Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1496:

Annie Haslam - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Annie Haslam - Ave Verum
Lee Hazlewood - Gypsies and Indians
Thee Headcoatees - Teenage Kicks
Lee Hazlewood - A Taste of You
Lee Hazlewood - Loving You, Loving Me
Niykee Heaton - Say Yeah
Lee Hazlewood - Rainbow Woman
Lee Hazlewood - Pour Man'
Lee Hazlewood - Soul's Island
Hanni Kohl - Scheiss Sozialamt
Johnny Hartman - Let Me Love You
Johnny Hartman - I'll Never Smile Again
Johnny Hartman - Lush Life
Johnny Hartman - Blue Skies
Johnny Hartman - Girl Talk
The Harvey Averne Dozen - You're No Good
Johnny Hartman - For All We Know
Ronan Hardiman - Warriors
Ronan Hardiman - Stolen Kiss
Ronan Hardiman - Take Me With You
Ronan Hardiman - Far Away
Ronan Hardiman - That Place in Your Heart
Ronan Hardiman - Run Away
Ronan Hardiman - Salve
Ronan Hardiman - Heaven (Waiting There for Me)
Ronan Hardiman - Carrickfergus
Ronan Hardiman - I Dreamt I Dwelt
Joey Heatherton - I'm Sorry
Joey Heatherton - Gone
Larnelle Harris - I Can Be Glad
Larnelle Harris - I Want to Go
Larnelle Harris - Look at His Glorious Cross
Héctor y Tito - Gata salvaje
Héctor y Tito - Caserío
Héctor y Tito - Sientan el RanTanTan
Héctor y Tito - Flores pa' los muertos
Eoghan Heaslip - Doxology (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)
Emile Haynie - Dirty World
Emile Haynie - The Other Side
Kay Hanley - Fall
Kay Hanley - Satellite
Kay Hanley - Made in the Shade
Kay Hanley - Baby Doll
André Hazes - 'T Is Voorbij
André Hazes - Che Sara
Heavy Metal Perse - Malja Rivimiehelle
André Hazes - Bel me nou
André Hazes - Dan word ik klein
André Hazes - M'n oude huis
André Hazes - I've Been Loving You Too Long
Goldie Hawn - Wynken, Blynken and Nod
Hawthorne Heights - Wake Up Call
Gym Class Heroes - Taxi Driver
Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump - Cupid's Chokehold
André Hazes - Al di là
Mayer Hawthorne - Love In Motion
Den Harrow - Day by Day
The Head Cat - It'll Be Me
Harmonium - Vert
Harmonium - Dixie
Harmonium - Depuis l’automne
Harmonium - Histoires sans paroles
Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks - Mary Lou
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby
(həd) p.e. feat. Morgan Lander & Serj Tankian - Feel Good
Roy Head - Treat Me Right
Halo - Bedtime
Ha*Ash - Frente a frente
Ha*Ash - Irremediable
Imogen Heap - Just for Now (a cappella)
Ely Guerra - Para hacerme perdonar
Ely Guerra - Júrame
Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City Twist
Hardcore Superstar - Beat You Down
Hardcore Superstar - Strapped
Hardcore Superstar - So Deep Inside
Hardcore Superstar - Hello-Goodbye
Hardcore Superstar - Send Myself to Hell
Jason Gray - O Holy Night
Hangar - Perfect Strangers
Guillemots - Little Bear
Guillemots - Trains to Brazil
Guillemots - Through the Windowpane
Guillemots - We're Here
Guillemots - Blue Would Still Be Blue
Guillemots - Annie, Let's Not Wait
Guillemots - Big Dog
Guillemots - Get Over It
Guillemots - Clarion
Guillemots - Last Kiss
Guillemots - Cockateels
Guillemots - Don't Look Down
Guillemots - Take Me Home
Guillemots - My Chosen One
Guillemots - And I Fall
Guillemots - Cats Eyes
Guillemots - Over the Stairs
Guillemots - Who Left the Lights Off Baby
Warren Haynes - Lucky
Warren Haynes - I'll Be the One
Warren Haynes - I've Got Dreams to Remember
Warren Haynes - Stella Blue
Heino - Polizisten
The Havalinas - Not a Lot to Ask For
Hellsongs - Cold
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - Since Jesus Passed By
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - Between the Cross and Heaven
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - Out of Bondage
Héctor "El Bambino" & Naldo - Intro
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - He Made a Change
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - I Pledge My Allegiance
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - This Could Be the Dawning of That Day
Jeff Healey - How Blue Can You Get
Jeff Healey - It's Only Money
Jeff Healey - Pennies From Heaven
Jeff Healey - Laura
Hana Hegerová - Milord
Jeff Healey - You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me
Emmylou Harris feat. The Pretenders - She
Gemma Hayes - Day One
Gemma Hayes - Hanging Around
Gemma Hayes - Back of My Hand
Gemma Hayes - Over & Over
Gemma Hayes - Tear in My Side
Gemma Hayes - Lucky One (Bird of Cassadaga)
Gemma Hayes - My God
Gemma Hayes - Two Step
Gemma Hayes - Another for the Darkness
Gemma Hayes - Easy on the Eye
Gemma Hayes - Keep Me Here
Gemma Hayes - Nothing Can
Gemma Hayes - Helen
Gemma Hayes - Horses
Gemma Hayes - Out of Our Hands
Gemma Hayes - Night on My Side
Gemma Hayes - Pieces of Glass
Gemma Hayes - Summers in Doubt
Gemma Hayes - Stop the Wheel
Gemma Hayes - I Worked Myself Into a Calm
Gemma Hayes - Evening Sun
Gemma Hayes - November
Gemma Hayes - Lucky One
Gemma Hayes - These Days
Gemma Hayes - Gotta Low
The Green - Wake Up
Richard Harris - Paper Chase
Richard Harris - If You Must Leave My Life
Richard Harris - The Yard Went on Forever
Steve Harris - This Is My God
Steve Harris - Lost Worlds
Steve Harris - Karma Killer
Steve Harris - The Chosen Ones
Steve Harris - A World Without Heaven
Steve Harris - Eyes of the Young
Steve Harris - These Are the Hands
Steve Harris - The Lesson
Thomas Helmig - Det du kan
Thomas Helmig - Daddy venter
Thomas Helmig - Your Daughter
Hammerbox - Hole
Hammerbox - Trip
Petra Haden and Bill Frisell - Satellite
Petra Haden and Bill Frisell - Moon River
Petra Haden and Bill Frisell - Yellow
Hem - Gently Down The Stream
Hem - Bird Song
Hem - Receiver
Hem - Redwing
Hem - Hollow
Hem - Cincinnati Traveler
Hem - The Beautiful Sea
Hem - Pacific Street
Hem - Carry Me Home
Hem - He Came to Meet Me
Hem - Betting on Trains
Hem - Idle
Hem - When I Was Drinking
Hem - Half Acre
Hem - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
Hem - Valentine's Day
Hem - The Part Where You Let Go
The Heart Attacks - Travelin' Band
Richie Havens - I Can't Make It Anymore
Richie Havens - Imagine
Gregorian - I Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For
Gregorian - I Won't Hold You Back
Gregorian - Human
Gregorian - Everybody Hurts
Taylor Henderson - I Will Wait
Peter Hammill - Close to Me
Peter Hammill - A Run of Luck
Gregorian - Away in a Manger
Gregorian - Watcha Gonna Do
Gregorian - Reflect
Gregorian - Monastry
Gregorian - Why Did You Go (I Feel Sad)
Gregorian - The Mission
The Jeff Healey Band - Someday, Someway
The Jeff Healey Band - Highway 49
Taco Hemingway - Deszcz na betonie (?)
Jeff Healey - Confidence Man
Jeff Healey - Lost in Your Eyes
Peter Hammill - Still Life
The Jeff Healey Band - We've Got Tonight
The Jeff Healey Band - Freedom
The Jeff Healey Band - Think I Love You Too Much
Colin Hay - A Simple Song
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Rock Me Baby
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - You Got Me Floatin’
Staffan Hellstrand - Blå, blå is
Staffan Hellstrand - Hur ska det gå
Staffan Hellstrand - Min cerisa flicka
Staffan Hellstrand - Klockan slår sju i Sofia
Staffan Hellstrand - Samma barn
Staffan Hellstrand - Om du vill gå med mig
Staffan Hellstrand - Barnens dag
Staffan Hellstrand - Sörmlands heta jord
Staffan Hellstrand - När våren går på vallen
Staffan Hellstrand - Min lilla angora
Staffan Hellstrand - Låt det inte dö
The Henry Girls - Watching the Detectives
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Moon, Turn the Tides Gently Gently Away
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child
The Hellacopters - Down on Freestreet
The Hellacopters - All I’ve Got
The Hellacopters - Before the Fall
The Hellacopters - Leave It Alone
The Hellacopters - Time Got No Time to Wait for Me
The Hellacopters - Action de Grace
The Hellacopters - The Devil Stole the Beat From the Lord
The Hellacopters - 5 Vs. 7
The Hellacopters - Ferrytale
The Hellacopters - You Are Nothin’
The Hellacopters - Throw Away Heroes
The Hellacopters - No One's Gonna Do It for You
The Hellacopters - I Wanna Touch
Todrick Hall - First Day of School
Todrick Hall - Let Me Rock
Todrick Hall - The Last Time
The Hellacopters - You Are Nothin'
The Hellacopters - Working for MCA
The Hellacopters - On the Line
Hanna - Quizas
Stefanie Heinzmann - I Betcha She Doesn't Feel It
Paul Heaton - Deckchair Collapsed
Paul Heaton - Mitch
Hands On Approach - Som da Rua
Hands On Approach - A Change
Hepburn - Here Comes Napoleon
Hepburn - See the Girl With the World in Her Eyes
Hepburn - Waiting for God
Hepburn - I Can't Cry
Donny Hathaway - Misty
Her Space Holiday - The Past Presents the Future
Donny Hathaway - Magnificent Sanctuary Band
Donny Hathaway - Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
Lee Harding - Let's Not Go to Work
Lee Harding - Call the Nurse
Barbara Hendricks & The Monty Alexander Trio - Take the 'A' Train
Donny Hathaway - Where Is The Love
Hearse - Cambodia
Ted Hawkins - The Good and the Bad
Ted Hawkins - Long as I Can See the Light
Helker - Contra la corriente
Helker - Nunca más
Helker - Por mano propia
Helker - Traición
Grant Hart - For Those Too High Aspiring
Maximilian Hecker - Anaesthesia
Maximilian Hecker - Daze of Nothing
Maximilian Hecker - Everything Inside Me Is Ill
Maximilian Hecker - Full of Voices
Maximilian Hecker - Snow
Maximilian Hecker - Yeah, Eventually She Goes
Maximilian Hecker - Lady Sleep
Maximilian Hecker - No More Lies to Reach You
Maximilian Hecker - Your Stammering Kisses
Maximilian Hecker - Velvet Son
Maximilian Hecker - Wilted Flower
Maximilian Hecker - You Came to Me When I Was Born
Maximilian Hecker - Grey
Maximilian Hecker - To Liu Wen, The Opposite House, 3 a.m.
Maximilian Hecker - Love Hotel Hill
Maximilian Hecker - Partyworld
Maximilian Hecker - Pearly River Gates
Maximilian Hecker - Kastrup
Maximilian Hecker - The Whereabouts of Love
Maximilian Hecker - Head Up High
Maximilian Hecker - Treasure Trove
Maximilian Hecker - Silent, Lucid Flashes
Maximilian Hecker - The Time We Shared in Blaze and Laughter
Maximilian Hecker - If Only I Could See
Maximilian Hecker - Heavenlies
Maximilian Hecker - Why the World Has Turned for Us
Maximilian Hecker - Summerwaste
Maximilian Hecker - The Space That You're In
Maximilian Hecker - Misery
Maximilian Hecker - This Poison Called Love (Home in a Town That Has Sunk)
Maximilian Hecker - The End of Longing
Maximilian Hecker - Wind Down
Maximilian Hecker - The Space That You're In (demo)
George Harrison - Save the World
George Harrison - Save the World (demo)
Hatebreed - Ghosts of War
Hateen - Nada Mais
George Harrison - Save the World (version 2)
George Harrison - True Love, Your Love
George Harrison - Let It Be Me
George Harrison - It Don't Come Easy (For Ringo)
Mick Hart - Believe
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - River of Love
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Long Hair Music
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Weights Made of Lead
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Soul in Chains
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Jungle Rub Out
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Sirocco
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Sultan’s Choice
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Dogs of War
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Vambo
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Runaway
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Isobel Goudie (Part)
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - The Man in the Jar
Hayden - The Hardest Part
Hayden - Tragedy
Sammy Hagar - Not Going Down
Sammy Hagar - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Sammy Hagar - 3 in the Middle
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Snakebite
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Smouldering (from “Fourplay”)
Sammy Hagar - Run for Your Life
Helltrain - S.O.S
Sammy Hagar - Margaritaville (Originally Recorded by Jimmy Buffett)
Miriam Hernández - Si yo me vuelvo a enamorar
The Hep Stars - Surfin' Bird
The Hep Stars - Speedy Gonzales
The Hep Stars - It's Nice To Be Back
Heideroosjes - Ik wil niks!
Heideroosjes - We're All Fucked Up
Heideroosjes - Thank You (For Messing Me Up)
Heideroosjes - Billy Broke a Bottle (Again)
Heideroosjes - Home
Heideroosjes - Freak of Society
Heideroosjes - (Some Lines About) A Love Song
Heideroosjes - SINema
Heideroosjes - Psychic
Heideroosjes - The World
Heideroosjes - Delete Me
Heideroosjes - Mamelodi Melodies
Heideroosjes - Scapegoat Revolution
Heideroosjes - Come Clean
Heideroosjes - Dan breekt de hel los!
Heideroosjes - One Way Ticket
Heideroosjes - Schizo
Heideroosjes - Dignity?
Heideroosjes - Regular Day in Bosnia
Heideroosjes - Fistful of Ideals
Heideroosjes - P.C.P.O.S.
Heideroosjes - Iedereen is gek (behalve jij)!
Bonnie Hayes with the Wild Combo - Girls Like Me
BLØF - Dan breekt de hel los
Backfire! - Break the Public Peace
Heideroosjes - Break the Public Peace
Heideroosjes - Collect-Call to God
Heideroosjes - Klapvee!
Heideroosjes - O.P.A.
Heideroosjes - Ode to the Ramones
Heideroosjes - Mommy Help!
Heideroosjes - Tering Tyfus Takketrut
Heideroosjes - I Am, You Are
Heathen - Control by Chaos
Heathen - The Holy War
Heideroosjes - Not So Long Song
Heideroosjes - Dood zijn
Heideroosjes - Fistfuckparty at 701
Heideroosjes - Our Own Vietnam
Heideroosjes - Lovesong
Heideroosjes - Western Civilization
Heideroosjes - Fistful of Ideals (In a World Full of Shit)
Heideroosjes - Billy Broke a Bottle
Heideroosjes - Ga werken lul!
Heideroosjes - Fistfuckpartyat 701
Heideroosjes - Who’s There for Me
Heavens Gate - Sidewalk Sinner
Barbara Hendricks - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
Barbara Hendricks - Love You Madly
Héctor 'El Bambino' - Dale castigo
Nicole Henry - That's All
Nicole Henry - All the Way
Nicole Henry - At Last
Hanoi Rocks - Up Around the Bend
Nicole Henry - So Good, So Right
Hanoi Rocks - Until I Get You
Hanoi Rocks - Visitor
Hanoi Rocks - Teenangels Outsiders
Hanoi Rocks - Sweet Home Suburbia
Hanoi Rocks - No Law or Order
Hanoi Rocks - Devil Woman
Hanoi Rocks - Lightnin' Bar Blues
Hanoi Rocks - Fallen Star
Hanoi Rocks - Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
Liliana Herrero - Oración del remanso
Hanoi Rocks - 11th Street Kids
Hanoi Rocks - Taxi Driver
Hanoi Rocks - Beer and a Cigarette
Hanoi Rocks - Love's an Injection
Hanoi Rocks - Cafe Avenue
Hanoi Rocks - Nothing New
Hanoi Rocks - Problem Child
Hanoi Rocks - Tooting Bec Wreck
Herman’s Hermits - Don't Try to Hurt Me
Gruntruck - Break
Hanoi Rocks - Lightning Bar Blues
Hanoi Rocks - It's Too Late
Hanoi Rocks - Café Avenue (original B-side)
Hanoi Rocks - Dead by X-mas
Herman’s Hermits - Must to Avoid
Joe Henry - You Can't Fail Me Now
Hanoi Rocks - MC Baby
Joe Henry - We'll Meet Again
Hercules and Love Affair - It's Alright
Los Hermanos - Retrato Pra Iaiá
Los Hermanos - Deixa o verão
Los Hermanos - A flor
Ben & Ellen Harper - City of Dreams
Ben & Ellen Harper - Born to Love You
Ben & Ellen Harper - Farmer’s Daughter
Ben & Ellen Harper - Memories of Gold
Ben & Ellen Harper - Altar of Love
Ben & Ellen Harper - How Could We Not Believe
Helge and the Firefuckers - Copacabana
Hayseed Dixie - Detroit Rock City
Hayseed Dixie - Calling Dr. Love
Hayseed Dixie - Love Gun
Hayseed Dixie - I Love It Loud
Hayseed Dixie - Rock & Roll All Nite
The Cookies - You're the One
Hayseed Dixie - My Best Friend's Girl
Hayseed Dixie - Rock and Roll All Nite
Ken Hensley - New York
The Heavy Circles - Henri
Hecate Enthroned - The Danse Macabre
hellogoodbye - Touchdown Turnaround (demo)
hellogoodbye - Dear Jamie… Sincerely Me
hellogoodbye - All of Your Love (a cappella)
Kana Hanazawa - Just The Way You Are
Kana Hanazawa - CALL ME EVERYDAY
Kana Hanazawa - Merry Go Round
Ben Harper - Nobody's Fault but Mine
Ben Harper - You Can't Blame The Youth
Ben Harper - Remember >
Ben Harper - Superstition
Ben Harper - Remember
Angel Haze - Rose-Tinted Suicide
Helloween - I Stole Your Love
Gitte Hænning - I'm sorry
Heritage Singers - We Are the Band, but He Is the Music
Helloween - From Out of Nowhere
Helloween - All My Loving
Helloween - Faith Healer
Helloween - Juggernaut
Helloween - Going Home
Los Hermanos Rosario - Detelengao (El baile)
Los Hermanos Rosario - Llorando una pena
Heritage Singers - This Old House/When The Saints Go Marching In
Jan Hellriegel - Moon's on Fire
Youp van ’t Hek - Meneer Alzheimer
Youp van ’t Hek - Metamorfose
Youp van ’t Hek - Op bezoek bij tante Vera
Here - For U To Be
Toon Hermans - Marie
Toon Hermans - Oorlog
Toon Hermans - Lente me
Toon Hermans - 24 rozen
Toon Hermans - Lieverd
Toon Hermans - Vader gaat op stap
Toon Hermans - De zon gaat op
Toon Hermans - Zee zijn met de zee
Toon Hermans - De dingen
Ricky Lynn Gregg - If I Had A Cheatin' Heart
Toon Hermans - Jij bent lief
Toon Hermans - Jij hoort bij mij
Toon Hermans - Altijd zal ik van je houden
Toon Hermans - Franse opvoeding
Toon Hermans - Zomers blijven niet
Levon Helm - Baby Scratch My Back
HEALTH - Crimewave (Crystal Castles Vs Health)
Ty Herndon - Love Don't Work That Way
Ty Herndon - Big Hopes
Hero Dishonest - Juggernaut
Henrique Cerqueira - Chora menina
Lloyd "Tiny" Grimes - Midnight Special (See See Rider)
hide - ROCKET DIVE (1998.2.7 OA)
Hi-STANDARD - Changes
Hi-STANDARD - Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Raiatea Helm - Haole Hula
Corey Hart - Kisses on the Train
Sara Hickman - In the Fields
the HIATUS - Thirst
the HIATUS - Something Ever After
the HIATUS - Unhurt
the HIATUS - Sunset Off The Coastline
the HIATUS - Roller Coaster Ride Memories
the HIATUS - Tales Of Sorrow Street
the HIATUS - Burn To Shine
The Helio Sequence - Lately
The Hi-Marks - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Herman Kelly & Life - Dance to the Drummer's Beat
Neil Halstead - Oh! Mighty Engine
Neil Halstead - Elevenses
Neil Halstead - See You on Rooftops
Neil Halstead - Sleeping on Roads
Neil Halstead - High Hopes
Neil Halstead - Seasons (Surf Style)
Hästpojken - Caligula
Hästpojken - Vänta med att tänka
Hästpojken - Eklandagatan
Hästpojken - Börja leva
Hästpojken - Det var jag som slutade lycklig
Hästpojken - Jag kan inte andas
Hästpojken - Sommarvin
Hästpojken - Brinner
Hästpojken - Huset vid ån
Hästpojken - Olskroken stomp
Maridalia Hernández - Te ofrezco
Wynonie Harris - Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
Emmylou Harris - Take That Ride
Emmylou Harris - Not Enough
Emmylou Harris - The Pearl
Emmylou Harris - Hour Of Gold
Emmylou Harris - She
Emmylou Harris - The Boxer
Emmylou Harris - Sweet Dreams
Emmylou Harris - Wheels
Emmylou Harris - Little Bird
Emmylou Harris - The Light
Emmylou Harris - Where Could I Go but to the Lord
Emmylou Harris - Born to Run
Emmylou Harris - Icy Blue Heart
Emmylou Harris - A River for Him
Emmylou Harris - In His World
Emmylou Harris - Brand New Dance
High Mud Leader - Still Loving You
Emmylou Harris - Hot Burrito #2
Emmylou Harris - Oh, Atlanta
Emmylou Harris - Clocks
Emmylou Harris - The Maker
Emmylou Harris - Return of the Grievous Angel
Emmylou Harris - Restless
Emmylou Harris - We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning
Emmylou Harris - Juanita
Emmylou Harris - Devil in Disguise
Emmylou Harris - O Little Town of Bethlehem
Emmylou Harris - The First Noel
Lyle Lovett - Walk Through the Bottomland
Emmylou Harris feat. Mark Knopfler - Love and Happiness
Emmylou Harris - Michaelangelo
Emmylou Harris - Rollin' and Ramblin' (The Death of Hank Williams)
Emmylou Harris - Cherry Tree Carol
Emmylou Harris - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (with Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt)
Emmylou Harris - Raise The Dead
Peter Harryson - Jag drömmer om en jul hemma
Happysad - Sami sobie
Happysad - Lęki i fobie
Happysad - IQ
Happysad - 30 raz
Matt Helders - Dreamer
Heavy Heavy Low Low - Wasted
Hail Social - More Time
Hail Social - Warning Sign
Woody Herman - Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe
Al Hibbler - Danny Boy
Al Hibbler - Pennies From Heaven
Woody Herman - Laura
Woody Herman and His Orchestra - Laura
Woody Herman and His Orchestra - I Wonder
Woody Herman - Aja
Woody Herman - At the Woodchoppers Ball
Boo Hewerdine - Sugar on the Pill
Boo Hewerdine - Sing to Me
Hi-Five - Too Young
Hi-Five - I Can't Wait Another Minute
Ruthie Henshall - Never Again
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Ayer
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Si saliera petróleo
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Naboria / Daca Mayanimacana
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Razones
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Amigos
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Testimonio
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Los pajaritos
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - El beso de la ciguatera
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Oficio de enamorado
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Lacrimosa
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - July 19th
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - La travesía
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - La llave de mi corazón
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - A la vera
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Guavaberry
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - No me acostumbro
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Elena
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Soldado
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Eres
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Los dinteles
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Gloria
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Mi padre me ama
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Las avispas
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Tan sólo he venido
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Canción de sanidad
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Señorita
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - La gallera
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Soplando
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Rompiendo fuente
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Tus besos
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Canto a Colombia
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Todo tiene su hora
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Dime nora mía
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 - Para que sepas
Jimi Hendrix - Born Under a Bad Sign
Jimi Hendrix - Mannish Boy
Jimi Hendrix - Outside Woman Blues
Eddy Herrera - Para siempre
Eddy Herrera - Me enamoré
Eddy Herrera - Te confieso
Eddy Herrera - No voy a volver a llorar
Eddy Herrera - Nuestro amor
Eddy Herrera - Si tu amor no vuelve
Eddy Herrera - No se olvidar
Eddy Herrera - Ahora te duele
Eddy Herrera - Todavía creo en el amor
Eddy Herrera - Que no muera lo nuestro
Hidrogenesse - Los perezosos
Hedningarna - Juopolle joutunut (Gone to Sot)
Hawkwind Zoo - Cymbaline
Hawkwind - Motorway City
Hawkwind - Death Trap
The Herbaliser - Original Blend
Hawkwind - Song of the Swords
Hawkwind - Zarozinia
Hawkwind - Sleep of a Thousand Tears
Hawkwind - Reefer Madness
Hawkwind - Kadu Flyer
Hawkwind - Alien (I Am)
Hawkwind - Xenomorph
Hawkwind - Kapal
Hawkwind - Festivals
Hawkwind - Are You Losing Your Mind?
Hawkwind - Right to Decide
Hawkwind - (Only) The Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid (demo)
Hawkwind - Welcome to the Future
Hawkwind - Out of the Shadows
Jimi Hendrix - Let Me Move You
Hawkwind - Damage of Life
Hawkwind - The Secret Agent
Hawkwind - Mask of the Morning
Hawkwind - Sadness Runs Deep
Hawkwind - Black Elk Speaks
Hawkwind - First Landing on Medusa
Hawkwind - The Awakening
Hawkwind - The Right Stuff
Caroline Herring - Long Black Veil
Caroline Herring - See See Rider
Hawkwind - Back on the Street
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice
Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders - It's Over
Headstones - Settle
Headstones - Pathetic Pair
Hawkwind - Running Through the Back Brain
Headstones - Cubically Contained (Acoustic) [Explicit]
Jimi Hendrix - Who Knows (1970-01-28)
Jimi Hendrix - Red House [5/25/69 San Diego Sports Arena]
Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free (part two)
Jimi Hendrix - Angel (S1459) (incomplete)
Hawkwind - Sweet Obsession
Hildemaro - La Primera Vez
Hawkwind - Sword of the East
Hawkwind - Needle Gun (reconstructed by Doctor Jest)
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Let the Praise Begin
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Jesus Is All
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Your Steps Are Ordered
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Please Don't Pass Me By
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Just to Be Close to You
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - You Called Me Friend
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Glory to Glory to Glory
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - I Wanna Know Your Ways (intro)
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Dwell
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Philippians 4:7
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Shout Unto God
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ - Prodical Son
Hawklords - Psi Power
Hawklords - 25 Years
Hawklords - Flying Doctor
Hawklords - The Only Ones
Hawkwind - Welcome
Heathers - Remember When
Heathers - Honey Please?!
Heathers - Margie
Heathers - Reading in the Dark
Heathers - Fire Ants
Heathers - Hush, Hush
Heathers - Bloodpact
Heathers - Slices of Palama
Heathers - Veronica
Heathers - Moose
Hawkwind - Infinity
Hawkwind - Ship of Dreams
Hey - Dreams
Hesitation Wounds - Ends (Pt. 2)
Arnee Hidalgo - One Last Cry
Hawkwind - Narration (Elric the Enchanter, Part 1)
Hawkwind - Elric the Enchanter, Part 2
Hawkwind - Conjuration of Magnu-Magnu
Hawkwind - Oscillations
Hawkwind - Welcome to the Future [In Concert (Stereo version)]
Hawkwind - Wasteleands of Sleep
Helmet - Role Model
Helmet - I Know
Helmet - Bury Me
Helmet - Taken
Steve Hillage - Radio
Miku Hatsune - you
Highway 101 & Paulette Carlson - I've Got Your Number
Headhunter - Mistreated
Ernest Gold - Main Title
Isaac Hayes - Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic
Isaac Hayes - For the Good Times
Isaac Hayes - Theme From ’Shaft’
Isaac Hayes - Fever
Isaac Hayes - Rock Me Baby
Isaac Hayes - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Isaac Hayes - Ain't No Sunshine
Isaac Hayes - Good Love
Isaac Hayes - His Eye Is on the Sparrow
Isaac Hayes - Shaft II
Håkan Hellström - Fri till slut
Håkan Hellström - Fairytale of New York
Isaac Hayes - I'm Gonna Make It (Without You)
Isaac Hayes - Love Won't Let Me Wait
Claudine Longet - Nothing to Lose
Isaac Hayes - I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself
Isaac Hayes - Hey Girl
Isaac Hayes - Joy (Pt. 1)
Isaac Hayes - I Ain't Never
Hepcat - No Worries
Michael Hirte - It Must Have Been Love
Michael Henderson - Make It Easy on Yourself
Helstar - He's a Woman - She's a Man
Hindu Love Gods - Raspberry Beret
Hindu Love Gods - Crosscut Saw
Hindu Love Gods - Mannish Boy
Françoise Hardy - Bosse bossez bossa
Françoise Hardy - I'll Be Seeing You
Nicho Hinojosa - Tómame o déjame
Nicho Hinojosa - A quién
Nicho Hinojosa - Para vivir
Nicho Hinojosa - Siempre
Nicho Hinojosa - Frente a frente
Nicho Hinojosa - Llámame si me necesitas
Nicho Hinojosa - Que te vaya bonito
Nicho Hinojosa - Santa Lucía
Nicho Hinojosa - El Último Trago
Nicho Hinojosa - Quien te cantará
Nicho Hinojosa - Despues de ti ¿Que?
Françoise Hardy - Rêver le nez en l'air
Françoise Hardy - L'Attente
Hird - I Love You My Hope
Hird - Getting Closer
Hird - Love Again
Hird - Fading Blues
Nicho Hinojosa - El breve espacio
Nicho Hinojosa - Aquellas pequeñas cosas
Nicho Hinojosa - El bardo
Nicho Hinojosa - La mujer que me ama
Nicho Hinojosa - No hace falta
Nicho Hinojosa - Tengo que decir que no
Nicho Hinojosa - Amarte asi
Nicho Hinojosa - No se pierde nada
Nicho Hinojosa - Cosas como tu
Nicho Hinojosa - Sin tu amor
Nicho Hinojosa - Te extraño
Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Saved by the Music
Justin Hayward & John Lodge - You And Me
Justin Hayward & John Lodge - New Horizons
Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Blue Guitar (live—1975)
Françoise Hardy - C'est bien moi
JJ Heller - Only You
JJ Heller - The Pretty & The Plain
JJ Heller - Come Back to Me
Hobo Blues Band - Tobacco Road
Françoise Hardy - Le Crabe
Hey Geronimo - Why Don't We Do Something?
Micah P. Hinson - Beneath the Rose
Micah P. Hinson - As You Can See
Micah P. Hinson - I Still Remember
Micah P. Hinson - Stand in My Way
Micah P. Hinson - Seems Almost Impossible
Micah P. Hinson - Jackeyed
Micah P. Hinson - It's Been So Long
Micah P. Hinson - Drift Off to Sleep
Micah P. Hinson - She Don't Own Me
Micah P. Hinson - Little Boys Dream
Micah P. Hinson - You're Only Lonely
Micah P. Hinson - Don't Leave Me Now
Micah P. Hinson - 2's and 3's
Micah P. Hinson - Seven Horses Seen
Micah P. Hinson - The Letter at Twin Wrecks
Micah P. Hinson - Come Home Quickly, Darlin'
Micah P. Hinson - You Ain't Callin' the Shots
Micah P. Hinson - The Day the Volume Won
Micah P. Hinson - The Leading Guy
Micah P. Hinson - A Dream of Her
Micah P. Hinson - Wasted Away
Missy Higgins - Was There Anything I Could Do
Françoise Hardy - Mazurka
Ted Heath - Lullaby of Broadway
Françoise Hardy - Chanson de la sorcière
Hillsong London - My God
Tish Hinojosa - West Side of Town
Tish Hinojosa - Donde Voy / Where I Go
Johnny Hodges - Day Dream
Heroin - I've Got Mine
Francis Hime - Atrás da Porta
Harpers Bizarre - Las Mananitas
Harpers Bizarre - The Drifter
Harpers Bizarre - Peter and the Wolf
Harpers Bizarre - Hard to Handle
Her Name Is Calla - Nylon
Her Name Is Calla - A Blood Promise (Original Declaration)
Her Name Is Calla - A Blood Promise (demo)
Her Name Is Calla - Maw
Her Name Is Calla - The Beat That My Heart Skipped
(həd) p.e. - The Box
(həd) p.e. - Suck It Up
(həd) p.e. - Bury Me
(həd) p.e. - Dangerous
(həd) p.e. - Blackout
(həd) p.e. - Get Away
(həd) p.e. - Crazy Life
(həd) p.e. - The Only One
(həd) p.e. - Other Side
(həd) p.e. - Carnivale
(həd) p.e. - Fallen
(həd) p.e. - Revelations
(həd) p.e. - Killing Time
Hiss Golden Messenger - Cracked Windshield
(həd) p.e. - Boom (How You Like That)
(həd) p.e. - Feel Good
Susanna Hoffs - This Time
Darwin Hobbs - Deeper
Darwin Hobbs - Unexplainable
Kacy Hill - Experience
Víctor Heredia - Cuando tenías en tus ojos el sol
Víctor Heredia - La muerte del mundo cae sobre mi vida
Víctor Heredia - Levántate con migo
Víctor Heredia - El pueblo victorioso
Víctor Heredia - Cuerpo de mujer
Víctor Heredia - Por estos muertos
Víctor Heredia - Porque ha salido el sol
Víctor Heredia - No me dejes caer
Russell Hitchcock - I Can't Believe My Eyes
Hocico - Trust (The Cure Cover)
The Hippos - Pollution
The Hippos - Always Something There to Remind Me
The Hippos - Hold On
The Hippos - Thinking of You
The Hesitations - Born Free
hiro - Sweet Love
Justin Hayward - Forever Qutumn
Justin Hayward - Vincent
Justin Hayward - Scarborough Fair
Grouper - Living Room
High on Fire - Serums of Liao
High on Fire - Bloody Knuckles
High on Fire - Fertile Green
High on Fire - Madness of an Architect
High on Fire - King of Days
High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
High on Fire - Romulus and Remus
High on Fire - Warhorn
High on Fire - Witching Hour
High on Fire - Spiritual Rights
Hevisaurus - Velho
Bobby Helms - White Christmas
Brandon Heath - London
Brandon Heath - Love Will Be Enough for Us
Brandon Heath - Away in a Manger
Brandon Heath - Go Tell It on the Mountain
Brandon Heath - O Come All Ye Faithful / Angels We Have Heard on High
Brandon Heath - Our God Reigns
Saúl Hernández - Será mañana
Saúl Hernández - Manos de cristal
Saúl Hernández - El otro lado de la vida
Saúl Hernández - Viento
Saúl Hernández - La célula que explota
Kristin Hersh - El Dorado (bedroom demo)
Kristin Hersh - Clara Bow (bedroom demo)
Kristin Hersh - Ginger Park (bedroom demo)
Kristin Hersh - Sally Is a Girl (bedroom demo)
Kristin Hersh - Golden Ocean (bedroom demo)
Heavy D. & The Boyz - Here We Go
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Whisper
Joe Henderson - Photograph
Haste the Day - Labyrinth
Kent Henry - We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise
Kent Henry - Glorify Thy Name
HIM - Again
Phlash! Feat. Steve Hill - Get a Life (Frantic Theme)
Kelly Hogan - I'll Go to My Grave Loving You
High South - My Way Back Home
Kjell Höglund - Nytt blod
Kjell Höglund - Dimmornas bro
Kjell Höglund - Ett tillbakadraget liv
Kjell Höglund - Mitt stackars hjärta
Kjell Höglund - Kaffe med blues
Kjell Höglund - Liv & död
Kjell Höglund - De fördömdas ö
Kjell Höglund - Denna känsla av undran
Kjell Höglund - Sagan om sökerskan
Kjell Höglund - Folket i huset vid havet
Kjell Höglund - Tant solen
Kjell Höglund - Jag bor i en butelj
Kjell Höglund - Minnen från den långa resan
Kjell Höglund - En politikers försvarstal
Kjell Höglund - Passage mot gryningen
Kjell Höglund - Ödets vindar
Kjell Höglund - En enda natt
Kjell Höglund - Sympati och nostalgi
Kjell Höglund - Utan gränser
Kjell Höglund - Det förlorade paradiset
Kjell Höglund - Domens dag
Kjell Höglund - Brända skepp
Gary Hobbs - Te Vas A Acordar
Gary Hoey - Hocus Pocus
Her Majesty - Nobody
John Hiatt & The Guilty Dogs - Have a Little Faith in Me
Priscilla Herdman - Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
Roger Hodgson - Easy Does It
hitomi - Little More
hitomi - raise my eyes
hitomi - Digital Worker (Who's he?)
Stu Phillips & Glen Larson - K2000
Holly Dolly - Jingle Bell Rock
HK et les saltimbanks - Les Temps Modernes
HK et les saltimbanks - L'Étranger
HK et les saltimbanks - Nos révoltes, nos rêves
Kim Hill - Committed To The Call
Kim Hill - Rain Of Your Mercy
Kim Hill - Testimony
Kim Hill - Charm Is Decietful
Kim Hill - Step By Step
Harptallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Rüdiger Hoffmann - Lola
Tyler Hilton - It's Only Love
Anne Haigis - To Last a Lifetime
Anne Haigis - Move Away Jimmy Blue
Anne Haigis - Angel
Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra - When a Woman Loves a Man
Heartland - Judge a Man by the Woman
Megumi Hayashibara - Good Luck!
David Hobson - Have I Told You Lately
David Hobson - Long Long Time
Megumi Hayashibara - SLAYERS 4 the future
Megumi Hayashibara - Only One
Megumi Hayashibara - In The Fluffy MOON Nite
Megumi Hayashibara - JUST BEGUN
Megumi Hayashibara - Heart bridge
Megumi Hayashibara - GO ALONG! GO AROUND!! (self cover)
Holiday Parade - Make It Count (demo)
Caroline Henderson - It Hurts Me Too
Caroline Henderson - Fever
The Gun Club - Run Through the Jungle
The Gun Club - John Hardy
The Gun Club - Promise Me
Holy Barbarians - Brother Fights
Holy Barbarians - Dolly Bird
Holy Barbarians - Space Junkie
Holy Barbarians - She
The Gun Club - Eskimo Blue Day
The Holdup - Wake Up
Michael Henry and Justin Robinett - Hallelujah
Holy Soldier - Stranger
The Hollyridge Strings - From Me to You
The Grouch - The Enchanted
Jake Holmes - Lonely
Jake Holmes - Did You Know
Hilary Weeks - Dancing in the Rain
Rupert Holmes - Letters That Cross in the Mall
Rupert Holmes - Timothy
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra - Mademoiselle Will Decide
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra - In the Dark
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra - Dreaming My Dreams With You
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra - Tempted
Highland Glory - Somewhere
Highland Glory - Love Gun
Highland Glory - The Trooper
The Hold Steady - American Music
Hobo - Kéne egy világszám
Hobo - A rock and roll mindenkié
Hobo - Az oroszlánszelidítő vallomása a balerinának
Hobo - Nagy vihar jön
Hobo - Vén marhák (Tisztelet a Led Zeppelinnek)
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Picture in a Frame
Hombres G - Suéltate el pelo
Hombres G - La carretera
Hombres G - Vuelve a mí
Hombres G - No te puedo besar
Hombres G - Un par de palabras
Hombres G - Viernes
Hombres G - Solo al llover
Hombres G - Siempre huele a gasolina
Hombres G - Esta es tu vida - II
Hombres G - Solo otra vez
Hombres G - Huellas en la bajamar
Hombres G - Y cayó la bomba (fétida)
Hombres G - ¿Qué te he hecho yo?
Hombres G & Ana Torroja - Si no te tengo a ti
Hombres G & Ha-Ash - Temblando
Hombres G - Una mujer de manera
Hombres G - Sufre mamon
Hombres G - Deuelveme A Mi Chica
Hombres G - Visite nuesto bar
The Hives - I’m a Wicked One
The Hives - Theme From…
The Hives - Uptempo Venomous Poison
The Hives - Oh Lord! When? How?
The Hives - The Stomp
The Hives - Closed for the Season
The Hives - Born to Cry
Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra - The Moon Looks Down and Laughs
Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra - That's All I Ask of You
Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra - Summertime
Holland–Dozier–Holland - Why Can't We Be Lovers
Hef - Kluis
The Highwaymen - Heroes
Ayaka Hirahana - Any more
Ayaka Hirahana - MADE OF STARS
Ayaka Hirahana - Everyday
Ayaka Hirahana - Reset
Ayaka Hirahana - Voyagers
Ayaka Hirahana - Moldau (inst.)
Ayaka Hirahana - AVE MARIA (inst)
Ayaka Hirahana - Piece of Love
Ayaka Hirahana - Wedding Song
Ayaka Hirahana - Tweet your love
Ayaka Hirahana - Jupiter (Vocal-less Track)
Emmylou Harris with Carl Jackson - Before I Met You
Emmylou Harris with Carl Jackson - Nobody’s Darling but Mine
Emmylou Harris with Carl Jackson - Love Hurts
Ana de Hollanda - Poema Dos Olhos Da Amada
Hog Hoggidy Hog - Baby One More Time
HNO - I Don't Care
Hillsong Live - I Believe
Hillsong Live - Home
Hittman - Secret Agent Man
Hillsong Live - Angels
Hillsong Live - Here I Am to Worship
Hillsong Live - Angels We Have Heard on High
Hillsong Live - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Hillsong Live - Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Hillsong Live - Cancion Del Desierto
Hillsong Live - Soy Libre
Hateful Abandon - Riding the Blade
Hooded Fang - Bye Bye Land
Loleatta Holloway - Dreamin'
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Feel Like Dance
Buddy Holly - Love Me
Buddy Holly - Now We're One
Buddy Holly - Rock Around With Ollie Vee (Nov.)
Buddy Holly - Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie
Buddy Holly - I'm Changing All Those Changes
Dallas Holm - I've Never been Out of His Care
Hillsong United - Soldier
Aya Hirano - forget me nots...
Aya Hirano - LOOP
Aya Hirano - Keep On Runnin’
Highway 101 - Bing Bang Boom
Mando Diao feat. GZA & Cadence Weapon - Dance With Somebody
Hewhocorrupts - Say One More Thing and I'll Drop a Bus on Your Hand
Hillsong United - My God...
Hate Squad - Change
The Holmes Brothers - You're Gonna Make Me Cry
The Crickets - Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight
Tom Hooker - Real Men
Holyhell - Phantom of the Opera
Kyousuke Himuro - NORTH OF EDEN
Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians - America
Murray Head - Merano
John Holt - Help Me Make It Though the Night
Homo Iratus - Roots Bloody Roots
The Paragons - Wear You to the Ball
Peter Hook & The Light - Disorder
Peter Hook & The Light - Insight
Peter Hook & The Light - New Dawn Fades
Peter Hook & The Light - Transmission
Peter Hook & The Light - Love Will Tear Us Apart
John Holt - White Christmas
Taylor Hicks - The Right Place
Taylor Hicks - The Fall
Taylor Hicks - Levon
Ace Hood - Intro
Sean Hayes - Big Black Hole & The Little Baby Star
Sean Hayes - Me and My Girl
Hopsin - I'm Not Crazy (feat. Cryptic Wisdom & Swizzz) [Explicit]
Jordan Hill - Ride
Billie Holiday & Lester Young - Without Your Love
Billie Holiday & Lester Young - Mean to Me
Billie Holiday & Lester Young - Without Your Love (Price Master)
Billie Holiday & Lester Young - Fine and Mellow
Holy Ghost! - Teenagers in Heat
The Hoosiers - Dancers in the Dark
The Hoosiers - We Didn't Start the Fire
Yui Horie - Sweet & Sweet CHERRY
Yui Horie - Stay With Me
Earl Hines - Once Upon a Time
Hollywood Vampires - Manic Depression
Earl Hines - A Sunday Kind of Love
Earl Hines - The Man I Love
Drew Holcomb - Magnolia Tree
Hot - Angel in Your Arms
Los Horóscopos de Durango - Como tu mujer
Los Horóscopos de Durango - Dos Locos
Los Horóscopos de Durango - Tu Que Fuiste
Los Horóscopos de Durango - El Soñador
Los Horóscopos de Durango - Que Vuelva
Gwyneth Herbert - Into Temptation
Historias Nórdicas de la Abuela Vikinga - En el silencio
Honeyroot - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Dave Hollister - Bring It to Dave (Interlude)
Dave Hollister - The Program
Robin Holcomb - This Poem Is in Memory Of!
Robin Holcomb - Yr Mother Called Them Farmhouses
Robin Holcomb - Rockabye
The Hit Crew - The Name Game
The Hit Crew - Bump In The Night
Head East - One Against the Other
Head East - Brother Jacob
Head East - Got to Be Real
Head East - Gettin' Lucky
Head East - There's Never Been Any Reason
Hansi Hinterseer - Leise rieselt der Schnee
Head East - Fight for Your Life
Head East - I Surrender
Head East - You'll Be the One
John Hiatt - Lipstick Sunset
John Hiatt - Tip of My Tongue
John Hiatt - Stood Up
John Hiatt - Learning How to Love You
John Hiatt - Old Days
John Hiatt - On With You
The Hit Crew - Dont Worry, Be Happy
John Hiatt - Hangin' Round Here
John Hiatt - My Old Friend
John Hiatt - Lovers Will
John Hiatt - She Loves the Jerk
John Hiatt - Little Head
John Hiatt - My Sweet Girl
John Hiatt - Feelin' Again
John Hiatt - Graduated
John Hiatt - Runaway
John Hiatt - Woman Sawed in Half
John Hiatt - Far as We Go
John Hiatt - After All This Time
John Hiatt - Angel
John Hiatt - Doll Hospital
John Hiatt - The Usual
John Hiatt - She Said the Same Things to Me
John Hiatt - Drive South
John Hiatt - Shredding the Document
John Hiatt - One More Time
John Hiatt - Something Wild
John Hiatt - Straight Outta Time
John Hiatt - Blue Telescope
John Hiatt - Permanent Hurt
John Hiatt - Trudy and Dave
John Hiatt - Icy Blue Heart
John Hiatt - It'll Come to You
John Hiatt - Love in Flames
John Hiatt - Don't Know Much About Love
John Hiatt - Only the Song Survives
John Hiatt - Lift Up Every Stone
John Hiatt - Gone
John Hiatt - Take It Back
John Hiatt - Mr. Stanley
John Hiatt - You Must Go
John Hiatt - Walk On
John Hiatt - Native Son
John Hiatt - Ethylene
John Hiatt - I Can't Wait
John Hiatt - Wrote It Down and Burned It
John Hiatt - Your Love Is My Rest
John Hiatt - Friend of Mine
John Hiatt - Seven Little Indians
John Hiatt - Stolen Moments
John Hiatt - Listening to Old Voices
John Hiatt - One Kiss
John Hiatt - Thunderbird
Hansi Hinterseer - Ein Männlein steht im Walde
Hansi Hinterseer - Summ, summ, summ
The Hit Crew - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
John Hiatt - Ice Blue Heart
The Hit Crew - Here Comes the Hotstepper
Holocaust - Master of Puppets
Lalah Hathaway - Always Love You
Myriam Hernández - Mío (junto a los Nocheros)
Myriam Hernández - Se me fue
Bruce Hornsby - Imagine
Horseshoe Gang - Why Mean Cheat (Demetrius Capone interlude)
Hot Boogie Chillun - Have Love Will Travel
The Hope Blister - Let the Happiness In
The Hope Blister - Spider and I
Hole - Reasons to Be Beautiful
Hole - Credit in the Straight World
Hole - Loser Dust
Hole - Drag
The Honeymoon - Out in the Open
Hope - Still
Nicky Thomas - Have a Little Faith
The Heptones - Country Boy (dub)
The Heptones - Crying Over You
The Heptones - Sufferer's Time
Beth Hirsch - I Know Why
Beth Hirsch - Titles & Idols
Beth Hirsch - Captain Daylight
Beth Hirsch - Nest Sensation
Beth Hirsch - Until I Met You
Beth Hirsch - Who Said
Beth Hirsch - Nigel & Fiona
Beth Hirsch - Hindsight
Beth Hirsch - Let It Live
Beth Hirsch - Gabrielle
Beth Hirsch - Mary the Angel
Beth Hirsch - The More We Live
Beth Hirsch - No Refrain
Beth Hirsch - Silent Song
The Heptones - Country Boy Dub Town Girl
Bob Hope - The Last Time I Saw Paris
HORSE the band - Octopus on Fire
HORSE the band - In the Wake of the Buntaluffigus
Hotel Saint George - I Don't Know Why
Hotel Saint George - When the Rain Begins to Fall
Henrique & Diego - As coisas vão e vem
The Hollies - Like Everytime Before
The Hollies - Not That Way at All
The Hollies - Laughter Turns to Tears
House of Krazees - Diary of a Madman
The Hollies - We're Through (Alternative Arrangement)
The Hollies - Dandelion Wine
The Hollies - Confessions of a Mind
Nick Heyward - When It Started to Begin
Nick Heyward - Favourtie Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)
Nick Heyward - Love Plus One
Nick Heyward - Fantastic Day
The Hollies - To You My Love
The Hollies - Put Yourself in My Place
The Hollies - Fortune Teller
The Hollies - Wishyouawish
The Hollies - Postcard
The Hollies - Step Inside
The Hollies - Pegasus
The Hollies - Butterfly
His Clancyness - Machines
Lena Horne & Sammy Davis Jr. - A Fine Romance
The Hollies - My Love
The Hollies - Russian Roulette
Sally Harmon - Can You Read My Mind
Sally Harmon - Angel of Music