Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1513:

Pimpinela - Cuidala
Pimpinela - Bronca
Pimpinela - Ojalá que no pase nada
Pimpinela - Castigo del cielo
Pimpinela - Amores pasiones
Pimpinela - Aquí estoy yo
Pimpinela - El canto de mi lamento
Pimpinela - Hay amores y amores
Pimpinela - Mentía
Pimpinela - Si cada uno de nosotros
Pimpinela - El cuento de nunca acabar
Pimpinela - Solo hay un ganador
Pimpinela - Corazón gitano
Pimpinela - Historias de amor
Pimpinela - Éramos tan jovenes
Pimpinela - Las cosas simples
Pimpinela - Se va, se va
Pimpinela - Oye
Pimpinela - La historia de mi vida
Pimpinela - De corazón a corazón
Pimpinela - Señorita
Pimpinela - Un poco de amor
Pimpinela - Marido y mujer
Pimpinela - Da la Cara
Pimpinela - Cien Años de Soledad
Pimpinela - Tú me prometiste volver
Pimpinela - Y quien eres tú
Pimpinela - Mañana
Pimpinela - Amor de mis amores
Pimpinela - Artista
Pimpinela - Caliente, caliente
Pimpinela - Ultimamente
Pimpinela - Ya no te aguanto
Pimpinela - Como la tele
Pimpinela - Necesito tu amor
Pimpinela - Dos buenos amigos
Pimpinela - Fuera de mi vida
Pimpinela - Estoy solo de nuevo
Pimpinela - 14 de julio
Pimpinela - No entiendo al amor
Pimpinela - Objeto sexual
Pimpinela - Para una madre soltera
The Pioneers - Give and Take
Frank Sinatra & Shirley MacLaine - Let's Do It
Cole Porter - All Of You (Reprise) - Cole Porter
Poco - Boomerang
Poco - Barbados
Poco - Lovin' Arms
Pressha - Slackavellie
Melody Pool - Xavier
Melody Pool - Substitute
Péricles - Gueri Gueri
Poco - The Dance
Poison Nova - Anthem for the Black Hearts
Pigface - Steamroller
Pigface - Everything
Pigface - Do No Wrong
Pigface - Steamroller (club dub)
The Prestonwood Choir - God Is
M. Pokora - En attendant la fin (version radio)
M. Pokora - Alexandrie, Alexandra
M. Pokora - Je vais à Rio
M. Pokora - Belles ! Belles ! Belles !
Postiljonen - Postlude
The Polyphonic Spree - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
The Polyphonic Spree - Hold Me Now
Poltergeist - Shooting Star
Poltergeist - Prophet
The Paul Smith Quartet - Summertime
Los Peores de Chile - Oh Cielos, Rock & Roll
Priceless Da ROC - Yiken (Certified)
Lloyd Price - Lady Luck
Lloyd Price - Question
Lloyd Price - Personality
Jessica Pratt - Night Faces
Jessica Pratt - Midnight Wheels
Jessica Pratt - Mother Big River
Jessica Pratt - Titles Under Pressure
Jessica Pratt - Wrong Hand
Jessica Pratt - Game That I Play
Jessica Pratt - Moon Dude
Jessica Pratt - Back, Baby
Jessica Pratt - I've Got a Feeling
Lloyd Price - Have You Ever Had the Blues?
Poppy Mercury - Badai Asmara
Postgirobygget - Hvordan går det med deg
Postgirobygget - Så det på TV
Postgirobygget - Fritt fall
Postgirobygget - Mannen som var for høy
André Previn - In Love in Vain
Portastatic - Hang Down Your Head
Luiza Possi - Tanto Faz
Luiza Possi - Eu Posso Sonhar
André Previn - My Melancholy Baby
The Postmarks - One Note Samba
The Postmarks - Three Little Birds
The Postmarks - Six Different Ways
Prehistöricos - Con tu cuerpo el huracán
Pikku G - Intro
Pikku G - Räjähdysvaara
Pikku G - Oma perhe
Pikku G - Kuuntele itseäs
Pikku G - Päiviä vaan
Pikku G - Jake
Pikku G - Uutiset (skitti)
Kate Price - The Stolen Child
Poo Bear - Alone
Quimi Portet - Em dius que el nostre amor...
Primus - Eleven
Primus - The Air Is Getting Slippery
Primus - Intruder
La Pina - Fly Pina
La Pina - Che caldo
La Pina - Io non ti ascolto
La Pina - Sveglia
La Pina - Da nessuna parte
La Pina - Costa caro
La Pina - Entra aria
Primus - Hellbound 17 1/2 (Theme From)
Primus - The Thing That Should Not Be
Primus - Amos Moses
Julio Preciado - Oh Carolina
Julio Preciado - Lo Pasado Pasado
Julio Preciado - A Cambio de Que
The Pointer Sisters - Come and Get Your Love
Willy Porter - Mystery
Willy Porter - Cold Wind
The Pointer Sisters - I Feel for You
The Pointer Sisters - Black Coffee
Joe Pass - Isn't It Romantic
The Pointer Sisters - Happy
The Pointer Sisters - Easy Days
The Pointer Sisters - Wanting Things
Joe Perry - Scare The Cat
The Pogues - Tombstone
The Pogues - Night Train to Lorca
Sandy Posey - I've Been Loving You Too Long
Sandy Posey - The Big Hurt
The Pretty Things - Maybe You Tried
The Pretty Things - Atlanta
The Pogues - Once Upon a Time
The Pretty Things - Love Is Good
The Pretty Things - Trust
The Pretty Things - Under the Volcano
The Pretty Things - Sad Eye
The Pretty Things - Rain
The Pogues - Haunted
The Pogues - Haunted (demo)
The Pogues - The Rake at the Gates of Hell
The Pogues - Aisling
The Pogues - Rake at the Gates of Hell
Pothead - The Magic Lantern
The Pogues - Sunny Side of the Street
Louis Prima and His Orchestra - Please No Squeeza da Banana
Louis Prima and His Orchestra - Chinatown, My Chinatown
Powderfinger - The Metre
Powderfinger - Like a Dog
Powderfinger - Odyssey #5
Powderfinger - We Should Be Together Now
Powderfinger - Thrilloilogy
Powderfinger - Head Up in the Clouds
Powderfinger - I Don't Remember
Powderfinger - Wishing on the Same Moon
Powderfinger - Who Really Cares (Featuring the Sound of Insanity)
Powderfinger - Surviving
Powderfinger - Long Way to Go
Powderfinger - Black Tears
Powderfinger - Ballad of a Dead Man
Powderfinger - Belter
Powderfinger - Already Gone
Powderfinger - Passenger
Powderfinger - Trading Places
Powderfinger - Private Man
Powderfinger - Celebrity Head
Powderfinger - Capoicity
Powderfinger - Lemon Sunrise
Powderfinger - All of the Dreamers
Powderfinger - A Fight About Money
Powderfinger - Sail the Wildest Stretch
Powderfinger - Iberian Dream
Powderfinger - Jewel
Powderfinger - Stand Yourself
Powderfinger - Golden Rule
Powderfinger - Skinny Jean
Powderfinger - D.A.F
Powderfinger - Give
Powderfinger - Living Type
Powderfinger - JC
Powderfinger - Glimpse
Powderfinger - Take Me In
Powderfinger - Tail
Powderfinger - Hurried Bloom
Powderfinger - Fathers' Pyramid
Powderfinger - Bridle You
Powderfinger - Citadel
Powderfinger - Sink Low
Powderfinger - Grave Concern
Powderfinger - Solution
Powderfinger - Blanket
Powderfinger - Save Your Skin
Powderfinger - Process This
Powderfinger - Sunsets
The Pretty Things - She Was Tall, She Was High (Westbourne Terrace Demo)
Pras - Haven't Found
Powderfinger - Love Your Way
Powderfinger - (Return of) The Electric Horseman
Powderfinger - Stumblin'
Powderfinger - Pockets
Powderfinger - How Far Have We Really Come?
Powderfinger - Inner City Blues
Powderfinger - Morning Sun
Powderfinger - Control Freak
Powderfinger - Odyssey #3
Powderfinger - Nature Boy
Powderfinger - Freedom
Powderfinger - My Kinda Scene
Powderfinger - Swollen Tongue
Powderfinger - Rockin’ Rocks
Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black - Gusti Dewata Mulia
Princess - Before I Let You Go
The Presidents of the United States of America - Feather Pluckn
The Presidents of the United States of America - Sunshine
The Presidents of the United States of America - Candy (demo)
Pignoise - Al pisar
Pignoise - Sopla el viento
Pignoise - Lo importante
Pignoise - Matar este aburrimiento
Pignoise - Pompa de jabón
Pignoise - Qué más me dá
Pignoise - La enfermedad
Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Puddles Pity Party - Chandelier
Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Morgan James - Take Me to Church
Princess Nokia - Nokia
Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Haley Reinhart - Lovefool
Prayers - Imagination
Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Haley Reinhart - Seven Nation Army
Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Haley Reinhart - Oops!… I Did It Again
Pivitplex - Some Will Fall
Pivitplex - You and Me
Possum Dixon - Emergency's About To End
Prince & The New Power Generation - Blue Light
Prince & The New Power Generation - The Sacrifice of Victor
Prince & The New Power Generation - Muse 2 the Pharaoh
Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds & Pearls
Prince & The New Power Generation - 2045: Radical Man
Prince & The New Power Generation - Intro
Prince & The New Power Generation - Horny Pony
Prince & The New Power Generation - Purple Rain
Prince & The New Power Generation - Kiss
Prince & The New Power Generation - Thieves in the Temple
Possessed - March to Die
Possessed - The Beasts of the Apocalypse
Possessed - Intro / The Heretic
Fernanda Porto - Roda Viva (Acustica)
David Porter - Can't See You When I Want To
David Porter - Help
Poverty's No Crime - Access Denied
Michel Polnareff - Radio
Prince & The Revolution - Tamborine
Prince & The Revolution - Temptation
Prince & The Revolution - Let's Pretend We're Married
Prince & The Revolution - Irresistible Bitch
Prince & The Revolution - All Day, All Night
Prince & The Revolution - Irresistable Bitch
Prince & The Revolution - How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?
Prince & The Revolution - Delirious
Prince & The Revolution - Train
Prince & The Revolution - Dream Factory
Prince & The Revolution - Movie Star
The Police - Nothing Achieving
The Police - Sally
PRAYERS - West End Girls
Prefab Sprout - He'll Have to Go
The Posies - Ontario
The Posies - Please Return It
The Posies - Flood of Sunshine
The Posies - Under Easy
The Posies - Dream All Day
The Posies - Definite Door
The Posies - Burn & Shine
The Posies - How She Lied by Living
Prince and The New Power Generation - 7
The Posies - Flavour of the Month
The Posies - King Midas in Reverse
The Posies - Throwaway (demo)
The Posies - Feel
Gérard Presgurvic - Ouverture
Gérard Presgurvic - Vérone
Gérard Presgurvic - La Haine
Gérard Presgurvic - La Demande en mariage
Gérard Presgurvic - Tu dois te marier
Gérard Presgurvic - J'ai peur
Gérard Presgurvic - Le Poète
Gérard Presgurvic - Par amour
Gérard Presgurvic - Aimer
Gérard Presgurvic - Le Duel
Gérard Presgurvic - Mort de Mercutio
Gérard Presgurvic - La Vengeance
Gérard Presgurvic - Duo du désespoir
Gérard Presgurvic - Demain
Gérard Presgurvic - Avoir une fille
Gérard Presgurvic - Pourquoi
Gérard Presgurvic - Sans elle
Gérard Presgurvic - Le Poison
Gérard Presgurvic - Comment lui dire
Gérard Presgurvic - Mort de Roméo
Gérard Presgurvic - J'sais plus
Gérard Presgurvic - Coupables (final)
Gérard Presgurvic - Jour
Gérard Presgurvic - Folie
Pretty Maids - Perfect Strangers
The Picketts - Should I Stay or Should I Go
Rubén Pozo - Nombre de canción
Rubén Pozo - Pegatina
Rubén Pozo - Las horas muertas
Rubén Pozo - Chavalita
Rubén Pozo - San Valentín
Rubén Pozo - In Vierno
Rubén Pozo - Ozono
Rubén Pozo - Mañana será otro día
Rubén Pozo - Lo que más
Poor Righteous Teachers - Strictly Ghetto
Poor Righteous Teachers - So Many Teachers
Poor Righteous Teachers - Butt Naked Booty Bless
Poor Righteous Teachers - Poor Righteous Teachers
Poor Righteous Teachers - Word Iz Life
Poor Righteous Teachers - Nobody Move
Poor Righteous Teachers - Here We Go Again
Poor Righteous Teachers - Ghetto We Love
Poor Righteous Teachers - Hot Damn I'm Great
Poor Righteous Teachers - I'm Comin' Again
Prawn - Nightmare
Jesse Powell - Something in the Past
Printemps - NO EXIT ORION (Off Vocal)
+/- - Reeling in the Years
+/- - Trapped Under Ice Floes (Redux)
Katie Price & Peter Andre - Endless Love
Katie Price & Peter Andre - Dont Go Breaking My Heart
Professional Murder Music - A Night Like This
Professional Murder Music - Still Remains
Professional Murder Music - High and Dry
Professional Murder Music - One
Professional Murder Music - Moonage Daydream
Prince & The New Power Generation - The Morning Papers
Prince & The New Power Generation - I Wanna Melt With U
Prince & The New Power Generation - The Continental
Prince & The New Power Generation - Arrogance
Prince & The New Power Generation - When U Love Somebody
Prince & The New Power Generation - Shoo-bed-ooh
Prince & The New Power Generation - Wasted Kisses
Prince & The New Power Generation - Nothing Compares 2 U
Prince & The New Power Generation - Housebangers
Prince & The New Power Generation - Zannalee
Prince & The New Power Generation - Let's Go Crazy
Prince & The New Power Generation - Q in Doubt
Prince & The New Power Generation - Days of Wild
Pretty Ricky - Shorty Be Mine
María Dolores Pradera - De carne y hueso
María Dolores Pradera - Te solté la rienda
María Dolores Pradera - Que te vaya bonito
María Dolores Pradera - Abre tu balcón
María Dolores Pradera - Procuro olvidarte
María Dolores Pradera - Primera, segunda y tercera
María Dolores Pradera - A la orilla de un palmar
The Prize Fighter Inferno - Your Love
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Pennies From Heaven
Priscilla - Chante
Priscilla - L'Homme que j'aime
Priscilla - Un ami
Plan B - Sick 2 Def
Plan B - No Good
Plan B - Tough Love
Plan B - No More Eatin'
Rachel Proctor - Me and Emily
Primary - Come to Take You Home
PlankEye - Tonight
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Appena un po'
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Per un amico
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Il banchetto
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Geranio
Premiata Forneria Marconi - È festa
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Si può fare
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Chi ha paura della notte?
Premiata Forneria Marconi - The Mountain
Premiata Forneria Marconi - The World Became the World
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Celebration
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Quartiere otto
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Meno male che ci sei
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Paper Charms
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Chocolate Kings
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Il pescatore
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Grazie davvero
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Volo a vera
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Tanti auguri
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Dove... quando...
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Harlequin
Premiata Forneria Marconi - From Under
John Prine & Mac Wiseman - Pistol Packin' Mama
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Topolino
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Il sogno di Maria
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Mr. 9 Till 5 (Generale)
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Maestro della voce (inclusio citazione iniziale di “Luglio, agosto, settembre nero”)
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Ieri
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Mr. 9 'Till 5
PRICK - Animal
Poema - Little Drummer Boy
The Proclaimers - Twenty Flight Rock
The Proclaimers - Lady Luck
The Proclaimers - Whatever You’ve Got
The Proclaimers - Simple Things
The Proclaimers - Women and Wine
The Proclaimers - Like Comedy
The Proclaimers - Dance With Me
The Proclaimers - I Think That’s What I Believe
The Proclaimers - Notes & Rhymes
The Proclaimers - Just Look Now
The Proclaimers - Like a Flame
The Proclaimers - Wages of Sin
The Proclaimers - On Causewayside
The Proclaimers - You Built Me Up
The Proclaimers - Be With Me
The Proclaimers - Tuesday Afternoon
The Proclaimers - Then Again
The Proclaimers - If I’m Still Around
The Proclaimers - The Other Side
The Proclaimers - Forever Young
The Proclaimers - Ten Tiny Fingers
The Proclaimers - Rainbows & Happy Regrets
The Proclaimers - Moral Compass
The Proclaimers - Not Cynical
The Proclaimers - Just Because
Propaganda - Sorry For Laughing
Priscila y Sus Balas de Plata - No Se Si Es Amor
Priscila y Sus Balas de Plata - Sobreviviré
Propaganda - Be Present
PRIME Sth - She
Aaron Pritchett - Nothing but us
Aaron Pritchett - After the rain
Billy Preston - Slaughter
Billy Preston - You're So Unique
Billy Preston - Space Race
Billy Preston - My Girl
Miguel Poveda - Para la Libetad
Billy Preston - I Want to Thank You
Planet Gemini - Flicker
Princess' Lover - Ne t'en fais pas
Primal Fear - Kill the King
Primal Fear - Seek & Destroy
Pennywise - Come Out Fighting
Pennywise - Peaceful Day
Sean Price - Hush
Pennywise - Homesick
Pennywise - Gone
Prism - Don't Let Him Know
Prism - Stay
Prozac+ - Boys Don't Cry
Primo - Dammene un pezzo (Prod by Ill Grosso – Bling Beats Music)
Presence - Remember
John Parr - Do It Again
THE PREDATORS - Sleepy Dragon
THE PREDATORS - Lizard man
Prince Buster - One Step Beyond
Prefiero Fernández - Quiebre
Prefiero Fernández - 21
Prefiero Fernández - Espacial
Alberto Plaza - Aventurera
John Powell - Fetching the Boys
Jeanne Pruett - Satin Sheets
Profyle - Overjoyed
Kelly Price - At Least (The Little Things)
Kelly Price - National Anthem
Kelly Price - Mirror Mirror
Kelly Price - All I Want Is You
Kelly Price - I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Kelly Price - Don't Go Away (interlude)
Kelly Price - Soul of a Woman
Kelly Price - Again
Kelly Price - Girlfriend
Kelly Price - I'm Sorry
Kelly Price - What Child Is This
Kelly Price - Mary's Song
Kelly Price - It's Gonna Rain
Kelly Price - You Should've Told Me
Kelly Price - Mary's Song (featuring Wynonna Judd)
The Product G&B - Maria Maria
Pólo Norte - Como uma Onda
Poésie Noire - Marian
Poésie Noire - A Night Like This
Poletíme? - Mám depresi rád
Angaleena Presley - Drunk
The Psychedelic Furs - Should God Forget
Pridebowl - You
Gary Primich - Let Me Go Home Whiskey
Prefuse 73 - HideYaFace
Prism Leisure Corp. - Hush Little Baby
Pretty Boy Floyd - Shout It Out Loud
Pretty Boy Floyd - Another Day (In the Death of America)
POP ETC - I'm Only Dreaming
Planet Asia - Paper Cut
POP ETC - Dreams
Polemic - You Can Get It
Power Music - We Got the Beat
Prince - 3121
Prince - Vicki Waiting
Prince - Lemon Crush
Prince - Race
Prince - For You
Prince - Baby
Prince - My Love Is Forever
Prince - Automatic
Prince & The Revolution - Computer Blue
Prince & The Revolution - Mountains
Prince - All the Midnights in the World
Prince - Chelsea Rodgers
Prince - Resolution
Prince - When We're Dancing Close And Slow
Prince - It
Prince - Endorphinmachine
Prince - 200 Balloons
Prince - Horny Toad
Prince & The Revolution - Girl
Prince - Shockadelica
Prince & The Revolution - Another Lonely Christmas
Prince feat. Wendy & Lisa - 4 the Tears in Your Eyes
Daniel Powter - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Prince - Everywhere
Prince - The Sensual Everafter
Prince - She Loves Me 4 Me
Daniel Powter - Happy Xmas
Prince - Chaos and Disorder
Prince - I Like It There
Prince - Dinner With Delores
Prince - The Same December
Prince - Right the Wrong
Prince - Into the Light
Prince - I Will
Prince - Had U
Prince - Ronnie, Talk to Russia
Prince - Acknowledge Me
Prince - Ripopgodazippa
Prince - So Dark
Prince - Tell Me How U Wanna B Done
Prince - Interactive
Prince - Da Bang
Prince - Crucial
Prince - Strays Of The World
Prince - Poom Poom
Prince - Make Yo Mama Happy
Prince - Welcome 2 the Dawn
Prince - Sister
Prince - Get Yo Groove On
Prince - We Gets Up
Prince - Damned If I Do
Prince - Sex in the Summer
Prince - Emale
Prince - Joint 2 Joint
Prince - Saviour
Prince - Slave
Prince - The Human Body
Prince - Da, Da, Da
Prince - My Computer
Prince - Emancipation
Prince - Tick, Tick, Bang
The Time - Shake!
Mavis Staples - Melody Cool
Prince - The Morning After
Prince - 4Ever
Prince - Chocolate Box
Prince - No More Candy 4 U
Prince - Life 'O' the Party
Prince - Hot Wit U
Prince - Tangerine
Prince feat. Gwen Stefani - So Far, So Pleased
Prince - The Sun, the Moon and Stars
Prince - Man'o'war
Prince feat. Sheryl Crow - Baby Knows
Prince - Prettyman
Prince - High
Prince - The Rest of My Life
Prince - It's About That Walk
Prince - When the Lights Go Down
Prince - Sarah
Prince and The Revolution - Raspberry Beret (extended)
Prince - I Can't Make U Love Me
Prince - Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic
Prince - Segue
Prince - So Far, So Pleased
Prince - Baby Knows
Prince - Girl
Prince - Scarlet Pussy
Prince - The Lubricated Lady
Prince - Loveleft, Loveright
Prince - I'm Yours
Prince - Melody Cool
Prince - Strollin'
Prince - Daddy Pop
Prince - Beautiful
Prince - The Max
Prince - Blue Light
Prince - The Continental
Prince - Sweet Baby
Prince - Mountains
Prince - Crimson and Clover
Prince - The Work, Pt. 1
Prince - Allegiance
Prince - I Can't Love U Anymore
Prince - What's My Name
Prince - Data Bank
Prince - Wet Dream
Prince - The Walk
Prince - Make Believe
Prince - Rasberry Beret
Prince - The Sex Of It
Prince - The Ryde Dyvine
Prince - When Two R in Love
Prince - Super Hero
Prince - Staxowax
Prince - New Position
Prince - Jungle Love
Prince - Desire
Prince - Lisa
Prince - Loose
Prince - Sticky Like Glue
Prince - Laydown
Prince - Christopher Tracey's Parade
Prince - New Power Soul
Prince - Baby Go-Go
Prince - 777 - 9311
Prince - MPLS
Prince - Play
Prince - Teacher, Teacher
Prince - Drive Me Wild
Prince - Outro
Prince - NPG Bum Rush the Ship
Prince - Funky
Prince - Compassion
Prince - Intro
Prince - Mustang Mix
Prince - I Wonder
Prince - Number One
Prince - Nasty Girl
Prince - The Dance Electric
Prince - Space (from PA)
Prince - Get It Up
Prince - Sex Shooter
Prince - 100 Mph
Prince - Extraloveable
Prince - Return of the Bump Squad
Prince - The Sacrifice of Victor
Prince - Sea of Everything
Prince - DJ Seduces Sonny
Prince - I No
Prince - DJ Gets Jumped
Prince - Boom Boom Can't U Feel The Beat of My Heart
Prince - 2gether
Prince - Gigolo Get Lonely Too
Prince - Hallucination Rain
Prince - Girl o' My Dreams
Prince - If the Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)
Prince - Temptation
Prince - New Power Generation (Pt. 2)
Prince - Do U Lie?
Prince - Soft and Wet #2
Prince - Tick, Tick, Bang #1
Prince - 4 the Tears in Your Eyes (B Side)
Prince - Courting Time
Prince - She’s Just a Baby
Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band - Joy to the World
Popeda - Mä elän vieläkin
Ponto de Equilíbrio - Soul Rebel
Ponto de Equilíbrio - Inimigo
Snooky Pryor - It Hurts Me Too
Prince and The Revolution - Purple Rain
Prince and The Revolution - Take Me With U
The Priests - Panis Angelicus
The Priests - The Lord's Prayer
The Priests - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The Priests - Joy to the World
The Priests - O Come All Ye Faithful
The Priests - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Janice Kapp Perry - A Child's Prayer
Renata Przemyk - Nie zginiesz
Positive Black Soul - Le Bourreau est noir (The Executionner Is Black)
Procol Harum - Il tuo diamante
Sugam Pokharel - Maya Ko Bato
Puerto Rican Power - Amar no se puede apurar
Puerto Rican Power - Solo con un beso
Los Prisioneros - Nunca quedas mal con nadie
Projota - Tranquila
Projota - Tanto Faz
Projota - Desci A Ladeira
Projota - Pode se envolver
Projota - Azz veizz
Projota - 64 Linhas
Projota - Pelo Amor
Projota - Até O Final
Projota - Uns e Outros
Projota - Vocês vão ter que engolir
Projota - O mundo é dos loucos
Projota - Tão muleque
Projota - Silêncio
Projota - Cantei pra subir
Los Prisioneros - Limpieza racial
Los Prisioneros - Con suavidad
Projota - O Rap é foda
Los Prisioneros - Cuando te vayas
Los Prisioneros - Canción del trabajo
Los Prisioneros - Los templos
Los Prisioneros - En la disco
Procol Harum - Magdalene
The Prostitutes - Heart Of Stone
Los Prisioneros - la cultura de la basura
Los Prisioneros - La voz de los ochenta
Johnny Preston - Feel So Fine
Johnny Preston - Leave My Kitten Alone
Pestilence - The Secrecies Of Horror
Pestilence - Testimony
La Pulquería - En cada rincón
La Pulquería - Gitano
La Pulquería - La migra
La Pulquería - Plata o plomo
La Pulquería - No hay amor
La Pulquería - Quiero saber
La Pulquería - Universo conocido
La Pulquería - Always
La Pulquería - Ahora
La Pulquería - Soufflé d'amour
La Pulquería - La huesuda
La Pulquería - Machetazos en el corazón
La Pulquería - Algo que celebrar
Puggy - Goddess Gladys
Puggy - We Have It Made
Puggy - I Do
Puggy - Something You Might Like
Puggy - Teaser
Puggy - Anything For You
Puggy - Out of Hand
Puggy - In the Morning
Prezioso feat. Marvin - Goodbye Girl
Prezioso feat. Marvin - The Riddle
Prezioso feat. Marvin - Rockin' Deejays
Bondan Prakoso - Menerjang Matahari
Princess Erika - Sister
John Prine feat. Fiona Prine - 'Til a Tear Becomes a Rose
John Prine - She Is My Everything
John Prine - Ain't Hurtin' Nobody
John Prine - Lake Marie
John Prine - Humidity Built the Snowman
John Prine - He Forgot That It Was Sunday
John Prine - Fish and Whistle
John Prine - Iron Ore Betty
John Prine - Picture Show
John Prine - Way Back Then
John Prine - Everything Is Cool
John Prine - Storm Windows
Public Announcement - It's About Time
Public Announcement - Slow Dance
John Prine - If You Were the Woman and I Was the Man
John Prine - A John Prine Christmas
John Prine - Down by the Side of the Road
John Prine - It's Happening to You
John Prine - Saigon
John Prine - Shop Talk
John Prine - Just Wanna Be With You
John Prine - I Had a Dream
Pure Bathing Culture - Dream the Dare
Pure Bathing Culture - Scotty
Public Enemy - B Side Wins Again
Pure Bathing Culture - Palest Pearl
Robert Post - Everything Is Fine
Robert Post - Always a Reason
Charley Pride - I'd Rather Love You
Charley Pride - She's Too Good to Be True
Charley Pride - Amazing Love
Charley Pride - Burgers and Fries
Charley Pride - You're My Jamaica
Charley Pride - Snakes Crawl at Night
Charley Pride - I Know One
Charley Pride - She's Just an Old Love Turned Memory
Charley Pride - Roll on Mississippi
Charley Pride - Missin' You
Charley Pride - Too Hard to Say I’m Sorry
Charley Pride - Help Me Make It Through The Night
Charley Pride - Love Is a Shadow
Charley Pride - Shutters And Boards
Charley Pride - Don't Fight the Feelings of Love
Charley Pride - Miller's Cave
Charley Pride - Before I Met You
Charley Pride - I Ain't All Bad
Charley Pride - A Whole Lotta Things to Sing About
Charley Pride - When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone)
Charley Pride - You Almost Slipped My Mind
Charley Pride - More to Me
Charley Pride - Walk on By
Charley Pride - Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You)
Charley Pride - Act Naturally
Charley Pride - Guess Things Happen That Way
Charley Pride - Before the Next Tear Drop Falls
Machito Ponce - Plástico
Charley Pride - Oklahoma Morning
Charley Pride - Little Drummer Boy
Charley Pride - O Holy Night
Charley Pride - This Is My Year for Mexico
Charley Pride - Hope You're Feelin' Me
Joe Purdy - Brand New Set Of Wings
Joe Purdy - I've Been To Holland
Charley Pride - The Hunger
Charley Pride - He'll Have to Go
Charley Pride - The Shelter of Your Eyes
Charley Pride - Old Photographs
Dory Previn - Mythical Kings and Iguanas
Dory Previn - Yada Yada La Scala
Dory Previn - The Lady With the Braid
Dory Previn - The Midget's Lament
Dory Previn - Angels and Devils the Following Day
Dory Previn - Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign
Dory Previn - Twenty Mile Zone
Dory Previn - Lady With the Braid
Public Enemy - Coinsequences
Charley Pride - Love Put a Song in My Heart
Charley Pride - Let Me
Charley Pride - Whispering Hope
Charley Pride - Did You Think to Pray?
Charley Pride - I'll Fly Away
Psyche - The Crawler
Premix - Oui ou non
Premix - C'est dingue
Premix - Elle
POLYSICS - Wake Up, Polysics!
POLYSICS - Bye Bye Red Sneaker
Psyche - Searching
Psyche - Stay by Me
Charley Pride - No One Could Ever Take Me From You
Charley Pride - Daydreams About Night Things
Charley Pride - The Days of Sand and Shovels
Purple Hill Witch - Queen of the Hill
Psyche - Sanctuary (Renewal in the 23rd Century Remix by Akanoid vs. Clark Nova)
The Porkers - Afraid to Love Me
Psihomodo Pop - Pleši, pleši
Art Porter - Just Wanna Be With You
The Protomen - Because the Night
The Protomen - The Trooper
The Protomen - Danger Zone
Flora Purim - Dindi
Proyecto X - Mi Tesoro
Purr Machine - Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
Pulley - She
Pulley - The Other Side of Silence
Pulley - Rattling Rust
Pulley - Enemies
Jamie Principle - Your Love
M. Pokora feat. Tal - Envole-moi [Live Bercy 2012]
Project Pat - Out There (skit, Part 2)
Portavoz - Escribo rap con r de revolución
Project Pat - Wanna Get High
Project Pat - Interlude
Pulshar - Down by the River
Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Down by the Riverside
Pooh - Un caffè da Jennifer
Pooh - Terra desolata
Pooh - A un minuto dall'amore
Pooh - Alle nove in centro
Pooh - Opera prima
Pooh - Notte a sorpresa
Pooh - Una donna normale
Pooh - Se nasco un'altra volta
Pooh - Comuni desideri
Pooh - Corri corri
Tito Puente - Dejame Sonar
Pooh - Goodbye
Pooh - A Million Miles From Nowhere
Pooh - Ready Get Up and Good Morning
Pooh - Your Love
La Prohibida - Erotismo e informática
La Prohibida - Ganas de matar
Pooh - Dove sto domani
Pooh - Inca
Pooh - Siamo tutti come noi
Pooh - Vienna
Pooh - Canzone per l'inverno
Pooh - Caro me stesso mio
Pooh - Stagione di vento
Pooh - Gatto di strada
Tito Puente - Flying Down to Rio
Pooh - Solo voci
Gene Pitney - Tonight
Gene Pitney - Angelica
Gene Pitney - Ony Love Can Break a Heart
Pure Saturday - Kosong
Pure Saturday - Pathetic Waltz
Gene Pitney - First Cut Is the Deepest
Pooh - Per chi sa capire
Puya - Numbed
Puya - Pa' ti pa' mí
Puya - Ahoraké
Primitive Reason - Stormy Weather
The Pussycat Dolls - Until U Love U
Protistas - Nicaragua
Iggy Pop - Party Time
The Puppini Sisters - Heebie Jeebies
The Puppini Sisters - In the Mood
The Puppini Sisters - Winter Wonderland
The Puppini Sisters - Tu Vuo' Fal' Americano
Iggy Pop - Loose
Iggy Pop - Starry Night
Prinzhorn Dance School - Shake the Jar
Josh Pyke - Candle in Your Window
Pomegranate - Beauty And Pity
Pomegranate - Live Inside Of You
Josh Pyke - Bug Eyed Beauty
Josh Pyke - Warm in Winter
Josh Pyke - Feet of Clay
Josh Pyke - Order Has Abandoned Us
Josh Pyke - Stories That Get Told
Josh Pyke - There's a Line
Josh Pyke - Fake the Dawn
Iggy Pop - Lost
Puddle of Mudd - Rocket Man
Puddle of Mudd - Funk #49
Los Planetas - Mil millones de veces
Iggy Pop - Life of Work
Iggy Pop - Bulldozer
Los Planetas - Db
Los Planetas - Jose y yo
Los Planetas - Ciudad azul
Los Planetas - La máquina de escribir
Los Planetas - David y Claudia
Los Planetas - 8
Los Planetas - Aeropuerto
Los Planetas - Podría volver
Iggy Pop - Something Wild
Los Planetas - Pegado a ti
Los Planetas - El centro del cerebro
Los Planetas - La casa
Los Planetas - No sé ni cómo te atreves
Los Planetas - Disorder (Joy Division)
Iggy Pop - Loser
Louis Prima - Pennies From Heaven
Louis Prima - Hey! Ba Ba Re Bop
Louis Prima - Chinatown, My Chinatown
Tito Puente & Celia Cruz - Quimbara
Louis Prima - There'll Be No Next Time
Louis Prima - Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop
Paperclip People - The Climax
Porches - Braid
Porches - Mood
Porches - Hour
Porches - Even the Shadow
Porches - Car
Porches - Shaver
Porches - Shape
Porches - Security
Joe Pug - Silver Harps And Violins
Joe Pug - Stronger Than The World
Joe Pug - One Of Many
Louis Prima - Undecided
Louis Prima - Night Train 1959
Pulcinella - Andrea
Q-Tip feat. D'Angelo - Believe
Porshi & Arfin Rumey - Ektu Ektu
Francis Poulenc - Gloria : Gloria in excelsis Deo
QNTAL - Tyger
QNTAL - Swebend
QNTAL - In dem Begyn
QNTAL - Rossignolet
QNTAL - Flame amoureuse
QNTAL - Melos lacrimosum
QNTAL - Altas Undas
Pompeya - Anyway
Pompeya - Hysteria
Paul Potts - Maria
Pupkulies & Rebecca - From the Top
Private - I Can't Wait
Pulp - Seductive Barry
Pulp - Weeds
Pulp - Weeds II (The Origin of the Species)
Pulp - I Love Life
Pulp - Roadkill
Dinho Ouro Preto - Nothing Compares 2 U
Dinho Ouro Preto - Hard Sun
Pulp - You’re a Nightmare
Pulp - O.U.
Pulp - Sheffield: Sex City
Pulp - Have You Seen Her Lately?
Pulp - She’s a Lady
Pulp - David’s Last Summer
Andy Prieboy - Nearer to Morning
Pulp - The Professional
Pulp - We Are the Boys
Pulp - Live Bed Show (extended)
Pulp - Your Sister's Clothes
Pulp - Seconds
Pulp - Deep Fried in Kelvin
Pulp - The Babysitter
Pulp - Street Lites
Pulp - PTA
Pulp - Ansaphone (demo)
Pulp - His'n'Hers
Pulp - You're a Nightmare (BBC John Peel session)
Pulp - That Boy's Evil
Pulp - Stacks
Pulp - 59 Lyndhurst Grove
Pulp - After You (Pulp vs. Soulwax)
Pulp - Ladies’ Man
Pyogenesis - I Don't Know
Jill Phillips - Lamb of God
Bobby Pulido - Sabes
Bobby Pulido - Cuando Me Dejes De Amar
Bobby Pulido - Te Voy A Amar
Bobby Pulido - Se Me Olvido Olvidarte
Bobby Pulido - Enséñame
Bobby Pulido - Ayer Y Hoy
Bobby Pulido - A Tu Lado
Bobby Pulido - Soy Yo
PRODUCE 101 - Pick Me
Puzzle - Échanges de bons procédés
Purple Ribbon All-Stars - Kryptonite (I'm on It)
Purple Ribbon All-Stars - Kryptonite
Purity Ring - Ungirthed
Protest the Hero - Drumhead Trial
PureNRG - 360
PureNRG - When I Get to Heaven
PureNRG - That's What Friends Are For
Aylin Prandi - Bambola
César Banana Pueyrredón - Conociéndote
Project46 - Dor
Billy Porter - Don't Rain On My Parade
Press Play - Song For the Broken
Portrait - Be Thankful for What You've Got
Portrait - Yor Are So Beautiful
The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Burn
Quarteto Jobim-Morelenbaum - Ela é Carioca
Quarteto Jobim-Morelenbaum - Falando de Amor
Maxi Priest - Crazy Love
Maxi Priest - Golden Lady
Maxi Priest - Try
Prozzäk - Introduction to a Broken Heart
Pride of Lions - Turn to Me
Pride of Lions - Madness of Love
Pride of Lions - Love Is on the Rocks
The Quiett - Lonely One
Prohom - Rester en ville
Prohom - Ça oublie d'aimer
Prohom - Pas d'idées
Prohom - Georges
Prohom - Mise en bouche
Prohom - C'est pas moi
Prohom - Ne plus y penser
Prohom - Le Concours
Prohom - Heureux
Prohom - Des millions de forêts
Prohom - Départ
Prohom - De face
Prohom - D'accord
Prohom - Amer
Prohom - Restons les mêmes
Prohom - Né à la place d'un autre
Prohom - Compte pas sur moi
Prohom - Prouvez-le moi
Prohom - À la bonne heure
Prohom - La Fille du train
Prohom - Grossier
Pomplamoose - Beat It
Pomplamoose - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing
Pomplamoose - Come Together
Primordial - The Darkest Flame
Primordial - Fuil Arsa
Ray Price - Crazy Arms
Ray Price - City Lights
Ray Price - Night Life
Ray Price - Burning Memories
Ray Price - Danny Boy
Ray Price - Blues Stay Away From Me
Ray Price - Driftwood on the River
Ray Price - I'm Tired
Ray Price - The Old Rugged Cross
Ray Price - Roly Poly
Ray Price - The Wild Side of Life
Ray Price - Too Late
Ray Price - Prisoner of Love
Ray Price - Ramblin' Rose
Ray Price - In My Life
Ray Price - Hang Your Head in Shame
Ray Price - Last Letter
Ray Price - The Lord's Prayer
Ray Price - O Come All Ye Faithful
Ray Price - Happy Birthday to You, Our Lord
Ray Price - Unloved Unwanted
Prāta Vētra - Waterfall
Quebonafide - Manekin
Prāta Vētra - Ir vieglāk
Prāta Vētra - Brīvajā kritienā
CeCe Peniston - I See Love
CeCe Peniston - You Win, I Win, We Lose
CeCe Peniston - Virtue
Suzi Quatro - State of Mind
Prince & The Revolution - Baby I'm A Star
Suzi Quatro - Your Mamma Won’t Like Me
Prodigy - Wanna Be Thugs
Prodigy - Mac 10 Handle
Prodigy - Power Rap
Queensrÿche - Deliverance
PUPPYPET - Namidaboshi
Queensrÿche - How Could I?
Suzi Quatro - Four Letter Words
Suzi Quatro - Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Coo
Queensrÿche - Heaven on Their Minds
Queensrÿche - Fallen
Peyote Asesino - Perkins
Queen Latifah - The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
Queen Latifah - If I Had You
Queen Latifah - Lush Life
Queen Latifah - Weekend Love
Queen Latifah - People
Quietdrive - Deliverance
Quietdrive - Crazy
Queen Latifah - Poetry Man
Queen Latifah - Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
Quietdrive - In Your Eyes
Quarterflash - I Want to Believe It's You
Quarterflash - Welcome to the City
Queensrÿche - Killing Words (MTV Unplugged)
Psychotica - MacArthur Park
Suzi Quatro - Strip Me
Potna Deuce - Dat's My Potna
Potna Deuce - Funky Behavior
Potna Deuce - Can U Dig It?
Potna Deuce - Strivin'
Potna Deuce - Feel Da Pressure
Potna Deuce - Tramp Bitch
Potna Deuce - Let U Tell It
Ben Pryer - Life After Love
Phranc - Ode to Billy Joe
The Potbelleez - Ours To Rock
The Potbelleez - Everything
Plies - Makin Playz
Plies - I'm Da Man
Quintorigo - Rospo
Quintorigo - Nero vivo
Quintorigo - Deux Heures de Soleil
Quintorigo - Malatosano
Quintorigo - Redemption Song
Quintorigo - La nonna di Frederick lo portava al mare
Quintorigo - Raptus (Il signore inesistente)
Quintorigo - Rap-tus
Quintorigo - Neon Sun
Quintorigo - U.S.A. e getta
Quintorigo - Night and Day
Quo Vadis - I Believe
Quo Vadis - Mystery
The Pirates - Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
The Pirates - Sweet Love on My Mind
Pure X - Heaven
Ra - Only
Ra - What I Am
Ra - Fear
Quartetto Cetra - Però mi vuole bene
La Rabia del Milenio - Cerca es mejor
The Quill - Hole in My Head
K. M. Radha Krishnan - Telisi Telisi
Rabia Sorda - Save Me From My Curse
Rabia Sorda - What U Get Is What U See
Rabia Sorda - Save Me From My Curse (Cursed by unterART)
Project Pop - Bukan Superstar
Project Pop - Syukur
Project Pop - Indovers
Project Pop - I Will Not Survive
Project Pop - Macet
Project Pop - Hi-Lite
Project Pop - Bohong
Quicksand - Delusional
Quicksand - Simpleton
Quicksand - Thorn in My Side
Quicksand - Landmine Spring
Quicksand - Brown Gargantuan
Quicksand - East 3rd St.
Quicksand - It Would Be Cooler If You Did
Quicksand - Dine Alone
Quicksand - Omission
Bud Powell - Salt Peanuts ( D. Gillepsie )
Hugo Race + True Spirit - Polestar (Edited)
The Piano Tribute Players - Little Lion Man
RAab - Foreplay
Pearl Jam - Down
Radici nel cemento - Mi vendo
Pearl Jam - Gimme Some Truth
Julieta Rada - Ciencia y fantasía
Marcus Printup - How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
Pearl Jam - Know Your Rights
Beto Quintanilla - La Carga Del Diablo
Beto Quintanilla - Los Pilares De La Cárcel
Beto Quintanilla - El Temible Quemador
Baden Powell & Vinícius de Moraes - Tempo de Amor
Titiek Puspa - Pantang Mundur
Eric Prydz & Gyptian - Niton (The Reason) (Metrik remix) / Hold You (a cappella)
Pearl Jam - ½ Full
Pearl Jam - I Got You
Milly Quezada - Antología de caricias
Milly Quezada - Cuando se quiere un hombre así
Pearl Jam - I Am a Patriot
Quinta do Bill - O Sentido dos Sinais
Quinta do Bill - Viagem no Capim
Quinta do Bill - Quem Ainda Não Tem Lugar
Pearl Jam - Everyday
Radio Feelings - My Secret
RAF Camora - Testament nach dem Puff
Elvis Presley - This Is Our Dance
RAF Camora - Luxus
Raashan Ahmad - Hold On
Quiero Club - No coke
The Raconteurs - Keep It Clean
The Raconteurs - It Aint Easy
Psychopathic Rydas - Who?
Pythia - Sarah (Bury Her)
Power Quest - Edge of Time
Pusha T feat. Rick Ross & Kanye West - Hold On
Tity Boi feat. Young Jeezy & Pusha T - Kitchen
Elvis Presley - Lovin' Arms
Prozak feat. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko - Purgatory
Mohammed Rafi - Mera Man Tera Pyasa
Mohammed Rafi - Din Dhal Jaye
RADWIMPS - Zenzenzense
RADWIMPS - Katawaredoki
RADWIMPS - Lights go out
RADWIMPS - As a Symbol
RADWIMPS - Human Shaped Constellation
RADWIMPS - Confession
RADWIMPS - One man live
RADWIMPS - me me she
RADWIMPS - Okumanshoja
RADWIMPS - Futarigoto
Mohammed Rafi - Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho
Mohammed Rafi - Maine Poocha Chand Se (Abdullah)
Mohammed Rafi - Mere Deshpremiyo (Desh Premee)
Mohammed Rafi - O Duniyaa Ke Rakhwaale
Mohammed Rafi - Teri Galiyon Mein
Mohammed Rafi - Ek Haseen Sham Ko
Mohammed Rafi - Meri Aawaz Suno
Mohammed Rafi - Aaj Purani Raahon Se
Propagandhi - Stand Up and Be Counted
Radiohead - Ladytron
Radiohead - Untogether
Radiohead - Where I End and You Begin (demo)
Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong [Rock im Park, Nurnberg, 6-2-2001]
Radiohead - Give Up The Ghost [Jimmy Fallon Show, NYC, 9-23-2011]
Radiohead - Planet Telex (Nijmegen, 9‐16‐2000)
Radiohead - True Love Waits (Santa Barbara, 6‐30‐2001)
Radiohead - Maquiladora (Glastonbury, 6‐26‐1994)