em Cy - Caminho de pedra
The Rankin Family - Gone
Quarteto em Cy - Mais um adeus
Special Ed - We Rule
Chris Rainbow - Tarzana Reseda
Swizz Beatz - Big Munny
Webstar & Young B - Chicken Noodle Soup
re:plus - Nighttime
re:plus - Regret
Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands
The Game - New York New York
Redman - I'll Be That
DMX - It's On
Anthony Rapp - Always
Mahendra Kapoor - Tum Agar Saath Dene Ka Vada Karo
Ravi - Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se
Ravi - Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen
Red House Painters - Long Distance Runaround
Red House Painters - All Mixed Up
The Red West - Twenty-One
Ben Rector - White Christmas
La Raíz - Outro
La Raíz - Muérdeles
Eddi Reader - The Right Place
Eddi Reader - Auld Lang Syne
Rapadura - NorteNordeste me veste (Escrita Hip Hop)
Eddi Reader - Cinderella's Downfall
Eddi Reader - Perfect
Raphael - Wine With Me
Raphael - She Cry
Red Wine - Duelo final
The Real Group - It Don't Mean a Thing
Rascal Flatts - Where You Are
The Real Group - A Lifetime Takes a Lifetime to Fulfill
The Real Group - As Time Goes By
Rascal Flatts - Bob That Head
Rascal Flatts - Every Day
Rascal Flatts - DJ Tonight
Rank Sinatra - Strangers In The Night
Rascal Flatts - Lean On Me
Rascal Flatts - Jingle Bell Rock
Rascal Flatts - I'll Be Home for Christmas
The Records - Starry Eyes
The Records - Hearts in Her Eyes
Reckless Kelly - Don't Say Goodbye
Reckless Kelly - Idaho Cowboy
Reckless Kelly - What Would You Do
Redbird - Hold On
Rapture - Farewell
Shabba Ranks feat. Chevelle Franklyn - Mr. Loverman
Shabba Ranks feat. Chevelle Franklin - Mr. Loverman
Shabba Ranks - Mr. Lover Man
Shabba Ranks - Mr. Loverman (Chevelle Franklin)
Red Goodbye - I Will Carry On
Raeth - Hum Yaadon Ke Sang
Raeth - Mein Chala
Raeth - Tum Meri Ho
Raeth - Bolo Toh
Raeth - Jhoothi Kahani
Raeth - Aag
Red Sun Rising - Bliss
Red Flag - Hollow
Red Flag - Cliché
Red Flag - Alive
RBD - Liso, sensual
RBD - Santa No Soy
RBD - Bésame sin miedo
RBD - Es por amor
Red Fang - DOEN
Red Fang - No Hope
Red Fang - Voices of the Dead
Red Fang - 1516
Red Fang - This Animal
RBD - Keep It Down Low
RBD - Puedes ver pero no tocar
RBD - Só para você (Solo para ti)
Red Flag - Goodbye
Red Flag - Halo
Red Flag - My Love
RBD - Fique em silêncio
Dygta - Hanya Dirimu
Cutty Ranks - A Who Seh Me Dun
Rapülők - Holiday Rap
Rasta Chinela - Que saudade de você
Rapstar - Come me
Jamie Redfern - From the Time You Say Goodbye
Razed in Black - Nightmare
Pyhimys - Uupuu
Pyhimys - Mopolla motarille
Radio Macandé - Dame Tus Besos
Radio Macandé - Solo Quiero Decirte
Radio Macandé - Nos Une El Destino
Radio Macandé - Sabios Consejos
Radio Macandé - Aquellos Momentos
Radio Macandé - Por Que
Radio Macandé - Aunque No Te Fies De Mi
Radio Macandé - Una Luz Se Apaga
Raghav - Can't Get Enough
Ravi Shankar & Friends - Tribute to Nippon
The Real Milli Vanilli - Tell Me Where It Hurts
Red Cross - Ma destinée
Red Cross - Terminator
Red Cross - Mythomane
Red Cross - Respecte le WA
Red Cross - Galérien
Red Cross - Red Nation
Lou Rawls - Three O'Clock in the Morning
Lou Rawls - Pure Imagination
Lou Rawls - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You
Lou Rawls - I Wonder
Lou Rawls - Wee Baby Blues
Lou Rawls - At Last
Lou Rawls - I'm Still in Love With You
Lou Rawls - Summertime
Lou Rawls - This One's For You
Lou Rawls - The Lady In My Life
Public Access T.V. - On Location
Rascalz - Top of the World (Kemo's Yard mix) (dirty)
Rascalz - Top of the World (Kemo's Yard mix) (clean)
Lou Rawls - Good Intentions
Lou Rawls - She’s no. Lady
Rashid - Diário de bordo parte II
Rashid - Plantar o bem
Lou Rawls - Got To Get You Into My Life
Lou Rawls - A Song for You
Lou Rawls - Blue Skies
Lou Rawls - Southside Blues / Tobacco Road
Lou Rawls - The Way You Look Tonight
Lou Rawls - I'm A King Bee
Lou Rawls - Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
RAIN - I'm Coming
RAIN - In My Bed
RAIN - Touch Ya
RAIN - Friends
RAIN - No No No
RAIN - Slowly
RAIN - My Groove
RAIN - Without you
RAIN - I’m Coming
RAIN - Love Song
RAIN - Dear Mama Don’t Cry
RAIN - Rain Effect
Lou Rawls - For Wat It's Worth
Lou Rawls - Merry Christmas Baby
Rebel Cats - Me quiero emborrachar
Raphael - Evergreen
Raglaia - Break Down
Pyrrhon - The Parasite in Winter
Pyrrhon - The Mother of Virtues
Martha Reeves - I Say a Little Prayer
Alan Pownall - Colourful Day
The Refreshments - Blue Christmas
Re:Aktor - As>D
Prietto viaja al cosmos con Mariano - Vestido de verano
Prietto viaja al cosmos con Mariano - Canción de Olivia
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - I Could Die for You
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - Around the World
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - Mellowship Slinky in B Major
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - Scar Tissue
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - The Power of Equality
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - She's Only 18
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - Don't Forget Me
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - Make You Feel Better
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - By the Way
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - I Like Dirt
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - The Zephyr Song
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - Stadium Arcadium
Red Hot Chili Peppers Revival - I Could Have Lied
The Ray Charles Singers - Al-Di-La
Q65 - I'm a Man
Carmen Rasmusen - How Do I Live (Without You)
Porcelain Black - Mannequin Factory
Alyssa Reid - Burned
Alyssa Reid - Watch Me Soar
Rave the Reqviem - The Ascension
Jim Reeves - I Know One
Jim Reeves - Jingle Bells
Jim Reeves - It Is No Secret
Jim Reeves - Marie
Jim Reeves - Peace in the Valley
Redbone - Poison Ivy
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Rekkamies
Rehab - I've Landed
Randy Rogers Band - Satellite
Jim Reeves - You Are My Love
Dan Reed - Middle of Nowhere
Dan Reed - Rainbow Child
Dan Reed - Lover
Dan Reed - Stronger Than Steel
Jim Reeves - It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
Primal Scream - Over & Over
Primal Scream - Know Your Rights
Primal Scream - Ramblin’ Rose
Jim Reeves - Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)
Jim Reeves - (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I
Jim Reeves - Why Do I Love You (Melody of Love)
Jim Reeves - Somewhere Along the Line
Jim Reeves - O Little Town of Bethlehem
Jim Reeves - Little Ole Dime
Jim Reeves - Mexicali Rose
Redd Kross - Uglier
Redd Kross - Ms. Lady Evans
Redd Kross - Deuce
Redd Kross - 1 Lady In The Front Row
Redd Kross - 2 Huge Wonder
Redd Kross - 7 Girl God
Redd Kross - 10 After School Special
Redd Kross - So Cal V8
Redd Kross - Sick Love
Rabito - El Amor Mío
Rabito - ... Que Te Quiero
Rabito - Mi Corazón Está De Fiesta
Rabito - Yo Probé Tu Amor
Raury - Mama
Raury - What Goes Up
Raury - Dreaducation
Raury - Chariots of Fire
Raury - Sweet N Sour
Raury - Seven Suns
Raury - Neveralone
Jim Reeves - Have I Told You Lately
Refuel - July
Raven-Symoné - That's What Little Girls Are Made Of
Raven-Symoné - Lean on Me
Raven-Symoné - Double Dutch Bus
Orlando Brown - Will It Go Round in Circles
Raven-Symoné - Supernatural [Too! Mix]
Jim Reeves - There's a New Man Over My Shoulder
Jim Reeves - I ´ M Beginning to Forget You
Red Vox - Telephone
Red Vox - Long Lonely Night
Reckless Sleepers - If We Never Meet Again
Prominent - Emancipation
Radja - Ikhlas
Radja - Tetaplah Kau Jadi Milikku
Vineeth Sreenivasan - Aluva Puzha
Vijay Yesudas - Malare
Rajesh Murugesan - Ithu Puthan Kalam
Rappin’ 4-Tay - What's Wrong Wit the Game
Rappin’ 4-Tay - Playa 4 Life
Redlightmusic - Beautiful
Rebel Son - 1-2-3
Rebel Son - Southern Wind
Püdelsi - Emeryten party
Devi Sri Prasad - Hey Rama Rama
Devi Sri Prasad - Daddy Mummy
KK - Uppenantha
Devi Sri Prasad - Who's the Hero
Devi Sri Prasad - Oyyale
Devi Sri Prasad - Kamal Kavidhai
Devi Sri Prasad - Manmadan Ambu
Devi Sri Prasad - India Ponnu Thango
Pure Prairie League - She Darked The Sun
Pure Prairie League - Out in the Street
Porta - Nota de suicidio
Porta - Palabras mudas
Porta - Animales racionales
Porta - Los sin nombre
Porta - Así son las cosas
Porta - Tras el cristal
Porta - Logro desbloqueado
Porta - En boca de tantos
Porta - Suben al cielo
Porta - Directo tras directo
Pure Prairie League - Feel the Fire
Porta - Lo que se avecina
Porta - Las niñas unas guarras pero los tíos unos cerdos
Porta - Entre avenidas y aceras
Porta - Mi realidad?
Porta - Sigo buscando respuestas
The Radios - I’m Into Folk
Lou Reed - Smalltown
Lou Reed - Revien Cherie
Puhdys - Born To Be Wild
The Refrescos - Todo, nada
Puhdys - Summertime Blues
Otis Redding - Lucille
Otis Redding - The Huckle-Buck
Otis Redding - Direct Me
Jimmy Reed - Five Long Years
Jimmy Reed - Outskirts of Town
Jimmy Reed - Trouble in Mind
Jimmy Reed - Worried Life Blues
Otis Redding - Thousand Miles Away
Otis Redding - I’m a Changed Man
Otis Redding - Treat Her Right
Otis Redding - Little Ol' Me
Otis Redding - Trick or Treat
Otis Redding - Pounds and Hundreds (lbs & 100s)
Otis Redding - Match Game
Otis Redding - Little Time
Jimmy Reed - Don't Cry
Otis Redding - I’ll Let Nothing Separate Us
Otis Redding - Your Feeling Is Mine
Otis Redding - Got to Get Myself Together
Otis Redding - Loving by the Pound
Otis Redding - There Goes My Baby
Otis Redding - Wonderful World
Otis Redding - Groovin' Time
Otis Redding - I'll Let Nothing Separate Us
Lou Reed - Satilite Love
Jimmy Reed - How Long, How Long Blues
Raphaël - Happe
Otis Redding - Wholesale Love
Otis Redding - I Got the Will
Real Live - Ain't No Love
Proyecto Crisis - El juego de la muerte
Otis Redding - Johnny’s Heartbreak
Otis Redding - Cupid (stereo)
Otis Redding - The Dog (Thomas)
Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You
Otis Redding - Old Man Trouble
Ike Reilly - Crave
Ray Price with Orch & Chorus - Rock Of Ages
Ray Price with Orch & Chorus - When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
Banda El Recodo - Sube, sube, sube
Banda El Recodo - Nos estorbó la ropa
Banda El Recodo - Para toda la vida
Banda El Recodo - Nada ni nadie
Banda El Recodo - Te ofrezco un corazón
Banda El Recodo - Tengo una ilusión
Banda El Recodo - Con la mitad
Banda El Recodo - Una lágrima
Raymond & Maria - Remember Me
Paddy Reilly - Carrickfergus
Django Reinhardt - The Sheik of Araby
Banda El Recodo - Te voy a olvidar
Banda El Recodo - Pero vas a pagar
Banda El Recodo - Tú no eres fácil de querer
Banda El Recodo - Qué bonito
Banda El Recodo - Antes que me vuelvas loco
Banda El Recodo - Regálame tu amor
Paddy Reilly - The Wild Rover
Banda El Recodo - La diferencia
Banda El Recodo - Mi fracaso
Banda El Recodo - Popurrí
Banda El Recodo - No me vuelvo a enamorar
Banda El Recodo - Caminos de Michoacán
Banda El Recodo - La banda del carro rojo
Django Reinhardt - Lover Man
Django Reinhardt - Stormy Weather
Banda El Recodo - Siempre estoy pensando en ti
Banda El Recodo - No vale la pena
Banda El Recodo - Caray
Banda El Recodo - En la misma cantina
Banda El Recodo - Tengo que olvidar
Banda El Recodo - Te sigo amando (en vivo)
Banda El Recodo - Te lo pido por favor
Redimi2 - Yo seré tu sol
Redimi2 - Me amas
Redimi2 - Bad Man
Chris Rea - Mississippi
The Refugees - (There's a) Spy in the House of Love
Chris Rea - The Way You Look Tonight
Redemption 87 - Stand
Red Steagall - Truck Drivin' Man
Red Steagall - Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
Los Relámpagos del Norte - Vida truncada
Los Relámpagos del Norte - Alma rendida
Los Relámpagos del Norte - Comprendí tu pena
Los Relámpagos del Norte - Con la tinta de mi sangre
Los Relámpagos del Norte - Un Dia Con Otro
Los Relámpagos del Norte - Amor Traicionero
Los Relámpagos del Norte - Una Lagrima Y Un Recuerdo
Los Relámpagos del Norte - Caminar Caminar
Chris Rea - One Night With You
Remember Maine - Broken
Léo Regis - Sonha comigo
Chris Rea - Tennis
Chris Rea - Stick It
Chris Rea - What Became of You
Chris Rea - Smile
Rebanhão - Primeiro amor
Django Reinhardt - Rendez-vous sous la pluie
John Renbourn - Kokomo Blues
Reggie and the Full Effect - Raining Blood
Rarity - Inhale
repartee - Die B4 U
Sérgio Reis - Procissão
Sérgio Reis - Boas Festas
Red Circuit - Soldier Of Fortune (Bonus Track)
The Redwalls - Home
DJ Quik - Born and Raised in Compton
DJ Quik - Tha Bombudd
DJ Quik - Quik Is the Name
DJ Quik - Tear It Off
DJ Quik - I Got That Feelin'
DJ Quik - We Still Party
DJ Quik - You'z A Ganxta
DJ Quik - I Useta Know Her
DJ Quik - Bombudd II
DJ Quik - Sexuality
DJ Quik - How Come?
DJ Quik - Do I Love Her?
DJ Quik - Street Level Entrance
DJ Quik - Can I Eat It?
DJ Quik - Itz Your Fantasy
DJ Quik - Let You Havit
Remy Ma - Thug Love
Remy Ma - Go in Go Off
Remy Ma - Dying to Be Me
DJ Quik - Me Wanna Rip Your Girl
DJ Quik feat. 2nd II None - No Bullshit
DJ Quik - Quik is the Name (intro)
Polaris - Everywhere
Django Reinhardt - Old Man River
Raga Rockers - Jungelens lov
Raga Rockers - Stille høyde
Raga Rockers - Nærmere deg
Raga Rockers - Übermensch
Raga Rockers - Fred på jorden
Pig Destroyer - Mapplethorpe Grey
Pig Destroyer - The American's Head
Pig Destroyer - The Underground Man
Pig Destroyer - The Diplomat
Pig Destroyer - Book Burner
Pig Destroyer - In the Meantime
Django Reinhardt - Noguine
El Reno Renardo - Ni una sola parada
Dan Reed Network - Doin' the Love Thing
Dan Reed Network - Cruise Together
Dan Reed Network - Seven Sisters Road
Dan Reed Network - World Has a Heart Too
Dan Reed Network - Tamin' the Wild Nights
Dan Reed Network - I'm So Sorry
Dan Reed Network - Baby Don't Fade
Dan Reed Network - Halfway Around the World
Dan Reed Network - Baby Now I
Dan Reed Network - Blame It on the Moon
Dan Reed Network - Chill Out
Dan Reed Network - Take My Hand
Dan Reed Network - The Lonely Sun
Dan Reed Network - Wake Up
Dan Reed Network - Tatiana
Dan Reed Network - Stardate 1990
Rapport - To Love You More (Fired Up dub)
Renato e Seus Blue Caps - Como Num Sonho
Renato e Seus Blue Caps - Darling, Darling
Renato e Seus Blue Caps - Me Esqueça
Renato e Seus Blue Caps - Não Consigo Parar de Chorar
Renato e Seus Blue Caps - Disse Me Disse
Renato e Seus Blue Caps - O Fugitivo
Rent Soundtrack - Seasons Of Love B
The Rembrandts - Too Late
The Rembrandts - Call Me
reach up to the universe - Save Me
reach up to the universe - faster,mistake
reach up to the universe - Wonderful World
reach up to the universe - SUNSHINE
Wendy Rene - What Will Tomorrow Bring
Ernie and Debby Kerner Rettino - Cares Chorus
Ernie and Debby Kerner Rettino - Seek Ye First
Tyler Ramsey - These Days
Los Rebeldes - Preguntas y respuestas
René Binamé - Dynamite
Reks - Hallelujah
Ras Shiloh - Tainted Love
La Quinta Estación - Sin miedos
La Quinta Estación - Cerca de ti
Resistance 77 - Margaritaville
Rettore - Delirio
Rettore - Benvenuto
Rettore - Splendido splendente
Rettore - Donatella
Rettore - La mia più bella canzone d'amore
Rettore - Chi sarà chi nel 1985
Rettore - Clamoroso
Rettore - Oblio
P.J. Proby - Today I Killed a Man
P.J. Proby - Mary in the Morning
P.J. Proby - Together
P.J. Proby - Stagger Lee
P.J. Proby - Niki Hoeky
Refused - I Wish
Raw Silk - Just in Time
Refused - Gratitude
Restless - Baby Please Don't Go
P.J. Proby - Somewhere
RAC feat. Katie Herzig - 3AM
Renato Russo - La Solitudine
Renato Russo - Summertime (Com Cida Moreira)
Renato Russo - Send In the Clowns
Renato Russo - And So It Goes
Renato Russo - Say It Isn't So