Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1458:

Young Fathers - Paying
Young Fathers - Mmmh Mmmh
Young Fathers - Hangman
Young Fathers - Am I Not Your Boy
Young Fathers - I've Arrived
Young Fathers - Still Running
Young Fathers - Shame
Young Fathers - Feasting
Young Fathers - 27
Young Fathers - Rain or Shine
Young Fathers - Sirens
Young Fathers - Old Rock n Roll
Young Fathers - Nest
Young Fathers - Liberated
Young Fathers - John Doe
Young Fathers - Dare Me
Young Fathers - Get Started
Young Fathers - Soon Come Soon
Young Fathers - Rumbling
Young Fathers - Deadline
Young Fathers - Sister
Young Fathers - Fortunes
Young Fathers - Romance
Young Fathers - Remains
Young Fathers - Way Down in the Hole
Young Fathers - Only Child
Young Fathers - Freefalling
Young Fathers - Come to Life
Young Fathers - I Heard
Young Fathers - Queen Is Dead
Young Fathers - Mr. Martyr
Young Fathers - Ebony Sky
Young Fathers - Better
Wookie - Get Enuff
Wookie - Joy My Pride
Wookie - What's Going On?
Wookie - Success
Wookie - Time
Waterloo & Robinson - Ich denk noch oft an Marianne
Waterloo & Robinson - My Little World
Waterloo & Robinson - Walk Away (Tornerai-Tornero)
Waterloo & Robinson - Hollywood
Wistletoe - I Got Lucky at Macworld
Wistletoe - Girls
You+Me - Capsized
You+Me - From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)
You+Me - Gently
You+Me - Love Gone Wrong
You+Me - You and Me
You+Me - Unbeliever
You+Me - Second Guess
You+Me - Open Door
You+Me - No Ordinary Love
Yazz - Can't Truss 'em
Yazz - Stand Up For Your Love Rights (Extended 12")
Young Scooter feat. Trouble & OG Boo Dirty - Before Rap
Young Magic - Lucien
Oscar Key Sung - Holograms
Doldrums - Egypt
Xorcist - Xorcist
Joon Wolfsberg - Big Fish
Joon Wolfsberg - Darkness
Joon Wolfsberg - Wonderland
Joon Wolfsberg - Nothing to Lose
Joon Wolfsberg - Hang Me Up to Dry
Joon Wolfsberg - Love to Laugh
Joon Wolfsberg - I Would Die
Joon Wolfsberg - Say Yes
Joon Wolfsberg - Free Your Mind
Joon Wolfsberg - Painter
Joon Wolfsberg - Can't Get Me Down
Joon Wolfsberg - Cash & Dylan
Joon Wolfsberg - Tonight
Joon Wolfsberg - What You Will Be
Joon Wolfsberg - Please
Joon Wolfsberg - Old Shoes
Joon Wolfsberg - We All
Joon Wolfsberg - I Can Feel
Joon Wolfsberg - Black and Grey (unplugged)
Joon Wolfsberg - Time to Turn
Joon Wolfsberg - New York
Joon Wolfsberg - Lonely People
Joon Wolfsberg - One Day
Joon Wolfsberg - Warning Signs
Joon Wolfsberg - User Manual
Joon Wolfsberg - Honey
Joon Wolfsberg - Wild Flowers
Joon Wolfsberg - It's All Over
Joon Wolfsberg - Running Around
Joon Wolfsberg - Walmart Parking Lot
Joon Wolfsberg - Blinded By
Joon Wolfsberg - Lonely Ranger
Joon Wolfsberg - Keep Me Going
Joon Wolfsberg - Mama Told Me
Joon Wolfsberg - Loose Balloon
Joon Wolfsberg - Typhoid Mary
Joon Wolfsberg - Another Way
Joon Wolfsberg - Feel This Way
Joon Wolfsberg - Plumbers Nightmare
Joon Wolfsberg - Rock n Roll
Joon Wolfsberg - Story of the Fire
Joon Wolfsberg - Poor King (“Original” piano / unplugged)
Joon Wolfsberg - Joon Wolfsberg – "Doing Nothing" (UNPLUGGED)
Joon Wolfsberg - Joon Wolfsberg – "Blind Melon"
Joon Wolfsberg - Don't Get Tired
Joon Wolfsberg - You Make Me
Kathy Young & The Innocents - Magic Is The Night
Kathy Young & The Innocents - Happy Birthday Blues
Kathy Young & The Innocents - A Thousand Stars (takes 15 & 16)
Kathy Young & The Innocents - A Thousand Stars
Yok - Q-Damm's börnin'
Yok - 9. November / 3. Oktober
Yok - Quetschmän spielt keine Geige
Yok - Sich selbst
Yok - Viltstängsel Uphör
Yok - UFO
Yok - Scheiß-Rassisten
Yok - Schade, dass Beton nicht brennt
Yok - Punkerhamster
Yok - Anständige Deutsche
Yok - Dünnschiss
Yok - Ich hatte einen Traum
Yok - Der Traum vom freien Menschen
Yok - Desillusioniert
Young Wonder - Tumbling Backwards
Young Wonder - Flesh
Young Wonder - Time
Young Wonder - Electrified
Young Wonder - To You
Young Wonder - Moonlight
Young Wonder - Enchanted
Young Wonder - St Verena
Young Wonder - Sweet Dreaming
Young Wonder - Intergalactic
Young Wonder - Birth
YMGA - - What
YMGA - - Real Talk
Devon Williams - Revelations
Devon Williams - Sufferer
Devon Williams - Honey
Devon Williams - Elevator
Devon Williams - Fragile Weapon
Devon Williams - Stephanie City
Devon Williams - A Truce
Devon Williams - Bells
Yok - Komm’ zu den Autonomen
Yok - Schickis sind im Ghetto
Yok - 8 Pinguins in Perfect Parade
Yok - 9 Nov. - 3 Okt.
Young Paperboyz - Scrabble
Young Paperboyz - Famous
Young Paperboyz - Pop It Up
Young Paperboyz - Livin On the Edge
Xeronimo - Gitana
Xeronimo - Dile
Xeronimo - Lo Tengo Merezido
Xeronimo - Renacerán
Xeronimo - Mia
Xeronimo - Amarte
Young Black Teenagers - Loud and Hard to Hit
Young Black Teenagers - Roll With the Flavor
Young Black Teenagers - Plead the Fifth
Young Black Teenagers - Back for Your Head
Young Black Teenagers - Time to Make the Dough Nutz
You - My Friend
You - Hold Me Tight
You - Don't You Know
Yo Gotti - I Am
Yo Gotti - I Know
Yo Gotti - Sorry
Yo Gotti - Pride to the Side
Yo Gotti feat. J. Cole & Canei Finch - Cold Blood
Yo Gotti - LeBron James
Yo Gotti - Die a Real Nigga
Yo Gotti feat. Ne‐Yo & Wale - Respect That You Earn
Yo Gotti - ION Want It
Yo Gotti feat. Jeezy & YG - Act Right
Yo Gotti - That’s What’s Up (intro)
Yo Gotti - U a Gangsta Right?
Yo Gotti - Gangsta Party
Yo Gotti - That’s Not Yo Bitch
Yo Gotti - Shawty Violating (Wup That Hoe)
Yo Gotti - We Gonna Be Alright
Yo Gotti - A Part of Thugs
Yo Gotti - Shawty
Yo Gotti - 81
Yo Gotti - Power of Money
Yo Gotti - Lifestyle
Yo Gotti - Weatherman
Yo Gotti - Blah Blah Blah
Yo Gotti - Castro
Yo Gotti - Amnesia
Yo Gotti - Freestyle
Yo Gotti - Touchdown
Yo Gotti - Loco Wit Da Cake
Toki Wright - Devils Advocate
Toki Wright - A Different Mirror
Toki Wright - State of Emergency
Toki Wright - The Feeling featuring Brother Ali
Toki Wright - Rise featuring Scarub of Living Legends
Yeliz Yeşilmen - Nokta
Yeliz Yeşilmen - Panik Oldum
Yeliz Yeşilmen - Kalp Yangını
Yeliz Yeşilmen - Fıstık Çıkı Çıkı
YahZarah - Strike Up the Band
YahZarah - Why Dontcha Call Me No More
YahZarah - Cry Over You
YahZarah - All My Days
YahZarah - Dedicated to You
YahZarah - The Lie
YahZarah - Last to Leave
YahZarah - Have a Heart
YahZarah - Change Your Mind
YahZarah - Starship
YahZarah - Shadow
YahZarah - Love, Come Save the Day
YahZarah - Yah (intro)
YahZarah - One Day
YahZarah - Wishing
YahZarah - Nova
YahZarah - Cry
YahZarah - Love Is You
YahZarah - Feel Me
YahZarah - Rooftop
YahZarah - Same Page
Yo Gotti - Intro (CM2)
YahZarah - Bury It
Yo Gotti - Shoot Off
YahZarah - Baby
Yo Gotti - Meeting Da Plug
YahZarah - Friday
Yo Gotti - Sold Out
Yo Gotti - Off Da Top Of Da Head
Yo Gotti - Phone Ringing, Feat. Zed Zilla
Yo Gotti - Dope Boy Life
YahZarah - Natural
Yo Gotti - All I Ever Wanted to Do
Yo Gotti - Sell My Dope
Yo Gotti - Dirty South Soldiers
YahZarah - Sally
Yo Gotti - After I F**k Ya Bi***
Yo Gotti - 9 to 5
YahZarah - BlackStar Remix
Yo Gotti - Shake It
Yo Gotti - On da Grind
Yo Gotti - Mr. Tell It
Yo Gotti - Aww Man
Yo Gotti - Back In The Hood
Yo Gotti - Keep It Gangsta
Yo Gotti - Let's Vibe
Yo Gotti - Givin' Up
Yo Gotti - Real Talk
Susan Wong - September
Susan Wong - Home
Susan Wong - Umbrella
Susan Wong - Blame It On The Boogie
Susan Wong - Everytime You Go Away
Susan Wong - Billie Jean
Susan Wong - Empty Room
Susan Wong - You've Got a Friend
Susan Wong - True Love Ways
Susan Wong - When You Say Nothing at All
Susan Wong - The Other Side of the Sun
Susan Wong - Make It With You
Susan Wong - How Deep Is Your Love
Susan Wong - You Send Me
Susan Wong - Goodnight
Susan Wong - Something
Susan Wong - Halo
Susan Wong - Groovin’
Susan Wong - So Far Away
Susan Wong - Big Yellow Taxi
Susan Wong - The Letter
Susan Wong - You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman
Susan Wong - Love Will Keep Us Alive
Susan Wong - Sometimes When We Touch
Susan Wong - Desperado
Yo Gotti - Testimony
Yo Gotti feat. Rick Ross - Harder
Yo Gotti - Killa
Yo Gotti - Single
Yo Gotti - Letter
Yo Gotti feat. Big K.R.I.T., Big Sean, Wale & Wiz Khalifa - Go Girl
Yo Gotti - We Can Get It On
Yo Gotti feat. Gucci Mane, Trina & Nicki Minaj - 5 Star Remix
Yo Gotti - Everybody Quiet
Yo Gotti - Julious Erving
Yo Gotti - Return of the Mac
Yo Gotti - 2 Seats
Yo Gotti - Chevy Anthem
Yo Gotti - Go Gotti Go
Yo Gotti - Slash
Yo Gotti - Wanna Play
Yo Gotti - Toss That Bitch
Yo Gotti - Hard to Believe
Yo Gotti - Can't Stop Me Now
Yo Gotti - Check
Yo Gotti - I Don't Like
Yo Gotti feat. Future - Drug Money
Yo Gotti - Enemy Or Friend
Yo Gotti - Had To Quit Fucking With You
Yo Gotti - Ain't No Turning Around
Yo Gotti - Buy Out
Yo Gotti - Picture Me
Zed Zilla feat. Yo Gotti - Ghetto America
Yo Gotti - Liar
The Young Gods - Our House
The Young Gods - She Rains
The Young Gods - I'm the Drug
Susan Wong - How Wonderful You Are
Susan Wong - The Way We Were
Susan Wong - My Cherie Amour
Susan Wong - Promises Don't Come Easy
Susan Wong - On the Street Where You Live
Susan Wong - As Tears Go By
Susan Wong - You Needed Me
Susan Wong - Moon River
Susan Wong - Woman In Love
Susan Wong - Chain Reaction
Susan Wong - Can't You See
Susan Wong - Torn Between Two Lovers
Susan Wong - Stay
Susan Wong - Make You Feel My Love
Susan Wong - Torn
Susan Wong - Never Can Say Goodbye
Susan Wong - Just Give Me A Reason
Susan Wong - Killing Me Softly
Susan Wong - Fly Me to the Moon
Susan Wong - Stay Awhile
Susan Wong - Do You Wanna Dance
Susan Wong - This Masquerade
Susan Wong - I Just Fall in Love Again
Susan Wong - The Look of Love
Susan Wong - Girl From Ipanema
Susan Wong - Emotion
Susan Wong - A I Love Her
Susan Wong - Somewhere Beyond the Sea
Susan Wong - All the Way
Susan Wong - Just the Way You Are
Susan Wong - Get Here
Susan Wong - Kissing a Fool
Yage - The Human Head Too Strong For Itself
Yage - Future Is Now
Yage - Clearness Of Fog
Yage - Wenn Nicht Bist Du Draussen
Yage - One Way Ticket Des Lebens
Yage - Engine Off
Yage - Die Flucht
Yage - We Lost Beauty
Yage - Ohne Form
Yage - 128
Yage - Lange Lügenbeine
Yage - Anders Leben
Yage - Leben Leben
John Paul Young - Pasadena
John Paul Young - I Hate the Music
John Paul Young - Hot for You Baby
Yo Gotti - Cocaine Cowboy Intro
Yo Gotti - Get Silly
Yo Gotti - Fuck You, Pay Me
Yo Gotti - Real Niggas
Yo Gotti - Stan
Yo Gotti - Hustle Hard
Yo Gotti - Spazz Out (Intro)
Yo Gotti - Ion Like Them
Yo Gotti - Jackin 4 Beats
Yo Gotti - Grizzly
Yo Gotti - Off Da Top of Da Head Pt 2
Yo Gotti - Who Want It
Yo Gotti - Fire That Bitch
Yo Gotti - Messed Up (Momma)
Yo Gotti - Ashamed
Yo Gotti - On Everything
Yo Gotti - Cocaine Muzik 6
Yo Gotti - Off Top Of The Head
Yo Gotti feat. Big Sean - Long Way
Susan Wong - First of May (From Melody Fair)
Susan Wong - Smile (From 'Modern Times')
Susan Wong - You Don't Know Me (From My Best Friend's Weddding)
Susan Wong - A Thousand Dreams Of You (From You Only live Once)
Susan Wong - As Time Goes By (From Casablanca)
Susan Wong - More (From Mondo Cane)
Susan Wong - Sway (From Shall We Dance)
Susan Wong - Memory (From Cats)
Susan Wong - In the Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (From Sleepless in Seatle)
Susan Wong - Fallen (From Pretty Woman)
Susan Wong - Superstar
Susan Wong - Cavatina
Susan Wong - Kiss Me Goodbye
Susan Wong - I Only Want to Be With You
Susan Wong - When I Fall in Love
Susan Wong - For Once in My Life
Susan Wong - Let's Stay Together
Susan Wong - I'm Not In Love
The Young Gods - Kissing the Sun
The Young Gods - Child in the Tree
The Young Gods - Donnez les esprits
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Killing Me
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - The Deep End
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Bruises
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Your Secret
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - What Comes After
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Candy Machine
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - The Ambassador of Soul
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Keep It Clean
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - One Less Shining Star
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Hollywood
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Charcoal Sunset
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Nothing Like Anything
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Resolution
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - No One Ever Drowns
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Consider the Source
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Colored Lights
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - John Coltrane Stereo Blues
Monalisa Young - Dancing Machine
The Young Gods - Speed of Night
The Young Gods - Tenter le grillage
The Young Gods - Once Again
Winter - Someone Like You
Winter - Crazy
Winter - Pretender
Winter - Some Kind of Surprise
Winter - Waiting for the Summer
Winter - Flower Tattoo
Winter - Don't Stay Away
Yo Gotti - Concealed
Yo Gotti - Super Power
Yo Gotti - I Feel Like
Yo Gotti - Real Rap
Yo Gotti - Ion Feel ’Em
Yo Gotti - Trap Queen Freestyle
Yo Gotti - Gold Medal
Yo Gotti - Hero
Yo Gotti - 11
Yo Gotti - Water Wet
Yo Gotti - Never Changed
Yo Gotti - Countin' Money
Yo Gotti - Cocaine Music
Yo Gotti - Do This Shit Again
Yo Gotti - Lean
Yo Gotti - M-Town
Yo Gotti - Get In My Car
Yo Gotti - Ridiculous
Yo Gotti - Messed Up
Yo Gotti - Fire Flame
Yo Gotti - Blow Your Ass Off
Yo Gotti - Somebody Watching Me
Yo Gotti - Black Bill Gates
Yo Gotti - Rico
Yo Gotti - Sweet Dreams
Yo Gotti - Make It Work
Yo Gotti - Boo
Yo Gotti - Bang Bang
Yo Gotti - All White Everything
Yo Gotti - White World
Yo Gotti - Cocaine Muzik
Lena Willemark - Allt vad du vill
Andrea Wittgens - Comme tu veux
Yo Gotti feat. K. Michelle - My City
Yo Gotti - Down In The DM
Yo Gotti feat. E-40 - Law
Yo Gotti - The Art of Hustle
Yo Gotti feat. Timbaland - Smile
Yo Gotti - Pay the Price
Yo Gotti - Momma
Yo Gotti feat. Future - General
Yo Gotti - Imagine Dat
Yo Gotti feat. Pusha T - Hunnid
Yo Gotti feat. 2 Chainz - Luv Deez Hoes
Yo Gotti - Intro (Crossing The Border)
Yo Gotti - Oh Well
Yo Gotti - Rich Nigga
Yo Gotti - Tell Me
Yo Gotti - Boyz N Da Hood
Yo Gotti - Everywhere I Go
Yo Gotti - Rico Freestyle
Yo Gotti feat. French Montana - I Got U
Yo Gotti - Poppin (Freestyle)
Yo Gotti - I Be Like
The Young Gods & Sinfonietta de Lausanne - Kissing the Sun
The Young Gods & Sinfonietta de Lausanne - Skinflowers
Yo Gotti - Women Lie, Men Lie
Yo Gotti - Standing in the Kitchen
Yo Gotti - On My Grizzly (Cm6 Exclusive)
Yo Gotti - Cocaine Muzik Feat. Allstar
Yo Gotti - Cases
Yo Gotti - We Can Get It
Yo Gotti - Mirror
Yo Gotti - Chapter 1 Intro
Yo Gotti - 5 Star (Remix) [feat. Gucci Mane, Trina & Nickie Minaj]
Yo Gotti - Harder
Yo Gotti - Red, White & Blue
Yo Gotti - Black Bill Gates Freestyle
Yo Gotti - Pharmacy
Yo Gotti - Five Star
Yo Gotti - 5 Star Remix
Yo Gotti - Live From the Kitchen (interlude)
Yo Gotti - Upset
Yo Gotti - F-U
Yo Gotti - Don't Come Around
Yo Gotti - King Sh*t
Yo Gotti - Act Right
Yo Gotti - Errrbody
Yo Gotti - Oooh
Yo Gotti - Heavy
Yo Gotti - Bible
Yo Gotti - Law
Yo Gotti - Free Lunch
Robert Wyatt - Sea Song
Robert Wyatt - Last Straw
Robert Wyatt - Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road
Robert Wyatt - Alifie
Robert Wyatt - Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road
Robert Wyatt - You You
Robert Wyatt - A.W.O.L.
Robert Wyatt - Fragment
Robert Wyatt - Free Will and Testament
Robert Wyatt - A Sunday in Madrid
Yellow Red Sparks - Buy Me Honey
Yellow Red Sparks - My Machine Gun
Yellow Red Sparks - Happiness Comes in a Box
Yellow Red Sparks - To Love and Loathe
Yellow Red Sparks - Yellow Red Sparks
Yellow Red Sparks - Mr. Wonderful
Yellow Red Sparks - Monsters With Misdemeanors
Yellow Red Sparks - A Play To End All Plays
Yellow Red Sparks - Scents and Sensibility
Yellow Red Sparks - A Buffalo
Yellow Red Sparks - Hope on a Rope
Youkmouth & Tha Gamblaz - Tryna Bubble
Carolyn Wonderland - The Farmer Song
Carolyn Wonderland - What Good Can Drinkin' Do
Carolyn Wonderland - Meet Me In The Morning
Carolyn Wonderland - Smile
Carolyn Wonderland - This Land
Carolyn Wonderland - Annie's Scarlet Letter
Carolyn Wonderland - He Said, She Said
Carolyn Wonderland - Unbroken
Carolyn Wonderland - Judgment Day Blues
Carolyn Wonderland - Bloodless Revolution
Carolyn Wonderland - Homelessness in Austin
Carolyn Wonderland - From a Waffle Booth Six
Carolyn Wonderland - Driving Into the Sun
Carolyn Wonderland - Beer
Paul Young and The Q-Tips - Sysljfm (The Letter Song)
Woodland - Will o' the Wisp
Woodland - Midnight Ring
Woodland - Mermaid
Woodland - The Dragon
Woodland - Faery Mist
Woodland - I Remember
Woodland - The Grove
Woodland - Silver Crow
Woodland - Larksong
Woodland - Nightblossom
Woodland - Morgana Moon
Woodland - Into the Twilight
Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free
Robert Wyatt - Arauco
Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding
Robert Wyatt - Muddy Mouse (b)
Robert Wyatt - Stalin Wasn't Stallin'
Robert Wyatt - Soup Song
Robert Wyatt - Team Spirit
Robert Wyatt - Alliance
Robert Wyatt - The United States of Amnesia
Carolyn Wonderland - At the Crossroads
Heinz Winckler - 1000 Miles A Minute
Heinz Winckler - Can't Lose With You
Heinz Winckler - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing
Heinz Winckler - Dis Daai 20 Minute
Heinz Winckler - Klein Bietjie
Heinz Winckler - 24/7/365
Heinz Winckler - Wrong
Yiruma - River Flows in You
Yiruma - Kiss the Rain
Ivy Yan - Bling Bling
Ivy Yan - Love is Coming Through
Robert Wyatt - CP Jeebies
Robert Wyatt - N.I.O. (New Information Order)
Robert Wyatt - Dondestan
Robert Wyatt - Sight of the Wind
Robert Wyatt - Left on Man
Robert Wyatt - Lisp Service
Robert Wyatt - A Last Straw
Robert Wyatt - Moon in June
Robert Wyatt - Calyx
Robert Wyatt - War Without Blood
XFilesX - Ay Guy
Yiruma - Just for a While
Robert Wyatt - Amber and the Amberines
Robert Wyatt - 'Round Midnight
Robert Wyatt - I’m a Believer
Robert Wyatt - The Sight of the Wind
Robert Wyatt - O Caroline
Robert Wyatt - At Last I'm Free
Robert Wyatt - Submarine (with Bjork)
Yndio - Sin Tu Amor
Yndio - Me Haces Falta...Te Necesito
Yndio - El
Yndio - Herida De Amor
Yndio - Abrazame, Decidete
Yndio - Linea Telefonica
Yndio - Mujer
Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (String ver.),Sometimes… Someone
Yothu Yindi with Neil Finn - Dots on the Shells
Year of No Light - Tu as fait de moi un homme meilleur
Year of No Light - Les mains de l'Empereur
Years & Years - Foundation
Years & Years - Real
Years & Years - Shine
Years & Years - Take Shelter
Years & Years - Worship
Years & Years - Eyes Shut
Years & Years - Ties
Years & Years - King
Years & Years - Desire
Years & Years - Gold
Years & Years - Without
Years & Years - Border
Years & Years - Memo
Years & Years - 1977
Years & Years - Ready for You
Years & Years - I Want to Love
Years & Years - Lion
Years & Years - Traps
Years & Years - You & I
Years & Years - Take Shelter (unplugged)
Years & Years - Breathe
Years & Years - Untitled
Years & Years - Meteorite
Years & Years - Both Sides Now (Torch Songs)
Faron Young - Forgive Me, Dear
Faron Young - All Right
Faron Young - It's a Great Life (If You Don't Weaken)
Faron Young - I'll Be Satisfied With Love
Faron Young - I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)
Faron Young - The Shrine of St. Cecilia
Faron Young - Love Has Finally Come My Way
Faron Young - Everytime I'm Kissing You
Faron Young - Country Girl
Faron Young - I Hear You Talkin'
Faron Young - Riverboat
Faron Young - Face to the Wall
Faron Young - Your Old Used to Be
Faron Young - There's Not Any Like You Left
Faron Young - Forget the Past
Faron Young - Congratulations
Faron Young - Backtrack
Faron Young - Three Days
Faron Young - Down by the River
Faron Young - Your Cheatin' Heart
Faron Young - Seasons Come, Seasons Go
Faron Young - Mexican Joe
Faron Young - Dance Her by Me (One More Time)
Faron Young - There Goes My Everything
Faron Young - High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
Faron Young - Walk Tall
Faron Young - Welcome to My World
Faron Young - Sweethearts or Strangers
Faron Young - I Can't Tell My Heart
Faron Young - Better Things Than These
Faron Young - You Call Everybody Darling
Faron Young - I'm a Poor Boy
Faron Young - That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome
Faron Young - You Are My Sunshine
Faron Young - Don't Take Your Love From Me
Faron Young - If I Had You
Faron Young - Stay as Sweet as You Are
Faron Young - It All Depends on You
Faron Young - Thank You for a Lovely Evening
Faron Young - Sweet and Lovely
Faron Young - Live Fast Love Hard Die Young
Faron Young - Tattle Tale Tears
Faron Young - Have I Waited Too Long
Faron Young - If That's the Fashion
Faron Young - Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
Faron Young - Almost
Faron Young - Mom and Dad's Waltz
Faron Young - Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy
Faron Young - Bouquet of Roses
Faron Young - Slowly
Faron Young - Tennessee Waltz
Faron Young - Making Believe
Faron Young - Bimbo
Faron Young - A Lifetime Isn't Long Enough
Faron Young - Big Shoes
Faron Young - Is She All You Thought She'd Be
Faron Young - Anything Your Heart Desires
Faron Young - I Made a Fool of Myself
Faron Young - Believing It Yourself
Faron Young - Out of My Heart
Faron Young - The Part Where I Cry
Faron Young - How Can I Forget You
Faron Young - I Can't Find The Time
Faron Young - Trail of Tears
Faron Young - A Moment Isn't Very Long
Faron Young - Moments to Remember
Faron Young - Things to Remember
WOW - Boys and Girls
WOW - How I Love You
WOW - I Believe in Love
WOW - Get High
Faron Young - It's Four in the Morning
Faron Young - Another You
Faron Young - Leavin' and Sayin' Goodbye
Faron Young - She Fights That Lovin' Feeling
Faron Young - Step Aside
Faron Young - I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday
Faron Young - I'm Gonna Tell Santa Claus on You
Faron Young - I Hardly Knew It Was You
Faron Young - You're Right (But I Wish You Were Wrong)
Faron Young - Down Lover's Lane Alone
Faron Young - Just Out Of Reach
Faron Young - The Good Lord Must Have Sent You
Faron Young - It's a Great Life
Faron Young - I Can't Help It
Faron Young - I'll Go on Alone
Faron Young - Congratulation
Faron Young - I Can't Find the Time (1st recording)
Faron Young - Rebel Johnny Yuma
Faron Young - Heartache For a Keepsake
Faron Young - After the Lovin'
Faron Young - Funny, How Time Slips Away
Faron Young - The Yellow Bandana
Faron Young - It's Four in the Morninhg
Faron Young - Rawhide
Young Man - It's Alright
Young Man - Josie
Young Man - Scrape on the Knee
Young Man - Being Alone
Young Man - Unfair
Young Man - Waterford
Young Man - My Days
Young Man - Fate
Young Man - 21
Young Man - Nothing
Young Man - Five
Faron Young - Is It Really Over
Faron Young - High Noon
Faron Young - Ballad of Paladin
Faron Young - Streets of Laredo
Faron Young - Yellow Bandana
Faron Young - Bonanza
Faron Young - Lillies Grow High
Faron Young - Reverend Mr. Black
Faron Young - Don't Take Your Guns to Town
Faron Young - I Just Came to Get My Baby
Faron Young - Pen and Paper
Faron Young - Your Old Love Letters
Faron Young - Letters Have No Arms
Faron Young - Last Letter
Faron Young - Take a Letter Miss Gray
Faron Young - No Letter Today
Faron Young - Love Letters in the Sand
Faron Young - P.S. I Love You
Faron Young - Mountain of Love
Faron Young - Valley of Tears
Faron Young - Foggy Mountain Top
Faron Young - My Friend on the Right
Faron Young - Wolverton Mountain
Faron Young - What Will I Tell My Darling
Faron Young - I've Come to Say Goodbye
Faron Young - In the Misty Moonlight
Tomer Yosef - Underground
Tomer Yosef - Little Man
Tomer Yosef - I Want to Move
Tomer Yosef - What's Wrong
Tomer Yosef - Don't Fly Away
Tomer Yosef - A Story
Faron Young - I Just Came by to Get My Baby
Faron Young - Your Time's Comin
Faron Young - We've Got Something in Common
Faron Young - My Dreams
Faron Young - Let's Predend We're Lovers Again
Faron Young - The Last Waltz
Faron Young - San Antonio Rose
Faron Young - Am I That Easy to Forget
Faron Young - If You Ain't Lovin', You Ain't Livin'
Fay Wolf - What's Up
Fay Wolf - The Beginning of Anne
Fay Wolf - God Knows
Fay Wolf - Yours
Fay Wolf - Dead Dads And Sad Moms
Fay Wolf - Mine
Fay Wolf - In The Way
Fay Wolf - The Thread Of The Thing
Young Artists for Haiti - Wavin' Flag
Nilufer Yanya - Small Crimes
Nilufer Yanya - Keep on Calling
Danny Worsnop - Prozac
Danny Worsnop - Mexico
Danny Worsnop - Anyone but Me
Danny Worsnop - High
Danny Worsnop - I Got Bones
Danny Worsnop - Don’t Overdrink It
Westminster Cathedral Choir - Bethlehem Down
Westminster Cathedral Choir - A Maiden Most Gentle
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Art of Virtue
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Jump the Broom
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - My Love Will Keep
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Rastus Russell
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Wedding Ring
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Don't Get Weary
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Walls of Jericho
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - It's All the Same
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Brokedown Palace
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Plow to the End of the Row
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Leather Britches
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - I Cannot Justify
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Conestoga
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Poison
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Her Eyes Were Watching God
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Lonesome Road Blues
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Satan, Yer Kingdom Must Come Down
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - My Sin In Pride
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Sadie's Song
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Nipper's Corner
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie - Soldier's Joy
Ying Yang Twins - All Good Things (intro)
Ying Yang Twins - Fuck the Ying Yang Twins
Ying Yang Twins - Long Time
Ying Yang Twins - Live Again
Ying Yang Twins - Ghetto Classics
Ying Yang Twins - The Courthouse (skit)
Ying Yang Twins - 23 Hr. Lock Down
Ying Yang Twins - Sex Therapy 101 (skit)
Ying Yang Twins - Sex Therapy 102 (skit)
Ying Yang Twins - Pull My Hair
Ying Yang Twins - Sex Therapy 103 (skit)
Ying Yang Twins - Bedroom Boom
Ying Yang Twins - The Walk
Ying Yang Twins - Hoes
Ying Yang Twins - Badd
Ying Yang Twins - Put That Thang Down
Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull - Shake
Ying Yang Twins - My Brother's Keeper
Ying Yang Twins - U.S.A.
Ying Yang Twins - Jack It Up
Ying Yang Twins - Jigglin
Ying Yang Twins - Take It Slow
Ying Yang Twins - Patron (skit)
Ying Yang Twins - Smoke Break (skit)
Ying Yang Twins - Collard Greens
Ying Yang Twins - Water
Ying Yang Twins - Family
Ying Yang Twins - Friday
Ying Yang Twins - Leave
Ying Yang Twins - Open
Ying Yang Twins - In This Thang Still
Ying Yang Twins - Them Braves
Ying Yang Twins - Hanh!
Ying Yang Twins feat. Trick Daddy - Whats Happnin!
Ying Yang Twins - Grey Goose
Ying Yang Twins feat. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Salt Shaker
Ying Yang Twins - Georgia Dome (Get Low Sequel)
Ying Yang Twins - Me & My Brother
Ying Yang Twins - Hard
Ying Yang Twins - The Nerve Calmer
Ying Yang Twins - Naggin', Part II (The Answer) Performed by Ms Flawless & Tha Rhythum
Ying Yang Twins - Armageddon
Ying Yang Twins - Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk!)
Ying Yang Twins - Me and My Brother
Ying Yang Twins - Georgia Dome
Wayne Gorbea's Salsa Picante - Lo Que Dice Justi
Ying Yang Twins - Ying Yang in This Thang
Ying Yang Twins - Ballin' G's
Ying Yang Twins - Brang Yo Azz OutDoz
Ying Yang Twins - Ying Yang vs. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz
Ying Yang Twins - Thug Walkin'
Ying Yang Twins - The Warm Up
Ying Yang Twins - Dispose of Broadz
Ying Yang Twins - A!
Ying Yang Twins - Put It on Me
Ying Yang Twins - Pop Da Trunk
Ying Yang Twins - I'm Still Hustlin'
Ying Yang Twins - Mr. Collipark's (intro)
Ying Yang Twins - Wiggle Then Move
Ying Yang Twins - Git It
Ying Yang Twins - Legendary Status
Ying Yang Twins - Duts
Ying Yang Twins - What Happnin!
Ying Yang Twins - I'm Tired
Ying Yang Twins - Alley
Ying Yang Twins - Sound Off
Ying Yang Twins - Huff Puff
Ying Yang Twins - By Myself
Ying Yang Twins - Drop Like This 2001
Ying Yang Twins - Atl Eternally
Ying Yang Twins - Hunchin'
Ying Yang Twins - Tongue Bath
Ying Yang Twins - Twurkulator
Ying Yang Twins - Crank It Up
Ying Yang Twins - Carol Of Da Bellz
Ying Yang Twins - Ms. New Booty
Ying Yang Twins - I'm Tried
Ying Yang Twins - What's Happening
Ying Yang Twins - Say Yi Yi Yi
Ying Yang Twins - Callin All Zones
Ying Yang Twins - What the Fuck
Ying Yang Twins - Naggin
Ying Yang Twins - Whistle While You Trurk
Ying Yang Twins - Twurkalator
Ying Yang Twins - I Got Dat Boom Boom
Ying Yang Twins - Round the Globe
Ying Yang Twins - Naggin, Part 2
Ying Yang Twins - Wait (The Whisper Song) (street)
Ying Yang Twins - Wait (The Whisper Song) (call out)
Ying Yang Twins - Drop [Radio]
Ying Yang Twins - Centipede
Ying Yang Twins - Drop (a cappella)
Ying Yang Twins - Wait (The Whisper Song) (Non-Suggestive)
Young Jeezy feat. 2 Chainz - R.I.P.
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Gole Yakh
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Dar Enteha
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Paiz
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Leila
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Shirin Joon
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Entezar
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Saraabe Toe
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Reyhan
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Mosafere Shar Baran
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Khaar
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Havar Havar
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Dokhtare Delkhasteye Shahr
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Poshte Oun Dar (Behind That Door)
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Panahandeh (Refugee)
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Nowruz (Iranian New Year)
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Malek Jamshid (King Jamshid)
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Khar
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Sarab To
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Paeez
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Asheghaneh
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Tane Choobi
Kourosh Yaghmaei - Parandeh Mohajer
Widowspeak - Puritan
Widowspeak - Nightcrawlers
Widowspeak - In the Pines
Widowspeak - Limbs
Widowspeak - Gun Shy
Widowspeak - Hard Times
Widowspeak - Fir Coat
Widowspeak - Half Awake
Widowspeak - Ghost Boy
Widowspeak - Perennials
Widowspeak - Dyed in the Wool
Widowspeak - The Dark Age
Widowspeak - Thick as Thieves
Widowspeak - Almanac
Widowspeak - Ballad of the Golden Hour
Widowspeak - Devil Knows
Widowspeak - Sore Eyes
Widowspeak - Locusts
Widowspeak - Minnewaska
Widowspeak - Spirit Is Willing
Widowspeak - Storm King
Widowspeak - All Yours
Widowspeak - Narrows
Widowspeak - Dead Love (You're So Still)
Widowspeak - Stoned
Widowspeak - Girls
Widowspeak - Borrowed World
Widowspeak - Cosmically Alligned
Widowspeak - My Baby's Gonna Carry On
Widowspeak - Coke Bottle Green
Widowspeak - Burnout
Widowspeak - Wicked Game
Widowspeak - True Believer
Widowspeak - Calico
The Young - Livin' Free
Tina Vukov - Vjeruj mi
Tina Vukov - Kao pijesak među prstima
Tina Vukov - Tuga dolazi kasnije
Ken Yates - I Don't Wanna Fall in Love
Ken Yates - Get Me Out of Hollywood
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - Florida Water
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - Signs
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - No Fucks
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - 4 Eva Bloody
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - Movin
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - Paranoia
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - No Love
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - Danny Glover
Young Thug & Bloody Jay - Let's Go Play
Worship Together Kids - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
Worship Together Kids - Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies)
Worship Together Kids - Revelation Song
Worship Together Kids - Everlasting God
Worship Together Kids - One Thing Remains
Wonderland - Not a Love Song
Wonderland - Starlight
Wonderland - Nothing Moves Me Anymore
Wonderland - Need You Now
Wonderland - In Your Arms
Wonderland - Is It Just Me
Wonderland - Why Here Why Now
Wonderland - Time Has Run Out
Wonderland - Emergency
Wonderland - It Could Be You
Wonderland - Get Your Boots On
Wonderland - When the Stars Go Blue
Wonderland - Rolling in the Deep
Young Dolph - Facts
Young Dolph - Fuck It
Young Dolph - Royalty
Young Dolph - How Could
Young Dolph - USA
Young Dolph - Let Me See It
Young Dolph - 3 Way
Young Dolph - Never Ever
Young Dolph feat. 2 Chainz - Pulled Up
Young Dolph - Dead Ass Serious
Young Dolph - Forever
Young Dolph - What I Gotta Do
Young Dolph - Make the World Go Round
Young Dolph - Big Deal
Young Dolph - All Mine
Young Dolph - Preach
Young Dolph - Having Things
Young Dolph - Cold World
Young Dolph - The Plug Best Friend
Young Dolph - Trappa
Young Dolph - Nervous
Young Dolph - South Memphis
Young Dolph - At the House
Young Dolph - Stressin’
Young Dolph - Scared of Me
Young Dolph - Get Blow’d
Young Dolph - Money Callin
Windmills - Graffiti in the Night
Windmills - Path to Pave
Stellar Young - Playing With Guns
Windmills - Bring Out the Sun
Windmills - Regular Handshake
Windmills - The Beach When It Rains
Windmills - Truly Yours
Stellar Young - We Own Nothing
Windmills - Get Up
Windmills - Underground Gem
Windmills - Not All Right
Stellar Young - Speak Now (Good Man)
Windmills - You Know You're Right
Windmills - Broken Record
Windmills - Moving On
Stellar Young - The Reunion
Stellar Young - Hitting Reset
Stellar Young - Box of Echoes
Stellar Young - Nomad
Stellar Young - Red Lights
Stellar Young - Helen, I...
Stellar Young - Former Life
Young Dolph - Racks
Young Dolph - Whatever
Young Dolph - No Matter What
Young Dolph - Gelato
Young Dolph - On the River
Young Dolph - Meech
Young Dolph - All About
Young Dolph - Money Callin (Bonus Track)
Young Dolph - Get This Money (Bonus Track) [feat. 2 Chainz]
Young Dolph - Go Get the Money
Yage - The Yage Letters
The Wytches - Digsaw
The Wytches - Weights and Ties
The Wytches - Part Time Model
The Wytches - Summer Again
The Wytches - Crying Clown
The Wytches - The Holy Tightrope
The Wytches - Her
MC Yogi - Elephant Power
MC Yogi - Ganesh is Fresh
MC Yogi - Rock on Hanuman
MC Yogi - Om Namah Shivaya
MC Yogi - Son of Shiva
MC Yogi - Krishna Love
MC Yogi - Mahatma's Message
MC Yogi - Be the Change
MC Yogi - Shanti (Peace Out)
MC Yogi - Ganesha (Sound The Horn)
MC Yogi - Sun Light
MC Yogi - Give Love
Christian Wunderlich & Kirstin Hall - Forever Tonight
Christian Wunderlich & Kirstin Hall - Department
Yabgu - Tuvgan Elım Noghai El
Los York's - Se Que No Cambiaras
Los York's - Abrazame Baby
Los York's - Solo Estoy
Los York's - Abrázame
Los York's - Te Amo
Los York's - Enamorada de un Amigo Mio
You’re Pretty - Beautiful Accident
You’re Pretty - Breakthrough or Breakdown
You’re Pretty - I Am Not
You’re Pretty - Unnoticed
You’re Pretty - Something Real
You’re Pretty - Not Coming Down
You’re Pretty - Deal With It
You’re Pretty - Day
You’re Pretty - Out of Reach
You’re Pretty - Find Yourself
You’re Pretty - Letting Go
You’re Pretty - Worst of Me
You’re Pretty - Tie My Hands
You’re Pretty - Pretending
You’re Pretty - No More to Be Said
Zbigniew Wodecki - Zacznij Od Bacha
Zbigniew Wodecki - Z Toba Chce Ogladac Swiat
Zbigniew Wodecki - Lubie Wracac Tam, Gdzie Bylem
Zbigniew Wodecki - Izolda
Zbigniew Wodecki - Chalupy Welcome To
Zbigniew Wodecki - Oczarowanie
Zbigniew Wodecki - Dobranoc, Dobranoc
Zbigniew Wodecki - Pszczolka Maja
Zbigniew Wodecki - Znajdziesz mnie znowu
Yaga & MacKie Ranks - Déjala Sola
Withered Moon - Resistance
Withered Moon - Bereavement
Youth Code - Consuming Guilt
Youth Code - To Burn Your World
Youth Code - For I Am Cursed
Youth Code - First & Last
Youth Code - Carried Mask
Youth Code - No Animal Escapes
Youth Code - Distorted Views
Youth Code - Sick Skinned
Youth Code - Wear the Wounds
Youth Code - Keep Falling Apart
Youth Code - "Destroy" Said, She
Youth Code - What Is the Answer?
Youth Code - The Dust of Fallen Rome
Youth Code - Anagnorisis
Youth Code - Doghead
Youth Code - Glass Spitter
Youth Code - Lacerate Wildly
Youth Code - A Litany
YourEnigma - On Hold
YourEnigma - I'll Come Running
YourEnigma - Redial
Yaz - Too Pieces
Yaz - Bad Connection
Yaz - Midnight
Yaz - Goodbye Seventies
Yaz - Winter Kills
Momoe Yamaguchi - Crazy Love
Momoe Yamaguchi - DANCIN’ IN THE RAIN
Young Buck feat. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo - Bonofide Hustler
Yoan - That Kinda Guy
Yoan - J'entends Siffler Le Train
Yoan - My Way Home
Yoan - Good Hearted Woman
Yoan - Goodbye Mother
Yoan - Dis-Moi
Yoan - Tu m'as Manqué
Yoan - T'aimer Trop
Yoan - Gonna Fall In Love With You
Yoan - Together Soon
Yoan - One Day
Young Jeezy feat. Plies - Lose My Mind
Yarkin - Giz
Young Money feat. Lloyd - Bed Rock
The Wreckers - Leave the Pieces
The Wreckers - Way Back Home
The Wreckers - The Good Kind
The Wreckers - Tennessee
The Wreckers - My, Oh My
The Wreckers - Stand Still, Look Pretty
The Wreckers - Cigarettes
The Wreckers - Lay Me Down
The Wreckers - Rain
The Wreckers - Crazy People
The Wreckers - Love Me Like That
The Wreckers - Damn That Radio
The Wreckers - Different Truck, Same Loser
Wretched - Birthing Sloth
Wretched - The Deed of Elturiel
Wretched - A Still Mantra
Wretched - Cimmerian Shamballa
Wretched - Part II: Beyond the Gate
Wretched - My Carrion
Wretched - The Guardians of Uraitahn
Wretched - The Talisman
Wretched - Imminent Growth
Wretched - At the First Sign of Rust
Wretched - Dilated Disappointment
Wretched - Repeat? The End Is Near
Wretched - Dreams of Chaos
Wretched - Karma Accomplished
Wretched - Decimation
Wretched - Before the Rise
Wretched - A Preservation of Immortality
Wretched - Fetal Consumption
Wretched - Mephistos Will
Wretched - Deplorable Miscalculations
Wretched - Final Devourment
Wretched - VII: The Descent
Yogth Sothoth - Prayer of Doom (Chronicle of the Mad Arab)
Yogth Sothoth - Lugubrious Crimson Twilight
Yogth Sothoth - Endless Infernal Darkness
Yogth Sothoth - Mystic Void
Yogth Sothoth - Calling the Wrath of Evil
Yogth Sothoth - Crawling Chaos
Yogth Sothoth - Abominations of the Nebulah Mortiis
Yogth Sothoth - Cthulhu Fhtagn...
Yogth Sothoth - Rites of Destruction (Evil Sorcerers Domain)
Yogth Sothoth - Incantations in Full Moon
Matt Woods - Wash Me Clean
Matt Woods - Impression
Matt Woods - In the Dark
Matt Woods - Far From Home
Matt Woods - Leaning Towers
Weatherstar - Postcards
Weatherstar - Sick of Tonight
Weatherstar - What I Was Thinking
Weatherstar - Planes Oceans & Symphonies
Weatherstar - Wish You Would Say
Without Grief - Kingdom of Hatred
Without Grief - Lifeless
Without Grief - Ungodly
Without Grief - To the End
Without Grief - Blackborn Soul
Without Grief - Heaven Torn Apart
Without Grief - Only Darkness Lies Ahead
Without Grief - Suicidal Stroke
Without Grief - The Last Days
Without Grief - Deflower
Without Grief - Shallow Grave
Without Grief - The Failure's Crown
Without Grief - Your Empty Eyes
Without Grief - Betrayer of Compassion
X is Loaded - Dean Park
X is Loaded - Roll On
X is Loaded - One More Razor
X is Loaded - Racketeer
X is Loaded - Fallout
X is Loaded - The Start of Everything
X is Loaded - Bleeding the Shapes
X is Loaded - Zero
X is Loaded - Raw Nerve
Yovie & Nuno - Dia Milikku
Yovie & Nuno - Menjaga Hati
Yovie & Nuno - Janji Suci
Yovie & Nuno - Seperti Bintang
Yovie & Nuno - Ku Tak Suka Lagu Ini
Yovie & Nuno - Sejuta Cinta
Yovie & Nuno - Hey! (Flirting)
Yovie & Nuno - Jalan Diam Diam
Yovie & Nuno - Tak Pandai Memilih
Yovie & Nuno - Sempat Memiliki
Yovie & Nuno - Lebih Dekat Denganmu, Nanti (Juwita)
Yovie & Nuno - KLBK
Yovie & Nuno - Cinta Terlarang
Yovie & Nuno - Malam Genic
Yovie & Nuno - Satu Yang Terindah
Yovie & Nuno - Indah, Kuingat Dirimu
Yovie & Nuno - Maukah Denganku
Yovie & Nuno - Bila Saja Kau Disini
Yovie & Nuno - Bukan Kekasihku
Yovie & Nuno - Lebih Baik Aku
Yovie & Nuno - Tunggu Dulu!
Yovie & Nuno - Sembilu
Yovie & Nuno - Cerita Damai
Yovie & Nuno - Sebingkai Rindu Buat Mentari
Yovie & Nuno - Tergoda Bidadari
Yovie & Nuno - Tanpa Cinta
Yovie & Nuno - Mudah Melupakan
Yovie & Nuno - Malam Mingguku
Yovie & Nuno - Kurang Romantis
Yovie & Nuno - Tak Memilikimu
Yovie & Nuno - Manis
Yovie & Nuno - Kamu Bukan Kekasihku
Yovie & Nuno - Jangan-Jangan
Yovie & Nuno - Sampai Akhir Waktu
Yovie & Nuno - Manusia Biasa (CLB)
Yovie & Nuno - Merindu Lagi (Pada Kekasih Orang)
Yovie & Nuno - Pada Hari Ini
Yovie & Nuno - Pertama
Yovie & Nuno - Mengejar Mimpi
Yovie & Nuno - Cerita Untuk Dunia
Yovie & Nuno - Berdua
Mehmet Cemal Yeşilçay - Remember
Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away
Paul Young - Don't Dream It's Over
Paul Young - Broken Man
Paul Young - Softly Whispering I Love You
Paul Young - Now I Know What Made Otis Blue
Paul Young - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Paul Young - Everything Must Change
Paul Young - This Means Anything
Paul Young - Calling You
Paul Young - Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)
Paul Young - Follow On
Paul Young - Come Back and Stay
Paul Young - Ku-Ku Kurama
Paul Young - No Parlez
Paul Young - Love of the Common People
Paul Young - Oh Women
Paul Young - Iron Out the Rough Spots
Paul Young - Tender Trap
Paul Young - Sex
Paul Young - Behind Your Smile
Paul Young - Sex (demo)
Paul Young - Pale Shelter (demo)
Paul Young - I'm Only Foolin' Myself
Zucchero & Paul Young - Senza una donna (Without a Woman)