Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1436:

Mikael Wiehe - Om igen
Mikael Wiehe - Jag drar
Mikael Wiehe - Han tuggar kex
Wibutee - Crash Hit
Victoria Williams - You R Loved
Victoria Williams - Harry Went to Heaven
Victoria Williams - Crazy Mary
Victoria Williams - When We Sing Together
Victoria Williams - Polish Those Shoes
Victoria Williams - Happy to Have Known Pappy
Victoria Williams - My Ally
Victoria Williams - Hitchhikers Smile
Victoria Williams - Last Word
Victoria Williams - Grandma's Hat Pin
Victoria Williams - Gladys and Lucy
Mikael Wiehe - Som en stormvind
Mikael Wiehe - Rosa, rosa
Mikael Wiehe - Vem kan säga vad som kommer se’n
Mikael Wiehe - Jag har en älskarinna
Mikael Wiehe - En ängel steg ner ifrån himlen
Mikael Wiehe - Balladen om den stackars Karlsson
Mikael Wiehe - Var är kärleken
Mikael Wiehe - Regnet faller
Mikael Wiehe - Weekend i Harare
Mikael Wiehe - Den, jag kunde va
Mikael Wiehe - Allt det handlar om för mig
Mikael Wiehe - Jag ömkar emigranterna
Mikael Wiehe - Min älskade stod inför rätten idag
Mikael Wiehe - Det sorgliga sändebudet
Mikael Wiehe - Maggans bar
Victoria Williams - Boogieman
Victoria Williams - Clothesline
Victoria Williams - Holy Spirit
Victoria Williams - Summer of Drugs
Victoria Williams - I Can't Cry Hard Enough
Victoria Williams - Wobbling
Victoria Williams - Lift Him Up
Victoria Williams - Shoes
Victoria Williams - Merry Go Round
Victoria Williams - Happy
Victoria Williams - TC
Mikael Wiehe - Jag ville åka till öknen
Mikael Wiehe - Hela mitt liv
Mikael Wiehe - Planer
Mikael Wiehe - Ingenting kommer tillbaka
Mikael Wiehe - Lille man (Sången om den nya världsordningen)
Mikael Wiehe - Jag vill inte dö
Mikael Wiehe - Det var en gång
Mikael Wiehe - Sista brevet hem
Mikael Wiehe - Trädet
Mikael Wiehe - Mänskor liksom VI
Mikael Wiehe - Jag vill bara va en gammal man
Mikael Wiehe - Om du saknar nån
Mikael Wiehe - Stjärnorna som föll
Mikael Wiehe - Med mej blir du aldrig av
Mikael Wiehe - Min bäste vän är död
Mikael Wiehe - Kärleken tror jag på
Mikael Wiehe - Huset (P'potemkin)
Mikael Wiehe - Jag vill tacka dej
Mikael Wiehe - Nu blir det bättre
Mikael Wiehe - Stjärnan
Mikael Wiehe - Nästan som förut
Mikael Wiehe - Hur många år
Mikael Wiehe - Främmande land
Mikael Wiehe - Andra tider nu
Mikael Wiehe - Vi kommer från världen
Mikael Wiehe - Det finns nåt vitare
John Clifford White - Pulling on the Boots
John Clifford White - Führer Führer
John Clifford White - Fourth Reich Fighting Men
Mikael Wiehe - Carl Fredrik Hills ballad om den stora ensamheten
Mikael Wiehe - Jag ser det
Mikael Wiehe - Åh, Mama
Mikael Wiehe - Då är du farlig
Mikael Wiehe - Jakten på Dalai Lama
Mikael Wiehe - Lillan står i hagen
Mikael Wiehe - Jag vill möta
Mikael Wiehe - Alla mina vita hästar
Mikael Wiehe - Ge mej nåt att leva för
Mikael Wiehe - Ensamheten
Mikael Wiehe - Nu
Mikael Wiehe - Isolde
Mikael Wiehe - Josefinas vals
Mikael Wiehe - Du ska komma
Mikael Wiehe - Himlen och lite till
Mikael Wiehe - Hallon, blåbär, lingon
Mikael Wiehe - I min toyota
Mikael Wiehe - I väntan på livet... (Det kommer)
Mikael Wiehe - Törnrosa
Mikael Wiehe - Trollkarlen
Mikael Wiehe - Bortom ljuset
Mikael Wiehe - Ett liv i rostfritt stål
Mikael Wiehe - Just i detta mörker
Mikael Wiehe - Kloka gumman
Mikael Wiehe - Förändringen
Mikael Wiehe - Det finns en värld
Mikael Wiehe - Drottningen av Saba
Mikael Wiehe - Som kärleken
Mikael Wiehe - Nocturne
Mikael Wiehe - Jag har sett dom komma
Mikael Wiehe - I öknen
Mikael Wiehe - Krigsdans
Mikael Wiehe - Också där lugnet är förhärskande
Mikael Wiehe - I Sverige
Mikael Wiehe - Den stora stora skillnaden
Mikael Wiehe - Ropar ditt namn (Calling Your Name)
Mikael Wiehe - 5. Lindansaren
Mikael Wiehe - 9. Som en duva
Mikael Wiehe - 1. Titanic (Andraklasspassagerarens sista sång)
Mikael Wiehe - 11. Som ett andetag
Mikael Wiehe - 2. Allt vad jag begär
Mikael Wiehe - 16. Nadja
Mikael Wiehe - 7. Hemingwayland
Mikael Wiehe - 13. Valet
John David Webster - Made to Shine
John David Webster - Come Alive
John David Webster - Miracle
John David Webster - Now
John David Webster - Heavy Load
Whilk and Misky - Babe I'm Yours
Whilk and Misky - Love Lost
Whilk and Misky - Burn with Me
Whilk and Misky - Darklands
Whilk and Misky - So Good to Me (Re-work)
We Are the Union - Dust on the Hourglass
We Are the Union - I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can
We Are the Union - Live Like Mitch
We Are the Union - 415 in Progress
We Are the Union - Hellbound & Helpless
We Are the Union - If I Can't Smoke or Swear, I'm Fucked
We Are the Union - Dead End
We Are the Union - Delta. Oscar. Whiskey. November.
We Are the Union - The Ghost That Haunted Me
We Are the Union - MTV Is Over If You Want It
We Are the Union - This Is My Life
We Are the Union - Your Allowence Exceeds My Rent
We Are the Union - I'm Like John Cusack
We Are the Union - You Can Have This Mic When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Fingers
We Are the Union - War on Everything
We Are the Union - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
We Are the Union - Occupational Hazard
We Are the Union - Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your TV Set
We Are the Union - These Colors Flee the Scene
We Are the Union - Our Core
We Are the Union - We're All Dead
We Are the Union - Where'd You Go, Psycho Boy?
We Are the Union - Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic
We Are the Union - Glaring Teeth
We Are the Union - Strange, Slow and Old
We Are the Union - We Don't Care If Yesterday Burns, Stoke Up the Fire
We Are the Union - What We Have Here, Is a Failure to Communicate
We Are the Union - Start Over Starting Over
We Are the Union - This Is a Farewell Kiss, You Dog
We Are the Union - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
We Are the Union - One Million Motors
We Are the Union - Curtain Calls
We Are the Union - Be Kind, Rewind
Wild Yaks - River May Come
Lil Irocc Williams - i ROCC
Lil Irocc Williams - Scene - Time for School
Lil Irocc Williams - All My People
Lil Irocc Williams - Lunchtime
Lil Irocc Williams - How We Do It
Lil Irocc Williams - H.G.G. (Holy Ghost Girls
Lil Irocc Williams - No Tears
Lil Irocc Williams - Game Face
Lil Irocc Williams - How I Live My Life
Lil Irocc Williams - That's Why
Lil Irocc Williams - Next Generation Hip Hop
Simone White - I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance
Simone White - Worm Was Wood
Simone White - The Beep Beep Song
Simone White - You May Be in Darkness
Simone White - Bunny in a Bunny Suit
Simone White - Candy Bar Killer
Simone White - Flowers in May
Simone White - Never Be That Tough
Simone White - What the Devil Brings
Simone White - Long Moon
Simone White - Star
Simone White - I Didn't Have a Summer Romance
Gin Wigmore - Black Sheep
Gin Wigmore - Man Like That
Gin Wigmore - Poison
Gin Wigmore - Kill of the Night
Gin Wigmore - Devil in Me
Gin Wigmore - If Only
Gin Wigmore - Dirty Love
Gin Wigmore - Happy Ever After
Gin Wigmore - Saturday Smile
Gin Wigmore - Sweet Hell
Gin Wigmore - Singin’ My Soul
Gin Wigmore - Oh My
Gin Wigmore - Hey Ho
Gin Wigmore - New Revolution
Gin Wigmore - I Do
Gin Wigmore - One Last Look
Gin Wigmore - Golden Ship
Gin Wigmore - Dying Day
Gin Wigmore - Under My Skin
Gin Wigmore - Easy Come Easy Go
Gin Wigmore - Cocaine
Gin Wigmore - Chains
Gin Wigmore - Don't
Gin Wigmore - Stealing Happiness
Gin Wigmore - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Gin Wigmore - New Rush
Gin Wigmore - Nothing to No One
Gin Wigmore - This Old Heart
Gin Wigmore - Black Parade
Gin Wigmore - Written in the Water
Gin Wigmore - In My Way
Gin Wigmore - Holding on to Hell
Gin Wigmore - DFU
Gin Wigmore - 24
Gin Wigmore - I Will Love You
Gin Wigmore - Kick This Love
Gin Wigmore - Don’t Stop
Gin Wigmore - Willing to Die
Widow - An American Werewolf in Raleigh
Weaving the Fate - Str8 to the Bottom
Weaving the Fate - Rack City
Weaving the Fate - The Fall
Weaving the Fate - Fading Star
Bobby Wills - Ceilings & Floors
Bobby Wills - Won’t You Be Mine
Bobby Wills - Crazy Enough
Bobby Wills - Never Didn't Love You
Wildcookie - Serious Drug
Wildcookie - Touchy Touchy
When Reasons Collapse - Doomsday
Bert Williams - The Moon Shines on the Moonshines
Tony Joe White - Soul Francisco
Tony Joe White - Aspen, Colorado
Tony Joe White - The Gift
Tony Joe White - Holed Up
Tony Joe White - Sweet Tooth
Tony Joe White - Stud-Spider
Tony Joe White - High Sheriff of Calhoun Parrish
Tony Joe White - Conjure Woman
Tony Joe White - Groupy Girl
Tony Joe White - What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
Tony Joe White - My Friend
Tony Joe White - Boom Boom
Tony Joe White - Wild Wolf Calling Me
When Mine Eyes Blacken - Secluded Within Sorrow, Solace Awaits
When Mine Eyes Blacken - Beneath Pale Stars
When Mine Eyes Blacken - The Light of Those Who Failed
When Mine Eyes Blacken - Within Deaths Embrace
WildeStarr - Rose In The Dark
WildeStarr - Arrival
WildeStarr - Nevermore
Whoretopsy - Unspeakable
Whoretopsy - Seminal Torture
Whoretopsy - High School Sweetheart
Tony Joe White - Roosevelt & Ira Lee
Tony Joe White - My Kind of Woman
Tony Joe White - The Daddy
Tony Joe White - Black Panther Swamps
Tony Joe White - Five Summers for Jimmy
Tony Joe White - A Night in the Life of a Swamp Fox
Tony Joe White - Traveling Bone
Tony Joe White - I Just Walked Away
Tony Joe White - Copper Kettle
Tony Joe White - Voodoo Village
Tony Joe White - Lake Placid Blues
Tony Joe White - Menutha
Tony Joe White - Bayou Woman
Tony Joe White - Lousiana Rain
Tony Joe White - The Family
Tony Joe White - If I Ever Saw a Good Thing
Tony Joe White - Beouf River Road
Tony Joe White - The Train I'm On
Tony Joe White - Even Trolls Love Rock & Roll
Tony Joe White - 300 Pounds of Hongry
WaT - Hajimete Umi wo Mita Toki ni wa
WaT - Wentz TIME
WaT - Teppei TIME
WaT - I will get a dream
Vanessa Williams - Friends
Vanessa Williams - Only You Are Holy
Vanessa Williams - Breathless
Vanessa Williams - Loving You
Vanessa Williams - Lazy Afternoon
Vanessa Williams - Close to You
Vanessa Williams - I Fell In
Vanessa Williams - If There Were No Song
Tony Joe White - Season Man
Tony Joe White - For Ol' Times Sake
Tony Joe White - Ol' Mother Earth
Tony Joe White - Backwoods Preacher Man
Tony Joe White - Takin' The Midnight Train
Tony Joe White - Baby Please Don't Go
The Willis Brothers - Soft Shoulders And Dangerous Curves
Frank Wildhorn - This Is the Moment
Frank Wildhorn - Confrontation
Thomas Borchert - Der Heiler
Patrick Stanke - Schwert und Stein
Sabrina Weckerlin - Sünden der Väter
Mark Seibert - Nur sie allein
Patrick Stanke - Was macht einen König aus
Sophie Berner - Wie mich die Welt umarmt
Thomas Borchert - Hölle auf Erden
Sophie Berner - All die Zeit
The Wharves - Turtleneck
Tony Joe White - I Want You
Tony Joe White - Soulful Eyes
Tony Joe White - Swamp Rap
Tony Joe White - I Get Off On It
Tony Joe White - Ain't Going Down This Time
Tony Joe White - Steamy Windows
Tony Joe White - (You're Gonna Look) Good in Blues
Tony Joe White - Cool Town Woman
Tony Joe White - Undercover Agent for the Blues
Tony Joe White - On the Return to Muscle Shoals
Tony Joe White - I Want to Be With You
Tony Joe White - Backside of Paradise
Tony Joe White - Way Down South
Tony Joe White - Tina
Tony Joe White - Up in Arkansas
Tony Joe White - Always the Song
Tony Joe White - The Path of a Decent Groove
Tony Joe White - Cold Fingers
Tony Joe White - Catawalling Alley in Nice
Tony Joe White - You Just Get Better All the Time
Lyn Liechty - Wär' ich der Wind
Thomas Borchert - Je länger ich lebe
Kate Shindle - Sympathy, Tenderness
Brandi Burkhardt - Once Upon a Dream
Frank Wildhorn - It's a Dangerous Game
Rob Evan - The Way Back
Rob Evan - Confrontation
Frank Wildhorn - Epilogue: Once Upon a Dream
Tony Joe White - Rainy Day Lover
Tony Joe White - Roosevelt and Ira Lee
Tony Joe White - Traveling Bones
Frank Wildhorn - I Need to Know
Frank Wildhorn - Bring on the Men
Frank Wildhorn - The Girls of the Night
Brandi Burkhardt - When the World Was Mine
Thomas Borchert - Hell to Your Doorstep
Pia Douwes - Pretty Lies
Brandi Burkhardt - All This Time
Thomas Borchert - The Man I Used to Be
Wavorly - Sleeper
Wavorly - A Summer's Song
Wavorly - Time I Understood
Wavorly - Forgive and Forget
Wavorly - Twenty Twenty
Wavorly - If Only You Were Mine
Wavorly - Chasing After Love
Wavorly - Still Standing
Wavorly - Hold On
Wavorly - Never Left My Side
Wavorly - Barely Breathe
Wavorly - Alone
Wavorly - Rumours of War
Wavorly - Broken Locks
Wavorly - Miracle
Wavorly - Revolution
Wavorly - Time Won't Turn Back
Wavorly - Worlds
Wavorly - Storms
Wavorly - Caves
Wavorly - Doublethink (Caves outro)
Wavorly - Forevermore
Wavorly - Show Me a Sign
Wavorly - Dear Toby (Ode Du Trey)
Wavorly - Never Meant a Word
Wavorly - Confirmation Brings Sleep
Wavorly - Well, You've Got My Attention
Simon Wilcox - Mommies and Daddies
Carly Rose Sonenclar - Home
Janet Dacal - Down the Rabbit Hole
Janet Dacal - Welcome to Wonderland
Darren Ritchie - One Knight
Kate Shindle - The Mad Hatter
Karen Mason - Hail the Queen
Janet Dacal - Home
Kate Shindle - I Will Prevail
Karen Mason - Off With Their Heads
Janet Dacal - Once More I Can See
Janet Dacal - Finding Wonderland
Frank Wildhorn - Prologue / Over Whitby Bay
Frank Wildhorn - Fresh Blood
Frank Wildhorn - The Mist
Frank Wildhorn - A Perfect Life
Frank Wildhorn - The Master's Song
Frank Wildhorn - Loving You Keeps Me Alive
Frank Wildhorn - Life After Life
Frank Wildhorn - Please Don't Make Me Love You
Frank Wildhorn - Before The Summer Ends
Frank Wildhorn - Deep In The Darkest Night
Frank Wildhorn - The Longer I Live
Frank Wildhorn - Finale: There's Always A Tomorrow
Linda Eder - Once Upon a Dream
Colm Wilkinson - This Is the Moment
Linda Eder - No One Knows Who I Am
Frank Wildhorn - Tell My Father
Frank Wildhorn - Alive!
Deniece Williams - I Found Love
Deniece Williams - Cause You Love Me, Baby
Deniece Williams - God Is Amazing
Deniece Williams - When Love Comes Calling
Deniece Williams - Black Butterfly
Deniece Williams - Let’s Hear It for the Boy
Deniece Williams - I Want You
Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It for the Boy
Tony Joe White - Rebellion
Tony Joe White - Who You Gonna Hoo-Doo Now
Tony Joe White - Across From Midnight
Tony Joe White - Goin' Down Rockin'
Tony Joe White - I Believe I've Lost My Way
Tony Joe White - The Delta Singer
Tony Joe White - Selena
Tony Joe White - Saturday Night in Oak Grove, Louisiana
Tony Joe White - 2 Hot 4 U
Tony Joe White - Main Squeeze
Tony Joe White - Mojo Dollar
Tony Joe White - Not One Bad Thought (w/ Mark Knopfler)
Tony Joe White - Bi-Yo Rhythm
Tony Joe White - The Other Side
Tony Joe White - Love M.D.
Tony Joe White - Bare Necessities
Tony Joe White - Jaguar Man
Tony Joe White - Did Somebody Make a Fool Out of You (w/ Eric Calpton)
Chuck E. Weiss - Deeply Sorry
Chuck E. Weiss - It Don't Happen Overnight
Deniece Williams - I've Got the Next Dance
Deniece Williams - God Knows
Deniece Williams - You’re All I Need to Get By
Deniece Williams - I’ve Got the Next Dance
Deniece Williams - It’s Your Conscience
Deniece Williams - Baby Baby My Love’s All for You
Deniece Williams - If You Don’t Believe
Deniece Williams - I’m So Proud
Deniece Williams - Healing
Deniece Williams - You’re All That Matters
Deniece Williams - Be Good to Me
Deniece Williams - God Made You Special
Deniece Williams - It's Gonna Take a Miracle
Deniece Williams - I Can't Wait
Valient Thorr - I Hope the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever
Valient Thorr - Infinite Lives
Valient Thorr - Mask of Sanity
Valient Thorr - Tomorrow Police
Valient Thorr - Red Flag
Valient Thorr - Heatseeker
Valient Thorr - Rezerection
Valient Thorr - Exit Strategy
Valient Thorr - Lime Green Net
Valient Thorr - Stormstris
Valient Thorr - Goveruptcy
Valient Thorr - False Profits
Valient Thorr - Fall of Pangea
Valient Thorr - Problem Solver
Valient Thorr - Con Science
Valient Thorr - Har Megiddo
Valient Thorr - Gillionaire
Valient Thorr - Sleeper Awakes
Valient Thorr - Prologue: Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean
Valient Thorr - Showdown
Valient Thorr - Palm Reader
Valient Thorr - Man Behind the Curtain
Valient Thorr - Intermission: Thesis of Infinite Measure
Valient Thorr - I Am the Law
Valient Thorr - Sticks and Stones
Valient Thorr - Blow Up the Pyramid
Wildflowers - Take Me Home
Wildflowers - Edge Of The Road
Wildflowers - Trust
Wildflowers - Friends
Wildflowers - Let It Go
Wildflowers - 100 Personalities
Wildflowers - Where The Flowers Don't Grow
Joe Williams - Satin Doll
Joe Williams - What a Difference a Day Made
Joe Williams - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Joe Williams - Silver Bells
Joe Williams - The Christmas Song
Joe Williams - Five O'Clock in the Morning
Joe Williams - By the River St. Marie
Joe Williams - Falling in Love With Love
Joe Williams - I Only Have Eyes for You
John Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra - Star of Bethlehem
Valient Thorr - Torn Apart
Valient Thorr - Stuck
Zach Williams - Chain Breaker
Zach Williams - Survivor
Zach Williams - My Liberty
Zach Williams - Song of Deliverance
Zach Williams - Fear Is a Liar
Zach Williams - Everything Changed
Zach Williams - Revival
Zach Williams - So Good to Me
Joe Williams - A Man Ain't Supposed to Cry
Joe Williams - Until I Met You
Joe Williams - Sometimes I’m Happy
Joe Williams - Kansas City
Joe Williams - Wayfaring Stranger
Willie K - Good Thang
Willie K - Waterfall
Willie K - You Ku'uipo
Wild Colonial Bhoys - SAM Song
Wild Colonial Bhoys - Joe McDonnell
Wild Colonial Bhoys - What's Left of the Flag
Joe Williams - You Can Depend on Me
Joe Williams - I Never Knew
Joe Williams - Getting Some Fun Out of Life
Joe Williams - How High the Moon
Joe Williams - What a Wonderful World
Joe Williams - Little Sir Echo
Joe Williams - Lover, Come Back to Me
Wild Orchid - At Night I Pray
Wild Orchid - Supernatural
Wild Orchid - I Won't Play the Fool
Wild Orchid - Talk to Me
Wild Orchid - The River
Wild Orchid - You Don't Own Me
Wild Orchid - My Tambourine
Wild Orchid - Follow Me
Wild Orchid - He's Alright
Wild Orchid - Love Will Wait
Wild Orchid - Life
Wild Orchid - Be Mine
Wild Orchid - Wasted Love
Wild Orchid - Tic Toc
Wild Orchid - Holding On
Wild Orchid - Make It Easy for Me
Wild Orchid - You & Me
Wild Orchid - In My Room
Wild Orchid - Stuttering (Don't Say)
Wild Orchid - Just Another Girl
Wild Orchid - Do Me Right
Wild Orchid - Simon Sez
Wild Orchid - It's All Your Fault
Wild Orchid - World Without You
Wild Orchid - It's Only Your Love
Wild Orchid - Fire
Wild Orchid - U Knew
Wild Orchid - Lies
Wild Orchid - All the Way
Wild Orchid - It's On
Wild Orchid - On the Floor
Wild Orchid - My Lover
Wild Orchid - Contagious
Wild Orchid - Let the Record Spin
Joe Williams - What’s New
Joe Williams - Can’t We Talk It Over
Joe Williams - You've Got Me Crying Again
Joe Williams - Everybody Loves My Baby
Brian Wilson - Roll Plymouth Rock
Brian Wilson - Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine
Brian Wilson - Song for Children
Brian Wilson - Child Is Father of the Man
Brian Wilson - Surf’s Up
Brian Wilson - Vega‐Tables
Brian Wilson - In Blue Hawaii
Brian Wilson - Good Vibrations
Brian Wilson - Morning Beat
Brian Wilson - Good Kind of Love
Brian Wilson - Mexican Girl
Brian Wilson - Narrative: Cinco de Mayo
Brian Wilson - Medley: California Role / That Lucky Old Sun
Brian Wilson - Narrative: Between Pictures
Brian Wilson - Oxygen to the Brain
Brian Wilson - Midnight's Another Day
Brian Wilson - Going Home
Brian Wilson - Southern California
Brian Wilson - The Like in I Love You
Brian Wilson - I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'
Brian Wilson - It Ain't Necessarily So
Brian Wilson - 'S Wonderful
Brian Wilson - They Can't Take That Away From Me
Brian Wilson - Love Is Here to Stay
Brian Wilson - I've Got a Crush on You
Brian Wilson - I Got Rhythm
Brian Wilson - Someone to Watch Over Me
Brian Wilson - Nothing but Love
Brian Wilson - Love and Mercy
Brian Wilson - Melt Away
Brian Wilson - Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long
Brian Wilson - Little Children
Brian Wilson - There’s So Many
Brian Wilson - Night Time
Brian Wilson - Let It Shine
Brian Wilson - Meet Me in My Dreams Tonight
Brian Wilson - Rio Grande
Wiktoria - Save Me
Joe Williams - Every Day (I Fall in Love)
Joe Williams - Going to Chicago
Joe Williams - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
Mikael Wiehe och Kabaréorkestern - Spanska stövlar
Mikael Wiehe och Kabaréorkestern - Magdalena
Mikael Wiehe och Kabaréorkestern - När bolaget kom till byn
Mikael Wiehe och Kabaréorkestern - Teaterlåten (Vara som man inte är)
Mikael Wiehe och Kabaréorkestern - Mikael Wiehes 116:de dagdröm
Brian Wilson - You've Got a Friend in Me
Brian Wilson - The Bare Necessities
Brian Wilson - Kiss the Girl
Brian Wilson - Colors of the Wind
Brian Wilson - Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Brian Wilson - We Belong Together
Brian Wilson - I Just Can't Wait to Be King
Brian Wilson - Stay Awake
Brian Wilson - This Whole World
Brian Wilson - This Beautiful Day
Brian Wilson feat. Sebu - Runaway Dancer
Brian Wilson feat. Al Jardine & David Marks - What Ever Happened
Brian Wilson feat. She & Him - On the Island
Brian Wilson feat. Al Jardine & David Marks - The Right Time
Brian Wilson feat. Al Jardine - Tell Me Why
Brian Wilson feat. Blondie Chaplin & Al Jardine - Sail Away
Brian Wilson feat. Nate Ruess - Saturday Night
Brian Wilson - The Last Song
Brian Wilson - Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Brian Wilson - Christmasey
Joe Williams - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Joe Williams - Workin' (Work Song)
Joe Williams - Yound and Foolish
Joe Williams - Here's to Life (George Shearing, Piano)
Joe Williams - Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?
Joe Williams - Evenin'
Brian Wilson - She Says That She Needs Me
Brian Wilson - South American
Brian Wilson - Where Has Love Been?
Brian Wilson - Keep an Eye on Summer
Brian Wilson - Dream Angel
Brian Wilson - Cry
Brian Wilson - Happy Days
Brian Wilson - (show intro)
Brian Wilson - Wouldn't It Be Nice
Brian Wilson - I'm Waiting for the Day
Brian Wilson - Sloop John B
Brian Wilson - I Know There's an Answer
Brian Wilson - Little Girl Intro
Brian Wilson - Don't Worry Baby
Brian Wilson - I Get Around
Brian Wilson - Surfer Girl
Brian Wilson - The First Time
Brian Wilson - This Isn't Love
Brian Wilson - Add Some Music to Your Day
Brian Wilson - Please Let Me Wonder
Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson - Darlin'
Brian Wilson - All Summer Long
Brian Wilson - Help Me Rhonda
Brian Wilson feat. Carl Wilson - Soul Searchin'
Brian Wilson - You've Touched Me
Brian Wilson - Gettin' In Over My Head
Brian Wilson - Desert Drive
Brian Wilson - Make a Wish
Brian Wilson - Rainbow Eyes
Brian Wilson - Saturday Morning in the City
Brian Wilson - Fairy Tale
Brian Wilson - Don't Let Her Know She's an Angel
Brian Wilson - The Waltz
Brian Wilson - Little Girl I Once Knew
Brian Wilson - Forever
Brian Wilson - Imagination
Brian Wilson - I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times
Brian Wilson - Surfin’ USA
Brian Wilson - Walkin' the Line
Brian Wilson - Soul Searchin'
Brian Wilson - A Friend Like You
Brian Wilson - Someone to Love
Brian Wilson - Water Builds Up
Brian Wilson - Do You Have Any Regrets (aka 'I Do')
Brian Wilson - Hotter
Brian Wilson - Smart Girls
Brian Wilson - I'm in Great Shape / I Wanna Be Around / Workshop
Brian Wilson - Concert Tonight
Brian Wilson - Sweets for My Sweet
Brian Wilson - Goodnight Irene
Brian Wilson - Something to Love
Brian Wilson - Melt Away (Early version - Alt. vocal)
Brian Wilson - Too Much Sugar
Brian Wilson - Walkin' the Line (demo)
Brian Wilson - Cinco De Mayo (Narrative)
Brian Wilson - Country Feelin'
Brian Wilson - Spirit of Rock 'n Roll
Brian Wilson - Being With the One You Love
Brian Wilson - Thank You
Brian Wilson - The Spirit of Rock 'n' Roll
Brian Wilson - Save the Day
Brian Wilson - Between Pictures (narrative)
Brian Wilson - This Song Wants to Sleep With You Tonight
Brian Wilson - He Couldn't Get His Poor Body to Move
Brian Wilson - Venice Beach (Narrative)
Brian Wilson - Room With a View (narrative)
Brian Wilson - California Role / That Lucky Old Sun
Brian Wilson - There's So Many (demo)
Brian Wilson - He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body to Move
Brian Wilson - A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Brian Wilson - California Sun
Brian Wilson - Let's Go Away for a While
Brian Wilson - Our Special Love
Brian Wilson - Guess You Had to Be There
Brian Wilson - Don’t Worry
Brian Wilson - I’m Feeling Sad
Wenche - Jambalaya
Westside Connection - World Domination (intro)
Westside Connection - All the Critics in New York
Westside Connection - Do You Like Criminals?
Westside Connection - Gangstas Don't Dance (insert)
Westside Connection - Cross 'em Out and Put a 'K
Westside Connection - King of the Hill
Westside Connection - 3 Time Felons
Westside Connection - Westward Ho
Westside Connection - The Pledge (insert)
Westside Connection - Hoo Bangin’ (WSCG Style)
Westside Connection - A Threat to the World (intro)
Westside Connection - Call 9-1-1
Westside Connection - Potential Victims
Westside Connection - Get Ignit
Westside Connection - Pimp the System
Westside Connection - Don't Get Outta Pocket
Westside Connection - Izm
Westside Connection - So Many Rappers in Love
Westside Connection - Lights Out
Westside Connection - Bangin' at the Party
Westside Connection - You Gotta Have Heart
Westside Connection - Terrorist Threats
Westside Connection - Superstar
Westside Connection - Cheddar
Westside Connection feat. Nate Dogg - Gangsta Nation
Westside Connection - Let It Reign
Westside Connection - Bangin'
Westside Connection - Hoo Bangin' (explicit)
Westside Connection - Hoo-Bangin' (WSCG Style)
Westside Connection - Hoo Bangin' (clean)
Westside Connection - Bow Down (clean)
Westside Connection - Westside Slaughterhouse
Marva Whitney - What Do I Have to Do to Prove My Love to You
Vanessa Williams - Running Back To You
Vanessa Williams - Strangers Eyes
Vanessa Williams - Freedom Dance (Get Free!)
Vanessa Williams - Better Off Now
Vanessa Williams - Goodbye
Vanessa Williams - The Way That You Love
Vanessa Williams - Alfie
Vanessa Williams - Love Like This
Vanessa Williams - And My Heart Goes
Vanessa Williams - Someone Like You
Vanessa Williams - And If I Ever
Vanessa Williams - Can This Be Real?
Vanessa Williams - April Fools
Vanessa Williams - Do You Hear What I Hear , Little Drummer Boy
Vanessa Williams - Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Vanessa Williams - I Wonder As I Wander
Vanessa Williams - Angels We Have Heard on High
Vanessa Williams - The First Noel
Vanessa Williams - Go Tell It on the Mountain
Vanessa Williams - Real Thing, The
Vanessa Williams - October Sky
Will Banister - Good Times Will Stay
Vanessa Williams - Midnight Blue
Vanessa Williams - Show and Tell
Vanessa Williams - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Vanessa Williams - You Are Everything
Vanessa Williams - Harvest for the World
Vanessa Williams - Today and Everyday (Wedding Song)
Vanessa Williams - Who Were You Thinkin’ ’Bout?
Vanessa Williams - Happiness
Vanessa Williams - First Thing On Your Mind
Vanessa Williams - Surrender
Vanessa Williams - Start Again
Vanessa Williams - Oh How The Years Go By
Vanessa Williams - The Sweetest Days
Vanessa Williams - Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight - Love Is
Vanessa Williams - Colors of the Wind
Vanessa Williams - My Flame
Vanessa Williams - Winter Weather
Vanessa Williams - The Little Drummer Boy
Vanessa Williams - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
V8 - Voy a enloquecer (demo)
V8 - Momento de luchar (en vivo)
V8 - Muy cansado estoy (en vivo)
V8 - Maligno (en vivo)
V8 - Ángeles de las tinieblas (en vivo)
V8 - Ciega ambición (en vivo)
V8 - La gran ramera
V8 - Ciega ambición
V8 - No enloqueceré
V8 - El vivo sustento del inquisidor
V8 - Antes que los viejos reyes
V8 - Salmo No. 58
V8 - El fin de los inicuos
V8 - Trágico siglo
V8 - Reina ciega
V8 - Deseando destruir y matar
V8 - Cautivos del sistema
V8 - Muy cansado estoy
V8 - Momento de luchar
V8 - Parcas sangrientas
V8 - Si puedes vencer al temor
V8 - Ángeles de las tinieblas
V8 - Ideando la fuga
V8 - Brigadas metálicas
V8 - Destrucción
V8 - A través de los tiempos
V8 - Tiempos metálicos
V8 - Torturador
V8 - Hiena de metal
Vanessa Williams - Darlin' I
Vanessa Williams - Higher Ground
Vanessa Williams - You Don’t Have to Say You’re Sorry
Vanessa Williams - Ellamental
Vanessa Williams - Sister Moon
Vanessa Williams - Moonlight Over Paris
Vanessa Williams - Constantly
Vanessa Williams - Long Way Home
Vanessa Williams - Be a Man
Vanessa Williams - If You Really Love Him
Vanessa Williams - (He's Got) The Look
Vanessa Williams - I'll Be the One
Vanessa Williams - Am I Too Much?
Vanessa Williams - Little Drummer Boy
Vanessa Williams - Merry Christmas Darlin'
Vanessa Williams - The Holly and the Ivy
Vanessa Williams - Never Can Say Goodbye
Vanessa Williams - Let's Love
Vanessa Williams - With You I'm Born Again
Vanessa Williams - I'll Be Good to You
Vanessa Williams - You Don't Have to Say You're Sorry
Vanessa Williams - You Can't Run
Vanessa Williams - Love Is
Vanessa Williams - Crazy 'Bout You
Vanessa Williams - Where Do We Go From Here
Vanessa Williams - Erase
Vanessa Williams - And My Heart Goes On
Vanessa Williams - And This Is Life
Vanessa Williams - Go Tell It on the Mountain / Mary Had a Baby
Vanessa Williams - Colors of the Wind (end title)
Charlie Wilson - Magic
Charlie Wilson - No Words
Charlie Wilson - Floatin’
Charlie Wilson - Asking Questions
Charlie Wilson - What If I’m the One
Charlie Wilson - You Got Nerve
Charlie Wilson - Thru It All
Charlie Wilson - My Guarantee
Charlie Wilson - Cry No More
Charlie Wilson - Shawty Come Back
Charlie Wilson - There Goes My Baby
Charlie Wilson - Can't Live Without You
Charlie Wilson - Back to Love
Charlie Wilson - One Time
Charlie Wilson - Love, Love, Love
Charlie Wilson - What You Do to Me
Charlie Wilson - Homeless
Charlie Wilson - Thinkin' of You
Charlie Wilson feat. T-Pain & Jamie Foxx - Supa Sexxy
Charlie Wilson - My Girl Is a Dime
Charlie Wilson - You Are
Charlie Wilson - I Wanna Be Your Man
Charlie Wilson - Never Got Enough
Charlie Wilson - One and Forever
Charlie Wilson - Life of the Party
Charlie Wilson - I Can't Let Go
Charlie Wilson - Crying for You
Charlie Wilson - Where Would I Be
Charlie Wilson - Lotto
Charlie Wilson - If I Believe
Charlie Wilson - I Still Have You
Charlie Wilson - I think I'm In Love
Charlie Wilson - Our Anniversary
Charlie Wilson - Turn Off the Lights
Charlie Wilson - A Million Ways to Love You
Charlie Wilson - Show You
Charlie Wilson - My Baby
Charlie Wilson - Oooh Wee
V8 - La mano maldita
V8 - Lanzado al mundo hoy
V8 - Siervos del mal
V8 - Camino al sepulcro
Gianni Vezzosi - Catania e notte
Gianni Vezzosi - Meravigliosamente
Gianni Vezzosi - Troppo ignorante
Gianni Vezzosi - Ossessione
Gianni Vezzosi - 2 maggio
Gianni Vezzosi - Quello che volevi
Gianni Vezzosi - Ti piaccio
Gianni Vezzosi - Ma si te penso
Gianni Vezzosi - Tutto OK
Gianni Vezzosi - Bugie
Gianni Vezzosi - Maestro Merola
Gianni Vezzosi - Gesù
Gianni Vezzosi - Che bambola
Gianni Vezzosi - Quanne staie malata
Gianni Vezzosi - La favola blu
The Whigs - Like a Vibration
The Whigs - Production City
The Whigs - I Never Want to Go Home
The Whigs - Right Hand on My Heart
The Whigs - Sleep Sunshine
The Whigs - 1,000 Wives
The Whigs - Hot Bed
The Whigs - Already Young
The Whigs - I Got Ideas
The Whigs - Need You Need You
The Whigs - Mission Control
The Whigs - Hundred/Million
The Whigs - Black Lotus
The Whigs - Kill Me Carolyne
The Whigs - So Lonely
The Whigs - Dying
The Whigs - I Don’t Even Care About the One I Love
The Whigs - Automatic
The Whigs - I Am for Real
The Whigs - Naked
The Whigs - Staying Alive
The Whigs - Gospel
The Whigs - Tiny Treasures
The Whigs - Summer Heat
The Whigs - After Dark
The Whigs - Waiting
The Whigs - Couple of Kids
The Whigs - Thank You
The Whigs - Rock and Roll Forever
The Whigs - Ours
The Whigs - Hit Me
The Whigs - I Couldn't Lie
Charlie Wilson - Somebody Loves You
Charlie Wilson - Touched By an Angel
Charlie Wilson - Goodnight Kisses
Charlie Wilson - Just Like Summertime
Charlie Wilson - Unforgettable
Charlie Wilson - Sugar.Honey.Ice.Tea
Charlie Wilson - My Favorite Part of You
Charlie Wilson - Infectious
Charlie Wilson - Hey Lover
Charlie Wilson - Things You Do
Charlie Wilson - Birthday Dress
Charlie Wilson - Absolutely
Charlie Wilson - Without You
Charlie Wilson - Would You Mind
Charlie Wilson - Big Pimpin'
Charlie Wilson - Can I Take You Home
Charlie Wilson - For Your Love
Charlie Wilson - Him or Me
Charlie Wilson - Sweet Love
Charlie Wilson - Come Back My Way
Charlie Wilson - Charlie's Angel / [untitled]
War Babies - Cry Yourself to Sleep
Gianni Vezzosi - Lui non sa
Gianni Vezzosi - Senza lacrime
Gianni Vezzosi - Non posso amare te
Gianni Vezzosi - Questa voglia di te
Gianni Vezzosi - La figlia del dottore
Gianni Vezzosi - Infatuazione
Gianni Vezzosi - Attimi
Charlie Wilson - Sprung On Me
Charlie Wilson - Time
Charlie Wilson - Let's Chill
The White Noise - Red Eye Lids
The White Noise - Bloom
The White Noise - The Doctor Will See You Now
The White Noise - Cosmopolitician
The White Noise - Brainwashed
The White Noise - Picture Day
Gianni Vezzosi - La fine del mondo
Gianni Vezzosi - Lassammece
Gianni Vezzosi - A 19
Gianni Vezzosi - Un amore che va via
Gianni Vezzosi - La figlia del mio amico
Gianni Vezzosi - La mia anima
Gianni Vezzosi - Mio caro
Gianni Vezzosi - Non te l'ho detto mai
Gianni Vezzosi - L'ago e o cuttone
Gianni Vezzosi - Alla mia donna
Randy Weeks - Countryside With You
The Whigs - Nothing Is Easy
The Whigs - Can't Hear You Coming
The Whigs - Technology
The Whigs - Written Invitation
The Whigs - Don't Talk Anymore
The Whigs - Violet Furs
The Whigs - Half the World Away
The Whigs - Say Hello
The Whigs - O.K. Alright
White Williams - Headlines
Gianni Vezzosi - Nu guaglione do zen
Gianni Vezzosi - 'O killer
Gianni Vezzosi - Pè nun te fa suffrì
Gianni Vezzosi - Figli e sti strade
Gianni Vezzosi - Ketty
Gianni Vezzosi - Un uomo senza amore
Gianni Vezzosi - C'é' sto' buono cu tte
Dottie West - Here Comes My BAby
Dottie West - Would You Hold It Against Me
Dottie West - What's Come Over My Baby
Dottie West - Mommy, Can I Still Call Him Daddy
Dottie West - Paper Mansions
Dottie West - His Eye Is On the Sparrow
Dottie West - Like a Fool
Dottie West - Country Girl
Dottie West - Reno
Dottie West - Slowly
Dottie West - Six Weeks Every Summer (Christmas Every Other Year)
Dottie West - Country Sunshine
Dottie West - House of Love
Dottie West - Last Time I Saw Him
Dottie West - Are You Happy Baby?
Dottie West - When It's Just You And Me
Dottie West - Every Word I Write
Dottie West - Every Time Two Fools Collide
Dottie West - Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight
Dottie West - 'Til I Make It On My Own
Dottie West - What Are We Doin' In Love
Dottie West - Together Again
Dottie West - It's Dawned on Me You're Gone
Dottie West - As Long as I Love
Dottie West - Love's Farewell
Dottie West - I'm Only Human
Dottie West - Today I Started Loving You Again
Dottie West - Left Over Feelings
Dottie West - I'm So Afraid of Losing You Again
Dottie West - Tomorrow Never Comes
Dottie West - You've Destroyed Me
Dottie West - I Stayed Long Enough
Dottie West - Loving You Has Meant Everything to Me
Wende - Break my heart
Wende - Roses In June
Wende - Sycamore Tree
Wende - The moon is out
Wende - Hey
Wende - Sunday morning
Wende - Yes, we can
Wende - Beautiful song
Wende - Ask the Tree
Wende - Vesoul
Wende - De wereld beweegt
Wende - Au suivant
Wende - Dis quand reviendras-tu ?
Wende - Mens durf te leven
Wende - La Vie en rose
Whitesnake - Slip of the Tongue
Whitesnake - Fool for Your Loving
Whitesnake - Now You’re Gone
Whitesnake - Cheap & Nasty
Whitesnake - The Deeper the Love
Whitesnake - Slow Poke Music
Whitesnake - Wings of the Storm
Whitesnake - Sailing Ships
Whitesnake - Sweet Lady Luck
Whitesnake - Best Years
Whitesnake - Can You Hear the Wind Blow
Whitesnake - Call on Me
Whitesnake - All I Want All I Need
Whitesnake - Good to Be Bad
Whitesnake - All for Love
Whitesnake - Summer Rain
Whitesnake - Lay Down Your Love
Whitesnake - A Fool in Love
Whitesnake - Got What You Need
Whitesnake - All for Love (Doug Solo)
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
Whitesnake - Love Ain’t No Stranger
Whitesnake - Looking for Love
Whitesnake - Slide It In
Whitesnake - Slow an’ Easy
Whitesnake - You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again
Whitesnake - Crying in the Rain
Whitesnake - Gambler
Whitesnake - Standing in the Shadow
Whitesnake - Love Ain't No Stranger
Whitesnake - All or Nothing
Whitesnake - Hungry for Love
Whitesnake - Guilty of Love
Wende - Je suis comme je suis
Wende - Quand tu dors
Wende - Chaque fois (Telkens weer)
Wende - Padam Padam
Wende - Je sais comment
Wende - La Valse à mille temps
Wende - La Solitude
Wende - Last Resitance
Dottie West - Help Me
Dottie West - Anytime
Dottie West - I Love You So Much It Hurts
Dottie West - I'll Hold You in My Heart
Dottie West - I Really Don't Want to Know
Dottie West - Last Word in Lonesome Is Me
Dottie West - It Makes No Difference Now
Dottie West - Cattle Call
Dottie West - They Don't Make Love Like They Used To
Dottie West - Before the Ring on Your Finger Turns Green
Dottie West - Rings of Gold
Dottie West - There's a Story (Goin' Round)
Maria Willson - Chooza Looza
Maria Willson - Drown the Weatherman
Maria Willson - Can Anybody Hear Me?
Maria Willson - Mr. Alibi
Maria Willson - Mr Alibi
Whitesnake - Steal Your Heart Away
Whitesnake - All Out of Luck
Whitesnake - Love Will Set You Free
Whitesnake - Easier Said Than Done
Whitesnake - Tell Me How
Whitesnake - I Need You (Shine a Light)
Whitesnake - One of These Days
Whitesnake - Love & Treat Me Right
Whitesnake - Dogs in the Street
Whitesnake - Fare Thee Well
Whitesnake - Whipping Boy Blues
Whitesnake - Forevermore
Whitesnake - Now You're Gone
Whitesnake - Give Me All Your Love
Whitesnake - Would I Lie to You
David Coverdale & Whitesnake - Too Many Tears
Whitesnake - Sweet Talker
Whitesnake - Black and Blue
Whitesnake - She's a Woman
Cunnie Williams - In the Ghetto
Cunnie Williams - Take You Higher
Cunnie Williams - Suddenly It's Magic
Cunnie Williams - A World Celebration (Cosmack dub)
Watcha - Lâche
Watcha - Je t'emmène
Watcha - La Guerre des nerfs
Watcha - Un jour
Watcha - Y a plus de messages
Watcha - Planète
Watcha - L'amour n'évite pas la mort
Watcha - Plus fort
Watcha - Une nuit
Watcha - Sauve-moi
Watcha - Dimebag
Watcha - Sam 4 (prologue)
Watcha - Sam 4
Watcha - Wolf le Guerrier...
Watcha - I Was Made for Loving You
Watcha - Clean
Watcha - Cool
Watcha - Dunk Barrow le baron
Watcha - Doc'
Watcha - Borné
Watcha - I.A.
Watcha - Vibe
Watcha - Narrow Minded
Watcha - La rumeur
Watcha - King anymore
Watcha - Mutant
Watcha - Sam2
Watcha - Cupide
Watcha - 101 Radio Racket
Watcha - Clash
Watcha - www.a/grave/pas/mon/k@
Watcha - Hard Core 100% Fluor
Watcha - Veliki Cirkus
Watcha - Egalamonego
Watcha - Sofa Masta
Watcha - Tambata
Watcha - Dead Man (Is A Good Man)
Watcha - New Brutal Fonk
Tony Williams - There Comes a Time
Scott Williams - Morning Has Broken
Watcha - X-Mass
Watcha - Méchant flou
Watcha - Concrete Lie
Watcha - À qui la faute ?
Watcha - Sam
Watcha - Kayanamasha
Watcha - Indigestion
Watcha - Mesaidaboom
Watcha - Machine à sang
Watcha - Tout pourrit
Watcha - Paranoïa
Watcha - Fun at All
Watcha - Elle dort
Whitesnake - Can't Go On
Whitesnake - Don't Fade Away
Whitesnake - Hot Stuff
Whitesnake - Wine, Women An' Song
Whitesnake - Child of Babylon
Whitesnake - Girl
Whitesnake - Hit an' Run
Whitesnake - Hit an' Run (Backing Track)
Whitesnake - Trouble
Whitesnake - Love Hunter
Whitesnake - The Time Is Right for Love
Whitesnake - Victim of Love
Whitesnake - Straight For the Heart
Whitesnake - Walking in the Shadow of the Blues
Whitesnake - Love to Keep You Warm
Whitesnake - If You Want Me
Whitesnake - Lovehunter
Whitesnake - Fool for Loving You
Whitesnake - Judgment Day
Whitesnake - The Last Note of Freedom
Whitesnake - Bad Boys
Whitesnake - Children of the Night
Whitesnake - Don't Turn Away
Whitesnake - Need Your Love SO Bad
Whitesnake - Slow & Easy
Whitesnake - Kitten's Got Claws
Whitesnake - Flying Dutchman Boogie
Maurice White - Switch on Your Radio
Maurice White - I Need You
Maurice White - Believe in Magic
Maurice White - Invitation
Stefanie Werger - Stoak wie a Felsen
Stefanie Werger - Reden wir doch endlich über Sex!
Stefanie Werger - Schwesterherz
Stefanie Werger - Mercedes Benz
Stefanie Werger - Flamenco Turistico
Watershed - Obvious
Watershed - The Habit
Watershed - Can't Be Myself
Watershed - Black Concert T Shirt
Whitesnake - Give Me All Your Love Tonight
Whitesnake - If You Want Me (Studio)
Whitesnake - All I Want Is You (studio)
Whitesnake - Dog (studio)
Whitesnake - Deeper the Love
Whitesnake - Evil Ways
John Wesley - Lover Why
Stefanie Werger - Ich zeig die meinen Himmel
Stefanie Werger - I bring kan' Hillibilly z'samm
Stefanie Werger - Zügellos und frei
Stefanie Werger - I wü di g´spürn
John Williamson - Mallee Boy
John Williamson - Galleries of Pink Galahs
John Williamson - Back at the Isa
John Williamson - Raining on the Rock
John Williamson - Cracker Night
John Williamson - Humpin’ My Bluey
John Williamson - The Budgie Song
John Williamson - I’m in the Mood
John Williamson - Cootamundra Wattle
John Williamson - Diamantina Drover
John Williamson - Old Man Emu
John Williamson - True Blue
John Williamson - Hawkesbury River Lovin'
John Williamson - Diggers of the ANZAC
John Williamson - Home Among the Gum Trees
John Williamson - This Is Australia Calling
John Williamson - Sir Don
John Williamson - The Baggy Green
John Williamson - Waltzing Matilda 2000
John Williamson - Shelter
John Williamson - Ancient Mountains (With Gondwanaland)
John Williamson - Amazing Day
John Williamson - Bill the Cat
Mason Williams - Saturday Night at the World
Mason Williams - Long Time Blues
Mason Williams - Life Song
Mason Williams - A Gift of Song
Mason Williams - Chico Hot Springs
Mason Williams - Dylan Thomas
Mason Williams - Wanderlove
Whitesnake - Take a Look at Yourself
Whitesnake - She Give Me
Whitesnake - Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Whitesnake - Help Me Thro' the Day
Whitesnake - Medicine Man
Whitesnake - You 'n' Me
Whitesnake - Mean Business
Whitesnake - Outlaw
Whitesnake - Rock 'n' Roll Women
Whitesnake - Young Blood
Whitesnake - Bloody Luxury
Whitesnake - Love an' Affection
Whitesnake - Rock an’ Roll Angels
Whitesnake - Dancing Girls
Whitesnake - Saints an’ Sinners
Anita Ward - If I Could Feel That Old Feeling Again
Anita Ward - Spoiled By Your Love
Anita Ward - Sweet Splendor
Anita Ward - There's No Doubt About It
Anita Ward - I Won't Stop Loving You
Anita Ward - Ring My Bell (1990 megamix 7″)
Anita Ward - Cover Me