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WC - Jack & The Bean Stalk
WC - Paranoid
WC - Guilty by Affiliation
WC - Dodgeball
WC - Keep It 100
WC - Crazy Toones 4 President
WC - Look at Me
WC - Side Dick
WC - Gang Injunctions
WC - Addicted to It
WC - You Know
WC - Reality Show
WC - What's Good
WC - Walkin' in my Taylors
WC - That's What I'm Talkin' About
WC - 100% Legit
WC - Hustla
WC - Hog
WC - The Shadiest One
WC - Just Clownin’
WC - The Autobiography
WC - Call It What You Want
WC - Better Days
WC - Can't Hold Back
WC - Keep Hustlin'
WC - Just Clownin'
WC - Worldwide Gunnin'
WC - It's All Bad
WC - The Streets
WC - Flirt
WC - Walk
WC - Wanna Ride
WC - Let's Make a Deal
WC - 80's Babies
WC - The Streets (Re-Twist) (Explicit)
WC - Aint No Fun
WC - Gangsta's Make The World Go Round
WC - Slow Motion
WC - Get Ya Walk On
WC - Gangsta Nation
WC - Walk (album version) (Explicit)
WC - West Up!
WC - Jack and the Bean Stalk
Porter Wagoner - I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning
Porter Wagoner - She Burned the Little Roadside Tavern Down
Porter Wagoner - One Dime for Wine
Vitamin String Quartet - Hey Mama
Nikki Webster - The Best Days
Nikki Webster - We'll Be One
Nikki Webster - Under Southern Skies
Nikki Webster - Advance Australia Fair
Nikki Webster - I Sing for You
Nikki Webster - Red Light Green Light
Nikki Webster - Only When I Need You
Nikki Webster - Something More Beautiful
Nikki Webster - Boy inside My Heart
Nikki Webster - Mirror Mirror
Nikki Webster - Miracle of You
Nikki Webster - To Have to Let Go
Nikki Webster - Positivity
Nikki Webster - Heavenly
Nikki Webster - 24/7 (Crazy 'Bout Your Smile)
Nikki Webster - Fairytale Believer
Nikki Webster - Friends 4 Ever
Nikki Webster - Follow Your Heart
Nikki Webster - I Think I Do
Nikki Webster - All Come Back
Nikki Webster - Individuality
Nikki Webster - I Will Be Your Friend
Nikki Webster - Never Been Kissed
Nikki Webster - Prefect Bliss
Nikki Webster - Depend On Me
Nikki Webster - Strawberry Kisses (karaoke)
Nikki Webster - Mmm... I Like!
VOM - Chef! Chef! Chef!
VOM - Hvorfor er du (så jævla kjekk og pen? Likte deg bedre når du var stygg)
Porter Wagoner - Eat, Drink and Be Merry (Tomorrow You’ll Cry)
Porter Wagoner - Sorrow Won the Rocks
Porter Wagoner - Highway Headin’ South
't Westvlams Gemiengeld Vintekoor - De zee
What's Up? - Edelweiss
Porter Wagoner - Another Day, Another Dollar
Porter Wagoner - Lovin' Lies
Porter Wagoner - I'm Gonna Feed You Now
Porter Wagoner - My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers
Porter Wagoner - My Baby Turns the Lights on Uptown
Porter Wagoner - The Brides Bouquet
Porter Wagoner - I Couldn't Care Less
Porter Wagoner - Memories From the Past
Porter Wagoner - Somewhere in the Night
Porter Wagoner - I Didn't Mean It
Porter Wagoner - Talk Back Trembling Lips
Porter Wagoner - I Gotta Find Someone
Porter Wagoner - The Wings of a Dove
Porter Wagoner - Lord I'm Coming Home
Porter Wagoner - Canaan's Land
Porter Wagoner - Mama's Bible
Porter Wagoner - I've Enjoyed About as Much of This as I Can Stand
Porter Wagoner - Carrol County Accident
Mike Westbrook - Mean Mr. Mustard
Vydamo - Gonna Make It
Vector - Where Are You Now
Mike Westbrook - Maxwells's Silver Hammer
Whirlwind Storm - Burning Eyes
Vocal Six - Livboj
Robert Wells - Life on Mars
White Hinterland - Icarus
White Hinterland - Moon Jam
White Hinterland - Bow & Arrow
White Hinterland - Thunderbird
White Hinterland - Cataract
White Hinterland - Huron
White Hinterland - Magnolias
White Hinterland - The Destruction of the Art Deco House
White Hinterland - Dreaming of the Plum Trees
White Hinterland - Hometown Hooray
White Hinterland - Lindberghs + Metal Birds
White Hinterland - A Beast Washed Ashore
White Hinterland - Napoleon at Waterloo
White Hinterland - Vessels
White Hinterland - Ring the Bell
White Hinterland - Baby
White Hinterland - Mon ami la rose
Johnny Western - The Ballad Of Paladin
Walela - Wash Your Spirit Clean
Walela - The Warrior
Walela - Muddy Road
Walela - Cherokee
Walela - Wounded Knee
Walela - Circle of Light
Walela - Amazing Grace
Walela - I'll Turn My Radio On
Warrior Soul - Mars
Warrior Soul - Cargos of Doom
Warrior Soul - Song in Your Mind
Warrior Soul - Shock Um Down
Warrior Soul - Let Me Go
Warrior Soul - Ha Ha Ha
Warrior Soul - Concrete Frontier
Warrior Soul - I Want Some
Warrior Soul - Soft
Warrior Soul - High Road
Warrior Soul - Love Destruction
Warrior Soul - Downtown
Warrior Soul - Punk and Belligerent
Warrior Soul - Superpower Dreamland
Warrior Soul - The Losers
Warrior Soul - Blown Away
Warrior Soul - Trippin' on Ecstasy
Warrior Soul - The Wasteland
Warrior Soul - The Drug
Warrior Soul - Let's Get Wasted
Warrior Soul - Rotten Soul
Warrior Soul - I Wanna Get Some
Warrior Soul - Blown
Warrior Soul - Interzone
Warrior Soul - Drugs, God and the New Republic
Warrior Soul - The Answer
Warrior Soul - Rocket 88
Warrior Soul - Jump for Joy
Warrior Soul - My Time
Warrior Soul - Real Thing
Warrior Soul - Man Must Live as One
Warrior Soul - Hero
Warrior Soul - Children of the Winter
Kurt Weill - Die Dreigroschenoper: Moritat von Mackie Messer
Kurt Weill - Die Dreigroschenoper: Erstes Dreigroschenfinale
Kurt Weill - Die Dreigroschenoper: Eifersuchtsduett
Kurt Weill - Lady in the Dark: My Ship
Kurt Weill - One Touch of Venus: I'm a Stranger Here Myself
Kurt Weill - One Touch of Venus: Foolish Heart
Warrior Soul - 5 Ways to the Gutter
Warrior Soul - Makin' It Holy
Warrior Soul - Can't Fix Your Broken Heart
Warrior Soul - Shine Like It
Warrior Soul - Ass-Kickin'
Warrior Soul - The Party
Warrior Soul - The Golden Shore
Warrior Soul - Trip Rider
Warrior Soul - I Love You
Warrior Soul - The Fallen
Warrior Soul - Ghetto Nation
Warrior Soul - I See the Ruins
Warrior Soul - We Cry Out
Warrior Soul - Four More Years
Warrior Soul - Charlie's Out of Prison
Warrior Soul - In Conclusion
Warrior Soul - Junky Stripper
Warrior Soul - Rocket Engines
Warrior Soul - No No No
Warrior Soul - Television
Warrior Soul - The Pretty Faces
Warrior Soul - The Image
Warrior Soul - Look at You
Warrior Soul - Starride
Warrior Soul - Generation Graveyard
Warrior Soul - Fightin' the War
Wet Wet Wet - Julia Says
Wet Wet Wet - After the Love Goes
Wet Wet Wet - Somewhere Somehow
Wet Wet Wet - Gypsy Girl
Wet Wet Wet - She Might Never Know
Wet Wet Wet - Someone Like You
Wet Wet Wet - Love Is My Shepherd
Wet Wet Wet - Morning
Wet Wet Wet - Home Tonight
Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around
Wet Wet Wet - Goodnight Girl
Wet Wet Wet - Temptation
Wet Wet Wet - Lip Service
Wet Wet Wet - Wishing I Was Lucky
Wet Wet Wet - Hear Me Now
Wet Wet Wet - Stay With Me Heartache
Wet Wet Wet - If I Never See You Again
Wet Wet Wet - Angel Eyes (Home and Away)
Wet Wet Wet - Strange
Wet Wet Wet - (Feels Like I'm) Walking on Water
Wet Wet Wet - Broke Away
Wet Wet Wet - Hold Back the River
Wet Wet Wet - Make It Tonight
Wet Wet Wet - Put the Light On
Wet Wet Wet - Shed a Tear
Wet Wet Wet - Cold, Cold Heart
Wet Wet Wet - Maybe Tomorrow
Wet Wet Wet - Celebration
Wet Wet Wet - How Long
Wet Wet Wet - Brand New Sunrise
Wet Wet Wet - Two Days After Midnite
The Wave Pictures - Stay Here and Take Care of the Chickens
The Wave Pictures - Cut them Down in the Passes
The Wave Pictures - Spaghetti
The Wave Pictures - American Boom
Vivian Girls - All the Time
Vivian Girls - Such a Joke
Vivian Girls - Wild Eyes
Vivian Girls - Going Insane
Vivian Girls - Tell the World
Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To
Vivian Girls - Damaged
Vivian Girls - No
Vivian Girls - Never See Me Again
Vivian Girls - Walking Alone at Night
Vivian Girls - I Have No Fun
Vivian Girls - Can't Get Over You
Vivian Girls - Desert
Vivian Girls - Tension
Vivian Girls - Survival
Vivian Girls - The End
Vivian Girls - When I'm Gone
Vivian Girls - Out for the Sun
Vivian Girls - Double Vision
Vivian Girls - You're My Guy
Vivian Girls - Before I Start to Cry
Vivian Girls - The Other Girls
Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say
Vivian Girls - Dance (If You Wanna)
Vivian Girls - Lake House
Vivian Girls - Trying to Pretend
Vivian Girls - Sixteen Ways
Vivian Girls - Take It as It Comes
Vivian Girls - Vanishing of Time
Vivian Girls - Death
Vivian Girls - John, I'm Only Dancing
Vivian Girls - Surfin Away
Wet Wet Wet - You've Had It
Wet Wet Wet - I Wish
Wet Wet Wet - Keys to Your Heart
Wet Wet Wet - How the Hell Did They Get There
Wet Wet Wet - Back on My Feat
Wet Wet Wet - Fool for Your Love
Wet Wet Wet - The Only Sounds
Wet Wet Wet - If Only I Could Be With You
Wet Wet Wet - I Want You
Wet Wet Wet - Maybe I'm in Love
Wet Wet Wet - Lonely Girl
Wet Wet Wet - It Hurts
Wet Wet Wet - Run
Wet Wet Wet - Thru' the Night
Wet Wet Wet - Weightless
Wet Wet Wet - Real Life
Wet Wet Wet - Eyes Wide Open
Wet Wet Wet - Too Many People
Wet Wet Wet - Heaven
Wet Wet Wet - New Age Sacrifice
Wet Wet Wet - What Do You Know
Wet Wet Wet - I Can Give You Everything
Wet Wet Wet - For You Are
Wet Wet Wet - This Time
Wet Wet Wet - Step by Step
Wet Wet Wet - I Don't Believe
Wet Wet Wet - Heaven Help Us All
Wet Wet Wet - The Moment You Left Me
Wet Wet Wet - Words of Wisdom
Wet Wet Wet - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Wet Wet Wet - World in Another
Whiskey Before Breakfast - Hoedown
The Wave Pictures - Leave the Scene Behind
The Wave Pictures - I Love You Like a Madman
The Wave Pictures - Nothing Can Change This Love
The Wave Pictures - All My Friends
Wet Wet Wet - Don't Want to Forgive Me Now
Wet Wet Wet - She's All On My Mind
Wet Wet Wet - Yesterday
Wet Wet Wet - Blue for You (Holding Back the River)
Wet Wet Wet - East of the River (Memphis Sessions)
Wet Wet Wet - Dixie
Wet Wet Wet - Back on My Feet
Wet Wet Wet - Goodnight Girl '94
The Wave Pictures - Now You Are Pregnant
The Wave Pictures - Watching Charlie's Angels
The Wave Pictures - Helen
Weleló - La lluvia
Weleló - Perfección vs. fracaso
Weleló - Tampoco pido tanto
Weleló - WE-LE-LÓ (¿sabrás decirlo?)
Weleló - ¿Por qué iba a dejarlo?
John Wesley - Window
John Wesley - Mary Will
John Wesley - Pretty Lives
John Wesley - Star
John Wesley - Used Up
John Wesley - Shiver
John Wesley - Swing
John Wesley - Some Miracle
John Wesley - Your Round
John Wesley - Please Come Back
John Wesley - Chasing Monsters
John Wesley - Fly Boy
John Wesley - Who We Love
John Wesley - Velvet Dreams
John Wesley - Wrench
John Wesley - A Well-Placed Hole
John Wesley - Disappeared
Grant L. Voth - Sky Gods and Earth Goddesses
Grant L. Voth - Greek Tragedy
Grant L. Voth - Goethe's Faust
John Wesley - Into the Night
John Wesley - None So Beautiful
John Wesley - Thirteen Days
John Wesley - Waiting for the Sun
John Wesley - She Said No
John Wesley - The Last Light
John Wesley - Rome Is Burning
John Wesley - Our Hero
John Wesley - What You Really Want
John Wesley - Silver
John Wesley - Out of Your League
John Wesley - Come and Gone
John Wesley - Ordinary Man
John Wesley - The Days That Won't Let Go
John Wesley - There Go I...
John Wesley - One Step Behind
John Wesley - Last Man by Your Side
John Wesley - The Gift of a Woman
John Wesley - The Emperor Falls
John Wesley - Someone for a Day...
John Wesley - Are You Alive
John Wesley - The Desperation Angel
John Wesley - So Bad
John Wesley - A Time to Dance
John Wesley - Right Here Inside Me
John Wesley - To Share a Dream
John Wesley - In Ohio
John Wesley - Say Goodbye to the Pale Blue Eyes
John Wesley - A Long Way Down
John Wesley - Death of a Friend
John Wesley - Right Here Beside Me
Kurt Weill - Kanonensong
Kurt Weill - Die Dreigroschenoper, 2. Akt: Zuhälter-Ballade
Kurt Weill - Aus Der Dreigroschenoper : Seerauberjenny
Kurt Weill - Pirate Jenny
Kurt Weill - Nannas Lied
Kurt Weill - The Saga of Jenny
Kurt Weill - Tango Ballad
Kurt Weill - The Ballad of Mack the Knife (bonus track)
Kurt Weill - Complainte de la Seine
Kurt Weill - West Wind
Kurt Weill - The Seven Deadly Sins: Epilogue - (Andante Sostenuto)
Kurt Weill - Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib?
John Wesley - Alone-Together
John Wesley - The King of 17
John Wesley - Cuttin' the Tree
Vlada i Gile - E
Darren Hayes - Hot Tub Blues
Darren Hayes - Never Be the Same Again
We Are Smug - The Pressure
We Are Smug - Watching Me Watching You
We Are Smug - Look What We've Started
We Are Smug - Shit on the Radio
We Are Smug - Words That I Can't Say
We Are Smug - Fire It Up
We Are Smug - Good Dress
We Are Smug - Tear It Up
We Are Smug - Hot Tub Blues
We Are Smug - Never Be the Same
Josh Whelchel feat. Melinda Hershey - Power of the Meat
Tom Waits & Kronos Quartet - Way Down in the Hole
Tom Waits & Kronos Quartet - The Part You Throw Away
WHITE JAM - I Don't Know
WHITE JAM - One question
The Wallflowers - One Headlight
The Wallflowers - 6th Avenue Heartache
The Wallflowers - Bleeders
The Wallflowers - Three Marlenas
The Wallflowers - The Difference
The Wallflowers - Laughing Out Loud
The Wallflowers - Josephine
The Wallflowers - Angel on My Bike
The Wallflowers - I Wish I Felt Nothing
The Wallflowers - When You’re on Top
The Wallflowers - How Good It Can Get
The Wallflowers - Closer to You
The Wallflowers - Everybody Out of the Water
The Wallflowers - Three Ways
The Wallflowers - Too Late to Quit
The Wallflowers - If You Never Got Sick
The Wallflowers - Health and Happiness
The Wallflowers - See You When I Get There
The Wallflowers - Everything I Need
The Wallflowers - Here in Pleasantville
The Wallflowers - The Empire in My Mind
The Wallflowers - Days of Wonder
The Wallflowers - The Passenger
The Wallflowers - The Beautiful Side of Somewhere
The Wallflowers - Here He Comes (Confessions of a Drunken Marionette)
The Wallflowers - We’re Already There
The Wallflowers - God Says Nothing Back
The Wallflowers - Back to California
The Wallflowers - I Am a Building
The Wallflowers - From the Bottom of My Heart
The Wallflowers - How Far You’ve Come
The Wallflowers - All Things New Again
The Wallflowers - Hospital for Sinners
The Wallflowers - Misfits and Lovers
The Wallflowers - First One in the Car
The Wallflowers - Reboot the Mission
The Wallflowers - It’s a Dream
The Wallflowers - Love Is a Country
The Wallflowers - Have Mercy on Him Now
The Wallflowers - The Devil’s Waltz
The Wallflowers - It Won’t Be Long (Till We’re Not Wrong Anymore)
The Wallflowers - Constellation Blues
The Wallflowers - One Set of Wings
Wenlock - Welcome to the Wenlock World
Wenlock - I'm a God
Wenlock - Fire
Wenlock - Call of the Magician
Wenlock - Waiting on the Earth
Wenlock - Nightmare
Wenlock - City
Wenlock - HMF
Western Skies Motel - Migratory Birds
The Wallflowers - Letters From the Wasteland
The Wallflowers - Hand Me Down
The Wallflowers - I’ve Been Delivered
The Wallflowers - Witness
The Wallflowers - Some Flowers Bloom Dead
The Wallflowers - Mourning Train
The Wallflowers - Up From Under
The Wallflowers - Murder 101
The Wallflowers - Eat You Sleeping
The Wallflowers - God Says Nothing Back (demo)
The Wallflowers - Another One in the Dark
The Wallflowers - Somebody Else’s Money
The Wallflowers - Feel Like Summer Again
The Wallflowers - God Don't Make Lonely Girls
The Wallflowers - Heroes
The Wallflowers - The Empire on My Mind
The Wallflowers - Peace, Love & Understanding
The Wallflowers - Letter From the Wastland
The Wallflowers - Bird Cage
The Wallflowers - Beautiful Side of Somewhere
The Wallflowers - Just One Breath Away
The Wallflowers - Sleepwalker (demo)
The Wallflowers - After the Blackbird Sings
The Wallflowers - Birdcage Babybird
The Wallflowers - We‘re Already There
Nik West - Wait a Minute
Nik West - Forbidden Fruit
Nik West - Who's in the Mirror
Nik West - Black Beauty
Bill Wharton and the Ingredients - Ten Foot Pole
Bill Wharton and the Ingredients - Hangin' With The Band
Whales in Cubicles - We Never Win
Whales in Cubicles - Never and Ever
White Comic - Ashes
White Comic - This Nightmare
White Comic - Never Ever Forever
White Comic - This Aint The End Of Me
White Comic - Captain, We Have A Problem!
White Comic - Burn It Down
Watsonville Patio - Feeling Blue
Watsonville Patio - Little Jubilee
Chance Waters - Conjure up a Fire
Chance Waters - Young and Dumb
Chance Waters - The Little Things
Chance Waters - We Left
Manish Vyas - Ishq
Manish Vyas - Tumi Bhaja Re Mana
Manish Vyas - Shivoham
Manish Vyas - Om Namo Narayana
White Light Parade - Riot in the City
Malaya Watson - Ain't No Way
Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken - When the Summer's Gone
Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken - My Finest Misfortune
Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken - Watch Your Mouth
Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken - Valentine
Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken - When the Lights Go Out
Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken - If Not for You
Vilma Alina - Ota mut niin
Vilma Alina - Hullut asuu Kallios
The Whisky Priests - Geordie Black
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - I Won't Hurt You
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - If You Want This Love
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Scuse Me Miss Rose
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Ritual #1
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Our Drummer Always Plays in the Nude
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - As the World Rises and Falls
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Watch Yourself
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - A Child's Guide to Good and Evil
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Ritual #2
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - As Kind as Summer
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Where Money Rules Everything
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Will You Walk With Me
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Transparent Day
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Leiyla
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Here's Where You Belong
The Whisky Priests - Wherever You Go
Weber-Beckmann - Mit beiden Armen winken
Weber-Beckmann - Im englischen Garten
Jeff Watson - Talking Hands
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Buddha
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Help I'm a Rock
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - In the Arena
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Delicate Fawn
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Tracy Had a Hard Day Sunday
The Virginmarys - Bang Bang Bang
The Virginmarys - Taking the Blame
The Virginmarys - You’ve Got Your Money, I’ve Got My Soul
The Virginmarys - Push the Pedal
The Virginmarys - For You My Love
The Virginmarys - Kill the Messenger
The Virginmarys - Moths to a Flame
The Virginmarys - Falling Down
The Virginmarys - Motherless Land
The Virginmarys - Living in My Peace
The Virginmarys - Cast the First Stone
The Virginmarys - In the City
The Virginmarys - Looking for Love
The Virginmarys - Thousand Times
The Virginmarys - Keep Me On the Run
The Virginmarys - You Got Your Money, I’ve Got My Soul
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Until the Poorest of People Have Money to Spend
André Wall - Into the Night
Kanye West feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz - Mercy
When - Extremist Cow
Tsatthoggua - Heirs of Fire
Tsatthoggua - 2000 V Kum
Tsatthoggua - Niemals Geboren
Tsatthoggua - Intrude Into Immortality
Tsatthoggua - Hosanna Bizarre
Tsatthoggua - The Belief - The Lie
Tsatthoggua - Seventh Solitude
Tsatthoggua - Worm of Sin
Tsatthoggua - Dionysos' Ecstasy
Tsatthoggua - Trans Cunt Whip
Tsatthoggua - Iä O Tsatthoggua
Tsatthoggua - Status Stürmer
Tsatthoggua - To The Credo Of Inversion
Tsatthoggua - Golden Shower
Tsatthoggua - Endeavour To Pace
Tsatthoggua - In Dope We Trust
Tsatthoggua - Angel Of The Universe
Tsatthoggua - Courtesan Mary Slut
Voodoo Johnson - Dirty Angel
White Light Riot - Charlatan
White Light Riot - Atomism
White Light Riot - Out of Sight
White Light Riot - Dive
White Light Riot - Transit State
White Light Riot - Grey Divide
White Light Riot - In a Shotgun Whirlwind
White Light Riot - Midway Souvenirs
White Light Riot - Tourniquet
White Light Riot - Choice Theory
White Light Riot - Our Formative Capital
White Light Riot - Forever in the West
WAX - Missing you
Scott Wesley Brown - I Wish You Jesus
Scott Wesley Brown - This Is the Day
Scott Wesley Brown - This Little Child
Scott Wesley Brown - My Treasure
Scott Wesley Brown - He Will Carry You
Scott Wesley Brown - Just at the Right Time
Scott Wesley Brown - Yeshua Ha Mashiach
Scott Wesley Brown - Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Scott Wesley Brown - All Rise
Scott Wesley Brown - It Is Finished
Scott Wesley Brown - Please Don't Send Me to Africa
Waltari - Big Bang (Dream Avenue)
Waltari - Atmosfear
Waltari - Follow Me Inside
Waltari - Sensitive Touch
Waltari - On My Ice
Waltari - Showtime
Waltari - Color TV
Waltari - The Stage
Waltari - Jänkhä
Waltari - One in the Line (Your Nature Is Wild, Part II)
Waltari - Feel!
Waltari - Connection
Waltari - Real One
Waltari - Let’s Get Crucified
Waltari - Slow Thinking Street
Waltari - Get Stamped
Waltari - Wish I Could Heal
Waltari - So Fine
Waltari - Vogue
Waltari - Lights On
Waltari - 12
Waltari - Solutions
Waltari - Only the Truth
Waltari - Strangled
Waltari - Not Much to Touch You
Waltari - Hyväolihyväoli
Waltari - Drag
Waltari - Televizor
Waltari - Diggin the Alien
Waltari - Good God
Waltari - Curiosity
Waltari - Hello
Waltari - Sad Song
Waltari - Same Old Story
Waltari - I Was Born in the Wrong Decade
Waltari - Universal Song
Waltari - Tired (F.U.C.K. Rap)
Waltari - Hevosenkuva
Waltari - Nakki
Waltari - In the Cradle
Waltari - Helsinki
Waltari - Atom Angel
Waltari - Too Much Emptiness
Waltari - Never
Waltari - New York
Waltari - I'm in Pain
Waltari - All Roads Will Lead to Rome
Waltari - Digging Inside
Waltari - Fly Into the Light
Waltari - Shades to Grace
Waltari - Aching Eyes
Waltari - Back to the Audio
Waltari - Pigeons
Waltari - Wide Awake
Westbound Train - Please Forgive Me
Westbound Train - Good Enough
Westbound Train - For the First Time
Westbound Train - I'm No Different
Westbound Train - Seven Ways to Sunday
Westbound Train - I Feel Fine
Westbound Train - When I Die
Westbound Train - Forever
Westbound Train - Can You Please?
Westbound Train - A New Hope
Westbound Train - Bigger Things In Mind
Westbound Train - I Don't Belong Here
Westbound Train - Ain't Gonna Be Easy
Westbound Train - Check Your Time
Westbound Train - Come and Get It
Westbound Train - Some Things Are Meant to Be Remembered
Westbound Train - Salvation
Westbound Train - If Only
Westbound Train - What You Need
Westbound Train - Lift My Voice Up Loud
Westbound Train - My Heart Belongs to You
Westbound Train - Carlene
Westbound Train - There Goes My Girl
Westbound Train - Don't Cry
Westbound Train - Be With Me
Vibe - Souhait
Vibe - No blaggadda
Vibe - Mr Vibe
Vibe - Doucement
Vibe - Si je pleure
Vibe - Tu m'oublies
Vibe - Demain
Way Out West - Intensify Part 02
Way Out West - Fear
Doc & Merle Watson - Black Mountain Rag
Doc & Merle Watson - Worried Blues
Doc & Merle Watson - Big Spike Hammer
Waltari - Below Zero
Waltari - Without Lies
Waltari - Dubbed World
Waltari - Endless Highway
Waltari - Syntax Error
Waltari - My Own Satisfaction
Waltari - 10 Reasons Why Not to Hate Me
Waltari - Travel On
Waltari - Back to the Bottom
Waltari - Every Bad Day
Waltari - Broken Bizarre
Waltari - Power of Thoughts
Waltari - Number None
Waltari - Radium Round
Waltari - Love Rocket
Waltari - The Plan
Waltari - City Neurotic
Waltari - Scum
Waltari - 4000 Years
Waltari - External
Waltari - Wolves on the Street
Waltari - Progression
Waltari - Blind Zone
Waltari feat. Apocalyptica - Purify Yourself
Waltari - Prime Time
Waltari - Main Stream
Way Out West - Pulse of Life
Way Out West - Mindcircus (Tarrentella: Redanka dub)
Waltari - The Beginning Song
Waltari - Mad Boy
Waltari - A Forest
Waltari - Celtic Funk
Waltari - (Your) Nature Is Wild
Waltari - Piggy in the Middle
Waltari - Rhythm Is a Cancer
Waltari - Misty Man
Waltari - Mysterious
Waltari - The Lie of the Zombie
Waltari - I Held You So Long
Waltari - Dedicated to the Flyers
Waltari - Lust of Life
Waltari - Till the Music Nation
Waltari - Fool's Gold
Waltari - You Know Better
Waltari - Dance Electric
Waltari - Jukolauta
Waltari - Fuckadelican Garden
Waltari - Waltari-Lapio
Doc & Merle Watson - Summertime
Doc & Merle Watson - Life Gets Teejus Don't It
Doc Watson - Three Times Seven
Doc & Merle Watson - Smoke Smoke Smoke
weaklazyliar - Old Blue Suit
weaklazyliar - Secondhand
weaklazyliar - Waiting for the 8:05
weaklazyliar - Might Have Been
weaklazyliar - Empress of New York
weaklazyliar - Snow
weaklazyliar - Bright Yellow Bucket
Waltari - Tired (Of All Their Lies)
Waltari - Misty Dreariness
Waltari - A Sign
Waltari - Deeper Into the Mud
Waltari - The Struggle for Life and Death of "Knowledge"
Waltari - Completely Alone
Waltari - Move
Waltari - Time, Irrelevant
Waltari - Misty Man (mix 98)
Waltari - Move (remix 96)
Waltari - Walkin' in the Neon (remix -98)
Waltari - Rag Your Body Beat (R. Cheese Version)(Unplugged in Rosholm, Porvoo)
Waltari - 02. Tranquality
Waltari - 08. Keep It Alive
Waltari - 05. Mountain Top
Waltari - 09. Singular
Doc & Merle Watson - Three Times Seven
Whipstriker - Troopers of Mayhem
Whipstriker - We Came From the Wild Lands
Whipstriker - Lucifer Set Me Free
Whipstriker - Genocide Now!
Whipstriker - These Grey Days
Whipstriker - Murder in VM Street
Whipstriker - Streetrap
Whipstriker - Backward Progress
Whiskey Rebels - Crossroads
Whiskey Rebels - No Heroes in Hell
Whiskey Rebels - To Be Poor is a Crime
Whiskey Rebels - Reaper Calling
Whiskey Rebels - Carry On
Whiskey Rebels - Sex, Thugs & Rock n Roll
Whiskey Rebels - Disaster
Whiskey Rebels - Create or Die
Whiskey Rebels - Absolutely Everything
Whiskey Rebels - Street Corner Gospel
Whiskey Rebels - Peace Through War
Whiskey Rebels - Whiskey Rebels
Whiskey Rebels - Sacto United
Whiskey Rebels - Streets Gave You To Me
Whiskey Rebels - St. Ides
Nita Whitaker - Heaven Holds The Ones I Love
Wave Machines - I Go I Go I Go
Wave Machines - Keep the Lights On
Wave Machines - Punk Spirit
Wave Machines - The Greatest Escape We Ever Made
Wave Machines - Wave If You're Really There
Wave Machines - The Line
Wave Machines - Counting Birds
Wave Machines - Ill Fit
Wave Machines - I Had Loneliness
Wave Machines - Gale
Die Wallerts - Humppa in Berlin
Die Wallerts - Uwe Uwe
Die Wallerts - Mandy, das Nazimädchen
Welshly Arms - Love in a Minor Key
Welshly Arms - Dirty Work
Welshly Arms - Never Meant to Be
Welshly Arms - Ain't Supposed to Rain
Welshly Arms - We Move Easy
Welshly Arms - The Touch
Welshly Arms - Leave It All Behind
Welshly Arms - Who Knew
Welshly Arms - Two Seconds Too Late
Welshly Arms - Run Right Out of Here
Welshly Arms - Your Picture
Welshly Arms - Bad Blood
Welshly Arms - Legendary
Welshly Arms - Hold on I'm Coming
Voodoo Jürgens - In deiner Nähe
Voodoo Jürgens - Tulln
Voodoo Jürgens - Fang da nix an
Voodoo Jürgens - Gschichtn ausn Cafe Fesch
Vhöl - The Wall
Vhöl - Insane With Faith
Andy Warhol - Andy at Studio 54, April 1978
Aaron Watson - I Don't Want You To Go (But I Need You To Leave)
Aaron Watson - Stuck Between A Rock And A Heartache
Aaron Watson - Messing With A Man On A Mission
Aaron Watson - Heyday Tonight
Aaron Watson - In Harm's Way
Aaron Watson - Unbelievably Beautiful
Aaron Watson - I'm a Memory
Aaron Watson - San Angelo
Aaron Watson - Except for Jessie
Aaron Watson - All American Country Girl
Aaron Watson - Nobody's Crying but the Baby
Aaron Watson - Tulsa
Aaron Watson - Whiskey on the Fire
Aaron Watson - Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Aaron Watson - The Heart of Life
Aaron Watson - Breaker Breaker One Nine
Aaron Watson - Can't Be a Cowboy Forever
Aaron Watson - Rollercoaster Ride
Aaron Watson - Angels & Outlaws
Aaron Watson - Dancin' Shoes
Aaron Watson - Philippians 3:12-14
Aaron Watson - Barbed Wire Halo
Aaron Watson - That's What I Like About a Country Song
Aaron Watson - The Honky Tonk Kid
Aaron Watson - Honky Tonkin' Around Texas
Aaron Watson - Diesel Driving Daddy
Adam Wade - The Writing on the Wall
Adam Wade - As If I Didn't Know
Adam Wade - Tonight I Won't Be There
The Waltons - Beats the Hell Out of Me
The Waltons - Middle of Nowhere
Aaron Watson - Real Good Time
Aaron Watson - Summertime Girl
Aaron Watson - Lips
Aaron Watson - Turn Around
Aaron Watson - July In Cheyenne (Song For Lane's Momma)
Aaron Watson - Cadillac Cowboy
Aaron Watson - Fish
Aaron Watson - Leather And Lace
Aaron Watson - Texas Boys
Aaron Watson - Deer Blind
Aaron Watson - Hey Y'all (My Contribution To Ruining Country Music Country Song! Ha!)
Aaron Watson - Honky Tonk Kid
Aaron Watson - The Road & The Rodeo
Aaron Watson - The Road
Aaron Watson - Walls
Aaron Watson - Best For Last
Aaron Watson - Fast Cars Slow Kisses
Aaron Watson - Bless Her Crazy Heart
Aaron Watson - Zero to Sixty
Aaron Watson - Sweetheart of the Rodeo
Aaron Watson - Conflict
Aaron Watson - Houston
Aaron Watson - Drivin' All Night Long
Aaron Watson - After the Rodeo
Aaron Watson - Silver Wings
Aaron Watson - If You're Not In Love (Foggy Mountain Breakdown)
Aaron Watson - I Don't Wan't You to Go (When All Those Aggies Move to Austin)
Aaron Watson - I Met Jesus In A Bar
The Weeks - Dear Bo Jackson
The Weeks - Brother in the Night
The Weeks - King-Sized Death Bed
The Weeks - Ain't My Stop
The Weeks - Gobi Blues
The Weeks - Harlots Bluff
The Weeks - The House We Grew Up In
The Weeks - Stigmata
The Weeks - I've Broken All Your Windows
The Weeks - Slave to the South
The Weeks - Mountains Make Me Crazy
The Weeks - Harmony
The Weeks - Goodbye Winston Churchill
The Weeks - I'm Not Dead Yet
The Weeks - Comeback Cadillac
The Weeks - Teary-Eyed Woman
The Weeks - Altar Girl
The Weeks - Hold It, Kid (Your Heart Just Skipped a Beat)
The Weeks - Buttons
The Weeks - Mississippi Rain
The Weeks - Dog Days
The Weeks - The House That We Grew Up In
The Weeks - Wishin' my Week Away
The Weeks - Sailor Song
The Weeks - The Ballad of Tonto Higgins
The Weeks - Broken Body
The Weeks - Steamboat
The Weeks - Bayou Bartholomew
The Weeks - Heard It All
The Weeks - Like Gypsies Do
The Weeks - Book of Ruth
The Weeks - Hold it, Kid
Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart
Vixen - I Want You to Rock Me
Vixen - American Dream
Vixen - Desperate
Vixen - One Night Alone
Vixen - Hell Raisers
Vixen - Cruisin'
Vixen - Charmed Life
Vixen - Rev It Up
Vixen - How Much Love
Vixen - Love Is A Killer
Vixen - Not A Minute Too Soon
Vixen - Hard 16
Vixen - Fallen Hero
Vixen - Only a Heartbeat Away
Vixen - It Wouldn't Be Love
Vixen - Wrecking Ball
Vixen - I Try
Vixen - Pacifist
Vixen - Suffragette City
Aaron Watson - The Prayer
Aaron Watson - Wildfire
Aaron Watson - Freight Train
Aaron Watson - That Look
Aaron Watson - Getaway Truck
Aaron Watson - That's Why God Loves Cowboys
Aaron Watson - That's Gonna Leave a Mark
Aaron Watson - The Underdog
Aaron Watson - Blame It on Those Baby Blues
Aaron Watson - One of Your Nights
Aaron Watson - Family Tree
Aaron Watson - Rodeo Queen
Aaron Watson - Fence Post
Aaron Watson - Old Man Walker's Property
Aaron Watson - Just a Call
Aaron Watson - Not Just Another Pretty Face
Aaron Watson - Amarillo Fair
Aaron Watson - Strong Arm Of The Law
Aaron Watson - When All Those Aggies Move to Austin
Aaron Watson - A Texas Cafe
Aaron Watson - Charlene Gene
Aaron Watson - Every Time I Hear Those Songs
Aaron Watson - Show Her That You Love Her
Aaron Watson - Thank God For Country Girls
Aaron Watson - Love Makin’ Song
Aaron Watson - I'm Going to Texas
Aaron Watson - A Country Boy and City Girl
Vixen - Give It Away
Vixen - Page
Vixen - Tangerine
Vixen - Never Say Never
Vixen - Barely Breathin'
Vixen - Bleed
Vixen - Stay
Vixen - Shut Up
Vixen - Machine
Vixen - Air Balloon
Vixen - Can't Control Myself
Vixen - Hellraisers
Barry White - You’re the First, the Last, My Everything
Barry White - Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe
Barry White - Change
Barry White - I'll Do for You Anything You Want Me To
Barry White - Sho' You Right
Barry White - What Am I Gonna Do With You
Barry White - Come On
Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Babe
Barry White - Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
Barry White - Baby We Better Try and Get It Together
Barry White - Just the Way You Are
Barry White - All Around The World
Barry White - Dark and Lovely (You Over There)
Barry White - Love's Interlude / Good Night My Love
Barry White - You See the Trouble With Me
Barry White - Walking in the Rain (With the One I Love)
Barry White - Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long
Barry White - I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Babe
Barry White - The Right Night
Barry White - Never Never Gonna Give You Up
Barry White - I’ll Do for You Anything You Want Me To
Barry White - Baby, We Better Try to Get It Together
Barry White - It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me
Barry White - Playing Your Game, Baby
Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby
Barry White - It's Ecstacy When You Lay Down Next to Me
Barry White - Oh What a Night for Dancing
Kazumi Watanabe - Voyage
Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
Barry White - Honey Please, Can't Ya See
Barry White - Standing in the Shadows of Love
Barry White - It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me
Barry White - Don't Make Me Wait Too Long
Barry White - You're My First, My Last, My Everything
Barry White - Midnight and You
Barry White - The Secret Garden
Barry White - The Better Love Is
Barry White - Superlover
Barry White - Shaft Theme
Barry White - I Can't Believe You Love Me
Barry White - Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It
Barry White - I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl)
Barry White - Mellow Mood, Part II
The Weather Station - Everything I Saw
The Weather Station - Came So Easy
The Weather Station - Traveller
The Weather Station - Trying
The Weather Station - Chip on My Shoulder
The Weather Station - Know It to See It
The Weather Station - Yarrow and Mint
The Weather Station - Running Around Asking
The Weather Station - Nobody
The Weather Station - If I've Been Fooled
The Weather Station - Way It Is, Way It Could Be
The Weather Station - Loyalty
The Weather Station - Floodplain
The Weather Station - Shy Women
The Weather Station - Personal Eclipse
The Weather Station - Life's Work
The Weather Station - Like Sisters
The Weather Station - I Mined
The Weather Station - I Could Only Stand By
The Weather Station - At Full Height
Paul van Vliet - Dat Zijn Leuke Dingen Voor de Mensen
Paul van Vliet - Meisjes Van 13
Paul van Vliet - De Zee
Paul van Vliet - Ik drink op de mensen
Paul van Vliet - Het touwtje uit de brievenbus
Paul van Vliet - Ik ben zo vaak opnieuw begonnen
Paul van Vliet - Het nieuwe telefoneren
Paul van Vliet - Boven op de boulevard
Paul van Vliet - In de optocht door de tijd
Paul van Vliet - A2
Paul van Vliet - Jan Tamelijk
Paul van Vliet - Normen En Waarden
Paul van Vliet - De Oude Droom
Paul van Vliet - Veilig achterop bij vader op de fiets
Paul van Vliet - De grote sterfscene
Paul van Vliet - Hand in hand met Joke
Paul van Vliet - Alie van der Zwan
Kazumi Watanabe - Sayonara
Barry White - You're the First, the Last, My Everything
Barry White - My Sweet Summer Suite
Barry White - Put Me in Your Mix
Barry White - Staying Power
Barry White - Don't Play Games
Barry White - The Longer We Make Love
Barry White - I Get Off on You
Barry White - Which Way Is Up
Barry White - Sometimes
Barry White - Bring Back My Yesterday
Barry White - Love Makin' Music
Barry White - It's Only Love Doing Its Thing
Barry White - Love Serenade, Part 1
Barry White - Rio de Janeiro
Barry White - The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)
Barry White - All of Me
The Wandering - Sittin' On Top of the World
The Wandering - Mr. Spaceman
Barry White - Lady, Sweet Lady
Barry White - You
Barry White - Hung Up In Your Love
Barry White - I've Got the World to Hold Me Up
Barry White - Out of the Shadows of Love
Barry White - Under the Influence of Love
When We Were Young feat. Sir Samuel - Ladies (All That She Wants)
When We Were Young feat. Dry - The Boy is Mine [Version Française]
When We Were Young - One More Chance
When We Were Young - Ladies (All That She Wants)
When We Were Young - The Boy is Mine [Version Française]
When We Were Young - The Boy is Mine [Version Originale]
Dale Watson - Sit and Drink and Cry
Dale Watson - Whiskey or God
Dale Watson - My Heart Is Yours
Dale Watson - I Wish I Was Crazy Again
Dale Watson - Caught
Dale Watson - Nashville Rash
Dale Watson - You Lie
Dale Watson - Flowers In Your Hair
Dale Watson - Your Love I'm Gonna Miss
Dale Watson - Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe
Dale Watson - I Hate These Songs
Dale Watson - Pity Party
Dale Watson - I Owe It All To You
Dale Watson - Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint
Dale Watson - Blessed or Damned
Dale Watson - Truckin' Man
Dale Watson - Truckstop in La Grange
White Rose Transmission - Foreign Land
White Arrows - Roll Forever
White Arrows - Get Gone
White Arrows - Coming or Going
White Arrows - I Can Go
White Arrows - Sail On
White Arrows - Getting Lost
White Arrows - Fireworks of the Sea
White Arrows - I Want a Taste
White Arrows - We Can't Ever Die
White Arrows - Nobody Cares
White Arrows - Can't Stop Now
White Arrows - Scream
White Arrows - Leave It Alone
White Arrows - Chill Winston
White Arrows - God Alert Pt 2
Vestige of Virtue - Decorum
Vestige of Virtue - Worth
Vestige of Virtue - The Soothing
Vestige of Virtue - Ex Machina
Vestige of Virtue - Portrait
Dale Watson - Justice for All
Dale Watson - It's Not Over Now
Dale Watson - Time Without You
Dale Watson - Hollywood Hillbilly
Dale Watson - You Always Get What You Always Got
Dale Watson - From the Cradle to the Grave
Dale Watson - Why Oh Why Live a Lie
Dale Watson - Runaway Train
Dale Watson - Sweet Jessie Brown
Dale Watson - Honky Tonkers Don't Cry
Frits Wentink - Contempt
Barry White - Midnight Groove
Barry White - Forever in Love
Barry White - Power of Love
Barry White - Come on In Love
Barry White - I Wanna Do It Good to Ya
Barry White - I Only Want to Be With You
Barry White & Luciano Pavarotti - You're the First, the Last, My Everything
Barry White - Sha La La Means I Love You
Dale Watson - One Memory at a Time
Dale Watson - Real Country Song
Dale Watson - Country My Ass
Walda Gang - Hoja hou
Walda Gang - Pověste ho vejš
Walda Gang - Spím v obilí
Walda Gang - Opičáci
When I Was 12 - Explicit Content
Dale Watson - Longhorn Suburban
Dale Watson - Heart of Stones
Barry White - I Believe in Love
Barry White - She's Everything to Me
Barry White - Any Fool Could See (You Were Meant for Me)
Barry White - I Want You
Barry White - Passion
Wankelmut & Emma Louise - My Head Is a Jungle (MK Trouble dub)
Wedding Party - War Memorial
Wedding Party - Even You
Wedding Party - Raven's Warning
Wedding Party - Alliance
Wedding Party - To the Unknown God
Wedding Party - Dürbuckett
Wedding Party - Crystal River
Wedding Party - Lamb
Wedding Party - No More Night
Wedding Party - Bury the Dead
Wedding Party - Omega
Henning Wehland - Der alte Mann und das Leergut
Henning Wehland - Der Affe und ich
Henning Wehland - Mein Leben ist der Wahnsinn
Henning Wehland - Der beste Beat der Welt
Henning Wehland - Geister
Henning Wehland - Der Letzte an der Bar
Waterdown - Sleep Well
Waterdown - My Hopelessness and Me
Waterdown - Bulletproof
Waterdown - Fortress
Waterdown - Xerox
Waterdown - Transient
Waterdown - Dodging Bullets
Waterdown - Decaffeinated
Waterdown - Nails All Broken Short
Waterdown - Going Back
Waterdown - Disgrace
Waterdown - Nothing
Waterdown - At the Waterfront
Waterdown - Impress Me
Waterdown - From a Different Angle
Waterdown - Round Two
Waterdown - The One Thing
Waterdown - Your Shadow
Waterdown - Not Today
Waterdown - Lessons I Can't Learn
Waterdown - Corporate Identity
Waterdown - Etikette tötet
Waterdown - Draw a Smiling Face
Waterdown - Gentleman, Place Your Bets
Waterdown - Picket-Line
Barry White - I Found Someone
Barry White - Dreams
Janice Whaley - Panic
Janice Whaley - Asleep
Wayo - Eras Tu
Wayo - Piel
Josh White - Freedom Road
Josh White - St James Infirmary
Barry White - Love Serenade (part 1)
Barry White - Hard to Believe That I Found You
Barry White - Don't Make Me Wait to Long
Barry White - I've Got So Much Love To Give
Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby
Barry White - It's Ecstasy When You Lay Next To Me
MC Wack - Mon côté autiste
MC Wack - Congé récession
Barry White - I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing
Janice Whaley - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Janice Whaley - I Know It's Over
Janice Whaley - Hand in Glove
Janice Whaley - What Difference Does It Make?
Josh White - Back Water Blues
Josh White - I Gave My Love a Cherry
Josh White - Timber (Jerry the Mule)
Barry White - All Because of You
Barry White - Let Me Live My Life Lovin’ You Babe
Barry White - If You Know, Won’t You Tell Me
Waldo - The Look (Minello's Re-Look)
Larry Wallis - Mrs Hippy Burning
Larry Wallis - Don't Mess With Dimitri
Larry Wallis - Downtown Jury
Larry Wallis - I'm A Police Car
Barry White - Never Gonna Give You Up
Barry White - Love Theme
Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe
Barry White - It May Be Winter Outside (But in My Heart It's Spring)
Barry White - Never Gonna Give Ya Up
Barry White - Playing Your Game
Barry White - Heavenly That's What You Are to Me
Josh White - Pigmeat and Whiskey Blues
Wednesday Night Heroes - Open Fire
Wednesday Night Heroes - Desperation
Wednesday Night Heroes - Action
Barry White - You're So Good You're Bad
Barry White - I Never Thought I'd Fall in Love With You
Barry White - Girl It's True, Yes I'll Always Love You
Barry White - You're My Baby
Warren G - Gangsta Love
Warren G - Why Oh Why
Warren G - Dollars Make Sense
Warren G - Havin’ Things
Warren G - You Never Know
Warren G - My Momma (Ola Mae)
Warren G - G-Spot
Warren G - We Got That
Warren G - Dope Beat
Warren G - World Wide Ryders
Warren G feat. Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg - Game Don’t Wait
Warren G - If We Give You a Chance
Warren G - I Want It All
Warren G - Intro Shhhh
Warren G feat. Nate Dogg - I Need a Light
Warren G - Weed Song
Warren G - PYT
Warren G - Walk These Streets
Warren G - [untitled]