Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1502:

Lauri - In the City
Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends - Snatch and Grab It
Latin Lover - Casanova Action
Bill LaBounty - This Night Won't Last Forever
Ladysmith Black Mambazo with Des'ree - Ain't No Sunshine
Kuh Ledesma - Overjoyed
Kuh Ledesma - Anak
Seth Lakeman - How Much
Philippe Lavil - Avec les filles je ne sais pas
Ledisi - Love Never Changes
Ledisi - Silent Night
Ledisi - Like This
Ledisi - 88 Boxes
Leeway - Rise and Fall
Leeway - Mark of the Squealer
Leeway - On the Outside
Leeway - Defy You
Leeway - Enforcer
Leeway - Marathon
Leeway - Self Defense
Leeway - Soft Way Out
Leeway - Who's to Blame
Lack of Limits - The Safety Dance
Dennis Lambert - Of All the Things
Alvin Lee - Midnight Special
Alvin Lee - Can't Sleep at Nite
Roberto Ledesma - Mia
Roberto Ledesma - Esta Tarde VI Llover
Roberto Ledesma - Se Me Olvido Tu Nombre
Roberto Ledesma - Parece Que Fue Ayer
Lead - I want ya
Kuroyume - Love Me Do
Rita Lee - As loucas
Rita Lee - Meio fio
Rita Lee - Panis et circenses
Rita Lee - Coração babão
Rita Lee - Eu quero ser sedado
Jonna Lee - Aberdeen on New Year’s Eve
Jonna Lee - The Weight and the Beating of His Heart
Jonna Lee - Newfound Friend
Jonna Lee - The Light
Jonna Lee - Question:
Jonna Lee - Sinking Low
Jonna Lee - Loneliest One
Jonna Lee - Dried Out Eyes
Jonna Lee feat. Ed Harcourt - And Your Love
Jonna Lee - I Wrote This Song
Jonna Lee - Human
Jonna Lee - Here's the Low
Lathun - Fortunate
Kuroyume - BORN TO BE WILD
Rita Lee - Fonte da juventude
Rita Lee - Só de você
Mikko Kuustonen - Ilman sua
Mikko Kuustonen - Haukka ja hiljainen poika
Mikko Kuustonen - Sielu jää taas sateeseen
John Legend - Let’s Get Lifted Again
Johnny Lee - This Time
The Last Days of Jesus - After the Night
The Last Days of Jesus - Comedy With the Devil
The Leisure Society - Everyone Understands
The Leisure Society - Forever Shall We Wait
The Leisure Society - We Go Together
The Leisure Society - The Last in a Long Line
Kishore Kumar - Zindagi Ka Safar
Ed Kowalczyk - The Great Beyond
Ed Kowalczyk - Drink (Everlasting Love)
Julie Lee - Older Sister
Ed Kowalczyk - Cornerstone
Ed Kowalczyk - Lightning Crashes
Ed Kowalczyk - Run to the Water
The Latin Brothers - Pegaso
Kishore Kumar - Kitne Bhi Tu Karle Sitam
Kishore Kumar - Dil Kya Kare
Kishore Kumar - Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas
Kishore Kumar - Yeh Sham Mastani
Kishore Kumar - Raat Kali Ek Khwab Mein Aayi
Kishore Kumar - Koi Haseena
Kishore Kumar - Saagar Jaisi Ankhon Wali
Kishore Kumar - Mera Jeevan Kora Kagaz (Kora Kagaz, 1974)
Catherine Lara - T'es pas drôle
Catherine Lara - Ticket bleu
Catherine Lara - Au milieu de nulle part
Catherine Lara - Langage du corps
Catherine Lara - Les Romantiques
Catherine Lara - La Rockeuse de diamants
Catherine Lara - Famélique
Catherine Lara - Va plus loin
Catherine Lara - L'Alliance
Catherine Lara - Mes défis
Catherine Lara - Au-delà du silence
Catherine Lara - Le Dernier Aveu
Catherine Lara - La Rockeuse de diamant
Catherine Lara - Petit homme
Catherine Lara - Histoire de fous
Catherine Lara - L'Histoire de ma vie
Catherine Lara - Toutes les femmes
Catherine Lara - Les Genoux échorchés
Catherine Lara - Sous l'escalier
Cyndi Lauper feat. Jonny Lang - How Blue Can You Get?
Cyndi Lauper feat. Jonny Lang - Crossroads
The Last Goodnight - Return to Me
Leila K - Ça plane pour moi (long)
Lemon Jelly - Come
Lee Young Hyun - My Love
Lemar - Over You
Låpsley - Cliff
Lengua Secreta - Ay Morena
[LAW] - Snipper
Peggy Lee - How Long Has This Been Going On?
Peggy Lee - Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show
Peggy Lee - You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
Leatherwolf - The Calling
Peggy Lee - Misty
Peggy Lee - The Way You Look Tonight
Peggy Lee - He's My Guy
Peggy Lee - There Is No Greater Love
Peggy Lee - The Sweetest Sounds
Daniel Lavoie - J'ai quitté mon île
Daniel Lavoie - Boule qui roule
Daniel Lavoie - Ravi de te revoir
Daniel Lavoie - Je voudrais voir New-York
Daniel Lavoie - Jours de plaine
Daniel Lavoie - Qui sait
Daniel Lavoie - Tension Attention
Daniel Lavoie - Qui va là ?
Daniel Lavoie - Fouquet's
Daniel Lavoie - Roule ta boule
Daniel Lavoie - Hôtel
Peggy Lee - Cheek to Cheek
Peggy Lee - Don't Ever Leave Me
Daniel Lavoie - Carmen
Daniel Lavoie - Tension attention!
Daniel Lavoie - Looking Out for You
Daniel Lavoie - Running into Walls
Joey Lawrence - Anything for Love
Patrizia Laquidara - Per causa d'amore
Peggy Lee - Where Are You
Peggy Lee - Love
Nicolette Larson - Come Early Mornin'
Bruce Kulick - I Don't Mind
Peggy Lee - We'll Meet Again
Peggy Lee - What a Little Moonlight Can Do
Vander Lee - Teu rastro
Mélissa Laveaux - Needle in the Hay
Peggy Lee - Christmas Carousel
Peggy Lee - Happy Holiday
Peggy Lee - My Silent Love
Peggy Lee - I Won't Dance
Peggy Lee - I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Herborg Kråkevik - Songar som lengtar heim
Herborg Kråkevik - Til deg som elskar han
Herborg Kråkevik - Den sjuande dagen
Herborg Kråkevik - Den gladaste dama
Herborg Kråkevik - Eg diktar meg eit liv
Peggy Lee - (Ah, the Apple Trees) When the World Was Young
Peggy Lee - Trouble Is a Man
Peggy Lee - Love You Didn't Do Right by Me
Leandro & Leonardo - Cumade e cumpade
Leandro & Leonardo - Você nasceu para amar
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band with Little Big Horns & The Philharmanic Orchestrange - #9 Dream
Peggy Lee - It’s a Good Day
Peggy Lee - Fine and Mellow
Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room)
Peggy Lee - (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me
Mads Langer - Love Letter
Mads Langer - Something Wild
Mads Langer - Attention Please
Mads Langer - Casual Cliché
Mads Langer - Whisper Goodnight
Mario Lanza - Danny Boy
Mario Lanza - Because
Mario Lanza - Deck the Halls
Daniel Lanois with Emmylou Harris - I Love You
Daniel Lanois - The Messenger
Daniel Lanois - Harry
Daniel Lanois - Sacred and Secular
Daniel Lanois - Fisherman's Daughter
Daniel Lanois - Amazing Grace
Daniel Lanois - The Maker (calypso demo)
Daniel Lanois - Still Water (from Eno's house)
Mario Lanza - Deep in My Heart, Dear
Mario Lanza - La Donna E' Mobile
The Lennon Sisters - The Christmas Waltz
Mario Lanza - Serenade (from 'The Student Prince')
Lazlo Bane - All by Myself
Andrés de León - Sigues siendo tú
John & Yoko / Plastic Ono Band with The Harlem Community Choir - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Dear Yoko
John Lennon - The Rishi Kesh Song
John Lennon - Mr. Hyde’s Gone (Don’t Be Afraid)
John Lennon - The Great Wok
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band - God
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - I Don’t Wanna Face It
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band - I Found Out
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band - Hold On
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band - Well Well Well
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Grow Old With Me
Leæther Strip - Lili Marlene
Tomas Ledin - Det var ingenting allvarligt
John Lennon - Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him
John Lennon - Rock and Roll People
LaRue - Reason
LaRue - Someday
John Lennon - Real Love (Speech Removed)
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - Love
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - Mother
James Last & Berdien Stenberg - Ayacucho
John Lennon - Born in a Prison
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Sleepless Night
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Don’t Be Scared
John Lennon - Help!
John Lennon - Jeaulous Guy
John Lennon - (Just Like) Starting Over [Rough mix]
John Lennon - Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradise)
John Lennon - It's So Hard - Sax Overdub (7-4-71 NYC)
John Lennon - Intuition [Rough mix]
John Lennon - Intuition [demo]
John Lennon - I'm Moving On
Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore - Here We Go
Kissing the Pink - Certain Things Are Likely
Lady Violet - Beautiful World
Jeff Lang - Between the Lines
John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band - Power to the People
Daniel Lavoie - Nu
Jacques Higelin - La Courneuve
Latin Quarter - Freight Elevator
Legião Urbana - Andrea Doria
Legião Urbana - Por enquanto
Legião Urbana - Eu era um lobisomem juvenil
Allain Leprest - Nu
Allain Leprest - La Courneuve
Allain Leprest - Nos statues
Allain Leprest - Madame
Allain Leprest - La Dame du 10ème
Allain Leprest - Tout c'qu'est dégueulasse porte un joli nom
Legião Urbana - On the Way Home
Laura Lee - Women's Love Rights
Laura Lee - Since I Fell for You
Leiva - 92
Leiva - Extasis
Leiva - Las cuentas
Leiva - Telediario
Leiva - Cerca
Leiva - Afuera en la ciudad
Leiva - Del hueso una flor
Leiva - Hermosa taquicardia
Leiva - Ciencia ficción
León Larregui - Locos
León Larregui - Tremantra
León Larregui - Lattice
León Larregui - Visitantes
León Larregui - Visiones
León Larregui - Luna Llena
León Larregui - Rue Vieille Du Temple
Lena Ka - Papillon
L7 - Scrap
L7 - Diet Pill
L7 - Slide
L7 - Mr. Integrity
L7 - Monster
L7 - Baggage
L7 - Can I Run
L7 - Deathwish
L7 - Broomstick
L7 - The Beauty Process
L7 - Off the Wagon
L7 - I Need
L7 - Moonshine
L7 - Non-Existent Patricia
Félix Leclerc - Notre sentier
Félix Leclerc - Francis
Félix Leclerc - La Chanson du pharmacien
Félix Leclerc - La Mort de l'ours
Félix Leclerc - J'inviterai l'enfance
L7 - Bite the Wax Tadpole
L7 - Cat-O'-Nine-Tails
L7 - Metal Stampede
L7 - Uncle Bob
L7 - Runnin' From the Law
L7 - Cool Out
L7 - It's Not You
L7 - Ms. 45
L7 - Lackey
L7 - Mantra Down
L7 - Fast & Frightening
L7 - Till the Wheels Fall Off
L7 - Right on Thru
L7 - Bitterwine
Félix Leclerc - Richesses
Félix Leclerc - Petit Pierre
Félix Leclerc - La Mer n'est pas la mer
Félix Leclerc - La Veuve
León Benavente - Las hienas
León Benavente - Las ruinas
León Benavente - La palabra
León Benavente - Década
León Benavente - Revolución
León Benavente - Ser brigada
León Benavente - California
León Benavente - Tipo D
León Benavente - La ribera
León Benavente - Nuevas tierras
León Benavente - Aún no ha salido el sol
León Benavente - La vida errando
León Benavente - Habitación 615
León Benavente - Todos contra todos
León Benavente - Muy fuerte
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band - Remember
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band - My Mummy's Dead
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band - Power to the People
Félix Leclerc - Naissance
Félix Leclerc - Le Galérien
Leeland - Pages
Leeland - Unending Songs
Leiva - Hoy no me encuentro
Leiva - Miedo
Leiva - Nunca nadie
Leiva - Aunque sea un rato
Ryan Leslie - Beautiful Lie
Ryan Leslie - Black Mozart
Ryan Leslie - Evacuation
Leftover Salmon - Euphoria
Damien Leith - Beautiful
Damien Leith - Night of My Life
Damien Leith - Universal Soldier
Leftover Salmon - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?
Lastkaj 14 - Håll höjd
Lastkaj 14 - Jag blundar
Lastkaj 14 - När luften tar slut
Lastkaj 14 - Till alla er
Lastkaj 14 - Som på räls
Lastkaj 14 - Tick tack
Lastkaj 14 - Lycklig nu
Kendrick Lamar - Chapter Ten
Kendrick Lamar - Dreams
Michel Legrand - Watch What Happens
Julian Lennon - You're the One
Jackie Leven - Old West African Song
Leo Mancini - Hysteria
Julian Lennon - Cold
Julian Lennon - I Need You
LAMA - Parallel Sign
LAMA - Know Your Rights
Michel Legrand - How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
Michel Legrand - Quand on s'aime
Michel Legrand - Summer Of ’42
Paul de Leeuw - Lieverd
Paul de Leeuw - Ik wil niet dat je liegt
Paul de Leeuw & Ruth Jacott - Blijf bij mij
Paul de Leeuw - Kopa Koopavond
Le$ - Angel Eyes
Léo Jaime - Vinte garotas num fim de semana
The La’s - I Can't Sleep
The La’s - Freedom Song (4 track demo)
Lagwagon - Today
Léo Jaime - Eu vou comer a Madonna
Lagwagon - Virus
Lagwagon - Bad Moon Rising
Laurie Lewis - Tall Pines
The Legends - Closer
John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers) - How?
John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers) - Crippled Inside
John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers) - It's So Hard
Michelle Lewis - Mr. Marigold
Crystal Lewis - In Return
Crystal Lewis - De Tal Manera Me Amó
Crystal Lewis - Father and a Friend
John and Yoko / Plastic Ono Band with Elephant's Memory and Invisible Strings - New York City
Herbert Léonard - Ils s'aiment
Francis Lemarque - Ecoutez la ballade
Yves Montand - Ma douce vallée
Francis Lemarque - Vacances à Paris
Francis Lemarque - Je me souviens de la bohème
Francis Lemarque - C'est un mauvais garçon
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Suspect Device
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Ghosts
Les Prêtres - Ave verum corpus
Leichenwetter - Erlkönig
John Legend & The Roots - I Can’t Write Left Handed
John Legend & The Roots - Shine
Ute Lemper - Parler d'amour
LeVert - My Forever Love
LeVert - Start Me Up Again
LeVert - (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind
LeVert - All Season
LeVert - I've Been Waiting
La Ley - Prisioneros de la piel
La Ley - Doble opuesto
La Ley - Tejedores de ilusión
La Ley - Placer
La Ley - En lugares
La Ley - Desiertos
La Ley - Sólo ideales
La Ley - Auto-ruta (Feel the Skin)
Steve Lawrence - Make Believe
Sam Levine - My Heart Will go On
Sam Levine - When You Believe
Ken Laszlo - Don't Cry (vocal)
Haluk Levent - Akşamlar
Melina León - Que Sera De Ti (Balada)
Melina León - Te Amo
Stoney LaRue - Wichita Lineman
Sondre Lerche & The Faces Down Quartet - Once in a While
Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers - Giants
Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers - It's Your Time
Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers - Giants (intro)
Lisa Leuschner - Sweet Thing
Lenny Kravitz - Deuce
Lenny Kravitz - If 6 Were 9
Leño - Sorprendente
Leño - Corre corre
Leño - Este Madrid
Leño - No voy más lejos
Leño - Lo que acabas de elegir
Leño - Aprendiendo a Escuchar
Leño - ¡que Tire La Toalla!
Jacques Cardona - Les Mystérieuses Cités d'or
Amanda Lear - Hollywood Flashback
Leo Marini - Fichas Negras
Leo Marini - Dos almas
La Trakalosa de Monterrey - No Falta Quien Me las Abra
Lamb of God - Hit the Wall
Lazy - With or Without You
Lazy - Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own
The Library Is on Fire - We Are the 'Electric Newspaper Ripoffs'
John Leyton - Beautiful Dreamer
Less Than Jake - We're Not Gonna Take It
Less Than Jake - Your Love
Less Than Jake - My Money Is on the Long Shot
Less Than Jake - Jump
Less Than Jake - The Loudest Songs
Less Than Jake - John the Baptist Bones
Less Than Jake - The Troubles
Less Than Jake - Give Me Something to Believe In
Led Zeppelin - Black Dog (Early Rehearsals)
Led Zeppelin - I'll Never Get Over You
Led Zeppelin - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
Led Zeppelin - Black Dog (basic track with guitar overdubs)
Led Zeppelin - Friends (track – no vocal)
Less Than Jake - Late Night Petroleum
Less Than Jake - Connect The Dots
Lewis Del Mar - Puerto Cabezas, NI
Lewis Del Mar - Tap Water Drinking
Letters to Cleo - Come Around
Letters to Cleo - Because of You
Letters to Cleo - Awake
Letters to Cleo - Boy
Letters to Cleo - I'm a Fool
Ott Lepland - Kaua veel
Ott Lepland - Erk maa
Ott Lepland - Siin olen ma
Leyenda - Soy yo
Lene - Scream
Frej Larsson - Mitt team
Huey Lewis and the News - I Never Walk Alone
Huey Lewis and the News - Blue Monday
Huey Lewis and the News - Stagger Lee
Huey Lewis and the News - Going Down Slow
Huey Lewis and the News - Tattoo (Giving It All Up for Love)
less - All is Well
less - It's Over
less - Mortar
less - Overpass
less - Glad to No You
less - Another Rapist
less - Allah's Collar
Alejandro Lerner - Si te vas
Huey Lewis and the News - Let Her Go and Start Over
Alejandro Lerner - Canta una canción de amor
Huey Lewis and the News - Never Found a Girl
Huey Lewis and the News - Soulsville
Letzte Instanz - Kalter Glanz (Akustik Version) Letzte Instanz
Leo - Dime que me quieres
Leo - Temblando
Lee Press-On and The Nails - Wave a White Flag
Kui Lee - I'll Remember You
The Like - Too Late
The Like - The One
LemON - Płatek
Lifelike - The Soul of My Love
Liberace - Misty
Liberace - The Old Piano Roll Blues
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band with The Flux Fiddlers - Imagine
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band with The Flux Fiddlers - Oh Yoko!
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band with The Flux Fiddlers - Jealous Guy
Cleo Laine - It Don't Mean a Thing
Lighea - Cosa succede in città
Cleo Laine - Midnight Sun
Amy LaVere - I'll Remember You
Bobby Lewis - Lonely Teardrops
Cleo Laine - All of You
Lawson - You Didn't Tell Me
Jonny Lang & The Big Bang - Too Tired
Larharyhmä - R.A.K.A.S
k.d. lang and The Reclines - Bopalena
Les Savy Fav - Intro
Leningrad - Gruppa Krovi
Lil Wayne - Comfortable
Lil Wayne - I'm Me
Lil Wayne feat. Big Tymers - Let's Go
Leevi and the Leavings - Tulilanka palaa
Libera - I Vow to Thee My Country
Libera - Gloria
Libera - Jerusalem
Leevi and the Leavings - Suru ja onni
Leevi and the Leavings - Tyttö jota ei koskaan suudeltu
Leevi and the Leavings - Nuotioilta parvekkeella
Leevi and the Leavings - Tyttären vaimo
Leevi and the Leavings - Samoissa kengissä
Lil Wayne feat. Juvenile - Respect Us
Libera - Joy to the World
Libera - O Holy Night
Libera - Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
Lil Wayne - Down
Leevi and the Leavings - Mary Jane
Lexxus - You
Lemonbabies - Diving
Lil Wayne - You Ain't Got Nuthin
Lil Wayne - It's Me Bitches
Lil Wayne - Sex Faces
Lil Wayne - Pussy Monster
Lil Wayne - She Wants Me
Lil Wayne - I'm At War Feat. Sean Kingston
Lenine - Tubi Tupy
Lenine - Ciranda praieira
Lenine - Excesso exceto
Lenine - Quem Leva A Vida Sou Eu
Leski - Lubię Takie Gry
Lead Belly - Black Snake Moan
Claude Léveillée - La légende du cheval blanc
MC Lars & k.flay - Altered States
Cate Le Bon - No God
Cate Le Bon feat. Perfume Genius - I Think I Knew
Cate Le Bon - Julia
Cate Le Bon - Greta
Cate Le Bon - The Man I Wanted
Cate Le Bon - Through the Mill
Cate Le Bon - Shoeing the Bones
Cate Le Bon - It's Not the End
Cate Le Bon - Terror of the Man
Cate Le Bon - Eyes So Bright
Cate Le Bon - Digging Song
Cate Le Bon - Burn Until the End
Cate Le Bon - Out to Sea
Cate Le Bon - Crab Day
Cate Le Bon - Find Me
Cate Le Bon - I Was Born on the Wrong Day
Cate Le Bon - We Might Revolve
Cate Le Bon - Yellow Blinds, Cream Shadows
Cate Le Bon - I Can't Help You
Cate Le Bon - I Think I Knew
Lead Belly - John Hardy (Version 1 - Accordion)
Jamie Lenman - Saturday Night
Enoch Light - Heartaches
Patty Larkin - Open Arms (Don't Explain)
Patty Larkin - Open Arms
Vlado Kreslin - Še je čas
Lead Belly - Pick a Bale o'Cotton
Donna Lewis - Without Love
Liberación - Si estuvieras conmigo
Liberación - Eres tú
Liberación - Pequeña orgullosa
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - Instant Karma
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - Money
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - God
Liberación - El muñeco
Liberación - Almas gemelas
Liberación - Te traigo atravesada
Liberación - Mi pena y mi suerte
Liberación - Promesas y mentiras
Liberación - Te vas a quedar queriendo
Liberación - Y no hay mañana
Liberación - Libérame
Liberación - Por esa yegua
Leonardo - Tocando em frente
Leonardo - Meu Mel
Leonardo - Quero Acender Teu Fogo
Lilicub - Faire fi de tout
Lilicub - Au bout du compte
Lilicub - Paris au mois d'août
Lilicub - Dieu
Nicky Lee - Forever
Nicky Lee - Tell Me Why
Nicky Lee - Let Me Know
Alexis Korner - I Got a Woman
Lil Tai Z - Sac à dos
David Koller - Teď a tady
David Koller - Prázdný místa
Paula Lima - Quero ver você no baile
Paula Lima - Tive Razão
Leningrad Cowboys feat. Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble - Sweet Home Alabama
Toby Lightman - Operator
Toby Lightman - Real Love
Serge Lama - Les Maisons grandes
Serge Lama - Mémorandum pour un pucelage
Serge Lama - Les Jardins ouvriers
Serge Lama - La Fleur aux dents
Lillix - Promises
Serge Lama - Dors ma mie
Licence IV - Viens Boire Un P'tit Coup À La Maison
Serge Lama - D'aventures en aventues (en duo avec Isabelle Boulay)
Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart - Big World
Lefthanded - Nafas rindu
Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
Alison Limerick - Love Come Down
Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (A Cappella)
Miranda Lambert - Getting Ready
Eugenia León - Cuando vivas conmigo
Eugenia León - Corcovado
Eugenia León - Samba de verano
Grégory Lemarchal - Et maintenant
Eugenia León - Color morena la piel
Katie Lee - Hush Little Sibling
Katie Lee - It Must Be Something Psychological
Lez Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Lina Santiago - Cutie Pie
J.B. Lenoir - I Want to Go
Dylan LeBlanc - Beyond the Veil
Dylan LeBlanc - Balance or Fall
Marc Laurens - La Belle Vie
Fish Leong - 101
Abbey Lincoln & Hank Jones - Can't Help Singing
Jerry Lewis - It All Depends on You
Lil’ KeKe - Don't You Know
Lights Out - Get A Life
Lightning Dust - Loaded Gun
Lightning Dust - Fire, Flesh and Bone
Linkin Park feat. Chairman Hahn & Aceyalone - Wth>You
Lax'n'Busto - Sota el cel rogent
Lax'n'Busto - Emiliano Zapata
Lax'n'Busto - Blues del diumenge
Lax'n'Busto - Per tu, mare
Lax'n'Busto - Ara o mai
Lax'n'Busto - Més enllà
La Liga del Sueño - Semilla negra
Lax'n'Busto - De vegades
Lax'n'Busto - Qui ets tu?
Lax'n'Busto - La mosca
Lax'n'Busto - Pensant en tornar a casa
Lax'n'Busto - Tens el que tens
Lax'n'Busto - Inevitable relació
Lax'n'Busto - La porta dels somnis
Lax'n'Busto - Com podria
Lax'n'Busto - Fum
Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Forget Him
Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Runaway
Linkin Park feat. Cheapshot, Jubacca, Rasco & Planet Asia - Ppr:kut
Abbey Lincoln - Lucky to Be Me
Abbey Lincoln - Whistling Away the Dark
Abbey Lincoln - Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe
Abbey Lincoln - When a Woman Loves a Man
Abbey Lincoln - Don’t Explain
Lionrock - Fire Up the Shoesaw
Lionrock - Call a Cab
Lionrock - Fire Up the Shoesaw (Discotheque dub)
Abbey Lincoln - What a Little Moonlight Can Do
Abbey Lincoln - Gimme a Pigfoot
Abbey Lincoln - For Heaven's Sake
Tania Libertad - Júrame
Tania Libertad - La belleza
Tania Libertad - Te perdono
Tania Libertad - Para vivir
Lil' Zane - I.O.U.
Tania Libertad - Si nos dejan
Tania Libertad - Que te vaya bonito
Tania Libertad - Amor del alma
Tania Libertad - Por mi orgullo
Maxime Le Forestier - La Visite
Udo Lindenberg - Gummi in Berlin
Maxime Le Forestier - Les Passantes
Maxime Le Forestier - La Religieuse
Maxime Le Forestier - La Non-demande en mariage
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Petit Joueur de flûteau
Maxime Le Forestier - Saturne
Maxime Le Forestier - La Maîtresse d'école
Maxime Le Forestier - Rien à jeter
Maxime Le Forestier - La Marche nuptiale
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Pluriel
Maxime Le Forestier - Stances à un cambrioleur
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Vieux Léon
Maxime Le Forestier - L'Ancêtre
Maxime Le Forestier - Don Juan
Maxime Le Forestier - Les Oiseaux de passage
Maxime Le Forestier - Supplique pour être enterré sur la plage de Sète
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Pornographe
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Père Noël et la petite fille
Maxime Le Forestier - Fernande
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Bulletin de santé
Maxime Le Forestier - Les Trompettes de la renommée
Maxime Le Forestier - Le temps ne fait rien à l'affaire
Udo Lindenberg - Dr. Jekill
Left Hand Solution - Missionary Man
Maxime Le Forestier - Jeanne Martin
Maxime Le Forestier - Honte à qui peut chanter
Maxime Le Forestier - Retouches à un roman d'amour de quatre sous
Maxime Le Forestier - Tant qu'il y a des Pyrénées
Maxime Le Forestier - La Légion d'honneur
Maxime Le Forestier - Les Châteaux de sable
Maxime Le Forestier - L'Antéchrist
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Fantôme de Pierrot
Klinik - Fever
Udo Lindenberg - Sie kennen ihre Namen nicht
Maxime Le Forestier - La Complainte des filles de joie
Maxime Le Forestier - La Guerre de 14-18
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Moyenâgeux
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panikorchester - Cello
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panikorchester - Ali
Maxime Le Forestier - Oncle Archibald
Maxime Le Forestier - Celui qui a mal tourné
Jeanette Lindström - Grow Old With Me
Maxime Le Forestier - Retouches à un roman de quatre sous
Maxime Le Forestier - La Princesse et le Croque-Notes
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Fantôme
Maxime Le Forestier - Le Bistrot
Maxime Le Forestier - Histoire de faussaire
Maxime Le Forestier - Jeanne
Maxime Le Forestier - Embrasse-les tous
Maxime Le Forestier - L'Orage
Maxime Le Forestier - Sale petit bonhomme
Maxime Le Forestier - La Messe au pendu
Udo Lindenberg - Reeperbahn '90
Ginie Line - Célibataire
Ginie Line - Un simple pas
Lindstrøm - Fāār-i-kāāl
Lil' Romeo - 2 Way
Lio - Les hommes me vont si bien
Lio - The Girl From Ipanema
The Lightning Seeds - Perfect
The Lightning Seeds - Said and Done
Lio - Baby Lou
Lio - Dans les bras d’un enfant
The Lightning Seeds - Another Girl Another Planet
The Lightning Seeds - Here Today
Jukka Lewis - Boulevard Of Frozen Dreams
Sondre Lerche & The Faces Down Quartet - Human Hands
Sondre Lerche - After the Exorcism
Sondre Lerche - Human Hands
The Lights Reflections - Tell Me Once Again
The Lemonheads - Fade to Black
The Lemonheads - Keep on Loving You
The Lemonheads - No Backbone
The Lemonheads - Plaster Caster
The Lemonheads - Strange
The Lemonheads - Kitchen (demo)
The Lemonheads - Kitchen (Hamburg live)
Phil Lesh & Friends - Scarlet Begonias
Phil Lesh & Friends - Wharf Rat
Phil Lesh & Friends - Jam
Phil Lesh & Friends - New Speedway Boogie
Phil Lesh & Friends - He's Gone
Phil Lesh & Friends - Cumberland Blues
Phil Lesh & Friends - Bird Song
Jerry Lee Lewis - He Can't Fill My Shoes
Lipps, Inc. - How Long
Jerry Lee Lewis - Think About It Darlin'
Jerry Lee Lewis - Boogie Woogie Country Man
Jerry Lee Lewis - Down the Road Apiece
Liesbeth List - Vierkante auto
Jerry Lee Lewis - Let's Put It Back Together Again
Jerry Lee Lewis - Crazy Arms (2) (chat & take)
Jerry Lee Lewis - The Wild Side of Life
Jerry Lee Lewis - Got You on My Mind
Jerry Lee Lewis - Reuben James
Jerry Lee Lewis - You Don't Miss Your Water
Jerry Lee Lewis - Stagger Lee (with announcement & talk at end)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Just Because
Lenna - Hüvasti maa
Kool Moe Dee - Let's Go
Jerry Lee Lewis - Help Me Make It Through the Night
Jerry Lee Lewis - For the Good Times
Jerry Lee Lewis - Jack Daniels (Old Number Seven)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Keep Me From Blowing Away
Kool Moe Dee - Bad Bad Bad
Kool Moe Dee - Knowlege Is King
Kool Moe Dee - Wild, Wild West
Level 42 - Rooted
Level 42 - The Way Back Home
Level 42 - Retroglide
Level 42 - Hell Town Story
Level 42 - Ship
Level 42 - If You Were Mine
Limp - Believe
Limp - Tomorrow
Limp - Unreal
Lendakaris Muertos - Centro comercial
Lendakaris Muertos - A toda la hostia
Lendakaris Muertos - Pasao de rosca
Gordon Lightfoot - Pussy Willows, Cat-tails
Gordon Lightfoot - Does Your Mother Know?
Leslie - Over
Jerry Lee Lewis - Sweet Dreams
Jerry Lee Lewis - Heartaches by the Number
Jerry Lee Lewis - He'll Have to Go
Jerry Lee Lewis - Wild Side of Life
Gordon Lightfoot - On Susan's Floor
Jerry Lee Lewis - Cryin' Time
Jerry Lee Lewis & Linda Gail Lewis - North to Alaska
Jerry Lee Lewis - She Thinks I Still Care
Jerry Lee Lewis - Burning Memories
Claudia Leitte - Beijar Na Boca
Claudia Leitte - Pancadão frenético
Claudia Leitte - Turbina
Claudia Leitte - Eu fico
Claudia Leitte - Pancadão Frenético (part. Wesley Safadão)
Claudia Leitte - Turbina (Ao Vivo)
Gordon Lightfoot - Wherefore & Why
Jack Lemmon - Button Up Your Overcoat
Los Limones - Horizontes
Lit - Quicksand
Lit - Moonshine
Lit - Pictures of You
Lit - C'Mon
Jerry Lee Lewis - I'll See You in My Dreams (false start & take)
The Lettermen - Goin’ Out of My Head / Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
The Lettermen - Love
The Lettermen - Turn Around, Look at Me
The Lettermen - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
The Lettermen - Oh My Love
The Lettermen - Forget Him
The Lettermen - The Christmas Waltz
The Lettermen - Our Day Will Come
The Lettermen - Friendly Persuasion
The Lettermen - This Guy's in Love With You
The Lettermen - Ain't No Sunshine
The Lettermen - The Look of Love
Alex Lifeson - Don't Care
The Lettermen - Goin Out of My Head, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Goin’ Out of My Head
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Hurt So Bad
Little Anthony & The Imperials - I Miss You So
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Hurt
Litfiba - Si può
Laïs - Opzij
Litfiba - Il branco
Lindisfarne - January Song
Lindisfarne - Down
Lindisfarne - Go Back
Lindisfarne - City Song
Lindisfarne - Passing Ghosts
Lindisfarne - Train in G Major
Lindisfarne - Juke Box Gypsy
Levitation - Against Nature
Levitation - Resist
Link 80 - Nowhere Fast
Link 80 - For What It's Worth
The Little Willies - Best of All Possible Worlds
The Little Willies - Night Life
The Little Willies - For the Good Times
Tavares - It Only Takes a Minute Girl
Maze - Back in Stride
Class Action - Weekend
The Whispers - And the Beat Goes On (12 inch disco single)
Phil Fearon & Galaxy - What Do I Do?
The Players Association - Turn the Music Up!
Alisha - Baby Talk (special remix by Shep Pettibone)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Danny Boy (Mono)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Travelin' Band
Jerry Lee Lewis - Ol' Glory
Jerry Lee Lewis - Ramblin' Rose (extended master)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Breathless (master)
Jerry Lee Lewis - That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Turn on Your Lovelight
Lil’ Mo - Heaven
Lil’ Mo - This Love
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Cold Turkey
Bobby Thurston - Check Out the Groove
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Attica State
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Instant Karma
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Serve Yourself (home recording 1980)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Beautiful Boy (16-track 1980 sessions)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - We’re All Water
Nils Landgren Funk Unit - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Untouchable 3 - That Once in a Lifetime
Liv Kristine - Silence
Little Steven - I Am a Patriot
Ida Engberg - Disco Volante
Tristan Garner vs. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman 2009
Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, the Secret
Living Colour - Type
Living Colour - Crosstown Traffic
Living Colour - 17 Days
Living Colour - Elvis Is Dead (Zans Is Dead dub)
Living Colour - Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Living Colour - Should I Stay or Should I Go (Recorded live in Boston)
Mark Lindsay - And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind
Lethal - Fire in Your Skin
Lira - Call Me
Lira - Something Inside So Strong
Little Axe - Prisoner
Little Axe - Trouble in Mind
Letto - Sandaran Hati
Letto - Sebenarnya Cinta
Letto - Sebelum Cahaya
Letto - Permintaan Hati
Letto - Sejenak
Letto - Lubang Di Hati
Letto - Senyumanmu
Letto - Hapuskan Keluhanmu
The Living End - White Noise
The Living End - Sunday Bloody Sunday
The Living End - Girls Talk
Livres para Adorar - Em Teus ombros
Little - Je veux des violons
Little - Petite coccinelle
Little - Trois accords
Little - Chanson de filles
Little - Les petits bouts de moi
Little - De rien
Linda Lewis - Can't We Just Sit Down and Talk It Over
Linda Lewis - It's in His Kiss (Shoop Shoop Song)
Alev Lenz - Guys With Guitars
Little Eva - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
La Original Banda El Limón de Salvador Lizárraga - El primer lugar
La Original Banda El Limón de Salvador Lizárraga - Parece que fue ayer
La Original Banda El Limón de Salvador Lizárraga - Si nos dejan
La Original Banda El Limón de Salvador Lizárraga - Somos novios
La Original Banda El Limón de Salvador Lizárraga - Motivos
Linus of Hollywood - Sunday Morning
Lionville - Waiting for a Star to Fall
Grupo Límite - Lastima
Grupo Límite - Me iré de aquí
Grupo Límite - Without You
Grupo Límite - El Príncipe
Grupo Límite - Estoy Aquí
Grupo Límite - Acaríciame
Grupo Límite - Quiero
Leviathan - The Calling
Maxine Linehan - Don't Sleep in the Subway
Lead Into Gold - Age of Reason
Ronghao Li - Betray (iTunes Session)
Lightspeed Champion - Dead Head Blues
Lightspeed Champion - Marlene
Lightspeed Champion - Faculty of Fears
Lightspeed Champion - Madame Van Damme
Lightspeed Champion - No Surprise (original demo)
Lightspeed Champion - Tell Me What It's Worth
Limão com Mel - The Boxer
Limão com Mel - De Janeiro a Janeiro - Tudo Deu Em Nada (Menta y Lemon)
Limão com Mel - Prá Sempre
Limão com Mel - Tentei Te Esquecer
Lito y Polaco - Intro
Lito y Polaco - Ojos De Diabla
Lito y Polaco - Sicario De Barrio
Lito y Polaco - No confío
Lito y Polaco - Esta noche quiero darte
Lito y Polaco - El gran robo
LFO - Forever
Leroy - Away
Liva - Domine Jesu
Liva - Hostias
Valérie Leulliot - L'Eau du Gange
Valérie Leulliot - Au virage
Valérie Leulliot - Les Falaises
Valérie Leulliot - Un point de chute
Valérie Leulliot - L'Amour désormais
Valérie Leulliot - Rien de grave
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Diamonds
Lil' Troy - Thugs Niggas
Lil' Troy - Chop, Chop, Chop
Lil' Troy - Dem Niggas
Lil' Troy - Diamond & Gold
Larz-Kristerz - Torkade rosor och tummade brev
Larz-Kristerz - Var är du nu, Marianne
The Last Royals - Backseat Lovers
Annie Lennox - Fingernail Moon
Annie Lennox - The Holly and the Ivy
Annie Lennox - No More " I Love You's" (promotional video)
Annie Lennox - Waiting in Vain (recorded live for Radio 1)
Annie Lennox - Many Rivers to Cross
Annie Lennox - Lost (with artist commentary)
Annie Lennox - Dark Road (with Audio Commentary)
Annie Lennox - A Thousand Beautiful Things (Blu Mar Ten vocal)
Leatherface - Games
Livintrust - She Won't Belong
Mark Lizotte - Dig
Astrid Lindgren - Kalle Teodor
Astrid Lindgren - Merja mojsi
The Litter - Codine
Lobão - A gente vai se amar
Lobão - Love pras dez
Lobão - Sem chance
Lobão - Me beija
Lobão - 24 horas
Lobão - A Deusa do amor
Lobão - Ronaldo foi pra guerra
Lightning Love - Friends
LOK - Leksakslandets kungar
Lime - Take It Up
Los Lobos - Somewhere in Time
Los Lobos - Bertha
Los Lobos - Hold On
David Lindley & Wally Ingram - Coot From Tennessee
David Lindley & Wally Ingram - I Am A Patriot
Los Lobos - Buzz Buzz Buzz
Los Lobos - Lonesome Tears in My Eyes
Los Lobos - Mujeres Valientes
Los Lobos - Sangre Antigua
Los Lobos - Las Mañanitas Tapatias
Los Lobos - Jockey Full of Bourbon
Los Lobos - Patria
Daniel Lindström - Coming True
Daniel Lindström - Run
Daniel Lindström - Take It to Heart
Lóbo - Amy Winehouse - Stronger Than Me
Little Boots - Click
Lillian Axe - Moonlight in Your Blood
Josef Locke - Galway Bay
Josef Locke - How Can You Buy Killarney?
LEN - We Rock the Mic
Emily Loizeau - L'Âge d'or
LM.C - Love me?
LM.C - Ah Hah!
Nei Lisboa - Sometimes It Snows in April
Nei Lisboa - Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
Nei Lisboa - I Shot the Sheriff
Ivan Lins - Abre Alas
Ivan Lins - Camaleão
Ivan Lins - Cantoria
Ivan Lins - Um Fado
Ivan Lins - Samba do Avião
Ivan Lins - Bonita
Ivan Lins - Dindi
Ivan Lins - Um feliz Natal
Ivan Lins - Love
Ivan Lins - Esta Tarde VI Llover
Living Sacrifice - The Prodigal
Ivan Lins - Bilhete (Com Nana Caymmi)
L.T.D. - We Both Deserve Each Others Love
L.T.D. - Jam
L.T.D. - You Fooled Me
L.T.D. - Shine On
L.T.D. - Share My Love
L.T.D. - Stranger
Lighthouse Family - igh
Lighthouse Family - Let It All Change (demo)
Little Walter - Goin' Down Slow
Little Walter - Up the Line
Little Walter - Mean Old Frisco
Little Walter - Confessin’ the Blues
Guy Lombardo - Cottage for Sale
Guy Lombardo - By a Waterfall
Little Walter - Going Down Slow
Guy Lombardo - Christmas Island
The Lennerockers - The Wanderer
LIGHT BRINGER - Fallen Angel
Londonbeat - No Woman No Cry
Little Walter - Worried Life
Edu Lobo - Vento bravo
Edu Lobo - As Mesmas Histórias
Edu Lobo - Aleluia
Charles Lloyd - Lady Day
Charles Lloyd - Prayer
Charles Lloyd - You Are So Beautiful
Edu Lobo & Antônio Carlos Jobim - Vento Bravo
Charles Lloyd - Sombrero Sam
Linkup - Si j'avoue
Linkup - Cowboys
Logos - Rescatando lo perdido
Ismaël Lô - Le Jola
Ismaël Lô - Aiwa
Ismaël Lô - Amoul solo
Ben Lee - Whatever It Is
Ben Lee - No Right Angles
Ben Lee - Home
Ben Lee - Burn to Shine
Ben Lee - Ten Feet Tall
Ben Lee - Ship My Body Home
Ben Lee - Sleepwalking
Ben Lee - Pop Queen
Ben Lee - I'm With the Star
Ben Lee - Don't Leave
Ben Lee - How to Survive a Broken Heart
Ben Lee - Deep Talk in the Shallow End
Ben Lee - Daisy
Ben Lee - Big Love
Ben Lee - Cigarettes Will Kill You (With Ben Kweller)
Limp Bizkit - Nobody Loves Me
Limp Bizkit - Master of Puppets
Limp Bizkit - Back O Da Bus
Limp Bizkit - Get Naked
Limp Bizkit - N2gether Now
Limp Bizkit - Snake in Your Face
Local H - Bound for the Floor
Local H - All-Right (Oh Yeah)
Local H - Deep Cut
Local H - High‐Fiving MF
Local H - I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are
Local H - Nothing Special
Local H - Back in the Day
Local H - Freeze‐Dried (F)lies
Local H - Fritz’s Corner
Nils Lofgren - A Child Could Tell
Local H - Fine and Good
Local H - Cool Magnet
The Long Tall Texans - Ballroom Blitz
Mark Lanegan - Low
Chris LeDoux - Life Is a Highway
Chris LeDoux - Under This Old Hat
Mark Lanegan - Stay
Chris LeDoux - Shot Full of Love
Chris LeDoux - Now That's All Right With Me
Chris LeDoux - Millionaire
Chris LeDoux - Let's All Help the Cowboys (Sing the Blues)
Chris LeDoux - She's in Love With a Rodeo Man
Chris LeDoux - My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Claudio Lolli - Analfabetizzazione
Claudio Lolli - Incubo numero zero
Claudio Lolli - Da zero e dintorni
Lil’ Flip - Family Tradition
Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - Paradise
Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - It's Love Love Love
Lil Rob - If You Should Loose Me
Liis Lemsalu - Täitugu soovid
James Last - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
London Philharmonic Orchestra - It Came upon a Midnight Clear
Lontalius - A Feeling So Sweet
Lontalius - Kick in the Head
Lontalius - Light Shines Through Dust
Lontalius - My Dreams Are Dark
Lontalius - Glow
Lontalius - I Was More Than
Lontalius - Yr Heart Is Beating
Professor Longhair - Stagger Lee
Matthew Lien - Bressanone
Matthew Lien - Bedtime Stories
Matthew Lien - Common Thread
Matthew Lien - She
Julius La Rosa - Torero
Lasgo - Tell Me
Loon Lake - Love Gets Done
Loon Lake - It Was Only Love
LaToya London - All By Myself
Claudine Longet - It's Hard to Say Goodbye
Claudine Longet - Meditation
Claudine Longet - (They Long to Be) Close to You
Let Loose - Seventeen
Let Loose - I Believe
Liquid - Liquid Is Liquid (Journey Into dub)
Alex Lloyd - Trigger
Alex Lloyd - Lost in the Rain
Alex Lloyd - My Way Home
Alex Lloyd - Lucky Star
Alex Lloyd - Faraway
Alex Lloyd - Never Meant to Fail
Alex Lloyd - Speeding Cars
Alex Lloyd - Beautiful
Little Feat - Oh, Atlanta
Little Feat - Cadillac Hotel
Little Feat feat. Inara George - Trouble
Little Feat - One Breath At A Time
Little Feat - Big Bang Theory
Lehavoth - Reptile
Little Feat - Blue Jean Blues
lecrevisse - Fleurette
Little Feat - Drivin' Blind
Little Feat - All That You Can Stand
Ali Lohan - Deck the Halls
Ali Lohan - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
La Arrolladora Banda El Limón - Entregame Tu Amor
La Arrolladora Banda El Limón - El Precio De Mis Errores
La Arrolladora Banda El Limón - Complaciente En La Cama
La Arrolladora Banda El Limón - El Final De Nuestra Historia
Live - Top
Live - Shit Towne
Live - Stage
Live - Horse
Live - Sparkle
Live - Face and Ghost (The Children’s Song)
Live - Feel the Quiet River Rage
Live - Meltdown
Franz Schubert - Impromptu no. 3 in G-flat
Live - Intro
Live - Simple Creed
Live - People Like You
Live - Transmit Your Love
Live - Call Me a Fool
Live - Flow
Live - The Ride
Live - She
Live - The Sanctity of Dreams
Live - Life Marches On
Live - River Town
Live - Out to Dry
Live - Brothers Unaware
Live - Mirror Song
Live - Waterboy
Live - Take My Anthem
Live - 10,000 Years (Peace is Now)
Live - Mystery
Live - Where Do We Go From Here?
Live - Home
Live - All I Need
Live - You Are Not Alone
Live - Forever
Live - Operation Spirit: The Tyranny of Tradition
Live - Negation
Live - White Discussion (NY unplugged)
Live - Operation Spirit (NY unplugged)
Live - All Over You (Incomplete)
Live - All Over You (NY unplugged)
Live - Tired Of Me
Peter Lipa - All My Loving
Lonely Kings - What You Want
Gerald Levert - Got Love
Gerald Levert - Private Line
Gerald Levert feat. Tamia - (They Long to Be) Close to You
Gerald Levert - I Believe I Can Fly
Lolly - Mickey
Nolwenn Leroy - Rien de mieux au monde
Nolwenn Leroy - Vu d'en haut
Nolwenn Leroy - A Song for You
Robert Lockwood, Jr. - Love in Vain Blues
Mario Lopez - The One and Only
Lloyd - The Question
Looper - Tomorrow's World
The Longcut - A Quiet Life
The Longcut - Vitamin C
Adam Levine & Tony Lucca - Yesterday
Look Twice - Move That Body
Adrianne Lenker - Hours Were the Birds
Adrianne Lenker - Gone
Adrianne Lenker - Indiana
Little Richard - Directly From My Heart
Lorraine - Heaven
Little Richard - Without Love
Led Zepagain - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Led Zepagain - Dazed and Confused
Vesa-Matti Loiri - Kuoleva mies korppikotkalle
Little Richard - Miss Ann (K-tel master)
Lori Meyers - Corazón elocuente
Lori Meyers - Saudade
Denis Leary - Death
Denis Leary - More Drugs
Denis Leary - Meat
Lords of Acid - Lover
Loïs Lane - Qualified
The Lonely Island feat. Natalie Portman & Chris Parnell - Natalie’s Rap
The Lonely Island - What Was That Beat? (dialogue)
John Lithgow - Pick Yourself Up